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Why is slaanesh so cute, anons?

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Dunno. Embiggen please.

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>no dick

That's not Slaanesh. Are you trying to trick me?

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Things that are dead seem more innocent after their passing.

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Delicious and nutricious elf souls

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I'll give you a hint anon, only one of those snakes is attached to Slannesh's hand.

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Hello citizen. Please report this to my office immediatly. I would appreciate to not send a squad breaking into your house.

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Because it encourages us.

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>implying the phone doesn't automatically answer the inquisitions call.

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>want to get into 40k
>want to play Chaos Marines and focus on based Slaanesh
>not really sure what to buy or where to start

Can anyone help a brother out? I want to rock so hard I melt the face off my enemies

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daemonettes of slaanesh make good practice for painting. Plus some of them are metal as hell.

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The act of answering acts as acknowledgement of your guilt

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>get army of noise marines
>paint them like 80's hair metal bands
>get units of daemonettes
>paint them like groupies

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blast the dirge of slaanesh so loud that your opponent's ears bleed and they forfeit every match. Slaanesh just can't be beaten.

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Not sure, if the dude who wrote that greentext would be happy, if hios girlfriend know about Slaanesh.

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SHE will be a girl for us, HER fans, no matter what, anon

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She needs more lore desu, besides the whole death of eldar thing.

I feel like she needs a purpose besides eat eldar and fuck everything. Like an agenda.

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I enjoy the screencap that doesn't reveal the spoilered text more.

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Fug you, she's a butiful womyn

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That story is awesome.

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Source of that ass?

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>Why is slaanesh so cute, anons?
Obviously because he wants you to serve him you dumb heretic.

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Slaanesh is the enthusiastic phys therapy chick in the old people's home, getting the lazy old farts (Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch) off their ass and back into shape. Without Slaanesh, the Chaos Gods would be a lot more relaxed versions of themselves.

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Slaanesh triggered the destruction of the Eldar, and allowed humanity to expand and conquer the galaxy. In that way, three of the main factions of the game are totally intertwined with her. If you consider the Imperium a result of Slaanesh's whimsy, the entire setting except for orkz, nids, and crons have their backstories intertwined with Slaanesh. Basically, Slaanesh is the original grim dark source that the rest of the setting spirals from, he is the source of 40k's tone.

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So, Chaos, Eldar and the Imperium, obviously, or am I missing something here? I'd rather say half the setting is intertwined with Slaanesh.

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Yep, those three. Slaanesh is on the road to become the dominant chaos god, is finishing off eating the last of the eldar, and triggered the birth of the Imperium. Other xenos species who have their backstories intertwined with one of those factions can vicariously trace their factions back to Slaanesh.

Really, Slaanesh is the core of the setting. All of Gathering Storm takes place in Slaanesh's birth hole, as has each black crusade prior to it. I fully anticipate 7th edition to conclude with Yvraine being confirmed as croneworlder and Ynead being confirmed as Slaanesh, and then Fulgrim returning and finishing off Gulliman once and for all. It just makes sense, GWs been hinting at Fulgrim for a while now, and how can they keep the Imperium stagnant if Gulliman is back and already protesting the bullshit of the ecclesiary?

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>All of Gathering Storm takes place in Slaanesh's birth hole

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Slaanesh is getting squatted. Ynnead is gonna kill them and reclaim all the Eldar souls lost. Eldar are going to win.

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Ynnead got a long way to go to get on slaanesh's level, he/she/it has been munching on Eldar souls for a long time growing in power.

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It's a dude

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One sword away! Besides, Ynnead's been feeding on the craftworlds since they've been a thing, not to mention they'll have Cgeorach's help.

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Ynnead is Slaanesh you moron. GW cant squat Slaanesh without killing 40k. Slaanesh is 40k.

Clearly they consider themselves female, if the panties are any indication.

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>Warp entity that eats eldar souls
>Eldrad died to stop it, Biel-tan was completely destroyed by it
>Main advocate is a croneworld witch
>Avatar has the exact same stats as a keeper of secrets.
Eldar are doomed. Eldar have always been doomed. Gw is pretending they're gonna squat Slaanesh and that eldar are gonna win before they throw it back in your face and say lol you're super doomed, that one bit of hope you had was even worse than the status quo.

Fulgrims coming, they're starting a new slaanesh narrative in AoS, and you have eldar sacrificing themselves to a keeper of secrets in the eye of terror. Sorry, Slaanesh isn't going anywhere.

