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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What do you do with genies in your games? Do you keep them tied to a pseudo-Arabian culture, and if not, what is their role?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might playtest:

Sphere of Power playtest:
Creation Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kitAB8sHgmuD3fvOMuI_KyV_dxpO2wrxQmbnCoRgglA/edit?usp=sharing
Dark Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zHRZyaMh_QwWcQ-ROGCjQyCdflD6cbm9VdEOJMpC06I/edit?usp=sharing
Life Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wTv7VGj2qzjGnReD1lLRwC8iNG_G6f-a6XzMQlTB1yM/edit?usp=sharing
Mind Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kp4acH7zTk4e3DfPdYDfTk1jJClly3yp27Jfrf3FRWw/edit?usp=sharing

Gear of Power Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zIomq0TFP7uPdlFB8VRAIWQEjAXLV5CYpP3HmjySynU/edit?usp=sharing
Wild Magic Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xBfoH6YcTdD3kwjn3ikItWPBGzIm9g3SVkVvUQD1yUw/edit?usp=sharing
Wild Magic Tables: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NU5bK1Dyzu66KgIdrHNaaXBw1eHVpcHZHOh5BDaxMzU/edit?usp=sharing

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

Old Thread: >>52387051

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DM was a really big Robin Williams fan, last time a genie showed up in one of our games was right after he died.

Guy gave us all a limited wish, but with the caveat that the wishes could not be used for greedy purposes. This was to a party that had a CE Barbarian in it.

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Jolly will save Spheres of Might, but only with YOUR help. Leave comments on the playtest documents and in the DDS threads hammering home the flaws in the current iteration and how to fix them. Provide enough ammunition and even the likes of Ssalarn can be defeated.

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Jolly has been MIA.

Ssalarn is dismissing and deleting more comments.

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Hey, what happened to the last general? I was slowly phoneposting(I know, I know) and it just disappeared.
Well, an Anon was asking about Skalds, and if you're still around, here's some tips.
For feats, picking Power Attack and going to town with a 2hander is a good idea. From there, you can consider either speccing into Intimidate with Cornugon Smash/Hurtful/Shatter Defenses, or pick Arcane Strike and go for Riving Strike if there are Save or Suck casters in your party.

Rage powers are a little trickier, I've found: they really depend on party composition and number, in particular.
Superstition and Celestial Totem are generally good defensive options, and Beast Totem is an obvious offensive powerhouse; if there are plenty of Melee attackers in your party, Spirit Totem is a fine choice. Following this, if there is a summoning focused character in your party, Spirit Totem becomes more valuable and you can pick some powers that are usually only useful with summons: the Linnorm Death Curses and Bloody Fist. Summons usually have so many Nat attacks that probably at least one will crit, and if the enemy tries to seat away them to deny flanking and stuff, they'll explode in a SARENRAE SNACKBAR cloud. A bit gimmicky, but hilarious.

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It's almost like he doesn't want any feedback that isn't positive. I actually look forward to 2hu's playtest data.

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Not a full genie, but I have an NPC half-efreeti in my game. More of a punch girl than a caster/wish granter, she still got bound to a lamp when a full blooded relative found a way to pass the buck and leave her taking orders from a crazy merchant-queen. Ended up with a crush on the party's pyro wizard girl and went to some trouble to ensure said wizard got her lamp after the merchant lady was dead. Wizard gorl sort of returns her affections but is socially awkward as fuck and not really sure how to treat her to a date.

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I have to say, one of the strongest dips any character can make using Spheres of Might is spending one feat on Extra Combat Talent (Dueling). Take both drawbacks for Dueling, and then spend your two free talents on:

>Defensive Slice
>When a ranged attack is made against you or a target within your reach, you can cut the weapon (or ammunition) out of the air, deflecting the attack so the target takes no damage. As an attack of opportunity, make a melee attack roll at your highest bonus. If the result is greater than the attack roll total of the ranged attack, the attack is deflected. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. Associated Feat: Cut from the Air.

>Scar Tissue
>Your countless dueling practices have built up thick scar tissue and callouses that provide you protection from bleeding wounds. You gain DR 2 / bludgeoning and reduce all bleed damage you take by 1; bleed damage cannot be reduced below 0 by this ability. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter the damage reduction granted by this ability increases by 2 points and you reduce any bleed damage you take by an additional 1 point.

For the price of a single feat, you gain Cut from the Air + Smash from the Air and scaling damage reduction X/bludgeoning.

Take Muscular Reflexes (Strength-based Combat Reflexes from Spheres of Might) or Combat Reflexes, and you and any ally in your reach should be extremely well-defended against anything that requires a ranged attack roll.

This is probably unintentional though, seeing how a one-feat/one-talent investment is usually less spectacular.

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2hu may not be the hero we want.

But they're the hero we need.

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Can you actually take drawbacks when taking a feat to get a talent?

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>Sphere-Specific Drawbacks
>Sphere-specific drawbacks grant the practitioner an extra combat talent in the prerequisite sphere. A practitioner does not gain the bonus combat talent until they gain the sphere-specific drawback’s prerequisite sphere.

There is no stipulation against such.

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Say I'm building a unarmed barbarian because i want to punch things.
Brutal Pugilist is obvious, but am i better going beast totem or a dip into martial artist monk to up my unarmed strike damage?

If i went monk could I flurry of blows while raging?

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How can you dip lawful monk from chaotic barb?

>> No.52391191

You only need to be lawful while gaining monk levels, you don't lose the abilities if you ever go chaotic. So the character could be a once lawful character that went neutral or chaotic.

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Martial artist monk archetype can be any alignment, but replaces ki abilities with bonus feats.

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What are some essential feats for Zen Archer? Besides Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot. Never made a dedicated archer so any advice would be appreciated.

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Vult sent out PM acceptances last night, if you didn't get in, you're out.

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Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Clustered Shots, then it branches out a bit. You can pick up the Snap Shot line for taking ranged attacks of opportunity, or Ranged Trip/Disarm or any of the other Called Shots feats to get silly with it. But if you're using a bow, generally you'll want to full-attack with as many arrows as possible as soon as possible.

>> No.52391329

Are Rapid Shot and Manyshot still worth taking? They don't stack with Flurry of Blows for the Zen Archer.

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But I didn't get anything. I thought he wanted a cute corruption dump...

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It seems that the Spheres of Might blacksmith is slowly being adjusted towards sanity, although they might be going too far with it. Economic crafting went from a must-have smithing insight to something nearly useless (10% off on mundane crafting) until 10th-level. Likewise, thunderous blows' natural armor/natural weapon sunder no longer applies the bonus damage dice, making it a very tenuous option given how high CMD scales, and how much it takes to optimize for sunder. Perhaps they could have been toned down in a way that did not cripple their usefulness?

Besides; sharpen weapons, practiced power, and penetrating blows are still untouched, when they are a flagrant source of extra offense on a full BAB chassis.

>> No.52391433

Oh, I'm dumb. In that case, skip both of those. You've got a surprising amount of options now! Clustered Shots is still a must-have since you'll need it to punch through anything with DR, but in early levels it isn't that necessary.

Improved Called Shot would be more worth it if you could deal crazy high damage per shot, which probably won't happen. Snap Shot (and its improvements) will let you protect yourself from things coming at you or your friends, but you'll need to take Rapid Shot (now useless due to being a Zen Archer) just to qualify for it. Ranged Trip/Disarm is potentially nice if you don't feel like doing damage and instead helping out your frontline fighters.

Assuming you're using a longbow, and your GM is actually using the soft cover rules, I can also suggest the Deadeye Bowman religion trait.

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I don't think flurry is in any way stopped by rage.

BTW another option is going Brawler rather than martial artist monk, but you would need 2 levels for flurry. OTOH, martial flexibility can be nice.

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Well, I guess it's Something.

We still have plenty of time to share our worry about its power creep.

Any word on Scholar? Or is it still mediocre?

>> No.52391482

Cool, thanks anon.

>> No.52391548

No problem!
One last thing: Deadly Aim, of course. Power Attack for archers, how could I forget.

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This might cause a bit of a change in your build, but have you considered becoming an evangelist of Erastil with the feat chain for animal companion? Being able to duplicate your animal companion is wicked, and with the evangelist prestige class you get faster access to the Wis to Damage feature with longbows.

>> No.52391580

I chose Zen Archer as I wanted to make an absurdly accurate sniper type which I can get with Perfect Strike, however that feat chain is pretty damn cool. Maybe for a future character.

>> No.52391581

I guess there were cuter corruption dumps. Or he went full yaoi

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The scholar has received absolutely no changes so far, at least as far as I can tell.

It is rather insulting that Ssalarn expects a scholar to be an effective user of the Scout sphere despite scholars being Intelligence-based, not Dexterity- and/or Wisdom-based.

As it currently stands, an investigator (battered detective, empiricist) accomplishes the Intelligence-based skill monkey gimmick far more effectively. Better yet, a scholar 2/investigator (battered detective, empiricist) X would be a fully Intelligence-based skill monkey and melee combatant, given Cunning Attacker for Intelligence-based attacks, Armor Training ×2 for full plate and full movement speed, and the Alchemy sphere's Improved Acid Flasks to compensate for otherwise middling damage.

>> No.52391646

Which of the dex-based blade users do you think will make it into LoBaF?
>Shanan has a cool, sort of classic 'arabian nights' personality, and props to him for trying to pull off a swashbuckler.
>Rajima has a more straightforward, honorable personality that will likely facilitate teamwork, and she has good buffing and support capabilities, despite low damage.
>The Dunereach sounds just about as fun as Shanan, and fills the role of much needed skillmonkey. His damage potential is also pretty high, but he'll probably find it hard to get consistent kills once combat starts.
>Essa finds a sweet spot between hardass soldier and that Mulan vibe, which could make for interesting interactions between her and those not perceptive enough to find she's a woman. She seems more in line with a frontliner using dex than a true DPS, but she's got some utility alongside that as well.
Honestly these four are my favorite of the bunch for this campaign and I'm curious as to which has the best chance.

