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Why are more than half of all female PCs gay?

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Oh, this thread won't be complete shit.

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Diversity in gaming is good, and people breaking the stereotype of playing straight white males is to be encouraged.

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I knew you trolls would show up. Fuck off and stay out.

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Because everyone loves boobs, and most female PCs are played by straight white dudes.

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low quality bait

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Because many straight dudes feel awkward playing characters that are attracted to their own sex.

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Because Yuri will conquer the world.

Alternatively, some people have trouble playing characters that don't share their sexual preferences so when it comes up they just roll with their current one regardless of whatever.

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Because more than 90% of female PCs are played by horny males who enjoy porno lesbians.

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Lesbian fantasies.

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Guys think playing a straight girl makes them gay. Or if they're more deviant, they just wanna live out some of their lesbian waifu fantasies.

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My last female PC had extreme daddy issues. Namely, her parents were abusive fucks, and a female friend was the only one to show her any kindness.

Current PC just doesn't give a damn.

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>female adventurers
>adventuring is hard, strenuous, dangerous, physically draining
>why are the women who do this gay?

You've...you've never done a martial arts/HEMA, etc have you? Majority of the women who do those kinds of activities are lesbians, I mean not anything stupid but yea I'd give it a 60/40 split.

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I have no idea

Most of the players I end up running games for play futa's if its justifiable in-universe.

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Because male PCs are just that insufferable

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Because yuri is pure

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Well, in my case it's because the DM said she was

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Because we need Shit to argue about because we're retarded like that.

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Because men are a dying concept for both adventurers and romantic partners.

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I thought it was because everyone loves girl booty.

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What is this? And where do I find it?

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Booty is just butt boobs, minus the milk.

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As a man who has played a woman, I have never done it gay. I have played a gay man. So... No idea, because most players can't role play? Is fucking your male DM playing a woman any more or less gay if you are playing a woman too?

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Basically these >>52535593

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>My first dyke was an edgelord and I didn't bother justifying the second

Habitual lesbian players are cancer.

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Bullshit. The majority of women I've met in martial arts are moms. Don't talk out your ass you lardbucket.

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Ashamed of his masculinity


That DM.

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I second this

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If /tg/ really believes this, the hobby is dead.

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because women are more likely to engage in experimentation with their sexuality than men. It's a side effect of patriarchy that adversely affects men: you're always expected to be an uber-macho heterosexual tough guy and if you don't you're a faggy faggot fag fag why don't you suck my cock faggot.

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>he doesn't know about buttermilk

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You're both wrong to conflate the hobby of martial arts with a career as a wandering murderhobo. Martial arts as we know them are not really all that dangerous and do not preclude a quiet family life in the same way as living as a traveling bully who might die at any moment, unmourned, on the side of the road or deep in a forgotten dungeon.

The adventuring life really would attract people who, for one reason or another, don't have a family life. In that line of work you don't want someone to be waiting for you to come home, if you even have a home. Adventurers probably would be more likely to be sexual misfits in one way or another.

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>being gay is not a choice it's all genetic #bornthisway
>women are more likely to be bisexual because of environmental factors caused by patriarchy

Pick one for me. Please, go on.

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I didn't say they were more likely to be bisexual, I said they were more likely to experiment with their sexuality. You twit.

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No, my second has no interest in sex at all. There are bombs to build and corporations to topple.

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Maybe I should play as a futa elf.

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Not him, but you're avoiding the point by being nitpicky.

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I can't believe there was a developer out there who felt the need to type out, "You get to decide your character's sexual orientation."

Fucking duh, it's an imaginary character. Was there anyone actually retarded enough to have to have this spelled out, except, evidently, these developers?

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It's right next to "You can decide your character's height and weight", so I guess they did need to spell out everything.

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Well, there's systems where you roll for height and weight...

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Those sound like awful, awful systems.

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There have been a research where men and women were shown pornographic material of four different natures: man-on-man, woman-on-woman, man-on-woman and bonobo-on-bonobo. The results for the male test subjects were predictable: straight and lesbian porn aroused them, gay and bonobo porn did not. The female results are a lot more interesting: they were aroused by all four, including bonobo-on-bonob sex.

The conclusion, though controversial, is obvious: female sexuality is flexible and adjusts to whatever's favorable given the circumstances. You can imagine that this is quite a useful trait for the gender that has only survived for most of human history by glueing their lips to the dicks of the cavemen with the biggest piles of meat rather than hunting for themselves (hunting is dangerous, they might chip a nail!).

What I'm saying is that there's some truth in fiction. Half of female PCs being gay may have roots in female sexuality being all over the fucking place.

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I know the concept of impulse control is foreign to you fatties, but it's the difference between wanting an ice cream cone and eating an ice cream cone.

Only the ice cream is someone's junk.

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Where did he mention genes?

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Woman need to learn to keep it in their pants and control themselves like men do. Fucking bonobos? baka

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Fuck you talking about? I want to know what manga this is.

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See, its shit like this that makes me want to agree with the SJWs even if they're trash.
>not aroused by bonobo on bonobo
What are they, gay?

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>being this mad
I don't even disagree with you, I just feel you're explaining it poorly.

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But were they sexy bonobos? Female on female bonobo sex is the best

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>Not killing goblins to protect your village and feed your kids

Sexual misfits are more likely to become villains because they're feeling "ostracized".

Best adventuring party is a group of straight bros fucking wenches and smiting monsters.

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>A fucking AntiFa/terrorist

Even worse.

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These studies were conducted by liberal universities where the goal of destroying women's role in society is well documented. They want women fucking other women and foreign men for their own political goals, anything they produce outside of STEM is suspect.

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I won't lie, that's a good portion but they either stay for their kids or flake. Now the ones that stick around and get their Dans are mostly scary lesbians (or at least 4/7 that are in my area). Don't get me wrong, they're drop-dead gorgeous all of them, but those lesbians are maneaters and the straight ones are married to other blackbelts

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Explain this post.

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He supports female liberation so as to encourage the normalization of the fucking of bonobos.

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If /tg/ believes there's no point in playing male characters because they aren't sexy, the hobby is just a fetish.

I should have added that if men are a dying choice as romantic partners humanity is finished, or rather any civilization that buys into the Western liberal democratic (not in the American political sense) paradigm, and humanity will be ruled by cultures that crush that kind of sentiment, like the Chinese or Muslims.

Also 99% odds that manga is generic yuri trash.

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>nature OR nurture only!
>there's no way that someone's preferences could be influenced by both genetics and social environment!
You're argument is stupid and so are you.

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>Why are more than half of all female PCs gay?

Well, even straight women tend to be very gay.

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the study that you are referring to is in STEM
how is neurology not STEM

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Thank god then that this sentiment isn't even close to true, despite what both tumblr and /pol/ would like you to believe.

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Would you prefer that female adventurers be on the lookout for hot monsters to fuck them?

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Attend a real fucking dojo and stop ERPing. All of the black belt women I know, including my mom and aunts, are family women.

Your embarrassing fucking hot lesbo fantasy belongs in the trash.

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The poster you were replying to was trying to say that due to the social environment, what may be a heterosexual/bisexual/homosexual spectrum is pressured into a binary straight(acceptable)/gay(nonacceptable) dichotomy for males whereas females can be accepted as long as they will have sex with males.

Heterosexual: acceptable
Bisexual: non-acceptable
Homosexual: non-acceptable

Heterosexual: acceptable
Bisexual: acceptable
Homosexual: non-acceptable

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I like to play a healslut and get cocksleeved by the party myself.

