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>New UA: Mystic

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v4b

>Pastebin with resources and so on:


>Previously, on /5eg/

In 24 hours we'll be discussing new arcana. What will we be talking about?

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What class was based Stannis?

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What are some interesting urban fight scenes?

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>No damage talent for mystic weapon users

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Fair enough, I'm not the most knowledgeable about this stuff I admit.

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A mastermind, maybe a fighter/mastermind multiclass.
Beric, on the other hand, was a paladin, one of the very few ones.

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Purple Dragon Knight, sworn to himself.

Later, Paladin of Conquest sworn to the Fire God.

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>Purple Dragon Knight, sworn to himself.
That can't be right, because PDK sucks.
>Later, Paladin of Conquest sworn to the Fire God.
But Stannis isn't really sword to R'hllor, and he never does any magic. He has the Lightbringer, but it's just a magic sword.

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>Tfw Revivify over and over again just fucks your shit up

Praise R'hllor and pass the ammunition! Smash the traitors, Iron Throne now!

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hes obv just a bm ln fighter

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>PDK sucks
Purple Dragon Knight's features are so weak because baseline fighter is so great.
In the hindsight, baseline fighter should only have two attacks, with champion getting two more, battlemaster getting better manuevers and PDK getting warlord features that aren't trash.

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Eventually in my campaign, if the player characters don't stop it, the rules for magic are going to break down in-universe, and go back to how they were originally in the setting.
Magic under these rules will be closer to will-based and shamanistic magic, the sorts of things that might be expected of Barbarians of Lemuria.
Should I have it become a sort of deal where now everyone rolls to achieve effects, and can expend spell slots to get a +X where X is spell level bonus to the roll?

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I have no idea what you're trying to say in the last paragraph, but I've got an idea.
>Vancian casting disappears
>Either spell points or psionics replace it.

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No, I meant that magical effects can be achieved by rolling high enough, but I wasn't sure how to balance that, given that holy shit everything is now hinged on the result of the (very swingy) dice.
This is ideal for the villain, who's a champion of Chaos and has rules that allow her to make rerolls like the Lucky Feat, but it seems like a pain in the ass for the players out of universe and characters in-universe.
So I was considering, like you said, to use psionic rules and give everyone low-level Mystic powers.

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Psionic archetypes for existing classes. Would you want them? Which classes? What features should the archetypes also have?

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Remember, this is a multiple option poll.

The options in those poll were gathered from the most highly voted options from other polls.

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>Would you want them?

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You're supposed to blow a bunch of PP on the "get a +3 weapon all day" shit.

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Hey 1e/2e guys, how long does it usually take for old dungeon crawls like White Plume Mountain and Tomb of Horrors (deaths notwithstanding)? I mean, without the middle-man of "Go to the inn, talk to NPC, go to dungeon, crawl", and going right into the action, I imagine it shouldn't take like months to do, right? Curious cause of the upcoming Yawning Portal module featuring these. Wanna know if I can just pick them up and have like mini-campaigns for my players in between our main one.

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Sounds good to me. Houserule it, anon!

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Don't tell me what to fucking do.

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A lot of the old-school dungeon crawls originated as Tournament Modules, meaning they were meant to be run in a few hours. (I personally can barely imagine how that's supposed to work and be fun, but not only was it the standard, it was something people actually were clamoring for back in the day.) Dunno how the Yawning Portal versions will be, but depending on how it's done, they can theoretically be done in one setting, or longer depending on the group.
(My dream Halloween game remains doing a one-shot of the Tomb of Horrors using the old rules and a giant stack of pre-gens.)

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I'm the guy who did the Warlord homebrew. I'd post it, but it got lost when my computer was stolen- apparently divine punishment.

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I wish I had the magus homebrew saved for this occasion.
Wait, no, I don't want this shit on my computer.

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So who else is really disappointed with the Soulknife Mystic. Now I may just be spoiled because of Pathfinders Ultimate Psionics but everything about Mystic Soulknife is just underwealming.

It is mechnically solid. But I guess it just feels dull. I miss my customizable lightsaber/green lantern ring.

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The psychic focus for Psionic Weapon bro, even though it kind of sucks without using PP on it.

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Friend wanted to play an ant man. After that was denied, he picked a goblin instead. Is this the definition of autism?

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>all day
Is a couple of minutes, you'll never have enough PP to even last hours, plural.

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How in the fuck is baseline fighter that great? I mean second wind is garbage and your attacks come way too late to matter half the time and damage wise everyone keeps up with you AND they can do other stuff.

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Mannis, obviously.

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Sounds pretty game fucking considering that either high level spells become almost impossible to cast or you can cast high level spells with low level slots.

I'm developing a 'haywire' table.

Haywire, as per Dungeons of Dredmor, means shit goes wack crazy. It's like wild surge, but more focused on the spell than having additional effects.

You cast a spell. It could:
Work properly (Normally)
Affect a larger area.
Affect a small area.
Affect a different creature.
Become a slightly different spell.
Become an entirely different spell, a level higher or lower.
Become a different elemental type, with perhaps differing effects.
Et cetera. The idea is to have a d20 roll on casting magic, a 1 triggers shit, then there's a d10 table of effects which might have things like 'roll 1d2 to determine if the spell affects a double size area/twice as many people or a half size area' sort of thing.
Sorcerers could roll twice and choose which of the two results they prefer.
Wild mages could probably go haywire on purpose.

The idea is fucky, but it sounds better than completely deconstructing the system. But then again, this is more 'slightly less reliable magic' rather than 'what the fuck' magic. In which case, make it roll 1d2 every time you cast a spell, haywires on a 1.

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I'm still a bit mad combat superiority is limited to one subtype of Fighter.

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How's Out of the Abyss? My group ran Princes of the Apocalypse and as time went on, we've sort of agreed that it's not really capturing us than we hoped (one of them enjoyed the Elemental Evil video game too) and I admit, I'm kinda drawing a blank of inspiration with the material. Out of the Abyss though upon a gander of the pdf has me quite excited and interested more than PotA and I'm thinking it's the kind of module my players want with their style.

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>Implying that's bad homebrew
The unarmored defense looks like the biggest problem, and I'm not 100% sure it except for how it works with shields.

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Out of the Abyss CAN be good. It just takes a lot of planning. The introduction is very strong, but getting the players back into the underdark can be tough once they're out.

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Not you, anon, the other anon. The one with the face.

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I want a book that is just subclasses that give features of other classes like how Eldritch Knight gives fighters spells

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Yeah, I noticed there's a point where they have to go back. My players adore Lost Mines and Phandalin and have made it their base of operations. I can perhaps throw some encounter of demonic nature there that has them go straight back to the Underdark.

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Atavistic Fury is a micro-bonus and that's a big ol' 5e No-No. Why not instead of subraces give them +1 Str and Con then let them choose between an additional +1 to Str or Int like the Minotaur race from Waterborne Adventures. Keep Trained to Inherit if you want but frankly with natural armor, natural weapons and elemental resistance it's looking pretty loaded.

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>title"Out of the Abyss"
>part where you go back into the Abyss

but why

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Does a dual wielding Rouge 2/Bladelock X work well enough? Thinking of using Devil's Sight/Darkness for easy sneak damage while using offhand for more Hex damage.

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psionic wizard

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>do deadlift
>still alive

It's because demons come out of the abyss

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So? DnDland is full of demons anyway

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Somebody's trying to become a dragon.

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>Tales from the Yawning Portal
>has nothing to do with the Undermountain

why bother?

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>Yawning Portal
your moms pusy?

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ouch anon

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i don't feel good about it

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Is this a 'the term Yawning Portal has specific ties to Undermountain in FR lore' thing, or a 'if we're talking about adventures we should be talking about Undermountain' thing?
My Faerun lore has a lot of holes in it, especially when it comes to Waterdeep.

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Not him, but I'm going to assume that he's talking about the fact that the Yawning Portal is named after the 40 foot wide, 140 foot deep pit in the middle of it that leads into the ruins of Undermountain.

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Yawning Portal is an inn in Waterdeep and its defining feature is the a large deep well that leads to the Undermountain.

Maybe WotC has plans for Undermountain (one of their codenames for upcoming modules is Labyrinth unless TftYP is basically that cause of the old school dungeons) but it's a pretty iconic part of DnD mythos that with the theme of bringing old dungeons to the limelight, why not let the module have this other iconic inn be the starting point?

