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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Money money money! Edition

Have you ever, over the course of a character's career, come into possession of vast monetary wealth? What did you do with it? If your current character was given a million gp, what would they do with it?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>52458842

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bought magic swords, cloaks of resistances, and amulets of natural armor of course

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The only time I ever made a serious effort to gain an enormous amount of wealth was to contruct a phylactery

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GMs persistently force me to be a homeless serial arsonist. I just want to make enough money to buy a house.

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I have a strong trend towards ascetics. Whoops.

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There's honestly not much point to material wealth after a certain point, especially if you're friends with, married to, or are the party caster.
>create demiplane

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We were on page 6, you dweeb.

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Monetary wealth is nice, but I find that players tend to prefer rewards in terms of gear.

There are always exceptions to the rule, however, when you have a character who refuses any of the magical items you throw at the party, then complains that he's not as well-equipped as the rest of the group because they all chose to trade in their old loot once they found better.

For cases like this, I have lately tended to split the wealth between currency and items.

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Must be that desperate to fight degeneracy.

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I usually don't give players any monetary wealth as cash when they're diving into dungeons because it seems to me kind of preposterous that a Lich from 100 000 years ago would just randomly have minted gold coins that are considered legal tender in your kingdom, but quite likely he'd have actual blocks of gold and silver lying around that you can sell or priceless artifiacts from ages past. Similarly, actual given quests tend to have most of the reward in privileges, rank, rebates, and cash but minimal gear - the King might be willing to give out suits of enchanted armor for defeating the Dragon Emperor but the Infinity Blade is a national treasure / symbol and you can't just give it out, no matter how big of a hero these guys are.

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> If your current character was given a million gp, what would they do with it?
Fuck. That's a good question. There isn't much he wants out of life that money can give him. If anything being filthy rich hurts his plans more than helps them.

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The power of money is without measure

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What else would you do with money, other investing it in science?

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I've been unable to stop watching Titanic documentaries for the last week or so now, how do I turn this into an adventure for the PCs without making it too obvious?

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Andoran cruise ship heading to Arcadia hits an Ice Linnorm, there will be a subplot featuring a vapid noblewoman banging a gutter rat she just met and will never get over.

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Titanic is literally overrated. I seriously do not understand why it's such a big deal or why it's become so romantic.
Chaulked watertight compartments weren't even anything new.

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>just randomly have minted gold coins that are considered legal tender in your kingdom
Minted coins were used because of the trust of the government minting them that they were pure and of an appropriate weight. Gold is still gold, no matter the shape... you can still use it to buy things, the only difference is that some merchants might be a little more suspicious, and could ask to weigh or test the coins a bit before accepting them.

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I see you also purchased the nonary games.

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>gold is still gold
Yeah I understand that but most merchants are going to narrow their eyes at you and ask to test every piece you give them because they're not getting gold-lined lead pieces again.

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Frankly it's the human reactions that I enjoy the most. The fact most of the events, and even passengers' whereabouts are traced down to the second is what fascinates me.

I don't know what that means

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And let's not forget the ridges on the sides to prevent shaving by the fantasy Jews and Gypsies.

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Oh man.

Go search it on steam.


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Create a vast clone army and outfit each clone with an Apparatus of the Crab.

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It's because Cameron made a movie.

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/pol/ kind of ruined me to that tragedy, since feminists of the day said the men who let women and children take their spots were "only doing what they're expected to do" and the women suffered just as much as those who died because "they had to watch the ship go down."

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I loathe the Titanic. I had to pretend to litigate its sinking for my big trial exercise at the end of law school. It was miserable as hell, and we represented passengers and families, the easy clients.

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Here is Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warriors II.
This PDF contains the silhouette archetype and an assortment of seemingly unremarkable psychic warrior feats and feat reprints. Sadly, the pain sculptor was never published.

If you appreciate Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warriors II, consider purchasing it here:

Here is Divergent Paths: Fool's Errand:
This contains the Fool's Errand discipline proper, the brawler (contender) and vigilante (night terror) archetypes, a series of Fool's Errand feats, and a martial tradition.

If you like Fool's Errand, please consider purchasing this from the Dreamscarred Press website ( http://www.dreamscarred.com ) when it appears.

Here is Psionics Augmented: Occultists:
This should contain the occultist (govi) archetype, the occultist (shattered mind) archetype, the psion (cryptographer) archetype, and other options.

If you are a fan of occultists, do think about purchasing it:

Can anyone identify any changes that these new options have undergone since their playtest incarnations?


Here is Psionics Augmented: Wilders:

If you enjoy this product for whatever reason, do think about a purchase:


Here is Psionics Augmented: Psicrystals Expanded:

If you like this PDF despite the gruesome amount of botched mechanics and blundered editing with it, consider a purchase:

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What's the best class for being Delta

Mind element Jolly Kineticist?
Mind specialist Sphere caster?

>> No.52464108

What's a fun feat tree for paladins who fight big stuff besides Lay On Hands buffs?

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Now to be fair litigating bullshit you seriously see no point to has been a staple of law schools since the first formal ones in Rome.

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depends what Delta we're talking about


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The best one

>> No.52464184 [SPOILER] 

The best kind
Wow, I fucked that up. Sorry people who are just playing the Zero Escape series.

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Big Game Hunter if your GM allows Local feats. Gives +1 to hit and +2 damage vs. Large or bigger enemies.


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Android with DSP's ghost monster class and lots of intelligence.

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I want to make loads of money and use it to make a big ole house for my character's gaggle of kids!

Nothing sweeter than the pitter-patter of tiny feet on wooden floorboards!

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Did the ironfang game get posted last night or was it a bamboozle?

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Hi Gloriana

>> No.52464254

Explain. Because
As far as I'm aware, Delta is a normal human bar his ESPer abilities. He's just old. unless the android part is supposed to represent his life extending surgeries but in that case wouldn't Elan be better?

>> No.52464259

Yup, here's that and the rest of the games that are recruiting


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KSnH never

>> No.52464291

I don't think we're thinking the same Delta. I'm thinking of the AI fragment formed from the logic cores of the AI based off the personality of one Dr. Leonard Church.

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Why are we here?

>> No.52464301

Thanks, anon.

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Aaand I didn't notice there's already a new thread, derp.

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Just to suffer.

>> No.52464328

I don't know man. Are we the product of some grand design, or are we simply a cosmic accident? Really keeps me up at night...

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>tfw all the games sound so fun but you don't get in any, or they conflict with your schedules, or they're bamboozles
End it

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No I mean why are we out here, in this canyon.

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Oh, I dunno man. Because the Reds are here?

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But its a box canyon. With no way in or out. The only reason we have set up a blue base here, is because they set up a red base over there. Even if they took out this base then they would just have two bases in a box canyon, with no way in or out. Big whoop.

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Sometimes I don't know if I believe in myself.

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Mass Fly

>> No.52464399

Thats ok anon!

You should just believe in me who believes in you!

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Yeah but who the hell do you think you are?

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You can do it, anon! Tell us which game listed in >>52464259 appeals to you most?

>> No.52464426

Definitely Mind Element Jolly Legendary Kineticist, mind hacking is pretty easy like that.

>> No.52464469

Probably legacy or bling. Maybe Shard but I don't really like the 'fake gesalt' thing going on there.

>> No.52464486


Oh hey, it's the meme man from that meme show.