>> No.52391653

Is there any class that gets Nero's powers from DMC4?

>> No.52391660 [DELETED] 


Actually, you would not even need the scholar dip to be an Alchemy bomber and Intelligence-based skill monkey as an investigator (battered detective, empiricist). Dexterity 12 in full plate is perfectly sufficient given that you can target AC 5 grid intersections anyway.

>> No.52391667

unironically harbinger

>> No.52391699

Depends on the power in question.

If we're talking about his demon arm, then look at Avowed and the Aether Grasp shape. Meaning Avowed is probably the best way to mimic that.

His devil trigger is a different story though. Not to sure how to replicate that.

>> No.52391705

But if we're just talking DMC style crazy fighting skills, see >>52391667

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>> No.52391718

So youre saying Ill have to gestalt

>> No.52391730

Warder (fiendbound marauder) with a ranged discipline too?

>> No.52391732


The scholar has received absolutely no changes so far, at least as far as I can tell.

It is rather insulting that Ssalarn expects a scholar to be an effective user of the Scout sphere despite scholars being Intelligence-based, not Dexterity- and/or Wisdom-based.

The scholar's one claim to fame is being a (costly) two-level dip for Intelligence-based attack rolls, though this does not help with damage rolls at all, unless you circumvent the matter entirely using the Alchemy sphere.

As it currently stands, an investigator (battered detective, empiricist) accomplishes the Intelligence-based skill monkey gimmick far more effectively.

>> No.52391743


Hmm, alright. I still think that the wis to damage is worth it, but without the evangelist it gets harder to get it. Deific obedience+ versatile obedience is imo still decent, since it accelerates the progression and lets you cherrypick features at each tier. so you can get the Archety spell-likes from sentinel, the summons from exalted and the wis to damage from evangelist. Still on the topic of deific obedience, the Sentinel gets an accelerated Weapon training-ish progression with their favored weapon, so if you are not sold on the Zen Archer's later feats it is an option. I would also have recommended the fighter variant multiclassing for weapon training, but armor training is no use on a zen archer.

For other feats, I would agree with clustered shots being great. I would also look at ranged trip/ranged disarm and their upgrades, ace trip/ace disarm if you want more utility options.

>> No.52391917

They're all getting in.
You're not though.

>> No.52391970

How would you plot your way so that 5 poor low level characters ,not evil, take advantage of an ongoing aristocratic conspiracy, form an army, and take over the kingdom?

>> No.52392074


Of those four, Shanan is the only one to have followed up on the GM's instructions to have a bit more than the bullet points, and his story is solid, so he's easily the best of them.

>> No.52392080

What are you guys gonna apply to WWW with?

>> No.52392102

My rejected PLD app

>> No.52392116

but it won't even fit...

>> No.52392134



>> No.52392137

!notNative American Brown Elf.
Probably Shaman or Vitalist. I just finished a character so I'll probably do it tomorrow.

>> No.52392142

When does the KSnH game open up for apps

>> No.52392149

>brown elf

Heavy breathing intensifies

>> No.52392209


The setting is too autistic and barely there to do more than bullet points.

Like some traits don't even make sense like earning your freedom, considering that enslavement is like 3 years at most unless you killed in cold blood with no justification in which case you're probably evil and not suitable for being a PC. Like three years nigga, just wait it out since being a slave is "safe" and "fair".

And finding art if you're earning your freedom is impossible since slaves have an autistic "shaved head with a side ponytail with an iron ball tied to it" haircut.

Like people bitch about Gamze, but we don't know about this Haleen, and Exhack at least tried to do stuff based around the character.

>> No.52392227

Will not apply to. If I got accepted, my schedule would go-Thursday: Wake up at 4:30 AM for a game, Friday: Stay up until 2 AM to get into WWW, play until morning, then at 11:30 PM that same day run my campaign. I don't think I can reasonably make such a schedule without completely draining myself.

>> No.52392238


Being a eurofag must be suffering

>> No.52392239

Sleep tight eurofag.

>> No.52392403

It was a private rejection. You'll find out Saturday

>> No.52392411


Sorry, Bon-bon.

>> No.52392439


How does it feel to know that the current /pfg/ games and the next few /pfg/ games will be flooded with setting-adjusted PLD rejects?

>> No.52392443


Backstories must always make assumptions and make shit up. There's an implicit agreement between the player and GM that ideas can be adopted into the game or changed to suit it. On the other hand, the GM saying straight up "Do X" and people not doing it is a pretty clear red flag.


Probably nothing. How directly that GM took from Fallout (3?) turns me away. I'm guessing that he's planning to use it throughout his story but modified into a western, and I've already played that story before.

>> No.52392466

Fallout NV actually.

But I've talked with the GM and just heard that he really liked the way that game opened and thought it was a good opening for a campaign with a revenge theme.

>> No.52392470

> Corruption
> Multiple counts of grand larceny before capture
> Murder someone and became regretful.
> Murder for tragic reasons
> Being extra-heretical

Plenty of reasobs to be a slave without being a sociopath.

>> No.52392478

its not true because its not like games got flooded with rejected dragons apps or rotjr apps

>> No.52392593


That's because those came from good advertisements, the people PLD are sending are not their best people, they're freeloaders and rapists.

>> No.52392603


I'm banking on it.

I'm going to invite select pld rejects and see how they adjust

>> No.52392609

we have to build a wall

>> No.52392703


Which game is yours?

>> No.52392823

Youre a leech and a shitposter

>> No.52392893

When starfinder drops I'm running an AC game, and you're all invited. except (you).
Hope you're ready for war.


>> No.52392908

What did I ever do to (you), you greedy bastard?

>> No.52392923

please respond

>> No.52392949

Well, I'm fucking excited. I've been wanting a proper mech game since Arcforge was announced (And subsequently botched)

>> No.52392952

Hello, anon.

>> No.52393001

when do apps open for that game
I haven't been this excited for a game in forever

>implying I'll be accepted

>> No.52393016


Not a leech if I wait until apps end.


Not posting until my writeups are done and pld apps end.

I'm not gonna be stealing pld's setting.

And it isn't theft if I'm inviting rejects.

>> No.52393035


>> No.52393060

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

>> No.52393146


>> No.52393152

i bet the rules for it will suck

i have no faith in paizo

>> No.52393167

S-some KSnHfag was going to run a GMT+8 game with political bullshit.

>> No.52393185

I'm not real hopeful either, but worst comes to worst I'll try and port some rules over from Mekton

>> No.52393188

i'll take 'things that won't happen for 500'

>> No.52393198

This popular anime will never get a season three.

>> No.52393229



>> No.52393236


Just use Battle Century G.

>> No.52393354


I've already got an idea for what I'm making!

>> No.52393371

>I'm not gonna be stealing pld's setting.

Yeah, but if you're allowing direct implants of PLD characters than it shouldn't be too dissimilar?

>> No.52393376

You're still riding on someone elses success

>> No.52393388

PLD's setting is basically just Berserk.

What can people tell me about Numeria?

>> No.52393406

Macrophage please go.

>> No.52393420

>What can people tell me about Numeria?

It's a land of techno-barbarians fighting tech-fearing barbarians while Techpriests chant and experiment with extraterrestrial technology they can't even begin to fathom.

>> No.52393440

Okay, so who are the techno-barbarians and who are the tech-fearing barbarians?

>> No.52393443

I already applied. I just need to rewrite his backstory after I finish this other backstory first.

>> No.52393489

Just refluff Tenra Bansho Zero.

>> No.52393499


Centuries ago, a massive colony ship crashed into Numeria in an event known as the Rain of Stars, scattering tons and tons of debris across the countryside and littering the land with malfunctioning machines of both a technical and military bent.

Some of the local Kellid tribes embraced the technology, others have gone full Luddite and see it with the same fear and disgust a Christian might see a blood-drawn Pentagram.

The nation itself is ruled at Starfall, the capital built around the bulk of the colony ship and ruled by the Black Sovereign, a Kellid warleader who is dulled into idiocy and obedience by ship-found chemicals given to him by the Technic League, a society of people from around Avistan who *kind of* understand what the hell all this technology is, but only still understand it in the same way a bushman from the Amazon might "get" how a gun works after using it for a while.

>> No.52393517


Nah, it's gonna require some moderate retooling. Besides, there have been other reject-accepting games already (RotRK for instance).

>> No.52393573

Cool. So now I've got everything I need for The Silver Breaker. Tech wrecking, wolf and moon theme, Kellid barbarian leader type.

>> No.52393594


It's set far enough in the future that the world has gone through several cycles of stone age through super tech, and as a result the world is littered with remnants of ancient civilizations to such a degree that strange things from ancient times is commonplace, if still mysterious.

Thematically it strongly reminds me of Planescape. It tries very hard to be not mundane in every way.

> solve 5 captchas


>> No.52393609

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/.

Tell me about one of your characters who was rejected from a /pfg/ game that you still love. How would you repackage him or her for another game or AP?

>> No.52393618


What game is this character for? If it's Kingmaker, you might be interested in claiming this character's heritage as being from the Tiger Lords Kellid Clan.


>> No.52393619


I've never been rejected.

I successfully get into any game i apply to.

>> No.52393623

but my characters have never been rejected

>> No.52393636

SwimmingEagle, go and stay go.

>> No.52393644


This. It's not hard, but most of /pfg/ is like under age 22 and has shit taste.


Try again

>> No.52393660


Honestly, the only reason I want to play the character that got rejected was because I like the story and personality he presents, more than the mechanics.

