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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Party Edition
What is your favourite position to take in adventuring party? Frontliner, ranged damage, blaster, face, healer? Do you think such roles should be enforced? 4E did this and wasn't half bad!

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>52517793

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I like to be the cute one

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I don't really have a favorite, but I have a few personality types I tend to stick to for each one.

>do you think such roles should be enforced
No. It makes sense that having specializers for each role makes the party more powerful as a group (just choose the specialist) but roleplaying should always come first.

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Frontliner, strength based. Nothing is quite like charging with shield and nodachi in hand at the enemy to get into the fray, clad in full plate.

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I'm going to be honest.

Every one of my characters are going to be a martial, and 75% of the time they're going to be frontline melee.

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I like to be gish/half-caster characters. Punch hard and use magic to punch even harder. Too bad magus has lost its luster.

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>Nodachi and Shield


>> No.52522016

Not him but you can use a buckler.

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It's a heavy oaken shield.

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Time for shipping!

LoB&F has 3 boys and 3 girls. Pair them off, name your ships, let the horror begin.

No, better, let's make another shipping chart with ship names. It'll be fantastic.

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All of the people you just posted use magic for their actual danger.

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I like playing booty tier classes and then doing everything I can to keep up with the party. One of my first characters was a monk and managed to keep up using stupid ideas and PC-tier plans.

>> No.52522048

Guys we need more Nodachi memes

how can we create the most nodachi wielding character possible


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I am the type of person that has absolutely no problem with "martials" using sword magic.

>> No.52522060

Piercing Thunder has a stance for it, I think.

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So! How was your weekend, /pfg/? Do anything fun or exciting, game-related or otherwise?

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Shield Brace. Lets you wield a shield and a polearm simultaneously (aka 2handing the polearm). Guess which heavy blade is also a polearm?

>> No.52522077


That sounds like cheating.


>> No.52522078

D8 3/4ths BaB trick-sy types

>> No.52522096


How do people survive without full-BAB, anyway?

>> No.52522104


My saturday and sunday games were cancelled.


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Flanking, attacking flat-footed, touch.

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Marisa is literally a Magician who likes Fireball and Greater Laz0r.
Reimu is a Cleric with the ability to become invincible, forever.
Knowledge back there, well, you can see it.
Sakuya can use Time Stop.

You now realize that two handed bracing historically used bucklers if it was used in conjunction with shields.

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Being a Wizard while also being a monster.

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>3 boys and 3 girls

Are you counting Essa as a boy?

>> No.52522152

That's not Sakuya, that's Youmu; she's just an Unquiet Grave/Mithral Current Stalker Brutal Slayer Bushi Stalker.

>> No.52522161

Marcelina is cute! CUTE!

>> No.52522168

Honestly I tend to favor martial builds, usually with some kind of melee. So for me it would be frontliner.

I do like making charisma frontliners that can function as faces. That usually end up with me playing some kind of tiddy monster.

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Why wouldn't I?

>> No.52522181

Elf x both human males at once

>> No.52522195

But Essa is a boy anon!

>> No.52522196

In my defense they look pretty much the same

>> No.52522212

Essa is a fine half-halfling man. A quaterling, if you would.

>> No.52522213

Give me all the elves.

>> No.52522247

Is one extra-tall extra-curvy elf lady not enough for you?

>> No.52522265


Elf has enough holes for all the boys, anon.

>> No.52522284

You know what

Can we just say it

Spheres of Might needs to start the fuck over. Its a disaster. Scrap it. Begin anew.

>> No.52522308

I only like petite elves.

>> No.52522324

Aida, Esse, Iolanthe, and Orlan.

Gamze and Shanan don't have heights! How shameful!

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>> No.52522335

Is there a way to float indefinitely? Not quite flying but levitating low to the ground.

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It just means drow are more my thing

>> No.52522340

heavens oracle

>> No.52522351


Drow are typically portrayed as being quite curvy, though!

>> No.52522353

There is a petite half elf in WWW. You can probably fuck her.

>> No.52522355

Weird, I forgot to mention that didn't I?

Assume Gamze 5'4".

>> No.52522356

So short!

>> No.52522368

I swear that's the face of a Jojo character, I'm just not sure which one.

>> No.52522375

They look nothing alike. Different color schemes, Youmu has that ribbon in her hair and she uses swords instead of knives. You can even see a katana on her lower back. Very sloppy.

Also, here Marisa is obviously some kind of gunslinger broom jockey and Aya looks like some kind of a rogue. And again, I have nothing against combat characters using extensive magic or supernatural abilities.

It's not a disaster. It's underwhelming.

>> No.52522381


I can't unsee Jolyne now, thanks.

>> No.52522393

No its a fucking disaster. They should just scrap it and start over

>> No.52522400

The catgirl is clearly counting the tips of her ears for height.

>> No.52522406

>I want to make a big boy for Blingmaker
>A really, really big boy
>mfw all the boys right now seem to be in a race for biggest boy

Should I try to be a Big Boy, or just normal-sized? If it helps any, the lad's a farmboy raised out in the fruitful plains of Brevoy for some years.

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>> No.52522421

The elocater psionic prestige class gets it as a class feature at 1st level.

> Scorn Earth (Su)
> At 1st level, an elocater’s feet lift from the ground. From now on, she can float a foot above the ground, but still move and act as if she were standing on solid ground. At distances greater than 1 foot from any sufficiently stable surface, her speed diminishes to 10 feet per round, but she can move in any direction (including straight up or down). Melee and ranged attacks suffer increasing penalties as if she were the subject of the defy gravity power.
> Scorn earth is constantly active, even when unconscious, unless the elocater deliberately suppresses it (a free action), is heavily encumbered, or is slain. If the elocater is carrying a medium load or wearing heavy or medium armor while using scorn earth, her speed reduces to 10 feet per round.

The class also gives 7/10 manifesting and has a variety of gish benefits, so it goes really well with wilder, which is kind of like a sorcerer except has 3/4 BAB and attack/damage bonuses (but still gets 9th-level powers).

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Actually I think it's Dio.

>> No.52522435

There's a half drow in Shardwalkers that looks fairly petite..

>> No.52522442

/pfg/, we need to do this. Next official /pfg/ meme game should be using 4E. That will allow us to reach the next level.

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>> No.52522456

Aida, Esse, Gamze, Iolanthe, and Orlan.

And an embarrassing placeholder for Shanan.

>> No.52522468

Orlan's height and weight literally make him a NFL linebacker.

>> No.52522488

I'm seeing Johnny Joestar myself

>> No.52522492

my brother

>> No.52522495

[email protected] is too tall! too tall!!

That sounds appropriate for a fantasy warrior type.

>> No.52522499

Linebacker ? More like barebacker ha ha.