Spurdo spurdo belieb in me :D :D

>> No.52464502

Friendly reminder that WE'RE WAITING TO REVIEW THAT APP, >>52413696

>Fine. I'll do this and/or maybe PLD. Might have something up by Friday. Prepare for disappointment.


>> No.52464503

Yeah dude its only one of the most popular shows of all time, its shocking that people like it on a mongolian cave painting image board.

>> No.52464508

i forgot.

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TTGL is good, fuck you.

>> No.52464524

Anon, believe in the memes that believes in you. Let your memes pierce the waifus.

>> No.52464537

Lots of good character archetypes to build off of (or subvert) in bling. You should go for it!

>> No.52464544

friendly reminder to do the above

>> No.52464549

I'm not that guy though i just forgot about the entire thing.

>> No.52464558

Why does no one talk about wondrous pigments? Seems like an awesome item.

>> No.52464573

I didn't I've just been caught up with some more pressing school stuff. I'll get something up. I have a vague idea for the whole treasure hunter thing.

>> No.52464580


Can someone catch me up on what this is all about?

Anon needs writing advice, and is given a prompt he'll write a character for and then we review it?

>> No.52464587

Oh hey, it's the bait man from that bait post.

Spurdo spurdo respond to me :D :D

>> No.52464598


Never seen it, all I know is you guys hoot like chimps when it gets referenced.

>> No.52464599

Is there any good character sheet site / app besides Mythweavers? Kind of don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole after that last fiasco...

>> No.52464606

It's just a meme, calm your tits.

>> No.52464612

Probably because not only is it prolific, its also excellent, and you're on a Tian wood carving board.

>> No.52464619

you can download sheets and save them just in case now, no reason not to trust Mythweavers

>> No.52464625

>Lots of good character archetypes to build off of (or subvert) in bling.
Damn, the sound of a subverted Swordlord sounds cool as fuck. A dude who puts on the face of the noble swordsman, but fights dirty whenever nobody's looking.

>> No.52464635

Anon's been grousing about how his apps are terrible and how he'll never get better and no-one ever reviews his stuff.
Other anons said to show us your apps and we'll review them.
Original (?) anon says that that'll just mean everyone will know who he is and will permanently make him a laughingstock and make all communities forever shun him, and it's better to never get in any games rather than never get in any games AND be shunned.

Other anons says that's dumb but fine, make an app not linked to your roll20 account and we'll review it anyway.




and now it's friday and everything's got out of hand ahhhhh

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We need, excuse the MMO term, a Tank in the party. What class best does the Tank job of having high HP and high AC?

>> No.52464646


>> No.52464652

You will remind yourself that meatshields don't work as well in ttrpgs for the lack of a no saving throw HEY UGLY target lock spell learned at level 2 by every single 'tank'.

>> No.52464654 [DELETED] 

Psychic with snail familiar obv

controlled by a thrallherd dog

>> No.52464660

I mean, that's basically all a fighter is good at. Paladins work and are actually playable outside of it.

>> No.52464670

We have all ranged characters and one rogue. We need someone that can take a hit in melee and provide the rogue with flanking.

>> No.52464671

No, neither of those classes are about having 'high HP and high AC', they're both about consistent DPR

>> No.52464681

You need someone to fucking smash bitches in melee, not be a bitch and take hits.

Tanks do not exist in Pathfinder.

>> No.52464683 [SPOILER] 

Psychic with snail familiar, obv.

controlled by a thrallherd dog
sorry for fucking this up the first time

>> No.52464690

And Fighters are arse at it, making their relatively high HP and ability to wear heavy armor their main selling point.

>> No.52464692

I just used Neceros' PDF character sheet along with Foxit to edit the fields in it (I think Adobe works too though). I store them all on my computer locally.

>> No.52464700

Hey yeah, why isn't there an attraction feat/skill for beefy Con classes who's whole shtich is protecting people?

>> No.52464703

Maybe 2 fucking years ago you goddamn retard

Weapon Master's Handbook came out, fighters are T4.

>> No.52464706

Because 4e did that and everyone hates 4e.

>> No.52464711

Because this isn't an MMO fuck off.

>> No.52464726

Because enemies in most RPGs aren't stupid creatures that are attracted to things that are hard to hit. Do you think an evil wizard with 50 int will fall for a fighter shouting "OI YOU I SHAT YER MUM" and go try stab him with his wand while shrieking autistically?

>> No.52464729

I think there is but it's absolute shit. Swift action to give adjacent allies +1 AC.

>> No.52464756


To be fair, that does sound like something a wizard would do.

>> No.52464758


Ooh! So we're going to spoil anon rotten with vicious insults to his writing style until he's a quivering wreck! I can't wait!

>> No.52464773

I want to be made a quivering wreck

>> No.52464776

No we're going to offer him constructive criticism so he can better himself.

>> No.52464792

You should have tried harder to get into Palpitating Lover Dolls then.

>> No.52464796

But monster rape isn't my fetish

>> No.52464823


Counterpoint; ancient coins from a lost civilization may be worth more than their value due to collector/museum value.

>> No.52464824

>reviewing PLD
Fucking why. Lysander and Vult both did reviews already

>> No.52464842


Well getting sticky and being impossible to ignore is a great way to develop 'aggro' if you will.

>> No.52464843

Because why would they
Protecting people is not something you dedicate yourself to, it's something you do WHILE fighting.

If anything he'd attempt to Plane Shift the guy into Hell or something.

Yeah but they're not "gp", see. I give them gold bars and treasure and shit in dungeons, but not actual gp.

>> No.52464848

>every build needs "one-two more levels" past starting level to actually come together
>no matter the chargen, it always happens

Well shieeeeet

>> No.52464853

It's not FOR PLd.

Anon is supposed to write an app as if he were applying to PLD, then anons will review it and critique it and give him feedback on why he never gets into games.

Keep up anon. It's not difficult. Just pay attention.

>> No.52464858

Yo- you can be made into a quivering wreck by something OTHER than monster rape?

No, someone's going to put an app in to PLD or shardwalkers or something, and then we're going to review it. Even though apps have closed.

This is simply in order to make their app making better.

>> No.52464863


>> No.52464870 [SPOILER] 

>Yo- you can be made into a quivering wreck by something OTHER than monster rape?
You'd be surprised.

>> No.52464891

you can't beat the cock anon

nobody can beat the cock

>> No.52464893

Maybe that's because every fucking game here starts at level 3 instead of an easier level to work with.

>> No.52464900

Because it always starts at level 3 instead of 4 or 5, or even 1. 3 is like, cockblocked. You're within reach of what you want to be but just BARELY not there.

>> No.52464903

>easier level to work with.
But when I make lvl 1 starting games with 15 PB you all make fun of me.

>> No.52464905


What the fuck is that image from.

>> No.52464906

Try making a level 1 starting game with 25 PB.

>> No.52464909

Thats because you should kill yourself.

>> No.52464913

Level 1 is the opposite of "easier to work with". There's NOTHING to work with.

>> No.52464928

Thats why I like level 3 honestly, you still feel weak enough that you can progress to be much more powerful, there's growth to have.

>> No.52464937

Oh, apologies. I cant read 100% of posts while at work.

>> No.52464943

What's wrong with the simpler backgrounds, anon? There's nothing wrong about being an adventurous virgin!

>> No.52464944

No, I feel fine with Level 1, it's just that 15 PB leaves me with "play a 16+2 INT wizard or get out"

>> No.52465009

And how do you stop people from just walking round you in a two dimensional plane?

