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About 20 years before the campaign happened.

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How much money can you generate with Profession: Slave owner/trader?

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As soon as he's done clearing out these goblins!

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It's rats, you fuckface.

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Go home, Arehera, you're drunk.

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About 8308g directed into your skull once after a few checks.

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Most likely after she eats someone alive and turns into a horrifying monster.

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Hot, tell me more.

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WotR brawler busily browses... uh... fuck, I ran out of words starting with 'b'.

But, anyway, looking for opinions or ideas for Dossentistantrotitanianiawhateverhernameis.


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>the price of a +2 masterwork morningstar

I giggled

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>2 year time skip ends
>Seht has married Shayliss and has already popped out a few sprogs
>Casimir and Val are also married and she has a bun in the oven
>Onryou fled Sandpoint to seek the inner peace she requires to quiet the pain of losing Seht, Aranha doesn't have anything better to do so she goes with her
>TFW Corwin, the town drunk, is the only one left to try to get Ameiko to her rightful place in Minkai

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Likely after he's become immortal.

It hasn't stopped him from leaving a few kids around during his pre-campaign travels.

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When he finds a cute girl during a raid, of course.

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Not as much as a Mystic Pimp.

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How the fuck do you know that?

>> No.52279459

But what if the cute girl finds YOU during a raid?

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I've been pondering on Magus myself lately.

Spellstrike is mostly replicated by Energy Blade, Cryptic Strike, Clarified Strike, etc. It's just slightly better.

Spell Combat is mostly replicated by Mystic Assault. It's just better.

Both are now class agnostic things, albeit the magus ones have less limitations.

They need something unique to them again.

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Then it'll save him the trouble of looking.

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>It's up to Corwin to get the band back together
>It's 106 miles to Magnimar
>He's got a full jug of mead
>Half a pack of tindertwigs
>It's dark
>He's wearing sunglasses

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How the fuck do I know what? The price of a common magical item?

8 GP - Morningstar
300 GP - Masterwork
8,000 GP - the cost of enchanting a weapon to +2

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The point was he'll be heading back to Shayliss after he's done with the gobbos.
Not him, just shitposting.

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I don't understand what this means.

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+8300 is +2 masterwork.

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>sessions begin by getting the band back together, because it's a mission from the amatatsu seal

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>TFW Koya can watch all the little ones in the caravan while their brave hero parents fight ninja and monsters alike

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This needs to happen.

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The fact that you have that memorized suggests, to me, an overabundance of free time or something.

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Does anyone know what happened to the Paragon class? I was hoping to use it.

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>Bringing your kids on the caravan
>When there's already a tight limit on how many passengers you can bring along

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Do you prefer serfs, then?

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The first level of enchantment includes the cost of getting the weapon Masterwork senpai, you're paying too much.

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It became the sentinel.

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>using the caravan rules

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Or just having played the game a long time.

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She has a nice fiancee and will likely settle down with her after she's done trying to sort out the mess with the people who killed her adoptive parents, but they'll probably never stay in one place

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It doesn't.

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Given that he's Half-Elf, he knows that he's got a longer lifespan than humans. So, being that he's only in his early 20's, he's not planning on settling down any time soon.

Unless of course his family arranges a political marriage for him. Being heir to a noble seat kinda puts a damper on some things.

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The children of hags are changelings. They're larval hags. Until they become hags, they're immature and can't have children, because they're not fully grown. Different hags have different requirements for full growth. Annis hags, cannibals and eaters of children, are what happen with a hulking changeling actually eats someone.

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I would prefer if you took 5d8 damage and gave me a DC 21 Will save or take full damage and be slowed for 1d6 rounds.

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Hold on what the fuck. Have I been paying 300 too much this whole time?

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>Only a masterwork weapon can become a magic weapon, and the masterwork cost is added to the total cost to determine final market value.
No you haven't. Most people have been paying 300gp too little.

>> No.52279585

He's thinking of stuff like mithral and adamantine. Masterwork is include din the price of those, not enchantment.

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Ah! It did! Thank you.

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I've been playing PF for like 5 years senpai, as a GM for the most part

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Repostan in the new thread!

What up hombres! Well, I've come to fulfill my promise.

I give you, the initial alpha version of the new Unchained Sphere Magus!

Now, its only the initial draft, as I've been sick for the last week, so its probably a horribly balanced mess. But hopefully you smart and wonderful anons will help me out and point out any stupid things that need to be critiqued in this Doc.

Please feel free to critique, shit on, and tear into this at your heart's content!
So far many people have already pointed out issues, and I have immediately addressed then=m and made corrections accordingly.

So please, come here and mess my crap up famalampais!

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One of my previous characters was a family man that slowly became a construct.

My current character is a construct that is slowly becoming a family, man.

>> No.52279622

>slowly becoming a family, man

Anon pls.

>> No.52279635

Bless you than.

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>tfw armor progression still wonky and slow AF
>tfw no option to get Canny Defense in exchange for totally losing armor proficiency stuff

It's pretty okay so far, though

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Nah; the gish has been a dearly loved trope from the 70's. It's finally gotten the class it deserved.

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Shayliss is a proto-slut, she's not a proper slut like her sister and that's largely why Papa Vinder acts as shocked as he does when he catches her all nekkid.

There is like a 40% chance Shayliss is still a maid when she cornered Seht!

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If I go ahead and change the first, then I may as well rewrite the whole class grom the ground up

For the second, Path of the Einhander gets defence bonus stuff. Or is that not enough? Because so far I've had people tell me that the AC bonus it grants is a tad too high, so I've had plans to reduce it

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Is it possible to make a punch magus?

>> No.52279712

Yes, I think that's what the Esoteric archetype is.

>> No.52279713

How does one Zandatsu, /pfg/?

The Esoteric Magus. But it's trash. Also the Phantom Blade Magus, if you keep your phantom blade stuck in your head.

>> No.52279723

Famalampai sounds like some sort of parasitic fish...

[muffled finger guns in the distance]

>> No.52279724

>rework the class from the ground up
You're pretty much doing that anyway, senpai.

>Path of the Einhander
The problem there is that, since it's based on your Caster Level, you can pump it SUPER HIGH and it applies no matter what you wear. Canny Defense requires light or no armor and einhanding, and was capped by your TOTAL LEVEL, and simultaneously required you to be pumping Int a lot to even hit that cap.

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>Onryou and Aranha are already in Kalsgard
>Seht needs Corwin's help to rescue Shayliss from a vicious dragon
>Valeriya can't assume the mantle of Vilderavn while heavily pregnant, exasperating her as she is trying to uncover the source of grisly murders in Magnimar

There we go.

Book 2 of Jade Regent, Dragon's Demand and Skinsaw Cult are all accounted for.

(Spoilers incoming)

By the time he finishes getting the gang back together, it will be caravaneering season and they can circumvent Book 3 entirely.

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Esoteric Magus is a punch magus. The Spiritualist Phantom Blade Archetype is even better at it. Also Catfulk and Changelings can do so with claws.

>> No.52279770

As soon as his stalker forces herself onto him again

>> No.52279780

It's party-splitting all the way down.
The entire Friday campaign will be over by the time they get on the road to Minkai.

>> No.52279783

So you want something that is weaker, more limited in use, and far more stat dependant than is already present?

The gift horse doesn't have canker sores, you don't have to check in there for them. And if you need it so specifically, there are dozens of other classes that are dippable that can be used to help emulate it.

Besides, I want my magical duelists to go into battle in fullplate and an estoc

>> No.52279802

Spellstrike is pretty much duplicated by talents (I think mind has one now, too). Spell Combat is better than Mystic Assault, unless you want to use something other than a one-handed melee weapon. The magus really does need more than this.

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Sorry, I don't understand the outrage.

>> No.52279812


My character is already a father!

>> No.52279862

... Nigga what, all your focuses are clearly based off of archetypes and such, and Canny Defense is something granted by an archetype, Kensai, that is fairly popular. I'm not demanding it and I think what you have so far outside of the somewhat clunky AC bonus from Einhander is pretty cool for a first draft.

I didn't tell you "convert Einhander to this", it was a completely separate thought. Don't push a stick up anywhere it doesn't belong.

