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In the post-apocalyptic wasteland by the riverside, there lies an enormous market town, which buys and sells every good, service, and item imaginable, and some that aren't. What's being sold, who's selling, and who's buying?

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Shady latinos selling drugs to junkies

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A jolly fat man in gentleman's attire sells trinkets and novelties from before the apocalypse from an old food truck he's converted into a mobile market stall.

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Hand made weapons of questionable quality.

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It's spelled 'bazaar'.

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Really? That's bizzare.

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this young but wise lady is selling maps of underground tunnels, filled with the riches of the old world but guarded by mutated humans who've lost all recognition of sanity.

if you survive, you could potentially equip dozens of people with high-end weapons and armor, find medicine that could save hundreds, a power source that could fuel a city for decades...

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>A jolly fat man in gentleman's attire selling 'Questionable Tacos' from an old food truck.

When questioned on the content of said 'Tacos' the standard reply is "Don't worry about. There's no one you know in these Tacos."

And of course you can't have a post apocalyptic market without slaves and prostitutes.

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A doctor sells his services.

He learned his trade at the feet of a man who claimed to be an actual, old-world physician, and has a whole book-shelf full of real, old-world, medical text-books.

He even has some salvaged medical equipment, refurbished to a state of almost full functionality.

His impressive qualifications make his services highly sought-after & he commands exorbitant prices for his help.

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A blacksmith selling both mundane metal objects and stuff like swords and armor. Actual quality smiting too, not just a hammered out stop sign or a stick with an axe head tapped to it.

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A twitchy, bearded man who smells overwhelmingly of cloying rotten egg intensely attempts to sell anyone who locks eyes pipe-bombs and grenades from what seems to be a roughly converted ice cream van.

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a waster sells maps and offers his services as a guide, when hes not out his mind on drugs.

He knows the area like the back of his hand and can lead you to the territory border but he'll go no further. His maps can lead the way in other territories but they'll cost you

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A travelling bad of mercenaries led by a blue hairy mutant sells safe passage to the next major settlement.

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A trader of herbs & spices. Such commodities have been traded since the dawn of time, and the apocalypse has done nothing to change this.

People are still willing to pay for a little something to make their food more palatable.

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A grizzled merchant disregards threats as he haggles over the price of slaves

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A weeping widow, selling her youngest son to slavers, to keep her other children fed a while longer.

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A kid sells mutated extremely intelligent racoons (B. Sterling, Our neural Chernobyl). Everyone of them retains random knowledge about the world before.

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A large man with an impenetrable accent flogs dog-eared books and magazines dating to The Old World from the back of his horse. If you were to ask him, the ancients who came before hid sacred knowledge in their tomes. His horse is named Sportsillustrated.

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A priest. Selling minor indulgences.

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An electrical technician: A man of rare expertise in the wastelands.

Mechanics and tinkers are ten-a-penny, but a man who can take a pile of salvaged circuit-boards & produce something resembling a rudimentary computer... that's something special.

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A shop who's walls are lined, floor-to-ceiling, with cages of all sizes, filled with mutant beasts.

The shop-keeper takes no responsibility for any injury caused by the creatures he sells. His stance on refunds is protected by a number of trained guard beasts.

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This priest is bald-headed, and has a long goatee. If questioned about his religion, he dodges the questions with strange and irrelevent proverbs.

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>Trapped in purgatory
>A lifeless object, alive
>Awaiting reprisal
>Death will be their acquiescence

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Tss tss tss tss
Blbidugnmcdifhvbnvmvcmraaaarrfgngngngnvi idcnhfgjfjh

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The man and his family seem out of place. Setting up their camper in the bazaar, they behave more like tourists from a by gone era.

Their friendly, polite, the children are well behaved, the mother knows a thing or two about some of the neighboring territories, and the dad will be more then willing to fix any small mechanical item for anyone, they just have to listen to one of his "back in my day" stories.

They'll even invite you to join their cook out that they'll happily and repeatedly assure you that what their grilling isn't people.

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A local stalker offers to bring people on the safest route through the harshest areas in the wasteland for a fee, people who pay him tend to find the way to their destination 3x faster.

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Ditzy sexbot. Seems almost new.

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A group of mutated and barely intelligent baboons haggles over fresh produce with a sunburnt and irritated albino woman.

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A trio of peacekeepers making their rounds. One would be well to remember that "peacekeeper" is not a synonym for "law enforcement."

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The unassuming man.

An older man; getting on towards the tail-end of middle-age, reasonably well turned-out (at least, by the standards of the wasteland), affable and friendly, he seems completely unremarkable in almost every respect.


If you know the right people & ask the right questions, word will get back to him that you require his services.

You give him a name.

Within a week the owner of that name will have a terrible accident, or suffer a sudden illness, or, perhaps, simply disappear without trace.

Then he will come to you and you will give him a substantial sum of money. It is unwise to try and cheat him.

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Prince Proteus's House O' Hoes.

A mutant brothel overseen by ruthless, psychopathically violent, pimp Prince Proteus.

Every form of physical perversion may be indulged within it's incense-smoke-stained walls:

Beast-women, hermaphrodites, freakishly over-endowed living sex-dolls; any woman with a fetishized deformity may find employment under the dubious auspices of Prince Proteus.

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an old man of afguli descent selling hand-crafted firearms of almost decent quality, if asked he will speak of how his grandfather learned his skills in the caves of the old country.

the firearms are all falling-block types, in a variety of shapes and calibers

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a tatto artist, turning mere skin into art

her prices are depending on size and detail

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a temple of the four, in these trying and confusing times faith will surely be a guide and comfort,

the tenents of the church of the four can be summed up as,

the rapture happened,
sinners and saints went the way of the dodo,
yahwe and samael killed eachother,
the slighly good and mildly bad got the world,
the meek shall inherit nothing,

most of the prayers revolve around asking the four politly to leave us the the fuck alone

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Jezeriah and his cat, its not intelligent or mutated, just smarter than any natural cat has a right to be, are searching for a posse of men to partake in a mutant vegetable hunting expedition, to cull the infestation that has cropped up in the wilderness near his home town.

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cunts and food, what else?

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a war-band of vaulter mercenaries, two handfull or so of warriors from the mysterius bunker-states,
armed and armoured in pre-war hardware these strangers are a sight to behold, currently between proper employment they are traveling the badlands guarding caravans and doing personal protection jobs

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Having made a fortune braving the deep wastes with his trade caravan for years, Stanneil Metcalf is so wealthy that people are willing to overlook his severe mutations.

Word is he's looking to hire some hands for another trade expedition. Folks have been flocking to his walled villa in the residential district to offer thier labour, so you'd better hurry if you're interested.

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The Bazaar has no shortage of scavengers hawking odds, ends, curios, & general detritus salvaged from the surrounding wastes. Few of them, though, will brave the ruins.

In spite of the rich pickings available, dark & dangerous things lurk in the shadows of the shattered concreate structures. Anyone brave enough to venture into the twisting, rubble-choked streets may find thier fortune... or thier fate.

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There is a guy selling water. Clear, cold, reliable, non-contaminated water
And next to him, his wife is selling fresh garden veggies.

Shit's so well guarded there are literally 5 guys on guard next to them, for their share of profits.

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Gangs of small children, often mutants, rejected by their own parents, roam the Bazaar. Begging, picking pockets, running errands for a few coins, they do whatever will get them there next meal.

Those who value keeping an ear to the ground will frequently slip a coin or two to these urchin gangs, gaining eyes & ears everywhere for as long as the money lasts.

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A mentally challenged man is being beaten by an old man with a cane, presumably for knocking over the old man's shopping cart and scattering its goods when he attempted to steal something shiny within.

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In a dark corner of the bazaar, you'll find a.cart manned by fellow wearing a black robe and plague mask. He's no doctor he says, but he's got enough chems to keep you alive until you can find.one.