>> No.52465030

I'm just sick of level 1 starts most of all. It always turns into a clown fiesta of misses, followed by someone getting 1-shot. I sure do love starting an adventure and immediately being killed by a couple glowing insects or a goddamn feral cat. I SURE DO LOVE GETTING A NASTY LOOK when I try to play a different character of the same class because I didn't get to actually do anything with the first one.

>> No.52465064


Silly anon, you can still be an adventurous virgin at level 3!

>> No.52465071

I'm fine with Level 1 starts and level 4-5 starts
Level 3 starts are just like
you know

>> No.52465089

What? No you can't. How did you get to lvl 3? By killing 5000 XP worth of stuff. You don't gain XP by just existing. You have to have gone out and killed stuff.

>> No.52465094

I want to see more level 5-7 campaign starts, not more level 1.

>> No.52465096

RP XP laddo
A Wizard can be level 5 without having ever killed anything just by doing research and shit.

>> No.52465097

Are you fucking retarded? Golarion currency is all about the precious metals and not the marks on the coin. You could find coins with the symbol of razmir in them and you can literally use them in cheliax and they wouldnt bat an eyelash as long as the platinum was pure and the coins had the proper weight

>> No.52465104

They work, but often they end up with you stuck there for a while.

>XP is only gained via killing things
t. murderhobo

>> No.52465118

I don't always run my campaigns in golorian but why don't you read what I wrote again? They'd get the actual precious metals, just not flat cash.

>> No.52465133

Path of War is your book: Warder, Zealot, Knight Disciple Paladin, and Silver Fist Monk do that stuff quite well.

>> No.52465137


>> No.52465143


You gain XP by overcoming encounters, not just death. Half the battles in an AP give XP if you can beat them with just skill checks.

>> No.52465163

Hell's Rebels started at level 5.

What happened to that game anyway? Was it all bamboozle?

>> No.52465175

no its occuring

>> No.52465181

>Blood in fangwood
>GM has 0 hours
Sounds like a bamboozle to me

>> No.52465194

realistically the most likely bamboozle is Blingmaker because actually running that garbage AP is enough to make one off themselves

>> No.52465270

Group A had our session yesterday. Group B had greentext posted last week.

>> No.52465281

I'll repost just for you.

>We had our first game for Hell's Rebels group A! it was pretty fun, not perfect but fun. Estelle is a teleporting behind u ninja-maid, Serigala practically one-shots Barney's lieutenant, Hana loses her mind constantly imagining herself detained by burly Thrune guards (not as lewd as it sounds!) and Sophia has terrible luck with her rolls. In the ends all of Thrune thugs get beaten up helplessly by a bunch of girls and a girl (male) and Barney has illusory butt wiggling in front of his face. Also, Estelle has an older brother now because if fits the story.

>The biggest problem was that fight was a little slow though it got faster after the first round. We also focused on Nox (Barney's lieutenant) even though she was just a background not supposed to be taking part in the fight, and the overall mood was a bit darker than it was supposed to be but nothing same after-game talk couldn't improve!

Group B also had it game earlier and they made it a bit further than us but not much.

>> No.52465299

Which one of those was 2hu?

>> No.52465303

I think it's actually been a while since the last bamboozle? Hell, PLD was legit.

>> No.52465310

Group A

>> No.52465320

Which character was 2hu playing?

>> No.52465337


>> No.52465346

A literal kitsune shota trap who thinks their little sibling deserves to be crippled for being inferior and not a genetic, perfect build of a freak like he is.

>> No.52465357


>> No.52465360

Does it count as a bamboozle if the game started but only got a few sessions before falling apart for whatever reason? Would the reason even matter?

>> No.52465369


Molthune Knights had a single session and that was a complete bamboozle.

>> No.52465389

What is the best third level arcane support/buff spell?

I have an NPC Sorcerer currently tagging along with 3 martials, a tactician, and a psion.

>> No.52465390

Yes. If you cannot commit to a game then do not organize one or join one. It is simple common sense!

>> No.52465401


I was the one playing Serigala, the avowed 4/stalker (vigilante) 1.

By my reckoning, and by the GM's own admission, it was not a shabby session. The players (myself included) fumbled with characterization as is standard for the first session, and the GM failed to follow through on the advertised tone of the campaign and generally seemed hesitant.

Furthermore, we had broken off the metaphorical rails in a fashion the GM did not expect (attacking Nox, Barzillai Thrune's lieutenant, the moment combat erupted), and the GM had struggled to adapt to that.

Since the end of the session, we had worked out a solution to issues of campaign tone and theme, and had likewise settled on a way to better implement that NPC lieutenant whom we had alpha-striked in the first encounter.

Additionally, the GM has asked me to drop the stalker (vigilante) multiclass, as it has proven much too powerful even in a party of optimized, heavy-offense initiators.

>> No.52465404

1pp only?

>> No.52465406

>mfw nobody even thought about making an expy of Knight Artorias, the Abyss Walker for PLD

>> No.52465409

Oh and here I'd be thinking that the DM had just ran off, disappearing without a word and never actually running anything. That certainly would be a bamboozle.

>> No.52465411


>> No.52465416

If you have extra spells per day then heroism is also good but a bit resource intensive.

>> No.52465432

Haste, not even close with three meatshields.

>> No.52465448

That's because no GM would have picked it? Esepecially not Vult "My Little Rapist"

>> No.52465477


>> No.52465485


Sorcerer just got to level 6, so has 1 spell but 5 casts per day. I assumed haste, but did want to double check.

I think a party haste would be better than spending the battle slowly giving people Heroism.

>> No.52465498

Yeah it's basically haste, that's the only option.

>> No.52465503

>Serigala - Small tiefling refluffed as gnome with psychopomp blood, shota trap (obviously), reflavoured court fey pact avowed. Rather meek, bad with crowds and people.
>Estelle - Blinkling maid medic/mystic currently serving Serigala's family. Humilated by Thrune's Dottari. Dutiful and moe.
>Hana - Human bard/warlord. Idol/streamer/gamergirl with confidence issues.
>Sophia - Lion catfolk warlord, noble lady with a possessive streak and big hammer.

2hu plays Serigala. Them and GM came to realize that allowing Avowed with PoW might have been a bad idea and will probably work on changing it. Other highlights include two less-than-a-meter high kemonomimi girls dissuading bunch of anarchists and Thrune loyalists from inciting a riot with power of moe and Serigala greeting Sophia with awkward "you are a nice cat."

>> No.52465510

Both groups have now had their first session, both were a bit slow since I am exceptionally rusty when it comes to running games online and people have yet to settle into roles. Hopefully things will go smoother in future, I just need to chill the fuck out and do my prep instead of... not.

Also fun fact, in both cases I threw six rogues at the party in the first encounter, and in both groups not a single one landed an actual sneak attack due to them all losing in initiative and not being able to flank. Such is life in Kintargo, these rebels are slippery.

>> No.52465522

Heroism is valued for its long duration which lasts the entire crawl and the return trip out, but yeah it only begins to shine at mid levels when you have enough 3rd slots to spare and every +2 matters.

>> No.52465534

First sessions are always weird

>> No.52465542



>> No.52465553


>> No.52465555

I don't know. Got it from somewhere on 4chan I don't remember where now though.

>> No.52465556

he's a rapist.