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>> No.52279893

Sorry, I apologize for putting words in your mouth and inferring meaning from your statement that was not intended.

As you can tell, I'm kind of a retard.

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But she's a classy young lady, Ven said so.

>> No.52279957

You're not the first one that's had that problem, so don't feel too bad.

I'm kind of hoping that your homebrew turns out well and can replicate a lot of the archetypes, because I would be down for respeccing a Kensai/Bladebound into it if it gets okayed.

>> No.52279962


there gonna have plenty of kids!!

>> No.52279970


Ven is desperate to get his daughters married before they squirt out a bastard! DESPERATE!

Do you think he'd marry his lovely younger daughter to some Shoanti runt that just wandered into town two days prior unless she had a reputation for lechery?

Shayliss is a woman that can gulp down an entire glass of Norah's special brew, if you know what I'm saying.



>> No.52280022

I might have a crack at it myself once I finish my take on Armorist.

I have some thoughts a-brewing.

>> No.52280041

Another anon already had his crack at remaking the Armorist

>> No.52280051


>Seht's Constitution is 14

What's his woman's Con looking like?

Shoanti get 2d6, by the way.

>> No.52280064

Pls no



>> No.52280095

Yes well I'm doing it too gosh heckin' dangit.

Another anon trying to fix it doesn't mean I can't, especially if we're thinking along different lines!

>> No.52280098

How would you feel if I added an Unarmored Path in the future? that way you can have unarmored combat abilites, not overlap with Einhander, and can even use super weeby 2h weapons, like an Elven Curvedblade?

>> No.52280103

Rolled 6, 4 + 2 = 12 (2d6 + 2)


>> No.52280108

Damn son!

>> No.52280118

That's a like 1/5th his size. Goddamn.

>> No.52280119

Guess Mori isn't the only horse in the party.

>> No.52280126


>The runt's packin' some heat

Shayliss is going to be in for a very, very big surprise on their wedding night.

>> No.52280135

Are you the anon who posted his new remake of it last night?
If so, I'm sorry but it was shit. It does nothing to fix Armorist's problems

>> No.52280137

there is a game
a character is in the game
a person is looking for mildly lewd ideas for the character in the game

>> No.52280150

What's Corwin and Cassomir like in comparison?

>> No.52280157

They never actually fugged, Shayliss just stripped and tempted Seht. Canon still works!

>> No.52280164

Rolled 1, 2 + 2 = 5 (2d6 + 2)


Let's find out (Corwin is +2 and the 2d6, Casimir is +1 and the 2d4)

>> No.52280166

Well I'm open to feedback and suggestions. If the quality picking was bad, how so?

What do you think is 'the problem' with Armorist?

>> No.52280172

I dunno, what race are they?
Casimir has a 12 Con and Corwin has 14

>> No.52280174

Rolled 2, 1 = 3 (2d4)


That... That 1+2+2 is 5 for Corwin.

Rolling proper for Casimir.

>> No.52280183

O-oh dear.

>> No.52280185


>Seht is 12
>Corwin is 5
>Casimir is 4

Oh I'm giggling, Hot Springs with horse neighing sound effects when?

>> No.52280189

Shouldn't y'all just go with what fits for the character? They're PCs, after all, going to be at least above average anyhow unless it's more fun not to be.

>> No.52280195


>> No.52280211

Oh yeah, this is all for fun, noncanon. It's just hilarious to see what the dice provide!

>> No.52280215

This shit is why I actually prefer Pathfinder Vices. No fucking "suddenly hung shota" or "hehe youse a tiny cuck" bullshit.

>> No.52280234

I just don't go into detail about it. Leave that stuff to the side, and do what makes sense for the character, within reason of their actual stats.

>> No.52280236

Don't bother trying to stop it.
/pfg/ has the biggest complex about this shit.

It was BIG LIZARD COCK for RotJR, then BIG KELLID MAN for Wrath of the Raunchy, and now it's just the latest round of MUH DIK MUHFUGGA.

>> No.52280244


>> No.52280269

Just gotta sell it right.

>> No.52280275


Going to be honest here, I'm actually kind of digging from a non-giggle perspective the idea of Seht being hung like a horse. He's a scrawny little Shoanti runt marrying a girl that's probably had her body weight in cock by now, so having something that could make her eyes light up on their wedding night might be fun!


>Implying Corwin and Casimir having small dongers isn't the funniest shit

>> No.52280277


>Onryou instinctively went after seht, not because of /ss/ but because giants should stick together.

>> No.52280287

I...does /tg/ have a canon party in Sandpoint, or something? Are there terrible novels set in Golarion featuring them? I haven't heard of any of these assholes.
I mean, I like the idea of a town drunk being the only one left, it increases the likelihood of dead Designer's Mary Sue, but I get the feeling people actually like Ameiko for some godawful reason (yet another sign of why Pathfinder is evil, I guess.)

>> No.52280293

Are warder's Ordained Defender and Zweihander Sentinel archetypes compatible?

>> No.52280295

I just think it's a bit puerile, is all.

Yes, they are, and they're commonly used together.

>> No.52280299

The entire system of "pay your +1s for abilities" is a horrible idea.

Further, the other main issue is that you are arbitrarily limited in what abilities you can gain access to, and the only only way to expand it is to spend your arsenal tricks to to open up only 1-3 qualities up at a time.

Optional abilites like Arsenal tricks shouldn't be there to make you buy in to allow your class to function, they should be there to diversify your build.

As long as the you use the original system that the armorist was built around, it will always be a piece of trash compared to other classes, even the mageknight

>> No.52280303

>settle down and have a family

Hahahahaha, she'll never survive that long.

>> No.52280306

There one of the parties that got into that RotJR meme game that /pfg/ is obsessed with.

>> No.52280312

>but I get the feeling people actually like Ameiko for some godawful reason (yet another sign of why Pathfinder is evil, I guess.)

Ameiko is actually a fun, interesting NPC that you will wind up loving by the first book of Jade Regent, she is by no means obnoxious or annoying.

And this is coming from the people that tore Senshen a new asshole for her characterization in Hell's Rebels.

>> No.52280321

I can just imagine my character's reaction.

"My first girlfriend had a bigger dick than either of you."

>> No.52280323

RotJR just will not stop circlejerking in the thread.

At this rate, I'm figuring that Friday group is pretty likely to just give this shit up and start their own entirely different campaign rather than put up with constantly getting shit on by both /pfg/ and the Saturday group.

>> No.52280337


>shit on by Saturday group

This meme needs to die.

>> No.52280343

Jesus christ I thought we were done with the MY PURE WAIFU WANTS THE BIGGEST NIG-uh i mean-SHOANTI COCK after every motherfucker who min-maxed their characters specifically to be hung very conspicuously didn't get picked for RotJR.

>> No.52280344

So is the new thing trying to play Friday and Saturday group against each other.

Like I kinda agree, they should kinda take it somewhere else. Like talking about stuff that happened/recounting stories is one thing but this is ridiculous.

>> No.52280347

The Saturday group doesn't shit on anyone, though. Just above in this very thread, that was put to rest. It's literally only /pfg/ that's shitting on what is frankly a more fun party.

>> No.52280361

Hello /pfg/! I've just been accepted into a Kingmaker campaign, 32 PB with Feat tax and Background skills, but I don't know really anything about Brevoy or the Stolen Lands!

What are some interesting character concepts I can take? What's special about the bandits in the area, and what's a Swordlord?

>> No.52280367

I'm starting to wonder if it's the same two or three anons stirring things up across PLD, HR and RotJR.

>> No.52280376

>fter every motherfucker who min-maxed their characters specifically to be hung
The only guy that I remember being "muh dick muhfugga" was the crocodile guy.

>> No.52280379

>what's frankly a more fun party

you appear to be doing about the same thing that people are saying is stupid, except in reverse

>> No.52280389

How do I go about being the blastiest spherecaster there ever was?

Starting at 4th level, I'm looking at:

>Incanter 1, Sphere Specialization (Destruction), Admixture Adept
>Sorcerer (Crossblooded Orc/Red Dragon) 1
>Elementalist (Admixture Savant) 2

CL 4+1(sphere spec)+2(overcharge)+1(staff)+1(greater blast) = 9

9d8+19 damage Explosive Orbs for 2 spell points per pop with Orb Expert.

