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Hail the new Queen of the Imperium of man edition

previous thread:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android.

>40k rules reference in wiki format.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW FAQs.

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>List organizer picture book

>Offline list builder

>Forge World Book Index:

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First for BEEP BOOP

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First for fuck off traitor

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Posted in the last thread

I have some lore questions relating to this>>52261115

What exactly are the details with the soul drinkers and chaos corruption. How can some stay loyal even with heavy corruption like spider legs

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Does Cawl have a mustache? I never noticed that detail before.

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Can Daemons win casually, or can they only win through cheese? A friend at my LGS plays daemons and I don't think I've ever seen him win a game. Is it just bad tactics on his part or do Daemons NEED summon spam or an incursion to be successful? I know Daemons are supposed to be god-tier but I don't think I've even seen a batrep where they win without summoning.

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Boop beep beep beep boop?

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Any army can win bar orks if you're compatent enough

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>How can some stay loyal even with heavy corruption like spider legs

They think they are loyal to the Imperium, and yet refuse to see the fact that they have become extremely corrupted by the very thing they're trying to fight.

They're basically slightly-less-crazy Emperors Children who are unironically loyal.

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It's cables coming out of his nose. Can see them on the model.

So yes, it's basically a mustache out of cables.

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Things you hear at the LGS:

"Magnus and Be'Lakor aren't OP."

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Reminder: Eldar are the most powerful race in the galaxy.

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Magnus isn't op in a vacuum; it's all the other stuff that makes him bad

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>Iron warriors are bad and too situational

It breaks my heart. I just wanna enjoy my dudes :(

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Best armpits

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Going back to Tau allies, what faction is complemented best by Tau ally group?

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Probably chaos demons, since they can't shoot for shit so having some actual ranged ability is a godsend for their army.

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That is one weird ass way to spell Necron.

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The fetuses of your mother's abortions

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>"I went over the total a bit, hope thats okay"

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Anybody who does this needs to be fucking euthanized

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How does one fight a flying MC that usually has a 3++ rerolling 1s?

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>They're basically slightly-less-crazy Emperors Children who are unironically loyal.

I'm not too familiar with Emperors Children lore or maybe I'm just a bit thick but what exactly do you mean by that.

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2nd this

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Guilliman confirmed for ass man

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I sometimes ask my opponent if i can shove bolters to my IG Veteran Sergeants since they are modeled with them. Usually its fine and I allow him to take extra meltabomb or something useful.

Funnily enough I have many cases where that single Bolter has done something extra-ordinary. I remember Stormsurge dying to Monster Hunter Bolter.

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Without warp charge support you can pretty much just ignore him.

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High volume high strength fire preferably with skyfire.

It's bad, but keep in mind he's 650 points.

I think what we need is easier ways to ground FMC's, and a way for armies that aren't psychic heavy to counter psykers.

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I'm kinda confused on the ruling on this: Does Authority of the Inquisition let me generate 2 warlord traits if my Inquisitor is my warlord anyways?

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Leviathan Deredeo, get fucked nerds

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It was just him and Be'Lakor and he killed half the board and still flung around multiple D shots all game.

>Without warp charge support
The only time i can see that happening is under 1K points, which was what happened above.

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Would look better with the missiles above imo.

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It's a problem in killpoints, but he should lose hard in an objective game.

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makes it too tall
I might try and remount the guns a little bit lower at some point

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Yeah I figured something that could do with distanced support fire would be the answer

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Just got back from my first ever 'big tournament' for 40k this weekend. Had an absolute blast and played against several fun armies to boot.

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"I really don't know why people say 'Orks are in a bad spot'. I've been playing them for years and, sure, they've been stronger before, but I really don't have that much trouble playing them or notice anything too bad."
*proceeds to lose his Gorkanaut turn 1, have a Trukk immobilized and lose 10 Boys against my Kataphrons and only manages to almost make a tie because he was able to get his Warboss into melee due to me having to cap a point in the middle of the field*

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What did ya play? I also got back from my first ever tournament just yesterday.

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I played Ynnari - dual Reborn Warhosts - finished 10 out of 57.

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Looks like shit desu senpai

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Why is that space elf wearing an Elizabethan dress over her black bodysuit?

Has she been shopping in the Imperium or something?

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Is this a reasonable list in your opinion? I'm getting back into 40k and playing Thousand Sons. Will probably buy the models to build this list early next week and get started next weekend. Would love some feedback.

Especially if you could give advice on making the list more in line with the background. Not a fan of Tzaangors, but I needed bodies.

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Yeah was a 60 person field - had 57 show up.

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Well they say dress for the job you want, so I guess that's what she is doing there.

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Is this shit gonna work out?

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The mechanicus finds one of dorns weapons and the soul drinkers want it and they wont give it up because its some dark age tech they want to study. They attack the mechanicus and thats how they become renegades. While they are running they find tzeentch cultists that convince them they are worshipping the emperor and the chapter starts to join the cult, theres a schism and the ones that joined the cult kill the ones that didnt. Eventually they realize they are now chaos marines and try to turn back. They are hunted down by the fists and during their trial theres a daemonic incursion and they help defeat it while also dying to a man. For this they are secretly honoured by the chapter.

Thats how i remeber it anyway.

>Tl;dr they were duped and wanted to regain their honour

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That says a lot more about kataphrons than it does about orks

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I would lick her arm pits

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what happened to my necrons?

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They didn't all die, if I remember right three of them survived, at the end of the battle they decided to walk into the warp portal that had opened in the middle of the fists' ship to meet whatever fate was waiting for them on the other side and were never heard from again.

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Well, he said that his Gorkanaut didn't survive a single turn against any of the other players either. Except the Imperial Guard dude, though that's just Imperial Guard also being bad.

>> No.52264728


The way you did the guns here looks fucking horrible.

>> No.52264738

I dont know all of the tzeentch stuff but if you dont like tzaangors you should probably ditch them for some other formation

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Anyone know where i can get the latests audiobooks?

I know audiobookbay has some but some of the latest like Deathwatch: The Last Guardian ,The Art of Provocation , Dante etc. are not available. And some of the older ones arent there too like techpriest and skitarius

I also checked the mega links provided in the general but there are very few audiobooks there.

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All memes aside, the gorkanaut is the high value target in that guys list, they put out a lot of shots that can do damage if left unchecked, any AT will go into that thing in any game.

>> No.52264827


I've never listened to any of the 40K audiobooks, which ones are good?

I'm always looking for something to listen to while painting minis.

>> No.52264831

While that is undeniably true, it should still be able to take a few pot-shots and not be popped off the table turn one in a small 850 tournament.

And it's hard to leave memes aside because he literally played Nobs in 'Nauts.

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>that's just Imperial Guard also being bad

Say it to my side of the table in a 5000pt apoc game, bitch.

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How's my list looking? Kinda wish I had something to replace the Dominus Maniple with since an Inquisitor working with the Admech is a bit anti-fluffy but whatever.

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how should I do it better then fuckboi

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>Man, it's absolute bullshit that Chaos get Autocannons while Loyalists don't.
>Chaos doesn't need the Horus Heresy stuff, they've got Chaos gifts and Marks to make up for it. Besides, they are less likely to have that sort of gear anyway, because they can't afford to maintain it.
>Necrons were better before GW completely rewrote their fluff to make them boring as hell. ["What about them was better before?"] They were just better. Now they've lost their personality and are just another generic bad guy race.

To top it all off,

>I personally think the Kia Soul is one of the best cars you can buy today for the price you pay. I'm so glad I got rid of that [2017 Ram 2500] I was driving before, because it was just a piece of garbage.

I wish I was making this shit up, but this guy...man, this fucking guy is a piece of work.

For those who don't understand the car one - a Kia Soul is a little hatchback that barely has enough room for a backseat, and is designed 100% for comfort over performance, whereas a 2017 Ram 2500, without getting into the hyper-violent shit-slinging fest that is the Truck Debate, is significantly nicer than a Kia Soul and infinitely more practical if you want to do anything or go anywhere, especially here in Houston where most locations are designed with larger vehicles in mind

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*unzips his holy vibrator*

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Almost all audio dramas are good because they are narrated by generally 4-5 different people and have a lot of production that goes on. (sound effects etc.) The bad ones are the exception and not the rule. That is the main reason i listen to them too. You get bored when painting and modelling.
As for audiobooks they are narrated by a single reader and can get funny sometimes ,especially when guys try to pull female voices. (It is not that bad but it gets funnier when they try to do two seperate female voices) but most of them are also good.
I would avoid unabridged books because since you would be multi-tasking it woudl be natural to lose track of what is gonig on in a 9-13 hour ride and you wont get anything from it in the end.

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loyalists get autocannons on their tanks...

>> No.52264934


> Lives in Texas
> Whines about trucks

Kill yourself you redneck piece of shit.