>> No.52259322

Tales from the Yawning Portal *is* Labyrinth. The next two products are Dust (September) and Midway (November).

>> No.52259344

My Official Megadungeon Knowledge is pretty poor; I know next to nothing about Undermountain, and even less about Castle Greyhawk (because there's even less to know). Does Undermountain have a reputation for having portals to other worlds? If so, I can see a logic to 'you can reach these adventures through the halls of Undermountain' or something to that effect.
Then again, they'll probably just port all the adventures over to Faerun, leaving Oerth more and more barren.

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Stannis was so based just thinking about him still evokes some hype.

>> No.52259414


Ah, I stand corrected then.

>Dust (September) and Midway (November)

Any ideas? Apart from Dark Sun but I can't help but think of something to do with the Aurouch desert. Probably Eberron For Midway, drawing a blank but probably a splat.

>Does Undermountain have a reputation for having portals to other worlds?

Nah, portal can also mean an entry point which the well in the inn is for the Undermountain. The "yawning" bit is because how fucking huge the well's mouth is (it's 40ft diameter.) The owner of the inn was one of the two rare survivors of the Undermountain. His buddy that he went with went on to use his riches he found in the Undermountain to make a mansion, this guy made an inn over the damn entryway.

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When Mearls was asked if thri-kreen will get stats, he said "not in the foreseeable future".
You are fake news.

>> No.52259424

Except Mearls has said not to expect thri-kreen anytime soon, there is a new Forgotten Realms adventure out this year about the Ring of Winter (which isn't likely to be the November product considering their release habits), and Dust has input from Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward, who seems like he wouldn't be the kind of person to bring in for Dark Sun.

>> No.52259447

...then what are all those obsidian orbs for?
What aren't the Templars telling us?

>> No.52259477

When did he say this though?

also implying that Pendleton Ward doesn't love post-apocalypse more than Mearls

>> No.52259485

You got it boss.

>> No.52259494

Ah, I see. Kinda figured that was what the 'yawning portal' was (and I appreciate that FR flat-out has the Inn with the entrance to the dungeon), but I was hoping there was some decent justification to using the Yawning Portal as the place we talk about old modules at. Guess not; just a convenient name, which feels a little too 'corporate brand re-use' for me to be comfortable. Then again, that's just my own bullshit hangups.

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Give me your best mystic builds!

>> No.52259538

>near future meaning the same thing as foreseeable future

Maybe it won't be September, but it'll come one day.

>> No.52259541


Some say this is a tease to an Undermountain module. The place is the biggest dungeon in all of the Realms so with all the nostalgia WotC is doing, I can see them throwing this sometime this year. Could make a good setting for the inevitable Ring of Winter storyline that SKT hinted.

But anyway, WotC's touch on nostalgia worked cause I have fond memories of the Yawning Portal so it was nice that I can do these old dungeons with my table on a place I'm familiar with. It just works.

>> No.52259550

>When the shadows grow long in Waterdeep and the fireplace in the taproom of the Yawning Portal dims to a deep crimson glow, adventurers from across the Forgotten Realms, and even from other worlds, spin tales and spread rumors of dark dungeons and lost treasures. Some of the yarns overheard by Durnan, the barkeep of the Yawning Portal, are inspired by places and events in far-flung lands from across the D&D multiverse, and these tales have been collected into a single volume.

That's literally the framing of the book's narrative.

>> No.52259584

Dust could be a Feywild/Shadowfell adventure or one set in the Planes.

We could be getting new classes with Midway.

>> No.52259713

Hey, I'm generally down with it. I mean, my biggest complaint with the aesthetics of 5E is that things feel way too self-referential - like, when we talk about cool wizards, we talk about Raistlin and Elminster rather than Gandalf or Merlin, which bothers me a bit. And seeing them refer to Artemis Entreri and Tika Majere as example characters felt more embarrassing than anything else. But there's definitely value in the nostalgia bits for it, and I have no problem with sitting around at the entrance to Undermountain listening to Al Swearingen tell me about old DnD adventures.
BTW, which old adventure/artifact/trope is the Ring of Winter?

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>When you pump every stat point into Justice.

>> No.52259748

Which race/monsters would you say are the opposite of humans?

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>I mean, my biggest complaint with the aesthetics of 5E is that things feel way too self-referential - like, when we talk about cool wizards, we talk about Raistlin and Elminster rather than Gandalf or Merlin

Why? The setting is in the Forgotten Realms where Elminster is a known name in. It's the nature for references to pop up like that when you're in that world. If you were in Middle-Earth or the Arthurian legends, those Gandalf and Merlin references would make sense. They make sense cause we're in the Realms, not anywhere else.

>BTW, which old adventure/artifact/trope is the Ring of Winter?

It's from a novel back in 1992 which shares the same title.



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Opposite in what way?

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But a game of DnD isn't just about being in the Realms. Or it shouldn't be, at least. I guess it's because, while I like the established setting (even Faerun), I still feel that every kid's first campaign when he sits down to run DnD for the first time should be a crazy bullshit world that he makes up in his head.
When a kid sits down for the first time to play, if the book says 'wizards are like Merlin', the kid has some references to draw from. If the book says 'wizards are like Elminster', that feels like just a plug for him to buy more crap.
Again, entirely my aesthetics talking.

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Either gnolls or Hobgoblins.

>> No.52259947


>> No.52259961

>copy pasting monk abilities into a barbarian
10/10, worst homebrew I have seen in quite a while.

Got any more trainwrecks?

>> No.52260008

Hey OP, you here? little advice don't make a new thread until we get to page 9 or 10, the board does not move very fast, it wastes sometimes up to or exceeding one hundred posts because no-one is there to answer or weigh in on questions.

>> No.52260010

A group of violent idiots that want to kill everyone because their god says so

An even more violent group of even dumber idiots that murder everyone except those that worship the same degenerate god as them

A militaristic society that doesn't slaughter the peoples they conquer, choosing instead to impose draconian laws and integrate them into their society

Humanoid monster races are always based on racist stereotypes, and I include them in my game like I would include any of the "civilized" (white) races.

>> No.52260061

Nah, just that one.

I might attempt that one again but as a full class, so instead of being a full barbarian with a bunch of Monk shit it'd be more like a 50/50 monk/Barbarian rather than 100% Barb and 50% Monk slapped on for free, with Enhanced Focus replacing Rage as it's own skill and probably a d10 hit die instead of d12.

Or I'll not bother and instead just use Bearbearian with a refluffed Maul as punches or something.

>> No.52260106

Which monster race works best for an alchemist? Kobold? Goblin?

>> No.52260114

>A group of violent idiots that want to kill everyone because their god says so

Sounds like humanity to me

>> No.52260148


>> No.52260161


there are more nipples in the world than there are humans

>> No.52260177

Some sort of gnomish/fae race's society. However, humans can vary pretty wildly.

>> No.52260292

I agree the Basic Rules, or in D&D's case the three separate books you have to buy, should be setting agnostic. Especially if you want to get new players into the game, you don't want to shove a bunch of references to your other shit in their face when you want to give them an idea of how things in your game work

Also fuck having Drizzt be the face of elves in the PHB

>> No.52260393

Should I change this Hobgoblin to a Tiefling or some other ostracized race?

The backstory would fit the same for any of the :monstery" races, tldr
>Grew up in orphanage
>Joined a crew of sailors when they were old enough because "muh racism" made him want to leave the city
>Returned to the city years later, became one of the Orphanage he grew up in's benefactors, paying the bills by being a bounty hunter

except as a Hobgoblin there'd be an extra line tagged on that they worship some other deity (Maybe Tempus?) since I assume that Maggyblunt wouldn't stand for even one Hobgoblin not worshiping them, and I don't really want that to come into play for the character since they already read enough like a shitty teenager OC without bringing Gods into the mix.

>> No.52260412

*tips fedora furiously*
Upboated, good sir.
EDIT: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

>> No.52260424

>Doesn't actually have a fedora
c'mon son

>> No.52260430

I, too, like boring bait memes.

>> No.52260446


Just pushed out a big update for 5etoolsR20. It now supports item importing and drag-and-drop support for the imported spell handouts. If you've imported the spells before you'll have to do it again, as it requires new data on the handouts. Note that htis drag-and-drop feature requires you to be a DM currently. I will look into workarounds for player use at a later date.

>> No.52260460

How long until we get Tales from the Yawning Portal on the mega trove? Probably the first module set that really interests me.