>> No.52465565


>> No.52465570

He held a private session for two of the female characters in his game where he raped them with monsters so the two male characters couldn't cuck him.

>> No.52465572

Look up meme queen on sadpanda.

>> No.52465575


All white men.

>> No.52465578

Vult is running a creepy rape game

>> No.52465582

Is there a PDF with the list of traits floting somewhere or am I too stupid to know which one it is?

>> No.52465588

See >>52465570
Also this private session happens BEFORE the official start of the game.

>> No.52465591


I'll do you one even better.


>> No.52465595

traits filter on d20pfsrd.

>> No.52465607

This is a joke right?

>> No.52465610


0% rape happened in the private session, they fought a river monster and tried to get lewd with a gang of sailors but it turned cute instead of smutty.

The smut campaign was a bamboozle.

>> No.52465613

No its the reality and I hate reality and want it to end.

>> No.52465619

Is there no PDF of it somewhere? That shit uses Google sheets...

>> No.52465633

why would you need a PDF when you can literally search through a huge number of traits with keywords, a PDF is a straight up downgrade.

>> No.52465634

They're lying, but the DM has gone on record for blatant scumbaggery. I just wouldn't pay attention to any of it, some of the bullshit is unbelievable and some of the real shit is even harder to believe

>> No.52465644

1. I'd like to have it offline for reference and more importantly
2. That shit uses Google sheets.

>> No.52465654

>symbol of razmir
Not everywhere to everywhere though. You'd get the stinkeye with Razmiran coins in Andoran, and in Nirmathas you'd get a sap to the back of the head.

>> No.52465655

why the fuck would you need an offline reference of literally hundreds of traits, in the vast majority of games you're going to be dealing with 12. Max.

>> No.52465670

>and in Nirmathas you'd get a sap to the back of the head.

Or you can trade it for some brown-brown so you can get high with the child soldiers to dodge all the landmines while you're going to the local watering hole.

>> No.52465671

For IRL gaming, I'd bet.

>> No.52465696


Step 1.
Look at the traits your players have
Step 2.
Copy that shit from the SRD into a word doc for quick reference.
Step 3.
Print the word doc of the few traits you actually need reference for out

It'd be like if you needed the definition of a few words repeatedly but instead of writing them out on a piece of paper you keep a dictionary nearby and search through it every time, fucking stupid

>> No.52465697

Are you being purposefully obtuse or is my repeated emphasis on Google not enough? I can't access that shit, it turns up blank for me.
I guess there's no PDF.

>> No.52465700

What is IRL gaming? Is it edible?

>> No.52465706

Hey guys, odd question: What is the line between "Munchkin" and "Optimal"?

>> No.52465717

>You can't access that shit

What? Why wouldn't you be able to access fucking -google-

>> No.52465726

If the GM likes it, it's optimal.
If the GM doesn't like it, it's munchkin.

>> No.52465740

Munchkin is a playstyle, optimization is meta.

>> No.52465741

>blatant scumbaggery
Advertising a smut game as such is not a scumbag move. The only questionable decision was accepting Lysander early. Fuck off with this shit man.

>> No.52465751


Yeah, but, what is a good rule of thumb so I don't risk bringing something to the table the GM doesn't like?

>> No.52465757

I had the same issue at first.

It has to do with NoScript plug-in for FireFox. Just temp reanble certain domains in the NoScript context menu until the document loads.

>> No.52465758

Munchkins are optimizers, but optimizers don't need to be munchkins.

We will grow larger, and one day we will be able to access Google again.
are you pulling my leg?

>> No.52465763

Take a 'loan' out anon ;^)

>> No.52465767

No nigger i literally don't understand what existence you have in which you can access 4chan.org and not fucking google.

>> No.52465783

>it's ANOTHER 'China blocks 4chan xD' episode
I don't get why people think 4chan of all sites would be blocked when 2ch isn't.

>> No.52465787

>Forest Marshal Garvik recently outlawed the worship of Razmir in Nirmathas in order to deter the Living God's troublesome priests, even though temples of Razmir already exist.

>> No.52465797

Know your GM well enough to figure it out

>> No.52465801


>Implying anyone in Somalia will listen to the local warlord

>> No.52465806

How the fuck am I supposed to know you live in China you fucking retard?

>> No.52465818


New GM new party.

>> No.52465835

There's nothing wrong with a blatant ERP game but he engaged or incited shitposters constantly and went on record for wanting gender swaps of men and weighing the possibility of male characters stealing girls.

All power to him to run the game he wants but that's pretty sleazy.

>> No.52465840

Our party once caused a town to go bankrupt, so there's that.

>> No.52465843

Look anon I dunno about you but you'd think that the first thing that comes to mind when someone says google is inaccessible is China. "We will grow larger" is a pretty good hint imho too.
Anyway I'll just look through the traits one by one, thank god they didn't put it 100% in sheets

>> No.52465852

I don't know anything about china's fucking internet. Nor do I care.

>> No.52465870


Someone's hostile, you sound like a leaf who just got kicked out of another manager's meeting because it was "Mandarin only."

Thanks, Trudeau.

>> No.52465895

Fuck that, the day of the rake can't come soon enough

>> No.52465915

Even burgers know about this.
Why are you so goddamn angry over nothing desu

>> No.52465921

Vult isn't just a sleazebag though, he also constantly plays the victim

>> No.52465933

because anger fuels me

>> No.52465943

My current character makes nearly 20K of gold per month from owning various businesses and is currently working towards stealing the Whispering Tyrants Jewel of Unlimited Wonga.

Basically everyone is worrying about him being a necromancer when really they should be worried about him turning into the Anti-Soros and bringing neighboring nations stability, prosperity and gently under heel in an obscenely profitable way through the raw power of Cash Money.

>> No.52465949


What did you expect from an engineer.

>> No.52465957

Be careful not to overload and burn out.

>> No.52465964

>thinks their little sibling deserves to be crippled for being inferior and not a genetic, perfect build of a freak like he is.
That's actually something that got changed in the current version of his backstory. Turns out 2hu took "characters should have flaws" to heart a bit TOO much.

>> No.52465971

Too right, the day us godless communists wipe the capitalist western menace from the globe will be a righteous and just genocide.

>> No.52465975

Does anyone have an invite for the /pfg/ discord? It would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

>> No.52465976

Not being a whiny bitch

>> No.52465979

That's basically the best way to rule.

>> No.52465987

I played a compulsive gambler recently.

I was never caught up with WPL.

>> No.52466000


>China bans the burqa and muslim beards in their sole province with a large Muslim population
>The West just sputters and whines, but does nothing

It's kinda funny to think the biggest check and balance to Hollywood's urge to blanda upp is China getting all pissy about committee-driven diversity quotas.

>> No.52466004

How much weekly prostitute money did you set aside?

>> No.52466007

When you can't be mentioned without gathering a flash mob of shitposters, there is no avoiding inciting them. Especially with that Diamond Dog shit.

As for the gender swaps, you're a misleading idiot. Half the party is male. He literally stated that as a statistical fact. He had no intention of selecting 100% guys for a game about getting giant monster dicks shoved in you, but would have been fine with 100% females. Therefore, if the concept didn't change based on gender, they had better statistical odds of getting in as a female.

And what fucking merit does that last bit have when he literally accepted both Sigmund and Gloriana?

