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>Shoot straight
>Conserve ammo
>And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon

Sports edition
What events does your character follow? Is he a Urban Brawl aficionado? Does she really like those super fast bike races? Or does he only view Beach volley ball for the girls?

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Did they ever say what happened with those Olympics that were supposed to take place in Seattle?

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How hard would it be to steal a suite or extensive set of cyberware from an assembly-line one piece at a time as a factory-employee? I kind of want to make a cyborg Johnny Cash.

And on that subject: What are the more interesting/unique things you've stolen in a campaign?

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Hey /srg/ I need help with a villain.
Basically he's an adept with a baseball bat weapon focus. The only problem is that the inherent accuracy of a club is ass. Is there any way to make him an actual threat or should I give up and make a new villain.

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>> I want to play the game but reading is hard
>Holy fuck, I know this is bait but you piss me off. Let me explain. The decker / hacker / technomancer / rigger group is like a third of the game. You'll be missing out on things like:
It's an incredibly common decision and the decking rules have been fiddly shit in every edition.

You can easily replace most of the things you're listing with skill tests in hardware, software, computers or cracking.

A third of the fucking game should not consist of the group going out for a beer while you run a solo hacking dungeon with the decker.

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People right now think that hacking a computer == computer explodes. Technomancers are one of the most feared 'threats' of the sixth world, purely because they can do things like blow up your commlink with their mind. Admittedly a random civilian or gangbanger might not think to turn off their shit in the heat of the moment and just panic instead, but do you really think that security personnel aren't going to be trained to disable their wireless if shit goes weird, or at least call it in to the rest of their team?

Is it bad GMing that the corporate goons don't just line up in a row for the street samurai to shoot at them once he's revealed as well?

As for Resonance Veil, let's review what you're trying to do. You're connected to the Host, and you've been spotted by the Patrol IC. Normally, Patrol IC only performs a Matrix Perception test once a combat turn, plus some amount depending on the Host's rating. Once you've been spotted, the Patrol IC performs Matrix Perception with initiative pass until it's given a stand down order. Your next turn, you burn a Complex Action to tell the host that, what? You cloned yourself and logged out? Your persona's still connected to the Host, the Patrol IC just has to make a Matrix Perception test on its next turn and go 'Yeah, he's still here boss. Hit him with the tar baby'.

Resonance Veil isn't the same thing as Trid Phantasm largely because of how matrix actions behave. It's a short hop from 'I tell the host that I logged out' to 'I tell the vending machine that I have a balance of a million nuyen on this credstick'.

If your GM is running games in a way that lets you have fun then that's great, but you'd be among the only groups I've heard of that thinks technomancers are fine.

There are four convention missions that involve the 2076 Olympics, far as I know they're not available to civvies yet.

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I looked at the dice pools, and some seem fine, others a little low but probably passable. I know the characters from the CRB are fucked but I thought there were fixed versions somewhere.

Help a GM out, chummers.

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If you're the GM, fiat that shit. Say that the baseball-bat belonged to a super famous player and the spiritual energies messed with the focii-magic to make it unnaturally accurate.

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Well he WAS a super famous player who had his knee shattered by some runners so that could work.

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You realize that all that can be done in tandem with the rest of the group running in 5e, right? And that astral combat effectively suffers from the same issues, with the added bonus of not actually being able to attack a projecting mage back as a mundane? At least when a decker or spider is messing around you can just smash their shit.

In shadowrun, any 'dungeon' is actually three levels of dungeon to be tackled. Some provide more or less benefits depending on the run, but one method is likely less protected than the others. If you're sitting around with your thumbs up your ass when your decker is working, that's just proof that they need to carry you anyway.

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Attune Item allows him to up the Limit of the bat by a ton.

Name it Limit Breaker.

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A Batter?

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>And that astral combat effectively suffers from the same issues
>implying any group actually uses astral combat

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We stole a 12 foot tall magic mushroom with a radius of 5 meters. And by magic, I don't mean awakened. Our GM was thinking we'd take just as much as we could cram in our van. He did not expect us to pop the roof of the warehouse off like a tin can and airlift the whole goddamn thing out.

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Astral combat is really a terrible counter example. There's a reason nobody ever takes that fucking skill.

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He used Imbue Item to do the same thing as Attune Item, but to a Focus. And then from there you can also put a few other extras on it.

Like magical blinging out that makes it hard to steal or break because you can't bear to do it.

Or making the thing stronger when berserk (and having them go berserk).

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Imbue Item to give it the ability for Deflect Missile to apply to bullets, and his face flashes to Christopher Robin for a split-second. All targets that see him roll to resist his Magic in stun damage.

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Does Aztechnology have any current holdings in Seattle?

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Am I evil if I use a group of mages whose main tactic is to ooze you and scoop you with a SK industrial strength vacuum cleaner as a recurring enemy composition?

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Certainly. The better question is do they have holdings of the type or level that you want to use in a run or set piece or what have you.

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I'm asking because I'm currently rolling up a vindictive ex-azzie bloodmage that managed to leave during an assault on the facility he worked at, via faking his own death and fleeing fucking hard.

So, I want to try and avoid the hell out of what Aztechnology has in Seattle, because character reasons and not getting caught.

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Sticks even mentions in a 4e book that you were supposed to call a '10-76' if you thought your commlink was hacked, as you were out of the fight and rebooting for a minute.

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Did they end up putting Ringu in 5e?

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It's terrible until nobody else is using it- then you can't really counter it without a specialist to do so. A bad GM would call that game breaking and send magicians after you all day erryday. A good one can expect you to research your opponent's skillset before a run and plan its use accordingly. Nobody would be dense enough to go after the azzies like that, but the neonet folk might not have the strongest magical security around.

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Pretty much every AAA has a somewhat serious presence in Seattle.

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You should probably avoid their upper scale restraunt, be careful around Stuffer Shacks and the like (because there's a million names and it' hard to keep track of who owns exactly which one, or if it's a franchise name and so on and more importantly because Aztechnology owns a lot of the people that make the low end food stuffs), and also, obviously, any place with a big A that's not Ares.

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Well, he has a cortex bomb already, so that's some essence lost. Get him some cosmetic surgery, maybe even some minor geneware like masque and genewipe to avoid ritual sorcery now and in the future.

There's the pyramid, of course. Aztech owned systems won't constantly be looking for him, but any sort of scan will flip him up. He's probably not SINless, but should be - Aztech would only leave his Corp-SIN active as a way to potentially track him.

If he's ever CAUGHT doing blood sorcery by anyone he'll probably end up either being assumed to still work for th Big A or smacked with a taser and handed over to the draco foundation. That said, depending on how you want to conceal it you have some options. A mysad or melee focused blood sorcerer has plenty of leeway. If you're just asking the party face to let you arse-fuck him with a knife ,you might have issues.

>> No.52164491

Addendum, because I accidentally repeated an ex- in my mind. Remember that even with the blood mage bounty being more like a most wanted than an actually open bounty, that's still a big-ass target you've got on your back.

The only kind of (extremely technically) blood magic that doesn't do that is overcasting

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>He has a cortext-bomb
No, he doesn't.

I'd been planning to roll up a MysAd, but the costs of it are... rather high.

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Aztech blood mages generally end up with cortex bombs. Like Iztli. The blood mage bloc doesn't have the power it used to in Aztech.

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To the GMs out here, do you have any balance between the influences of Corps and Governments?

Do you prefer to have Corps run everything, with Governments essentially being either puppets or just relics of an older time?

Do you have Governments still remaining as a major power, with the Corps exuding their own, just as powerful influence - often time stepping on each other's toes? Do they never cross paths at all? Are they mutually beneficial to each other?

Do you have Governments, despite the beating they've taken, still be the primary power on the planet, with Corps relying on them directly?

I want to know how other GMs do it.

>> No.52164797

Government still exists and functions at large in my games, though they don't really come into play unless the runners are in some deep, higher-than-their-paygrade bullshit. Corps, while big fish in the runner's world, still have to play nice with Uncle Sam (or the local equivalent). It helps that corporate interests are usually governmental interests since money and power finds its way into money and power.

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Melee weapon accuracy was a mistake

>> No.52165138

Tell all the ex-freelancers they can have Loren's stuff if they kill and eat him, then bring the german team over?

>> No.52165247

I like a decent balance between corporations, governments, international organizations, organized crime, rogue states, secret societies, and digital collectives.

>> No.52165329

newrunner here. Me and my friends were looking for some smoking hot rpg to try and discovered this. We come from a little of D&D and a lot of CofD, what edition should we look for?

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You won't be any more comfortable but at least it's what kids talk about now

>> No.52165367

How allergic are you to loadsarules, and how Atari ST do you like your cyberpunk?

>> No.52165405



as others have said I like it when governments have a role in the grand scheme, there part of the game, sometimes they got the corps by the balls other times its the opposite. depending on the place time and circumstances you can be either working for Mr.Johnson or Johnny G-man or both.

>> No.52165446

>Tell all the ex-freelancers they can have Loren's stuff if they kill and eat him, then bring the german team over?
I'm okay with this.

>> No.52165573

We tried exalted 3e, don't know if the rules are heavier there, but eventually we will learn them by heart. How much do the rules stop the flow of narration?

>> No.52165657

I like to think that technically megacorps are renting/licensing their properties from local nation-states, so they're a bit like probational embassies that will get bulldozed if they don't play nice. Whereas nations are vertically integrated societies that provide all types of services, megacorps tend to create horizontal integrations of various industries to keep themselves as part of the loop without having to maintain the entire loop themselves.

>> No.52165709

That sounds like an interesting way to make them sort of try to play nice with each other

>> No.52165753

5e is the easiest to jump right in. Though I'd say stay away from decking/technos since holy shit is that stuff dull at times.

>> No.52165907

I'm downloading the 5e core right now, is there anything else i should look out for? Gonna probably be the GM

>> No.52166053

You'll want the core supplement line (Run Faster, Run & Gun, Rigger 5.0, Chrome Flesh, Data Trails, Street Grimoire, and Howling Shadows), though the game is playable without them.

