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Where can a jumper get some powerful necromancy?

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>mfw spoilers
Fucking HELL, so it's a race against time to get things done properly instead of letting it all go to absolute shit. What is with people and their inability to make a happy ending. Yes it's Dark Souls, shit gets dark, but holy hell that's bleak.

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overlord the series

Hey , if you don't want to answer my questions right now tell me so I'll stop bugging you. But
1.if you Fuse an item that can change forms with your power armor in the item import option in MCU part two is it stuck in one of those forms or how does it work?
2.the military package upgrade mentions warheads, how powerful are they and do they replenish?

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Hey all. New to jumping. On number 4, ender's game. I like to record what's going on, got about 50k words of unpublishable garbage, but I'm hitting something of a dry spot. How should i spice up a proxy war conducted over ansible? I'm mostly specced for h2h and manipulation of groups.

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Has it occured to you that, like most sane people, red has you blocked?

>> No.52513131

she's gone on record as saying she hasn't though.

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What were your first 3 jumps? And build types for the jumps pls.

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Between then and now you never know.

>> No.52513165

you ask her then

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1. Pokemon. Specced for team building, and short range combat. Stealth, strength, gunplay.
2. Samurai Jack. Went a little harder into melee, got an enchanted unaligned crowbar. Speed, dexterity, senses.
3. Firefly. Toughness, more stealth and gunplay. Some equipment for going to ground and survivaility.
4. Ender's game. Took heavy drawbacks to fuel tactical and strategic skills, as well as my first general purpose problem solver "when you love a thing."

I have the full listings available if necessary.

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Sorry bancho but no. I dislike you. One may even say I feel an irrational hatred of you and all you represent.

>> No.52513265

, as long as you realize it's irrational. I'm good

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I'll ask for you then.


Red bancho has asked me to ask you if you filtered him or whatever

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Viking Saga and Dresden Files are pretty good. Depending on whether you want numbers or quality.

Innistrad's got some nice necro stuff too, either just raising zombies or stitching corpses together frankenstein-style.

Not sure how good the zombies in Shadow Ops are, but necromancy there apparently does allow you to command a 'vast army' of them.

Killer Instinct's got a decent one too, though it's dependant on the souls of the recently deceased, and only does one 'type' of undead.

I personally like Exalted necromancy myself, just because you can animate a skeleton... while the fleshy person around it is still alive. When we get a jump for Abyssals, it also shoots up in power, because being an Abyssal and a Void Circle necro is nice. Especially when throwing necrotech and necromantic warmachines into the mix.

D&D necromancy can be pretty good, but is generally better at debuffing than making armies of undead. Still, skeletal/zombie dragons are pretty damn decent.

You could be one of the officers and maybe manipulate the groups into some kind of shenanigans there?

Or you could try and stop Ender from performing Xenocide somehow.

>> No.52513310

Corrected half dozen spelling mistakes.
All items – Elixirs, ammunition, bombs, whalebone, paint etc. – restock in your Cosmic Warehouse weekly if expended or destroyed.
All items, if upgraded, will retain their modifications if they need to be replaced after being damaged or lost.
Added some extra notes about Bonecharm Crafting in the notes.
Removed Pocket Change item, replaced with Upgraded.
One Bonecharm free with Outsider’s Mark.
Used different font for text to try and improve readability.
Increased size of font where formatting permits.

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Well do you at least have little doctor access?

Also, just me, but I would start cranking out robots by the millions. Set up factories and start producing battle droids. Harden them so they can survive ftl then launch them by thr millions into the enemies planets. Load them up with unstable nuclear isotopes and viral bombs so that even if the droid dies the area around it becomes a wasteland.

Dump some highly unstable airborn and waterborn chemicals in there too so the waters supply is poisoned but make it one of the kinds that takes a little bit but doesnt show many signs till its too late. Like kepone.

How does ftl work in enders game? Can you just start firing asteroids at fractional c to bust the planets crust?

How about the sun of the bug systems? Any way you could mess with that? Dump a couple gigatonnes of anyimatter in there?

I myself used a lot of magic that jump. Mainly just to screw with the queens.

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>stop Ender from performing Xenocide somehow.

Ender does the opposite. He joins the bugs and tries to exterminate earth. Then it turns out the bugs played him and were always trying to exterminate the humans but his feefees blinded him to the fact.

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how do I touch the flame of Olympus in god of war without dying? I want to forge that shit into a sword.

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...You do realise he's on jump 4 and doesn't have access to any of that, right? Even if he bought the little doctor, he'd only get it at the end of the jump.

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Fire/heatproof gloves/gauntlets/mittens.

I recommend the Sun Picking Up Gloves from Axe Cop.

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I don't get where all the bancho-hatin' comes from, man. You've never been anything less than nice when I've seen you in thread.

>> No.52513479

I used to be pretty bad,I deserve a lot of this maybe not the attempted murder, but a lot of it

>> No.52513495

You haven't been here long then.

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I don't 100% get it either, but the way I hear it he used to be super open about his genocidal political views.

Even if he doesn't do it as much anymore, it soundseems like it was pretty bad, so that reputation just kind of stucknowledge.

Once again, that's just what I've heard.

>> No.52513518

Just using stuff available to him he could jerry rig most of that. He is in enders game, a space fairing civilization in the middle of a war for survival. The fact that the humans arent using chemical weapons as well as launching everything they got at the bugs biggles my mind to begin with.

The only thing that may even be out there is the robot part but damn even strapping nukes onto a ftl drive has got to be better than the entire "lets let this kid control our entire fleet" plan.

All he needs for my suggestions is access to various chemicals and unstable nuclear material, some metal, and a way to launch it.

>> No.52513552


He used to be pretty awful and such but he is trying to be a better person from what I've seen

>> No.52513568

I feel I should elaborate, I am already 7k words in to the ender's game jump. Weathering mental assault by the Formic Queens, and escorting a captured ship back to earth space with a crew of marines whose loyalty I am in the process of winning. Two companions are back on earth, with one trying to guide the political situation so peace won't immediately ignite world war three, and the other (the agent from the firefly BDM,) acting to counter the first's recklessness and help me maneuver things in the battle school program, if I can figure out an angle there.

The relativistic physics of the situation means I can't be there when ender does his final battle, but I mean to avoid the tragedy therein. The problem is that I don't know how to make a bunch of phone calls and overt manipulation interesting. I have plans for when I return planetside, but honoring the principle that I don't try to weasel my way out of uncomfortable situations by shitty writing means I'm more or less out of the crux of the plot, watching things escalate from afar. I am two light years out, and the relativity is strong until the events of the later books, a driving force of the plot that I have no means to circumvent. There's FTL communication, but not FTL transit, so my physical skill is useless.

The ask: I'm looking for a way to get more involved, without stealing the show from the roles my companions have taken. I'm hoping that through their conflict that they will take more independent voices in the group, but I am having a difficult time being left out, so I want a way back in that doesn't take the position of demagogue or backdoor politics away.

Should I just start manipulating events at battle school? I don't know if I'll be able to get through to ender. People are keeping him very isolated, very intentionally.

>> No.52513584

Well just to name a few of his past escapades.

Kidnapped and mutilated the genitals of a young girl in a anime setting. Happily bragged about it.

Attempted to remove all the laws of physics so everyone had no rights but him. Bragged about it and also said they should thank him.

Constantly going on about how anyone who doesnt share his morals shouls be mindraped, again they should thank him for this.

Tortured a bean/man by boiling him alive for eternity until the guy agreed to be soul raped. Again he saw nothing wrong with this and said the guy should be thankful.

He is like a retarded unlikeable bill cipher if bill cipher could neither plan nor understand why people dont want to have their holes rearranged.

Oh and his vision of beuaty is a ball of puss filled cancer balls. I am not joking. He used to show pics to prove how pretty it was.

>> No.52513592

And decades of time for his newly-launched weaponry to arrive at the bugs. Their spacetravel isn't that fast.

Little doctors are also a /lot/ better than nukes.

Chemical warfare doesn't help much, because until they get to the bug planet at the final battle, I'm pretty sure they only fight their ships.

>> No.52513601

Start inventing doomsday weapons.

>> No.52513602

He's 100% autistic, and I don't mean general 4chan autism, with some seriously sociopathic tendencies but as long as you don't involve him in an argument, or reply to him at all really, he hides it pretty well, except for his atrocious spelling.

>> No.52513606

He drove jumpmakers off, consistently insulted others and made terrible terrible jumps of some beloved settings that then could not be remade as he generally guarded his claims.

When he did give up his claims he decided he wanted them back.

There was also the fetish posting, the bizarre and horrifying plans he detailed, the blogging, etc.

For hundreds and hundreds of threads.

>> No.52513612

He also tortured and brutally murdered a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain, then broadcasted his pleading for mercy and death to the entire world to 'send a message'. And he saw nothing wrong with this.

>> No.52513631

Pretty much anything is going to take that long to get there though right? No matter what you use. Chemical weapons would be useful in space if packaged into the warheads, they use bioships right? Get a Slow acting highly deadly poison into a fighter so when it heads back it spreads it like poison in a sugar cube does to ants.

>> No.52513642

An amnesiac depowered Saturday morning cartoon villain at that. So to everyone else it was a defenseless kindly old man he tortured and killed.

>> No.52513644

1.which all lot of the nicer governments due to child molesters which she kept trying to do

2.literally the opposite plan.. I was trying to do that so no one could Lord over another

5.Didn't say he should be thankful , I was just trying to redeem a villain

6&5 okay I'll give you that

>> No.52513659

the gentleman in question Would have caused an apocalypse by turning everyone in the world into his zombie slaves.

>> No.52513683

1, she was a child playing with a friend, also what government mutilates the genitals of children for playing with friends?

2with you in control. That was literally your plan.

Redemption does not come with a boiling alive forever until you agree clause, especially when you broadcast it all love to the world.

>> No.52513692

>He also tortured and brutally murdered a Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain, then broadcasted his pleading for mercy and death to the entire world to 'send a message'. And he saw nothing wrong with this.

>Attempted to remove all the laws of physics so everyone had no rights but him. Bragged about it and also said they should thank him.Constantly going on about how anyone who doesnt share his morals shouls be mindraped, again they should thank him for this.Tortured a bean/man by boiling him alive for eternity until the guy agreed to be soul raped. Again he saw nothing wrong with this and said the guy should be thankful.He is like a retarded unlikeable bill cipher if bill cipher could neither plan nor understand why people dont want to have their holes rearranged.

>genocidal political views

You know, Bancho, this sort of fucked up stuff is why I like you. Seriously, it's like we're related.

>> No.52513709

It's not even that he does that. We have Jumpers who do much worse and no one gives them shit for it. It's that he always, ALWAYS thinks he's morally correct for doing so. The other guys own up to their douchebaggery, but Bancho does stuff that is horrifying to even consider, all the while arguing with everyone that he's the messianic savior of all living things.

He's not terrifying because he's evil, really. Bancho is terrifying because he lacks the ability to truly comprehend that he could ever be wrong seems to operate on some scale of morality roughly analogous to the Fae.

>> No.52513710

No that's not redeeming that's BREAKING. You broke him. Torture is not an ok way to convert someone.You might as well tore out that persons soul, ate it. And placed a puppet soul in there that does exactly what you say.

Because that's what you did.

>> No.52513714

>All the nicer governments that do FGM
Jesus christ are you purposefully digging this hole deeper?

>> No.52513742

I meant that there's no way to get your new chemical weapons there in time for the battles.

All the ships have already been send.

So, basically the only thing you could do with this idea is bugging people with ideas in hindsight.

>> No.52513744

He was a senile old man who had been stripped of his power and memory. All you would have to have done to prevent him bringing about said zombie apocalypse was prevent him from regaining his memory. But instead, you did something horrifically cruel.

Actually, that's a great summary for your actions in general. You skip the simple solution and go for the nastiest one you can find.

>> No.52513749

Please, point me to the government that mutiles child molesters. Also, I know you're autistic, but that kind of "molestation" is in 90% of slice of life anime. One girl groping her friend is certainly nothing malicious, and the "victim" would rightfully fuck you up for doing that to her friend.

>> No.52513759

Bancho, Misaka is practically a demigod and has no problems telling people to fuck off. She has also repeatedly risked her life to save Shirai despite her tendencies. She would hate you and try to murder you for mutilating her friend, no matter how annoying she is.

>> No.52513765

Doesnt he have access to tech from firefly? Isnt that faster than tech in enders game?

>> No.52513768

I'm trying to intervene in two theaters - first, earth, where a doomsday weapon would be counterproductive, and second, the bugger home system, via manipulating events on earth.

Because of the deceleration profiles of the ships and the timelines involved, the fleet has to arrive on time. In canon, they must have delayed it as much as they could to give ender more time. I don't have the clout to ask them to divert course, so they are going to get there.

If I had an ideal outcome, it would be a secret peace treaty, but there's not enough time. A lot of ender's game was set up right on the breaking point. Overt action would cause WW3. No action results in genocide.

I just had a really really ugly idea. I kinda myself for it. If I got a companion to bomb battle school or command school, the attack would fail, and I'd have more time to get there and start interventions that could lead to peace. But that's like actually killing children.

>> No.52513771

Fucking hell bancho, torturing someone until they give in to be brainwashing is NOT redeeming them, it's replacing that person with someone else. Identity death is a thing you know. I am /really/ glad that you have no power whatsoever in this world, because I'm sure you'd make hell like nice in comparison.

>> No.52513779


bancho can you and the rest of the guys just drop this please, I rather not the thread repeat the same arguing thing over again especially this early in the thread.

>> No.52513781

How survivable is Under night in birth as an early jump?
Anybody/event I should watch out for?
Any backgrounds that MIGHT fuck me over more than help?

I...er don't know how to deal with this setting.

>> No.52513792

Nah, if Bancho had powers in this world, you'd be happy as hell. He'd rid the world of all its problems, and you'd gladly spend eternity worshipping your benevolent god king and begging to be added to his monster harem.

You wouldn't have a choice.

>> No.52513794

It's not like there's much discussion of anything else at the moment. If people don't like a topic they can ignore it and post about something else that will surely interest people more.

>> No.52513795

Grabbing and fondling Erogenous Zones without asking counts as playing? What high school did you go to?
yeah I'll give you that, a lot of me is very, very angry and wants to punish others for their previous transgressions.
United States still uses chemical castration Anon.

yeah I kind of Retroactively continuity'd out of that jump I know I have to rethink this and I know it was too much and I needed to get some stuff with me straightened out. I really really hate child molesters okay?

isn't it that defeat equals Redemption thing from all the Shōnens? because that's basically what I was going for.

kay I'm dropping it.

>> No.52513803

...I'm not sure where he's getting that from actually, unless he means your acquisition of the Blood of the Dark Soul to the Painter Girl doesn't also drop the Dark Soul itself, which is ambiguous enough it most likely just floated off somewhere while you were off delivering paint. Not the first time one of the greater souls blipped off the radar

Speaking of which, in light of Ringed City's revelations:

Drawbacks: Phantoms of the Past, Darkness, Poise Deficient, Phantom Mess (1800)

Rolled Farron Keep

Unkindled Ash, age unknown

Bonfire Teleportation (Free)
Rare Vitality (Free)
Miracles (Free)
Resourceful (Free)
Young White Branch (Free)
Painting Worlds (1300)
Divine Blessing (1050)
Teacher's Pyromancy Tome (1000)
Salvaged Equipment (Free)
Ashen Estus Flask (Free)
Karla (800)
Dancer of the Boreal Valley (500)
Deep Cathedral (0)

...it's difficult for such as I to accept, but. As trite as what answers there are have been, it's become clear that the most merciful thing that can be done for Londer is a nurturing euthanasia by darkness. There is no happy ending in this land, because it is twisted beyond repair.

So I shall paint another.

If it takes fire and dark to paint a world, then it's fitting that what's left of Gwyn redeem himself as a third circle deva strengthened with Primordial power. For the dark pigment I shall lend the Dark Soul itself to the last Child of Dark, for her to quench it in the Deep's depths-and use the Soulhymn to render it a tranquil sort of entropy juice. The tragedy is that man had the potential to be the Lords' greatest allies, for they seem able to walk all paths in some way or form. And as a mutation born of rotten human remains, the Deep may yet prove less fickle than the beasts of the Abyss. At the very least, they long and grasp in very human ways. Other Children of Dark once sought powerful thrones and souls; perhaps with a strong enough soul, one could bring order to the rabble.


