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I play Pot of Greed! This allows me to draw TWO additional cards from my deck! With that, I set a monster and two spell/trap cards face-down.

Your move, Teegee.

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I set a card in face-up attack position.

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Pot of greed is banned, where's the referee??

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This is a SHADOW GAME, teegee-boy. You'll find no referees here.

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Give me at least 30 minutes to gather my deck.

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What are the rules?

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Duelist Kingdom.

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Face-up attack position.

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Not so fast, kaiba!

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What does Pot of Greed do?

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It draws 2 cards. Not sure where from though, it doesn't say it on the card.

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Oh man, pixel up, I can't read in my old age!

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What do you mean draw? Like pencil on paper drawing? Can i make up my own cards or it must exist already?

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I'm dead sure some little shit actually tried that logic on a tournament somewhere.

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Don't tempt me.
(I already screw with my friends like this.)

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>"Okay then, I draw two cards from your deck."

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Spotted the tourney scum.

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>Only drawing 2 cards

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>Okay, I draw two cards from my graveyard, Delinquent Duo and Delinquent Duo

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How is that useful at all?

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Instructions too hard, dick now stuck in toaster.

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>only drawing 3 cards

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If we're doing pure numbers, with no regard for cost then I present pic related

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My headcanon is that that little girl is Kaiba's daughter.

She's got the hair for a protagonist, that's for sure.

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Nah, not brightly coloured enough, and has 0 spikes

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>with no regard for cost
How about the whole deck

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Jaden. And what are you talking about, she has a spike on the end of her side-ponytail.

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Heh, nice try
>plays sky field
>plays buddy buddy rescue to force basics into opponent's hand
>plays captivating pokepuff to force basics onto bench

Thanks for the 16 cards, kid.

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>discarding cards in PTCG

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GX doesn't exist.

Or at least it shouldn't.

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I draw four...

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...draw four cards.

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Can also be done, but you need conditional setup - a single card won't do it, it'd have to be like >>52466257, but 'draw your entire deck' does exist

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activate your angel's grace now though.

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I play Wind-up Kitten in attack position.

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Konami has stated that the banlist effects both casual play and tournament play. No I'm not making this up, they admitted it when they made the emergency list that only affected tournament play.

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Made my day

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Just post the blue card that makes you draw you library and gives you an infinite hand size.

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No need.

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But that's your library minus one!

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>using spells to draw cards
>not having creatures that have that effect on them

It's like none of you have played "Creatures: The Tappening"!

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Then you just have to make your max hand size as big as your remaining deck.

Which is entirely doable, in a couple of ways.

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Forgot pic thanks to phoneposting

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I could see some shenanigans with this and Niv-Mizzet. Does the burst combo work or does it just take too long to ever carry out?

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In response I remove a Blue Card from
My hand and lose one life to cast Force of Will, countering your Pot of Greed.

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The cards costs 12 mana, there are way easier infinite damage combos out there. It can be nice as a surprise finisher in EDH

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>12 mana

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Well I draw an X!

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Oh shit, sorry dude i'll get some napkins!

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There is better stuff to omnitell

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oh you mean

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No shit. The context was obviously edh.

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This is what I put in play,
I do mean to ruin your day.

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I summon Blue Eyes White Dragon in attack mode!

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>scroll up
>nothing but mtg
Nice yugioh thread faggots.

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It's not that no one understood your joke; it's that no one thought it was funny

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I reveal my hand!

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I normal summon Apoqliphort Towers in attack position.

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Now you've activated my Stand! Your soul is mine!

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>How about the whole deck
>only playing your own deck

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My friends swore up and down that pic related could attack directly, for obvious reasons.

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if we're doing pure numbers than I win

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Even better in Legacy
>Show and Tell
>Enter the Infinite
>Emrakul on top
>Cunning Wish for Release the ants
>Cut your opponent to death

Except that that's a major part of Omnitell.

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because he's putting fingers up his butt?

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They can state whatever they fucking like, it can't be enforced in casual. That's like a fucking joke.

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The easiest way to go infinite with Niv is to make him curious.

That is to say, enchant him with Curiosity, then turn him sideways. As long as your library has more cards left than your opponent does life, you'll be playing Izzet Pinball with their face.

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I never played YGO seriously and usually just read these threads for nostalgia, but with my friends we had houserules for all the crap cards. If this fella successfully destroyed a monster or dealt damage, the person hurt by it would be blinded and would have to flip a coin to see if their attacks the next turn would be successful.