>> No.52522506

>pic related

I don't think roles should be enforced. It's goddamn pathetic when *no one else in the party* can hit more than 5 feet away from themselves because they insist on never touching anything with so much as reach let alone range.

But what's really fucking offensive is when they then start taking issue with you killing shit from afar or that's in flight.

>> No.52522517


Ha ha, when he's done with you your back isn't gonna be bare ha ha it's a pull out joke get it?

Please laugh.

>> No.52522536

>[email protected] is too tall! too tall!!
Clearly counting her ears.

>> No.52522545

Fuck off Atolm, you little midget.

>> No.52522550

>He actually causes hairy backs due to a curse, and it had nothing to do with sperm in any way

>> No.52522555

Does Iron Tortoise work with Bucklers?

What if you're doing Buckler + 2H weapon, like a Hawkguard?

>> No.52522559


We tried to warn you about the Bara meta /pfg/

Why didn't you listen

Why didn't you stop it?

You never could stop it, the discord cabal has already decided this to be the new meta. Do you feel in control /pfg/?

>> No.52522562


also isn't half that dragon party equipped with spells and/or breath weapons?

>> No.52522564

I have so much NSFW art on drow >.>

>> No.52522569

>Orlan could casually bridal carry the elf around

>> No.52522583

>tfw Barameta becomes a thing
>DHB immediately makes a dough bellied, thinning haired, manlet
y tho

>> No.52522588

Mostly it doesn't, unless you have a perk that lets you shieldbash with bucklers

>> No.52522591


>mfw everyone always insists on finishing inside but I personally love it when someone actually wants to finish on my character's back, butt or belly.

>> No.52522595

DHB has never been a man to submit to the meta.

>> No.52522608

He could probably carry at least two, maybe three party members because 18 STR

>> No.52522618


>> No.52522644

Here's an actual linebacker who has pretty much the same dimensions

>> No.52522657


Thanks anon, I think I'm going to have fun exploiting the Bara Boom with this character.

>> No.52522667


There's a feat for that.

I'm more worried about this line:

>>Maneuvers from Iron Tortoise require use of a shield in one hand.

>> No.52522678

Could an Immovable Rod be used as an implement to enhance Perform (Mime)?

>> No.52522679

Its happening.

The bara-boom's time has come

Punchgirls are truly dead.

>> No.52522698

There's a feat that lets you count a gauntlet as a buckler for all purposes, I think.

>> No.52522712

Well, considering that even if you're wielding a weapon, the buckler is still counted as being on that particular hand, you're still good.

>> No.52522722


Hold up, if Bara is the new meta for male characters, what's the new meta for female characters?

Busty, older mothers?

>> No.52522730

granny hags

>> No.52522733

That will remain in it's locked box.

>> No.52522756

That's been around, Its just no one has the guts to make one

>> No.52522766

We've moved away from the 'cowtits' meta. It's time for DFC.

>> No.52522768

Grannies Squirt. Never forget.

>> No.52522769

>mfw I'm making one of these now for another game I'm in

>> No.52522782

You should have seen the flat chest meta coming

It was so clear

Dragons2 was the canary in the coalmine

>> No.52522790

>Busty, older mothers?

>> No.52522816


Amalthea's rise to divinity is nigh

>> No.52522825

looks like shite

>> No.52522847


Anyone still have her divine profile?

>> No.52522929


DFC was a flash in the pan, a false boom created by the unusual popularity of two IPs that have already gone stale.

Huge tits will never be out of style. It's the Gold Standard, and attaching those huge tits to spunky teenagers or older ara ara~ is the new hot thing, better than putting them on generic twenty somethings.

>> No.52523000

Smol qts for the bara males to protect obviously. DHB isn't a man unbound by the meta. He's a man ahead of the meta.

>> No.52523036

How does one muslefat /pfg/?

>> No.52523047

What about DFC monstergirls?

>> No.52523053 [SPOILER] 


Who cares about the gold standard when there's REAL treasure to be found?

>> No.52523057

>PLD is having hot, kinky sex
>None of the players are artists able to visually track all the transformations they're going to be impregated with
Fucking hell

>> No.52523086

depending on your definition of monsters that was probably just a flash in the pan IP

>> No.52523110

Allright hosers, explain to me why you aren't in a party of all Irrisini Bards!

>> No.52523111

I need a link to the /pfg/ Discord please

>> No.52523128

Because if I'm going to sleep with the producer to get a part, I'd rather it at least be a normal human rather than a witch or troll or winter wolf.

>> No.52523148

Because being dhampir is suffering.

Pic related, it's what happens any time someone mistakes you for your undead parent.

>> No.52523170

>None of the players are artists

Not a correct assumption.

>> No.52523178


>> No.52523212

>not wanting to be a witch or a winter wolf
What are you, gay?

>> No.52523223

Is this a Pathfinder thread or 4E? Because if I fucking wanted to play 4E I would.

>> No.52523272


Eat hearty, drink hearty, beat monsters to death all day.

>> No.52523294


>> No.52523300

>being weak enough that a retarded (and I mean literally retarded sometimes) black dude with a fetish for Knight Templar asian chicks can even hurt you
Lemme tell you something about D&D3.5e...

>> No.52523319


>> No.52523355

A healthy mix of high Str and Con, and maybe Combat Stamina or something to boost Fort Saves.
Barbarian is Ideal for Strongfat

>> No.52523385

I always end up being the face

>> No.52523398

That sword's some kinda homebrew Weapon of Legacy or something.

>> No.52523407

It gets rekt by Shatter of all spells.

>> No.52523444

How do we fix Orbs of Fighting?

>> No.52523448

Doesn't exist to my knowledge, elaborate. I only know of the Orbs of Physical Power.

>> No.52523455

Does Dispel Magic allow magic weapon to be shattered or sundered easier?

>> No.52523464

>He isn't even away of Rhomboids of Martial Prowess

>> No.52523471


>> No.52523496

I thought it was Hedrons of Fighting Skill

>> No.52523519

All I know is that Roy dies against Maximized Energy Drain and Finger of Death, both of which Xzykor or whatever the fuck his name is can cast.

>> No.52523560

Three dimensional Shapes of Hitting Things

>> No.52523571

What do people mean when they say Jolly publishing is allowed? Where can I find this stuff?

>> No.52523589

>He's a man ahead of the meta.

So if DHB is the Tesla of character concepts, who's the Edison?

>> No.52523604


>A winter wolf who secretly dreams of becoming a star in musical theater

That sounds funny.

>> No.52523612


Now get to work!

>> No.52523642


I worked right before my game, so that was interesting coming home and settling down to do some GMing.