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Nailed it.

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In principle they could just be attracted to dudes of their own (or similar) races.

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I don't remember the name but it's a recent manga about a female knight saving a thicc highschool girl from a molester on the train. There's only one chapter.

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>blackbelt martial artist
>drop dead gorgeous
>all of them

I completely believe every single word you're telling me merchant.

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Can't hear you, sorry.

Literally. Character's deaf.

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I'm conflicted between my "woman in plate" fantasies and my opinion that yuri is garbage trash for fags

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> the hobby is just a fetish.

Sex and death are the bookends of the human condition and there's nothing unreasonable or dissatisfying about it being the main motivating factors in RPGs, and its not new.

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because more than half players are male and would end preferring to lewd a female rather than a male regardless of whether hes lewding as a female or a male

>> No.52537424

In the WNBA, it's closer to 70/30, and there is actually a very real problem with the sport bullying not-gay women who play

>> No.52537426


That is one determined skinny wicked freak wrestler.

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Not him, but allow me to present you with a different dilemma
>Women are more likely to be gay because of the patriarchy
>You can shock the gay away
Pick one.

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Go to bed, Masahiro Ito. It's 3 in the morning in Japan.

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I love women more than it should be legally allowed but even I'd admit that if I was actually born a woman I'd be attracted to men instead. It's all chemicals in your brain and hormones.

That being said I don't generally play female characters , and when I do romance doesn't come up. If I wanted to ERP I'd do it on steam or some forums, not at my weekly dose of murderhobo adventures.

>Sex and death are the bookends of the human condition

Yeah but it's good manners to not try to fulfill them both at the same time. Leave eros with eros and thanatos with thanatos.

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Except that's exactly the opposite of my argument?
That doesn't change the fact that those two statements are mutually exclusive.

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>Yeah but it's good manners to not try to fulfill them both at the same time

Nah, that's bullshit. People are gonna play avatars that make them feel good, and there's nothing wrong with it at all.

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>Leave eros with eros and thanatos with thanatos.

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Because it's ankward as fuck to play as a straight female in a table full of horny guys, specially if your friends are as edgy and fucked up as mine.
Even if the character is lesbian it's still quite ankward actually.
I once played as my fetish a barbarian medic in Runequest. She was tall and strong, she wanted to be a good mom and wife and she was pure, a virgin.
After two or three sessions i couldn't take the jokes and the flirting anymore, so i turned her into a lesbian.

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>there is actually a very real problem with the sport bullying not-gay women who play

Non-gays are bullied everywhere, welcome to 2017.

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ITT: Anecdotal evidence from a bunch of neckbeards

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Explain why most lesbians refuse to take part on experiments referring to their sexual orientation while men and straight women are mostly equally represented.

It's because lesbians don't exist in the end all of them want the D

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Good goyim... Good...

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>Nah, that's bullshit. People are gonna play avatars that make them feel good, and there's nothing wrong with it at all.

If roleplaying kinky sex at a gathering of traditional D&D is your definition of nothing wrong then you're probably in in the "right" company, so carry on.

The rest of us will keep bed affairs in bed. Or the computer.

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>Non-gays are bullied everywhere, welcome to 2017.
>the vast majority of populace is being bullied by a minority that wants parity

and when two guys hold hands it's "shoving it in your face" right?

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Because it's difficult for a heterosexual man to role play a character that is sexually attracted to men.

Also if pornhub is telling the truth the majority of women are actually lesbians.

>> No.52537722

>If roleplaying kinky sex

Not much for ambiguity, are you?

>> No.52537747

Those statistics are a bit skewed.

Lesbian women consume a metric ton more porn than normal women.

I mean if we go by pornhub, the only ones who like dicks on their women are straight men.

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Just ignore. The post was created by a /pol/tard who turned to anti-intellectualism in order to protect his ego from either being unable to get into higher education or flunking out of higher education.

>> No.52537850

Because that's what the topic is about. I don't have problems with PCs having fade to dark sex or romancing NPCs for one or two short lines. Sex is clearly not a focus in these sort of scenarios.

When you mention sex as a focus in normal roleplaying instead of erotic roleplaying, that's when my jimmies become a bit rustled. I don't want to hear all about how you slowly strip the bar wench you've seduced of her underwear and what sort of things she was moaning as you quickly thrust into her, slowly building up for your climax. At least not when Alzael is nearly revived and I'm aching to try the enchanted mace we've just looted from the previous battle.

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Because we only have one girl in our group and she's a lesbian outside the game too

>> No.52537864

Bisexual females are surprisingly common IRL, even if they don't act on it.

>> No.52537894

I'm a guy and all the female PCs I've played have been heterosexual.
It also never comes up that they're straight, because I play games about killing monsters.

>> No.52537911

There's some shit about how there are more abusive lesbian relationships than other relationships. This could be due to lack of resolved cases, though.
I know it's wikipedia, but 4chan is not giving me college credit, so fuck it.

Memeing aside, if I were to make an inference, I would say this is because of either a) cultural factors that restrict male sexuality or b) females are mentally more flexible when it comes to associating pleasure with things, as well as enhancing tolerance.

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What the hell is a bonobo?

>> No.52537978

The closest living relative to mankind. Imagine a Chimpanzee that wants to fuck everything that moves. That's a bonobo.

>> No.52537979

Google it you fucking ape

>> No.52538073

>At least not when Alzael is nearly revived and I'm aching to try the enchanted mace we've just looted from the previous battle.
Use the mace on the bar wench

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Right in my defence I did and it was almost all stuff about some cunt singer so I quickly made the post and went back to looking.

Cute, but I doubt I'd enjoy watching them doing it.

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>tfw two of the girls in my party have their PCs fall in love
>tfw the other girl plays a Cleric that can legally marry them

Step up your lesbians, faggots.

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>you fucking ape

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Holy shit you're right.

That changes everything.

Here's hoping it won't start any unnecessary drama.It most likely will.

>> No.52538258

Well I'll be a monkeys uncle.

>> No.52538340

he doesn't mean murder the bar wench with the mace

>> No.52538360

because seducing/getting seduced by a dude when you're a straight dude can be awkward
as a DM, it is sometimes really hard to RP woman, especially when the situation become flirty

>> No.52538364

Characters in an RPG game have neither genes nor upbringing due to not actually existing outside of the player's imagination.
So the real reason is
>magical realm

>> No.52538375

What else am I supposed to do with a mace? I'm a murderhobo, murdering is what I do.

>> No.52538428

>Your options are lesbians or "wife's green son"

The mindset of a cuckold.

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>t. that obnoxious faggot who makes cringeworthy lesbian Charisma characters in every game and sperg out when Diplomacy doesn't let him turn straight girls gay.

You are satisfying to kick from games.

>> No.52538496

Can't speak for anyone else, but my "political goal" is to keep the assholes who demanded I jump trough hoops to prove I'm a "real man" from ever doing so again, to me or anyone else.
Also, we're winning.

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File: 73 KB, 645x232, Kinsey Scale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just roll a d20.

1-6: Exclusively heterosexual
7-10: Majority heterosexual
11-13: Generally heterosexual
14-15: Completely Bisexual
16-17: Generally homosexual
18-19: Majority homosexual
20: Exclusively homosexual

It's based on the Kinsey scale, of course, although not on the actual proportions that Kinsey determined (I presume most worlds, lacking Judeo-Christian influence as they do, are somewhat "looser", although tendency towards heterosexuality is still going to be a thing due to biological imperative). I know the whole thing is largely discredited these days, but it was a combination of easy enough to find and easy enough to understand that made it useful for my purposes.

