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That guy thread

>Makes awkward passes at every player at the table that isn't a man
>Says creepy shit about "making her character into a furry lover"
>Never brings any food over, but most of us were too good natured to not share our own
>In collaborative world building games, he would start shit with other players for lols
>And then jump on the computer to show everyone animal torture porn
>Immigrant blaming, bridge-burning NEET that didn't respect the fact that we didn't have all of the free time in the world so would do LOLSORANDUMB stuff in session that annoyed every other player

So naturally, I had to kick his ass out of the group after he didn't correct his behavior.

We have a bit of a falling out after he demanded his character sheet back, which I told him that he could come to my house if he really wanted it for organized play events, which he declared a "waste of time"

One week, he sends me a message on social media during one of the worst flu bugs I've ever had in my life, spoiling for a fight but being too passive aggressive to actually engage me directly, leaving messages on my DEAD phone that I was a "coward for avoiding him", eventually starts posting personal attacks on social media, I call him up to talk about, we have at it for a bit and then...

Wonders why we can't be friends anymore?

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Is it okay to kick people out of the group if they're THAT bad without "the talk"?

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>that guy that posts old images corrupted with horrendous levels of compression

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Yeah, and I don't have any money for pizza this week either.

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Anyone that doesn't use a coaster is That Guy.

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From the thumbnail it looks like he's wearing one of those boob window sweaters.

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Those what

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Don't think of it as a corrupted old image! Think of it as a relic of the past, with a patina that shows the weight of the years that make it noble and memorable. Why, it's a moment of nostalgia for how things once were! A treasured artifact of yesteryear.

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That's what I thought too, Anon.

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What if I don't drink anything?

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no, sometimes (like the op example) a clever excuse is better.

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>Immigrant blaming
Literally nothing wrong with that.

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You have to use two

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Not when you shift the blame for your own shitty life choices and create a narrative of perpetual victimhood.

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Because the op example was a sociopath?

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FFS, why do people feel entitled to others energies and attentions? Some of us play once a month or have to wait even longer before we get to game, if someone acts like an annoying twit that makes that special once in a blue moon night of D&D or whatever really unenjoyable, they shouldn't be so shocked and hurt when they get kicked out of the group.

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Here's the difference, if it is a matter of playstyle difference, you talk to your problem player or BETTER YET, talk to every player before the game starts and discuss everybody's expectations. If the player is terrible for OTHER reasons, then I'd say boot 'em out.

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Forget not giving them the talk, if they start showing you and your friends animal torture porn out of nowhere it's socially acceptable to have the cops remove them

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>Says creepy shit about "making her character into a furry lover"
>And then jump on the computer to show everyone animal torture porn
I would be fucking disgusted/horrified if I was that girl.
Theres no excuse this dude can give, I think not even the talk could solve in this case, he would just try to fight the gm or stalk other players.

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>kick that guy put of my group after consulting with my players and recruiting a replacement
>later realise they stole one of my miniatures
It was only from reaper bones but that's still rude

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>>And then jump on the computer to show everyone animal torture porn
It wasn't fucking fluffies, was it?

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What the hell is that?

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>Wonders why we can't be friends anymore?
Why the he'll wouldn't they?
You've already tolerated ten times the behavior I would have.
If you treat swine like bedfellows, you can't be surprised when they squeal to get up on the bed, anon.

Why are you still interacting with them at all?

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Because I have a misguided prerogative to befriend loners & weirdos.

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Yes, what the fuck is up with that?

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Is that like jissouseki or some other creepy gurochan nonsense?

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TL;DR - people piss off MLP fans with terribly drawn ponies getting abused, then start forgetting the irony

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Some of those pictures would lead one to believe that some of the artists might get off from strangling a cat with piano wire.

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>White guy blames immigrants for him being unemployed, flunking out of school, unable to get a job

"Dann right!"

>Literally anyone else blames anyone else for anything regardless of the situation

"OMG learn personal responsibility!"