Jesus fucking Christ anon. I thought we were past this blatant lying. The game is closed and running for fucks sake! It can't hurt you!

>> No.52466011

I played a Halfling loanshark once. Mostly money was spent on hiring half-orcs to break legs of deadbeats that didn't pay back the other money.

>> No.52466017

but Vult is a piece of shit still

>> No.52466040

>Tfw had to be gm of a Minmaxed Artisan who had the party wrapped around their finger
>Got all of the loot and built a colossal sentient battleship to steamroll the everything

>> No.52466041

I gambled away all my prostitute money.

>> No.52466049


guy was a fucking hassle to communicate with at all and i nearly just withdrew my application

>> No.52466054


>> No.52466064


Clearly, you need to get better at cheating.

>> No.52466076

This is a thread about capitalism. Let's stop talking about PLD and talk more about opening item shops.

>> No.52466078

There are three types of shitposters you're talking about; first, the folks who are reeeing over someone doing a monster rape game because they think it's moral degeneracy, second, the people who are reeeing that they didn't get into the moral degeneracy, and third are people who believe the first two without verifying anything else.

Oh, and the fourth are salt powered robots but they don't count.

It doesn't matter that the game has closed, it doesn't matter if anything they're spewing is falsehood or taken wildly out of context or is the sordid truth, if they can incite a negative response then it's a success for them.

>> No.52466080

Wasn't meant to be an argument
It was meant to be an insult

Why the fuck does every stupid nigger on the entire internet respond to me insulting them with 'THATS NOT AN ARGUMENT WAAAH' its not supposed to be you fucking retard.

>> No.52466095

Point is PLdm was outwardly hostile to people who didn't know his lore by the back of the hand. Lore that was barely available. Gave you free reign to write your own fluff pieces but gave nothing to dement your cluff in the world.

>> No.52466100

Nice try anon, we already stopped talking about PLD. You're trying to bait us back onto it.

>> No.52466108

Because you're supposed to have more than two brain cells but I guess the world doesnt work that way

>> No.52466112


We need more people with a desire for shekels in Blingmaker, it's kind of insulting how most of the people only seem to be interested in power or knowledge.

>> No.52466113


This right here.

>> No.52466114

Sometimes i just want to call a stupid cunt a stupid cunt

>> No.52466115

>gambling with your prostitute money
Separate your vices boi

>> No.52466124


Is being interested in mummy's cummies a good motivation, considering all the thirtysomething waifus?

>> No.52466132

How did you price the wares in your item shops, anon? Did you go for a monopoly so you can hammer out the big bucks by selling at outrageous prices at the expense of the people, or are you a socialist scum?

>> No.52466140

Sure, I got it right here!

>> No.52466155


There were a dozen apps who did sufficient to get considered instead of "obviously didn't get the tone of the game". When /pfg/ goes "let's try to sneak characters in to ruin the game tone" it's not surprising someone'd get antsy about it, wouldn't you be if someone had declared they're planning to ruin YOUR campaign?

>> No.52466159


>> No.52466169

I disagree. A campaign like Blingmaker is the perfect chance to execute world-changing dreams with humongous costs rather than worrying whether your next adventure would cover your mortgage on your +3 weapon.

Just money is a bit bland as a motivation.

>> No.52466171

the problem is Vult got autistic about it and started playing the victim constantly Abloo abloo i'm so opressed

>> No.52466176

Seska's got two desires. Skymetal bling and respect.

>> No.52466178


My character desires shekels for PHILANTHROPY

>> No.52466182

Are you that fucking crybaby that got ass blasted Vult told you he wouldnt give you a cheat sheet for your application? Because he was judgimg people by their ability to be creative?

>> No.52466200


But he sidestepped it all by having conversations with each prospective player.

Really, vult is just an attention whore. Whenever he's mentioned here he brings it up on the discord.

He refuses to stop shilling. He's even feeding us greentexts when all sane folk would have withdrawn to go play quietly.

When someone keeps rubbing it in our faces it's hard to ignore.

>> No.52466201


>mfw Artisan is no bueno
>mfw I can't be Leonardo Di Vinci and create a clockwork civilization

>> No.52466202

>Wants power
>Money can get power
>If not directly, money can buy things that allow you to get powerful
What the fuck were you expecting? It's Pathfinder, at least half that dosh is gonna go into either my "murder machine" budget or my "gotta run a kingdom" funds.

>> No.52466211

>be creative!
>but don't go outside the lines of the box i made
>where's the box

>> No.52466232


>Not keeping it all in a massive pile to sleep on

Look at this pleb.

>> No.52466237

Be an Impossible Bloodline Sorcerer and become a clockwork civilization within yourself.

>> No.52466259


Teenage Wyrmwitch WHEN?

>> No.52466267

Hello Mary?

>> No.52466280

>how dare multiple other people managed to do exactly that and I wasn't able to work out how to do it

>> No.52466292

>its almost like its completely arbitrary and vult is autistic.

>> No.52466329

B-but my social welfare programs and my Golarion Médecins Sans Frontières...

>> No.52466361

>betting people got 4 out of 5 picks right, and that was only because Vult decided to take 1 extra person

>> No.52466364

Didn't Sigmund get accepted SOLELY because Vult had played with his player before in another lewd game?

>> No.52466394

And that can't be done with money while also keeping your gear up to scratch?
Shit, if it's that important to you, just take Leadership and make them all healers.

>> No.52466398


>Was going to get rejected for arbitrary, petty reasons
>Got accepted in because of arbitrary, petty reasons

Sasuga, Vult.

>> No.52466437

Its -almost- like vult was a petty piece of shit and this was apparent before the game was even proposed

>> No.52466449

If the guy that applied with probably the best app was going to get rejected for petty reasons but got in because of petty reasons, does this mean the app process worked anyway?!

Was there even a single shitty app that got in that another app that got rejected was clearly better?

>> No.52466462

this nigguh has see invisibility as an at-will

>> No.52466466

Lysander's app was shit. That really activates my mcfucking almonds.

>> No.52466467

It meeans that Vult only cared about the attention and that he was pressured by memes.

>> No.52466471

>If the guy that applied with probably the best app

Hold your horses, Sigmund was good but I'd wager Gloriana was better simply due to doing everything Sigmund did, while actually fitting the tone Vult was going for with a character that actually has sex appeal.

>Was there even a single shitty app that got in that another app that got rejected was clearly better?

As much as I hate to say it, I think Sage should've gotten in rather than Bonbon.

>> No.52466491

Literally posted about wanting male characters to genderswap and considering dropping Sigmund because he didn't want the guy to take Gloriana. I mean, obviously he got past that or compromised, but it's not blatant lying, you could probably still dig up those posts.

>> No.52466495


I like starting around 3rd level for the same reason. The characters are starting to get their feet wet, and beginning to pick up on things that rookies don't get, but they've still got a ways to go, and they realize it.

Level 1 is not knowing that you know nothing.
Level 3 is knowing what you still need to learn.

>> No.52466540

That was a dynamic concern. Better to have a cute clown than Ms Rebellion when 3 of the other players are nobility

>> No.52466547

Ok, fair enough, that one was a pretty bad app. Who would you have replaced him by?
So... what, he should have picked shittier apps? Or he should have picked the good apps, but not be influenced by memes? You'd still be saying he's a dick either way, right?
Who do YOU think should have got in?

>As much as I hate to say it, I think Sage should've gotten in rather than Bonbon.
Was Sage's app strictly superior to Bon bon's, or was it a toss up?

