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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Northern Fury Edition

When's the last time you made a character from Northern Avistan? Were they Kellid, Ulfen or something else? Tell us about them and their habits!

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW (embed)

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit
PS: Outdated, playtest should be out next week but that's not a promise.

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

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*smacks lips*

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Hol up

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So you be sayin'

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Should I make a manipulative and clever kobold or a dumb but charming wyvaran for Legacy of Blood and Flame?

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That we wuz

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Another of Starfinder's core races has been revealed! Behold, the Vesk!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we're finally going to have lizardfolk as a core race. Even better, they're basically klingons.


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Is it really that bad if I dump perception?

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Dumb and charming tends to be more fun and a better team player than manipulative and clever.

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Did review anon go over the HR apps?

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Depends - if the entire rest of your team has it, one or two people can skimp.

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I think he's only doing individuals on request now instead of sweeping through games.

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I hate Kobolds, they're shitty dumb lizard scum whose only ability to be cute is getting drawn in a faux-cartoon style.

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How do I go about convincing my GM to allow Gunslingers in his campaign?

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It is not a bad thing per se but perception is the most frequently rolled skill check. On an optimisation standpoint skillpoints in perception will be used the most frequently and often for GMs that don't go strictly by WBL will earn you more money than any other skill.

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Why would you want to?

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That is a very cute dragon! What's she from?

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I'm actually pretty excited for Starfinder. It's allowing them to get away with races standard fantasy would never allow.

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>It's allowing them to get away with races standard fantasy would never allow.

Yeah! Like the Blue Space Babes (Lashunta) or Proud Warrior Race (Vesk!)

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Inform him of the fact that guns predate plate armor. Test were often run with plate armor to show it was bulletproof.

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Because I like Rangers except with guns.

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That woman is a lesbian and I have a lot of art showing her lezzing out with her girlfriend.

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Holy shit, look at those abs.

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I have no idea.

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Mind sharing the wealth?

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>I think he's only doing individuals on request now instead of sweeping through games.

>mfw I made a request last thread and I think I got ignored.

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Do share.

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If it's a Peulla character he outright said he won't do those.

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>they're shitty clever inbred dragon scum
Kobolds are canonically very clever, and are experts at building, mining, and mechanics. The only reason they never really progress into large societies is because their short lifespan, Dragons keeping them down, dwarves and gnomes breaking their mines, and whenever they try to make large cities they get torn apart by some gnome god going "Its just a prank bruh"

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No, but I assure you if you asked in the Drawthreads about a "Lesbian Paladin with black hair" they'll know allllllll about her.


Worse, it was Celestial Tournament.

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Tell him that Guns don't destroy fantasy and will not nullify all other weapons. Cite that at low levels they need either the class or a feat to even use it and it takes a full round of AoO provoking actions to reload. All for 1d10 damage that, while hitting touch AC, is less damage than what all other classes can deal in the two turns you took to fire then reload.
It also helps if you point out how Level 1 spells that hit touch AC routinely do 5d6 damage with a potential status condition.

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Fucking Charlotte.

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>torn apart by some gnome god
Not a part of Golarion canon, that's Greyhawk you're thinking of.

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Tell him to stop being a dumbass and look at actual history, where full plate armor wasn't widely in use until well after cannons, guns, and pikes had started to take over the battlefield.

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She truly is a legend.

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So, in other words they're Gorn?

>> No.52197511

Here ya go.


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Nah, the Gorn are actually the scientists of the Klingon Empire despite being giant lizards.

>> No.52197524

Dragons soon fellow wizards.

>> No.52197532

The problem is though that Paizo keeps acting as though that's still the case, and fails to better think about that lore had shaped the kobolds and how without it they would

tldr Kobolds are shit without proper reason in PF, because sasuga paizuri

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So, trying to decide how to advance my slayer.

Base line would be straight to 20 on Slayer (Vanguard). Which, leaves me with 3 feats and 9 slayer talents unclaimed. (Though, perhaps I should throw manyshot on there.)

I've considered dipping 2 levels of Magus(Eld.Archer), to get minor arcane ability, (only 12 int...) but it gets me an extra attack at Full-BAB-2 (-4 after rapid shot, but 20dex and +3 from abilities and feats.)
For the price tag of a single Slayer Feat (and the capstone...)

Trying to think of anything worthwhile for those talents or otherwise worth dipping into. Campaign is mostly Paizo, but the DM can occasionally be talked into things outside FPP.

Have: PBS, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, WF(Longbow), and Deadly Aim. Have Point Blank Mastery, Combat Reflexes, and the Snapshot tree locked in. Considering Manyshot, but after that drawing a blank.

Kinda want to drop three of them on the Animal Companion line. (The worthless skill feat, the druid-3 one, and Boon Companion.)

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yeah, that article specifically states that Vesk eschew higher learning unless they're basically already outcasts.

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>Lizard men become core
>meaning lizard Women are core

Now I can die in peace

>...Capable of great bursts of emotion in private

Please and thank you.

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Oh my god this dragon-girl is CUTE!

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Just rolled up a Numerian tiefling. Crucidaemon heritage, a rogue that enjoys traps and technology.

Metallic skin, pixie cut hair that looks like nails, fingernails like blades, blue eyes. Ages like a human.

Finding art for her was... ended up with pic related.

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You know that that means, anon.

Double dong.

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>...Capable of great bursts of emotion in private
Completely missed that bit. That makes this whole thing way better.

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>enjoys traps

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Apologies. I'm super drunk and must have missed it. Can you give me a link?

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>Guns actually came well before full plate (as did actually good crossbows, FUCK YOU D20)
>Guns are weaker than thrown or bows, they can only approach the performance of those two weapon categories if heavily optimized, and yes that's INCLUDING the whole "but touch" deal it always has (how can it not, DPR checks include accuracy)
>Guns require more feats and character-building resources than other ranged options to even be viable, so no one taking them is doing so to optimize

Oh and also, since "but it doesn't fit the setting" always comes up courtesy of some lying piece of shit:


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The bullshit thing is that you're wrong about the pirates. They all have ballistae and catapults on their ships except for the few high-level crews that have cannons as their secret weapons.

Fucking Paizo.

>> No.52197655

That's fucking sad. They really could've gone for proper Gorn.

Their new multimission science vessels are goddamn nice.

(and yes, that yellow area in front is a secondary sub-deflector slot)

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>Can you give me a link?


I would love a review of Araderion and maybe Barat?

>> No.52197672

Can you stat him? I want to build a spear fighter like him, any idea?

>> No.52197684

>I want to build a spear fighter like him, any idea?

Warder (ZS) focusing on Primal Fury and Piercing Thunder.


>> No.52197696

http://www.strawpoll.me/12539058 Reposting this, it's a poll to determine which SoP class gets a guide first. Don't vote for Hedgewitch I'm already making a guide for them.

>> No.52197702

Nothing needs help more than some poor fucker who thinks he should roll an armorist or blaster armorist.

>> No.52197705

Well, she's not picky about that, so long as they're willing to see what happens when her "auto-capture and funishment" device is sprung...

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>> No.52197727

How does gestalting usually work if both classes are initiators?

Is it like spellcasting, where they're separate and you just know maneuvers from both? Or do they somehow overlap, where you'd have access to extra disciplines but only know as much as your best initiating class?

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I really hope Starship customization is a big thing in Starfinder. That kinda shit is important.

>> No.52197738


>> No.52197748

Separate. You can't even use the knowns on one side to qualify for higher level ones on the other.

>> No.52197756

The former.

>> No.52197764

I just hope it's not too clunky like in d20 Modern.

>> No.52197767

Spec her /pfg/

>> No.52197771

First SoM guide is gonna be for Striker!

>> No.52197781

>No starship customization in core book
>APs all take place exclusively on one planet/station
>60$ for ship customization released two years later alongside some poorly supported classes

>> No.52197783


Drawback: Greed
Full points into Profession (Courtesan)
Preference for old men

>> No.52197784

100% in agreement. Hell, the starships are often AS memorable a character in a show or movie as the people.