>> No.52260476

it's not out yet, so soon, most likely.

>> No.52260513

Thinking if making a Stone Sorcerer for my next game and I'm wondering if I should bother putting Strength above 14 or if I should just take Spear Mastery and Magic/Elemental Weapon so I can pump Con and Cha.

>> No.52260569

Just so we're clear, if you use Polearm Mastery, you're a coward. Heroes use GWM, Sentinel, and/or Shield Master.

Heroes get the magical weapons. Cowards get wooden sticks.

>> No.52260588

Nah real heroes kill from the shadows, faggot.

>> No.52260601

I mean, I know there's a difference between 'Pendleton Ward writing Dark Sun' and 'Adventure Time meets Dark Sun', but I'm still not sure that the former would work. Then again, I've argued before that Planescape gets better when you add a bit of Rick and Morty to it (at least, it becomes easier for me), so I can see the same principle working for someone else.

>> No.52260606

What kind of traits/ASIs should a frog-man character race have? Increased DEX, CON, double jump distance, swim speed equal to walk speed, hold breath, anything else? Suggestions?

>> No.52260646

Not even bait. I allow monstrous races only if they're played like a normal person, rather then a racist caricature. I don't allow gnolls anyway because furries belong in pathfinder

>> No.52260647

They should just have a big chapter set up like the Plane Shift articles, but for major worlds.
Just enough to give you an idea about how to play games there, but also enough to make you interested in finding out more.

>> No.52260694

>Using Polearm mastery OR GWM
Get a lot of this fucker

>> No.52260701

Well, the Bullywug race has the following features: Amphibious, Speak with Frogs and Toads, Swamp Camouflage, Standing Leap, Speed 20ft. swim 40ft., speak Bullywug.

Could be useful for a base.

>> No.52260748

Nice, thanks a lot man.

>> No.52260751

Does anyone have the homebrew pact of kek with shitpost features?

>> No.52260759

Ideally, a "fistfighter" would work best as a put fighter-esque type. A lot of the monk abilities are based on precision and trance like state of mind.

A fist fighter type should focus a lot more on the fists (no monk weapons or equivalents) and have a lot of toughness and abilities to just tank hits, compared to the monk that can avoid it, or Crowd control and cash around with high movements.

So low movement (aka normal movement speed and no buffs to that) d12 hit die with no armour, but abilities that gives resistances, and straight up stances that does this.

So instead of rage or an equivalent, they have stances, where at the start of your turn, you choose a stance that has an effect until the start of your next turn. Something like;
- Offensive stance: roll an additional damage dice, and gain an additional reaction every turn
- Defensive stance: disadvantage on attacks, but takes half damage from all sources
- Steadfast Stance: impossible to move with knockback effects, and has advantage on all grapple attempts

Something like that. A straight up different class and mechanics, where you never feel like a monk.

>> No.52260799

First time 5e player here. I'm gonna be joining a game and decided I'm gonna go bard since it looks like a fun class (plus I hear it's actually good now).

My question is, what are the best spells for SHENANIGANS on and off the battlefield? Looking at the spell list, I see hilarious stuff like Suggestion, Animate Object (making a statue of the BBEG beat the BBEG to death seems pretty SHENANIGANS to me), Polymorph and the like. Stuff that will let me do all sorts of stuff without just throwing damage numbers or status effects at people.

Any recommendations for spell selection if I just want to go heavy on that kind of dickery? Less direct, more flexible stuff wiht a lot of applications and a lot of potential for just being tricky as hell?

>> No.52260813

Call it fedora tipping all you want. Humans have murdered billions throughout the history because "God told me to do it.". Calling Orks evil because of that, is hypocritical as fuck.

>> No.52260838

Well the goal for that isn't so much to be a boxer but to be more of a primal gorilla-man like Necalli.

In either case that can be done with a normal Barbarian with some light refluffing of weapon into gauntlets and the Tavern Brawler feat.


>> No.52260854

The difference here is that the Orc god actually is telling them to do it, and the human one(s) usually don't.

>> No.52260857

im playing a thief level 9
I have 18 dex
16 int
I took sharpshooter and relience in con to get it to 14
should I get 20 dex or a feat at level 10

>> No.52260875


>> No.52260882

Yes they do, read the fucking bible.

>> No.52260907

I think the only thing keeping my hype levels at a healthy level is this little thing from Volo's Guide. It makes me incredibly hopeful for the future, considering VGtM is the highest quality supplement released thus far.

>> No.52260944

Don't make me get my fedora out anon.

>> No.52260952

>the human one(s) usually don't
deus vult = god really doesn't have an opinion on this but go nuts if you want?

>> No.52260954

Since when were GoO warlocks so popular?

>> No.52261009

I'm referring to in d&d you DOUBLE NIGGERS.

Either way Zaurus is best god.

>> No.52261023

Space abominations are cool.

>> No.52261029

My group loved OotA.
>Human oathbreaker paladin
>Air genisai their rogue
>Goliath totem barbarian
>Dragonborn dragon sorcerer
>Aasimar light cleric
They collected all the NPCs that join the party and all the animals, found a way to keep the dragon egg. It hatched in the TARDIS library.
By the end we had cave bears, carrion crawlers, sentient gelatinous cube, hatchling red dragon, a gibbering mouther that was "charmed" by a crown of madness spell, a flumph, a fire snake that grew into a salamander, a winged kobold. The duergar left at his city, the derro went crazy.. er, the "cursed elf" went mad when they went topside, the deep gnomes joined the wererat kin and brought them to the defense of blingdinstone. The gobs started on as paid guides, the orc went home when topside was reached, the various drow actually helped us set up mezzo to be demon rumble central.
Some of the highlights; the first time the party encounters the demon queen of fungi, the sor rolls burning touch and sets her tower on fire, she falls out burning, had port her out to not derail the story. They get demon slime Lord 2 on random encounter rolls and chase him away both times because it's before he supposed to die. Rouge sneaks away in the fish people village, back stabs cultist chick in the middle of rural and and and and and and and and had to use evil sea flap flaps finish it. Got to the sunken tomb with the lightsaber in it and the oathbreaker told the wraith Lord to go to the surface and enjoy the sun.
Might add more later.

>> No.52261032

Even in D&D they have bibles and most every god has something they direct their followers to kill, without mercy.

>> No.52261040

>Asmodeus and Baal don't tell people to kill
>wah but they're demons
>Cyric doesn't tell people to kill
>Garagos doesn't tell people to kill
>Talos doesn't tell people just to blow shut up and if people die in the process, cool
>Shar doesn't tell people to kill
>most Good Gods don't tell people to kill demons or specific types of creatures

>> No.52261062

This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'

>> No.52261065

>air genasi

>> No.52261081

Grung with DEX, CON, Standing Leap, Swim (and maybe Climb speed?), some kind of poison once per rest and maybe a skill proficiency.

That's what I'd make anyway.

>> No.52261086

in god's defense, the amalekites were total tossers and had it coming

>> No.52261104

>Stuff just ports or runs when it's convenient for the story

>> No.52261109

They absolutely did, I just had to point out that yes, God did this, it's a thing that happened, so no need to shitpost about fedoras.

>> No.52261117

How can I best RP as Stannis the Mannis

>> No.52261119

Talos always felt a bit more Chaotic Neutral to me. I get his whole thing is basically demolish shit, big explosions and lightning bolts but he just kinda felt indifferent to people. Not overly malicious.

Maybe I read some weird book that wrote about him wrong.

>> No.52261125

Wew, we have a christian here. That's adorable.

>> No.52261149

ITT people get antsy about tomorrow's UA that they start shitposting about religion

>> No.52261201

What would have happened to spelljammer ships during and after the spellplague?

>> No.52261208


>all this droning on every thread with the pugilist
>Not just coming up with a "Fighting Style, Martial Arts"
You people exhaust me

>> No.52261220

Stannis has several defining character traits.
> Just and lawful, ridiculously so. Chopped off a man's fingers for smuggling food to him and his men, when they were dying of hunger. Then immediately knighted the same man for being a hero.
> Proud, unyielding, uncompromising, undiplomatic.
> Has advisors. Actually listens to their advice.
> Suffers from a severe inferiority complex.
> Has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour, a rarity in ASOIAF, which makes people think he's a weirdo.

>> No.52261221

>tomorrow's UA
You're a funny guy.

>> No.52261229

>They absolutely did
Pretty sure the kids didn't

>> No.52261236

For you.