>> No.52466558

VDF go and stay go.

>> No.52466579

>He's even feeding us greentexts when all sane folk would have withdrawn to go play quietly.
But most /pfg/ games greentext about their sessions? And PLD was big enough to have people interested in how it actually playing out, even despite all the shitflinging and negative attention.

>> No.52466590

The people that Vult wanted in should've been the ones that got in is what I'm saying. Integrity is important.

>> No.52466645

Just travel back in time, infiltrate the Azlanti society, become one of the most prominent wizards in there, install seven powerful wizards to rule your kingdom for you, give them all polearms as symbols of power, have them become corrupt and betray you, have them send a rune giant assassin after you and instead of giving up to the assassin explode yourself and the major artifact you produced to channel your power and BOOM you have at your command a clockwork civilization due to stuff that I didn't mention happening between the things I did say.

>> No.52466648

Personally I have no problem with his character choices, I don't even care how the fuck he picked them, if he actually had dick picked his entire cast and made a party of five waifus, then whatever.

My only problem with Vult is the lack of professionalism, should've shut up and made his picks quietly. I'm not convinced he isn't his own primary shitposter to bait out defenders.

>> No.52466678

For a mageknight, which is better: Arcane Strike or Arcane Weapon Focus?

>> No.52466679

>I'm not convinced he isn't his own primary shitposter to bait out defenders.
I was thinking this same thing during the entire process.

>> No.52466685

Arcane Weapon Focus?

>> No.52466698

If you get enough money and influence, you could enforce a mandatory program to turn your people into robots.

Boom, efficient labor force ti feed your Pathfinder megacorp machine.

>> No.52466709

So many cute older ladies in Blingmaker, I'm tempted to apply for the awful goal of waifuing one.

>> No.52466724

From wiki:

Arcane Strike

You gain the Arcane Strike feat, and treat your mageknight level as your caster level when determining its effects.

Arcane Weapon Focus (Su)

You may spend a spell point as a swift action to deal damage with your attacks as if you had the warpriest’s sacred weapon class feature with all your weapons, treating your class level as your warpriest level. This works for both melee and ranged weapons, and unarmed attacks. This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to your casting ability modifier.

>> No.52466728

My biggest problem with PLD is we need reviews for games it overshadowed!

>> No.52466729


I've applied to games for specific husbandos before, doing it for a waifu shouldn't be that bad.

>> No.52466739


Is it bad if my blingmaker app is like the third older woman enthusiast in the past year I've created?

>> No.52466753

>literally only one person reviewing PLD
>it wasn't reviewanon

>> No.52466755

Oh its a mageknight thing

It depends on what weapon you're using, but generally adding a d6 is equivalent to adding 3.5 damage, while arcane strike scales flatly and eventually will overshadow the arcane weapon focus.

>> No.52466765

Yeah but like

Shardwalkers just got its first app reviews fucking yesterday.

blood and fire got no reviews.

>> No.52466770

It's a good trend compared to young fox dex-punchgirl waifus, methinks.

>> No.52466780


Lies, blood and fire got reviews, but they were in like the first week, there were only like even 8 applicants and the reviewfag's summary was basically "They're all shit."

>> No.52466785


>Punchgirl waifus

We need virile young punchmen.

>> No.52466786

>good trend compared to young fox dex-punchgirl waifus
What is wrong with yound kemonomimi dex punchgirls?

>> No.52466804

Well, you should have bitched harder about shardwalkers being too hard to get into and if only someone would review the apps we might be able to get some understanding of how to apply better, shouldn't you?

Or was it perhaps no-one even bothered applying because people were bitching that it was too hard to work out how to use fake gestalt rules?

>> No.52466823

LoBaF got a few from the regular Reviewanon, he's just dropped his rolling reviews format and only reviews on request now. I'm not sure there were any outstanding, I think he got through everyone that asked for it in LoBaF.

There're a few characters I'd like to see him go over but I don't want to request for other people since they might not want reviews.

>> No.52466826


Whatever happened to Celestial Tournament, by the way?

>> No.52466828

Not a good plan.
Even if your app doesn't look desperate and fairly creepy, it's probably going to weaken you as a character if you're making your guy *just* to match someone else's app.

And even then, there's no guarantee that you'll both be the kind of partner they like and that you'll both get in.

Focus on making your own character first and foremost, then maybe add in some detail to make your characters compatible.

>> No.52466836

MFW tonight is third session for assassins.
I never shilled my game beyond the initial posting. Pfg wasn't really interested in it though.

>> No.52466841

Hello. I'm thinking of build stuff. Your story dies without a build behind it!

>> No.52466844

The rules are literally easy as fuck

I don't know why people are bitching.

>> No.52466845

That and the GM put the word out that he was giving PM reviews for anyone who asked.

>> No.52466852

I'm glad that popularity contest got ignored.

>> No.52466853

3 days left to apply. Probably gonna be shit. I asked a ton of rules questions then used the build to apply to Blingmaker instead.

>> No.52466854


Level 1 barbarians are bad asses.

>> No.52466864

This is true, and we did win the Astors millions of pretend dollars, so there is that.

>> No.52466870

I wanna ask but at the same time I kinda don't want the thread to go deeper into the shitposting whirlpool...

>> No.52466880

> Tips tophat

Refined, superior, and civilized Western tastes, m'dear.

>> No.52466887

I like this. Maybe after several more levels of monster murder.

>> No.52466895

But I thought WWW was the western campaign...

>> No.52466902


This is why you do the reasonable thing and make a man with broad appeal.

>> No.52466913

Did he put that up on his page? I saw the initial post but I've been wondering how many other people did. If PLD was shilled too much, I don't think LoBaF got shilled enough.
DM is too modest, I don't think all the apps even remember they had characters in. Last time I looked at the game there were so many blatantly incomplete sheets, and I know there's some criteria the completeish ones are missing.

>> No.52466924

...and then get called a slender animu fuccboi while the /pfg/ pig-fucker brigade whines about how there's no daddy apps.

>> No.52466927

Just get a burly damage dealer. Paladin is fun.

>> No.52466938

And then get called a daddy and be memed whether you like it or not*

>> No.52466941


Slender animu fuccboi is not a broad appeal male character, it's actually very specific!

>> No.52466952

What would a younger version of Casimir classify as? Would he be a slender animu fuccboi? Pre-daddy?

>> No.52466954

>tfw want to make a daddy app
>can't find any good artwork that's not from an easily recognizable source
Making male characters is suffering.

>> No.52466959

I just want to be a Shoujo manga male lead! Is that too much to ask for?

>> No.52466962

use the recognizable source then

>> No.52466967


Time to wade through the booru dickforests for usable art

>> No.52466977

Here you go nerd.

>> No.52466980

That is why you must make a hard-drinking kung-fu octogenarian who wants to re-live his rock-and-roll days and adventures ti get his groove back.

>> No.52466991

You say that, but /pfg/ calls anybody with an art style they personally don't like a slender animu fuccboi.

It could be from a western artist of what is clearly a grown-ass man in western armor, but anybody who wants to be the one man in the group is going to call you a slender animu fuccboi just to try and make themselves look better by comparison.

You are either a daddy or a slender animu fuccboi in /pfg/ terms. There is no middle ground.