How many people don't recognize the motherfucking Enterprise, after all? Or the Millenium Falcon? Or TIE Fighters? Or for the previous generation the ship from Flash Gordon, and so on and so forth.

>> No.52197785

Y'know, I never really realized how hot Rin could be if she'd only get swole.

>> No.52197786

These images piss me off because there's only like 3 of them and they are so cute but without any kind of resolution.

>> No.52197807


>mfw Not!Kingmaker in Space, with the Space Polish ordering you to colonize the Frontier while Imperialist Extradimensional Space Elves wreck havoc on your colonies.

>> No.52197809

Here you go buddy


>> No.52197823

Even the Serenity from firefly had a surprising amount of character to it.

Don't worry anon - we actually have confirmation that that will not be the case. Starship customization is going to be core.

whether it's a good system remains to be seen.

>> No.52197827


Blondes are better!

>> No.52197833

>Crystal Fraiser tells us the starship identifies as a woman and you're oppressing her for not wanting life support to fail when she decides to just "convert" her body in deep space. News at 11.

>> No.52197840

The SoM guides will come after they're fully released and I can do a more objective comparison of them to Path of War, and how well they'll interact with SoP.

Looks like, after I get Hedgewitch done, I'll move on to Armorist.

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>> No.52197844

So, Spelljammer but with more tech? I could dig it, so long as they bring back bionoids.

>> No.52197845

>Don't worry anon - we actually have confirmation that that will not be the case. Starship customization is going to be core.


Tell me what you're going to make for Starfinder, what race, and what focus are you going to put on your ship assuming the obvious customization options exist!

>> No.52197853

Incanter probably doesn't need a guide. Once you're past level 1, there aren't many class-specific choices.

>> No.52197854

Wasn't this a futurama episode?

>> No.52197855

My god he/she even labelsthen as "shortstacks"

>> No.52197858

>So, Spelljammer but with more tech?

>while Imperialist Extradimensional Space Elves wreck havoc on your colonies.

You can have that now, you know.

Pic related.

>> No.52197859

Human manslut as an homage to Kirk.

That or a romantic, chivalrous lizardman.

>> No.52197860

I was saying because Jolly planned on doing an SoM guide for the striker.

>> No.52197861


>> No.52197868

Kitsune pilot with a fast, nimble Starfighter equipped with lasers and high maneuverability.

>> No.52197870



>> No.52197875

People take more than one level in Incanter?

>> No.52197876

I'm going to be making a Ysoki (ratfolk) mechanic, swearing constantly and loudly at her party for the shit they put the ship through because it's definitely not made for what they do to it.

>> No.52197881

Someone should play this chick for Legacy.

>> No.52197897

An astomoi sorcerer whose ship is actually just a rocket surfboard.

>> No.52197900


No! Blondes!

>> No.52197902

Oh if that's the case, I won't tread on his toes. I just want to do the guides for the other classes because it's been a while and we /still/ don't have a reasonable Armorist or Hedgewitch guide.

>> No.52197911


Why isn't there a skeleton race?

>> No.52197917

AHHH! I should have used her for the basis of Saelonu instead of Creighton! I'm such a fool.

>> No.52197924

What, not a cleric of Groetus?

>> No.52197926

Race doesn't matter!
The starfighter requires massive, massive firepower; it's just wrong to have a fighter and not hunt capitals with it!

>> No.52197927

>Why isn't there a skeleton race?
Every race is a skeleton race if you try hard enough, anon.

>> No.52197930


It's a little kinky, but how does this look?

>> No.52197935

Too kawaii for this world.

>> No.52197943

Because they're a template you apply to something.

And I mean, when you think about it, all of your characters are skeletons.

>> No.52197957

Maybe I'm just too dumb to figure it out, but is there not like a intelligent undead template for players or something?

Oh, so I make a character, then slap the skeleton template on it?

>> No.52197958

She's a cutie.

>> No.52197960

Anon, that's kinda gay.

>> No.52197968

Well Skeletal Champion to remain intelligent and not mindless. But yeah, you could do that with Dm permission and maybe some nerfs.

>> No.52197976

>not liking cute boys being cute

>> No.52197977

Oh, that reminds me - starships are going to have five "tiers", with I believe a sixth tier reserved for NPC vessels.

think of it like this; a tier 1 ship is what you want from levels 1-4, 5-8 is a tier 2 ship, 9-12 is a tier 3, 13-16 is a tier 4 ship, and finally 17-20 is a tier 5 ship.

I hope we can just upgrade a tiny ship rather than needing to upgrade the whole chassis. Some people get attached to ships like that.

>> No.52197980


Fukkin saved.

>> No.52197991


It feels like this is what Lameeka should've looked like.

>> No.52197996

Hell, you can't even play as a succubus can you?

>> No.52198001

I don't want to freak you out too much, but there's a skeleton hiding inside you right now.

>> No.52198006

Vikangz n shiet?

>> No.52198011

How long after release will it be before /pfg/ has a full lewd space sexploitation romp?

>> No.52198024

They've also stated that they're basically going to crub Rogue Trader's Ship Points system, I believe, so that people can't just sell all their gear for an awesome ship, or vise versa.

>> No.52198032


See, you guys joke about this, but...

... There was literally a fleet of longships that crashed in the Mwangi Expanse due to the whole "Eye of Abendago" thing, and after making it ashore they integrated with the local Mwangi tribes and intermarried into their society.

It's why you'll sometimes find Mwangi with blue eyes or blonde hair.

>> No.52198045


... why do I get the feeling the "tier 6" ships of NPCs are going to be DMPC 'the party has no choice but to do what they say lol' bullshit though?

>> No.52198047


>We can't play a campaign where we're dirt poor hobos living on an experimental fleet killer

>> No.52198049

I want to marry this dragon!

>> No.52198065


No! I saw her first! She's mine!


No joke, I'd love to play a game of Not!Rogue Trader with you chucklefucks trading in hot alien space babes and stardust cocaine.

>> No.52198067

>Albedo in a suit

>> No.52198082

>It's why you'll sometimes find Mwangi with blue eyes or blonde hair.
Aren't those very recessive traits?

>> No.52198093


Paizo are West Coast Liberals. They don't know that.

>> No.52198117

I don't see what political alignment or geography has to do with acknowledging genetic inheritance.

>> No.52198140

That doesn't help Anon, now I know there's like, 10 images of those two and still no resolution!

>> No.52198144


Oh, naive child....

>> No.52198168

You kidding man?

In Rogue Trader, I up-gunned a frigate to the point where it was little more than a weapons platform wrapped in tin foil and a life support system. My squad used it to tear apart battlecruisers.

The SP system is versatile, and I hope they utilize the whole thing.

>> No.52198171


Talking to a Liberal about gene expression is like talking to a deep South Baptist about Evolution.

They're not going to listen to you, they're going to start spouting dogma, and they're going to get angry.

>> No.52198180

A mech supplement is inevitable for Starfinder, how long will it take?

>> No.52198190

So, a Mass Effect Andromeda game?

>> No.52198196

Man I don't know where you guys are from. Punette Squares and shit are something taught from fucking middle school onward in science classes.

>> No.52198205


>> No.52198211

>Punette Squares and shit are something taught from fucking middle school onward in science classes.

>He thinks people actually listen to or remember middle school shit

>> No.52198214

they said they'll have "oversized power armor" mechs (think 40k Terminators) in core, with "gundams" to come later.

>> No.52198221


Depends on how well the initial release goes, most likely. They're going to have power armor and mini-mechs in the core book-if they don't roll out gundams or battlemechs shortly thereafter, someone will.

>> No.52198244

Probably a few months after release and after all the world building stuff is done, maybe sooner if demand is there.

I'd be cool to get official rules, but it might be a good minute.