This week was mostly an RP-focused session. Ulfric, our one-handed Cleric had a talk with the NPC guide I had going along with the party, and finally figured out/asked that he was Ulfric's bastard son. They hugged and talked, and Ulfric, being a baronet, promised to get his newfound son legitimized.

As for the rest of the party, they spent the afternoon in Ulfric's family home divvying up the loot they took from the camp of Hobgoblins they ambushed. They even decided to make the Orc-bloodline Hobgoblin Sorcerer who surrendered to them a member of the group... much to the chagrin of their new Kobold member, who had been held captive by the Hobgoblins and holds a grudge against their entire species.

Now the group gets to decide if they want to investigate the secret dungeon that they found, or continue to track down the Necromancer they've been looking for.

I've gotta come up with a proper title for this adventure, beyond just "Ulfric the Cleric and his harem of smol ladies and also the teenage girl."

>> No.52523649


He who dares to be, anon.

>> No.52523667

Edison is a hack and a fraud

>> No.52523685

So ssalarn then?

>> No.52523692


That's what I was implying, anon.

DHB is a concept trailblazer but horrible at PR, while the Edison would be horrible at fresh concepts, good at perfecting or refreshing old concepts, and can really sell a story.

>> No.52523700

So if I'm playing an Aasimar is there any way to count as a half-orc for the purposes of archetype stacking?

>> No.52523731

Does anyone actually believe one of DHB's character's will become romantically involved with someone, much less 'cocksleeved'? Like what do you guys expect to even happen?

>> No.52523733

Scion of Humanity alt Racial Trait to count as Human, Racial Heritage feat to count as whatever else you want.

>> No.52523748

Someone recommend me some fun ranged character ideas. PoW and Psionics probably allowed.

>> No.52523754


Which Blingmaker girl do you think is going to get cocksleeved by the game's many hunks?

>> No.52523762

...Oh fuck I think it's me.

>> No.52523777


Slayer (Sniper) built as a woodsman, Warder (Hawkguard), Warlord (Desperado.)

>> No.52523786

Well, Myrna's got the highest Charisma, so she's going to be attracting the most suitors on the basis of being the best Ruler, mechanically speaking.

>> No.52523787

I think DHB's character is gonna get in and won't touch anything because he's a Prophet of Kalistrade.

>> No.52523792

I managed to embroil the orcish hordes into an open war with the neighboring humans all by hiding in some reeds and throwing mud in an orc chieftain's face during a parley.

>> No.52523802

What kingmaker positions are effected by Int?


>> No.52523804


Girls can't be rulers, anon! That's silly!

>> No.52523805

Alternate and less creepy question: Which Blingmaker girl has the best legs?
The best eyes?
The best hair?

>> No.52523818

Counting as 3 races at once? Hilarious. Thanks.

>> No.52523823

None. It's gonna be a bamboozle.

>> No.52523826


They're listed right on the Player's Guide, anon!

>> No.52523828

Alternate left creepy/fucking autistic question.

Who has the best character gimmick?

>> No.52523829

Grand Diplomat,
and Treasurer.

>> No.52523842

Most of the stuff N. Jolly has done is published by Legendary Games.

>> No.52523860


I think Franze is gorgeous in a way that reminds me of Eva Green.

>> No.52523880

Anon, I'm not sure you know what less creepy means.

>> No.52523891

This going to sound really fucking weird and creepy but does anyone have a link to the dragon 2 lfg if it's still up or a list of the characters and their users.

I need to know for reasons.

>> No.52523906

Good job being even creepier.

>> No.52523912

Milre's the only character who really dresses to show off her legs--even if somebody else technically has a better set, they've wasted their potential with a lack of presentation.

Myrna has some AMAZING eyes.

And Seska's hair looks sexy.

To be fair, that is less creepy than any question involving the term "cocksleeved". It's still creepy, just less so.

>> No.52523942

What kind of character do you want to see apply to Blingmaker?

>> No.52523976

>To be fair, that is less creepy than any question involving the term "cocksleeved". It's still creepy, just less so.
Less vulgar maybe, but certainly not less creepy.

>> No.52523987

Yeah, rulers need to be straight.

>> No.52523991


Franze for eyes,

Milre for legs.

Franze for hair.

>> No.52523992

More GOOD silly characters like DHB's nugget man

>> No.52524001

A dragon! Not somebody dragon themed, just a straight up dragon. ALL THE HOARDS

>> No.52524046

>To be fair, that is less creepy than any question involving the term "cocksleeved". It's still creepy, just less so.
No, it's way fucking creepier. Saying someone is 'sexy and I'd like to bed her' is less creepy than 'has these great legs that go on forever, dem thighs, and holy shit dat ass'.

>> No.52524049

measurements are oppressing the TLTGTBT community!

>> No.52524057


There ya go buddy

>> No.52524058

>less creepy
This is All the Eggs tier

>> No.52524059


So... Like a dashing young man obsessed with fashion and designing high-end outfits for men?

>> No.52524083

With how far /pfg/'s gone, I actually welcome this spaghetti-hemorrhaging bullshit over "hurr durr muh NTR monster rape meems"

>> No.52524096

w-why though

>> No.52524105

I prefer front liner/healer!

>> No.52524106

its better than PLD posting yup

>> No.52524107

With the exclusion of any 3PP races, the best you'll get is either a Wyvaran or a Kobold. Or maybe a Lizardman, but that's less likely.

>> No.52524118

Probably to either PM one of those who got in begging for text-sex...or to do the same for someone who didn't get in.

>> No.52524125

That makes me sad! Sad!

>> No.52524151

Did somebody say PLD posting?

Anyone else dying to see Lysander's feminine boipucci pounded and knotted?

Discord rumor has it that Vult's been running super noblebright and comfy

>> No.52524173


Can confirm, the city we're currently visiting is gorgeous and full of life.

>> No.52524194

>With how far /pfg/'s gone
The LOBAF situation was awful. It was a comfy game up until the last few days when /pfg/ drove a meme bulldozer through it and left nothing behind.

>> No.52524195

I hope he picks me.

>> No.52524196

Do you believe in gravity?

>> No.52524202


I blame discord.

>> No.52524208

I bet it's Wist!

>> No.52524210

This. I was hoping for a nice quiet game.

>> No.52524214

I wouldn't mind. I do recall some flattering comments made about my character by the reviewanon of the day.

>> No.52524215

>le discord cabal maymay

>> No.52524229 [SPOILER] 

Behold, I give you the greatest bamboozle of all time!
I regret ever giving these fucks money

>> No.52524247


You poor fool.

>> No.52524251


>> No.52524257

Aida, Esse, Gamze, Iolanthe, Orlan, and Shanan.

