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Rolled 9 (1d26)

Scanon and Breadguy are in their heaven, all is sad in the General Edition

AP modifyers Sub-Edition

Strange non-Knight-head items were released (as well as Children of Sicarus and Sins of the Father), the Filiketos is being worked on, terminator loadouts are discussed but anon isn't afflicted by the Nails you're thinking of, anon's list is 100 Custards that will cover all your bases.

All of that and more in the previous thread >>52330509


>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics
>Primarch Popularity Poll

>Make your unit entries, use Celestia Antiqua Std and Garamond

>HHG Discord



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Brexit with Titans when?

>> No.52344087

First for the ninth.

>> No.52344094

Claimed by the Ninth it is!

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That's a big bloodthirster.

>> No.52344313

Are psi-titans the only LoW available to Talons?

>> No.52344316

888 points 3++ flying GC.
An'ggrath the Unbound

>> No.52344348


Claimed for the get of the Sorcerer King!

Are 3 quad mortars with divination ass-hole territory?

For you.

>> No.52344388

Yes, because you make an already tedious shooting phase take even fucking longer.

>> No.52344389

I'd love if my Custodes had access to Land Raiders. As nice as our grav transports are, there's a certain simple appeal to a AV14 5++ assault transport.

>> No.52344408

With venerable!
it also is almost 300 points, and only comes in godhammer flavour

>> No.52344410

So using Ahriman is annoying in itself?

>> No.52344435

How do I kitbash a Solarite Gauntlet for my Custodes Tribune? Just slapping a random powerfist on him seems like heresy.

>> No.52344480

Emperor and Horus died for this.

>> No.52344482

It's not Brexit; the Mechanicum ends up even closer to the Imperium after the story's done.

>> No.52344540

Using Thousand Sons with their legion rules is annoying and you shouldn't do it.

>> No.52344592

How about a very select power fist? Go to any bits store of your choosing and search "power fist", then pick the on you like.

Mine is gonna have to for maximum ora ora ora.

>> No.52344632

>Vulkan, get the promethium
>Mortarion, grab the phosphex
>Magos, open the rad
What legion/army is the best at utterly destroying a world without resorting to Exterminatus?

>> No.52344672

For you.

>> No.52344693

World Eaters.

>> No.52344698

Alpha Legion, they do spooky better than night lords, sneaky better than raven guard and decapitation better than Sons of Horus. Give them two weeks and six alpharii and the world will tear itself apart, no phosphex needed

If you mean destroyed in the sense of not even rubble left after being blasted so thoroughly, Ordo Reductor or Titan Maniples

>> No.52344703

Dark Angels Dredwing of course.

>> No.52344729

Death Guard and World Eaters, they were the go to legion to completely fuck everything up. Honorable mention to Space Wolves, who were basically World Eaters but with more restraint until unleashed.

>> No.52344742

>not ten good vets
one job etc

>> No.52344748

>Armies of huge monstrosities
>Living artillery
>Fearless swarms
>Agile and resilient warriors with a deadly touch
>Senses so keen cover and infiltration get nullified
>Terrifying specialized leader organisms, some of which are hunter killers, others spit death from afar and other induce shephard their creatures into greater bloodlust, all of whom can spin webs of eyes to better acquire information
>Squid flyers
Am I the only one who thinks the Mechanicum can Tyranid better than the Tyranids themselves?

>> No.52344774

No, you are not, because we are not drooling morons

>> No.52344782

AL are such goddamn mary sues.
>we spend 24 hours a day training in subterfuge, confusingly byzantine organisation, misdirection, all our mutable tactic options, and how to manage non-marine agents
>but we also have enough hours in the day to spend enough time on the firing ranges to be as good at shooting as any other legion
>and time to also train to be as good as any other legion in close combat
>and in armoured warfare
>and in void warfare

>> No.52344783


Understandable due to the sad way psychic powers are handled.

I am interested in which legions are well designed but still retain their unique character.

Rules wise I really like the whole Istvan legions crew, most of their rules do not clutter up everything but manage to impair a lot of character.

Well...World Eaters do seem to need a bit of work due to all the extra stuff one seems to have to slap on them...most of it being traitor-ish.

>THW no Endryd Haar War hound squad.

Same with SoH extra attacks..its cool to roll for extra attacks though and reinforces to take lots of dudes so its flavory.

>> No.52344791

Yes, yes we can. Although we don't have squid flyers unless you count Magos Crazy Eyes' Genetors, the Vulturax look more buglike to me. I describe their ruleset to people who haven't played them before as"Tyranids, but shooty and done properly."

>> No.52344798

>If you mean destroyed in the sense of not even rubble left after being blasted so thoroughly, Ordo Reductor or Titan Maniples
Yeah, destroyed as in utterly broken.
I suppose WE count, as they have killed planets in melee like their milder loyalist counterparts, the Flesh Tearers
I was reading the SW Exemplary battle. A bit of a letdown, the usual "It was a difficult fight with Heavy CassualtiesTM but then their better Destroyer squads arrived and killed everything using their unique skill of being issued better bombs and saved the day"
Also, everyone has more restraint than the WE, that's no accomplishment, and even then, the SW needed discipline officers when not even the Warhounds or Warborn needed them.
Space Wolves have always been a bunch of savages and furries.

>> No.52344810

same with TS only they are also the greatest scholars in the Imperium and psykers.

>> No.52344821

Oh, I see. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything, that's all.

>> No.52344838

>t. another, less good legion
Superiority breed jealousy

>> No.52344843

Missed opportunity, i apologise
But when they fail, they fail bad. Not excusing anything, but it does make alphy dying more satisfying if it wasnt spoiled

>> No.52344845

same with SW only they are also the greatest executioners in the the Imperium and furries.

>> No.52344869

>>but we also have enough hours in the day to spend enough time on the firing ranges to be as good at shooting as any other legion
You know that's false.
When the AL trains to be good at lots of stuff
Other legions train to be BEYOND GOOD at a particular thing, like shooting (IF) or chopping (WE)
Non-conscious training exists, like hypnotherapy and the like. Inb4 "bullshit", that's how IH are briefed for their mission in 40k
It's probably selected operatives and battlegroups rather than 2LOLEVERYONE, but you just bought the meme
Just as planned
You see it's not about being the best at everything, you just need to be better than the one you're fighting at a particular thing you need to, that's all.

>> No.52344890

Same with WE only they are also the greatest choppas in the Imperium and crazy

>> No.52344894

itt anons learn that some equals are more equal than others

>> No.52344909

It's a good thing Leman Russ is only acting savange :^)

>> No.52344911

That's an ugly gold

>> No.52344920

>Other legions train to be BEYOND GOOD at a particular thing, like shooting (IF)
And yet in Praetorian Of Dorn the AL dudes consistently outshoot the IF ones, generally getting noscope headshots while the fists fail to gun them down in return. While the AL are also simultaneously experts in sneaky beaking. I guess the IF centurion did manage to kill the AL sergeant in a fight, although it was a close thing.

>> No.52344939

Same with IF only Good Luck I'm Behind 70,000,000,000 Auric Bricks.

>> No.52344946

yeah but dorn then tanks alphies spear, so clearly the whole book is shit

>> No.52344949

That's what you get for wearing yellow with no helmets

>> No.52344952

>And yet in Praetorian Of Dorn...
>Falling for French's bullshit
That appears to be the problem, sir.

>> No.52344955

In Praetorian Of Dorn Dorn managed to out Alpharius Alpharius.

>> No.52344966

>golden with red accents
>not red with gold accents

For what raisin?

>> No.52344977

Same with IW only Not Even I Know How To Get Inside This One!

>> No.52345002

>It was merely an act

>> No.52345005

You can tell that that machine spirit is pissed off beyond mere human comprehension.

>> No.52345006

Too blood angel

>> No.52345029

>dude with Eternal Warrior somehow tanks Instant Death weapon
Welp, I'm at a loss with this one.
You're right there though.

>> No.52345064

I thought 30k BA were red with black accents.

>> No.52345077

And gold.

>> No.52345084

I would assume that a sneaky legion would be good at sniping and a little weak in melee.

>> No.52345087

gee dubb-ya

>> No.52345100


If Custodes in 30k got land raiders and/or assault vehicle spam they'd be nigh on impossible to beat.

They are not an army for conquering galaxies, I like their current playstyle

>> No.52345105

AND +1Str, thank you.
Fact: If the Custodes fighting at the Webway had been equipped with White Scar Glaives, the Emperor would still walk among men, Navigators Houses would have been destroyed and their genesamples been stored, and mankind would be traveling the stars through the Imperial SubWay

>> No.52345109

EC raiders are better.

>> No.52345119

So Blood Ravens hijacked land raider proteus?

>> No.52345136

If having red as your primary colour and having any gold on you makes you automatically BA, how do you paint TS then? And are the BA gonna give up their golden sanguinary guard a different paintjob just so that nobody confuses them with Custodes?

>> No.52345146

Because Daemons, Harlequins and DEldar are armies famed for their 2+ saves amirite?

>> No.52345154

This is unfair, EVERYTHING EC is one head length above every other legion.

>> No.52345156

Plastic Thunderhawk incoming!

Hopefully cheaper than the resin one.

>> No.52345216

Plastic dreadnought drop pod please

>> No.52345222

Plastic Angelus Scans when?

>> No.52345246

>plastic thunderhawk
>dual kit
>the version that's not the regular thunderhawk is miles better than the regular thunderhawk
>new weapon options that are better than anything on the regular thunderhawk
>some of the old thunderhawk weapon options won't exist on the new one
>got an inferior thunderhawk with illegal weapons? better buy our new thunderhawk
>not available for CSM

>> No.52345251

Kekked and checked

>> No.52345256

>Meme density overload

>> No.52345258

Makes you wonder if they're compensating for something...

>> No.52345269

As it should be

>> No.52345281

>Didn't understand the head lenght joke

>> No.52345283

If that's an actual thing, I am SO looting it for Filiketos engines. Not that much that looks Mechanicum-y there, though, apart from the fuckheug gun that might work for a crawler or something. Omnissah damn them for not being atompunk enough.

