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CYOA General

Last Thread: >>52203854

Info on creation and archives of cyoas: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Steam CYOA, OC.

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Call it 1/4th if we're being generous.

Tada! and goodnight! I have horrible timing.
I am apparently not the best at doing lewd in this manner. Hope it's still fun and gets the motor going.

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>have to pick four
>but I hate all of them

fuck you gaben

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You know something is wrong when Mass Effect 3 is the only semi-decent choice

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>All those shit tier games

Go back to /v/

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What CYOA are you making /cyoag/?

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Maid, Coura, and Blue Skies/Waters

Cause all waifus all the time.

Question: what do you mean by "worship" for the mana option?

Actually... replace blue waters/skies with A PSA for the world

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Been gone for a month or two.

What's new? Oh, and is QuietAnon still alive?

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>Whatever two other options I like

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A image version and pdf of a cyoa.

Sometime during Spring Break.

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>but I hate all of them
You have no taste if you don't like half of what was listed there.

>All those shit tier games
You too, have absolutely no taste.

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Can you give us a rough idea of how much cuck shit we should expect?

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Team Fortress 2, Soldier
Mass Effect 3
Dark Souls 3

Haha, time to make the world __fun!__

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Dota 2, Counter Strike GO, Mass Effect 3, Dark Souls 3

Time to level up and sleep with hot alien babes.

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You know damn well how much, Satan.

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So it's full of cuck shit?

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>What's new?
The time of the skellies is almost here.
So close. So very, very close.
It could be hours or even minutes away.

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these choices seem too hell-bent on creating a world in which you have to fight shit, instead of making life easier. i'm just going to take TF2's spy stuff and my unusual hat and just invis away from all the trade spammers.

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Not quite yet. There's things to be done still. Blame timezones for a certain canuck not being on at the right times.

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If I pick dark souls and tf2's spy can I kill bosses in one hit?

>> No.52220796

Could Spy even manage to backstab Gwyn?

I think not.

>> No.52220809

No, spy can't even oneshot the bigger cunts in MvM so he wouldn't be able to do shit against souls bosses.

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>Mass Effect

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A better question is whether or not you could fuck scout's mom

>> No.52220818

Maid to Order
Louise Salope
Serf Adoption

Louise the Genie can provide me with money she'd better if she wants her endless vacation and together with dear obedient Lisa and sweet 'young' Nephthys we'll tour the world's beaches as a happy, lewd family.


Knows You Best
Blue Skies and Clear Waters
Louise Salope

Spend the rest of our lives in a tropical island paradise.
Louise means my sister and I can drop in with my family and friends from time to time.

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Absolutely none Satan. There is no cucking in the cyoa at all.

If you're an insecure person who loves to be treated like a bitch and cheated on, you can cuck yourself by making up shit in your own headcanon, I guess. But you're not a cuck are you cuck?

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>There is no cucking in the cyoa at all
At least that's something. Too bad Italics is still a cuck.

>> No.52220837

…How much longer?

>> No.52220839

If your gf had sex with other men before you got with her are you still getting cucked from the past?

>> No.52220842

well to be fair, those big cunts are made of metal which knives are generally not effective at cutting. i'd say spy has somewhat of a chance on smaller, fleshy bosses.

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Please don't.

>> No.52220873

You may have heard that Highlander is working with me on the lore, and on the map.
It shouldn't be much longer, i just need some additional map-related stuff and then 1-2 days to edit it all together.

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>Too bad Italics is still a cuck.
>Responded to Italics
>Uses 3rd person to refer to me.
Anon, I can't deal with you. Just go. I am Italics.

>> No.52220877

I need to ask.

Did you choose the Ghostly Gibus as your hat?

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>Dating used goods

>> No.52220882

Then put on a name or something you cuck.

>> No.52220884

What's the ETA on highlander's stuff? I get the feeling she's decided not to release anything until everything is finished.

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You're also being cucked by all of the men she didn't fuck, but could have.
And after you fuck her, you are cucking every potential future man she might fuck.
Even if she doesn't actually fuck them, you've still quantum cucked them, just as you were quantum cucked by the guys she didn't fuck.

It is a tricky thing.

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I think it shouldn't be too difficult or time-consuming, but HL isn't on right now so i don't know.

>> No.52220904

Yeah except I painted it pink so I could stand out from the crowd

>> No.52220906

Cucking was a mistake.

>> No.52220915

So what your saying is since she cucked me I should kill both her and myself to prevent any more people from getting cucked in the future

>> No.52220933


You're only collapsing a single particle-wave cuck-state.
To remove all cucking from the universe would require it's destruction.

You can thank the Demiurge for that.
This isn't a problem in the astral planes, you know.

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Or you could just keep killing used goods as some sort of anti-cuck super hero.

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I want to have heterosexual intercourse for recreational purposes with that bird!
She's cute! Cute!

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Does Pasille cuck her waifu? Is it even possible for a girl to cuck another girl.

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If a guy can say "how's the taste of my dick when you eat her out?" you're getting cucked

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>> No.52220993

What if you're the only guy she's fucked? Will you be thinking "how's the taste of my dick when I eat her out"?

>> No.52221006

Are you then cucking yourself?

>> No.52221026

Ignore cuckposters, post CYOAs

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>Not using a condom to prevent you from cucking future you

>> No.52221038

Post good cyoas and we will

>> No.52221057

If you use condoms you're allowing yourself to be cucked by your own potential children.

>> No.52221075

If anything I'm cucking her by letting my potential children touch my penis

>> No.52221076

Yeah, it's not like you'd be doing yourselves a favour if you do.

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So I have Horny Dreams, a Maid that will do whatever I say and I can spread my values across the world in 3 minute segmants. Life is going to be dope.

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>> No.52221111

Well if you have children at any point you're a cuck because someone else has been inside your wife.

>> No.52221126

Coura, Dress Up Time, and Mana from Heaven

I'd go with Knows You Best if there were even the slightest suggestion she would be attractive, but I'm not going to have a probably fat chick hanging onto me when I could have a loli succubus instead.

>> No.52221130

>Well if you have children at any point you're a cuck because someone else has been inside your wife.
I knew I shouldn't have trusted my wifes son

>> No.52221177 [DELETED] 

Am i still getting cucked if chad only did anal with her?

>> No.52221186

That alternate timeline stuff with Earth is really dissapointing to me.
I mean really? The entirety of Earth with all its different cultures and environments isn't enough? I mean earth is so big and there are so many places that never get visited, so many different kinds of people and backdrops, it's kind of preposterous to look for more when there's already more than you can choose from.
I get that it's so people can choose wether or not their builds interact but isn't that really already seen as implied in most cyoas nowadays?

I don't know. Maybe it's just the infinity thing that takes me out of it, makes me feel like everything you do is meaningless because there's always a timeline in which you did something else. Plus, earth has branching time but the other planes of existence don't? Wouldn't that mean when a conduit travels from earth to uthuli an infinite amount of versions of that conduit would arrive at the same place?

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If you fuck her now, you cuck your future self.
If you fuck her in the future, you're cucking your past self.

You simply can't win.
The only option is suicide, anon.

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This is gorgeous to look at.

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>A PSA for the world
I can just tell a ton of people something and they'll believe it? Easy choice.
>Dress up time
I'm a sucker for shapeshifting, and would be the perfect stunt double or something.
>Bounty overflowing
I have no idea what polymora or serfs are, but I put in the busty cowgirl image and dammit I'm choosing busty cowgirls.

>> No.52221364

>Come into thread
>Oh hey, gallery is done
>Oh hey, someone posted my cyoa
>Oh hey, someone insulted my cyoa
Other than the stupid anti-matter thing I haven't fixed yet, what's wrong with it?

>> No.52221414

Looking at my blind picks:

>Louise Salope
Beach eh? I live near one, so she'll be happy. The sand and sun are nice, but she better not expect me to go in the water very often. That "drop in the bucket" line has me worried. Having a fuck-buddy is cool, but if we aren't at least friends we'll just be using one another. I don't like that kind of relationship. Does she know magic, by the way?

>Blue Skies and Clear Waters
This synergizes with Louise, at the very least. I'll be sad losing contact with Earth (unless the Night Sisters have a means of keeping me in touch), but where I'm headed makes up for it. Delicious brown waifus aplenty. And I am become the embodiment of manliness.

>Knows You Best
I was afraid this would be a trap option after realizing there aren't visible breasts. I'm glad to be wrong. Sort of. This one is... interesting, so to speak. A clone who shares everything but gender. That includes fetishes. I'd be hesitant to shag myself, so she would feel the same. Whether or not will be based on how she looks, I guess. In any case, I won't be explaining her to my family, since I'll be on Uthuli. Which makes me wonder how these girls will act towards each another.

The Happiest type of Dream (real good sleep every night), Should Have Sent a Poet (laughs and lewd potential) and, to a lesser extent, Dress Up Time sound good as well. I'm relatively happy with my picks, so switching any is a hard decision. I've got a harem, which leaves me with no real need for Louise. Whether I swap her for Dream or Poet depends on how Poet interacts with Clear Waters. Since I'm the tribe's male, I can only imagine good things. As for keeping my clone, it depends on my ability to stay in contact with friends and family after getting shanghaied. Having someone familiar with Earth would be nice, even if it's another version of myself.