Can I go even further? I know to get Energy Specialization next level

>> No.52280405

I'd say you're right. Probably mad that it's eating up the post count so that they can't talk shit about Paizo's politics or that they never get in on any games

>> No.52280418

Whaddya mean 'even mageknight'?

Mageknights are boss.

>> No.52280441

She probably just had the deck stacked unfairly against her for me. I started noticing Pathfinder during Jade Regent's release, and I hear 'you escort an NPC to go become Empress', and I immediately have flashbacks to Every Other Time This Has Happened, in a module or otherwise - I had a very difficult time swallowing the idea that it could work (and yes, I KNOW that the adventure specifically states that somebody else can be the heir. Doesn't really help.) Add to that the fact that I then heard that she was a former PC, and by the time I actually got around to reading Rise of the Runelords, I didn't give her much of a chance.
But, if people are this consistently certain that this is the one time the 'escort the NPC' quest actually works and the character is cool, then I'm willing to believe it.

>> No.52280462

Christ, I'm going to be sorry I even asked this, but...what's RotJR? Is that a gaming platform like Roll20, or one of those stupid youtube channels where actors pretend to be geeks, or what?

>> No.52280477

That's how magic items work, anon.

What would you suggest in its place?

I'm not sure I'm in favor of giving them access to the entire list of weapon abilities just inherently, Spheres isnt a 'get everything for free' system. I was considering letting them just get a new quality for free each time they get a new Adv. Tech though. And just have the Tech itself for if they want MOR.

>> No.52280484


I think the thing you need to understand is that Ameiko is destined to become the empress of a nation that tends to keep to itself, and is the size of the continental United States.


Canonically, she graciously bequeaths governerships to anyone who asks for one, and a single province in Minkai is about as large, populated and wealthy as a nation in the Inner Sea. Minkai is ridiculously powerful in-setting.

>> No.52280498

It's a game being run on Roll20.

>> No.52280499

Since the playtest has appeared.


>> No.52280512

>he wasn't here for it

It's "Rise of the Jade Regent", where you do the first book of Rise of the Runelords, then follow it up with the entirety of Jade Regent. This is a popular thing to do, because it gives you an entire book to set things up and get people attached to NPCs an develop shit.

In THIS context, it refers to the fact that it was the ORIGINAL "meme game" where people put in applications, except that shit was MONTHS in advance of the actual application process because the GM had popped in to go "are people interested in this? might run it in a few months" and people wanted a waiting room. It only spiraled further out of control from there.

>> No.52280513

It was an extremely popular game that ran recruiting on /pfg/.

The premise is simple: it's the first act of Rise of the Runelords that then goes into the Jade Regent adventure path.

The shitty thing exploded in popularity for some /godforsaken/ reason. It literally dominated the threads and came to define what a "memegame" was: a popular game whose characters are hyped up even more so than the plot of the game itself.

Other memegames included Dragons, Dragons 2, Wrath of the Raunchy, and Celestial Tournament. They're cancer and they need to go and STAY GO.

>> No.52280514

Rise of the Jade Regeant. Some guy in his infinite wisdom made a gestalt game with "lewds", but announced chargen and shit WAY WAY WAY before taking applications.

The campaign itself is a amalgam of the first book of Rise of the Runelords and the rest of Jade Reagent.

>> No.52280517

Have you been under a rock for the last 6 months, anon?

>> No.52280524

It recruited a while back. No idea why people are still obsessed with it.
I'm guessing it's a few specific anons that are actually in the game that keep bringing it up here.

>> No.52280526

Rise of the Runelords' first part, plus all of Jade Regent. As a high-powered gestalt campaign. It was a good idea, but it created some bad habits.

>celebrity player characters--and players, for that matter
>more shipping than a shonen anime forum
>thread discussion driving said shipping and essentially pre-determining it
>constant salt over not getting in
>comparing the two games the GM decided to run against each other and trying to make one group feel like shit
>a deluge of /pfg/-focused Roll20 games, resulting in all of the above applied dozens of times over

In short, RotJR was a bold, imaginative mistake.

>> No.52280532

>They're cancer and they need to go and STAY GO.

Who knew that the worst thing to happen to /pfg/ would be a chance to actually play Pathfinder.

>> No.52280533

I thought that, but there are way too many people asking questions that people in the game should know. I fear it's bigger than that.

>> No.52280535

I'd rather talk about memegames than someone's hypothetical shota trap.

The difference is that things HAPPEN in memegames, and the shit characters that would otherwise plague us dont get in.

Most of the time.

>> No.52280543

>former PC
She is, but at least she's described as a fun adventurous character that's easy to get along with. Compared to Shensen, who's literally described (by JJ in fact) as too dumb to live and has to be bailed out constantly because she's too busy sucking dick to save her own life.

Also she's got a super bullshit special snowflake backstory.

>> No.52280550

>Also she's got a super bullshit special snowflake backstory.
Doesn't ShenShen's backstory literally abuse the way Reincarnate works?

>> No.52280551

>Also she's got a super bullshit special snowflake backstory.
So, a PC backstory? Let's not act like most PCs don't have that shit.

>> No.52280566

Like there's unique circumstances and then there's snowflake tier.

>> No.52280567

>Pathfinder was a mistake.

>> No.52280574

Back in the 2000s maybe but these days it feels like there's an arms race to be subversive and mundane.

>> No.52280583

God damn then. Maybe people are just using the idea of the characters, not even knowing what they're up to anymore?
This is now one of the major mysteries of /pfg/ for me.

>> No.52280585


Shensen abuses Reincarnate to play as a CG Drow, without taking any of the RP penalties associated with being a Drow.

It's legitimately one of the worst backstories I've ever read.

>> No.52280597

No, PC backstories don't involve being born black (or "tainted") and then resurrected as white (or "purified") while keeping racial bonuses from both races despite being a literal baby when the resurrection happened.

>> No.52280608


Shensen was a baby Drow, but she got reincarnated as an aquatic half-elf!

Meanwhile, Ameiko is a spunky youngster that ran away from a troubled family life, spent about a year adventuring, and then realize that sucked ass so she came home to open a tavern.

>> No.52280611

Wait, that's Shensen's backstory?
Fuck, I thought you were talking about Ameiko having a bad home life and a dickhole brother.

>> No.52280612

>on't involve being born black (or "tainted") and then resurrected as white (or "purified")
I thought Paizo was supposed to be liberal?

>> No.52280617

That is Ameiko.

>> No.52280621

>I'm not sure I'm in favor of giving them access to the entire list of weapon abilities just inherently,
The other guy who remade the armorist did it, and it comes off just fine, if only becuase he took the Vancian Cleric approach to weapon and armor qualities.

>> No.52280624

Only in so much as it helps them deflect criticism. Didn't you hear? They have gay characters! Of course they're not racist! If you disagree, in any way, you must be a misogynist.

>> No.52280625

Funny how that goes.

>> No.52280626

No, Ameiko's backstory is honestly pretty inoffensive.>>52280617

>> No.52280638

There's not much about the Stolen Lands; except they're an 'in flux' area whose kingdoms rise and all every week.

Brevoy is france, I believe?

I hope your GM rewrites that module cause it gets bad in some places.

>> No.52280657

>Wrath of the Raunchy

But I want to stay here!

besides, nobody's memed my character except me

>> No.52280658

>Wait, that's Shensen's backstory?


Ameiko has a fairly standard PC backstory.

>> No.52280661

Which one's yours?

>> No.52280662

Paizo is whatever is "trendy" and "hip" enough to lend them brownie points with the "subversive alt" crowd that fuels them with subscription money and tumblr praise

>> No.52280664

>bad home life
Longeiku, or whatever the fuck his name was
>dick hole brother
Book 1 in a nutshell.

>> No.52280665

Yeah, Cleric is what I was likening it to myself.

And I'm more a fan of sorcerers than clerics.

Especially since spheres is a system which says you DON'T get everything. You dont need ALL qualities, just the ones you want.

>> No.52280666


Liberals tend to be absurdly hypocritical - they're only human, after all.