>> No.52261239

In my opinion, all fighters should have access to maneuvers. Battlemaster should just get more, and a larger variety of maneuvers.

>> No.52261241

>ships that leave Realmspace giving a shit about magical incongruities in Realmspace

>> No.52261254

>A race that can breed with humans
Nah. I'm going to say hobgoblins. Tough and organized, yet utterly unable to achieve anything.

>> No.52261261

God is a very big believer in "the sins of the father mean you're on the hook, motherfucker".

Also, God knew every bad thing those kids were going to do in the future.

>> No.52261293

The obvious choices, illusion and enchantment, are obvious.
Illusion shines at higher levels, in the hands of an illusionist, lvl 14 and up. For you it will be more useful as a tool to make outrageous lies more credible (why fight when a lie will do?)
Enchantment is pretty good too, suggestion used to be a bard ability, it's fun.

>> No.52261301

>Free will means nothing to God

>> No.52261311

Answer the question, Paco.
It's obvious that the question is for ships that remained in realmspace.

>> No.52261312

Would be interesting. However, nothing stops both existing, that's why you have the Archery combat style and the Arcane Archer and Sharpshooter archetypes.

>> No.52261324

Can we not have this discussion? Religious faith has no place in a d&d setting. For gods that directly and obviously interact with the physical world, you need no such concept.

>> No.52261333

The demons are the ones coming out.

>> No.52261350

The fact that the demon princes themselves coming out is a big deal though

>> No.52261355

>coming out
Is the abyss just a big closet?

>> No.52261368

If you take spells mostly focused on buffs and defense, you can get through the early levels without really using CHA that much. Currently playing a level 4 Stone Sorcerer and my only spell that checks my CHA is firebolt.

>> No.52261376

All the ships are now powered by a variety of
at-wills (move forward one spacemile),
encounter powers (teleport to an unoccupied space up to five spacemiles away and shoot sparefire at the nearest two enemy spelljammers),
and dailies (open a fuckhuge wormhole to a point within 50 spacemiles, vomit death out of the exit in a line 10 spacemiles long, then emerge unharmed in the new location).

>> No.52261377

Well, I could see the argument for Lolth being lesbo, and Grazz't already openly has a sexual orientation that cannot be comprehended by mortals.

>> No.52261386

This, thankfully Luci gave him snickers

>> No.52261387

>buncha ripped creatures with a strict social hierarchy, dicks where they shouldn't be, and leather straps as their only clothing

>> No.52261392

Is Demogorgon dating himself, or would have be involved in a threesome (foursome?) with Orcus and Dorasin?

>> No.52261402

>implying God doesn't directly and obviously interact with the real physical world
You callin' the Bible bullshit, son?

>> No.52261416

>the reason Gargauth got kicked out of Hell
>catfished literally everyone at the same time

>> No.52261417

Well.... yeah we all are.

>> No.52261443

>gives you free will
>knows everything you're going to do anyway
>sends you to hell if you're a dick
>but he literally made you a dick and knew you were locked on a path of dickitude

>> No.52261462


He knew you were going to be a dick. But you didn't have to be a dick about it

>> No.52261483

More like
>Gives you free will
>Knows everything you're going to do anyway
>Sends you to hell BEFORE you're a dick

Remember, he ordered """his""" people to kill men, women and children, even if you go by the apologist way of Christians that the kids were going to turn evil, they still weren't, so that's killing people before they commit the sin, and that's crazy evil, God is fucking evil.

>> No.52261499

Knowledge Cleric
Seeker Warlock
I dig Oghma

>> No.52261503

Thank him for he chilled down a lot around the year 1, I guess fatherhood changes people

>> No.52261505

Evil by our lesser, mortal morality. Maybe he knows shit we don't.

>> No.52261533

>God realizes he'll do sin
>Puts himself in hell
>Becomes Satan
>A new god steps up, realizes they'll do evil but decides not to put themself in hell because lol fuck you
>Fucks everything up, sets free the humans
>Satan comes back to try to save humanity
>God says lol no fuck you go back to hell

God did 9/11

>> No.52261782

>Look at my old Immortal Mystic
>Medium armor
>Greatsword from Weapon Master feat at 1st level
>Look at Immortal Mystic now
Fuck me

>> No.52261786


>> No.52261798

Hey, not sure if it's related to the update or just Roll20 being weird, but it's not letting me import monsters anymore.

>> No.52261800

please stop scaring me this is a blue board

>> No.52261801

>Playing Sentinel sword-'n-board, interrupting the fuck out of any filthy undead vile enough to harm your party
>Our PAM Fighter takes Sentinel later on, too
>The AoO doesn't proc if target's also got the feat


>> No.52261805

Everyone's always loved the flavour, the mechanics just got a little more tempting with the recent UA.

>> No.52261824

Fuck you for wanting to take away my Voulge

>> No.52261833


What do you want to play like?

Knowledge cleric has lots of divination on top of cleric stuff, while seeker has lots of mobility, plus warlock stuff

>> No.52261843

Should Mastery of Force's Inertial Armor be 14 + Dex?
It's the psionic version of Mage Armor, barring actually getting Mage Armor as a Wu Jen spell. It has the same psi point cost as a level 1 spell, the same duration, the same stipulations, and even the bonus of giving resistance to rare but normally unresisted force damage.
There are some other things to consider. For one, all mystics get light armor proficiency, and some get either unarmored defense or medium armor proficiency. This makes the option a bit less valuable than for wizards or sorcerers who get nothing but the clothes on their back.
An even more important balancing factor is how Disciplines work. While a Wizard can invest one of their numerous spells known/prepared on Mage Armor nonchalantly, Psionic Disciplines are bundles of effects. By taking Mastery of Force, you also get several other effects (all unrelated to personal defense) rather than another group that might contain a number of similar features, such as the wide utility offered by Bestial Form or the number of potent short duration defenses in Iron Durability.

So, should Inertial Armor remain as 14 + Dex, or be nerfed closer to Mage Armor?

Also considering an Avatar can get up to 19 AC with armor, shield and +2 Dex, matching Inertial Armor at +5 Dex, and a single level in Fighter multiclassing is broken in UA abloobloo a Wizard can do it too can give 21 with plate, shield, and fighting style

>> No.52261861

Could you hit F12 and try importing a monster or two, see if any console error message pops up when you do?

If you have a folder called Monsters already from before attempting the import, I recommend renaming it and trying the import again.

>> No.52261882


>> No.52261886

Hello, martialfag, anticasterfag, and psifag here.
Yes, it should just be 13+Dex and no Force resistance.

>> No.52261894

I'm an archery faggot.
So many DMs forget to ever have anyone target me.

>> No.52261921

Inertial armor is better than unarmored defense though

As it's now, is a playtest, is not obviously broken but seems to be better, it's about testing it.

To be honest lizardfolk opened the can of worms.

>> No.52261935

Ah, I did have another folder called Monsters. A little inconvenient that I have to rename and merge the folders every time I import, but problem solved. Thanks.

>> No.52261962

>Cranium Rats and shit in VGtM

Honestly, I'm kind of half-expecting them to actually go for Planescape at some close future point.

That being said, looking at VGtM, I'm pretty much 100% certain that the next campaign will be about Fey. There's so much fey stuff in there and they've gone through most of the more iconic stuff (Dragons, Elemental Evil, Demons and Underdark, Undead and Ravenloft, Giants and what have you), so it seems like a pretty logical next step. Feywild seems to be one of the things they kept going from 4e.

>> No.52262007

Dude, the Bible left a paper trail of bullshit being added and content being cut, and all of it written down ages after the events is supposedly happened from unreliable oral history. Hell, most of Jesus' origin myth is directly stolen from someone else from far more ancient egypt.

>> No.52262042

>Hell, most of Jesus' origin myth is directly stolen from someone else from far more ancient egypt
What is this, 2011 Reddit?

>> No.52262045

You shouldn't have to remerge every time, it's just a bug at least one other person has run into with the new version. Shouldn't be an issue after this, at least I haven't run into one.

>> No.52262054

>. There's so much fey stuff in there

I just figured it was mostly because of all them conjuration spells that rely on fey shenanigans

>> No.52262098

>Playing a melee fighter without GWM/PAM/Rogue multiclassing

Do you enjoy sucking?

>> No.52262101


>> No.52262171

Sure, Horus' story is about as much of a mess as Jesus', but that just shows how fluid all the old stories were. I'm not saying there wasn't a Jesus but outside of maybe the red letters it's mostly questionable.