>> No.52264935

Do you actually have that many servitors?

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Eldar? >>52264922

Manlet pigs cant be eldar.

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N-no. Not yet.

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Kia Soul has a 10yr/10k mfg warranty. Dodge Ram has a FJCD transmission which will fail or need a reprogram within 3 years. Source - I am a service writer.

>> No.52264981


**10 yr/100k mfg warranty that should read.

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So the next natural progression for the plot as we move into the 8th edition will be the adding of primarch tier units for each faction as well as revamping codices to try and unfuck them.

Hopefully Orks, Nids and Sisters get some shit.

Anyway, there was a mention of how a necron warfleet managed to breach the martian perimeter near the close of the 41st millennium, and dissapeared in the Noctis Labrynth.

How awesome would it be if they awaken the void dragon.

>> No.52265024

As longs as they handle awakening a dragon better than Guild Wars 2 did in this entire last Living Story season and most of the HoT side-plot, I'd be all for it.

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>Doesn't have purple eyes
shit senpai

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>those guard players who don't have tank commanders hanging out of their tank hatches, any identification marks or graffiti on their tank armour, or any baggage or tank riders

>> No.52265056

Can we agree GSC are the dwarves of 40k?

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What? No, they have way more in common with Skaven.

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I've never run this but how do you all think this list would fair in an average meta

++ Combined Arms Detachment (Dark Eldar: Codex (2014)) [1000pts] ++

+ HQ +

Archon [160pts]: Agoniser, Haywire Grenades, Kabalite Armour, Shadow field, Soul-trap, Splinter Pistol, The Animus Vitae

+ Elites +

Incubi [145pts]: 4x Incubi
·· Venom: Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Trueborn [165pts]
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn with Special Weapon: Blaster
·· Kabalite Trueborn with Special Weapon: Blaster
·· Kabalite Trueborn with Special Weapon: Blaster
·· Venom: Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Trueborn [160pts]
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Trueborn with Heavy Weapon: Dark Lance
·· Trueborn with Heavy Weapon: Dark Lance
·· Venom: Splinter Cannon

+ Troops +

Kabalite Warriors [190pts]
·· 9x Kabalite Warrior
·· Kabalite Warrior with heavy weapon (up to 1 for 10 models): Splinter cannon
·· Raider: Disintegrator cannon, Night Shields, Shock Prow, Splinter Racks

Kabalite Warriors [180pts]
·· 9x Kabalite Warrior
·· Kabalite Warrior with heavy weapon (up to 1 for 10 models): Splinter cannon
·· Raider: Disintegrator cannon, Night Shields, Splinter Racks

++ Total: [1000pts] ++

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...dude if you think a Kia Soul is a better car than a new Ram Limited 4x4 full-cab with an 8' bed, a 6.4L V8 Hemi, and the full interior package, in a place that is designed around the idea that most people drive trucks (and therefore the size of the vehicle is not much of a concern), I've got some snake oil I'd like to sell you.

That's like a $60K truck, compared to...a Kia Soul.

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Happy now?

>> No.52265115

>Miners with hammers
>Dig underground
>Dug too deep found something they shouldn't
>(Squats were miners)

>> No.52265122

praise be to you, thank you

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So, what would be a nicely fluffy and effective list to build around a Custodes primary detachment, now that we have rules leaks?

>> No.52265150

>Kia Soul has a 10yr/10k mfg warranty. Dodge Ram has a FJCD transmission which will fail or need a reprogram within 3 years

Is that supposed to be impressive? That's like a year of driving for most people here in Texas given the size of the state.

Also, I probably should have mentioned this was a full-package truck that he got for free. This was basically a $60K truck he got for free as a graduation present, he sold it for $20K and got a fucking Kia. A KIA. When he had the truck FOR FREE.

>> No.52265160

The formation buffs aren't really worth it imho. But I think you should run either tzaangors or cultists for bodies.

>> No.52265187

Not reaper autocannons I hope

>> No.52265212

They do now, on Tartaros Terminator Armor.

Though I'm willing to allow them that one, as the autocannon literally comes on the sprue. It'd be BS to force them to "pay" for something they couldn't even use on the tabletop when buying it

>> No.52265233


>> No.52265243

>fluffy and effective

>> No.52265288

>tfw no Tartaros Terminator Captain

>> No.52265289

So 40K people, I hopped over from HHG to ask if anyone here has the 'codex' for Custodes and/or Sisters of Silence yet?

I still need to learn the rules for this edition anyway, so it's no rush, but just wondering?

>> No.52265296

First for the Orks!

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No one?

>> No.52265305

>tfw no Tartaros Terminators for Chaos

Hooray for hourserules~

>> No.52265319

...'umies so fast...

>> No.52265335

I use tartaros terminators along with mk3 space marines for my iron warriors. As long as they have the right weapons it doesn't really matter

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>they are dwarves because they mine

u srs mate?

>> No.52265363


>> No.52265365

Are Cataphractii Terminators only allowed in 30k? How about Contemptors or Deredeos?

>> No.52265382

Do marines ever make friends with mortals?

>> No.52265390

>Hail the new Queen of the Imperium of man edition
Who dis? She marrying the Emperor?

>> No.52265399

All of those have rules for use in 40k

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Jeaus christ.. im not an Amerifag but you sound like a colossal fuckwit m8.. this is a 40kg not a debate on whos truck is the most patriotic. This is why most of the world laughs at you, stop living up to the stereotypes and go read a book

>> No.52265411

The emissary of Herohammer 40k. Basically they're making it less Grimdark so the marine fags don't cry about losing

>> No.52265413

IW Havocs get Tank Hunter so don't bother with special weapon Chosen. A minimum size Termicide squad can be useful, and for shits and giggles you could take cyber-berzerkers as Possessed.

Why are you taking a Warband anyway? The extra rules for a Grand Company aren't that great, a regular CAD lets you take more fluffy stuff like Ferrum Infernus Dreadnoughts and Rapier batteries. It also gives you Obsec Obliterators, which you can take individually in your spare Troops slots and teleport onto objectives for maximum trolling.

>> No.52265417

Noice. I'm making a homebrew chapter, and i'm just gonna make an army out of shit I think looks cool (probably won't win games) but oh well.

>> No.52265419

Had my first ever game at my local GW. It was pretty fun, except people kept farting and it was hot as hell.

>> No.52265427


Bel'akor isn't broken at all. He goes down like a chump even for having shrouded and access to all the telepathy tree.

I haven't faced Magnus yet but, he's expensive pointwise.

>> No.52265437

> making it less Grimdark
If I were still a teenager I would be upset. Oh well

>> No.52265438

Eh, it's hard to go too wrong with marines. Best of luck to you!

>> No.52265445
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Next your gonna tell me that loyalists get combi bolters now too.

>> No.52265458

True... I've only got 2 squads of marines and a chaos lord at the moment. I may as well run a cad. I really really want to hAve massed amounts of lascannon predators, vindicators and Forgefiends all over the table

>> No.52265475

They got those back when the Betrayal at Calth stuff got 40k rules. On the Cataphractii terminators and the Contemptor dread.

Loyalists have snagged nearly all of our signature weapons, but we can't have theirs

>> No.52265485


> My parents still pay for my gas and insurance bills: the post

>> No.52265502

If they don't satisfy the loyalist players, they'll fucking freak. Us other faction players have been living off the back bone eating the small scraps we get

>> No.52265531

>I'm poor

>> No.52265547

Pffft you sound like an eldar or tau player

>> No.52265555


Vanilla Marines outsell ever other army, it's why your generic Ultramarine is the face of the hobby. GW would be nuts to do anything to affect that.

>> No.52265558

To add? Is it really too much to give other factions some light? I feel so sorry for the poor bastards playing necrons/tyranids/orks who never get a damn release.

>> No.52265574

I play Dark eldar

>> No.52265584


> My dick is so small I have to buy a colossal truck to compensate for it and then spurg out about it in a thread about Warhammer 40K

LIght your minis on fire, then kill yourself

>> No.52265598
File: 46 KB, 400x533, HH2aRSg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's worse is even our other unique weapons are just different versions of other stuff; the the baleflamer is a inferno(?) cannon with torrent and soulblaze, the ectoplasma cannon is a plasma cannon with 1 more strength, and shittier range.

Noise weapons are nice, but again, one's a better bolter, another's a better missile launcher, and the last is a better heavy flamer, and they're only for slaaneshis/mixed CSM/Black Legion

Our only real "unique" option is the Hades, which is massively overcosted, on forgefiends and even on rapiers (35 points for str 8 heavy 4 ap4 pinning is a bit much, especially consider a laser destroyer is only 15 points on a rapier.)

