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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What are the best uses of Tailful Polymorph and Headpat?
Why aren't you giving all your characters fluffy ears and fluffy tails?
Unconscious targets are always willing, so why aren't you using Tailful Polymorph to give all your knocked-out enemies fluffy ears and fluffy tails?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>52490560

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I'm a Sorcerer with an animal companion, so I was mostly just going to use it to stay out of the way, save myself a flight spell and help me out if people get too close.

Could you point me to the rules?

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's obviously the same old shitposter as before, but this time it's actually PF-related because of the April Fools release.

Can we just ban the OP anyway to be safe?

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Because of everyone has them, they lose their value and become less special. If everyone is a fluffy waifu, there's no reason to appreciate it because it is the norm.

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I have been in games where human was basically the exotic rarity.

Somehow no one treated it as such, but holy fuck I was the *ONLY ONE* in some cities!

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That just makes everything comfy!

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Were you a woman though
Because everyone knows that human (and elven) women can bear the child of literally any species, especially degenerate ones with <3 intelligence.

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I read that as "love intelligence."

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Am I the only one who read "<3 intelligence" as "heart intelligence"? Would that imply they only think about love and reproduction?

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Same shit yo
Giant spiders and tentacle fungi of questionable sentience are love

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Well, when humans are that rare they kinda have to think about the survival of their species.

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Getting pumped full of spider eggs isn't what I would call "love."

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I just woke up with a hangover, help distract me.

Favorite Legacy male and explain them but you're not allowed to pick Shanan.

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I keep telling myself I shouldn't make a "Generic Human Fighter/Barbarian" for my next character, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm just going to end up in a totally nonhuman party if I don't. Or a party without a motherfucking full BAB class. AGAIN.

False. If everyone is fluffy, that becomes overabundance and degeneracy. You have to pull that shit down to acceptable levels. Even one fluffy waifu can be too much if not properly checked.

The one who will never see the light of day: [email protected]

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I'll just play casual and pretend that normal discussion of Pathfinder is going on.
I'm writing up a human necromancer (LN) for a PS game, and I have no idea of balance because I normally don't touch 3.PF. Are there any spells, items or feats that are a waste to not take, or any other things I should remember?
I honestly have absolutely no problem with the discussion topic, because let's not kid ourselves, those talks are what happen at the table if you play with friends.

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>because let's not kid ourselves, those talks are what happen at the table if you play with friends.

Fucking speak for yourself, asshole. We don't talk about "fluffy ears and fluffy tails".

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I was talking about the monster rape part, because to be honest the furshit has become background noise in here.
I literally didn't catch on to it before you said it. Lurking here is like living on a farm - you start ignoring the existence of the shit, but once in a while you still step ankle-deep in it.

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>I literally didn't catch on to it before you said it. Lurking here is like living on a farm - you start ignoring the existence of the shit, but once in a while you still step ankle-deep in it.

God damn, now that's a way to put it.

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Hey now, those patties were great for shoving your feet in and warming up on a cool spring or autumn day.

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At my actual table we get incredibly technical and clinical about such things, because while none of us are turned on, none of us can turn away from things like physics and geometry.

Inevitably some subject will cause a "wait. how would that even work?" and next thing you know it's been 76 minutes

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At my table we end up talking about BDSM

everyone's different.

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Physics is a meaningless term when it comes to Pathfinder.

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Physics and humanities tables are different, yeah.
I've been at both, and physics types discuss the technicalities of horrible violation and impossible sex for an hour before coming up with a scientifically sound but morally indefensible thesis, while humanities types just snowball into one-ups, extrapolation and setting building until everyone gets tired of shouting.
Or it turns into a political/philosophical argument.

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And just like on a farm, there are the people who start playing with the shit.

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>morally indefensible
Here's the problem with morality on metadecisions in Pathfinder
Either you accept that Pathfinder's good-evil moral alignments are basically dictated by God and inflexible, with certain things being Good and others being Evil
Or you accept that pathfinder's good-evil moral alignments are basically relative and based on intention, and possibly inherent to the society
There's really no middle ground
In the first version there's no possible way to 'defend' or 'attack' anything morally because it's either good or it's evil (or neither). In the second version it's still pointless because it ends up being 'the party all think it's fine so what's the problem'

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You now realize that the steady supply of shit is one of the most valuable and important parts of the farmstead.

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Shit is used in fertilizer, so yeah, it kind of is

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No, morally indefensible as in "if you ever published this research you'd be fucking lynched"

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That's what I was referencing.
The only things more important for a farmstead are seeds. Even plows and stuff can be done by hand or with improvised tools since Europe didn't have actual non-shite plows until like the 1700s.

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I wasn't even talking about Pathfinder, just about what physics types do at the table (because my GM at the time studies quantum physics).
You provided a rather fine example of what happens if the table, more than physics or humanities types, are Pathfinder players, though.
Shit is literally fertilizer. Even then, though, too much chokes the crops and oversaturates the soil with nutrients.
That's how this board is at its best - a thin but even coating of shit, replenished constantly by a pen full of animals (and people who like animals too much) whose job is to produce more of it.
You're doing a good job.

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glad i could help

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Hard science does not generally answer to morality or feelings because the physical world does not care about your feelings. There is research on the maximum stretch of the vaginal walls and tearing patterns and so on, and to my knowledge it's actually relevant sometimes.
Getting 'lynched' simply doesn't happen most of the time, because honestly? Fuck the plebians. Anyone professional enough to do research knows to keep morality out of the results, at least - they keep it in mind for experimentation and data gathering, but just because the topic sounds offensive doesn't mean it's not meaningful.
The actual reason you'd be metaphorically lynched is because literally nobody fucking cares, among the academic community at least, what happens to a vag when a spiked and magical something the size of a thigh is shoved up it and kept there for about three months straight while the girl's mind slowly deteriorates through a combination of normal chemical stimuli and cock magic, and these results would be both entirely useless and degenerate, meaning you, as a researcher, basically wasted your time and budget on nothing.

What if there's a mathematics / philosophy double major (topology Ph.D) at the table with an ancient history major, a particle physics major, and two engineers
Where's your god now?

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Did we merge with /sci/?

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Mergers are over
The magic is all gone

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they should have made /mlpol/ permenant

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Now that Tailful Polymorph and plenty of DSP's animal-folk subraces exist, would /pfg/ play in a Kemono Friends game?

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So how have everybody's games been going this weekend?

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Dead. So non-existent.

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After being hurt by fluffytale 1 and 2...


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The more you concentrate the fluffy the less valuable it becomes. So no. Fuck that.

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Me and the rest of team retard burnt down a house with divine fire and killed a plagued minotaur.

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>the monster rape

Pussy Loving Dragon Logs when??

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Gnarly crit cost us our magus, but hey, we saved a princess.

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Since I broke the fundamental rule of imageboards and posted something more reply-baiting than my actual question, let's take this again.
Are there any spells, feats, items or other choices that are essential (and legal) for a human necromancer wizard in Pathfinder Society play?
Future-proofing choices are welcome too, but I'm not sure if I'll find the time to continue after the con, so just say if you choose something because it's a prereq to something you can only take at a higher level.

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Yeah its called getting murdered by paladins because necromancy is evil

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Fluffy Tale 3: No Bamboozle Edition when?

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Fluffy Tail 3: MAXIMUM BAMBOOZLE edition is the real name

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>that's what family does... right?

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Fluffy Tale 4: Bamboolzing in the 90s.

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Fluffy Tail 5: DEJA VU! I've just been bamboozled before

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Fluffy Tale 6: Night of Flimflam.

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This is just making me want to make a stupid Initial D based martial discipline

Its associated skill would be profession(tofu delivery)

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That sounds stupid, anon! You should do it!

>> No.52497022

do it

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This is going to start a flamewar, but necromancy in itself isn't evil, it just has a lot of spells with the evil descriptor and not all paladins are party-killing powergamers whose only roleplaying comes from designating one kind of statblock which they have to hit theirs against.
I'm playing this in part to find out whether or not those retards are concentrated in PS, though, so I don't give a toss. I have a properly worked-out Neutral character with no evil tendencies (a living Gebbite citizen who feels her ruler went wrong in using necromancy and undeath for passion, and considers the lack of living passions a peaceful and fair thing about undeath), and if some lunatic cacks me because they decided to extrapolate and can't roleplay in excess of killing different people with different numbers, so that's what I wanted to know.

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>Milre prefers human men

Would calling her a size queen even be accurate?

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No its actually evil because Necromancy in Pathfinder is a violation of the target's soul. Not only that, but you're going to piss of Pharasma.