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>My fetish

You deserved it.

>> No.52538563

Because Athleticism + Female = Gay

It's true for sports teams too.

>> No.52538564

its got a pommel, connect the dots mister.

>> No.52538580


When you put it in kids' movies after going "oh it won't ever happen that's a silly billy slippery slope fallacy oh and also we're defending pedophilia now and BAKE MY FUCKING CAKE YOU BIGOT OR GET SUED OUT OF BUSINESS FUCK THE FIRST AMENDMENT." Yeah, it is.

Have fun with the Muslims you're importing, I hear they want to see if you can fly.

>> No.52538603

>conservative parties jumping massively in popularity all over the western world
We...We're winning!

>> No.52538638

>backlash is the same as actual shifts
>what's demographics

you also forgot to use the word 'cuck' at least 3 times

>> No.52538678

Wait, wouldn't the husband in this scenario be the green guy who's son it is? Why do you bring up cuckoldry?

>> No.52538681

those changing demographics are really conservative though? Like if you expect the booming latin American population to not be incredibly socially conservative then lol. Good news is they are more liberal economically.

>> No.52538706

>Tfw the titplate is appropriate because culturally accepted gay marriage in a high-threat environment is also stupid and fetishy.

Stop pushing your progressivism into fantasy games.

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File: 143 KB, 1060x564, Ariel-s-kiss-with-Eric-little-mermaid-ariels-beginning-1602842-500-303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Correlation is not causation. Conservatism is growing in reaction to the refugee crisis, but even Donald Trump has sworn multiple times to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community in America, and generally speaking LGBTQ rights are still expanding, not retracting.

>When you put it in kids' movies after going "oh it won't ever happen that's a silly billy slippery slope fallacy

I don't think anyone's ever claimed that putting gays in a kid's movie won't happen. Mostly because the half of us support it cannot understand why it would be wrong for kids to see two guys holding hands or kissing or whatnot, provided it goes no further than when a man and a woman do so.

We won't support a double standard. If the pic on the left is okay, why should the pic on the right not be?

>> No.52538720

Yeah but Trump's probably the most pro-lgbt republican presidential candidate ever.

>> No.52538724

>Roll a d20 to know if your character is homosexual
>Now roll for anal circumference

>> No.52538761

Don't kid yourself, I don't think Trump is particularly anti-LGBT by Republican standards but he has no solid stance on anything that extends farther back than the last conversation he had on that topic.

>> No.52538772

I think a major problem is that the LGBT Community has been underground long enough that it has intertwined with a lot of fetishes and a lot of people have basically come to associate them with those fetishes. A lot of pushback against homosexual acceptance is probably just growing pains as LGBT tries to take on a more socially acceptable face as opposed to leather daddys and drag queens.

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Yeah, no, I don't need to know that. Fade to black is my rule 100% of the time.

...though in the event that it comes up I do have rules for determining pregnancy chance. Pretty simple, really: in the event that conception is even possible, there's a base of a 50% chance, adjusted 5% up or down for each point above or below 10, respectively, of Constitution. So a 12 Constitution means a 60% chance, a 9 Constitution means a 45% chance, and so on. The player always makes the roll regardless of character's gender.

Whether or not conception is even possible is determined by the handy-dandy BoEF table that 1d4chan has provided.

So far this has never come up in any of my games, but it's worth having around just in case.

>> No.52538858

>Destroying your own culture because you were made fun of for being fat and effeminate

You deserved it. Thanks for the next eight years of Trump, the death of the EU, and setting precedents with the 9th Circuit Court that would let any conservative federal judge undo any and all gun bans nationwide on a whim unless a conservative SCOTUS refused it. Full auto, baby. Full. Auto.

>> No.52538866

>That doesn't change the fact that those two statements are mutually exclusive.
They're not though? The world is not black and white.

>> No.52538885

Mine aren't because it's the fucking Middle Ages and the concept of two women having sex is completely alien to them

>> No.52538901

The image was a dank meme from a boobplate thread.

I'm actually conservative and Christian but it's just a fun game with my friends and nobody's making an agenda out of it.

>> No.52538909

>there were no gay people in the Middle Ages

Okay, buddy.

>> No.52538910

>tfw statistically they'll be needing a divorce soon

>> No.52538932

There where plenty of gay men in Medieval Europe but the post was about lesbians specifically

>> No.52538947

the concept of the female orgasm is probably alien to them desu
I would like to play a game that went hard on gender roles at least once. Everything I have played has been perfect egalitarian society except maybe you will encounter a MGTOW NPC sometimes

>> No.52538966


Because you're being tolerated, not embraced. Your way of life is NOT as good as it doesn't produce children. We're not admiring you, just deciding that punishing you is counterproductive.

>> No.52538977

I have literally never seen a gay female PC.

>> No.52538981

>white male is bad
>equality for all
>only white male privilege by birth
>feminism means helping everyone
>by taking down the ((patriarchy)) white male

>> No.52538999

Look at the statistics of the election. Trump didn't get elected due to any great outpouring of Republican support, he got elected due to lackluster Democrat support for Hillary causing a few states (and thereby their Electors) to go Red instead of Blue.

And given that he openly and without debate at the Republican National Convention said that he would protect LGBTQ rights during his acceptance speech, that further cements that the whole LGBTQ thing had little to do with Trump's election.

>> No.52539001


And those gay men tended to get killed awfully because high-threat societies put greater priority on baby making.

>> No.52539020

It'll make elves more interesting if you do that

>> No.52539070

Yep fun fact the Middle Ages weren't very progressive

>> No.52539080

Please go get shot, you faggot.
It's really easy for you too, just go travel outside of your californian safe space.

>> No.52539082

>sprites can breed with humans
Oh god no that poor sprite.

>> No.52539088

>Your way of life is NOT as good as it doesn't produce children.

Neither do straight married couples where one or both partner is infertile, but there is no societal debate about whether or not they should be married or stay together. Granted some couples do break up upon learning this, but others stay together and adopt, or get around it by other means, such as surrogacy or artificial insemination from a donor - options which gay couples have as well.

For the record, by the way, I'm straight (at my most flamboyant I'd be a 1 on the Kinsey scale) and my biological sex coincides with my preferred gender (male). I'm not LGBTQ. I just don't see the fundamental issue that everyone gets so riled up about.

>We're not admiring you

No one's asking you to admire LGBTQ people. We're - or rather, I'm - asking you what's so innately offensive about two men kissing in a children's movie, when a man and a woman kissing in a children's movie is fine.

>> No.52539101


Isn't that moving the goalposts in the first place? Liberalism on the whole is losing, gays are just shifting more mainstream...and having their special minority protections rolled back. Your "most qualified candidate in history" couldn't defeat a scandal-ridden reality TV star. That's not a candidate problem, it's an ideological crisis.

>> No.52539102

But he is right

>> No.52539105

It's called "magic", Anon.

>> No.52539107

Those gay men WERE breeding, dumbass.
Gay men aren't sterile.
Gay nobles had to continue their bloodline but did their debauchery on the side. Their debauchery was well known but no one really cared.
Gay serfs were too busy not dying to hunger to care about how good sex felt and just did as society demanded and married Mary from across the knoll.