Because 5e's editing is awful, it's easy to miss things, and there's the odd thing missing. Such as the fact that if you run out of boxes on your Stun track (damage is split between Stun and Physical) you're supposed to fall unconscious, which was left out of the core book.

>> No.52166190

guess i'll have something to read then, thank you anon.
I will probably come to post every now and then if I have some doubts (or to greentext some shit That Guy always does)

>> No.52166229

>anything else i should look out for?
The rules system being a slapdash pile of self-contradicting spaghetti code.

The matrix being very poorly realized in both lore and rules.

Strong incentives to minmax at chargen.

Dnd 3.5 style trap options

Technomancers being crap unless you shamelessly abuse sprites

Literally every other weapon type playing second fiddle to automatics.

Melee weapons having a distinct scarcity of nice things. Firearms get a trillion ways to pump accuracy, deal different types of damage, get extra AP, convert to stun damage almost for free.. but melee gets basically none of that. And Grod help you if you want to specialize in blunt weapons or deal stun damage with melee weapons. Minmaxed unarmed adepts do very well for themselves though.

>> No.52166367

Well, I wouldn't personally like to see someone in a cyberpunk future run around with his zanpakuto

>> No.52166509

>It’s vital to note that extreme cyber-implant weapons fully replace one hand of the user, which can make life quite awkward!

What if I put a flametosser in my cyberleg, does it replace the foot?

>> No.52166512

Would Powerblade/Manablade reasonably count as a Melee Weapon for the Sacrifice Metamagic?

>> No.52166525


>> No.52166617

Yeah. That's some pretty shitty wording, it really should be any attack that draws blood. Beat someone bloody with your hands, or do physical damage so that they've got broken bones/torn blood vessels? Sure, counts.

>> No.52166731

The Superbook and Rules Summary PDFs are really good for solidifying your grip on the rules once you've gone through the CRB.

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So I want to run a game in the Shadowrun setting, but my group are all fairly new to roleplaying, most of their experience is with DnD. Any recommendations on a good d20 version of Shadowrun?

>> No.52167112

Either use Shadowrun itself, or just find a different setting. Most of the hacks are garbage, and it's not really that difficult to get into. d20 is cancer anyway.

>> No.52167115

I got into an argument with one of the freelancers about this a while back; the justification for
Ehhh. They're most accurately energy weapons that use the Blades or Clubs skill, I wouldn't consider them to be capable of drawing blood.
Doesn't exist. Use Anarchy, Blades in the Dark or Interface Zero instead.

>> No.52167150

Given that Manabolt apparently gives damage like necrotizing diseases by burning your flesh away with pure HATE, they'd probably draw blood?

Shit, Sacrifice just needs "melee weapon" and physical damage.

Also, would you maybe be able to add the ability for Handloads as an ammo option? Maybe a checkbox for them that either gives Handload -AP or Handload +DV?

>> No.52167178

Justification for...?

>> No.52167395

Sorry, lost my train of thought and thought I deleted that part. The justification for lower accuracy is supposed to represent the abstracted potential for lethal damage compared to guns or bladed weaponry.

There was a houserule I was experimenting with a while back where you could reduce your dicepool to increase your limit before you rolled. 3 dice == 1 Limit seemed like a sweet spot for risk versus reward, but it lead to a lot of complaints and attempts at backsies.
Bleeding from that sort of thing is secondary to the actual wound; a radiation burn causes bleeding, but that's only because the cell walls are weakened. Honestly, you're either the GM (In which case you can do what you want) or you're a player in a game where you're allowed to be a blood mage/adept (In which case the GM deserves every stupid thing he allows).

Handloads aren't currently in because the way it'd have to interact with weapon bonuses would do terrible things. I gave the spec for what I want from a refactor of the ammo system to one of the other devs a while back, I'll chase up whether he's made any progress on it.

>> No.52167455

Just get a good sense of where to place the difficulty of your skill tests. A character can typically get 12 dice for their big skills at creation. Each die has about a 1 in 3 chance of a hit, which means a test rating or threshold of about 4 is reasonably difficult for a starting specialist. 1 success should generally be enough to complete mundane tasks, and 6 successes would be the sort of demanding test that really push a new runner (assuming they aren't optimized to do one thing stupidly well.) You'll get a sense for it over time.

>> No.52167456

that poor poor rear end and shocks

>> No.52167613

Got a question for you chummers.

The magic resistance quality states that you can buy up to 4 levels, at character creation they cost 6 karma, after they cost 12. The wording on magic resistance however, says that you get the bonus per 6 karma spent, not per level.

RAW, you can max out for +8 to your magic resistance tests after chargen.

Has this been addressed in errata somewhere?

>> No.52167666

What if you just reduced/removed the Called Shot penalty for melee weapons?

>> No.52167680

>Two Social Adepts with Leadership specced
>Use Rally on eachother
>As long as their limit is 22+, and they get 22 hits, they net a +1 Initiative every turn
>If they do this, they perform a theoretically infinite amount of actions within 3 seconds

>> No.52167766


Yeah, infinite initiative loops exist in the system.

>> No.52167776

All I did in my campaign was make it so that swords and fists are just hyper anime by using block and parry against firearm attacks.

So far, I think it's actually made melee characters really fucking viable.

>> No.52167779

Wait a minute. LoopS? There's more of this shit?

>> No.52167788

Is this Shadowrun's version of the infinitely-accelerated free action pebble pass?

>> No.52167805

Vaguely, yeah.

>> No.52167812

Much like in real life, yes.

>> No.52167817


Yeah, one of the easiest to do is an adept with adrenaline boost and perfect time.

>> No.52167825

I guess exposure is the worst bit of going melee.

>> No.52167848

Oh, but that one guaranteed kills you.

>> No.52167868

Nope, each instance of drain is separate, so its just soaking 2 and 3 drain multiple times, and if you're cheesy enough to be using this build, you're cheesy enough that you'll soak it all.

>> No.52168369

Send help, I need a name for a Face adept with a side of infiltration, and I can't seem to think of anything that actually sounds decent at all.

He's heavily Leadership based both for team-buffing and Commanding Voice, with exceptional dicepools for other social skills, and decent pools for shooting/sneaking/info-gathering.

>> No.52168403

Your character is more than their job, this isn't D&D. Ask yourself, where does he come from, and where does he go?
Or you could just call him Cotton Eye Joe

>> No.52168405

I'd advise to stick to the core rulebook only for a couple of sessions, just so that everyone can get the hang of the rules being swamped. Once you're there, add the core supplements.

>> No.52168982

I've never liked that idea, largely because the Drain takes effect at the start of the next Combat Turn. Theoretically, this means that you can stop time, as eventually everyone will run out of movement and actions aside from you. Provided you never stop using it, you never have to face the drain. It's honestly closer to RAW that it's once per Combat Turn, as bonuses from the same source typically cannot stack.
There's no errata for it, no. Best bet for it to be addressed would be to post on the official forums, assuming they're up.
I guess the major argument against that would whether your GM allows a leader to be subordinate to the person they're trying to lead.

>> No.52169168

Instantly this guy comes into mind.


>> No.52170290

Anyone got any decent SR gifs of how someone with active wired reflexes/move-by-wire/synaptic boosters would look to normal people? That too fast, too smooth movement?

>> No.52170601

>Because 5e's editing is awful, it's easy to miss things, and there's the odd thing missing. Such as the fact that if you run out of boxes on your Stun track (damage is split between Stun and Physical) you're supposed to fall unconscious, which was left out of the core book.

How the hell you let out fucking basic CORE MECHANICS out of the goddamn CORE BOOK? Fucking CGL.

>> No.52170618

If I was to rewrite it now, I'd just say that all melee weapons' accuracy is the character's physical limit plus or minus a number. So maybe a club would be Physical Limit -1, an chair would be -2, a combat knife would be +1, and a katana would be +2.

That way people could still have their katana-wank without making clubs completely nonviable.

>> No.52170622

It's technically in there, just not in any place you'd expect it. I want to say it's in a bit of 'ware and possibly one other place, but again. It should be in the damage section

>> No.52170623

It wasn't just left out of the core book, it was left out of the errata too.

>> No.52170713

Picking colours for your bathroom takes TIME, man.

>> No.52170830

Thats no true Scotsman

>> No.52171008

>That way people could still have their katana-wank without making clubs completely nonviable.

What's with CGLs boner for glorius nippon steel anyways? Why would they think that giving a sword a monofilament edge would make it somehow less accurate?

>> No.52171143

Tradition. It's been some degree of best sword possibly through all the editions.

I'm not going to look at 1e or 2e again. Just the looking I did for delta several threads ago was more than enough. As was the idea of Old School Essence as a house rule for the next time I run.

>> No.52171529

Cyberpunk in general always has been weaboo to an extent, since when the genre was pioneered Japan's economy was fucking exploding and showed no signs of stopping. Cyberpunk just kind of extrapolated that and assumed that Japanese culture and such spread along with it's economic expansion worldwide.

>> No.52171581

Whats a good alias for someone who is obsessed with chrome? Not to make themselves stronger or faster, but just getting more and more because they like it aesthetically

>> No.52171651

Chromehead? Tinman? Essence loss fetishist?

>> No.52171703


>> No.52171714

How does dodge work? Some people around here talk about it like it's a godlike stat, but all I see is dodge for melee defense. How often is someone actually trying to hit you in melee?

>> No.52171723

What edition?

>> No.52171764

Immortan [Insert Name or derivative here].

Now, unrelated to that, a look at how the sword v katana situation was in 3e shows that flechettes were also kinda borked back then. Increase the damage code by one against unarmored targets, armored targets get to use ballistic or double impact (whichever is better) to set the difficulty to reduce damage code. With only a few exceptions, double impact means the gun loses a point or two of difficulty on non-layered armor setups.

Those exceptions involve leather, one of the armored clothes items, the ballistic riot shield, and the camo jacket, oddly enough.

>> No.52171842

I play 5e, was it different/better in 4?