In addition, casting the number of evil descriptor spells that necromancy requires will make you evil for sure

And your ass will get murdered.

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>This is going to start a flamewar, but necromancy in itself isn't evil, it just has a lot of spells with the evil descriptor and not all paladins are party-killing powergamers whose only roleplaying comes from designating one kind of statblock which they have to hit theirs against.
These statements are fine for home games, but they're pretty much universally untrue for PFS play.

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All I know is small dom big sub is a best.

>> No.52497072

It would be safe to say she is a size queen.

>> No.52497101

It would be based around charging and charge-by attacks, and its incredibly effective in tight corridors with lots of TURNS. A stance could grant the ability to change direction during a charge and give a bonus if you do so

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>Be me
>Everybody in your life is bringing you down this week
>Boss is riding your ass about something that shouldn't even be a priority
>Wife is snapping at you left right and center for no reason
>Friends are too involved in their own drama to even ask you how you're doing
>Be really looking forward to getting a bit of a break from being shit during weekly PF session
>DM doesn't bother to show up

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Sorry to hear that. Here's hoping things get better for you soon.

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That sucks anon.

If its any consolation last night I pretty much ended things with a lifelong friend because she won't break up with her loser boyfriend and I can't sit and watch her ruin her life anymore

Fucking sucks.

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>it's another "muh L/N/CG necromancer" episode

>> No.52497167

>necromancy in itself isn't evil, it just has a lot of spells with the evil descriptor
Casting a spell with the evil descriptor is an evil act. So yes, necromancy in itself is evil. And while paladins aren't going to run up and smite the first evil they see, they have no reason not to detect evil on everyone to triage those most in need of smiting.

>> No.52497170

>>Wife is snapping at you left right and center for no reason
Divorce her, anon. She's getting ready to divorce you and rake you over the coals. If you make the first move, though, you'll fare much better.

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Seriously its the worst meme in pathfinder

If I ever have a player that tries it i'm literally going to have the fucking paladin murder brigade kick in the door and smite them.

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christ dude

>> No.52497179

What the fuck even is this post.

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Are there any low level creatures that have body parts that can be harvested for medicinal purposes? I'm talking monsters a level 1-3 party could take down.

If not, I'll have to make something up for my group.

>> No.52497186

>advice about women

what do you think

>> No.52497199

a leshy :^)

>> No.52497206

This is why I'm working to get Pathfinder PUGs set up. Hopefully I'll have some time in two weeks to hammer it out so no one has to go without a friendly murderhobo game if they've got nothing else.

>> No.52497208


A scale of people with more brain activity or a higher consciousnesses associated with beliefs or views.

In this case, an ascended being has happily given up 3DPD for the purity of 2D.

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That's actually perfect, thanks!

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Okay I'm lost, what's the significance here?

>> No.52497236

There's the point that a first-level necromancer can't cast that many fucked-up spells, much less any that actually manipulate the target's soul.
The most overwhelmingly evil spells on my list so far are Cause Fear and Chill Touch, and I guarantee you that if a universalist wizard chose those, they wouldn't get shit. On top of that, good clerics and necromancer wizards both turn undead, and even commanding undead isn't an evil deed.
I was asking for mechanical advice, because I am not breaking a single one of the official rules for PFS play. I double-checked a few times. The way you imply that party killing is something you do just because one line on your character sheet gives you an excuse doesn't give me good premonitions, though.
Except it says right in core that the descriptors don't have any effect except for categorizing them mechanically. Alignment is dictated through other means.
I'm going to be playing the game in a country that generally has good records with roleplaying, but people like >>52497171 who immediately froth at the mouth and become aggressively threatening at the very suggestion of someone not playing only two-dimensional stereotypes don't help my outlook.
The worst thing is that if I had the exact same character as a universalist wizard, with the exact same spread and the exact same backstory, most people here wouldn't get the slightest bit mad. It's uncanny how people's autismal rage is almost computerized - they can't do fuzzy matching, but a full match immediately triggers a full response regardless of any other variables.

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Leshy are cute. Anon suggested killing a leshy and harvesting it.

>> No.52497247

You better wrap that into the party becoming villains according to the forest-dwellers, because leshies are literally guardians of nature. Harvesting them for their parts would be genuinely evil, particularly considering they are plants inhabited by nature spirits more than anything else.

See above. Also, leaf leshies are adorable.

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>> No.52497251


Leshy are adorable and murdering one is horrible.

>> No.52497258

Sorry, but that's fucking retarded since there are necromancy spells that DON'T have evil-descriptor. Unless you're saying that all magic is evil, because I'm pretty sure all schools have at least a few spells that have the evil-descriptor.

>> No.52497260

"Casting an evil spell is an evil act, but for most characters simply casting such a spell once isn’t enough to change her alignment; this only occurs if the spell is used for a truly abhorrent act, or if the caster established a pattern of casting evil spells over a long period. A wizard who uses animate dead to create guardians for defenseless people won’t turn evil, but he will if he does it over and over again. The GM decides whether the character’s alignment changes, but typically casting two evil spells is enough to turn a good creature nongood, and three or more evils spells move the caster from nongood to evil. The greater the amount of time between castings, the less likely alignment will change. Some spells require sacrificing a sentient creature, a major evil act that makes the caster evil in almost every circumstance."

Reading sure is hard anon

>> No.52497274

Necromancy spells IE the ones that create undead minions are different from necromancy school spells

Almost universally people that talk about making a necromancer are talking about raising the dead, which is evil.

>> No.52497301

We had an April Fools-y session with a Deck of Many Things. You can guess how that went.

>> No.52497302


Don't worry, he can just cast Protection From Evil a few times, and he'll be good again.

>> No.52497310

Find one spell that creates an undead creature that doesn't have the evil descriptor. Paizo errata'd the Juju Oracle because creating undead is always evil. Always, something that works in Pathfinder because objective evil is a thing, and creating undead is objectively evil.

>> No.52497315

Had session 0 for an upcoming gestalt RoW campaign. Looks good so far, even if the entire party is non-human.

Well, there's technically one-point-five humans, if you count halves.

Two of the party are orc-blood, one half and the other full. Dirty bastards.

>> No.52497316

See, this is where these threads turn objectively, cancerously shit instead of the kind of shit that fertilizes the board - where people start strangling any attempt at making an actual character, because everyone is locked into the belief that you're only allowed to choose between a short list of stereotypes and clichés.
>Most of these descriptors have no game effect by themselves, but they govern how the spell interacts with other spells, with special abilities, with unusual creatures, with alignment, and so on.
So I made a slight error (forgetting that "alignment" was in there) because I'm new to Pathfinder, but that was a technical one.
In the end, though, you just proved exactly what I wanted to hear with your quote, so thank you for shooting yourself in the foot.
I'm not planning on using necromancy spells to do outright evil acts, or even using them that much. They're spice for the character and for the gameplay, not an attempt at sneaking in an evil character in PFS, as you'd have picked up on if you listened to me when I explained the character.
But I guess the volume of the REEEEE inside your head when someone mentions roleplaying just drowns that out.

>> No.52497325


Did you get the wish card and become teenage detectives traveling on a magical journey through the planes?

>> No.52497326


I mean I can tailor them to my setting to where they're just little plant critters and killing them isn't a horrible act. Though there's one person in my group that might realize that and call me out... Well crap.


Doesn't it depend on setting? If anon's setting has necromancy where it's not inherently evil but as a tool, what's the big deal?

I mean what if a town is guarded by a necromancer that raises only the bodies of the dead of the village to defend it against goblins or something? No soul entrapment or any of that.

Or a necromancer that summons the dead in order to communicate with them for various non-evil reasons?

This has always bugged me about necromancy and Pathfinder's rules and the way people go crazy over the idea of houseruling that necromancy isn't automatically evil.

>> No.52497328

No its because we're all tired of hearing I'M GONNA RAISE DEAD TO WORK IN THE FIELD FOR ME

No fuck you.

>> No.52497331

Manipulating your alignment like that is a good way to get gangraped by Inevitables.

>> No.52497335

Necromancy is evil.


There is no way to make this not true.
Stop trying to make it not evil.
Stop trying to make 'Le good necromancer maymay' happen.

>> No.52497341

There is no point in roleplaying if I can't be special

>> No.52497347

Stop treating Pathfinder as setting neutral

>> No.52497350

>le noble cause
Okay, I'm gonna make a rapist PC. He rapes for good and justice, and if you're opposed to that then you're just narrow-minded.

t. DHB

>> No.52497353

My favourite thing to roleplay is a mundane character with a modest background.