It's why you have transsexual lesbian paladins in Book 1 of Wrath of the Righteous, but in Book 3 you have a reformed Succubus that desperately wants a strong, caring man to love her and shove his dick in her.

>> No.52280668

I don't think recruiting from /pfg/ is, y'know, the worst thing. I just think making it the focus of several threads and getting it so ingrained into folks that it ALWAYS crops up in threads is bad. If we just got RotJR greentexts every now and then? No biggie. But seeing stuff about how much you want to cocksleeve some waifu or how much you want to have Casimir be your daddy? It gets tiring. And I know I can't do anything to change the opinions of people about it, save to point out that memegames and the constant discussion of them get on my nerves. It was so bad a few months ago that in one game I ran, I pretty much said in the OOC channel, "I don't want to see anybody talking about RotJR in here, there's an IRC channel you can take that to." It was really bad a few months ago. At least it's gotten better since then.

>Most of the time

I know exactly who you're talking about.

Fine, just don't inundate us with shipping and dumb memes.

>> No.52280673

Brevoy is Poland by way of Game of Thrones, with a bit of Russia.
Galt is France.

>> No.52280677

The redhead

>> No.52280680

Fuck off memedog.

>> No.52280682

nobody cares about blood mountain either

>> No.52280685

Tian Xia was a fucking mistake.
Worst setting book ever.

First part of Rise, then all of Jade Regent.
>go to five-star restaurant.
>Get drinks, try the bread.
>Leave and go to McDonald's
Yeah, this is why I always regret coming to /pfg/.

>> No.52280694

The problem is people tried that already.

It was called the vanilla Soulknife, and it was trash and fulfilled almost no worthwhile role.

The Armorist is the Spheres Soulknife, and was designed with the same design doctrine in mind, and as such fell to all the same traps of being complete trash.

>> No.52280695

Galt is Perma-Revolution France, since Paizo don't know how revolutions actually work.

>> No.52280704

>A five-star restaurant

nigga how many things have you been smoking

>> No.52280712

Funny, I would have expected the trap.

>> No.52280713

Soulknife was shit because it got little else BUT its magic sword. The magic sword isnt the problem, it's a dearth of fucking anything else.

>> No.52280719

Paizo has about 5 or 6 different factions among its writers, who all have different ideas about what's important.
The problem really comes from two particular employees - the high-up who runs their website, who's constantly crying wolf about other games and game writers (and at no point does anyone call her out for that kind of being a conflict of interest), and the trans writer who hates her Christian parents and will never let anyone forget it ('lawful good isn't really good' being the most notable quote from her.)

>> No.52280752

>Worst setting book ever.

Nani? Tian Xia is one of the most fascinating parts of Golarion specifically because it's large, absurdly powerful and utterly devoted to doing it's own thing.


You know what I'm butt-flustered about? The thing that really activates my almonds?

Paizo had a real neato opportunity to introduce a proper Medieval/Enlightenment-era French kingdom in the same vein as Sun King Louis or even the collection of united petty dukes known as "France during the Hundred Years War" yet, you know what? They had to choose the most boring part of French history, when it was at it's weakest.

>> No.52280764

even memedog is disappointed.

Blood Mountain is a forever-WIP. And it's more of a personal project than anything else.

>> No.52280768

Probably the wrong metaphor, especially since I don't really like the early parts of 'Rise'.
But seriously, the last half of Rise is one of the better things Paizo's written. And you just fuck off and ignore it all to go traipsing off to weaboo land? Seems like a waste, is all.
Then again, I gave up on reading through the Adventure Paths just before Jade Regent (Serpent's Skull broke me), so maybe I just don't realize how fun it is.

>> No.52280775

I think one's Crystal Frasier, who's the other? And which is which?

>> No.52280795

It's not a Roleplaying setting, it's a fantasy location.
There's fuck-all to do in every single country listed.
Yeah, that place is run by angels, and that place is run by monsters, and that place is run by different monsters, and that place is run by nobles who have a convoluted-as-fuck system of government, and that place is run by 'Asian' elves who look exactly like all other elves.
But at no time do we give you any ideas of WHAT THE FUCK adventurers do in these places.
Even the most boring country in Golarion makes it clear the kind of adventures you can have there. In Tian Xia, there's fucking nothing to do.

>> No.52280806

Jade Regent is pretty good. It's a Paizo AP, so there's the usual problems.
>uninteresting PCs are your ball and chain for the whole way through
>interesting NPCs never get developed
>clunky broken metagame concept, here represented by the caravan rules
>a meaningless third act "twist" that pulls the teeth out of the antagonist
>critical information never brought up until after the halfway point
>supposed to be about one thing, ends up being about other shit for at least 50%; oni and samurai and ninjas don't figure into part 3 at all, and are an afterthought in part 1

>> No.52280824


Jimmy Johns is the one that hates Lawful Good, Frisch's Big Boy is the trans writer.

>> No.52280828

To be fair, who really could say that Golarion as a whole was an interesting setting with deep lore back when RotRL was first released and it only had about 20 pages to give new players the rundown?

>> No.52280833

>ignoring the rest of the literal "Babby's first Pathfinde AP" that is the most common, easy to find, most-run AP out there
>in favor of going on a fantastical roadtrip to a faraway country

seems like a good trade to me

>> No.52280834

Frasier's the 'Lawful Good isn't really good' one.
I don't know the other one's name, but they rose the original stink over 'Tournament of Rapists' (which, yes, was a shit game, and pretty much deserved what it got, but nobody really talked about the fact that the person who runs a competing online rpg store was the one who started a crusade against drivethrurpg), and recently raise another big hue-and-cry over Zak S, an osr guy who, whenever he works on a project, is accused of doing terrible things without any proof. And again, this is a Paizo employee talking crap about another company's worker, but that apparently isn't a conflict of interest or anything.

>> No.52280836

Man, fuck Jimmy Johns. I was in Boston for PAX and they jacked their prices up by half just for the con days.
Still cheaper than the convention center food, but still...

>> No.52280840

What's Jessica Price's deal? I hear her mentioned sometimes.

>> No.52280850


The Price is Right isn't actually that bad of a person, she just has a huge boner for Qadira and wants to see it be the Bestest Thing since Aroden.

>> No.52280856

That would imply Paizo to actually be educated and care about researching historical accuracy (which is all written by boring old white men!) and geopolitic, rather than just making themepark areas based on cultural stereotypes of different countries as percieved by a community college grad with a bachelors in liberal arts

>> No.52280864


Why. Why why why.

We were so dumb back then, so foolish.

Pathfinder was fresh and new, it was better than 3.5e yet more roleplay oriented than the combat simulator that was 4e.

We looked at the setting with bright eyes and wondered, "how cool is Absalom! Woah! Look at Varisia, and those goblins are so WHACKY! Holy shit, is that an Aasimar as a villain? Never knew they could be so fickle!"

No matter how tender, how exquisite, A LIE WILL REMAIN A LIE.

>> No.52280865

>without any proof

There's plenty, unless you're saying the whole staff of OPP/former White Wolf are lying. A bunch of them have spoken up about him borderline harrassing them in the past.

>> No.52280869

It needs a heavy armor path too.
You're less worried about your elbow when it's covered in adamantine with a plasma spike.

>> No.52280876

She fucks Crystal, and just goes along with what she says.
Also, generally she tends to be the first person to lock and delete posts if she sees any form of argument start to happen

>> No.52280893

Will add that to the list

>> No.52280896

Anyone who actually fell for the "Pathfinder's better than 3.5 and 4e" meme deserves what they got.
And what they'll get, IE death.

>> No.52280902

Yes, they've all said it.
And when asked to present proof, they haven't.
And given that they themselves are highly-prone to bullying anyone who disagrees with them, well, fuck yes I'm saying that they're lying.

>> No.52280908

>And what they'll get, IE death.

Pain and death await all living things.

>> No.52280915

I'd say it'd be okay, but honestly like something that should be more of a "pick either middle of the road, unarmored, or heavy armor" rather than "your combat style is your armor".

>> No.52280921

>What's Jessica Price's deal?

Nothing particularly special, she's soft banned from some subforums because she barges in, screams at people who were having previously civil discussions, then starts crying "BLOCKED" whenever people tell her to fuck off.