>> No.52524262

>advertise grimderp monster rape
>deliver cuteness
I guess it was a bamboozle after all

>> No.52524271

I heard a rumor that Cashmere was already carrying Gloriana's child

>> No.52524297

It's Essa

>> No.52524304

lol manlet

>> No.52524306


>> No.52524317

Essa x Gamze when?
>Ship name: Like rabbits!

>> No.52524320

>average height
>tall for a Keleshite
>stuck next to a couple of giantesses and a northern brute

>> No.52524323

Well, at least I got a module book out of it, and got to vote on it. Who knows, maybe I'll man up one of these days and run it for my friends, and someone can either waifu the qt Kellid chick, and maybe help that dwarf impress/confess to his crush.

>> No.52524325

Should have shilled harder if you wanted to get in fag stay salty

>> No.52524341

Does DHB have the right idea here when he refuses to touch the discords?

>> No.52524360

No, I'm not here for pleasant business. I'm checking to see if someone made an alt.

>> No.52524376

It looked like Everquest, it was subscription based even despite what, three filled kickstarters?

>> No.52524379

Well, elves are always tall. Northerners are just big guys. The Catfolk gets a handful of cheaty inches because of her race. Shanan is probably not small at all, but stuck with some large companions.

>> No.52524404

If you were to remake SoM, what would you be sure to include/change?

>> No.52524425


>> No.52524435


Make sure to post in the discord you got a (You)

>> No.52524437

>not even out

>> No.52524444

Discord WHERE??

>> No.52524477

>this fucking obvious falseflagging

>> No.52524481

Remove Sslaran

>> No.52524550

Drop Ssalarn almost entirely, try to find a way to include mental stats into he system, expand Equipment and Alchemy Spheres to be more utility based and less combat, maybe add something that will make you actually want to use Lancer sphere with a spear, drop that one NotMonk class entirely, give more authority to Jolly

>> No.52524566

>Alchemy Spheres to be more utility based and less combat,
Fuck you I want to rain non magical fiery death on my opponents.

>> No.52524625

I didn't say no combat, just less in favor of actual utility.

>> No.52524741


>> No.52524782


>> No.52524845

You don't want to be in it right now.

It's another episode of "if you disagree with me, you're wrong and stupid" between two people.

>> No.52524850

>when you keep getting ideas to modify your character months in

It hurts.

>> No.52524875

Is one of those people you?

>> No.52524880


>PLD is having sessions

>other games can't even fucking make session 3 happen


>> No.52524889


PLD sessions are absurdly comfy, I'll tell you that.

Everyone involved are friendly and eager to roleplay, it's really fun!

>> No.52524905

No, but I am enjoying the argument about objectivity vs subjectivity, because that one never ends.

>> No.52524918

Iolanthe is less of a giantess and more of a tall, willowy elf who got filled out by having kids and sitting on her ass for three decades.

>> No.52524923

Vult is objectively a shitbag. You may think I mean subjectively. I don't.

>> No.52524946


>> No.52524958

The dm for Poorly Lewded Daemons.

>> No.52525034


>Vult is a shitbag
>Everyone's friendly and comfy


>> No.52525040

I am neutral towards vult

>> No.52525057


Why not both?

>> No.52525065

I'd like to think that I'm a friendly, comfy person.
Right now I'm working up some an IC story segment to fill in the gaps between the scenes. I have to decide how much my character will actually disclose to (cute) strangers. Pretty heavy stuff, you know?

>> No.52525111

When you trade out Amateur Gunslinger for Extra Grit when you get Daring Grit as a Desperado, do you retain the Deed from it or do you have to reselect it?

>> No.52525131

This, Vult is all smiles and rainbows with people that he deems worthy or makes characters that he likes, but to him anyone else can eat a dick and he's not afraid to say so.

>> No.52525143

you would have to reselect it

>> No.52525156

Technically, by RAW, you keep it. It's the same process Paragon Surge works on.

But most GMs won't let that fly.

>> No.52525213

Using discord on 4chan is pretty fucking cancerous.

>> No.52525232

So he's Donald Trump?

>> No.52525236

The Discord Cabal Endorses This Post.

>> No.52525253

Depends, does Vult donate his salary to the US Parks Service?

>> No.52525331


>> No.52525334

Elf Milf is hot. I bet her daughters are also waifu material

>> No.52525352


Of course they are, and she'll make real sure their suitors can treat them right in and out of the bedroom.

>> No.52525354

Pics when?

>> No.52525373

The elf's player welcomes possible inspirations, keeping in mind that the daughters are half-elf and their father is from Katapesh.

>> No.52525375


See >>52522929

>> No.52525382

So brown half elves

>> No.52525394

It's frustrating when I'm trying to write something and I end up trying to find credible sources on Late Medieval women's underwear.

>> No.52525404


>> No.52525405


>> No.52525423

I am okay with this

>> No.52525428

Share if you find out, anon.

It's useful for all of us.

>> No.52525459


>> No.52525479

You've gotta write about your character getting dressed or undressed, but then you realize you don't really know what people like that even wear.

It's tough stuff.

>> No.52525482

>brown half elves

Are you unironically autistic? My answer to everyone who tries to be historically accurate in Pathfinder or D&D or similar shit is to go on a rant on how the existence of magic and the supreme gap between the strong and the weak would affect societal development.
But anyway - they had underwear.
Women tended to wear breast-bands if they had larger tits for support, not unlike modern bras, but obviously not as sophsticated. Both genders sometimes wore undertunics and their underwear were usually just loincloths. Hose and garter was also commonly worn but women's hose was rarely full-leg and ended at the knees because you couldn't adjust it otherwise while wearing a huge fucking dress. Men wore breeches along with their hose, sometimes even if they wore loincloths, while women generally did not.

>> No.52525486


>> No.52525498

why do you need to talk about pantsu to write a character's backstory.

>> No.52525504


>> No.52525505

He's not writing a backstory
He's ERP'ing.

>> No.52525506


>> No.52525511


>> No.52525512

well then have them wear whatever you feel is attractive

>> No.52525547


>> No.52525548

That's why I asked him if he's autistic.

>> No.52525549

That seems silly to me, but I'm honestly not sure why.

>> No.52525568

Look here nigger
Wizards exist
They can literally magic whatever the fashionable clothes are out of THIN AIR.

>> No.52525572

"My fantasy swords and sorcerery sex roleplay must be completely historically accurate or else i can't get an erection"

>> No.52525574


>> No.52525579

Lets be honest

Lacy panties are the answer.

>> No.52525582

Ooh, neat sword.

>> No.52525601

Why not bracers of armor that also serve as magic undergarments?

>> No.52525603

Oh, I know it won't match historical trends. Magic warlords and shit ruin that right out.