>> No.52345324

Simply PERFECTLY spotted brother!

>> No.52345329

>how do you paint TS then?
You use white.

>> No.52345330

Dual kit that guts the belly for the Transporters clamps is all I'll ever need again.

>> No.52345387

Is the thunderhawk transport gone from FW store?

>> No.52345410

Yeah it was out of stock for a long time and just disappeared entirely some time ago.

>> No.52345435

That's probably because no one ever paid £400 to move their Land Raiders slightly faster.

>> No.52345458

After googling that, that's solved my problem on how to model an Arvus modified for dropping Vorax. You could make clamps like that with Dunecrawler legs, really.

>> No.52345479

It's rules are a by product of a long gone age. I doubt most people who bought Thunderhawks of any kind took them to the table more than twice. It appealed to me since it was the direct link between my Marines getting to the ground prior to deployment but I couldn't afford one when it was around.

>> No.52345507

Perhaps the Valkyrie Skytalon would be useful as a base as well. However, it's currently Sold Out.

>> No.52345536

Same here, being 25 and making your own dosh and actually having TIME to paint is really cool.

Sadly I will have a full schedule in the future.

>> No.52345559

Oh, thanks but I'm an Alpha Legionnaire. I'm just good at it that as well :^)

>> No.52345561

>about to suggest the Sky Talon
>it's no longer available either

The fuck is going on?

>> No.52345568


>> No.52345587

all custards in 40k have 5++, including their 'naughts and raiders

>> No.52345594

Refractor Field.

>> No.52345639

Different Anon but aren't TS red and silver?

>> No.52345679

I wish FW did.

>> No.52345690

No silver. It's white

>> No.52345699

What are you working on /hhg/?

>> No.52345745

Ugh, at least you know who to emulate.

On that note, the perfect plot:
Playing EC and IH, as bestest friends. One for tonks and resilience and the other for glorious melee combat

One for being loyalist one for treachery.

>> No.52345756

Struggling to model Amon. Apparently he can disguise and with him carrying archaeotech pistol and force sword, I want to model him like TF2 spy, but i might be trying to meme too hard

>> No.52345789

Against SoHs and BA, double perfect

>> No.52345826

Amon is so cool, please show off your space Ben Kingsley later.

What lore would you use most on him?
I am partial to Telepathy.

>> No.52345842

How so? I did not know Sang and Horace were best Budds, everybody seemed to love them.

>> No.52345871


>> No.52345899

Horus, you silly-billy.

I just like to imagine that the Sons of Horace run around.

>> No.52345941


This is a bit odd. What, have they tried to purge all the aircraft? Damn. I suspect that'll be a back-burner project anyway, I have plenty of other shit to build before I can start on my notebooks of mental ideas.


Filled the worst of some gaps in my Knight, didn't get them all but I deemed my new and useless greenstuff skill was a greater risk to the build than a small gap below the head that's going to be way away from line of sight and partially obstructed by an armour panel. Now to make the exhausts.

>> No.52345948

it's Kingsley or nothing as far as FW is concerned. Wonder if Azhek and the other TS look like meme characters.

>> No.52345992

Telepathy most likely, but depends heavily on other factors. I think him being used as discount ahriman isn't bad.

If he's my only psyker ic, I think divination is best so he hangs back safe and just buffs. If he has Magnus, chaplain or punchy praetor in partnership, I think telepathy is the way to go for either invisibility or fear.

>> No.52346022

I am tempted to use him due to him having two cult arcana, not gaining the corvidae bonus in the axis of drstruction hurts.

>> No.52346043

>I did not know Sang and Horace were best Budds
They were the bestest of buds

>> No.52346057

Oh, I thought that was just comparing Fulgrim and his brother.

>> No.52346064

That's what I'm building as well currently. Just spamming telepathy so I can get people running away while I shoot them in the back.

>> No.52346070

Ps: Besides being really fucking cool on his own. I am debating whats cooler to sneak in.

A phobos with its contents, a Leviathan or a sicaran venator for side armour molestation.

>> No.52346140

>"And," Horus said, "when Perturabo mumbled bitterly at me, I suppose that was actually...?"
>"The highest form of friendliness our comrade in arms is capable of." the Angel assured him.

>> No.52346170

Oh, well.
Makes Big H killing him even worse.

Its amazing, right? Combining that with one Amitara Occult for Amon to hide in is also cool as fuck.

I just worry about all the neckbeard anger against TS, them masturbating so hard in the psychic phase and no one being able to really do anything against it.

Except SoS of course, but they shouls not be mandatory as traitors dont have them.

>> No.52346281

What's a good Elite choice for World Eaters? I'm planning to roll with Berserker Assualt, as any good member of the 12th should.

>> No.52346305

Bikes and mortars fuck us hard though.

Magnus is our only hope against that if we went psychic heavy and then he needs to get gates of eternity on the sanctic table to run away.

White Scars fucking terrifie me

>> No.52346306


>> No.52346371

No, as in, Horus and Sanguinius were pretty close. Horus even tells to him he thinks Sanguinius should have been Warmaster, but Sangy reassures him.
Horus also finds out by sneaking in full terminator armour about the Red Thirst as he witnesses Sangy killing one of his own children, and they swear an oath of secrecy.
Horus then tells Sang he found a way to defead the Red Thirst.
"It's conveniently located in Signus", he said.
Then you know what happens next...
>Makes Big H killing him even worse.

>> No.52346425

Because they are FAST?As are EC?

>> No.52346432

>TFW Perturabo wasn't at the Triumph, along with Alpharius, Konrad and Russ
>TFW even Angron went to the party

>> No.52346519

Because bikes are durable enough to not easily die to infantry guns. They will always get saves for going fast. Magnus will almost always get locked up, preventing his d novas and Dakkas. God forbid, peril and pinning start happening.

>> No.52346547

Like so much in life, your problems can be solved by the delicate application of 1 typhon siege tank.

>> No.52346550

no pics, but painting some ultramarines so I can get a smaller game in on sunday. It will be Zone Mortalis so I need my Invictarus squad ready to go.

>> No.52346611

Which means no Magnus. I don't want this to sound like first world problem, but non guard of the crimson king TS forces really need him to cover some overcosted bases.

>> No.52346616

>not just taking yet more tacticals
I bet your bolters aren't even BS5.

>> No.52346638

Oh, you want Bolter and Chainsword, two doors down the left.

>> No.52346730

>I don't want this to sound like first world problem
It seriously does.

>> No.52346740

those death guard look way too clean.

>> No.52346753

Veterans with your choice of skills. Obligatory Powerfist. Free Chainaxes. A transport vehicle and Hope.

>> No.52346794

I just said that I didn't want it to sound like that.

It totally is.

>> No.52346810

they're not finished my man

>> No.52346838


>I love you, relentless DG anon.

>> No.52346901

>>I love you, relentless DG anon.
>>relentless DG anon.
You mean I N T R A C T A B L E?

>> No.52346998


>aside from the tribune whats so broken about this army?

And even then, does it matter that the tribune is s stupid strong juggernaut when the army as a whole has such glaring tactical weaknesses?

>> No.52347029

What, the primarchs present at the Triump was:

Sanguinius, Mortarion, Magnus, Angron, Jaghatai Khan, Lorgar, Rogal Dorn, Horus and Fulgrim.

>> No.52347058

That in no way contradicts what anon said, try harder next time.

>> No.52347081

Oh fuck, I can't read for shit tonight.

>> No.52347115

Where is this from? It's actually cool to see the brothers interacting beyond Crusading and Compliances.

>> No.52347119


>> No.52347142


Even a single man might paint a whole legion if he is willing to lift the brush again and again.

>> No.52347158

Fear to Tread.

Scars got some good primarchs bantz during the Triumph, the Khan is a top lad.

>> No.52347163

Why was Angron there? You would think he would give no fucks about command or ceremony

>> No.52347200

Emps needed 9 primarchs there to unlock Megatech: Ego Masterstroke and Angron was the 9th closest guy to Ullanor at the time.

>> No.52347264

What's your list, Intractable DGanon?

>> No.52347831

Couple of blobs, a squad of grave wardens, flamers, autocannons, vindicators, autocannon termies. Something like that.

>> No.52347844

Rate this shit. It's the ultimate collection.

Legio Custodes Army List

HQ: Constantin Valdor (All Units have Teleportation Transponders) 275pt

HQ: Legio Custodes Tribune w/ Praesidium Shield, Cyber-Familiar, Digi Weapons, Paragon Spear 270pt

Troops: Legio Custodes Custodian Guard Squad of 10 w/ a Magisterium Vexilla/Sentinel WarBlade 560pt

Troops: Legio Custodes Custodian Guard Squad of 10 w/ 2 Pyrithite Spears and 1 Adrastite Spear 590pt

Troops: Legio Custodes Custodian Guard Squad of 10 w/ 2 Pyrithite Spears and 1 Adrastite Spear 590pt

Troops: Legio Custodes Custodian Guard Squad of 10 w/ 2 Pyrithite Spears and 1 Adrastite Spear 590pt

Troops: Legio Custodes Sentinel Guard Squad of 10 w/ a Magisterium Vexilla and Solerite Power Gauntlet 650pt

Troops: Legio Custodes Sentinel Guard Squad of 10 w/ a Magisterium Vexilla and Solerite Power Gauntlet 650pt

Elites: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Squad of 10 w/ 2 Infernus Firepikes and 2 Solerite Power Talons 780pt

Elites: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus w/ Dreadspear 240pt

Elites: Legio Custodes Hetaeron Guard Squad of 10 w/ 10 Praesidium Shields, 8 Paragon Blades, and 2 Solerite Gauntlets 950pt

Fast Attack: Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbike Squad of 5 w/ 2 TL Corvae Las-Pulsers 500pt

Fast Attack: Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbike Squad of 5 w/ 2 TL Corvae Las-Pulsers 500pt

Fast Attack: Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack Squad of 3 w/ 3 Extra Armor 270pt

Heavy Support: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav Tank w/ Extra Armor 200pt

Heavy Support: Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard Squad of 10 640pt

Heavy Support: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought 250pt

Total is literally 8500 points.