Final choices, in summary:
>Blue Skies and Clear Waters
>Should Have Sent a Poet
>Knows You Best /or/ The Happiest type of Dream

>> No.52221444

Nice digits
Of course.

>> No.52221447


Implying you ever will.

>> No.52221456

Look who's talking.

>> No.52221459

So I'll be stuck in a world the size of a city with nothing but myself and a few ghosts fighting monsters for the rest of eternity?

So what's the point it then?

>> No.52221461

All selves are the same person, though.

>> No.52221485

>Does she know magic, by the way?
She is described as a Genie, so one would assume so.
>I'll be sad losing contact with Earth (unless the Night Sisters have a means of keeping me in touch)
I assumed you could just apply Louise to the problem to fix it.

>> No.52221490

Are 2 trips better than 2 dubs and trips?

>> No.52221494

>You are allowed to bring others with you if you wish.

Plus it's kinda implied that life pops up in the world as well.

>> No.52221506

Boring. Ripoff of a comic book. Few choices to make. Few options to pick from. One option obviously overpowered. No setting.

>> No.52221520

>One option obviously overpowered
Which one?

>> No.52221568

Why is the right side completely censored? For what purpose?

>> No.52221579

I think it's based on Conduit's setting, which I'm not familiar with. If Jinni are run-of-the-mill wish granters then I dun goofed. Even so, she's described as a water genie; her power may be small in scope.

>> No.52221595

I think I got seriously drunk last night because I remember seeing this enormous cyoa, like hundreds of pages in pdf.

That couldn't have been real, right?

>> No.52221602

Sounds like Traveller.
The one i'm working on is only 60 pages so far.

>> No.52221612

Traveller or Order

>> No.52221641

The white one that can only be harmed by something that every single thing can be harmed by.

>> No.52221646

How does that make it OP

>> No.52221706

>> No.52221726

You should check it out its really lore rich

>> No.52221728

Genie in Conduit can't grant wishes, instead they can be bound in either a person giving them supernatural agility, into an object that can be used for invisibility magic, or into their element which gives them a physical body.

She's already been bound to her element which is why she has a body. She's just a blue waifu now.

>> No.52221735

Thank you, was waiting for this. Didn't wanna post it myself!
Combining this with the Meta CYOA's F option
>All is Boy's Love
Spend my life converting disgusting lesbians to pure straightgirls. I'm thinking tricking her into a threeway, then helping her discover that she only pretended to be a lesbian and really she's a huge slut for dick.

>> No.52221747


I'll post the relevant parts of Conduit

>> No.52221763

And the Glass Desert, where the Jinn are from

>> No.52221769

Good job bringing lesbians one step closer to homosexuality. Now if only there was a way to replace the remaining sinful vagina with a blessed penis.

>> No.52221770

>stupid anti-matter
What do you mean exactly?
In the sense anti-matter in any decent measurable quantity is rare and so expensive you literally never have to worry about it.

Or that northern lights, thunderstorms and Van de Graaff generators are now far more dangerous and eating a banana will kill you?

>> No.52221776

Also waifus, because waifus

>> No.52221783

Well it takes place in your typical cape world, so I'd assume it's far easier to get antimatter there with all the super scientists and aliens around.

>> No.52221866

One demonlord-uke bf please.

>> No.52221875

But what about them husbandos?

>> No.52221937

Fuck husbandos. You een have a CYOA for that.

>> No.52221944

No we don't, you ludicrous baboon.

>> No.52221974

Conduit Husbando exists, but I have no desire to post it.

>> No.52222000

... that picture reminds me of the darkest part of my weeaboo phase

>> No.52222077

You're a terrible liar, Anon.

>> No.52222090

He's actually telling the truth, it does really exist.

>> No.52222100


>> No.52222124

Have you ever considered that there is something you don't know?

>> No.52222133

Nope. My autism activates when I do that.

>> No.52222139

Let's see how my blind picks went!

>Maid to Order
Huh. Odd, but okay.

>A PSA for the World
Ooh, now I can... uh. What AM I going to do with this?

>Bounty Overflowing

>> No.52222142

I'm willing to bet that he just thinks he's baiting us into proving him wrong.

>> No.52222188

Anon you know that bird was a lesbian right? And was married? And was yandere and stalked the shit out of a guy who didn't want her, right?

>> No.52222191

My blind picks were Happiest Type of Dream, Should Have Sent a Poet, and Blue Skies and Clear Water. I'm pretty happy with those choices. I think I'd swap Poet for Mana, though. I'm probably going to be getting enough views as it is.

>> No.52222204

>Dress Up Time
Do changes remain after you remove the costume? What if you only wear a part of a costume instead of a "full set"? What if you mix and match costumes?

>> No.52222206

SHUT UP. I'm right. You're wrong. They exist! Here is the fucking proof.

>> No.52222214

>stalked the shit out of a guy
I'm confused by this.

>> No.52222215

This one.

>> No.52222225

Say you're the king/queen/non-binary-gendered monarch of the world?
Declare your fetish correct?
Ask for a harem of chocolate beauties?
Hand the death sentence to a social group you don't like, you closeted sociopath?

Hell even just yell out "the gun is good, the penis is bad".

The world is your soapbox for three minutes every month. Go nuts.

>> No.52222241

Those powers seem kind of weak. Don't you have anything better?

>> No.52222266

Even if I offer people omnipotence, they'll still complain that it's still not good enough because they can't get double omnipotence. So no.

>> No.52222281

>Even if I offer people omnipotence, they'll still complain that it's still not good enough because they can't get double omnipotence.
That'd be their fault for not using the aforementioned omnipotence properly.

>> No.52222338

>was a lesbian

>> No.52222342

>yet another stupid Worm godmode cyoa

>> No.52222346

>cyka blyat
>doing something constructive
>perfect english

How is this possible?

>> No.52222352

The world was filled with bisexual polyamorous garbage. It's like if you took everything in your kitchen, put it in a blender, and just had a bunch of containers of "food" for the rest of you meals.


>> No.52222360

According to the lore of Pokemon Personified she married her sister who became her waifu (who became her personal yandere/stalker)

>Stalked the shit out of a guy.
The guy who she stalked was the previous Hero who apparently saved her life when her waifu wasn't there to protect her, and she went full doki-doki for them. The Hero didn't want her as they were fucking every other girl, and she just stalked the Hero all around the world and thought about them non-stop.

This eventually lead to her waifu leaving her out of jealousy and the ex-waifu trying to kill the Hero.

>> No.52222361

You're offering incredible power compared to humans, but the Entities have all those powers ×10000000 so you're still a small fry.

>> No.52222367

>incestuous bisexual polyamorous garbage

>> No.52222379

That, too.

>> No.52222384

Do you guys normally put these together in photoshop or is there a better way that i'm missing?

>> No.52222388

I use MS paint.

>> No.52222402

Wasn't everyone polyamorous due to the population getting raped hard by plot device.

>> No.52222407

Photoshop, MS Paint, Paint.net, GIMP, Flash, Word (can be used for PDFs), Illustrator... You can use almost anything to make a CYOA. There's even a template thing that uses HTML and CSS (not sure how the conversion to image goes with that, though - I mean, does it just generate a picture, or do you need to take screenshots and stitch 'em together manually or something?). Just pick a tool that fits your needs, basically.

>> No.52222412

>kind of weak
Getting conflicting feedback here.

It's not possible, you're just asleep. Wake up.

It's hard to balance powers. If I were to offer something that would allow you to instakill the Entities one minute into the game, then that would make the CYOA pointless. I think dealing with everything with what you have would be a better approach, but maybe it's just me.

>> No.52222421

Here's the other fan gallery that was recently finished.

>> No.52222464

Some people have trouble dealing with the concept of challenge in a CYOA. They are so insecure that they can't even imagine how they would triumph against an adversary, they need to be told they're going to win or else they cry about losing.

>> No.52222512

Do you even know Worm?

Your "enemies" are literally multidimensional space whales, each of them holding more powers than all triggered humans in the wormverse combined. They've destroyed the freaking multiverse multiple times and will continue to do so because they're autistic.

It's not a challenge. It's about how you're going to enjoy your time there until some Entity you can't begin to face decides to blow up the Earth.

The only Worm cyoa I personally enjoyed was the one with the "eject" option after Scion died.

>> No.52222513

Mana, Dress up, PSA.
PSA can do a lot of good for the world. I'll need to do some fact checking, though.
Dress Up for shape shifting is easy and Mana is for youth and devotion,... Engels.. i don't know what those are.

>> No.52222528

Indulge in a little power fantasy you dweeb.

>> No.52222539

...You don't even need powers to kill Scion. Just go to England, find a specific bum and befriend him. He will transfer to you his "control" of Scion, and all you need to do is just tell the golden fool to kill himself. That's it, you saved the multiverse.

>> No.52222545

>in an escapist powerfantasy thought experiment.

>> No.52222548

hey /cyoag been busy since last month so any new notable oc?