>> No.52198249

What would you think of a Starfinder or Pathfinder race that are Diminutive-size mouse people who ride around in Medium-size mecha?

>> No.52198264

And again in highschool
And again in college probably because lolgened

At the very least the idea of "there are some traits that are easier/harder to pass on" is something that most people are aware of and agree with, regardless of where the sit on the political spectrum.

>> No.52198267


I'd rather have a colony of worms that work together to form a gestalt intelligence, inhabiting suits of armor or exoskeletons to look like people.

>> No.52198283



>> No.52198285


Evolution is taught the same way, and there are still people who ignore it.

>> No.52198286

But worms aren't cute!

>> No.52198287

So, the hunters from Halo?

>> No.52198291

>Writing the Hedgewitch guide
>Notice that Academia gets Extra Spell Points as a secret
>It's +2 spellpoints each time you take it
>You can also take Extra Secret to get Extra Spell Points
>The tradition power is +1 spellpoints per two levels
>A level 20 Hedgewitch, before CAM mods, will have 20 spell points base, 10 from their tradition benefit, and /40/ from taking Extra Spell Point so many times, for a total of 70.

Jesus Christ what the fuck.

Sounds like the Hunters/Mgalekgolo from Halo actually. I always thought those were kinda cool.

>> No.52198295

Isn't that a bit too halo?

>> No.52198297

I saw that, hope it doesn't take to long to get the "gundams".

Maybeit's just me, but I do want to see Eva get another chance. Like the engals from Cthulhutech.

>> No.52198307


Both are entirely possible. And if we don't get something like that in the core book, some industrious anon will undoubtedly homebrew it.

>> No.52198317

Mite b cool.

>> No.52198331


Yes, just like the Hunters! I thought they were fascinating as a species.

>Isn't that a bit too halo?

Isn't the Vesk a bit too Gorn or Klingon?

>> No.52198343

>Hedgewhitch Arcadia
Yeah, I thought the Arcadia's extra points was poorly thought out.

>> No.52198350


>> No.52198372

I mean, it's just an uninteresting Tradition. Flavorwise, it's fine, but mechanically, there's only a single option and all it is is just "cast more spells." It doesn't make you better at it, nor does it give you any more options.

>> No.52198376

To make them more pathfindery. What about a worm that walks crossed with the halo hunters. Undead type, but with a futuristic exoskeleton.

>> No.52198381

I'll marry you both!

>> No.52198383

Our ship in one campaign was a Repulsive-Class Grand Cruiser. All of the rolls and subsequent upgrades meant that it spent most of the campaign with a combat speed of 9 (we eventually got an upgrade to 10) partly thanks to Wrothful temperament.

Most Raiders couldn't outrun us.

>> No.52198412

You americans no longer have any clue, understanding, idea or concept of what words like "left", "right", "liberal" or "conservative" mean.

It's fucking depressing to see the DPRK drivel you call news. They've kept you so confused about even basic terms that it's no wonder none of you know who or what you're voting for.

>> No.52198420

But people who don't believe in evolution have different politics than me and are therefore stupid.

>> No.52198439


/pol/ must go and stay go

this is /pfg/ not /polfg/

>> No.52198448

>TFW Thresher Maw is the new Tarrasque.

>> No.52198452

Muh dick

>> No.52198459

who is the pretty lady

>> No.52198465

I have a friend whom we go to for all our ship customization for RT. We do this because not only does he get lucky rolls on the random tables, but because he knows the workings of the system inside and out, and knows how to get the most bang for your buck.

If the Starfinder ship building system is anything alike, I'm sure I'll be able to recruit him into the game with ease. He's also got a thing for Star Trek, so it becomes even easier.

>> No.52198471

Boku no Pico

>> No.52198474

...the filename dude. Read the filename.

>> No.52198491

>Not looking at the filename

>> No.52198497

The lack of good Gwynevere art is disappointing.

>> No.52198514


>> No.52198523

Ashen Stars had an upgrade where you can use your own vitality to refresh the ship's bonus pools.

The captain was a Kirk with a thing for his own ship.

>The Ship! I MUST... Pour everything I... have! Take it, my more!... Power.

>> No.52198534


>> No.52198538


American politics are the price we must pay to not have English weather or English food.

>> No.52198545

I'm sure you can find some stuff on some of the boorus. A lot of it is smut however.

>> No.52198551

2 is beginning its first session rn

>> No.52198570

So the Divination Sphere's Sense ability says it's for 1 hour/level. Is that intended, or does it mean 1 hour/caster level?

>> No.52198571

That's not quite true.
Look at Canada. They have like, all the foods.
Even English, but *only* if you want it.

>> No.52198577

Usually whenever magic mentions X/level, it's per caster level.

>> No.52198592


Yeah, but it's fucking cold there.

>> No.52198609

So move to Vancouver. It's got the exact same climate as Seattle, but with better weed.

>> No.52198611

As a Canadian, you'd actually be surprised. The west coast has extremely moderate temperatures if you're not up in the mountains.

>> No.52198621

But it usually says, like in the Protection Sphere or even other places in the Divination Sphere "1 hour per caster level," and here it says "1 hour per level."

>> No.52198627

Lend us the juicy deets when you can, anon

>> No.52198628



>Elf born in Andoran
>Is Forlorn
>Discovers Brightness as a Blacksmith because... reasons? (That's not what the Brightness is, but whatevs)
>Spends years refining his art, gains a nickname
>Leaves because reasons.
>Wanders the Inner Sea going to $PLACE_NAME$
>Ends up in Vudra
>Ambushed by Hobgoblins, companions, he is enslaved
>Brought to pit of Gormuz and decides he wants to become a god
>Flees and randomly find an elf gate??? (There are no Elf Gates in Vudra)
>Gate breaks
>Ends up somewhere Unknown
>Wants to be a god to help elevate the Eldar and finally defeat Chaos

Elven wanderer becomes a forgemaster, goes insane and believes his mission is to reforge the elven race.

Hooo boy, this is a lot to unpack.


FINALLY. A PC that actually has a good reason to be a god.

Despite issues I'll discuss below, the app is quite well written (particularly the appearance section).

Personality is plenty strong, and certainly compelling.


B U L L E T P O I N T S; if there was ever an app that needed them, this is it.

The backstory is loaded down with tons of extraneous details that make it difficult to read and don't actually contribute anything to the story. There's no need to go into detail about the location of his homeland, his nickname, etc. when they don't actually give us *any* information about the character. Despite being born in Andoran and in a forest renown for it's Fey infestation, neither of those things have any noticeable impact on who he is. This is badly in need of an editor.

When I ask for more information about a character's background, I don't want loads of extraneous details, I want to know about the events that have changed/shaped them, and how they've reacted to said event.

Despite it being the reason for his entire fucking arc, the Pit of Gormuz is an after thought. Why?

>> No.52198641


Personality isn't reflected in his backstory at all.

Completely ignores a key point: How do other elves feel about their self-proclaimed savior?

There are no Elf-Gates in Vudra. Making up a McGuffin to save your character, then saying "it's destiny" doesn't compensate for writing that makes no sense.

What purpose is he going to give elves? He has no real goals or beliefs; Aroden wanted to elevate humanity out of darkness and restore the glory of Azlant, this character has nothing to do after becoming a god.

>Appeal 7/10, an elven inheritor-king, seeking a people and the means to rule.
>Backstory 6/10, good ideas, great writing, drags on too long, with too little information about the protagonist.
>Compatibility 5/10, Warlord focused almost entirely on E-Flux and Scarlet Throne, means he doesn't bring a ton to the table, beyond pure damage. Personality may have some conflicts, and certainly requires other elves in order to fully shine.
>Godliness 8/10, determined and arrogant, the only PC thus far that actually has a shot of succeeding at the test of the Starstone.

>> No.52198666

Doesn't Sphere guy have an AMA thread on GITP where they clarify shit?

>> No.52198677

Let's assume it was just a misprint- I always assume caster level when it mentions this stuff.