>> No.52171912

It's easy:
- Get a high base REA and INT
- Get initiative/REA/INT boosting 'ware/powers/magic
- Get the correct quality allowing to substitute WIL for Gymnastics/AGI/CHA (whichever is highest) on full defense test
- Sacrifice one initiative pass each turn systematically to go on full defense.

You should end with a base pool of around 20 to roll against any incoming attack. The only thing which will give you trouble are full retard bursts.

>> No.52171938

In 4e, it was an actual skill.

>> No.52171969

In 5E, you roll Reaction + Intuition (which is dodge) to avoid bullets, melee attacks, indirect spells, cars trying to run into you and basically every other unpleasant thing out there. If you get Reaction and Intuition both high enough that their combined value is higher than what most people roll to shoot gun, you're theoretically immune to bullets.

>> No.52171975

That makes sense. But no nip is gonna tell me what swords are better than others. Acc 6 for every kind of sword!

>> No.52171976

Are there any initiative boosting drugs I can put in an auto injector? All I can find are inhalation ones

>> No.52172015

4e had a different system for initiative and Dodge
In 4e you had the Dodge(REA) skill
When attacked with a ranged weapon you rolled REA, that's it
You could take a complex action to be on full defense for that IP, then you rolled REA + Dodge

With melee weapons you rolled REA + [weapon skill]/[unarmed combat]/[Dodge] (one of the three)
On full defense you rolled REA+Dodge+(weapon skill/unarmed combat/Dodge)

>> No.52172124

New Shadowrun GM here. I've been thinking of a Shadowrun target in a micro-country called "This Craphole" which is led by a ghoul as the provisional president and also the target. They are all basically megacity slum tenants of some megacorp who didn't give a shit about them until their leader orchestrated an uprising that took over the whole district. Now they are in way over their heads and the only thing stopping them from being rolled over by tanks and attack helicopters is the fact that the megacorp doesn't want to damage its own property engaging in urban warfare, but essentially have them sieged and things are growing desperate.

So what kind of crap can we expect in a megacity slum? Orcs, trolls, ghouls, are a given. Also, which city and megacorp would best fit the setting?

>> No.52172215

Aside from shit fucking going down all the time, people are actually trying to live there. There's gonna be families, breadwinners trying to sort shit out, slum shacks in various states of repair and inhabitation, outsiders either getting paid to smack down this filthy uprising or just taking a peek to make sure they're not aggressive, so on, and so forth. Most shithole slums have critter problems, so have Howling Shadows on hand. In terms of the siege, you have to decide if it's more of a perimeter around the place or if this shithole is actively being blockaded by a corporate military. Furthermore, what are the players doing there, exactly? Are they going in to whack the de facto president? Maybe just heading in to secure some actually valuable assets the corp doesn't want ruined in the attack? Maybe the team can be persuaded to try and fend off the attack, or at least get innocents out before it happens?
As for city and corp, that's really down to how you wanna flavour it. If the place is getting sieged you'll want to pick a militant corp, but when it comes to the city you shouldn't pick one so familiar or populous that the situation feels out of place.

>> No.52172236

Yekka, bug report.
On Priority and Sum to ten, if you go Special > Change priority selection, it might make your Magical/Resonance skills disappear.
If you were any variation of Mage, and switch into Technomancer, the MAG/RES skills are changed, no problem; and vice-versa. However, if you change from one type to awakened to other, or simply leave it like it was (For example, if you wanna change your race your other priorities) the RES/MAG skills will vanish, even if you have points on them. The points, depending on the case, might stay on those skills, making it impossible to remove them.
Sometimes it refunds your points, and sometimes it keeps them on the "missing" skill, but I have tested this across a few different version so take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.52172260

Masking can hide augmentation, yeah? Since it's just one huge fake aura.

>> No.52172272

It's still an actual skill. In 4e, it was two actual skills.

>> No.52172293

Sword = short sword
Katana = two-handed sword
Claymore = fuckoff huge sword

Just because they have names doesn't mean you need to follow them, so long as you follow the RAW of it.

>> No.52172319

That sounds bloody fantastic. Bonus points for bring a specialised group that hunts other mages.

>> No.52172335

I'd recommend GeMiTo and one of the lesser European megas. Make it an A corp with some chemical-industrial plants that are within the bounds of this new 'district' and that were worked by national SINners. They hired MET 2000 to handle the military side, and the runners to do something illegal they don't want a paper trail for.

Gives a reason why this happened in the first place (A's don't have extraterritoriality) and why they can't deploy their own army and devestate everything (rebuilding being cheaper than allowing this affront to their pride and open drain on the ledgers to continue).

>> No.52172368

Just remember Shadowrun ghouls are barely sentient

>> No.52172376

Crime malls: Abandoned shopping centers filled with vendors hawking all kinds of super illegal crap. Visiting one cuts availability down a few points

Most people live in shanty huts, but the better-off Crapholians hang out in an abandoned hotel.

A leaky water purifier that serves as their main source of semi-clean water.

>> No.52172485

>Furthermore, what are the players doing there, exactly? Are they going in to whack the de facto president? Maybe just heading in to secure some actually valuable assets the corp doesn't want ruined in the attack? Maybe the team can be persuaded to try and fend off the attack, or at least get innocents out before it happens?
Basically all of this. The main goal is the hit job, but there's a whole bunch of other objectives that will be thrown in, as well as moral dillemas.

The microstate is being actively embargo'd except for a small (but not nearly enough) amount of food aid that is allowed in from humanitarian organizations to try to salvage some of the company's public image. The provisional president has connections and is getting weapons smuggled in as well along with these shipments.

Either way, order is rapidly breaking down, and though the citizens were initially largely united in a sort of socialist movement, these are giving way to hunger riots and coup attempts.

The goal was originally to seceed as a republic and redistribute wealth, but now the leaders are just hoping to find some bargaining chip that will allow them to walk away with their heads.

>> No.52172620

It's not entirely accurate, but I'm thinking of turning ghoul into an umbrella term for all the man-eating undead. The non-feral ones are basically ganging together. The leader is a man who was basically sheltering them from persecution, but as their populations began to reach critical mass, they came out into the open, which was one of the main events that set this uprising into motion.

>> No.52172648

I know in the lore there is a kingdom in Africa that's supposed to be a ghoul haven. Might try looking there.

>> No.52172658


>> No.52173091

Man, I can already visualize the dramatic twist for their benefactor. Something along the line of his daughter got infected and he wished to keep her alive and safe so hard he ended up creating an entire hidden city for them to live in and keep away from regular folks.

>> No.52173119

Lets say I have a meta link, slaved to my deck, and I plug it with a data tap to a camera inside a host, do I get the direct connection bonus?
Would it work even if I'm far away form said meta link? Would this allow me to hack whatever the infiltrator needs to get hacked to get inside a building with me backing him up?

>> No.52173178

According to RAW yes you could do that.

>> No.52173234

I feel like this should work, especially given the matrix lore about how everything connects through everything else.

Only restriction I'd put on it is that, if the commlink is your only connection to the cable, then its data processing stat would be used instead of the deck's for actions that go through it. Obviously that would only apply to stuff that involves data processing; your other stats would go through just fine.

The reasoning is that if you force a supercomputer to go through a toaster to get to the internet, then it's going to be limited by the toaster's ability move the information.

>> No.52173281

There's already an umbrella term, it's Infected. No need to rename things and confuse what ghouls are when you can just use the right word.

>> No.52174794

I want to find more data , even fan made, about the Orange Wall in Florida.
Is there anything out there?

>> No.52175233

Yes. Can't check the rules atm but I assume you could hide an amount of Essence lost to augmentation equal to your Initiation value.

>> No.52175712

>Masking: You learn to change the appearance of
>your aura (and astral form). You can make it look mundane,
>or make your Magic Rating look higher or lower
>by up to your grade. When someone tries to read
>your masked aura, the Assensing Test becomes opposed
>by your Magic + initiate grade—if they get any
>net hits, they see both your mask and your real aura.
>If you can use astral perception, you can even make
>your aura look like a different type (like a spirit or a
>focus—great for astral costume parties). You can also
>use this metamagic to mask the auras of as many of
>your bonded foci as your initiate grade.
Ehh. From RAW alone I'd say no, you can mask the fact that your awakened, make yourself look like your magic is higher or lower or make your aura look like a different type of magical object. But no fine details, like age, health or essence. Making yourself look as if you had more/less essence would fall more into Flexible Signature, specifically Astral Bluff (Street Grimoire, page 150)

>> No.52175919

Sex Machine

>> No.52176898

Known issue, I have a messy idea on how to fix it. Hit Reapply Improvements for now.

>> No.52177381

And what a projecting mage can even do to the group?

>> No.52177433

Summon spirits in their midst, directly target dual-natured individuals, track and relay their exact locations and conditions through material visibility modifier, manifest distractions.

>> No.52177539

>Summon spirits in their midst
which they can already do, just summon a spirit, tell it to go there in the astral and then materialize
>directly target dual-natured individuals
which can target them back
>track and relay their exact locations and conditions through material visibility modifier,
"What are detection spells?" for 500, Alex
>manifest distractions
what kind of distractions?

>> No.52177602

Iron Butt.

>> No.52177902

If you want to get nitpicky about it:

A projecting individual will have fewer issues gaining LOS to the exact insertion point for their spirit. (Can fly, is effectively invisible)

Dual-natured individuals don't always have astral sight or the means to attack on the astral plane.

Detection works, but see point 1. Astral spotters can be a thing, and are a bane to operator groups since attacking in astral is not only a troublesome affair, but destroying watchers, wards, barriers and other astral forms usually immediately alerts astral security.

Manifesting from the astral is a wildcard, but it's an option. If you manage to spook or confuse people as a ghostly vision, more power to you.

>> No.52177910

I just finished one. I wanted to make the guy more machine than man. Gave him a set of skills build around cybercombat and a strong enough cyberarm to make him a dangerous in an actual fight.