>> No.52539116
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>> No.52539124

>there were no gay women in the Middle Ages

Okay, buddy.

>> No.52539148
File: 26 KB, 600x375, comeonnnn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play an all-new fantasy world
>anything goes here
>new races
>grand technology
>straight white men are still the focus

>> No.52539151

We'all yeah they literally thought it was physically impossible for two women to have sex anytime they would ever write about two women in bed one of them would magically turn into a man

>> No.52539154

>Your way of life is NOT as good as it doesn't produce children.

What about straight couples that don't produce children?

>> No.52539156

If you bring magic into the equation then every race can breed with eachother.

>> No.52539176

a waste

>> No.52539186
File: 45 KB, 500x500, ba1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread
/tg/ really need some medicine

>> No.52539195

>Isn't that moving the goalposts in the first place?

...no? The original point some Anon was making was that the rise of conservatism in the world (and America in particular) is a result of a backlash against the LGBTQ community. I'm pointing out that evidence does not support that:

1) Trump has promised to be (and to his credit, he so far has been) protective of and to help expand LGBTQ rights.
2) Conservatives voted for him with roughly the same numbers that they have for previous conservative candidates

They either voted for him in spite of or regardless of Trump's promise, which in either case means that conservatives broadly don't regard it as a major issue anymore, which would be a huge change from even 10 years ago.

This means that the original premise of "conservatism is a reaction to LGBTQ flamboyancy" is, at least in America, demonstrably wrong.

I'm not familiar enough with other parts of the world to offer a meaningful opinion there.

>> No.52539228

I think the rationale for many is that male/female lewd is ok because little christian kids come out of it, but homosex is not okay because it's sex for the sake of sex. Same-sex sex is also considered unnatural since none of the acts involve the one that usually causes babby to form. The third reason could be is because it's "icky fag shit" or something along those lines.

Not that I hold any of these beliefs.

Now I don't mind some discussion, but please keep tumblr and /pol/ shitposting out.

>> No.52539249

>There was no concept of sexual pleasure for peasants in the middle ages

Okay, buddy.

>> No.52539251

You align the holes and spurt until the stomach bulges. That or they use magic to temporarily increase their body size.

>> No.52539277

because most are played by straight men who are too fragile in their identity to consider playing a character with different sexual tastes than themselves

>> No.52539286

Or, here's a wild thought, it's a male sprite and a female human, thereby completely negating the issue.

>> No.52539303

I've lived in the bible belt. Most religious people don't really care.
What starts bothering people is everything after the B as the acronym keeps getting longer and more obtuse every other day.
Plenty of gay people don't like the inclusion of transexuals or demi-copters in their group as it trivializes them by pairing them with the literally mentally ill.

>> No.52539334

Sprite dick managing to get the semen to the womb of a human female is actually harder to do than just spurting semen into the female sprite's vagina, using sheer volume to push it into the womb. Unless the sprite goes into the vagina and fucks the womb.

>> No.52539340

Nothing in that post was tumblr or /pol/ though.

>> No.52539373
File: 39 KB, 555x448, 1239594375335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52539411


As far as I can tell, the support for Trump is largely from the absolute failure of Democrats to deal with our illegal immigration, the threat that Democrats would embrace refugees and start down the same cycle of destruction that EU did, gun control (some people get really steamed about this), and the fact that Hillary Rodham-Clinton was and still is a genuinely terrible human being who cheated with both hands, totally captured the media, and whose entire career was spent being a stereotypical soul-less special interests-serving politician that USA in general is pretty sick of.

Not that Trump is much better of a human being, but he's horrible in new and exciting ways.

I agree. I always supported LGB having the right to marry and protecting them from being discriminated for sexual perference.

The fact that mentally ill, attention-seeking trannies and special snowflake genders just sort of attached their purely attention-seeking "gender politics" bullshit on to the legitimate push for gay rights enrages me to this day.

>> No.52539432

That's a horrible idea. Either you have to go far and wide to find enough goblins to kill, putting yourself in danger far from home just like a regular adventurer with all the risk that entails, or your village has such a chronic goblin problem that they'd be better off finding somewhere else to live.

Adventurers aren't "insiders." They're often feared, and sometimes their coin is coveted by price-gouging villagers, but they're never really at home wherever they go. Everyone who deals with them knows that you can't trust them to stick to a task for more than a few days before they move on. You can have a fling with one if you dare, but you'll never get them to settle down. They'll pack up in the morning, forget you, and die somewhere out in the yonder with their +1 boots on.

>> No.52539510
File: 84 KB, 700x700, 1486555701372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw as GM you know which NPCs are the futas

>> No.52539570

1% of the population can have 1% of the representation. Or is that the wrong kind of parity?

>> No.52539573
File: 49 KB, 500x400, wakarimasen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Plenty of gay people don't like the inclusion of transexuals or demi-copters in their group as it trivializes them by pairing them with the literally mentally ill.

If transsexualism is considered mental illness, why is homosexuality not? It's a deviation that doesn't serve an evolutionary purpose. I'm not against either in any way, but it feels to me like they fall under the same umbrella, even though the L and G are about who you're attracted to whereas the T and whatever else are about what you feel like you truly are inside, regardless of where you want to stick your hypothetical dick.

Granted, the initialism gets longer every fucking day so it gets harder and harder for any rational-minded individual to give a fuck. It muddies a movement when you start bringing in every weirdo in the rainbow.

>"Gay people deserve equal rights!"
>Yeah, I can agree with that.
>"And Lesbians!"
>I mean... Lesbian is just a female-specific word for gay, but yeah, I get putting them into two groups.
>"And bisexuals!"
>I guess that makes sense, since they're prejudiced for the same kind of thing.
>"And transexuals!"
>Okay, now that feels like a different thing.
>"And... the 'questioning'?"

>> No.52539586

>The fact that mentally ill, attention-seeking trannies and special snowflake genders just sort of attached their purely attention-seeking "gender politics" bullshit on to the legitimate push for gay rights enrages me to this day.
And fuck you too, anon. There are legitimate issues in the trans community that overlap quite often with the LGBs, namely marriage, protections, children and more
There is a reason they are included and your deluded ass is too fucking ignorant to look those up obviously.
Not even trans nor LGB, just an ally to them as family and friends are part of that group.

>> No.52539674


No wonder so many people want to go back, only this time with magic to replace things like modern medicine.

>> No.52539677

>Implying I live in Commiefornia
I hope you didn't jinx me though since some buddies and I are going to the range to fire some spoopy assault weapons this weekend.

Sorry I triggered your delicate sensibilities by pointing out that developers shouldn't have to tell you what you can and cannot do with your make-believe character.

>> No.52539696


Being infertile or impotent used to be a massive fucking stigma and marriages dissolved over it.

>> No.52539731


So your whole issue is literally that Chads made fun of you for not being a real man so you want to wreck what they and their ancestors built? That's even more pathetic because it's not even self-interest, just straight up oikophobia.

>> No.52539756


Who built the genre?

>> No.52539836

>If transsexualism is considered mental illness, why is homosexuality not? It's a deviation that doesn't serve an evolutionary purpose. I'm not against either in any way, but it feels to me like they fall under the same umbrella, even though the L and G are about who you're attracted to whereas the T and whatever else are about what you feel like you truly are inside, regardless of where you want to stick your hypothetical dick.
A lot of it has to do with the fact that gay men were still successful in life despite all persecution of the last century. This was one of the biggest arguments during the 90/80/70s. Gays were still completely functional in society despite the shit they got.
The only real society issues with modern gays is the high STD rate among gay men and the high domestic abuse rate among lesbians.

