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You can tell a lot about a man from the kind of burger he eats.

What kind of burger would your character eat, /tg/?

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An American meat burger.

100% American meat. Human meat. Long pig. Although I guess in America it's better called Wide pig.

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BBQ bacon cheese burger with hash browns and a fried egg on it.

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Mushroom burger, hold the meat and condiments.

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None out of those, OP. He'd rather make his own since he has a high Cooking skill.

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anything but vegan

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Avocado, Mushrooms and probably a slice of emmental with some blue cheese. The meat might be veal.

It's also something my character can only afford once in a blue moon.

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Sir, over here in America we call that a Wendy's Double Stack™

Take the BBQ off, and you have just about perfect taste.

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Dwarf Fighter
Elf Druid
Human Fighter
Half-Orc Barbarian
Halfling Bard

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>Japanese burgers
They'll try the craziest shit.

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Drow Wizard

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He fukken hates eating in human form, especially burnt food. Live mice/fresh meat/Royal Canine dog food is all healthy lupus needs.

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Whatever that he can get his hands on. The more stuff in it, the better. He was quite the glutton and had a large appetite.

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I wish my character could afford a decent burger.

I wish I could afford a decent burger. Potato all day erryday. ;_;

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Orc Rogue
Goblin Rogue

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Stop spending all your money on beer and whiskey you Irish bastard.

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Twelve McDoubles.

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Rare burger, hold the bread and double the meat.

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One that comes out of a vending machine and is warmed up by a chemical heat packet in the wrapper.

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Don't forget the pickles.

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A burger with an egg in it.

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Missing assburger.

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M. - Chopped steak on rye with the veggies (strips of carrot, chopped brussels sprouts and a smattering of chopped walnuts) sauteed in a brown sugar steak sauce.

T.T. - Triple of horse meat, smother with the stinkiest cheese available and serve with a side of sliced radishes (lightly boiled). Bread optional.

B.C. - cheeseburger, no mustard.

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Cajun chicken burger with aged cheddar, pickled jalapeños, and smoky BBQ sauce

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Doesn't matter, as long as there is a lot of it.

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I fucking wish. I'm Slav anyway.

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Grass fed beef with pepper jack avocado Chipotle aioli on a fresh sourdough bun

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Belarus, student.

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Meant for >>52155988.

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LS: Doesn't eat meat, would fancy the shit out of an eggplant burger, though.

Y: Deer or bear meat, berry relish, salted rye bun.

KA: Incredibly unpicky. If she doesn't like it, she grumbles about foreign food, but she'll try basically anything.

SEC: Prime beef blue rare, fresh mozz, truffle aioli. Bun better fucking be toasted.

MH: Beef, charred pepper, pineapple, sriracha.

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A halfling would afford it on the regular and have doubles.

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Lobster Spike > Hamburger Spike


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Plain old beef cheeseburger on a self-made sesame seed bread roll.

He's a neutral good, leaning chaotic, cleric of a god of knowledge personified by a raven. He used to bake lots of bread in his father's tavern.

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>Potatoes erryday
Like pottery.

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France and a bunch of other countries had black burgers too, m8. I think one of them was Darth Vader themed.
Barbarian, orc, or other beefcake type character.
The bread looks awful
Since when is Latvia a Slavic nation?

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That actually looks pretty good.

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>Orc Rogue

Actually, was a beastman fighter (with the look and the mentality of a dog). Filled with plenty of virtues (generosity, altruism and whatnot), but gluttony was his weak point, what with having a monstrous appetite that required him to eat 3 times than normal (plus he was large-sized).

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A thicc beef patty, soggy with blood in the middle, with caramelized onions, onion rings, toasted frisco bread, and a plain ol tankard of Stout.

You could convince him to have some cheese on it (preferrably parmesan), too, but he'd be very skeptical untill he tastes it.

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Whatever non-garbage he can scrounge up and probably some garbage as well[\spoiler]

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The breakfast burger!

We used to grill those up all the time, though we didn't put BBQ on them -- just a bit of hollandaise to go with the egg!

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Oh, come on, that's just a po'boy on a burger bun.

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Naw, they make it a single patty instead of loose popcorn shrimp.

Also calling something a poorboy when it's not on a baguette will surely send at least one person into an autistic shitfit.