>> No.52265599

I think you both should stop arguing

>> No.52265605

The Great Value of cars.
That is unironically a bad warranty.
Asshole. Some people actually need trucks.
t. Lived on a ranch for my whole childhood.

>> No.52265620


>> No.52265625


How come everyone who gets called out as a Tau or Elfdar player claims to actually be an Ork or Dark Elfdar player?

>> No.52265626
File: 380 KB, 1800x1217, Please send help - 850pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do I hate myself so much to actually play these fucks.

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File: 211 KB, 307x311, 1488699668626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Tyranid player
>tfw everyone at my LGS is a metagamer with Tau or bullshit Imperial armies

>> No.52265643

Because people are always ready to hate on people who play the most hated factions.

>> No.52265644

Them r8 my list fag

>> No.52265648

Because I genuinely fucking play Dark eldar. Dark Eldar and Chaos Space marines.

>> No.52265660

Are Black Templars bad? I've never played against them.

>> No.52265663

Yeah. Chaos doesn't even really have a unique thing like Grav going on for them. Noise is the closest thing, and like you said, that's on one unit and is essentially just ignores cover.

Honestly, all I wanted was to run a small Lightning Claw squad of Tartaros termies with the grenade harness so they could charge into cover and sweep people. I'd even pay the full 35 points for those so they wouldn't be strictly better either.

>> No.52265683

Aaaalrighey. For starters, you don't need an archon that expensive. I'd advise running am agoniser and a blaster with a shadow field only. Drop the shock prow, you don't need it.

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File: 67 KB, 540x405, 5678984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Someone: *says something reasonable about how things are*
>Someone else who disagrees: "You're just a *insert boogeyman*!"

like clockwork

>> No.52265690




I personally drive a Mazda, but even I'll admit that a guy selling a brand-new, fully-loaded vehicle for less than a third of its value when he received it for free is completely and totally ridiculous. At the bare minimum the guy should have sold the truck at a dealership, which since it's a brand-new high-performance model would probably net him roughly 80-85% of its purchase price, bought the Kia, and pocketed the difference, but there's no way in hell any reputable dealer paid $20K for that model of vehicle - even the most basic new trucks (which that isn't) go for at minimum of $30K, and really more in the $35-38K range before it's something you'd really consider buying if you actually want your truck to do anything.

Realistically, he should have kept the truck until it began to have issues (so 2-5 years) at which point he'd trade it in for a different car. As a fellow Texan, fuel costs aren't that big of a deal here (at least in a relative sense, as literally everywhere is a noticeable drive and will eat fuel) and most modern trucks get pretty solid gas mileage, especially the higher-end models.

Dude just made a real shit financial decision based on personal opinion without actually looking into the subject material, and it's perfectly okay to laugh at that.

Source: Texan with a father who sold cars and trucks for a living.

>> No.52265696

>It'd be BS to force them to "pay" for something they couldn't even use on the tabletop when buying it
Have you seen the genestealer sprue?

>> No.52265700

Because on the last poll that got taken, it turned out there are actually very few Eldar and Tau players, but a surprisingly number of Ork, Dark Eldar, and Tyranid players.

It may be hard to believe, but it's often likely that the people here who say it's unfair that vanilla marines get nice things are playing armies that haven't gotten nice things in a long time.

You just have to accept that Vanilla marines are on the same bullshit tier as Tau, Eldar, and Chaos Daemons.

>> No.52265739

They're based on running a whole blob of Tacticals with Chainswords with a bunch of Scouts attached to them into melee and their Chapter Tactics benefit from losing models by giving that unit 1 more attack per model. They get Crusader in addition to allow getting closer faster.

They also aren't allowed to take Librarians.

And basic Tactical marines are way overcosted for what they do and suck in melee and can't into footslogging anymore at all.

Basically, Black Templars are built on every downside Space Marines currently have and their unique Crusader squads can only be used in a single, very large, very limiting Formation.

Their "upsides" are that their Troops can take Land Raiders as Dedicated Transports (which are also way overcosted and explode way too easy) and that they can take a heavy and special weapon in a 5-man squad, like the old Las/Plas days, which sadly isn't good enough anymore either.

>> No.52265741

It'd certainly fit aggressive melee/assault traitor legions more than any loyalist one.

As an Alpha Legion player that doesn't want to use too much chaosy stuff, I'm hoping for a hades predator or new guns that are actually unique.

It'd also be cool to see legion specific units other than cult troops.

>> No.52265781

Yeah. It would have fit so perfectly. The Cataphracii terminators as the shooty loyalist version, and the Tartaros terminators as the melee chaos version. Alas, no such luck.

It would be neat to see them try and add some more exclusive stuff, as well as the potential for more specialized legion units.

For now though, I feel like we're stuck relying on Forgeworld for anything like that, and with how quickly they release things that's a long wait.

>> No.52265783

Too bad we probably won't get anything like that. Marine players don't know how lucky they are with the sheer amount of things they have. Don't we have the oldest running codex in circulation?

>> No.52265807


How about everybody stops being colossal dicks for 5 minutes

1500 a good truck not everybody needs that much power, especially if you're just going around town. The person maybe thought it was too big and didn't need the towing capacity.

Now that being said the Kia soul is is not the best in class (I probably would have gone with a Ford Focus) with things like a solid rear axle and not having as much space as others in its class and I'm getting a little long in the tooth.

Also this>>52265605 and this >>52265690

>> No.52265817

To play a little bit of Devils Advocate here;

>the the baleflamer is a inferno(?) cannon with torrent and soulblaze

The Torrent part is pretty nice though, and it comes on a platform that can very effectively use it.

>the ectoplasma cannon is a plasma cannon with 1 more strength, and shittier range.

That +1S does enable it to ID Space Marine characters in a heartbeat, though, which is kind of nice.

>Noise weapons are nice, but again, one's a better bolter, another's a better missile launcher, and the last is a better heavy flamer, and they're only for slaaneshis/mixed CSM/Black Legion

A. All of these weapons gain Ignores Cover, which is a major buff in this edition of Jink-spamming.
B. Fuck you, Doom Sirens and Blastmasters are amazing, and Blastmasters are probably one of the absolute best man-portable Heavy weapons in the game because of their flexibility and being an Ignores Cover S8 AP3 Blast.
C. It is important that Slaanesh get some sort of unique buff compared to other Chaos factions, and Noise Marines are iconic servants of Slaanesh.

>Our only real "unique" option is the Hades, which is massively overcosted,

We pay for the Heavy 4 and the S8, which can and does make a difference compared to other Autocannon weapons.

I 100% agree with everything you've said though. It's BS how little Chaos really gets at the end of the day.

>> No.52265824


>> No.52265834

Question: What size is the minimum point amount for you to have to fun with? I mean, at what point do you feel that the game really excels at what it's trying to do, and is the suggested game size. And how many models does a game of your prefered size consist of?

>> No.52265863

The best fun is running a guardsman vs guardsman wrestling match. Winner fights a space marine

>> No.52265866

...you do know that throwing a shit-fit about something only makes it an even bigger deal and makes more people want to talk about it, right?

If you want it to go away, you just ignore it.

>> No.52265883

Blow it out your ass

>> No.52265886

I suppose 500, since that was the lowest cost I ever played at and it was still fun.

>> No.52265894

My group plays the Heralds of Ruin killteams fairly often, so the minimum size for me is quite low. A handful of models each works out fine.

For real games though, I would say 1000 points is my preferred level, provided people don't try and cheeseball it. At that point level, you're beyond 500 points where you barely have enough to fill in the required HQ and troops, but not quite to the higher point levels where you can justify starting to take multiple several hundred point models.

Granted, my group often doesn't have flyers or superheavies kicking about in such small games, so that helps things as well.

>> No.52265899

All of them ARE nice stuff, but they're mostly just spikey version of stuff that exists already.

The main issue I have with the baleflamer is would be that (I'm pretty sure) the heldrake would not be able to fire it without torrent, and it's entirely limited to the drake.

The ectoplasma cannon either has to be on a rapier (waste) or a forgefiend (shit platform, overcosted, too fragile) but on its own it's not too bad.

>> No.52265901

You seem to be a little upset.

>> No.52265914

There are trucks across the galaxy.

>> No.52265923
File: 270 KB, 1800x903, Tyranids - 500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get to play 40k so little that really any point size will do, and here's why

>> No.52265932

Who's the most annoying 40k YouTuber out there, MiniWarGaming not being a candidate since they're way too big of a group to accurately count?

My vote goes to Commisar Gamza because god dammit his constant "edgy contrarian" ego is annoying as all hell.

Though I suppose ArchWarhammer and EgoQueenAlexis have some of the most fucking atrocious fanbases around.

>> No.52265933

My father beats and rapes me at night. I'm always upset

>> No.52265949

>54 models at 500 points

Whew. I'd actually love to fight this shit.