>> No.52222555

Just because he's willing to wipe out humanity to get his jollies doesn't mean he going to be suicidal.

>> No.52222557

Scion is the most autistic, useless Entity of them all though. He's the least of your worries.

>> No.52222569

That's my point. People want to be spoonfed their power fantasy by the author instead of filling in some of it on their own. Obviously I have nothing against authors making it clear you will win, I just don't really understand the people that seem to require it.

>> No.52222571

What about Abbadon, shitbird?

>> No.52222580

gaming partner that can fix my shit? yes
catgirl part is bonus

>Oh, You Beautiful Doll
gonna make me a shanghai, all is good in this world

>kinda torn between May I Axe You Something and Brother From Another Mother

on the one hand, ghost axe

on the other hand, music adventure party

>> No.52222584

What about him? I'll beat his ass too.

>> No.52222596

Yeah, it's kind of dumb. CYOAs are about your own imagination filling the gaps between all the guidelines. The CYOA is the vehicle of your fantasies, not the other way round.

>> No.52222601

Genesis did nothing wrong.

>> No.52222610

He's a naked flying man who is sad because his partner died. That's how they killed him in canon - he gave up and took the hit which he could easily dodge, precisely because he was suicidal. He believes anything you say, you just have to not completely botch it when wording your command to him.

There are no other Entities on Earth, the rest of them are doing fuck all and are irrelevant to the story anyway. It is unlikely that they will ever visit Earth, and if they do, it will take them millions of years to reach it. Abaddon already left anyway, who cares about him?

>> No.52222630

You have a power which is better than Path to Victory, because it lets you ensure anything goes as well as possible without having to do any of it yourself or ask the right questions to get what you really want, a power that makes you defeat literally anything, even an Endbringer, in one hit, and a power that lets you bypass Scion's dimensional blockade and just nuke him to death. This is worse on the power scale than any Worm CYOA but the first, and that's because Kaleidoscope is literal omnipotence.

>> No.52222631

>anon is an ant
>actually, a superant
>he can lift 5000x his own bodyweight, his mandibles can splice wood, he's also 10x as fast and his exoskeleton is almost as durable as leather
>location: some african jungle

Some people will argue this is a powerfantasy.

>> No.52222644

He gave up after being lead around like a bitch and traumatized by a simulacrum of Eden.

>> No.52222651

A powerfantasy for ants.

>> No.52222655 [DELETED] 


>> No.52222656

Serf Adoption, a PSA for the world and Knows You Best. I am a fucking narcissist I guess, def want to fuck myself as a cute girl. Maybe knock me up too.

>> No.52222682

self adoption - little drow is too cute
maid to order - to help look after the drow. AND NOTHING ELSE!
should have sent a poet- because it sounds fun

>> No.52222688

So, long story short, if you can't walk up to the absolute God of a setting and punch them in the nose to establish dominance, you're pathetic and the CYOA is worthless. Got it.

>> No.52222695

It's just another day for ants

>> No.52222711

I feel like doing a CYOA. What are the commonly acceptable image dimensions of a CYOA again?

Coincidentally, I see someone is doing a Worm CYOA in this thread. My CYOA will also be about super powers. FYI, I did version 4 of the manymanymany Worm CYOAs. So yeah, Power Combos are gonna be a thing again.

>> No.52222721

That's not a drowlm, it's a serf. She's going to multiply like a fungus. Also die in five years. But at least you'll have clones of her around I guess.

>> No.52222727

I like your Worm CYOA the best, so I can't wait to see what you come up with.

>> No.52222729

She won't die as long as you hang around her. Serfs that hang around their masters are blessed with unnatural longevity.

>> No.52222738

Also, how important is the lore/story/setting to y'all? Obviously, I ain't doing another Worm thing. If I do any lore, it'd be based on the old Fantasy Powers League website.

>> No.52222749

No, they hang around conduits. You aren't one.

>> No.52222751

>die in five years

>> No.52222763

>The comic fragment
So this whole thing is a joke?

>> No.52222765

kek, so what. Most of us are going to die in ten.

>> No.52222767

Cause that's how they work in the CYOA world this CYOA is set inside of.

>> No.52222773

Pretty important for me in fantasy stuff. I've always preferred CYOAs where you're a character rather than a version of yourself.

>> No.52222777

It took me this fookin' long to work out the wording for how to describe/quantify powers because of writers block/life/work/etc.

This version I have planned will have guidelines for various tiers of powers, but less description/spoon feeding on what each power is capable of.

The downside to this format is it means abandoning the 100+ power descriptions I already wrote like, a year(?) ago.

>> No.52222793

team fortress 2- spy for them sweet sweet backstabs
skyrim - synergy with spy
for honor - weaboo fightan skills
dark souls- progression, can cheese bosses with spy stabs

>> No.52222805

Hmm, alrighty then. Noted. If I can keep the power descriptions to a minimal length, I think I'll note only implement lore, but a "system" I've been wanting to implement for another CYOA I had on the back burner.

>> No.52222822

theres a setting for this crap?

>> No.52222823

>What are the commonly acceptable image dimensions of a CYOA again?
From 1200 to 1900 for width, up to 10k for height. Also up to 8MB for filesize.

>> No.52222840

>I did version 4 of the manymanymany Worm CYOAs.
I still haven't gotten around to properly finalizing my build for it (although it is more-or-less finished in that I've jotted down basically all my choices). Looking forward to whatever you'll be coming up with.

>> No.52222851

Yes, conduit. It's got a whole lot of setting in it, really. In the case of serfs, look at the world called rim.

>> No.52222855

Yep. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Conduit

>> No.52222892

Also, many thanks for the like.

1200 to 1900, got it. I just did up a 1280x9000 page. It'll probably be split into a whole bunch of pages.

Groovy. I'll work on the powers tonight and get a WIP up. I'm concerned about the format I'm planning to use for the powers as it's not that conventional for CYOAs here on 4chan. Hopefully it'll be reasonably well received. If so, I can finalize the powers and work on the lore.

>> No.52222910

You don't need to split it until it's past 10k

>> No.52222917

> Dark souls
> some other one

Basically farm power off massively incompetent Russians until I can power game my way to victory.

>> No.52222940

I recall some CYOA of yours where there were a few power choices, but they could be (ab)used/combined in creative ways for a greater effect. Was that a prototype of some sort for Worm v4, or a separate thing entirely? Could you perhaps post it (if you still have it)?

>> No.52222965

Do you faggots know how to stick images to the asses of each other like a human centipede kthnxbye

>> No.52222980

Use gurps

>> No.52223014

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it off hand. I believe that one was an earlier version which had fewer powers but more tiers.

The actual Worm v4 had more powers, but no tiers.

Incidentally, it seems I actually got around to doing one page for the generic super powers thing. So here it is. I don't think this version's circulated anywhere except maybe on Spacebattles?

The upcoming CYOA will be similar and have tiers. I'm currently reworking/choosing all the powers.

>> No.52223040

>Dress Up Time
>The Happiest type of Dream
>Should Have Sent a Poet
Cosplay as a cute girl to become one, have lewd dreams all the time and coincidentally peep on cute girls. Sounds like fun.

>> No.52223085

Now that I'm re-reading this FPL CYOA... I wonder if I should just finish it instead of going with the new format I have planned. Basically, what bothered me before was how tough it was to "quantify" the different tiers of powers, but now I've got a general guideline.

The format I'm contemplating is basically to explain the guideline and then have very basic explanations of what each power does.

Incidentally, the guideline is thus:

>> No.52223100

>Dark Souls
>Mass Effect

I really hesitate to pick Mass Effect, since I have a burning hatred of that series and love the others I chose. But the penis wants what it wants

>> No.52223103

Powers typically come in 3 attainable Tiers. Tier 1 is Standard, Tier 2 is Superior and Tier 3 is Supreme.

Standard will grant you the cumulative potency of 10 people.
Superior will grant you the cumulative potency of 1000 people.
Supreme will grant you the cumulative potency of 1000000 people.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of how this works. These examples are just guidelines. You’re free to interpret things as you like.

For the sake of argument, let’s say a typical adult is able to lift 200 pounds, run 20 miles per hour (mph) and punch with the force of 1000 Newtons.

Standard Super Strength would allow you to lift 2000 pounds, or 1 ton. That’s enough to flip (but not lift) cars.
Superior Super Strength would allow you to lift 200000 pounds, or 100 tons. That’s enough to lift a tank and toss cars with ease.
Supreme Super Strength would allow you to lift 200000000 pounds, or 100000 tons. That’s enough to carry around carriers.

Standard Super Speed would allow you to run at 200 mph. You would be like a human sports car.
Superior Super Speed would allow you to run at 20000 mph. That’s 10 times the speed of a bullet.
Supreme Super Speed would allow you to run at 20000000 mph. The speed of light is approximately 186,280 miles per second, or about 700 million miles per hour. So you're only going a fraction of the speed of light but you're still nearly 10 times faster than a bolt of lightning.

Those are examples of physical abilities, but what about powers in the form of energy? Say you have a power where you can produce and control fire...