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Fried chicken, hash-brown, mayo and sweet chilli

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It's a fried shrimp sandwich.

It's a po'boy.

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A burger made from elk, seasoned with salt, pepper, and a few chopped onions, done in a peppercorn-heavy sauce with a cognac base, grilled, not griddled, to medium.

A side of beats, potatoes, and carrots.

Probably a human or a dwarf, likely a fighter or cleric.

Goblin rogue.

Half-elf wizard.

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Poorboys are on baguettes, otherwise a montreal smoked meat sandwich is a beef poorboy.

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Double beef and bacon burger, the bun using refried beans as spread with onion rings and corn chips with guacamolé, spicy salsa and sour cream.

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>Not eating your burger with some sick beats.

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So if I put peanut butter and jelly on a baguette, that's a PB&J po'boy?

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Only if it's messy.
Use runny jam instead of jelly, and warm the peanut butter so it melts.

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I think I love you.

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NuBurg, 100%* real** "meat"! Only $100

"NuBurg: unleash the predator within (TM)"

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Do not.

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A burger on brioche, patty made from spicy chorizo. Topped with lettuce, red onions, chipotle aoli, fresh avacado slices and cheddar jack cheese. Additionally topped with an an egg done sunny side up so it runs into the meat and soaks the bread on the first bite. With a side of fried plantain chips.

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Don't be afraid of love, anon.

It's the most wonderful thing there is.

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A real Slav would improvise.

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Make aloo tikki burgers by shaping mashed potato and indian spices into patties and pan frying them

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What's going on in this thread?

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chicken with mayo and a tomato.

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Mushroom swiss, Angus patty, lettuce, tomato, grilled inions, hold the pickles. Secret sauce is optional.

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this is somehow the most accurate alignment chart ive ever seen

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Well, going off of OP's image, a bacon burger.

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Excellent taste

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Bacon, sauteed onions, pepperjack, toasted buns, and just enough barbecue sauce to wet the buns.

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I'd swap lg and ln around desu.

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Veggie burger with red onions, munster cheese, whole grain mustard, and a second patty of blue rare bloody prime beef.

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Venison burger with all fresh vegetables, subbing out regular lettuce in favor of Rucola. Swiss cheese and garnished with mayonnaise.

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ML: A gourmet steak burger with hand cut Belgian fries. Lettuce, avocado, a tiny bit of pesto and Emmental.

NK: Whatever's on the Deal of the Day. He appreciates quality if he gets it, but sometimes you need that good ol' McHuge garbage at the end of a day's fighting the fight that pays.

AV: High protein rat-pack shelf-stable burger, with hot sauce and cheese spread.

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A: Double bacon burger with pepper jack. No pickle. Can never finish the last third.

G: Banzai burger, extra onion,

L: Bison Butger with feta cheese. Loaded with vegetables; extra pickles and tomato.

S: Salmon burger, trepidation towards any variance. Starts off plain but every initial worry turns into a pleasant surprise and a permanent addition to the regular sandwich.

T: Regular cheeseburger made with locally-bought vegetables and self-ground beef. Doesn't trust the local butcher or restaurants. Avoids GMOs so buys organic.

J: Also a banzai burger but more in it for the pineapple than the teriyaki like G. Asks for two slices of Pineapple and uses a lot of keptchup and relish.

W: Chicken burger with Swiss. No tomato or pickle. Always pairs with a root beer.

E: Home-prepared and harvested veggie burger with everything on it. No cheese. Lots of mustard. Paired with homemade potato wedges.

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>"A burger ? The fucks a burger and why am on the list of shit in it ?"

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Depends on how much time he's got.

Double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions if he's got time to sit down.

Otherwise, just grab a single with a couple of pickles and go.

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>"A burger ? The fucks a burger and why am I on the list of shit in it ?"

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Why in the grave would she settle for eating just one kind of burger, when there are countless varieties of burgers to sample? You wouldn't just eat cherry pie and ignore all the other types, would you?

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Well, she likes burgers, and she got goaded into a burger eating competition during a huge festival of visiting trade nations. It was burger made from a shitload of dead predators killed in a recent war, with buckets of hot sauces for everyone to use. She managed to win even.

She's a human paladin who doesn't know she's a paladin.