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The widow is young and if not for her filthy condition, would be comely by wasteland standards. If asked, she'll tell that her husband was slain by a gang of raiders that have been targeting them, leaving their homestead defenseless. Though she can handle a gun, there's only so much she can do to defend her six children, and while the harvest was meager, it would've been enough to sustain them, had the raiders not burned what they couldn't take.

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Numerous food-vendors sell their wares, both from stands & carts. Even the most hideously mutated creatures can still taste pretty good if you fry it up properly. A little relish, plenty of salt. Good eatin'.

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> mutant vegetables
> infestation has "cropped" up

I see what you did there.

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Six of the stalls next to Auntie's burned down two weeks back. Another leaky, rusty fuel drum and too much sun. Or so they say.

Somebody had to set up on the ashes, and I wouldn't think of blaming them for starting the fire, but these people aren't even selling anything. Not for barter, anyway. They all wear the same thing like they're a hoity-toity tribe, putting on airs, calling each other 'yessir' or 'corporal' and they have this red-white banner that looks like a foghorner eating a TV aerial.

These Reds make almost as much noise as the Crier, but instead of sharing tricks and happenings, they boast about how they're going to finally take back the cities now they're cooling off, and that they need everyone old enough to hold a gun and wear their clothes and rattle off their words to help make it happen. Most don't give them the time of day, but this morning they had enough folks behind them to buy out another stall.

Auntie next door to them says they're lovely people, but she goes on like we're all her nieces and nephews, those godforsaken, thieving mutie runts too. But even they stay clear of the Reds.

Cities are getting colder. The road gangs are coming back. Now this. Times are changing.

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His wife has a slightly odd sense of humour.

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An old hermit selling Geiger counters, metal detectors and some weird things he calls Gipis, but appears to be broken, only showing "No sattelite signal" message upon turning on.

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Firearm alternatives in a post-gunpowder-production society.

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A Gruff Man in a leather jacket and his Mutant Mechanic companion are repairing their Car after it had been damaged in a fight. After the fight they barely drove it into town into an unused garage.

The two are unwilling to leave the vehicle unattended out of fears it might be stolen, but are in dire need of certain components in order to repair the vehicle.

They believe that the components might be found in the wasteland town's junkyard.

They promise some supplies in return for this service and might offer a lift to the next settlement/point of interest?

The vehicle is in pretty good shape minus the recent battle damage that rendered it inoperable, has off-road suspension and armored exterior.

Depending on the setting it can be one of the few working vehicles still around.

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A lot of ways it could be done,

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>Implying those would be easier to makes than home-pressing bullets
>Implying crossbows wouldn't be just better

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Black powder is to simple to just go away, there are even sulfur less recipes for it although they cause even more fouling.

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Gunpowder is actually pretty simple to make, especially saltpeter. Just need a constant source of shit to ferment the stuff........

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Cut down double barreled muzzle loader with one barrel loaded with buckshot and the other with buck and ball, possibly with a mixed ignition system.

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>Still missing the point
The tools required for that would yield you better, more reliable weapons.

>> No.52510890

Are you at least semi-aware how hard it is to have access to pressurised air, especially when you don't have a supply of electricity on a whim?
I get it, they had those in MM2, but they had them as massive, vehicle-transported rigs, cutting down problems with such weapon to a moot point. Making them portable meanwhie... well, you are in a world of pain.

Go read about Girandoni air rifle.

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which tools and what weapons?

>> No.52510921

Ok, I rest my case, since you seriously think a hand pump will be able to do that.
I mean it will be able to do that... assuming you have everything super-tight and have spare time to push it about 80-100 times.

Like I said, go read about Girandoni. All the issues with the gun still apply today.

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No I do not I am NOT air rifle anon. quit implying I am you fucking shit. I honestly don't know what gave you that Idea.

>> No.52510955

You would need a well-stocked machinist shop, with decent lathe and/or good welding equipment. Preferably both, since I doubt you will have any industrial-tier glue or lubricate to seal the screws.
Those tools need electricity.

Assuming you have a shop capable of making those, you could as well make pretty much anything else. For example, like other anon pointed out, crossbows. Which would be MUCH easier to make and definitely more reliable at combat, with roughtly the same fire-rate and definitely better stopping power. Not to mention you can make one, having rigid piece of scrap/wood, elastic piece of scrap/wood and any form of string and cord. Oh, and a knife to bend/carve them together.

Also, this >>52510890 . Girandoni was the only military-issue air gun ever made. And it works only if you ignore pressure issues.

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My Idea was something like https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/scheda-prodotto.asp/l_en/idpr_36/pistols-howdah-hunter-howdah-hunter-kombo.html with an ignition system made from whats available for a personal weapon. Not a god damn air gun.

>> No.52510977

How did you get "air gun" from muzzle loader?

>> No.52510982

Then why the hell you've posted air guns and talked about shooting without having charges? Assuming it was you.

>> No.52510996

You don't, unless you want to spend a lot of time with ramming and further decrease the muzzle velocity due to lack of proper pressure.

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Make for good fertilizer apparently.

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I am not>>52509597 or >>52509586
I did not post those my first post was >>52510801 than >>52510827 than >>52510901 than >>52510942 than >>52510967 I was not talking about a fucking air gun, a muzzle loading black powder sawn off shot gun if what I was fucking talking about.

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Why not make up some more game scenarios?


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Me, cause I'm mad as hell

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Set me up an encounter for mad Anon in the wasteland

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Anon mad, anon make bombs using random containers, black powder, nitro, or other incendiary substances and about 30 minutes worth of fuse and hides them all over the bazaar the last one was lit about 10 minutes after the first happy hunting.

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Sounds........ Painful

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>Getting this mad about being confused with different anon

>> No.52511148

>assuming some one is some one else because you can't read.

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I wasn't even part of the discussion you had.
Seriously, how new are you to using Vietnamese anonymous imageboards?

>> No.52511175

Been about 3 years. Normally just lurk, felt like a fun tread and beveis and but head pissed me of now I can't go to bed.

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Sounds like a personal problem

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A short and excitedly anxious man in his 40s is bellowing at the crowd of disinterested passer's-by. He is attempting to sell drying mud for an exorbitantly high price.

Every few seconds he spills precious water on the mound, stocks of which he refuses to negotiate on.

Above him hangs a large neon sign of arranged letters, powered by one of the few expensive generators available on hire. It states "Ted Sheckler's Moist Dirt Emporium"

>> No.52511806

Is this some reference I've missed?

>> No.52512403


A pair of rugged and drunken men stand outside one the Bazaar's many drinking establishments, arguing over the veracity of makeshift weapons. One advocates for compressed air rifles, and the other advocates for simpler crossbows. It looks like they've been arguing for a while, and if someone doesn't interlude, it will almost certainly devolve into a knife fight.

>> No.52512504


A frog mutant wearing what looks like an antiquated uniform and helmet sits inside a drinking establishment, passively watching their >>52512403 argument. It has what looks like an obsolete bolt action which he refers to as his "nugget."

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In an alleyway, a handful of stray cats and kittens can be seen gnawing on the bottom half of what used to be a giant lizard. The bottom half is severely decayed, and looks like it's at least four days old. The cats don't seem to mind, and if someone were to feed them something fresher, they'd be very appreciative.

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A heavily armed bear mutant and his adopted daughter are at the Market Town selling salvage from a rickety wooden wagon. Most of their salvage is scrap metal, but they've managed to get their hands on a few canned peaches and a stack of old porno magazines. The bear is very gruff and irrated, explaining that he needs to get enough food to be ready for hibernation later this year, he's irritated because he won't be able to salvage while he's hibernating. The bear refuses to explain where he'll be hibernating or how much food they've gathered so far, for the girl's sake.

>> No.52513832

A man selling a several crates of Hopes and Dreams. He also sells Dignity, Good Intentions, Happiness, Conscience and Common Sense, most rarest of his goods.

>> No.52513937

Yes, hello, I'm in the market for a castrated male of girlish build and complexion to serve my warband as entertainment and domestic service. Previous experience has taught me that an actual female is unsuited for this role as she will inevitably cause disputes and infighting within the group.

