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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What have you been doing with your bards lately? Your Rubato bards? Your skalds? Your Maestro sorcerers? Your Charlatanism hedgewitches? Your Stir Heart and Mind spellburst savants? Your Volksgeist avowed? Your Outrageous Lyricist vigilantes?
Tell us about your singing idols!

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit
PS: Outdated, playtest should be out next week but that's not a promise.

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

Old Thread: >>52126789

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I'm hoping Blood Mountain Anon doesn't bamboozle us with his setting and that it doesn't turn into generic waifu shit.

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Bard a shit, anon. Wise up and play a real class.

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Did some more Spellburst Savant homebrew. Broom Jockey is a mobility/flight/speed based spellburst savant with a melee theme.

This is the alpha so feedback is highly appreciated. Among other things, I'm a little iffy if it's got enough melee boost to be functional in combat as most of it's stuff is about mobility and it lost some nova spell getting there. Still, Flyby Attack works nicely with Wave Motion Strike (As it allows a standard action, NOT just an attack)

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But you are Bloodmountainanon?

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Looking for players/GM for host-posting shinaniganry, 3/4 player slots filled
Assumed time between 8AM and midnight EST
Must be comfortable with text roleplaying.

Contact on Discord: Draknirv#4693 if interested.

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I believe he's going for irony.

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>read celestial tournament's two apps
>The Calima is a hot, oppressing dust and sand-laden, southerly to southeasterly, sometimes easterly wind in the Canary Islands region.
>southerly to southeasterly, sometimes easterly wind
>Galtan girl
>grew up in a warzone
>named after a wind
Go fuck yourself dude.

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What even is this list of applications:

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I know.

You caught me red-handed, Anon. I'll take the suggestions from last thread in and tone down the monstergirl stuff. It's not gonna be waifu shit. I promise.

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I've not played a Bard in PF. I did play one in 5e - he considered himself a professional purveyor of wholesome family entertainment.

Naturally, this did not make him popular with the party.

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The best.

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It's where our memes cease to be dreams.

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How about a Hell's Rebels game where a bunch of crazy motherfuckers take on the man in a slightly lighthearted revolution?


Character concepts so far include a genderflipped Alex Jones parody and a pirate bard who kills people by pointing her fingers and shouting "Bang!"

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What's the grandest ambition your character has ever had?

Last game I was in I literally pulled a big boss and created a demi-plane "Outer Heaven" the demi-plane was actually located near the seven heavens, it was quite literally outer heaven to try and end the exploitation of mortals by deities.

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I'm about to play one in PF for the first time! Looking forward to Dragon 2

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I have a character whose endgame is to destroy Mephistopheles

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>What's the grandest ambition your character has ever had?

Seeing his wife and daughter again.

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Good traits for mounted summoner?

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I understand Twinned Presence is really solid.

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Just as a note, the character generation rules are a little up in the air right now and are subject to change. If you want to join right now all I'm mainly looking for is concepts, at this stage I am less concerned with mechanics. I'll announce on Roll20 once the character building rules are locked in.

Plz no terrorists

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>tfw alexa jones and crew meet up with the HV crew

and probably get fucking raped to death because >gestalt vs non gestalt

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Mount needs to be bigger than me and I'm using Undersized Mount to ride a medium eidolon as a human

Thanks tho fampai

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>Plz no terrorists
It's literally an AP about terrorism.

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Are there any characters from the meme games you would want or at least could see being used in other campaigns?

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True, but when someone gleefully declares that it's "time for terrorism" it brings a certain sort of character to mind.

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define meme games

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My Gunslinger just got so lost she ended up across the sea.

My Brawler was already living his dream.

My Magus just wanted to visit her uncle and got pulled into something greater.

My Inquisitor was just hunting down an old enemy (really an old friend, it's a long story).

They're all like me - no real ambition, content with most of what they have now. Some feeling like they shouldn't be, but not knowing how to change that.

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Sarenism is a religion of peace, bigot.

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Maybe Rory Karskys? He seems to be at least the most normal out of the Dragon 2 party, surprisingly enough.

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I just want to be a comically suicidal suicide bomber.