I built his theme around the him being a "chrome dome" so he eventually became Captain Chrome Domingo, the cyber pirate

>> No.52178074

Actually, anon, Dual-natured not only means that you have astral vision, but that you don't suffer any penalty for having both it and normal vision at the same time.

Type: P Action: Auto
Range: Self Duration: Always
Dual-natured critters are active in both the astral
plane and the physical plane at the same time. They
can affect both astral and physical beings. They can per-
ceive and interact with the astral plane like characters
using astral perception (see Astral Perception, p. 312).
Being dual natured, though, is different from astral per-
ception in that a dual-natured critter always senses both
the physical and astral worlds; they don’t have to shift
back and forth (and, in fact, cannot do so). Their minds
are accustomed to processing both astral and physical
sensations, so dual-natured critters don’t suffer the –2
dice pool modifier for interacting with the physical world
while astrally perceiving.

>> No.52178122

>will have fewer issues gaining LOS to the exact insertion point
again, they don't need to. They just tell the spirit "Fly to the intruders at X location and manifest at them"
>Dual-natured individuals don't always have astral sight or the means to attack on the astral plane.
Yes they do, otherwise they wouldn't be dual-natured. Do you mean Awakened? Because e.g. a mage is only dual-natured while astrally perceiving or projecting.
>Astral spotters can be a thing, and are a bane to operator groups since attacking in astral is not only a troublesome affair, but destroying watchers, wards, barriers and other astral forms usually immediately alerts astral security.
you do know that a card board box could hide an aura? And walls do too.
>If you manage to spook or confuse people as a ghostly vision, more power to you.
Point given. But why astrally project for that?

>> No.52178154

When the cover is blown, you don't need a magician to fuck people over.

>> No.52180178

Is the Shadowrun 5e 2050 book in the pastebin? I'm not seeing it up there.

>> No.52180300

Shadowrun Hong Kong supplement.

>> No.52180612

I know SR is a very grey/grey morality type world, but the group I GM for is the greyest of the grey. At this point, I'm pretty sure I could get them to massacre a bus full of schoolchildren if their Johnson threw in an extra 20k. Any ideas for how I can progressively increase the repercusions on them, or should I just let them build up and come crashing down on them eventually with no survivors?

>> No.52180654

Apparently not.

Specifically, I want the one referenced in Chummer as 2050, because I can't seem to find it ANYWHERE.

Shadowrun 5. 2050, that exact book, except it doesn't appear to correlate to any book I have or can find.

>> No.52180670

>the group I GM for is the greyest of the grey
Sounds more like the blackest of the grey.

>> No.52180688

>Shadowrun 5e 2050
Only exists in German. English is 4e.

>> No.52180695

It's a German book.

>> No.52180729

Here's the other one.

>> No.52180733

Easy, get them a wanted status or harass them with hitmens hired by the families of those they killed

>> No.52180747

Son of a bitch.

Alright, then a question I suppose.

Which version of Form-Fitting Body Armor is the one to go with?

The 2050 version makes sense and it's what I'm looking for, but the "official"/English 5e one is just shit and doesn't stack with anything as far as I can see.

>> No.52180773

Teach them that every action in this world has a also a reaction. Lone Star and other officials are more than eager to help.

I had the same problem with my old group, but once they had a problem even getting some groceries or contacts started to cutting ties with them, because of the shit they done, they learned the rules of this world.

On the other side, if your group wants to be that group of ruthless mercenaries just let them be. Sounds actually fun.

>> No.52180795

Contacts that see how morally destitute the team is should take loyalty penalties if they still have a conscience. If that just makes them cover their tracks better, fair play, at least they're putting work into their murder.

>> No.52180819

Contacts might start drying up or HTR might start arriving quicker once their reputation as psychopaths instead of professionals starts to spread.

You could also incentivize less immoral behavior with karma.

Alternatively, fuck it, maybe they just want to be an evil group, lean into the skid and see how low they're willing to sink. Maybe ham it up and have some fun with it.

>> No.52180821

Alright, assuming that you're one of the hyper-prepared types of people, and that you've got adequate Strength to deal with the bonus armor, what would the "ideal" setup be for a person who wants a high degree of protection, but doesn't want to be outright wearing milspec?

Can you actually DO Armor Clothing+Armor Jacket+Full Form Fitting+Ballistic Mask? If not, what's the "proper" setup?

>> No.52180902

So I'm working on making our next campaign center around a serial-killer who gets away with his bullshit by having an absurdedly rich and well-connected dad covering up his shit.

His schtick/MO is that he fixates on and stalks an attractive elven woman, kidnaps them (with the help of hired goons) kills them via lethal-injection and carefully harvests their skin and other outer bits, mounting them on a specially prepared anthroform drone fitted with tailored personality-software and voice-synthesizers, effectively turning them into walking waifu-dolls. When he can no longer stop the skin and such from decaying via chemical treatments, he has all the organic pieces removed and incinerated and starts from the top, fixating on a new woman. To make things worse, the anthroform drone used as the base is a decomissioned military/infiltrator model filled with a fuckton of concealed armor and weaponry.

The runners get involved when said serial-killer gets more courageous with his targets and begins kidnapping minor celebrities, and a trid-star's agent hires the runners when the (paid-off) police prove to be of no use in finding his #1 client.

Does this seem like something that could make for a satisfyingly creepy basis for a campaign?

>> No.52180962

I wouldn't say they necessarily choose to act evilly, but it tends to happen as a consequence of them prioritizing the job ahead of everything else. Maybe they'll repent after they start ending up with equally morally destitute bosses, I figure that's probably the likely byproduct of no one else wanting to work with them

>> No.52181049

I'm wondering where the room for all the meat of a campaign is. Are the waifu-bots ever seen in public? Is the lady you're after already dead? A final encounter in a mansion under lockdown being stalked by a rotten-flesh-draped terminator sounds fantastic, but I don't know how easy it'll be to stretch out the lead-up while keeping tension high.

>> No.52181050

The 2050 one 'makes sense' in that it's a 500 nuyen tax for every player to take and just bloats the dicepools.
Armor Clothing, FFBA and Armor Jacket don't stack, the best you'd get is extra Capacity but I've seen GMs have a sulk about that.

>> No.52181119

Create a rival Prime Runner team.

No, seriously, simple as that. In my opinion, I'd say that a group of Street Samurai with a mage or two would work the best. Dunno how new you are to the setting, but in the world of Shadowrun, there are Street Samurai and Mercenaries, and they are anathema to each other.

Street Samurai are honorable, and follow a Code of Honor, like Bushido or some shit. Mercenaries are the exact opposite, because the creed is greed. There can be some Honor in it, like not betraying your bosses, but other times it's a literal game of who can throw enough money at the crazy killers to win. Because of this, the two will often time refuse to work with each other and this can get so bad that they'll even come to blows with each other just due to contrasting ideological differences.

Your players are obviously on the Mercenary side of things - create a group of prime runner Street Sams/Mages with a Code, and have them be rivals with each other. On the other hand, you could also make just make it a Mercs vs Mercs thing.

Note, that they aren't a Street Samurai if they don't follow a Code of Honor - at that point they're just a razorboy/girl or a gunslinger, which just means they're Mercs, so actually play up on the whole Code thing, like if they surrender against them, they don't get killed or something. You'll figure it out eventually.

>> No.52181225

>Street Samurai are honorable, and follow a Code of Honor, like Bushido or some shit.

>> No.52181241

That's the definition, though. Without a Code, a muscle is just muscle.

>> No.52181313


>> No.52181335

But you could already do the same thing as the 2050 FFBA with Legs+Arms kit and Forearm Guards, AND you'd get capacity for shit out of it too?

>> No.52181451

If I want to get digigrade legs, can I upgrade my current cyberlegs or do I have to buy a pair of new ones?

>> No.52181553

Yeah but it's useful to distinguish the two - like the difference between Shamans and Hermetic Magicians. Most of the Shadowrun wikis and even the 5e CRB states that they "typically" have a code.

Shit if you really want to get into this, the trope definition of a Street Samurai actually says they must have a code, because that separates them from the various killers-for-hire.

>> No.52181588

>Are the waifu-bots ever seen in public?
Earlier on in his spree there'll be photos and glimpses of him in public areas with the supposedly-missing victims, but as his targets become more high-profile he begins to keep them in the confines of his family's manor, only taking them outside into private grounds for brief amounts of time.
>Is the lady you're after already dead?
Mmm, good point. In retrospect there's really a lot I've forgotten to take into consideration. Maybe I'll tweak things, as the killer gets more confident in how his father's connections and cash make him 'unstoppable', he'll begin kidnapping people before he's 'finished' with his current obsession, keeping them alive in basement-cells until he's got need of them. I was thinking of some kind of implanted biomonitor to let everyone know she's still alive so as to keep up some tension, but it'd be hard to implement that without also giving away her location.

As for stretching it out for a campaign, maybe the goons he hires for the kidnapping could be some sort of criminal-organisation known for participating in the harvesting and trading of organs and 'used' cyberware. Once the killer is done harvesting what he wants, he sends the organs back to his hired help to sell in exchange for their silence on the matter. The runners are led to believe the criminal-organisation are entirely to blame, until breaking into their clubhouse reveals they don't have any of the equipment needed to remove organs from bodies, meaning someone else has to be doing it for them (among other evidence, like computer correspondences and the such).

Like I said, I've not nearly thought this out as much as I should have, but I think I can build on this.

>> No.52181616


>> No.52181631

Try doing that with the most recent edition.

>> No.52181722

>the trope definition of a Street Samurai actually says they must have a code
The trope definition also says that hacking or tech skills are required. When did you last see a samurai that was able to build/repair his own ware? Or hack?

>like the difference between Shamans and Hermetic Magicians
And druids
and Chaos magicians
and zoroastrians
and aboriginals
and buddhists
and gardnerian wicca
and goddess wicca

you still call all of them magicians, because WHO THE FUCK CARES. There's less of a difference between a hermetic and a shaman (even in the previous editions) than between either or those and an Adept

means that while it's common it is not a requirement
meaning that your can be a Sammie without a code

>> No.52181782

Why does this bother you so much?