>> No.52198695

Did not know that, but I can look and try to remember my GitP account.
It's probably what I'll end up doing.

>> No.52198716

Well, my Brawler in my meatspace campaign is half-Ulfen on his father's side. He gets the Taldan bits from his mother, clearly.

Nobody's sure why he's so short, though. 4'10"? How'd that even happen?

>> No.52198729

Rolled 2 (1d14)

So, since reviewanon isn't in the business of getting people get their rocks off via monster rape, it falls on me to review these sordid little apps of Puella Libra Daemonica.

Going by the handy template, we'll give the good points, the bad, and give the tl;dr of appeal, backstory, compatibility, setting accuracy and sexual potential on a rating out of 5.


Please note, I haven't seen Dom D's F-list profile, only seen him wanting girls to be corrupted and transformed, and boys likewise. This is only going by that!

Let's roll to see who gets done first.
1: Keli Dobreani
2: Perseus Aphellis and Andromeda (WIP)
3: Catherine "Cat" Demont
4: Sonja
5: Ceola
6: Taris Masa
7: Lusicus Cainsworth
9: Lillian Morina (WIP)
10: Sage
11: Cashmere 'Mira' Alexandria Downefyren (WIP)
12: Lysander of the South
13: Airyna Dietou (Stage Name: Bon-Bon)
14: Ricard Vanborgh (WIP)

>> No.52198771

Awww yes it's time.
I was tempted to take on the role but wasn't confident in my review ability

>> No.52198772


Clearly there's a 2m tall woman out there who needs you to sweep her off her feet.

>> No.52198779

Is that pic cultural appropriation?

>> No.52198792

Reply on race/class hazy, ask again later. Human or Ratfolk most likely.

As for the ship, if it can punch things and/or ram at sufficient velocity without being destroyed, we'll be fine.

>> No.52198825

Hopefully you get to review Taris before I gotta leave.

>> No.52198830

If his mom had her way that sort of thing would've already happened. He's been too busy basically being a "Face" in the arenas, though.

>> No.52198844

>Is that pic cultural appropriation?

It's only cultural appropriation when it's from People of Color cultures.

>> No.52198853

Cultures of Color, shitlord

>> No.52198864

What's the most optimal build for Ooga Booga? 1pp only please.

>> No.52198877

Isn't People of Color just the term "Colored people" rearranged?

>> No.52198886

Power Attack. You're done.

>> No.52198895

Yes. The irony is delicious.

>> No.52198902

Yeah, fucking guy thinks he can just swing around a double axe when it's orc heritage. Totes inappropes.

>> No.52198906

It's piss m8, he likes watersports, that's the only strange thing

>> No.52198909


>mfw there are no Aiudara in Vudra

Dang nabbit, and here I was thinking since there's artwork of them in Garund and Barsoom that there'd be some in there! You're totally right though, the Elves colonized Avistan and Garund extensively, but they never quite got to Casmaron or Tian Xia (well, not Candlaron the Sculptor at least.) I did have a reason for writing them in, though! It's so I could have some prior experience to using the Gates if and when we travel to Sovyrian via the Stone to unite the people there. I want to offer the DM tons of chances to deal some Warhammer Fantasy-tier badassery in a race that's been the butt of bad jokes since the dawn of Pathfinder

>> No.52198926

What about race and class?

>> No.52198960

because this sparks my interest even more

>> No.52198962

And now you realize why it's so fucking stupid.

>> No.52198983


It's not stupid because "People of Color" is the PASSIVE form of "Colored People."

It's not active and aggressive. It's soft, welcoming, laying on it's stomach and doing cute lil air kicks.

>> No.52199008

Apply and watch as you get in

>trapping girls on knots
>pissing inside them anyways
this is the correct magical realm

>> No.52199012

Can we just go back to discussing pathfinder and related asses rather than this /pol/ shit?

>> No.52199036


Honestly I don't use either term, because neither of them sit right with me. I've never had an issue with a black man wanting to be called black or an Asian man wanting to be called Asian- it's perfectly fine.

No it is knot.

>> No.52199043

I've already applied and it would be kinda blatant to add this to my application

>> No.52199045


>> No.52199053

Human or Half-Orc. Human lets you be a bit more brainless, but Half-Orc is better at taking fists.

Go Fighter, take all the feats that give flat bonuses after Power Attack.

>> No.52199061


>> No.52199071


>mfw I'm kinda tempted to apply with a rugged rural hunk that gets corrupted into a hulking, hairy werewolf-thing.

He may or may not be inspired by Father Gascoigne.

>> No.52199082

I'm already doing a bootleg Bloodborne hunter. One more wouldn't hurt.

>> No.52199084

>Mfw Dragons 2 is going on right now

>> No.52199098

Gas-coin or Gas-kwan?

>> No.52199103

But before reviewing team DOUBLE DRAGON, just the cliff notes for the setting and what's the basics needed in characters as per the GM!

There are monsters, half the gods are evil and make going out at night turn humans into monsters, everything's going down the crapper and you're probably going to have terrible things done to you by monsters or girls who are also monsters. Or nobles. Either way you're probably screwed.

>Needs to have encounted an evil madness/monster-inducing tome (think behelit from Guts) in backstory
>Needs to be a Nightwalker (human who heals fast and doesn't turn into a monster from going out at night)
>Needs to be from outside the Wester Fief


>Perseus Aphellis and Andromeda
AKA team Double Dragon.

>grandad tells kid about stories of fearsome dragon
>kid goes to fight dragon
>the real world is tougher than fairytale stories
>dragon doesn't exist, but monsters do and kid nearly dies
>for some reason a dragongirl saves him and makes a pact with him

This is somewhat unfair for a review, as it hasn't been completed yet. Neverthless, there's quite a few problematic things about this app.
THE GOOD: Perseus comes across as very human as a character - naive and bold but learning, and not giving up at the first sign of failure. We haven't seen much of his dragon companion yet, so can't really comment. The backstory itself is written reasonably ok and there's probably quite a few fetish things one can pull off with a sexy dragon girl and also human toy.
You can check it in the archive after, anon! Or search archive.4plebs.org for puellanalysis in the name field!

>> No.52199109


>> No.52199110

Hey reviewanon do rhea from hells rebels.

>> No.52199118



>> No.52199127

Rolled 5 (1d13)

Let's not forget dice this time!

THE BAD: Dragons are bad news. Dragons are ALSO per the GM's setting notes turning into stupid drakes because the god of dragons is no longer supporting them, so this dragon should also start turning dumb. Monsters are bad news in the campaign. Trying to have a monstergirl companion off the bat is going to have about 90% of Perseus' companions probably want to kill the dragon and her pet human, unless there's something really surprising happening in the unwritten part of the backstory.
Though I'm not exactly /pol/ related, there's not much a GM can really with regards to rapey stuff with a betrothed companion in a lewd game unless NTR's involved somewhere.
As well as that, this app fails the first part of what the GM wanted, and for that to have a tome involved in the backstory somewhere. Unless the final parts of the backstory significantly revise things, it's a pretty poor showing.

>Appeal: 3/5 While dragon girls are sexy, there's little point in a game of slow corruption if you're starting off with a monstergirl in your back pocket - or rather, if you're in a monstergirl's back pocket already, is there? The character himself feels more like a soulless H-game protagonist that has lewd things happen to them rather than an actual character.
>Backstory: 3/5 It's written OK, but falls apart under scrutiny.
>Compatibility: 1/5 Dragons are not going to play well with the rest of the group.
>Setting accuracy: 2/5 No mention of tomes, dragons are supposed to be dumbing down. At least it's got that the world's messed up right.
>Sexual potential: 3/5 Again, dragons are hot, but how much can you do with the male protagonist with a dragongirl in the way?

DEAD RELATIVES COUNT: 1, but the grandpa died of natural causes so doesnt really count, does he?

Next up, is...?

