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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Minkai Sengoku Jidai edition:

Would you play in a Warring Stats period type game set in Minkai? Or are you more of a Romance of the Three Kingdoms kinda guy?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might playtest:

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

Old Thread: >>52294122

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If I had the time, aye.


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>Warring Stats

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Yo I just wanna be a blond cowboy saving all these cute Tianese girls from danger.

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Both. At the same time.

Risk is a fun game.

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>blond cowboy
>in a land of samurai
>implying you can't do both

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Even if there's a not-insignificant chance some of them are actually foxes?

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>The master of the Broken Blade and the master of the Empty Hand faced each other, eyes narrowed. Long had the schools of dex and str circled each other like wary beasts, but today it would be decided.
>"I am certain to win," The master of the Broken Blade said confidently. "For my speed is greater, and he who strikes first strikes last."
>"Nice armor class, asshole," his opponent retorted, feinting as a swift action.

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Especially if they're actually foxes! That would make them real foxy ladies.

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>we're only able to talk about PLD when in autosage

For a game with so much to talk about, we should be able to talk about it

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Yo are you implying I should switch-hit with a katana and a revolver? Good idea!

The question then becomes- are they cute? Can I save them from danger? Are they pic-related? Cause I'm all for that

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I agree. What did you want to talk about?

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haha monster rape and the GM being a creepy faggot woo

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How much heart destruction is necessary to kill a Nightwalker?

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How about feats to adopt classes to the Nightwalker template?

rip their heart out, beheading probably works too

Assuming non-moonsilver

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I assume enough to stop it from functioning. Or just removing it.

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I would absolutely love it.

/pfg/gms? Get on this.

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As long as it doesn't turn into a Pocohantas/Dances with Wolves/Last Samurai cliche

Actually that might be cool if it was written well

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I still want to know if something has to be moonsilver to get past monster DR, or if monks and paladins can respectively ki strike and smite their way through these things.

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thank you anon from last thread for the advice on grabbing linguistics. Now I don't have to trash my lizzy cleric

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How heavy is Moonsilver?

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Alright since there's a 4 in the OP pic:

How do I make Book 4 of RotRL not shit?

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>Or are you more of a Romance of the Three Kingdoms kinda guy?

Did you know that Tian Xia is literally in the middle of Romance of the Three Kingdoms? There once was the Empire of Lung Wa, that controlled the entirety of Tian Xia sans Minkai (which had always been it's own thing)


A series of violent rebellions and vicious storms brought the Empire to it's knees, and in the chaos sixteen kingdoms remained.

They call themselves the Successor States, and with the right heroes behind them one may restore the Celestial Empire and bring peace and prosperity to the land!

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Blessed by Roma makes your unarmed and natural attacks count as moonsilver

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Three Kingdoms, yes.

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Likelythe same as normal silver since it's a forging method rather than a seperate material.

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It's crystalline, so probably as heavy as stone

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What happens when someone gets their mundane weapon bumped to +1 later?

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You inscribe moonsilver into it.

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I thought magic weapons had to be made from scratch?

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What's the typical gestation period for the offspring of a Tome Event and a Nightwalker mother?

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+1 is crafted from a mundane masterwork weapon.

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oh neat, maybe the original weapon is used as like, a positive mold and destroyed to be replaced by the Moonsilver?

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I've ran this. What do you not like about it?

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Post Cuties in O-yoroi, bonus points if they have a helmet on.

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So what's the best class build to both fight giant monsters and partake in a politically charged investigation?

>inb4 investigator vmc wizard
You must at least defend the above

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Dandy Ranger.

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I'm planning on doing a campaign where the party are all cooks for a restaurant. Any ideas on what quests I can send them on?

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>What's the typical gestation period for the offspring of a Tome Event and a Nightwalker mother?

A week.

Nightwalkers are hardy, and a monster has a need to breed. Once they pop out one pup, the monster needs to shove a new one in.

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Vigilante. Social skills out the butt, pretty darn good combat skills for a 1pp martial.

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If y'all wanted to play Corruption of Champions, why didn't you just advertise your game as such?

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>Any ideas on what quests I can send them on?

Hire the local talent before your rivals can.

Hunt down the rarest spice from a flower petal that grows in a distant valley.

Monster Hunting.

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Hunting monsters for rare ingredients.

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You know, if they were just honest about this, I'd be so much more cool with it rather than all this pageantry for what's obviously a fap game.

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I'm more curious about spells like Magic Weapon that grant a temporary +1 bonus.

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PLD was advertised as such though?

Varies based on the monster, the kid is a fae, normal rules don't apply

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No one has ever said it wasn't a smut game based on rape though.

Just that the rape is between sessions, and that the players are expected to fight back. So that you know, it's a functioning game.

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These are pretty good, I was planning on sending them to stop a lawful neutral paladin from giving them a bad health inspection.

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The whole book is a big long grind against not very interesting opponents. Sure the first few giants you fight are interesting but a whole chapter on it is rather tedious.

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>not learning he might be a fake, poisoning him, and then learning he was the real one so you'd have to dispose of the body

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>expected to fight back
>resisting mind breaks you into an NPC slutwhore

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I'm playing a Chirrut Imwe/Obi Wan Kenobi style character in Hell's Rebels

What class should I be?

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i was wondering if a true weeb could explain what that crescent moon thing that's on the helmet is supposed to be, and what it symbolizes? i doubt its actually for a specific function.

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>The only thing known about it's forging is that it can only occur under a full moon to receive Roma's blessing. The quality of the forging dictates the quality of the weapon.
By raw you do have to be a level 20 crafter to make enhanced weapons mundanely, that might not be the case here, but let's assume it's true until further notice. With this in mind, all moonsilver craftsman must have spellcasting levels, which I think makes sense because it isn't a method known to most craftsman, being a secret as noted in the description.

We know moonsilver isn't mined earth, but it's blessed by Roma. A +1 weapon is a 2000gp value. Being able to spend 8 hours and 1000gp a day on crafting such a weapon, and treating full moons as lasting up to 3 days based on our local moon, someone could complete 3 moonsilver weapons over 2 months. With the tight time span, I imagine it goes something like this:

A person crafts most of a mundane weapon, to usability. It has to have a certain build, "masterwork", to accept the blessing of Roma. At the full moon, the craftsman takes the weapon out and completes it under the open sky, the blessing takes about 24 hours to settle and make the weapon usable.

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Be honest, /pfg/: which Playful Large Dog apps are your favorites, and why?

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>blatantly lying

Mindbreak applies the incapacitated status until you rest and remove it.

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They're horns.

Horns are fancy.

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>I'm playing a monk
>what class should I be

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It's just a crest. It's there to show off and look cool, *maybe* show off who you are/who you work for, but that's more what your banner's supposed to be for.

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I want to play a Ninja but I also want to be a Power Rangers/Super Sentai style of character where I transformer into an armored form.

How do I do this?

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Synthesist Summoner.

>> No.52299016

Legendary Vigilantes might have something for you.

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I like this interpretation.

I'll probably copy this into the setting info.

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I'm playing them in terms of personality not fighting style but I was thinking Wizard or Oracle

>> No.52299036

>here is the character's personality, not their style
>what should they play?
Literally anything.

>> No.52299050


Oracle with the Lame Curse is perfect for you.

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I've been wondering about mindbreak actually. HP heals over night, but corruption heals over a rest day, presumably because the sun is out or some shit. I think it's safe to assume that this natural healing is a "complete bed rest" action. But mind break from failing your corruption save DOES heal over a night rest.

So what's the state inbetween? Are you sitting on all your corruption, but just not mind broken until something forces you to save again.

Incidentally if this interpretation is correct, then it means love is the strongest way to prevent corruption.


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>Incidentally if this interpretation is correct, then it means love is the strongest way to prevent corruption.

This is why the party needs a communal slut, or a shared stud!

>> No.52299101

>giving the blind guy the Lame curse

>> No.52299113

Hell's Rebels confirmed for doomed shitshow?

Between the memes, 2hu's princess (male) and the split groups.

>> No.52299125


Obi-wan Kenobi was blind?

>> No.52299146

No, the other guy was.

>> No.52299147

Not lust anon! Love!