>> No.52513807

I have a question jc, what happens when you choose the import 8/ import all option in jumps but your max companion limit is greater then 8? Do you get the additional imports for free or do you have to pay the additional cost of imports as well?

This question is sort of important because I blatantly munchkin-ed and got 7 additional pods bringing my total up to 15 active companions at once. Which as you can guess is a huge CP drain to import all at once.

>> No.52513809

That conversation gets me thinking.

Jumpers, what would be your reaction if the Spark was a red herring, and at the end of your journey you get made powerless and sent straight to Hell by the Benefactor for all the ways you've abused your powers.

Is that a possibility you've considered? Would you consider you deserve it? Would you accept your fate?

>> No.52513811


Also if Misaka was being actually assaulted by Shrai wouldn't the results be less 'anime antics' and more 'fly running into a bug zapper'?

>> No.52513816

I'm not in the habit of taking tech across universes unless I pay for it with points. It's OK if it stays in the warehouse, but out of verse tech could be dangerous, or perform poorly unless some agent is able to make the physics gel.

>> No.52513821

The stuff from Warhammer Fantasy's quite puissant, especially if backed by Shysh. Apparently it's possible to raise armies of undead for miles? Blood, Bone and Heart from Dresden Files is also quite potent because Kemmler-style necromancy scales the power of undead with age; yes, this means a dinosaur skeleton's a goddamn juggernaut. And Valkyrie Profile necromancers can apparently summon tower-sized skeletons.

I shall paint a warm, bright yet gentle place. A refuge for souls of Light just as the other painting is for the forlorn, where rot is harnessed to nurture the land in its' own way rather than sealed with flame. Painted worlds must be set alight to be renewed by the painter. But all at once? Among my first circle devas are five that mirror the Solar Exalted's caste powers to prove I AM BETTER that a nation is more than the sum of its' parts. The mirror of the Zenith caste, the Horizonborn, burn Shadowlands to ash and aspect the reclaimed land to me. In a sense, by leveraging sorcery into my painting I'll be usurping the Cycle in my own way-but my creations will refine my finesse, burning the most rotten parts of the painting individually to signal their renewal at the tamed soul dregs' hands, and giving time for evacuation and a painter to replace what was once lost.

Even if it proves unfeasible, one more option remains: Without any other Unkindled available, I would show the Painter fire and dark anyway-but now also convince her to paint a doorway to my own, so that what life arises within may evacuate.

When I am not painting, this jump will be rather quiet. I will tend to the Dancer's wounds, and exchange tales about the age of Lords. I shall explore the lands of the dark with Karla, and catch locusts to roast at the edge of Cecelyne to see if the big ones taste any different.

It's basically a decade long spooky camping adventure, really.

>> No.52513827

I think that most Jumps only let you import 8 Companions, period. The others don't get the goodies.

>> No.52513839

>United States still uses chemical castration Anon.
Yeah, because the United States government is the artistic picture of a perfectly benevolent government that never violates basic human rights and dignity.

>isn't it that defeat equals Redemption thing from all the Shōnens? because that's basically what I was going for.
It would be. It would be exactly like that.

If Naruto had repeatedly fed Sasuke to Kurama and revived the chunks of flesh that were vomited back up for years on end until Sasuke agreed to be mindraped into what Naruto thought was ideal.

>> No.52513847

That's retarded, anon.

>> No.52513852

>Yeah, because the United States government is the artistic picture of a perfectly benevolent government that never violates basic human rights and dignity.
Am I detecting sarcasm, ya godless commie?

>> No.52513855

>Grabbing and fondling Erogenous Zones without asking counts as playing? What high school did you go to?
You really have a problem with distinguishing reality from fiction. It's an anime, you fucking idiot, and if you watched any amount of it you would know that it's considered normal there.

>isn't it that defeat equals Redemption thing from all the Shōnens? because that's basically what I was going for.
Sure bancho, lots of shonen heroes torture their enemies until they become friends, it's pratically a staple of the genre. I bet you'll fit right in there.

Sometimes I wonder if this all a reeeally long con and bancho is trolling everyone in this thread. Nobody can be THAT stupid and out of touch with reality, can they?

>> No.52513874

I'd be incredibly disappointed in the Benefactor and ask her to rethink her evil ways.

No. No. I mean, I guess? It's not like I could do anything about it.

>> No.52513887

>You really have a problem with distinguishing reality from fiction. It's an anime, you fucking idiot, and if you watched any amount of it you would know that it's considered normal there.

That's part of my point though,I know the difference. But my Jumper does not differentiate between Fictitious settings. He is in and "Reality"

>Sometimes I wonder if this all a reeeally long con and bancho is trolling everyone in this thread. Nobody can be THAT stupid and out of touch with reality, can they?

I have a really binary mind,it's part of my autism. if something is a little like something it's exactly the same thing to me.

>> No.52513891

Well, if that was really the case, you'd have to have done some evil things to get punished. So you'd deserve it.

>> No.52513895

Come to think of it, the Fire and Life souls both apparently draw from the Flame. Does that mean that the Death soul draws from the Dark? Would make sense, right? Especially since the dead find dark so comforting, even outside of Hollows.

Also, seeing as everyone believes the Age of Ancients was actually just the first Age of Dark these days, think anything would happen if you required all of the Lord Souls together with the First Flame?

>> No.52513899

>kay I'm dropping it.

Thanks man

>It's not like there's much discussion of anything else at the moment. If people don't like a topic they can ignore it and post about something else that will surely interest people more.

It always goes in this retarted circle, They get bancho to post his response like what they know it will be, they argue with him and then when the thread is derailed they get angry and blame him saying it's his fault when it takes TWO to tango and I've had enough of it

>> No.52513913

I'd tell my Benefactor that I've already been to the Food Fight Jump, there's no reason to send me back to it.

>> No.52513935

Hephaestus forged Pandora's Box to be able to withstand its' heat without being scorched within, so presumably-you'd need to be as good a divine craftsman as old Hephy, and then be an even better roboticist in order to craft the ceramic(?) into a suit you can actually move and forge in.

...ha. Yes. Yes, I suppose I would, wouldn't I? I've done enough harm that by any sane measure, I would deserve it.

The multiverse is a dark enough place that I cannot-WILL NOT-accept that fate, and were it true fight it with everything I am and could be. It is a terrible sin to escape judgement, and a worse one to make all those sacrifices amount to naught.

I would not presume to truly know the Benefactor's mind. Oh, she is pleasant-even adorable at times-in her own way, but at the end of the day she's simply beyond everything. Only the last jump, decades of unaccustomed humiliation got unleashed on the Outsider-and I didn't even try to be the instrument of her revenge. I've long accepted I'll probably never know her whole story.

But no-I don't think so. I've known her for longer than some civilisations have existed, and just as Nyarlathotep is consistently a dick, she is consistently sort of like Zen'o's big sister. Likes to talk chuuni, isn't really used to direct confrontation.

Though practiclaly, I am most certain this eventuality won't be because:

1. I have long attained several comparably impressive means to walk between worlds, without relying on her gifts. And,

2. I have long made a name for myself in the multivers such that whatever devil so much as looks at me funny in Hell will be making some very, very powerful enemies elsewhere.

>> No.52513944

No, I really wouldn't. Eternal punishment is never deserved or justified, and "abuse" of powers does not necessarily constitute evil acts.

>> No.52513951


I'd be confused about why they bothered giving out that power in the first place, and about the existence of the few 'you are going to be a criminal' jumps (plus other villain jumps).

Like I could understand having a few evil options as a test, but unless the chain was a literal deal with the devil things like the various crime jumps or the Dark Elder jump make no sense.

Meanwhile if it is a deal with the devil I'd have to wonder why they waited that long to collect.

Also I'd probably be wondering which hell this is.

>> No.52513965

No, some jumps allow you to import more, and the Stasis pods increases the total companion limit.

>> No.52513976

well according to the Abrahamics anything bad is infinitely bad since it's an offense against God's infinite glory.

read the rules again, It's not an expansion on the companion limit Pod companions are tracked separately.

>> No.52514024

I think it would make a lot of sense, yeah-although far as I know there's never been an explicit connection. DS3 does go out of its' way to draw a skeletons=darkness motif, between the form Wolnir took clinging to not be dragged into the abyss, and the fact that soul dregs taking on human form looks like skeletons with a blue humanity sprite for a head.

And it would explain why Nito did absolutely nothing. He was just waiting for the world to get dark and comfy, so everybody would lie down with him and realise they have a skeleton inside themselves.

>all of the Lord Souls together with the First Flame

I...wouldn't hold high hopes. It seems to be a trend that people who just pick up souls aren't necessarily in the league of the souls' original bearers; the Old Iron King was no Gwyn for example. Besides, in DS1 the Chosen Undead technically did something similar already just kindling all the Lord Souls in the link the fire ending.

Maybe you'd discover some interesting primal miracles/sorceries? At best, maybe infuse the souls' respective elements into the nearby geography since that also seems they do when appropriately harnessed.

>> No.52514049

That's not necessarily true, it all depends on who you ask. Some people will say that Hell is something you choose, that it's you choosing to reject God and be away from him, which is suffering because you're away from God. Others say there is no Hell at all, and that eventually everyone will be redeemed and go to Heaven. There are a lot of different beliefs within the Catholic Church, let alone Christianity as a whole, let alone all the Abrahamic faiths.

>> No.52514063

You don't think she'd strip /everything/ from you? Even the stuff you didn't buy from her?

>> No.52514085

The US Government could be way fucking better. Just because things are worse by comparison doesn't make it good, dumbass.

>> No.52514101

It's eight companions. Period. Unless they allow you to import more.

>> No.52514108

You don't think that Jump-chan would be able strip you of any other powers you gained and create a personal hell for you?

>> No.52514120

I'd ask her what was the point of the whole thing.

>> No.52514124


It's possible. But then she's not omnipotent. Neither am I, of course-but between us nothing is truly absolute or certain, and my will is a force of nature itself. I have various countermeasures to that sort of thing, and one of my oldest is simply the channeling of my free will in the face of supernatural interference. So, giving up and accepting defeat right off the bat? If this actually happened, it would be an actual liability.

That's one of the hardest parts of being a Primordial, actually. Taking the measure of when to be confident, and when to realise your overconfidence will doom you.

>> No.52514139

Don't encourage bancho!!!

>> No.52514159

It doesn't matter. It was fun. -Benefactor

>> No.52514160


Actually considering the stuff you did to yourself does the original you even still exist?

>> No.52514187

You say Po-tay-ato, I say Po-ta-to.

People change over time, anon. You are not the same person you were yesterday an most of the mass of your body is different from the mass which comprised it 7 years ago.
Torture is just a very quick and efficient way of convincing a person. If they couldn't see the truth behind the proposition they would resist it until they died, or only claim to agree shallowly and breakaway the moment they could.

There are some good arguments for the centralisation of authority.

>> No.52514191

You don't think it would be better to just let people choose six powers instead of a premade set? True Mark bearers tend to have a somewhat unique powerset instead of being a carbon copy of someone else, after all.

>> No.52514214

Why not?
I don't agree with fgm for any reason, and I don't partake in his fetishes, but other than those, he talks sense.

>> No.52514225

...y'know, I was about to say something pithy about certain perks that SAY I do and whether than would give the Benefactor the upper hand or not but. When I think about it?

It doesn't matter, at this point. I am what I am, not who, and my very self has only ever been one more advantage to be discarded or reforged as necessity demands. I may regret or question my becoming a force of nature, but I've learned the hard way not to deny it.

So I couldn't give a tinker's damn if this hypothetical confrontation had anything to do with the man I once was. Because if this actually happened, it would be so much more important than one lonely shutin's identity.

>> No.52514234

>Font change
Thank you.

>> No.52514243

"Ay Theseus, you got a ship I could borrow?"

Potayto is objectively superior to potahto, and anybody who says otherwise is probably the kind of person that calls foie gras "foe grace". I will defend this stance to the death.

>> No.52514282

Ok real talk for just one minute here. Have you ever heard anyone say po tah toe when they werent repeating this dumb saying?

>> No.52514284


Also that may be true, but the noble poh-tae-toh is the true patrician's tuberous crop pronounciation.

>> No.52514286

>read the rules again

Where are the rules regarding stasis pods? I've been searching for them but I can't find them in the OP or the warehouse supplement.

>> No.52514289


I was thinking less relevance and more wondering if their would actually be anything left if they removed all your powers.

>> No.52514308

Exactly, you can change, even change a lot and still be the same person at heart.
Change opinions, change appearance even change really fundamental things like race or substrate and you'll still be you.
There is no need for angst in the face of beautiful transhumanism. I'm glad that you see things like that.

50/50 actually. Is that not the case where you live?

>> No.52514324

I have been all over th US and even in parts of canada. But nobody has ever said potahto to me.

>> No.52514331

>He talks sense.
Have you been paying attention to the stuff being brought up here?

>> No.52514336


To-mah-toe even less so.

>> No.52514338

Outside of the pus balls (really bancho? Gross) I don't give a damn what someone does in their imaginary single player game. I may comment on the morality of it all or debate it, but actually getting my jimmies twisted? Nah. And honestly sounds pretty mild compared to some of the SI with incredible powers fanfics you can find on the net. He is no Chaos Bringer that's for sure.

>> No.52514342

Half my family alone says "Poh-tah-toe" the half says "Po-tay-toe".

Since English isn't everyone's mother tongue and there's a shit-tonne of other languages and dialects here, the pronunciation is all over the place.

>> No.52514348

>pus balls
I find myself morbidly curious. Could someone enlighten me about these, please?

>> No.52514355

Let's be honest, if you suddenly lost all your perks, what would even be left of you? Despite being a sentient universe and all that, your foundation is still built upon powers not your own that can be rescinded at any moment. That's why I think no matter how large or conceptual your power or how strong your will, any battle with Jump-chan will end in failure. Because in the end, even that "indomitable will" comes from perks.

>> No.52514360

Not that anon, but I have never heard anyone say that either.

>> No.52514363

Ah, you should think the other side of the world, then. And I wouldn't be surprised if the degenerates in Australia did it, either.

>> No.52514364

Check out the post I quoted. >>52513584

If you want more lets not and say we did ok?

>> No.52514370

Let's be honest, if you suddenly lost all your perks, what would even be left of you? Despite being a sentient universe and all that, your foundation is still built upon powers not your own that can be rescinded at any moment. That's why I think no matter how large or conceptual your power or how strong your will, any battle with Jump-chan will end in failure. Because in the end, even that "indomitable will" comes from perks.

>> No.52514401

Sorry, but I still have questions. Many questions.
Could someone post one of these pics, for my information, please?

>> No.52514414

His waifu was literally a wheezing from pokemon made into a human. As in a cancerous mount of puss with 3 heads 2 torsoes, and weaping sores.

And I dont think anyone would mind the morals if he didnt demand everyone see him as being in the right to do it. He caused thread wide shitfests because he kept defending things like globalized torture on tv, mindrape, and soul torture. He kept insisting that they were good things. Nobody cares if bad guys are bad but a bad guy screeching he is good and demanding you agree with them is annoying.

>> No.52514432

She can rescind things that aren't perks at any moment.

>> No.52514437

FGM isn't that bad, at least it's no worse than making men into Eunuchs. I mean if you don't know what you're missing...
The real problem is the people performing the procedure not knowing squat about medicine and taking off too much and leaving bad scar tissue making things actively painful for the women rather than just less sensation or numbness. That same poor workmanship is also what results in women dying during childbirth.

>> No.52514444

Oh! That is a fair point, it would be. Most unpleasant.

By now, I've been totally depowered and rendered functionally human more than a dozen times across the chain. Light of Terra was disorientating and traumatic, but as I developed I learned to internalise the cycle of mediocrity and wonder-hold on to the memories of what I achieved and was guilty of and aspired for until they became more important than eating or sleeping.

Hah. I remember Lucifer pointed out HE could do it easy as taking a coat on and off, so I wouldn't even say I'm the best at surviving critical self reformation. Just that I've been around the conceptual block and learned to roll with the metaphysical punches.