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RotJR, Dragons, games where the characters had become as high-profile as the game itself.

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Remember to scream PRAISE SARENRAE before you blow yourself up

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>Four Lions

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>muh grimdarkness

>> No.52130345

Rinka could probably fit in any campaign with slight tweaks. She's weird enough to be interesting.

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>comically suicidal suicide bomber
I'm trying to figure out how to build a character who can contribute by failing to blow himself up.

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>monster rape quest

>> No.52130363

>muh monster rape
>muh "if you plan to make a character who doesn't want to get raped by monsters you're not getting in"

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>I'm trying to figure out how to build a character who can contribute by failing to blow himself up.

What are some AoE effects you can use yourself as the epicenter without harming yourself?

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So lemme get this straight
>A mom Oracle
>A slutty Paladin
>Memedog's douchebag brother
>Edgelord weeb
>Literally Sanji
>A plague doctor
>An arsonist half-dragon thing
>A manslut android
>Some shirtless unlucky "captain"
>A snek nurse that can't even nurse
>A tiefling fistbitch
>Bane, born from darkness
>A trap trap-setter
>A literal sonic OC
>What the fuck even tentacle succubus thing
This is the crew that's going to save the world.
What the fuck is life.

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I'm sure a few of the Ruse Cruise concepts could be polished up and slipped into another game.

>> No.52130376

with a bloodrager you get resistance against your own boobs

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There's a few kineticist form infusions that might be what you're looking for, I can't remember which ones.

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>A snek nurse that can't even nurse

She's a doctor! She has her degree!

>> No.52130384

>some shirtless unlucky captain

Lets be real he's probably just a hobo

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A degree in COCKSUCKING.

>> No.52130393


Make an avowed with the shape that makes it a burst around yourself (But leaving you unharmed) or a psionic character with Energy Burst.

For some reason you keep ending up just blinking and blackened but unharmed like it's loony toons or something.

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I know that Mandroid is going into all of my games from now on.

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The ends justify the means, anon!

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>rape game
>not accepting characters who dont want unwanted sex

>> No.52130407

Shirtless unlucky captain probably could

>> No.52130418


The only end you were justified to take was a DICK in your THROAT.

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Be a sphere caster and take the talent straight up called epicenter
Or the one that lets you exclude squares that's pretty much better than Epicenter in every way because it can also work on allies/is not limited to just you

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Amalthea needs to hurry up and finish her Apotheosis so we can have a proper fertility goddess already.

It can't be that hard can it? How many kids do you have to have to pull that off?

>> No.52130425

He could be shirtless bros with Memedog's douchebag older brother.

>> No.52130426

The dude's got all sorts of contradictory expectations for the setting. Like, it's grimdark, but you're not allowed to be a cynic.

>> No.52130427 [SPOILER] 

Like, characters who got ADMITTED to meme games, or just applicants? Because I still hope to play pic related at some point.

>> No.52130433

when will someone make a campaign where all characters are required to be shirtless!?

>> No.52130434 [SPOILER] 


How do I make pic related.

>> No.52130445

Yes, I'm Amuzak.
Isn't that the plot of Kill La Kill? You're stronger the less clothing you wear?

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The theory is that he's Memedog's lost brother, and WotR has Memedog's other lost brother.

>> No.52130451

>how many
Somewhere between 20 and 100

>> No.52130452

It should be

>> No.52130461

Do not.

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>Amalthea needs to hurry up and finish her Apotheosis so we can have a proper fertility goddess already.

>mfw Seagal chose to play Onryou instead of Amalthea
>mfw she could have apothesized alongside Casimir
>mfw we were cucked out of a proper fertility goddess, a proper duelist/artisan god and an adorable divine relationship that isn't on again/off again or vaguely homosexual

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What a bunch of slander! She's fully capable of doing doctor things. She has over 4000 hours of surgery logged! With the same patient.

>> No.52130480

Every piece of clothing worn by a character gives them a -1 to dex and str

>> No.52130481

>Memedog's family is in every /pfg/ game

I like this meme.

SEagle was memeing earlier that Amalthea could be Rory's mom. It... I don't want to think about that

>> No.52130496

I'm playing a Paladin-Tailor of Decency with the goal of clothing The Naked Realm.