>> No.52181915

Have you played with Street Samurai that only do nothing but fight? I usually play with Sammies that do something else, like being a medic, lock-picking, or demolitions.

They also always had Codes.

>> No.52181944

Are there any rules for purposefully doing Stun damage with a deadly weapon like a knife or katana? Or am I forced to whip out electric weapons?

>> No.52181955

I think it's a called shot called Split the Tracks or something.

Doesn't work well if you're a troll with 14 strength though.

>> No.52181970

Sweep Martial Arts technique is goat. Splitting the damage ends with the enemy resisting two damage codes which could result in them either 1. Taking too much physical damage or 2. Resisting too much and you not dropping them.

>> No.52182300

From the corebook

>> No.52182441

Sweep, all day every day.

>> No.52182468

Yekka, could you please add a Gear thing for a Gas Mask refill? They're 40 Nuyen according to Core, but I don't see a thing in Chummer for them. I suppose I can just take it via Custom Item.

>> No.52182519

So what happened to the section from 4a where it used to be you'd add your net hits to the direct combat spell as drain? I can't seem to spot it in the core book, and I've been applying it all this time.

>> No.52182589

Do normal people get cyberware for reasons that don't involve accidents? Is it unusual for a person in the Sixth World to get some sort of implants or limb replacement for simple reasons like work or for self-expression? We all know runners get chromed because it helps them with their job, but what about people whose job isn't to murderhobo (or protect others from murderhobos)?

>> No.52182656

Yeah, tons of people do. In fact, cyberware casings are made specifically for fashion purposes. You can have a couple of cyberdicks as well, if you feel like it.

One of the coolest bits of lore I remember is the Skill-Jack Worker, one who gets the whole system of Skill-Jacks and Wires, and works as an hourly freelancer doing quite literally anything that he can get his hands on.

>> No.52182683

Simple stuff like datajacks are something you can get done on your lunch break. They're common.

Otherwise you're still generally looking at an 1:8:1 breakdown, similar to the way corruption works. 1 person absolutely for, 8 people who wait for a situation or need, and 1 person absolutely against.

>> No.52182702


A bunch of corps put skillwires, datajacks, cybereyes, or any combination of the above into their workers. I can easily see construction workers getting chromed, or having control rigs implanted so they can better control their machines.

>> No.52182770

If you want to look at who gets aug'd regularly, look at the cyberware bundles and cybersuites. 4e Augmentation and Way Of The Samurai, 5e Chrome Flesh. Predominantly military, but also construction workers, extreme sports enthusiasts, reporters and trid vloggers, and more. Even wageslaves and executives have their own lines.

>> No.52182788

My personal theory about that is that one of the freelancers was salty about FFBA not being a stackable item anymore when they wrote it. Arguably it's balanced out by the reduction in social limit making it impossible for someone not to thinkyou're coming to kill them, I guess.
Page 204.
>Direct Combat spells involve channeling mana directly into a target as destructive and damaging energies rather than generating a damaging effect. Affecting the target’s being on this fundamental level with raw mana requires more focus and more power than producing basic effects; as a result every net hit used to increase the damage value of a Direct Combat spell also increases the Drain DV of the spell by +1.
Depends on the 'ware. Skillwire systems and datajacks are almost essential in modern workplaces, but you'll typically only see headware in office jobs; cyberlimbs have relatively little place in most workplaces; it's cheaper to outfit you with a rating 1 control rig and pilot a bunch of purpose-built drones than it is to give you the equivalent strength required to perform a specific task.

>> No.52182923

5e, rather than 4e, sorry. 204 for me is a bit on the vehicle combat rules.

>> No.52183006

Dear /srg/, what do you do when your mentor spirit starts telling you to kill all your friends?

>> No.52183035

Tell him to FOAD and become a street samurai.

>> No.52183037

Listen. You're either going to get some sweet toxic metamagics out of the deal, maybe you can hit your GM up to give you 3e's toxic potency, or you are killing a bunch of insect spirits pretending to be your mates.

>> No.52183052

Oh look, it's SRG in a nutshell.
"Burn out your magic you fucking weeb snowflake!" "Kill them for power or because you can!"

>> No.52183070

Wow, touchy much, faggot? Didn't even say anything about him being a snowflake - just said that you shouldn't listen to an obviously malevolent spirit.

>> No.52183093

Oh. Yeah, that got slapped away. Not a thing anymore in 5th. Hell, it got converted into an optional rule in SR4 after copious amounts of bitching from the Dumpshock crew.

>> No.52183115

Perfectly understandable. So much of my ruleseting is based on two readings and 'what I think it was'. Cheers.

>> No.52183123

I bet you're not even Awakened, Mr. Cyberpsychosis.

>> No.52183608


I remember when he first came to us. An old man with a bushy golden beard and a sword made of gold and living water. His breathe was the fire that warmed us at night, his eyes lightning that guided our paths, his skin was steel that protected us from harm. He used to tell us stories. Of ancient battles and kingdoms ruled by wise kings. Of the glory in victory and lessons in defeat. He taught us to protect each other. We did. He showed us how to defend those that couldn't see him. We became an army. He gave us pride and we felt like we could kill dragons.

For months I ran the shadows with my friends. A shitty wiz-gang of 13 kids running around, doing whatever it took to stay alive in the Scarborough slums outside of Toronto. We earned NuYen and spent it freely. Stole bread and gave it to everyone who couldn't afford it. Hunted the ghouls and pimps and other parasites that infested out little corner of the globe, and he rewarded us. Then we found the book.

It was old. Older than any of us. He told us it was older than this age. Bound in leather and smelling of blood and decay. He told us to destroy it. To burn it and scatter the ashes to the wind.

We didn't listen. We were fools. Blinded by power and on the emotional high of our lives. Inanna was the most powerful and wisest of us; she opened it thinking she was capable of harnessing it's power. The moment the cover opened it spoke to us. Of power. Of glory. Of life everlasting, and the ability to make our own kingdoms. To be our own kings and queens.

That's when the slaughter happened. Inanna killed Marduk, and the rest fell on each other. I hid, and watched as each of the victors tore the hearts from the chests of their closest friends and absorbed their power. I used my magic to shield myself from their eyes but could not escape. I watched as they ran through the slum, murdering any they wished and growing stronger with every slash of the knife or pull of the trigger.

>> No.52183636


As soon as I could I jumped on a bike and drove like hell out of the city. Out of the State. Out of the whole damn country. Now I'm here in the Redmond Barrens, half a continent away and I still feel like they're looking for me. My hands are always shaking. My vision is a little bit blurry. I look in the shadows at every corner to see if I can see them, but all I can see is him.

He is so much older, and so very tired, but his eyes are still lightning and his breathe is still fire. He wears armour of steel and earth, and his swords roars like the tempts I've only ever heard on in his tales. His voice is anger and disappointment and a scolding tone that makes me wish I had died back in Scarborough. He says I have to go back. He says I have to fight them. He says I have to kill them.

I look down to see the red on my shaking hands. He says I must go back and kill them. I hear the screams of the butchered. He says I must go back and kill my friends. I hear the cry of a child afriad of her big sister. He says I must put right what is wrong.

But I'm not strong enough, I tell him.

He says, it doesn't matter.

>> No.52183709

Please don't share your jerk-off fiction.

>> No.52183856

Is this a part of some larger story here, or did you just do that on the spot? Shit's pretty good, mang.

>> No.52183881

Some of us like to masturbate to things other than thick, massive dice pools

>> No.52184213

Not him, but I did not decide to follow an all-consuming fire because I didn't want to kill all my mates.

>> No.52184256


>> No.52184276

What are some interesting abilities to add with Imbue Item? There's a complete and total lack of any established/example ones, so I don't even get what the scope of what you can add is.

>> No.52184324

Hrm. Sure, not a problem. What should it be called, just Gas Mask Refill or something?

>> No.52184372

Probably something like that, yeah. Thanks man. Custom Gear does it easy enough, but it was just a thing I'd noted and had bugged me for a while.

>> No.52184386

Some sort of AP boost, for one. Initiate Grade/2, or Willpower if you want to go full dak'kon.

>> No.52184435

Custom Gear's actually broken as fuck if you ever try to add more of the item in career mode, but it's a low enough priority that I've just been ignoring it for now until I can get other stuff back under control. Anyway, I'll add it in sometime tonight. Expect it in ~6 hours.

>> No.52184473

But a code could be literally anything no? Yes, not killing those who surrender or the innocent certainly could be a code. But so could earn the most money you can, no matter what. Or never leaving a living witness. A code is a set of rules that someone lays out for themselves (in this context). Nothing is said about those codes being filled with anything 'good'.

>> No.52185099

How do I handle Trid Phantasm as a normie or street sam? Jesus Christ I'm sick of every asshole at my table using that spell for everything.

>> No.52185113

Pocket full of rocks. Throw it at whatever you're concerned about.

>> No.52185136

Man that mage is gonna have some serious concussions if the street sam keeps throwing rocks at him

>> No.52185181

What are some of your favorite scenes that have occured during your runs? Trying to find suggestions for cool set pieces for my players.

I was thinking I definitely want to have a shootout in a church like in Cowboy Bebop.

>> No.52185222

An extended firefight on a highway in Quebec, the road filled with various sedans, trucks, and civilians. The players were attempting to break a man out of the prison transport, and got into a firefight with the 30 armed guards. It was glorious.

>> No.52185386

Anything a new GM should be wary of/ know about mechanically speaking? Is there anything that the system doesn't handle too well, or a certain aspect of the game that breaks everything else? Just getting into shadowrun and would rather find out about an mechanical issue now rather than in the middle of a session.

>> No.52185604

Besides the core. What are the most important books for being a Rigger?

>> No.52185707

Some weird night at the museum shit happened in our last run, which was semi-interesting.
Our last campaign ended in part of the deep lacuna, an underground temple in which a dragon was kept in bondage for centuries. All very cool.
Rigger 5. assuming 5e. Each "class" gets its own book, unless you're playing 4e, where riggers just kinda get fucked and have to deal.