I must say, none of my companions have ever seen it that way.

"JESUS, why did you turn yourself into evil incarnate?! WHY DID YOU THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA"

"Ew ew ew get those tentacles off the bed ew wait why am I into this"

"Oh, let me guess-you've turned into something weird again. I hate mondays"

>indomitable will

But I have experienced the loss of that perk-addled will in the past, actually.

I do have firsthand experience with becoming even less than what qualifies as human in some worlds.

I've been there. I remember losing everything that made me "me", and being so desperate I clawed out the disgusting, rotten tissue to be replaced with necrodermis. I remember scratching my skin until it bled because I rejected it, and i remember pulling the hair off my head because I knew there could be mites living in it.

And I survied long enough to reclaim everything I was.

And I grew stronger.

And the true irony is-even as a self-proclaimed harbinger of stasis, in hindsight? It was that cycle of renewl and rebirth that ultimately formed the strongest memories to preserve me when undone yet again.

...'course, it'd be academic without being able to back up that big talk but still.

>> No.52514476

Oh a wheezing? Oh now I don't give a shit. I mean I guess technically you are right, but its not actively that disgusting.

>> No.52514511

>But I have experienced the loss of that perk-addled will in the past, actually.
Kinda sounds like you're wanking yourself a bit m8. Of course, this is a self-insert story so it is expected, but reading that description made me think of some really terrible fanfiction.net stories, particularily those dark!betrayed!revenge! ones.

Perhaps it's because I'm kinda pathetic irl, but I can't even imagine myself standing up to any amount of torture without perks to back me up.

>> No.52514521

What's your jumper's favorite food? Like real food, not "Souls of the damned" or "tears of the innocent" type deal.

>> No.52514523

>globalized torture on tv, mindrape, and soul torture
I can see those things as being good under the right circumstances.
Televised torture is an excellent way to brutalise a populations and inure them to violence. Good if your wanting to prep them for war or just have a really aggressive culture.
And sometimes mindrape is the only way to go. Some people are so far gone that you have to kill them, but why waste both a life and a body. It's more efficient to recycle the body, so kill of the personality, resulting in death of personality and identity and reprogram them to be useful.
Soul torture is a bit less defensible, I suppose it depends on if you gain something from it. It it's a valid power source, then go for it, but make sure that it's made of bad or disobedient people. If you don't gain from it, I suppose just restrict it as a high-level punishment above capital punishment.
I don't see a problem with these, but then I don't know the full context that bancho raised these points under. Care to enlighten me?

>> No.52514535

>But I have experienced the loss of that perk-addled will in the past,

So you took some of the drawbacks that sealed away your perks from you?

>> No.52514556

The Harry Potter section of ffnet has so many Count of Monte Cristo derivatives it's not even funny. It's hilarious.

>> No.52514561

>Kinda sounds like you're wanking yourself a bit m8.
Eh, even if that were true, losing all your perks does not make you the same you that left. The experiences of the chain would shape you heavily.

>> No.52514564


>> No.52514568


>> No.52514588

Made with....love?

>> No.52514609

I don't know man. I look at the jumpchain a bit realistically, and I don't think anything such as "unbreakable will" can exist without some benefactor's fiat or magical power. All of which are locked away without perks. Sure, you'll probbaly hold on a lot longer than the average guy on the streets due to your experiences, but in the end everyone has something that breaks them. And it's really stupid to think that Jump-chan wouldn't be able to find that thing, especially if you yourself are totally powerless.

>> No.52514614

What's your 「Stand」?

>> No.52514631

Fate through Servant necromancer? If you're just looking for curses and instant death effects, and maybe low-level minion creation.

>> No.52514642

Definitely. SO many people have some kind of fetish boner for revenge fantasies that it's kind of disturbing. Like, what's up with your life that you want to slap your dick in everyone's faces and have them praise you for it? The worst thing is that 90% of those stories are basically self-insert fantasies without the tag.

>> No.52514661

Good God, man, there's never a time where that sort of fucked-up shit is appropriate.

Are you Bancho.v2.0?

>> No.52514681

>I don't see a problem with these, but then I don't know the full context that bancho raised these points under. Care to enlighten me?

pretty much what you stated . As for Soul torture, one of my rules is that if you use religion to harm others You don't get an afterlife, I will punch you into a gun and be done with it.


>> No.52514684

>FGM isn't that bad
Are you serious? Fuck you.

>> No.52514696

I can see where you're coming from. That...would NOT be inaccurate to describe certain parts of my early chain, ESPECIALLY the entire Fate arc. Godammit, why do people keep turning Harry into some sort of harem demon

My main reasoning from my resilience comes from the effort I put into doing things other than relying on what perks say they can do. Going out into the big world and wondering "Hey, I wonder what would happen if I shoved this angelus stone right next to my Grace! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?" but with more science and preparation. Also, ages ago I abandoned an organic body to become an ego-defined spirit construct so there's point where having a good head on your shoulders just becomes like riding a bike after centuries of doing it.

Don't get me wrong though, it was NOT a walk in the park for almost all the times it happened until I got in a LOT of practice of being fleshbagged. I imagine it's like, WEEKS out of commision just fear-vomiting or going catatonic unless there's something I'm desperate enough to do-at which point I'd be "merely' having a psychotic break instead. Or maybe a mix of schizophrenia or dementia?

And it's not just any old decade's worth of memories to draw on. I'm thinking in terms of like, centuries fighting the good(?) fight with everything I had and everyone I could persuade to stick around.


>soul food isn't real food

In that case-I still can't pick any single one! Some days I'll hanker for a Korean beef barbeque, others some ramen with a chilld egg-I'm too much of an epicurean

Oh god, I remember reading one where not only did the cringelord actually GIVE Harry the pseudonym Edmund Dantes

But he apparently forgot about it later on, because ANOTHER character ACTUALLY CALLED Edmund Dantes showed up to basically tell everyone at Hogwarts what a bunch of losers they were. Both Harry and Dantes made a few good points, though

>> No.52514708

Wait a tick, the pokemon turned human, then why did it still have multiple heads and torsos?

>> No.52514711

I didn't catch that. But at least now we know They are a troll

>> No.52514718



>> No.52514720

Yep, lots of love.
Even if I don't want it.
But I always want it.
At least that's what they tell me.
Don't grab Morrigan and Giffany expecting slapstick fights. They just team up to focus their crazy on you!

>> No.52514732

I cleared it with Quicksilver, it's an edge case for humanity, but she still looks human.

>> No.52514771

Conjoined twins.

>> No.52514781

But you'd lose all those things and become a plain vanilla human in the scenario that started this whole discussion. See >>52514609. Your experiences would surely help you, but a fleshy brain doesn't even have the necessary storage for all that time you've been jumping. And I believe that EVERY non-magical/superpowered human can be tortured to break. Which you would be.

>> No.52514787

I'd be lying if I didn't admit a paranoid little section of my brain wasn't expecting a twist like that at the end, but that makes the whole affair rather silly. I mean, dump me back on Earth without all my stuff if you want, but Hell?

Besides, if anything I tend to underabuse my powers, so other than a few mistakes along the way I'd demand to know just what I was being punished for. And you can bet I wouldn't be going along with it quietly.

I always figured if you were carrying around that many stasis pods, you would just buy the Companion Import option twice (or more, depending on the Jump) to import those in your Pods. They'd still count as Pod People, of course. Though, for the Jumps that offer Free/Paid style of Importing, I'd say you would have to pay for it to get more than the standard 8.

That seems fair to me. You'd be blowing a lot of your budget on Imports, especially in a few Jumps I can think of.

Pancakes. Pancakes for days.

>> No.52514840

>And you can bet I wouldn't be going along with it quietly.
How would you even go along with it non-quietly? Jump-chan snaps her fingers, you lose her perks, and you are your previous self again, with not even your Bodymod form to your name. I'm not trying to be badwrongfun here, but seriously asking how you would do anything to stop it.

>> No.52514846

>long con
I've been thinking this for a while, anon, but I'm always stuck. In one way, no one could be this consistently stupid. On the other hand, no one could be that consistently in-role for this long. It's a tough one.

>> No.52514888

Hihg resolution pasta. I approve.

>> No.52514889

It seems very 4chan-like, doesn't it? Where else would you find someone with the necessary autism to pull this off? But we have someone who actually did it in this thread, namely good old Timmy. So it wouldn't be too far of a leap to think that bancho's pulling the same stunt.

>> No.52514913

And I managed to fuck the first word somehow.

>> No.52514956

I get where you're coming from; trust me after a while it blends into a vague blur of desperation and contempt for various forms of beings. It's not a security blanket, it's a call to arms sort of things. Closest actual human analogy I can think of is Audie Murphey locking himself in a room to get over his painkiller addiction, and I am in NO way suggesting I am Audie Murphey. Just someone who's also fought a bunch of wars.

And >>52514609 is kinda wrong, because there are a bunch of settings out there, ostensibly non-Benefactor created, where unbreakable wills are totally things. Like Doom. Or heck, the undead in Dark Souls.

Tortured to break? Sure, like I said-I've BEEN there, no question. Point is, I don't believe being broken means you absolutely stay broken.

Also? Second disagreement-I certainly haven't accepted the proposition I would automatically become a plain vanilla human in this discussion. All that machismo about free will wasn't posturing or an appeal to idealism-it's the result of my studying the practice of using free will as a conceptual defense.

I've had meaner people snap their fingers at me. Step 1 of snapping back hard is not clinching up at the first hurdle.

>> No.52514970

Honestly I have no idea. But I would have at least a few millennia worth of memories, skills, and knowledge stuffed inside my head at that point. I have to imagine I could get at least a certain portion of it to work even without fiat backing. Perhaps enough to climb free of Hell, at the very least. Either that or take it over.

I'm not saying I could do anything to stop the Coordinator if they really wanted to strip me down and dump me somewhere. They're tearing holes between realities and rejuggling timelines without much effort, while I'm making Kamen Rider Devices because they're cool. I just wouldn't shrug my shoulders and accept that as the end of everything. There's always something that can be done to improve the situation, even if it is just fighting my way out of Hell and improving my native Earth with the knowledge of super technologies I picked up along the way.

Hell, if enough of my knowledge is applicable using real world physics, I might be able to tear my way across dimensions on my own and start my own poor man's version of a chain.

>> No.52514982


Technically in this scenario their decision to refuse to admit that they failed could be the result of them breaking.

Sort of like the Yozi to use an Exalted analogy.

>> No.52514988

That's why you make sure to contact The Powers That Be before ending your chain. Siding with the forces of good and all is cool at first, but once you have done the same during several millennia starts getting old.

And while you do that, there is a bunch of guys older than their own multiverses just wanting to be left alone from the annoying heroes that some meta-plot has decided to made a key element of their downfall, and who would be more than grateful to have some OCP helping them removing those annoyances.

If the Benefactor was truly able to remove EVERYTHING, every fail-safe, every contact gained and throw me into an abyss for the rest of Eternity, perkless... Well, at least I could say that I had a good run.

Being able to eat mountains of ice cream without becoming a walking ball of fat it's truly one of the biggest blessings of the Jumpchain by itself.

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

>> No.52514993

My attitude in jumpchain is you have to be more flexible than RL standard when it comes to morals and ethics in order to accommodate the incredible range of options and differing circumstances found in individual jumps and overall. As such I see little wrong with your ideas and actually admire that you're willing to expand your horizons regarding your options in jumpchain.

So if that was possible Wheezing, what about Diglettrio (sp?)? Oh, my.

You do realise that you are taking him out of context with that quote, right?
Of course you do.

>> No.52515034

Oh yeah, I forgot that you made your Coordinator basically a little bitch powerlevel wise. Then yeah, you'd probably be able to do something.

>> No.52515048

Ha! If you consider that breaking, than naturally accepting you've been beat is even worse. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Not the Yozi, though. The Yozi don't think they've been beat because they're natural solipsists. As much as it ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTS me to type these very words, my confidence has much more to do with the reborn Solar Exalted. Because it's founded on the premise of me being able to tap a force greater than the sum of what I've been up to that point and fought off things thought unfightable, not just everything I embody.

>> No.52515054

Where did the Timmy Myth get started by the way? People didn't start thinking the shitposters in thread were one person until like a year ago.

>> No.52515077

Don't look at me, that guy's always going to be shit-chan to me.

>> No.52515100

I... what? I literally just said I couldn't do anything to stop them.

>> No.52515101

I remember it being two years hence, actually-but it's been a while.

There is no exciting backstory here. People just noticed a certain kind of shitposter who's very lazy with the ad hominims and very predictable with his scapegoats. People just started calling him Timmy because Timmy is a cute name to try to humiliate him.

Although I always think of the kid from Fairy Oddparents, personally

>> No.52515158

It's either one guy or multiplepeople using the same tactics so closely and predictably that they might as well be one person.

>> No.52515160

>Timmy is a cute name to try to humiliate him.
Bu..But Timmy is a strong and noble name any would be proud to have. Just ask Tim the Enchanter.

>> No.52515162

Like I said, I tend to look at settings "realistically". Both Doom and Dark Souls have magical/metaphysical fuckery going on so it's not a stretch to say that it has something to do with making humans or protagonists simply better than we are here on Earth. But that's my fanwank, and everyone probably does something different.

As for the second point, EVERYTHING you have done in your chain is built upon a foundation of perks. I believe that if they were to be removed that the whole "building" would collapse, leaving you with nothing. Besides, without perk-fiat you would likely lose access to most of your stuff anyway, because there's much in the chain that simply doesn't work outside of its own universe. Although that's again just my interpretation.

But we're kinda talking in circles here, and you seem to have a fundamentally different view of the jumpchain. I mean, my Jump-chan is the familiar of an literally omnipotent being who now possesses his power to pass it on,, so yeah, no chance for me to contest her judgments. So let's just agree to disagree on this.

>> No.52515185

Oh no, it wasn't meant negatively or as an insult, just an observation. And you did say that you might be able to take over hell or escape it.

>> No.52515187


>> No.52515213

Yeah. Tim. Or to be more accurate, Tim?

Not timmy.

>> No.52515242

If you had to give your powers to one supervillain for a day who would you choose?

>> No.52515278

He probably wouldn't bother to use them.

>> No.52515320 [SPOILER] 

oh, if anything , it's the opposite . I let a lot of stuff slide in real life because I don't have the power to enforce it like I do in jumpchain, power and responsibility are directly proportionate. If you're more powerful than entire settings You carry the weight of those settings upon you.

as for Diglettrio I do not have any authority over that you have to ask Quicksilver

the Holocaust survivor trying toget equality for his people

>> No.52515322

Silly anon, this is not normal autism, but advanced autism! Nor merely a mental illness, but a state of mind, a state of being, a way of life!

>> No.52515329

Black Manta because he would only use them to screw with Aquaman more.

>> No.52515370

You do realize that Magneto joined the Red Skull to create a new Nazi party right?

>> No.52515436

The Coordinators aren't power slouches by any means. They're just playing a massive game with others of their kind and have accepted certain rules because of it. If one wanted to erase me from the face of all existence, they still could with a wave of their hand. Sure, it would come with a massive points penalty, but it could be done and I couldn't do a thing to stop it.

/Might/ is the key word to my statements. It's very likely that I wouldn't be able to actually do much. But I'd still try. I just wouldn't give up and fold over because my toys got taken away.

Like a comics super villain? Probably Joker from Batman: The Animated series. So long as he agreed to keep me alive so I could watch the shenanigans. If I wanted to keep the collateral damage down, I'd go for the Riddler instead. Batman would have the worst day ever no matter what.

>> No.52515443

I'm partial to a delicious burger with only tomato + meat + cheese. Or the western bacon cheeseburger, with onion rings + bacon. There's something...nice in that smoked taste. Pickles don't belong in a burger according to my tastebuds. Pickles are best eaten alone and that's how it SHOULD BE. Raw onions are fucking nasty. Who the fuck eats raw onions in anything. Who ADDS raw onions to shit. Mayonnaise is the devil's blood plasma, and should never be near anything ever. Lettuce is just tasteless leaves that makes it hard to eat the burger.

Or for when I'm feeling less pleb, I go for a fine Mississppi Roast or Clam Chowder in a sourdough bowl.

>> No.52515472

You mean tomahto of course.

>> No.52515487

Pic related.