>> No.52393679

Well right now it's for Celestial Tournament. Switching over to another game would work, though really only a gestalt one, since having that cha to initiative, AC, Will, and Reflex is going to be really helpful. That tribe is definitely a possibility though.

>> No.52393686

I have perma death enabled on all my characters. If they're stillborn they don't get second chances.

>> No.52393729

>its not hard
Yes it is, by the very nature of the selection process.

>> No.52393743

>not ERPing with all the GMs to be guaranteed a slot
Literally what happened with Hell's Rebels AND now PLD.

>> No.52393752

or actually use Mekton.

>> No.52393758

How do I play pic related? Are there any less-shitty alternatives to drake companions?

>> No.52393761

then how have i gotten into two games

>> No.52393770

Don't lose hope!

>> No.52393773


Most applications are BAD.

If you want to increase your chances of getting into a game:

1) Play a local. I see too many exotic foreigner applications.

2) Pick a role that isn't taken and has mostly bad applicants. Nobody ever wants to play the skillmonkey, generally.

3) Ask the GM what they think. Get to know the GM a bit, too.

>> No.52393785




>> No.52393790

Luck.Cronyism. Pick one

>> No.52393795

Most applications have lock backstories that are shit and tell me nothing about the character

Personality is so much more important.

>> No.52393797

I would not and have not. It feels dirty. it's one thing to give the basic class combo concept another shot, but a full character? Leaves a bad taste even just seeing them get reposted by other folks like that, usually with barely more than a word or two swapped for the new campaign

>> No.52393800

wasn't cronyism, and luck doesn't exist.

>> No.52393813

>Most applications have long backstories that are shit and tell me nothing about the character
I suffer from this. I write overly long backstories that don't really say anything. I'm trying to get better, but it's difficult to change your writing style.

>> No.52393815


2hu got into the HR Department because of nepotism.

>> No.52393819

2hu and the HR GM are e-fuckbuddies, so 2hu got in.

>> No.52393820

Seriously if your backstory is over 1 page long, its shit.

>> No.52393836

Assuming you are who I thin you are, it was. That and shilling.

>> No.52393848

Well i'm not swimmingeagle and I've never sucked DM dick to get into a game


>> No.52393859

And how do you define one page? I have a 4K monitor but keep my browsing windows small. Your one page could be three to me.

>> No.52393862

No. You're Broodie.

>> No.52393875


>> No.52393876

wtf I hate www now!

>> No.52393878

Okay pfg, let's say I'm slowly gathering together ideas for a Starfinder custom setting. What are some time-honored space opera tropes you'd want to see?

>Unscrupulous and vaguely incompetent system-spanning megacorporation with huge mercenary army
>Religious robots
>Blue Space Babes

>> No.52393897

you have to modulate the shilling just right.

>> No.52393900

Paizo is scared of dragons, and will never ever write a class feature that lets you befriend one in a way that doesn't suck massive huevos.

If your GM is cool, you can just go get buddy-buddy with a dragon of sufficient age that it doesn't break the game over its knee with its CR. Otherwise you need 3rd party stuff or you're shit out of luck.

>> No.52393911

One page in MS word in a normal font font at 10-12pt size.

Have you never been to school?

>> No.52393926

>not full of NEETS

>> No.52393940

>10-12pt font size
Dude that's microscopic! I type at 22pt. One page for me would be half a page for you. Maybe less. But nice eagle eye vision there. Way to eat your carrots.

>> No.52393944

>using MS word

>> No.52393949


>mfw the Aspis Consortium and Lumber Consortium are going to be in Starfinder

>> No.52393950

>22 point font


google docs then

>> No.52393954

Be a wizard and body-swap a dragon.

>> No.52393956

Double or single spaced?

You're a weirdo.

>> No.52393959

How the fuck do you not recognize Disk?

>> No.52393964

>Tfw almost got into a pfg have if not for my non-neet schedule

>> No.52393974

>google docs then
HAHAHAHAHAHA oh fucking shit he seriously doesn't use a word processor for civilized people

>> No.52393976

is it broodie or disk

what all has disk applied to.

>> No.52393978

>Being legally blind.
Are you Asian or something?

>> No.52393984


12 pt.


Times New Roman.

>> No.52393993

Ok nigger what do you use

>> No.52394001

Probably Open Office.

>> No.52394003

I have a +10 to spellcraft, a GM that allows other casters to assist in crafting, craft Wondrous Items, two weeks, and 20,000gp to work with. The party of 7 has almost 0 magic items (5th level btw). What do I Craft?

>> No.52394005


How has a damn lumber company lasted this long and how have they stayed relevant in outer fucking space?

I don't think I've ever seen a space station made out of wood, for SOME strange reason...

>> No.52394009

>open office

toppest of keks

>> No.52394010

/g/ please take your freeware autism and go.

>> No.52394014




Applications are done by merit, there's no RNG.

>> No.52394023


Inb4 muh gnu/linux libreoffice

>> No.52394024

Token adorable aliens that are trying to fit in with the rest of the universe.

>> No.52394028

>he hasn't seen that episode of Deep Space Nine with the wooden Bajoran starship

>> No.52394034

Emacs -> TeX.

Openoffice is irredeemable trash. It is 100% "MS word but shittier, slower, less full featured and more buggy".

>> No.52394035

Speak for yourself. SwimmingEagle made something like six teams of possible applicants and rolled to decide which one got picked.

>> No.52394036

Funny story. I went to a parochial school for high school, so it was 99% white guys. First time I went to a math team meet, and it's all Asians. We were the only non-Asians in the room. I go to my seat, I'm seated across from a guy, I look up at him, he looks up at me, and I ask him. "Why are you squinting at me?"

I only later realized that he wasn't.

>> No.52394042


Ok actual caveman.

>> No.52394051

i bet some characters were definitely in and the teams were randoms to fill out the party.

>> No.52394063

You can do literally everything in emacs faster than you can do it in Word, and if you use the little plugins for TeX you can have it come out all pretty too. Nobody in university uses MS Word for their reports unless you're a history / literature / etc. major who can arguably use MS Word or unless you want points off for shitty style and looking ugly as fuck.

>> No.52394077

t. it just werks applel pro

>> No.52394078

>MFW half the team that got picked were there just because their names involved roar

>> No.52394080

A non-humanoid race of masses of slimy tentacles who really are just swell folks that just happen to look intimidating. Friendly, and good to have around your ship as they can reach, grab, and lift all sorts of things for you.

>> No.52394082

You poor fool.


Why must you hurt me in this way?

That one guy famous for being willing to sleep with just about any alien.Come on, you know the guy. Everyone knows the guy.

>> No.52394087

Get 6/7 either A +1 bracer of armor or +1 cloak of resistance. They'll each take a day and 500gp. Then you can craft 4 +2 stat items in the remaining 8 days assuming someone in the party has the appropriate spell. All in all that's 10,000gp of your 20,000gp starting total. Spend that on bags of holding, Traveler's Any Tool, rings of sustenance, and Misc supplies you'll need. If you have a Scroll scribing character they'll easily chew through 1,000gp per day scribing scrolls.

>> No.52394094

Kill yourself you lying shit

>> No.52394095


>> No.52394109

He just made this disgusted noise and never looked at me again.
Thanks nu-moot.

>> No.52394113

Do you think that means Calsi, Liozis, and Rinka were in no matter what? Since they have nothing to do with the word Roar?

>> No.52394119

>not writing your reports in LaTeX
Tell me what your major was anon
Then tell me what school you went to so I know it's bad.

>Why must you hurt me in this way?
It's just the truth anon. It's sad but it's true. Openoffice has nothing at all over MSO, and it's not even really a good stand-in.

>> No.52394122

>How has a damn lumber company lasted this long and how have they stayed relevant in outer fucking space?

They won't be harvesting Lumber in Starfinder, they'd be mining asteroids and planets and extracting rare gasses from gas giants!

I meant more the idea of this large, powerful corporation that strips entire systems dry in pursuit of profit. That is the Lumber Consortium in Pathfinder, while the Aspis Consortium would be more of the sinister "We're Evil" corporation driven to plunder ancient tombs or primitive worlds.

>> No.52394126

>writing reports

What am I gay?

>> No.52394145

>he "went to school" but he didn't write a thesis or do any research reports in any classes
Literally how did you graduate?

>> No.52394149


No, just unemployed, obviously

>> No.52394151

Let us know how that Gender Studies degree is working out for you.

>> No.52394152

Why Is nobody replying? Is /pfg/ even related to pathfinder questions anymore?

>> No.52394163

Useful cheapo items you could pump out for anybody include Boots of the Cat, Quick Runner's Shirt (check with your DM to see if you can use the pre-errata version), Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier (same as with the Quick Runner's Shirt), Traveler's Any-Tool, Sleeves of Many Garments or Hats of Disguise, Gloves of Reconnaissance, and Handy Haversacks. You also can't go wrong with Cloaks of Resistance +X, Rings of Protection +X, and belts or headbands that bump up a character's primary ability scores. These will probably eat up most of your 20K, and you should be okay with that.

Now, the two weeks to work with is going to be a bit of a problem, since that's really not a lot of time. But keep in mind that you can craft faster if you raise the crafting DC by 5, and also consider using the spell Keep Watch to stay away crafting all night long once your party returns to their regularly scheduled adventuring after those two weeks.

Also keep in mind that you CAN take 10 on spellcraft checks to craft magic items.

Well that makes more sense, but I hope they change their name to fit their new line of business. You always gotta have evil megacorps in any sci-fi space setting though, and they do fit the bill.

>> No.52394166


Rogue military division dedicated to their own esoteric goals after discovering and either being corrupted by Ancient Evil, or trying to stop Ancient Evil using abhorrent means.

>> No.52394174

Man, I always just use notepad++ and then dump the text into any advanced editor to pretty it up afterwards. If things get longer or more complicated I open more tabs and splice them together later.