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That's not what they get blamed for though. That's a straw man put up by liberals. Bad things that do get attributed to immigration are large scale things like a flooded labor market and increased crime rates.

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Genuinely curious, I want to see citations.

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Playing with a new group and one guy, who has been there longer than me, is obviously that guy.

>Makes character with the premise of being unable to fully control powers, only takes AoE damage and rebuffs.
>Doesn't take any available options to limit friendly fire. Blames martial (me) for not playing my character exactly as he tells me to in order to avoid damage.
>Hits me all the time anyways.

>always has anime pictures on phone to represent what his character looks like, is doing, etc...
>always has awful metal songs to accompany his epic moments
>always asks for rides to and from game place
>talks way too much about anime, no one else in group knows what he is talking about
>always powergaming

Everyone else is normal and fun to play with and being the new guy I don't want to make waves, but holy fuck is this annoying.

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He talks exclusively like this.

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>that guy who buys the module you're going to run
>that guy who memorizes it from head to toe
>that guy who then says "youre wrong" when you've changed a few encounters, positions of the rooms or traps from the module to other places or for the sake of balancing it to the current party
>that guy who drops his spaghetti when he gets called out for metagaming
>that guy who gets defensive and calls you a shit DM because you cheated at the module by making things different
>that guy who starts harassing the other players when they tell him to just calm his tits and play the game
>that guy who gets told to leave the table when he wont stop yelling and trying to incriminate everyone in some sort of conspiracy to humiliate him
>that guy who keys your car when you're asleep
>that guy who forgot I have cameras inside and outside the house
>that guy who got a surprise visit in the morning from an officer
>that guy who had to give up his lifestyle of being lazy and living with his girlfriend and instead had to get a job so he could pay for the damages
>that guy who got fired from tacobell because he was incompetent
Still waiting on him to follow up with his threat on facebook to kick my ass if he ever saw me again. I was at the checkout line at Piggly Wiggly when he walked in, saw me, did a 180 and fuckin left. Bitch.

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I'm running a 5e game and one of my players is a 3tard who just can't fucking stop theorycrafting. It's a game where I've emphasized social interaction and exploration as being just as important as combat, but he doesn't give a shit and just wants to do with 5e exactly what he did with 3.pf: try to break the game over his knee. He doesn't give a single hot fuck about who his character is, how his character fits into the world, or why and how his character learned his skills and abilities. His character is numbers on a page and he has put zero effort into anything unrelated to combat, and he chose the hermit background because he thought the Discovery feature would give him a mechanical edge, and he said the other background features suck and aren't worth taking.

It's been non-stop complaints from him about how 5e has no options, it doesn't have enough variety, there aren't enough splatbooks, there aren't enough spells, the feats suck and you don't get enough of them, you don't get bonus spells for having a high casting stat, and so on and so forth into infinity. And boy oh boy does he ever hate bounded accuracy.

I didn't think people like him existed, I thought they were just strawmen people made up as fuel for edition wars, but nope. They exist, and there's one in my game right now, and I kind of want to kill him and eat his heart to gain his power.

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They always talk like this too

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>Giant run on sentences.

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I wouldn't handle it in game. I would just talk to him out of the session privately and just offer him a way out of your game if he likes 3.x so much more (It helps to tell him that you aren't his fucking jukebox and you're running a 5e game because YOU like it).

Also, it is a bit more prep heavy, but you should look into running your 5e game in a more old-school fashion. Even though it has tools like CR to make it into a strategic miniature fighting game, 5E runs best when your players are active, not reactive and actively searching for solutions outside of combat, because it will not solve everything. Just discuss your expectations beforehand and make sure your players are on board.


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You told this one recently, didn't you? He's just being an Internet Tough Guy. Egg him on and see if he'll do more stupid illegal shit.