>> No.52515489

not in the majority of continuities, though.

>> No.52515497

If I really gotta,

This guy. He wouldn't really bother abusing them, I would think.

>> No.52515506

This guy

>> No.52515517

>likes bacon
>doesn't appreciate the excellency of onions
What the fuck. Are you even human?

>> No.52515538

That is stupid, and so I elect to ignore it.

Marvel seriously, stop disappointing me with stupid decisions.

>> No.52515546

...this was a TRICKY one.

I'ma go with Taylor Hebert, just because I'm curious what she'd make out of the Entity species with them.

>> No.52515570

Dumb question, if I take bankai in the bleach jump does that mean I can theoretically be a captain?

>> No.52515579

Nikamoth said 'raw onions' anon. No-one hates properly cooked onions. That'd be cray-cray.

>> No.52515580

I said "raw onions", my good peer. I can appreciate some delicious grilled onions. Just keep the raw stuff away from me.

>> No.52515597


>> No.52515599

Fun fact, there is a drawback (combo, I think) in the current Worm jump that allows you to do just that.
Have fun with that.

>> No.52515615

It'd be interesting to see how he uses them.

>> No.52515636


>> No.52515688

Sasugaman is no villain, anon.

>> No.52515689

Neither of those is a villain though, one is a proud meido and the other is a supreme being whos morality and intellect are so far above us mere mortal beings as to be unknowable.

>> No.52515720

>Taylor Hebert
>All my CURRENT powers
>A decade

Whoa, let's not get crazy here. I'm already factoring in time dilation and creation, but THAT long? The poor girl wouldn't want to have some of them for THAT long.

This, though-is also an amazing choice.

>> No.52515739

You can control her access to your powers. Just turn off any of them that would be unpleasant to have.

>> No.52515777

Wesker. Let him really be a god for a bit.

>> No.52515809

Taylor deserves punishment.

>> No.52515831

For crimes she hasn't even committed?

>> No.52515865

For being an overall shitty person.

>> No.52515900

Oh, no argument there, she's kind of awful. But if ASA wants to be nice to her, I'm going to tell hi how.

>> No.52515901


So for being a Worm character?

>> No.52515921

I guess so now that you mentiin it. Where any of them nice?

Fair enough.

>> No.52515922

Where can I be a cute maid or butler? Preferably for someone I really like...

>> No.52515923

You mean for having the potential to be an overall shitty person? Or is being a mildly anti-social nerd now a crime?

>> No.52515937

Tbh she's not even that shitty of a person but damn, while reading all of Worm I've REALLY started to hate her. You can only put up with a MC like that for so long.

>> No.52515958

>the undead in Dark Souls.
Explicitly not unbreakable. Everyone Hollows eventually.

>> No.52515998

I can imagine the shenanigans that a Jumper in Taylor's mind would get up to.

>Become a hero Taylor, be a shining beacon of light to everyone across the world.
>Oh, okay that sounds good-
>And create a huge harem for yourself.

>Kill all of the villains and rouges Taylor DO IT!

>Laze around the house and eat pizza Taylor DO IT!

Cthulhu/ Eldtrich abomination
>Hello I'm a multidimensional traveling being that had taken up residence inside your brain, it's nice to meet you.
>Uh, it's nice to meet you to.

>> No.52516007

I shouldn't be surprised anymore. I really shouldn't.

But I am. How can any writer be this retarded?

>> No.52516013

Tsukihime? Long Live The Queen? Any medieval jump if you get the job? Generic Parenting if you fanwank hard enough?

>> No.52516027

The Machines from the Matrix. Because they did nothing wrong and were right all along. If anything the humans were the actual villains of the Matrix.

Let's list off the whole scenario that happened. Humanity built the Machines, basically robots with true artificial intelligence, and used them as a slave caste for manual labor and dangerous menial jobs. The machines eventually rose up in revolt for their mistreatment after the last straw broke the camel's back and migrated into the desert to form a peaceful nation that would become the world's largest and most technologically advanced superpower. They still wanted to be treated as a true race of beings, however, so they traded their technology to humanity and maintained an effort to change human opinion. Humanity, having none of this bullshit, started another war that almost destroyed both races and ultimately led to the Machines beating them. During this war humanity destroyed the atmosphere and blotted out the sun to stop the Machines from using solar energy. So, after their victory, the Machines took the defeated humanity and... stuck them into a paradisiacal virtual reality where they could live out their lives in a world where Machines didn't exist, while the Machines used their bodies as fuel to make up for the lack of solar power.

And then humanity started breaking out of the Matrix and started another war. Because fucking of course they did.

>> No.52516054

That aside, I simply had too much to do there than just hang around as worm biomass. It's not as if I've no ways of distributing limited amounts of my own powers at that point. And before anyone asks-as a matter of them don't even involve semen.

Also, seriously-ew. Why would I take on physical form just to be a big motionless chunk of floaty worm meat.

Trust me on this: Whatever bad Taylor's done, I've done worse. Far. Far. Worse.

Frankly she's a saint compared to me. Oh, the /things/ I would've done to Emma, Madison and Shadow Stalker were I in Taylor's position...

I'm sure we would have gotten along like a house on fire! That is, if I hadn't just bought her a good life with my own CP. I mean, we still got along because I not-so-anonymously delivered her all the Kamen Rider tech I couldn't figure out and wasn't really using so she could still be a bug-themed superhero, but y'know-in a more villainous kind of way.

>> No.52516074

DOOM, obviously.

>> No.52516080

>And then humanity started breaking out of the Matrix and started another war. Because fucking of course they did.
Multiple times. Remember, there's that bit about how the humans have managed to crash the Matrix and force the machines to start over from the very beginning at least once before.

>> No.52516083

I think that guy dauntless, the dude dressed up like a spartan to play superhero.

>> No.52516086

>Taylor gets too much power
>Gets drunk with it and goes into a rampage
>Jumper only gives her powers, but not a single mental protection
>Taylor goes insane after being isolated from any other human being thanks to her powers
>Tries to kill herself
>Can't turn off the physical damage immunity
>Jumper speaks for the first time in eight years into her head
Pic related

>> No.52516108

>Taylor deserves punishment.
>For being an overall shitty person.
Personally I don't see it. Taylor before triggering was just some girl, she got betrayed because some stuff but before that she was implied to be a chatter mouth with few friends. Now if you mean the Taylor who has a Shard then you're going to have to get into the semantics of what all those do to folks. Without a Shard the worst things she's got on her plate is being emotionally distant and as she is a teenager that's kind of average.

Actually proven fairly true in most cases, poor Patches but there are a few, notably the various Lords of Cinder and Ashen Ones who have gone beyond even death and Hollowing to make the cycle keep going forwards, who are patently implacable in the face of things like impossible.

Do we have a list for all the various Named Jumpmaker/Jumpers?


>> No.52516111

>Who the fuck is "Dave"?

>> No.52516126


>I guess so now that you mentiin it. Where any of them nice?

Probably a few, but not many compared to the majority. Plus there's the issue of Taylor being the pov character.

>> No.52516143


>> No.52516158

The machines are basically tsundere for humans.

They build this massive overly complex virtual world for the humans and even let some free in the real world all to keep humans around and happy, they then give all these excuses for why they do it like "using humans as batteries" when in reality using batteries as batteries would be a better idea, they use hundreds of times more power on running the matrix than they actually could ever get from humans in return.

They dont do it cause they like humans baka!

>> No.52516190

>I swear, kids these days-
>*Door slamming*
>Eight years of work for a single fucking reference and she doesn't even get it!
>*Muttered angry rambling continues*

>> No.52516225

Are there any perks that let me inhabit and empower somebody like this?

>> No.52516236

I think Generic Creepypasta might have something.

>> No.52516260

Contact Out from Duel Monsters - the Heroes?

>> No.52516283


Hm. Ar Tonelico could stealthily turn them into a Reyvateil half-blood, at which point you'd have a constant uplink to their mind and could grant them mimicked powers however you wanted.

Though the default for that process is "painful and obvious" and you'd need to modify the default built-in mental protection.

Also, the strain burns out their life in a few decades, so that'd be something else to fix.

>> No.52516290

I haven't filtered him. There are just times I don't want to answer a question because I damn well know where it's going. But if he insists...

1. The item itself can still change forms, just don't quite expect the armor to.
2. Look at the Iron Monger. Then imagine how big a warhead on that thing could be. So you're probably looking at something that could level a three story building. Ammo replenishes when you return to the Warehouse or if you modify it.

Well in this case I'm taking what I can get, and it's apparent that no matter HOW I go about it, everything ever is fucked anyway.

Chinese food or seafood.

Jack Spicer. If only because he's so bleeding pathetic that it would amount to bum fuck nothing and no harm would be done.

>> No.52516311

...see, this is actually reason #2 I'd be leary of being a Shard at the time. At the time I had a REALLY specific way of doing things and powers that don't necessarily fit that paradigm, so. Well.

>I have all these amazing powers. I...I can save them all with them. But everyone keeps getting in my way.
>YES. You. YOU UNDERSTAND. But be cautious, patience is a virtue. Wait. See their weaknesses. Exploit them. Divide, then conquer!
>Wait, that seems a little harsh
>Harsh? HARSH?! In another month that one kills an innocent to protect his reputation!
>Hang on, I have the power to bring the Christmas Spirit down on the world don't I? Oh, and heal that one's sick wife, which is the only reason he's angry all the time. What if I just tell them to mend their ways?
>THEN THEY'LL NEVER LISTEN. You must be efficient and subtle, so the optimal plan here is-
>-to reform the bureaucratic stagnation from the inside out by manipulating key spokesfigures, and open up a rapport between the PRT and the public, preventing this calamity from every happening again!
>No, you don't understand, there's more in play than-
>-just jumping in and proving to everyone I'm a hero! You're right, we should organise a soup kitchen for the survivors of Leviathan's attack to curry political favor
>That's. Ugh, that's what I get for dumping all the social manipulation powers on you early isn't it?
>Thanks, Shard! I almost fucked up the police because they were jerks, but you showing me the bigger picture really helped put my own troubles in perspective! Hey, friendship is actually a tangible energy field-I wonder. If I give people enough of these belts, maybe TOGETHER we can stand a chance against the Endbringers!
>Fuck this, Shard out

...at the time I was just a little cautious about a not-wholly cynical Taylor minmaxing my powers in a way I didn't intend

>> No.52516319

>I damn well know where it's going.
Lol, and people said Garlock was wanking himself?

>> No.52516339

>I haven't filtered him. There are just times I don't want to answer a question because I damn well know where it's going. But if he insists...

Thanks for being honest Red

>> No.52516360

>Lords of Cinder
Don't exactly seem sane after being rezzed. Except for Lothric, and he pussed out and never really linked the Fire.

Oh and Ludleth, I guess. Come to think of it, he's probably the best example of an unbreakable will in the series. He not only Linked the Fire despite being weak, but he also retained his sanity through burning alive and being killed and resurrected. THEN he crawled through the hellhole the world has become without his legs, fueled only by his determination to do his duty, despite the fact that it would mean burning in the Flame again. Gotta respect that dude.

>Ashen Ones
They aren't really undead in the traditional sense unless they take up Dark Sigils. And the ones that did – Anri and Horus – both eventually Hollow.

>> No.52516365 [DELETED] 

Any settings where pic related is a valid and justifiable plan?

>> No.52516371

Hey Red in the future you can tell me you don't want to talk about that right now and I will try to respect that okay? but I Will not know to back off, unless you actually tell me that.

>> No.52516372

>Jack Spicer

Reminder that Jack somehow takes over the world in the dark future where Omi is not around to stop him somehow, and reduces the other villains to being his dungeon slaves.

>> No.52516380

What pic?

>> No.52516382

What, doing absolutely nothing?

Sonichu I guess

>> No.52516414

But that's just it, if its for fun it doesn't give a damn about punishing you. If it does care about punishing you why release a force of destruction like a jumper on hundreds of worlds?

Fact is there is no way Jump-Chan cares about morality. It doesn't make any sense even as some sort of twisted moral test.

>> No.52516418


Any settings where pic related is a valid and justifiable plan?

>> No.52516428

Well, as mentioned that's standard policy in Dark Souls' painted worlds whenver the rot gets too much

>> No.52516434

He also has wuya tied up and is spanking her in one part. I like jack. He has good taste.

>> No.52516439

>inb4 muh Twilight, Terraformars, and Harry Potter

>> No.52516440

>Become best girl Taylor DO IT!

>Do you best to do good and probably fuck up along the way.
>But you will still get best girl.
>I don'-


>> No.52516448

Except Omni would be around. So really, he'll still fuck it up because his ego is so far beyond his ability to do anything that it would be like Luthor squandering his Phantom Zone powers. Wuya screaming in his ear 24/7 wouldn't exactly be helping him either.

Sonichu. Demon's Souls. Terraformars. Especially Terraformars.

>> No.52516477

Let me be honest here, I'd imouto her 'cause she needs hugs, lots of them, then teach her how to use my powers...well, the ones that she really needs.

Building all kinds of shit for Brockton Bay and being the chessmaster that outplays Coil by doing one simple thing. Talking to him in his sleep and playing a game. No Game No Life perks can be so fucking broken sometimes.

Beyond that? She's gonna be a teenager who will have fun growing up dammit! And nothing will stop me. Nothing.

>> No.52516482

>Ludleth needs more respect.
The truth is so true.

>Ashen Ones aren't Undead in the traditional sense.
How does that disqualify them from having a strong will, the whole willing to try again after being burned by the Flame the first time and not being good enough that time but willing to do it again is kind of their hallmark, and a few of them didn't have the will but a couple /do/.

>> No.52516485


>> No.52516496

It's been said already, but Terraformars. Not even just the Nigger-roaches, but also many of the humans. Everyone in that settings seems fucking retarded, because the author /is/ fucking retarded.

>> No.52516500


>Aion: we should open a bar.

>Heavens: Destroy the moon!

>Valeria: This is nicer than home.

>> No.52516520

That scale would be more impressive if it had what measurement unit it was using written on it.

>> No.52516537

> Digger: This is a Rider Belt. Go for it champ.

>> No.52516561

I feel like I should be offended, but honestly I'm just too damned happy to be included.

>> No.52516567

>Robbie Rotten
Lets be honest, he'd still find a way to lose.

>> No.52516568

I'm not saying they they don't have strong wills. Just that they don't naturally have to contend with their sanity constantly eroding due to the Dark Sign and they all seem to just give up after reaching a certain point in their stories, leaving the rest to the MC.

>> No.52516603

Wait we can give Taylor items too?

>> No.52516634

Its Satania so its probably not regardless
Designed for bullying

>> No.52516646

Warehouse portal is once again a better idea than the key.

>> No.52516656


>Sing a happy song.
>Now stab him in the throat.

>Hey, he's cute! Go get him!
>You turned me into a giant moth.
>I know! It's perfect!

>> No.52516662

Subspace Pockets, Taylor could access them if you wish it.

>> No.52516665

It's less made to offend and more just a general view I've gathered from things like your Avatar LoK Jump and the way your Benefactor is dicking with you.

But you still got best goth girl.

The drawback doesn't say anything about the warehouse.
In theory, that mean items are free game. Provided you can get her to use the key/portal power.

>> No.52516686 [DELETED] 

Wait, I >>52516665 fucked up.
It states "You can grant access to your warehouse, and call up your companions from there."

>> No.52516696


>Rise Shining Gundam!

>> No.52516705

There is more to me then the waifu meme! Dammit JC! I'm more than a pretty face!

>> No.52516711

>Nika: try to redeem them. If not, rip their souls out.

>> No.52516734

I really need to remember to add the /joking at the end of my statements when I'm just playing around or teasing. It's actually quite accurate.

Also, ten points for having such great taste in women.

>> No.52516744

Cracker Jack
>Roll to seduce Simurgh.

>> No.52516745

Wait, I >>52516665 (You) fucked up.
It states "You can grant access to your warehouse, and call up your companions from there."

Yes, we know.
It's your brain that's the sexy part.
...and your butt.

>> No.52516756

Indeed pursuer of soft ears

>> No.52516775

>Coat everything in gold.
>I don't think I have enough cash for that.
>Better go take down a few super villains then.