Lust only spreads the corruption around, it's a ticking time bomb if the party ever gets hit with some homebrew save or orgasm.

Love means two characters banging to acceptable margins of error, then spending all of the next day laying in bed together talking about, I dunno, fucking oatmeal.

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The intent was resting over night will remove your EXCESS corruption, leaving you at the cusp of pure instinct

As for the random enchants, I suppose it would by RAW, but my gut wants to say "only if it's a damage enchantment"... which off the top of my head might only disallow keen?

That said, I'm a sucker for upgrading equipment rather than finding new stuff and throwing out the old.

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Well the storm will grow
Waters flow
Power Rangers Ninjas Go

>> No.52299163


>All this talk about stuff that's alright but not the best.

Can't we be cool weebs for once and talk about samurai and stuff?

>> No.52299173

Yeah I was looking into that already sounds cool

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It's been a while and I don't have the book in front of me, but I remember playing up the divide between Conna the Wise and Mokmorian. Basically having two main factions of giants in and around Jorgenfist.
Somehow she knew the PCs would be coming, intercepted them before the PCs could began their assault, and got them involved in the issue.
At the same time, the dragon from the attack on Sandpoint had made it back alive. They enlisted its help in a way I can't remember.

So in the end the PCs had attacked Jorgenfist much like the giants had Sandpoint.
Hope that helps or gives you a bit of inspiration.

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>Incidentally if this interpretation is correct, then it means love is the strongest way to prevent corruption.

The worthy'll get saved by True Love!

>> No.52299198

You can't have weapon enchants unless you already have a +1 modifier DM guy. You would never actually have to worry about that concern of yours.

Honestly the RAW rulings for upgrading equipment are prohibitively bad for your system now if tied to the full moon rule, but there're probably a few ways you could work it out. There're a few ways to play around this, the enchantment can be done over the rest of the month and only completed at the full moon, or making up your own rules about enchanters just being able to get it done real fast, which is what I've seen a lot of DMs do anyways because they don't want players waiting in a city for a month to get their enhancement done.

>> No.52299203

>That said, I'm a sucker for upgrading equipment rather than finding new stuff and throwing out the old.

>mfw I slap a Ley-rail on my musket and it becomes a railgun.

>> No.52299205

What the fuck are misc. enhancements?

>> No.52299225

If only there was a hardy character with innate healing abilities that was eager to do the right thing and had large appetites amongst all these apps

>> No.52299229

Group B is going to be great!

>> No.52299256


>mfw it's three men and Gloriana

>> No.52299262

Henshin Hero
Alternatively, just refluff stuff as a transformation sequence. My personal choice is an Alchemist's Mutagens, which grants improved physical stats, increased armor, and various other special abilities if you selected them.

>> No.52299265

Anybody remember those female cup size dice roll things that were discussed a while back? I know it had tieflings at 2d10+Con, and you halved the result to get your cup size. What would a final result of 10.5 look like?

>> No.52299266

I thought you could have a +0 Flaming sword?

I'll have to review the RAW crafting rules for timing, an easy excuse is simply saying that the Full Moon is whenever Roma is able to give it

>> No.52299284


Hefty E cups, just bordering on F.

>> No.52299287

No. +1 before any of those named enchantments can be added. Christ.

>> No.52299289

Fuck yeah we can!

>> No.52299305


Because samurai suck, we'd rather talk about monster rape than Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi's siege of the Warrior monks Hongan-ji.

>> No.52299306

Got any more info, anon?

>> No.52299314

But what's her personality like? And what about the face and booty?

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>> No.52299326

I'm pretty sure you're talking about Gloriana but she can just heal the corruption off of other people normally. Which means if she's offering to suck the darkness out of you, she's just making excuses.

Vier on the other hand is incapable of healing other people and is forced to manage corruption by sleeping with them then "laying hands on himself".

>> No.52299330

Ninjas, then? Ninjas are still cool, right?

>> No.52299333


What more do you need?


Face is pure Charisma, baby. Booty is a combination Strength and Charisma.

>> No.52299342

You should probably find someone to discuss your rule set with just to be safe. I'd offer but I'm an applicant, see if there's another /pfg/ DM that could help you.

>> No.52299355

That's an awful lot of corruption to imbibe all at once, though. I'm not even sure she's up for it.

>> No.52299360

Not my character, but they're a ditzy tiefling with 5 Wis, 7 int, and cat ears. Also 20 Charisma. So likely, THICC THIGHED AND THICC SKULLED

I just need a Pastebin of all of it. For posterity's sake.

>> No.52299377

>Which means if she's offering to suck the darkness out of you, she's just making excuses.

Hey, even noble girls have needs

>> No.52299378

What are the strong ass classes in hell's rebels? I'm playing a wisecracking black man inspired by Carter from Rush Hour and I wanna be so strong that people have to deal with my antics

>> No.52299385

The discord reaction has generally been "meh, run with it man"

Probably because the worst that can happen in their eyes is smut happens

>> No.52299386


Ninjas are super dumb, anon!

>> No.52299388


Oh please, Gloriana has 37 HP. Assuming she doesn't get a single ounce of corruption, odds are her three compatriots will only have 35 corruption between the three of them.


There's a difference between the occasional flick of the bean, and trying to see if you can get two men inside one orifice!

>> No.52299390


>> No.52299391

Got a download link for that


>> No.52299400

Watch this and tell me with a straight face that it looks "super dumb"
You'd be wrong, because merely "super" isn't dumb enough

>> No.52299414

>What are the strong ass classes in hell's rebels?

Carter would be an Investigator (Steel Hound) with points in Perform (Gab.)

>> No.52299416

That's because none of us in the Discord that don't like it want to deal with your whining when we say so to your face.

>> No.52299417

I thought he was a Diamond Dog at first but I'm starting to suspect that Vier is actually the most fetishy character in the pool.

>> No.52299421

fuck yes brad jones makes the best garbage

>> No.52299427

Holy hell, that's phenomenal. Great fling, terrible bride, basically.

>> No.52299431


The Ikkō-ikki are pretty baller. Millitant Buddhists always are.

Though Nobunaga and Hideyoshi can suck it.

>> No.52299438

Hey now, that's mean, she does her best. It's not her fault she was born to be a shitbuild

>> No.52299441

>Assuming she doesn't get a single ounce of corruption

What if her beloved husband pays her a visit, hmm?

>> No.52299442

>dat bow
This is Wayne Reynolds, isn't it?

>> No.52299445

Potentially, but she's so ditzy and adorable that I can't help but want to protect their smile. She is WORTH PROTECTING

>> No.52299447


Nobunaga a shit.

>> No.52299461


That's a boss encounter, buddy.

>> No.52299490

>What are the strong ass classes in hell's rebels?

Investigator, Slayer, Gunslinger, maybe even Bard!

>> No.52299506

>and trying to see if you can get two men inside one orifice!

She's probably up to attempting at least three at this point, Anon.

>> No.52299517

I guess. I dunno, I just feel like I would pity her too much to be married to her, you get me? Maybe if she was really brave or had other good qualities that balanced out how dumb she is, I could consider it.

>> No.52299544


Speaking of Gloriana, her artwork doesn't quite match the description (particularly her ashen blonde hair, the art's brown.)

Lemme offer this as an alternative.

>> No.52299545

She's not really meant for marriage, anon. Hell, she's probably too dumb to even know what it is.

>> No.52299546

More like a sexual encounter, guy

>> No.52299551

I mean, yeah. She'd be sweet as apple pie, and always be brimming with positivity- I'd like a hug from them after a long, shitty shift. I can manage a less intelligent gal, just so long as she's self-aware. You get me?

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>> No.52299584

So can everyone quit jerking it to your in-jokes long enough to tell me if there's anything about the Ironfang Invasion Player's Guide that looks even remotely good?

>> No.52299588


>> No.52299589

How do I spellbreaker, /pfg/?

Also, how do I do to divine casters what a right and proper spellbreaker does to arcane casters?

>> No.52299594

>can everyone quit jerking it to your in-jokes
This is a place that has fucking Pinching Loose Drops as an actual game that's going to be run, so no not really.

>> No.52299595

...I need this woman in my life.

>> No.52299596

Most fun looking campaign traits ever.

>> No.52299602

That's...pretty cute, actually. I guess you've got a point.