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Whew, what a guy

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You know what made me really happy the other day in my 5e game? One of my players took the dueling fighting style for his fighter but roleplayed it as him finally mastering a fighting style of a particular culture taught to him by a contact/patron in the large port capital city the party currently operates out of.

I'm just going to pull a Shadowrun next time and make a stupid house rule about being able to have a number of contacts equal to your CHA modifier, with scaling costs for more important contacts..

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Yes, when you talk with someone that knows what is he talking about. "X" blaming is generally used to talk about shifting blame for unrelated things.
When you are talking to Whaleman the GUO, and he says he can't find a job because there are too many Venezuelans in the country it's clear he doesn't know or care about actual immigration problems.

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>playing with someone you even suspected of being a furry
You basically brought this on yourself

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So yes, its exactly the same thing.

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> that guy that uploads PNG photographs

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Thanks, this thing is good reading and good advice.

My current 5e game is heavily modeled after early 90s JRPGs so I think I'm going to start making some changes to how I run it to make it feel a little more old-school.

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There's an old dude who's the dad of the chick who DMs SKT the table across from ours.
Can't tell you how many times he interrupts his daughters game to go on and on about "well back in my day in AD&D your character had to go out and make her weapons and armor them selves. It was uphill both ways and blah blah blah. "
Who are these people that just love to suck the fun out of the things I love?

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>too lazy to actually come up with a character so he just types in something generic on google and copies it when everyone else actually puts in effort to make PCs
or alternatively
>makes the same kind of character literally every time, just himself but as gnome or whatever
This is especially true with how bat shit crazy it's been getting, especially in Europe.
>These statistics confirmed that immigrants were significantly overrepresented amongst offenders, in particular in committing violent crimes. The foreign born were four times more likely to be suspects in homicide cases than those with Swedish origin, and 4.5 times more likely to be suspects in rape cases.
Too lazy to look for the labor market data, but it's true as well. This shit is /pol/ 101.

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even worse
>its just a straight anime character rip
Nightmare mode -
>when you try to interact with their 'backstory' they just ask to get back to the game

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>when you try to interact with their 'backstory' they just ask to get back to the game
Jesus fucking Christ.

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I'm the kind of guy to come up with a minimalist background and flesh out the character through play. On a scale of one to ten, how okay is this?

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>doesn't give a single hot fuck about who his character is, how his character fits into the world, or why and how his character learned his skills and abilities. His character is numbers on a page and he has put zero effort into anything unrelated to combat, and he chose the hermit background because he thought the Discovery feature would give him a mechanical edge, and he said the other background features suck and aren't worth taking.
Have a guy like that in my AoR game, He pulled a fast one on me and managed to get all the tricked-out gear he needed to twink-out his character. Proceeds to, in the very next encounter march out in front of a company of 57 B1 battle droids planning to take them on all on his own, and proceeds to get turned into Swiss Cheese. I gotta tell you Munchkins get SUPER SALTY when things don't go their way. Hell I didn't even do any weird shenanigans, they were basic B1s with generic blaster rifles. Just a lot of them, and he knew that going in.

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>Makes awkward passes at every player at the table that isn't a man

So, makes awkward passes at the female players, then. You could have just said that.

>> No.52449025

could also be making passes at guys that just look effeminate.

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> This shit is /pol/ 101.

In the sense that its largely made up shit that ignores economics and history, yes.

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>can't greentext correctly
>doesn't contribute to thread
>ignores evidence
That Guy detected

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>largely made up

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In reality he just keyed your car and you can't prove it, right?
Because why the he'll would the police wake him up for keying some guy's car.

>> No.52449732

>that guy who got a surprise visit in the morning from an officer
Not that guy, but they'll come THE NEXT MORNING when he's awake. Not waking him up in the dead of night at 3 am to throw a bag over his head and drag him down to the station.

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Yeah, pretty hilarious people believe that /pol/ shit.