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Sourdough bread
Minced cow beef, salt and paper
Brown sauce with soft onions
Sliced pickles and slice beetroot
Strong mustard

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>cow beef

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Bacon double turkey burger with American and cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo and ketchup, or thousand Island dressing.

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With alchemy, 'beef' has both less and more definition that your imagination might first assume!

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On pumpernickel. Also maybe throw a little taco seasoning and medium queso into the meat before cooking.

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>double turkey
>American cheese
Is your character a masochist?

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Mum lovely lady likes her meat human and raw, it'd take the most charismatic cute young evil boy to get her to eat a burger. If that happened I bet she'd go triple meat and bacon.

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You are objectively wrong.

t. New Orleanian

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Aren't you happy that Wikileaks sold all your dissidents out

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I don't even know how to answer that question. the character I'm playing is admittedly pretty bland. I guess he'd just have a plain burg?

I do know what kind of burger the BBEG of another campaign (that I'm running) would eat though. A big burger with a lot of juicy meat (maybe two paddies, each topped with bacon), no vegetables other than pickles and onions, a lot of spicy sauce and a large glass of ice cold beer to cool his throat.

>Laius tying a slab on Marcille
That's both cute and sad. In isolation that panel kind of looks like a caring father trying to get his mortally sick daughter to eat to recover her strength and increase her odds of survival, even if it's just a little morsel

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I love that this is all based on the inn & out secret menu

i order a double double animal style everytime i go there.

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Double-bacon pepperjack cheese burger with hot mustard.

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Double burger with garlic aioli, lots of pickles, avacado, lettuce, jalapeño, onion, egg, and tomato.

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As soon as he got over the overwhelming amount of choice, he'd probably settle for a double cheese with chicken patties, no tomatoes.

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He'd buy the cheapest burger and upsell it to someone else to pay for an only slightly below average one

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That's for the lovecraftian runaway. For the others...

Decker: One of those burger-sandwiches sold in roadside bars, you'd never find in a big, popular burger joint.
Doubly so if they can add blue cheese.

Summoner: spicy double bacon.

Ex-swashbuckler: Tuna-chicken with triple the sauces.

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>Beef, bun, ketchup.

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A burger with potato pancakes for buns, no cheese, with sauerkraut, grilled onions and pickle.

A curry flavored doner kebab on a bun

The burgers from Kennedy Fried Chicken (which is indeed a real restaurant "chain")

A raw oxtongue on a bun.

A pulled-pork slider

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Hamburger with only the buns and tomato sauce

>> No.52160156

can our characters be friends?

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vegy burger with avocado, pico de gallo and a slice of cheese

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I don't like veggie burgers, but that sounds like it might be good.

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Does anyone have the /ck/ screencap from when an anon actually made one?

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My current Cyberpunk 2020 character loves him a good mushroom swiss burg

I love this beautiful man

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Avocado with chicken

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Steakburger on a pretzel bun

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I wanna protect that crazy gal.

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Line cook here, I'll run though some burgers.

1/4lb, swiss cheese, fried red onions, mayo, pickle, tomato, lettuce.

1/4lb, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, through the garden.

1/2lb, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, bacon, mustard, tomato, lettace on texas toast.

1/2lb, one slice american on one patty, cheddar on the other, bacon, onion rings, ranch.

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A huge fucking lump of meat, probably.

As for myself, I've just made a sandwhich with mayo, mustard, a nice patty with paprika and pepper and some flour in it, some chard and cheddar on top, and four pieces of pepperoni.

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>through the garden

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a slab of wild game, flame seared over a campfire on home baked wheat bread.

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>Line cook here
Ahaha~, time to hijack the thread for my own selfish purposes!
I'm trying to become a bit of an amateur chef, but I always feel like I'm overemphasizing meat or fish. I find it easy to work with because there are multiple techniques and spice combinations you can use for different flavors, but I always feel like they're the main attraction of my dishes while the vegetables and starch are just side attractions for the main course. Any general tips on making these two elements of a dish a bit more spectacular? Especially the veggies.

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Lye roll.

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All I know is that you don't eat burgers because they're healthy. You eat them because they're full of chemicals to make them taste better, and preservatives to make them last longer.

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There is no advice.

Meat has always been the main event. Back in the day veg was the hum drum day to day. Meat we saved until Sunday because it was special.

Now we have lived in prosperity so long we have forgotten. But don't worry. It all come tumbling down between next 20 - 25 years at most. Then we all go back to the "good" old days.