I just became curious what might be, I guess. I do realize it could be anything, but I figure I should start somewhere. Get a foundation, you know?

And your synopsis matches what I've been finding.

>> No.52525618


>"I need a complicated narrative to get off"

>> No.52525625

Thank you, Anons.

>> No.52525641

That unironically sounds like /gsg/, who often get off to actual maps. And not special ones either, just ones with 'aesthetic borders'.

>> No.52525645


>> No.52525657

>"My fantasy swords and sorcerery sex roleplay must be completely historically accurate or else i can't get an erection"

... Isn't this how everyone does it?

The absolute greatest kind of roleplay is between characters that fit the setting, the time period and the narrative they're a part of. Ygritte fucking Jon, not Jon and Sansa.


I frequent /gsg/ and I'll admit I'm guilty of this. Nothing like a well-formed border to get you off.

>> No.52525669


Its a shame I'm not one to save fanservicy art, because far left and far right are THICC and have hips built for breeding

>> No.52525679

christ dude

>> No.52525723

And I'm out of art. Sorry bros

>> No.52525746

t. alex 'historice legitimus propositum modificatio' grandi

>> No.52525760

>he has his own face on his shirt


>> No.52525769

fuck off rob

>> No.52525803


Oh c'mon! I can't be the only guy that gets turned on whenever they start shopping for a leader's wife in Crusader Kings 2! I mean, it's like you can almost visualize their first encounter! The genius young Levantine girl, meeting the Byzantine Emperor for the first time, her fertile figure and attractive face hiding a towering intellect...

>> No.52525841

>actually playing as the Byzantine Emperor
>as a man no less
Anon, I have bad news.
You're a pleb.

>> No.52525882

I do not like this painting Charlie, its smug aura mocks me.

>> No.52525888

That's what she intends.

>> No.52525902

That UI
Let me guess, Hellenic Pagan Roma Invicta run.

>> No.52525914

is there any deity in pathfinder with the dueling sword as its sacred weapon?

>> No.52525944

Yeah, Adria Maxima, Goddess of duelists, the one I just homebrewed up in seconds for that explicit purpose.

>> No.52525965


Casimir Aldori, the Sword of Creation.

At least, that's what it was when anons were writing divine profiles for SotJR characters.

>> No.52525977

i hate this

i hate the 'my character as a god' shit

>> No.52526009

Being a god isn't such a big deal depending on who you're fighting. Plus, pagan deities are basically humans but bigger. Sometimes, teenagers but bigger - it's hard to look at Zeus's antics or Amaterasu's at-will tear ducts any other way.

>> No.52526032

>Amaterasu's at-will tear ducts

Hey, hey!

Susano-o is really, REALLY mean okay?

>> No.52526034

Anything good come out of the Psychic Anthology or any other recent splat books?

What the fuck is an Occultist panoply?

>> No.52526048

As I recall, at one point Amaterasu got depressed and basically buring herself in a cave, and the only way they could get her out was by appealing to her narcissism, tricking her into attempting to seduce her own image in a mirror.

It's almost as bad as shit like when Loki just tagged along because he heard his brother had a plan that required crossdressing.

>> No.52526050

There was that Headband of Anti-Spaghetti. That might have been Heroes of the High Court though.

>> No.52526073

psychic anthology has Paizo ripping of the soulknife


>> No.52526103

None officially.

You know what you must do, become a swordlord and take the Test of the Startstone

>> No.52526116

Loki's entire reason for existence is to be a massive cunt to everything so he gets a free pass
>buried herself in a cave
The legends differ on how they got her out, but at least on version has Tsukuyomi otouto throwing a literal party outside and roaring directly at the cave the equivalent of OH SHIT WE HAVE A HUGE CHEESECAKE HMMM WHERE'S ONEECHAN OH WELL IT WAS HER FAVORITE I GUESS I'LL JUST EAT IT FOR HER SINCE NOBODY KNOWS WHERE SHE WENT

>> No.52526129

Do it for Daddy Casimir.

>> No.52526171


Should I lower my character's wisdom down to increase their charisma? I'm playing a wizard but I'm also going to multi-class into Agent of the Grave for that juicy charisma to HP.

>> No.52526186

Charisma does much, much less than Wisdom does.

>> No.52526187

The version I read was that some goddess that I forget basically jumped on top of a wash-bin, and started making loud provocative noises, singing, and started to strip while banging on the bin.

>> No.52526203

That's another one
Now to be fair, she only hid in a cave and started crying because her brother literally beheaded her friend.

>> No.52526214

Well yeah, she had a good reason to be depressed. doesn't change the nonsensical bullshit that went on to pull her out of her funk.

This is why messing with theological figures in fantasy worlds is fun.

>> No.52526216

What jolly book is inquisitive detective in?

>> No.52526221

And skinned a horse and threw its corpse into her house.
And I'm pretty sure he raped some of her other friends.
And...it's a long list.

>> No.52526229


Susano-o's a real dick, isn't he?

>> No.52526238

I think the best part about it is when people from monotheistic cultures laugh about this sort of shit.

And then Jesus gets really fucking pissed at a fig tree.
Yes I know it's a metaphor.

>> No.52526241

He's also her little brother who happens to be canonically ripped to kingdom come.

She wasn't even depressed, she was just mad and threw a fit.

>> No.52526245

It's both actually; they tried tempting her with pleas from humanity and with gifts, but Amaterasu refused to leave. So the gods decided to pretend to party in order to piss her off, but one of the goddesses of the earth took it literally and started doing stripteasing and dancing, which got all the other deities excited. Amaterasu looked to see what the hubbub was about, saw her, and started walking out for "some unknown reason", which the other gods took to quickly seal the cave behind her.

>> No.52526246

As a wizard, only for saves, and skills that I don't really use except for perception.

I can replace wisdom to my will saves with charisma with Steadfast Personality.

>> No.52526262

>but one of the goddesses
No party is complete without strippers.

>> No.52526278

Legendary Games' Intrigue Archetypes

>> No.52526293

He's not a nice man.

>> No.52526296

And they *also* hung a mirror up at some point, she caught sight of her reflection, and thought "Oh my gosh who's that beautiful woman?"

It was a convoluted scheme, but hey, it worked.

>> No.52526305

Is that in the trove? Also, what about the mercurial duelist and the talented tactician?

>> No.52526308

>Headband of Anti-Spaghetti

Go on.

>> No.52526331


Is this why Tamamo-no-Mae has that floating mirror with her in Fate/Stay?

>> No.52526332

Oh man, time for "Gloriana" gifs.

>> No.52526340

Gives you a psychic nudge whenever you're about to commit a social faux pas.

>> No.52526342

I forget if it's the same mirror, but probably.
Like, the three most important artifacts in Japan are supposed to be something like an old straight sword, a bronze mirror, and a funny-shaped jewel.