Standard would let you manifest and control 10000 Newtons of force.
Superior would let you manifest and control 1000000 Newtons of force.
Supreme would let you manifest and control 1000000000 Newtons of force.

How does any of that translate to Joules? You’ll have to Google and calculate it yourself, but it’s still a lot, considering you’re generating energy out of nothing.

>> No.52223108

>Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it off hand. I believe that one was an earlier version which had fewer powers but more tiers.
I think may even have had more pages that were also smaller. Also I don't think the powers had tiers either. What I do remember is one power let you alter/affect/change rules somehow (which I used in my build to alter the rules that dictate what it could alter).

>> No.52223112

But Tiers are not just about math. For instance, the average person’s punch has 1000 Newtons behind it but a boxer’s punch can reach 5000+ Newtons. So proper technique and application of Powers can yield far more potent results. And that’s before you Combo Powers, which can result in exponential effects

>> No.52223159

Sounds like Worm v4 itself. Here's the first page. Is this the one?

>> No.52223162

That doesn't sound like image editing software.

>> No.52223167

Memes aside. Which cyoa has the best playable beast races? Not a furry but something about a kingdom filled with girls with animal features just gets me going.

Wasn't ferrean making one?

>> No.52223183

Oh, and it seems I've found the earlier version as well. Here you go. Is it either of these?

>> No.52223197

No, it didn't have any pictures, and I only remember it having like four powers.
I don't remember there being colored text, either - just white on black.

>> No.52223216

>No, it didn't have any pictures
That is, I don't remember it having any pictures.

>> No.52223267

Might have been someone else then. The numbering for Worm CYOAs gets a bit wonky. There's the original, but #2 and #3 are all mixed up. And my own #4 actually had 2 or 3 versions before settling on version 4.02.

I did WAIFU though. You can tell because it uses the same effin' format/font as my other stuff.

>> No.52223301

Although the whole "a power that explicitly changes the rules" is very much something I'd do. So it might have been an early prototype while I decide which format to go with. Err, now that I think about it, I vaguely recall there being one other prototype, but it's gonna involve opening a whole bunch of .ps files, 'cause those apparently have no windows previews.

>> No.52223349

>I did WAIFU though. You can tell because it uses the same effin' format/font as my other stuff.
So did the smaller CYOA thing I was talking about.
>Although the whole "a power that explicitly changes the rules" is very much something I'd do. So it might have been an early prototype while I decide which format to go with.
I was thinking that might be the case as well.
>Err, now that I think about it, I vaguely recall there being one other prototype, but it's gonna involve opening a whole bunch of .ps files, 'cause those apparently have no windows previews.
If it's not too much of a bother. Alternatively, if the .ps files are named similarly as the resulting images were/are, maybe the prototype could be found via 4plebs?

>> No.52223476

Oh snap, I just remember. I think that power that let you change your power was called something like limit breaker or jail break or something like that right? It specifically let you change the nature of your power or to outright gain Kaleidescope level powers. Yeah, not much lucky finding the file yet, but that's the one right?

>> No.52223559

I'm working on V1.1 as we speak.

The gamer catgirl would probably be ecstatic to basically live through a classic final fantasy game, if that helps any.

>> No.52223584

Shattered Limiter's a Perk. That explains the lack of images. It's at the lower left of this image.

You probably saw an earlier version with fewer perks.

>> No.52223671

>Dark Souls III
Demons, Dragons, 'Features', and big guys for me.

>> No.52223682

These are great fun to make.
It's like playing a CYOA but with some creative writing and background in it like an RP.

>> No.52223784

Proper, down on their knees praying and finding god religious worship. Of you, or something of yours at any rate. Where do you think that hot heavy mana is going to build up and sit, just begging for release? It's your balls anon, or breasts if you don't have a sack.

I'd say temporarily, if recognizably a character, and nope.

I should probably include a note about that on the bottom if I do another one of these. Everything I'm currently doing is set in the Conduit-verse.

I'm actually in agreement with you, it's going to change along with some of the voids dream tricks to something else because it doesn't fit. Also teaches me not to post wips until I've finalized the ideas for sure.

>All these people not minding a pretty maid that's screaming in fear with her eyes while she smiles and curtsies.

>> No.52223816

>All these people not minding a pretty maid that's screaming in fear with her eyes while she smiles and curtsies.
We're all sociopaths here, no sense in denying it.

>> No.52223869

Knowing what I know now:

>May I Axe You Something?

>> No.52223918

Blind picks came out as Stuff of Life, Should Have Sent a Poet, and Mana From Heaven.
Not bad. I now have two cute girls to worship, and be worshiped by. Not bad at all.

>> No.52223942

>Yeah, not much lucky finding the file yet, but that's the one right?
>Shattered Limiter's a Perk. That explains the lack of images. It's at the lower left of this image.
Nope, not it. Sorry.

It was explicitly a power, not a perk, and there was some back-and-forth arguing between me and author (at least I _think_ the other person was the author) as to whether the rules that dictate how the power works count as a "universal rules" (which was what the power could be used to affect - I think it was something along the lines of "alter a universal rule by up to a factor of 10" or something, sorry for not remembering the specifics before now).

>> No.52224016

>further questions RE: Dress Up Time
What if the character is smaller than you are, but the (piece of) costume is big enough to fit you (and thus would be oversized for the character)? Would both you and the costume shrink appropriately, or what?
>if recognizably a character
It only needs to be recognizable as part of a character's costume by you, right?

>> No.52224028

left 4 dead 2
mass effect 3
team fortress 2
dota 2

>> No.52224046

Couple of questions left unanswered from the previous thread:

>> No.52224055

get a scaled to size costume and everything will shrink appropriately once you're dressed
to someone in whatever fandom, no OC

>> No.52224104

>to someone in whatever fandom, no OC
What if it's an OC that's part of the artist's (as in, the one who made the OC) original setting, and the setting/artist has a fandom?
Where exactly does the line between "OC" and "not OC" lie?

>> No.52224106

>"alter a universal rule by up to a factor of 10"
Top right. Law Breaker.

I doubt I was the one arguing the point. My philosophy tends to be "have fun breaking it".

>> No.52224159

I can guess the answer to this, but just to make sure, Knows You Best is just going to be Rule 63 me, right? So as big and unattractive as I am, rather than a cute young woman with my personality?

>> No.52224169

Because I had to.

>Welcome to Hell
>Biggest Sister
Poor young girl, despite her loving parents and their loving cash, they are to busy time to play with her.

However she has a guardian angel, a nice dapper man in a suit who always smells like brimstone cigars who often talks business with her father gave her two presents on her birthday.
One was a giant plush doll, easily twice a grownup's height she was quick to dub Lady Daffodil-Rose-Tea Cloudhead.
The other was less extravagant, a small plush unicorn, the colour of turnips which she dubbed Princess Sprinkles Turnipbottom the Third.
The dapper man told her that she needed to meet more children and he hoped that his daughters could help her out.

Time with her is fun, Lady Daffodil's size means she doesn't get out much but spends her time alone studying anything and everything, she's definitely the smarter of us. When we are all together she's the calming voice of reason and the brains who keeps us from going crazy.
As for me, Princess Sprinkles? Well, near god-like magical talents is kind of a corrupting deal.
I take protecting my new friend as seriously as playing with her and once I have my looking-glass door up and ready, all tree of us can have endless adventures in entire worlds without humans.

While we a demons we are not there to taint her, rather simply show her that demons are friends you can make world altering deals with when you are at the top.

Unicorns in MLP have traveled through time, broken time, created inter-dimensional portals in mirrors, switched the very concept of destiny freely between individuals, moved the Sun and Moon before the Princesses came along.
Polymorph well beyond standard, seriously, the orange continues to live as the bird it had formally been, massed telekinesis of several tonnes, teleportation, mind control and brainwashing.
Those were just the ones off the top of my head.
MLP Unicorns are completely OP.

>> No.52224255

>Top right. Law Breaker.
I distinctly recall the description for the power being only a feew lines long and starting from the left part of the image. I also think that most of the powers (at least on that page) were all ones that didn't seem like classic useful superpowers, but stuff that'd require some clever application to fully benefit from. So yeah, it was probably an earlier version of that power, but it was not that image.
>I doubt I was the one arguing the point. My philosophy tends to be "have fun breaking it".
Guess it was someone else, then. Still, arguments were made both for and against it.

That said, let's take a look at how to break everything with just one purchase of Law Breaker.
First, the (first) law we pick for Law Breaker:
>the universal law that determines how many universal laws can be affected per purchase of Law Breaker
Now that we can affect multiple laws (by altering the first one), let's pick a second one:
>the universal law that determines how much you can skew each law
So now we can effectively affect as many universal laws as we like (by maxing out the first law), and affect each law practically as much as we like (by maxing out the second law). Bringing both first and second law into the range of infinities (which may or may not requrie affecting a separate universal law to make it possible) should basically grant omnipotence.

>> No.52224259

>cyoa lets you be a dragon

>> No.52224282


Oh, so they got buffed after my friends stopped talking about it?