>> No.52394175


No, crafting is just autistic

>> No.52394178

>being this plebian

>> No.52394183

You came at a bad time, pal, and with a question most people expect you to know the answer to already.

>> No.52394195

Even fucking philosophy majors write papers. Economics majors sometimes write papers from their first semester. Polisci, History, Mathematics, and the hard sciences literally build their careers off reports and papers. Even computer science usually has at least one or two in addition to their graduation project. Unironically what the fuck did you study?

>> No.52394207

Unironically i've never met someone so autistic as to actually write in emacs unless literally forced to

>> No.52394209

Best trope. Even better if they're the heroes.
Semi-related note, you wouldn't happen to have a source for that image, would you? Futuristic PDWs and AR heads up displays make me hard. So does power armor.

>> No.52394210


>Sinister organization driven to plunder ancient tombs and primitive worlds

So, a second Pathfinder Society?

>> No.52394218

>He's never been to /g/

>> No.52394225

>going to /g/ by choice

>> No.52394232

>when you realize the protagonists were the villains all along

>> No.52394239

A robotic race that pilots robots and use those robots to pilot even bigger robots. And then use THOSE robots to pilot an even bigger robot.

>> No.52394243


Here ya go, you lil shit.

>> No.52394245

>You always gotta have evil megacorps in any sci-fi space setting though, and they do fit the bill.

Evil megacorporations come in all shapes and sizes, are we talking the type that's massive, incompetent and clearly doing the Evil Thing because they want the shiny shit, or the megacorporation that is clearly cognizant of their own vileness and willing to build their entire business off of backstabbing and genocide?

OmniConsumer Products vs. Atlas Corporation, in other words. Or the corporation from Titanfall.

>> No.52394253

You use emacs, vim, or notepad++ because it's notepad but better and there's no reason to use Word just for the writing section of any work, since Word is for formatting and prettifying, and you use TeX bcause it's better than Word at making shit pretty.

>to actually write in emacs
Yes well anon
Do you know of the editor war?

>> No.52394258

And most of those people will use MS Office because it comes prepackaged and despite what you might think, it's not actually worth it for the vast majority of people to install a new operating system.

>> No.52394279

The editor war is more autistic than all of /g/ together.

whoa whoa, don't shatter his preconceptions of people using emacs and vim and notepad++, next thing you'll tell him is that nobody but the absolutely most autistic group of comp sci majors even uses those.

Realistically, most of the people who use them are the comp sci people even other comp sci people don't want to associate with.The kind that jerk off to pictures of linus.

>> No.52394288

+10 to spellcraft will mean you may not be able to make all take 10 checks solo, meaning that your overall crafting speed may be heavily lowered.
Get an Armillary Amulet for each member that has the crafting feats, then focus on getting +1 weapons for the martials, headbands of +X for the casters and cloaks of resistance

>> No.52394302

You do realize that TeX can be installed on Windows and (pretty sure it's also a thing for) Mac right? I can understand not using emacs unless you're used to it because well Escape-Control-Alt-Meta-Shift(-Super) is kind of obnoxious for new users and most people don't need it, but literally everyone I meet who cares about getting a score over 60 will use LaTeX for their reports. In fact some professors will actively tell you to fuck off if you don't use it.

comp sci people don't use editors, they tend to use IDEs unless they're working on tiny-ass personal projects less than 500 lines long.

>> No.52394310

Personally, I think the first is more interesting and fun to have in a setting, especially if its run by space-goblins. Does Starfinder have space-goblins? I'll be disappointed if it doesn't.

The second type of megacorp is important to have so that your players know these guys will fuck them up though.

>> No.52394313

this is the funniest shit i've ever read

>> No.52394314

t. community college pro

>> No.52394317


I've got all sorts of art in preparation for Starfinder! Mostly ships.


There's a difference.

The Aspis Consortium is a conglomerate of legitimate businesses enhanced by kill-teams of semi-autonomous agents with plausible deniability to their true employers. They would be the Weyland-Yutani of Starfinder.

The Pathfinder Society is an explicit adventuring organization staffed by card-carrying members who send all their findings to the clearly signed Society buildings present in whatever settlement is closest to the ruins. They would be the Spacer's Guild of Starfinder.

>> No.52394320

Sir i don't know where you go to college but if you go and talk to the average college student at like.. any university, they do not know what LaTeX even is

>> No.52394329

t. autistic /g/ poster who doesn't talk to real people

>> No.52394330

>they do not know what LaTeX even is

I'm sure most college students know the importance of latex, anon.

>> No.52394338

Honestly, it sounds like you only speak to yourself. I have gone to 4 years of college and am in grad school. My older brother and sister have both gone through grad school. My younger sister is in college. None of us, nor anyone I've ever met, has ever used TeX.

>> No.52394345


>> No.52394351


It has goblins, but they're pathfinder goblins, so they're nothing but vermin to the galaxy at large.

>> No.52394370

>Does Starfinder have space-goblins?

I'm going to imagine the Rat race are the money-driven PC race in Starfinder.

>> No.52394371

Start yourself off by making an item that boosts your spellcraft. I think there's some kind of crystal ball or whatever out there that boosts spellcraft but I can't remember the name. If you can't find it, ask your DM to let you make a custom item, I guess. An item that gives +5 to a particular skill would be worth 2,500 GP, or half that to craft.

>> No.52394375

maybe people used it in the fucking 1980s or someshit, what the fuck

Its [CURRENT YEAR], they all use google docs or whatever word processor comes packaged with their laptop.

>> No.52394379

>I don't know where you go to college
Cornell -> U Tokyo. People who want to be a professional in...basically anything...are not going to be writing their reports in Word. In fact I don't believe you - I've talked to kids from motherfucking Malaysian universities and the most bumfuck nowhere colleges like Ohio State and they use LaTeX.

What major? I've said that there are some fields that arguably don't need TeX, but economics, physics, polisci, mathematics, chemistry, etc. almost always write in TeX. I've almost never seen exceptions.

>> No.52394385



Try "people in the math department"

>> No.52394386

>Jews in space
Every fucking time.

>> No.52394388


>> No.52394390

I've never heard of LaTeX. Most profs just wanted a PDF, and they didn't care how we went about it. I'd always just dump my report into google docs and then export it.

>> No.52394399

Bitchshit look at literally any professionally released report in the sciences or economics, they don't look like they're written in Word. Do you know what LaTeX formating looks like, because if you've never seen it it's understandable to not notice.

>> No.52394400

>a conglomerate of legitimate businesses enhanced by kill-teams of semi-autonomous agents with plausible deniability to their true employers.

Don't know why, but this sentence makes me hard and really want to build a Mr. Johnson for my first Starfinder campaign.

Preferably one who's a skittish little shit who hides his apathy towards the vile actions of The Company through cowardice.

>> No.52394408

the joke was condoms anon

>> No.52394409

English, History, Agriculture, Pre-Med.

>> No.52394417

Maybe thats just what people tell you so your stuttering autistic unwashed ass will get away from them.

>> No.52394423


>> No.52394430

Can confirm, all they want is a PDF.

>> No.52394432


>> No.52394437

If I wanted to play Not!Geralt, should I go with Alchemist? If so, what archetype?

>> No.52394441

Do you expect autists to know anything about condoms?

>> No.52394455

gods that episode was retarded

>> No.52394464


Not!Geralt would be a Slayer, mmmaybe an Investigator.

>> No.52394465

the joke was the non-autistic college students know latex is important, in the form of condoms.

>> No.52394466

Is that a quad major or something? The hell?
And yeah, while I don't know about premed or agriculture, I can see English / history majors not touching LaTeX, they don't really need it.

>go to a random uni website
>click on economics, mathematics, physics, whatever department
>look at the latest reports
>it's LaTeX'd

>> No.52394474

I know that guy.
James Tiberius.... something.

>> No.52394478

Are you calling people who know what LaTeX is autistic or people who don't know what LaTeX is autistic
Because it kind of sounds like you're confused

>> No.52394483

reports on what?

What are you going on about

Who uses the term 'reports' anyways,

Nobody calls them reports

>> No.52394484

t. somebody who has never submitted a manuscript to a peer reviewed publication

>> No.52394487

Investigator does get mutagens and alchemy, so that seems more fitting.

>> No.52394498

Slayer can't brew potions and stuff, though.
Alchemy is a pretty big aspect of being Not!Geralt, no?

Investigator seems an alright choice, however. I'll look into it.

>> No.52394501

That's 4 different people with 4 different majors.

>> No.52394514

the only reason to use TeX is if you need equations in the paper, otherwise use something else.

A lot of shit doesn't use TeX.

>> No.52394532

You don't even need that anymore, there are TeX-like plugins for google docs and shit that solve that problem. Far better for most students.

Even then, using Emacs into TeX is autism above autism.

>> No.52394536

>Local group crumbled down to a 2-man
>Absolutely nobody wants to join
Time to jump into text-based online games for me, boys.
Any beginner tips? Etiquette advice? Red flags to look out for when searching for games?

>> No.52394552

believe in yourself

most /pfg/ games are better than your average roll20 game

There's plenty open now

>> No.52394564


This is only the case if you're into erp.

>> No.52394565

Makes you wonder how simple it would run a pic related campaign in Starfinder

>> No.52394577

I am not interested in ERP whatsoever.

>> No.52394578

literally only PLD is the hard ERP game, even Dragons/Dragons2 are just funnily lewd.

like WWW doesn't look like its going to be ERP at all unfortunate because i want to fuck the doll

>> No.52394591


Let's be real: you aren't getting into a lewdgame if you aren't putting out or giving the impression you'll put out.

>> No.52394597

I mean stuff like "Analysis of Chinese Economic Growth and future projections", "Predictions of Jovian deep atmospheric structure based on magnetospheric readings", stuff like that.