Stop that immediately.

>> No.52262172

Sup Teeg, I have serious writer's block for my session tomorrow, and I need some assistance on flushing out the remainder of the story.

I am doing a mini-campaign so our regular DM can play a PC and enjoy the group.

The story thus far:

The group find themselves kidnapped and smuggled into a old and very large city-state. The walls are 200ft tall, 20 foot thick of solid granite, with a giant magical shield being generated by a magical tower in the center of town. The general population has not left the city in over 400 years.

The group was tasked by the Lord of the city to find his missing son, presumably kidnapped. The group is tasked with finding clues and reporting them to a powerful, solitary mage who protects the city/gathers intel from the outside to report. He is operating within the city because normal investigating has been unfruitful in finding any solid leads.

The group discovers that the city is facing a huge food problem, and that the food is fubar and clearly diseased, yet the population consumes it.

The clues and interrogation of a few peasants led them to a church in search of a man in a brown hooded cloak, where the doors were barricaded from the inside. They discovered at the very end of the last session that he matches the description of the son. The cliffhanger was that he was binding multiple zombies, and a magical golem (casting magical spells is mostly forbidden in the city to keep the peace, and golems spawn on a 1 from a d10) from fleeing the catacombs of the church.

1 of 2

>> No.52262196

was planning to give them 2 options

1) report the missing son to the mage, in which he will return him to the Lord. This will leave the population to the mercy of the spreading zombie disease, as the son was bitten but is a symptom-less carrier and infecting just about everyone the son comes into contact with.

2) Help the son find a way out to study and find a cure, as divine/holy magic kills zombies. This of course would be moot and the group will inevitably face the wrath of the Lord.

But it feels a little hammy and not very detail-oriented. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.

>> No.52262208


>> No.52262239


I bet you have a what some would call fascinating life somewhere out there in the world, where enthusiastic discussions about judeo-christian anthropology is a common and well regarded topic

It's not here. Stop.

>> No.52262252

>playing a melee fighter without Shield Master or Tavern Brawler
oh i sure love autoattacking and having zero group utility~

>> No.52262253

My players have signed up to handle a farming village's problem. Namely, the problem of a fuckton of Ankhegs ruining everything. I guess I just decided I should bite the bullet and actually use this plot hook that's always proposed.

Problem is, I don't really see a lot of intresting variation when your enemy is a giant goddamn bug that, at best, might come out from under you and spit some acid around. There's supposed to be a lot of ankhegs, and I can see it getting dull really fast if they just keep hitting ankhegs with swords.

Any suggestions how I could make this thing a bit more intresting? They're level 4 (and there's 5 of them, so it's going to take a LOT of ankhegs to actually make it a challenge). I've been thinking that it might be intresting to go all Aliens on them and have them descend into the tunnels to take out the queen (which ankhegs don't actually have, but you can always refluff, right?) while "they're coming out of the walls!" and shit.

>> No.52262264


... kangz of the jews and shit?

>> No.52262272


>> No.52262302

>Shield master/tavern brawler without multiclassing into rogue

Wow, you really like sucking, don't you?

>> No.52262315

they have greater teleport as a spell-like ability, that also set up why the demon trap was so necessary

>> No.52262360

Bar Brawl
Carnival/Festival Boxing/Wrestling Match
Back Alley Scuffle
Guards vs. Thieves at Bank
Gang War at Waterfront

>> No.52262378

>be complete newb
>play a Circle of Land Druid in Curse of Strahd which is gothic horror: the campaign full of undead
>mfw I learn Circle of Twilight exists

Do you think I could convince my DM to change my Circle? Is that a thing?

>> No.52262394

Could be an interesting side story, stumbling upon and becoming part of a secret druid circle in Barovia that aren't a bunch of asshole blighters. Talk to your DM about it.

>> No.52262413


Hey, DMs who ran Curse of Strahd. Why does making one of the PCs the main love interest not work? I'm interested in hearing your horror stories.

>> No.52262429


With circle of the Land? I'd let you do it.

>> No.52262460

>hurf durf i think Expertise is necessary to do anything
For a faggot who believes +3 on a roll is so godlike you sure are repping abilities which are -5 AB and not-usable-with-Archery-which-is-+2AB pretty hard

>> No.52262471

Oh, if any of the things is actually specifically supposed to have that and part of the story required you to counter it rather than 'Oh, you can't kill my valuable NPC, they get out via a sudden bullshit ability I just made up on the spot' then it's fine.

>> No.52262515

We've already killed off the dickhead druids and saved the winery, I got the life-steal staff too

Thing is my DM's been kind of a dick to my character in particular, I keep seeing myself being hanged from gallows, my disembodied head on a pedestal, my character's name on a random coffin, etc.

Maybe I could use that to spur some character development into an intense dislike of everything the curses of Baravia stand for that overrides my previous connection to the land circle and we could go with something like what you suggested from there

I'll talk to my DM about it, thanks

Yeah it's been kind of underwhelming so far

>> No.52262523

Spoilers, obviously
It removes an important NPC that can be used as a driving force, voice of reason, or plot hook
It places a very specific character on a player, and if they play her differently it can have drastic effects on the story
By the book, if she arrives at a certain anointed place without Strahd killing her or destroying it, she encounters his brother's spirit, has her true memory flood back, and she dies with her soul absconding and leaving Strahd's fury for the party

I would only do it if the player was EXTREMELY trustworthy and experienced and probably also a DM that had seen some of the adventure but also was willing not to metagame for their own benefit, and the scene at the gazebo pond was changed not to kill her

>> No.52262531

> The main love interest
The what now? You mean Ireena?

>> No.52262533

Yes I did, sorry.

>> No.52262541

Are you the same anon I've asked about Muriel earlier?

>> No.52262544

It's not just expertise.
Rogue also offers sneak attack, which gives you a damage progression beyond level 11 that doesn't take you until level 20 to get to.

You're using a 1d8 weapon that might as well be finessed with a shield, so you might as well multiclass into rogue for shit like uncanny dodge every round and evasion and whatnot.

Sure, sharpshooter+CBE+archery is probably better than GWM, but if you're going melee (Which was the original premise) it's still better than going for something else. Especially if you have a wolf barbarian on the team.

Proning shit is more valuable when you have GWM anyway for the advantage. Also if you have a wolf barbarian or other source of advantage, proning shit doesn't really do jack shit but slow an enemy down.

>> No.52262551


The problem with that theory is that she becomes entirely irrelevant past the village of Barovia.
The book contains almost no guidelines to her personal objectives, little to her personality or what to do and deal with her in the larger world until after the big bad is defeated

>> No.52262556

>damage progression beyond level 11
Stopped reading right there; no point talking builds with a theorycrafter. No one hits 11 to begin with. Fighters only have two attacks.

>> No.52262561

Nope, I've only just started posting in this general

>> No.52262565


DM from the other thread here.

Yeah, it's a bad idea. The issue here is that Ravenloft is a gothic-horror setting, and in a gothic horror setting a certain level of temptation / eroticism is expected. Note that I'm not saying that it has to be an erotic game. I'm saying that it's a story in the Gothic tradition: Lust, jealousy, envy, hatred all caused the complete shitstorm that resulted in Ravenloft in the first place.

Making a PC Tatyana's reincarnation is a bad idea for the same reason why electing a single PC as the Chosen One is a bad idea. It makes the story *entirely* about that player, which kind of sidelines everyone else, and you need a very good roleplayer for that. I previously suggested making one of the male PCs the reincarnation of Strahd's brother instead, so that the player has a very personal stake in the matter and Strahd has an equally good reason to kill him, but again you're getting the same problem. Most PCs do not want to basically be the sidekick.

This is a particular problem, because Strahd wants to win this woman's heart. Yes, you could have him want to kill her instead, but that changes things a LOT and arguably misses out the best part of the narrative. I managed to struggle through the conclusion of the campaign with a PC in the Ireena role (pic related), but by the end I was pretty certain that the story had gone more-or-less completely off the rails and it was only through a lot of DM improvisation that managed to fix things. And this was with one of the better players, who played the role very convincingly.

I'll relate the story later, if anyone's interested.

>> No.52262572

>imperial bureaucrat administering backwater village
>players find out he has a pact with a nearby green hag coven
>the coven dominates the woods to the east
>they keep gnolls and other creatures away from the village
>in exchange the bureaucrat gives them...