>> No.52497356


Depends on the DM's setting.


No matter what you say, this will always be true. If the DM decides necromancy isn't automatically evil, then it's not automatically evil.

>> No.52497360

But anon. You're already special.

Special Ed! HOOOOOO!

>> No.52497363

Dude's talking PFS though.

>> No.52497365

Jumping in here, but that's one part of Paizo's writing I really, really dislike.

For example, a bone golem (which uses the same materials as, say, a raised skeleton) falls under the Craft Construct rules, and can't be considered evil if you use animate objects instead of animate dead, as the former lacks the [evil] descriptor.

Yet a bone golem is arguably worse than an animated skeleton, because animated skeletons have a time limit (based on the spell) unless made permanent, whereas a bone golem is by default permanent.

>> No.52497366

He rapes

But he saves.

And he saves more than he rapes!

>> No.52497370

Except >>52497260 shot his own argument dead by proving that having an evil spell in one's spellbook doesn't make one evil. It depends on GM fiat, and there's a lower limit.
And there comes the strawman. It must really be frustrating, mustn't it, to know that every person who can animate undead and isn't evil must be trying to use a gimmick strategy that you hate.
And a character having no evil in them at all is an uninteresting character with little roleplaying potential. You threw the rules at me, I read the rules and I found out that I'd been right all along, because the only thing I wanted was to make sure that I wasn't breaking the fucking rules.
Do you even know what a strawman is, or do you sincerely believe that everyone who doesn't think like you must think exactly like how you decide?

>> No.52497372


Oh in that case yeah, necromancy's evil. My bad, I was just speaking in general.

>> No.52497373

It does depend on setting, that's a good point. Except anon said PFS, which is Golarion, where necromancy is objectively evil.

>> No.52497374

A bone golem doesn't twist the soul of the victim into being its eternal slave.

>> No.52497384

A bone golem is animated bones. A skeleton is, for some inane reason, POWERED BY THE SOULS OF THE DEAD. Because, uh... Reasons?

>> No.52497393

Oh nig-nog fine, go play your PFS, go cast your spells

Oh wait you became evil, and an evil character leaves your control and becomes an NPC controlled by the DM in almost every case.


But go and do it in PFS, seriously, see what happens. I'll be here, laughing.

>> No.52497395

As the guy who gave the idea a few days ago, I'm cool with someone taking it.

>> No.52497396

>animate dead
>animate fucking dead
>unless you use animate objects

It's literally irrelevant which of the two you use, and yet, >>52497384

>> No.52497399

Reminder that not all necromancy spells are about raising the dead.

>> No.52497404

I cannot wait for the inevitable "i was just pretending to be retarded"

No such thing as a strawman in a discussion about objective evil.

>> No.52497405

You do realize that golems are just machines while undead are like anti-matter where their only reaction with life is to destroy it?

>> No.52497408

PF Necromancy seldom fucks with the soul. Skellies and Zombies are basically just constructs powered by negative energy as opposed to whatever powers golems.

>> No.52497413


But anon, haven't you heard of the many benefits to using soul-ar power?

>> No.52497423


this >>52497405

>> No.52497425

And negative energy is fucked up, pure, concentrated, literal objective evil.

>> No.52497426


That said, she's a size queen in the same way a human woman that only lays with half-giants and centaur is a size queen.

>> No.52497432


Anyways, are there any suggestions other than leshies? Or am I making some homebrewed creature myself.

>> No.52497440

BZZT! Wrong. Negative energy plane isn't even evil aligned, and plenty of spells that use negative energy in some way are not evil.

>> No.52497447

It's not though.

Negative Energy is negative energy. EVIL is evil. Blood Crow strike isn't evil for example.

>> No.52497454


jesus christ

>> No.52497459

The rules say clearly that knowing a single evil spell doesn't make the caster's alignment evil. You can evidently only read what you agree with.
>"Casting an evil spell is an evil act, but for most characters simply casting such a spell once isn’t enough to change her alignment; this only occurs if the spell is used for a truly abhorrent act, or if the caster established a pattern of casting evil spells over a long period.
Does this say "you cast one evil spell and you become evil"?
Does it say so?
Because that's what you're saying.
Setting-wise, whether necromancy is allowed or not depends on the country, and considering the most likely game is set in Osirion, I thought it would be interesting to make a character from the same region and with some necromantic focus.
That's obviously not possible, though, because this thread's native autists know that the rules are actually fake.
I'll play, yeah.
I'll come back and tell you how I finished the game properly, because my character is neither evil roleplaying-wise or rule-wise.
>and three or more evils spells move the caster from nongood to evil. The greater the amount of time between castings, the less likely alignment will change.
Because one and three are the same thing, and time doesn't pass and GMs always break the rules.

>> No.52497461

>only reaction with life is to destroy it
I thought that was a concept from 3.5 that doesn't literally exist in PF except by example.

Either way, it's not all that much of an argument against my point that
>it's the same materials
>golems are arguably worse in duration and intent and just the amount of required materials
>bone golems use animate dead
>there is no special provision stating that bone golems are evil, and are in fact neutral creatures
>somehow only animate dead is evil, but animate dead + geas isn't???

>> No.52497462

Are dhampir evil because they are powered by negative energy?

>> No.52497469

they constantly fight against that fact.

>> No.52497470

Don't drag me into this, fuckwit.

>> No.52497474

Also you people usually fail to realize that some classic flavors are implied to be there and you are choosing to ignore it.

Like that only evil people use undead minions. You can say "But that is boring and cliche", but this is fucking DnD 3.75.
Just write a 3pp spell that is not evil then. That is the spirit of the ruleset after all.

>> No.52497480

I'm an unrelated party that's too lazy to read what's happened, but I don't think people would shit on a debuff Necromancer rather than one that goes for the meme 'lol manual labour army' theme. Yet, even the Debuff spells though often are classified as Evil. Look at Heart Clutch!

>> No.52497485

But when people just houserule the spell to not be evil, someone always comes in screaming about how "THAT'S WRONG YOU'RE RETARDED".

>> No.52497487

because they are retarded

>> No.52497490

Decently, but they both got derailed pretty hard. The first one got derailed because a PC accidentally murdered a shopkeeper and the party decided they need to flee town before anyone finds out.They ended up going somewhere that I wasn't fully prepared for them to go to, so I had to run things on the fly. It worked out alright, and honestly this may be for the best anyway since it'll make a few things a bit more convenient for me.

Second game was going alright, if a little slow, but got derailed when we started having some real talk. I'm looking for a job and a couple of the other players (friends of mine) are offering to get me hired on at a factory they work at, one of them even letting me split a place with him if I pick up half the bills. But my family is pressuring me to keep living with them, since they don't charge me any bills and figure if I get a job out where they live I could use it to pay my way through college. I think their idea of paying my way through college is a bad idea because 1) I already went to college and I'm still in over 60K of student loan debt for a bachelor's degree that has done me nothing and 2) the only nearby schools to where my folks live are community colleges that don't offer anything better than associate's degrees... BUT getting a job out where my family lives does still mean I wouldn't have to deal with paying rent, groceries, utilities, etc, so it would make it easier to save up money and try to clear my existing college debt. The factory job my friends are suggesting doesn't give the best pay, but the benefits are surprisingly great and I know my schedule/hours would be steady and fitting to my needs.

We ended up talking for an hour or so about it before getting lost on other topics for probably another hour before getting back to the game, which went okay after that. But now I'm sitting here just trying to figure out what the better choice is fast, 'cause that factory job won't stay available for long.

>> No.52497495

Yeah, go try and do that in a PFS game, I'd love to see how that goes over.

>> No.52497496

>because they are powered by negative energy?
They aren't "powered" by it, their internal balance is just flipped around due to the vampiric heritage. Its a birth defect, like being lactose intolerant or being unable to produce insulin.

>> No.52497499

But that would be a Transmutation spell, not a Necromancy spell.

>> No.52497500

Because people come here and treat the houserule as the right thing to do and Paizo/Wizards are such retards for doing it their way!

>> No.52497502

Pussies. If you want to play a good Necromancer it's way more interesting to do it with the conflict of evil spells than it is to houserule them or ignore alignment.

>> No.52497514

>lmao just make a COMPLETELY NEW SPELL
>okay, I'll just take this spell and say it's not evil

I don't even care about the whole "animate dead" thing since necromancing isn't my thing, but what the fuck anon

>> No.52497516

/pfg/ runs by RAW because we don't know your DM, we're not your DM, and we don't make your houserules. Feel free to do that, but don't come in and say your houserules are how everything works.