>> No.52526348

It is literally the same mirror.

>> No.52526351

GBF seems to have really good animation and VAs for a mobage advert, I don't get it.

>> No.52526352

Yes, more or less.

>> No.52526360

Talented Tactician is also in Intrigue Archetypes.
Mercurial Dueslist is in Asian Archetypes - Martial

Unfortunately, neither's on the trove. Might require some digging around 7ch to find them both.

>> No.52526374

I'm waiting for a Fire Emblem anime.
Also an FGO anime that isn't trash.

>> No.52526390


More! More!

>> No.52526393


I have fond memories of my Shadowrun PC managing to recover said mirror during a raid on an Aztechnology bank's lockboxes. Being a Shinto Mage with Amaterasu her Mentor Spirit, it was the happiest moment for her.

>> No.52526396

There was a Fire Emblem anime

>> No.52526403


Likely complaining about a rapier going through heavy armour or something.

>> No.52526411

Kusanagi no Tsurugi (sword)
Yata no Kagami (mirror)
Yasukuni no Magatama (jewel)

I do not have a Tamamo, so have a different slutty Kitsune.

>> No.52526416

Yeah and there was an FGO anime too by this reckoning
OVAs don't count.

>> No.52526423

Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS was really good and enjoyable for something that came from a shitty card mobage. Check it out if you haven't.
As you wish.

>> No.52526433



>> No.52526444


>> No.52526448


>> No.52526466

And last gif I have at the moment.

>> No.52526468

Nerofags fuck off

>> No.52526477

It's like she's using her NP

>> No.52526480


>> No.52526481

Found it after some searching, thanks for the tip.

>> No.52526495

Never comes sooner than you think...

>> No.52526516


>You will never have Tamamo as your perfect wife

>> No.52526534

>Amaterasu shows up in the Moon Cell and basically bitchslaps her little brother into letting her do whatever she wants
Based Amaterasu

>> No.52526537


>> No.52526543

Well considering there's only four slots, at most that means you can have one girl getting dicked by three doods. Which is unlikely to happen to have that kind of girl to guy ratio.

But I kinda think it depends on what character personalities even fit for that scenario best.

Not sure why I'm reply to s shitpost seriously.

>> No.52526551

>this many tamamo fags

/pfg/ was a mistake.

>> No.52526574


Some people just want a little Neutral Evil out of life, anon.

>> No.52526577


Personally, I hope the group's totally disinterested in fucking each other.

Instead, they focus their efforts on hooking each other up with the finest NPCs money can attract. Matchmaker is much more fun than a couple hours of awkward ERP!

>> No.52526578

Go to bed Gawain. The loli having huge tits doesn't make you any less of a pedophile.

In other news, the 1pp Kineticist is still a pile of ass, right?

>> No.52526581

source anon

I'm not a Tamamofag but Nero is even worse.

>> No.52526597

Isn't Gawain more obssessed with calling Nero the Whore of Babylon?
Tamamo can beat Gawain anyway, he ain't worth shit.

>> No.52526598

Nero is best. Umu

>> No.52526602

kys sakurai

>> No.52526649


She's an evil bitch, but she's *your* evil bitch.

Don't forget, Greta was Neutral Evil too.

>> No.52526655

I mean it's not an ERP game, and the GM has made that line in the sand that if there is any it's going to be private between players or fading to to black during game.

That being said I wouldn't be against people dicking each other off screen if they really wanted to do that on their own time.

Not sure, have some more.

>> No.52526674

Reminder that Atalanta is apparently Evil.

>> No.52526688

Nasu's alignments don't make much sense honestly
Gilgamesh as an ARCHER of all people is Chaotic Good. GOOD. For wanting to exterminate the unworthy.

>> No.52526740


>CG character played as an immoral, violent psychopath

Yeah, that sounds about right.

>> No.52526750

Yes and

>> No.52526775

Say that to his face when Numeral of the Saint is active.

Also, Gawain shittalks every one of Hakuno(n)'s Servants. He tells Redman to hide like the bitch Archer he is, calls Tamamo a vulgar demon fox, and Umu is the very WHORE OF BABYLON. According to Koha-Ace fucking around, she actually is as a Rider; remember Koha-Ace fucking around got us Nobunobu and Okita.

>> No.52526800

That's the thing.
Gilgamesh is CG simply because he thinks he's doing the right thing (and canonically IS doing the right thing, actually).
An immoral violent psychopath would be CE.

Numeral of the Saint doesn't even let him beat fucking Kekalot who doesn't even use Arondight's swordbeam, it's his Master who's overpowered to hell and back. That guy is literally second to only Manaka as a master, Illya and Dark Sakura have NOTHING on him.

>> No.52526817

>weapon focus (unarmed) is not a monk bonus feat

but why

>> No.52526819


>Huge-breasted fuck monster utterly obsessed with her partner
>She's just a vulgar fox demon while Nero's the WHORE

>> No.52526825


I was actually making a joke about how some people play their ostensibly "chaotic good" characters as bastards.

>> No.52526841

Tfw you love whores

>> No.52526844

Intent and belief have a say in alignment, but actions are the most prominent factor, and Gil's actions are evil. Not only that but he has an /incredibly/ strong personal code and insistence on hierarchy, which is lawful, not chaotic.

>> No.52526848

I think it speaks to a change in human culture.

The Old Gods were petty, merciless, and cared little for mortals. The represented the weaknesses of man, and represented that there was no point in being upset because there's nothing you can do to change your situation.

Christ meanwhile was about compassion, connecting and appealing to humanity on a personal level, and tried to show them that their was a way to not only improve oneself, but to also take control of your own life.

And since it was at a time when human ingenuity and advancement was starting to rise, and people were beginning to realize that they had the power to shape their destiny, it resonated strongly with the people who were sick of the callous and uncaring gods of old.

>> No.52526850

Nasu's alignments are consistent within themselves. Good is not equated with altruism, helping others, etc. It is quite literally a Might Makes Right setting. Goodness is directly correlated to how factually correct someone's goals are.

That's why Berserker, someone with no goals, has Insane instead of Good/Evil.

Gilgamesh is entirely correct in his statement and his goals, that causing a world devastation would make humanity better/stronger. In the current world humans are far weaker than in Gilgamesh's day. Nothing Gilgamesh says is actually false.

So to understand Nasu's alignment you need to evaluate the character's goals based on how factually correct they are.

For the law/chaos axis it is much closer to D&D, but mostly centered around whether their goals will bring society into more order or more disarray. If their goals are personal and don't effect the world at large then they are neutral.

Nasu's alignments are odd.

>> No.52526851

Not best girl.
Not best Saber.
Not even best red Saber.