>> No.52185712

Rigger 5.0, you can find it in the OP in the file dump. It goes over more rules, and lists a ton of new drones.

>> No.52185774

Yeah it's 5e. Sorry for not mentioning that and thanks. So besides Rigger 5.0 nothing is really useful for me?

>> No.52185800

>Rigger 4
>Like 10 different milspec vehicle books
>Arsenal had a ton of vehicles
u wot m8

>> No.52185844

Chrome Flesh will be useful if you want to upgrade your ass into a metal ass, but otherwise you're pretty much set. Run and Gun, Gun H(e)aven, and other such books do give you new weapons to duct tape to your twenty thousand nuyen toys, so they're worth a look just for the weapons you can mount.

>> No.52185922

The gun books are nice, simply because any weapon, when mounted, uses the gunnery skill, so if you're a fan of jumping into drones or whatever you can use all kinds of wacky shit like monofilament chainsaws or flamethrowers.
>Rigger 4
Are you seriously claiming rigger 4 was anything but a kick to the nads of riggers?
You're just shitposting now.

>> No.52185925

Thank ye kindly chummer.

>> No.52185947

And thank you as well.

>> No.52185952

>Implying War! wasn't a fucking great book overall
Barrier Foam, artillery stats, MRSI, MBTs and shit, BRs, High Caliber ammo...

>> No.52185977

Now this is advanced bad taste

>> No.52186046

Slow spell.

>> No.52186096

Never said it was perfect, said it was good overall.

>> No.52186410

Making Leadership not 200% shit helped too.

>> No.52186434

What would be the most accurate timeframe for Shadowrun to populate the solar system?

100 years?

>> No.52186444

I think no magic up in the big black would cripple that advance hard.

>> No.52186455

Populate how?

Getting stations on the different planets is just a matter of getting them there, they can do it already. Terraformation is beyond their capacity.

>> No.52186479


Stations dotting the system. Domes on planets.

In a previous thread, it was discussed that a shit ton of plant/life would help solve the magic problem with enough handwaveium

>> No.52186500

Well, the most populous stations have counts of -9 instead of -12 in SR4, so make of that what you will.

>> No.52186549

Yeah! it's only semi-impossible instead of mindrapingly impossible! Progress!

>> No.52186622

>tfw you have mages in the group that can function (albeit poorly) at -9

That said I'd still probably still make it -12 for new station, -9 for developing, and -6 for established/older stations.

>> No.52186656

So from there you can acclimate.

>Becoming acclimated to an area with a background count means that a domain doesn’t affect an Awakened individual’s use of magic, but they also do not beneft from it.

>> No.52186691

One of my players had it in his background that he used to be a singer in a band. Decided to get introduced to host of the big corporate fundraiser party by convincing the band playing that night to let him do the opening song as a thank you to the host, surfing over the crowd with levitate during the performance, flying up to her and planting a kiss on her hand before flying back down. After the performance he introduced himself and got the information he needed so the rest of the team could raid her private office and steal all her company's secrets.

Good shit. The fucker even had a song he linked me that his character sung. Seeing someone putting that much effort into my game made me feel warm and tingly for a while

>> No.52186700

I still think they need some sort of sanguine matrix metamagic. Reduce background counts, positive or negative ,by half the NPCs magic, let them cop damage for a further reduction.

With the itsy bitsy price of it being blood magic and clearly obvious to anyone and everyone.
It's an ebb/void rather than a count, so not happening.

>> No.52186723

>It's an ebb/void rather than a count
Wrong. There may or may not be other reasons it doesn't work, but a negative count is still a count.

>A background count is a measurement of a variance from normal of mana levels in the area. Arcane scholars have developed a scale to measure the strength of these areas, ranging from –24 to 24, with 0 considered normal mana levels.

>> No.52186743

Okay, sure. I don't have time to go through searching for individual passages right now, so let's change that to "Using RAW like that when it's fluffed as a complete absence of mana is fucking stupid.".

>> No.52186787

Except it's not a complete absence of mana. That'd be -12 or -24, depending on edition.

>> No.52186807

>"Using RAW like that when it's fluffed as a complete absence of mana is fucking stupid."
Which (imo) is fine once you get out towards the real mana voids.


>The penalty ranges from –8 (for places with decent concentrations of life for non-Earth locations, such as the Moon or a large space station) to –18 (for deep space).

>Mana ebbs are places where the flow of magical energies is reduced, though not as signifcantly as in voids. Astral forms and dual-natured creatures feel uncomfortable in mana ebbs, but they usually can endure them for a time—they don’t flee them as they do voids. Mana ebbs generally are rated between –1 and –12.

So while a whole lot of space is a horrible place to be for awakened, there's a lot of it, and it's not precisely a sharp magical cutoff at suborbital flight level. They can work on greater station access for awakened, and then move that into the real void.

>> No.52187370

Speaking of space, and of void, ebb and alchera rules; Instead of having +- 12 be the modifier for damage, why not have it be Background-Magic (towards 0) so that mages and dual natured beings can play in the void. Not hard, mind you. It would still fuck them hard.

For example, at -20 BGC, your average ghoul, at 6 magic, would be taking 2 stun a round; 20-6 is 14, which is 2 over the 12. A ghoul with Home Ground in space would be okay.

>> No.52187479


Already playing this runner (4 cyberlimbs, hydraulic jacks, skates, grapplefist).

>> No.52187506


My prefered way of having mages be able to play in hostile environments is metaplanar journeys.

You go and you do a metaplanar journey, impress your mentor spirit and help them. They'll protect you for the duration of the run from the void.

>> No.52187666

What does it take to kill a Great Dragon?

Can a Mage accomplish it?

>> No.52187678

A single mage? No.
You either need another dragon, or launching awakened nukes. And if you use the second option, the rest of the GDs will probably get pissy and beat the shit out of you to prevent getting eradicated.

>> No.52187719

Well, theoretically speaking here, this'd be an Elf with a grudge against Saedur Krupp for the rampant environmental damage causing the deaths of several of his friends/family due to poisoning from the chemicals they release into the world.

This is a far, FAR goal from chargen, and after he'd have initiated a good number of times.

So, for the sake of example, say you've got like... Magic 13, Spellcasting 13, Mentor Spirit: Dragonslayer, a spec in Combat spells, Elemental Focus: Lightning, and you're going full-retard and have a high-Force Power Focus and Centering Focus to not die from the following.

You cast 13 spells at once, splitting your pool to 2 dice each, plus your Spec, Mentor, Focus, and Elemental Focus, for probably somewhere like 2+2+2+2+13 dice, or around 21 dice each. How hard is Lofwyr gonna be eating shit from 13 F26 Lightning Bolts?

>> No.52187875

Well, reaching those "high level" is not far from chargen, it's basically theorycrafting. You have canon characters that are from the 4th world, with thousands of years of experience and training, and even they can't 1v1 a Great Dragon. Even dragons find easier to plot and fuck each-other rather than kill each-other due to all the chance of getting MORE dragons in the middle of the conflict.
I'm not saying your concept is a bad, but it's just a fantasy goal. A goal your character has no conceivable chance of attaining, walking on a path where he is lucky to reach 40 years old. You can piss him off, get allies, and piss him even more off, but you won't be able to off him without getting a few extra GDs on your side, since he is one of the strongest GD there is. It's a character concept, but you won't get what you want in the way you want.

Onto your how to kill a dragon idea.
In 5e, your dicepool bonuses are applied before splitting the dice pool. So you would be throwing 3-4 dice per roll. Remember, just a "common" Dragon is around 15~ MAG rating, with an equivalent Counterspelling. So just by counterspelling they will stop you in your tracks. Dragons have around 20~ body, hardened armor equal to their body. So they can soak a 26P -26AP spell.
Unless your soak pool is around 70+, by the second Lightning bolt you are dead, so you won't be able to cast anything else. You are soaking 20 Physical damage per spell.

>> No.52187917

Does your mental limit cap your spellcasting hits?

>> No.52187934

Actually, anon:

At character creation, magicians purchase a set of spells
for spellcasting, then add more as they advance. The ma-
gician can only choose from this set of spells.
Casting Multiple Spells: Some magicians have the
mental discipline to weave multiple threads of mana into
various spells at once. You can attempt to cast multiple
spells simultaneously in the same action, even at differ-
ent targets. To do this, you have to split your Spellcasting
+ Magic dice pool between the spells you want to cast
(see Step 4), with a minimum of 1 die per spell. Since the
modifiers per spell may be different, they are applied af-
ter you split the dice pool. The number of spells you can
cast simultaneously is limited to your Magic attribute.

>> No.52187935

Only force of the spell limits your spellcasting hits.

>> No.52187981

Say I want to ruin someones fighting pit.
Planning to drop gas grenades filled with kamikaze+nitro cocktail in the fighter's lockers.
yay or nay?

>> No.52188015

Throw in some hallucinogens and NoPaint too, for good measure.

>> No.52188031

If 4th edition, use Warp gas.

>> No.52188034

>not doing it to the crowd instead

I bet your mohawk is barely even dyed.

>> No.52188048

>I bet your mohawk is barely even dyed

That's too far omae.
No need to start anything.

>> No.52188060

I'm trying to destroy enemy assets not create the second biggest drug induced rampage in town

>> No.52188071

Power Foci, add dice to the pool, they are not a modifier. So the 13 dice still go before splitting, which ends up with 7~ dice per spell.

>> No.52188192

Just get a few gas grenades loaded with K-10 or Woad, chuck them wherever you want people to start murdering each other indiscriminately. Keep a squirt gun or dart pistol loaded with Dopadrine on hand in case you need to pacify anyone.

>> No.52188199

>chuck them wherever you want people to start murdering each other indiscriminately
That's not how Berserk works.

>> No.52188223

It forces the subject to go after any perceived threat. 'Perceived threat' can mean everyone around them if you throw in some ball-tripping, and Woad is a hallucinogenic.

>> No.52188239

You're downplaying some very fucking blatant wording, anon.