>> No.52497520

>i'll just say its not evil

Fuckit, why have rules at all

I'll just say wizards have +20 to all saves, and full bab

Its just a house rule man

>> No.52497522

There's no conflict even then because most evil spells have no reason to be evil.

Like fuck, the only thing that springs to mind is trap the soul and Hellfire ray.

>> No.52497523

You can think that the process does not make full use of animate dead and bone golems thus are not real undead.
limited wish also does probably lot of work

>> No.52497531

As I mentioned before, the concept is very far from the gimmick meme manual labor theme.
A living Gebbite citizen who grew up disposing of the corpses of those who didn't become undead, serving undead noble guests and studying necromancy in preparation for climbing up the ladder.
In the process, though, she became disillusioned with the Evil part of the Lawful Evil alignment of the nation, feeling that the current backstabbing and cruelty was a misuse of something she felt was Lawful Neutral - using the freedom from living passions to be able to see what true justice and order is.
Someone who directly rebels against a LE government because of the E part isn't likely to go that way herself.
But then again, people here can only see numbers, descriptors and stereotypes.

>> No.52497541

Next thing you are going to mention Paladin and how stupid their alignment restriction is

>> No.52497542

>didn't he try to run that disaster of a SoM playtest
>Yup. The same one where the gamedevs literally came and said "Dude, this isn't going to help us at all. Stop."

Is this true? Did the SoM devs disavow 2hu from doing anything with Spheres of Might?

>> No.52497546

Houseruling healing spells to be conjuration was the worst thing WotC ever did.

>> No.52497557

>Undead Physique

>Possess Object
I'm getting further and further away from comprehending you.
The former is literally turning yourself into a pseudo-undead, but isn't necromancy.
The latter is transferring your own soul, completely harmlessly to others, into an inanimate object, and is necromancy.
It has nothing to do with what you're doing, but how you're doing it.

>> No.52497562

fuck off retard

>> No.52497587

This is the level we're at now, then?
I'll be waiting quietly here until you tell me exactly why backgrounds, character personalities and motivations shouldn't matter at all in a roleplaying game.
As it is, a mynah could literally beat you in this argument.

>> No.52497589

>get told to write a spell for nonevil undead if that's what you want
>just take the old spell, scrub off the evil tag, done
>people IMMEDIATELY scream about how you're retarded for doing that

I didn't say it was RAW, I didn't even say it was a good idea, I just tried to follow the train of thought >>52497474 laid out. You can't tell them to do something then yell at them for doing it, that's almost as retarded as someone wanting good necromancy in the first place.

>> No.52497591


I'm making a Paladin for Blingmaker!

>> No.52497601

2hu was planning to run a game at Full Over Optimization Unlock Code Theta-Zero-Upsilon-Eich-Zero-Upsilon. Jolly got in touch and said that while pointing out broken combos was helpful at fixing loopholes, an actual playtest would have to be at more reasonable levels of optimization to provide useful feedback.

>> No.52497602

I'm sorry

>> No.52497615

No i've just seen the same thing every time, I hate your meme character because your character is a meme even if you think its not

Cleanse yourself from the gene pool.

But it is retarded

>> No.52497621

Paladins as a class concept are outdated. Ideally they would merge with Warpriest to become "Generic Full Bab, Divine 4th level caster" and just be called Templar or something.

>> No.52497622

You better be taking the chance to be LN w/ free Smite Chaos, anon. Otherwise, everybody will laugh at you.

>> No.52497623

Devs want more low level feedback than high level.
If nobody knows how to make us of their 3pp, it becomes pretty much unsaleable.

>> No.52497624



>> No.52497625

But isn't SoM still full of wacky broken shit they haven't fixed yet, like lololol Alchemy?

>> No.52497631

Autistic drives have compelled me to read every Golarion-related sourcebook in release order.

I hate stupid racial variants for terms that sound dumb and cutesy like this. Every kobold should die just for this.

>> No.52497635

SoM is a fucking dumpster fire

>> No.52497640

Both seem useful in terms of feedback, because being able to do SUPER retarded shit is how you get stuff banned.

>> No.52497641

That just factors even more into why I disagree with Paizo's decision to have objective evil.

>oh, that spell's evil?
>just wish the evil away

Like what the fuck

>> No.52497652

[evil] spells hit your alignment, but they don't instantly swap you over from good to evil. At the very least, I can understand why Animate Dead has an evil descriptor, not regarding how the spell itself functions at all.

Evil traditionally represents selfishness or a lack of empathy. Necromancers in any game or setting I've seen are inclined to give less regard to life than other people because their practice lets them circumvent the common rules of it. I'd have a problem with [evil] if a single casting made you into a cackling maniac, but I like it as it is. A Necromancer can absolutely, by raw, maintain a good alignment, but it's harder for them when they spend so much time around death.

>> No.52497655

If you try to make necromancy evil than the only difference between it and golemancy is you are using someones dead grandma to do the dirty work, which is a massive dick move anyways.

>> No.52497660

There's also THIS build.

Whoda thunk SoM could break crossbows?

>> No.52497665

And of course your characters, as well as those that are played literally dozens of times more often than mine, aren't meme concepts.
And of course you can know about the cliché cleave-and-smite paladin and make one while calling it "real retro roleplaying", while no one else can make a character you don't like ever.
Explain to me how a character who's likely not going to do anything different at all from a normal wizard would be a negative thing for the game. I just prefer creating a character and then constructing the crunch around that, instead of playing a stick of numbers what I hit people with.
On the good side, you finally convinced me to go with this concept, because nothing's going to beat the taste of your tears of howling, spergy frustration once I come back and say that no one had a problem and I had a fun game, and you're desperately beating on your laptop and burbling until your mom comes down to tell you she won't pay for a new one.

>> No.52497671

>turn the spell into what amounts to a corpse-based animate object instead of "SOOOOOOOULLLLL POWWEEEEREEEED"

I guess I'm just not invested enough in alignment bullshit to see the issue

>> No.52497672

Yeah i can see why enslaving the immortal soul of Betty to be your slave might be a tinge worth than just using some magic to animate some mud or something.

>> No.52497673

A corpse is a corpse. It's just meat. If you just dig it up sure, but if Grandma was cool with it before she died or her family sold it to you is anyone in the wrong?

>> No.52497680

You are, because that soul isn't yours, its Pharasma's

prepare your butthole

>> No.52497681

The uber-high-powered stuff works better as paper feedback, not playtest feedback. "Hey, this is a possible mathematical outcome" is better for that nature of work.

The low/mid/normal-optimum power is better for playtest, because that's what the majority of people will be using in their games as players and GMs.

So yes, both are useful, but having a playtest of shittarded-strong everything is not useful in and of itself.

>> No.52497687

Who is among us?

>> No.52497694

Yeah dude you're so smart and intelligent and the best ever

Can't wait to hear about your character being smited.

>> No.52497706

Good thing, PF Necromancy doesn't nothing to the soul unless you use it to create Sapient Undead/Incorporeal undead.

>> No.52497722

The state of undeath is considered a severe moral crime as it violates both a person's body and soul. , reference source is Black Markets from Paizo

>> No.52497725



>> No.52497731

James Jacobs. He's said that paladins suck because lawful good sucks, but no you can't play a chaotic good paladin, just play a Warpriest instead, it's totally the same.

>> No.52497735

Because you, a lowly necromancer, literally reach into the afterlife and rip out the soul against the person's consent, something that not even a 9th-level resurrection spell can do.
Let's take it this way - is it an evil act to reanimate a corpse belonging to a petitioner or lemure?
And you of course still stay stuck in that worldview where you don't need arguments and you're always right. You assume that some kind of universal morality on your side will interfere in a roleplaying game because you're mad about someone daring to think up a character who doesn't conform to your wailing black-white morality, and of course you're never going to believe it if I come back and say I played it just fine.
You're sad. I'd bet you real money on this, but you'd just sue when I called the regional administrator to confirm the character is still out there.

>> No.52497746

What does that have to do with anything.

Paladins are too narrow of a class concept and Warpriests are too redundant. It seems more efficient to just cram the classes together.

>> No.52497760

See this is the problem you retard

Morality in PF IS black and white.


>> No.52497765

Do they realize that despite us calling 2hu an autist, we end up using his "half-giant OD/ZS Warder with Zenith+RBS" type builds and generally follow his "delete mooks" meta? If these issues exist, we're going to use them, more so if 2hu keeps posting his builds, since we'll pick up on it eventually.