>> No.52526870

There's nothing wrong with that anon. As long as you keep them on a leash.

>> No.52526876


>> No.52526879

Good and Evil in Nasuverse terms, as best we can suss them out, are pro status quo for Good and pro-self interest for Evil.

Gil wants to go back to status quo when he was alive, which would actually make Earth produce hero units. If you've ever played Mage the Ascension, it's like how the Verbena are good guys even though they want to blow us all back to the Stone Age.

>> No.52526893

Which is why...they don't make sense.

Good/Evil are more about intent in Nasu's setting, plus factual correctness. Honestly this literally makes more sense than D&D's shit.

>> No.52526894

Oh yeah I want to make them into honest women

>> No.52526908


Whores are people, too, anon, and foxes aren't people. Ergo, foxes can't be whores.

>> No.52526922

>Good/Evil are more about intent in Nasu's setting, plus factual correctness. Honestly this literally makes more sense than D&D's shit.
Factual Correctness plays a larger role than intent.

>> No.52526924

>might makes right
>being right makes you good
So... the only way to be evil is to be weak.

>> No.52526950

Or for your goals to be false and what ever you're working towards to be a sham. Or to have no goals.

>> No.52526976

Except might makes right. If you beat all contenders you could be fighting to instate a global ban on the hokey pokey and you'd be the good guy because you won.

>> No.52526983

Wait, then why isn't EMIYA Archer Evil then? Or is he?

>> No.52526996

Making whores into honest women just makes them whore out to you more.

But I'm sure you already knew that.

>> No.52526999

The Whore of Babylon is a metaphor for Rome at the time of Revelations being wtitten.

Gawain is a Christian knight.

Umu was the emperor of Rome at the time of Revelations being written.

Umu is all about considering Rome stopping and ending with her.

Therefore, Gawain calls Umu the Whore of Babylon.

>> No.52527004

It's actually 'good for everyone' vs. 'good for me only'. Gilgamesh's shit is unequivocally better for "humankind". It might be shit for certain humans but he's literally not wrong - humans have stagnated in Nasuverse, pruning them will stop the stagnation.

It's more about a "Gilgamesh in his heyday could fucking summon Merlin and six other legendary heroes to do his bidding for him while WAVING AROUND WANDS WILDLY HOPING SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN while the best humans today struggle to use a goddamn Fireball" situation. If might isn't right, might can make it right.

>> No.52527014

After playing a Psion with energy missile I forgot how fucking annoying the regular radius system is.

>> No.52527039

So I'm going to be playing my first game of Pathfinder tomorrow (first ever RPG actually), and I'm trying to create a character right now.

I understand the party already has a bard, a samurai, a cleric, a ninja, and a wizard and they're all aligned good or neutral.

Any recommendations on what to play?

>> No.52527050

Because neither he nor shirou were right.

Working towards an impossible or false goal makes you evil unfortunately.

>> No.52527051

Oh yes

>> No.52527067

Bit late to be brewing up a character that late don't you think
What's the tone of the setting? play a Rogue, your party is lacking one anyway.

Anon EMIYA literally turned into a fucking nigger, if that's not a clear sign of being Evil I don't know what is.

>> No.52527070


Sounds like a ranger, stranger.

Or maybe a slayer, focusing on ranged.

>> No.52527077

What books are allowed? 1st party only?

>> No.52527078

But it's not false. You won. So it's right.

>> No.52527110

I just found out it'd be ok to join today, they said they would help me make the character tomorrow, but I'd rather have an idea of what I want to make before then.
I heard the words "rune lords" being thrown around, but I have no idea what that word implies for the tone of the campaign.
I would imagine so.
Will consider my friend.

>> No.52527113

Shirou lost though, did you even read UBW? He accomplished literally nothing. That's the entire point of UBW and Zero - you can't be a superhero. Not everyone can be saved, and not even the equivalent of Unlimited Wish in that universe can do it for you.

>> No.52527119

Fate posters are the weakest race.

>> No.52527120

>5 man party already
Hory sheet. That's going to be a slog.
Anywho, what books and material do you have available? This is a very important question, especially if you you do or don't have access to 3rd party content or not.

Though really, at that size I highly reccomend against playing. Actually, this brings another good point, how much experience do the other players have, and do you know what level of optimization they usually have?

>> No.52527126

>I heard the words "rune lords" being thrown around, but I have no idea what that word implies for the tone of the campaign.

Hot Gnoll Dick

>> No.52527127


>> No.52527141

But we get a +50 to WIL saves because we're always dealing with shitposters.

>> No.52527142

>did you even read UBW
No. I'm just applying basic reasoning to what you've stated. So what if some rando lost, if you're strong enough you can make anything right because might makes right.

>> No.52527147

I'm not that guy though
Also fuck off secondary

>> No.52527168

>Espagnoll dick.
>A campaign directed by Espagnoll.

>> No.52527170

>But it's not false. You won. So it's right.
>misunderstanding the entirety of UBW

>> No.52527171

>I heard the words "rune lords" being thrown around, but I have no idea what that word implies for the tone of the campaign.
Rise of the Runelords is a classic adventure, divided across 6 modules designed to facility a game from level 1-20 across the length of the adventure.

Its kinda bog standard really. Ancient Evil is about to awaken, go wreck its shit.

>> No.52527172

New Thread

>> No.52527192

>I'm not the guy you're talking to
>but you're wrong because you I never said what you're talking about
>here's how it works
>So it works like this?
Fate posters deserve to die.

>> No.52527206

Paladin. You can heal, you can tank, you can do damage. Unarchetype paladin and have fun.

>> No.52527210

NigEMIYA is an Alter, which is the evil version. And he turned into a killing machine because he failed in following his ideals due to unspecified pussy.

Do you like stabbing things? Barbarian.
Do you like casting spells? Shaman or Domain Druid.
Do you like both? Alchemist, Paladin or Bloodrager.

>> No.52527213

>Fate posters deserve to die.
EMIYA never won and his goals were not factually correct. Neither he nor Shirou had factually correct goals. EMIYA was incapable of accomplishing his goals.

>> No.52527219

Anon you can't be trying to comment on a scene from UBW without fucking knowing what UBW was about
The entire route in which Shirou defeats Gilgamesh is LITERALLY saying 'Shirou you're fucking retarded, future failed you is literally here to tell you you're retarded, the World itself is telling you you're retarded, a man with PERFECT FUTURE SIGHT is telling you you're retarded, you literally admit you're retarded" and Shirou says "yeah but it's beautiful anyway so guess what I'll accept losing".

It was Kiara.

>> No.52527232

My guess is this thot.