Despite that she's written some pretty good articles about the state of table top gaming.

>> No.52280938

Combat style is your armor could be cool though. You gain bonuses to your damage based on your ACP, you can add your armor bonus to checks to Bull Rush or resist movement, that sort of thing.

>> No.52280944

Please help me understand what the problems with Kingmaker are, /pfg/. As best I understand it, the three main problems are:

1) Mass combat rules sucks dick and they forced them into this campaign.
2) From the player's perspective, the final villain kind of comes out of nowhere and doesn't have any identifiable motives for most of the campaign.
3) The kingdom building rules are a neat idea in theory but in practice it involves a lot of micro that not a lot of people will enjoy.

Is there anything else? Anything I'm missing?

Pic unrelated.

>> No.52280958


Be honest with me, then.

If you could replace three countries in Golarion (absorbing surrounding nations is allowed as long as those nations fucking suck and are boring as hell) with something you feel is either historically/culturally appropriate or just plain more interesting, by all means tell it here.

River Kingdoms with a dragon-based HRE, Galt and Mivon with Not!France, and Lastwall with "Italy with an emphasis on the mercenaries" for me.

>> No.52280964


>> No.52280969

The biggest problem with armorist is that it doesn't HAVE any actual "armorist tricks"; those are empty, false leveling abilities.

Soulknives for example get their weapon, and yes it does grow, but its growth is marked and listed, NOT "paid for" at every single level. You get blade skills, you get a growing psychic strike. And even then until the "okay fuck this from now on everyone gets gifted progression", it was EQUIVALENT to the armorist (who had sphere powers but NO "blade skills").

"You are now allowed to purchase this magic weapon ability" is NOT in any way shape or form a class ability. Never has, never will, and when that's what the 3.5 soulknife had it was considered the bottom of the monk trash pile.

Arsenal tricks MUST be replaced or made at least equivalent to the weapon/armor training trick abilities. Enhancement bonuses at MOST need to be a blacklist not a whitelist (if there's particular ones like bane that need to be restricted to avoid always having always the right bane with but a swift action or the like, THAT can be blacklisted) of abilities.

"You have a weapon" is A class ability of the 'it grows stronger with levels' variety.
"You have an armor and shield" is A class ability of the "it grows stronger with levels" variety.

More than that and there's no fucking point because you lose more than you gain from the cash savings.

>> No.52280974


You really nailed it on the head, those are the three biggest issues with Kingmaker.

Personally, I'd suggest focusing more on Brevoy collapsing than the Fae.

>> No.52280985

It could be, I guess? It's just a weird thing for me... Though, if the "no penalty while einhanding" thing got made into something accessible by the unarmored specialization without needing to wait until level 19? I could be down for that.

>> No.52281005

That's sad. Better be REALLY good with your hands and mouth. I mean, fuck. 5 inches?

I'd kill myself. I would just kill myself and call it a day.

>> No.52281006

So if I'm going to munchkin my way to eternity, and Pathfinder Path of War is on the table, How do I minmax a Warder/Oracle combo?

>> No.52281015

Oh-ho, two years out of date?
Call and raise.

>> No.52281046

Because your cock is twenty inches long and you have porn stars beating down your door.

>> No.52281051


>Not Warlord/Oracle

>> No.52281058

Those aren't liberal; they're not pushing for better worker conditions, they're doing nothing but attempting to restrict what people are allowed to even *think* (because that's what restricting a language does) about some seriously fucked up headcases.

I don't know WHAT you call someone whose goal in life is to fuck other people's brains into some form of apologetic mess while they hold an invented 'uniqueness' for themselves on a high pedestal, but it sure as fuck ain't a positive societal change, and it sure as fuck ain't conservative either.

It has nothing to do with that spectrum, but those professional outraged-victim actors certainly are giant dickbags

>> No.52281061

Goddammit, isn't there an IRC channel for RotJR? Take it over there, for fuck's sake.

>> No.52281073

I'm surprised they don't have a Discord separate from the /pfg/ one actually. Every Roll20 group I've been in keeps some kind of personal chat channel.

>> No.52281078


>He can't laugh at people insisting the only way to satisfy a woman is with a 15 inch dick

That said, 4 inches *is* kind of small.

>> No.52281087

I'm pretty sure it isn't even people from there at this point, anon. They're doing it just to make you mad.

>> No.52281098

Which of the two is actually a dude?

I remember one of the two is only pretending he's a girl?

>> No.52281106

We do and we are.

This isn't us.

>> No.52281127

This was my thoughts.

And it's what im hoping to do. Thinking on it, I believe I will give them some 'free' picks of new qualities as they level. The advantage of doing it this way is that if someone takes Bane, that's perfectly fine. But they got one type of Bane.

And yes, Arsenal Tricks are going to be 'the good stuff'.

>> No.52281129

Nah, I'm just barely 7 on a good day.

But I can't even imagine having one that's actually smaller than my palm's width. like, what the fuck.

>> No.52281146

Dude, how big is your hand? I've got large hands and they're still just under 4 inches wide.

>> No.52281151

Playing an anointed Knight. Warlord makes zero sense, thematically.

I'm also undead, and have no Con score, so my Charisma is 18, and int is 16 either way

>> No.52281158

And yet RotJR doesn't. Goddammit, who is the DM of this game?

I just want to roll my eyes at it. It's puerile. Seriously, talking about the dick sizes of fictional characters?

I'm not even mad, anon. Just tired of it all. RotJR posting has been going on for months.

It's time to stop

>> No.52281173

4.8 at the knuckles without the thumb obviously.

>> No.52281174

So I finished up making the sheet for this guy, if you're as bored as I was making this feel free to look it over and judge how I did:


>> No.52281200

We dont have a discord, we have an IRC. This is people shitposting about us, not us doing it.

>> No.52281209


Power attack doesn't work with finesse weapons.

>> No.52281214

>Warlord makes zero sense, thematically.

You sure about that? You're one Unorthodox Technique away from Silver Crane for that Warlord!

>> No.52281227

Power Attack totally works with finesse weapons.

>> No.52281232

Yes it does.

>> No.52281237

So you're just some kind of genetic freak.

>> No.52281239

Well, it seems like it would be a lot of work for a DM to do that, but it's far from impossible. Dropping the mass combat rules should be easy enough. What about the micro in the kingdom building rules? Those would be a lot harder to scrap, so could they be modified in some way to be less cumbersome or do you just need to have players that don't mind the micro? Alternatively, if the DM did all the kingdom building stuff behind the screen with just minor input from the players ("we want to focus on X stat" or "We want Y kind of building", etc), would that make things better or just upset people because the DM is taking control away?

>> No.52281240

Yes it does. They even have the 13 strength to use it.

>> No.52281242

Doesn't say that anywhere, all it says is that you need 13 Str, which you'll notice I have right on the money.

>> No.52281244

I was maybe looking at Battle Templar, which plays nice with Oracle and Warder, which also gives me silver crane, an increase in Initiator level AND caster level.

>> No.52281254

It does, but Piranha Strike is better

If that's the case, then there's nothing I can do about it. I hope y'all are having fun but the entire RotJR memegamery has taken this thread down more than a few notches in quality- not that it was very high in the first place.

>> No.52281278

Now Piranha Strike actually doesn't work with "finesse" weapons.

>> No.52281280

So has Roryposting.
So has 2hu witchhunting.
So has bitching about Gareth.
Literally EVERYTHING has shit on the thread, including your own bitching. So stop pretending you have the higher moral ground.

>> No.52281288

Unfortunately Elephant in the Room doesn't give Piranha Strike as well as PA, which I understand since otherwise there's no reason left to not dump Str and go full dex.

>> No.52281292

Honestly, I prefer a thread with ups and downs over one that's practically flatlined a short distance above zero.

>> No.52281294

That only works with light weapons right?

>> No.52281302

What do your elans look like?

>> No.52281311

>literally no reason left to not dump Str and go full dex

this is the most retarded of memes

>> No.52281318

At the very least, we're all in this shithole together, anon. We can pray to the gods above that rain will come down and wipe us all away in a flood.

>> No.52281322

Depends on your cargo.

>> No.52281348

Cold dead humans. Like vampires without pointy teeth.