>> No.52497779

None of that is 2hu builds or 'meta'

The ideal strategy in pathfinder has always been delete mooks, the less enemies there are, the more action economy you have

>> No.52497803

Oh so does that mean I won't get shit from /pfg/ for playing an OD/ZS, using zenith+RBS? Because I want to play a Holy defender but also have more interesting than a bowadin.

>> No.52497808

Except where it says it isn't.
And of course you didn't reply to this.
Actual "black and white" morality doesn't allow any flex. It assumes that if you ever cast an evil spell, you were evil all along because otherwise you'd never have cast it.
There's nothing black-and-white about an alignment system that allows good characters to commit evil deeds without being classified as evil. The idea that someone who does something evil is just as evil is literally the cornerstone of black-white morality.

>> No.52497809

>"hey, you know that game we make where our strategy is vomiting as much as we can on a wall and hoping something sticks?"
>"what if we told people they couldn't use it because it's too narrow or overlaps?"
>"fucking genius"

>> No.52497814

No people will just make fun of you for using a generic build

Its just that every time there's a warder submitted to a /pfg/ game its like 'lets check if its a OD/ZS using Scarlet throne aaand it is.'

>> No.52497822

You will get shit because pfg is insecure to admit that PoW is a shit book that will never get errata

>> No.52497823

>Monks, Barbarians, and Druids have no alignment restrictions. Paladins can be LN, LG, NG, or CG in alignment (with LN Paladins exchanging Smite Evil for Smite Chaos). Antipaladins can be CN, CE, NE, or LE (with CN Antipaladins exchanging Smite Good for Smite Law). In general, I'm not much of a stickler for alignment.

You'd be missing a golden opportunity if you're playing a paladin in this game and you just go LG. I mean, I guess you could go CG but my personaly tastes are just that LN would be more interesting. I'd apply for that game with that myself but I'm already in more games than I should be.

>> No.52497830

You're actually retarded.

>a universe where embodiments of good and evil ACTUALLY EXIST

>not black and white morality though.

>> No.52497838

There are three warders in SotJR. One ZS, one DD, one OD/HG. No OD/ZS.

>> No.52497839

Delete has been the optimal strategy since core. Probably before then but honestly I've never played 3.5.

>> No.52497848

Those are the ones that got in.

>> No.52497854

Isn't the latest warder app not an Ordained Defender.

And as much as I'm loath to invoke that game, I think the warder in RotJR isn't an Ordained Defender either.

>> No.52497857

Delete was optimal in 3.5

Delete has been optimal as long as d&d has existed.

>> No.52497859

The problem is that it's uber-high-powered, and on plain sight for any decent optimizer to see. Getting this combo to work doesn't require much thought process, unlike some of the wizard shenanigans.

>> No.52497870

Is that why we've been complaining about no errata in basically every thread recently? I agree that PoW needs to be fixed, if it even can be.

>> No.52497876

Delete is optional in pretty much every game ever unless there is some mechanic that punishes you for killing things too quickly.

>> No.52497897

I mean the 'no errata' has been going on long enough that most games just outright ban broken blade and primal fury.

>> No.52497902

You should be in class right now.
Those two things aren't the same at all, in any way, and you're just proving that you have never studied the tiniest little bit of philosophy.
The setting doesn't even have true objective morality, because the gods are flawed and fight amongst each other, and sometimes the evil ones succeed. The "objective" rules are all made by individual gods who enforce them individually, and gods can die.
That's not black-white morality, that's a setting with powerful entities who tie themselves to a particular kind of actions and enforce their own moral opinions.
If the opinions of Gods are different, if they're fallible and if they can die and thus lose the ability to enforce their worldview, it's not black and white.

>> No.52497906

Its sunday you retard

>> No.52497913

>The gods are just opinions

Holy fucking shit this is fucking hilarious.

>> No.52497918


>> No.52497921

Yeah, but I don't remember any OD/ZS outside of some cat thing that only didn't get in because of time and the "muh dick" crocodile man.

>> No.52497926

Creating undead is an evil act in Pathfinder.
But not all necromancy spells create undead.
As a matter of fact, some are specifically used to destroy undead, and a few even heal.

>> No.52497937

>you should be in class
>on a sunday


>> No.52497939

So, I'm struggling a bit when it comes to what I want to do with my character.

Conceptually and mechanically, she's more or less done. She's LE Tiefling Switch-Hitter Slayer from the "not Russia/Moscow Tsardom" wilderness working as court's assassin in a foreign Byzantine-style Empire. She's 68 years old, still young for her bloodline.

However, I having more difficulty coming up with actual personality, her desires and dreams. Personally, I like to play deceitful characters who fight dirty, ambitious, but keep their word. What would you suggest?

>> No.52497941


What if I'm an OD/ZS because I wanted a horse (Chivalry Inquisition) and I didn't want to lose basically everything that makes a Warder a Warder with Hussar?

>> No.52497956

There're games where it's not practical or feasible to blow your load early, which hurts delete as a tactic.

Fate "meta" is about stacking up advantages and then having your best "martial" go in on one big hit for example. You want to deal with encounters efficiently rather than quickly in Numenera because your resources aren't binary and blowing your load can fuck you later on in a day.

>> No.52497959

Let's say it this way.
If Pharasma pisses off one of the other deities by going full hysterics on them for just touching her domain (which isn't particularly out of character for anyone), and the conflict escalates to the level where the rest of the gods have to kill her, do her laws still exist as enforced by an objective divine entity?
The fact that the gods can disagree, and that they've killed each other before, prove that they aren't following a single objective truth.
Greek mythology is exactly the same, and it's been analyzed hundreds of times by people smarter than you. The lack of objective morality in a pantheon where gods bickered and killed each other over their disagreements led to the greatest thinkers of the ancient world.
Just goes to show where you stand.

>> No.52497961

you're a meme.

>> No.52497966

>some cat thing that only didn't get in because of time
Hey that was me. Pretty sure there was also the Big Silent Dude who was a OD/ZS and soulknife.

>> No.52497967

He means he wants you to take him to church.


>tfw someone puts this song as the themesong for their Cleric.

>> No.52497975

You're retarded

>> No.52497976


What's her goal? Does she have a reason she's killing? When she's off work does she just deactivate like a robot, or does she go somewhere and do things?

>> No.52497980

Come on, let the wheels of your brain crank and turn for a bit. Come on, you can do it.
I am implying that you need to go to class, even if it's Sunday, because you have the IQ of a bag of Doritos and you need Sunday school to save you.

>> No.52497987


Delet this.

>> No.52497991

Sunday school is religious education.

>> No.52498000

I'm sorry you have to accept your meme status

If you try to fight it or 'overmeme', you'll just end up like Rory

Do you want to be like Rory? didn't think so.

>> No.52498007

You are the lamest anon ever.

>> No.52498019


>> No.52498020


Okay fine, I'll quietly accept my memery and move on with my life.

>> No.52498023

If you don't base your definition of intelligence on the correct use of logical arguments and awareness of the problem, you're going to have to explain to me what your idea of it is.
Oh, wait, you can't do that in two words.
So you really are retarded.
You defend a shrieking black-white view on morality and religion, yet you still get mad when you freely take the conclusion that all Sunday school is religious education.
Homeschooled children must be learning a lot about religion, then.

>> No.52498035

I've literally never seen someone as retarded and autistic as you.

>> No.52498043

You need to just stop anon this has moved into embarrassing.

>> No.52498047

>Homeschooled children must be learning a lot about religion, then.

Usually they are, at least in the States.

>> No.52498105

>youkai kitsune are supposed to blend in with human society

>youkai kitsune are adults at age 50 and middle aged at age 400

How do youkai kitsune deal with the loss of their human friends and loved ones?

How do they maintain a consistent identity through the centuries?

>> No.52498122

Poorly, most likely

>> No.52498128

Rolled 2 + 1 (1d4 + 1)

Okay, not for a lewd game, but maybe this'll help feel out my character a bit more.

>> No.52498134

By ignoring aging charts. Kitsune age as they feast on souls.

>> No.52498137

>not for a lewd game


>> No.52498148

>a chart deliberately for lewd games
>but it's not for a lewd game.
Found the characterfag shill.

>> No.52498154

The same way elves do, with a higher chance of just going 'fuck it' and turning back into a fox for half a century or so.

>> No.52498155

you didn't even roll right, how is that supposed to help you

>> No.52498157

Rolled 5, 7, 8 = 20 (3d10)

And for a Lawful Neutral, that's a +1 to each...

It's for a meatspace game, actually. And come on, I can at least make a few jokes after the fade-to-black, right?