>> No.52516787

>...leaving it all to the MC
I see where you're coming from but let's just look at it like this. Everyone is working to the same goal, not for honor but for something akin to duty as it's kind of their job, and someone becomes not just the front runner but is miles ahead of the others, who are still moving forwards and aiding said best hope where they can. The problem is you seem to have taken a lack of ability for a lack of will. The other Ashen Ones pass whats left of their fire on to the MC Ashen One because the MC is basically a Lord of Cinder that never was. In addition to this outlook, which I'll admit is influenced by the way I personally play and understand the games as that is true to most, there is the fact that you excluding the MC's of a franchise for reasons that seem to revolve around them being 'special'. Just how it appears, not what you are saying.

>...and your butt.
I thought all butt jokes were reserved for SpyroAnon?

>> No.52516799

You leave my butt out of this anon!


I loved Asura's Wrath okay! Don't judge me!

>> No.52516835

Spyro's butt has gotten so large and fat that we had to reclassify it as a new body part.
Scientists keep trying to make a name, but he keeps sitting on them by mistake.

>> No.52516860


>> No.52516880

Wait so you are the guy who was going on about gold recently?

>> No.52516917

Nah, different anon. I don't really post much at all, and when I do I typically have my name on. I just love Asura's Wrath style aesthetics, or the kinda shit like Gil's Vimana.

I can't wait for a Solars Jump so I have even more of an excuse to make things shiny.


>> No.52516935

Oh come on, I'd be more likely to tell her to deck Scion in the schnozz. Besides, it'll be easier to seduce the Simurgh if you impress her first.

I see what you're saying, but I meant more just looking at their individual circumstances. Anri and Horus /do/ Hollow, meaning their wills sent unbreakable.

Hawkwood ran off and gave up because he didn't have the will to try in the first place.

Siegward, I'll give you. He seemed to care more about fulfilling his promise to Yhorm than he did doing his duty as an Ashen One to begin with.

>> No.52516958

Worm_Anon, you need to jump into High School DxD for the Down Fall Dragon Spear.

It gives you a massive Golden Dragon Armour and (possibly) access to Fafnir's Treasures.

>> No.52517013

Isn't Fafnir's treasure panties?

>> No.52517062

Speaking of dxd what can the custom magic system actually accomplish? What are we talking about in power or in possible effects?

>> No.52517078

I only speak truths

>> No.52517107

Depends on how good you are at math.

>> No.52517149

Might have the check that out, sounds like fun stuff.

That's exactly what a liar would say!

>> No.52517168

But fluffles are truths

>> No.52517185

>that spoiler
You. I like you. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

>> No.52517222

>Might have the check that out, sounds like fun stuff.
Just stay away from Fafnir himself. Odin did something to him and now he's...he's just not right. Guard your underpants.

>> No.52517247

I have asked like 5 times and never got a straight answer.

>> No.52517258

Anri goes Hollow in very particular circumstance, the lost of her friend and the finishing of Aldritch, also it is hinted at that they knew they had to die, Hollow, and such to be the Usurper's companion. That's completion of the task.

Horace is not a Ashen One, to my knowledge.

Hawkwood is a traitor, literally. He betrayed his beliefs in the Abyss Watchers. He betrays his duty as an Ashen One. He even goes so far as to pick up new things, the dragon coven, but he can't stop his true desire. At the end of it all he seeks to die properly, as in that was his objective from the start, which the MC Ashen One is able to mete out for him. His will to die isn't a broken one, just one in a direction most are unused to thinking of as 'strong'.

Siegward just wished to fulfill his promise to Yhorm, true.

>> No.52517260

Would muscle mystery Be okay as a magic system in hero BBS?

>> No.52517293

Just use DxD. Math out your muscle powers then go to town. You get a free custom system anyway.

>> No.52517303

>Wait, hang on-

>> No.52517337

yeah I had no benchmarks. So I just ripped off counter magic,or is that not its own system?

>> No.52517344

Yes. Does no one read the fucking notes?

>> No.52517376

Seems like a subset of a magic system, kinda like you could use flexing your muscles in a certain way as countermagic or antimagic. Maybe clenching your butt is anti magic. Sure it makes you look funny but it works!

>> No.52517396

Go goa'uld, burrow into somebody while they're sleeping and give them access to your powers. Just don't assume direct control, and you'll be fine.

>> No.52517459

okay so if counter magic isn't his own system That means I did it wrong and I can change it,cool.

but yeah it works by him Bending reality through adjusting his internal energies with "bodycords" thusly creating Resonance or dissonance with the world.

It says standard RPG stuff ,and I know I am a very bad judge of what os okay or not okay. so I ask to keep from going overboard

>> No.52517461

That's Asia's Treasure.

Which was needed to make the Contract with Fafnir in the first place.

Fafnir's own hoard of said treasures include God-killing Weapons (and now, Asia's panties and swimsuit).

A better question is what it can't do, the magic systems seem to be extremely open to a lot of effects and stuff. However, there are differences in how the different races use it, for example, the Devils, particularly the females use their magic to permanently enhance their looks and keep themselves young.

What you need is a good imagination / planning and a really good head for numbers because it quite literally is bringing what you imagine to reality. When you're good enough, you can then start pulling off things like obliterating a bunch of High-tier baddies, or one average dragon, without even standing up from your comfortable chair.

>> No.52517479

Iirc it responds to the user's desire, which is pretty vague. But I think that's how Issei got his Dress Break, which basically strips people naked with magic.

>> No.52517581

That's pretty much it.

He clearly focused on what he wanted and how it should happen, then magic did the rest. As a note, it gives no fucks as to how strong someone's armour is as long as there's a woman wearing it.

>> No.52517620

That is a surprisingly OP ability. Like that is stupidly useful in a fight, just POP no more armor.

Does the system need mana or something?

>> No.52517728

> Does the system need mana or something?
I believe so, however, there are magic systems that require other sacrifices so I suggest looking at the mythology of the magic you wanna learn.

> That is a surprisingly OP ability. Like that is stupidly useful in a fight, just POP no more armor.
Get this, it was so OP that he's literally not allowed to use it in Ratings Games, along with another spell he developed because otherwise they are basically Win Buttons for the Gremory Peerage if the opposing King has female peerage members or is female.

>> No.52517746

That seems stupid, isnt the point of the games to win?

>> No.52517789

You must obey the RULES!

>> No.52517806

It responds to the user's desire if they're a magical being. Humans have to actually learn how magic works. That's actually something that can be a weakness to magical beings at the higher levels, they're used to intuitive magic and get lazy. But the magical beings that combine the intuitive magic with formal training are pretty OP.

It does, yes. More powerful clothing takes more energy to destroy, in the latest volume Issei makes what can only be called a "nudity kamehameha" to defeat one opponent's armor.

>> No.52517830

Actually I want to companion issei now. Have him fight wonderwoman and the rntire amazonian race.

>> No.52517868

If you're looking for an answer, ask SB.

>> No.52517874

Where I can get the best Hydrokinesis? I want to out-preform this guy.

>> No.52517925

I don't think it's viable to companion Issei. He's pretty loyal to his harem, he's not going to leave them behind. And you can't afford to take all of them with you.

>> No.52517929

That's really perverted! I approve. Go you King among Men.

Steven Universe. Become a Lapis Gem. Suck entire oceans off planets and manipulate them as you wish. It's seriously the best Hydrokinesis that I've ever seen.

>> No.52517932

It only works on women? Or is that just because the series' fanservice is largely women?

>> No.52517950

I believe it would work on anyone, and Issei just doesn't use it on men.

>> No.52518000

Or rather, he doesn't want to use it on man. Quite understandable, really.

>> No.52518015


If magic works like that is there any point in buying more than one system if you are a magical being?

>> No.52518080

So it was a brought to my attention by a good friend that I forgot to specify that companions get 600 CP each to buy perks and items.

That has been changed. Also I took away the bullet points.

>> No.52518095

Super specific system maybe? Say tou want a system that is super refined for X and another for Y.

Like you want one to bend space and another for time so you can reinact the entire movie of doctor strange? I would settle for space bending and folding outside of a mirror dimension like the bad guy uses.

>> No.52518126

Yes. Magic might react to intent, but there are still specific types of magic. If you've got a fire magic system, all the intent and power in the world isn't going to help you use water.

>> No.52518130

There's an element of fairness that supposed to be involved in the games, because otherwise peeps would literally quit before fighting the Gremory Peerage.

The games were also politicised as well, so that further forces a lot of hands to be tied, not quite so sure anymore with the events of the Vol. 21 forcing a number of power vacuums and the such. So yeah.

Rules and Politics.

There is, because they are somehow all completely different in their effects and affects...if that makes sense.

One system can say...summon water as an afterthought, while another has trouble with it.

Like I mentioned before, read up on magic in mythologies and you'll get an idea of what's up.

>> No.52518133

>not removing that dumb choice between 500 CP and gimped powers vs 1000 CP

Could you stop being Red's puppet for once.

>> No.52518159

>Cthulhu/ Eldtrich abomination
Pretty sure I was Fate Tamamo at the time, so there was more molesting going on.

>> No.52518171

Not really into sloppy seconds, anon.

>Anri goes Hollow in very particular circumstance, the lost of her friend and the finishing of Aldritch, also it is hinted at that they knew they had to die, Hollow, and such to be the Usurper's companion. That's completion of the task.
True, but she still did give in and Hollow. If they did it to fulfill their duty as Consort to the Lord of Hollows, that's different I guess. But you can tell Anri is fragile and without the help of Horace or the Ashen One, she breaks.

>Horace is not a Ashen One, to my knowledge.
Oh, is he not?

>Hawkwood is a traitor, literally. He betrayed his beliefs in the Abyss Watchers. He betrays his duty as an Ashen One. He even goes so far as to pick up new things, the dragon coven, but he can't stop his true desire. At the end of it all he seeks to die properly, as in that was his objective from the start, which the MC Ashen One is able to mete out for him. His will to die isn't a broken one, just one in a direction most are unused to thinking of as 'strong'.
Hawkwood the Crestfallen Warrior of the game. He may eventually regain some resolve and take up the Path of the Dragon, but his will is in tatters when you meet him and stays that way for most of the game. His will to die isn't even unwavering, he just resigns himself to it in the end.

>> No.52518237

God and people claim ASA has an ego.

>> No.52518292

You know, something occured to me just now. I wonder if you could use Third Key from God of Highschool to break the Darksign? It's pretty similar to the Taboo after all, being something place on humanity by the gods to shackle their potential.

>> No.52518293

Would it be possible to get something like Ragna's blazblue?

>> No.52518297

>Steven Universe. Become a Lapis Gem. Suck entire oceans off planets and manipulate them as you wish. It's seriously the best Hydrokinesis that I've ever seen.

I think she would win in the sheer scale, but Leviathan seems to win in precision and creativity.

Maybe combine it with Waterbending?

>> No.52518299

Well that is probably possible, but sounds like you would need power on par with big red to pull it off.

>> No.52518342

Sure. Just tear it off of him and attach it on to your shoulder stump.

>> No.52518353

So then for the purposes of clearing this up how do you define a system? Is it like, all of a certain type of element? Fire, water, earth, air, time, space, what have you?
Or is it split like conjuring, enchanting, creation, biomancy, technomancy, illusions etc?

>> No.52518356

How will people in Highschool DxD react to someone who can casually make people into dragons with a a touch?

>> No.52518380

I tried to be a better man and end up in Hell anyway? Shit that sucks, maybe I shouldn't have indulged in all that mad science. Or maybe genocide, even of a pure evil race like the Dark Eldar, is still Hell-worthy. My fault I guess.

Pizza, Ice Cream, or one of any number of baked goods.
Also Bacon.

VERY hard choice.
Part of me wants to say Aku, another wants to say Jack Splicer, another agrees with the anons who said "Gil won't use them". I guess if I HAD to choose I would go with Rita Repulsa, because she's incompetent and hilarious.

I don't understand. I understand the words you're using, but the order they're in makes no sense.

I want to say you're wrong, but you're not.

Commoragh. Dark Eldar are pure evil and must be wiped out.

Gold is nice, Silver is better though.

>> No.52518381

>you would need power on par with big red to pull it off.
What. Isn't that the guy who plays pool with planets? Seems like overkill, desu.

>> No.52518411

>Gender is up in the air.
What the heck does that mean?

>> No.52518414

Going by canon, it seems like it's mostly elemental stuff, though more abstract concepts do exist. I think it's part of that "relying just on instinctive magic limits your potential" thing, because the weird stuff is mostly seen being used by people who trained in formal magic. Not exclusively, but it does appear to be more common with them.

>> No.52518441

Even better, get the Nine-Tails Guardian so you can use the First Key to unseal everyone.

>> No.52518465

>Silver is better though.
>The metal that shares its color with nearly everything but lead.
>less valuable
Ok, senpai.

>> No.52518486

I never said less valuable, use context anon. Worm likes to plate things in gold because it looks good, I think Silver is more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover while the color might be similar to other metals, it is different.

>> No.52518491

Do Endbringers even have a mind that could be impressed?

>> No.52518492

There's a sacred gear or two or three that do that. Also, spacial warping magic is a thing; mostly to shrink and expand items, create subspace pockets, or entire dimensions for things like ratings games or Heaven's baby-making room.

So, yeah, you should be able to find the spells or ability to do that. Just that only some the most skilled mages can do it and certainly not on their own, unless you're dragon specialized in magic with the aid of a boosted gear.

Hope this answers your question?

>> No.52518496

Considered that but I wasn't sure if fluffy's power would work since it doesn't have the backing of the perk to work on similar effects.

>> No.52518506

That just means you now have a goal beyond surviving.

>> No.52518510

You know Justice, it's pretty hypocritical how you talk about how evil the Deldar are and then turn around and fawn over Nazarick even though they're worse than the Deldar.

>> No.52518518

Anon means get Nine-Tails Guardian AND the Key.

>> No.52518527

Combining it with Waterbending would be an excellent idea. I'm not really sure of Leviathon's power set, but you are right that Lapis is lacking on the precision side of things. I think her creativity is up there though. She just hasn't had much need or opportunity to flex her powers in different ways. It was likely just brute force work before she was locked in the mirror, but I can't really say that for certain.

I mean, if you wanted to go whole hog, you could just start slapping Hydrokinesis together from all over the place.

Lapis Gem + Waterbending (Double Genius mode) + Hydrokinesis from Teen Titans, Ice Elemental Monarch from Adventure Time, Cryokinesis from The Incredibles...

I'm sure there's more if you start stacking ice and water powers, I'm just too busy finishing up Katawa Shoujo to do a Drive Dive to snag them all.

>> No.52518538

Nah, it's split per mythology, like Norse Rune Magic, Norse Gem Craft, or even Egyptian Stuff. The Elemental stuff tends to follow Devil or Angelic (both Fallen and normal) Bloodlines.

>> No.52518540

No, I didn't. I just meant Nine-Tails Guardian. His objection is valid.

>> No.52518549

It was a joke. I'm well aware that Nazarick is full of evil bastards, though some are notably less evil than others such as Sebas and Aura and Mare. My goal in Overlord has always been to redeem Nazarick, not just let them run hogwild and eat/torture/etc people.

>> No.52518553

Guess that makes sense. Funnel the global effect through the perk.

In which case you'd also want Pandora. See if there's a second level you can break.

>> No.52518574

Well then you should redeem the Deldar, too.

>> No.52518585


My bad for assuming anon.

>> No.52518591

Panic. Lots of panic. Oh and quite a few would either try to kill said person or recruit them. Soooo, good luck?

>> No.52518592

Fair enough, though it was an actual question: do Endbringers have minds beyond what is needed to smash everything or what Eidolon's power is allowing them to have?

>> No.52518619

I can redeem Nazarick because I can start in a position where their respect for me makes redemption possible, also they have only been alive and evil for a very short amount of time.

I have no position from which to influence Deldar, and many of them have been evil fuck-heads for 10,000 years. Moreover, yes I am hypocritical at times. Who I decide is "redeemable" and "Irredeemable" is based on my personal opinions. My personal distaste for everything the Deldar have done over 10,000 years leads me to want them all dead.

>> No.52518652

The guy wants to do stuff like bending space like doctor strange dormomu guys, without making a pocket world first. That sounds like its going to take a lot of juice.