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Man, duel links was fun but I jumped ship as soon as data miners found plans to introduce pendulum summoning.

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Yeah, after that first shitty duel I went out and bought a game box that came with a DVD where joey would teach you the rules.

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I summon Jinzo, the dark paladin and envoy of the begining.
Remove your monster and attack with the others
I drop your 4000 life points to 0
I win

>> No.52480366

What kind of baby shit game you playing noob?

We use 3 heart points

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Here is the actual best card in magic.

Are you willing... to pay the price?

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Yeah sure.
4000$ sounds about right.

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You're spewing more shit than a scat-lover who tried to rinse his mouth out with ipecac

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The fuck came in the game box because I have like 2 DVDs of Joey telling how to play the game and I don't remember when,where or why I got them

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Burninate it

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>Pot of greed is banned
What? Why?

>> No.52481078

Being able to draw three cards in a single turn at no penalty is an extremely powerful effect

>> No.52481125

But...Pot of Greed says two

>> No.52481131

you draw pot of greed into pot of greed into pot of greed

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>Revised printing is 40 cents
>Unlimited is $3.00
>Beta is $40.00
>Alpha is $200.00 +

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YGO has no cost system, so any deck can run Pot Of Greed and if you CAN run an unconditional 2-for-1 card that will accelerate your draws but don't you're a moron. Your deck is effectively 57 cards instead of 60 if you run it and you advance your gameplan two turns at zero cost every time you play it because card draw usually has some kind of condition in YGO.

Since YGO is fucking RAMPANT with bullshit one-turn-kill combinations, the ability to draw two cards for free makes games more rocket tag-y than they already are.

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Is there no limit to how many of the same card a deck can have?

I haven't played Yu-Gi-Oh since basically the beginning and I didn't pay attention to the rules much, then

>> No.52481380

maximum three of the same card per deck

>> No.52481399


I want to say that that's kind of an exaggeration, but I tried to get back into Yugioh recently with a friend that also played back in the days before Syncro was a thing and this is disturbingly accurate to what we experienced almost by accident when we tried to play what we thought were casual decks against each other.

>> No.52481590

Imagine 0 mana "draw two" in MtG.

It would be played as a 4 of in every deck ever.
Makes Ancestral Recall and Mental Misstep look like a joke

>> No.52481608

AHA! I've rolled two level 4 summon crests! I dimension the dice to reveal The Dark Magician!

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We have that.

>> No.52481754


Gush was amazing, but now imagine if you could do that and keep your islands.

It would be a sorcery instead of an instant, but a colorless 0-cost sorcery that just read "draw 2 cards" would break MTG in half, particularly since MTG doesn't share Yugioh's thing of restricting cards to one or two per deck.

>> No.52483672

That's functionally one to three mana - if you play it, then play one island, then play the other next turn, the second island still loses out on one mana.
If you've played a land already, then you can't replay the first island until next turn, setting you back one mana for both.
If you have several lands in your hand already, then it's even more expensive, as you lose out on two mana every turn those lands are in your hand instead of on the field.
Yes, Landfall and instant-speed Boil escape are both things, but so is hand destruction.

>> No.52484214

It would pretty much redefine the entire game. It would be awful.

like straight up lose 10 life and draw a card would break the game in half. Card draw is absurdly strong.

>> No.52484339

But pot of greed itself is worthless so you draw only one additional card.

>> No.52484385

gitaxian probe already exists anon

>> No.52484442

it always amazed me how limited draw is in magic. PTCG is fucking full of draw power. Draw 3, discard hand and draw 7, shuffle hand and draw 5, draw to 6 (8 if used first turn), 3 different pokemon with draw to 6, draw to 5 and draw to 3 abilities, tons of pokemon with different draw 1 abilities.

Draw 3 is in fact considered a total waste of a card because it's too slow and wastes deck space. I've had games where I've been at under 20 cards left of a 60 card deck at the beginning of turn 2.

>> No.52484456



>> No.52484466

Dark paladin iirc

>> No.52484497

>you will never flip man-eater bug to destroy blue-eyes white dragon, then tribute to summon Summoned Skull in attack mode...

>> No.52487007

someone post the webm, you know which one

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>drawing your deck
Real men dump their their whole deck into their graveyard and insta-win


>> No.52490908


I don't have it, unfortunately, but I do have an example of why being able to play multiple pot of greed is bad.


>> No.52491512

Do I need a pencil to draw these cards?
What kind of cards?
Does it mean "2 cards" as in a card and then another card, or "2 cards" as in more than one card with a 2 on it?