>> No.52498165

Rolled 9, 4 + 1 = 14 (2d10 + 1)

I'm game.

>> No.52498170


>> No.52498171

We're salty because DSP was able to get together and push out an April Fools' PDF in record time, but they're still taking LITERALLY YEARS to get the PoW1 errata done.

And you know why it's like this?

Because they've got only one guy writing the errata (Keledrath) and he's busy playing 4e and video games (granted they're both a lot more fun than writing for Pathfinder).

Literally only one dude writing the errata and he's been procrastinating for years. They can't even wave a contract in his face because it's not a paid product, it's just a free errata.

DSP didn't just drop the ball on the PoW1 errata. They fucking hurled it into the center of the earth.

>> No.52498179

>How do youkai kitsune deal with the loss of their human friends and loved ones?
Same way Elves do. Lots of tears.

>> No.52498191

Somebody light a fire under Keledrath's ass.

Let's get a gofundme or patreon or some shit and say "we want PoW errata!" or something.

>> No.52498192

Rolled 3, 4, 3 = 10 (3d10)

So once for table A, once for B, and once for C then.

>> No.52498204


Roll for race!

>> No.52498208

>oral with fat older partners

Your character is a fucking paid dating girl from nipland that goes to love hotels with old men for money

So you're rin tohsaka

>> No.52498209

Rolled 6, 5 = 11 (2d6)

I think I'm doing this right, specific part? Let's see if this character has decent tastes.

>> No.52498230

Rolled 6, 3 = 9 (2d6)

I was under the impression the +1 went to the fetish as well? Ah, whatever. I've got a specific part/race to roll for, and it's the same roll anyhow.

>> No.52498233

>mfw that spoiler

>> No.52498240


>You love the eyes

Love is in the eyes, Kahleesi!

>> No.52498259


The modifier goes for the first roll, the second is a straight 1d10.

>> No.52498268

What a vanilla character.

>> No.52498271

Can someone explain how this one works, cause it's not organized how I'm used to. Pic related is what I'm used to.

Explain it to me as if Int was my dump stat.

>> No.52498278


Didn't the Saturday meme team roll for this before?

>> No.52498283

What I'm saying is that those sorts of things can just be pointed out, and don't require a full-on game to be shown, as evidenced by the fact that, hey, they've been pointed out.

Playtesting in a game (one-shot or campaign) is intended to examine long-term interactions with the system, such as leveling and comparative power spikes, not just to exacerbate what is already obviously broken.

>> No.52498286

So in that case, he is literally that fucker who keeps coming on here and saying he wants to marry a drow. Lovely.

>> No.52498295

Very poorly, hence why I always make sure I can give mine some way to get multiple forms. Who cares about an identity crisis when you're pretending anyway?

>> No.52498305


It would be an easy to chose the Hobgoblins as her nemesis and the reason for her to come to foreign land to learn new ways to fight her enemies, seeking old wisdom in the ways, even if the decayed, Rome. But I'm not sure if I should make her that ambitious.

>> No.52498309

I don't know if they did, but at least one person in Friday did.
I should know.

>> No.52498317

I also don't know how to read this. I think I roll 1d10+(alignment mod) to get the table, roll 1d10 for fetish, but I have no idea what that 2d6 table is or when I roll on it.

>> No.52498322


Okay, first you roll a 1d10 with a modifier based on your alignment; Chaotic Evil is -2 and Lawful Good is +2, this represents how vanilla or depraved you are.

You take the result of that roll and find the associated Table, a 10 will get you Table A.

You then roll another 1d10, this time with no modifiers, and use the number to determine on the chart which kink on that table you're into. Table A, rolled 5 gives you Specific Race.

>> No.52498326

>Homeschooled children must be learning a lot about religion, then.

A lot of them are Homeschooled because of religion to begin with, yeah.

>> No.52498338


The race/part table is for if you roll Specific Race or Specific Part on the chart.

>> No.52498359


The only one I remember was Valeriya, and even then the only kink I remember for her was "Specific Race: Tengu."

The bird-girl likes birds, who knew?

>> No.52498360

So why are some niggers rolling 3d10?

>> No.52498367

No, Jolly just said that more reasonable level of optimization would be better and after briefly considering not doing it at all, 2hu complied. But hey, it's 2hu, who cares about the truth when you can just hate?

Alchemy did receive a fix making its most outrageous build invalid. It is still overtuned, or at least improved alchemical splash weapons are.

Size increases and doubling dice ad infinitum would break everything.

>> No.52498384

I sometimes think about putting together a waifu rolling chart of /pfg/ meme chaacters. Post it on a new thread and instantly turn it to shit. I hold off because it's a lot of trouble and I'm not quite that autistic just yet, but man, do I think about it.

>> No.52498390

We're in a post-truth era my friend.

>> No.52498393


To get three results, presumably.

>> No.52498395


So they can roll three kinks without triple posting.

>> No.52498400

Rolled 8, 9 = 17 (2d10)

Thanks. Gonna roll now and what I get for my latest app

>> No.52498421 [SPOILER] 

>implying truth ever existed

>> No.52498426

DSP also still didn't make those custom commissioned disciplines some people bought. Or at least not until a month or so ago when I last asked.

>> No.52498432

Why the fuck do people even like gestalt? It seems like a munchkins wet dream and nothing more?

>> No.52498437


There is no truth, only degrees of lies.

>> No.52498443

>MFW tried it, got "older partners" and "large insertions"
>MFW more oil on the meme-fire

>> No.52498447

>man, we only have two players for this campaign
>we don't want to get more people, but we also don't want to play two characters at once
>what if we just... Had more stuff for the characters we do have?

>> No.52498454

Then why do the games that get talked about here have like 4-5 players in gestalt?

>> No.52498471

Why the fuck do people even post this bait? It seems like a shitposter's wet dream and nothing more?

>> No.52498476


>> No.52498491

Rolled 4, 8, 4 = 16 (3d10)

I hate these because I know what my character's fetishes are anyways, but lets roll it for shits and giggles

give each of those a -1

>> No.52498493


That's not really answering my question though.

>> No.52498501

OR, and hear me out now, it lets you make a fun character concept without having to waste time multiclassing, dipping, and archetype-stacking.

>> No.52498502

>mfw I rolled for my good-girl tiefling medic
>got "specific race: half-elves"
>the rest of the party is guys, a half-giant, a half-orc, and a full orc
>mfw they've been making jokes at trying to fuck my character

>> No.52498506

Rolled 2, 4, 9 = 15 (3d10)

A roll on E, a roll on B and another roll on E

>> No.52498510

Because the applicants that get accepted aren't the munchkins, it's the ones who use gestalt to make an unviable concept work or to join a broad base with a specialization.

>> No.52498512

And that bothers me the most. Nobody cares about how things really are. Instead they are perfectly content with perpetuating narratives and lies rather than facts if they don't like someone or something. And I am not even talking about 2hu because God knows they are not innocent.

>> No.52498514

Gestalt opens up concepts that'd be shit in a regular.

>> No.52498516

>fat genderbending inflation

This is the worst reality.

>> No.52498518

>Tried it
>got "shortstacks", "possessiveness", "large insertions", "mindbreak", "younger partners"
am I on a list

Roll again you fucker, there aren't any half-elves who wanna fuck tieflings.

>> No.52498525

We never got ANY of them, and they were commissioned in 2015.

>> No.52498527

>I'm baiting
>justify yourselves

>> No.52498542

You can't escape it.

>> No.52498546

What Sphere effects would thematically go well with an Elemental Flux user? I'd assume destruction, but what else?

>> No.52498549

Because it lets you do basically any concept whatsoever and not suck dicks.

>> No.52498552

Inb4 they all try to get themselves killed and reincarnated.

>> No.52498556

Unrequited love is fine with me!

>> No.52498562

What do you do if you find out that the players are in it for World Domination, all of them?

>> No.52498566


>> No.52498568

Spheres of Power is fluff neutral. If you aren't able to justify using a sphere, apply yourself.

>> No.52498575


Well, they better start planning, then. The world won't dominate itself.

>> No.52498580


>> No.52498605

Rolled 2, 2, 2, 3, 6, 7 = 22 (6d10)

Lawful Good!

>> No.52498616

>5 fetishes
>lawful good

Yeah right

>> No.52498620

Don't bother with animate dead.
The way pfs works is you can not create anything permanently with magic.

>> No.52498655

Seriously why do people not realize that spheres of power is anime magic and therefore instantly better than normal pathfinder magic

>> No.52498657

Did you want to be the lover or the loved?

Cause I'll be glad to play the opposite role.