The traits are really cool, imo.

>> No.52299621

Dip one level in Spellbreaker Inquisitor with the Spellkiller Inquisition at some point. Lets you roll twice on saves and stagger spellcasters. The rest of your build is all Barbarian, with the Superstitious and Witch Hunter rage powers.

>> No.52299625


Her name is Selkie and she's a cute.

>> No.52299654

Absolutely! I just

cannot resist! I wanna pinch this tiefling's cheeks and call her cute names!

AWwww yea, I'd scratch those ears!

>> No.52299657


Why are you posting worst girl when you could be posting best girl


>> No.52299669

Meh, I prefer Selkie's voice. She just sounds so girlish and cute!

>> No.52299671


But anon, that's not Azura.

>> No.52299674


>> No.52299675

can someone link me a list of currently recruiting games?

>> No.52299676


An acceptable answer, but not the only one.


>> No.52299680

why is she so god damn cute anon

>> No.52299682

Invulnerable Rager, or just standard?

>> No.52299688

If I take the mythic power that hand out divine spells, can I take levels in cleric and worship myself?

Can I turn other people into Oracles?

>> No.52299693


>> No.52299702

Thanks, Anon. I have a critical shortage of images, so I appreciate the assistance.

I'm just glad I deleted the extra six paragraphs about monster rape. I imagine that would've been tiresome reading.

>> No.52299707

How much of a bastard would I be to ask to use Chained rage with Unchained rage powers?

>> No.52299717

I like Invulnerable Rager, so I'd do that, but if you find yourself getting ambushed and flanked a lot then stay with standard.

>> No.52299720


Servants are for working, not loving.

>> No.52299725

Gosh, got carried away. Meant to respond to >>52299544

That's what I get for undersleeping.

>> No.52299729


>He didn't save the paragraphs in a pastebin and link them in his backstory

Somebody boo this man.


>> No.52299753

Meant /pfg/ games, but this works too.

>> No.52299756


But Superior, and I don't even play this shit.

>> No.52299774



>> No.52299789

>tab into thread
>someone brought up my shitbuild character
>mfw discussion about what cute voice would fit this honest to god moron

What on earth is this. Also, are there any short modules for level 6-7 characters worth running through. Totally unrelated, I assure you.

>> No.52299795


Interesting choices. But, may I suggest:


This is a /pfg/ girl. This is what one sounds like when you tamper in God's domain and overlap the functions of STR and CHA.

>> No.52299802


You made a cute, dumb girl, anon, the hell did you think would happen?

>> No.52299813

I wanna hug this shitbuild!

How good is she in bed?

>> No.52299818


This is now Onryou's official voice.

>> No.52299832


>> No.52299838


Oh god its true!!

>> No.52299848

Do we not like the qt, somewhat scrawny, small types anymore? Is it just thicc and quads now?

>> No.52299857

>N. Jolly approved

>> No.52299881

Oh, I meant deleted from the short post. I still have them on my computer. I need to do a better Long Form edit before I can post the Big One, though. I made some changes late in the game when I was editing down the short version that honestly improved it quite a bit, so the Long Form needs to reflect that.

I figure that way the grotesque violation of an innocent girl's body and virtue doesn't weigh down the app, but interested parties will still have access.

>> No.52299893

>spent so much time making builds I have no chance of playing
>I'm now finding myself desperately looking for concepts to build, anything at all
>there's nothing else

I feel empty. There aren't any more builds for me to make. What do I do now?

>> No.52299895

Shit, these lines are genuinely hilarious.

>> No.52299900


Just post it at the end of your backstory for our perusal before you finish writing it all out proper!

>> No.52299907


>> No.52299912


>"I'd give you a massage, but...I might *break* you."

That's a barbarian pick up line if I ever heard one.

>> No.52299915


What about the rest of the cast? Seagull, how do you hear the rest of the Saturday Squad?

>> No.52299916

So, trawling through FE: Fates voices...






I can't decide which one would fit Rory

>> No.52299918

Do what I do.

Make builds based off of anime characters.

>> No.52299925

I made a URogue with 5 Wisdom. I didn't expect anything to be honest. Heck, I never even intended to play her, but I've been itching to play SOMETHING and seeing how long she survives would be hilarious.

>> No.52299942


Nah, we like them.

>> No.52299943


Make a huntsman.

Make a bandit-turned-Paladin.

Make a surgeon who manifested powers of life after a plague took his leg.

>> No.52299944

/PFG/ Hell's Vengeance had our "first" session tonight.
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/BqVXGfue

>Cimri calls everyone to the Ash House
>The Archbaron needs people with certain skills
>Skills that make them a nightmare to paladins like the Reclamation.
>Boss upstairs has them dine in opulence.
>Ludwig adorably snatches sweets from the table.
>Party banters about, getting comfortable in their characters
>Introductions are made, before the mission gets laid out
>The Reclamation is flooding the local markets with silver coins, causing currency deflation.
>Can't really control for them because the coins follow the General Guidelines for an SP by weight, and silver is silver.
>Cimri reveals that Louslik's Tannery is one source of the influx of Reclamation Silver.
>Sends them to find out what deals he's made, where the silver might be coming from.
>They scout out the premises of Louslik's Tannery, lightly
>Ludwig finds a way in that's just his size.
>Capria decides to approach the collapsed man at the gate.
>Most of the party follows her
>It's a Tian drunkard in Louslik's employ.
>Party demands entry quite rudely
>Drunkard denies them entry.
>Boss very specifically said he couldn't let anyone through the gate.
>Yori draws her ruby dagger in a threatening manner.
>Drunkard staggers wildly in such a way that Yori winds up getting thrown over the palisade.
>Shizuka applauds his mastery of the Drunken Fist.
>Capria decides enough is enough, she's tired of this mothafucking oni not letting them through the mothafucking gate.
>Drunkard keeps staggering out of the way of her morningstar as she swings it at him.
>Gunther decides for a more diplomatic approach - asks if they can open the gate.
>Drunkard apologizes, and explains that he very specifically can't let anyone open the gate either.
>Lauren asks if there would be any hard feelings if they got in another way and he heard them beating up the inhabitants.

>> No.52299956

>Drunkard explains that the pay's shite, the rice wine's piss, and Louslik's an arse.
>Drunkard explains that Louslik's halfling slave has even nicer tits than Shizuka, and that's saying something, so the eyecandy's alright.
>Meanwhile Capria keeps trying to hit the Drunkard, cursing his foul diablerie.
>Drunkard keeps "coincidentally" avoiding her attacks, though one almost hits.
>Party decides to sneak in through the entrance Ludwig found.
>Meanwhile Yori is inside, invisible and examining things, looking for the Tannery's owner.
>Her scent gets picked up by one of the dogs.
>Half the party sneaks through the opening, successfully.
>The other half of the party climbs a rope Ludwig and Gunther set up.
>Namely, Lyra and Shizuka, because their tits were too big to squeeze through.
>Sadly, one of the grappling hooks bounces off the palisade, causing the dogs to come out and start barking at them.
>Lyra gets the idea to Ghost Sound some other dogs outside the tannery to allay any suspicions the tanner might have.
>The party manages to take the puppers down nonlethally.
>Ludwig wants to adopt one.
>Last scene has Shizuka, Yori, and Capria moving in to the main building to see if they can get Louslik to come quietly.

>> No.52299962


Keaton, easy.

>> No.52299972


That's difficult to say, though i do imagine Casimir as Liam Neeson.

Corwin as Liam O'brian

and Seht as Tara Strong

very few people call me Seagull. That means you're either Frosty, Tofu, Adder, or Bottleguy

>> No.52299976

I need a refresher, who's Capria? The water elf?

>> No.52299991

Nah, Luca decided to go with a home-grown Hellknight instead of the Water Elf slaver.

>> No.52300004

I don't know how much I trust that honestly.

Is it too much to ask for girls who like to care for others without them being forced into the "motherly"? Just something like making someone lunch, giving a massage when they're tired, and cleaning ears.

>> No.52300006

That's what I'm going with. Just wish he sounded a bit older and more rugged, but eh well, it's the closest fit unless I seek out someone whose voice more closely works.

The fact they're both werewolves has /nothing/ to do with this.