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too l8 m8 bought them all ;P

Following the crudely written signs you will find the animal pens at the far end of the market. All manner of creatures are on sale. Livestock, domestic pets, hunting companions, working animals. In the ruins of the church by the pens you'll find a plastic astronaut. Rudi. Hunter, guide, mercenary

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>> No.52515387


A toothless beggar missing a foot is panhandling by the ruins of an old fountain. He seems to be earnest and in need, but if one were to covertly watch him, they would discover that he is perfectly capable of walking with a rusted prosthetic, and only begs out of sheer laziness.

>> No.52515654


This toothless beggar claims to have served as a Texan Ranger and killed dozens of bandits in his youth, but anyone familiar with the Texan Rangers would realize he's a liar upon asking for specifics.

>> No.52516621

>And those are all names for pharma-grade drugs

>> No.52517415

>sir bearington

Ha ha No, get that shit outta here.

>> No.52519526

Yeah, ok. I completely understand some places will have the resources and know how to make their own gunpowder.

But the wasteland is not a homogeneous unified collection of people who all trade with each other. Lots of pockets where they just don't know. Places where they don't have the stuff.

Come on, it adds variety to a setting.

>> No.52521494


Sir bearington? Fuck no I was inserting my Cataclysm DDA character, a bear mutant who's more spec-ops than anything. Look at that pic, do you see anything that suggests that bear is a knight or shows any chivalrous tendencies apart from a protective instinct towards that little girl? If I was going to insert sir bearington I wouldn't have been that subtle about it anon.

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Do you even need to ask?

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hey OP, I happen to be pretty involved in the pnp post-apocalyptic world, I hope this is legible once posted, I was working on a d10 chart to create unique traders.

I didn't attach the age/race/sex so I'll write it out.

1-white man
2- white woman
3- black man
4- black woman
5- brown man
6- brown woman
7- asian man
8- Asian woman
9- albino man
10- albino woman


1. 16-20
2. 21-27
3. 28-34
4. 35-42
5. 43-50
6. 51-56
7. 57-62
8. 63-70
9. 71-75
10. 76+

>> No.52522057

>overly detailed
>redundant dice chart for a ten point list

Oh shit you're an actual autist, aren't you?

>> No.52522094

>Let's add variety to the setting by adding elements that don't make much sense
People like you cheered for the "speaker truck" and the guy with flamethrower guitar in Fury Road.

>> No.52522109

What the hell is this?

>> No.52522430
File: 415 KB, 1920x926, max-duran-forgoten-train-and-road-final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a poorly formatted set of notes I've posted because it seemed relevant. the thread is 'post-apocalyptic bazaar ' and these notes are related.

it wasn't worth writing all out, I'll be called autistic either way

>> No.52522501

Mate, you literally posted d10 list of useless shit and you are apparently surprised people call you autistic.

>> No.52522594
File: 64 KB, 352x116, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved_Images_1449121672137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> I take notes different from you

I'm suprised this is worth dropping the moniker of autism.


>> 1-2 sentence descriptions is overly detailed.

>> No.52522654
File: 272 KB, 634x783, Ruin_Raider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well shit, apologies for posting useless shit I guess.

>> No.52522690
File: 3.54 MB, 4286x3300, 6877165125_85f36cbca3_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52522752
File: 29 KB, 300x411, i dont know that feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>someone trys to invent something
>people bite his head off

>> No.52522918

Ha, sounds gay.

>> No.52522934

That didn't make much sense did it?


>> No.52522975

Yeah, he was awesome. Completely non-com bullshit ego-stroking by the leadership in an effort to rally the trops in much the same way that he formed a religion around himself. In much the same way that ALL the artistry on their cars and gear was complete bullshit only there to form a sort of tribalism and hierarchy.

As bullshit as the big fluffy hats of the cossacks.

As bullshit as special forces wearing berets.

As bullshit as tacti-cool.

As bullshit as the Blue Angels. (The Navy planes that fly at airshows).

As bullshit as a parade march.

But slightly less bullshit since it's a fucking hollywood film, and your setting is for a fucking table-top game where you have fun playing pretend with your friends. So lighten up francis.

>> No.52523013

Also, Albino isn't a race. There are albino white people and albino black people.

Unless this is some sort of crazy future mutant race thing.

(And by future, I mean ancient European which developed mutant white cracker-asses because it was so cloudy)

>> No.52523124
File: 1.08 MB, 2000x854, fallout_desert_fan_art_by_sinyavsky_d8hbhie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


use your head, roll a d10, if 9-10, roll a d8 on the same chart. (to determine the race of person experiencing albinism )

>> No.52523136

You guys are douchebags. I like your chart, anon. Type it up and some other stuff and make a post-apoc GMing guide and share it here and you'll be more popular than any of the cunts here ever were.

>> No.52523140
File: 18 KB, 480x480, CkIGAlmUYAA0ceP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52523323 [DELETED] 
File: 4.25 MB, 3000x1687, nuclear_spring___fallout_world_by_takeofffly_d6xws7c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you.

>> No.52523394


OP here, this is cool shit, and I've got a thing for random generators. This is nice stuff, have you finished it yet because I'm pretty curious. Don't let these faggots >>52522109>>52522057>>52522501 keep you from it, the vast majority of /tg/ has just as much a hard on for charts as I do. Just the other day I posted an alien species generator chart I brewed up and anons seemed to like it even more than I did!


>bears with machine guns are gay

Get a load of this faggot!

>> No.52523413


>bears with machine guns

What are you? Six?

>> No.52523550
File: 47 KB, 564x400, 4077ca955a71030817a516ed7915bc5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


the Van the dealer drives?

>> No.52523565

>Invent something
>10 option list that doesn't even make sense
Ever heard such saying "If you are retarded, don't play a smartass"?

>Calling this piece of shit "chart"

>> No.52524542

Its not some places its all places that make a variety of gun powders some with have chemists or old factories and can make some sort of smokeless some with nearby sulfur deposits can make good black power and some make sit that fouls a gun in less than a handful of shots and is hard to ignite.

>> No.52524587

It is a chart, though. It's imperfect but at least he contributed something to the thread. It could easily be reworked into a decent chart. You're just being a negative shithead who wants to scare off content producers. If he was trying to sell it on DriveThru that'd be one thing but he's sharing it here to help people.

>> No.52525733
File: 17 KB, 316x348, 1491025960165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anon said it was unfinished asshole.


My point exactly.

>> No.52525972
File: 380 KB, 1548x2023, you just stepped int he wrong neighborhood m8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You walk down a steamy alleyway and find a scientist offering genetic upgrades such as skin as thick and tough as a Gorrila's or chameleon like pigmentation in a lab made of cobblled together equipment

>> No.52526218


The scientist's right eye twitches randomly, his hands seen jittery, and he has a strange limp. Almost every part of his body is covered, by a lab coat, thick rubber gloves, long boots, a doctor's mask and safety goggles. His appearance is unnerving, to say the least, but he seems to know what he's doing.

>> No.52529477

>Samefagging own failed chart
>Pretending it''s not useless even in its basic assumption
Yes, it's sooooo helpful, to have d10 roll to assume the age of merchant and their gender. Because those are the things requiring most thinking and it would take hours to figure them out without this "chart"

>> No.52529559

Is this the infamous American mentality of "everyone is a winner and all that matters is participation"?

>> No.52530220

A scarred guy sells plant seeds, fruit and fertile earth. Also tribal spears and arrow tips only slightly bloody.

>> No.52530516

An uncannily-talkative middle-aged man calls out to passers-by, tempting them to stop with tales of more and better-tasting food for their families. He is flanked by two burly, silent men, and behind him is a battered and dented armored car. An old chalkboard, salvaged from the nearby schoolhouse, sits on the wooden counter. Exchange rates for the many items that pass for currency in the wasteland are scrawled across it. They change daily, sometimes obscenely so, with no rhyme or reason behind the sudden jump or crash. His boisterousness is replaced by curt reproaches when customers attempt to protest his rates.