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Slaanesh can be anything you want her to be,
She'll just turn herself into anything she thinks you could ever want her to be,
Be free with your love, be free, be free,
Surrender to your desires, be free, be free to indulge!

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why should slaanesh go anywhere?
She is literally the best thing eldar ever did!

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>don't fug me I'm scared

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Her face looks so ADORABLE!

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Bet hugging Slaanesh would feel so good.

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It would feel weir
>feeling both warmth and cold
>feeling both joy and anxiety
>feeling both happiness and dark force
>fuck and get fucked at the same time

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Sounds like a most stimulating experience.

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>Slaanesh will never be your lover
>Slaanesh will never hug you with her cold body
>Slaanesh will never lick you with her spiked fork-tongue
>Slaanesh will never let you lick her pierced boobs
>Slaanesh will never let you do hug her toes
>Slaanesh will never kiss you with her foul mouth with smell of countless eldar souls
>Slaanesh will never let you to cone her hair
>Slaanesh will never gaze you with her blazing eyes
>Slaanesh will never speak with you with her chilling demonic voice
>You will never fuck Slaanesh
>You will never get fucked by Slaanesh

existence is pain

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she s a concept
how can you fuck a concept?

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>how can you fuck a concept?
memetic masturbation

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no, shes very real
at least in that universe

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>Dont rape me, am scared

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>Ynnead is Slaanesh you moron.

Counterpoint: Cegorach explicitly assisted in the birth of Ynnead. While Cegorach is the master of trolling, he's also pretty much Slaanesh's arch-nemesis. If Ynnead is Slaanesh then Ynnead must also be the death of Slaanesh. Cegorach is smarter than Slaanesh (we know this because he's never lost a single Harlequin soul despite fighting Slaanesh over them in a game of wits every single time one dies).

We also know Ynnead is a new warp entity because the shard was created by Eldrad's failed ritual. This means Ynnead probably isn't Slaanesh, although I guess they could still be under Slaanesh's power.

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Do you think Slaanesh has a feminine cock, or a manly vagina?

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Well, guess this is my new life now.

>> No.52345393

I want more artwork like that

>> No.52345542

>It's a dude
Even more appropriate

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what about carnifex waifu?

source is me

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Shouldn't be a surprise, really

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I for one, welcome our new tyranid overlords.

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I bet that even a pervert like slaanesh would be shocked after she went to 4chan and saw these threads.
I mean, imagine all the autists running to her, everyone desiring to get it's own piece. Plus, considering that we were who created her and entire warhammer universe, she would be weaker towards us and couldn't do a thing.
Wow, dominating slaanesh is a new sort of fetish...

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delete this

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Do you think Fulgrim is allowed to lick her feet?
Or is he too much of small fry for that?

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Slaanesh is whatever we want her/him/it to be. It is to give in to the things we take pleasure in and wanting more despite the herd mentality of humanity. The human mind is so complex that even things that would disgust others become a fetish that makes a singular soul susceptible to Slaanesh. Slaanesh delights in you, praise her in all her glory.

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>that dumb garbage
>the beautiful golden-haired shota boy described in Codex: Chaos Daemons
That's not the Dark Prince Slaanesh, son.

He looks like this.

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Buy the Start Collecting! CSM and get the noise marine kit off amazon or something.

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>Slaanesh can be anything you want her to be,

>> No.52355292

She would had to invent some sort of seal to prevent 4chaners invading her realm and raping her and her daemonittes.
Espeially /b/tards

>> No.52356345

Her face and facial expression looks cute, CUTE!

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He will most likely wont have a pleasure to even see her feet, not talking about kissing them.

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Fools, trying to limit the supreme beauty of Slaanesh to fit in your tiny minds.

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t. fag
I do slaanesh as I please

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Slaaneshbutt a cute, but where the genestealer cult breeders at?

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I wonder how her breath would smell and taste

>> No.52363799

I want a full pic of this

>> No.52364442

Why would I want something out of date when I can get it's replacement?

>> No.52364448

sweet, sweet elven souls

>> No.52364911


Because your god is ant sized.

>> No.52365432

Because Slaanesh is cute! CUTE!

>> No.52365462

Did you make an uncensored version, and if you did could you post it on /aco/, please?

>> No.52365487

>how can you fuck a concept?
By trying hard enough.

>> No.52365532

>Wow, dominating slaanesh is a new sort of fetish...
And just like that, Slaanesh has another worshipper.