>> No.52130506


Well lets put it this way,

Can you play a Kaijitisu outside of Runelords/Jade regent and have it mean something?

Probably not.

Can you play The Vessel of Rebith herself in any game?

Probably so.

She shall rise at some point. Maybe some point after i stop being a mad bastard and play 4 games at once.

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thats the BBEG

>> No.52130518


>> No.52130521

I believe the quote was

>this is not a game about pussies running for their lives.

>> No.52130527

Look if you're not wearing skimpy clothes you're clearly an enemy of the people.

>> No.52130540

Maybe I'll make an exhibitionist for Hell's Rebels.

>> No.52130542

Am I missing something with Amuzak?

>> No.52130547


Well you better put her in a game where she can get her goddess going, or shack up with the party DILF! Girl needs to get played in a non-bamboozle!

>> No.52130549


>> No.52130562

Howling-Wind will eventually be in a non-bamboozle actually, someday when i'm not in so many games and actually figure out what his classes would be.

>> No.52130564

His name is Kazuma Satou backwards.

>> No.52130579

Have you considered masturbating before posting on /pfg/ as opposed to during?

>> No.52130584

You'd better roll with the meme that he's Rory's brother

>> No.52130593

Interestingly, I actually feel this character can work, just as long as it's more about him being comically intense about the cause and incredibly eager to sacrifice himself gloriously for it, rather than "Lol muslims amirite? A large snackbar!11" A big part of this game is that while I'm fine with it being silly and poking fun at real world culture I don't want it to feel hollow or mean spirited.

Also you've got to consider the longevity of the gag, there's a lot more to go on with a man who's trying to be the cool guy who sacrifices himself so that the others can get away but fails every time than just mild bigotry.

>> No.52130595

Wow okay that puts the whole character in new light, I only pegged him as a Weeb because
>Two Swords

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I will be running a Spheres of Might playtest game once the full playtest is released next week. Since N. Jolly would prefer "mid-range" optimization rather than high-end optimization, I have implemented some measures and restrictions to better enforce such a power level for characters.


>> No.52130612

I refuse to acknowledge the connection but will leave interpretation open

>> No.52130616

>two swords
>literally uses a kirito picture

come on dude

>> No.52130618

That's fine. I just love how far Memedog has gone.

>> No.52130621

He's also using Kirito, the God Emperor of Chuunibiyou, as a picture.

>> No.52130626


So what would The Vessel of Rebirth's Domains be?

Life has got to be one of them... is their a life domain? I know there's a Life Mystery.

>> No.52130641

Well yes but it's a meme game so I thought they were going for legendary TWF god of pussy slaying Kirito rather than literal weeb

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>> No.52130656

Is there a way to stack multiple Enlarge effects on a single creature?

>> No.52130673


>> No.52130677

You must not go down this path. The end result is death! Everyone knows you need armor to survive this mad world!

>> No.52130682

>implying clothes aren't the tools of aliens being used to control you

>> No.52130692


>Domains: Charm, Community, Repose, Healing, Good
>Subdomains: Love, Family, Ancestors, Resurrection, Friendship

How did I do?

And no, there is not a Life mystery. There are no Domains that cover pregnancy and childbirth.

>> No.52130713

Just make everything out of real metal, it'll be fine.

>> No.52130715


>Domains that cover pregnancy and childbirth.

We'll just have to change that.

Right what are some guidelines on creating Domains?

>> No.52130723


You could also replace Good (Friendship) with Protection (Purity) if you want to suggest Amalthea is, although being extremely sexual, wholly pure in her desires and quite innocent in her intentions.

>> No.52130745

well fuck me I guess

>> No.52130753


Holy symbol is a stork, with a cloth sack in its beak

>> No.52130761

>Paizo intends to make Starfinder play easily with Pathfinder
What a mistake.

>> No.52130766

>Right what are some guidelines on creating Domains?

Use this as an example, and in the case of creating a new Domain you need only erase the obvious variables and jam in what you want.