>> No.52265951

Depends on the army, frankly.

My Marines/Inquisition don't get into high gear till around 750-1000, because of the taxes necessary to get something relatively fluffy together. Guard have the same issue and they're a big chunk of what I face. So that's typically the bottom line I'll go for.
Tau, I've done as low as 500pt for full scale games, but I don't enjoy playing them and they're getting sold this week.

>> No.52265955
File: 85 KB, 1200x1178, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who the fuck are any of those people

>> No.52265967

Archwarhammer is easily the most gut wrenchingly cancerous 40k youtube to ever grace this Earth. He thinks his opinion actually matters

>> No.52265980

It gets stale real fucking quick. But it's a pretty nice change of pace from MSU.

>> No.52265984


Don't worry anon, I'm sure you'll find some non-tryhard fluffbros to play with. Any others LGS that aren't too much further away you can go to?

>> No.52265987
File: 74 KB, 780x820, 1489354036662-co.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I asked for 5 minutes.

Just 5

And you couldn't last that long.

>> No.52266001


>> No.52266024
File: 25 KB, 480x360, duke nukem ventrillo harassment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks Duke.

>> No.52266039

I hope so. There's one about 30 minutes away but I've been holding out hope that something will change.

>> No.52266040

>I really really want to hAve massed amounts of lascannon predators, vindicators and Forgefiends all over the table
Then you extra shouldn't take a Warband since it forces you to spend points on Elites and Fast Attack slots, and shoehorns your Heavy Support options. The Hellforged Warpack is pretty awesome.

>> No.52266041

>The main issue I have with the baleflamer is would be that (I'm pretty sure) the heldrake would not be able to fire it without torrent, and it's entirely limited to the drake.

It would still be able to, it'd just be horrifically gimped. I do think it should at LEAST be available to the Maulerfiend as a breath-weapon, to make it not 100% useless if it's immobilized, and a Predator-variant with either that or an Ectoplasma Destructor (Ectoplasma Cannon but with Large Blast) would be pretty neat.

>The ectoplasma cannon either has to be on a rapier (waste) or a forgefiend (shit platform, overcosted, too fragile) but on its own it's not too bad.

It should really be available to Helbrutes in place of a Plasma Cannon (for the same cost), on Chaos Contemptors, and as mentioned on a Predator variant in a slightly up-gunned manner. It'd be neat if we could field them in Havoc squads as well, but that's asking for a bit much imo.

I'd just like to see something unique to us, really. A while back a homebrew Chaos supplement a guy was making here on /tg/ had "Ectoplasma Weapons" that were +1S versions of Loyalist Plasma Weapons (Gun, Pistol, Blaster, and Cannon), that had the option to fire an additional shot in exchange for not being able to take Armor Saves against Gets Hot! wounds. THAT was pretty cool, and actually gave the weapons some utility.

>> No.52266073
File: 38 KB, 600x620, 99120105054_Taurox01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes but what is best truck

Pic related

>> No.52266077

It's time to kick gum and chew ass

>> No.52266085

...That literally isn't even a truck though

>> No.52266091


> Implying Texans can shut up for five minutes

They're the dirty asshole of America, we should nuke the Alamo before giving the entire shitty state back to Mexico so they can deal with it.

>> No.52266106

It'd also be cool if they were available on more than 1 platform. Imagine Hades or Ectoplasm predators, or a land raider with baleflamer sponsons, or a defiler with a chest mounted ectoplasm cannon and baleflamer side mount...

>> No.52266108

You make good points, though the only thing I would argue is that while those are nice changes, they aren't particularly exciting or interesting changes.

'Daemon plasma is slightly hotter! +1 strength!' Sounds nice on paper, but then you see that it's only on a single unit (two with forgeworld). Noise weapons are a bit better in that regard, since Ignores cover really fits the flavor for Noise marines, but it suffers from a similar problem in limited availability.

Another aspect is that while these are all nice options, they're also pretty fairly priced. Nothing out here is insanely overpowred. The Blastmaster is 30 points for an Ignores cover krak missile. More when you factor in how many other noise marines you have to take to get a good number of them.

Chaos doesn't have something like Grav or Helfrost that has really unique special rules. It's all basic rulebook stuff tweaked for more effectiveness.

I'm not saying Chaos needs Grav weapons or something insanely undercosted like them, but a weapon for the army that was more widespread with a stronger theme or identity would be nice. Noise weapons are great in that regard, but not everyone plays Slaanesh.

>> No.52266128

Stop making me cry. Those sound good...

>> No.52266133
File: 184 KB, 1800x698, Shit - 500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my alternative list for weenies who can't handle lodes of chaff

>> No.52266170

Yeah that and Heldrakes. Basically Blitzkrieg Iron Warriors.

>> No.52266176
File: 59 KB, 600x620, 99120117002_Goliath03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sorry forgot this existed

>> No.52266194

>They're the dirty asshole of America, we should nuke the Alamo before giving the entire shitty state back to Mexico so they can deal with it.

A. The asshole of America is Oklahoma or Pennsyltuckey. Anybody who has been there will tell you this is true.

B. Texas is actually an extremely important state economically and strategically, and is completely essential to the survival of the US - more than the state of New York and almost as much as the state of California. Losing Texas would cause horrific damage to the US food supply, trans-continental trade (good-bye American Southwest, now you're useless, and I hope you didn't want to sell any of the coal coming out of the Great Plains), and strategic reserves of corn, beef, uranium, helium, and oil, and that's assuming it's a friendly breakaway.

C. Mexico would literally cream their pants to get ahold of Texas if they could, because they like having oil, food, lumber, and money.

fuck you fite me IRL faget 1836

>> No.52266214
File: 286 KB, 266x426, stealth.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can probably put an ad up somewhere to find some like-minded players in your approx area to meet up for some private casual matches as well. Good luck to you regardless.

>> No.52266226


Looks like shit.

If you get a wheel conversion (or build your own) you can make it look like a beefier MRAP. I have pictures on my laptop of some dude's semi truck conversion for it that looked pretty cool as well, but I don't feel like firing it up to post them.

>> No.52266248


Stop posting. This has nothing to do with 40k. Take your stupid bullshit to /o/ and sperg out there.

>> No.52266252
File: 804 KB, 2560x1920, ice_2017-03-02-22-34-39-043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'm doing exactly this, and just to ram the point home and because I'm a poor bastard I'm using the Panzer IV chassis for my Rhino platform, and PaK-40 Rapiers

>> No.52266266
File: 51 KB, 540x648, [DEVASTATINGLY AMERICAN].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not even that guy, but dude you're the one who's having a complete meltdown about it. Nobody else really gives a shit.

>> No.52266282
File: 23 KB, 480x320, Taurox Prime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> Custom building your own transports

Shoulda gone Orks instead of Space Marines.

>> No.52266294




>> No.52266303

Why are cucks like you always so obsessed with other people's dicks? You know you can just worship one in your own private time, right?

>> No.52266305


How poor are you really? Basic rhinos can be obtained for $20. Used predators can be obtained for $25 on eBay, along with used vindicators for an average of $35. If you're so poor that rhinos break the piggy bank, you should definitely consider papercraft.

>> No.52266357
File: 52 KB, 761x627, 2-25-2012 015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I like that people are paying $60+ to get Mk1 Rhino conversions from Forge World to use in 30K games when you can literally get actual mk1 Rhinos from Ebay for $20 or less.


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

>> No.52266379


>I like that people are paying $60+ to get Mk1 Rhino conversions from Forge World to use in 30K games when you can literally get actual mk1 Rhinos from Ebay for $20 or less.

Thats because the original MK1s look like toys.

>> No.52266389

Shes marrying his son

>> No.52266437


All Games Workshop minis look like toys. People (generally the middle aged man crowd in 40K) think they're so serious when they're "wargaming", but the reality is we're all just pushing toys around on a table.

>> No.52266475

what exactly is wrong with the swarmlord in a fluff standpoint?

>> No.52266491

Is it a good idea to pick up a metal Helbrecht still in his blister from eBay for 15€?

Debating on how often I'll actually use him and if Templars might even still exist in 8e.

>> No.52266515


>All Games Workshop minis look like toys.

Looks like you're on the wrong board then >>>>/toy/

>> No.52266536


I would say no, since you wouldn't ever really find a good time to use him.

>> No.52266586


Looks like you're on the wrong board >>>/lgbt/

>> No.52266615

They don't look like toys.

They are, for all intents and purposes, toys.

>> No.52266686
File: 81 KB, 472x874, 1483650383276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For Genestealer Cults, is there any reason to put special weapons on Acolyte Hybrids?
I like the occasional bomb thrower, though, the melee ones seem expensive and risky.