I probably won't live long enough to see it, but you probably will. So rejoice. Your cooking skills will be prized in the lean times to come. You will be top of the game.

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>> No.52161099

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>You eat them because they're full of chemicals

Name one single food item without chemicals.

>> No.52161154


I like homemade boigahs though. Then again, even the meat you buy in supermarkets is full of artificial additives nowadays. At least I don't live in America with their cake-bread and high fructose corn syrup.

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Do you think you can escape for long?

You're next, wherever you are. We were only the first to fall. The stars are right, the time is nigh - your doom has come.

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burger with bacon, cheese, onion rings and barbeque sauce

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>Anima Warlock(Bellense Noble)
Definitely not pic related. Probably some artisan burger, like venison or elk, maybe bear, and a decent cheese.
>Anima Weaponmaster(Jayan Neph, 9'4", 840lbs of Viking)
Pic related.
>1 lb Black Angus beef patty
>4 slices of cheese
>2 fried eggs
>6 slices of bacon
>8oz pulled pork
>8oz beef brisket
>8 oz cole slaw
>8 oz mac n cheese
>Onion Tanglers
>Jalapeño bottle caps
>with onion rings and french fries
>On a fresh baked roll
Washed down with a quarter-keg of mead.

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It's slang son, means all veggies. In order, pickles, red onion, tomato, lettuce. "Full boat" means the same thing.

That's pretty normal. The term "meat and potatoes" exists for a reason, it's your typical main course. Spuds are about as fancy as I get for starch.

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"I would like one Burger please. Just an ordinary, normal Burger like us humans eat. Thank you."

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Grilled chicken on a whole wheat and oat bun with spinach, onion, and cucumber.

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Well, it's not like she hates what's happening to her...

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I want to fuck Avocadoburger

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My character would prefer a halal doner kebab, and she would insist the rest of the party do the same, "to make it easier for everyone."

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>My character would prefer a halal doner kebab

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How in the hell would you pick that up without it collapsing.

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Chemicals that make them taste better, like fat.

>> No.52163456

But it's so tasty and healthy, anon.

>> No.52164056

Five Guys with mushrooms, grilled onions, and A1 steak sauce.

>> No.52164209

Western burger.

>> No.52165195

Beef or elk patty cooked to medium doneness and topped with provolone, Swiss, or cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon,grilled onion, and tomato with a side of fries or onion rings and a beer. While the bun being toasted with sesame seeds would be a nice touch it is not necessary, nearly any sort of bun will do so long as it isn't stale, gluten free, or fucking whole wheat. He may throttle a bitch if they offer him whole wheat.

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> self insert 2e Paladin in generic D&D
At least a third of a lb of rare Angus, spiced with a white pepper heavy blend, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, smoked gouda, fresh tomatoes, but only if in season, a single leaf of romaine or buttercrunch lettuce, mayo, spicy brown mustard.

Would rather eat the bacon on the side.

>gunslinger in modern
Sharp cheddar, bacon, peanut butter, occasionally an egg.

>DH feral world assassin, working to advance his station.
Grease, meat, bread, salt, in that order

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Rare steak with egg and some sauces.

>> No.52165593

Plain burger, medium rare, with a fried egg over easy on top for the juicy goodness.

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>Tips hijaab

>> No.52165924

Two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45, one with cheese, and a large soda.

>> No.52165983

region-specific human gunslinger

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Character A: Any burger, so long as he's never had it before and he can get the chef to explain what was in it, why it was in it, and how it was done.

Character B: Would hunt down a wild burger with a crossbow he made himself, shoot it with a bolt he made himself, and barely cook it.

Character C: A burger stolen from his dying foe's hands and eaten in front of his dying foe's eyes.

Character D: The Cold Fun Burgliker makes him very happy! Very very happy! He would also enjoy a can of Bouncy Bubbly Beverage, since it's the mandatory thing!

Character E: What is this eat-function you refer to?

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Pork burger with minced peaches and garlic cooked into it, drizzled with a bit of Worcester, served with grilled mushrooms and onions, a sliced, mild dill, spinach, and swiss cheese.

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Y'know, as cute as she is, I like Wimpy better.
Western Animation: 1, Japanimation: A fuckton.

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Is long pig coming back?

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