>1st level ability
>6th level ability
>1 unique spell at 1st, 2nd, 3rd.... 9th caster level

>> No.52130786


Her holy animal would be the Phoenix (a creature that dies and is reborn, much like the gods within her womb) and her holy weapon would be the dagger, as it is used to defend the family as much as cut an umbilical cord

>> No.52130845

Okay folks, Blood Mountain Anon here, I'm distancing myself from the Monstergirls of the setting right now (as those require a ton of work) and working on the Old Continents and the Commonwealth. This is the document right now. It's currently extremely WIP.


>> No.52130863


Fertility Domain

1st level: Can cast charm person/monster at will on any creature with the young template/subtype

6th Level: With a touch, one can guarantee that any sexual acts within the next 24 hours will or will not produce a pregnancy, The user's choice. The act must be done in such a way where its physically possible to cause impregnation.

Domain spells= Fuck i dunno.

>> No.52130896

Way too narrow. Add in Threefold Aspect, Remove Disease, Age Resistance.

>> No.52130905

Any suggestions on how to go about summoning shoggoths and other lovecraftian monstrosities for combat purposes? I'm not too familiar with the mechanics of summoning, especially flavorful ones.

>> No.52130912

>a proper duelist/artisan god

>mfw in a creating mood and thinking of what this would entail

>Titles: The Bladed Brush, The Sword of Creation, The Sword-Dancer
>Portfolio: Artistry, Swordsmanship, Veterans
>Alignments: NG, LN-TN-CN, NE
>Domains: Artifice, Community, Luck, Glory, War
>Subdomains: Construct, Home, Imagination, Legend, Duels
>Favored Weapon: Dueling Sword
>Holy Symbol: A brush with the bristles vaguely contoured like a dueling sword's blade
>Holy Icon: A slash of red paint against a white canvas in the vague shape of a dueling sword.

Feels like a nice compromise for people turned off by Gorum and still want a fight-y god.

>> No.52130920

>Any suggestions on how to go about summoning shoggoths and other lovecraftian monstrosities for combat purposes?

You could always summon a Qlippoth*

*Warning: Don't summon a Qlippoth.

>> No.52130959

Don't listen to that other anon, summon a Qlippoth, make it your waifu.

>> No.52130962

I wanna summon a Qlippoth.

>> No.52130973





>> No.52130977

Sounds like the perfect god for Galt. I'd totally include them, remove Milani, and make it so they were NG or some such before the Red Revolution.

>> No.52130978

Damn. Wanted to see what a kobold would do as a huge sized creature.

>> No.52131019

Out of pure curiosity, what are the potential dangers of summoning a Qlippoth?

>> No.52131027

The dangers of summoning any other evil outsider turned up to 11.

>> No.52131045

>what are the potential dangers of summoning a Qlippoth?

The Qlippoth are known to give absolutely zero shits about the interests or goals of the summoner beyond what the raw magical binding forces them to do.

They will gleefully slaughter your enemies... And then bathe you in hyper-cancer radiation, pollute the countryside with toxins that would make Chernobyl look like a joke, and then hunt down anyone it can pursue before getting carved down by Paladins

Imagine a Daemon without the long-game. These things hate you. Hate you. Hate you.

>> No.52131047


Fertility Domain

1st level: Can cast charm person/monster at will on any creature with the young template/subtype

6th Level: With a touch, one can guarantee that any sexual acts within the next 24 hours will or will not produce a pregnancy, The user's choice. The act must be done in such a way where its physically possible to cause impregnation. In addition the user can set the number of children conceived, a number between 1 and 10. This can effect individuals who are normally Sterile or Barren.

Domain spells= [1st level], [2nd level], Remove Disease, Age Resistance, Threefold Aspect, [6th level], [7th level], [8th level], Miracle

>> No.52131055


That... That is actually a pretty good divine profile. The only existing deity it kind of steps on is Shelyn, and even then it's less a total intrusion and more their diagrams overlap a bit.

>> No.52131058

Hm... It's not gestalt so ONE class right... One class...

But what. There's quite a few I'm interested in...

Symbiote Slayer?
Maybe a good'ol warsoul for a more literal 'capping' of 'that ass'?

>> No.52131068

>When called via spells that require opposed Charisma checks or similar mechanics for the conjuring spellcaster to secure aid, evil humanoids take a —6 penalty when interacting with qlippoth due to the sin in their souls.