>> No.52347874

Crippling depression as I await 15 more Custodes in the mail along with 2 Coronus Grav Carriers.

>> No.52347881

>only using 2 HQs
Casual detected.

>> No.52347897

>Standard FOC capped out
>Nowhere does it say they can use Age Of Darkness FOC


>> No.52347900

Have a comic.

>> No.52347912

>rate this
Why? What's the point? Nobody's ever going to play it in a normal game. It's as pointless as the 13,000 point IG single-CAD list that on the 1d4chan tactica page.

>> No.52347918

>He thinks Alpharius wasn't at the party
Do you even the unbroken chain?

>> No.52347929

It's a joke, lad. He's not serious.

>> No.52347940


>oh no this guy with zero(0) assault transport options is essentially unkillable in melee
>he can move an entire 36" in a 6 turn game if he rolls well on his move through cover

>> No.52347966

Custodes already have Move Through Cover

>> No.52348004

He can steal the sisters' dildomobile in turn 1 if he wants.

>> No.52348054

Would smash with 8.5k of actual units/10

Buy all the dudes Dedicated Transports and pick a LoW, you aren't capped out yet.

>> No.52348066


>> No.52348079

>Magos crazy eyes
Who? I'm intrigued by his nickname.

>> No.52348084

Also boxnauts. I'll have around 3000-4000 points of DG once I've painted all I have now, I think.

>> No.52348085

Can't buy Custodes transports if their squad numbers higher than six. Their LOW is a Psi-Titan.

>> No.52348086

Have you heard it? What's it like? Spoilers?

>> No.52348100

Anybody who does that should be hit over the head with a marble ashtray.

>> No.52348103

someone post the original image of that sister of silence so I can furiously revere her psychic purity

>> No.52348112

The underslung ML is nice.

>> No.52348131

Ah, and a psi-titan won't fit in a game of that points level, so LoW slots are not in play. Still a lot of rather irrelevant golden bananas.
Would look cool, if quite samey due to all the gold.

>> No.52348136

>tfw no mute psychic anathema qt gf

>> No.52348188

Done with my Vigilator.

>> No.52348199

I mean let's be honest with ourselves, the second you take anything bigger than a Warhound the entire game goes wonky. Anon is right not to even bother. Even if I had 5000 points of standard infantry I wouldn't even bother fighting a regular Warlord.

As for his bananas, they seem weirdly vicious? Lots of anti tank and it's an entire army that will deep strike down to the last model if desired. I could imagine cutting everything down to 5-6 models per squad and then loading them all up in Coronus Grav Carriers for some extra scary shit.

I mean it's a serious debate if you'd rather run essentially 3 more bodies per squad in an army that already suffers from a lack of bodies. It deepstriking everything there seems like little point in running many Grav Carriers, but the option to throw so many tanks out is wildly appealing.

>> No.52348202

What sisters unit is best to add as cheapo chaff to buff up a Custodes list?

>> No.52348211

Still picture for those that don't enjoy spinning Marines.

>> No.52348214

I don't know if any other Primarchs were as close to Horus as Sangy. Maybe Fulgrim, but that was more of a master-student relationship, not best friends. Really Sangy-Horus mirrors Ferrus-Fulgrim, with the exact same unhappy ending.

>> No.52348264

Basic Bolters squad 1-3 and an Oblivion Knight Centura with a Paragon Blade.

>> No.52348266 [DELETED] 

I've only listened to a couple of audio dramas so I don't know what to compare it to, but I was impressed by the production values. It's a good story too, much more political than most. Not much action. I don't think "Brexit with titans" describes it very well unless the Brexit negotiations [spoilers]turn upside-down and the UK not only rejoins the EU but also gives up the pound and renames itself "Adeptus Britanicus".[/spoilers]

>> No.52348291 [DELETED] 

I've only listened to a couple of audio dramas so I don't know what to compare it to, but I was impressed by the production values. It's a good story too, much more political than most. Not much action. I don't think "Brexit with titans" describes it very well unless the Brexit negotiations turn upside-down and the UK not only rejoins the EU but also gives up the pound and renames itself "Adeptus Britanicus".

>> No.52348310

I've only listened to a couple of audio dramas so I don't know what to compare it to, but I was impressed by the production values. It's a good story too, much more political than most. Not much action. I don't think "Brexit with titans" describes it very well unless the Brexit negotiations turn upside-down and the UK not only rejoins the EU but also gives up the pound and renames itself "Adeptus Britanicus".

>> No.52348325

Well I've started down the steep slope falling into 30k. I've built a small 1ksons 40k force before the new supplement/inferno and want to transition into 30k proper. Most of my group plays at the 3k points level, and while I may not have many models yet, I can potentially splurge on enough points to fill out 2.25k without upgrades, and 3k if I take some of the more expensive unit upgrades.

I have:
30 bolter marines
15 unbuilt tartaros terminators
3 rhinos
2 predators (tri lascannon, but will probably kitbash the turret to a plasma gun)
Land Raider Phobos (unbuilt)
Contemptor with volkite and power fist

What else should I get? I think I'm lacking on anti-tank capability, but I want to stick more to the fun stuff than dominate the table.

Maybe one or two of the robots?

Lastly which is the better option for a corvidae tactical support squad? Asphyx rotor cannons? Or volkite calivers?

>> No.52348334


>> No.52348347

True, I was thinking of that FW email that said they could take anything, so I was imagining a pimped-out golden Stormlord with some of the eagles from the Wall of Martyrs used as decoration and for a pimp Dozer Blade carrying all the squishy spearmen into Assault Transport range. I would avoid the tonk if they can't take them at 10, because running in with only 50-ish bodies at that point level is a little suicidal, and they can deepstrike.
I think Custodes get weaker as the points increase and more counters to them come online, until they fill their entire Force Org and take a small allied detatchment to reach 13K and drop the immortal Titan of all-destroying. Even then, if they don't take T1 they can expect to lose most of the half army they deployed to concentratred fire.

>> No.52348574

Hey /HHG/ what daemons would you add to a fluffy Calth themed Word Bearers army leadered by uncle Zardu Layak?

>> No.52348594

I would add khorne daemons simply because the colour schemes match. I'll admit that's not the best reason however.

>> No.52348651

Slaanesh or Tzeentch, both have some sort of blue tint to their main colors so its a nice contrast to the WB red/black and it seems fitting that both gods would revel in a betrayal of that scale and depending on your list they both add speedier elements than what the legions can have most of the time.

>> No.52348654

>SoS have rules but no models for many units
>Custodes have a model for the heavy dreadnought but no rules for it

>> No.52348678

>It's a good story too, much more political than most.
probably because it's about politics rather than fat space manchildren

>> No.52348838

Which audio is this?.

>> No.52348860

Slaneesh doesn't have things that appeal to me but Nurgle and Tzeentch have super cool models (I already have 10 bloodletters and an old Bloodthirster so Khorne is covered). Keeping that in mind what would you recommend to me?

>> No.52349124

>hey, fancy a game of zone mortalis?

>> No.52349143


>> No.52349148

expand benis

>> No.52349154

Honestly one of the best things I've seen that can be done with them is giving them Questoris Knight allies for plenty of heavy anti-tank abilities. I have 4 Knights at 1750 total and even then I realize that gives them a substantial shot at survivability. Lore shows them with Stormbirds and Thunderhawks, so I don't think anyone would have a problem with a Custodes player taking one for extra punch with some assault.

I would definitely take a trio of Turbo Laser Thunderhawks if possible to really help out the immediate landing and assault ramp perks.

Other than that, invest in fortifications and plenty of field obstacles before approaching a Warlord. Even a Reaver or so it fantastic.

>> No.52349182


Marine biker conversion when?

>> No.52349368

But everyone's best buds with Horus, that's pretty much why he was made Warmaster instead of someone like Guilliman

>> No.52349387

I liked it better the last time.

>> No.52349540

I mean, "take three Thunderhawks" is not exactly standard game advice, but at that points level I'm breaking out the Filiketos MKwhateveritendsupat and a bunch of other tastefully looted toys, so sure. Knight allies are certainly a good idea, but will slice their model count even further. It's probably that, or Mechanicum thralls + Lachrimallus/Militia blobs, although the latter has trouble without CH/Tainted Flesh to help out.

>> No.52349572

the madmen

I hope they release the terrain separately soon

>> No.52349615

How can the rest of /hhg/ even compete?

>> No.52349696

Find where he lives and break his fingers.

>> No.52349709

I want to see his full army first

>> No.52349718

that is his army :^)

>> No.52349776

Typical Forge World.
>you have rules but no model
>you have model with no rules

>> No.52349779

Why does the answer for both of you seem like "just take a Warlord to fix everything"?

Or are you both avoiding it?

>> No.52349836

>Emperor created Magnus to sit on the golden throne and provide a beacon to secure human warp travel
>Emperor planned to move all human travelling to the webway anyway

>> No.52349869

Don't the astropaths also have some connection to the beacon? Also, you think the switch from warp travel to the webway is going to be instantaneous?

>> No.52350019

>>Emperor created Magnus to sit on the golden throne...
Remember back when the Emperor was able to power and direct the Astronomicon even when He was lightyears from Terra and without the sacrifice of a single psyker life? And the Magnus broke it? Good times, yeah.

>> No.52350105

Can't speak for the other guy, but I'm avoiding it because a Warlord basically invalidates anything the opponent has that isn't a Titan itself. It goes from "Custodes (or Mechanicum, or Legiones, or whatever) with cool toys" to "Warlord, with some golden pointsinks to unlock it." I don't know of any way to counter it for less than it costs, other than lining up four Venators and two Cerberus under void shields.