>When you’re berserk, you go after your attacker(s) without regard for your own safety.

>> No.52188246

>Not just a great dragon but HIM

Your fucked, not even the snowflkiest of snowflakes could do it

Your best bet is to hijack the corporate satellite and Thor strike him

>saeder Krupp

When will this shadowmeme end. 90% of today's pollution is from vehicle emissions and power plants. Shadowrun has high efficiency solar cells and cars that run on water. Pollution would be almost a thing of the past.

>> No.52188255

K-10 also mentions people that take it mass murdering civilians for no particular reason. 'Super experimental combat drug that doesn't quite work yet' berserk is different from 'My buddy got shot and my mentor spirit told me that's a bad thing' berserk.

>> No.52188916

>air pollution is the only pollution that matters to eco-warriors

Geek yourself anytime, chummer.

>> No.52188962

So for those of you keeping score at home, the new tarot book doesn't really have any crunch in it. Couple of new mentor spirits, mostly.

>> No.52188977

>See this other book that you can't have yet for an explanation of what the fuck this means!

>> No.52188996

It's neat that it's Johnny Spinrad and all, but 16 Avail isn't exactly hard to beat for most faces. Still, neat to be able to get a commlink that Nadja Davlar couldn't, I guess.

>> No.52189014

Proud Womyn Goddesses don't need no men, and they'll use those +2 dice for Instruction to explain exactly why!

>> No.52189015

I have no doubt that we will find new and horrible methods of pollution in the future.
Also, given how nuclear power plants in shadowrun are very ewww and peak oil has been reached it's highly likely that coal has made a comeback.

>> No.52189055

Sweet mother of fuck that is an awful disadvantage.

>> No.52189075

>>52189055 (You put lion twice)
Does the book have anything non-crunch that is good at least? Do they even explain anything new about the Sixth World Tarot or it's more contradictory, bulshittery and stupid GM plot devices?

>> No.52189172

it's only awful if you're an asshole who doesn't want their last words to be "You run, I'll hold them off!"

>> No.52189212

How do lion shamans react to catnip?

>> No.52189231

No effect, unless they're also a leonine/pantherine/(insert feline family) shifter.

>> No.52189254

What about awakened catnip?

>> No.52189325

Whups, that's what I get for not double-checking posts.

tl;dr the Sixth World Tarot is literally the Deck of Many Things That Will Ruin Your Campaign.

There's some neat stuff in there, like the Taco Temple thing. Four years ago, Taco Temple didn't exist. Now it's got thousands of chains across the world. Taco Temple is seen in the background of many of the cards associated with providing aid to others. The Deck of Many Terrible Things That Will Ruin Your Campaign appears to have a large-scale capability to interact with and affect the world, up to and including giving you the keys to a space laser that can kill anyone it shoots to getting Harlequin's personall commcode.
It's literally every action that doesn't interact with the team. Driving home? -2 Limit. Recreationally swimming? -2 Limit. Trying to file your taxes? -2 Limit.

>> No.52189373

>getting Harlequin's personall commcode.

Fuck this shit; into the trash it goes!

>> No.52189528

With a lenient GM you could avoid this
>Me driving home means I can get my stuff which helps the team
>Making a sandwich? Afterwards I won't be hungry, which will help me focus, which helps the team
>Playing that SimGame? Err... Socialising! Yes, yes, I'm socialising, I make new contacts, which can help the team

>> No.52189552

>It's literally every action that doesn't interact with the team.
oh, true. I was thinking of the other part. Yeah, that's p. harsh. Better to downgrade it into only happening to things that'd harm the team.

>> No.52189665

That's too easy to game, too thematically inappropriate, too comparatively weak and shouldn't be a benefit a player should have any reason to take anyway.
A better phrasing would probably be "In all situations where you take actions that constitute a likely and visible risk to the team's safety, including lack of decisive action or failure to cooperate with even a single team member, your physical and mental limits are reduced by 2. In all situations where you take actions that are actively intended to harm the team, you temporarily lose access to all effects of having a mentor spirit."
This means that there can be a team disagreement without the Lion shaman having to try desperately to make both sides agree so they don't get saddled with penalties, the shaman can't be penalized for coincidences (while the decker does Matrix legwork and calls down GOD on himself because deckers are pathologically incapable of quitting when the going's good, the Lion shaman is playing bowling and suddenly gets worse), and players don't get the impression that harming other characters is something that's ordinarily expected if you aren't a Lion shaman.

>> No.52189879

>for no particular reason
Mate, cut the shitty hyperbole and stick to the facts you actually have.

>In the years since, it’s become an infamous source of obituary-linked headlines, from psychotic gang rampages to civilian massacres in distant countries by mercenary troops who have “Tasted the Blood.”

That's a thing, but so is this;
>Users of this dangerous combat drug automatically go berserk when wounded, in a manner similar to Bear magicians.

>> No.52190537

Shadowrun rules say that a code has to be good. Or at least have strong moral principles you won't defy.

'Earn lots of money' isn't a code.

>> No.52190621

>The character has a binding Code of Honor when it comes to killing members of a specific group

Street Samurai typically have a code, but that doesn't mean it's a Code of Honour.

>> No.52190696

The other part is more or less Dog, but with more focus on combat.

>> No.52190707

>too weak
>when the lion for adepts looks like an absolute shit trashcan mentor spirit

Seriously, attribute boost strength is some hot hot garbage.

>> No.52191114


Yeah but it's a negative quality. It has to be something that hinders you at some point. My current sammy won't intentionally hurt bystanders/innocents/noncombatans, and you can be sure my GM is going to try and kick me with it. Last time he had a kid on a rooftop that was helping the enemies target us in a moving street battle, preventing us from losing them down an alley or something.

>> No.52191176

Is there a pdf of this kicking around anywhere? Can't find it.

>> No.52191222

By the way the books make it sound, a sammy's code of honor might as well be "won't work for free" if you don't want him to be too much of a good guy

>> No.52191374

I could see that working in an RP heavy game, if it's carried out to a fault. Usually that sort of thing is joined with 'will never betray an employer' or something.

>> No.52191703

Newbie here. Currently building an Infiltrator / Face-Kind of guy. Any tips?

>> No.52191817

Buy enough different armored outfits for every occasion, keep a gun on you whenever possible, and learn some unarmed combat just in case. For infiltration you need to have the right tools and skills to bypass security; things like Sneaking are obvious but you'll also need Hardware to crack maglocks without your decker's help. Bring things like maglock passkeys, glass cutters, gecko tape gloves, anything and everything that will help you get through and around security. On the face side of things, appearances and fitting in matter. Pack fashionable weapons, get your suits pressed and keep your ear to the ground on any affairs you might need to at least pretend to know about in the future. If you're gonna have to switch clothes during a run, outfits made of smart fabric like the Scout's Tux are an absolute godsend. All round, make sure you've got the skills to defend yourself and help other party members, such as picking up some tech skills to help the decker from the inside. Finally, learn your confidence games inside and out. A sneaky infiltrator and a professional face can both benefit from knowing how to walk straight through a door without arousing suspicion. If nothing else, keep a folder of blank documents in your car so the Bolivian Fire Drill is always an option.

>> No.52191870

By 'confidence games' I suppose you're specifically referring to Cutting Ace's section on the subject?

>> No.52191900

Cutting Aces has a lot of good discussion about it, but it's more about knowing the fine art of bamboozling. Being able to bullshit your way to a solution and get out before the mark realizes you're a filthy liar is both great to have in an emergency and quite useful for most shadow work. For longer jobs, it's better to build up actual falsified information or just bend the situation to your advantage.

>> No.52191988



So what does that make Villiers? Bill Fucking Gates?

>> No.52192024

Alright, thanks!

>> No.52192045

Alright, what's a "bolivian fire drill"?

>> No.52192101

"No one with their sleeves rolled up who walks purposefully with a piece of paper held conspicuously in their hand is ever challenged."

I always heard it as Bavarian Fire Drill, though.

>> No.52192133

It's bavarian I think. Reference to the illuminati book trilogy, iirc.

>> No.52192298

It's called Bolivian in Cutting Aces, which is why I call it that when I'm talking Shadowrun. The idea is that you walk like you're stressed, cling to the folder (or whatever the prop is) and have a few lines prepared about needing to get the folder to the boss within x minutes if anyone tries to stop you. Implied consequence does its magic, people let you slide for fear of answering to the boss or just not wanting to deal with your (apparently) strung out self.

>> No.52192411

>It's called Bolivian in Cutting Aces

>CGL can't even distinguish between entirely different countries in common idioms

>> No.52192572

I know. I don't like it either.

>> No.52192690

At this point I'm entirely convinced that the first group who publishes a functional "fantasy cyberpunk, elves and orcs optional" game with a proper editor would put CGL out of business.

>> No.52192779

Considering that it's in a game expansion title, some things by Kuba Paris, and in the Illuminatus! trilogy, it may have been somebody wanting to be cute (like a few dozen other almost-but-not-qute references, see Dunk and Jiffy-pop).

>> No.52192861

Are there any rules/prices for bicycles?

>> No.52192898

No. People use either Athletics or Pilot
It's on a table with a bunch of other minor gear in the book that has alternate chargen methods in 5e.

Which is dumb because bike couriers are punk as fuck.

>> No.52193011

100 nuyen and 500 nuyen for a cheap and nice bike respectively, check Run Faster's gear in the back for all sorts of this stuff.

I'd rule them as using Pilot Ground Craft, if you needed to do a sweet ass bike trick. They'd probably double or triple your movement rate, but fatigue rules would be used as well.

>> No.52193957

What's the difference between a 100 nuyen Meta-Link and a 100 nuyen 'Prepaid Commlink'?

>> No.52194006

I see a lot of people bring up ultrasound as a useful vision mode to have, but I don't see it. Do they mean adding an ultrasound sensor to your helmet?

>> No.52194068

Using an ultrasound sensor in your brain, or preferably one installed in a sensor in your cyberlimb, helmet/ballistic mask, or other gear.
I use a Gas Mask, Voice Warper, and Single Sensor (Ultrasound) as standard inside a mask.