>> No.52224289

Don't forget the ascension spell from Magical Mystery Cure. I mentioned it last thread, but if you can get it working you'd surely solve your plushie woes. It'll probably take some adventuring before you get there, though.

>> No.52224292

Use your discretion to continue having fun without turning it into a generic shape shifting into whatever I want power?


>> No.52224362

I do have an earlier version which has some non-traditional powers, such as Moist Sing-a-long Blog, which is the power to become moist. And there was Food Generation. Both of which I maintain to be OP, especially the latter, especially once you applied Law Breaker to it. Although it's been such a long time, I forgot my reasoning for it.

But there were so many revisions that the specific one you're looking for might not even exist anymore. It probably got updated to include more powers or had its image change. I remember Law Breaker and Speedster went through quite a number of image changes.

>> No.52224363

>Also, how important is the lore/story/setting to y'all?
It's everything. I don't care about your CYOA if it has no/shit setting

>> No.52224383

Oh, right, two more laws to affect to make it extra sure that we omnipotent now:
>the universal law that determines the laws affected by Law Breaker need to be universal
>the universal law that determines that the things which can be affected by Law Breaker need to be laws
So yeah. Affect everything you want as much as you want.

>> No.52224395

Welp, that certainly makes the choices much easier. Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.52224442

CYOA needs to have some setting (even if it's just the world as we know it, except whatever bullshit powers you throw at us) and justification for why you get to make a choice and/or what you're expected to do with the thing(s) you chose (even if it's just "here's X things, pick Y of them, have fun" or something).

Also, unlike >>52222773, I prefer to be basically myself but thrust into whatever situation is depicted in the CYOA.

>> No.52224453

>the specific one you're looking for might not even exist anymore.
Ah well, at least we established that it was most probably a prototype for Worm #4.

>> No.52224570

Thanks for the feedback. In that case, I better settle on the setting I want to use. It'll certainly help in terms of the Companions section.


>> No.52224618

They explore more of the lore of the world but still far from enough.
Also because the plot demands challenges they can't just stomp under hoof but actually need to solve together as friends, there has been a definite power-creep coming along.

Good point, though I was more thinking my plushy state was a spell or curse we willingly had placed on us so my sis and I couldn't accidentally out ourselves as demons.

I'm personally on the fence if the girl's parents know or not. Flies in the face of the Calvin and Hobbes angle but they are doing deals with our father.

>> No.52224635

Since tons of people really loved my Super Prison CYOA, I decided I would update it and make it even better!

Uncensored version and patch notes:

>> No.52224647


Uncensored version and patch notes:

>> No.52224657

Uncensored version and patch notes:

>> No.52224664


Uncensored version and patch notes:

>> No.52224676


I have to admit I disliked your other cyoas and thought that you and cyoas were angel tier garbage but this one is pretty good.

>> No.52224713

Honestly, I'd side against it, because adventures just aren't adventures with parental supervision. An older mentor type, maybe, but that's it. It works out with the devil angle if the parents aren't actually aware of the nature of their associate just as well as if they are.

>> No.52224718

Terribly sorry. I needed to get some sleep sooner or later.

He knows plenty of magic but his teaching style is rather hands off. Instead preferring to let you use his modest personal library and to occasionally point you in the right direction. He will supervise you while you preform experiments and correct dangerous mistakes though. As to the eyebrow thing, the occasional mishap helps to teach proper lab safety in his opinion. As to why he didn't mention it sooner, that rests on your personality actually. Maybe you were fiercely determined to get right back to work and he didn't want to ruin your mojo. Maybe you pouted and sulked like a grouchy kitten and he didn't want to ruin the moment. Maybe you even actually got injured and he was to busy fretting to think of it.

No, I'm afraid. He'd still be your friend and companion however, and wouldn't leave you high and dry like that (Again...) so you still get the protection from misfortune and physical backup. With Blue Shell however that's there for balance reasons, there aren't that many piss-easy and well-paying jobs down there and those that there are, are held by just the sort of people that keep an eye out for things like that. You could however get a foothold in the torture industry with a decent degree of certainty, I hear there's an opening if you want to torment animal abusers.

Biggest Sister has a decent shot at the smaller ones if given an appropriately sized gun.
Fox could wear them down if you managed to put a logo on them somewhere.
Dadzuzu would fight tooth and nail to keep you safe, and is powerful enough to make it stick.
Kaiju homunculi are fucking terrifying.
The Brothers have a second separate leveling system and will do just fine if you grind off of the monsters produced by their quest for a while.
Halo can harass kaiju so you can line up a good shot.
Supersized people are plenty threatening.
There's even a change to PRMT that trades the paycheck for sharing the ability to level.

>> No.52224808

>For Honor
>Dark Souls

Now I am Katana Soldier Kensei able to rocket jump at mad speed while cutting through shit and also I have checkpoints but Viking/Knightly demon bosses are invading and I'm here to fuck them up close and personnal. I bet they have huge guts.
This is going to be great.

>> No.52224824

Ohhh, I LIKE this build! Do note that the feats have to be SEEN in the CARTOON to be valid, background lore and comics don't count.

This guy knows what's up.

>> No.52224829

>be basically myself but thrust into whatever situation is depicted in the CYOA.
Either works for me but this is best

>> No.52224929

I don't know anything about Conduit because I managed to read one and a half page before quitting from boredom so I'll ignore all references you make
>Should have sent a poet
Nothing else is remotely good.
Very boring options. Your writing style is garbage too just look at Bounty Overflowing or well most options.

>> No.52224938

>> No.52224950


>> No.52224976

This is a bit unclear or I'm missing something, but can't you just swamp coins according to your need, keeping only 3 active at a time (after waiting 24 hours)?

>> No.52225013

>have to be SEEN in the CARTOON
Of the examples listed in the spoilered text, only moving the Sun and Moon hasn't been seen in show, per Unicorn anyway.

That still leaves time travel, magic portals, mind control and brainwashing, fucking with the very concept of destiny, inducing and curing vampirism, wings, levitation, teleporting...

There's also one fun spell called 'Want it, need it' in which an object is enchanted so anyone who see's it wants to own it so strongly they will stop at nothing to make it theirs. Like starting a massed fight with the others affected. The enchantment must be dispelled, it won't end on it's own.

That's city destroying stuff right there.

Good point actually.

>> No.52225035

Actually, isn't Sombra a unicorn? I mean, I know he's called an umbrum in the comics, but he said show only, and I think the show calls him a unicorn.

>> No.52225052


>> No.52225071

So guys, based on appearence alone (not powers, not personality), who do you figure are the hottest SuperHeroines and Super Villainesses (sp?) in comics?

If I were to pick one Super Heroine based on that criteria, it'd probably be Power Girl.
No particular Villainess comes to mind, but I'm not really knowledgeable about comic books.

>> No.52225077

Hmmmm, is Tupilak the new world Thrallherd is developing, it seems to involve some form of marking ability, plus a reference to Malsanis.
Very Neat

>> No.52225087

>Oh, You Beautiful Doll~
>[What Does The Fox Say?]

I can't believe that both my dream of being Alice and of having a [STAND] can be granted at once. And someone good to play Overwatch with me!
Also, going to make my stand keep its current stats. Smart stands are always interesting.

>> No.52225101

>this much denial

Jesus christ anon

>> No.52225121

Thanks for the reminder, we can now add dark magic, mind rape literal mind rape, finding and plucking the most trumatic aspects of your mind and imprisoning you in a self-built jail, and lichdom (of a sort) to the list.

>> No.52225234

I seem to remember him mentioning something about an artic/inuit world he had ideas for before starting on the overhaul.

>> No.52225245

>Power Girl
You mean the bimbo with the worst explanation I've ever seen for having a boob window?

>> No.52225342

That sounds like it fits the name and marking ability.

>> No.52225360

I'm not seeing the fanworld reference.
Now that I'm looking at it again I'm guessing you mean pleasure and pain, which looks to me like it'd be a polyamora thing.

>> No.52225430

nope, Should Have Sent a Poet, "That world has the strangest diseases."

>> No.52225459

>the worst explanation I've ever seen for having a boob window

Boob windows are entirely self-explanatory, Anon.

>> No.52225462

black canary is pretty hot, as is black cat.
for villains id guess itd be catwoman / poison vy/ harley quinn

>> No.52225613

And I would be totally fine if she didn't come up with a bullshit excuse. It's something retarded like "oh I don't have a family symbol so I will leave a hole in my costume right where my tits are instead of put cloth there".

>> No.52225649

I downloaded the Rapture Academy CYOA from an earlier thread, and somehow missed the page with Flaws on it. Can anyone post it (either the whole CYOA over, or just that page)?

>> No.52225650

Look, Powergirl is a dumb slutty bimbo with fierce jungle fever and little morality or heroics to her name. She's just a pornstar playing at a hero, and you shouldn't pay her any mind.

>> No.52225663

Anon, I almost want to dump my neighborhood CYOA just to make one based off of "All is Boy's Love". I want to give a list of characters and have the player be tasked with pairing them together for rewards. You've inspired me to make something new.

>> No.52225671

Anon, she doesn't exist. She didn't do anything.