Odd, since the Reaver, Manta and anything else is at least killable. Warlord just has so much health it goes above any regular army's capacity to realistically damage, even tailored. It's not support, it's Your Sole Dude and everyone else is worthless.

>> No.52350161

It would be years, even millenia for the webway to become human friendly enough to stop using the warp. First you need to clean the demons, map the routes in a labyrinth dimension that even the Eldar have forgotten about and then remove the Eldar from it, even after all that is done you'd still need some sort psychic powerhouse to keep the webway open because the Imperium doesnt really know how it works.

>> No.52350228

So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the Custodes?

Why not choose a fuck-ton of Astartes or a colossal horde of Auxillia mongoloids instead?

>> No.52350239

Uktra-elite dudes fucking up everything before them.

>> No.52350249


>> No.52350251

the fact that there's less of them?

>> No.52350332

Because it's easy to paint up, cause of low model count.

>> No.52350397

>So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the grey knights?

>Why not choose a fuck-ton of Guard or a colossal horde of Ork mongoloids instead?

because they are different armies you fuck stain

>> No.52350460

Quantity is for plebs.

>> No.52350464

Elite units that while expensive and low in number can easily overcome odds much greater than their number. They are more surgically driven in attack than the standard hammer found in most Legions.

A squad of 5 Custodes can waist 20 Legion Marines with little effort. Their HQ's do the same.

Even their Veteran equivalent is basically a unit of Space Marine Chapter Masters on combat drugs.

>> No.52350481

This model really bugs me. Literally opposite to how Duncan and GW show how to paint them despite being listed on their site

>> No.52350534

What are some of the better Horus Heresy novels? I like having something a bit mindless to listen to while I paint. So far I've finished
>the opening trilogy
>The Path of Heaven
>Know No Fear
>Unremembered Empire
>The First Heretic
I didn't really care for the last one. The Word Bearers are a bit boring IMHO.

>> No.52350572

So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the Knights?

Why not choose a fuck-ton of Astartes or a colossal horde of Auxillia mongoloids instead?

>> No.52350577

When did Marines start turning into daemon princes?

>> No.52350595

Occasionally silver is mentioned, but it's usually referred to as white or ivory. I'm putting pearlescent white over my basecoat to fit in with the metallic scheme for maximum shiny.

>> No.52350617


Is A Thousand Sons still considered the best HH book?

I remember it receiving near universal acclaim and making the series mainstream.

>> No.52350622

Probably during the Heresy when the gods they worshipped were pleased enough with their performance.

I have no doubt a shit ton were present at the Siege of Terra.

>> No.52350641

I keep seeing this word here. What the hell is a filiketos? It sounds tasty.

>> No.52350643

I doubt that there were many present at the siege. Ascencion is a momentous occasion and only happens rarely.

>> No.52350646

M'kar is the first one I believe, he ascends on Calth.

>> No.52350647





>> No.52350659

So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the Astartes?
Why not choose a fuck-ton of Auxillia or a colossal horde of Fearless Rending mongoloids instead?

>> No.52350663

Seems a little weird that literally who marines became daemon princes before any primarchs.

>> No.52350673

So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the 30k?
Why not choose a fuck-ton of Tau or a colossal horde of weeb eldar mongoloids instead?

>> No.52350683

Maloq Kartho of the Word Bearers turns into a Daemon prince during the underworld war on Calth. I don't know if other "regular" (he was a dark apostle) marines had ascended to daemonhood before

>> No.52350687

So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the wargame?
Why not choose a fuck-ton of cards or a colossal horde of staring at walls instead?

>> No.52350689

I honestly would consider the white scars books superior.

The Prospero story has some issues in hindsight

>> No.52350692

Princes have their own limitations. Look at Abaddon. He's the supreme leader of the CSM, yet he's not a DP.

>> No.52350715

So what is the logical "gameplay" appeal of the life?
Why not choose a fuck-ton of bullets or a colossal horde of pills instead?

>> No.52350723

Well...nobody really gives a fuck about him. I wonder what Lorgar will say when he sees what Abaddon has done this 10000 years with his plan to take the galaxy for the gods.

>> No.52350724

>tfw going to point out that he's not supreme leader of *all* CSM then you remember that nu-canon has Huron bow to abaddaboo for no reason
I dunno, ask /r9k/.

>> No.52350791

Legion my friend.

>> No.52350793

What has Lorgan done for the past 10,000 years?

He's the biggest Chaos lord there is. Even if 90% of the CSM hated his guts, none of them have his influence.

>> No.52350799

Grulgor turned into one before/during the Isstvan virus bombing, I think he's one of the earliest. The dude who became the Lord of Flies pretty much became one too, both are in Flight of the Eisenstein.

>> No.52350811


You could make a pretty strong case that Abaddon not being a prince after 10,000 goddamn years is a personal failing on his part and the justifications as to why he "doesn't want it" is just covering his ass.

>> No.52350824

B-but ADB wouldn't allow it.

>> No.52350828

Legion, Praetorian, Garro

>> No.52350839

Well, after 10,000 years in communion with the gods I'd think he will know what to do when the time comes
> I love my space daemon dad

>> No.52350846

Lorgar gave "How to bind Daemons, for dummies" book to Abby.

>> No.52350850

All I've heard about Legion and to a lesser extent Praetorian is how they ruined the Alpha Legion.

>> No.52350862

Angels Exterminatus imo, but you sort of need to read Fulgrim and the short Reflection Crack'd first.

>> No.52350865

Why would the dark gods want a DP? What have the traitor primarchs done since they became daemons? 99% of the time they sit on their asses doing nothing. They've been pretty much absent from the setting since the Heresy. A DP is very limited when it comes to real space. What good is a commander who can't physically exist for too long and who has a very different sense of time and space from the rest of his forces?

>> No.52350870


Yeah but back then the Chaos Gods let litterally everyone and their mother become a Deamon Prince.

>"Oh you drew the eight point icon on a wall in your closet behind tat sweater your granny made you? BOOM Princehood for you!"

Fast forward tothe 41st millennium you could burn half the galaxy and you still wouldn't be gifted Demonhood.

>> No.52350872

It's been suggested that the point of the Golden Throne isn't related to the Astronomicon, but just to control the Webway. After Magnus broke it, someone had to sit on it to keep the deamons out (either the Emperor or, temporarily, Malcador).

If Magnus hadn't broken it, he'd be sitting on it as a gatekeeper. The Webway's original protections would still be intact so daemons wouldn't (normally) be a problem, but you'd still need a gatekeeper to prevent unauthorized access straight into the throne room on Terra and things like that.

>> No.52350874

Legion is fine and so is Praetorian, Legion turned Alpharius Omegon into two primarchs and Praetorian made it so Alpharius Omegon is now one primarch.

They are fun reads.

>> No.52350892

>Legion turned Alpharius Omegon into two primarchs and Praetorian made it so Alpharius Omegon is now one primarch.
I chuckled.

>> No.52350893

>Praetorian made it so Alpharius Omegon is now one primarch

So did he just have dual personality disorder or something?

>> No.52350898

It's not just about what you want, it's also what serves the goals of the dark gods the most. No matter how much you try, sometimes senpai will not notice you.

>> No.52350899

That book is gash unless you are a bitterboy, in all honesty. And I've even seen some bitterfriends complain about it.

>> No.52350917

>So did he just have dual personality disorder or something?
He certainly developed a disorder in a duel.

>> No.52350927

Yeah. Magnus' role was to control the Golden Throne; it acted as a psychic beacon and is what is truly considered the Astronomicon. It helped control the stability of the webway gate below the palace while simultaneously acting as a warp beacon because of the power coursing through it. Magnus being on it would be a much stronger guide point than how the Emperor is on it now in his decayed state.

Had everything worked according to the Big E's plan, Magnus would be one of his favored creations protecting humanity from the dark influences of the warp while he was continually leading humanity across the stars in what he was supposed to be the continual Crusade past the known stars we have now.

>> No.52350928

Each to their own I guess. The IW are a great contrast to the depraved and corrupt EC, that's one of the best parts about the book.

>> No.52350929

Well, you could say Alpharius was of two minds after meeting Dorn.

>> No.52350949

So, if other legions besides WB get access to daemon allies, it wouldn't be that far fetched to paint a DP's armour in the colours of the legion, as if he was a member of the legion before he became a DP.

Angelus scans when?

>> No.52350977

The Path of Heaven is up there. It's further into the story (a direct sequel to Scars) so it's not a book I'd recommend to someone new to the universe, but I think it might be a slightly stronger book.

Scars is good but not on that level. You can tell it was released in an episodic format. The two books do continue the story of the White Scars stormseer who was at Nikea, and turn him from a "ching chong" charicature to one of the best BL characters so far.

>> No.52351018

Wrong you two.
You neglect the fact that an ENTIRE WEBWAY NETWORK was going to be the end product, Mankind's need for warp travel greatly diminished as the superluminic communication would rely on ships carrying messages through the webway rather than psychically screaming across space.
Multiple Webway Gates mean there wouldn't be enough Magnuses out there to power and control them. That task would fall on the host planets' psychic chorus.

>> No.52351069

The Filiketos is a crazy project of mine, the centrepiece of my Genetor Mechanicum army. Gone through a few iterations, but it started when I noticed that there's a box in the Mechanicum book that lets you take an assortment of toys from FW books like Imperial Armour, and that the "Superheavy flyer" section didn't link to the restrictions box, so you can take ANY SHF as a Mech LoW.
I read the Leviathan books a week later, and decided to make a counts-as Stormbird out of a display model of a humpback whale, like a gunship variant of pic related. That fell through after a couple weeks when I couldn't get the right model to ship to the UK for less than £165.

It resurfaced as a Tau Manta counts-as after I realised that's a much easier shape to imitate and can carry my entire army easily. Long story short, there's now two Glaive turrets and three Leviathan Storm Cannon OTW from China to arm the thing, while I figure out what kits to buy to make the top deck and scrounge enough heavy bolters to make all the Burst Cannon. Going to be a fun build.