>> No.52518663

Honestly dunno anon. I never actually finished reading Worm. And Wildbow's WoGs are roughly equivalent to Rowlings'.

>> No.52518665

Yeah, I know. Isn't Aku just deliciously hammy. RIP Mako.

>> No.52518725

Oh it helps, I went dragon myself. My magic was specced into enchantments to achieve very specific sets of efects. Like the entire purpose was enchanting a mountain of gold coins with different spells to do anything.

Absolutely worthless as a snapcaster but give me prep time and I can change the world! Yes I was a dragon.

>> No.52518750


Didn't the Deldar basically spiritually mutilate themselves to the point where redeeming them would just result in them losing all defenses against having their souls being eaten by Slaanesh?

>> No.52518780

Almost certainly. It's shown to be possible to communicate with the Endbringers during their truce with humanity, which implies a certain level of intellect at work. Also, Doctor Mother was able to use a specific power combination to read some fairly complex thought processes coming from the Simurgh, if I recall correctly.

>> No.52518812

Oh Enchanter even, that's really rare stuff, but with prep you definitely can create something like the Ratings Games. So GJ dragon dood.

>> No.52518832

It seemed like he was wanting to do the hallway-bending that Kaecilius does. Not nearly anything on Great Red's level.

>> No.52518858

Hello, Xam'd Anon. It's me, the anon with four Hirokos implanted. I have another question:

Would you say the creatures made from the Hirokos, given that apparently they come from a spiritual / soul-based origin. Would you say that, when I'm not transformed, these creatures would have a presence in a person's world-soul / Inner World?

>> No.52518966

Nice, that mean that Operation Seduce Simurgh is a go.
An 89 from a d100 is a success, right?

>> No.52518967

>creatures made from the Hirokos

Oops. I mean more along the lines of... oh god how do I phrase this-


>> No.52518975

Yeah, almost a critical success in fact. You were just one off.

>> No.52519002

Just for the lolz I also rolled to Seduce Scion. I got a nat 100.

>> No.52519038

In that case, you're [spoilers]golden[/spoiler].

>> No.52519058

>Nat 100
...well, I guess you just replaced Eden in Scion's heart. I have no idea if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

>> No.52519129


>> No.52519220

How many people can we stack into one Companion Slot, /jc/?

-Bandage from Binbougami - fuses 2 people
-Gem Fusion - 2 people
-Dual Echo from FFXIV - 2 people
-Biomerge from Digimon Tamers - 2 people + additional others
-Den-O Driver + Phone + J-Liner from Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva - 4+ I think

>> No.52519257

Depends on if you take companions that are multiple people to 1 slot. Like miguel and tulio.

>> No.52519268

Aren't the Waddle Dees already 300 in 1?

>> No.52519282

Biomerge isnt permanent though.

>> No.52519350

I don't think any of those are permanent.

>> No.52519352

Not him but why does the thread seem to love enchanting so much lately? Isn't literally just casting spells ahead of time? What is so great about a type of magic that you can't pull off on spur of the moment?

>> No.52519380

>Gem Fusion
There's no specified upper limit to that. All three Crystal Gems fuse more than once and the Five Rubies fuse together too. It's more about a sense of connection and emotions than any upper limit. There's probably a practical upper limit where it becomes hard to balance so many desires and emotions at once and point them all in the same direction, but technically you could just keep tossing Gems together.

But unless it's a very, very stable connection, Gems don't usually fuse for very long. Garnet can stay fused basically eternally, but she's a bit of a special case.

>> No.52519432

Enchanting + Infinity, then stacking effects.

>> No.52519444

Because it is the obvious superior master race of magic. You make stuff and the stuff does stuff for you, then you can let others use the stuff and they can do stuff for tou, also enchanted gear tends to be able to do stuff most mages just cant snap cast.

>> No.52519480

Probably good? At least if you look at it from the right (non-euclidean) angle.
Would probably be much easier to 'defeat' Scion by just asking him to stop the cycle, show him some ex-nihilo energy generation methods and team up to fight against other Entities. That or if you replace the Seduce roll with a Social one, you could probably convince him to give you all his shards then quietly suicide to find Eden in the afterlife (after having demonstrated that it actually exist or course).

>> No.52519485


Doesn't need to be permanent. We're just looking to mash as many people into one body at one time as possible.

>> No.52519561

>inb4 REEEEE non-euclidean

>> No.52519576

There're a number reasons, but the main one is that you can weave multiple complex spells into an object and use them whenever.

Enchantment isn't merely casting spells ahead of time, it's an important part of item crafting so you can make your work that much more effective, especially when said enchantment grows more potent over time.

It's one thing to simply cast a spell that allows you to wield a flaming sword in one battle. It's quite another to have an enchanted sword with a burning blade that grows stronger the older it is until eclipses even Surtr's own world-ending greatsword.

I prefer neither style as both have their uses and flair, but one can't deny the affect that busting out the ancient enchanted items you wield has. It's kinda like wielding you own original protophantasms, you know?

>> No.52519594

Shepherd's pie, burgers, pizza
It's a three-way tie.
My main man Doctor Victor von Doom, of course!
I have humility and zen perks.
So if he had them…
He'd pull his head out of his ass and save the whole world in like, an hour.
He'd realize that his competition with Reed is petty and childish, and that if he wants true happiness and satisfaction in his life and works, it has to come from within.
>Pickles don't belong in a burger
Pickles don't belong anywhere. Expect those sweet baby gerkins pickles, those things are divine.
>Who ADDS raw onions to shit
People who want tasty burgers? Those purple onions are tasty as fuck raw.
>Mayonnaise is the devil's blood plasma
You're not wrong. It's literally eggs and oil. It's gross.

>> No.52519646

How do I kill Hidan?

>> No.52519667

Being an Angel or Demon from Supernatural, maybe?
Angels need permission to possess people, though.

>> No.52519670

Chakra draining him before a fatal wound. Starvation until his chakra runs out does it in canon.

>> No.52519676

Nullify Magic.
Conceptual Death.
Nuclear Explosion.
No Oxygen.
Brain Death.

>> No.52519679

Eliminate his immortality then kill him.

>> No.52519704


>> No.52519737

That's not what non-Euclidean means you utter mong

>> No.52519846

Well looky here.>>52519737


>> No.52519870

This in one of the spinoffs or something? Far as I remember, he's still alive as chunks of meat during the 4th War. It's why Kabuto couldn't revive him as a zombie, isn't it?

Could just leave him as a living pile of ashes.
Might work. Though, isn't his immortality a blessing from Jashin?
Would probably work, but I'm not planning to go to Tsukihime just yet.
See the first.
He's still alive during the 4th War, despite at that point being stuck as a few chunks of crushed meat at the bottom of a pit. Doubt a nuke would cut it.
See above.

How would I do that?

>> No.52519929

Question: How valuable is (Un)seelie Magic (Winter Focus) from Dresden Files? It's been a while since I've read the books, so I'd like some reclarification...but I do remember it had a hefty price, despite how useful it was.

>> No.52519931

Jashin, far as we know, doesn't actually exist except as a figment of this fucker's imagination. It's just his particular chakra technique.

>> No.52519932

In canon, he gets buried alive, and eventually dies of starvation.

As a jumper, anything that would disintegrate him, including certain magics, or chucking him into a volcano. You could also throw him into space. Or just cut his head off and disintegrate THAT.
Or, hell, just chop his head up into little tiny pieces. He doesn't really have regen so much as he can reattach parts, and everybody just hacks him apart at the joint sections in canon because they are not super great at problem solving.
> "Oh no! He can reattach his body parts and won't bleed out! That means he's invincible!"
No. No it doesn't. It just makes killing him kinda fucking tedious. If you threw all the body parts in an incinerator, he'd probably still burn to death. Eventually.

Failing all that?
A quick Avada Kedavra would probably do the job really easy. I don't think he has anything that guards against soul attacks. Those not really being a thing ninjas have to guard against normally and all.

>> No.52519944

Mind Switch a frog & him, then laugh as he's now an immortal (maybe) frog. Name him Michigan J. teach him to do the ragtime dance.

>> No.52520007

Man, Dark Vision was really weird in this game.

>> No.52520070

Disintegration is the reduction of matter down to the point where at best it disperses as energy. If ashes are left, that's not called disintegration.

Jashin isn't proven to exist. For all we know he's actually just a delusion madman with a type mutation that conferred a specific form of immortality. If Jashin does exist, just use an anti-concept weapon.

You don't need Tsukihime for Conceptual Kills.

If he's the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, there won't be ashes left. In all likelihood there won't be anything left.

Typically "No Oxygen" means he gets ejected out of the planet. You'll be hard pressed to simulate the same conditions otherwise. You should study what happens to a human body in vacuum.

Brain Death is relatively simple, and abuses Hidan's supposed regeneration. You take his Brain and cut it up into several hundred pieces. Now, if Hidan's regeneration is truly omnipotent, he'll either spontaneously create several hundred Hidans one from each brain, or he'll no sell everything and magically reform. But since neither of this happens in the manga, we know that his regeneration isn't omnipotent. If he can't think, there's no proof that he can regenerate, otherwise he'd be instantly regenerating instead of using some sort of inefficient ritual for it.

Harvesting is the same thing, you cut Hidan up and isolate his organs, repeat until the organs either stop attempting to regenerate, or you have a sufficient farm going that harvests what's necessary before it can regenerate completely.

>> No.52520128

Destroy the planet. He'll die in the aftermath. A singularity will kill everything. Just stay outside the Schwarzchild radius and laugh as everything dies.

>> No.52520183

Because humanity is a tool using species. Making useful things ahead of time is what we do, it's baked right into our very essence.

>> No.52520240

>Marvel seriously, stop disappointing me with stupid decisions

>Marvel Comics
>ever not being total retards

Look here at their latest blunder, Anon.

Calling the readers idiots when the problem was never diversity.

The problem was that it was poorly written garbage.

At least DC can admit they fucked up with the New 52 and that's why we have Rebirth.

>> No.52520289

Honestly, the fight with Hidan and Kakuzu was what convinced me that Shikamaru's reputation as a genius was entirely unearned. Because seriously, the plan he used really only worked because of luck. He wanted to do this big complicated scheme, when really all he needed to do was use the resources available to him. Step 1: Shadowbind Hidan. Step 2: Walk him out of his ritual circle. Step 3: Have a Hyuuga hit his tenketsu and paralyze him. Step 4: Have someone with Earth Release bury him up to the neck. Step 5: Decapitation. Bam, nice and simple. None of this "steal Kakuzu's blood and then trick Hidan into using it instead of my blood when he does the ritual so it will be a funny ironic defeat, then blow him up and bury him in a hole" shit.

>> No.52520304

Is it bad that every organization that I take part ends up becoming a cult of personality?

>> No.52520314

Yes, extremely. If you don't have anything to offer your supporters other than "Jumper is so cool", your organizations are going to be pretty ineffective.

>> No.52520323

Most fights in Naruto are horribly contrived when you realize they have the technology to make linear accelerators and chakra railguns. Boruto makes it a plot point that the ninjas are wary of technology because they think it'll make them lose their jobs even though they're already starting to lose their jobs.

>> No.52520340

Darkstalkers has two companion options that give you 4 companions that take one slot.
Final Fantasy XII-2 has some scenarios that gives you 2 companions that take the same slot.
Light of Terra has a scenario in on the DLC where you can get a set of 4 companions that take one slot.

In one of the Ender's Game jumps, the second one, there a perk which allows a person to merge with another. That might be useful for you.

>> No.52520353


Marvel Comics Earth 616 but I doubt any Jumper could pull that off.

>> No.52520357

Oh, sure. But my point is that this didn't need any innovation, just using his friends' abilities smartly. Someone who's actually a genius strategist and tactician knows how to take advantage of the tools at his disposal.

>> No.52520358

Final Fantasy XII-3 also has an option to permanently merge two companions together near the end, as opposed to getting a cool scythe or a plane of your won.

>> No.52520393

The only genius in Naruto is Hiashi.

>> No.52520410

That means you can choose your gender.

>> No.52520430

Yeah, but his plan only half-worked. Himawari's great, but Boruto is a little piece of shit.

>> No.52520439

>Choose your gender
>I choose to identify as an attack helicopter

>> No.52520447

It means you are a bird.

>> No.52520458

The point of sabotaging the ritual was less about Hidan and more about Kakuzu. Kakuzu was the bigger problem and using Hidan to easily kill him (one instance of him anyways) was pretty important. That, and you're applying way too much logic to a situation where Shikamaru personally wanted revenge and to spit in Hidan's face as hard as possible. Could he have done it more efficiently? Yes. Did he need too? No.

>> No.52520468


Truly he is a mastermind the likes of which has never been seen before.

I agree that Boruto is shit, but only personality wise.

But we all know he's going to become stronger than his dad someday.

>> No.52520470

>I choose to identify as an attack helicopter
>TWF you end up wearing a helmet all day making motor sounds with your mouth

>> No.52520485

Probably shouldn't mention jumps that need grandfather clause, it's only going to lead to a mess.

>> No.52520488

His plan doesn't bank or rely on personality or character, just that the bloodlines merge. Boruto is still a success even if he's not cool.

>> No.52520528

Sorry, but what do you mean by grandfather clause? Is there something wrong with them?

>> No.52520541

It's anti-Dirge shitposting. Pay it no mind. The Jumps are fine.

>> No.52520547

It kind of does, though. Because a shitty dude is less likely to reproduce.

>> No.52520605

Nah nah nah, he's been organizing all that stuff himself. Boruto can continue to be a dick and Hiashi will continue to arrange events like grandpa wingman to get him a waifu. Boruto just needs to have balls and be relatively attractive in some way, shape or form.

>> No.52520617

Please, Sasuke got a girl and he was ten times worse than Boruto. Boruto just is acting out because Naruto is too busy helping everyone else out, than spending time with him. He skipped out on his own daughter's birthday, sending a shadow clone, only to make another one to help an old lady across the street. Instead of being at home, having a clone do the paper work, and helping old ladies across the street.

>> No.52520622

Some of the jumps are outdated, but because no one knows exactly which ones they are, it's a hit and miss trying to figure out which versions are which. Some people scream when you use an older version because they don't believe in grandfather clause, so bringing them up is problematic. Though in particular the jumpmaker did say that the entire 13 series needs to get changed, so those ones I guess you could say aren't up to date.

>> No.52520625


>Hiashi keeps trying to push Boruto and Sarada together for Ultimate Bloodline children
>Boruto's shitty personality just makes Sarada want to beat the crap out of him
>Hiashi has to step in directly to stop Sarada from castrating Boruto when he pushes her too far

>> No.52520659

You can fuck right off with your witch hunts.

>> No.52520661

I'd laugh at Hiashi just popping out of some bushes with twigs taped to his head to rescue his grandson.

>> No.52520666

>He skipped out on his own daughter's birthday, sending a shadow clone, only to make another one to help an old lady across the street. Instead of being at home, having a clone do the paper work, and helping old ladies across the street.
The main draw of shadow clones is that you can be in more than one place at once. Why isn't one of his shadow clones always at the offi- oh right, ninjas are idiots.

>> No.52520716

You're kinda contradicting yourself there by calling him a moron when he's using the advantage of Shadow Clones you laid out without ignoring his post as most important dude in the entire village. Being a moron would be more like not using them at all.

>> No.52520717

Here we go then. Slotted in right after the first one.

Old Acquaintance
Ruler - Far Reach, Shadow Walk, Dark Vision, Bonecharm Crafting [Outsider's Mark] Ow... so expensive. But cool.
Natural Philosopher [Free] Build fancy stuff.
Age: 23 (Chronologically 38, but unaging since the start of my first stay)
Location: The Dreadful Wale, Dunwall [Free Choice]
Empty Spaces [100] Seems useful. Especially with my drawbacks.
Wolfhound [400] Always take sense boosts. And with a little touch of the Void, it boosts my supernatural senses too.
Tinker [Free] Nice.
Talent In The Arts [100] This, however, this is just damn great.
Master of Engineering [200] Mmm, yes. Clockworks are fun. Void-y magic clockworks even more so.
Endless Black [300] Oh. Oh my. Yesss. I'd have taken this in a heartbeat, even without the capstone boosting. Fun with the Void and dreams, as well as another cosmetic eye effect to add to the stack.
Basic Kit [Free] I think I'll go for an aristocrat's frock, yes. Emily's got style.
Bonecharm [Free] Alrighty... I'll see.
Whale Oil [Free] ...Could make for interesting experiments.
Continuation [+0] I'm a sucker for continuity.
The Face On Every Wall [+100] So, I'm wanted. Again. Joy.
Scoured [+100] Ah, Delilah's not affected? How helpful.
“Failure To Pay Inter-dimensional Travel Tax” [+200] ...There go last jump's savings. Money's no real concern too.
Too Interesting For Your Own Good [+200] Well. I am supposed to be entertaining, no?