>> No.52266721

He has a static personality that permeates throughout the hive mind, as opposed to a normal tyrants personality that dies with it

>> No.52266732
File: 108 KB, 1500x593, AM-Myrmidons01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just convert them from terminators like Dave Taylor did with the myrmidons, instead of axes glue the plasma cannons/grav

>> No.52266735

Death Guard legion abilities are fucking broken
>tfw my hive tyrant is wiped out by a chaos lord with the plauge bringer because he had Fnp +4 and the plauge bringer then after killing my hive tyrant he rolls a +1 toughness on the boon table
>he then goes on to punch my MCs to death with his fearless terminators and chaos lord an all the ones not stuck in combat get shot down by relentless havocs

>> No.52266737

I really can't decide what's better on Kataphron Breachers, the Arc Cannon or the Torsion Cannon.

Only been using Destroyers so far and was thinking of replacing my TPD + Destroyers Congregation with a Holy Requisitioner.

Or if that fails just saying "fuck it" to my Dominus Maniple and just shoving in an Elimination Maniple because Kastelans are tight as shit.

>> No.52266767

If I had robed Terminators lying around I'd most definitely use them to make Black Templar termies with tabbards for my dudes.

Also seems like it wouldn't be any more affordable and be way more work at the same time.

>> No.52266779

He should only have 5+ FnP unless he got lucky on warlord traits.

Sounds to me like that might have been the case if he had the perfect storm of +1 FnP from his warlord trait and +1 toughness from the boon table.

>> No.52266805

I'm Australian so new Rhinos REALLY break the bank, and most used Rhinos are going to set me back $20+ for shipping, plus the pain of un-fucking whatever the previous retard did to it.

I've actually got 5+ Rhinos BNIB I bought a million years ago, but I can move those on for $50 each easy, and have actual fun building and converting proper tank kits. GW make great infantry models but their tank kits fucking suck. So call it part financial, part "I don't like GW tanks and I can follow a theme for cheaper with better kits"

>> No.52266822

As with everything in gsc, cult ambush makes the weapon options great. Roll a 6, charge a vehicle and hit it with the armorbane saw, roll a 5 a whole squad with hand flamers torches a blob. Use the primus from subterranean uprising to mitigate the randomness on squads with weapons or hope for your warlord getting a 6 for his warlord trait. The whole army is a crapshoot. Personally i like min maxed squads, minimum guys, maximum upgrades.

>> No.52266838

You could also buy a bunch of Dark Angels armored assault kits, keep the Rhino and sell the remaining sprues on eBay.

>> No.52266857
File: 471 KB, 681x902, 1489960102789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52266888


That kit just comes with regular Space Marine tac squad sprues, so if Australia is anything like where I live you won't be able to get much for them (assuming you can sell them at all) because fucking everything seems to come with at least one vanilla tac squad these days.

>> No.52266890

He did get lucky on the wt roll

>> No.52266926

It's still a tac squad and Rhino AND DAngels upgrade sprue for the price of, what, a Terminator Squad roughly?

Even selling the Marines for 15-20 bucks and the upgrade sprue for another 5-10 would be decent savings.

>> No.52266935


There is no Dark Angels upgrade sprue.

It's literally just a vanilla tactical squad.

>> No.52266966


Shit wait nevermind, I was thinking of something else.

Yeah you could probably find someone to buy the DA sprue if you have a lot of people who are running DA because they got started with the Dark Vengeance set.

>> No.52267048

So why is it allowed that the damn Tactical Squad sprue comes with barely any Heavy Weapon options, both the regular one and the Blood Angels one?

Lascannons are probably the only heavy weapon I ever use on normal Tacs and of course that one only comes with Devs.

>> No.52267090


>> No.52267158

Haven't played in years, is LasPlas still viable?

>> No.52267159

Between the fake accent, the uninformed opinions and the constant whining about the sjw that live under his bed and will come take his toys away, Archwarhammer

>> No.52267491

Depends on what they'll be up against. Dreadnoughts necessitate the saws & plenty of ablative naked Acolytes. Same for super-heavies. However, the snippers are worthless because you will probably always want more cheaper Rending attacks rather than a chance to ID on a 6.

MSU barebone squads ain't nothing to fuck wit.

>> No.52267510
File: 122 KB, 479x599, 479px-Tuffruk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just got back from playinig Eternal War-- but on a powerful rig. shit was cash. can't beleive im saying this but... ORKS are OP!!! and I love it! (ork player here). We suck on the tabletop but kick ass in the vidya. WAAAGGGGHH!!

>> No.52267515

Trying to sort out a loadout for an Iron Warriors Daemon Prince. I really want to just go for MoT and the Exoskeleton relic for that re-rollable 2+ and just have an unstoppable juggernaut, but I feel like I want the Forgemaster Axe in order to deal damage. I'm also considering the burning brand, since I'm worried he won't be able to do much of anything without a ranged weapon of some kind.

>> No.52267586

What's Eternal War?

>> No.52267608

"Your Blood Angels are more competitive than my Tau'

>> No.52267663

the pc game

>> No.52267767


He mean Eternal Crusade. Orkz vocabulary are clearly very limited.

>> No.52267819


I wouldn't say orkz are OP (not since I last played), but they do have the most survivability, and a kitted out big shoota is probably the strongest basic "rifle" in the game. Theyre good fun though with the music and aesthetic and animations, so I'm happy with how they turned out.

Driving their vehicles though is like driving on ice. The Ork ordinance is undriveable. Arguably fluffy that way, but dang is it frustrating.

I have about 115 hours in that game but stopped playing a couple months ago. I wanna give it another try when the terminators / MegaArmorz come out.


>> No.52267880

It never was. You either move to get the Plasma Gun in range, or stay stationary to fire the Lascannon.

It kind of is now that Running and Snap Shots are a thing, and Loyalists can break up into combat squads to cater to both weapons; all that said grav weapons are the new be-all end-all so lasplas is still dead there. Chaos got fucked for daring to minmax so now ten man minimum for heavy weapons, and no Combat Squads cheesing. Take ten men in a Rhino with two Special weapons for the offense, and ten men with a single Heavy Weapon for defense and holding home field objectives.

>> No.52267913

Generally 1000 points is the minimum where I feel you start getting "real" games of 40k. Less than that can still be fun, especially for new players who are still figuring things out, but it's a very different beast.

>> No.52268192

He can already Stomp so the axe is moot. Take a Black Mace and evaporate infantry.

>> No.52268847

>Though I'm willing to allow them that one, as the autocannon literally comes on the sprue. It'd be BS to force them to "pay" for something they couldn't even use on the tabletop when buying it
like the CSM players when buying the tartaros? how nice

>> No.52268858
File: 518 KB, 1800x1522, Blood Angels - 1500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

List for an upcoming store narrative campaign, gonna replace Astorath with a similar chaplain when I generate a character. Thoughts on the list?

Also, do Blood Angels have an abnormal amount of Librarians, or what? I mean they have librarian dreadnaughts and shit.

>> No.52268867

Having an argument with some guys on 1d4chan over whether or not Solomon Lok goes in the GK tactics page.
They claim his rules say he can be a GK HQ and they haven't been updated so it's still valid.
However, his rules also reference page 90 of the GK codex for rules on inquisitorial retinues. The current GK codex obviously doesn't have any rules about retinues.
I argue he should go in the inquisition tactics because for one thing, he's not a fucking grey knight - he's ordo xenos.

God I fucking hate forgeworld for all this bullshit of putting out books and never updating them.

>> No.52268883

I don't think hey breed to spam summons but their infantry are so fragile they normally need to just summon one or two extra.

They're a very difficult army to play due to being very melee and psyker focused and having strange rules, but they are very powerful.
It depends on what kind of daemons he plays, each god or mixture of has it's own preferred tactics.

Unless he's playing mono khorn and not using daemonkin, that's just shit.

>> No.52268888

You're better off not taking powerfists because whatever you need a power fist for means it cannot be damaged by anything else.
Way too many points on a single model. 48 points for a 1 wound 3+ FNP.

secondly, you're better off having 6 units of 5 rather than 3 of 10. You can spread out more and attack more things. It's harder for your opponent to deal with 6 instead of 3.
A unit of 5 is still putting out 25 dice each - 50 is overkill.

>> No.52268924

Gotcha, good point on the power fist. How else should I bring some anti-tank though?

>> No.52268938

Power mauls are str 7 so you can glance most armor that way.
Other than that, 30 points = 2 inferno pistols

>> No.52268975
File: 156 KB, 270x270, 76145781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to remove paint from models literally painted 10 years ago

>> No.52268989
File: 580 KB, 1800x1788, Raptors - 1500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Warlord gains Master of Ambush so troops don't need transport

>> No.52269017

What's your game plan?

>> No.52269049

Can sos null maiden task force take transports?