>> No.52351089

No, there wouldn't be psychic choruses. Psykers wouldn't become astropaths anymore, they'd be killed along with the navigators. I have a feeling Magnus would have to control a lot of nodes besides the one on Terra.

>> No.52351102

Oh, the whale stormbird. Which I still expect to see one day, never mind the cost of those whale toys and the Manta temptation =p. I just missed the name change.

>> No.52351110

>Psykers wouldn't become astropaths anymore, they'd be killed along with the navigators.

[citation needed]

>> No.52351153

I asked for help naming it, and despite saying I wasn't looking for dubs an anon came up with the Filiketos, which was a good name that fits well with all the other Mech stuff and is nice to say, even if he hadn't got a hex of 6s. Slaneesh approves, apparently.

Slightly worried that people are referring to it without me talking about the plans occasionally, now. Even very slight expectation of competence from me is a tad scary. Also I keep having more ideas about shit to bolt onto it, so it's on something like version 2.6 now.

>> No.52351170

Exactly. It would look good too.

>> No.52351183

It will be showing up eventually, since I'm sure something will pop up. Rather less complicated than the Manta in terms of engineering, at least.

>> No.52351188

You know Emps wanted Humanity to evolve into psykers right?

>> No.52351203

There would be a congregation of psykers dedicated to powering the thing, that's what a choir is. Don't lose focus, anon, I'm talking about a mere centuries in the future, not 10000 years.
His plan of psychic controlled-evolution can't happen in a day, yet mankind still needs a means of communication that depends less on the warp

>> No.52351210


Do you see the fucking Harlequins requiring astropaths? No, because its the fucking webway which operates by its own psyker rules - one of which is to know where you're going, and the other is to know how to create your own webway lanes. The Emperor clearly wanted a human webway and clearly knew how to create webway lanes so that (A) Chaos can fuck off (B) Eldar can fuck off (C) the entire goddamn galaxy can just fuck off while humanity proceeds to create a new realm where mankind is its own God.

>> No.52351237

The Emperor hints at the lack of psychic beings besides him and a handful of others in his endgame plan, in Master of Mankind.

He has faith in humanity but sees most normal Psykers as very dangerous unless they've been trained so incredibly extensively that they make Ahriman blush.

The webway nodes were to be controlled via Magnus and a select few others with nothing more. The massive webway channeling was going to use extensive AdMech tech worked into the Eldar tech left behind and slowly refined over time

>> No.52351259

>Do you see the fucking Harlequins requiring astropaths? No, because its the fucking webway which operates by its own psyker rules
Fine! Then the theory that Magnus' destiny was to sit on that thing (which by the way was FUCKING TZEENTCH showing Magnus the Emperor and saying it was him) holds even less weight!
Also, the Webway is already done, Emps only needed to clear the rabble in it and pave it gold for human use.

>> No.52351312


>Then the theory that Magnus' destiny was to sit on that thing (which by the way was FUCKING TZEENTCH showing Magnus the Emperor and saying it was him) holds even less weight!
>implying Magnus was primarily an astropath
>implying the Astronomicon isn't a stabilizer for the webway first, shining lighthouse second

Do you even understand what the Golden Throne does?

>Also, the Webway is already done, Emps only needed to clear the rabble in it and pave it gold for human use.

Do you even understand what you're suggesting? What is the point of moving into a broken house when everyone in the neighborhood already knows all the doors and ways to get into the house? The point was to create a new human webway, not to just take over the xeno webway which was already falling apart.

>> No.52351320

It's meant to mean somethink like Cetos' Child(ren), who was a whale-y sea monster Perseus defeats. Also, whales are classified as Cetaceans

>> No.52351334

It wasn't actually finished at all. There were lots of horrible dead ends where reality ended, pockets that took you to Craftworlds, etc.

The Emperor was in the process of building a new foundation for it and was doing well until Chaos fucked it up. Magnus was tricked into severely botching it

>> No.52351375

That doesn't answer my question, unlike >>52351237, but thank you for playing.

Who are in this "handful" and what is their purpose?

>> No.52351376

>>implying Magnus was primarily an astropath
Whaaat? But I just literally said that's the mistake people commit, by thinking that was Magnus' destiny when it obviously isnt'. Did I use the wrong words or something?
>What is the point of moving into a broken house when everyone in the neighborhood already knows all the doors and ways to get into the house?
You ought to kill everyone in the neighborhood first. You don't Xenocidal Great Crusade?

>The point was to create a new human webway, not to just take over the xeno webway which was already falling apart.
Listen, if such a thing is possible then by all means create a new one instead...BUT IS IT POSSIBLE?
Not even the Eldar themselves can do it, they're using the remains built by the Old Ones, the Webway heals itself but sometimes it just collapses, and Eldar can't do shit about it, other than not fuck things up more than they already are and use psychic powers inside it.

>> No.52351403


Your citation can be found in every Eldar codex that mentions harlequins. But glad to see you take the idea of education as just some game.

>> No.52351412

It's assumed it's him, Magnus, Malcador, and a few other Primarchs that were attuned to his will and psychic energies more than others. It's mentioned offhand a few times that Magnus was supposed to be "the first of a few chosen" in that regard.

>> No.52351528


>Whaaat? But I just literally said that's the mistake people commit, by thinking that was Magnus' destiny when it obviously isnt'. Did I use the wrong words or something?
His role was to sit on the Golden Throne was to be a stabilizing pillar of humanity in propping up a new foundation for a realm which would free all humankind of the horrors of both Materium and Immaterium. The Emperor can sit on it but He has big boy things to do, and Malcador can only sit on it for 20 minutes max. That leaves the 2nd most powerful psyker in the Imperium circa 30k to do the job of being only the second most important person in all of mankind.

There, properly explained for you.

>You ought to kill everyone in the neighborhood first. You don't Xenocidal Great Crusade?
The neighborhood is the Materium. It is all of existence in the material galaxy. There is no exterminating eternity. The Emperor's wisdom would have led humanity into the webway where a new core realm would exist, without flaws or weak points like Commorragh.

>Listen, if such a thing is possible then by all means create a new one instead...BUT IS IT POSSIBLE?

The Emperor did not just magically shit a webway in the Throne Room. It was constructed in the safest place in the entire Imperium.

>Not even the Eldar themselves can do it, they're using the remains built by the Old Ones, the Webway heals itself but sometimes it just collapses, and Eldar can't do shit about it, other than not fuck things up more than they already are and use psychic powers inside it.

Ahriman stole the knowledge of webway lane creation from the Black Library. That alone implies at least that the Aeldari knew of how. But neither the Aeldari of then nor the Harlequins of now care to master it.

>> No.52351556

I have to say that while I have read quite a few Eldar codexes in my time, the bit where the Emperor's plan was to just take all the psykers behind the shed and empty both barrels into the backs of their heads wasn't one that caught my eye.

>> No.52351665


I doubt you've read any codices in your life. You questioned the simplest deduction that mutants who were necessary for warp travel would be eliminated in an era where warp travel was no longer required. You have no idea how a webway works. That explanation is in any Eldar codex still commercially available. You have no idea why astropaths even exist in the Imperium. That explanation is in the lore section of your rulebook (assuming you even own one). Do you even know astropaths are just legally sanctioned mutants? The Emperor has a long history of eliminating humanoid mutants which are no longer tolerated. And that explanation is filed under any Horus Heresy FW book pertaining to articles involving the Thunder Warriors.

But no, you're just going to sit there and >>greenpost.

And I know why, even though I never want to believe it. Its because most of /tg/ doesn't actually read a book.

>> No.52351691

That books ruins Peturabo. it makes him yet another 'victim did nothing wrong'. I like peturabo as a complete asshole who gives zero shits as long as he wins.

>> No.52351700

0/10, but thanks anyway.

>> No.52351709


>> No.52351726

So, Magnus can power the entire network from a single location? And most of all, you'd entrust that duty to a single individual?
I'm not at ease with such a plan, but if it works it works.
Is there not a future where Primarchs and the Emperor Himself are not needed? Not in 100000 years? Warhammer 100k?
I mean, No one and Nothing is powering the Eldar's Webway, yet it still exists. Perhaps, after the Mechanicum finish building the Imperial Webway, no one will be needed to sit on any chair at all.
Wouldn't that be nice?

>The neighborhood is in the materium
I was talking mainly about the Dark Eldar...but I suppose the Imperials didn't know they were there, right?
>There is no exterminating eternity
Oww no fun with you. We can try. That's the only thing there is in the grim dark future...

>The Emperor did not just magically shit a webway in the Throne Room
I thought the weakpoint was already there and all the Emperor do was to break into it in a controlled form. Opened a window to something that was already there.

>> No.52351745

Stop liking things that I don't like, anon, or I'll throw a shitfit and punch you so hard you'll end up in a dreadnought even though it solves nothing because instead of being a victim of circumstance I'm just an autistic manchild.
There, am I Perturabo enough for you? :^)

>> No.52351769

This load out is legal right lads? Just did a quick conversion on my calth dread.

>> No.52351783

Not every fucking traitor Primarch should be yet another victim of circumstance. That seems to be the running theme of all the Traitors.

>> No.52351792

Pic looks a little irregular to me.

>> No.52351815

Dude, Perturabo and his legion are already "Victims of Circumstance, the soap opera" since Book 3, without any aid from BL

>> No.52351834

Depth of character discussion aside, Pertuarbo gets jerked off by the author harder in that book that any of the other primarch appearances, but nobody ever seems to notice or remember which is thematic I guess

>> No.52351846

I didn't get a victim of circumstance vibe about Perty in Angel Exterminatus. In fact there's not that much in the book about why he actually turned traitor, unlike something like Betrayer which is largely about why Angron turned.

>> No.52351870

Srry, what do you mean by "jerked off"? Because if it's the way he's written so cool in "Magnus: Master of Prosp- Perturabo, this isn't your fucking book, it's mine!", then ugh no, cease and desist.

As long as it's no Manchild Perturabo either, it'd be fine. Then again, that implies moderation can exist in BL writings.