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File: 80 KB, 438x600, World_War_II_Patriotic_Posters_USA_Conservation_Tokio_Kid_Say2LG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd say that looks like one of those WWII propaganda caricatures of the japs if it wasn't drawn by a jap for a jap card game.

>> No.52494228

Turn one wins are so dumb.
Both the YGO and MtG have them, I just don't see the appeal

Though dumping your deck for the win is a thing in Netrunner too (though perhaps not for long)

>> No.52494702

>and the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT

>> No.52495029

>flips magic cylinder
Heheh... Nothing personnel... Kid...

>> No.52495430

have 4 copies, i dont know why my friends dosen't want me to use them in out kitchen table games ....

>> No.52495491

Can we ban having more than two marauding captains

>> No.52495628

>you drew 2 cards from your deck, referring to Me
>you are meant to draw from my deck, referring to You

>> No.52496013

One turn wins like that are why I quit. Namely one tourney I went to where one turn wins were technically forbidden, but they only considered the first player's first turn to count. So my final match ended up looking like...

>get my one turn win combo first draw
>start it up, get told I can't finish him off this turn
>opponent gets his turn and one turn wins me
>get told it's the second turn, so it counts by a judge

Only time I straight up rage quit a tournament.

I didn't feel too bad though, turned out that judge ended up walking out with the box of booster packs that was supposed to be the grand prize, and the store owner wouldn't give the winner anything else.

>> No.52497057

The pace of the game has been ramping up gradually. This trend has been going most notably since the Synchro era, where the need for Tuners to align with other cards in play upped the number of Special Summons needed to keep the mechanic going. Xyz continued the trend, and Pendulum Summoning was an odd take that just added more methods onto the pile. Link Summoning may theoretically slow down the number of monsters that get piled onto the field at the same time from the Extra Deck, but it likely won't cause the game's pacing to decrease all that much in the long run (particularly since people are already testing the known Link cards and finding ways to break things).

If you want to play more or less casually, that's fine. You just have to find other people willing to do the same.

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Pot of Greed
>First set
>Banned for being OP.

>First Set
>Several Banned for being OP.

>Buncha cards getting banned from the first set.
>Sorry let me rephrase "Moved to hall of honor" ... For being to OP.

Weird president for power-creep. Does this happen in other TCGs that have lasted? I'm not so verse in Pokemon or Netrunner.

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We drawed a labyrinth and tried to replicate the show's rules whenever someone played this little shit. I hated it.

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I just hope no one tries to do this with Thousand Eyes Restrict.

>> No.52498473


Generally speaking a lot of TCGs have that phase in the beginning where there's a mix of "this is incredibly weak" and "this is insanely overpowered" because what's good and what isn't isn't as clearly understood when a game's getting started. In many games it's assumed something that you have to spend life to cast is power at a deadly price because you come closer to losing from a dev perspective. From a player perspective, as long as you're not dead you're still in the game so cheesing with things that bring your life low but don't deplete it is often better than other kinds of costs.

Yugioh's never really had a balanced thing, though. People kvetch about the MTG banlist but Yugioh's lack of card rotation means the Banlist is the only thing that creates even a modicum of sanity in competitive AND casual play, and even then it doesn't do that job particularly well. Yugioh's in kind of a weird spot that a lot of its early stuff was overpowered as fuck (Chaos completely crushed out every other deck in the format until every chaos-summoned monster was banned) but new sets are also rampant with power-creep with each new archetype pushing out the last.

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File: 852 KB, 477x695, TimeWizard-LDK2-EN-C-1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 1 (1d2)

I summon the almighty Time Wizard in attack position, and activate its effect!

>> No.52498537

Fetch this man an internet

>> No.52498587

What are some examples of "turn one kills" that are being played right now? I must have missed them all.

>> No.52498656

*Shoots coin*
Oh look it's tails.

>> No.52498709


>> No.52498783

Literal FTKs are pretty hard to find because the cards that cause them tend to find their way to the ban list. However, there are still plenty of OTKs that can happen as early as turn 2, someone's first turn. All you need is a deck that meets modern standards and a good enough hand to run absolutely roughshod over the other guy.

>> No.52499906

What are rules anyway?

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File: 2.67 MB, 1067x600, against the rules.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52500364

Webms won't work for me.

>> No.52500442

because every single deck with literally no exception will have to run the maximum allowed of them. there is literally no thinking involved. they make any deck there is

literally any deck.

>> No.52500467

top kek im fine with dumb decks like this

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File: 2.16 MB, 1280x720, coin toss.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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