Some wonder if the only thing keeping the man and his makeshift bank at the market is the shortage of gasoline. He accepts the money gratefully and locks it away in his vault, hoping for the day when he'll scrounge up enough fuel to take a much-needed vacation.

>> No.52530613

rare vintage of ottisem you have their

>> No.52532443


I didn't post the chart faggot.


What is there to win? We're discussing a fictional setting, any contribution is a valuable contribution. If you can come up with a better chart, I'd like to see it.


>Bears are awesome
>Machine guns are awesome
>Therefore, bears with machineguns are twice as awesome

It's basic logic anon.

>> No.52532454


Meant to quote >>52529477, not >>52525733.

>> No.52532630
File: 31 KB, 604x402, _DSC9242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A father/son team are making new gas mask filters from old food tins, ground charcoal from a large kiln behind their stall, wire mesh, and layers of washed fabric.
Each filter is assembled while customers wait, so they can see the filters aren't just old ones brushed up.

On the outskirts of the market, vendors sell animal manure by the sack to anyone that grows their own food. Street urchins with improvised tin scoops follow pack animals being led through the bazaar, and on filling a bag, are handed a chit/portion of bread/a couple of caps/whatever.

>> No.52532902

>Having both autism and mental retardation
Now that's rare

>> No.52533336
File: 9 KB, 163x173, download (14).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52534427

I see you are getting really desperate. What next? Smug anime girls to cover the fact you are the one ass-blasted here?

And since we are about it - how is "no fun" related with your mental deficit?

>> No.52534462
File: 48 KB, 900x900, 1491145142968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


An exuberant but foolhardy mutant is selling various jugs, jars, and boxes of all kinds from a stall made up of jugs, jars, and boxes of all kinds. He seems to be semi-aquatic in nature, and wears a strange contraption made up of various jugs and hoses that allows him to breathe murky water I instead of air, though he could breathe air in a pinch, it isn't nearly as comfortable. He has a water purifier in his possession, but he is unwilling to sell or negotiate a price on it.

If attacked, his prodigious strength, regenerating body, inability to process pain, and almost total lack of vital organs would make him extremely difficult to defeat. He has a single shot shotgun and a hefty wooden "beat-stick" to deter would-be thieves.

>> No.52534531
File: 100 KB, 1024x768, 1490970493009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Tell me, what am I doing wrong? Is it wrong that I don't criticize anon for sharing his unfinished chart and trying to contribute original content to a thread based around original content? Or is it wrong that I think bears with machine guns are an entertaining concept, and one I feel would fit into a mutant-filled, vaguely defined post apocalyptic setting? I'll freely admit that I am autistic, but how did you come to conclusion that I have a mental deficiency?

>> No.52534602

No, faggot. And I already said the chart was imperfect.

>> No.52534808

What the fuck are wrong with people in this thread? I thought /tg/ generally wasn't full of raging assholes.

>> No.52534918


Ignore them, they're just shitheads looking for a reason to be triggered.

>> No.52534949

Really I should just be ok with being called the guy I disagree with and not to to fix it?

>> No.52535180
File: 61 KB, 1920x1080, JeffAlbertson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a overly obese dude sells rulebooks for his ownmade ARRPEEGEEE
it's a game of pretend, were people think they still live in the golden days before the apocalypse
usually, only played by obese people like him, and very skinny ones (you, know the ones who are so weak, and get mocked in the town)
they are also known, that they have bad hygiene habits (even compared to wasteland standarts)
he also collects old comics, that's why he accepts them as cash

>> No.52535407

Not him, but did you just called unifnished d10 chart "contribution"? Did I read something about "originality"?
I seriously miss times when /tg/ was freshly made and everyone had really thick hide, so they weren't pussies about being called shithead when someone felt like it.

And the other guy apparently doesn't know, but autism IS mental deficiency.

>> No.52535489

I've once had a guy like that in my Reign of Steel game. He paid top "dollar" for any comics book he didn't have, so my players ever since were more concerned about them when looting than ammo or gear, as it weights countless times less, while paying similar money.

>> No.52535699
File: 81 KB, 500x695, 1432589025695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


actually these are my posts, >>52529477
I don't have time to samefag and hate on /tg/ posts because I'm at work you neet.

also because I've tried to actually contribute to the thread instead of sperging at the sperg.

but hey, at least you aren't just lurking and thinking your criticisms.

>> No.52535872
File: 5 KB, 300x168, 1491266435733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Not him, but did you just called unifnished d10 chart "contribution"? Did I read something about "originality"?

It added to the thread, therefore it is a contribution. It isn't original, in that I'm sure someone's done it or something very much like it before, but nothing under is truly original.

>I seriously miss times when /tg/ was freshly made and everyone had really thick hide, so they weren't pussies about being called shithead when someone felt like it.

I don't have a problem with you insulting an anon for good reason, but there's no reason to insult an anon for sharing an unfinished chart that pertains to the thread.

>And the other guy apparently doesn't know, but autism IS mental deficiency.

And what of it? I wouldn't be half the man I am without my autism, and /tg/, and by extent, 4chan, wouldn't be half the board it is without the autistic obsession and creativity of anons. I'm not powerwanking about my autism, I can barely count and I'm only able to speak to strangers if I'm speaking to a crowd, but I'd be a shit writer without it.

>> No.52535903


>*nothing under the sun is truly original

>> No.52536074

So far the only thing YOU are adding is pointless shitposting.

Provide bazzar ideas or finally shut the fuck up

>> No.52536174

>nothing under the sun is truly original
If you seriously and honestly believe that - kill yourself. Unironically and honestly fucking end your life.
Or at least grow the fuck up, you edgy cunt

>> No.52536809


I've posted and contributed,


As long as we understand each other, I'd be happy to stop arguing and get back to contributing original content.


I was talking about tropes, not specifics. Almost every combination of tropes has been implemented at some point, somewhere, originality isn't important, it's the execution that matters. See "Jumper" the novel, or this tvtropes page,

for an example of what I'm talking about.

>> No.52536835
File: 45 KB, 400x600, 1432914070720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

every week or so one of the horned men wanders in from the east, well equipped in all regards excluding water, which they've come to barter for.

>> No.52537510


A group of heavily armed red-clad cultists on a street corner can be heard preaching violence and bloodshed among the din of noise in the Market Town. They're largely ignored, but a few gullible and curious people can be seen listening to them.

>> No.52537846

Not part of your pointless quarrel, but three of the posts you've listed as yours are mine.

What now?

>> No.52537880
File: 296 KB, 459x450, He can't be.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is not reddit, you know? Nobody cares

>> No.52538189

Which part about killing yourself you didn't get the first time?

>> No.52541844


Crack whores are a dime a dozen in the Market Town's red light district, and if one doesn't have scruples or fear of disease, they can get their money's worth and more in nightly "entertainment."

>> No.52541878
File: 52 KB, 688x688, three deaths in a single moment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Autism awareness day was last week anon

>> No.52542053


Which posts? Screencap, because I swear I posted each and every one of those. I was using a dynamic IP at the time, so there is a slight chance our IP's matched or were posting from the same location, which I doubt.


Damnit I care, and judging by the posts, I'm not the only one. He added original content, and you faggots sperged over it, while this faggot, >>52513937 tried to turn the thread into a fucking erotic trap role play and no one said a word but this >>52514095 anon and myself >>52514133. I'd say that's a worse offence than contributing an unfinished chart that pertains to the discussion.


I browse tvtropes, so what? It doesn't invalidate my argument.


The earlier accused me of being mentally retarded, I refuted his claim.

>> No.52542104


I was talking about anon's chart contribution earlier, I don't care that you don't care about my contributions, just that you insist on insulting an anon for posting original content. If you hadn't insulted anon for contributing, I'm sorry for assuming you had.

>> No.52543821

It's sad how fuck-faces like you derail really good threads with their autism

>> No.52544186

But Sir Bearington is a human...