>When a qlippoth shakes off the shackles of a conjuration, it attempts to remain on the Material Plane as long as possible, and during that time tries to murder as many mortals as it can, doing its part to deprive the Abyss of possible future sinful souls to build demons from.

They really, really don't like mortals.

>> No.52131075

Devils will trick you. Demons will kill you. Daemons will kill you and your family. Qlippoths will kill you, your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your enemies, their enemies, and then after they're killed they'll come back a hundred years later to kill your descendants.

>> No.52131081

At will is too strong. 3+Wis.

>> No.52131091


How often does your GM throw kids at you?

>> No.52131103

Young dragons?

>> No.52131111

Not very often. All that means is it's either useless because the GM doesn't do that or utterly broken because it's happening often.

>> No.52131114


>Not wanting to pet the dragon and make them your buddy

>> No.52131124

Thanks for all the input, guys. I'll definitely not be taking this summoning lightly. As in probably will never do it.


>> No.52131136


What would you suggest to put in its place? And dont get cheap on me and try some friggen "Fertility of The Land" bull shit and have some plant powers.

The level 6 ability is powerful, but probably rarely would come up in standard murderhoboing.

>> No.52131141


>> No.52131146



>> No.52131147

Charm Person/Monster 3+Wis times daily.

>> No.52131150

>In addition the user can set the number of children conceived, a number between 1 and 10

Anon... The possibility of knocking a slender tomboy up with octuplets is not a pleasant one!

>> No.52131156

One of your character's personal belongings is suddenly empowered with the the abilities of an artifact. What is the item and what does it do?

>> No.52131163


>> No.52131168


Bamboozle app took Onryou and made her Blue.

>> No.52131170

ruse cruise

>> No.52131175

>neverending undroppable bar of soap

>> No.52131185

Corwin's flask.

It's actually a tiny portal to the elemental plane of booze, allowing him to never be sober again.

>> No.52131188

>backpack is now a bag of holding
we're low power right now

>> No.52131197

Calin's Cane: It shoots lasers.

>> No.52131198


okay fine

>> No.52131212

>Bluryou was born into the world with a fiendish mien: bright red skin
Is this an error, or did becoming a monk change her colors?

>> No.52131240

I think it's an error, yeah, given that they got the blue leopard leotard right it's not the picture that's wrong

>> No.52131248

Oh lord.

>> No.52131250


We'll compromise

+2 DC to will saves on Creatures with the Young Template.

>> No.52131254

I need feats, feats for a cleric.
The cleric in question has no archetypes and is a sarenrae worshiper.
I plan on taking the heroism and day domains so I can use my channels as big "fuck-you"s to undead, and I'm gonna be using blade of mercy, dervish dance, and enforcer together.
What other feats would be good for a dex-based combat cleric with good channeling?

>> No.52131258


Its beautiful

It... its PLAYER 2!!

>> No.52131280

Confusing outsiders with near daily uses of the Legato of Infernal Bargain to pull good outsiders over for a drinking contest and shenanigans.

>> No.52131288

it's a sleeve of many garments without the stupid nerf applied to it

>> No.52131296

what nerf did they get?

>> No.52131305

Used to be that you could make clothes. Now they're just illusions so you can't gain any mechanical benefits. Because that swarmsuit, hot weather clothing, and cold weather clothing were way too strong.

>> No.52131306


He swapped the color of her Irises and her sclera! HAHAHAHA! Too good.

>> No.52131326

you misspelled pleasant

>> No.52131327

Make a home for his people and give them a refuge away from the horrors of their home plane.

>> No.52131331

>Not Offryou
for shame

>> No.52131335

(he actually didn't)

>> No.52131349

Alright, you got a chuckle out of me and I'm going to have to use that in a game I'm in.

>> No.52131355

>Anon... The possibility of knocking a slender tomboy up with octuplets is not a pleasant one!

>> No.52131359


Friends, are you suggesting you want to get knocked up with a litter of kids.

>> No.52131374

>Not Offrme

>> No.52131381


>> No.52131386


Not so much me; more the lady i'm with.