In the case of transexuals, they exhibit all the signs of the untreated mentally ill. They can't operate properly in society even with enabling. They have high STD rates, high drug abuse rates, high crime rates ridiculous society rate with and without sex changes and all other sorts of costs they inflict on society. Unlike gays, they can't effectively function in society. Untreated schizos and bipolar people have very similar statistics. We have to approach this as a mental health issue instead of some misguided civil rights shit or we are dooming more and more of these people to death and suffering.

>> No.52539843

>anal circumference

>> No.52539866

Q stands for Queer so like lesbian it doesn't need to be there because its covered by the preceeding letters already.

>> No.52539915


Actually with the gay marriage ruling, they're completely adequately protected.

But that's never enough, because a trans is a mental illness with (for many) a large component of attention seeking behavior.

It's like anorexia, they have a misaligned self-image. But you don't treat anorexia but agreeing that they're fat and doing surgery to assist them in being as anorexic as possible.

None of the mental illness treatments involve agreeing with the delusions. You don't treat Paranoid Schizophrenia by agreeing that there are conspiracies against them and doing surgery to remove a "tracking device" they swear is there.

You're born with a biological sex. And that's an immutable fact. I don't care if you feel extra fabulous, or if you wear dresses, or like sex with other men, or a combination of all those things. That's perfectly fine, protected by the law (finally) and I'd fight to protect that.

But just because you badly mutilate yourself or dose up on hormones, those things don't change your biological sex to female. You're still just a gay guy whose done a lot of very suspect things to yourself. You are not a special snowflake deserving of special protections and rules. You are just a mentally ill person who can't handle if people don't buy in to your flawed self-image.

And by leaving transexualism untreated as a mental illness and instead treaing it as this odd political issue, you see all the problems >>52539836 mentioned, typically seen in untreated mental illnesss.

>> No.52539916

That knight looks like a manlet

>> No.52539956

That knight is a qt grill

>> No.52539960

Sprites can breed with literally anything besides lizardfolk.
That includes a "maybe" for giants.
GIANTS, anon.

>> No.52539967

>and when two guys hold hands it's "shoving it in your face" right?

Not him, but in RPGs I definitely would consider another married couple having their (straight, opposite sex) characters holding hands shoving it in everyone's faces. I'm married and game with my wife, but we don't bring up that our characters are together. It'd have to be something where its VERY relevant (ie monarchy campaign etc)

>> No.52540021

He isn't.
Your echo chamber is just a Safe Space by a different name.

>> No.52540057

Seems to me that it's more that Democrats think putting lipstick on capitalism will let you ignore that it's breath is killing you, and that the Republicans riled up their base with lurid fantasies of somehow getting all the factory jobs back if you get rid of the Mexicans, despite like 80% of all jobs eliminated in those fields are due to automation.

Shit, if the Dems ran Bernie, he would've stomped Trump. No one likes technocrats like Hillary and I'd say a good third of Trump voters voted for him because they like the prick, but out of sheer desperation to avoid another NAFTA fucking them.

>> No.52540179

Eh, how roving/nomadic adventurers are depends almost entirely on... the DM and where the story leads them, not really a personality statement aimed at the PCs.

Even then, the DM rarely has adventures transpire over a great distance for any calculated reason but "huh, that might be cool."

>> No.52540220

>In the case of transexuals, they exhibit all the signs of the untreated mentally ill. They can't operate properly in society even with enabling.
I know it's incredibly anecdotal, but I have a trans friend who exhibits none of the things you mentioned. They were never attention-seeking and are as straight-laced in regards to sex and drugs as can be. They don't even drink, and never had an interest in it prior to coming out as trans. They, for the most part, just want to transition to a woman and be left alone, and they never have meltdowns over all the tumblr-isms that supposedly trigger trans people, i.e. "HOW DARE YOU GET MY PRONOUNS WRONG". They're the kind of person who recognizes that gender dysphoria is diagnosed as a mental illness/condition, but they're also aware there's no "cure" so they'd rather just treat it by being on the outside who they feel like on the inside.

I think there's a difference between genuinely trans people and people who convince themselves they are trans the same way paranoid schizophrenics convince themselves the CIA is listening to all their phone calls and that the birds near their house are actually robotic listening devices. These people latch onto something and drill it into their own heads.
>"I am trans. It explains everything. I must be trans because if I'm not, I'm just a crazy person. And I'm not crazy."

2 cents.

>> No.52540248

Bernie would have never won the election. Especially once he started with his anti-trucker rhetoric that pissed off multiple huge unions and started pissing on white workers when those are the ones he needed to convince.
The one thing you can always expect is that a leftie will always eventually show his disdain for the working class, so it's not like it came out of nowhere.

>> No.52540283

If you're okay with these people MUTILATING THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF GETTING THE HELP THEY NEED then FUCK you and FUCK everything you stand for. I know and understand that Gender Dysphoria is an actual condition but fucking up your genitals and taking hormones is NOT the way to go about it. It is a mental illness and it should be treated as such, these people need professional help not for everyone to simply let them hurt themselves. Fuck you.

>> No.52540372

Socialism is about seizing the means of production for the working class mate. Most Democrats aren't lefties, they're just Republicans who pay lip service to the working class.

Also, please, like Trump is pro-worker. Dude's a corporate loving shitheel and has been since the day he was born. He isn't gonna do shit to make my job better.

>> No.52540375

Female characters in general are just unlikable for me. Not entirely sure why

>> No.52540427

Indeed like the perfectly pleasant friend you find out one day has to keep taking his pill or he'll start hallucinating murder plots, which he know so he takes his fucking pills. There's nothing wrong with being ill and the treatment doesn't have to leave you where you started.

>> No.52540436

Anecdotes are just anecdotes. As it stands now, the transsexual population at large exhibits these problems even in extremely progressive northern euro countries. These problems are consistent. There's going to be exceptions, sure. But the majority of these people need genuine help, not enabling doctors, drug companies and surgeons trying to make a quick buck off them while convincing fad obsessed twenty somethings to yell down any opposition.
Framing something in the sense of there being "true transsexuals" is very disingenuous.
How do you determine who is "true" and "genuine" enough for you?

>> No.52540447

Oh, the "Democratic party is leftist" meme again
American political standards are fucked

>> No.52540452


Something tells me you're just being an asshole and don't care about trans people at all

>> No.52540460

>Socialism is about seizing the means of production for the working class mate
In words only. Modern socialists are spoiled college kids who don't have any reservations about shitting on the working class on social media. I go to university with these chumps. It's always leftists I see railing on the uneducated and blue collar.

>> No.52540484

This is why I almost always either play as a character who is completely naive about sex to the point where innuendos and flirting fly right over her head, or a scary hypersexual girl who's into literal torture.

My GM kept trying to get my spider girl character to work in a strip club when all she wanted was some food that wasn't trail rations or goblin chunks and a bath. NEVER again.

>> No.52540488

You are literally making shit up to argue with me. I said none of that.

Fuck right off.

>> No.52540491

Where did I say that?
Bernie is an independent that ran for the democratic nomination.