>> No.52544481


Fuck, I didn't want to derail the thread, I wanted to leave it as is but anons kept replying and I couldn't ignore them with a good conscience. Let's just ignore the argument and get back to posting.


He is? You and I must've read different pastas.

>> No.52544518


Jabba the Hutt?

>> No.52544624



>> No.52544972

Is this normal for this type of thread? Wow.
It's like a dozen guys are mad because their moms just found their gay porn collection.

/tg/ is usually better than this.

The other posts are cool, thanks.

>> No.52546369


In a dark alleyway, a gibbering madman can be seen attempting to sell literally ten pounds of his own petrified shit for the price of a pound of gold, claiming that it is by far the biggest shit anyone has ever had, and will ever have.

>> No.52546777

>if you survive
That sounds like a pretty big if, lady

>> No.52547549
File: 141 KB, 589x914, The_Door_Jaqen_infobox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"a man must have a name."

not knocking your idea, just reminded me of the faceless man.

>> No.52547624

Not trying to be over bearing on a day old post but...

>some places will have the resources and know how to make their own gunpowder.

In ye old times saltpeter was made out of human waste. Sulfur in a pure-ish from is a bit harder to get but can be removed for some trade offs. The other big thing is charcoal ( can be replaced with some common types of coal easy) which likely would be the most common from of heating/cooking.

Also basic guns are very easy to make. Handguns became common in Europe as a defensive siege weapon in the mid 14th century because any village blacksmith with a pattern could make one, no highly trained craftsman needed.

>> No.52550133

12 year old confirmed

>> No.52551175

A large, muscular black guy is sitting in a shadow of a faded sun umbrella and smiles at you welcomingly. He stands up from behind the plastic garden table and you notice his entire left leg was replaced with cybernetic prostetic. He's unarmed, but something tells you he doesn't need any weapons to fend for himself.
His little shop is next to him, apparently made from an old book stand, now filled with all sorts of maps. Some of them are old stock, but most are home-made, apparently printed with a help of mimeograph.
He's also willing to pay premium prize for anyone disclosing location of settlements, hamlets, camps and such, apparently currently writing a travelling guide. The one in his stock was printed few years ago and he wants fresh infrormations and numbers.
You can't shake the feeling you've saw that face and heard that deep, yet cheerful bass voice already.

>> No.52551411
File: 192 KB, 970x1138, 20120419-zaf-a11-100-jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not that anon, but I agree with him, bears are badass.

>> No.52553900

Bump for more ideas

>> No.52557816

A mutant selling Geiger Counter, radiation meds and other safety gear.

>> No.52559527


This mutant is wearing a hazmat suit and annoyingly lectures passersby on the dangers of radiation and gene-modding.

>> No.52559584

Random "junk" with a purpose long forgotten by an old man who might've even been alive during the apocalypse.

>> No.52559893

The more I look at this picture, the more I question the point of having that wall at all, if there is entire open side area on the railway side

>> No.52559896

A heavily populated street lined with neon signs, their lights flickering as whatever powers them barely continues to function. The entryway has a large sign as if welcoming you in, or at least it would be if the message hadn't completely rusted over, leaving only a white placard with a rusted hole that looks more like a weeping sore.

Several guards covering their faces with goggles, masks, and helmets eye all newcomers with suspicions, switching the grip on their weapons to send the message that mischief will be met with brutal intolerance.

The stalls themselves seem to be run by a single group, the merchants idly chatting with each other in between deals with customers, their wares and services lined for all to see.

To the right, a boy grills a piece of meat on a stick, fanning the flames so the smell of the marinade wafts into the crowds, attracting customers to the modest diner.

To the left a man peddles ancient weapons. Swords, clubs, spears and shields, made with an experienced hand as if raided from a museum, and some pieces probably are. He claims that a gun will eventually run dry, but a mace will be just as effective a thousand swings later.

Further down is the grisly named 'Flesh Market', a somewhat fitting name for what is essentially a broker who helps set up would be explorers and traders with the guides, bodyguards, servants, and any other experienced hand they may need with people looking for a new job. He sets up the deal, and gets a fraction of whatever is paid to the new employee. A convenient place for any caravan to hire help fast.

Nestled just down the street from the diner is a grocer, or at least that's what he advertises. Alongside other signs
>Meats of all kinds
>Vegetables that don't bite back
show that he is a major supplier of food, from the exotic to the mundane.

>> No.52560079

The man shows symptoms of Alzheimers as his stories seem implausible at best, insane at worst, however every single story involves the items he sells in a way that makes you believe it's genuine.

>> No.52560539

An odd little shop has been set up in what used to be a cellar of a prewar house. The sign outside simply reads "packrats". Inside large improvised cages of all sorts contain oversized mutant rats.
The proprietor will enthusiastically inform anyone who enters that his finely trained rats will follow their designated owner anywhere a wastelander can wander, navigate difficult terrain with ease, and carry almost twice their body-weight (packs sold separately).

>> No.52560633

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!! ;3 buy all da naughty boiiizzzzz nnnnnmmmffff nummy ;P

>> No.52561272

This is not as stupid as it sounds.

>> No.52563514


Lightning rods are fixated on top of many large buildings, to prevent a sudden fire from a wasteland flash-storm.

>> No.52565319

A particularly crazy and inventive waster has somehow figured out a way to charge batteries from these lightning strikes.
No one's sure how they do it but if you have anything that runs on electricity they're the cheapest one around.

>> No.52567014

Implying you would be able to compress CO2 or air reliably at any time after the apocalypse

>> No.52567609

The original anti-pneumatic fag - this was part of my fucking argument. The pro-pneumatic fag thinks it's easy to just use handpump for this.

>> No.52568810
File: 62 KB, 564x997, dcfb9d87ee57fba1cfecbe5ff88d198c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A scout who is said to come from the far north, from beyond the demarcation line of radiation, rogue machinery, mutants and wild anomalies.
He refuses to confirm or deny it, so no one really knows what to think of him. However, he has implants that don't look like they were grafted into him with a rusty needle, and he's willing to trade strange devices for information about anomalies occuring in the wasteland.
There are rumors that he is looking for something, or someone, and might be willing to join whoever brings him closer to his goal.

>> No.52569247
File: 103 KB, 551x683, 1490910675498.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


An infestation of giant mushrooms has begun to fill part of the ruins of the sewer system, despire expectations, they're harmless and taste like rubbery jerky when deep fried. A sentient mushroom person has started a small business based around cultivating, barbecuing, and selling its family to strangers. It doesn't have vocal cords, but it can be very expressive in its body language.

>> No.52570831


The peacekeepers all wear blue bandannas that look like they were cut and stitched out of an old pair of pants.

>> No.52571948


A cloaked man with twitchy hands and a welding mask is examining fabrics and browsing an arm's dealer's merchandise.

>> No.52572819

Is that Leman Russ?

>> No.52574763

Dunno, but this is bump

>> No.52576189

Underrated post

>> No.52576497

>having death on your sleeve

>> No.52576579

In a ramshackle building that looks like its disparate bits were somehow glued together a Waster can find 'Darwini's fine clothes'.
A true novelty in the wastes Darwini somehow produces not scavenged or crudely cobbled together clothing but actual brand new and fitted clothes.
The material is strange but some of the toughest stuff around, the low end stuff will keep out the rain and resist fire, the high end stuff will do that and help keep out blades and bullets.
The catch? It costs near an arm and a leg to purchase (literally if some of the rumors about attempted cheapskates are to be believed) and while Darwini does all the measurements and fittings in person no one's actually seen them. If you want in to the shop you need to let the little blind muti at the door blindfold you and then hold very still while the measuring tapes are pressed against you, they say if you listen closely the way Darwini's moves just don't sound 'right'.

>> No.52577859

Why do I sense an anal probe here?

>> No.52577954

What? No try googling Caerostris darwini

>> No.52578145

All I've got is some spider. If this is some reference, then I don't get it.