>> No.52131389

Stat me.

>> No.52131420

Martial Artist Monk

>> No.52131422

Size/Type: Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 5d10+25 (52 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 15 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+14
Attack: Claw +9 melee (1d6+5)
Full Attack: 2 claws +9 melee (1d6+5) and bite +4 melee (1d8+2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Improved grab
Special Qualities: Scent
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +2
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 12, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10
Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8
Feats: Alertness, Track
Environment: Temperate forests
Organization: Solitary, pair, or pack (3-8)
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 6-8 HD (Large); 9-15 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment: —

>> No.52131431


yes, And once they're born, Get the next set in me!

>> No.52131432

Never not funny.

>> No.52131478


>> No.52131485


>> No.52131488

in those words, yes.

>> No.52131489


>> No.52131493

You just reminded me that I need to finish reading that.

>> No.52131514

Pff, that's not Doug, that's some fucking poser

>> No.52131522

A magical crown that's actually more than just a symbol of regal authority. Now it's got the ability to influence those of local descent! And the ability to print out royal edicts.

>> No.52131524


>> No.52131531



>> No.52131552

Is it weird in an application for a character who knows Planar Binding to include as NPCs outsiders I normally contract with, their names, and what they normally do for me.

These are those who were on the list:
>3 imps I use as spies & messengers
>2 bearded devils I used as enforcers and muscle
>a hellhound I occasionally used for intimidation
>4 LE tieflings I used as general servants, writing letters, mending clothing, etc.

>> No.52131586

>Planar Binding
Just kill yourself now.

>> No.52131646

What? Having outsider servants is super cool and iconic for a wizard. Besides, it's not like I can break the game with a bearded devil at level 11. They're only CR 5.

>> No.52131675

What happens if your class gives you a bonus feat that is removed by anti-feat tax rules?

>> No.52131685

Depends on the GM.

>> No.52131691

Depends on the anti-feat tax rules. Some account for this and have a list of archetypes with that replaces the obsolete feats, some give you dick all.

>> No.52131698

Ask your GM and hope he's nice?

>> No.52131709

DHB is a big minmaxer right? Are his classes like powergamer's wet dreams? I've heard a lot of mixed messages about them on here.

>> No.52131728

no they're just more open.

he's not a big minmaxer, he's just capable of it

>> No.52131735

Actually it's gestalt, but stated in the description not in the rules.

>> No.52131750

The anti-feat tax rules shouldn't be combined with Deadly Agility unless you want Dexfags to reign supreme.

>> No.52131756


>Assuming DHB's gender

>> No.52131760

>bringing shitty pol memes there
>being this large of a faggot

kys my dude

>> No.52131764

>never relevant point especially irrelevant to the question

>> No.52131772

DHB is a cute little girl that's why she doesn't like lewds

>> No.52131795

I want this as my party.

>> No.52131815

Looks like SotJR is bored without a game tonight.

>> No.52131826

This strangely reminds me of my last party.

Our GM told us not to discuss with one another what we were building beforehand. I came with a Str inquisitor, my friend with a Str Monk, our other friend with a Barbarian, our other friend with a Str Cleric, and the last guy with a childlike cursed little oracle girl.

The lowest strength besides her was I believe 22.

>> No.52131835

The little girl is the one that pumped strength.

>> No.52131861

Indeed we are.

>> No.52131863

Decent idea, but I wouldn't make it a core concept of your character. A lot of dms are sketchy about it due to abuse potential so you should talk with them first and make sure to play nice with it.
Also, gratz on realizing you can bind things like tieflings and aasimar. Every time I bring that up I get looked at like I've grown a second head. The best is then adding that you can do it to level 20 monks.

>> No.52131883

We got a bonus track of teamwork feats, ended up taking Ensemble at level 5. We were the back up dancers for Magical Girl Idol Murder-chan Pyon! The game was mostly muscled guys doing muscle things on our wacky adventure to murder the emperor due to harsh taxation shutting down our favorite hang out restaurant.

>The best is then adding that you can do it to level 20 monks.
Level 20 monks have too many HD, level 18 monks, sure.

>> No.52131910

Ah right, sorry, replace that with Gate.