>> No.52199144

Just my luck, shit. I'm still doing some massive revisions to their backstories, mind skipping them for now?

>> No.52199173

Hey friends, what's new in ALCHEMIST ARCHETYPES?

>> No.52199174

>Not calling them "pigment enriched individuals"
It's like you want to oppress people

>> No.52199179

I'm going to try and get a sort-of finished version of Cashmere up in the next two hours, so can you hold off on that if she comes up?

>> No.52199210

Thanks Puellanalysis, I'm changing up s ton of stuff right now and would love a second look when it gets done.

>> No.52199226

Reminder that the Puella posting has only been up for like 4 days

And will be up for another two and a half weeks.

>> No.52199230

What if they're albino?

Then what, smart guy?

>> No.52199305

>mfw I want to apply to Paula Deen's Library
>mfw I've got a concept I super like
>mfw I can't work 10:00 AM on a Saturday

Can you at least buy me dinner before you FUCK ME IN THE ASS?

>> No.52199327

The time is flexible, it says on the campaign, anon.

>> No.52199341

The time is for when the apps end you goof

>> No.52199380

> have a fun character concept
> would take a small novel to really tie everything together into a believable background


>> No.52199382


I came here to write, not to read! You... You...

God fudging heck darn it.

>> No.52199392

A shadow caller summoner sounds rad, but of course I can't find Shadow Blend or Shadow form for available evolutions for the fucking Eidolon in PCGen.

I love this tool but holy shit it frustrates me sometimes.

>> No.52199397

Only write the big points in your application background, the little stuff is to keep in your mind to get the character down.

>> No.52199398

You came to Paula Deen's Library to write? Fucking hipster.

>> No.52199404

Write it well then.

>> No.52199421


Anon... I like to write. I was bred and born in Nation-States and Myth-Weavers, writing colorful descriptions, personalities and backstories is not just second-nature, it was necessity.

>> No.52199431

Silly anon.

You're your brain, weren't you aware?

You're inside the skeleton.

>> No.52199445

>You're your brain, weren't you aware?

Fun fact, they discovered a large neuron in the center of your brain that acts as the on/off switch of consciousness.

You are a neuron operating a desktop inputting commands into your meat-ship.

>> No.52199467


>> No.52199469


>> No.52199471

Rolled 12 (1d12)

Oh, one last thing: Things I'd personally change about the app: While it's only level 3 start, I'm a firm believer that the character should be the central part of the application itself. At the moment, there's a lot of things happening to Perseus, and the focus from him is taken up by a big stonking dragon, who at the moment seems to pact with him for no reason whatsoever. Make it more clear why the dragon's indebted, give the dragon a reason for needing to pact (possibly to stay sane?) and find a way to make it so they aren't both kill on sight by pretty much everyone else. Finally, adding some extra contacts that the GM may use later on. That might help!

It's your lucky day, Taris is up next!
>people out in the sticks worshipping evil fae goddess to stop monsters eating them decide to try using a tome to protect them instead.
>everyone dies apart from Taris

Hoo, boy. The problem with a GM specifying an evil thing to occur in your app is that it tends to produce a lot of very similar backstories. I can count at least three with the fill in the gaps story of
>_____'s friend/relative decided to use unidentified tome!
>_____ was the only survivor. He/she decides to hunt down tome merchants.

While it's not unexpected since the GM wanted tomes to show up, it may be worth differentiating the stories from each other in some respects. So!

THE GOOD: There's a solid theme going here - a personality showing Taris has guilt as a driving force, and a backstory that shows how this happens.

I'm removing people from the pool as I go, so this one's Taris.
If I've got time, maybe!

>> No.52199481



>> No.52199494

Thanks anon

>> No.52199497

I think my mech is broken. It has this strange status effect called college loans. I think I need to hit the eject button.

>> No.52199532


THE BAD: The app and person is somewhat generic! What differentiates Taris from the next person with a gun and a sad dead parents backstory? The Titania could be dropped for any other god, there's no gimmick to Taris, and nothing that makes them stand out either as a character or as a person that could be corrupted. Additionally, how does Taris know how to fight? Level 3 should be more than just a farmhand. Lastly, everyone being dead leaves little for a GM to hook with. The only person left that could be anything is the insane spider girl that used to be his friend?

>Appeal: 3/5 Sorely generic.
>Backstory: 4/5 While I generally don't like stories told in-person for backstories, it does show the player's able to do ok prose. Points off for not saying why he's better than the ordinary person at fighting or shooting.
>Compatibility: 4/5 A ranged striker is a handy, and complements both beatsticks and buffers. Nothing too fancy, though.
>Setting accuracy: 5/5 It looks like it could be one of a great many tragic tales in this crapsack world.
>Sexual potential: 2/5 Generic male on revenge quest. While it's not actively turning me off, it's not giving me anything other than "throw monstergirl at" or "shove tentacles up rear".

DEAD FAMILY MEMBERS: At least 2, and also everyone he knows!

This one's a bit tricky to give advice to, because while it's solidly written, there's not enough to catch the eye. Perhaps playing up the Titania worship? Throw in the backstory a ranger companion to be, or give some info about how he's gone from "run away from monsters" to "ready to kick monster ass".

NEXT UP: Ricard Vanborgh (WIP)

>> No.52199539


But there's so much.. stuff that needs to be there. It's going to read like a shitty fanfic if it all just comes together automagically.

>> No.52199542


I'm a big dumbie that wants to ask questions about Pablo Dem Labo here so I get simple people answers for my silly simple brain.

What are the big things the DM wants us all to have in our backstory, but more importantly what do those things even *mean?* Like okay, I know there are Nightwalkers, but how are they made and I guess this means you heal in the Miasma? The Tomes are important for sure, but I take it these things summon raw evil into the area, and that's why we're hunting them down? Do we *need* to see one manifest, or do we simply need to know what a Tome does and the implications of having one?

>> No.52199552 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52199559

Give us the greentext and we'll tell you what's important and how to connect stuff

>> No.52199562

Don't be too rough, senpai. It's still in it's infancy.

>> No.52199574

If there was a formula to writing a backstory for Pablo Escabar's Encyclopedia then it would defeat the application process.

Figure it out on your own anon.

>> No.52199652

I'm fairly certain the origin of the Nightwalkers themselves are a mystery, but I understand them to be part way between monsters and humans since they take power from the miasma. It seems like some kind of physical mutation since they're prone to the same weakness monsters have of getting their heart ripped out. Probably better not to think about it too much and treat it as generic anime evil power curse.

Tomes are evil cursed book things that give people power before making them explode into monsters. Some vaguely defined assholes pass them out like candy, I think the goal of the campaign is to stop these guys?

>> No.52199671

>Pablo Dem Labo
It's called Pollo Loco Diablo you philistine

>> No.52199697 [DELETED] 


>> No.52199703 [DELETED] 



>> No.52199710 [DELETED] 


>> No.52199711


>> No.52199714

It's called; Suck my Fucking Dick, faggot

>> No.52199717


>> No.52199720

If you could custom order a /pfg/ game, what would you want for:

>other stuff

>> No.52199721

Rolled 1 (1d11)

>Ricard Vanborgh (WIP)

What was I saying again? Generic character templates? Let's add an even more encompassing one.

>monster attack!
>person swears revenge

This app's pretty barebones due to its work in progress, but even the summary is poorly fleshed out. Not going to spend much time on this at all.

THE GOOD: The personality section is the best part of this app. He's actually got a problem, and that's loving his job too much. Normally that's a terrible flaw, and it still isn't fantastic, but at least it's something that humanises the character. Feeling bad about his father dying also helps a bit.
THE BAD: Doesn't include a tome incident. Backstory is terribly terribly generic. No hook. This guy could be shoved in a dozen different campaigns, and isn't even customised to the campaign.