>> No.52351892

>Because if it's the way he's written so cool in "Magnus: Master of Prosp- Perturabo, this isn't your fucking book, it's mine!", then ugh no, cease and desist.
It's exactly the same way. It goes beyond other characters being awed by him and him just doing cool stuff, to the author basically cumming all over the page in what should just be third-person narrative.

>> No.52351895

Dammit anon, you and your Fate spinoff explanation now mean every time I read "BL" it means Boy's Love. You ruined an already shitty thing for me.
You know who you are. I want to get off this slippery slope

>> No.52351920


>So, Magnus can power the entire network from a single location?
His role would be akin to being the project manager of the highway construction project. He would be calling the shots on how its supposed to function and look and be responsible for its general functionality, under specifications from his boss (the Emperor). The other psychically attuned Primarchs who would be tasked to assist would be more like on-site directors and project coordinators. Of course, the Emperor never got that far so we don't know for sure exactly how He would have run the construction project.

>And most of all, you'd entrust that duty to a single individual? I'm not at ease with such a plan, but if it works it works.
The Emperor, for all His slights and errors, is still smarter than you. Do not question the Emperor's wisdom.

>Is there not a future where Primarchs and the Emperor Himself are not needed? Not in 100000 years? Warhammer 100k?
That future would have been the Emperor's vision of 40k, where the cradle of humankind would be entirely safe in the webway.

>I mean, No one and Nothing is powering the Eldar's Webway, yet it still exists.
It's falling apart. The Immaterium is leaking into it. Thats how bad it has become. This reality necessitates the creation of new webway lanes for humanity's use.

>I was talking mainly about the Dark Eldar...but I suppose the Imperials didn't know they were there, right?
The Dark Eldar are fucking nothing in 30k, lower than Eldar corsairs. They were probably starving because of how efficiently defended and managed the Imperium was in 30k.

>I thought the weakpoint was already there and all the Emperor do was to break into it in a controlled form. Opened a window to something that was already there.
That would imply that its a crack in a window. It's not, its a door and its been a door for 10k years by the time of m42.

>> No.52351928

I see. Why can't we have nice things?

>> No.52351980

the maximus or iron powerfists from the plastics fit very well and don't look out of place with a little chopping.

>> No.52351989

>The Emperor, for all His slights and errors, is still smarter than you. Do not question the Emperor's wisdom.
Rather, I question (You) and your interpretation of His Wisdom.
>That future would have been the Emperor's vision of 40k, where the cradle of humankind would be entirely safe in the webway.
Best ending
>Dark Eldar die of starvation and are subsequently raped into oblivion
Even better ending.
>That would imply that its a crack in a window. It's not, its a door and its been a door for 10k years by the time of m42.
>Not using windows as entry points
Kek, I remember the first time I entered a restaurant through the window. Funny mistake.
Either way, wasn't it sealed? If Emp is removed by any means, Terra will become a new Eye, isn't it?

>> No.52351992


Legal but kinda crappy. Better is twin Kheres, ran as a Contemptor Mortis.

If you aren't gonna go Mortis, stick to having a fist.

Oh and major negative points for not cutting and reposing the legs and waist. Plastic Contemptor is only okay if you're going to go to the effort of converting it to a more dynamic stance.

>> No.52352003

How viable is an IF list with all the troop sloots filled with terminators? I really dislike their RoWs so I'm going to be using a different FoC.

>> No.52352013

What Fate Spinoff explanation?

Old Men. Money.

>> No.52352034


Its kind of pointless. The range advantage of the assault cannon is cancelled out by the multi-melta's max range. It doesn't do melee well, but the multi-melta will require it to get into close range. Its not even a legal Mortis. Its just silly.

>> No.52352041


>> No.52352046


If terminators were rocks and plasma were equipped by paper, then please note that paper is widely available to anyone who plays 30k.

>> No.52352064

What would be the scissors? Stormshields, deepstriking, flyers and transports?

>> No.52352076

Cheers for the responses lads. I'll get another and go for one double assault cannon and one double fist, and the second one I will repose.

>> No.52352108

In the lore did saul tarvitz go down to laer at any point? Also did anyone who went down to laer actually remain loyalist and not turn into charlie sheen?

>> No.52352110


>What would be the scissors? Stormshields, deepstriking, flyers and transports?


>> No.52352197


Tip for reposing: The knees are more effort to cut and pose than is really worthwhile. Instead, just twist the waist a fraction to suggest body language, put the legs into more of a stance then use a scenic base to have the feet touch the ground. I used crates from the sector Imperialis basing kit for mine. Pic related is an old progress shot I was able to dig out of my phone.

Oh and drill the smokestacks! Pretty much every other dreadnought model in existence has them come with the hole already there.

>> No.52352255

On the page, it was only the officers who went into the Laer fucktemple that got first hand biological / mental corruption.
The rest of the legion became corrupted by a combination of the EC's 'follow your officer in all things' mentality and taking on combat drugs made from Laer stuff and being implanted with Fabius' organs, which in part inspired by and patterned after Laer organs.

>> No.52352272

That's nothing to do with Fate though.

>> No.52352424

The Sternguard one worked wonders for my Sentinel. Only pic I have is his WIP

>> No.52352494


Ah damn, so the Tartaros arm I've looked out is likely to be oversized?

I was going to do exactly what you did there, Vexillus and Solarite.

>> No.52352521

how do most people here run their TS preators, working on my Landraider wall list and some ideas on the mastery levels of the Preator would be appriciated

>> No.52352552

Why did you saw away the gorget?

>> No.52352561


Twin linked power fists. Always give HQ's twin linked power fists.

>> No.52352563

Probably. Your best bet is standard Space Marine powerfists in some good posing and not ones found on most boxes. If you want a really intense one, you could always use the bigass Blood Angel one for a very ancient look, but basically the FW and GW loyalist power armor options are your friend.

>> No.52352576

I'm so salty. I want to run a Custodes model with two power talons but the max any can take is one. Fuck.

>> No.52352613

Has to be highest ML level in the force, right? So depends on comp. You'd kind of do your praetor last t b h.
So if you realise you want a beatstick, you'd do ML3 Bio.

If you want to be a bit stand off and shooty, TP.
If you want to stand at the back and buff, Div.
Could get away with ML2 or even ML1 with those, but you'd really only go ML1 to be nice to your opponent.

>> No.52352629


Decided I preferred being able to see the helm fully.

>> No.52352823

Probably Raptora for 3++ himself and troops.

>> No.52352854

Do they actually portray Pert as gictim of circumstance even after he decimating his boys for "hurr durr you guys are not good enough to me" bullshit?

>> No.52352861

John French

>> No.52352876

>can't just model a dude with 2

>> No.52352906

it's such a bummer that the coolest custodes models so far have the worst rules. deathwatch have assault 3 heavy bolter combi weapon heavy flamers, why can't the motherfucking custodes have an assault 3 heavy bolter? shit doesn't even look like a heavy weapon in their hands anyway.

>> No.52352949

In AE? In terms people would call blatant, no to kind of. In relatively subtle ones? Yes.

>> No.52352983

Replace disintegrator muzzle with a power bayonet and use them with Custodian Guard rules.

>> No.52352994

Honestly the rules don't reflect their model and fluff well at all.

The main gun needs to be 36" S5 AP4 Assault 3 Rending to make them viable and the Adrathic part can stay the way it is.

>> No.52353011

The Shield Captain can have dual talons my dude

>> No.52353023

They really ought to have a -1 to enemy cover saves thing as well, similar to Iron Havocs. Their fluff is that they're the sentries on the walls of Terra, and have impeccable skills of aim and observation. Their rules literally do not reflect that at all. They don't even have any special rules outside of the standard set that all Custodes get.

>> No.52353047

>commits genocide against his home world because he was in a bad mood
How is Pert a victim of circumstance here?

>> No.52353054

He can't. It's shitty.

>> No.52353070

Precision Shots, -2 to Cover Saves, 36" S5 AP 4 Assault 3 Rending seems perfect

>> No.52353092

>The Shield Captain may replace their Guardian spear with one of the following options:
>-A pair of Solerite power talons......+20 points

>> No.52353111

Yeah, that would make them actually good, or at least good enough. They're still in Heavy Support, so they HAVE to be good in order to want to bring them over a tank. They're not like Devastators/Heavy Support Squads where it's a cheaper way to bring a lot of heavy weapons... it's actually more expensive and you don't have any options.

>> No.52353114

Don't know how I feel about 36" range Assault weapons on infantry.

>> No.52353139

What about infantry that have universal Relentless? Because we have that already, and some of their guns are long range.

Bolterstodes are 65 points a pop, they have to be worth a damn or there's no point. As it stands they're literally just glorified heavy bolter iron havocs with half as many guns per squad but a really scary 12" if for some bizarre reason something decides it wants to be in range of that.

>> No.52353202

Because he was ordered to pursue a war that didn't even need to be fought, defending non-Imperial worlds from a Hrud migration that was too far away. So he obeys, and when he returns home he realizes that, in his absence, home is a rebellius pit? It's like Agamemnon, who survives the Trojan war only to be stabbed when he arrives home by his cheating wife.
Only that Perturabo killed the lover and slapped the wife.
And I bet either the AL, WB or SoH spurred the insurrection.
Aww come on, how many did he kill, 5 million? 5 thousand? That'd be a cull of less than 0.001% in our times, by someone with an authority higher than the world's president, on ground of SEDITION.
If anything, he was in a GOOD mood, otherwise it'd have been decimation, an on a planet with M3 Earth's population that'd be 500 million executions, not even stoned or hanged, but beaten by hand.
This is 30k!
Remember how the main mission of NL's as the Eight was to go full Punisher on dissidents and traitors? If anything, Perturabo was kind.

>> No.52353213

As a Custodes player I honestly have only three options:

A: Gunline them and realistically never use their secondary weapon.

B: Deepstrike them in to fire their Adrathic gear and expect them to die next turn.