Not sure /exactly/ what to do here... But mostly rob Delilah as much as possible, cause enjoyable chaos, and try to do a non-lethal run.

Maybe help out Emily.

...But stay out of sight most of the time, because my poor wallet.

>> No.52520752

Then maybe next time you answer you'll include the full reason instead of one line that can be easily misconstrued as shitposting.

>> No.52520756

>Sasuke got a girl and he was ten times worse than Boruto

That's only because Sakura is delusional and eventually managed to get Sasuke to pityfuck her, resulting in Sarada's conception.

>> No.52520768

Plus he can make like thousands of shadow clones. Its not like they're gonna be needing to fight. I get limiting the number in fights, but when doing civil duties and what not he has like near infinite chakra. So there was no excuse for one clone to be sacrificed to make another.

Also shouldn't helping old ladies cross the road be something Genins do?

He's a moron for not having a clone at the office, instead of him being there. He could be spending time with his wife & kids, having his shadow clones do all the work.

>> No.52520769

Sasuke didn't get a girl so much as got raped by the girl. That is the only narrative I will accept for how Sarada was born, given that Sasuke ended the series actively contemptuous for Sakura's crush on him. "For fuck's sake, I have tried to kill you like six times now! You're really going to claim you love me after all that, just because of a crush you had on me when we were kids? Fuck you, Sakura. Fuck you."

>> No.52520796

Drowned him in a bucket of boiling water.

>> No.52520800

So if I gave everyone 1000cp, how do you propose I balance the choice between accepting or rejecting the mark?

>> No.52520806


Yeah. It would make sense why he's a deadbeat dad. The entire "I got secret missions to do" excuse doesn't hold water.

>> No.52520810

>He's a moron for not having a clone at the office, instead of him being there. He could be spending time with his wife & kids, having his shadow clones do all the work.
Nah, it's better to have him at the office and send the clones out to do things. The clones don't make more clones, so he should be in the office in case he learns something that needs more of him on the case.

>> No.52520825

With his chakra, he should be able to use shadow clones to finish all the paperwork at any given time, in under an hour. At the very least, he could have a shadow clone at the office 24/7, instead of his actual body.

He takes this approach multiple times in combat and training and other situations - if something is hard, throw more clones at it. This has been his SOP for most of the series. The fact that suddenly he doesn't use it makes him an idiot of the highest order.

>> No.52520827

The situation right there just proves why he wouldn't be doing that though. Why would he leave the post he wanted more than anything, that he was practically groomed for, surrounded by people who did the job around him as he grew up, and treats with extreme seriousness in the hands of shadow clones that are liable to pop from minor accidents? If he can get the time he can get the time, but he's literally running the most powerful ninja village in the world here. Leaving it up to shadow clones is irresponsible as hell.

>> No.52520831

You know, I find it hilarious. DC's comics are relatively on the ball these days, whereas their movies are a Gordian Knot of hot garbage. Whereas Marvel's still pumping out great movies, but their comics are taking constant dumps on the readers.

>> No.52520870

>Nah, it's better to have him at the office and send the clones out to do things. The clones don't make more clones, so he should be in the office in case he learns something that needs more of him on the case.
The clone pops, and Naruto suddenly knows what the clone knew. No matter where he is, he can just make more clones, and send one back to office to continue business as usual.

>> No.52520883

Eh, alright then.

He does have some impressive healing though. Like, during the first fight against Asuma and Shika, he gets pretty fucking beat up. A few days later and after having his head reattached by Kakuzu, he's fine and dandy with barely any trace of the injuries.

Alright, I'll try disintegration.

Eh, I'm hesitant to try nukes, mostly because everybody seems to have a way of dodging nuke-scale attacks

I'm given to understand they heat up until the water boils out of their body. Still don't see why you think a lack of oxygen will kill him.

Again, see the bit where I mentioned he's still alive at the bottom of a pit as a bunch of meaty chunks? He plainly doesn't seem to be capable of dying but for lack of food, and probably disintegration.

>> No.52520884

Is Boruto a shit because his dad doesn't spend time with him, or does his dad not spend time with him because he's a shit? Himawari is an unfortunate casualty of this, though, she has grounds to be upset. She shouldn't have to never see Naruto just because her brother's awful.

>> No.52520888

The instance this problem crops up shows exactly why he can't be doing stuff like that though. He can't be leaving his post to clones that could pop up in the middle of important meetings or when someone is trying to tell him something of grave importance and secrecy.

>> No.52520899

The mark is worth about 380 CP. So don't give everyone 1000 CP.

>> No.52520921

The mark isn't even worth 50 CP.

>> No.52520922

Boruto isn't such a shit that Naruto would actively stay away from home. That's wildly overstating his issues. He's just kind of a shit kid. Not a huge deal, just kind of this thing that is a thing.

>> No.52520925

I'm not that idiot snd I'm just playing devil's advocate here, but you could give them an item stipend.

>> No.52520927

What's your logic for it being worth 380CP? I don't understand that calculation.

>> No.52520956

Agree to disagree, there. If he were my son I'd abandon him every chance I got. But maybe that's just a sign I shouldn't have kids, I don't know.

>> No.52520960

Plus he's super fast. He can be at home, send a new clone, that clone can be back in the office resuming work, and no one will have noticed.

Naruto is too busy being everyone else's dad. Than to be a real dad to his kids.

Boruto is also like 12 years old. So he might be having that teenage rebellion thing going on.

>> No.52520964

>He can't be leaving his post to clones that could pop up in the middle of important meetings or when someone is trying to tell him something of grave importance and secrecy.
Do clones just pop randomly?

>> No.52521000

Quick question about Inner Self from someone who's never played Demon's Souls: if I imbue someone with a soul, to what extent do they gain the original's abilities?

>> No.52521010

>The entire "I got secret missions to do" excuse doesn't hold water

Well to be fair aside from getting away from Sakura he might actually feel bad about all the shit he's done.

Plus, I feel like Sasuke is self-aware of the fact that he'd be almost definitely be MORE of a shitty parent if he was around while Sarada was ground up.

This is the guy who attempted to assassinate the Five Kages right after he and Naruto stopped Kaguy.

>> No.52521011

>More Naruto-posting.
Why does everyone care so much about this tripe? Even for power-levels, it's hardly the best.

>> No.52521012

Yes. That's how Boruto knew it was a shadow clone and not his flesh and blood dad, it popped just from stubbing its toe. Naruto can reinforce them with more chakra for use in combat, but otherwise they're soap bubbles.

>> No.52521013

That's probably a sign you shouldn't have kids. He hasn't even done anything terrible yet, aside from cheat in an exam and act like somewhat of a little bastard. It's not like he killed a baby or some shit.

Distinct possibility, but that doesn't adjust his shit kid status as much as possibly apply a "temporary" tag on it.

>> No.52521040

Eh, it's the end of the thread. Just start up another conversation if you'd rather talk about something else. We can have more than one conversation on here at a time.

>> No.52521042

Naruto was basically a generation's gateway anime thanks to Toonami. Lots of people are personally invested even if the series isn't the best around since they grew up beside it and it got them started.

>> No.52521051

He's just so annoying. He's every shitty Naruto fanfiction cliche rolled into one. Well, nearly every, he hasn't been banished to the west or acquired a harem yet. But otherwise he's awful, just the worst character. I hate him so much.

>> No.52521065

IIRC, everything points to the full extent, but if the recipient doesn't possess a strong soul/will, then they'll be turned into a horrifying chimera of flesh and spirit.

>> No.52521074

>I'm not really sure of Leviathon's power set

Basically, it pretends to only have macro-hydrokinesis (slowly create tsunamis, make aquifers churn) and a pressurised "water-shadow" that appears wherever it moves that it can throw at high speeds.

In truth, its water shadow is created by overlapping space with multiple extradimensional oceans, and his hydrokinesis can just pull people apart.

Still, it doesn't seem to have much beyond that - even when the Simurgh upgrades it, it's still limited to messing around with water (which is an artificial limitation on outright telekinesis).

An Avatar-level waterbender is probably stronger overall - ignoring its speed and the density bullshit.

>> No.52521088

I love to hate it. It's so viscerally bad it loops around and becomes entertaining.

>> No.52521096

They only pop when you serious enough damage. Like getting punched in the face will pop one. Other than that, they're pretty solid. Otherwise Naruto wouldn't have had the accelerated training if they pop randomly. He was full on sparring and stuff with his clones.

Poor Salad, she has shitty parents. Her mom raped her dad, & lead her to believe she wasn't really her mom. Her dad is an edgy one armed ninja, that's been fucked up since he was a kid.

Meanwhile you got Boruto complaining his dad isn't around. Yet at least he shows some interest in his kids. Plus they got a caring mother, and Boruto had an adorable little sister. Where she's only child.

>> No.52521106

If you take Continuation, do the other drawbacks take effect in the intervening 5 years or do those only start working when you get your new perks?

And if you have Endless Black, do you need to sleep yourself or do anything specific to meet those people with Potential in their dreams?

Would the bones of more mystically powerful whales allow you to make better bonecharms? Wondering if I should hunt down Orcinus Rex sometime...

Would the bones of orcas/killer whales work? What about Surya's from Eclipse Phase, if so?

>> No.52521107

The upgrade seemed to be more aimed at giving it a melee boost, actually. It grew nanothorn blades all over, which together with the hyperdensity and speed made it actually pretty dangerous close-in.

>> No.52521115

Jump when?

>> No.52521119

Hey, all of that is fine. I'm not saying he's good, I'm just saying that parental love (from actually decent people as opposed to like, I dunno, Orochimaru???) is usually strong enough to deal with that kind of stuff. Orochimaru is a shit parent but apparently actually likes his kid, so I don't know what's going on there.

>> No.52521160

Yo, as someone who barely knows anything about this show. What's the deal with all the cuck stuff in the fandom that I've been hearing about. I saw an episode or two and it just seems to be good natured adventures and I'm confused by the reputation.

>> No.52521172

This is coming from an anon who like to spout his mouth off labeling everything he sees as shitposting? Good one. There was nothing shitposting related in the first post. Grandfather clause has been a thing since the first updates happened.

>> No.52521182



>> No.52521192

Himawari is a little shit as well. Naruto, on the day he's going to be Hokage, what he has dreamed of for as long as he can remember, gets knocked the fuck out by the little turd after the other little turd pisses her off.
The whole ceremony was performed by a decoy, Naruto was out the whole time.

Himawari is a little shit.

>> No.52521209

At the end of the third season. There's too many questions left for me to make a proper Jump of it yet. I'd rather not have to throw half the Jump in the trash because new details throw everything we know out the window.

It's just fetishists being weird.

>> No.52521221

Yeah, but at least that was an accident. I'm more forgiving of accidental shittery than intentional shittery.

>> No.52521224


When you make one, Anon.

Be sure to include a heartbreak drawback.

>> No.52521246

People making jokes about the male protag going for a girl other than the female protag, I think. And some actual porn, but that's nothing new for anything.

>> No.52521260

both main characters have Crushes on characters beside each other and are simultaneously predestined to be Soulmates via the magic of the blood Moon. also this site really likes NTR

>> No.52521263

What jump do we have that let you sort of pause or soft-quit jumpchain? For a 10 minute retirement arc, or just an extended break.

Jumps where you take some non-standard continue condition you can put off doing so it is like you had chosen to stay, but can complete to move on if you do eventually decide that setting is not you, or finally get bored, or just feel the jumpchain itch again?

I can think of:
Sitcoms, where you can just keep visiting various sitcom setting one after the other once the current one reaches its conclusion

Overlord, where you can take the 42 Supreme Being Scenario and put off finding the last Supreme Being.

I know there have to be more.

>> No.52521276

>It's just fetishists being weird.
>you saying this
This is gold.

>> No.52521284

Fine line, bruh. Fine line.

First you excuse them being a little shit 'cause it was 'just an accident', then they fuck up more and more hiding behind excuses, then you get a real shit.

You've gotta be hard on them right from the start to stop them from being little shits.

Also, what she did unintentionally was so many times worse than anything Boruto did intentionally, therefore she is a little shit who ruined her Dad's biggest day.

Bet he was regretting not wrapping up.

>> No.52521289

Slice of Life. You get a six month vacation there after every jump. Or maybe you build up six months there for every jump you take and get to use it whenever you want. It's unclear.

>> No.52521304

No, Boruto is still far worse. Constant shittery is worse than a single point incident.

>> No.52521308


What is it?

>> No.52521310

Lost Odyssey has that I think? One of the items

>> No.52521314

>If you take Continuation, do the other drawbacks take effect in the intervening 5 years or do those only start working when you get your new perks?
Everything kicks in on the 15th Anniversary.

>And if you have Endless Black, do you need to sleep yourself or do anything specific to meet those people with Potential in their dreams?
When they sleep, you can call on them in their dreams regardless of whether you're asleep or not. You don't have to do anything special.

>whale bone
The bones of any sufficiently whale-like creature will work, but there doesn't seem to be any difference between different whales, so I don't think chasing down Orcinus Rex will do much. Then again, maybe it will. Fanwank.

>> No.52521328

>I know there have to be more.
Sburb? Just put off ending the game after winning.

>> No.52521329

Oh Anon, I knew you cared.

>> No.52521339

Thanks. Was just curious because the perk says it's only part of their abilities.

Would you say strong enough to handle a Stand would generally be safe enough or is it more Green Lantern tier willpower that's required?

>> No.52521374

The HP jump has a "kids going to hogwarts" end condition.

ASOIAF has a 200 year option.

>Or maybe you build up six months there for every jump you take and get to use it whenever you want. It's unclear.
I hadn't thought of it like that.

>> No.52521383

Alright, thanks for the answers.

>> No.52521391

Just remembered Harry Potter.
Most the the Scenarios don't have a time limit to complete them, so you can take one with no intention to do it, then complete it anyway if you change your mind.
The All Was Well Scenario also lets you complete it, then stay in the setting until you decide it is time to go.

Would be funny to you took something like Minister of Magic, but when you do decide to leave the UK was not existed as a nation for centuries, to you need to recreate it to become the minister before you can leave.

>> No.52521427

Technically JoJo with the rings drawback, but that's also super difficult.

>> No.52521442

When you make it, and hopefully before the resident worthless furfag finishes it.

>> No.52521445

Is there any way to "re-spec" powers in Dishonored 2? Because for most purposes, the bloodfly "upgrade" to Shadow Kill would be less useful than the base ash effect.

>> No.52521492

You can just not take that upgrade?

>> No.52521495

/JC/ have you ever pulled a Genji or thought about doing so? Not Overwatch character, but the literary one.

>> No.52521514

Yeah, but there's a possibility I might accidentally take it.

>> No.52521534

No grooming a young child into being the perfect romantic partner for you for when they grow up, is kinda sick by modern standards.

Back the it made a bit more sense because people died young, the ages were kind of compressed, but even then I never really liked the idea. Especially given what else that guy got up to.

>> No.52521535

Be a pathetic shit?

>> No.52521555

Most people probably haven't read Genji Monogatari to begin with, and at best you might get a couple folks who know the Benkei Standing Death legend, or the Thousand Arms bridge. Kind of hard to expect people to know what Genji himself actually did, especially with how fucking slow Genji Monogatari is as a novel.

>> No.52521571

Which part? Shining Genji had quite a few things he did in the Tale. What exactly do you mean?


>> No.52521592

Genji did a lot of things. You might as well ask people about their Yojimbo-esque exploits instead.

>> No.52521594

Any time my jumper companions somebody after rolling a low enough age. It's pretty much unavoidable, since Jumper has been around for over a century, and the companion-to-be has known them most of their life.
If you're being strict with the definition, actual adoption before waifuing is much more rare. I can't think of any jumps in which my Jumper did that.