>> No.52225696

You see that link in the OP? The one right next to the text that reads "Last Thread"? Click it open in a new tab and scroll down a bit.

>> No.52225741

Rolled 19, 1, 5, 13, 7, 3, 15, 18, 11, 10 = 102 (10d20)


>> No.52225748

Ah. Danke.

>> No.52225848

Could be a joke about the stds in polyamora

>> No.52225856

That's kinda my point. She's a slutty bimbo that's all. I don't find them hot at all.

>> No.52225897

>give a list of characters and have the player be tasked with pairing them together

>> No.52225902

>I want to give a list of characters and have the player be tasked with pairing them together for rewards.
I guarantee you that won't be successful. I can already see the "cuck" posts when I close my eyes.

>> No.52225909


>> No.52225918

yeah, but Malsanis is known for plagues, and if it came from polyamora it would've said so.

>> No.52225958

Cuckistry is a sinister addiction. You really shouldn't blame people, it's not their fault! They clearly can't control themselves!

>> No.52225982


Not a fan of comics, but as far as I can tell the only thing that really matters is how a particular artist chooses to draw a character. I doubt there's a major (or even somewhat minor) female character that hasn't been extremely hot at one point or another so long as they aren't one-off characters.

>> No.52225995

Speaka da fucking devil!

>> No.52226014

Have I missed the dumping of the grand new necromancer of did he underestimate the amount of shit he had left to do before he could post it

>> No.52226025

It will never come, anon.

>> No.52226046

Malsanis' plagues aren't weird and silly though
They're actual gorey infections

>> No.52226103

Basically what's happened is that Highlander seized control of the CYOA and is throwing all the lore out to rewrite it as an Inuit Shaman CYOA with the excuse that they had one type of voodoo monster made with animal bones, and "it'd be super neat you guys".

So it's fucking dead.

>> No.52226108

It's just a fleeting mirage, always there, but never becoming realty

>> No.52226139

Guaranteed (You)s though

>> No.52226144



>> No.52226165

I want to make a cuck CYOA where you adopt a kid to raise it as if it were your own, is this okay?

>> No.52226195

Hm, though polyamora doesn't reference any stds, and the wish says the disease you catch is "as mild as they go". It is true that Malsanis is known for more gorey diseases.

>> No.52226196

All kids should be of color

>> No.52226204

Fucking lesbian Muslim welders always having to ruin everything....
Highlander is proof that God exists and he *does* play with dice

>> No.52226238

>No list of prisoners.

>> No.52226263

Polyamora is going to be a bit different from what we've seen before. Perversion std's could be one of the new things.

>> No.52226283

Only if she's a pure daughteru with no parents.
For some reason /cyoag/ looooves daughterus and adopting them.

>> No.52226299

yeah that is possible I guess, just like that hint of Tupilaks existence.

>> No.52226303

Anon. You haven't even SEEN it. I literally have an almost complete version in my documents. Quit your fucking bitching.

>> No.52226335

Here's a list with some of the people you might get/choose as prisoners: http://www.superherodb.com/characters/

>> No.52226345

But Anon you can choose between any villains from any setting, isn't that good enough?

>> No.52226349

>Removed Death Penalty

>> No.52226368

I'll be your prisoner~~

>> No.52226373

Pic or didn't happen.

>> No.52226377

Torture can be used as a death penalty. So its not removed, its combined with torture.

>> No.52226404

>No list of prisoners.
I thought the point was they can be whoever the fuck you want them to be within the limitation of the type of prison.

>> No.52226432

Gib screenshoten you scrotum.

>> No.52226435

It's the same as including a "you get a waifu" option. It isn't the same as picking a specific character from a list.

>> No.52226445

The autistic dead are sure restless today...

>> No.52226446

Knowing what transpires in these threads, I'd rather imprison everyone in /cyoag/.

>> No.52226448

Impatient cunts.

>> No.52226469

Bruh, excellente rebutal.

>> No.52226477

Your version dates from before Highlander started rewriting it.

>> No.52226485

What're you gonna do with us?
Something sexy hopefully!

>> No.52226490

Wow, you figured out how to name files!

>> No.52226549

>not going all the way and imprisoning all of 4chan

>> No.52226585

What about the normies? Who will keep them in check? Just let them take the world? You sicken me.

>> No.52226627

If I had that kind of imagination I'd be jerking it to my own lesbian prison fantasies instead of playing a CYOA.

>> No.52226633

>tfw half wanna make a genie gallery but not sure i can finish it in one sitting

>> No.52226699

Get enough pictures for one regular-sized gallery, separate it into a few bite-sized chunks, release them as you get them done?

>> No.52226700


As long as you finish it, it's okay. Just try not to take more than a day.

>> No.52226708

Oh anon, I'm sorry. Having a fractured butt must be terrible.

>> No.52226716

You don't need imagination to name an existing villain from a setting. Like Ill name a few: Harley Quuin, Shadowcat, Esdeath, Kerrigan, Morathi, Poison Ivy, Livewire, Syndra, Artemisia,

>> No.52226720

Pretend you did and pat yourself on the back.

>> No.52226797

>existing villain from a setting
>Morathi, Poison Ivy, Livewire, Sandra, Artemisia,

>> No.52226801

don't pussy out

>> No.52226819

>> No.52226880

Sounds really cute. Being an angel of love must feel pretty rewarding.

>> No.52226906

I liked the specific Death Penalty punishment because it suited my Happiness and Peace of Mind Prison.

>> No.52226964

I laughed. But if playing fujo cupid is cuckery then sure. It'll be a cyoa that a total of two people will enjoy but it seems fun to make. It would be something like
>List of 20 boys with various likes and dislikes. Pick two to pair
>Target: Adam and Steve
>If successful, gain an Eden for yourself
>Target: Steve and...I don't know...Bob.
>If successful, gain ability to shoot lazers or some shit.
Work in progress, but that would be the general idea. Maybe include another list of girls and boys to be your partner or reward after pairing together X many couples. The possibilities guys!

>> No.52227000


>> No.52227031

o-okay. it's not because I want to impress you or anything baka-senpai!
Accepting lewd or fun pictures only.
Gotta be bigger than 300x300 pixels, no photo, yadda yadda. I'm probably gonna ignore the image if it's a meme I don't get or dumb or something. I hope I won't have to!

>> No.52227032

Shut up, Sandra. We know it's you.

>> No.52227040


>> No.52227069

Sangwhoo in every gallery!

>> No.52227072


>> No.52227078


>> No.52227094

Obligatory macro submission.

>captcha: Mountain 2010
They know.

>> No.52227099

I saw this in another thread and had to use it.

>> No.52227110


>> No.52227125

Did you forget to attach an image?

>> No.52227134

Too lewd?

>> No.52227145

anon, where's your image. I like macro, but already submitted something

>> No.52227152

I did. It's possible 4chan ate it.


>> No.52227153


>> No.52227154


>> No.52227164


>> No.52227165

Do it you fucking retard.

>> No.52227167


>> No.52227192


>> No.52227202


>> No.52227206

Here you go!

>> No.52227207


>> No.52227220 [DELETED] 

I wanna have sex with the genie.

>> No.52227230


>> No.52227237


>> No.52227313

I want to have sex with the genie.

>> No.52227337


>> No.52227338

It's not a furry if it's from Guild Wars, right?

>> No.52227357

God damn it I can't get away from you gigantic faggots even on another board. Kill yourself.

>> No.52227364

Stupid double-clicking mouse is making this a lot harder than it should be.
I honestly don't know what to do with this. Please advice! I don't want to disappoint.
Nothing my friend is too lewd. As long as I can post it and not get banned that is!
bEAUTIFUL image, anon. Thank you.

>> No.52227381

I'll think of an option that suits just that!
Darn, I love Tohru... Should've been a bit faster!

>> No.52227393

Gonna blind pick bonkers( hopin it's a waifu option) , another world perhaps, and no bully. Can't wait to see how much i'll regret these decisions.

>> No.52227399

Blind picking El Gigantes, Obligatory Be The Girl, and Boobariffic???

There's almost always a macro suggestion because at least 4 of our routine lurkers are macrofags of various flavors. It depends on who gets it out first.

>> No.52227418

Gonna go with Aliens Are Our Friends, (W)Incest, & Another World, Perhaps for my blind picks.

>> No.52227426


Not him, but why would I want people constantly attacking me IRL? Most of the choices are shitty even if I like the actual video games.

>> No.52227446

blind picks:
>perfect male body
>no bully
>happy childhood

>> No.52227464

Okay then please tell me what it is you want with El Gigantes? Because I don't know. Other than
>women are really tall now

>> No.52227498

>Yandere Mentor
>Best Ship
>Another World, Perhaps

>> No.52227508

Boobarific, No Bully, Be the Girl

>> No.52227521

>accepting the image from the gigantoboob faggot who always posts the same shit for every gallery

I lost all respect for you.

>> No.52227536

Why do people want big or giant women, I don't understand.

>> No.52227540

Do what you want with it. Half the fun is seeing how people interpret that stuff. If I wanted only my interpretation, I wouldn't submit fetish art to a lewd image CYOA.