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>Accusing someone who greentexted right of doing it wrong
>Starting an off-topic discussion then accusing someone of being off topic when they disagree with your shit
>being from /pol/

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It's the best way, really. If you go into a game expecting your character to be exactly what you want, there's a lot of things that can go wrong, and that's before you even factor in your own ego or expectations of the character.

>> No.52450839


Cool, thanks. I often hear people talk about having a page or more of backstory and wonder how the fuck they can do that. I sometimes create characters even if I'm not in a game, and always paint their backstories in broad strokes in case I want to use the later.

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>been this much of a cuck

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I pity anyone who has to play with spergs and neckbeards

I converted my normie friends into dnd and now I can play whenev with normal people who don't powergame, magical realm etc.

Though sometimes itd be nice to play with people with more system knowledge/ nerdier tastes, gets old having to explain basic shit 10 sessions in

>> No.52451227

It's okay to play with nerdier friends, but they need an identity beyond their hobbies.

>> No.52451244


I always balk at people who have over a page of backstory, or backstory that establishes their characters as way too important or powerful. Children of guild masters who control half the world, princesses in waiting, that sort of thing always sets off some warning alarms for me.

>> No.52451418

I usually have nearly a page in backstory, but that's because I load it with hooks for the GM to use.
To me, a backstory's purpose is to let the GM know what the character's origins are and why they are traveling to work it into the campaign.
If your backstory has nothing the GM can use to involve you further into the game, you may as well not bothered turning one in.
My last pc was a mountain guide whose village was attacked, most of it's people ritually sacrificed to power some kinda thing, and survived when an outside force routed the invaders. Ended up a refugee, and joining the outsider's military to pay for his remaining family's new life.

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Think of it as having the disgusting prints of facebook and twitter all over it.

>> No.52451723

Next time you see someone ignoring data about climate change because of his own skewed beliefs, before you say anything, remember back to the time you ignored crime data about immigrants because of your own skewed beliefs.

>> No.52452178

>data presented in a vacuum and distorted to serve an agenda is the same as data gleaned from several hundred independent international sources
Sorry, anon, you aren't winning this one.

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I'm trying something new in regards to my backstory with my current character. I have the general strokes made up and solidified in my head for a nice, simple backstory, but it's not written down anywhere. Instead, after every session I write a journal entry from my characters perspective about a page and a half long each detailing what occurred the last time we played. In addition to being nice reminders of whats happening for other players, as we don't play very frequently, it allows me to sprinkle indirect characterization into the writings. Stuff like what he's worried about and why, brief mentions of his older brother, his son, or home. Self-doubts and shortcomings, etc.. So far it's been a nice way to satisfy my 'tism for endless writing, flesh out my character, and help my party stay on track so we don't have to waste time every session talking about what we did last time.

Thoughts on this method?

My dm says he loves the work, and that feels nice too.

>> No.52452647

>dozens of reports from different nations all showing similar trends
>data and physical evidence to back up claims
>video documentation of immigrant violence
>"i-it's distorted to fit an agenda!"

Just because it doesn't line up with your world view doesn't make it untrue.

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Sounds real nice lad, keep it up

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How can you have a giant run-on sentence, but still have to end with a sentence of clarification?

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You are a good player and deserve good things.

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>(SPACE) text
>not reddit tier
Whatever you say, friendo.
>implying I started the off topic discussion
I keep my shit on /pol/, I don't start threads over it and I certainly don't reply to shit like that unless people are wrong or genuinely curious. You literally don't add to the thread at all or address any points, fuck off.
Everything about this guy screams fedora lord. I've always wondered how the fuck these people can exist. Do they even have a concept of self awareness or are they just that fucking detached?

>> No.52454912

I fail to see whats wrong with how he talks.

as for the giant run on sentence, doesn't bother me, but I get off on torturing the English language. If it does bother you, do yourself a favor and never read "Repent Harlequin said the tick tock man". An entire scene is done as one sentence.

>> No.52455085

It's more the non-sequiturs than the run-on sentences.
Also he won't stop mentioning the goblin thing?
Not sure what that's about.