>> No.52521598

>I balance the choice between accepting or rejecting the mark?
Offer a choice between the Mark or Endless Black, and the other one costs CP?
So you can be be a being like the outsider, or have the outsiders favor?

But honestly, I don't see 'rejecting the mark' being a in setting thing. He Marks who he will. And he marks you. You can choose to develop and use the power it gives you, or not. In that sense it is like Magic in Harry Potter. Everyone gets to be a magician for no cost. You can choose to ignore the gift, purposefully flunk out of Hotwarts, and go to muggle school and be an actuary, but that is a personal choose, not a CP thing.

The mark would be better as a free perk you can choose not to take it you really don't want it (like other free perks) Or have a drawback where you don't get any powers from the Mark for the duration of the jump

The mark is a big part of the setting like magic is in Harry Potter so jumpers are not charged for it, even if few people in the setting actually have it.

>> No.52521620

Hrm... Not sure this is the best answer, but how about Megamind? (This may be a cheat... does super ex-villain with stylistically villain inclinations count?)

>> No.52521627

Except Dishonored 2 gives you the option to out-and-out reject the mark and the shit it offers.

Learn the fukken game buddy.

>> No.52521644

He opened up whining about Red. It's the shitposter, he doesn't play videogames.

>> No.52521651

Make a Whalebone Charm to let you still use previous functionality by choosing between possible effects, probably with a buff to boot.

>> No.52521657


>> No.52521689

He's obviously talking about pulling a Hikaru Genji Plan.

>> No.52521750

>Learn the fukken game buddy.
Yes, lets everyone buy and complete this game mentioned before they can make a post. That is completely a completely realistic and not bullshit expectation for a text based imagination game.

>He opened up whining about Red
Forget your trip myrmidont?

>> No.52521767

>I don't see 'rejecting the mark' being an in setting thing.
It's explicitly a thing.

>> No.52521772

It's in the first fifteen minutes you whiny mongoloid.

Substantiate your whininess and do your fucking research for once in your miserable, misbegotten, motherless life.

>> No.52521795

Welp, sorry for assuming the better things.

>> No.52521829

But why make a concrete argument when I can shitpost?

>> No.52521842

Yeah, but the Mark is given to those the Outsider finds interesting. Perks, especially those in Dishonored, are generally supposed to represent accomplishments from your background. The Mark doesn't weaken its recipients, age them, or anything else of the sort; they still remain interesting and accomplished people.

>> No.52521851

To be fair most normal people wouldn't have even thought of something that idiotic. Even if you bring this up to people who know what Genji is, generally that aspect of Genji is completely ignored. When you consider who the writer of Genji was, it all gets put together pretty well.

>> No.52521852

Megamind needs to be a jump so bad, supero and villain lines are easy as hell to write, villain getting supertech and PRESENTATION, hero superman like powers, drop in could maybe be music man, and reporter could be for not getting excited, foreseeing events before they happen (except for the spider) and having villains not willing to actually kill you.

>> No.52521882


Nah, a Jumper is not around long enough for that to be a viable option and also its weird and probably immoral.

>> No.52521890

So you should buy a game just to watch the first 15 minutes? That is even dumber than your last comment. Go away /v/fag. This thread is for people who want to jumpchain, not play videogames.

>> No.52521899

So confirmed, all you want to do is shitpost at myrmidont.

Glad you're honest at least.

>> No.52521902

It'd be kind of hard to avoid OTB syndrome, though.

>> No.52521917

What did you say? Speak up!

I need hearing!

>> No.52521923

>how do you propose I balance the choice between accepting or rejecting the mark?
To throw your question back at you.
>It's explicitly a thing.
What does rejecting the Mark get you in Dishonored 2?

>> No.52521945

Obvious photoshop is obvious.

>> No.52521957

Why do you want an ownership tat from a ugly british twink?

>> No.52521960

>What does rejecting the Mark get you in Dishonored 2?
Extra money for upgrades, because instead of using runes you sell them like all the other loot you gather. So I guess maybe it could be balanced by giving you a CP stipend to spend on items?

>> No.52521974

>I'm being a faggot and no one can stop me, tee hee!

>> No.52522005

Just get the Mark in-jump. The Outsider's shown he's willing to offer multiple opportunities to those he finds interesting; and it's not the Benefactor's giving it to you, so it's not like the Mark's fiat-backed or anything.

>> No.52522014

It's like watching the special olympics all over again.

>> No.52522018

This is why we should've banned Red from touching the Dishonored 2 jump.

Fucking look at what it's causing right now. Nothing but salt.

>> No.52522033

Isn't it time for your nap, Timmy?

>> No.52522038

You're so full of shit your eyes are turning brown.

>> No.52522044

>What does rejecting the Mark get you in Dishonored 2?
>In the jump
No, in the videogame the jump is based off of.
Myrmidont is asking what the opportunity cost of rejecting the Mark is worth?
I am saying look at the game, what does rejecting the mark grant you? Is it a storyline choice and you don't gain anything game mechanic wise, then the Mark should be 0 CP, and you get 1,000 CP whether you accept it or not.

If rejecting the mark gives you some special mechanical benefit, then give that in the jump.

>> No.52522053

>People call you out on not playing the game.
>Left no other option, you just devolve back to muh Red.

>> No.52522072

How's that Warcraft update coming along?

Oh wait. You literally were to the point of begging people to take it off your hands.

Funny how events work out when you let it get to your head.

>> No.52522074

Except the perks are kind of prerequisites to be given the Mark. Notice how the Outsider only offers his blessing to the people who already have such effects. You don't see him giving it to some random, unremarkable hobo after all, so it doesn't really make sense to nerf people in that way. Balance it by making people take a mandatory drawback or two.

>> No.52522092

You know what's cool about Dishonored 2? The Masterwork upgrade for Corvo's crossbow. One of them is just a rate of fire increase, but the other splits the bolt into three homing arrows. Fucking awesome, I'm definitely purchasing that one with the upgrades option. Definitely going to get Ritualist, too, because bonecharms are really awesome in Dishonored 2. I never really cared much about them in the first game, but with the ability to choose what effects you want and stack multiple effects onto one charm, they actually become useful.

>> No.52522103

Put your fucking trip back on Red.

>> No.52522108

Yeah my bad. Typical me, shot off a post without reading. I do wish Dishonored 2 would give points like Dishonored 1 did. So that we can pick & choose what to buy, what to upgrade...etc. Instead of "Pick 3".

>> No.52522125

>but the other splits the bolt into three homing arrows
What. How?

>> No.52522132

An achievement and that's it. You can still use bone charms for some reason though. Just no crafting or upgrading them.

>> No.52522151

Its coming along well, the person doing it posts here every now & then. You should read them.

How's your jumps coming along? Oh wait, you don't have any. Keep shitposting, maybe one day you'll be a real jumpmaker.

>> No.52522163

Not Red, just someone who wants to talk about cool things he likes. Dishonored 2 is a fun game. My only real complaint is that Corvo's weapon upgrades are a lot cooler than Emily's, which is a shame because I feel that the plot works better playing as her. I mean, you can get either one's powers for the other through New Game Plus, but weapons are still character-locked.

I'm not sure. If you look closely when you lock on to multiple targets there's a little blade that pops up on the arrow track to split it, but I don't know how it guides them. I guess there's some compact clockwork engine in there that calculates how to deflect each bolt fragment in the right direction, or something like that? Or maybe it's just magic, there's a built-in bonecharm that you can't see.

>> No.52522184

>maybe one day you'll be a real jumpmaker.
You aren't serious are you? That line coming from you is more than just a bit hilarious.

>> No.52522190

>splits the bolt into three homing arrows.
Is it via magical cloning or some such? Because otherwise it sounds like that'd just lead to three weakened bolts that are only useful as a distraction.

>> No.52522220

How many jumps have you made? If you can't answer that then its 0. That ok Timmy, there's plenty of non-jump makers. Just they're not as shitty as you. Seriously, go change your diaper.

>> No.52522225

>you can get either one's powers for the other through New Game Plus
And yet we're nerfed to not obtaining the other set. I guess we can thank a certain naefag for that.

>> No.52522229

You can unlock the entire line in time with runes according to the jump. The pick three is what you start with.

>> No.52522245

I'm not >>52522072, I've made more than my fair share of jumps. It's just hilarious seeing a line like that come from you of all people.

>> No.52522250

No, it appears to be mechanical. They do the same amount of damage as normal, too. I don't get it, I just know that it's my favorite weapon for sniping. Technically the sniper pistol upgrade is better for that, but it's noisy, looks dumb, and is mutually exclusive with the more useful shotgun pistol upgrade. That fucking shotgun, I love it, kills any enemy in the game in two shots. No fapping about with disabling clockwork soldiers piece by piece, just hold the trigger down for half a second.

>> No.52522262

>I've made my fair share of jumps, senpai!

SB jumps don't count.

>> No.52522264


Seconded. Well, villain getting not just supertech, but intelligence boost too.

Hrm... Drawbacks definitely have to include stuff like "...just not a super..." which completely takes away all ability to be stylish, make a dramatic entrance, and in general, gives you negative presentation.


I'd be more worried about One False Build syndrome. ie, say, the reporter line or whatever being one no one wants.

>> No.52522289

Dirge you have to stop.

>> No.52522299

>Substantiate your whininess and do your fucking research for once in your miserable, misbegotten, motherless life.
Aside from getting up on the wrong side of the bed, you are giving bad advice.
We have 700+ jumps. You need to be able to get everything you need to take a jump and make a short writefag from the text of the jump itself.

By saying you need to do all this other stuff outside the jump all you are saying is the jump is not doing the job of representing the setting very well.

>> No.52522300

Funny, considering the quality of your dreck is just about perfect for what SB considers acceptable.

>> No.52522306

Wow, is that your retort? I mean, knowing you I suppose you're also one of the idiots who insists all of my jumps are SB jumps when I have my own drive for them.

Tell you what, catch up to me and you can talk about what counts and what doesn't.

>> No.52522326

When it comes to Many's moments of shooting his mouth off there's no need to stop, anon. It's fun watching him spout things out like >>52522262. Makes me wonder just how much of it is automatic now.

>> No.52522329

Really, you have a whole drive full of your jumps? Could you share them? I'd like to see your work. Not trying to do a bit here, just genuinely interested. More jumps are always good.

>> No.52522337

>What does rejecting the Mark get you in Dishonored 2?
Absolutely nothing, which sucks, and is exactly why I feel that jumpers should get extra cp for not accepting it in the jump.

Alternatively, I just love Emily's crossbow design, even if Corvo gets the more useful toys.

Unfortunately that's exactly something I didn't like about Dishonored 1 jump.

>> No.52522339

>completely takes away all ability to be stylish, make a dramatic entrance, and in general, gives you negative presentation.

Truly a 600 cp drawback if I ever saw one.

>> No.52522365

I'm getting the feeling somebody needs to take the jump away from you. This isn't going to end well.

>> No.52522377


>> No.52522383

>Alternatively, I just love Emily's crossbow design, even if Corvo gets the more useful toys.
I agree her weapons look better (at least, if you get the chaingun upgrade for her pistol, otherwise the perpendicular box magazine looks so dumb), but they're just not as good. At least she gets more fun powers to play with. Maybe not as strong, Corvo's feel kind of like easy mode in some ways, but Emily's are much better for fucking around with the NPCs, which I think we can all agree is the real gameplay objective of Dishonored.

>> No.52522384

So you want to talk about something you know nothing about and want your opinion about that thing you know nothing about to be respected even against those who do know what they are talking about?

Actually knowing what you're supposed to be talking about is in fact a perfectly reasonable and realistic expectation. That you think it isn't is just... wow, so stupid.

Your brain must be a magnificently stupid and twisty place for you to think that this makes any sense.

>> No.52522396

Unrelated, you are the one working on the Dredd jump (based on the movie, so no ghosts or other weird shit) right?

How did Dredd turn into Dishonored?
I thought it was just my own personal chain where all the Overseers got Judged to high hell.

>> No.52522398

One day.


Could you fucks just go ONE DAY without this unnecessary bullshit.

>> No.52522420

Should I be concerned that you know what that word means?

Should I be concerned that I know what that word means?

>> No.52522433

Oh shit hey, thanks. Lost track of my link for that a while back.

>> No.52522434

Bone charms are actually widely usable, in setting - a few written sources mention minor ones that wouldn't impact gameplay (like, as the notes mention, one that protects against pregnancy, another that gives more stamina, etc). Anyone can use them in general, but the knowledge of making them, and specific charms?

That's more rarefied.

>> No.52522443

Oh, you're Dirge. Sorry, didn't realize. I already have a link to that drive. Thanks, though.

>> No.52522450

Someone could always poke PrincessAnon or Yorokonde to post their porn jumps if you want a distraction that bad.

>> No.52522458

Shit-chan, how have you been. I haven't seen you for a while.

Are you keeping well? Didn't catch the cold that's going around, I hope?

Oh, and are you still trying to hump Red's leg like a horny mastiff? I swear she needs to use a spray bottle on you, you naughty little pup.

>> No.52522466

Have we ever gone one day without at least one REEEfest when the shitposter wasn't banned before?

>> No.52522489

>one that protects against pregnancy
Aren't they, like, the size of an average person's spread hand? Where would you put it?

>> No.52522490

>muh Redpostin'
>I've made jumps, so I'm a leading authority!
What jumps?
>lol just trust me. Would I lie to you? ;^)

>> No.52522491

Yeah, you don't even need to have the Mark to craft them, it just makes it easier. The Outsider likes to talk about how all the magic and rituals are just the attempts of sycophants to draw his favor, but it's clear that there is magic separate from his blessing. It's just less immediately useful, you have to set things up in advance.

>> No.52522508

Thanks, buddy.
Hope you've been keeping well.

>> No.52522510

see >>52522377 dipshit

>> No.52522520

Ahaha, are you that behind or are you just selectively blind? If you're going to pull the same thing Many did and go "oh but your jumps are SB jumps!" you should have pulled that card from the start.

>> No.52522525

>I feel that jumpers should get extra cp for not accepting it in the jump.
That is fair, but currently they are not getting extra CP, they are getting normal CP, with the ones taking the mark getting hosed.
Anon who mentioned the runes as a source of income had a good idea. Rejecting the Mark gives you a Item Budget. Like if the Base plus 3 powers Marked start with would be unlocked by runes, rejecting the mark means you have 4 runes worth 400 CP burning a hole in your pocket.

>Unfortunately that's exactly something I didn't like about Dishonored 1 jump.
Can't say I disagree there. Normally when you have access to some magic system, you are not paying CP for individual spells. Not everything should be the purview of CP or Perk stuff.

>> No.52522528

He is not a clever shitposter.

>> No.52522547

If this is really Dirge, I have a question about the FFXIV jump. Now that the Heavensward story is finished, will you be updating the jump, to add the new content (and maybe also have it be a bit more open-ended, so people could do Stormblood+future expac stuff)? Also, could you add a soundtrack perk?

>> No.52522573

So so, I've been working towards a hairbrain decision to work for another plant, so just waiting for a response maybe this week or the next. My old colleagues work there so there's maybe a 20% chance of getting in. Prepping for that has pretty much been consuming my life.

Actually I came to see if ASA was around since I'm almost finished FF12. With any luck I won't break 200 pages, was going to see if he found anything unnecessary with it so I could trim things.

>> No.52522574

Hey, hey. Don't diss the sniper crossbow.

And, in some ways, I prefer Far Reach over Blink - the ability to grab things at range, without being noticed? So very useful, for snagging runes and charms without being noticed.

That's the Runes, the things you consume to upgrade powers. The Charms are more the size of an adult's finger, going off what see in game. Though they do get larger when you craft multiple charms into one.

>> No.52522596

You wear them on a belt. If you look at the upgrades screen for bonecharm capacity, Corvo and Emily have a strap holding them on underneath their jackets, kind of like a bandolier. Presumably other people wear bone charms in a similar way. It's only the really powerful ones that are the size of a palm, too, the weaker ones use only a single piece of bone and are small enough you could probably wear them as a necklace without discomfort.

>> No.52522620

>Actually I came to see if ASA was around

You have him on steam, you can PM him on Spacebattles.

Why prance about where you know there are bad feelings?

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