Any suggestions? Has to be bad enough for the pact to be morally dubious.

Also they kill the town mayor and frame the bureaucrat at some point, population gets mad as fuck, players can help either him or the angry mob.

>> No.52262591

could always try building alternate possibilities instead of just option A or option B. Could have a group of underground mages or alchemists that offer a different solution. Another could be an order of knights who idea is simply slaughter those they believe are infected.

>> No.52262600


Strahd is pretty gay (well bi) and poliamorous tho and he is expected to seduce the players in one way or another

You can have him try to have multiple brides

>> No.52262603


>> No.52262605

My party just convinced Strahd that he was gay.

>> No.52262641

If by "win her heart" you mean "charm her and bite her a third time turning her into a vampire spawn, killing/releasing the soul yet again and locking her up in his basement with his other spawn "wives"

>> No.52262645

>Nobody hits 11

It's a perfectly feasible enough level. It's not level 17 or some shit. It's pretty much half way through the level chain.

But if you want to say 'no level 11', then even better!
Okay, you take 5 levels in fighter. You now have extra attack. What do you do? If you go rogue, you get +1d6 at level 6, +2d6 at level 8, +3d6 at level 10. You get +3 to your athletics checks to grapple and prone targets, you have cunning action if you ever need to get into combat fast, and other features that at least balance out with fighter's at those levels.

>> No.52262666

>skipping ASIs
>taking five levels in Fighter when I could take them in Monk instead and get the same Extra Attack, stunning blow, teleportation, Silence, and Darkness

>> No.52262676

Yeah, fighter sucks. So stop taking shield master on fighter and go dex barbarogue with shield master

Fuck shit up instead of being some cucked fighter.

>> No.52262690

>I'll relate the story later, if anyone's interested.
might as well. I' running cos for a table soon

>> No.52262691


The difference for my campaign was that the PC was a Paladin. So it was more a question of winning the argument.

>> No.52262693

On this whole Irena issue, I think it can be done well, but only in very special circumstances. Most of the time it's not worth it.

CoS is a bad module, if you need constant directions from the book. You're supposed to make up a lot of shit and use your imagination.

>> No.52262696

Strength Fightamonk is both more flavorful and not some casual meme build that's been floating around /5eg/ forever.

>> No.52262713


Speaking of Strahd, I'm running a campaign of it starting in 2 weeks, still working my way through the book as it seems more important than APs to have a firm understanding of how some of the motivations fit together.

Are there any less than obvious early mistakes I could make that would mess up the overall story? Or just general advice?

>> No.52262721



>> No.52262752

He gives them free reign to occasionally snatch up a child or two from the nearby farms and throws the search parties and guards off their trail when they do so. The party gets involved in this business when they get reports of these missing kiddos.

>> No.52262753

>implying you can't earmark X number of children for protection against gnolls and other creatures that would assuredly kill an equal or greater number of children and/or child-creating adults who are actually productive members of society
The real question is whether or not it's moral to make just the womenfolk walk around preggers for nine months all the time so you can huck newborns at the hags, when men receive equal protection for the terrible burden of getting their dicks wet.

>> No.52262764


Sure, I'll do it in a bit.

>> No.52262766

>Sometimes the men are roofied and made to fuck the hags because they're into kinky shit
there you go.

>> No.52262788

>not mpreg
Bonus: sins against nature

>> No.52262790


I actually meant it in the sense of children being eaten/ritually sacrificed/ground into spell components, but this works too.

>> No.52262803

Be very careful about Bonegrinder. It almost makes it worth running lost mines of Phandelver first, then CoS just so you're at a survivable of a level enough to face 3 night hags

>> No.52262805

Barovia's a big place, so trouncing around it you'll be tempted to toss random encounters at the players by the numbers one every X hours on the road or so. I found that when playing these encounters, though occassionally fun (as they are intended to be) felt like artificial padding in between the story I was trying to get to. Definitely still occasionally use them but keep it to 1 or 2 per session lest your players lose track of what they were doing in the first place.

>> No.52262825

If you're trying to fuck anyone but Ismark then your DM sucks or you're playing it wrong.

>> No.52262836


There is relatively little overall story, as this is a conversion of the OSR Ravenloft module.

>> No.52262837

You know the idea of a heavy armor shadow monk that just beats things up and "teleborts behind u :DD"ing people with a GWM Greatsword (Nodachi) is actually kinda neat.

How 2 do tho? Fightman 2 for Action Surge, fighting style, and armor prof.?

Hexblade 3 (Blade) so you can pull an unreasonably huge katana out of your ass (And also see through Darkness)? That'd only give Medium Armor though.

Paladin maybe?

>> No.52262877

>Are there any less than obvious early mistakes I could make that would mess up the overall story? Or just general advice?
Don't make it obvious that the evil characters are evil. Many of them are expected to provide assistance to the PCs.

>> No.52262881

Fighter 1 -> Monk 6 -> ask yourself if you want Action Surge or Evasion and your ASI, because you ain't gettin' all three

I wouldn't recommend Paladin just because the multiclassing requirement of 13 Cha isn't going to do much for you and will drag down the rest of your stats, but if you're some kind of shitlord playing with a dumb DM that lets you "roll" for stats, I guess you can get away with it.

>> No.52262929

When did the dice hurt you, anon
Its okay you're in a safe place

>> No.52262944


Paladin oath of vengeance up until you can cast misty step

Then either Warlock or Bard or Whatever so you can grab as many misty step spell slots as possible

>> No.52262949

>Or just general advice?
Oh boy.

1) Read the whole module. Twice. Three times. Four times. As many times as it takes for you to make all the connections between the locations and characters, and there are lots of those.
2) There are a lot of subplots in the game, and your players will likely outlevel such things as Izek and lady Wachter before dealing with them.
That's not a reason for you to just have them easily killed and return to the main plot. No, you change their stats, you make them more threatening, you develop their subplots.
In my game, Strahd was driven to despair and rage by something the party did, so he revealed the secrets of the Amber Temple to Wachter, massively empowering her, and ordered her to raze Vallaki, so the party will lose all the people they care about in Barovia.
So Wachter staged a massive revolt - but instead of her shitty stats, she now was Warlock of the Fiend, and she gained Cult Fanatics, Priests, Veterans, Hellhounds, Bandit captains and Succubi as her minions. Something similiar happened to Izek.
3) Foreshadow EVERYTHING. Give the party cryptic hints of Barovia's secrets or strange visions.
Does your party have a paladin, a just and noble soul? In his dreams, he sees a handsome, but sad knight, who looks very much like him. Later, in some mansion, he finds an ancient portait of the man - but nobody can remember who is he and what is he famous for.
When the party rests in Vallaki, you tell one of the players he can't sleep - and while restless, he sees a strange purple light from burgomaster's attic. What's going on here?
4) Every faction needs a face, both allies and enemies, so players can love and hate them. When party contacts Keepers of the Feather, it's usually a young, green scout called Muriel Vinshaw. When party's attacked by werewolves, they're usually led by a cruel monster, Kiril Stoyanovich. When it's the druids, it's an old madman, Chernomor.

Want more?

>> No.52262951

I've only played in games with (and mandated the use of in my own) standard arrays or point buy since 2E days.

>> No.52262957

No offense but that sounds boring has heck my dude

>> No.52262979

Rolling for stats is shit. I thought we had collectively settled this by now?

>> No.52262990

I think it's fun.

>> No.52262992


>> No.52263002

Nah. It's up to the group to decide what method they want to go with.
Rolling is actually the standard, point buy and arrays are an alternative.

>> No.52263005


Yeah, sure

>> No.52263009

Well, he ain't me, but I agree with him, so we're up to two, which is the minimum we need for a we.

>> No.52263025

I want to make a High Elf Illusion Wizard, how do I make this not gay?

>> No.52263037

Don't be gay.

>> No.52263039

>not gay
LITERALLY pick only one.

>> No.52263041

The gayness is all in the roleplaying.

>> No.52263046

>Replying a shitpost almost a day ago, but
>So can a 3.5 fighter. But he can also dodge a goblin 95% of the time [at level 20]
But shitposter-anon, the 3.5 fighter doesn't gain any AC from level 1 to 20. That's all mundane/magical items, same as in 5E. Maybe you got the Dodge feat.

>> No.52263061

So you can't be an illusion wizard or an elf wizard?