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Forgot my image.

>> No.52455542

If you fail to see what is wrong with it, you probably have a touch of the 'tism as well.

That's not how people interact, especially not after just meeting one another.

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>> No.52455769

>and 4.5 times more likely to be suspects in rape cases.
Pretty much consistently whites get convicted of rape more often than other races. Crime of other kinds are generally more commonly commited by individuals of other races, but rape is the exception.

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>Pretty much consistently whites get convicted of rape more often than other races
Keep in mind that that is Swedish data.
Not only that, but whites commiting more crime how it's supposed to be, considering that whites make up the majority of these countries. It's sad that even though there are less of these minorities in the country they, as you said, commit more crime than whites. Really activates those almonds.

>> No.52455895


[fitting in intensifies], the post

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Go away fellow anon, this is a /pol/ thread.

>> No.52455945

>we got our conman Putinista in the White House, that means we can shit up threads outside of our containment board! XDDDDD

all /pol/ kys now :^)

>> No.52455980

You've only been here since 2011 at the absolute earliest, haven't you

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not even once

>> No.52456022

It can work - I mean, just look at Waiting for Godot - but it feels rather weird to read. It's like the lines just kind of blur together, and you don't want to deal with such a large block of text. It's the literary equivalent of talking non-stop at a speed at which it's too much to take in properly.

>> No.52456843

(social links internally)

>> No.52457122

Harlan Ellison often writes in an intentionally off-putting way, though. Conversational speech and creative writing aim to accomplish different things, and are therefore held to different standards.

>> No.52457181

Persona and SMT are both fun series and there's nothing inherently wrong with liking either.
the amount Persona 4 spinoffs is still absurd and unnecessary though

>> No.52457270

Joke's on you, man.

>> No.52457311

A keyhole sweater, or shirt, or dress

>> No.52457540

> In reality he just keyed your car and you can't prove it, right?
He said he had cameras watching his car and explicitly caught who keyed his car.

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Posted about a year ago but:
>Playing AoS and having a Lan with a couple of friends
>In the middle of an AoS game, that guy proceeds to go get dip for food
>Comes back and eats dip
>3 minute after getting dip he sneezes in it
>Everyones face when

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Only race I'm okay with discriminating against is Elves

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File: 10 KB, 251x226, Elves Watch Yourselves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't even get me started on those knife-eared bastards.

>> No.52458279

You still need to look at percentages though, which still underrepresents whites.

We can't let there be a rape gap!

>> No.52458337

Why, that negro is so happy! I wonder what he is happy about. Might he have seen some boat lights?

>> No.52458573

That's what I used tdo. I like you.

>> No.52458994

P4AU is incredibly necessary

>> No.52459052

>We have a bit of a falling out after he demanded his character sheet back, which I told him that he could come to my house if he really wanted it for organized play events,

Yea a one sided story with hints of you not being the angel youre pretending.

Appropriate start to a That guy thread.

>> No.52459259

>2013 FBI stats
>when hispanics counted as white

And whites still under represented. There is no arguement for mass immigration

>> No.52459274

>give me back my sheet
>come to my house and pick it up
What did OP do wrong in regards to that specific bit?

>> No.52460039

People do it because someone did it, and doing things which has already been done is easier than new

>> No.52460061

I know, it makes me want to work on my run on sentance game. That is, I consider myself (by which I meAN The human inhabiting my brain(although self and brain are hard concepts to concern in an abstract world))) to be an expert at running on sentances, to whit the number of words I can string in succession without stopping can be aproximated by taking any number, and then doubling the number adding 10, and are you really reading right now or did you stop?

>> No.52460808

We /pol/ now


>> No.52460822

>that guy who makes passes at EVERYONE at the table.
Watch out for the roofies man.

>> No.52461003

This thread.