C: Dump them in a Coronus and have them pop out to fire their Adrathic weapons before another squad charges. Will more than likely not be able to fire their normal gun profile in favor of Adrathic gear.

Something really needs to change.

>> No.52353238

Make them Salvo 2/3 36".
I'm not sure about Rending, but I'm all against Cover reduction.
I'm certain even regular Spear Custodes are above anything space marines can train to do, and can aim as such, but they don't need Ignores Cover.

>> No.52353255

>What about infantry that have universal Relentless?

Terminators are designed to be stable firing platforms, other such units usually have some explanation as to why they're able to fire heavy weapons effectively. Assault weapons are usually quick firing weapons for short to medium range engagements, hosing down the opponents with a hail of bullets on the move or softening them up before a charge. A gun like that doesn't feel like something you use at heavy machine gun ranges. Especially as a handheld firearm.

>Bolterstodes are 65 points a pop, they have to be worth a damn or there's no point.

So make them cheaper or make them better with shorter ranges. Or less effective at long ranges compared to short (Salvo). Remember, they can have transports and deep strike, they're not hurting for when it comes to getting close to the enemy.

>> No.52353304

Would a Mk8 torso work as artificer armor?

>> No.52353305

I think the Rending is safer than making them AP3 since they still need to be lightly balanced. AP3 would be too strong so the offchance of Rending and removing a specific model from play seems very nice since the point cost is so high. Either that or make them 45 a model and leave things the same.

>> No.52353322

To be specific, it's a Mk8 torso with Mk4 everything else.

>> No.52353355

>I think the Rending is safer than making them AP3
I'm against AP3 too. AP4 is nice for what is supposed to be a great bolter. Because they're bolters, not Heavy Bolters
As for Sagitarii being Heavy instead of Troops, well, they'd make more sense as Troops.
But then they were given Adrathic Combi weapons so there's that to consider as well.
If they were mere bolterstodes with Misericordia Power Knives they'll be Troops with powerful boltguns and that'd be it

>> No.52353357

Which one? And which legion? Got some pics?

The laureled ones I like a lot and imo would work well with mk IV/VI as Artificer armor.

>> No.52353412

I think the collective of all Custodes players will riot if Misericordia isn't a power weapon

>> No.52353424

Iron Hands. It's the tactical box sgt armor with the mk8 gorget and aquila. It's not built yet, I just have the bits and was wondering. My other artificer armor sgts are in mk2 armor. Bolter marines are mk3, special weapon marines are mk4, heavy weapons are a mix of 3 and 4. Veterans are mk6.

I do have the devastator squad laurel mk8 on a 40k gravgun guy I built last night though. I could pop him in the freezer to reuse his torso since I think it'd look better in 30k with the non aquila version.

>> No.52353427

Alright. Which set of talons for Solerite Power Talons on my Custode?

MK II, III, or IV? I like III but want some more opinions.

>> No.52353443

Pic would help

>> No.52353464


>> No.52353476

Speaking of mk2 marines

My veteran sergeant is a mk2 in power armor. I want to give him a combi plasma and a power fist. I've got extra combi plasmas and plastic power fists, but the resin mk2 marines don't come with arms for gun + CCW What would be a good source of arms for him?

>> No.52353483

Claw like fingers like on the Emperor's lightning claw feels like a must.

>> No.52353522

Mathematically, would it be actually safer for a cheese captain to tank AP3+ weapons with his 3++ reroll than 2+ armor?

>> No.52353548

2+ is 1 in 6. 3++ with a reroll is 1 in 9.

>> No.52353566

Is it? The 3++ seems potentially worse off in standard averages.

>> No.52353571

What would Decima Invictus be good for? I'd put him in a Graviton Secutor squad, but not only would that be overkill unless huge games, nor is his trick a One Use and then he'd be in a squad he cannot boost since Haywire rolls aren't affected by Master of Destruction...but Droplites do the very same job for cheaper!

I was thinking of Decima because he's got a Macrocarid as a DT and thus a Matrix of Destruction with him would essentially have 5 Heavy Support Choices, utterly destroying IWfags' hearts.

BTW, how would Decima Invictus look like? Also, at least give this guy's enhanced form proppa Reductor stats please. Or at least a 2+ save

>> No.52353575

Divide 1 with a 6. Then divide 1 with a 3, then divide it with 3 again.

>> No.52353590

I like it when the claws are the fingers rather than wolverine style

>> No.52353601

I wouldn't not mind, so long as it's painted and well-converted. IH fluff works, they're the most tinkery legion.

Show pics when you're done

>> No.52353632

Personally I'm ok with both. I dislike GW's current knife knuckleduster. How is that suppose to work? You can't really use the fingers on the hand, so why have them in the first place?

>> No.52353680

he's not useful for anything, really. if you want an explosion of haywire terror you're better off with hoplites now. that he costs as much or more than an archmagos but didn't get a real archmagos statline or save kind of ruins his viability.

desu I think they only made the rules for people that wanted to run him in narrative games without realizing that generally people just want to make an army and be able to play that army in games, period.

>> No.52353689

It wouldn't really be much of a conversion, just a plastic mk8 torso with plastic mk4 everything else.

My resin is pretty limited atm. Resin mk2 sgts, some resin mk6 vets, iron father, and some rhino doors.

I just ordered an iron hands tactical squad upgrade though. Was thinking of using the heads on one of my plastic tac squads, and using the torsos and shoulders to carry my heavy weapons I just got. Or should I put head, shoulder, and torso all on the same model instead of splitting it up?

Now that I've got the core of my infantry, any additional tactical marines I get will be full resin. Was thinking of getting a resin mk5 squad.

>> No.52353697

I suppose it's simply easier to create a power fist and wire it to energize solid blades mounted on the knuckles.
That's the only explanation I can come up with right now.

>> No.52353704

how common is that loophole of using the LoW rules to take drop pod wings for mechanicum, really? it really, really does not seem like something they intended when they wrote it (the whole thing reads like an afterthought) especially when a transport with drop pod assault and assault vehicle dramatically changes what you can do with the mechanicum army list

>> No.52353710


>> No.52353712

Anyone have the Dorn gassing meme?

>> No.52353714

So... about 40 bolter shots are needed to score a single wound on the cheese captain. Damn

>> No.52353728

Why can't you attach the blades to the back of the hand and have them wired up? Or replace the tips of the fingers with said blades?

>> No.52353734

Give him the Tribune setup with FNP or IWNT for extra laughs.

>> No.52353754

It Will Not Thigh?
also where is FNP coming from, wouldn't you need allies for that

>> No.52353759

>Ze bolt guns
>Zey do nozzing!
This is how Tactical squads feel like, in the Age of the Inferno

>> No.52353823

>Or replace the tips of the fingers with said blades?
I was thinking about how blades mounted in the fingertips would experience more stresses than having the whole set mounted on the whole back of the hand where forces can be better distributed and aren't confined to the delicate finger articulation, meaning losing fingers when clawing at someone could be an actual concern and you wouldn't have the thiccness regular power fists would have, since those are meant to use clenched fist punching or pimpslapping attacks...

...but it's a mere thought, really.

>> No.52353838

that doesn't sound right at all. shields don't do anything special against shooting, they just reroll invulns and he has a 2+ armor anyway. so, basically, he's no harder to score a wound on than an IH sarge in 2+ armor - he's just T5 2+. granted, that's still 27 S4 AP5 shots at BS4 to cause one unsaved wound, but that's a lot less than 40.

am I missing something here? because this doesn't make any sense at all

>> No.52353876

>they just reroll invulns and he has a 2+ armor anyway. so, basically, he's no harder to score a wound on than an IH sarge in 2+ armor
That anon's math is using (1/3)(1/3) as his save, since rerollable 3++ is a better save than single 2+. Is that legal? Well I'm not sure, but that's how he's doing his maths.
Because 60% isn't enough of a chance to inflict a wound, the mathposter needs a 98% at the very least.
Dice game? Fuck that, it's statistical guarantees or nothing :^)

>> No.52353893

Thank my phone for the typo. And the Tribune can select his trait. There is one that gives him FNP or It Will Not Die.

>> No.52353927

It's very legal. With a 2+ and 3++ you can choose what to use for your saving throw.

>> No.52353939

pretty sure (but not 100% sure) the rules don't let you factor in the reroll when deciding what your "best" save is. you just take the one with the lower number, and you always have to take your best save. oddly enough, though, weapons with AP2 (assuming same strength) would actually average less damage.

oh, right. that seems like a tremendous waste given all the other options you have, though. infiltrating him + three units sounds way harder to deal with. you save money on transports or teleporters, you don't have the inconsistency of reserve rolls and deep strike, and the opponent has one turn to deal with you or shit hits the fan

>> No.52353951

>drop pod wings for mechanicum
What would you stick in that assault transport, considering Ursarax already deepstrike and have a reasonable survival rate against anything short of Vindicators, especially Reductor ones that can deepstrike amidst ruins?
Scoria? That's cheap despisable bullshit even below Tau tier. Also, remember each Drop Pod (Kharybdis? they must fly) is worth 1VP, so they're not disposable in any way.
>the whole thing reads like an afterthought
Back then the whole 30k project was an afterthought

>> No.52353962

That's not what the rules say. The rules say you can make an invulnerable save if "it is the best save available." It does not define what "best" means, though...

>> No.52353966


>> No.52354000

well, hoplites are the obvious choice for the haywire fuckery, but you can get similar results just using a vultarax. myrmidon destructors with graviton imploders don't need assault vehicles but they do need good transports given that they're only 18" range and can't run, so they're a good candidate.

other than that, yeah, they don't really have assault troops that don't already have jump packs, only assault characters (like scoria or a malagra) and assault MCs. the pods seem more like a way to insert very scary short range shooting units, and that's something mechanicum does have quite a few of now between hoplites, peltasts, secutors and destructors.