>> No.52131931

>our wacky adventure to murder the emperor due to harsh taxation shutting down our favorite hang out restaurant.
Why would you have such a fucking shit reason to try and destroy a fucking empire?

>> No.52131938

And now Val's player has applied with her dream boy.

>> No.52131945


>> No.52131958

>12 hours left to HV deadline
>The Ruse Cruise has overtaken it

>> No.52131986

one requires effort, the other is just a meme

>> No.52131990


>> No.52132000

If the Ruse Cruise actually happens, I'm going to laugh myself into a coma.

>> No.52132018

it won't

>> No.52132031

I know, but a man can dream.

>> No.52132067

>Ruse Cruise actually happens
>DM selects only SotJR players
>Game scheduled Saturdays starting at 7PM EST

>> No.52132097

>Half the team wants to switch to RC, the other half wants to stay with RotJR
>This kills both games
>RIP in peace

>> No.52132106

Shardwalkers is also recruiting people for ADVENTURE:


>> No.52132152

is this the rape: the rapening setting

>> No.52132156

No, that's this one:

>> No.52132165

You want >>52130343

Man, three games opened up in the last 24 hours didn't they. Jeez.

>> No.52132182

Ruse Cruise and RotJR combine to form the memeiest game of all time. /pfg/ implodes as Rise of the Jade Cruise grows to begin engulfing Dragon Game 1 and 2, along with Hell's Vengeance, and Wrath of the Raunchy.

Soon there are no more games. There is no more pathfinder. There is only the endless orgy that is the Ruse Cruise.

>> No.52132200

>Except Amuzak the edgelord
>he never gets laid

>> No.52132204

>check cruise

>> No.52132230

Is anyone else able to go on Paizo's threads or are they only down for me?

>> No.52132236

Is it a good pain?

>> No.52132244

>he made a fucking phantom pain reference in the app

>> No.52132245


I can get on them just fine!

>> No.52132258


someone lure 2hu in with the promises of slutty children with animal ears or something.

>> No.52132259

So, i am going to rip off the Witcher's hearts of stone expansion as a short campaign side thing. Anyone got any fun ideas for "impossible wishes" hooks? I got a few ideas but i would love to hear some other ideas

>> No.52132266

At this rate, we might encounter the ultimate meme singularity:

>Rory appears in every /pfg/ game, as an NPC or PC. He doesn't even apply. He just shows up. The DM doesn't plan for it, there just appears to be a Witchwolf Skinwalker randomly appearing in the sessions
>Infinite Shayliss' being dicked by an infinite number of Rubio and Etans
>Infinite amounts of hipsters conquering Hell


>> No.52132288

>2hu applies with the build that killed the avowed

>> No.52132308

>2hu applies with a blood magic-using samsaran wizard with Sacred Geometry, Orator, and Fey Obedience (Magdh)

>> No.52132335

anonymous divination boards

tian wood carvings.

>> No.52132341 [DELETED] 

>Starting at level 5 with nearly 0 liquid assets.
>GM allows me a ring of sustenance
>Pick out Craft Wondrous Items
>GM says that since I only need 2 hours of sleep I can spend more time crafting per day
>Spellcraft is at +10
How can I horribly abuse this?

>> No.52132353


>Old Cas is a charming
>Young Cas is a hunk

>> No.52132369

Rush the crafting of a +2 stat item and do a double 8 hour shift. You can churn out one per day for your party members.

>> No.52132377

How did the avowed get killed?

>> No.52132388

What was the name of the alchemical item that turned people into traps after 10 doses?

>> No.52132404

I'm going to play an Alchemist and implant bombs in Traps. Trap-Traps.

>> No.52132411

I would say that convincing the party to funnel all their gold through you and turn it into stat boosting items would be the fastest way to make friends.

>> No.52132415


Malburious Tincture

>> No.52132421

>checks again
>shitty MS Paint edit
>NEET denied his memes

>> No.52132428

2hu made an over optimized damage build, screamed autistically about numbers and daily resources, convinced the devs to nerf almost all of the things used in the build.
I'm not that afraid of the coming changes, avowed still deal damage at least on par with a good rogue and have its utility and betrothed shenanigans.
Still holding out for book 3 and my dungeon lord.