>> No.52281366


>> No.52281367

I'd say that the GM should treat the kingdom rules as an excuse for side quests.
For example,
>"We want a Brothel" = Okay, go recruit some whores from Brevoy.

>> No.52281409

Memes or no memes, unless you're just looking to go two-handing for more damage Dex just gives way too many options when you're using this kind of system to lighten the load on martials.

Also can I just say that skeletal undead would make some of the BEST Cha classes? Not only are you given the option to completely dump anything having to do with Constitution for when your character was alive, since undead use Cha for HP and have no fort saves, but they also get an inherent Cha boost when they're skeletonized on top of that! Skeleton Warriors in particular are also immune to Channel Energy, which is nice.

>> No.52281434

Did someone say...



>> No.52281504

I think I did hear someone say SKELETON BALL

>> No.52281578

Seems like that'd leave you doing more side questing than actual main questing, considering how many buildings you'll be building.

>> No.52281590

Da da da da da, dadadada!

>> No.52281598

Skeleton campaign when

>> No.52281618

Ask Blood Mountain Anon.

>> No.52281629

Yeah, it should probably be done sparingly, but hey, it's something to make it live and breathe a little more than just
>gib buildan
>pay BP
Lord knows I'd rather spend a few weeks playing a side quest than a whole session on paperwork.

>> No.52281662

I think the term that's getting kicked around for it nowadays is "regressive liberal" because even though they might describe themselves as liberal they've actually regressed to being an oppressive culture that demands people behave in particular ways and punish badthink.

>> No.52281682


>> No.52281754

I want to run a game where only designated mook creatures are played. Skeletons, kobolds, what else?

>> No.52281775

Just adding my two cents as somebody who played and finished Kingmaker, the kingdom building rules weren't too bad and usually didn't eat up too much time. I don't recall ever having a normal-length session where kingdom building rules took up even half a session, and that's counting the fact sometimes we had time skips where our PCs just focused on building the kingdom for, say, three months and we did all the kingdom building stuff three times in a row.

It gets pretty stream lined. The DM can take care of all the rolling fast, then tell the players how much BP they have now. They players probably already know what they want to build, so occasionally you get a bit of "Well do we need X or Y first?" and "Should we put it HERE?" but it generally just takes a few minutes. Then you get to roll for events, and that's the most exciting part. I think a lot of people forget about the events.

>> No.52281776

Goblins, orcs.

>> No.52281778


>> No.52281827

I want Galt to be absorbed into Nirmathas, in order to turn the whole place into a huge French countriside filled with disparate confederates barely united under one banner in an attempt to keep back the Francs-I mean, Molthune, and maintain a measure of control through the shadowy council of the Grey Gardeners who act as the secret police silencing any sedition, or pro-molthuni sentiment and repressing any rumors of the demonic menace currently brewing in the blight wood Due to the Grey Gardeners actuall being a secret cabal of Pazuzu worshipers who plan on using the nation to set up an empire for their demonic patron on earth

I want Nidal removed, its existance is pointless, and instead have Cheliax divided into several major principalities, each ruled over by a specific pontiff of a particular denomination of the Asmodean church, who constantly vie for political control and power, within the larger Asmodean church, but must all bend the knee towards the Imperatrix as she is the chosen of Asmodeus to rule and reign on earth.

As for the third, that's a bit tricky. Though I guess what I really want is rather than a replacement I want both the Sodden Lands and RotML to have more content and to have more detailed information on the structure there.

Mostly, I wanna know about the system of tribal governments and confederations that make up the denizens of the Realm of the MAmmoth Lords, how the different disparate groups interact and trade with eachother, and more importantly how they deal not only with all the other crazy nations around them (especially the Worldwound and how they could contribute to the CrusadeIOMEDAEAN TEUTONS!), but also the giant Journey to the Center of the Earth pit they have as well as the huge nation of Ice Giants and sitting to the north and Baba Yaga just kicking back to the west.

Also, its been over 4000 years, why are they stone-age, and why haven't they gone full Iroquois or Cherokee?

>> No.52281830


Oh yes, you'll be missing out on the ILLUSTRIOUS Kingmaker main quest, which includes such time-honored storylines as "investigate the empty town" and "fight this Monster Mash."

>> No.52281847

I'd say slimes but that's more of an Eastern thing, Pathfinder slimes are spooky.

Also now that I'm done with Brook I guess I'll turn my attention to other members of the crew. What do you guys think I should do for him?

>> No.52281862

I literally collect skeleton bard art for exactly this purpose.

>> No.52281883


>> No.52281889

>I want Galt to be absorbed into Nirmathas, in order to turn the whole place into a huge French countriside filled with disparate confederates barely united under one banner in an attempt to keep back the Francs-I mean, Molthune, and maintain a measure of control through the shadowy council of the Grey Gardeners who act as the secret police silencing any sedition, or pro-molthuni sentiment and repressing any rumors of the demonic menace currently brewing in the blight wood

>You will never own a pleasant chateau in the Galtian countryside overlooking your sleepy peasant village
>You will never dine on fine meats and locally produced wine before going to bed to fuck your busty, curly-haired mistress
>You will never groan out, "Fuck the Thunes" while finishing inside her

>> No.52281898

I want to BONE her.

>> No.52281901

maybe that one deer-people race anon made for /pfg/, and make him an Beastmorph Alchemist||Some kind of Barbarians or Shifter?

>> No.52281913

If the DM is going to put effort into enhancing the campaign, I'd rather him focus on improving the main quest before making extra side quests. Besides, are you REALLY going to be interested in "RECRUIT WORKERS" or "FIND MATERIALS" for the Xth time whenever you want to build something?

The whole populace of a town disappearing has potential. A DM can polish and tweak it into something good.

>> No.52281970

Given the unique nature of his Devil Fruit I figured I'd give him Human stats and make him some sort of... reverse lycanthrope or something, or just continue the joke from the show and make him a Kitsune flavored as a Tanuki.

Anyway, what's this about a Shifter?

>> No.52281972

You wanna know how to make it better?
Fuse Molthune and Andoran to actually make it Post-Revolution America, with all its goods and ills together. Except with Molthuni Laborer Indenture caste and ease of upward momentum in society and openness to demi-humans to replace the American system of racial chattel slavery to make it full Melting Pot

>> No.52282006

They're the class from Spheres of Power that focus on, guess what


>> No.52282049

>Anyway, what's this about a Shifter?
Its a Spheres of Power class. Mid Caster, Mid BAB, specializes in the Alteration Sphere and gets all sorts of shapeshifty powers.

But yeah, I guess the esiest would make him some sort ofcustom Weredeer Lycanthrope, but have his base form be Small, with probably Halfling stats, and make his class an Alchemist of some kind

>> No.52282050

/pfg/ I need feats.
Feats for lunar oracles!

>> No.52282061

dude take whatever you want you're just a spontaneous casting druid

>> No.52282071

Chirurgeon + Something, because he's a doctor.

>> No.52282079

Combat Advice! It's good for anybody that doesn't need their move actions to full attack! Once you start casting with metamagic, retrain it out!

>> No.52282087


Holy shit, why didn't I ever think of that. Molthune perfectly fits Andoren and flawlessly shows off the whole "American War Machine" thing.

>> No.52282091

Neat! I'll definitely look into it. Beastmorph Alchemist is almost guaranteed to get in given how his abilities are shown to work, and I suppose getting various feats or other upgrades to speed up consumption of alchemist potions and the like can just be flavored as him doing his transformations faster.

Now if only Pathfinder had a system for his monster form. AFAIK there's nothing in PF that allows you to get a massive temporary powerup that ends up draining you afterwards.

>> No.52282116


>> No.52282167

It's admittedly close, but exhausted in anime and exhausted in Pathfinder are a lot different, mechanically speaking.

>> No.52282231

Oooh! I actually really like this idea.

>> No.52282259

Yeah, given that the campaign is their 'sandbox adventure', straying from the Main Quest was a big part of the point.
In fact, the ability to avoid the Actual Paizo Adventure is one of the reasons that Kingmaker is one of the best paths.

>> No.52282320

Former RotJR hopeful here.
How the fuck did Seht go from "earnest, religiously-oriented runt with a horse" to "God-Level NTRGuy"?

