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*shyly blocks your path*

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Dominate Person works on centaur right?

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M-maybe do you want to dominante me, anon-kun~?

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Now you're implying that a woman is a person.

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Come yon creature of great honour, let us go forth and bring glory to our sovreign lord!

And hold hands as we sit by the fire at night.

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*autistically screeches that the original lewd monstergirl minicomics were much better than this new shit*

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They introduced too many girls. Try and prove me wrong. Pro tip: You can't.

Also, what the dick captacha.

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>tfw you started reading Monster Musume thinking it was going to be porn but ended up binge-reading all of the currently translated manga online over the course of a week.
>tfw you start to watch the anime, but it just doesn't feel the same.

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With magic.

I've got a mind control fetish.

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>monstergirls had human pussies
Disgusting, horsepussy or

I want to.flip.a centaur.grill on her back, and slowly sensually massage, suck, lick, then finally slide my cock and fuck her crotch tits

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>Tfw no full fledged erp setting using the MGE monsters
Life is pain

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Try this for a counterargument

The problem wasn't too many girls, it was too few guys. An unknown number of nearly identical twin brothers had way more potential than ye olde harem show/spoiler]

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>Being a snake/spider fag
Kys horse pussy or nothing

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Pillow is the wrong shape.

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Bovine pussy is superior. Shame that their bowel control is even more worse than horse

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Unless it has a fleshlight hole, it doesn't matter

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Horse pussy is rad

Cerea, specifically, is SHIIIIIIIIIIIT*

Not worst tho, Papi is worst. Retard moe=worst moe

A-also since this is a perfectly legitimate rules discussion thread, I'm pretty sure >>52314921
is incorrect and you'd need dominate monster according to whatever arcane logic D&D runs on

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Second-worst girl
Fish is best girl

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>is incorrect and you'd need dominate monster according to whatever arcane logic D&D runs on

Well that's why I asked. Thanks for the info.

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>tfw worst girl is still the one you'd pick over the rest.
>miia is too clingy.
>poppy is too damn forgetful and I'm not into loli's.
>mero would somehow get you killed because "muh tragic romance fetish".
>Not into the whole slime thing, sorry suu.
>Rachne is a close second, but I prefer being a dom more than I do a sub.
>No matter who I pick, Lala will end up with you in the end so she isn't even considered in the contest.

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I've never seen any argument for cow pussy, what's it like?

The only thing iv seen for cows is getting calfs to suck your cock really hard

Cerea is.fine, she is a secret slut.
She would.be embarassed, but.would.flaky show you get lewd tits and horse pussy

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They did introduce too many girls. Papi is just for lolifags, and mero for NTRfags.

Rachnera and Suu best girls, they literally care more for darling than any of the others. Miia is just a raging bitch who thinks she's completly entitled to darling because "She loves him the most" without ever taking his wellbeing or opinion into account, and is pretty much fucking useless. Papi is mentally a fucking child, and Centorea, while cute, isn't confident enough when it comes to love, relationships, or anything sexual to win darling. Suu literally does more work around the house than any of the others, and despite going crazy when low on water, she's probably the most useful of them all, and she just keeps getting smarter and learning more as time goes on. Give her more time and she'll be a fucking genius. Rachnera does less than anyone else in the house, but is the most competent and skilled person as well. She gets shit done when she actually does shit, and darling finds her the most physically attractive. There's also the point that she's the only one who actively tries to make sure nobody gets hurt, especially darling. Cuckfish just sits around waiting to get cucked, and Lala is an interesting case. She is weird chuuni nutjob, but she's pretty decent too, plus she has human legs, making her up their with Rachnera on Darling's hot scale.

I unironically want Smith to win, just to see the shitstorm it would cause. Too bad Miia or Harem ending is the most likely, despite Rachnera being the most popular by far in Japan.

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Fish-girl would let you drown just so she had fap material for a night or two.

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>spider that close to worst
>fish best

You better pray we never meet in a dork alley, buckarino

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>Second-worst girl
I think you mean second best girl.

Snek > Spoder > Hoers > Fishtits > Slimeslut > LITERALLY WHO > [Powergap] > Birdbrain

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>I unironically want Smith to win
Good to see I'm not the only person thinking that

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>Rachnera being the most popular by far in Japan
I see Japan's got good taste.

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Centuars trigger me with their retarded-ass biology and all you fags that want to fuck one belong on /mlp/.

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>the guy is the one who dies
Have you never read the Little Mermaid?

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You don't need to explain fucking everything dude.

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When she thought Darling was about to die, she only asked him to impregnate her before he kicked the bucket. Compare Miia, who said that if Darling died she'd die with him.