>> No.52466992

A secret dream of mine has always been to play a male in a reverse harem competing with other males. The extended version is that I lose the bowl, I have a secret list of romantic anguish scenarios I want to roleplay.

>> No.52467001


Anon, I've got a lot of good older male art, tell me what you're looking for and I will provide.

>> No.52467002

>he has a katana


>> No.52467005


They keep getting distracted by the oddest things.

>> No.52467019

>This thing is a daddy character
>Have made apps with blatantly weeb art before that got called daddies
>Have made apps with big muscley men who got called slender fuccbois

Does anything on /pfg/ have eyes?

>> No.52467031

:^) At least it's not a nodachi

>> No.52467032


This is too deliciously gay.

.....I wanna be the friendly rival who also loses who licks your wounds....and more.

>> No.52467039


>> No.52467045


Sounds like a gameshow-daddy or fuccboi.

>> No.52467057

No homo, just thick dripping choking overtones, but no homo.

>> No.52467064

Is a nodachi even that bad if you're not stacking piercing thunder on top of other stuff?

>> No.52467071

Are you frustrated?

To be fair, I think this one is more of an actual father.

>> No.52467072

N-no thanks.

Looking for someone that could easily be a country healer type. Maybe kinda absent minded looking, like he spends too much time grinding 'shrooms into a fine dust and accidentally inhales some of the dust before he can add it to whatever potion he's brewing. Maybe wearing glasses but not a critical thing.

That's oddly specific, now that I think of it.

>> No.52467073


Are we talking "getting in Akio's car" overtones?

Because I am 100% down

>> No.52467077


>> No.52467078

If you're using a nodachi you're likely a munchkin

>> No.52467089

How would PFG react to a character with a d10/18-20 weapon flavored as a Chinese Changdao?

>> No.52467093

this might be a little too fabulous

>> No.52467094

>inferior to a falchion in damage
>has no actual advantages for anyone but an initiator
But why though?

>> No.52467095

>Looking for someone that could easily be a country healer type

>> No.52467099


It's also at the point where you usually can't die from from a lucky crit when you're at full health.

>> No.52467101

People complain about nodachi because it's NOT that good.

>> No.52467106

i would call it munchkin shit unless said character has a good reason to have a changdao

>> No.52467110

Sage was a mean bigot. Bon-Bon respects the nobility.

>> No.52467111

Nigga, a nodachi is much bigger than that. If your going to just follow the anti-nodachi memes, at least get it right.

>> No.52467113


Continuing to drop.

>> No.52467116

unless guns are involved

>> No.52467117

Same with what happened with the katana of 3.5: A chorus of howling monkeys laughing and autistic people being autistic when finally somebody simply pipes in saying "No, that's just stupid and overpowered"-

>> No.52467119


>> No.52467123

We've seen a few boy-surrounded-by-girls parties on /pfg/, I wonder what memes we'd get out of a girl-surrounded-by-boys party.

>> No.52467129

>he thinks Sigmund doesn't have sex appeal

What are you, straight?

>> No.52467131

Daddy UwU

>> No.52467135

That term is getting severely devalued. If your character has a foreign or exotic weapon but isn't using it specifically to exploit the rules, it's not munchkin. It's just flavor.

>> No.52467137

>Inferior to falchion in damage.
What? It's a whole massive 0.5 damage higher.

>> No.52467138

This image triggers me due to PTSD. What was the meme again? Please kindly remove this image from the thread and this is asked in an aggressive manner in all caps`?

>> No.52467139


>> No.52467143


Gangbangs or pvp. Or the girl is a lesbian played by a man

>> No.52467144

Tell that to SotJR.

>> No.52467145

I don't know

That may be the future for WWW though based on the apps i can see, lots of dudes and a doll

>> No.52467146


>> No.52467158

True, but a falchion will deal more reliable damage, and with a higher minimum. For someone whose damage is going to come mainly from their Strength bonus anyway, it's a better choice.

>> No.52467160

But the point of the nodachi is autistically getting THAT EXTRA .5 AVERAGE DAMAGE OVER FALCHION OH MY GOOOOD

>> No.52467162

>discounting wolf girl
You wanna get awoo'd at? Cause that's how you get awoo'd at.

>> No.52467167


At least one of those boys is secretly gay though.

>> No.52467173

Why? It's just a smug dude in armor.

>> No.52467178


>> No.52467182

Why can't we block people. Anyone who goes to pol really shouldn't be allowed on other boards

>> No.52467184

Which creatures have DR/Piercing anyways?

>> No.52467187

I think it might have been one of the accepted Molthune Knights.

>> No.52467197

I'll be honest if I had to guess which 5 would get in at this very early date, I don't think Malta hits the list, she just feels entirely out of place.

>> No.52467201

Huh, I thought nodachi only dealt slashing damage. Should have checked a little closer before I got one.

>> No.52467202

Only Rakshasa as far as I'm aware, usually Good & Piercing.

>> No.52467205

This for added cheap drama sake or is that like legit an app? And if so which app cause I wanna read it.

>> No.52467210

I played an illiterate cleric of Fharlanghn once. He was a farm boy who got kicked in the head so hard he saw god, stood up, and started walking. The group got shanghaied into the nations army, we deserted to become pirates and robbed a currency laden boat using warpwood and illusion magic. We had something like 3 million each. He was dumb as rocks and I bought some nice clothes and sent the rest home.

>> No.52467219

Just because he's a halfling and a qt3.14 doesn't mean he's gay!

might be a little /ss/ though

>> No.52467225


It's the one with the art that would lead you to expect they're gay. The backstory also hints at it.


That's not the one~

>> No.52467230

Thanks anon. I'm currently leaning towards >>52467139
as he's got that "Seen some shit" 1000 yard stare going on, which would fit my backstory perfectly.

>> No.52467233


He's a scruffy old man with a thick yokel accent!

>> No.52467239

Mary x Amias!

>> No.52467248

It's completely unrelated to pathfinder, but the same person has also given me PTSD for green dragons, goblin gunslingers, orc raiding parties and multiclassing.

>> No.52467256


Speaking of stares.

>> No.52467261

He's only 34, he's rugged and handsome, and he's got a track record of being both tender and loving AND a badass motherfucker.

He's the ideal man!

>> No.52467280

.. Magwau?

>> No.52467281


Oh wait.


Damn. I liked it.

>> No.52467283

Ah, this is the kind of pic that sees a lot of use in freeform RP, I take it?

>> No.52467293

Rest in pieces.

Honestly the app I want to see developed most is the kineticist.

>> No.52467307

>want to look at going MAXIMUM STR, maybe actually giving UMonk with Dragon Style a try
>I remember why, even with 25 PB, I have never tried to build a monk of any sort before

How do people play 1pp umonk without wanting to rip their hair out jesus fuck

>> No.52467323

There's a couple high level celestials that also have it, plus one of the devils, I think the Warmonger ones?
Also, Piercing damage doesn't get halved when in underwater combat.

>> No.52467326

umonk is at least kind of playable.

>> No.52467330

There are not enough waifu apps for Legacy of Blood and Flame. Help me anonymous! I don't want to be the only girl in the party.

>> No.52467337

Okay /pfg/, what withdrawn apps disappointed you the most? Rejected doesn't count.

I really wanted to see Leila and Amadeus in WotR but neither of them made it to the selection period. I've got a hard on for characters that made interesting use of faiths.

>> No.52467352


Does it really count as withdrawn if the sheets were killed in the great mythweavers holocaust?