>> No.52269068

>Cap obj with Scouts
>Force the Skitarii into the enemy base
>Speeders and Whirlwinds prioritize anything being a threat to my scouts
>When all Deep Strikers/Infiltrators are dead, they can plow the enemy base.

This is my first army so I don't really have much field experience; I mainly just want a balanced army as I'm gonna play against pretty much every type of opponent.

>> No.52269072

Consider other lists in the thread and see how you'd match up. Take a look at this list and say what you think you'd do and he'd do to counter you:


>> No.52269163

I'd keep my units further back, maybe even away from objectives.

His Dreads'd be dead in no time.

His assault marines are huge and expensive af. With three big melee blobs he can only do so much damage. They'd also fall prey to my Suppression Force while trying ot get to objectives/my troops.

After softening up his troops, I'll probably go in with mine. Even if I'd get too close, he's still using 300 pts to charge 60-100 pts; in between his charges I'll have time to throw in a few shots from my Suppression Force, Devs, sterns, HQ and Dread.

As I said, I've not much experience but I'd feel pretty confident in such a matchup. Am I missing something critical? Would I get wrecked?

>> No.52269171

There's not really much he can do to counter as his army is so focused on two things, no? He'll have to spawn in base and jump across the map no matter what

He can only really counter Supp Force with his Dreads and they're in Drop Pods. I could counter-counter this by Infiltrating my Devs in cover somewhere closer to their spawn but where they can be covered by my other troops

>> No.52269183

How many points would you say the psyker special rule is worth or a character?

>> No.52269213

Not to mention he's often wrong about lore, or even retellings from after recently analyzing a new book, etc.

He usually also only has guests on to not take them seriously and just laughs at their opinions. He's a cunt.

>> No.52269259

Go to the new thread
It already has over 100 posts

>> No.52269293

Link it nigger

>> No.52269296

Who makes a new thread without linking in?

>> No.52269307

Keep in mind a couple things: he inherently ruins any attempt to infiltrate which your army is built around, and two: his early game potential.

He has an even chance of getting first turn, and there's also Night Fighting which can give him cover from your heavy guns. Now his formation gives him free 6" move that's not scouts before the game starts. This is important for one, it lets him redeploy out of your LoS before the game begins, and two, he can charge even after making the move. That's a 6" super scout, 6" regular move or even a 12" move if he wants to use his JP, and then either a 7" regular charge or an average of 8-9" charge with his JP. That's a straight shot of 25 inches on average if using his JP in the movement phase, 23 if he's charging into cover, so he'll kill anything too close up. Obviously range is a big favor here for you.

You gotta accept he can seriously absorb fire power. Your suppresion force can shit out hits, but you're only wounding on 3+ to my knowledge, while he still gets a 3+ save plus a fnp. One of those big units will also get to reroll 1s on that from the relic a chaplain has. He's built to assume losses long enough to get in your face.

Cover is your friend and enemy here. It /might/ slow him down, but it will hinder your LoS more than anything here. You're biggest strength is as you've pointed out that you have a shit ton more units than he can deal with. If he's smart he'd split one of the big squads into two five man squads. You're also going to have to prioritize: are you going to take the naughts out first as they drop, or focus on the blenders that WILL hit your lines turn two.

>> No.52269323

Someone did hence why this thread is so dead at times

>> No.52269337

>Force the skitarii into the enemy base
I'm not really sure what you mean here, 40k doesn't have "enemy bases" unless you mean into the enemy deployment zone, in which case the skitarii are probably gonna die. March them to objectives pr wherever there are vehicles to haywire to death. Also you're better off taking them in squads of 5. Since squads can generally only fire at one unit it makes your opponent to either ignore the squad or waste wounds.

>> No.52269353

Vanguard will probably get chewed up by gunfire on their way over. They're more fragile than Scouts and they don't get any fancy infiltration from your Warlord so they'll have to footslog.
Supression Force, Devastators and Dorito are a solid fire support.
Scouts are kind of meh. They'll do great humping cover but if you try and hold an objective out in the open with them, they'll be torn apart. ATSKNF means they can't be caught by sweeping advances, but they can still be forced off objectives by failing Morale tests and falling back, even if they'll auto-regroup.
MoA is useful but if the game plan changes and you need to get somewhere you're still footslogging.

If his Dreads get ahold of your Whirlwinds you're in trouble, and your plan kind of relies on their pieplates to thin out enemy infantry. You can sit back and gunline reasonably well, but you lack anything capable of then blasting out of your lines and seizing objectives quickly before the game ends. Can you still give Scouts bikes? Otherwise maybe cheese it and load your Vanguard up in some Rhinos on Turn 1, that will significantly improve their lifespan and give you something to quickly respond with.

>> No.52269407

So much good feedback, I'll definitely have something to think about now, thanks guys!

Priority is not to win games tho; I wanna play something that plays like 'Raptors', not WAAC cheese. Sure, winning is fun but I mainly wanna collect, paint, fluff and play some friendly matches.

Ah, thank you for the lecture. Any way I could strengthen my army against something like this without sacrificing too much firepower?

And yeah, my 40k vocabulary ain't that great yet; meant his doployment zone.

The idea of the skitarii is they can soak damage while still actually do some killing, unlike IG. Usually I'd rather take more smaller units but due to Master of Ambush, I can infiltrate four units. Splitting the Vanguards would counteract that.

The Vanguards gain Infiltrate, as it merely states "Your Warlord and three non-vehicle units of your choice have the Infiltrate special rule.". Picked Vanguards as meatshields because they can actually kill stuff and is easy to ally in. Any better recommendations to get more units on board?

About the Scouts, hopefully they don't get to fight much, hoping I can keep the enemy away from them. But yeah, maybe I need a fast unit with ObjSec? Gonna look into it, thanks.

>> No.52269430

Trust me when I say Skitarii cannot soak damage. They may have 4+ armor and a 6+ feel no pain, but they're still just T3 dudes.

>> No.52269435

You're biggest problem is you have no way of slowing him down. Once he gets going, he'll just stay in the cover of wherever you parked his latest victim, and then get moving on the next one the turn after. Your best bet is to invest in some tarpit unit of some kind.

>> No.52269444

I was hoping Skitarii would relatively tarpitty. Should I go back to IG? Elysians are fluffy af but won't really work as a tarpit, would they?

>> No.52269479

Your skitarii are a good choice on thr grounds they can deal some hurt both in melee and ranged due to their various radiation rules and protocols. But they will never be a tarpit given they're Ld 8 at best, 1 wound, and no staying power. If you switch them out you lose a lot of your firepower, especially losing on on those arc rifles. You've got lascannons and a lot of missile launchers that could make up for that, but it's a tough call you have to make. If you do go Guard, I'd say an allied detachment with a big mass platoon or even conscripts with a priest to make them fearless. Bodies are the principle to combine with that fearless, forget fire power if you're going that route. Fluff could be a slave uprising, or some other riot the Raptors are using as cover. Plus, you get more ObSec with an allied detachment. Cheap Hq could be a commissar, not fearless but subborn and will keep bodies in the fight.

>> No.52269491

They can hold regular gunline units in melee for a while but they'll get shredded by any dedicated melee unit and they don't really have any way of getting fearless or stubborn, they have access to data-tethers that increase their leadership when under the effects of imperatives but beyond that they're likely to run even if they don't all die in the combat.

The two squads you have would be great vehicle killers. The skitarii are all about killing enemies through shooting, either dumping a fuckload of saves on enemies or overwhelming firepower. They can be a tarpit but you need a lot more than just two vanguard squads, unless you want to us the imperatives to increase their WS several turns in a row but that detracts from their shooting. If you want a tar-pit just go with a guard platoon and a priest. Now if you really want to run the vanguards as a sacrificial delaying force then I'd probably dump the arc rifles and just run them naked. They still do decent damage and you can put all those points into something that isn't going to probably die as soon as they get charged.

>> No.52269521

I seem to have three easy choices then:

>Remove Devastators and Missile Launchers for 180 pts. That is only if the Dreadnought and the Arc Rifles are enough AV.

>Switch out the Vanguards for 290 pts. They seem to be generally quite good units but they're also costly.

>Remove Missile Launchers and Arc Rifles, keep the Devastators and gain 120 pts

Thoughts? Should I try something else? Just worried I might lose too much AV for not enough of a tarpit

>> No.52269542

Lord Commissar, Priest and an Infantry Platoon w/Conscripts cost at least 280 pts. Is it worth switching the Vanguards for this or should I look at something else?

>> No.52269547

Dropping the vanguards will buy the most bodies which is the most important aspect followed by fearless. If you go guard that'll get you a commissar, a priest, and enough bodies to stall at least one of his murder squads. You could stall out one of his dreads in particular since it won't shit out enough attacks for a couple of turns to burn through them all.