>> No.52578196

Fine I'll spell it out, look at the name of the proprietor, the implication is that the shop owner is actually a giant spider (also try comparing the properties of spider silk to the purported properties of the clothing). Seriously where the fuck did you get the anal probe idea?

>> No.52578318

A big, automated sewing machine, using fuckload of energy, hence the high costs of operating it and big secrecy to hide valuable tech like that? The anal probe was a joke toward alien abduction.

>> No.52578340

And honestly, the idea of using spider silk is so weird I wound never figure that one out. This shit dissolves on it's own after few weeks, why would anyone even try to use it as a fibre?

>> No.52578517

Not him but from that description, I'd be expecting surprise buttsex over 'the owner is a giant spider' in that scenario too.

>> No.52578575

Are you kidding? There's lots of effort to figure out how to mass produce the stuff because it's so effective. Most of the frailty comes from the scale spiders use it at.

>> No.52578626

... and it still dissolves on it's own, making it dogshit awful material.
Hence I wasn't even considering an option with massive spider. I mean... how the fuck that's even suppose to work? A guy takes measurements from you, not fucking sews on you. And it would take to fucking weave the fucking fabric first.

I guess I will stay with my big-ass old automated sewing machine. At least it makes sense why it's expensive and why it's hidden and why it feels strange during measuring.

>> No.52578675

Where are you getting this rapid degradation idea?
Sure spiders will break down their own webs after about that long but without the right digestive enzymes that shit will last.

>> No.52578718

Not him, but from fucking biology. Depending on species, a spider needs to replace entire structure of own web from between three days to three weeks, Not because damage dealt to it, but because the fibres simply decompose.

>> No.52578814

Try comparing the properties of drag line silk to other kinds, not all silk is created equal.

>> No.52578898

Try realising that spider's silk is a biodegradable material.

>> No.52579015

Yes as is silk and yet people still make long lasting clothing out of that.

>> No.52579025

Some poor bastard tries to break in and steal the valuable automated sewing machine they believe is in there.

Unfortunately for them, they're right about it existing.

>> No.52579121
File: 43 KB, 512x288, mycousinvinny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seriously and honestly comparing spider silk with silk
Just because both have "silk" in their name, doesn't make them the same, you fucking moron.

>> No.52579376

>Makes statement about biodegradable material
Then gets disdainful about a comment on biodegradable materials.

Seriously I'm well aware that silk and spider silk are different. Also do me a favor and do a google scholar search on spider silk, read some of the many articles on why it has properties that make it an excellent material that MANY companies are trying to mass produce for textile and or body armour use and then whinge on about how using it as a marital is stupid because organic materials can biodegrade.

>> No.52579696

I would never trust a mushroom man lmao

>> No.52580315
File: 6 KB, 225x225, download (16).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why not? He seems like a... fungi.

>> No.52581988

Duuuude post apocalyptic spice trade
I'm stealing the hell out of that

>> No.52582819
File: 48 KB, 498x750, YnYo5AF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An older, balding man is cutting tires and stitching the rubber into makeshift vests and padding, to be cheaply sold to those who need durable fabric but don't have the funds for kevlar or bioweave.

His stall is short, squat and ugly but solidly built of scrap metal and scrap wood. Behind it lies a stack of tires three men high, which the man diligently attends to. A pimply faced teenage boy tends to the stall, haggling with would-be buyers over prices and currency ratios. He looks very similar to the old man, they're almost certainly a father and son team.

>> No.52584497

>Go read popular science from the early 90s, please
World moved ahead, Greg. You didn't. And nobody aside fa/tg/uys cares about that shit anymore

>> No.52584523


Not pictured: Small (but vicious) dog.

>> No.52584556


Bump for having looked for 28mm ("Heroic") riding bears that don't look fucking stupid (*side-eyes Ramshackle Games*) for goddamn years.

>> No.52585638

A pushing cart with faded out lettering and umbrella made out of what looks like a tent canvas is operated by a guy in immaculately clean apron and weird cap. He's selling small balls of what looks like snow - yellowish ones with only a faint taste and dark brown ones with strong, a bit bitter taste in small cones made of extra-thin dought. Aside of that he's also selling something that looks like a huge bolt of spider web attatched on a sticks, but pink. It's lightweight, soft in touch and melts in mouth with extremely sweet taste.

>> No.52586332
File: 53 KB, 470x800, 1491367292643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This man idly strolls through the Market Town, whistling a happy tune. If one asked him who he was, he'd say he's a humble traveler searching for experiences.

>> No.52587002

Carlos. Give him money and he'll go away.

>> No.52587348

A crazed man in a ragged suit has set up shop in an abandoned car dealership. He stands outside all day, trying to sell the rusted piles of scrap to anyone who comes close to him.

>> No.52588326

Not sure if you are too young or expect from your readers to be too young

>> No.52588879

A young man selling assortment of various flags, symbols, and badges without understanding what they mean, adidas' tristripes along Swastikas; Nike hook along soviet medals,

>> No.52588998

>When NCR sends their people, they don't send their best
>they send drugs, they send crime, and some of them, I assume are good people

>> No.52590054

This is too witty for this place.

>> No.52590097


>> No.52591813


A lanky man with burlap overalls loudly plays a banjo on a street corner next to a bucket marked "TIBZ EAR." A few other, similarly dressed people have started an impromptu square dance, and a few shoppers have started tapping their feet along.

>> No.52592906
File: 75 KB, 564x846, 4cff476822f9530e1de806568cb359bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A caravan guard/mercenary cyborg who will work for bullets, food, water and anything to keep her gear, weapons, and electromechanical body parts functioning.

She may or may not also be part of a technology worshiping cult.

>> No.52594312

With all due respect, but why does the lady not simply hire 2 to 3 high-end mercenaries to take along with her to profit off of the tunnel systems which she clearly knows best and has the most experience with.

Or why does she not only sell the maps; not for any promised food or money, but for your inevitable cooperation to help clear out the tunnels along with her? It'll be like one of those "hey, pay me 10,000 bucks now, and this Nigerian prince will give you 4 million", except instead of paying 10,000 bucks, you risk your life to go clear out a tunnel, and instead of a Nigerian scammer, it's an actual, legitimate deal you're making with an otherwise over-her-head but honest lady.

>> No.52594371

>Being this naive
Because she's selling bogus maps, you idiot. And chances are - you are going to get killed penetrating the place she "mapped", so nobody will even return to complain.

>> No.52594462

>disregards threats as he haggles over the price of slaves

Super based. I love the trope of "Old guy has seen everything so nothing really phases him anymore". Kinda always reminds me of Mike from Breaking Bad.

Ooooooooooooh...Huh...I guess you're the reason why some people make 40,000 a year, and other people make 45,000 a year.

>> No.52594551

I like to imagine it's like when people from other planets read "Earth", they pronounce it as "Ee-Arth" or something. So instead of pronouncing his name as "Sports Illustrated", he actually pronounces it "Spar-zilla-strayta" because of a combination of his accent, the fact that he doesn't really know what "Sports Illustrated" means, and because over time, to save having to enunciate all those consonants, he just shortened it down to a quick nickname.

Also, kekking if the bizarre name is an allusion to modern-day practices of giving race horses really odd names.

>> No.52594610

Lol. Literally The Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants. You know? Like the old movie?

>> No.52595118
File: 216 KB, 1279x614, armored rig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasteland Towing Service

>After civilization started getting back on its feet, people realized a need to clear the roads of all the scattered cars and bikes and debris lying along the streets and interstates
>Those with large trucks and buses retrofitted their vehicles into armored "rigs", capable of self-sustained combat and removing heavy detritus from the streets
>Usually contracted by entire town or, in some cases, extremely wealthy individuals, they are then hired to unclog roads, bring rusted cars into refinement camps, and bulldoze anything else to the sides
>Paid in gasoline, food, water, ammunition, guns, human labor, and anything else they may need at the moment
>Most popular forms of payment are huge amounts of gasoline, improvised solar panels, engines jerry-rigged to cycle through biofuel, coal, (very, very, almost-unheard-of rarely) nuclear fuel, and any other thing that could possibly be used to power such a large and extreme vehicle
>You can sometimes hire these rigs for armored transport, but often, the cost of gas for the operator to consider the trip worth anything you have, and even if you were planning on going the same direction they were, you're not riding for free
>You'd probably be asked to man a gun or lug some nuts, or whatever the hell else he felt like asking you to do, unless the man in question was uncharacteristically nice

>> No.52596106

An old disheveled bearded man dressed in way too many layers of clothing for the weather sells clothing out of boxes as well as his services on making a layered "heat suit" that allows one to survive in almost any tempurature despite the name. He sells maps of the area marked with old stores, they're picked clean of clothing but may have other goods.