I don't play Fire Emblem, pls don't hurt me

>> No.52300013


N-No! I'm just a guy who has a thing with pet names!

>> No.52300018

>Barbarians have to be non-lawful
>Monks have to be lawful

Why? For what fucking purpose.

>> No.52300039


Because you can't be a Barbarian and follow the tribal code, DUH!

And Monks have to adhere to rigid personal beliefs, which Chaotics are incapable of doing, DUH!

>> No.52300053

Ask your GM to ignore alignment restrictions because they're dumb.

I'll never stop being salty at the fact that base Paladins and Druids can't multiclass or gestalt into each other by RAW. I WANT TO SMITE PEOPLE AS A BEAR GOD DANGIT!

>> No.52300070

Seen no threads yet, how is everyone taking to the fact that we are getting Starjammer 2.0?

>> No.52300078


If we're throwing voices into the pot, Valeriya won't ever not sound like Yennefer from Witcher 3 to me.

>> No.52300080 [SPOILER] 


Not at all.

>> No.52300087

But you can play an Insinuator Antipaladin Druid Gestalt!

Be a bear who >implies people to death.

>> No.52300099


We're actually very optimistic about it! If you haven't noticed yet, we're kind of desperate for new material to chew on, and Starfinder's a huge pot of stew just waiting to be ladled out.

>> No.52300101

>Seen no threads yet, how is everyone taking to the fact that we are getting Starjammer 2.0?

It's not Starjammer 2.0, it's the Future Tech supplement of d20 Modern with a light Golarion flavor.

>> No.52300112

Hmm, I guess I could drop some extra bits there. Don't see the harm. I'll Edit it later tonight.

>> No.52300118

Sounds like FotJR's going to have to choose who's going to be Yuri Lowenthal and who's going to be Johnny Young Bosch.

>> No.52300148



Etan is Yuri and Rubio is Johny

>> No.52300152

I dunno man, I'm feeling like I'm more like a Sam Riegel

>> No.52300153 [SPOILER] 


Indeed. I'm pretty excited to hear about incredible new technologies, powerful starships, cunning spacers, and menacing aliens.

>> No.52300170

Guess that frees up Yuri to play Sweettooth.

>> No.52300173


Sweettooth ironically gets Patrick Seitz

>> No.52300178

How often are GM's willing to allow taninim (dragons) as player characters since it's a 3rd party source?

>> No.52300186

>Already applied to PLD
>Somehow only just now realized that I might have to ERP with people and I've never ERPed before

>> No.52300188

Voice modulated a bit, but sure.

>> No.52300189


Etan is Rupert Everett.


Varies from not too often to if you ask nicely, it really depends on the type of campaign the DM wants to run.

>> No.52300203

So I'm out of the HR picks and still haven't actually been in a /pfg/ game.

Who's recruiting?

>> No.52300207

Surprisingly lacking in edge while having an abundance of comfy. Would be great if it wasn't a twice a month sort of deal though.

>> No.52300213

WWW is https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/72295/wild-weird-west

>> No.52300214

I just wanna say that this is an underrated post

>> No.52300215


We'll be gentle!


PLD's the only really big one left.

>> No.52300217


i take it back. Casimir gets Crispin Freeman

>> No.52300225

The Wild West and Arabian Nights games.

>> No.52300232

These two have gotten pretty little attention. The firts one closes in a few days though.

>> No.52300242

I'm just praying for more Dominion of the Black content. Starfinder or otherwise.

>> No.52300244

Japanese bows are indeed lopsided.
They're made that way so you can longbow while you horse, and they never learned how to make beefy bows like the Mongols

>> No.52300263


Oh, the Dominion of the Black sound like they're going to take center stage as the eponymous Big Bad of the setting.

You can't just make a techno-organic confederation of space horrors that throw people into black holes for sacrifices and NOT use them for your space game.

>> No.52300274

That's fair. I've been quite fond of them since Iron Gods.

>> No.52300281


Agreed, they're one of the cooler things in the game and I'm honestly kind of excited to fight them as technological equals.

>> No.52300294

Unfortunatley I find it unlikely we'll get any sort of content forplaying as a member of the dominion but more monsters, tech, and lore is always nice.

>> No.52300297


I don't know, Liam Neeson kind of nails it.

>> No.52300317


Everyone is Phil LaMarr.

>> No.52300323


>Playing the freaky space cultists or their genetically modified cybernetic horrors

You know, now that I'm mentioning all this do we know *what* the Dominion of the Black actually looks like? All I recall is they threw people into black holes as part of their religious worship of the Void itself, and extensively use organic technology in everything from body armor to starships.

Basically Yuuzhan Vong.

>> No.52300333


>> No.52300336


>> No.52300350

He's right desu

>> No.52300361

>when the DM finally gets the weak link in combat to stop playing kineticist
thank fuck

>> No.52300362

Do you think we'll be seeing the surge of /pfg/ games cooling down after that? I mean, at some point it has to stop, there are only so many people willing and able to DM here.

>> No.52300366

Well it's not made clear whether any of the races we fight are members of the dominion's original species or if they're all subjugated slaves and biomodded warriors. Other than that we know they're at war with the Mi-Go, Turn entire planets into 'Fleshfarms', and have huge crazy space orgies where they fling millions of sacrifices into black holes and sometimes if their sentient ships get too excited themselves.

>> No.52300384

>Do you think we'll be seeing the surge of /pfg/ games cooling down after that?

I think the most cancerous of the posting will be over once PLD finishes up, but there will always be another game to advertised. That is simply the post-RotJR reality we live in. What will take it's place? I'm not sure, with Legacy being quiet and the other games practically non-existent, I think WWW has the potential to be the next big thing, but as long as the DM doesn't obsess about it here we might actually be seeing a lull in shitposting.

>> No.52300402

Have I capped out my explosion magic for now? Is it possible to go even further?

As a Incanter 1/Sorcerer 1/Elementalist 2, my explosions can do:

>9d8+19 fire damage as a full round action for 0 spell points, or standard for 1 point
>11d8+23 fire damage as a full round action for 1 point, standard for 2
>Empowered for 2 more points

CL 4 + 1(staff) + 1(sphere specialization) + 2(Overcharge) = 8
+1 dice from Greater Blast makes it 9
+2 CL from Arcane Empowerment feat for a spell point.

It jumps up to 13d8+27 / 15d8+31 next level from Energy Specialization and a second Greater Blast

>> No.52300411

What makes Legacy so quiet and immune to shitposting, anyhow? Is it that it's not gestalt? That it's not lewd?

>> No.52300412


>If their sentient ships get too excited themselves

Sounds like a compelling argument to vote against a biotech spaceship in character creation, then.

>> No.52300415


You know, there's some very sinister undertones if Paizo is clever enough to insinuate that Black Holes are in fact vast information gatherers (as "information", aka matter, is smashed onto the Event Horizon and forever visible due to the nature of time dilation.)

The Dominion could be sacrificing people to the black holes as a sort of grotesque "hole painting" ceremony, forever adorning them with the screaming, writhing figures of billions in agony, or they're pulling a Matrix and seeding Black Holes to be giant, organic supercomputers.

>> No.52300419

Can't they all fit Rory, or does shapeshifting not affect voice?

Maybe he even forgot what his original voice sounds like

>> No.52300431


It's a combination of things, the setting isn't that interesting and the campaign's not one of the better ones, but most importantly the DM and other players haven't been shilling it every five posts.

>> No.52300436

It's the true form of comfy

>> No.52300444

Apparently, Aranha is voiced by Tara Strong.

I can dig it.

>> No.52300446

So I should sell my shitposts now, and buy later?

>> No.52300447

will WWW be a shitpost haven?? Its got a pretty solid setting and its not gestalt, so i think shitposting will be low.

>> No.52300452

Gilbert Gottfried

>> No.52300454

I mean technically he could use ANYONE'S voice, but this would be his "default" voice that he usually falls back on, I guess.

I do like the idea that he shapeshifts so often that his original, Ulfen accent has worn away, and he almost always speaks with a sailing dialect.

>> No.52300455

It's also biweekly

>> No.52300461


It helps that most of the apps seem to be good and not oversaturated with fetish.