>> No.52227542

mommy issues

>> No.52227553

Well I feel like Boobarific should have something to do with the whole "man being a bra" thing. Some giant voluptuous women have kidnapped you to test out as a new bra? Men everywhere are shrunk down and used as clothing? Just a few men, including you?

And I guess I'll choose Boobarific, El Gigantes, and no bully

>> No.52227554

At least then I'll have an excuse for why she can't feel my dick ;_;

>> No.52227560



>> No.52227568

Fetishes they don't always make sence for example I don't get the foot fetish

>> No.52227573

I'm not a macro guy, but I do enjoy tits of an abnormal size and expansion, so their presence usually entails something I will also enjoy

>> No.52227601

>Why do people want [insert fetish here], I don't understand.
I could go into depth about the various psychological nuances and cues behind various fetishes, but honestly half of it is boring. The simple answer is "you're really not meant to understand".

>> No.52227606

Foot fetish is easy to explain. Feet, and hands to a lesser extent, show you how youthful and healthy a person is. Women can hide their ugly face behind makeup all they want, you can still see what they're really like if you look at those parts of the body.

Unlike many learned fetishes, it's an ingrained instinctive fetish, like for hip width and breast size, and yes also for a pretty face.

>> No.52227609

Okay.... but I tell you now, I asked for your help. So please don't be sad if I fail!

>> No.52227620

I won't speak for others, but I personally don't mind.

>> No.52227630

That one's easy! Footfags know they're losers and know they belong at women's feet so they pretend to love it. They turn their weakness into a fetish.

>> No.52227665

Wincest, Another World and No Bully.

>> No.52227674

>Unlike many learned fetishes, it's an ingrained instinctive fetish

I disagree with this on the basis that I know plenty of people that find it to be creepy, and I myself find it to both be creepy and completely fucking disgusting.

>> No.52227686

Not meant to understand??

>> No.52227691


>The Perfect Male Body

I would have gone with obligatory be the girl, but the name gives away the game, and that's no fun.

>> No.52227694

That doesn't seem like a basis for disagreement? I mean, there's even more people who think people who gawk at breasts are creepy, and you aren't arguing against that.

>> No.52227716

Your fetish is gross too. t.

>> No.52227732

Understanding fetishes you don't have is something that can only be done if you comprehend the various nuances and traits that make that fetish appealing to others. Generally, that requires that you be initiated on the fetish and find some aspect of it appealing yourself.

If you don't find any of it appealing, then you probably aren't going to understand why others would find it appealing even if it was explained to you.

>> No.52227735

what you describe seems to be from a social standpoint, like "it is socially unacceptable for a person to gawk at breasts" ; i believe what the other guy is trying to say is that he disagrees with the idea that foot fetishes are an ingrained sexual fetish because he and many others believe sexually that feet are gross.

>> No.52227741

I perfectly accept that. Sorry! Won't do it again!

>> No.52227748

Yes, and I'm asking what that has to do with it. So what if it's gross, that doesn't mean it's not ingrained.

>> No.52227857

>Obligatory Be The Girl
>Another World, Perhaps

>> No.52227859

>So what if it's gross, that doesn't mean it's not ingrained.

That's completely contradictory though. Ingrained attraction and ingrained disgust are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Something being gross is another way of saying that it gives them feelings of disgust. It's off-putting, and usually it's an evolved response that is ingrained to protect from disease. It's why people naturally feel disgust at the smell of rotting meat.

If you're disgusted by something, but still turned on by it, then you've got an ingrained response of disgust but a learned/trained attraction.

>> No.52227878

>"it is socially unacceptable for a person to gawk at breasts"
What the fuck?

>> No.52227881

I don't think the disgust is ingrained. Why would it be? Because feet smell odd? Well, I'm pretty sure at least some foot fags don't focus on the smell, so that would only account for part of the people who fetishize it.

>> No.52227915


Probably because some groups have a far easier time than others when it comes to getting foot fungi or related infections. It's less of an issue now, since most people wear shoes all the time when they're outdoors, but it's really easy for humans to get parasites burrowing into their feet too.

>> No.52227921

Yeah, it's really wrong that people don't find it acceptable to stare creepily at another's chest!

>> No.52227930

>stare creepily
Underage ban get the fuck outta here.

>> No.52227943

No, that doesn't seem reasonable to me. Feet got tough and calloused when we didn't use shoes.

I think it's more the fact that we're just taught to associate feet with dirtiness when we're kids.

>> No.52227945

What are you saying?? Do you agree with it???

>> No.52227963

xD You really trolled him senpai

>> No.52227971

>Feet got tough and calloused when we didn't use shoes.

This is true, but not enough to the point that it would prevent you from getting hookworms or anything else. They only become calloused enough to make it less likely to suffer from minor cuts and bruises.

>> No.52227972

I'm saying you're a teenager if you haven't mastered the art of staring at titties and not make it obvious. Fucking kid.

>> No.52227980

People like you are the WORST!

>> No.52227983

Ah callouses, nature's mediocre armor. Also not conducive to footjobs, which is sort of on point.

>> No.52228000

You're gonna have to use more than six words to explain that.

>> No.52228016

A lot less likely actually. Feet are probably the most resilient part of the body. Evolutionary selection for not losing your fucking feet was very intense (which is another reason I think fetishising good looking feet is ingrained - sort of similar to the way people like good teeth). There's a reason the skin on the feet is so different from most of the body for example.

>> No.52228033

Looks like a new thread has already been made. >>52227976

>> No.52228061

>The Perfect Male Body
>Another World, Perhaps
Excellent taste.

>> No.52228065

And again needed someone else to carry out the most basic general thread making function just after naming it right.

>> No.52228068

>footfag defends his disgusting fetish

>> No.52228084

What! Disgusting, virgin creeps! You treat women like display pieces for you to get off to later... I won't say more to you!

>> No.52228091

I don't know if you're a cuck or what. Retard?

>> No.52228094

>Fake Angel pretends that lesbians don't gawk at nice pairs of tits.

>> No.52228102

>which is another reason I think fetishising good looking feet is ingrained

Admittedly, I do my best to avoid footfaggotry porn, but occasionally you people are worse than furries were in '05 so it can be hard not to see that shit when trying to fap. I've never seen any foot threads posted anywhere that look for calloused feet, always stuff pushing younger, soft looking feet.

Again, you're not wrong about the importance of not losing your feet, but do people go for rough, tough looking soles or dainty, heavily moisturized and soft looking features? Because your argument points towards the former, but all I ever see goes for the latter.

>> No.52228112

I find your open display of idiocy amusing.

>> No.52228141

I'm not really a hard core foot fetishist, I just sort of get it. I don't go looking for images of that stuff or anything like that.

I just have a shitton of fetishes so I find it a lot easier to understand all sorts of them.

I also find it silly that people object so strongly to something as innocuous as feet fetishes when there's so many things out there that are fucked up orders of magnitude worse.

>> No.52228149

Way to project! Don't make presumptions about me.

>> No.52228165

>do people go for rough, tough looking soles or dainty, heavily moisturized and soft looking features
Oh, and this doesn't go against it. People of course go for the good looking ones, because they look healthy. Apperance of health is the key, and of youthfullness, you can see that I talked about this in the first post I made on this topic.

>> No.52228251


People can object equally strongly to other fetishes too, reality isn't a game where you have to spend points on X amount of likes and balance them with X amount of dislikes of varying strength.

I personally object stronger to footfags than I do, say, scatrats, because as mentioned footfags can be even worse than furries used to be about throwing their shit everywhere. Shitters, on the other hand, seem to know their interests are fucked up and if you visit a porn board you might see one, possibly two threads catering to them.

>People of course go for the good looking ones, because they look healthy.

This is both highly subjective and a learned attraction. If it was an ingrained fetish, evolution would encourage attraction towards strength and durability, that's what you'd find to be attractive. Not weakness and fragility, which are more signs of affluence as they can afford that weakness. It's right in the same vein of how fat, deathly pale women used to be seen as more beautiful. They could afford to be that fat, and not spend all day out in the sun. Affluence does not equate good health, however.

>> No.52228262


What is a [STAND]? Is it something outside of this CYOA? Like is it... a pokemon or something like that?

Or is it just made up for the purposes of the CYOA? The reason I ask is because people seem to be talking about it as if it was some pre-existing thing.

>> No.52228280


JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. Go watch or read it.

>> No.52228282

Can't you into Jojo, anon?

>> No.52228297

>People can object
They could. But they don't.

>This is both highly subjective and a learned attraction.
>fetishising youthfulness and health is a learned reaction, not ingrained
I think you just went full retard.

>> No.52228302

>play Overwatch
You poor soul.

>> No.52228305


>> No.52228431

>They could. But they don't.

Same could be said about footfags and keeping things sorted in just one or two threads at most, like everyone else with fucked up fetishes already do. Scat was an example, but it's actually supposed to be banned outside of /b/.

>>fetishising youthfulness and health is a learned reaction, not ingrained
>I think you just went full retard.

Didn't say fetishizing youthfulness and health were learned, I actually said that was more natural. It's learned because what you're fetishizing isn't a sign of health, which is synonymous with strength, but signs of frailty or weakness.