>> No.52282332

He got shipped with Onryou and both players bought into it.

>> No.52282337

He didn't, memelords are just being memelords again

>> No.52282338

So wait, is a good chunk of Kingmaker just this?

>> No.52282348

Got shipped with Onryou. IC he's still the same.

>> No.52282369

Probably another case of player buying their own hype. Here's hoping he doesn't go the way of Rory.

>> No.52282378

What's the sauce on the guy on the far right?

>> No.52282391

In a sick, twisted fashion, I kind of hope he does.

Memedog needs company

>> No.52282411


I'm pretty sure 90% of the shilling that goes on here is not from the players.

>> No.52282435

I posted like, once in this thread, about the price of a +2 masterwork weapon.

>> No.52282439

You'd think, but then somebody comes on bragging about their dick size.

>> No.52282484

You're Seht's player, then?
Keep up the good game, and don't take advice from the thread.

>> No.52282511

If it's +anything it's already masterwork. So it'd be 8000 + cost of wepon.

>> No.52282521

Don't say that. He needs to relentlessly samefag and encourage memes about his character, until one bad decision burns it all to the ground and makes everyone realize what a scumbag he is.

>> No.52282522

This is absolute garbage. Look at the credits in any of their books and look at their titles.

>> No.52282531

Okay, I keep seeing people say this. Is that actually the case in Pathfinder? Because back in 3.5 it was the cost of a masterwork weapon PLUS the cost of the enhancement level.

>> No.52282537

Despite all my bitching about RotJR, I hope you have fun. I just get tired of all the memes surrounding it.

>> No.52282541


You're not going to taint him!
He's pretty Seht in his ways, after all.

>> No.52282551

>All magic weapons are also masterwork weapons, but their masterwork bonuses on attack rolls do not stack with their enhancement bonuses on attack rolls.
Masterworking is already factored into the cost.

It's similar to all Adamantite weapons already being Masterwork weapons.

>> No.52282552


>> No.52282558

You can't add +anything until it's masterwork, so you have to pay the 300 for masterwork as well

>> No.52282571

Take yourself
Show yourself
Cut yourself
Throw yourself

>> No.52282581

Nice source, anon. Can I squeeze it?

>> No.52282582

Yeah, I'm not gonna put a trip on or anything, and if I shitpost about my own character I'll do it in the IRC.
>Weapons or armors fashioned from mithral are always masterwork items as well; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.
In the case of special materials, which is the /same book/ as masterwork, it says that the masterwork cost is included in the special material cost. It does not say that about weapon enchantments.
So do I, but it's just fuel for the shitposts. Wait until thread dies, or just about, is my rule.

>> No.52282603

Feel free.
>Benefit: You can create magic weapons, armor, or shields.
>Enhancing a weapon, suit of armor, or shield takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in the price of its magical features. To enhance a weapon, suit of armor, or shield, you must use up raw materials costing half of this total price.

>The weapon, armor, or shield to be enhanced must be a masterwork item that you provide. Its cost is not included in the above cost.

>> No.52282636

Thank you. I just want RotJR posting to die down and be restricted to just the occasional greentext. It does sound super fun and you all seem to be getting along and enjoying yourselves

[apoiler]Tell Casimir I want to play Tanks with him, that bastard! He promised me we'd go shooting things! He knows EXACTLY who it is!

>> No.52282638

TWO PALADINS in Pomelo Lavender Detergent.

Which paladin is best? Which would pair best with Maice?

>> No.52282647


>> No.52282653

Pretty sure that's if you self craft or later upgrade a weapon. Acquiring a magic weapon at chargen is separate from self crafting.

Unless you want to say that people who take Craft Wonderous Item feat can get magic weapons and armour.

>> No.52282660

Your reading comprehension is bad anon, the magic weapons page itself says that magic weapons count as masterwork but it doesn't actually imply or address that the masterwork cost is included. As the other anon said, item crafting rules mention the masterwork price included, but moreover than that, all of the specific magical weapons listed on the original page you linked include the masterwork price in their cost.

>> No.52282664

Slow only pops in to the IRC infrequently. I'll remind him if he shows up though.

>> No.52282688 [SPOILER] 

Obviously Gloriana.

>> No.52282703

Wolf Guy: Ookami no Monshou

>> No.52282706

You'd best! I will be your best friend, one NTRmemeguy to another NTRmemeguy! A friendship that will never be broken!

I used to be his DM in a game where the whole premise was BECOME KNIGHTS, SAVE PRINCESSES

>> No.52282716

I'm pretty sure Maice is a lesbian but Maice/Vier seems like the perfect train wreck.

>> No.52282738

>Only a masterwork weapon can become a magic weapon, and the masterwork cost is added to the total cost to determine final market value.
>the masterwork cost is added to the total cost

2000 to make a weapon +1. 300 masterwork cost. Whatever the weapon costs.

Got it?

>> No.52282740

Something I feel is important to specify since it comes up relatively often at my table, Cold Iron only multiplies the *base* cost of a weapon. Masterwork is a separate quality to that, and it doesn't multiple the cost of it. Therefore, a +1 Cold iron mace costs:

16 GP (Base * 2)
300 GP (Masterwork)
4000 GP (+1 price: 2000 GP, +2000 GP for being cold Iron)

Going from +1 to +2, though, doesn't affect the cost of enhancing the weapon anymore. The 2000 GP is just an 'entry' price.

What are you blabbering about?

>> No.52282754

Jesus fucking christ, 7 Intelligence and Wisdom.

>> No.52282755

And by 'mace' I meant 'morningstar'.

>> No.52282775

No, that's what I'm saying. Why would you add shit like that when you could focus on improving the main storyline of the campaign, which almost everyone admits could use some work?

>> No.52282777

holy fuck I didn't even notice

maximum bimbo confirmed

>> No.52282778


That woman is genuinely dumb.

>> No.52282793


>> No.52282795

>Both Paladins are rape victims with their tome monster as their primary hook
If either of them makes it end I bet the thread will have a field day wishing the other did.

>> No.52282796

Okay, so I've been out of the loop for a while. I heard RotJR has been happening, and would like to know how that's been going on and who got in in the end.
Mostly I'm curious because I made a character for it a long while ago, but had to abandon my plans, and so would like to know how things have worked out for everyone and dream of what could've been

Pic kinda related, it just kinda reminds me of those few months of people making stuff and getting hype for the game.

>> No.52282799

Who else made PLD characters just to ERP?

>> No.52282802

everyone who made a PLD character

>> No.52282812

All of the biggest meme characters that nobody would shut up about got in, basically.

>> No.52282814

A weapon's price doesn't change depending on if you buy it during chargen or not, anon.

>> No.52282823

RotJR has two parties:
Saturday (With profiles still not finished get it together guys)

>> No.52282830

So I really want to apply to this game with a Living Grimoire Inquisitor as a bitter clergyman in his 50s.

However I don't want to be raped by monsters.

I hate this.

>> No.52282842

Indeed. Cold Iron is one of the special materials that is not automatically masterwork, and it does not double the cost of making it masterwork.

You need to go and stay go.

>> No.52282847

>don't want to get raped

then you won't get in, characters who don't want to get raped can't play PLD

>> No.52282851

I wasnt sure if we were supposed to edit our own profiles or not.

>> No.52282869

What is Aranha?

>> No.52282871

Two parties

Quinn - Ghost ruler. Friends with-
Aster and Tia - Twins in touch with an Old One.
Rubio - Dashing wannabe knight.
Etan - Dashing wannabe LITERAL ANIMAL hero.
Saboten - Whore priestess
Sweettooth - Tiefling sheriff

Onryou - Oni monk
Corwin - Bardbarian
Casimir - Cool old guy with a sword
Aranha - Spooder wannabe hero
Valeriya - Noble vigilante
Seht - Horser runt

>> No.52282885

I can't wait for everyone to find out that Etan isn't real!

>> No.52282890

I'm not on Saturday! That's for all of you to decide!
Friday's got finished because one player took the initiative and put basic summaries in for all of them and then asked the rest of everyone to add/change stuff they wanted

>> No.52282894


I fucking hate this place.