>> No.52467364

If you're in underwater combat before you have a way to ignore the penalties, the halved damage is probably just the cherry atop the hate sundae.

>> No.52467381

If they pulled out instead of making plans to finish up later.

>> No.52467382


>Not wanting to be the only girl in the party

Are you sure? That sounds like it could be funny.

>> No.52467388

Probably since it's a rather common and admittedly well drawn picture one can pull out of their generous ass by googling for five seconds, but this particular PTSD is a combination of Dragon Age RPG and 5e.

>> No.52467396


Probably the most thematically appropriate if you're an important woman surrounded by slave boys of varying obedience

>> No.52467407

Which girls are actually complete? Did Gamze or DHB ever update?

>> No.52467413

Tell me anon, which husbando would treat the doll best?

>> No.52467416

Embrace it, anon.
Make this the Otome game you want it to be.

>> No.52467418

the MAD tho

>> No.52467427


>> No.52467428

Eh... You can kind of.. Not take as much Con, maybe leave it at 10 and get away with it.

>> No.52467435

Blingmaker Apps so far:
>Cover your fucking chest if you're supposed to be working in a smithy I mean Jesus Christ woman
>Bookworm with the personality of a "shy girl" anime archetype
>Old maid
>Wow it's fucking nothing--and haven't I seen this before somewhere?
>Chuunibyou guy carrying a torch for his mother figure
>Raggedy ginger with a spider fetish
>Dickass girl with a dragon fetish
>Punchgirl XXVII: The Punchening
>Wants snu-snu
>I'm pretty sure that art is of a dude
>Little army veteran with a big heart
>Cosplayer in green body paint
>Impoverished noble and professional munchkin
>Wannabe swordlord with severe mommy issues
>Dickass cop lady, but with a soft spot for kids
>Asshole foxboy, obvious joke app

>> No.52467438


>> No.52467449

>He's the ideal man!

That's kind of stretching it! We don't know how well he performs!

>> No.52467452


Take all of them at once.

then make your obedient toys' penises kiss

>> No.52467454

>10 CON

I make a point to sodomize every character in the party with 10 CON to teach an important lesson. If they're melee, I go ass-to-mouth.

>> No.52467466


d10 hitdie and naturally high AC should let Monks get away with it ok

>> No.52467467

>seduced a beautiful fae that could have any man she wanted

He's got it, don't worry

>> No.52467482

Of course! But I don't think the doll could dream of repaying the favor!


>> No.52467492

>having less than 14 Con
>especially on a character meant to be close enough to apply a fist to something

People... People do that? Unironically?

>naturally high AC
>on a Str-based monk

I... Huh?

>> No.52467493

I'm guessing Little Army Veteran with the Big Heart is your character.

>> No.52467503

New Thread

>> No.52467510


Are the mommy issues too much, do you think? I'm not sure if I've gone too far, or NOT FAR ENOUGH

>> No.52467512

3 to 4 are done or are at least ready to play. And I hope they get in, because it will cut down on the number of male edgelords that will be in the party.

>> No.52467515

You need Dex too, I think Dex is probably more important than Con for a monk.

>> No.52467523

Catching up on the characters now, there's actually some husbando game here. You could totally make an otome cast.

>Handsome shy boy with a troubled past
>Flirty roguish swashbuckler with a nice side
>Tall well-groomed rich boy elf trying to prove his merits on his own
>Hopeless romantic outlander who gets lonely easily

>> No.52467524


The GM apparently doesn't like Gamze, from what I've heard

>> No.52467525

Actually, no. I'm one of the men.

>> No.52467533

Wait, what? I've been trying to follow LoBaF, and I haven't heard anyth that.

>> No.52467548

Despite being a /pfg/ favorite, Gamze's been incomplete for weeks and probably isn't even in the running until she meets the app criteria. I like her but I wonder if the player withdrew.

>> No.52467554

But that's the cream of the crop. I bet maybe one of those gets in

>> No.52467660


Pfft, that's just because he's a Nightwalker, I wonder if the fae gave him special enhancements.

>> No.52467690

Someone make a list of apps that actually meet criteria.

>> No.52467858


Clyde's maker here. I'm honestly surprised anyone remembered him.

But since the new thread is made and everyone's migrating there, I don't mind posting this now. It'll sink into oblivion.

Here's the backstory, if anyone wanted to give it a read too. https://pastebin.com/DuqhhbJP
Warning: It's pretty boring. Same as everything else I write.

Please note: I was going to completely rewrite it and make a few major changes, notably I was going to make it more apparent that Clyde was in love with Robin, and that instead of their nicknames being given to them by others, they'd make their own nicknames for each other. That way the nickname "Barker" would fit better, and Robin would have had something more fitting.

Was being the operative word. Since the shift happened, there's no reason for me to alter the backstory. So I'm I'm leaving it as is.

>> No.52468002

Anybody got a link to the LFG page?

>> No.52468049


>> No.52468197

So, I picked up God of War again for Nostalgia's sake, and now I want to play a character that fights in a similar manner to Kratos.

No, I don't expect that I'll be having giant field-cleaving attacks at high speeds and damage. I'm wanting to reign it in to just fighting with long chains. spiked would be nice but I don't even need to go that far. But, the kind of thing where I could grab a person and yank them to me (or me to them) scoprion style would be really awesome. Or just having these long weapons to slap at people.

Is there a way to pull this off? Am I just a faggot who wants something the game cant put out?

I don't even care if its not very good.

>> No.52468228

Thrashing Dragon might work if you want to go the "blade in each hand" route, and maybe see if you and your GM can work out some kind of custom weapon. Maybe just short swords with weapon cords if nothing else.

>> No.52468291

isn't there a thing that lets you make melee attacks at range, and have the weapons come back to you after the attack? Could just fluff that with chains, if i'm remembering it correctly.

>> No.52468295


I don't necissarily even need the Blades. Just chains would be cool. Spiked Chain is already a weapon in Pathfinder (and having disarm and Trip as weapon features is pretty handy as well) AND has the ability to take advantage of Weapon Finesse.

Though, Trashing dragon appears to be a Dual-wielding weapon style, and the Spiked Chain is a Two handed weapon. Hm... that sucks.

>> No.52468342

Stupendous Strength and Prodigious Two Weapon Fighting.

Stupendous lets you wield two handed as one handed and one handed as light. Prodigious lets you treat one handed weapons as light for TWF penalties. They stack.

>> No.52468383


Where are these? I'm on the PFSRD and I can't find either of these feats anywhere.

>> No.52468412

>tfw still salty I didn't get in this game over four fighter/rogue normie apps

>> No.52468419

They're both from DSP. I figured if you were using Thrashing Dragon, you might be able to use these.

Prodigious is from Path of War. Stupendous is from one of DSP's Monster books.

>> No.52468437


I'm not good on the Acronyms. What is DSP? Never heard of it.

>> No.52468448

Dreamscarred Press

>> No.52468458


Ah. There appears to be Path of War information on the PFSRD, but nothing about the other one. Gonna look around to try to find PDF's of those books.

>> No.52468495


There's also a relatively recent 1pp Advanced Weapon Training for the fighter that was released, called Effortless Dual-Wielding

>The fighter treats all one-handed weapons that belong to the associated weapon group as though they were light weapons when determining his penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons.

>> No.52468514


I suppose it all depends on if I can find these blasted PDFS lol

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