Right but in that case it's not even about Word or TeX anymore. Most things you don't use TeX for, besides seriously specialized stuff, you can do in Notepad++ and copy-paste into a PDF. And TeX looks prettier anyway.

Emacs is faster for me and I used to use it because I was stuck on a machine from the 90s for half a decade. It has a retarded learning curve, I think it's better once you know how to use it, but even if you don't use emacs TeX is better just for looking good.

>google docs
I see literally no advantage to google docs. If you're going to use a WYSIWYG word processor you might as well go for the actually good one, i.e. MS Word. The TeX-like plugins are like the equation editors in recent Word editions, they look like ass.

>> No.52394600


Anon, the fact Starfinder is a sci-fi game makes pic related possible. It makes everything from "scrappy rebels fighting against the cruel megacorporation" to "intrepid explorers colonizing new worlds and banging hot locals" possible.

An infinite world of possibilities await us, brother. I'm glad I could share this glorious dawn with you.

>> No.52394606

Even then, MathType has you covered. In my academic experience, Word is much preferred due to its ubiquity and ability to track changes across multiple authors during editing. TeX is only useful for long documents like dissertations that give Word serious problems.

>> No.52394616

Google Docs has huge advantages for collaboration, you can real-time write docs with multiple people, its really useful for that.

>> No.52394618

the ubiquity of word makes it probably the most used for the average paper

>> No.52394620

This discussion has reinforced a truth everyone has taken for granted.

Arguments about processors and math is done by the same people who love sci-fi.

>> No.52394636

Well, the person that applied with the doll also had applied for PLD.

>> No.52394639 [DELETED] 

Which one would you want in your party, /pfg/?

>> No.52394641

I miss the discussion on the quality of apps and backstory

>> No.52394653

>long documents
Lad I don't know about you but in my academic experience, papers less than about 20-30 pages long are a rarity, and most of them are 40-60+.

Yeah but for collaboration, like do you literally write the paper with other people or something? Because that's not what I usually do, it's collaboration, me writing the first 30% of the paper and the last 5% and you writing the midle 45% and some other guy writing the patches on the side.

>> No.52394656


This is good autism, anon. Stop.


Tell me about your Starfinder character ideas!

>> No.52394658

you're fine, just apply to games

Anyone got all the LFGs for the currently recruiting /pfg/ games?

>> No.52394667

you can literally write it with other people, all editing the same doc at the same time

Its pretty awesome

>> No.52394669

Go away Discord cabal, we were having legitimate conversations for once.

>> No.52394670


The betrothed archetype of the avowed could do it with some reasonable standard by level 1, just be dragon pact.

>> No.52394674

>legitimate conversations

>autistic screeching about word processors.

>> No.52394685

Anon it's time to put the keyboard down. Just relax, let's talk about pathfinder.

>> No.52394690


It's called "loosening up" anon, this is basically foreplay that gets the Bad Stuff out of your system so we can go back to other stuff.

>> No.52394691

No no no I know the capabilities of G-Docs. I haven't had a chance to use it much because one of my collaborators is a Chinese researcher (hurr), but my limited experiences with it aren't really great. It's good for brainstorming, I guess, but a livechat and one of those notetaking softwares is good enough for that.

>> No.52394695

>quality of apps and backstory
When has this ever happened, besides one anon going "all apps for ____ are shit!"

>> No.52394701

Yeah? What's wrong with that? People need word processors to write their settings, or guides, or ideas, or whatever. I'd say it's more relevant than most of the shitposting done these days.

>> No.52394714

it has a livechat built in too

When you collaborate a bunch, its basically the best for real-time work

>> No.52394716

>me writing the first 30% of the paper and the last 5% and you writing the midle 45% and some other guy writing the patches on the side.
*not* me...

>> No.52394729


To clarify, the "drake" could be gotten at level 1, but it can't fly until level 6.

You can fluff it as a medium-sized juvenile that mechanically grows to large at level 6 and gains flying size by level 6, however.

Here is the link to the material:


>> No.52394739

I hate Starfinder but if they don't fuck up mechs then I'll try it at least.

>> No.52394741

Yeah but like
That's the thing
It's good for taking notes and brainstorming. For the actual final publications? Not so much. Packaging your findings so it looks pretty and organized is much easier when you leave it to one guy on TeX and look it over for wording problems and stuff.

>> No.52394759

no but for the average college student's essay or a small group project its fine, its not like its going into any fucking journals or anything

>> No.52394760

Right before the processor autism started, we were talking about what makes a good application.

But then some post-grad autistic forgot that most undergrad students are fuck boys with MacBook pros and use Google docs or Microsoft word.

>> No.52394764

>Lad I don't know about you but in my academic experience, papers less than about 20-30 pages long are a rarity, and most of them are 40-60+.
In my experience Word works fine until you start hitting the 100 page mark or so. But I'm in a STEM field where nobody wants to look at a 30+ page document unless it's a review paper or thesis.

>> No.52394765


>Massive corporate arks built to extract, process and refine raw materials into finished goods, with enough firepower and onboard mercs to wage a small war

Anon, stop.

>> No.52394773

If you're using spheres and are a spherecaster, you could take bound companion for a dragon companion. Pretty sure you can take the boon twice for it, though it's janky as fuck.

betrothed Avowed is a fucking meme, you're two halves instead of a dynamic duo.

>> No.52394788

Reviews of, advice for, and dissection of Pathfinder character apps are all fine to have in a Pathfinder thread. We've have that before.

>> No.52394792


Stop? But Anon, there's so much profit to be made!

>> No.52394808

That's weird
Like, every single one of my projects in undergrad were 50 pages long. There was no such thing as a 'small essay', it was either the real thing or just a normal crunch week final.

I'm in STEM too, but when you're in STEM it's a lot easier to just use LaTeX because you're going to be inserting equations and charts / diagrams anyway.

>> No.52394816

>every single project was 50 pages long

Hahahahah nigga what

>> No.52394824

Confirmed for 50 page backstory apps

>> No.52394825


We pre-necromorph Dead Space now?

Or pre/post-war Halo UNSC. I'm addicted to the industrial corporate aesthetic.

>> No.52394839

What chinkhouse college did you go to nigger?

>> No.52394843



>> No.52394852

why don't we have any cute chubby apps for any game

why live.

>> No.52394861

Now this is real shitposting.

>> No.52394872

I had 3 projects in undergrad
The first one was some dumb economic projection on the the future of the Eurozone
The second was a report on American IPE.
The last one was my undergrad thesis, particle physics.
Anyway /blog.

It's usually half a page and another quarter with personality actually. I can't think of a reason you'd need a fucking massive backstory for your character unless you're pulling a Henderson or it's one of those super lore-heavy games.

>> No.52394880


It's true, we e-fuck all the time, we're e-fucking right now. You can't stop us cis-scum.

>> No.52394885


Part of me wants to dump everything I have (a sort of Starfinder "starter pack",) but at the same time the thread hasn't even reached the post limit.

>> No.52394889


>> No.52394893

Game where a team of emacsfags have to fight against a team of vifags WHEN?????

>> No.52394910

You know, I don't know any specifics about how Starfinder works. Does it have magic items, tech items that are just magic items with new fluff, or magic and tech?

And more importantly, should a Marker be a magic artifact or a tech item?

>> No.52394911

fucking never hopefully

>> No.52394912

has that guy disappeared or something
I just want muh Great Game in my roleplaying game

>> No.52394933

>I had 3 projects in undergrad
>The first one was some dumb economic projection on the the future of the Eurozone
>The second was a report on American IPE.
>The last one was my undergrad thesis, particle physics.
Okay, so two economics papers and an actual STEM document that was a thesis. This makes much more sense now.

>> No.52394937


We're pretty close, and good sci-fi pics are sexy dynamite. Go for it, sunshine.

>> No.52394939

>should a Marker be a magic artifact or a tech item?

The answer is yes.

The Marker is a tech item so advanced it might as well be magic.

As for magic itself? It's implied magic still exists, but it's less Merlin and more Jedi.

>> No.52394943

I think he said he doesn't have time right now but he'll open up an app when he finds time
In other words: goldenface.png

>> No.52394960



>> No.52394965

when's starfinder dropping

>> No.52394967

Don't do this to me.

>> No.52394979


August, I think? It's close enough to make custom settings, but not close enough to actually start writing up backstories.

>> No.52394982

I'm willing to do my part to shitpost us to autosage for this!

>> No.52394996


Why is Dead Space so good for art?

>> No.52395008


Tech is taking the fore, but magic is still around. Crafting is apparently much less of a clusterfuck, though.

>> No.52395019

So like what, Bard casting-like at best? Or is it closer to Shadowrun magic?

>> No.52395027

What's better for a ranger's hunter bond? animal companion or team buff?

>> No.52395032


It's literally too early to tell, I'm sorry I can't answer better.

>> No.52395034

>The Marker is a tech item so advanced it might as well be magic.

Isn't that how all tech items in Pathfinder (and presumably Starfinder) are though? Is a Marker particularly more complicated than most of the tech items in Pathfinder?

>> No.52395041

Because they do space opera really well and then ruin it by slathering jump-scare filled pseudo-horror on top.

>> No.52395049


Thus far, all we know is that all magic is spontaneous, and the magic classes cap at sixth.

>> No.52395052

Always the Animal Companion.

>> No.52395059


The team buff is a little unimpressive, but it is certainly low maintenance

>> No.52395067


>mfw every single Caldari ship is perfect for the setting's primary Megacorporation

>> No.52395072

Animal Companion. After you get Hunter's Bond for your team, the buff doesn't scale until you get 15th level, and even then it's only against your best Favored Enemy.

>> No.52395102

So...a Magus?