>> No.52263093

If I were to roll up with a Forge Cleric, would I get any guff for it being technically in playtest still?

>> No.52263106

Ask your DM what material is and isn't allowed in the game.

>> No.52263112

For reference, I have never played anything spell caster before (All about that Human Champion), I want to try something new, what are normal elf player and wizard player behaviour that annoys people, normallu its just spell casters wanting to be the center of attention that gets me, but what should I not do in character creation?

>> No.52263117


not if you mean them to be straight

>> No.52263139


trying to fix everything with spells

>> No.52263144

Just remember, a character being annoying to players is much different than one that's annoying to characters. As long as you and the others are capable roleplayers, the latter is fine.

>> No.52263149

Nah, just ask your DM, thats all.

>> No.52263163

I want to make a character that is a multiclass valor bard and war/tempest cleric.
Don't tell me it's gonna be shit I know it probably will but how can I mitigate that?
The biggest issue I have is needing both charisma and wisdom and still having usable strength.

>> No.52263180

Can a lizardfolk monk bite with DEX?

>> No.52263186

Yes. The bite explicitly can be used to make an unarmed strike.

>> No.52263189

Roll for stats and hope you get lucky?

>> No.52263191


The adventurers have goals and resources.

So does Strahd. Whenever the party takes a day to do something, strahd does something as well.

Maybe he hits up the Vistani, maybe the Abbot, maybe lady Wachter

>> No.52263205

If you're worried about that, maybe you shouldn't play an illusionist. I feel they're all about "I'll just cast an illusion to skip this whole part of the game and hope the DM allows it."

>> No.52263225

I get what you meant, but you botched the format there.

>> No.52263240

>Roll for stats and cheat?

Fixed that for you.

>> No.52263259

I meant roll in front of your DM, so that you can't be accused of cheating, like I had my players do.

>> No.52263265

I think cleric might have less uses for wisdom than a bard has for charisma (use spells like buffs that don't require attack rolls/saving throws), at least if you're a war cleric, so you could focus more on str/cha and only have enough wis to multiclass.

>> No.52263271

5) Use Strahd. Use him in unexpected, unconventional ways. Strahd visits the party in disguise and gives them a quest! Does it lead into a trap? Maybe, but maybe it's legitimate. Why would Strahd give the party a quest? Maybe he needs them to venture outside of Barovia, so they'll bring something to him - maybe something he wants to use for an escape. The party doesn't need to know they've left his domain, by the way.
Or maybe he offers them an advice - seek out a wise old mentor, a vampire hunter van Richten, as only he knows Strahd's weakness. Then he spies on the party - they'll lead him to the hunter for sure.
6) Speaking of Strahd, whatever the cost, get the party into Castle Ravenloft early. Maybe Ireena/Ismark overestimate the party and underestimate Strahd, and encourage PCs to go there at the very beginning. Or maybe, Strahd's invitation is genuine, and he actually does have a sick, twisted dinner with them. Maybe there's an artifact there, and they need to steal it.
Show them Hall of Bones. Let them meet some of the antagonists, like Kiril or Arrigal, in a non-violent matter. Show them a preview of the endgame dungeon, show them they're vastly outside of their league, but then let them leave, so they can come back in the very end.
7) Whatever the cost, do the tarot card reading with them. Potentially it's one of the most memorable moments of the adventure. It does not mean, however, that you shouldn't stack the deck with places/allies you like.
8) It may be cheesey, but if your PCs like their allies, end the adventure with a feast, a party in Vallaki. Have all their living favourites be there. Give them a Force Ghost Anakin moment, with the party seeing a ghost of Sergei, smiling and giving him an approving nod.

>> No.52263280

You're going to need to choose whether you want to effectively focus on the Bard or Cleric side. Put your highest stat in the casting for whichever you prefer, then stick in Str and Con, and keep the casting for the non-preferred at 13 (or 14 if you have it to spare and are feeling frisky)
Take only a few levels in the one you're NOT focusing on, and use it to get spells that don't require an attack roll or save; mostly buff or utility things.

>> No.52263324


Because of your Tempest Cleric heavy armor proficiency you just happen to be able to dump Dex.

Whatever class you want to rely on the most, max our that stat and have the other one be a minimum 13 instead.

There are lots of non CHA dependent spells for the bard. Heat Metal, Invisibility, Disguise Self, Feather Fall, Heroism, whatever

It's just that there is literally nothing from 3 levels of Valor Bard that gives you something that Tempest Cleric doesnt, but that Lore Bard wont give you more.

Consider the Triton for starting race. +1 to Con STR and Cha and a bunch of neat storm themed treats.

If not, then the non-variant human.

However, I cannot reccomend enough that you instead consider a Valor Bard / Storm Sorcerer multiclass instead, and just roleplay the Acolyte bit

>> No.52263348

And this concerns the ending. The very final, definitive ending.

9) At the end, Strahd returns. You can do it if you like it, but I didn't. If you feel like your players did an exceptionally good job, you can let them lift the curse of Strahd for good. Or maybe Barovia can get another master - like lady Wachter, or Patrina Velikovna, or Arrigal, or Kiril, or Izek. If that's so, imagine how the land would transform to suit the vices and nature of the new dark lord.
But if Strahd returns, don't end the adventure on this grim note, don't give the players the impression that all they did was for nothing. Give them a bright spot, a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, their heroics inspired barovians to fight against Strahd themselves, not needing heroes from outside. Name drop a few of the NPCs they like, like Victor Vallakovich, Ezmeralda and others, and tell them they've formed an adventuring party of they're own, and they're on the path to defeat Zarovich once again.

Alright, now that I've typed it out, I could use some feedback. You gonna use any of that?

>> No.52263379


>> No.52263386


>> No.52263387

>Wow, it's literally the same as standard array except just slightly different numbers resulting in no actual difference other than someone rolling +1 to hit and damage while someone else gets -1 to hit and damage!
>This is fun!

Rolling for stats in order is the only acceptable way to have fun with rolling for stats.

Point buy offers more customization and fun than normal rolling for stats and is actually fair.

>> No.52263403

Go bard/paladin or paladin/sorcerer.

>> No.52263411

I could probably just multiclass to favored soul instead come to think of it. Hadn't thought of being a triton, although if I gave up heavy armor I might not want to be one.

>> No.52263437

I'm not planning to run CoS anytime but this looks like some really solid advice.

>> No.52263445


1) did it
2) I'm gonna do it more in the way of borrowing th stats of more difficult enemies
3) I'll have to wait and see
4) Definitely using it
5) I intend to have strahd fuck with the party, but more like a "seduction of the innocent" type
6) Holy shit, this. I aim to have the invitation made pretty obvious and foreshadowed, or else, I might just scrap Argynvost
7) Well obviously
8) I'm not sure about this one
9) Not sure about this one either for the same reason as above

>> No.52263448

As a DM, can confirm that having them interact with Strahd at low levels is absolutely essential. In my session, they exited Death House in the middle of the night, so I had him waiting on the street corner standing outside of his carriage, staring up at the full moon in the mists behind Castle Ravenloft. He invited them to dinner himself.
He absolutely needs to play with his new toys at their most vulnerable. It is imperative- because it demonstrates how weak they are (at the outset), how total his dominion is over the simple creatures of Barovia, and allows them great satisfaction as they become stronger to face him and his tactics slide from carefree play to actual attacks and eventually a life or death game of chess.

>> No.52263449

Why do you need to be multiclassed as bard/cleric? Couldn't you just start as an acolyte bard and steal some cleric spells with Magic Secrets, or start as an entertainer cleric and pick up instruments from your background?

>> No.52263464


Take a single level of Paladin then

>> No.52263480


Thank you for typing all that up.

I really like the ideas of having the party end up in Ravenloft early in the story, and also Strahd giving them a quest in disguise.

>> No.52263510

What's a good class for a Vengeance Paladin to multiclass into?
I want to do something different.

>> No.52263519

So this character is inspired by the author of Beowulf.

He's basically a warrior-poet viking type that undergoes a religious conversion. Not all members of a church are clerics but I thought it was appropriate for his level of fervor.

>> No.52263524

This is true too.

I feel the backgrounds are often overlooked when building your character, and instead everyone is still stuck in the mindset that in order to be a religious X you need to have a cleric/X multiclass and so on and so on.