>> No.52540496

>get the help they need

show me some proven solutions for gender dysphoria other than a physical transition to the opposite gender.

most notably ones that don't involve being heavily medicated for the rest of their life or don't result in them jumping off a bridge 5 to 10 years later

>> No.52540506


Sounds like he just wanted to reduce pollution a bit by adding more trains and not that he wants to ban all trucks. Not really a smoking gun, most people agree with that.

>> No.52540520

I have avoided this stupid shit by making all of my players play genderless characters like robots and golems. Running games in my uni's club becomes unbearable otherwise.

>> No.52540538
File: 759 KB, 1269x1821, 020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's called Shoujo Kishidan. There's only one chapter scanslated, but there are about 12 out so far.

The premise is basically "lesbian schoolgirls beat the unholy shit out of each other in (relatively) historically accurate medieval arms and armor, in a world where medieval reenactment battles are widespread enough to have their own high school level national sports championships."

It's pretty fucking ridiculous.

>> No.52540552

Doesn't matter what "most people think". Most people don't vote. Unions do vote, and teamsters was pissed.

>> No.52540556

>proven solutions
wew lad

>> No.52540575

>most notably ones that don't involve being heavily medicated for the rest of their life or don't result in them jumping off a bridge 5 to 10 years later
are you saying transitioning doesn't involve this?

>> No.52540582
File: 628 KB, 1269x1821, 13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Addendum: about 60% of it is yuri fanservice, but the artist does seem to know and like his stuff.

>> No.52540596


Or they're on a legitimate quest instead of a tabletop MMO. Plus, if people live there, fuck moving, just wipe out the gobbos. Don't enforce your faggot edgelord misunderstood snowflake adventurer stereotypes on the rest of us.

>> No.52540603

All of my PCs that don't have any kind of romantic partner in the past don't really have a defined orientation until the need presents itself. Then I roll a d4: 1,2 are straight, 3 is bi, and 4 is gay.

>> No.52540608

>most notably ones that don't involve being heavily medicated for the rest of their life or don't result in them jumping off a bridge 5 to 10 years later
Transitioning involves ALL of this though. They have to take HRT until they die and they still commit suicide at massive rates. Transitioning doesn't help them.

As for an alternative, Pimozide looked promising when I last checked.

>> No.52540624


What a cancerous word that has become.

>> No.52540640

>Female martial

When's the rape scene?

>> No.52540642

rabble rabble rabble
women b8 shill gay degenerate cuckservative
rabble rabble rabble

>> No.52540645
File: 110 KB, 630x458, Upgrade in progress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wise choice.

>> No.52540655
File: 50 KB, 625x353, jussaiyan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just sayin'.

People go "We need to get them the help they need" when we lack the capacity to reliably rewire the human brain in such a way. How many trans people would jump at the chance to feel like the gender they were born with instead of having to be a half-assed lookalike of the opposite one?

I'm guessing quite a few.

>> No.52540662

reminder that female homosexuality is literally a meme and lesbians are ideologically motivated.
the majority of self-identified lesbians have had sex with multiple men

you don't see any dykes getting thrown off buildings in the middle east do you? it's only in the time and place where it's cool to be a lesbian that they suddenly start showing up.

>> No.52540664

>A place that allows nonmainsteam opinions is exactly like a place that only allows one political view because lol they're both opinions amirite?

>> No.52540676
File: 29 KB, 600x513, Shock_sign.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>proven solutions

>> No.52540721


Presumably I'd be identifying primarily with the monster ravishing her.

>> No.52540724

>when we lack the capacity to reliably rewire the human brain in such a way
We have pills that can reliably treat (treat not cure) pretty much every mental illness. Curing any mental disorder is a long time away, but that doesn't mean we have to buy into schizoid delusions. We give them the pills that let them operate as best they can.

>> No.52540729
File: 2.02 MB, 255x178, 1469290655439.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gee, it's almost like being part of a demographic that society unilaterally shits on makes you more prone to suicide. Guess there's no way to solve that!

>> No.52540733

>This will electrocute you so hard your dick will explode

>> No.52540737


Funny how the working class gets shit on harder in socialist countries. Maybe it's because your ideology is inherently hypocritical and is all about using class division to replace "the aristocracy" with "the party/the EU" and naught else?

>> No.52540746
File: 4.66 MB, 500x400, shitpocalypse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52540775


True. Real leftists are worse. Name a country in Europe that could survive without the US subsidizing their defense.

>> No.52540800

Maybe gays are shifting to the center because the left is so fucking obsessed with embracing one of the few cultures left on Earth that finds no problem with openly executing gays.

The goalposts aren't shifting, but the field is.

>> No.52540807

Gays did not have any of these problems that transsexuals have with suicide rates and criminality.
Transsexual suicide rates are still massive even in the most progressive countries, unless you want to tell me that scandinavia is a fascist hellscape where people are shot in the streets for uttering their pronouns.

You're talking bullshit with absolutely no substance.

>> No.52540871

Most of the polls on /lgbt/ I've seen show that right wing european gays are very common just because of the mass third world muslim migration.
Something like 15-20% of /pol/ is gay from what I've seen in polls.
These are just strawpolls with mediocre sample sizes so take it with a grain of salt, but I see consistent numbers in different polls.

>> No.52540877

If ideologues actually cared about victims of gender identity disorder they wouldn't work to shut down attempts to find medical cures. Instead they want these people to their pets, and can't stand the idea of them finding health and happiness. Trying to shift the blame for their cause of depression and suicidal behavior away from their mental issues is psychopathic and cruel.

>> No.52540901

These people are not mentally sound. I'm not saying that to be an asshat. They need help, and more resources must be pooled to help them. Most of these people (well, the ones I know(n) at least) don't consider suicide until after they've begun transitioning.

>> No.52540982

60% actually and 40% is nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.52541071

>all lesbian

>> No.52541118

Cures only make a profit once, treatments make continual profits over the life of the patient.

Nobody is ever going to be getting an actual cure for anything unless it's through honest and uncorrupt public research. And that is never going to exist.

In any case, the means to treat gender dysphoria with HRT is about as costly as treating it with personality altering drugs, and with the same severity of side effects. Most trans I know don't want to cut off their dicks, they just want to see the "right" face in the mirror.

No matter what route they choose, they're not gonna be having children, so I say let them be as they choose.

>> No.52541200
File: 167 KB, 900x700, 1462805148035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's your (You), /pol/.

Now run along home so the bad imughrants and dangerous sombrerobros can't smell you.

>> No.52541202

You're not considering the social cost at all, in fact you're not considering the people themselves. Even after transitioning, STD rates are massive, suicide rates are massive, unemployment is massive, criminality is rampant, prostitution is rampant. These people are still suffering and society is suffering.
You can't just dismiss this with "they're just being discriminated against" when gays didn't have these problems and these problems still exist for transsexuals even in sweden for fuck's sake.

>> No.52541506
File: 322 KB, 1280x1688, 1487641229277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 2 (1d20)


>> No.52541521

straight as an arrow

>> No.52541559


>> No.52541646

Whoa, whoa, whoa, is that Mike "The Electric Fence" Pence?

>> No.52541682

Rolled 8 (1d20)


>> No.52541700
File: 188 KB, 708x989, 1484871463561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 1 (1d20)


>> No.52541721

Straighter than any single substance on the planet.