>> No.52282897


That is a Korvosan term. It is not used outside of Korvosa.

>> No.52282899


>> No.52282918


>> No.52282921


>> No.52282924

Aye, and?

>> No.52282926

Well those look like nice enough parties, Especially Rubio and his crew.

Good to see a nice round of dudes to join together, and kinda almost makes long-lasting I never fully applied with my character or got it.

Plus it's not like he matters, since his sheet is mown lost to the great aether. Good bye good friend, I just yet knew thee

>> No.52282939

I'm pretty sure no one in S party is Korvosan

>> No.52282968

I've actually spoken to the GM.

The rape is memes and overstated.

>> No.52282980

It still kinda creeps me out to know someone went back and renamed their fox-related images like that

>> No.52282984

This is a meme.

I'VE spoken to the GM.

The rape is real, and it's coming for you son.

>> No.52282990

what'd, you talk to him on discord?
we can't be boozled anymore

>> No.52282999


What if I didn't make my character for ERP?

>> No.52283018

Then at least you got the joy of making a character for nothing in particular?

>> No.52283019

Who's gonna believe that?

>> No.52283021

Then I'll ERP with you. The E there stands for "Extra" by the way.

>> No.52283030

>the rape is memes and overstated

Given that its literally the concept of the campaign, i'm going to say i don't believe you

>> No.52283050


I made the character because the super grimdark seemed really, really cool!

>> No.52283059

rape is pretty grimdark

>> No.52283062

Same desu. I came for the ultraviolence.

>> No.52283066

Same here. Which is the reason why we're probably not gonna get picked.

>> No.52283069

should be more named 'rapedark'

>> No.52283070

What games are still recruiting other than PLD, LoBaF, E8, and Shardwalkers? I have a silly build idea and need to apply with 'Two Ghosts and an Angry Dog'

>> No.52283082

I'm going to be disappointed if I get in and don't get raped at least once every three sessions

>> No.52283083



>> No.52283085

That Wild West one

>> No.52283087

Celestial Tournament.

>> No.52283100

Has anyone applied as Dr Wily yet?

>> No.52283101

Romance of the Righteous Kingdom
Hell's Rebels
Celestial Tournament
The Great Bamboozling

>> No.52283118


>> No.52283120


>> No.52283127

>wannabe knight
Actually is knight, just too much of a romantic otaku to seem real.

>> No.52283128

>Final group is 4 men, the lewd was a bamboozle
>The lewd was not a bamboozle, all the boys get raped

>> No.52283129

there's no apps even in yet

>> No.52283137

Literally just go to roll20 and type in pathfinder for the game. Jesus.

>> No.52283154


There's also at least two pbp groups run by somebody else.

>> No.52283166

Take the name.
Put it in google.
Add "roll20 lfg"

>> No.52283169

It was not a bamboomzle. All four ERP with each other, cause Vult is actually a fujoshi.

>> No.52283186

>American War Machine
So, it's overstretched, given no time to recuperate, equipped with good but 5-digit-%-profit-margin gear from living and/or unliving embodiments of greed keeping it constantly in a state of war in order to further drain and weaken it?

Because nothing describes the american war machine like "gouged and owned by their own weaponmakers". They may have a lot of really good equipment, but nowhere near those-pricetags good, to the point where any sane party would consider those acts treason.

>> No.52283212

One died.

>> No.52283216

Just do it anyway.

Be a faceless old man who soils waifus.

>> No.52283217

Y-you can do that?

>> No.52283219

She has blue hair and a drinking problem doesn't she

>> No.52283221

A less realistic american war machine I assume.

This is fantasyworld remember.

>> No.52283233

What's the best formatting and posting chat logs?

>> No.52283234

Any good stories out of the one that still lives?

>> No.52283242

>Newest Paublo Library Document app
>" if they prove virtuous enough to be worthy of her attentions."
Operation Virtuous Victor the Martyr is a go!

>> No.52283268

Damn. When?

>> No.52283276

So virtuous he's taken a vow of chastity.

>> No.52283287

There are a bunch of armorist tricks in the Gear of Power book which help a bit.

>> No.52283297

Wasn't Review-Anon going to cover the Legacy of Blood and Flame apps today? Or did the last few threads drive him off?

>> No.52283298

So virtuous he'd rather die then corrupt someone else.

>> No.52283307

Only anal before marriage huh?

>> No.52283309

I think he got drunk.

>> No.52283315

I think he said he had to move out To Tuesday.

>> No.52283320

Didn't that DM say he was going to post the logs for his games? Did that ever happen? I remember he said he was going to ask his players, and that was the last I heard.

>> No.52283327


That's literally what Gloriana was doing before her husband wanted to consummate it "proper."

>> No.52283335

He mentioned tuesday would be ideal late monday night

>> No.52283346


>> No.52283355

The plan was always to start Tuesday, after I got my character in.

Buuuuut I can't think of anything good, so...

Who do you want me to look at?

>implying that has any impact on whether or not I review.

>> No.52283369

Depends on when they were made.

2000+ years: Blondes, usually with brown or grey eyes.
1000+ years: Redheads, usually with geen or blue eyes.
500+ years: Redheads still, but only blue eyes.

Any younger elan tend to have black hair and grey or green eyes. Grey eyes seems to be phasing out, green is the current go to color.

>> No.52283371

C-could you go down the list, if you've got time?

>> No.52283378

Make a belly dancer so we can aim for 6.

>> No.52283395


Do the new PLD! Do the new PLD!

>> No.52283405

I'm not doing Puckered Lip Droppings.

>> No.52283410

What, don't want to oust your character?

>> No.52283415

He's not touching PLD. A shame since I think it's actually getting better apps than LoBaF.

>> No.52283425

Is this code for wanting Reviewanon to do yours but being too shy to say which one it is?

>> No.52283442


I feel you bro, I feel you.

>> No.52283446


>> No.52283467

What are some good 3rd party resources for antipaladins? Preferably not PoW.

>> No.52283468

I understand this so well. I'm almost glad he never reviewed by Hell's Rebel app

>> No.52283479

Chances are the players said "No way fag" and thus...

>> No.52283487

Try Gamze first, it's short, sweet, and to the point. Just like her. Well, two out of three of those, at least.

>> No.52283488

>all these people too shy to apply to Weird West
but why, it won't even have smut

>> No.52283503

It's early and the deadline is late enough that a lot of people are focusing on other apps first.

>> No.52283507

I'd honestly apply but Your scheduled time directly conflicts with a game I'm already in. Sorry Broodie-sama.

>> No.52283516



>> No.52283527

Going down the line is a waste of time. If the player isn't online, or isn't interested in a review, I don't really want to spend time reviewing them. My opinions are rarely interesting enough to make for entertaining reading for an outsider.

I'm a pretty shit erotica writer, and not particularly kind to smutty characters. My opinions on PLD apps are most likely either going to be pointless, or actively detrimental to the reviewee's chances of getting in.

>> No.52283529

Weird West? Where? Give me the link

>> No.52283537


>> No.52283540

Did you already finish the Hell's Rebels apps?

>> No.52283541



>> No.52283554

I swear I'm on it if I can ever actually finish the vishkanya

>> No.52283562

No problem, i'm just targeting it to run of my off-weeks of dragons2, its the best time available for -me-

I may have to make the time later i didn't realize it was that rough for people, its only 5pm at my time.

i purposefully delayed the deadline too because people are focused on PLD and shite.

>> No.52283565

Fine then. Mind having a look at Tomasz?

>> No.52283567

Honestly I'm way more interested in seeing profiles torn apart. You should do PLD 100% serious and deduct points for smuttery.

>> No.52283582


See >>52283567

I want to see you BULLY the applications!

Your fifth criteria should not be "sex appeal" it should be "grimdarkness."

>> No.52283591

>Fucking bully fetishists

>> No.52283596

Fifth should be rape-ocity. Scored in negative points from -1 to -100.

>> No.52283819

I'd love for you to take a look at Reina in Hell's Rebels. It has undergone some pretty significant changes over time.

>> No.52283948

Legendary Villains: Anti-paladins.

>> No.52284406


This is the only fitting outcome. The greatest bamboozle of the year.

>> No.52284835

AKA the Diamong Dongs

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