That Guys get 1 chance, e\then they are booted from the group.
>Makes awkward passes at every player at the table that isn't a man
Would have gotten him the first wanring, if he continued he'd have been booted

>And then jump on the computer to show everyone animal torture porn
>Immigrant blaming, bridge-burning NEET that didn't respect the fact that we didn't have all of the free time in the world so would do LOLSORANDUMB stuff in session that annoyed every other player

Would have gotten him beaten for awhile. I play with some sensitive souls, they'd have not had a good time if that happened.

I'm not tolerant of That guys (myself being a That Guy Lite ™), and i'm not afraid to boot them openly. But hey, i don't invite you to my games if your a shitty person, so it's no surprise that if you try to stealth in, ima wreck you.

>> No.52461039

Drown yourself in semen, faggot. You were blown the fuck out and have no response.

>> No.52461044

why does nobody try to refute my first video?

>> No.52461091


The story mode was a shitshow though

Gameplay is AAA though, still my fav fighting game used to shit all over the people that played at my uni with Labrys

>> No.52461100

Because the person in that video represents islam as much as the KKK or WBBC or evangelicals represents Catholicism.

It's a made of straw is what i'm saying.

>> No.52461158

but she's preaching in one of the largest mosques in Europe, how many similar incidents in mosques do I have to show you before you consider there might be a huge problem?

>> No.52461223

maybe i'm taking from this source too much but you can't get much better than a primary source, even if there's a lot of editing

>> No.52461242

And the religious leaders of the christian nation don't preach violence and hate from their perches too?

Man, if i was to demonize an entire culture because one vaguely influential person (or a group of extremists that are the most vocal) decided to be a nutjob, i'd hate every american.

I don't, because basing an entire group on the actions a select few (fun fact; I'm friends with quite a few Imam's who all [FUCKING ALL] go, 'she doesn't represent our faith, she is twisting it etc' so you know. preists being represented by the KKK) is fucking stupid and childish.

So tell me why i should demonize and incite fear when the threat is imaginary, or better put, has equivalents in the christian side of it. Why arn't i demonizing every christian?

take from the source all you want, Catholic leaders say/do/are worse. again, it's like putting up a video of WBBC and going 'durr all Christians are bad' it's dumb, it's childish and it's showing that you lack advanced cognitive development.

>> No.52461267

And considering the main problem we've been talking about is immigration, which is people leaving shit they don't want to live in, you'll see that the Muslims FLEEING the country are, probably, not on her side.

Spies from other countries can get into america quite easily, and passing information out of the country is a joke, even sensitive shit. You'd be surprised how little being a pisshead at the airport actually catches.

>> No.52461286

the difference between christian radicals and muslim radicals is that christian radicals dont have the power or drive to put religious law into practice. there are literal islamic theocracies, the only christian one is vatican city, which is incredibly shit(rampant pedophilia) i might add.

also i dont hate muslims, im ok with pretty much all american ones, because they're americans and have assimilated.
im not going to get into why muslims would flee a war into a land where the culture is vastly different and even hostile to thier own, because i dont know enough about that.
I do know radical muslims aren't a small group.
(radical being supporting sharia law)

>> No.52461325

Based Megumin

>> No.52461458

>radical being supporting sharia law
Which is the big difference. radical religion is the problem, not any specific one. The radical Muslim Community is growing, yes, mostly because of the amount of violence and hatred spewed towards non radicals. Galvanizing an entire culture over (what started as) a small group is fucking dumb, and it's shitty because that's what Islamophobia has caused.

>the difference between christian radicals and muslim radicals is that christian radicals dont have the power or drive to put religious law into practice.
Man, the USA isn't a Christian Nation? fuck me. i must be seeing things because the laws (lets use the abortion debate as an example), Puritan culture (think of the children~), and leaders (not a Jew, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, or pagen among them, only delicious white (one not) christian fucks) are christian. I know that there are systems in place that dismantle the religious components, but it's still the driving force.

So tell me how Christianity is not influencing law in the USA?