>> No.52269598
File: 725 KB, 1800x2453, Raptors - 1500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could remove a Missile Launcher, the Suppression Force and reduce the size of the Vanguards to 5-man. That would allow me to throw in an allied detachment of IG:

Lord Commissar
Platoon w/Conscripts
Leman Russ

It'd be less fluffy tho.

>> No.52269621

The leman russ is a first blood waiting to happen. It just gives a big read target for the entire enemy's anti-tank. Plus, as you said, unfluffy.

>> No.52269622
File: 713 KB, 1800x2322, Raptors - IG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And one with just Skitarii changed for IG

>> No.52269636

Drop the russ, either use that for more bodies in the conscripts or something. Missing the ML isn't too bad since you have the arc rifles and las cannons covering all your anti tank. Plus, it focus's your scouts more so the other 4 aren't wasting their shooting on tanks. I'd say pump up that conscript squad, and use the extra points to buy some method of anti horde now that you've dropped the suppression. OR just bring back a cheaper version of it by dropping the Russ

>> No.52269680
File: 737 KB, 1800x2468, Raptors - Combo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm losing a lot of firepower like this tho.. Maybe something like this would be better?

Skitarii > Sterns?

>> No.52269691

Are the medipack and/or heavy weapon upgrades fro the IG Command squad worth the points at all? If not, what upgrades should I take?

>> No.52269699

I could switch Sniper Scouts Camo Cloaks for a Missile Launcher. That'd make my entire Raptors team be the heavy firepower while IG is the tank and Skitarii does the infantry stuff. Might be a bit fluffy and work pretty well?

>> No.52269714

Or maybe I should get FNP from Medi-Pack?

>> No.52269747

Depends if they're your primary detachment. The heavy weapons no, but generally the FnP is pretty good for a command squad if they're your warlord. Got to keep them orders coming either way though.

Not too bad. Your special ammo and Raptors rule interaction is wonky anyways, but you've got some solid fire power that will kill hordes and vehicles, blob up decent, and shit rending shots out. Use the blob turn two to stop a charge from a blender unit out in the open, and you'll leave your lascannons and snipers juicy targets to pick at. I'd say it's not too unfluffy either given how the Raptors/Ravenguard support other units with their operations. It infact reminds me of the Guerrilla operations rule for Raven guard in Horus Heresy which requires human allies and lets them become fearless. The only unfluffy thing to be honest would be the skitarii, which is up to Your Dudes.

>> No.52269751 [SPOILER] 
File: 23 KB, 500x327, 1490008393931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kinda like the new direction of 40K.

>> No.52269760

I do too, I just want to keep point levels low.

>> No.52269764

Play Kill Team.

>> No.52269766

I should be clear, I was mostly regarding the fluff.

>> No.52269772

Hmm. I actually had an Inquisitor set up as the warlord for fluff reasons. Retrospectively that's probably a poor choice.

>> No.52269782

Thank you so much for the help! Sacrificing the Sternguards, a Missile Launcher and ten Vanguards for a whole IG platoon definitely seems like a good upgrade.

But yeah, Skitarii without AdMech feels kinda weird. I'll see if I can fluff it up a bit later, add Cawl and smth else for a 2k pt game or smth

>> No.52269785
File: 1003 KB, 1080x1080, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck thought the new Eldar were a good idea?

Eldar play well they get rewarded with extra movement, shooting and assault.

Enemy player plays well gets rewards with extra Eldar movement, shooting and assault on his own turn.

Also the annoying teleporting cheese God with not misshap because that is fair

The fuck is this bullshit!

>> No.52269818

Make the whole IG unit be indentured infantry for the AdMech, and the Skitarii are along as security in case the conscripts start getting ideas. Convert the Commissar and Priest or just build them from cogboy parts and bam, they're there to enforce the will of the Omnissiah and make sure the bullet-catchers know how much of a privelage it is to serve the AdMech.

It's actually kind of perfect since the Raptors would be 100% on board with these kind of joint operations.

>> No.52269820

Could be tasked out/owed mechanicus forces due to a long standing oath or something. The only thing I can honestly not as weak in this any more is the lack of anti anti which you can indirectly answer through volley fire power. Consider getting the Skitarri start collecting forces, which could give you a fluffy way to integrate those skitarii. Maybe take one big 10 man vanguard squad with arc rifles and an anti-air onager, then a dominus to help two link that shit plus his own doodads for the formation. That's all just unncessary fluffy shit, and your list itself would be great not.

Just make sure to make put those infantry squads together in one 20 blob, and the conscripts in a another. Stick the commissar with the squads so he has people to execute, and the rpiest with the condemned for fluff and fearlessness. This will either stick them out a turn against weaker CC squads buying you time to adjust position, or let them all die fast enough in a useful place that your next turn you can shoot at the exposed underbelly of a blender squad that is stuck out in the open from assault/consolidation.

>> No.52269834

Could be a slave revolt, basic rebellion for the Emperor, or any number of shitty humans supported by human operations.

Or they could be products of a magos genetor who uses them as slaves thralls just above servitors he loans out to Raptors to use. Raptors can more about the pragmatic win than winning the right way like Ravenguard do.

>> No.52269839

Ynnari are only really good for DE or clowns which in all fairness needed a buff stock eldar are better of using FW shit and battlefocus in CWE

>> No.52269868

I love you anon

Haven't read the entire IG codex yet. Thought the Platoon counted as a single unit. Can I still 'combat squad' them? If so, Infantry+Commissar and Conscripts+Priest?

Maybe the Raptors were asked to oversee the transfer of some conscripts to be 'converted' into new Skitarii when they got jumped? Thus Raptors + Skitarii + IG + conscripts

>> No.52269891

You can combine Infantry squads, but not the company command squad. So those 20+ Inf and Commissar are good to go. Otherwise they operate as regular ten man squads who are just bought together and are deployed at the same time.

The as for converts, then I'd say buy an enginseer model to work as your priest. Maybe throw in some servitor models to the conscripts for fluff.

>> No.52269896
File: 503 KB, 500x333, ehehe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's your new thread now fucc boi?

>> No.52269917

Thank you.

Should I get the Command Squad in with the rest? I could infiltrate the entire IG army in three parts and have to Skitarii run (Dunestriders ftw)

>> No.52269930

Oh wait, they don't have Dunestrider.. I could always leave the Command Squad with the Heavy Support and infiltrate a Vanguard team. If the Warlord joins the other Vanguards I could infiltrate them as well but he might die then

>> No.52269937

Missing the point. How the fuck is soulburst fair.

>> No.52269944

Damn I'm almost spamming now

Then again they do get Crusader and Scout so I could just run them in. They shouldn't be as close as IG anyway

>> No.52269950
File: 618 KB, 1800x1822, Blood Angels - 1500pts (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now how do you feel about going against this? It's got smaller squads but more of them that can strike and multiple ways, and has more templates to throw around. It's still very fast but has more kill points to offer

>> No.52269976

Rather go with one fist instead of PW in your small squads. S9 PF has much bigger threatrange against multiple targets instead of PW. For instance Riptide doesnt die against PWs but powerfist scares the crap out of it.

>> No.52270002

Actually you can only have 3 DC squads, so go back to what you were. Maybe drop a PW from each to make sure each have a fist

>> No.52270027
File: 523 KB, 1800x1539, Blood Angels - 1500pts (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52270065

Well, I found out my Warhammer buddy is a piece of shit.
He does have legit mental problems, moderate bi-polar that they're treating, and knew he'd been kicked out by his mrs. There were rumours around our geoup that he'd hit his wife, and that was why he was kicked out.
However, I found out over the weekend that it wasn't a one off (not that a one off is justified anyway), but over an extended period of time he'd abused her pretty solidly. Apparently ranging from pretty violent to pinning her down and spitting in her face while yelling at her. This'd go for a week or two at a time, die down for 4-6 weeks then start again.

Given all my painting etc has been with him it's kind of killed my desire to keep going.

>> No.52270083


I start off by Infiltrating the Command Squad, Infantry Squad and the Conscripts. They'll form a defensive perimiter. Scouts are either put on objectives in my deployment zone or at another advantageous point. The Skitarii are placed relatively far up in my deployment zone. If the enemy deploys as close to the center as possible, my Skitarii can either Scout to cover or Scout back a bit so they don't get jumped right away.

Whirlwinds, Deredeo and the Devastators are held back but not TOO close to each other. Still within shooting distance so they can cover eachother and the rest.

If he goes first he'll definitely try and Deep Strike his Dreadnoughts to keep me busy. He'll probably go for my vehicles due to melta. Even if he gets down two models he'll not be able to get all my vehicles. His will die the next turn.