>> No.52596207

>All this shit
>Instead literally just bolting/welding plates of metal

Only a retard or an American could create such vehicle.

>> No.52596223

And you are the reason why Ponzi scheme is possible.

>> No.52596394

>100 years after nuclear war
>Using precious metal to armor a non-combat rig when you can just use rubber tires, sand bags, concrete slabs, and other cheap junk to do the same exact thing

Lmao @ ur life

>> No.52596513

>Being this retarded
>Ironically or not

American then

>> No.52596535

>Precious metal
Son, don't want to break it for you, but in described scenario, rubber tires are going to be worth much more, alongside concrete slabs

>> No.52596557

And before you start ranting about precious metals used by jewelers - I was referring to the fact you are stupid enough to consider random metal valuable, rather than things requiring high-end infrastructure to make or import, while you can smelt in your fucking garage

>> No.52596596

>not knowing basic armor/ballistics science dictates destabilizing rounds > bouncing them

Well you certainly don't have the qualifications to be 'Murican.

>> No.52596686


Metal's precious because:

A. Everyone is going to want to use it, so it'll always be expensive (especially steel), which is what you'd want to use for armor, no substitutes
B. Even IF you used steel to plate your rig, bullets would rip right through that shit, no problem. A .45 caliber pistol round could punch through steel sheet like NOTHING, not to speak of 100 year old steel that's been rotting since the day you found it. You're better off using sandbags or foot-wide slabs of concrete cut straight from the ground to deflect small-arms fire.

The only thing steel is really good for, in this case, is deflecting arrows, rocks, and glass bottles, which rubber tires, empty water bottles, and discarded mattresses can do just as well. Also, it's lightweight for it's strength, which is useful, since a post-abundance setting would really stress gas-mileage, but if you're determined to save your life, I'd rather hunker down and load up my vehicle with heavy bags of sand and pay the extra money than hope some thin sheet of steel will save me.

So, once again, LMAO @ UR LIFE.

>> No.52598023

A drunken idiot is threatening a group of hardened mercenaries with a wooden cudgel. The mercenaries are ignoring him, but it's only a matter of time before the drunk escalates the situation.

>> No.52598335


You seem like an Anon who knows his guns; I know nothing of guns, so I have 2 questions:

1.) How long would the pre-apoc. ammo last?

2.) How well would the kind of armour you're talking about do against home-made black-powder ammo?

>> No.52598531
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A group of dangerous-looking men are preparing a couple of automobiles, loading them up with precious, precious fuel. They wear strange leathers and helmets - uniforms from an older time, before the Great Collapse. A few children walking past appear to be fascinated by the the heavily modified vehicles, but the crossbows and blades these rugged men carry upon their person are enough to keep them from getting too close.

>> No.52598871
File: 75 KB, 602x846, dVfa1CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the many mechanics offering his services has a little project going on the back of his shop: He's slowly trying to re-furbish an old, military, heavy-assault infantry drone.

Right now it has hooks for hands, and most of the external armour plates are missing. Also it currently has no weapons. And the power-plant fluctuates wildly in out-put. And the its gyro is burned out, so it can't really balance very well. And... well, let's just say it's a work in progress.

If anyone finds some mil-spec anthro drone parts he'll probably take them off your hands for a reasonable price.

>> No.52598935

Heavily depends on the quality of powder and weapon. Well made fine grain corned powder can propel a 15mm hardened lead conical bullet at 330 meters per second. A round like this will breach 5mm steel plate, about the practical limit for a reasonable breastplate.

A more primitive weapon might fire a 20mm soft lead ball at 110 meters per second. Beyond point blank range a light metal breastplate can safely deflect it.

>> No.52598944


>> No.52599256


Nah, its the attitude of "he did something, and if you don't like it, thats cool, but don't be a fucking asshole about it."

I kinda think that one transcends America.

>> No.52599960

>Still pretending it's harder to get metal than rubber
>Still pretending screaming lounder makes you right
>Still ignoring square/cube law
>Most definitely knowing absolutely jack shit about guns and ballistics
Keep trying, pleb.

>> No.52599972

Not him, and he's a pleb, but
1) Depends entirely on storage. It can be months, it can be (theoretically) centuries
2) Doesn't really matter that much, as the more important part is the projectile you used

And that "armour" won't work, unless you plan using spears against it.

>> No.52600000

Having just read this thread I'm guessing you're the anon who keeps trying over and over to stir up shit shot and I have to ask. Just how empty is your life that spending hours of your life across multiple days to try and annoy strangers in the internet qualifies as a worthwhile use of your time?

>> No.52600410

Then jokes on you, because I'm just here to argue about shitty "armored rig" made out of shit thrown together on a chassis... and posting ice-cream guy
Or you would rather want some cotton candy?

>> No.52600470

What he >>52599972 said - the fact you are using black powder, home made or not, doesn't really matter. Sure, it will affect the general stopping power of your bullets, but only if you are extremely incompetent (not being precise with measurements, not pressing the bullets properly, etc).
The much bigger factor will be both the material used for the bullets and their shape, followed by the gun's caliber.

The easiest example:
Shotgun shells can effortlessly use black powder as propellent, but the gun performance will entirely depend on what the powder is propelling.
But it applies to all guns even more, since you need to be much more precise with anything even remotely more complicated than shotgun shells (which are the most primitive cartridge you can get)

And assuming your ammo was stored in half-decent conditions (military depos aren't exacly known for being good warehouses), it last for pretty long. Ammo made in early 50s is perfectly usable today and that's the oldest ammo stock that was "clinically" tested. Technically it can be stores indefinitely, but obviously after each decade an increasing percentage of bullets will be made useless due to general technical failure. Propellent itself, depending on substance used, can work for few hundreds of years.
Bullets are much more lasting than guns, you know

>> No.52600520

Also, remember that if you are using black powder, you are going to need to clean your gun on regular basis, field stripping it and cleaning every inch of it.

>> No.52600629

As a person who started the fight of pneumatics vs crossbows I feel offended you've assumed the other guy could be the only autist in this thread.

>> No.52601643
File: 1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 1469090536728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only thing I'll admit is that I messed up on the "rubber will be easy to find" part. Everything else makes me, once again, and hopefully for the last time, lmao @ ur life.

>Still pretending screaming louder makes you right
I was right the first time, you incredulous double nigger

>Still ignoring square/cube law
Oh, you mean like how steel sheets would DEFINITELY GET FUCKED by small arms fire, so if you want to, hint-hint FUCKING SURVIVE, you've gotta use heavy-ass shit like bags of sand and foot-wide slabs of concrete, because paying the extra cash for poor gas mileage is better than bleeding ou ton the floor from a stray gunshot? Yeah, then I guess one could choose to avoid this "square/cube" law

>Most definitely knowing absolutely jack shit about guns and ballistics
Oh, gee, I wonder who could be behind this post? *Yuropeen intensifies*. You've clearly never seen a pistol round go straight through the engine of an abandoned car before, you slap-jacking triple nigger.

>> No.52601665

If you'd stop replying to all the bait, the thread would stop derailing....