>> No.52498663

>Rough Sex

Jesus wept.

Alternatively, it's:
>Large Insertion

>> No.52498672 [SPOILER] 

Memes? Why would older partners and large insert--

>> No.52498673

Just stop.

>> No.52498678

Didn't you know?
She's both

>> No.52498679

>fetishes are inherently evil
You'd be surprised how some of the nicest people have the most taboo fetishes.

>> No.52498683

Pls no bully, I'm still learning Spheres of Power after my GM introduced it. What do you mean it's fluff neutral?

>> No.52498684

Oh i'm more than aware

>> No.52498691

Anime is a meme.

>> No.52498701

Because it's fun and lets you mash together dumb shit without spending five hours figuring out multiclassing and such in order to make it work. It also makes garbage like Rogue more palateable, because you can cover up the garbage design choices in it. Like "only one good save", "no flat attack roll boost", and "not a caster"

>> No.52498703

meme is a buzzword

>> No.52498705


>Decided to give it a shot for shits and giggles

The fuck does bird ahegao even look like?

>> No.52498712

you can find out if you go to the right websites.

>> No.52498713


>> No.52498717


Like a potoo face

>> No.52498725 [SPOILER] 

Fuck you for making me deliver this.

>> No.52498729

i'm dying.

>> No.52498737

>says the one who has it

>> No.52498741 [SPOILER] 

First result.

Anyway, to change topics which Martial Disciplines are the best for polearms?

>> No.52498744

I'm curious. Really curious! Who is iiiiit?

>> No.52498751

I mean that none of the spheres have "ways" in which they're cast. A wizard studies the arcane and a cleric is granted divine power, but under SoP unless they take different casting traditions they do the same thing. E Flux is usually about getting in touch with a power within yourself, but that doesn't fit or preclude any sphere.

>> No.52498753

I really want to play with a party where everyone has an unrequited love for another party member.

>> No.52498763

>tfw i will never get to play my mob expy wilder noble girl with her tiefling bodyguard who has unrequited love for her.

>> No.52498765

Uh huh. I got exhibitionism, public lewds, and oral.

>> No.52498771

Masochism is a sin, anon!

>> No.52498779

I heard that Spheres of Power was an option for more thematic spell lists, so I assumed that there would be options that would be appropriate for an Elemental Flux user.

>> No.52498787

Kyras x Milre, OTP all day erry day

>> No.52498791

you can theme spheres however you like

>> No.52498793

You can figure out a way for almost ANY sphere to be "thematically appropriate" for an elemental flux user, though

>> No.52498800

I have an unrequited love for being in a game. Does that count?

>> No.52498803 [SPOILER] 

If you took off that helmet, would you die?

>> No.52498818

Basically, take whatever Sphere you want, then take... Galvanized/Focused Casting and Emotional Casting as your tradition.

What they mean by that is that unlike in Vancian casting, where "the fire sorcerer" takes all the fire spells and then still has fifteen spells left over, none of which are fire related, a sphere caster can make "the fire guy," and have all of their spells be fire.

>> No.52498820

Well that's a load of my shoulders then. I guess my question should have been "what spheres would mechanically compliment an Elemental Flux user?" then.

>> No.52498823

Piercing Thunder, Black Seraph, Eternal Guardian. Scarlet Throne also goes well considering that many maneuvers of the discipline use saving throws.

>> No.52498824

It would be just a flesh wound...

>> No.52498827

Honestly if I were to make this character again I'd make her a telekensis spheres focused character instead, it would do the same job.

>> No.52498835

What's a better start for coming up with ideas: the forest or the trees?

>> No.52498841

Meme is a meme.

>> No.52498848

Rolled 2, 3, 1, 8, 1 = 15 (5d10)

Rolling for shits n' giggles

>> No.52498854

Even my words are...!

>> No.52498865

Rolled 8, 5, 6, 3, 6 = 28 (5d10)

I'm scared but will continue anyways. This is IN ORDER so the first result on here matches to the 2 in that reply.

>> No.52498870


Hopefully you start with the forest but swiftly realize the trees are there.

>> No.52498874

Either approach is valid. I personally find my best characters start with the forest, then figure out the trees, then realize I'm in a different forest, then find a whole new set of trees again.

>> No.52498880

What did he mean by this?

>> No.52498882

Rolled 1, 9, 8, 1, 7 = 26 (5d10)


Rolling for my character in a /pfg/ campaign.

>> No.52498894

Care to share which one?

>> No.52498896

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Last one needs to be rerolled. Insofar it's

Last one is...

>> No.52498898

Rolled 3, 5, 6, 8, 5 = 27 (5d10)


I don't even know how I'm going to explain those 1s to the party or my lover.

>> No.52498911

W-who's your lover?

>> No.52498912

Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d6)


I'll give you a hint, it was the game that launched a thousand ships.

>> No.52498917

Rolled 8, 8, 1, 2, 3, 2, 6, 5, 1, 9 = 45 (10d10)

doing all the rolls at once, alternating

>> No.52498932


Well, sadly she isn't a Halfling, since I just rolled Rape, Halfling, Jealousy, Violence, Masturbation.

>> No.52498937

>all these neutral rolls
What are you, a ((((druid))))?

>> No.52498938

Make it stop

>> No.52498948


If you are who I think you are, she's probably into the other four.

>> No.52498953

Onryou will never snap your neck between her thighs
Aranha will never set you on fire mid-coitus
Valeriya will never break out Vilderavn's "interrogation" tools and tie you to the bed

>> No.52498957

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.52498958

Rolled 8, 8, 8, 7, 10, 8, 6, 7, 2, 8 = 72 (10d10)


Doing what this guy does, probably a good option

>> No.52498966

Maybe they're right

Maybe its time for /pfg/ to die

its just fetishposting.

>> No.52498979


>> No.52498982


Nah, this happened last time the chart was thrown up and that was months and months and months ago, we've had good and bad threads aplenty between then and now.

This is only happening because the thread is dead, anyway.

>> No.52498983

>Domination, Vore, Genderbend, Anal, Bestiality

Well, time to kill myself

>> No.52499001

i just want to talk about cute things not degenerate fetishes

>> No.52499005

How do you roll more than one dice result?

>> No.52499007


>mfw Vilderavn probably has an alternate kink list

>> No.52499014

Well, it's not like fetishes define a relationship.

>> No.52499026

It depends, how are you getting into Spherecasting, and what class and CL advancement do you have available to you?

Though considering you seem to be combat oriented, Alteration, Enhancement, Warp, Time, and maybe Light could work. Or you can go for full thematic redundancy and take either Destruction, Nature, or Weather

quit whining you bitchbaron

>> No.52499028

Let's talk about cute things then.

For starters, I'm thinking of having my character ask his lover next session for her hand in marriage.

>> No.52499029

You're a big tiefling.

>> No.52499032

Rolled 6, 1, 5, 9, 6, 9, 7, 8, 7, 3 = 61 (10d10)

Don't worry anon

We can redeem you

>> No.52499038


>> No.52499049

You're going to make Shayliss such a happy woman

>> No.52499061


It's another player in a Dark Heresy 1.0 game.

>> No.52499064

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.52499072


Depends on the fetish.

A couple can happily live their life never knowing the woman is a shameless butt-slut that never had the chance to get her husband to shove it in there, but a man that gets a chubby when his wife is dating someone else... I'm not sure.

>> No.52499075

Why not Veiled Moon?

>> No.52499085

don't start

>> No.52499086

Rolled 5, 3, 2, 6, 6, 1, 3, 1, 9, 8 = 44 (10d10)

Rolling for shits 'n giggles.

>> No.52499088

...for thee!

>> No.52499094

It's not particularly set, but I'm probably doing some sort of warpath follower Inquisitor with a compatibility fix for spheres made up by my GM. I kinda wanted to be a mystic knight type character and it seemed the best option. Non-combat options would probably be better than more combat stuff though.

>> No.52499099

>be cuck
>learn transformation spells
>transform myself into other men while I watch myself fuck my wife in a mirror

>> No.52499106


>mfw black knight
>mfw my character is going to be rocking the silver and gold.

>> No.52499112

What's the pfg-approved recipe for a super cutie?

>> No.52499120

I think the Doll is super cute!

>> No.52499129

Dog girl
likes head pats

>> No.52499131

>warpath follower Inquisitor
What deity?

>> No.52499132

Just call the moves, and I'll sell the joust for you.

>> No.52499138

Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d10)


Let's see...

>> No.52499139

This is the part where we shill our characters, right?

>> No.52499142

Not bad overall.