>> No.52300466

so are many games

Shit, Dragons2 was biweekly and its the shitpost storm

>> No.52300467

So he's one of the extras from Skyrim?

>> No.52300468

Honestly I think it's the detractors of PLD that give it so much discussion. Every time Legacy comes up, people talk about Gamze or Sakara for a bit, maybe discuss character concepts, then it goes away. PLD discussion only lasts long before shitposters feed it.

Elaborate falseflag?

>> No.52300469


Aranha a cute! A CUTE!

That leaves Valeriya to get a voice, what fits her? Anon mentioned Yennefer earlier, and I can kind of see it, but are there other options?

>> No.52300470

Play a Bloodrager/Monk

>> No.52300472

Does he have Vocal Transformation?

If not, he always sounds the same.

>> No.52300484

Do you think a decrease in the number of /pfg/ games would necessarily go hand-in-hand with a drop in shit-posting? If /pfg/ only had one game recruiting, and it got a modest but not thread-devouring amount of attention in the generals, would that have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on the quality of these threads as compared to if there were no /pfg/ games at all? Setting aside the issue of whether that scenario is realistic.

Honestly, I think it just didn't hit the right buttons to ascend to True Meme status. I'm not saying that like it's a good thing or a bad thing, just that it is what it is. /pfg/ is weird, inscrutable at times even, and what takes off with us is seemingly random. More than that, what's popular one day can suddenly be reviled or ignored the next, all at the whims of the meme magic.

TL;DR /pfg/ really is a hivemind, it's just a completely insane one that's constantly questioning and disagreeing with itself.

>> No.52300491


Dragons 2 is a rainy sunday afternoon compared to the category 5 hurricane that is PLD

>> No.52300498

Potentially, potentially

Hrm... that means that he's gonna be disguised as a lot of mute people until I find the time to take Vocal Transformation and the other Master of Disguise talents

>> No.52300499

Of course, that was mostly just one player shilling and another throwing shitfits whenever their character had to get nerfed or take criticism.

Would it be better if they did? I don't think I'd mind genieposting pushing the dogs, foxes, and monster rape aside.

>> No.52300504

I already like the apps I see. Personally I'd like some Gun Frontier type of deal.


>> No.52300509

Well I am running a campaign where the players become agents of the Dominion so I am absolutley stealing this.

>> No.52300513

Also means no talking in forms incapable of speech

>> No.52300515

I wish we entered into a fresh new age of democracy-posting

>> No.52300518

>Do you think a decrease in the number of /pfg/ games would necessarily go hand-in-hand with a drop in shit-posting?

Yes, absolutely. Before RotJR this was actually how it usually was, with the occasional DM popping in to announce a game and taking in whoever showed up on the Discord. It would be a positive effect on the quality of the threads in a very big way.

>> No.52300537

>didn't hit the right buttons to ascend
So it is the lack of lewd, then.
That in mind, Katapesh DM probably has the right idea. I'm sick of having to try and force fetish shit into my apps to get them to stand out.

>> No.52300540

RotJR was a mistake.

>> No.52300547

I mean, you're not wrong. He's who I'd have to voice my 4e character if I could.

>> No.52300548

Most definitely. He usually defaults to >dog but he does have a few others. I recently redid his sheet and so I need to go back in and make sure I have all his stuff sorted out nice and properly.

>> No.52300552

There was no Discord before RotJR

>> No.52300553

It's not *all* trash, is it?

>> No.52300559


That may be, but it's too late to change anything. We can't unring this bell.

>> No.52300564


What sort of character are you running in 4e?

>> No.52300565

>most of the apps seem to be good
There's probably exactly 6 good ones

what you posted isn't one of them

>> No.52300572


I meant the discord the DM set up specifically for that game, dumbie!

>> No.52300578

It basically is, my dude.

I think we can actually. We just don't talk about meme-games, or any characters, events or such in /pfg/ proper. Leave that to their discords and their IRC channels.

>> No.52300579


>Super hot democracy

More like super hot SHIT...democracy.

His government has problems, is what I mean.

>> No.52300583

And the one complaining whenever his character got criticized/nerfed is also the DM of PLD, so make of that what you will.

>> No.52300585

Well, at least the witch bitch is one of the few who isn't just going for a combat role.
So which are the good ones, to you?

Did he? I thought it was just an IRC room?

>> No.52300593

Yeah, RotJR doesn't have a Discord.

>> No.52300601

>what's popular one day can suddenly be reviled or ignored the next

Christ, remember that 24 hour period where people decided that talking about characters was BAD?

STOP talking about characters, guys! Don't you DARE talk about characters in a game largely defined by its characters!

>> No.52300604

Deva Pacifist-Healer Cleric, was a Rakshasa in a previous life, is now stuck in the body of a kid and forced to be unable to cause bodily harm in penance. Hates his new life, but still does his best so he doesn't get slammed with something EVEN SHITTIER in the next reincarnation.

>> No.52300609

god that was painful

>> No.52300625

They both sound fun. Hopefully I can app up for both before too long.

>> No.52300632


Once again I'm being real shitty at explanations.

I don't mean RotJR's non-existent Discord, I mean when a DM had a game they wanted to advertise before RotJR they'd just say, "I'm looking for guys, hop in this Discord link."

>> No.52300633

I don't see the problem with Gamze, I don't love her but the apps seem pretty average across the board here in pretty much all aspects. Not much in the way of memes, waifus, husbandos, weird concepts, pop out writing, ridiculous gimmicks, crazy builds.

>> No.52300634

There was an IRC though, right? And that's basically the same thing I'd assume, although admittedly I've never been to the IRC.

If it is the lack of lewd, that would frankly worry me, because it would mean that if I wanted to run a game in the future I would need to either shoe-horn lewdness in or be doomed to the game getting little interest. Say what you will about the effect of really popular games on the generals, they do definitely get a large number of often quality apps.

>We just don't talk about meme-games, or any characters, events or such in /pfg/ proper.

Without moderation, I think that's simply impossible to purposefully accomplish. It might happen on its own, but the odds are probably stupidly slim. This is /pfg/, until the series of /pfg/ games runs its course, which it will eventually because it has to. There are only so many people who can and will DM. But we can't make it happen artificially, because each one of us individually has an insignificant effect on the general. It's kind of like voting in an election.

>> No.52300651

Who'da thought? An anonymous community kills itself when it abandons that anonymity for characterfagging, discords and IRC.

>> No.52300652

I'm F/SN anon who is here one last time before I retreat into the suffering hole.

The game would be set during the 9th Holy Grail war occurring in 2021 in San Francisco.

I personally have run 6 other Holy Grail wars with the 1st and the 5th being backstory wars (I ran 2-4, added 5 as a backstory war, and ran 6-8). All the previous ones were for my in person group. Most often I would take Lancer as an NPC servant in order to facilitate a better Holy Grail War. Here is the previous list of servants.

Because all previous games were run for my in person group I never had to compile a list of lore. A lot of shit happened and we have a canon for the Fate/Last Path holy grail wars going back to 1802 in the game world. So it's probably gonna take me a while but I'm gonna have to compile a setting document of summaries of all the previous Holy Grail wars, what happened to various servants, the masters (surviving and no) and the changes to important organizations like The Clocktower and the church.

Right now I am here to answer any questions about the game's canon. It helps me organize my thoughts.

Also for the game's building here is how a servant will be built:
>level 12
>30 pb
>mythic 5
>only PoW except for caster who gets Spheres Casting
>you get a single 9th level maneuver as a Noble Phantasm, or a minor artifact built using specification I give you
>each class gets a set of extra skills in addition, like Magic Resistance, Presence Concealment, Battle Continuation, Mad Enhancement, etc. these will be in the document I'm compiling
>every player gets randomly assigned a 5th level Master PC I build
>you mostly control this Master except for a modified version of Hero points called Fate points, they do a few different things compared to Hero points
>you earn a Fate point every time I have your Master do something against what you want them to do or if you master sacrifices a Command Seal

I'm here to answer questions. Go at it.

>> No.52300658

Amalthea was one of the apps for a while, but SwimmingEagle seems to have dropped out, thereby sapping the meme power from the game.

I occasionally see talk of an occasional snek girl, cat girl, or elf mom, but they all seem like they're going to be last-minute apps if they happen at all.