Understand, this is fun for me, i like to understand other peoples points of view, so i will keep it civil as trollhard is boring.

>> No.52461464

>(radical being supporting sharia law)
It can't be radical if it's the majority opinion.

>> No.52461531

there is also a massive misunderstand of Sharia Law actually means, when the more violent things can be done, and it's also contently under development and interpretation.

So you know, actually reading things.

(And the majority of Muslim nations, with only 18 out of the 47, practice or mention Sharia law.)

>> No.52461554

the difference between America and Saudi Arabia is clear. A secular democracy is what has made an abortion debate and gay marriage debate possible. Only basic moral components of Christianity(to my knowledge) have made it into law such as illegal rape and murder. Adultery isn't punishable by stoning or lashing, no cruel and unusual punishment(most religious punishment)(solitary confinement is definitely cruel and unusual).
The point is seems to be more moral atleast on paper than pakistan, saudi arabia and I assume most muslim countries.
there's an effort to be egalitarian.
First amendment can't be understated in it's importance.

>18 out of the 47
still way too many, i haven't heard of a non shit sharia law

>> No.52461559

I chatted with a friend from Indonesia whose mother (I think) studies Sharia law.

Real Sharia law is actually ridiculously specific. Like, say the punishment for stealing is cutting down a hand, right?

Yeah well, it doesn't count if:
-either party was non-muslim
-they are related
-the thing stolen was too cheap
-he did it to feed his family
-the thing stolen was haram
-if the thing stolen was not protected


Turns out you there's like a 38 point checklist of gotchas just for punishing thievery. And then you still deal with civilian law.

>> No.52461595

you read this

the laws are for utopia yo, not our current fuckthiswehavenukesyouhavenukesletsnukenukes world.

It's the extremists who are taking it too far, and the islamaphobes pushing into an issue. Catholic prophecy says that Armageddon will be a war of religions, fought on Islamic soil. Don't think that has anything to do with the murder boner america has for the area? The amount of goddamn fear mongering surrounding that entire section of the world?

Fuck ISIS has even settled where Armageddon is supposed to take place, and it REQUIRES a ground war to start (in the catholic version). Yeah, Islamophobia is only so asshats can have something to shoot.

The other side is because they believe WAY too hard. God will get you killed, every time.

>> No.52461601

>still way too many, i haven't heard of a non shit sharia law
That's says more about you than it says about Sharia Law.

>> No.52461621

>A That Guy thread with 100+ replies!
>Time to get settled in for some fun times!
>90% of the thread is /pol/
Goddammit /tg/ I trusted you...

>> No.52461628

Why would you do that? What n earth could have possessed you to trust us?

>> No.52461641

Because I love you guys/gals!

>> No.52461656

That was a mistake.

I mean it's a mistake i too have made. But a mistake none the less.

>> No.52461693

if sharia law gets toned down that's fine by me, but a secular government seems a tried option. An us vs them mentality on both sides has contributed to a bad spiral, I understand enough history to know both sides are very much at fault. That doesn't change the reality of the situation, the hysteria's got a bit of truth to it,
but really have a nice day dudes

>> No.52461728

OH shit, my sides.

>> No.52461734

A bad apple does not spoil the bunch.

But humans are dumb and exacerbate shit they don't need to.

Gnight man, good talkin.

>> No.52462243

Jesus you are such a fucking cuck.
I bet you get off by watching your wife/gf get gangbanged by mudslims.

>> No.52462270

I feel your pain

>> No.52462287

>That one guy that rolls all his characters as giant assholes and constantly goes after one PC because he has a problem with them in real life

>> No.52462343

Who... hurt you anon?

was it your father? your mother? who made you so unnecessarily violent?

At least you got the use of the word right, it's too bad i never talked about watching my SO fuck someone, so the context is lacking.

>> No.52462352

Do you not have a wife?

Why did you use the term significant other?