>Appeal: 2/5 Generic.
>Backstory: 1/5 WIP, but even the WIP isn't anything to do with the campaign setting except for "monsters"
>Compatibility: 3/5 Shoots people, does skills. Will this guy want to do anything except kill monsters? Will he even try interacting with the rest of the party, or is he goblin-slayer autistic about going to kill the monsters?
>Setting accuracy: 2/5 Generic.
>Sexual potential: 1.9/5 Generic male on revenge quest. Even worse genericicsm than Taris, though not by far.

DEAD RELATIVES: 2, again! But this time not everyone's dead!

The WIP had best make up some good shit to make this not instantly forgettable.

>> No.52199727


>> No.52199733

>Pollo Loco Diablo
It's Pretty Large Doritos you swine

>> No.52199744

I'd give him an extra point of compatibility for being a bloodborne character in a soulsborne inspired setting

>> No.52199749

Hey now, MY monster and dead relative stories were the first! Everyone's just copying me!

>> No.52199764

Next up, Keli Dobreani!

Sorry, anon, no breaks on the review train! I'm being critical as I can, because I want to see you write better! I'm not going to make reviewanon's mistake and am going to also make sure my own app's done well before applications close, and then see if I can make my own app better, too!

Don't take it to heart, since I'm just some random jerk on the internet, but hopefully it helps you think of some things to add, or change!

>> No.52199765

Pretty sure it's the Penis Lugging Demons campaign, guy.

>> No.52199766

There's not much I can do about the tome. As you said, the GM said the tome manifesting must be included in the backstory. I work within the bounds I'm given.

I'm gonna disagree with Titania being replaced by any other god. They wouldn't worship Undine, as they are not near the sea. Zyke, perhaps, but I don't believe drakes to be too large an issue in the lowlands, since they seem to be largely concentrated to the west. Titania makes the most logical sense in protecting your cattle from generic monsters and general mishappenry.

I'll take the advice about having a ranger buddy teach Taris, or perhaps mention how the original owner of the rifle had taught him to shoot. As to what makes him a better fighter: He's a Nightwalker. He's kinda automatically better then the average human, due to self healing. Meaning he can make more mistakes, and learn from those mistakes and improve.

Thanks again for the review. I appreciate it.

>> No.52199772

1pp + Jolly + Spheres of Power
The president has been kidnapped by wizards. Are you bad enough dudes to rescue the president!
Lewds out the butt.

>> No.52199782

The shit posting of the past two threads aside, who would make the best candidate for Amatatsu Scion should something happen to Ameiko? Who's your frontrunner for FotJR? How about SotJR?

>> No.52199796

What stuff does that entail?

How do bad dudes have lewds out the butt though?

>> No.52199812

There's an actual Kaijitsu in SotJR. FotJR it's gonna have to be Quinn, who's already a leader.

>> No.52199827

At least I know where to add shit like crazy. Hopefully, the edits will do it justice.

>> No.52199832

What is this?

>> No.52199874


There's two groups playing through that whole "Rise of the Jade Regent" thing.

>> No.52199897

Kineticists/Gunslingers of Porphyra
Legendary Kineticists/Vigilantes I think that's Jolly.
Also probably ertw's Beguiler.
And that last bit was a joke. Lewds out of session only. You're on a grand adventure, fuck in your free time.

>> No.52199903

It's interesting to compare those groups with my own since I'm also running that to my party and about to hit the end of the first book of Jade Regent.

>> No.52199925

No no, Packaged Laundry Distress, pal

>> No.52199936

Yep, those are all mine. Here's my full catalogue, although I'd ban my thaumaturge:


>> No.52199942


Onryou and Saboten!

>> No.52199943

I don't know why, but my gut says Rubio would really shine in that role.

Onryou is a blood relative of Ameiko. If not her, Casimir or Seht would probably make decent leaders.

>> No.52199983

Hey Jolly, think you'll ever get back around to making more guides/watching more anime? I'd love to see your take on the Skald, Hunter, or Inquisitor.

>> No.52200026

Is Onryou actually Lonjiku's daughter? I don't think that's ever actually been clarified. Is it possible she doesn't have the Amatatsu blood?

>> No.52200032

Keli Dobreani!
>_____'s friend/relative decided to use unidentified tome!
>_____ was the only survivor. He/she decides to hunt down tome merchants.

The backstory for Keli is a bit more involved - there's at least one other survivor who's telling the tale, and it also gives insight into her personality. Both good points. -The sudden last minute addition for loan does feel a bit tacked on. I'd have put that separately as a footnote, as it really does feel out of place after that great last line about coins.

THE GOOD: Maybe I'm being biased towards girls, because Keli does seem a bit more fleshed out, even though the background's very similar to the other two previous ones. But at least there's some mention of non-murder activities, some things they enjoy other than hunting down beasts and tome-purveyors. Additionally, the way the backstory's framed is a nice touch - as said, it shows some personality insight, there's backstory with relevant details of who exactly got Tomed.

Fine, I'm boosting appeal and setting accuracy slightly up, but I haven't played bloodborne so can't really comment.

The problem with Titania is that there's not *that* much difference in having your family be sailors worshipping Undine, or some folks in a drake valley worshipping Zyke. While yes, she makes the most sense, it's a detail that doesn't lead to anything. It doesn't change Taris Masa who his former family worshipped, because they're all dead and it looks like there's nothing connecting him to Titantia any more in the backstory. That's where it's fallen down - it's a detail that could be made into a hook but is left an empty string.

You can add something if you want or leave it, that was just more of a minor point than something groundbreaking.

>> No.52200049

I'm pretty sure the name of the game is Pikachu's Libya Dictatorship.

>> No.52200069

No, according to DrowningHawk, Lonjiku just caught some Oni Lonjuju and nutted a tief.

>> No.52200077

I think I'd have to write up an entire houserule document if I ever wanted to remember everything, but off the top of my head?

>All 1pp, with Background Skills and Stamina active, Hero Points optional
>Feat Taxes in effect, and plenty of mediocre feats/overnerfed feats get bumped up, like Steadfast Personality applying to ALL WILL SAVES
>all of Jolly's stuff with Legendary Games and PDG, or at least his Vigilante/Kineticist stuff
>Legendary Rogues applied over Unchained Rogue, and Prescient Dodger is allowed
>Monks no longer HAVE to be Lawful and can choose to be Cha-based without needing to be a scaled fist, because seriously what the fuck paizo
>Alchemists and Investigators have Infusion by default, fuck the taxes
>quite a bit of DSP stuff allowed, but NOT any actual initiators, or inititiating
>Magus has an entire changelog of tweaks, like pre-errata Arcane Deed, no longer getting his pool taxed to fuck by pool-enhancement-related arcanas, medium/heavy armor coming online quicker, and shitty arcana being made useful

>> No.52200078

>I haven't played bloodborne
You should, at least once.

>> No.52200099

Cause it's kinda fun, when you do well.

>> No.52200102

Hey Puellanalysis, before you continue

Consider reviewing the setting itself in regards to ability to make a backstory for it.

>> No.52200123

I doubt I'll ever get to those classes sadly; there's only two classes in which I'm interested in writing guides for are Striker and probably a misc class from starfinder.

>> No.52200128

Man, I'd love to play Bloodborne. Seems much more up my alley than Dark Souls is.

I can't justify a PS4 though, I'd only have that and Persona and nothing else on it.

>> No.52200137

I'll stop replying to you now with Bloodbourne webms.

It's fun when the randomly generated Chalice dungeons generate shit like this.

>> No.52200145

Just to be clear, you can equip your Eidolon with equipment right? Like a sword and shield?

>> No.52200146

Does /pfg/ not like initiating now or something? It seemed like we all liked it not half a year ago?

>> No.52200148


>level 13, Mythic 5, maybe gestalt, 3pp+avowed
>You are the Avengers, great heroes of Golarion sent forth to battle the planet's deadliest foes

>> No.52200150

Oh cool, did Paizo include you in the 3pp dev playtesting? No need to share anything if they did, but I was wondering during the Starfinder talk if any of the devs here got in on that.