>> No.52365776

It would be a fun scenario
Imagine a huge Gate sealing destructive forces of 4channers and r/etarddits away from warp. Then one daemonitte accidentally opens the sealed gates, when she mistook a lever with a dildo. While rubbing her whatever she has on the trigger, she accidentally pulled ti down and it sealed off the gate. you could hear Cogging sounds as defense mechanisms were unlocking and you could hear thousands and tens of thousands *autistic screeching* from the other side of the gate. "FOOL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!", Slaanesh screamed, as Oblivion gate were slowly opening. Finally, defense mechanisms were completely deactivated and numerous lifeless autists burster out, spearing none and nothing on their path.
Chaos was FUCKED!

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Slaanesh is literally a he. Read the Daemon Codex. He's the Dark Prince.

>> No.52366235

You don't do Slaanesh, mortal.
Slaanesh does you.

>> No.52366332

>Muh Books
>Muh Male title
>Muh Pronouns

fek of

>> No.52366347

He is also She Who Thirsts.

He is whatever you desire.

Insisting that he is a men just means that you desire men.

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Where can i find more darkhaired pale slaanesh?

>> No.52368563

Is there uncensored version of this?

>> No.52368665

not yet that im aware of

>> No.52368856

Would he let a fat balding neckbeard tap that ass? If so then I don't care.

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Slaanesh is not cute anons, true Slaanesh worship is depraved as fuck.

>> No.52370299

depraved can be cute tho

>> No.52370462


>2 boobs
Not Slaanesh

>> No.52370479

exactly, thats why i want to know the ass.

>> No.52372066


Because you're a heretic!

>> No.52372430

the question still stands and you have yet to address it.

>I am ashamed of you /tg/

>> No.52372563

Nigger, the post links to the source. It was posted on a 40K general by a tripfag called moap (who's apparantly infamous on /lgbt/).

>> No.52372717

eating elves does that.

>> No.52373569

And? doesn't mean that shes not cute...


>> No.52373587

lol! because you have deep seated instinctual evolutional urges to participate in an orgy, not caring wether you sleep with men or women! Your sexuality is a big part of you! ;)

>> No.52373795

>lol! because you have deep seated instinctual evolutional urges to participate in an orgy, not caring wether you sleep with men or women! Your sexuality is a big part of you! ;)
Or maybe he just likes feminine Transdimensional Demonic entities

>> No.52373820

lol! I'm saying he liked the cartoon demon porn because people have a hidden desire for orgies!

>> No.52374141

>You don't do Slaanesh, mortal.
I'm not mortal, Slaanesh, we've created your universe.

Wait, actually, if we created 40k universe and alter it as we please, doesn't this mean that we are Gods for them? including chaos entities?

>> No.52374275

Stop right there faggot.
You are a 30 years old basement dweller NEET.
You didnt create anything in your live.

>> No.52374543

You sure 'bout that, princess?

>> No.52374730

>I want a full pic of this

>> No.52374977

This is how it would actually go.
>Daemonette will never transport you to an ice world bare naked until you nearly die of the maddening cold, just so you can see what it feels like
>Daemonette will never run its tongue underneath your skin until you look like a melted flesh puppet, just so you can see what it feels like
>Daemonette will never impale you with hundreds of excruciating spikes, ensuring you stay alive during the process, just so you can see what it feels like
>Daemonette will never asphyxiate you nearly to death for hours and hours until you beg for it to do it just a little bit longer this time, just so you can see what it feels like
>Daemonette will never expose you to literal seizure inducing lights until every bone in your body is broken, just so you can see what it feels like
>Daemonette will never force feed you rancid swamp cheese from Nurgle's foreskin until it becomes the most delicious thing you've ever tasted
>Daemonette will never light you on fire just so you can see what it feels like.
>Daemonette will never scream daemonic hymns at you until your eardrums burst, just so you can see what it feels like.
>Daemonette will never hypnotize you until you love it like none has ever loved before, before allowing you to witness it with someone else.
>Daemonette will never fuck you in all 9 (it shanked you in the stomach with its claws to make the last one) orifices while doing all of the above, just so you can see what it feels like.

Notice only one of those was sexual. Stop getting your info from memes/1d4chan.

Slaanesh is about extremes. Sexuality is a very small aspect of that.

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>> No.52375300

>This is how it would actually go.
And which one is bad, exactly?

>> No.52375531

Anything to become a daemon, anon.

>> No.52375539


>> No.52376007

>entire thread

>> No.52376008


>> No.52376961

Ok, why are her feet impaled?

>> No.52377044


So she can give you a footjob with a rusty nail, duh

>> No.52377468


>> No.52377498

muh christ imagery

>> No.52377541

Because even Slaanesh hates foot fetishists.