>> No.52300665

Can you link us to the in progress doc, so those of us with an interest can read over it?

>> No.52300671

If my magus is using spell combat with one weapon, can he spell strike with his main weapon, or does he need an off-hand weapon to do it?

>> No.52300679

he can spellstrike with main weapon

>> No.52300681 [SPOILER] 

My only problem with Gamze is that she always reminds me of another character with a similar name, exclusively because of the similar name.

>> No.52300683

No, he can channel it with his main weapon. An offhand weapon means he can't use spell combat.

>> No.52300687

pls respond

>> No.52300689

I will do so, but not yet. I will within the next few days.

>> No.52300691

It people stopped advertising the fetish and meme fueled games, or stopped paying attention to them, it'd happen, but that seems unlikely since everyone seems to love opportunities to shitpost.

>> No.52300708

Why'd you have to go and bring H_SHIT_k into this?

>> No.52300713

Lazy Throne is a comfy game with wonderful people at least. We progress at our own, slower pace (hey, it's called Lazy Throne for a reason, I'm not in a rush to speedrun the AP) but everyone's having fun and and to me, that's what matters.

The game was sweet and short yesterday due to one player feeling sick, but the party basically cornered Gaedren, who was holding Ophelia's 'adoptive' younger sister hostage and threatening to feed her to the crocs if the party didn't gtfo, in exchange of having him disappear from the streets and returning the girl at a later date (which of course was an obvious lie).

Ein, the Pharasman former guard Inquisitor conjured an invisible aether and used its telekynesis to bullrush the girl away from Gaedren, who turned invisible before them. The rest of the party blocked the doors of the room as the aether with blindsense manage to grapple (with a natural 20) and pin Gaedren.

Gaedren then surrendered to them and, pretty much to everyone's surprise, the party decided to subdue him and that they would hand him over to the guards. Even if Ophelia just crit murdered all of his acolytes just moments before. It is well known, mooks aren't even living creatures.

Then we stopped the game for now, after the party pretty much cleared out and checked his stash, finding Zellara's harrow deck and an odd looking brooch.

>> No.52300749

I sort of feel the same way. I mean... it's not badly written by any means, but it IS just a copy-paste anime personality with a backstory that has a couple really disjointed parts. Is Harrow even a thing outside of Varisia?

The snek has already been up there for a while. The talk of "elf mom" was kind of eye roll inducing but maybe the actual app won't be so... meme-like.

>> No.52300755


Well i was debating replacing Amalthea with a Twf Halfling Barbarian VMC Slayer. But then i figured. I'm already in four games, which makes me a madman.

Five games might be a bridge too far.

>> No.52300756

Any other 3pp allowed? Bloodforge? Psionics?

>> No.52300762

I want to run kingmaker, but it's kinda really shittily done. How do I make it less shit? I like the idea of kingdom building and a long timespan campaign, but the rules are clunky and unfun, and I've heard the actual plot to KM is kinda shoehorned and dumb.

What do I do /pfg/?

>> No.52300765


Alright, I made the changes.

>> No.52300769

I don't think the lewd is really that big a deal. RotRK and LoBaF are picking up apps, and not even at really any worse a rate than PLD is despite it getting talked about more lately.

Meanwhile, Shardwalkers opened up at the same time as LoBaF and PLD but has gotten very little attention even though there's some implicit lewd in it and the DM is hosting RotJR which is... RotJR.

>> No.52300771

How bad is being slow and having a 20 ft move speed as opposed to the standard 30? Is it worth prioritizing a remedy to it over other stuff if you're doing switch-hitting?

>> No.52300777

>Is it that it's not gestalt? That it's not lewd?

I think it's pretty much this. There's no drama to focus on and shitpost about. You'll see a lot of attention near the deadline with reviews and whatever, though.

>> No.52300779


Either try to hint at Nyrissa right from the start, or find ways to replace the Fae with Brevoy infiltration.

>> No.52300787

Harrow is mainly a Varisian thing, but Varisians are defined mainly by how much they get around--it's nothing strange to imagine that you'd find a harrower in Garund, especially in a big city.

>> No.52300794

I'm going to apply to Shardwalkers. Please stop feeling sad about it, Anon. I just need more time to come up with something fun for the story.

>> No.52300797

Mmh, delicious Granblues.

>> No.52300801

Shardwalkers GM isn't RotJR GM, he's HV GM and Saboten's player. I think the problem plaguing Shardwalkers is some major changes that both encourage some crazy optimization while also making optimization difficult due to the sheer number of them.

>> No.52300805

Fair point, we all gotta sleep sometime.
Or do we?

>> No.52300809

I want to apply to shardwalkers but the application rules are really damn weird and kind of impenetrable. I just don't have the willpower to slog through

>> No.52300813


At the very least, there's probably people down for a game of Towers in different places.

>> No.52300817

Oh shit really? I thought for sure it was the same guy running the RotJR teams.

>> No.52300818

Anyone got some interesting niche tips to step up my grapple game when playing a Hangman Vigilante?

Trying to keep up with a guy who independently has a similar character role. Just wondering if there are interesting ways to get some nice CMB for grappling without giving up the noose tricks.

>> No.52300822

Do we think GMs actually look at reviews that closely? I kind of expect that getting a good or bad review doesn't really have much bearing on whether you get in, compared to what you do in the wake of a review (like throw a tantrum on Discord, or do a total overhaul of your character's background).

>> No.52300824

I feel the same way. I'd prefer just a straight gestalt at this point. No gestalt whatsoever would be best. And no PoW.

>> No.52300842

No, Argentum is HV DM, Pendragon Institute DM, Shardwalkers DM, and Saboten's player.
I find it especially hilarious because before HV started someone tried stalking him to "prove" that he would flake.

>> No.52300843

That's what I mean when I say it must happen naturally. Eventually, people will stop offering to DM and games will stop popping up. It's impossible for this trend of new games to continue indefinitely. Once the trend ends, interest in the topic and memes surrounding it will slowly die off, getting replaced with whatever new thing catches /pfg/'s collective eyes- Starfinder, maybe, but who knows? The cycle will repeat, enthusiasm for the new "in thing" will build and eventually reach a critical mass where some people will start calling it the new cancer, and eventually again /pfg/ will lose interest and find something else. Possibly /pfg/ games again, but quite possibly something else. I'm no oracle, so I couldn't tell you.

But all this has to, can only, will only happen naturally, and simply CANNOT be engineered from within. /pfg/ has too many people in it for that to be possible, because it only takes a handful of people to derail any attempts at changing /pfg/'s focus with shitposting.

Okay, I'm open to the idea that it's not the lewdness because for as much as /pfg/ is clearly desperate for sexual release I think there are enough people who aren't thinking with their dick that an interesting non-lewd game should still be able to attract them in large numbers... That still begs the question of what qualifies them as "interesting". I'm still running with the idea that it's actually pretty much random, based on which ones end up being memed and shilled the hardest. It's not just about putting the game out there to be seen, but about discussion around the game giving people inspiration for characters they really want to play.

>> No.52300867

I wholeheartedly agree. The worst part is I quite like the worldbuilding, it reminds me a bit of destiny. But then I look at the application rules and am like 'Touhou battle grimoire? what the dink?'

>> No.52300872

I once ran a campaign around this, I can gladly rerun the same campaign, albeit learning from my previous run. Who would like to join?

King Maker: Sengoku Jidai meets Three Kingdoms War set during the Mongol Invasion. Its a 3 nation war free for all, with the adventurers doing jobs left, right and middle either to unite the three nations, profit from the conflict or conquer them all under your rule.

You will meet many great NPCs like Not!Date Masamune, Not!Lu Bu, Not!Ganghis Khan and many others."

Hope you brushed up on your Asian histories.

>> No.52300878


After reading that excerpt, I'm not sure how pleasant things are going to look when she takes off her clothes.

>> No.52300891

So the PCs are mercenaries in this three way war?

>> No.52300892


I'd be surprised if it mattered at all. The GM always has a better idea of what the campaign needs for players and characters. And if the players care too much they'll start building characters for good reviews than for interesting/fun concepts, which just defeats the purpose. Like, I have an app in an upcoming game, and I know there are some flaws, but they're required to be there to get just the character I want, so it's worth it.