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>belong on /mlp/
>he doesnt realize I'm FROM /mlp/
^:) le unicorn face
/) brohoof!

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Don't make me go full Barneyfag on your ass nigga

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I know you're being ironic, but this kind of shit is precisely why I'm into fluffy abuse.

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That horse is cute. Cute!

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Monmusu is garbage and you should feel shameful for watching it.

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I want to tug on those ears!

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Reminded me of a scene in an older web comic, Indefensible Positions. The art wasn't very good, but the story and ideas were quite enjoyable.

Anyway, have a page about horse pussy.

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Too bad the ended up retarded

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>It looks like it's just bad artwork at first
>mfw the child might ACTUALLY be retarded because that'd be more tragic

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based japs do it again.

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>fall in love with centaur girl
>get married, blissful life with the wife
>she encounters a male centaur
>he forcibly mounts her, railing her with his giant horse cock
>she starts to love it
>she's never satisfied with your tiny human dick

Centaurs are for cucks

>fall in love with octopus girl
>get married, blissful life with the wife
>she finally learns what it's like to be sexually satisfied, as her husband didn't just fill part of his body with sperm and fire it at her like a torpedo
>octomen can't compete
>go onto an Atlantean gem cutting BBS to complain about humans stealing their wimmin

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But if octogirls are sizequeens, why do they go after innocent shotas?

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small is still a size

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>ywn have a qt monstergirl who doesn't understand anything about human nutrition but knows that you like coffee and brings dozens of cups of it within the hour.

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>tfw your octogirl gf breaks up with you because your 8cm cock is too big for her

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>I unironically want Smith to win
patrician taste

man is the best monster

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I think that post implies that centaurs are the size queens and Octogirls are the ones that have never actually had sex, let alone experienced sexual pleasure.

Thus, a human lover could make them feel things one of their own kind never would.

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>Small, pliant bodies that make such cute little noises when you tease them
>Easy to wrap completely up in tentacles while you make them aroused and needy AND small enough to go out in public and have others unable to tell they're under there

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Harpy, AD&D
>+1 DEX, -1 CON
>Can cast feather fall on themselves at will
>Can cast Jump 1/Day on self at 3rd level, replaced by ability to cast Fly on self 1/Day at 5th level
>1d4 damage with unarmed (kicking) attacks

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>Has wings
>Needs to cast feather fall, jump and fly

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How would you balance a flying race? I'm not too fond of level limits on classes for demi-humans

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Having just done some quick research into octopus reproduction, this seems to be the case.

The males die a few weeks after mating. Thus, octomen would all be virgins or on deaths door. An Octogirl would never have a lover capable of learning more about satisfying her, sexual frustration would be common amongst them.

(The females die of starvation shortly after their eggs hatch, but if you feed her she'll be alright)

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when did /tg/ turn into /a/?

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the real funny thing is that caffeine acts like alcohol for spiders so she's mad wasted right now

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>/tg/ turn into /a/
why don't we turn /a/ into /tg/?

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In my games, I balance harpy-type races out by having their hollow bones make them more fragile. Death comes at −10 hp for most races; −6 for harpies.

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How do you stat a dullahan?

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check the monster manual

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size medium undead
challenge rating: worst girl

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>using perspective on a dakimakura
>not getting a centaur shaped pillow instead

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I dont find the idea of fucking a horse appealing. more disgusting then anything

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I really liked this comic back in the day even if it was a bit pretension? Or maybe I just think any series that waxes philosophical is like that.

This and ThunderStruck are series I continue to go back and re-read every couple of years and I'm convinced that I could run settings like them in oMage.

>Rachnera being the most popular by far in Japan.
For once Japan has good taste.

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Why not just scale the flying movement from poor handling to perfect handling? You could scale the altitude as well making it easier for archers and casters to hit younger, low-flying birds.

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Is she really that popular? I figured miia topped the polls.
Figure when? My Miia needs a friend.

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Snake girls best girls

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I also enjoyed Genocide Man, the comic made by the same writer as Indefensible Positions. Too bad it recently ended.

But yeah, spider girl = best girl.

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>this entire thread

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/tg/ has always loved monstergirls

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Enlighten us on the flaws of bovine bowel control and how it is inferior to horse bowels. Is it worse than humans?
Why can't we have sophisticated buttholes? I pay my taxes! I deserve perfect shits that require zero toilet paper!

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I was thinking of posting that. Never fails to get a chuckle out of me.

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When locked /d/ in the closet.
Hey, she kinda likes it.

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Now that's a blast from the past.

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Is this Z-ton or am I seeing things?

>> No.52318875

You know that doddle gave me Hero Quest flashbacks. Thank you.

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