>> No.52462366

I prefer to refer to my partner as my SO?

i wonder what you are digging for, i wonder why you care...

>> No.52462371

Is your partner male or female?

>> No.52462389

Does it matter?

are you insinuating that what i stick (or am stuck with) matters in an anonymous conversation?

>> No.52462397

>In collaborative world building games, he would start shit with other players for lols
Fucking with other PCs is the best of roleplaying through.

For me at least. Hue.

>> No.52462445

>Using the phrase SO to hide the fact that you're a cock devouring faggot.
Wew lad.

>> No.52462454



>> No.52462465

Anon, you need to lurk more.
/tg/ doesn't give a shit about things like that.
At all. I mean, ever. Seriously, you are just making yourself look like the biggest newfag on the block.

>> No.52462483

gotta love it when a plan comes together


>> No.52462560

>/tg/ doesn't give a shit about things like that.
t. degenerate

>> No.52463126

This. Where are finding these creatures?

>> No.52463184

Please don't blame his other horrible features on his hatred of immigrants.
I'm a DM with a happy well adjusted group that has great fun and I hate immigrants. I also have a good job etc.

The truth of the matter is I have no idea what my group thinks of anything political and if they start sharing that kind of shit I interrupt with game related conversation.

>> No.52464837
File: 139 KB, 230x261, Autococks+roll+out_94570d_6175864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know arguing about things off topic to the thread is pretty That Guy everyone, you're embarrassing yourselves at this point now. Please give up on the political shit

>> No.52465066


These guys tend to make for funny characters if you find humour in tonal discordance.

They're usually the ones that start talking about completely pointless shit or start trying to sell loot to people holding guns to their head, for example.

>> No.52465451

Or at the robot players, too.

>> No.52465715

Why wouldn't the officer wake him up at 8 or 9 to deliver a court summons? Like my happened to my friend with a shitty dog all the time, until the damn thing got put down.

>> No.52465823
File: 9 KB, 225x225, shut-up-2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While the KKK did have anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic sentiments, they were mostly known for being white, American protestants who killed black, American protestants. And please riddle me this: did they kill these black, American protestants for being black or for not being protestant enough?

You mean those people who hold up "God hates fags" signs and never actively hurt or kill others, or even say that a good believer should kill them? They never do anything worse than distrupting a marine's funeral to tell his parents that he's burning in hell. Incredibly rude, perhaps even illegal, but nowhere on the same spectrum of savagery.

Literally nothing wrong with them.

If you want to pretend Christianity is even vaguely in the same spectrum of savagery as Islam, at the very least cite some heavily distorted numbers on the Spanish Inquisition, heavily distort the narrative on the Crusades, ignore the political elements of the 30 Years War or pretend the IRA was the precursor to ISIS. What I'm saying is this: AT LEAST TRY.

>> No.52465844

>rape and murder are ok if you're poor and it's a part of your history


>> No.52465864

>buy call of Cthulhu
>everybody tries to power game/munchkin

Why even bother ):

>> No.52465893

Amazing how someone can be completely correct and also miss completely the point of the argument he is replying to.
>16 INT
>8 WIS

>> No.52466342

Sorry but Catholics were lynched by the KKK. Protestants have always been a savage sort and it is a shame we failed to kill you all when Luther began his heresy. I apologize to all Americans harmed by the Satan worshipers who founded your country.

>> No.52466455

Ignoring the political elements of the 30 Years War is the equivalent of ignoring the political elements of the post Ottoman Middle Eastern breakup and subsequent decades long fight against the Soviets. Like damn bro the Soviets and then the Americans turned their nations into Mad Max land.

>> No.52466538

Trust me mate, it was mad max land before the Americans got to them. Sandniggers are incapable of actual civilization.

>> No.52467488

>I fail to see whats wrong with how he talks.
That's because you're also a spergerburger.

>> No.52468296

>, heavily distort the narrative on the Crusades

>> No.52468311

>I play with some sensitive souls,

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