But I still think the reviews are fun to read. And they do point out the more basic ways they can be improved on, like writing quality and story consistency.

>> No.52300893

As well one of the biggest concepts I realized needed to be covered was how the Grail has been changed. Due to the 3rd Holy Grail war not happening in at all a similar manner the Grail's corruption is not present in the way it was before.

Instead there are a few things that came instead. The Fractured Grail and The Grail in Exile.

The Grail in Exile is the concept of a Holy Grail that can exist outside of the few weeks time span before and after the Holy Grail War. It was created during the 4th Holy Grail War by its winner Maximilian the 1st Whose title was King of Romans, King of X is significant in the canon fought Dominator, an extra servant caused by the fusion of The Zodiac Killer, a counter force agent with no true name, and Perseus after The Zodiac Killer devoured him. Maximilian the 1st was forced to wish using the Grail earlier than intended, and wished he could escape with it. This not only gave him a real body, but created The Grail in Exile.

The Fractured Grail was created in the 6th Holy Grail War when Adolf Hitler and Guy Fawkes tried to trigger a premature Grail awakening. The two of them each received a portion of the Grail. This caused the Grail to each grant them a twisted version of their wish. In subsequent Holy Grail Wars the Grail's awakening now required multiple pieces to be collected and forged before the full Grail could manifest. These lesser pieces essentially grant genie wishes. The moment the Fractured Grail was created was when the two of them had managed to open a path to Shangri La, supposedly one of three stems which feed the Grail power along with The Garden of Eden and the Grove of Idunn. While there they awakened The Eight Dharmapalas, the mythological defenders of Tibetan Buddhism. One in particular, Mahākāla, the Great Black One took an interest in the struggle.

I am not familiar with Bloodforge. I may consider Psionics for Caster, but no one else.

>> No.52300902

Okay folks, I've hit a dilemma

One, I've been bingewatching too much Two Best Friends Play Metal Gear Rising, and I've had a desire to include fantastic prosthetics.

Two, what's the best system for Automail-style stuff and Cyborgery? I want it to be more than just fluff (I have a robot arm! It grants me +2 on STR checks to push stuff!) but less than, yknow, "you have to be a cyborg in order to compete." I want there to be distinct tradeoffs to having prostheses, but still make it viable.

My thoughts on it are
>offer two types of Prostheses: weaker, more concealable "Woodclay" and stronger, but more invasive "Veinsteel" style prosthetics
>Have four slots for each Prosthetic: Arms, Legs, Head, and Torso.,
>Woodclay Prosthetics offer only marginal enhancements over the standard human body, but they don't interfere with many types of magic
>Veinsteel Prosthetics allow for far more enhancement, but they have a negative effect on magical performance. Each one has an "invasiveness" score, determining how much it interferes with your functioning.
>There's a couple different types of magic: only one type of magic (which is heavily restricted on what spheres it can take) is fully compatible with Veinsteel implants.
>If you take a Veinsteel Prosthetic and are using a magical tradition other than the aforementioned restricted one, you suffer some of the following penalties
>A failure chance on spells equal to the sum of the Invasiveness score of all Veinsteel implants you have along with a penalty on concentration checks and a reduction in the number of spellpoints you have equal to half the sum of your "Invasiveness" score.
>Veinsteel does confer some inherent bonuses, regardless of the type of implant
>You always gain spell resistance equal to the number of implants you have + your character level
>You gain a bonus number of hitpoints equal to double the invasiveness score of the implants
>You can install some crazy implants in them, of course.

Any thoughts, /pfg/?

>> No.52300903

The armor debacle was also... really weird.

>> No.52300907


Do it again, anon! Do it again! A campaign built around Tian Xia would be incredible!

Please tell me it's high-level and totally Musou.

>> No.52300915

Healing the outside is easy. It's the inside that's tricky.

>> No.52300920

Can you elaborate a bit more on how this is like Kingmaker? I've played Kingmaker before, would that disqualify me from playing?

>> No.52300925


Glorianon! Glorianon! Which applicants do you want to play with or woo the most?

>> No.52300929

I'd play it if I get to be a cool gal with a horse, a lance, and a bow.

>> No.52300936

Keep in mind that the Zealot and the Sleeping Goddess discipline are both based around Psionics being a thing, even if the rest of the book isn't allowed.

>> No.52300946

>assassin fucks shit for everyone, twice
>adolf hitler won a grail war
>those explanations
It's like I'm reading Nasu.

>> No.52300952

Seems easy enough. Also sounds somewhat similar to Shadowrun's cyborg stuff. Could make the woodclay stuff be exoskeleton suit stuff if you don't want to make it too involved.

>> No.52300954

Of course its Musou! PoW is allowed and encouraged.

There's nothing like felling entire armies with a swing of your blade to really recreate that chinese/japanese mythic martial arts you see in popular media.

>> No.52300962


Does this take place in Golarion? If so, how do you account for the Successor States?

What's the starting level and point buy?

>> No.52300968

You become lords of a faction. Either the Japanese (Date, Muneshige, Nobunaga, etc) Chinese (Ryu Bei, Cao Cao) or Mongol (Khans) or be an independent group protecting a village, and turning it to a city either through peaceful negotiations or violent conquest.

>> No.52300975

Is it gestalt? What other 3pp/houserules besides PoW?

>> No.52300985

Most certainly! I was inspired by Shadowrun's whole "Essence" system. I wouldn't even TRY to represent it with Vancian casting, but Spheres gives me the design space to include it as an alternative system. I'm including both types primarily to make sure that low-level players who wish to have some prosthetic parts won't be a bit cheated, while at higher levels, Veinsteel stuff will look GREAT for a martial character, and for folks who can accept having to use a more restricted magical tradition (with more than half the spheres cut off and a number of drawbacks in place, but fully compatible with the invasiveness of Veinsteel stuff)

The hard part is gonna be actually writing out the rules, but I'll worry about those later

>> No.52300986

Hmm, I'd like to see Cashmere and Lysander, definitely. I rather like those two. As for a third, I'd lean towards Maice out of the remainder, though it would be lovely if there was someone really virtuous out there to choose, a man with a heart of purity and valor.

>> No.52300992

Ah yeah, I would allow that sort of stuff. I mean I probably won't be considering Manifesters for anything except Caster.

As you can tell just with this brief explanation things are already getting complicated.

Between masters, heroic spirits, supervisors, and other important NPCs I have found myself looking at 180+ characters who need explanations of who they were, what they did, and where they were going. Plus details on organizations, changed world history, summaries of holy grail wars, detailed rules on Noble Phantasm building, and more.

Previously I just worked with my players for Noble Phantasms, having them suggest a power and me approving it or helping them adjust. I'd rather just give /pfg/ rules which is why I put forth the 9th level maneuver idea.

>> No.52300993


>It's actually real-world countries

... Gross... No offense, but Tian Xia is built to accommodate this style only BETTER.

Why have three factions when players can be champions of eighteen possible nations, each with a unique play style? There is a Kingdom of Martial Arts, Samurai Land and even Here Be Oracles!

>> No.52300995

Yes! What are your thoughts on loyal ninja who pledge themselves to great warlords?

>> No.52301002

Hey pfg, does anyone have the Wheel of Time PDFs from 3.5?

>> No.52301012

If you're making a session and want it to be super Musou then just give all of your martials Greater Cleave and Awesome Blow for free IMO.

>> No.52301020

>tfw not sure whether to run a musou campaign, a pirate campaign, an island survival campaign, or an archaeology campaign for my meatspace group


>> No.52301026

Aw HELL yeah

>> No.52301031

Anon, you don't actually need to write that all up, or at least not instantly. Think about it, does anyone in the Holy Grail Wars know all of the history? No, they just know vague brushstrokes, and try to piece together the rest. That's where the drama comes in, in the gap between the conception of the Grail and the reality of the grail.

>> No.52301036

FotJR Ninja Loli Twins player called, they want their character concept back

alternately they compliment your good taste

>> No.52301043

Taris? Drummand? I think all the remaining males are pretty morally questionable, even the LG Paladin.

>> No.52301052

Considering there's two of them, it's probably both

>> No.52301057

I get the feeling Legacy of Blood and Flame is lewder than the GM is letting on, frankly.