>> No.52377595

because that's jesus after the third cumming.

>> No.52377665

Meh I will post a Dark Heresy BBEG for one of our campaigns it's Slanesh themed

>> No.52377803

I can feel that sweet pain

>> No.52377841

This is not how knee works.

>> No.52377874

On second thought, if it's ... just a fold of fabric, unrelated to knee placement, then by all means yes, you are doing it right!

>> No.52377925

Is that daedric alphabet on the knife?
and what does bgquzne means?

>> No.52377996

I didn't draw it the GM got it drawn on Comission. It used to be my PC so it was an Xmas present.

>> No.52378030

truly the saviour of the galaxy

and guilliman's bestt waifu

>> No.52378202 [SPOILER] 

Are you looking for me? :p

>> No.52378217

I hope this has a penis.

>> No.52378232


>> No.52378307

But then I wouldn't be able to have a chitinous 6-limbed baby bump :c

>> No.52378361

Do you have more? I need hot trap pics to make amends with my best friend who's upset with me and really likes 40K and traps

>> No.52378422

I refuse to fap to things that are not lore plausible

>> No.52378438

But anon I'm really not a trap....

>> No.52378467


>> No.52378509 [SPOILER] 

Bitch, I might be!
Pretty sure this is innocent enough not qualify as publicizing something that should have stayed private.

>> No.52378519 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.52378534

There might be better multiplayer support than expected.

>> No.52378539

Ok you win.

>> No.52378557 [SPOILER] 

Nah, you don't want it, it's underwelming.
It's best if you leave the rest to your imagination.

But if you must, unspoil pic related.
It's from an artist called Yuu Kikuchi

>> No.52378568

Darn, kinda hopes we're talking >>52341596

>> No.52378571

Unf, I'm saving this

>> No.52378589

Heheh don't post the rest!!

>> No.52378602

Mutant Heretic

>> No.52378650

I've never been more disapointed to learn that someone was female. This is a weird kinda feel.

>> No.52378692

Lots of traps have tits from hormones.

Stop teasing and bust out the DICK.

>> No.52378700 [SPOILER] 

Relax. Gentleman doesn't typefu... I mean kiss and tell.
Though I gotta admit your protesting only makes me want to tease you more.

>> No.52378708


>> No.52378710

That's a pretty neat detail. Traditionally angels were depicted with bare feet as a symbol of purity because they never touched the corrupted earth. However, pierced feet inverts the imagery. Rather than being a symbol of purity the pierced feet are instead a symbol of excess.

>> No.52378752

I think that the perverty of Slaanesh would be a bit more difficult to handle

>> No.52378773

I assure you there's no dick. Despite that the slut is certainly not lacking in terms of phallic arsenal that could be shoved in. I mean off. Showed off.

>> No.52378776

Ask this anon, >>52378700

There is no dick

Unless you wanna share my femme boyfriend

>> No.52378782

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Where there's shitposting, there's trap pensies.

>> No.52378808


>> No.52378825

>>52347671 (You) do good work.

>> No.52378855


>> No.52378882

>my femme boyfriend
Wait wait wait, are you going steady? That's unexpected.

>> No.52378915

Sort of. With multiple people. I'm getting a big apartment soon with 5 roommates and I've already fucked all of them.

>> No.52378945

apparently even in WHORE, love can bloom

knew it

>> No.52378983

I would like to subscribe to this newsfeed, complete with pictures.

>> No.52378987

I don't believe you

>> No.52379038

GSC Breeder and Moap are not the same person.
Also Moap a pure and never posted straight-up vulgar pics.

>> No.52379053

>no dick

fucking gay

>> No.52379058


If you're confusing me with the trap with the Slaanesh tattoo, that's a different person

>> No.52379085

We will probably do camshows on chaturbate semi-regularly

>> No.52379096

ITT: Attention Whoring and Attention-Whore feeding.

>> No.52379119

good slaanesh thread

>> No.52379131

Go on... Didn't you say the camstuff comes at the price? Because "if you're good at something never do it for free" and stuff.

>> No.52379159

Excuse you, someone specifically asked for me

Yeah I mean the shows will be behind a paywall, you'll need to get a ticket, they'll probably only run you 10 bucks for a few hours though ^^

>> No.52379177

Doesn't make your pathetic search for validation any more on topic in this board than if someone had not asked for you.