>> No.52395108

>and then ruin it

I wouldn't say they ruin it, because the entire point of the game is jump-scare space horror. It's not a game about crunching numbers and writing reports.

It's sorta like with the UNSC in Halo; Humanity has all this cool shit happening before and after the Covenant War that you're left with this feeling that you just want to explore the setting *without* a galactic apocalypse dangling over your head.

>> No.52395127

What game are you guys talking about? Did the DM bail or something, I don't remember a game like this.

>> No.52395155

Except for the fact that the Human-Covenant war was the only well written conflict in the Halo series that didn't happen at a tech level that Starfinder would never support. Everything before the conflict is fair game I suppose, but postwar Halo is awful.

>> No.52395200


I think magical mêlée man is an option, but I don't think it's quite the one trick pony magus ended up being.

At least, I hope it isn't.

>> No.52395227

>one trick pony
I'm a pretty shit PF player and haven't had the chance to play Magus yet. How is it a one-trick pony? Was thinking of playing one next time.

>> No.52395253

You guys ready to get o e PLD acceptance a day over this week?

Vult will have his revenge

>> No.52395261

It literally spends all day full attacking with intensified shocking grasp

>> No.52395271

Oh boy here come the Magus autists, ready your booty, boyo

>> No.52395275

DHB's Wyvern Rider might help you.

>> No.52395281

Hush, child, the adults are speaking and none of us care about that shit game.

>> No.52395284


Why should I care about how gets into that rape game?

>> No.52395294

[Sounds of reeeeee and the roar of motorcycles getting closer]

>> No.52395317

Because you're a disappointment.

>> No.52395320

i wont

>> No.52395322


Tough talk coming from a skeleton.

>> No.52395326

It's sort of like the monk, in that you have this image of a fluid lightly armored magic fighter dancing across the battlefield with a sword in one hand and fire in the other, but it totally fails at that, since PF combat doesn't go well with movement, and you end up casting Arcane Mark, 5 foot stepping, and attacking.

>> No.52395331

I don't speak nip, what does this mean?

>> No.52395335


Good job, or well-played.

>> No.52395345

A skelletong that's been drinking his milk!

>> No.52395348

People call it a one trick pony because everybody expects you to go DEX-based Dervish Dance with Intensified Shocking Grasps that you cast off 1st level slots thanks to Magical Lineage. I think the class has more tricks than that, like Frostbite with Rime Spell and Enforcer, and you really don't even HAVE to lock yourself into specializing one trick if you don't want to.

I'm revving my motorcycle and pulling out my trading cards. Get ready to face the Card Caster Magus in a duel!

>> No.52395349

Just keep telling yourself that this thread won't turn to absolute shit

>> No.52395355

At least you get to draw dicks on your enemies' faces?

>> No.52395373

That one Ratfolk archetype for Fighters that gives them Alchemical abilities

>> No.52395378

Did we ever get this months books from Leak Anon?

>> No.52395382

An Epic skeleton with at least five free casts of Wish that can override DM fiat and 30+ summons per day and a touch attack that fucks with your ability scores with no save.

I-is it not possible to just play it as a slightly shittier wizard who can also punch people?

>> No.52395385

Does anyone actually do this?

>> No.52395408

Sure, I played a STR-based Magus without Magical Lineage and it worked out fine for me. I think I had the lowest number of deaths over the course of the campaign out of all the PCs, actually, not to mention one of the higher damage outputs. I used a bastard sword and not fists, though.

>> No.52395413

See >>52395261

>Str builds get Weapon variety, but get shit on for armor until level 7-13 or so
>Dex builds got errata'd down to scimitar only
>Shocking Grasp is quite literally the only efficient damage spell, barring electricity resistance
>Other spells are either just the same but worse, situational as fuck (frostbite), or trash (whatever the fire touch attack was)
>Arcane Pool enhancement is highly limited unless you expand it, but that boats the price and only gnomes out of ALL FUCKING RACES get access to more abilities without increasing the point cost
>Spell selection a shit outside of your bread and butter spells that every magus WILL TAKE, no contest
>Archetypes are often cool as fuck but trash, barring some exceptions

>> No.52395434

>Bastard sword
My homie

>> No.52395444

Which of the sphere archetypes are actually good? I know a lot of people hate the ranger and paladin.

>> No.52395450

>looking at RotRK
>notice DHB edited his app after deadline
>added a theme song
>added a theme song despite not getting in
>it's Twisted Sister's I am (I'm me)

>> No.52395453

How do you even define what makes a "bad" application. I don't follow /PFG/ games religiously but most apps seem fairly servicible. Rarely something that jumps out at me as "bad".

>> No.52395454

>actually good

>> No.52395455

I'm thinking of playing someone who fights with melee weapons and uses magic outside of combat or for utility purposes. Basically, Mount and Floating Disk instead of Snowball and Magic Missile.
>muh RP

>> No.52395463

Sorry, I meant conversion archetypes.

>> No.52395465

If it's not by me or one of my friends, it's a bad app.

>> No.52395468

Almost forgot!
>Arcana selection is 80% trash, especially since the Nerf to arcane deed
>Seriously you can count the good arcana per level on one hand
>What the fuck paizo

>> No.52395471

Would it be fixed if they had the Wizard spell list up to Tier 6?

>> No.52395474

Then enjoy eating shit.

>> No.52395481


Bastard swords are my fetish.

>> No.52395483


>> No.52395506

try a warpriest

>> No.52395514

me too anon.

>> No.52395549

Maybe by a little? The biggest issue is just the lack of "bread and butter variety" and feeling forced to blow resources to ACTUALLY USR YOUR GIMMICK PROPERLY. Arcane mark is cheesy as fuck, and the primary "damage spell" should have just been having Pool Strike be a base feature, with the option to so it at no cost if you gut the damage down some. Fuck shocking Grasp

>> No.52395557


They're fairly serviceable, you're right.

But the level of competition can get pretty fierce and that drives the bar way up. Look at how bad Exhack gets shit on even though he makes high quality waifus with decent backstories simply because he's not good enough to compete for instance

>> No.52395566

Play a Warpriest, Inquisitor, Bloodrager, Skald, Hunter, Paladin or Ranger.
>muh divine magic

>> No.52395574

anyone got a starjammer PDF?
or point me to where it is on the trove?

>> No.52395579

I only played one Magus and the DM house ruled the extra attack from Spellstrike when full attacking away. The spell just rode on my first iterative.

So no, I've never done it.

>Other spells are either just the same but worse, situational as fuck (frostbite), or trash (whatever the fire touch attack was)

Sure, when all you have are your 1st level spells. But you'll have a lot more to play with as you get higher level spells, both in terms of spells that put out damage and buffs/control.

>Arcane Pool enhancement is highly limited unless you expand it
Maybe take the Arcana to add Bane to the list of abilities, but otherwise you don't need to bother. Just rock +X Keen all the time, or throw on an elemental damage property if it shuts off regeneration or hits a vulnerability.

>Spell selection a shit outside of your bread and butter spells that every magus WILL TAKE, no contest
Spell Blending exists for this. Also a handful of archetypes give you more spells, like Hexcrafter, Deep Marshal, and Puppetmaster.

>Archetypes are often cool as fuck but trash, barring some exceptions
I think enough of them avoid being too trash to play that you've still got a good number of playable options. Bladebound, Hexcrafter, Kensai, and Eldritch Archer are all great.

All your other points stand.

If you want to be a Magus doing that, you'll have a bit of a rough time because there's not tons of utility options on their list. You can grab some with Spell Blending if you want, but you're really trying to force the Magus into a niche it's not meant for. It's not impossible to do, but you'll simply not be as good at it as other classes trying a similar thing.

>> No.52395581

>Nobody ever wants to play the skillmonkey, generally.
When you say skillmonkey, what do you mean, exactly? Like what designates someone as a skillmonkey or not?

>> No.52395584

Magus' issue is that their class mechanics are /too/ tied to spell use. No other 2/3 caster barring maybe the warpriest is that tied to them, and even the warpriest uses buffs for multiple enemies instead of the single target nuke that ISG is.

The other prominent issue is that weapon choice is super fucked because "fencing/slashing grace doesn't work with spell combat, and spellstrike gives nothing to higher multiplier weapons"

>> No.52395605

How do you refluff divine magic as anything other than divine magic.

>> No.52395629


People run a lot of APs here. APs tend to have a lot of typical dungeon crawls.

You generally see few rogues, for instance. Even though trapfinding in that context brings up their value quite a bit.

Most 3pp classes have shit for skills, too and lack a lot of the adventure support aspects of crawling.

>> No.52395638

You're being dramatic. Gamze is a poor quality app, but he's made other much better ones. He hardly gets a lot of shit. Is this just people from the Discord try to force an epic new meme?

>> No.52395639

>autistic autistic autistic
Y'know, I keep seeing people calling the LoBaF setting document this, but nobody ever elaborates on how or why. It doesn't even seem that different from a Paizo splatbook, unless you count the different format and lack of art.

Does anybody care to explain why making a setting is "autistic"? Does the word even mean anything anymore?

>> No.52395643

On the topic of APs, how well would Iron Gods book 1 lead into Kingmaker books 1-6 or 2-6?

>> No.52395654

>shit on
No, the GM just liked something else more and that could be for reasons utterly subjective.>>52395574

>> No.52395677

I've played Kingmaker before but never Iron Gods though not for lack of trying. What's the first book like? I might be able to give you an idea of how well they could click up.

>> No.52395679

Explains why Gamze is poor quality

>> No.52395684

Tell me, how shit would I be if I wanted to play a Mystic Theurge? What is their Tier range?

If you wanna know my class choice going in, I'm still working on it, For the arcane half I'd either go Wizard (with Spirit Whisperer or the HH Spirit Binder with Wood School) or some variety of Witch, and for Divine either a Druid (Nature Priest) or Shaman (Possessed)

Tell me how crappy this idea is!