>> No.52301060


Make a campaign about pirate archaeologists who fight to survive on incredibly dangerous islands with ridiculously powerful techniques.

>> No.52301062

Yes to all.

>> No.52301063

F/SN anon here to say one more thing. So that the whole setting document impacts characters more I am thinking of allowing players to build they own masters. I've done it before for my own group.

As a PC you're incentivized to sometimes build an unruly or unreliable master because that's how you earn Fate points. Building a master that always follows your orders means you may not have the Fate points you need to activate your Noble Phantasm at the right moment. Building a master TOO unruly puts you in danger but gives you more OOMPH at a push.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

In character you don't need to know, but as a player you should be aware of your place in the world. Especially if I go with the above idea of designing one's own master as well as servant.

>> No.52301065

Drummand's obvious desire to have sexual relations with Monstergirls makes him impure, unfortunately.

Taris' obsession with vengeance also imperils his purity. It's a dangerous road to walk.

>> No.52301068

Yo I wanna fuck that genie

>> No.52301070

>tfw it's always pirate games
>it's never explorers, naval officers, or merchants
>it's only ever CG/CN/CE pie rats

>> No.52301079

>tfw you were going to make a virtuous man with a heart of compassion for the weak and righteous fury for the vile, but then you realized there was a fatal flaw in your character concept and scrapped it

Well, I'm happy with the character I have now anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.52301082


Right? Who wants to be a pirate when privateers get all the money and cushy government jobs they can eat?

>> No.52301083

Who doesn't?

>> No.52301085

>tfw I want to run fookin' sky navy/privateers

>> No.52301089

Hey, I've gotta throw the resident One Piece fan a bone somehow.

Island survival could have them all be members of an exploratory team with the drawback of "your ride home and to reporting what you've found here just sank on a reef, oops."

>> No.52301096

What was the fatal flaw?

>> No.52301098


Sigmund doesn't strike me as morally questionable, he just strikes me as tragic.

>> No.52301101

>Yes, sexual content is on the table
>"lewds" are not intended to be a defining aspect of this campaign
Honestly, it seems about as "lewd" as RotJR, really.

>> No.52301104

Nigga the wan piss fans get whole skeletons thrown at them in this fucking hobby. The fuck you on about.

And get better taste

>> No.52301105

I can only do one at a time and we're taking turns GM'ing things.

>> No.52301115

>wan piss fans get whole skeletons thrown at them

>> No.52301122


What, you don't like puns?

>> No.52301126

My character wouldn't be concerned,
Sex? You mean people do that for pleasure?

>> No.52301128

i'm a bad man.


>> No.52301129

The Divine Cataclysm was not a recent event. He would have been an ex-cleric of a god, Titania probably, who rebuked the one he once worshiped when he saw her for what she really was. But nobody is fooled by that ruse anymore, so it doesn't make sense that he could have once believed his god to be anything other than the demon it truly is.

>> No.52301131

Gave him another look at now that he has his personality block up, he seems all right yeah. Would having had a monster daughter disqualify him though?

>> No.52301146

That's a good point. Sigmund is new, but he's actually very pure. And he's not TOO old by any means.

Sigmund would be an excellent choice.

>> No.52301154


>> No.52301155

That's the same disclaimer that most /pfg/ games have.

Meanwhile, the GM is in Wrath of the Raunchy.

>> No.52301159

No anon, he means combine ALL of those concepts into one game, kinda like >>52301060 said.

That way, you can go full on One Piece without actually being One Piece, and minus being a Journey to the West knock off

>> No.52301174

...you know what that just might work.

>> No.52301179

No anon, I only do it for procreation!
That's why I'm going to turn your character into my breeding sow!

>> No.52301181


What the fuck does Mephistophelian even MEAN?

>> No.52301188

Please do.

>> No.52301192

>very pure
>fucked a Fae
Adj. 1. Mephistophelian - showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

>> No.52301197

Honestly, I'm surprised more people haven't just done blatant fetish bait. There's just so much potential:
>brown girls
>belly dancers
>harem outfits
>genie girls
>pirate girls
>rebellious princesses
>catfolk and gnolls for the furries in the audience

>> No.52301204

He was young and foolish, you can't hold him for something he did so long ago!

>> No.52301221

Just imagine it, magitech ships made from scavenged archeo-magitech engaging in Navel musou battles, followed by the crew making landfall on an uncharted island to make their way Up it's dangerous and lethal depth to find even more Archeo-Tech!

Like a Musou version of Wind Waker!

>> No.52301225

Gnolls are for everybody anon.

>> No.52301228

He did it for LOVE

>> No.52301260


He did it for a TIGHT HOLE and EAGEE MOUTH!

He took responsibility though, even when the baby was explicitly a monster and a curse. That's some serious dad instincts.

>> No.52301262


>That spoiler

Anon, a real furry would combine that with one or more things on that list.

>> No.52301264

Don't do island survival, it does not transition to pathfinder well. Musou would be the most fun in my opinion with the over the top nature in the core of the idea.

>> No.52301266

>not one brown girl
I'm honestly shocked. There is a dancer that probably wears harem outfits, but the character seems to be more about finding herself.

>> No.52301280

Pretty sure there're two brown girls.

>> No.52301284


there was an anon who was going to do that, but they realized they didn't have time
RIP [email protected] Street Rat

>> No.52301289



...I'm not sure if if that's something really good, or really, REALLY scary.

>> No.52301295

Right, I guess I mean that they both have more going on than "brown girl".

>> No.52301296


>> No.52301303


My fat fingers slipped when I wanted to hit the R!


>> No.52301315

Sure you can!
And look where that got him! Monsters aren't for loving. They're for the edge of an axe, the point of a spear, and the blade of a sword!

>> No.52301316


>> No.52301319


>> No.52301323


And is that not the PUREST LOVE of them all?

>> No.52301339


You know, I don't know if it was intentional or not to write that the villagers explicitly thought the daughter would doom their village...

... And she totally does, partially because they thought she'd doom the village.

>> No.52301347


Now look here, you silly buggers, you can have either an alert or an alarm. I'm not going to stand for this "alart" lark.

>> No.52301350

The LOVE of TIGHT BUTTS is far purer.

But Anon, what if they can change?!

>> No.52301372

I beg to differ.

>> No.52301389

A monster that can change? There might be, if we just looked. But I think the only good monsters are the ones that never show themselves.

Something, something hoist by your own petard. Should have just killed Sigmund and his monster daughter. Wouldn't have had any problems then.

>> No.52301406

I wonder where reviewanon went

>> No.52301425

I wonder if Sigmund is the perfect fit for the setting or the most far removed.

>> No.52301429


>> No.52301437

The rules aren't that bad.
The Touhou Battle Grimoire was a better tome of 9 blades (in other words it's PoW), so it's really not that complicated although some individual schools have more in-depth mechanics of their own than actual PoW. Comes from a time where the disciplines were kinda lacking in variation, yet you were still mostly expected to just focus on the one.

The not-gestalt points are very straightforward; you get 5 points to purchase a couple of bonuses including "my other gestalt is myrmidon" initiator progression or the like.

Think of it as a chance to go balls-deep in some of the stranger options of the more literal "3.PF" era.

I'm mostly done applying I'm just waiting due to some strange errors in the damn myth-weavers sheet because stupid auto-calculate can't get CMD right.

>> No.52301446

Took a break after going 5/6 in HR predictions.

Currently typing up a crazy RotJR theory.

>> No.52301462

Will you do WWW once the applications get rolling?

>> No.52301466

Was your miss Metlee? Mine was.

>> No.52301483

Oh, I'm gonna!

>> No.52301491

I do like that *completely unarmed* one in Plain History where many of the maneuvers are aid-anothers or direct skill-fucks.

Also the mecha-kappa one that you can take for either EX or SU (or twice, as two of your disciplines, for both and some high level combos) variants.

>> No.52301534

I like how his application was written and do think he fits quite well. Just saying if he told his story to people in-character, I think most people would just look at him with a, "What the fuck did you expect to happen?" expression.

It fits Titania's motif of a "barbed gift" to a t. Did he really think he was going to have any happiness from one of Titania's own without repercussion?

>> No.52301556


Also didn't foresee either Reina or AngelStarman

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