>> No.52194223

For a good prepaid and a Meta Link the difference probably comes down to being a lesser brand (and theoretically not having a warantee, but you probalby didn't get the Meta in such a way as to get that.)

Now, the 20 NY cheapo probably has all the features, but in a bad way at best. Yeah, it's got an AR browser but it probably makes deckers take stun looking at it. The earbuds are retractable, once. Most of the telephone and radio modes aren't the ones people want to use (with one exception, and that one's probably crowded as funk). The high-res camera functions are both at the literal minimum needed to slap on high-res. GPS guidance has only the cheapest, freest maps. Voice-access dialing works, but only if it's quiet. The image and text scanners basically only work with a lamp or sun behind you. The tag scanner is more a tag reader for all the range it has. And so on.

>> No.52194269

Probably.. not. Maybe if he stole a regular shell and told shadowrun 4chan he'd give them sweet, delicious futa that totally wasn't incredibly gay in exchange for a sculpt job of autistic quality..

Then, you know, kill the person who did the sculpt job.

>> No.52194295

Alright cool, that's the same setup in my mask actually. I threw in thermal vision as well since I don't have full cybereyes.

>> No.52195531

>getting Harlequin's personal commcode

So this means I can have my decker spam him with stupid shitposts right?

>> No.52195750

Is the dragon civil war fluff from 4e? If so what book(s)?

>> No.52195782

Clutch of the dragons.

>> No.52195799

Conspiracy Theories and The Clutch of Dragons

>> No.52195907


Neat. thanks

sorta unrelated but am I right that you pick up 'trode users with that sensor

>> No.52196372

Code Of Honour is a negative quality, and worth the 15 karma if the GM watches for cheese.

A street samurai's code (as many other character quirks) does not need to be represented by a negative quality, especially as it does not need to be 'of honour'.

>> No.52196436

>sorta unrelated but am I right that you pick up 'trode users with that sensor
Not really. You might get something up close, but the sixth world is saturated by ultrasound coming from motion sensors (cars and buildings), and even there you can only pick it up within 10m or so from a passive ultrasound sensor, while the effective detection range for the motion sensor is 25m.

>> No.52196463

Can you gain karma with addiction more than once at chargen?

>> No.52196492

Sure, if you pick multiple addictions

>> No.52196757

At what point is visual confirmation interfered with enough so that spellcasting won't work? Will a set of AR goggles/glasses or a piece of ballistic glass be enough to block line of sight?

>> No.52196836

100% cover is unquestionable. Roll Perception for anything less. Include the appropriate penalties.

>> No.52196872

Line of sight for spellcasting is essentially holistic; draw a line from your eyes to the thing you want to cast the spell at. If that line is blocked by something that confers a visibility modifier (Fog, walls, etc.) then you can't cast through it.

>If you need to see the target, line of sight can be established with your natural vision, including using reflective surfaces and looking through transparent objects. Cyber- or bioware visual enhancements that have been paid for with Essence count as natural. Any technological visual aid that digitizes or augments the visual input for you (a camera, electronic binoculars, Matrix feeds, etc.) doesn’t work—you’re looking at a generated image, not the light from the real target. Spellcasting by visual targeting is subject to normal visibility modifiers.

>> No.52196893


So wait is this book out yet or were you handed some sort of preview?

It's not on the mega?

>> No.52197060

It's out, I bought it because someone mentioned it had gameplay content and I have poor impulse control, it's not been leaked that I'm aware of.

>> No.52197098

>Line of sight for spellcasting is essentially holistic
Sounds like a table ruling.

>> No.52197441


You keep saying "Deck of Many Things That Will Ruin Your Campaign."

Can you elaborate? Not asking for a screencap, but I don't see you referencing that in the other posts. Did I miss something?

Also realizing that "Deck Of Many Things" would be a good name for a Decker

>> No.52198012

Is Netflix doing a Shadowrun movie?


>> No.52198022

we had this discussion already
not enough cyber

>> No.52198040


Shadowrun prequel then.

>Implying the world isn't already cyber enough for cyberpunk.

>> No.52198136

>I bought it

Ok senpai, just let me ask one question: any rad new adept powers?

>> No.52198204

>Device Rating 6
>The DR 7 commlink is like 8,000
>Neither of them are worth a fuck because the lack of Sleaze means that you're never able to hide ever, and your Firewall isn't a legitimate defense because any decent hacker can just rape it to death

Relatedly, how the fuck do you deal with hackers as a non-hacker?

Is the only real option to just sink 100,000 into the fucking Stealth Dongle?

>> No.52198298

I've been monkeying around with taking a Transys Avalon, adding a Stealth Dongle Rating 1-2, then hardwiring a Module into it with Program Carrier (Smoke and Mirrors). It gets you at a maximum of 7 Sleaze. You just have to work around the 5 Noise and possibly GM approval.

>> No.52198310

How do you figure that?
I don't have the book handy, but the Tl;dr is that many of the cards have world-shaking capabilities. If you want to include those cards in your campaign, you have to be prepared for the fact that your players WILL use the card instead of giving it to Mr. Johnson, which can be anything from having a favour owed by Lofwyr to gaining the powers of a technomancer for a month.
It's a very Shadowrun Prequel vibe it's got, but there aren't enough cyberpunk elements for it to be a Shadowrun movie. Still, it could quite easily be a movie set a couple of years after goblinisation occured, 2023 or so.
Negatory. Three mentor spirits and a commlink is it, aside from the cards themselves.
Turn wireless off, shoot the hacker, turn wireless back on. The Matrix is a completely opt-in environment, just don't engage with them on their terms. Optionally, area jammers.

>> No.52198341


Depends how RAW your GM is

In theory you could just walk around with 50 stealth tags in your bag and any enemy hacker would have to weed through a bunch of things in order to find your actual Comlink

Most GMs havewave that through Matrix filters though

>> No.52198355

So what do the cards do? I know literally nothing about them.

>> No.52198356

>How do you figure that?
Haven't found and can't recall a RAW rule that states so clearly.

>> No.52198369


I think he's saying they're an item that characters can find that have incredible power.

>> No.52198377

How much Noise Reduction can you actually get, and does Noise matter if all your gear is hardwired together or has DR.

>> No.52198422

At least as much Noise Reduction as the number of Datajacks you're willing to implant into yourself, plus 3 for Antennae in your (cyber)ears, 2 for Signal Scrub (program or hardwired to a device), another 2 for the Dongle or Cyberdeck Module. There might be more, but you can also limit distance Noise to 5 with a satellite uplink.

>> No.52198457

Oh, this is a non-cybered character, to note.

>> No.52198661

I wonder how is the mafia and other organized crime represented in the media?
Would the dead of a Don be presented as the dead of a rich benefactor and community activist or as crime warlord on Horizon News?
What does Shiawase titles a Yakuza Boss if he is invited on one of their dinners?

>> No.52198743

Collect a set of numbered cards, perform a ritual, a thing happens. Find a single face card, perform the ritual, a thing happens. There's a lot of muttering that this is going to be big for the metaplot, it just seems like jacking off to Echo Chernik's photo-manips to me though.

>> No.52198759

Is it in the OP yet?

>> No.52198765

... so use the non-cyber NR mentioned?

>> No.52198800

>sink 100,000 into the fucking Stealth Dongle
Last I heard this 'corrected' price is just a claim some twat involved in production made about what their 'intent' was.

>> No.52198816

What's the actual price, then, because unless you've got a source here, it's expensive as all fuck.

>> No.52198917

When Data Trails got released, one of the writers or some other fuckwit involved in production went to the official forums and insisted double the rating times 3k nuyen was instead supposed to be rating squared times 3k. Unless it was officially errata'ed, they can fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.52198970

>how the fuck do you deal with hackers as a non-hacker?

Same way you deal with mages; geek 'em, or get your own mage.

>> No.52199000

Well, in Chummer, getting an R6 dongle costs 100 fucking k.

>> No.52199116

That's maybe a yekka question. He's usually pretty RAW so it may have officially been errata'ed from regular expensive to fuck-off-you-can't-have-one expensive and I'm just unaware.

>> No.52199213

Are there any rules or houserules you know of when it comes to the cost of gold-plated firearms?

>> No.52199240

Hard Targets has rules for that.

>> No.52199350


>> No.52199371

How do you get the Concealability of an Assault Rifle to the point where it's manageable for sneaking with it?

>> No.52199385

Shortbarrel + Stockless + Berwick Suit + Argentum Coat + Designer Cloak

>> No.52199439

Shortbarrel, Stockless and Chameleon-coating will get you as far as possible without clothing-bonuses, as will easy-breakdown modifications, but generally larger weapons like assault-rifles and longarms you've got to be creative in sneaking them where you want.

Or just grab an SMG/Machine-Pistol.

>> No.52199558

New thread when?

>> No.52199597

Is there a way to make the matrix and decking parts of the game move along quicker? We just started playing, and it currently feels like decking and hacking is the majority of the planning phase, while everyone else just seems to twiddle their thumbs waiting for results.

>> No.52199712

Chameleon Coating.

>> No.52199719

When you get off your lazy ass and make one omae.

>> No.52199786

How much RC do you need to be able to FA without penalty?

>> No.52199825

6 for simple, 10 for complex
1 bullet = -1 RC

>> No.52199828

Bullets fired -1 -STR/3

>> No.52199880

Wait, but if Complex FA is firing 10 bullets, and you start with 1 native RC, wouldn't you only need 9 RC from other sources to be able to Complex FA, and then just Aim between turns to cancel stacking recoil?

>> No.52199914

Bullets fired minus one, before stacking.

>> No.52199945

Yeah, what I meant is you want 1+(str/3)+modifiers to be 6 or 10.
You'd probably be better off doing simple action FA and using your other simple action to take aim or take cover though, unless you really needed to complex FA

>> No.52199984

>tfw 9RC on a Stoner-Ares M202

Though honestly the math is probably wrong somewhere and it's less, but it's not like it actually performs any better than an Alpha

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