>> No.52527240

So nothing I said was wrong. If you win you're right. He lost, so he was wrong, so he was evil. I'm not commenting on any scene, I'm commenting on a retarded alignment system where being strong means you're good no matter what you do.

>> No.52527243

Niggermiya didn't fail in following his ideals, niggermiya followed his ideals too well and basically became a counterguardian in real life.

>> No.52527258

That's not how the alignment system works though. Emiya is True Neutral.
At any rate, the alignment system is based more off being literally and actually correct.

>> No.52527264

>So nothing I said was wrong. If you win you're right. He lost, so he was wrong, so he was evil. I'm not commenting on any scene, I'm commenting on a retarded alignment system where being strong means you're good no matter what you do.
No, neither he nor shirou won and his goals neither were positive or negative.

You're equating combat with winning. It's about accomplishing your goals.

That's why not having goals means you're not good or evil.

>> No.52527271

Well Shirou has a goal. Just a meaningless one.

>> No.52527300

And if might makes right then winning means you are right, and being right means you are good. I don't know or care about whoever you're talking about.
My goal is to stop the consumption of hotdogs by killing everyone who eats a hotdog. If I succeed then I'm good.

>> No.52527303

EMIYA lost in that he completely fucking failed to accomplish his goals, which were a load of hot air to begin with. It's not about fighting. EMIYA had no goal. EMIYA did not accomplish the goals he had before he lost them. EMIYA is simply a wanderer.
Gilgamesh had clear goals from day one. Gilgamesh wanted to help humanity achieve its potential. Gilgamesh had a clear route planned out for how this was to be accomplished. Gilgamesh's goal was legitimately possible as well as 'correct' and noble in the normal sense. Therefore Gilgamesh is Good.

>> No.52527316

Might DOESN'T make right you fucking cunt.

>> No.52527331

Oh wow, so how come not a single one of you autists responded to >>52526850 saying "no it doesn't" or read the chain of comments?

>> No.52527363

because that comment literally doens't say might = right you retard

>> No.52527376

Because the only other person interested (me) in the whole chain simply said 'it's more about intent AND factual correctness'. You obviously are not understanding what the other guy, presuming he's not retarded, meant by Might makes Right.
Why the fuck are you even commenting on the system if you don't know anything about it? You even fucking brought up a fight from the series without knowing anything about it. Think from my perspective, it's like having to explain why Gandalf didn't nuke everyone to someone who literally only knows Gandalf is a powerful Wizard.

>> No.52527424

>It is quite literally a Might Makes Right setting
Real good at that reading thing.
I read a comment explaining an alignment system. I extrapolated from there. And then people got pissy, and rather than actually explaining it they started saying "NO, YOU'RE WRONG, DIDN'T YOU SEE SEASON 5 EPISODE 12!?" No.

>> No.52527435

Did you actually read Niggermiya's profile? He achieved a Counter Guardian like self suggestion that turns him into a brutal killing machine with sheer edge, but that comes after being Niggermiya. The reason he becomes Niggermiya in the first place is that he is done in by an unnamed, demonically enticing woman (which is assumed to be Kirara Sessyoin, the bitch who shoves the world in her vagina as the CCC final boss) and completely violates his ideals and self.

>> No.52527456

>rather than actually explaining it
If you read the rest of the goddamn comment maybe you would be more understanding?

>> No.52527544

>Nasu's alignments are consistent within themselves.
A claim we'll assess.
>Good is not equated with altruism, helping others, etc.
Discard more traditional ideals of good.
>It is quite literally a Might Makes Right setting. Goodness is directly correlated to how factually correct someone's goals are.
Two statements here. Might = Right, and Right = Good. Transitively, Might = Good.

>That's why Berserker, someone with no goals, has Insane instead of Good/Evil.
A goal is also important.

>Gilgamesh is entirely correct in his statement and his goals, that causing a world devastation would make humanity better/stronger. In the current world humans are far weaker than in Gilgamesh's day. Nothing Gilgamesh says is actually false.
Even though his actions would traditionally be considered evil, he's right, so he's good.

>So to understand Nasu's alignment you need to evaluate the character's goals based on how factually correct they are.
Again, might makes right.

>For the law/chaos axis it is much closer to D&D, but mostly centered around whether their goals will bring society into more order or more disarray. If their goals are personal and don't effect the world at large then they are neutral.
Law and chaos are about societal order.

>Nasu's alignments are odd.
But apparently internally consistent. So again, the conclusion here is that Might = Good as long as you have a goal. My goal is to murder everyone who eats a hotdog. If I succeed I am good.

>> No.52527555

>>So to understand Nasu's alignment you need to evaluate the character's goals based on how factually correct they are.
>Again, might makes right.


>> No.52527574

>It is quite literally a Might Makes Right setting.
Right and correct are synonyms, did you know that?

>> No.52527582

You're really pushing the rules here.

>> No.52527596

It's okay. Might makes right so if I win the rules change.

>> No.52527602


What about might makes right do you not understand about something being OBJECTIVELY FACTUALLY CORRECT


Lets say Hitler won, and exterminated the jews entirely, does that make his extermination GOOD in the Nasuverse sense?

Fucking no, because by no objective measure does killing all the jews help humanity, its just a scapegoat to distract from other problems
Inb4 triggered stormfags.

>> No.52527625

Yeah no it doesn't work that way. You're missing the point - might here isn't defined as actual power to win a fight. Might is defined by the ability to accomplish your goals. Factual correctness is the actual fixed correctness of the thing, insofar as its ability to help humanity, which is a predetermined thing.
It doesn't matter if you win a fight.

>> No.52527681

The fact that morality can't be objectively factually correct. Again, going back to the comment I originally responded to-
>causing a world devastation would make humanity better/stronger.
Moral subjectivity. No one's fighting to make 2+2=4.
If no one fights me then I accomplish my goals. If they do fight me and I win then I accomplish my goals. Sure winning in a fight isn't the goal itself, but it's the means to accomplish it.

>> No.52527693

in the Nasuverse it is.

>> No.52527716

>the fact that morality can't be objectively factually correct
And that's where you're wrong, because while moral relativism works in real life, in Nasuverse there is literally an objective measure of 'benefit to humanity as a collective entity'. Alaya is literally the will of humanity - but not of humans, mind you.

>> No.52527737

>we forgot to mention that objective morality is a thing.

>> No.52527751

That's entirely your fucking fault for not being familiar with the setting before running your mouth. In fact the original post implied it by using 'factually correct' in relation to goals and morality.

>> No.52527761

It's a thing in D&D / PF too.
You're objectively Evil for raising the dead.

>> No.52527814

>I didn't understand from the initial post that objective morality is as thing by the words 'factually correct'

Are you fuckin retarded?

>> No.52529341

God I just want to fuck Franze

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