>> No.52541736
File: 20 KB, 385x196, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52541763
File: 89 KB, 750x1000, 1470567656301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 1 (1d20)

I don't know what you're talking about, OP

most of this grils seem pretty straight

>> No.52541780
File: 416 KB, 823x1080, 1479698876941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 11 (1d20)


>> No.52541802
File: 865 KB, 1280x1280, 1488595016546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 3 (1d20)


>> No.52541832
File: 93 KB, 779x1025, 1485028600056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 11 (1d20)

>> No.52541919



>> No.52542201

Isn't it wrong for a straight white man to pretend to be something else in a game when they have no sense of the inherent difficulties of being anything else? Clearly they can't truly comprehend the character.

>> No.52542317


You're called brave for existing, protected, and coddled. Fuck off "ally" boy. Even killing yourself is touted as OMG SO BRAVE by the lefty media.

>> No.52542343


Liberal counterarguments in a nutshell

>Omg so sillyyy

>> No.52542361



>> No.52542428


Don't bother replying to fucking commies.

>> No.52542460


But this is our home. We are native fa/tg/uys and you need to go back to your own homeland.

>> No.52542690

>Even after transitioning, STD rates are massive,
Duh, they're gay.
>suicide rates are massive,
Same for psychiatric treatments.
>unemployment is massive,
I've never once seen a study that even implies that.
>criminality is rampant,
Again [citation needed] because I find this one even less believable.
>prostitution is rampant.
Well, if someone defines their existence by their sexuality, then that's obviously likely.
>These people are still suffering and society is suffering.
Society doesn't have to give a fuck, almost all the suffering of transexuals stems from them being embraced by flaming liberals and being force fed pity and attention for their assumed persecution.

All the trans people I know are moderate to conservative, and they're at least as mentally well adjusted as any ugly female.

>> No.52542749
File: 306 KB, 750x677, experience.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rolling for anal circumference

Shouldn't that be tied to your character's experience?

>> No.52542763

Yeah you can't tell a gay man from a straight man at a glance. Gay men also dont have to spend the rest of their lives taking daily pills and painfully dilating.

I had a close tranny friend a few years back, she passed fairly well. Got jumped by 3 skinheads who dragged her into an alley, shaved her head and kicked the shit out of her. I'm not seeing why the suicide rates are surprising.

>> No.52542772

My last female PC turned down advances from both genders, but would secretly fuck a dire wolf occasionally

>> No.52542773
File: 93 KB, 1077x964, 1473908258810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52542783

I will admit to having(supposedly) Shit Taste and express an interest in the series.

Besides, regardless of how much hate for the Yuri content there is on here... I guarantee we're going to see an influx of gifs from the inevitable anime adaptation, and two or three shill threads on here. Same thing happened with Kobayashi.

>> No.52542937

So its jap girls in to hema? eh sure, i'll read it

>> No.52543185

>slowing rampant population growth
>heavily adopting needy children
>not good
wew lad

>> No.52543293
File: 21 KB, 308x326, 1488050426746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Diversity is good, it creates new ideas by mixing a lot of old shit together, and genetically it makes the species stronger, white males included.

My point is, go forth and impregnate/learn new shit from from the rainbow then write cool shit and let the gays adopt your bastards.

Humanity, Fuck yeah.

>> No.52543373
File: 162 KB, 800x1214, knights-667419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It sounds interesting enough aside from the lesbians part, but if you just want the historically accurate swordsmanship stuff, there's better material out there.

>> No.52543481

>liberals lose argument
>turn it into a diceroll thread through spamming

Typical libshits.

>> No.52543512


It's men playing women.

>> No.52543517


Because that never happened.

>> No.52543535


Ranger girls, not even once.

>> No.52543566

>Diverting resources from successful populations into unsuccessful populations
>Also abusing those children because their movement is the one supporter of pedos.

>> No.52543587


No. It makes white males brown and liberal propaganda tells white men not to breed at all.

>New = Good

This isn't a given.

>> No.52543602


Which is also shit.

>> No.52543663

>genetically it makes the species stronger,
you actually don't understand genetic diversity at all. it's actually not necessarily a good thing to just throw in as much shit as possible.
A lack of necessary genetic diversity is when you're inbreeding and creating deformities and retards. 5th cousins are actually the ideal mates genetically. If you mate with someone as genetically distant as, say, an african, statistically you are more than likely producing offspring which is genetically predisposed to be less intelligent and more criminal than yourself.

>> No.52543722
File: 26 KB, 240x336, BASED_ASS_NIGGA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have any data to back up your claims? You sure interracial genetic diversity is that much better than intraracial diversity? What exactly are the measurable benefits of "diversity"?

I'll wait.

>> No.52543762


>> No.52543770

>Parry halbard with the flat of my strong
>Murderstrike makes a shield explode and the ground rip up

Oh yeah we're fucking drowning in history here.

>> No.52543811

Fucking size queens.

>> No.52543825

Underrated fucking post

>> No.52543848


Popularity of [thing], even popularity of [thing] on /tg/, isn't going to be stopped by a bunch of salty fucks whining about it. If that were the case we'd long ago stopped posting anime, books, movies, and television on this board.

>> No.52543852
File: 184 KB, 900x600, kookabunga_photo2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are aware that whites are the result of race mixing right?
homo sapiens bred with neanderthals, helping to create every race outside of sub-Saharan Africa, making them better able to survive the cold. Race mixing made your bloodline able to survive the winter, and even though neanderthals weren't as intelligent as homo sapiens, it didn't negatively impact the species intelligence because the interbreeding continued reintroducing homo sapien intelligence,

TL;DR: You're race mixed, relax about it.

And no new =/= good, but it does create opportunities that didn't exist before and allow growth, nothing new being created = stagnation.

>> No.52543886

>TL;DR: You're race mixed, relax about it.
Hmm, I wouldn't think to see a proponent of the One Drop rule on /tg/

>> No.52543901

>Calling shit shit makes someone salty
>Just stay quiet man because retards will post it anyway

You could have just posted a meme and contributed more quality to the thread.

>> No.52543915
File: 72 KB, 600x800, d80be24edb16af2a5565cbcd9116aeeb-girl-or-boy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is one reason for both male and female players when making lesbian PCs.

When it comes to female players there is also the fact that lesbian fantasy is quite popular even among straight women, that is, if they are not into male gay fantasies, also very popular.

For male players one reason is that male players that play female characters will either be unconfortable playing a sexual preference alien to them or just play out their lesbian fantasies with them.

And then there are the few male players that play a female character due to being in closet about their own sexuality, these ones tend to make a lesbian character if they are still attracted to females, otherwise, if they are both transexual and attracted to males, their character will be straight.

>> No.52543919

So should I ban lesbian PCs or not?

>> No.52543931

In the end, boobs are just fake asses! And if I had to choose between the original and the imitation, of course I would choose the original!

>> No.52543942


Reinforcement =/= Replacement.

>> No.52543948

Oh, no, that wasn't my goal. My goal is to pretend I'm retarded and post angering bullshit for shits and giggles.

Except the joke is on you because I actually am retarded, so I was only pretending I was pretending.

>> No.52543960

Do you genuinely not understand the difference between then and now? Sorry but people don't want western nations to be places where the next generations are dumber and more savage than the previous ones just because it might work out on an evolutionary scale in the long term. Not to mention intelligence doesn't significantly increase one's chance of survival today as it did then, so you're very overconfident in assuming it would even work out. not that anyone is willing to wait tens of thousands of years for it anyway. What is your actual problem with people who don't want to dilute a population with inferior genetics?