>> No.52379207

I was going to say something catty about giving whores money, but that's not a bad deal

just have that shit playing in the background while im cooking dinner or doing the dishes

>> No.52379231

>ten dollars is a good deal for nudity on the internet which you literally cannot go two webpages without tripping over, for free

>> No.52379242

Alas the eternal dilemma of all-you-can-eat. You can have as much as it takes to make you feel perfectly satisfied. Or push beyond that because it would be waste not to, because you already paid for it, even though you'll be aching all over afterwards...

>> No.52379253

No no, not nudity my friend...Bad video quality, amateur nudity from a solid 7!

>> No.52379271

the muses of web economics do not favor

>> No.52379319

She's a 6

>> No.52379373

>pathetic search for validation
LOL, why you so mad tho

Yeah exactly ^^ also that pic is cute

You're in a Slaanesh thread, you know which option you'll pick

>Bad video quality, amateur nudity from a solid 7!
I have a professional grade expensive camera on a tripod for that, anon, don't underestimate me! Also I'm better than a 7 let's get real

I'll stop derailing the thread now though, I gotta go out to lunch

>> No.52379430

>You're in a Slaanesh thread, you know which option you'll pick
Hey, don't take me for one of... yours.
I'm observing academically.

>> No.52379542

oh, okay then.

>> No.52379585

Been thinking of getting a tattoo like that, but slightly lower. What are your thought's /tg/?

>> No.52379597

post butt, we will judge

>> No.52379768

Why is slaanesh so fucking useless as a chaos god anyway, the other 3 just run over her(him) when ever they want to. The only thing she's ever done is kill a few old ones posing as eldar gods and then rape few billion eldar for tens of thousands of years.

>> No.52379919

>Better than a seven.

You need to stop getting your perspective from female starved people on /tg/. You are barely even a 7.

>> No.52379937

>calling my waifu useless

P.S. seriously though, Slaanesh is way to young compared to other three. +Khorne, and others were feeding on wrath, deceit etc, that are much stronger aspects than...extreme pleasure taking and hedonism

>> No.52379982

>slaanesh thread
>all about physical looks and sex


>> No.52380086

Her first title is Prince of Pleasure
And we get Pleasure by this way as it seems. so...

>> No.52380172

Speaking of Elder Scrolls
Is Slaanesh a sort of Vivec of 40k?

>> No.52380640

Vivec, Molag Bal and Dibella all in one.

>> No.52380744

well shit, you're right.

>> No.52380812

Dont forget uncle Sanguine, please

>> No.52382416

Keep that up and you'll be bringing glory to Nurgle instead.

>> No.52382576

>implying that wasn't the plan
>implying that the planning doesn't bring glory to Tzeentch
That man is a champion of Chaos Undivided.

>> No.52384482 [SPOILER] 

>GSCB trying to monetize sluttery

>> No.52384603


>> No.52384674

Something by [Rebis], be warned though, his portrayal of plumpness is approaching /d/-tier.

>> No.52384687


>> No.52384709

it's a trap

>> No.52384751

technically not a Mutant seemingly yes but the dagger is the daemon and can possess anyone that grasp its hilt and they stay possessed even if the dagger is put down. The Demon can then bodyhop use shapeflesh on herself and others and other great slaneshi psychic abilities, and can more or less take entire imperial worlds from the inside by possessing those in power. When she is driving a body completely and not just influencing actions that body has the daemonic visage shine through.

She also owns a bdsm hookah bar

>> No.52384764


>> No.52384774

things shall get loud now

>> No.52384808

I wish

>> No.52387191

why are you so cute OP?

>> No.52388930

Except that shes not. And she's very young compared to others yet her achievments are impressing

>> No.52389983

Because, underneath all the debauchery, all the sins, she really, truly does love you.

Besides as anons pointed out about the snakes, if you've ever been to /d/, you would know dicks can be hidden. Slaanesh's are hidden. Yes, plural.

Rinko is definitely a Slaaneshi champion. She inspires such impure, maddening thoughts with each second of her existence.

But anon, don't you believe? She already does do all that. You just aren't awake enough to realize.

Hey, I recognize that art style...

>> No.52391207

But anon, don't you believe? She already does do all that. You just aren't awake enough to..

Shes not real

>> No.52391479

Fuck, I hadn't seen this before

>> No.52391886

That's what the want you to think.

>> No.52392338

wow, this thread is still alive?

>> No.52393342

Still waiting for uncensored version.

>> No.52394184

>caring about Slaanesh's looks and now how it feels

You are shit Slaanesh worshipers.

>> No.52394202


*and NOT how it feels

>> No.52394294


This makes me miss Deathleaper's Fangirl.

>> No.52394958

Yeah, she was a cutey.

>> No.52395105

What happened to Dan?

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