He'll probably try and jump over my Guardsmen but he can't really jump over them AND away from them. All my units will thus be able to shoot at them unless they lock themselves in melee with the Guardsmen. If he locks himself with the Guardsmen he's lost a few rounds already. If he jumps over them they'll get shot down then charged by Guardsmen or in worst case, Scouts.

If I go first however, it's basically the same story. I'd stay back and Deep Strike the Land Speeders. Even if he'd try and take my Speeders out with his Dreadnoughts, he's spending 400 pts to kill 100. His will be dead from Lascannons/Missiles/Autocannons next round anyway.

>> No.52270089


>> No.52270110

Oh damn.

>> No.52270112

One thing you could to to your list.

Shave off 34 points and add single inquisitor with 3 servoskulls.

Better DS for dreads and chance to roll infiltrate for your deathcompany.

>> No.52270148

> genitals aren't protected


>> No.52270151

Anyone here have a Glaive tank? Looking at main weapons for my Mechanicum Manta, and I found that Chinaman sells just the Glaive turret, which works well. Does the turret come as one large part, or are the gun and/or capacitors separate?

Also, do Tau kits have spares as a rule? I also need 16 long-barreled burst cannon or something that works as them, and I'm wondering if the local Tau players might have a couple.

>> No.52270162

You don't need additonal protection when you already have balls of steel.

>> No.52270163

So uh, realistically, how is Girlyman going to deal with all of the marines who unironically call other people heretics in a very religious way?

>> No.52270176

Oh yeah, forgot the Deredeo has Interceptor so it could fire at the enemy Dreads before they get to fire at mine, right?

>> No.52270181

>pinning her down and spitting in her face


>> No.52270226


Neck yourself.

>> No.52270423

I'm not sure if they shoot at the dreads or drop pods, but yes. Still need LoS though which he might block by using creative deployment.

>> No.52270443

Also, you need to get your turn first to declare you're using the array that lets you intercept. This means his first one could drop free of fire if he goes first.

>> No.52270596

>goes first
Do BA have some Reserves shenanigans in play or am I wrong for thinking that reserves can't turn up Turn 1 without some kind of exceptional rule?

>> No.52270728

Drop pod assault brings in half of all drop pod units when their first turn begins, reat as normal. This happens with all loyal marine armies which is something you need to watch out for. On a semi-related note the blood angels do have a couple formations that let them start with a ton of units in reserve that start rolling turn one, as well a special character that lets them reroll reserve and +1 to stealing initiative.

>> No.52270838
File: 11 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52270936

How's my strat in general? Think I'd win?

Interceptor: "At the end of the enemy Movement phase, a weapon with the Interceptor special rule can be fired at any one unit that has arrived from Reserve within its range and line of sight. If this rule is used, the weapon cannot be fired in the next turn, but the firing model can shoot a different weapon if it has one."

So since the Dread+Drop Pod comes as a unit from reserve, I'm pretty sure I could fire at either.

You're right. Well, it's a bit of protection granted he fails rolling the other reserve (Warlord give -1 to enemy reserve roll)

>> No.52271051
File: 8 KB, 382x384, 1447730783603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Verse my list then nigger

>> No.52271088

I'll be your nigger if you'll be my wigger.

Never read the Deldar codex; still a noob. This'll take some time.

>> No.52271116

Is it bad to only use termies and paladins for a GK army?

>> No.52271176
File: 57 KB, 600x620, 99120101142_ContemptorDreadnought01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does the Contemptor from GW look so bad?

It somehow looks like a cheap McDonald's toy, you know the ones that try to imitate "real" toys just to advertise and sell the genuine product.

>> No.52271181

His list is 1500 and yours is 1000. Someone has got to change.

>> No.52271189

Reading the Deldar codex now, I believe I deserve a handicap of +50% pts

He can mod his while I read

>> No.52271315

Them skinny, firm legs

>> No.52271327


++ Combined Arms Detachment (Dark Eldar: Codex (2014)) [1501pts] ++

+ HQ +

Archon [185pts]: Agoniser, Haywire Grenades, Kabalite Armour, Shadow field, Splinter Pistol, The Animus Vitae, Webway portal

Court of the Archon [100pts]: 2x Medusae, 2x Sslyth

+ Elites +

Incubi [165pts]: 5x Incubi
·· Venom: Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Trueborn [165pts]
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn with Special Weapon: Blaster
·· Kabalite Trueborn with Special Weapon: Blaster
·· Kabalite Trueborn with Special Weapon: Blaster
·· Venom: Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Trueborn [160pts]
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Kabalite Trueborn
·· Trueborn with Heavy Weapon: Dark Lance
·· Trueborn with Heavy Weapon: Dark Lance
·· Venom: Splinter Cannon

+ Troops +

Kabalite Warriors [185pts]
·· 9x Kabalite Warrior
·· Kabalite Warrior with heavy weapon (up to 1 for 10 models): Splinter cannon
·· Raider: Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks

Kabalite Warriors [185pts]
·· 9x Kabalite Warrior
·· Kabalite Warrior with heavy weapon (up to 1 for 10 models): Splinter cannon
·· Raider: Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks

+ Fast Attack +

Beastmasters [90pts]
·· Beastmaster: Close Combat Weapon
·· 8x Khymera

Reavers [146pts]: 2x Cluster caltrops
·· 4x Reaver
·· Reaver with special weapon (up to 1 for 3 models)
···· Reaver jetbike: Heat lance
·· Reaver with special weapon (up to 1 for 3 models)
···· Reaver jetbike: Heat lance

Scourges [120pts]
·· Scourge
·· Scourge with Special / Heavy weapon: Haywire blaster
·· Scourge with Special / Heavy weapon: Haywire blaster
·· Scourge with Special / Heavy weapon: Haywire blaster
·· Scourge with Special / Heavy weapon: Haywire blaster

++ Total: [1501pts] ++

>> No.52271448

because the Dark Eldar and Harlequins are shit, which makes up for the ynnari being strong. CWE don't even need to bother with it

>> No.52271509

Is there any chance they're going to add sisters of silence type units to other armies?

With all the psychic shenanigans going on right now from most armies, how can non psychic ones or ones with only a bit of a psychic phase compete?

>> No.52271526

Your hq is way too beefy without a transport to get him anywhere of survive post DS shooting, while the court is useless but very fluffy. Other wise a decent list that could use a flyer to help it out.

>> No.52271599

Alright, got every character, weapon, rule etc written up, now I've just gotta wrap my head around the units and then formulate a plan

But hey, it's a learning experience

>> No.52271744

Is a termie + dreadnoughts list viable for GK?

>> No.52271895

This, there is no sense of motion to it, it's all stiff

>> No.52272113


>> No.52272312

Do note I don't have any actual field experience and have never seen Deldar in action.

My priority list: Raiders > Venoms > Archon > Trueborn > Warriors > Scourges > Reavers > Beastmaster > Court

>I'll put Whirlwinds in a corner w. Conscripts
>I'll put Dreadnought in the middle of my depzone with FoV and Command Squad.
>Guardsmen are placed in the center of the map but not too far out from the Dreadnought.
>The Skitarii are placed between the Heavy Support with the Devastators between them.
>Scouts are placed in front and between the Whirlwinds and Dreads.

Deldar goes first:
>Deepstrikes Raiders and Venoms
>Archon is probably with them
>Beastmaster, Reavers, Scourges, Court all run up
>Shoots w/Prio Dread then Whirlwinds
My turn:
>Deep Strikes Land Speeders by Deldar transports
>If units are out of range of the transports they'll move closer
>Devastators > Dread > Snipers > Vanguards shoot at Deldar transports
>Most likely pops them
>Whirlwinds > Land Speeders > Vanguards > Scouts shoot at Kabalites
>Hopefully kills them
>If snipers can, they'll fire at Scourges > Reavers > Court
>If Kabalites survive, Conscripts > Infantry > Vanguards > Scouts charge them

I go first:
>Deep strike Land Speeders on Court
>Units stay where they are
>Whirlwinds > Land Speeders fire at Court
>If Dread/Devastators/Snipers can fire at Scourges > Reavers they will
>Dread goes Interceptor mode
Deldars turn:
>Deepstrikes Raiders and Venoms
>Archon is probably with them
>Beastmaster, Reavers, Scourges, Court all run up
>Shoots w/Prio Dread then Whirlwinds
>Would probably ignore Land Speeders because no AA.

I'm probably missing something huge here but the Kabalites feel like expelsive AV suiciders. Even if they'd get my vehicles I've many troops that can pop their fragile vehicles and expose their fragile units. The rest of the units will be late for the party. Then they've gotta get around the 40 guardsmen/conscripts that are in the way.

>> No.52272331

Do tell me what I've wrongly assumed. I'll probably fight Deldars eventually and no matter what it feels like I need experience countering AV suiciders

>> No.52272337

I know I'm late to the party but shouldn't it be called Leviathan-Mortis?

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