Nigger, you literally argued that STRONGER FEET were an evolutionary reason as to why your fucked up fetish is ingrained, and then defended this claim by saying the stronger feet are ugly.

>> No.52228469

The cheese was stuck to the paper plate, so I ate it.

>> No.52228480


The plate or the cheese?

>> No.52228486


>> No.52228487

>It's learned because what you're fetishizing isn't a sign of health, which is synonymous with strength
Not at all. Maybe for you if the only thing you're attracted to is hyper masculinity, otherwise I have no idea how you could come to this conclusion.

>but signs of frailty or weakness.
This isn't how it works. If it did, then breasts and wide hips wouldn't be fetishised. Or a peacock's feathers for an animal example. What we are inherently attracted to is viability for breeding, and frailty as you term it is often a part of that. Though frailty isn't a good word for it.

>Nigger, you literally argued that STRONGER FEET were an evolutionary reason
No, that's your brainfart. I said that feet are a good measure of how healthy and young a person is.

>> No.52228502

Neck yourself.

>> No.52228520

Chicken, or turkey? I have both.

>> No.52228534

I see a disappointing lack of cyoas here.
Let me help with that.

>> No.52228560


>> No.52228563

It's a plot element introduced in Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that came to dominate the series. Not that anyone really minds, Stands are awesome. Basically, they're astral projections, though most people can control their Stand and their physical body at the same time. There are exceptions to the rule, some Stands are autonomous, some are manifested as physical objects, some are just powers a person has instead of projections. The astral projection thing is the most common by far, though. Anyway, every Stand has some sort of weird power. There are almost no Stands with straightforward abilities, they usually have weird activation conditions or limitations or confusing effects so that the user has to come up with creative applications to get things done. This makes for some interesting fight scenes, since "just hit the guy harder" is almost never a valid tactic. It mostly comes down to a battle of wits as the combatants explore the limits of their opponent's Stand and how they can take advantage of them without running into their own Stand's limits. It's really cool stuff.

>> No.52228572


>> No.52228589


>> No.52228601

>page 9
>new thread made
>posting cyoa

>> No.52228606


>> No.52228627

oh goddamit.

>> No.52228708

For me, it's just an extension of the dominance thing. A woman having complete control of the situation, just taken to the extreme.

I like the gentle giant think because it's just a bigger version of gentle dom.

>> No.52228712

>Scream Symbiote

>Sonic Resistant
>Fire Resistant

>Henchman buddy and Sidekick.


Gonna be difficult to keep under the radar but pretty sure my villainous pal can hook me up with details from their own efforts to avoid the govt. Just gotta share enough to both sides to keep anything terribly dastardly from happening.

>> No.52228834


Buddy, I don't even know what to think about you right now. I'm unsure if you're completely serious or not, but I'll keep going.

>Not at all. Maybe for you if the only thing you're attracted to is hyper masculinity, otherwise I have no idea how you could come to this conclusion.

Strength not in the sense of being some ripped-like-Jesus person, but in the ability to survive and adapt better. Sure, muscles can be good, but super ripped wasn't my intended use when I said health and strength were synonymous.

>This isn't how it works. If it did, then breasts and wide hips wouldn't be fetishised.

They wouldn't be fetishized if evolution did encourage attraction to weakness. Wide hips and large breasts are "healthy" or "strong" in that they allow for an easier time giving birth, meaning a better survival rate and higher chances of you having more than one child with her, or by providing more milk to your children. Breasts are more related to your children's strength than your woman's. You don't want a malnourished child who's basically starving until he can eat whatever you fished up, hunted, or grew yourself, as the child might not live to even reach that point. Frailty is an undesirable trait when selecting breeding partners. You want your children to be attractive, to increase their own odds of having children one day. You want them strong, so they can reach adulthood and breed.

>No, that's your brainfart.

>Evolutionary selection for not losing your fucking feet was very intense (which is another reason I think fetishising good looking feet is ingrained

Stronger feet, in the sense of feet that you're less likely to lose thanks to evolutionary benefits such as, say, thicker callouses forming or something.

>> No.52228870

I like size contrast and women. I don't particularly care who's the tall one in that contrast, so long as women are holding and being held.

>> No.52229009

>Strength not in the sense of being some ripped-like-Jesus person, but in the ability to survive and adapt better.
Well then you're saying the same thing I was. I'm just pointing out that healthy feet are a good indicator of overall health, because much like an aged face, bad teeth, wrinkled hands, etc., they show overall health and youth well. More than most, actually, since in prehistory healthy feet were probably even more important than healthy teeth for example.

How is this confusing to you?

And no, don't start with your calloused geriatric feet again. YOUTH, anon.

>> No.52229045

Rolled 15, 10, 15, 19, 1, 15, 6, 20, 1, 1 = 103 (10d20)


>> No.52229095

>young people can't form callouses

Anon, are you going for youth, or "youth" here? Learned or ingrained, I wouldn't recommend sticking your dick in anyone prepubescent, it's illegal as hell and, for understatement of the year, it could turn out poorly for everybody involved.

>> No.52229138

>young people can't form callouses
I see. You really are pretending to be retarded.

>pedo shit
You have some experience with that?

>> No.52229143

Using this on this
Perfect Male body, Obligitory Be the Girl (Now seme boy), and Yankee Mentor.

I will be a seme trap dominating my yandere mentor. Perfect.

>> No.52229166

Amost autocorrect

>> No.52229187

Christ, the sexual tension and inane bullshit. You basic bitches need to shut up.

>> No.52229551

Yeah, like I said, judgement based on appearence only, not their backstory, attitude etc.
I really don't know much about Power Girl, whether she's usually characterized as smug or selfless. I just know she looks hot.

Ah, you're right, Black Canary and Cat are also two excellent choices.

That's true to an extent. But some characters, like the ones that have been named so far, tend to stand out more.

Let's make one: post names of heroines (elite bodyguards) and villainess (prisoners) that you think would make a good list.

>> No.52229589

>(W)incest, Aliens are our Friends, Another World, Perhaps

>> No.52229730

>4 choices

>> No.52229761

>Reading comprehension
The last one is "Another World, Perhaps"
There is a comma in the name, retard.

>> No.52229776

Can I grovel at your feet?

>> No.52229788

We need a CYOA that turns you into a cute or sexy boy.

>> No.52229812

There are lots that include your degeneration. Still, I haven't seen any that focus on it...

>> No.52229835

Anon please answer the doorbell. I swear we won't toss you in the loony bin, we just want to give you free ice cream!

>> No.52229853

>Ah, you're right, Black Canary and Cat are also two excellent choices.
*I meant to quote >>52225462 for that.

Also still on >>52225982
An example of what I said could be observed in the X-Men. I'm sure Jubilee has been drawn to be very sexy too on occasion, but most authors will typically sexualize characters like Psylocke more.

>> No.52230079

I'll allow it.

>> No.52230121

Thank you, senpai- no, Great One.

>> No.52230131

Before we start compiling candidates, shouldn't we establish what discreet "types" there are? Since choices may be limited by the choices of prison design.
From what I can gather from the first page of the CYOA, it looks like it can be split up as: Mundane Modern, Superhuman Modern, Sci-Fi, Low Fantasy, High Fantasy.
Does that sound about right? Should others be added, or will that overcomplicate things?

>> No.52230577


I thought of a bunch of different builds for this.

Gamer Build:
>Blue Shell for the Rat Race
>Halo? Is it me you're looking for?

Get easy high paying job, channel free time and funds into making my own vidya games with blackjack and hookers. Bring 1/2 catgirl into the business.

It's ALIVE Build
>M. Biggens: The Smallest Man
>Infinite Plane of Smug
>My Shiny Teeth and Me

MST&Me really got me thinking. I gotta ask blindfold guy about that watermelon head of his. What sweet deal did he get out of it?

Regardless, I can just use size magic on my own blood and hair. I'm going to make so many monsters! All the monsters~ BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, I'm thinking symbiotic homunculi would be awesome. If I could create something that would grant me regeneration...

Infinite plane of smug would provide easy alien biomass, and a method of gathering normal earth biomass from places too far away. Granted, I could easily replace this with Pacific Rim Megami Tensei or Brother from Another Mother, but those require more of a commitment, and if I go with this build I just wanna Frankenstein the shit out of shit.

Male Power Fantasy Build
>Oh, You Beautiful Doll
>Welcome to Hell

Honestly, I'm kind of leery of Dadzuzu; mostly because I don't want to become a demon. Maybe I'm racist for saying this, but they're kind of evil sometimes. Then again, from what I've heard, demons in this CYOA are less of the "evil corrupted fallen angel megasatan" type and more of the "We punish the wicked because it's our job" type. But maybe I'm wrong about that.

Anyway this build is focused on gaining as much power as possible. Picking Dadzuzu still feels like I'm selling my soul, but... well, Welcome to Hell balances it out. Alice may or may not get a kick out of becoming a doll herself. She'll probably find a way to kick my ass for it, even when it's her own ass.

Maybe I can unspoil Duke and turn him into a decent human being?

I had one more build...

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