>> No.52602463


And I swear guys, if you stup another autistic argument, I won't bring this thread anymore from the brink. Post fucking bazaar ideas

>> No.52602469


>> No.52602682
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>The other posts are cool, thanks.
Agreed. Using some of these for my Fallout PnP campaign.
Cheers, lads. Here's my 'leaf' addition:

>A group of chem-pumping knuckleheads are raging about the bazaar, some of them dressed in striped yellow, the others in solid red, all sporting leather padding across their chest and elbows, and motorcycle helmets on most heads. They have large curved sticks, some of them lined with razor wire. A single one of them, far bigger and burlier than the rest, is wearing a black and white checkered shirt, and has a huge train whistle in his hand; he uses it to strike the other junkies when they get near enough, as they play keep-away with a grotesque metal statuette; a trophy.

>> No.52602692
File: 3.84 MB, 3488x5380, Unnaground Molemen of :k:.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>underground tunnels, filled with the riches of the old world but guarded by mutated humans who've lost all recognition of sanity.

>> No.52602718

>It reads: "Shi-boshi nanashi"
Rough translation, "407 'stars'".

>> No.52602892


Is it gibberish or does it have some sort of hidden meaning?

>> No.52603229

It has as much meaning as "1st Cavalry Division"

>> No.52603248
File: 46 KB, 336x448, Bolt Action AK 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52603276
File: 165 KB, 1500x602, 1472713956689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52603287

What's the point? Converting the gun to this state would take absurd amount of effort and work when compared to just switching fire mode to semi-auto.

>> No.52603289
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>> No.52603353
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enfields are extremely common in Afghanistan. The kyberpass dudes build all kinds of weird shit. They were probably trying to figure out a way to make use of an AK barrel. There are actually several of these rifles some of them in 303 british and some in 7.62x39 using ak mags.

>> No.52603363
File: 1000 KB, 744x628, dfdfd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52603376
File: 73 KB, 528x960, 17862538_805307109622254_904916043026413661_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52603388
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>> No.52603397
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>> No.52603408
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>> No.52603454
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>> No.52603462
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>> No.52603469

Gives whole new meaning to Combat Engineer.

>> No.52603474

Exactly how many guns were used to kit-bash this thing? 4? 5?

>> No.52603503
File: 165 KB, 800x533, 1440440881034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

two patterns of guns and parts from like 3 or 4 guns. I'm not sure if the supressior is stolen from a vintorez or not.
>shoot philips head bullet into a screw
>the rifling of the barrel gives the bit spin and it turns the screw

fund it.

>> No.52603515

just FYI the receiver on this AK is made from the shovel that the handle came from.

>> No.52603527
File: 122 KB, 992x515, wanderer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52603615

Gives whole new meaning to Combat Engineer.

>> No.52603621

Looks like someone's... about to get screwed.


>> No.52603653
File: 492 KB, 1138x500, 86674c606df231b3bfc6fd0c23327cf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52603665
File: 146 KB, 1600x782, 1600x782_1281_Ambush_2d_illustration_post_apocalyptic_picture_image_digital_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52603671


Thank-you for answering, but what I ment when I said 'how long will the pre-apoc. ammo last' was how long before it's all used up/becomes very rare from people shooting at each other.

I should have phrased it better.

>> No.52603686

An inventive waste-lander from a local farm comes trying to sell pipe-guns.


>> No.52603748
File: 245 KB, 1750x790, staplerzipgun2-improguns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can really improve that gun by adding a staple gun and a swinging barrel.

>> No.52603760
File: 186 KB, 1920x1440, Staple-Gun-zipgun-improvised-weapon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52603771
File: 82 KB, 650x487, staplershotguns78787878-improguns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52603946

A short soft looking guy, refering to himself as if he was nobility walks around, while exchanging some small gold nuggets he posses for various goods. Around him there are three bodyguards, two women and one man, all silent, muscular and wearing some kind of a jagged swords on their back. The truth is that the "noble" didn't come here to barter, but rather to provoke some sellers, so his bodyguards could kill them and take their stuff (after the ruler of the bazaar wil take his fee of course). But the real danger comes from him being a telepath, who was worshipped by a primitive tribe a few years ago. Now he controls his "bodyguards" - the last survivors, seeing what they see, and giving him enough advantage to take most of the sellers here.

>> No.52604204

Fat Ma & Deaf Ma's Kitchen is a stall attented to by two elderly ladies. They cook and serve genuinely delicious scrap food, making by with the highly random ingredients they put their hands on.
They both claim they've been through the war and remember the life before the apocalypse, which might well be true given their age. Although they look fairly nice and innoffensive, Deaf Ma lost most of her hearing to her own guns, and Fat Ma is the kind of person who seems to be able to learn just about every dirty secret, in time. They've stuck together through hell and are now content to spend their elder years in a more stable situation.

>> No.52605335


How do I stat these things in GURPS?

>> No.52605844

What gauge is that crazy thing?

>> No.52606544

Inaccurate, probably Off-Balance too.
Depending on each gun, really

>> No.52606976

To be fair, that's such a difficult question to answer, because there's just soooooooo many variables to consider. You'll always get more then one answer, and almost every single one of them will have a really good point.

Personally, I think pre-apoc. ammo will last for only about 3 to 5 years before it starts to become a thing of luxury. By then, I'd like to believe, humanity would have took the time to get their feet underneath them and start making new ammo, but as for pre-apoc. ammo; SOMEONE, or SEVERAL someones are going to end up with the vast majority of them. It's a niche, and people are going to exploit that niche for ammo. Someone's going to raid an armory with his friends, or someone's going to trade everything he's got for the lion's share of ammo in his whole town, and that's just how history tends to repeat itself.

Rare, valuable commodities like that are NEVER left untouched. Someone WILL take advantage of people's need for them, and WILL benefit from people's need from them, at a profit. At that rate, all the ammo will quickly run out in 3 to 5 years (after someone stockpiles it all, everyone will know where to go to find it, he'll quickly run out of ammo due to high demand, he'll fuck off with all he's made, and that'll be the end of pre-war ammo)

>> No.52607370

It's literally impossible to answer your questions without taking into account FUCKLOAD of variables, starting with the sole fact what caused the apocalypse and how big is the population right after it.

Because you can end up with two extremes, where either all bullets are fired in first few months OR no bullets were fired ever and there are entire military depos full of bullets waiting, since there is barely anyone left to reach them... and anything left worth shooting at.

>> No.52607414
File: 84 KB, 440x800, 14494861_10154502041248608_6029449180531820387_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An insane Militiaman with a high enough presence to be the local sherrif/weapons trainer.

Believes himself to be one of the 300 Spartans to hold the Hot Gates.

>> No.52607585

He actually was part of a remnant division, styling themselves as Wasteland Spartans and figth an army of mutants over old tourist resort around hot springs

>> No.52608940

Ok, last bump.

>> No.52609733

In a similar vein, salvaged and hand made/improvised musical instruments. Things like flutes, bugles, and percussion implements. Hell, maybe in this greatest of markets, actual wooden instruments can be bought, maybe even some stringed instruments.

One man works with a small team of experts delving the old wastes for overlooked luxuries, cleaning and restoring what they can. He sells pens and pencils, journals (some of them hand bound), useful books (and dictionaries), Rolex watches and stopwatches (he's got an expert), safes and locks (he's got an expert), solar or battery powered electronics, cleaning and medical chemicals, etc. His fully grown children work to bring in more mundane goods like batteries, ammunition, sewing supplies, nuts and bolts, etc.

It's his and his team's fine tastes which keep the business the most famous and lucrative in the wasteland.

>> No.52609968

A man wearing a colourful patchwork motley and coated with a glittering profusion of medallions, charms and other assorted symbols loudly cries out the quality of his wears.
Any waster with a bit of superstition can purchase their choice of holy symbols, good luck charms, and the like.

>> No.52610267

This. It's his gang tag/unit name; a kill count would be a ridiculous affair for the seamstress...

>> No.52610304
File: 1.13 MB, 1594x1338, 1474819634307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where there is neutral ground, there are war parties, seeking a break from raiding and fighting to seek the services of prostitutes or to haul in loot, trading what goods they have for food, tobacco, and new shoes or clothes.

>> No.52612736


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