>> No.52395702

I have no idea. Sorta why I'm asking.

I don't want to spoil IG book 1 or all of KM by reading them all, just to find they don't mesh well.

>> No.52395717


Not the same guy, but if you're using SoP, there's no clear distinction between divine spells and other types mechanically. You can take whichever spheres you care to as long as the GM agrees that it fits with the character concept. So that's an option.

>> No.52395720

Honestly? I'd play a fucking Wizard but full casters are always fucking banned. It doesn't matter if you promise to take shittier spells and and roleplay your way through the game. I can't blame them of course, all it takes is one That Guy reneging on their promise to ruin it for everyone but...
I don't get why Magi get gimped on their spell selection. I honestly don't. They're already limited to t6.

>> No.52395728


Iron Gods is a fairly typical dungeon crawl centered around a refinery town that uses a giant starship engine to smelt Adamantine.

>> No.52395731


It's the disorganization and poor formatting.

We have a zillion poorly defined cities with all these rumors and parables but still don't really know a lot of general, mundane details of daily life in a foreign setting.

>> No.52395733

How is divine magic anything other than fluff?

>> No.52395736

Questionably, at best.

Fires of Creation
>All takes place in a small town or the caves underneath it
>Has nothing to do with kingdom-building, exploration, or Brevoy
>Tries to introduce technology, which is interesting but a shitty idea for ALL your loot

The Stolen Lands
>Introduces the hex-based exploration that is most of Kingmaker's content
>Has a plot that ties into the main themes of the game, involving banditry along the southern border
>Gives you a good rundown on the region you're working with
>Lets you go at your goal in whatever way you want
>Site-based side quests let you expand the game organically

>> No.52395746

Read the archive, its been discussed more than once already. The player even acknowledged and said they plan to improve the app, but I'm guessing that running that WoTR game is taking up all their time.

>> No.52395760

>a few story and quest hooks per major location or faction are autistic
>endless mundane details are not

>> No.52395770

Deity class feature. Falling class feature. Prestige classes and feats that call out divine spells. Needing to use a holy symbol.

>> No.52395771

Would there be any AP that does deal with Brevoy and the Stolen Lands at all?

>> No.52395779

Well unfortunately I can't really help you much. But I can say there is one important NPC in Kingmaker who is actually from Numeria and the Stolen Lands/Brevoy/Numeria share borders, so maybe there's something there a DM could work with?

>> No.52395811


>> No.52395815


Nope, Brevoy and the River Kingdoms are very, very isolated from the other APs.

The only ones that come close to the region are Reign of Winter and Wrath of the Righteous, the former starts in Taldor and the latter throws you on a screaming railroad right from session 1.

>> No.52395830

None of the classes I named need a deity. Only the paladin can fall, and that's just "I've lost touch with my arcane energies." Refluff those other classes and feats. Arcane focus in a specific shape.

>> No.52395837


Literal screaming railroad.

First minute in.

>> No.52395838

If your using SoP you can just be a mage knight or hedgewitch since sphere classes are fill in the blank fluff.

Taking a level in cleric but going "I'm totes not religious" is bs.

>> No.52395842

>A GM nerfing Spell Combat
fucking WHY, that's as retarded as telling an unchained rogue he can't take old rogue archetypes, or the Ki Pool talent.

>but that's only 1st level spells!
1st level spells are what you start with, and (usually) have the most of. They're super cheap to get fuckloads of (pearls of power, ring of wizardry) meaning they're efficient and can save your higher level slots for things that do something OTHER than "just damage". You /DO/ have enough utility in your spell list to make it worth saving those higher slots, just not as much as a wizard.

>just rock +X Keen all the time
That's literally the definition of "highly limited". You don't actually have any choices to make with your arcane pool, and you barely have versatility. If you DO want more options, it ups the price and STILL costs +1's on top of the extra pool point(s).

Magus has a ton of small issues that compile into being a massive, confusing clusterfuck. It's really hard to even try to remember them all on the spot to properly compile a list of why shit's fucked.

>> No.52395845

Kingmaker. That's it, and it doesn't even deal with Brevoy after the Player's Guide.

If you're looking to port over some other AP's first part, try stealing from something that isn't based on a dungeon crawl. It's more work, but you can probably even fit in parts from different APs to make a new patchwork Part 1.

Some that might work
>Burnt Offerings (Rise of the Runelords)
>Howl of the Carrion King (Legacy of Fire)
>Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (Serpent's Skull)
>The Kaijitsu Legacy (Jade Regent)

>> No.52395870


>the kaijitsu legacy

Oh wow this......I'm taking this.

>> No.52395884


>The Kaijitsu Legacy
>mfw it's the Rogarvian Legacy
>mfw the Stag Lord's Fort serves as the stand-in for Brinewall Castle


>> No.52395892

Can it be done?

>> No.52395895

Inquisitor, Paladins, and Warpriests do.

>> No.52395903

So how do we fix it, because I feel like this is something to discuss.

>> No.52395911

Fucking genius

>> No.52395930


Killing nobles with fertilizer bombs? Sure.

>> No.52395935

People don't WANT choices and variety in Pathfinder. They what the most highly optimized possible build. If you can stomach the tiny drop in efficiency in favor of cool, then you can grab Flaming or Frost on your weapon whenever you want. What other weapon enchants would you want to have the option to grab, anyway? The huge majority of them are shit to begin with.

>> No.52395938


Yup, only replace the manure with Alchemist's Fire.


But, if the Brevic Ameiko (maybe a cute Rostlander guy?) Is slated to be King of the Stolen Lands, how can a PC become King?

>> No.52395942

I kinda feel Rogarvia works better as a surprise late-game villain faction than as the plucky underdog faction.

Something more like Choral clawing his way back into life from a magically-imposed exile that took his entire family line with him, replacing Nyrissa.

>> No.52395947

Most of those small issues are all based from the use of spells as the major damage source, despite having a shit list for that, and basically no other class features outside of arcane pool. There's the str-cucking, and scimitar wanking as well. It's because the damage/arcane pool/ spell recall is so tied to the spell list as damage, that the SoP arch sucks ass.

>> No.52395974

>They what the most highly optimized possible build.
That sounds like shit. Since when was munchkin'ing encouraged?

>> No.52395976

Then inquisitor and warpriest can fluff their fall the same way the paladin would.

>> No.52395990

Same deal as the normal Jade Regent, everyone in the party gets touched with magic rock/sword/jewelry and designated as "emergency royal heir".

Other than that, maybe their friend just isn't ready for a life of kingship, and the PCs can either build them up and help them rule (good excuse to abstract out some of the kingdom building rules) or offer to take the position themselves while the original heir lives out a more humble dream.

>> No.52396011

Day one when Paizo decided to emulate Monte Cooke's Ivory Tower design philosophy, and even credit him with being their inspiration right in the bloody Core Rulebook

>> No.52396020

Bane, the alignments are the big ones missing.

>> No.52396041


>mfw you find a sword beneath Brinewall Castle
>mfw it's in a stone
>mfw a PC pulls it out
>mfw everyone gets a big fat ray of light that makes them royal blood
>mfw the sword has a name
>mfw it's called Kingmaker, and it grows as the kingdom does.

>> No.52396047

Oh look, the 5e general is leaking again.

>> No.52396052

No, fuck Paizo.
I mean since when was it a thing people thought was okay? Ivory Tower is retarded shit but at the same time munchkin bullshit shouldn't be encouraged, evr.

>> No.52396058


And why would you do a foolish thing like that?


>> No.52396064

I agree, it does sound like shit. I'm just saying that if you think the Magus doesn't have a variety of options for weapon enhancements, you're actually saying "there's only one optimal choice for the Magus' weapon enhancements" and... Well no fucking shit, nine times out of ten there's only one most optimal option. But if you don't care so much about being optimal, yeah, you can grab the elemental damage enhancements and be cool without dropping your DPS that much.

Literally just a single Magus Arcana to acquire either one. You make the problem sound worse than it is when you're given the option to fix it yourself.

>> No.52396070

You are still not changing rest of the rules

>> No.52396076 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52396088

>not giving them Briar early
>not tying the whole progression of the Kingdom to a theme of plant growth
>not making it a fey-forged instrument of emergency draconic regicide for if Choral ever came back
>no ending every arc with an Okami-style flourish of plant and animal growth spreading throughout a newly-claimed region

>> No.52396096


Therein lay the controversy, because some people might want to keep Brevoy intact, and some will want to restore Rostland or Issia as separate kingdoms!

>> No.52396097

>dude lmao just spend one of the rare as fuck arcana on it
>OR a feat, since you definitely didn't have to use them for WF+DD or PA, and Intensified, and probably Combat Casting
>Literally just (tm)

>> No.52396113

Good. I shouldn't be changing rules, I'm changing fluff. What hasn't been changed to our satisfaction?

>> No.52396136

Something tells me you're new to /pfg/ and Pathfinder in general.

>> No.52396144

So what classes get a bonus combat feat at or before level 3?

Fighter and Gunslinger, who else?

I'm looking to be an initiator on top of it, maybe warpath?

>> No.52396158

Warlord gets one at level 1, pretty sure warder gets one at 3rd.

>> No.52396172

Personally it feels like Magus simply needs more spell choices and less STR nerfing. It's already just a spellsword.

>> No.52396188

>Waaah, I want to have everything without putting any build currency into it
>I want to have a variety of options but I refuse to deviate from the optimal build in order to get them
>B-but you only get one arcana every three levels unless you spend a feat to get more, I have four or five feats I want first

The correct rebuttal was "But you can't get Devoted Blade until 12th level or Bane Blade until 15th level." If you'd said that, you'd actually have a reasonable point.

>> No.52396194

Monk gets one at 1 and 2.