>> No.52543977
File: 62 KB, 800x678, 1465254253113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>most of the female PCs I've played have been straight
>have two who ended up marrying NPCs

>> No.52543984
File: 44 KB, 500x294, 1461873827162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52543985

>When it comes to female players there is also the fact that lesbian fantasy is quite popular even among straight women, that is, if they are not into male gay fantasies, also very popular.
>Lesbian fantasy


>> No.52544013


I'm not black and neither are you.

>> No.52544020

can you go back to your containment board please

>> No.52544037

That applies to all of his policies.

Sage for off topic.

>> No.52544046

how the fuck do you roleplay that in a way that isn't hand-wavey to the point of invalidating playing a deaf character or stupidly annoying for the other players and you?

>> No.52544067


Isn't this the same site that says ninjas are magic and Gamergate was about harassing female devs for having vaginas? I don't trust them on controversial issues, especially ones where the Powers That Be have an agenda to push...but then, I'm not the guy who posted Sowell, so sorry for intruding.

>> No.52544087

Could you link to the specific section which mentions genetic diversity is dependent on interracial diversity?

>> No.52544093

>Not being progressive makes you /pol/

I didn't know they were so powerful. Seriously though, fuck Nazis and fuck you for trying to backhandedly apply that label to people for disagreeing with you.

>> No.52544111

you didn't answer his question and nothing in that article demonstrates any benefits of interracial breeding.

>> No.52544113

>Snarky remark
>B-but stop discussing it guys

Trump is the most based president since Teddy Roosevelt you sheltered little twat.

>> No.52544162

I didn't say anything about the one drop rule though? I'm just saying prolonged interbreeding with neanderthals produced significant, beneficial changes to the species.
Clarify please, I don't get what your trying to say.
I'm mixed, and I'm not a savage, drug addicted, violent idiot, Hell I'm a security guard, I actively prevent crimes, genetics don't predetermine who you are, and biodiversity is nearly always beneficial.

>> No.52544169


Honestly it helps a lot.

>> No.52544200

I'm actually mixed, and can't pass for white, most people assume I'm Hispanic though.

>> No.52544226

Straight women are usually way WAY gayer than straight men.

>> No.52544245

>genetics don't predetermine who you are

>> No.52544247

>if you have any bit of neanderthal then you're race mixed
>not the one drop rule

Are you the kind of leftist that is one step from becoming an antifa fascist?

>> No.52544250

>the ending

>> No.52544315

You know darn well I mean personality anon.
>if you have any bit of neanderthal then you're race mixed.
I'll concede that point; but it was still beneficial at the time it occurred, it helped us adapt to more varied landscapes and climates.

>> No.52544436

Trump is a joke on the world stage, a joke to his citizens and even a joke inside his own party.

34% approval rating the other day. Nixon was around 25% right before he left, lets see how low we can go :^)

>> No.52544556

No you are not.

t. Oldfag

>> No.52544706

You dont get what sage does, do you? I am not contributing to the topic, so my post should not bump the topic. By all means, keep on with your faggotry; I personally find it quite amusing to see fox news jizz all over 4chan. Miss the old days, surely, but I see no need to get booty bothered over words on a screen.

And also he's a laughingstock, little nooblet.

>> No.52544935

Lesbian stuff is very popular among straight women, one of the big reasons is that it is a sexual content that is more focused on the female individuals involved, it is easier to "feel" it by watching.
I can't say what is more popular among straight women, male gay stuff or female gay stuff, but either way they are very much into the gay stuff.

>> No.52544998

Fan fiction is by far the most popular fapping material for women.

>> No.52545002

Old /tg/ never touched this shit because we all knew we were a very mixed crowd.

>> No.52545044

This board was ultimately ruined the way every gaming table is ruined. A few nerds get their first girlfriend in their early twenties and change their entire identity to please their harpy chubby girlfriend.

>> No.52545113

Carefully, and with AR tech that translates ASL.

>> No.52545211

Or That Guy decided that he'd rather ruin the game than get ostracized silently. Or if we're being serious, because people moved due to RL obligations.

>> No.52545458

That's why I say "gay stuff" and not "gay porn".

>> No.52546546

Because it evens out the half of all male PCs that are gay

>> No.52546826

desu I've played mostly female characters and they were all straight. Sexual orientation was only ever relevant once though, when a young naive elf student had a crush with my mentally unstable elf that made a pact with a vampire.

>> No.52547063

fpbp kek

>> No.52547154

Reminder that the techniques and devices to supposedly objectively gauge sexual arousal are unscientific bullshit even worse than "lie detector" tests and have completely inconsistent unreliable results.

Also nice insane conspiracy ranting, it might be more appreciated and within the 4chan rules to take that shit back to /pol/

>> No.52547246

Fun fact, there's a lot of overlap between the organizations who are anti-trans and those who want homosexuality classified as mental illness again and the neurological evidence points towards the two conditions being similar/related.

But feel free to keep shitposting about attack helicopters and deluding yourself that you'll win over the people who think you're mentally ill if you can just throw trannies under the bus hard enough.

>> No.52547321

>expecting /pol/tards to actually have facts

>> No.52547455

I know this is a bait thread full of bait replies, but...

It's entirely possible for adventurers to have a slightly higher number of homosexuals within their ranks than expected. A life of adventure beats being stoned to death or burned at the stake.

>> No.52547536

Social rejection begets adventure. In a world where people who aren't normal members of society go off and explore dungeons and become mercenaries, it's natural that people who are typically shunned would end up in these groups.

>> No.52547541

A little late, but I double spaced to indicate I'm talking to others, not that post.

Probably should've went like:



>> No.52547764

>Neckbeards talk about women

Stop learning from porn and feminists.

>> No.52547794

>Caring about Europeans


>Caring about Paul Ryan and the cuckservatives


>Muh polls

Nobody trusts that shit anymore. Keep telling yourself he'll be impeached "any day now!" ;∆D

>> No.52547809


Nice butthurt anon. Feed me more libtard tears.

>> No.52547810

Because you need to stop hitting on your fellow players. It's creepy and you're making everyone uncomfortable.

>> No.52547827


Absolute bullshit because a straight woman wants to see dicks. Either in a woman or in a man. If she gets off to lesbian porn she's bi at best by definition.

>> No.52547839

>Ostracizing That Guy silently instead of kicking him.

Found the stuttering beta who got bullied by a creepy neckbeard that killed his game and never said a word about it.

>> No.52547856


Have you ever read any feminist literature at all? They don't exactly hide their goals.

>> No.52547885

>Muh snowflakes

Fuck off, this has never been mythologically accurate. Adventurers who are outside normal society are there because they're demigods or magicians, not tormented lesbians.

>> No.52548157

I never said anything about tormented lesbians, and I'm judging based on the idea of murderhobos and modern fantasy adventurers. I was expounding on what someone else said, while also agreeing with their point. I said nothing about "muh snowflakes", and simply made the point that people who would be kicked out of society in some fantasy system wherein people on the fringes of civilization go on grand adventures would very likely end up filtering in, though probably not in glamorous ways, because the world is a fuck, and everyone loves grit.

You might find better strawmen to beat back in /pol/, friend. People say genuinely stupid things there, you won't have to put sentiments in other people's mouths in order to be angry about something.

>> No.52548425

You all really like arguing about the same unrelated-to-tg shit like every single day huh?

>> No.52548504

Yep! The bait's just too good, anon. You should try some. There's enough for everybody!

>> No.52548556

>op specifically asks a tabletop related question
fuck off.

>> No.52548612


Nigga, thats a woodchopping axe at best.

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