>> No.52263540


A new campaign

The only ever good reason to multiclass is roleplay

>> No.52263565


Taking a magic initiate cleric might not be a bad idea. I mean Guidance Thaumaturgy and Bless do wonders for the bard

>> No.52263575

>Implying building for anything other than roleplay is bad

Three levels of warlock or six levels of bard for shillelagh, or simply go into sorcerer for the rest of your levels at level 2, 5, 6 or 11.

>> No.52263587

Isn't Paladin/Warlock the go-to minmaxer multiclass? So if you want to be lame you could do that.

>> No.52263629

Not implying. I'm directly stating it
This is 5e. You have to work pretty fucking hard not to be viable, and if you're optimal, the DM will just adjust the challenge anyway

>> No.52263630

One more, then I promise I'm done.
>hopefully somebody else will explain it better than I.
And no explanation was ever offered.

Anyone interested in actually putting up some proof, or does everyone want to just continue spouting bullshit about the Mystic? I know proof won't stop people from spouting bullshit either way.

>> No.52263677

Plus the optimal classes aren't even game-breaking or anything. You'll just be more likely to get kills.

>> No.52263707

Multiclassing is less about upping your general power level and developing areas you want to be good in. There's a downside and upside to your choices, so you sacrifice one thing for another.

You can take a level of wizard for a bunch of rituals for utility and some spellcastery stuff, but you lose a level's worth of some other features.

Aside from roleplay potential, that means you get to have a lot more fun setting up alarms everywhere or playing with a familiar or whatever if that's your thing. Your DM doesn't have to up the encounter difficulty or some shit because of that. The DM doesn't have to give all the enemies anti-alarms to negate whatever benefit you got given. You're just better at some things now, but not as good at others.

>> No.52263731

If anyone cares about the valor bard/ war cleric, decided not to change classes, going half-elf.
I think it'll be fine.

>> No.52263764

War cleric feels kinda useless when it's only going to give you one extra attack a day now. Or, I guess, if those are your stats before additions... It'll be two attacks a day. Whch really doesn't make use of strength. Eh, I guess you can pick up expertise in athletics and use your strength to grapple shit though.

>> No.52263770


>8 CON on a melee spell caster build

Oh anon... Do you even know about Concentration?

>> No.52263785

There are several powers Mystics have access to which are clearly far stronger than an equivalent normal spell at that level, i.e. Shadow Beasts, Wall of Wood, and Occluded Mind. Also as unfamiliar casters people immediately complain that they can do too much, ignoring the costs they have to spend to do so, including psi points and discipline slots, however they may still be right. Other than that the fundamental design of the class is great.

>> No.52263793

14 con

>> No.52263800

>8 Con
Is dex, anon, know the order of stats

>> No.52263802

>Multiclassing on a Valor Bard

But Anon, Valor Bard is there exactly so that you don't have to multiclass

>> No.52263803

He also gets heavy armor from it, and spells like bless, so it could be somewhat okay.

I'm pretty sure that's dex.

>> No.52263829

I want to prove to my DM that I'm not a powergamer after my last character.

>> No.52263861


He also gets to prepare Healing Word and Detect Magic and Thunderwave and stuff as a Cleric, so I guess that does free up a lot of crucial Spells Known slots for the Bard

>I'm pretty sure that's dex.

Oops, my bad

>> No.52263868

I don't quite understand the Precision Attack fighter maneuver. Can I expend the superiority die after the DM tells me the attack missed?

>> No.52263897

I'd say no. Sounds like Bardic Inspiration

>> No.52263907

Hey lads,

I'm looking to build a one session Dungeon where my players have to figure out how to escape while being hunted; I was wondering if there were any pre-mades that I can give a look over?

>> No.52263918

There's a lot of overlap, though. You already have slots for the key spells, beyond that...

Actually, if they go lore bard 6, they can get BB+Shillelagh and use charisma for their attacks instead of strength.

Of course, in the end, it's probably better to do some shit like put up spiritual guardians and dodge every turn as they walk into enemies.

>> No.52263940

I would say yes, though normally abilities with that effect say as such, I would rule "hitting" or "missing" to be effects of the attack that might apply (being the only effects that could possibly apply besides a critical hit)

>> No.52263957

Tranquility monk, y/n?

Some friends of mine are wanting to have a fairly large group (6 players iirc), some of us are experienced, 2 or 3 are new. I was thinking this would be a good way to speed up combat as it looks like we're having a decent amount of melee characters and I wanted to have a more passive/good role after playing an evil lich in my other group's campaign.

Anyone played one? Did it work?

>> No.52263974

It's really odd, but I suppose you can. You can even add it after your opponent uses the Shield spell, which you can use after a confirmed hit.


Or I don't know, it's really fucking weird.

>> No.52264104

New thread.

>> No.52264123

Any reason not to make a bow monk?
Sure you can't flurry, but you'll be staying at range anyway. You can use your ki coupled with your insane mobility to stay the fuck out of harms way.

And while I say "you can't flurry" you actually can. Just put the bow away if you find yourself stuck in melee and enjoy being a regular monk for the time being.

Seems like even taking wot4e wouldn't even be bad if you cast gust of wind to keep people away from you. Then eventually you just fly around and shoot people in the sky.

If doing a multiclass why not go with ranger for hunters mark, and then if you go hunter take horde breaker for an occasional 3rd attack. Or fighter if you don't want/care about spells.

Seems fun. Thoughts?

>> No.52264199

Consider this - why not a fighter instead

>> No.52264222

>make a bow monk?

You mean, a sun soul monk?

>> No.52264326

Hey fa/tg/uys, can someone tl;dr me on whether arcane trickster with SCAG wizard cantrips is good or only kinda meh? Swashbuckler seems so good for fighting but it doesn't really fit with how I envisioned the character

>> No.52264399


Its practically mandatory if you want to be a magic rogue, but it doesn't really make or break the character

>> No.52264428

Good point. I'm thinking I'll go Mountain Dwarf so I have low level armour, +2 Str and +2 Con. Begin with a 16 in both and a 14 Cha

>> No.52264436

shoot i just reposted in the new thread i thought it was dead here

>> No.52264445

You play a Bow Kensai. Longbow, net and greatsword Kensai weapons

>> No.52264782

One of my players are pissy because I've banned Tiefling's from my game. Not because of they're retarded devil spawn but because my setting literally just doesn't have any and I'd rather keep it that way.

Anyone else every have issues like this while playing in custom settings?

>> No.52264820

wew lad

>> No.52264920


why not allow reskinned tieflings?

>> No.52264958

Why should I? I've never had it featured there before and he just wants to be some edgy half fiend. If he wanted the racial parts I'd let him use them with something else, but not anything with fiendish blood

>> No.52265013

Looking for feedback.

I'm currently running a Monster Slayer / Hunter campaign for a new group. We just finished our first session.

Classic tavern start with multiple leads, a dwarven caravan of textile merchants needing protection from monster attacks over a few days travel, a local shepherd and his son drinking because something's been killing sheep, etc.

The party decided to go with the farmer (after our elven bard hit on the son that lowkey has a thing for pointy ears).

They tracked the monsters to a cave at the base of some foothills and a river. Setting a hunting trap at the mouth they waiting for a bit and while gathering resources to set up camp the trap went off, combat started with them seperated.

Three Frost Wolves (see attached) came out of the cave. (16, 21, and 26 HP)

Dwarven fighter was downed twice resulting in our forge cleric using both spell slots on healing (I play that healing magic stabilises and return consciousness and medicine just stabilises unless a really high rolll/special circumstances)

Elven bard dropped to zero once and was able to stabalize.

Half elf ranger was on low health by the end.

Elf ranger and human forge cleric were untouched.

Players all say they enjoyed it (1 player is experienced, 1 has played a single encounter prior, and the other three were first timers)

Rewarded with some pelt that 'felt cold to the touch while skinning, however once seperated from the beast the air around you felt less brisk.' It won't be overpowered, just gloves made of it can pick up cold things very well, boots wouldn't slide on ice, etc.

I am down for Constructive Criticism in any way shape or form, in fact I'm literally asking for it. The party is staying at the farm for a few days and will continue trying to hunt these wolves down, I'm thinking of an ambush and the wolves dragging off one of the party members to be rescued.

Additionally, any cool ideas for a campaign like this you've wanted to try or seen done?

>> No.52265079

No, you might *know* that it missed according to what hit and didn't before, but you can't have that result handed to you.

Better hope your DM isn't quick on the reply in that case.

>> No.52265092

can anyone suggest me some nice mystic builds?

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