Older Partners
Younger Partners

>> No.52499146 [SPOILER] 

There's a time-honored solution to that...

>> No.52499147


>> No.52499150

Uhh something that gives a favored light blade. I haven't decided much yet.

>> No.52499153



Art from loli artists

This is how the doll was made

>> No.52499164


>> No.52499178

I know someone who got theirs done. They didn't post it though because there was no reason to.

>> No.52499182


>A large but not overly pronounced chest
>Wears nice clothes
>Has a young, sweet face
>On the shorter side
>Gap moe
>Gap moe
>Gap moe
>I can't emphasize this enough, make her a stoic badass that melts into girlish giggles whenever she sees something absurdly cute and people will love her

>> No.52499186

I'm gonna slam that doll alright.

>> No.52499191


Ignore fetishes compare party heights

What is a gap moe?

>> No.52499207

When your character does something that doesn't fit their character archetype, in an endearing fashion.

But how do you do gap moe on a male character?

>> No.52499222


>> No.52499229





Gap moe is a term used to describe uncharacteristic behavior by a PC in the face of an unusual situation.

An example of this would be the stone-cold, stoic badass barbarian woman getting a cute little kiss by the handsome Paladin as thanks, and rather than just huffing and gruffing the barbarian woman blushes, squirms and tries to bashfully hide her face while stammering something about "stealing you later tonight and making you her husband."

>> No.52499234

The exact same way you do it on a female character.

>> No.52499243

Well, since you're already a Warpath Follower, your combat will be covered. And as an Inquisitor, you got some skill utility. I'd say just pick whichever sphere seems interesting and works well thematically with which deity you settle on, like maybe going Light Sphere if you take Sarenrae, or Dark Sphere if you go Desna. Really, there's not much I can help with since there actually isn't much mechanical synergy between SoP and PoW

>> No.52499245

So you're talking about the Cop from Blingmaker. Franze.

>> No.52499251

>I can't emphasize this enough, make her a stoic badass that melts into girlish giggles whenever she sees something absurdly cute and people will love her

So, Terra Branford.

>> No.52499262


I've got a big, burly male character who will absolutely melt and submit the first time a woman tries to take charge with him.

Also he might squeal and suddenly baby talk at any cute animals he finds.

>> No.52499265

>tfw Estelle in HR fits 3/4 of that

>> No.52499272


Franze has a large chest? From the look of her clothes they seemed quite average.

>> No.52499277


Body. Armor.

>> No.52499284

My character is the shortest one in the party, despite having Str 17.

>> No.52499292



... He's got Silver Crane. You've got Black Seraph.

>> No.52499302

If you check the appearance description it says her body is obscured by her armor and clothing. You'll have to find out if it's large or not, it seems.

>> No.52499308

In order, Rory, Rinka, Rorymei, Aurora, Calsica, Lio

>> No.52499314 [SPOILER] 

>roll again
Also why not
>Pregnancy, masturbation, bondage, enemas

What a good, good girl

>> No.52499320


>> No.52499333


>Seht's head is exactly boob height on Onryou
>Bug is smol, cute and smol
>Valeriya has to stand on her tippy-toes to kiss Corwin or Casimir

>> No.52499336

It won't be that bad, I'm actually a cavalier with Perform ranks. Yelling black seraph technique names just gets the crowd riled.

>> No.52499341

Rolled 1, 9, 1 = 11 (3d10)


>> No.52499346

This is almost as bad.

>> No.52499367

Liozis is pretty tall, goddamn.

>> No.52499372

>[email protected] is eye level with the only bulge in the party

mon dieu

>> No.52499375

Dragon princess

a lot of neck

>> No.52499376


>> No.52499377


Oh for sure, I'm just getting hyped at the prospect of using gleaming silvery-gold strikes and counters next to someone that's probably spitting baleful hellfire and sulfuric vapors every time he swings a sword

>> No.52499388

>Ignore fetishes compare party heights
>tfw I only know of the heights of four of my six party members and the two I don't know aren't online right now

>> No.52499407

Most other dragon princesses are several feet taller

>> No.52499414


>Rory is more than twice the height of Rinka
> T A L L B O Y E
>Rorymei and Aurora are both the same height
>Rory still has almost a foot on the other two girls
>Aurora and Rorymei are the perfect height to bump into each other and kiss
>They're all gonna say "how's the weather up there, dog" to Rory
>Calsica and Lio are both boobheight for Aurora and Rorymei

>> No.52499420

Okay, I'll buy extra alchemical "hellfire"
for the next tourney
. Maybe play up the "Chelish" accent.


>> No.52499422

>Valeriya has to stand on her tippy-toes to kiss Corwin or Casimir

You do realize how cute this sounds, right?

>> No.52499442

New Thread


>> No.52499445


>mfw they nickname you "The Widowmaker."

>> No.52499453

>Rory is more than twice the height of Rinka
>Rory's dick is probably bigger than Rinka's torso

>> No.52499459

>page 6
no. Lets let this one die.

>> No.52499462

>is he gay or chelish?

>> No.52499477 [SPOILER] 

>not just a T A L L B O Y E
>Also a L O N G B O Y E

>> No.52499478

>The crowd's still booing him and cheering the other guy, so I guess the answer is "Yes".

>> No.52499498


>> No.52499502


Oh they're booing you, but they *love* to boo you.

>You buy some extra special "hellfire" to give your sword a sickly green glow while you use it

>> No.52499514

do you start on the details first, or the overarcing idea

>> No.52499516

>Brevic jousts are commentated by John DiMaggio and Greg Poops

>> No.52499518

>tfw everyone forgets Rory's a shifter. He can make himself as tall as Rinka if he wanted. Or even smaller, so Rinka can pushy him over and get on top of him and laugh about how now she's the one in control, she has all the power and he's just her wimping sextoy.

>> No.52499541


Rory's dick already has a size, it was mentioned in the logs.

God, anon. Why don't you memorize important details like this?

>> No.52499561

I have it on good authority that Rinka's fetish is smalldom bigsub

>> No.52499572

Literal perfection.

>> No.52499573

>Implying the chuuni with 7 charisma, 7 str, and 10 con would be threatening at all
>Implying the shifter wouldn't do it for a laugh and look at her be cute

>aforementioned factoid that Rory is more than twice Rinka's height

>> No.52499577

That would be good therapy for the rat. Like taking a little break from being dommed 24/7 by Mistress Calsi.

>> No.52499604

>Rory lets Rinka bully him to release stress from being bullied
Rory confirmed for bro of the year?

>> No.52499620

>Ignore fetishes compare party heights
Sophia, Estelle, Serigala, Hana.

>> No.52499632

Has /pfg/ entered a new golden age of femdom waifus?

Maice not being picked for Portuguese Liberation Defenders was a blow, but it looks like there's femdom apps in every major recruiting game, as well as the ongoing memegames. Has the community finally been awakened to the most patrician of fetishes?

>> No.52499677

not even most patrician

smalldom is the key.

>> No.52499725

While the picture is some dumb crap, anon is not incorrect.

Wife is setting up a claim of "I was unhappy with him for quite some time", and the person who initiates divorce proceedings fares much better in the ensuing court.

This is critical when combined with the severe inherent disadvantage of being a man in divorce and custody proceedings.

>> No.52499760

>GM has not touched the threads in over a week
Seems Shardwalkers was a fake game too. Twice as many applications as the last time anyone saw the GM by now.

>> No.52499781

no, Argentum is just busy moving.

>> No.52500086

I find characters on Table H more compelling. It can be really fascinating seeing a neutral and generally reasonable guy try to justify why burning people to death turns him on.

>> No.52500134


>> No.52500151

>Fire was my first lover. Certainly, I've had other lovers since then, but...
>staring into the distance
>... Fire is a very jealous and clingy lover.

>> No.52500308

Why live if I can't bully the rat and then get her to bully me in the bedroom?

>> No.52500344

>bully her into bullying you

Now that is a convoluted plan.

>> No.52500363

>lies and more filthy fucking lies
He just finally got his internet back you twat, the only reason we didn't play Pendragon last night was we had a no show player. There's over a week more for apps anyways.

>> No.52500387

I bet it works too


>> No.52502343

Hey, /pfg/. I'm looking for arms.
Namely, I'm looking for something that'll give a character two extra arms. They don't have to be able to grant extra attacks or bonus attacks, just hold things and possibly attack with the things they're holding subject to normal TWF limits.
Can be 3.5 content or PF content.
Best I have so far is Girallion's Blessing from the Spell Compendium, a 3rd level spell. Would be 54k for a continous magic item. Anybody able to undercut that?

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