>> No.52396223

Spheres of Power has an alright idea, but the Magus archetype they cooked up for it is hot dogshit because they decided to be super lazy about it instead of making any attempt to tailor it to the system. The number of Unchained Magus homebrews in progress right this second is probably in the realm of half a dozen, iirc.
IMO, Pool Strike being a default feature instead of an arcana would make sense, but that's just me.

>any of the qualities from the gnome FCB
>the majority of the abilities from arcana seriously DO NOT NEED TO COST AN ADDITIONAL POOL POINT on top of one of your arcana slots

Bane is the only arcana that actually ends up being worth the price, if only barely. The "endgame" for pool enhancement (in this case "when you can get bane") is just "keen+bane+fuck I dunno man, if your +1's are capped throw whatever on there", which is retarded. You also end up with a similar accuracy problem as the goddamn ROGUE, because your biggest way to boost your accuracy is... Spells and enhancement bonuses.

This is really what gets me the most. Letting people have medium armor at first level, making other weapons besides scimitar actually useable (since scimitar is still the IDEAL choice for a Str-magus), and expanding spell selection would go a long way.

>> No.52396236

The easiest fix would be to make 3 other level*d6 touch attack spells for the other energy types, and then add Deadly Agility and something to help STR not have shit defenses.

To be fair, getting access to those at 12/15th is "rare as fuck" since most games don't go that high. Level 5 gets access to +5 weapon properties, so it doesn't really make sense to bar it to those. That anons shit argument was shit, but there aren't a lot of options in all honesty for magus.

>> No.52396256

I am considering rebuilding Essa are something a little more skill and utility heavy. That's why I was looking at the Warpath since I'd be a 6 level caster. Plus Warpath would fit her because of Borger's influence.

Warlord and Warder are interesting but neither really that able to help on the utility front.

I could just give up a feat and drop either Skill Focus (Sense Motive) or Improved Initiative and it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Problem is though Warpriest is stuck at 2 skill ranks per level and doesn't have an easy way to increase it like fighter.

I suppose Investigator is also an option, but alchemy doesn't fit the character well at all.

>> No.52396283

>IMO, Pool Strike being a default feature instead of an arcana would make sense, but that's just me.
I agree, if only on the grounds that the Magus has pretty lackluster utility in it's spell list, it's class features and skills. By all means, it is meant to be a damage dealer by nature of being obviously bad at other things. But putting the major damage options in a spell list + a metamagic feat, (which maybe necessitates a trait too), is really obtuse class design.

Shit is hard for people that haven't read a guide on how to build one. Classes should be a bit easier to parse. That's the same issue with the kineticist, the feat list at large, and things like the wizard/sorc spell list.

>> No.52396294

>Spheres of Power has an alright idea, but the Magus archetype they cooked up for it is hot dogshit because they decided to be super lazy about it instead of making any attempt to tailor it to the system. The number of Unchained Magus homebrews in progress right this second is probably in the realm of half a dozen, iirc.
SoP really wants you to play their classes. They didn't even both to do direct sphere conversions or alchemist and investigator (though archaic alchemist sort of fits that role). And that -3 for rangers and paladins is annoying.

>> No.52396302

Questioner has int-based Bard spells, and is easily houseruled to stack with Empiricist

>> No.52396319

And RAW loses casting in light armor. :^)

>> No.52396342

Yeah, I'll give you guys the point that you're not give a lot of options for weapon enhancements, but I'm just wondering what options people actually want that they can't get. So far all I've heard are Bane and the alignment properties, both of which you DO have a way to actually get- albeit at a higher level requirement than might be necessary. But if you can't think of other weapon enchants you actually want, then you're really bitching about nothing that's the Magus' fault. Maybe the problem is just that there's a very, very short list of weapon enchants that are worth more than the raw +X bonus they cost in the first place?

As for >>52396172, yeah, I can buy that. The existence of Spell Blending and the few archetypes that give you more spells are a bandaid, but how many/which spells should the Magus be given to begin with? I'm all for making STR-based Magi more playable compared to DEX-based Magi, though maybe that's just my STR-based bias shining through. Armor would go a fair way towards helping with that.

>> No.52396383

Issue is Questioner doesn't stack with Polymath which I'm more interested in. One of the character's defining features is her dueling sword so scarlet throne is pretty necessary to the character.

Maybe just switching over to warlord is the key here.

>> No.52396401

I have you a basic list of qualities besides those you fag, do you want me to go compile a full list and post it here instead?

>> No.52396435

SoP works just fine for most of the so called "high casters", it's the hybrids that run into trouble. A Wizard in SoP is just a Wizard. Their custom classes are more like archetypical casters (not Archetypes mind you).

>> No.52396462

I think they should just be given the entire Wizard list up to T6. There is no real reason for them not to have it. They're people who spend less time studying magic so they'll never reach Greater Teleport, Power Word: X or Plane Shift, but I can see no reason why a Wizard can learn Angelic Aspect but a Magus cannot.

>> No.52396474

I'd like Magus to have a sort of Sneak attack/Studied/Bomb like progression for a pool-strike like feature, the spell list to have a bit more utility/buffs, 4+int skills, and not whitelist weapon properties. Magus really shows its age in its design.

Too much of its resources are locked to ISG spam, which limits its already poor utility, and it's damage isn't /super/ spectacular given its big hits only single target per spell.

The STR-magus thing is honestly a harder thing to fix. The common idea thrown around is an arcana that gives med-armor casting, with heavy at a later level. No idea on the balance of that, but it's a start.

I'd also like to see spellstrike make spells/poolstrike do d8/d10s with x3/x4 weapons, but only criting for x2.

>> No.52396530

I feel (having played a Magus up into high enough levels to get 6th level spells) that what the Magus really wants is more touch spells that are worth using at higher level. Seriously, at 1st you have Shocking Grasp, at 2nd you have Frigid Touch, and at 3rd you have Vampiric Touch. That's all the worthwhile touch spells the Magus gets by default as far as I remember. There really aren't many other options at all, probably because they haven't made many spells specifically for the Magus and outside of that class being a touch spell is usually considered a drawback- that's why there are fewer touch spells at high levels than low levels.

I know this is probably Fix the Magus Conversation #47, so this probably isn't anything new, but as far as the spell list goes I think you'd achieve a lot by creating even just a few high-level, Magus-exclusive touch spells that are worth using.

>> No.52396542

Would Lunar Oracle's Prophetic Armor stack with Prescient Dodger?

>> No.52396555


Are there any good touch elixirs you could justify houseruling into the Magus repertoire?

>> No.52396561



>> No.52396567

Well, if you're playing spheres, you can pick up Destruction. For straight vancian, the solution would be to print up some damned spells for the class beyond 2nd level. For Strength Magus, maybe allowing a two-handed weapon with spell combat would fix the issue?

>> No.52396569

>tfw Fireball, the staple damage spell of the Wizard, is kind of hot garbage in the hands of a Magus because you blow yourself up

>> No.52396574

Outside of more damage and different damage types, what would you make for the higher level spells?

>> No.52396651

>More Mobility options, Bladed Dash and Electric Leap are cool, but limited
>spells less reliant on the DC in order to work, or with AoEs he can drop on himself without needing to be suicidal
>a version of frostbite that isn't shut down by half the bestiary because lolnonlethal

>> No.52396679

Those + Shocking Grasp palette swaps for other elements would be nice enough to get me to stop complaining.

>> No.52396713

I'm not sure how I feel about this idea. On one hand, if you do this Magi become "Wizard-lite" with more ability to handle themselves in melee. That's not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it's probably a good thing seeing as that's the niche the class is meant to fill and I don't think it would really break anything. On the other hand, though, the class is meant to have a combat focus and giving them access to that much non-combat utility and such seems to dilute the class' purpose.

Basically, I'm just not sure if that goes too far or just far enough.

>Sneak attack/Studied/Bomb like progression for a pool-strike like feature
I like the idea in theory because I feel like that's the sort of thing people would first think of if the class is being described to them for the first time but it's not something that can really be done right now. But the execution would need to be done carefully, seems like it could easily be fucked up.

>the spell list to have a bit more utility/buffs
They could definitely use to have more, I'm just not sure where the line should be drawn.

>4+INT skills
I have to disagree here, they're an INT-based class so it doesn't feel needed to me. Magi won't be drowning in skills, but they don't need to be. That's not their job.

>Too much of its resources are locked to ISG spam
A fixed version of Pool Strike would take care of that problem, and I imagine in people no longer needed to prep Shocking Grasp or other damaging spells you'd see more people prepping Shield, Vanish, and the like.

>The STR-magus thing is honestly a harder thing to fix
You know, here's a random thought. Spell Combat and Spellstrike together basically work like TWF. A Magus can't two-hand their weapon if they want to cast a spell. If a Magus could forgo the "extra" attack in exchange for getting to two-hand their weapon and not take the penalty on attack rolls, would it be worth it? Consider that a STR Magus would also have Power Attack.

>> No.52396771

No class besides maybe int-based fullcasters should get 2+Int skills, even if you're Int based otherwise. 4+Int skills also helps patch the fact that there will be people who want a Cha-casting archetype that isn't utter dogshit, something that the Eldritch Scion utterly fails to be.

Everything else makes sense. Pool Strike, IMO, should be "you can do +xd6 elemental damage acting as a spell for free, or spend a point to increase it to +yd6 elemental damage as a spell for a pool point". What x and y are equal to is in the air, but it'd be a start.

>> No.52396772

IMO any non-int fullcaster should have 2+int skills, magus does, but alchemist doesn't, seems unfair.

the str fix might actually work? Seems like a thing we'd have to ask 2hu to break.

>> No.52396801

I did, it became the trademark of my Magus.

He'd strike you nonlethally with an arcane mark and leave you there

>> No.52396878

But why would you want to be King


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