>> No.52354144

>well, hoplites are the obvious choice for the haywire fuckery
Yeah but you said ASSAULT transports changed the Mechanicum game.
Hoplites don't need assault transports, you don't want them in an assault against things that can fight back. Hell, not even against mere tacticals.
While Arc Peltasts and Myrmidons can also use Arvuses (that award no VPs like a Suborbital Wing does) and aren't looking for a fight anyway, even if Preferred Enemy Powerfists are scary enough.

Sorry for sort of repeating what you just said, just making sure I'm not missing anything.

>> No.52354276

well, I thought about it more and realized that yeah, sure, an assault transport for melee thralls would be nice and all, but they're still not averaging many unsaved wounds on the assault and still strike after most units they'd attack. they're really the only "dedicated assault unit" that really suffers for lack of an assault vehicle... but they're fodder, so who gives a fuck, right?

technically you could think of secutors as a close range MEQ/TEQ hybrid and they do have power axes (and destructors have power fists) but low number of attacks and WS3 mean they're not really "assault units" and generally get their asses kicked if marines get in combat with them. also, their shooting is their hallmark, so you generally want them to stay out of combat so they can keep doing it.

also, I forgot you could even bring an arvus lighter in a fast attack slot. so, yeah, that's a thing. sounds really scary to put your elite shooting unit in a tin can with... not even wings, but it's an option.

>> No.52354318

Daily Word Bearers Post #FuckMeIForgot


>> No.52354337

Speaking of Secutarii... any thoughts on Peltasts?

I've got 2 squads of Hoplites pimpin it in some Conveyors, but my only issue is they're top notch for vehicle-delet buttons, but anything else and they're screwed.

I like the idea of Peltasts, but do they work on the table? I've got a squad and haven't used them yet

>> No.52354339

Kek, you just barely made it, silly Master of Chaplaincy.

>> No.52354351

I yet have another 57 minutes, dirty easterner.

>> No.52354362

As if, for the thread.
We're already in page 8 and the weekend is already come in some countries, silly shitposter-kun.

>> No.52354374

Shhh, we'll revive it together

It'll be our dirty little Heresy

>> No.52354483

no experience with them, but radium carbines in transports, as long as you're giving them preferred enemy via an axiarch, sound really, really good. a full strength squad using hazard protocols and PE averages 11.34 unsaved wounds against marines. that's really, really good for 11ppm models, particularly when you take the kyropatris buffs into question. to be honest I think two squads of peltasts and one squad of hoplites is the better matrix of ruin build (since you have to take two squads of thallax for ordo reductor). you could take a fourth unit of secutarii in a non-reductor detachment but then you lose MTC in ruins (i.e., nearly all terrain that most people use) and your Triaros aren't scoring in enemy deployment anymore.

unfortunately galvanic casters kind of stink unless you're footslogging and need the extra range of hammershot, the barrage-without-downsides blind fire thing or the shrouding buff... since generally in a Triaros you're gonna be able to just roll up in range and light up your targets, and in that case radium carbines are way the fuck better than shrapnel rounds. also, hammershot is generally just not worth the points; radium carbines average the exact same unsaved wounds per turn vs MEQ, and that's only if they don't get a cover save. against higher toughness targets can radium carbines actually do damage, and hammershot... doesn't. really, the only advantage is range, and then you end up doing less damage because usually targets at longer range are far more likely to have cover than someone at medium range - and, again, you have one of the best transports in the game, so that shouldn't be an issue anyway.

i'm like 90% sure that a knight doesn't count as a "titan" for the purposes of their faction rules, like getting to reroll morale/FNP near titans or only being compulsory troops if you have a titan, otherwise taking a single knight would also be really good.

>> No.52354524


>different FoC

You mean RoW like pride of the legion?

Termies are okay, especially Fist ones with shields but you need to have a plan to deal with shooty armies besides walk up and hit them with hammers

>> No.52354725

there are alternate FOCs at the start of the book, but they preclude you from using a RoW. they're "optional rules" though... but they're not exactly powerful so opponent consent shouldn't be a big deal.

>> No.52354889

is an Acastus Knight Porphyrion too much to bring a 2000 point Ordo Reductor list up to 2500? I wouldn't be able to upgrade the nipple guns to lascannons, but it's so strong as it is that it hardly needs it. 4 TL BS5 S10 AP2 pie plates plus either a 7" S6 blast or two S8 AP2 anti-air (and convenient anti-air is always nice) on a platform that's basically a Warhound but not quite but also better seems... way too good for 2/3 the cost of a Warhound. it even gets the Blessed Autosimulcra for free just because it's in a Mechanicum detachment and wouldn't have a Household Rank... and with 8HP there's a decent chance it would actually be relevant.

like, would you guys be okay with playing against one of these things at 2500 points, or even be able to kill it? I kind of like the derpy hunchback model and the idea of shooty knights in general (although I can see why some don't), but even with the slightly less powerful rules it got after the initial leaked draft from a year ago it's still kind of bananas.

>> No.52354961

What are better options for thousand sons veterans? Give them a ML in divination? Asphyx bolters, missile launchers, or both? Corvidae rending asphyx bolters are pretty sweet!

And which is mathematically better:
>10 Corvidae asphyx rotor cannons
>10 Corvidae volkite culverins

>> No.52355015

Honestly I'm buying one soon and my thoughts are that is seems absurdly strong and almost broken in lower division games, but I'd still be willing to give it a go (and more than likely get steamrolled) because why the Fuck not? The higher the points of the game the more normal it seems

>> No.52355179

I might have my math wrong here but here goes:

Both standing still gives identical 30" range. Both re roll 1's to hit from corvidae for 40 and 20 shots respectively at bs4.

Rotor hits with re rolls: 31.11
Volkite hits with re rolls: 15.56

Rotors wound marines on 5's with a re roll, volkite wounds on 2's.

Rotor wounds: 17.28
Volkite wounds: 12.96

Marines have 3+ armor

Unsaved rotor wounds: 5.761
Unsaved volkite wounds: 4.321

Volkite triggers for another 4ish hits

Final rotor wounds: 5.761 unsaved wounds
Final volkite wounds: ~5.432 unsaved wounds (mathed 4 hits not 4.321)

Results: statistically identical results. The only things volkite has on rotor cannons is the ability to take down higher T enemies easier and being able to damage light tanks, while rotor cannons are overall cheaper than volkite culverins.

>> No.52355219

Oh one more thing volkite has over rotor cannons: the ability to wound iron hands with their -1S shooting bullshit easier.

>> No.52355230

And rotor cannons can be fired on the move if need be.

Really bad at completing my thoughts today, I guess.

>> No.52355248

New army project, its so few models..

Legio Custodes 2000pts

+ HQ +

Legio Custodes Shield Captain: Digital Lasers, Paragon Spear, Praesidium Shield, Tribune

+ Troops +

Legio Custodes Custodian Guard Squad:
3x Custodian Guard with Guardian Spear
Custodian Guard: Magisterium Vexilla and a Sentinel Warblade

Legio Custodes Sentinel Guard Squad:
4xSentinel Guard: Praesidium Shield, Sentinel Warblade
Sentinel Guard: Magisterium Vexilla, Sentinel Warblade

+ Fast Attack +
Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbike Squadron
3xCustodian Agamatus: Twin-Linked Corve Las-Pulser

I bet even GK will outnumber this 23 model army.

>> No.52355306

it's a good idea to take fists on your vexilla carriers in sentinel squads, as the fist isn't a specialist weapon and they have an extra CCW. since they won't have a shield preventing you from getting paired weapon +1A bonus you actually get a bonus attack with a power fist, plus you never know when you might need some S10 AP1 punchiness.

>> No.52355322


Frankly it's less insulting to bring than a typhon or malcador infernus just for the simple fact that it allows cover saves.

But then again a LoW at all at 2000 is really skewy, 2500 isn't a big deal

>> No.52355386

>But then again a LoW at all at 2000 is really skewy, 2500 isn't a big deal
That's kind of what I was wondering. 2000 is technically the bare minimum for a LoW, but since HH barely even works for Legion lists at 2000 points throwing a LoW in there just makes it a mess. 2500 seems like the practical minimum for taking a LoW and actually having a real game. it's more that the Porphyrion is just so damn good for its points - like, seriously, why would you ever take a Warhound anymore - that it seems like it might be a little much in an already very efficient Ordo Reductor army.

>> No.52355454


>why would you take a warhound

D is so much better than STR 10 it's not even funny

>> No.52355593

How do you Anons feel about these kinds of conversions?

>> No.52355611



WoC are so monopose and static that they only look good in ranked groups of a dozen or two

>> No.52355696

I purchased a box of Chaos Warriors and Chaos Marauders for conversion materials.

I'm emulating this individuals conversions but want to take the Legs in a different direction as well as perhaps going Artscale.

>> No.52355746

I particularly like this one.

>> No.52355835

Do we have inferno scans yet?

>> No.52355886

also, it's worth noting what the 500 points might look like without a knight. two Vultarax for anti-air and anti-tank and anti-infantry ("Is there anything it can't do?!"), plus an artillery tank, either a Medusa or a Bombard, haven't made up my mind on which model I like more and the role is similar enough in most cases. something tells me people would be more annoyed at the two units of BS5 FMCs that reduce cover and nail their tanks with three haywire a turn (which, between the two of them, reliably kills basically anything that isn't a LoW), all while not even needing to jink against 90% of available AA weapons because they have a 3+ armor anyway.

I could also do a Krios Venator for the tank, but I'm already working on two of those and I have to beat back my inner min/maxer to that I get some variety in my models otherwise everything ends up being the same.

>> No.52355895

something like that makes me hope for a FW boxed game kind of thing where you play as the various warring tribes on terra pre-unification with small squads, kind of like necromunda. except, suddenly, thunder warriors also.

>> No.52355961

>two Vultarax for anti-air and anti-tank and anti-infantry ("Is there anything it can't do?!")
Say, is anyone making a new bread?

>> No.52355963


This guys conversions look amazing, I'm in the process of stripping my current project and starting from scratch with that scheme in mind.

>> No.52355978



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