>> No.52200171

The people who liked it still like it, and the people who never liked it finally started speaking up because it became standard when before it was an easily ignored option.

>> No.52200174


>That filename

Too real, man.

>> No.52200186

Yes, though you need evolutions for proficiency and limbs capable of wielding them.

>> No.52200195

Right figured as much. Though I take it Armor is out of the question?

>> No.52200210

After SoM was announced people were finally able to admit to themselves that PoW went a bit too far with regards to giving martials nice things.

>> No.52200220

Rolled 9 (1d10)

I forgot the dice again!


THE BAD: The downside to the above is that the fleshing out of Keli comes somewhat out of the blue. Where exactly did Keli find she liked frilly things and girly stuff while being an alchemist's apprentice? It's not impossible that the sellsword who rescued her didn't know about that, but it just appears out of the blue. Minor issue.

Aside from that, there's not too much to grab from her. On the more generic side of things, though girls in armour are pretty nice.

>Appeal: 3/5 Girl in armour trying to stay cheerful and noble, and pure.
>Backstory: 4/5 The player's put some effort into the backstory and has framed the generic monster tome summoning in a great way. The touch about the guy possibly lying to scam the reader for a few coins also really captures the feel of the setting.
>Compatibility: 4/5 Frontline striker with potionmaking is asset to team. Waifuable.
>Setting accuracy: 5/5 Captured the dark soulsy theme well, I thought. Could potentially lose points for not having any location info but this was written before Dom D updated the places in the setting thing.
>Sexual potential: 4/5 girl driven by revenge is still innocent. What isn't fun to defile about that?

Sounds like fu
>ps4 exclusive
n time for people who own consoles. I need to finish dark souls 3 before even considering anything else.

>> No.52200226

I like initiating, I'm just tired of trying to build characters for it. I also forgot to add in the following important detail:
>Gestalt game with 2-3 players, MAYBE a 4th if the GM is being generous
Holy fuck I am so sick of trying to build gestalt characters with initiating allowed. It's so goddamn polarizing and NECESSARY if it's allowed, because it warps every encounter around it.

>> No.52200227

>mfw writing backstory for PB&J
>mfw realize it involves his whole village dying


>> No.52200234

>An eidolon cannot wear armor of any kind, as the armor interferes with the summoner’s connection to the eidolon.

>> No.52200236

I still like it but it's limitations are getting rather obvious as time goes on

>> No.52200244

Maybe only have half the village die?

Like the other half all went away for a vacation, or were out doing something else when the tome came along.

>> No.52200247

No no anon, you're thinking about it the wrong way. Don't avoid generic, tackle it head on and show up all the other profiles.

>> No.52200248

that's kind of dumb. But alright then.

>> No.52200266

That hurt way less than I expected, thanks!

>> No.52200294

>That hurt way less than I expected, thanks!

He knew it was your first time, he wanted to be gentle. Ease you into it.

>> No.52200297

Is SoM out yet? I heard the playtests in the OP were outdated or something to that regard.

I can definitely see that, Gestalt is hard enough without the PoW damage levels.

What limitations does PoW have? It seems to do a lot for martials; too much for some I guess.

>> No.52200306

Mostly just an excuse to keep summoners from putting all their eidolon's armor bonus into natural armor and stacking full-plate on top.

>> No.52200311

Fair enough

>> No.52200316

My app might be shit, but only one and a half people died

>> No.52200327



>> No.52200332

>Is SoM out yet? I heard the playtests in the OP were outdated or something to that regard.
Just the playtests right now. But the announcement of SoM alone was enough to cause a pretty recognizable shift away from /pfg/'s old attitude of "PoW is a default option".

>> No.52200333

Ranged options and the fact that most of pow is just extra damage dice out the wazoo

>> No.52200349

Go for maximum OVEREDGE.

Like, not only did your entire village died, but your parents killed themselves so they would die as humans... EXCEPT THEY TURNED INTO ZOOMBIES ANYWAYS! So your char had to kill their own parents.

>> No.52200363


Oh boy, anon. I'm going for something even edgier.

>> No.52200377

>edgier than that
What, is your body going to be made out of literal swords?

>> No.52200380

Can't wait sempai.

>> No.52200384

Valeriya seems like a natural fit for the throne. She's smart, willing to do what has to be done, and probably has some second-hand experience of leadership since her mother is the mayor of Sandpoint. Give her advisors with the wisdom to temper her more hotheaded tendencies and she'll excel at the task.

>> No.52200388

But Shirou's not edgy?

>> No.52200404

>Give her advisors with the wisdom to temper her more hotheaded tendencies and she'll excel at the task.

>mfw Casimir's got 14 Wisdom

>> No.52200406

Shirou is not edgy, he is dense.

Just like the steel of a blade.

>> No.52200419


>> No.52200423

Sadly no. When it was announced, I wasn't a big enough fish. If Paizo announced it now, I'd actually probably have been on it. I have a few friends who are on it, they can't talk much about it though.

>> No.52200424

Shirou is dense because he's made of swords o;

>> No.52200434

Mori's got 13 wisdom! That's more than Corwin and Saboten together!

>> No.52200477

>mfw Onryou's got 17 Wisdom

>> No.52200495

>the animals in both parties have the same wisdom scores

would you look at that

>> No.52200496

Rolled 7 (1d9)

Oh, yes.
>and so is everyone else
There's a few things you can do about the app, potentially spicing it up a bit with more things Keli likes to do outside monster hunting. Giving the sellsword a bit of history too or someone else surviving might provide some hooks for the GM.

Lysander of the South

>Consider reviewing the setting itself in regards to ability to make a backstory for it.
A good point! Let's see what sort of backstory you can make with the rules as written.

>Humans only! (nightwalker variant)
>Level 3
>1pp and avowed, no 9th level casters
>Tome Encounter!
>No-one from blah blah district
>Gotta tell me which organ you want pounded

This is actually a pretty restricted set of constraints - it's not impossible to work with, but there's going to be a lot of similar stories.

Humans only instantly makes memes limited, and nightwalker also puts in another complication. The final problem is the tome encounter and how poorly defined it is - only that it leads to bad things happening.

The most obvious backstory is what we've seen so far -
>generic human who is also a nightwalker gets in a tome incident at their home town and now MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAD

But once you realise that everyone and their mother are going to be doing that, you can mix it up a bit. Play into the nightwalker heritage. Instead of being Generic McFarmer, go be recruited at an early age by a secret society of nightwalkers. Join the army, or be out on your own growing up with nightwalker parents with only monsters as the other people you interact with.

Be from overseas. Live in the cities. You don't have to be from doomed village no24.

>> No.52200500


W-Well what's her Intelligence? Huh?

>> No.52200532


>> No.52200557

>Instead of being Generic McFarmer, go be recruited at an early age by a secret society of nightwalkers. Join the army, or be out on your own growing up with nightwalker parents with only monsters as the other people you interact with.
That's brilliant. Oh man, why didn't think of that!

Kinda tempted now to rewrite my app from the ground up...

>> No.52200563

Alright alright, hold on

This is an important discussion point.

Ignore the smut aspect for a second.

Is Puella too limited in backstory restrictions? Or is this a fair amount of stuff to make a cohesive story out of the applicants?

>> No.52200566

I understand where you come from. I wonder if the theme of applications would've been different if I had given a less generic spin with Keli.

The idea is that people usually go SUPER EXCENTRIC with backstories around here, so I figured I'd bring it a notch down with a rather generic yet likeable character, since there were no other applications around.

>> No.52200596

The GM seems to be pretty restrictive in a way. They say they want to give freedom, but then say 'that's doesn't really sound like monster hunter stuff' or 'you don't get it', from what I can observe as a Discord bystander.

>> No.52200599

>Instead of being Generic McFarmer, go be recruited at an early age by a secret society of nightwalkers. Join the army, or be out on your own growing up with nightwalker parents with only monsters as the other people you interact with.

What if my character starts off as Generic McFarmer, and then when he's outed as a Nightwalker he becomes the weirdo that hangs out with monsters.

>> No.52200600

I got the first version of finished Cashmere up!
...And wow, it's long now.

It's in a reviewable state but I'll work on cutting it down a bit.

>> No.52200639

I actually think there's too much space rather than too little. Discovering you're a Nightwalker and discovering a tome can each end up being small, if still impactful parts of your character, but they're not like alignment restrictions or being beholden to some particular background. You could come from a lot of places as long as you have those ends covered.

The issue shouldn't be trying to fit them into your backstory but rather, not going too far with them. The DM hasn't given much information on what a Nightwalker or the tomes are, so you have to skirt around the topic. He's also asking for you to flesh out a small part of the setting, as long as you fit the tones. Those're all easy traps to go overboard on, but if you think about it, you don't usually get the chance to plop a village into a setting with its own customs when making a character.

>> No.52200660


>> No.52200663

As for the tome issue, it's still limited, but you can do more than just "A TOME KILLED MY FAMILY!!!!!"

Consider how a tome incident starts, ends, and its aftereffects. You can have your character come across any part of this and have "encountered" tomes.

Be a royal investigator sent by a noble, investigating a bunch of villages erupting into treats. Come across tome merchants who are seen trying to sell tomes and find people accusing their tomes of causing these disasters. Be ordered to be sent after tome merchants.

Be sold tome. Have tome confiscated because some people heard it's EEEEVIL. Have tome burst into treats in the building it was taken into. Realise tome merchant tried to kill you, THAT RAT BASTARD. Go after their blood.

You hear of tome that can save loved one, or can go after uncertain cure. You go after tome. Find tome in another town and survivors tell you tome got everyone killed and you were deceived. Tome monsters also destroyed alchemy shop so no cure. Loved one dies and it's ALL THOSE TOME MERCHANT'S FAULT.

I admit, the rules encourage a certain type of story. But there are lots of ways to tell that story, and you can make it plenty interesting.

>> No.52200667

Mori for Jade Regent!

>> No.52200687


>> No.52200703

>this isn't a horseocracy, it's a horsetatorship

>> No.52200723

You sure you don't want to apply to the game? You know your shit, and you can break up the monotony...

>> No.52200724

I've followed Puella GM for a while in the Discord, even before they made the campaign and they're like that with almost anything they make.

>> No.52200760

You're doing God's work anon.

I applaud you for contributing to the community, I wish good games upon you.

>> No.52200782


>> No.52200837

>Want to apply for PLD
>Want to apply for LBF
>Shardwalkers might be cool
>All of them close up in a few days of each other
I'd just apply for all three but I wouldn't want to play in more than one game at a time and I'd be afraid of getting picked for more than one aaaaaa.

>> No.52200870

So save yourself from tripling your work and just apply to the one that you like most.

>> No.52200891

Maybe I can triple the odds of getting into the one if I put in triple the work there.

>> No.52200899

>implying I haven't applied already
>implying I'm not doing this in order to review my app and see with more unbiased eyes where I can improve

If you want me to get good games, accept my app, Vult! It's the one I'm going to be super upset if it doesn't get in because I helped out others to make them even better one.

>> No.52200914

You could always run a game yourself if you really want to be in one.

>> No.52200916

>want to apply for meme purposes
>magical girl rape fantasy game is too far out there for me even though it hits many of my fetishes
>LBF allows PoW which makes me feel disappointed, but still leaves a bunch of potential concepts open
>Shardwalkers doesn't interest me at all

fuck, I just want to meme

>> No.52200939

If it helps, I plan to make a post eventually about what I hate about everyone's app shortly before the deadline

Intent being to keep apps from being rejected because their picture actively makes me die inside.

>> No.52200958

What a mad lad.

>> No.52200966

I'm not desperate for a game or anything, but I want to try playing in a /pfg/ game.

I've DMed in a few narrative systems before and dabbled with it in 5e but I've never DMed for Pathfinder. It looks like so much work to me compared to other systems for how much crunch there is and all the options you'd need to review even strictly 1pp. How would someone even go about learning to DM from being a semi-competent player?

>> No.52200980

Anybody have a link to PLD?

>> No.52201003


>> No.52201016

Thanks, anon.

>> No.52201018

>tfw I am the only high int char in party

>> No.52201022

was me, by the way.

Lysander of the South first, and then 7: sage, who I will do after I wake up. Sorry folks, Lysander is all I have time for before I go to sleep!

>_____'s friend/relative decided to use unidentified tome!
>_____ was the only survivor. He/she decides to hunt down tome merchants.

Or not quite! This guy's app is pretty convoluted.

>Lysander joined the army and is holding down a fort.
>commander of fort got a tome and wants shiny things at the bottom of fort while monsters attack
>Everyone attacks the commander and Lysander gets knocked through the floor
>puts on a suit of shiny armour, gets magic gifts from evil god, and saves everyone left alive from monster siege
>except he only saved 3 people, what a shame

Where to begin with this guy? He looks like he's trying to throw as many memes together as possible.

THE GOOD: It's got unique points to it, that won't make other characters want to kill it instantly. Much more easily memeable. There's characters that can be used again - this app's the second that has named NPCs, and Commander Fusio vanishing mysteriously can be used as a plot hook. Though now I think about it, so can Keli's mother and Taris's Gilly.
There's more surviving NPCs that can be used. There's an actual family around that can be used as hooks. There's deeper lore than just the character himself, and though he isn't overly powerful for a level 3 dude, it's still mostly centred about him which is good in a backstory. Finally, a personality that is backed up by what's happened in the backstory. He's kind of like Keli but wilder.

>> No.52201045

How much suffering should I give my PBS Kids character? I've got the potential to make his life an utter tragedy of a magnitude where insane denial larger than a certain river in Egypt seems reasonable.

>> No.52201141

>tfw to intelligent to roll a high int char

>> No.52201167

>tfw using "to" instead of "too" when trying to make claims of intelligence
in b4 he claims he did it on purpose for the ironic joke of it all

>> No.52201169

New thread:


>> No.52201197

>getting meme'd on
You only visit /pfg/, don't you?

>> No.52201239

THE BAD: what the fuck is with that ancient story picture. Is this all just meme references?
The character's someone wearing Ornstein's armour called the Knight Captain in a tale of slaying dragons. Hellkite dragons, apparently. The story's about getting past a prophecy of killing a monster that can be slain by no man - is that some fucking LoTR ripoffs going on there? Why in the world is the picture on a monstergirl encyclopedia template? Is it just me or did no-one care about this guy before he put on the mask?

Look at this image. Just look at it.

Apart from that, there are some actual technical problems here. The survivors of the NPCs aren't fleshed out at all, and neither is the family. There's not much other than battle talked about in the personality section - what other than justice and family does the guy like? Monsters are disliked, as is desertion - that's something at least. But if family's important, why isn't that fleshed out?

Why is the nightwalker thing just thrown in there? Wouldn't he have known about it from much younger since it's pretty easy to discover? Did you check with the GM about putting in historical stories like that?

>Appeal: 4/5 Flashy armour and an Ornstein expy. Stands out, without being instantly murderable. Could use a bit more personality.
>Backstory: 4/5 The main issue here is the other characters useable as plot hooks by the GM not getting fleshed out more. Add in some names and if those three survivors are important, along with the family.
>Compatibility: 4/5 Frontline Striker with debuffs? I haven't used avowed before but it looks fun. Fits in most places, looks like.
>Setting accuracy: 4/5 Seems to fit. Monsters seem generic, and no mention of miasma, but other than that it includes an old tale, and a tale that was debunked, too.
>Sexual potential: 3/5 Shiny sexy male, that.. transforms? It looks like while not already corrupted, the pact is going to lead to easy bad ends further down the line.

>> No.52201465

I'm sure they'd love to work with a guy who hangs out here and slags them as a company.

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