>> No.52132430


Mulibrious Tincture (for women it smooths the skin and makes certain bits plumper,) and the stuff that makes you manly is Anderos Salve (makes Middle-Aged men operate like young men for 3 hours, very useful for certain situations!)

>> No.52132463

What book is this from?

>> No.52132475


None, it's from Crystal Frasier's blog.

>> No.52132496

How much of a shitposting nexus would DHB creating a game cause?

>> No.52132505

Con to Knowledge

>> No.52132512


>> No.52132519



>> No.52132521

Ah yes I remember that. 2hu was in that game so I think everything from it was suspect.

>> No.52132526

He wasn't.

QANON was though.

>> No.52132530

>Infinite Shayliss' being dicked by an infinite number of Rubio and Etans

Ultimate Ruse Cruise meme build:
>Lightning strikes during spitroast scene
>Shayliss is killed instantly
>Her flesh is permanently bonded to Rubio and Etan's
>The pair must now walk around attached at the *ehrm*
>Class: Avowed (betrothed)

>> No.52132537

Session 03 of CARP for the Pendragon Institute
Session Log: http://pastebin.com/ygABLBux

>Fuck more Dreaded.
>Rareven botches his landing strategy by skipping the skill checks and writing down fluff first.
>Lucky for him, Dreaded Fangs can't pierce Steel Armor
>Dreaded Acid Breath can, though
>Party successfully makes use of the environment and doesn't get surrounded.
>Cirrus obtained the High Ground
>Allandria (the Meido) thought putting her back to the wall made her safe.
>Sadly, Gorilla Grodd kool-aid man'd his way through the wall.
>Proceeded to toss her at her Ojou-sama like a frilly badminton.
>Dreaded completely fail at stairs.
>Rareven gets surrounded.
>Rareven has no Deeps to speak of, but is basically invulnerable
>Cue NPCs coming around to lend him their Deeps
>Meanwhile, the rest of the party is fighting Gorilla Grodd, who has started throwing mooks at them.
>As in, actually throwing them like boulders
>Meido Scorp proves that she is second best scorp by poisoning Grodd with her stinger
>Party proceeds to whittle away his hitpoints.
>Gloryhound NPC finishes Grodd off after Scorp runs away to nurse her nearly lethal wounds.

>> No.52132538

>why does it smell like someone roasted a whole animal in here?

>> No.52132545

The fuck did I just read

>> No.52132547

For a while he was talking about a revolution themed game and people seemed relatively receptive to the themes. It never really materialized, though.

>> No.52132548

What happened?

>> No.52132555

La Tour Eiffel

>> No.52132560

Oh right, and we discovered that CALDIA DOES DRUGS

She was CHASING THE DRAGON all session


She fell off the wagon, and shook hands with the devil!

What I'm saying is that we found out that she is a junkie.

>> No.52132567


>> No.52132571

Basically the only fight in the game was against hobgoblins restatted as initiating humans with, iirc, broken blade and some sort of axe knuckle weapon. They also had bomb collars that did 5d8 ref half damage to anyone within like 20 feet when they died.


Someone got blown the fuck up and DHB dropped the game when people called him on his bullshit.

>> No.52132580

So when can we actually talk about things like rules, setting, etc. without just going into shitty meme characters and fetishes?

>> No.52132583

>They also had bomb collars that did 5d8 ref half damage to anyone within like 20 feet when they died.
This is an exaggeration. It only did damage to other people if you were in the same square. The person it killed was grappling the person and didn't stop in the 1 round between triggering it and the collar detonating. I remember this entire debacle. The damage and radius kept going up every time someone shitposted.

>> No.52132595

thats hilarious.

>> No.52132596

It's true that I don't remember exactly, it's been a while.

Whole thing was still stupid as fuck tho.

>> No.52132604

What feats, besides the crafting feats themselves, help with a crafting wizard?

>> No.52132608

>crafting wizard

A fucking 12 gauge shot to the brain to the fucker who plays such a thing.

>> No.52132612

Related but how much would the market value be for a small coin purse that 1/day made a duplicate of any non-magical item placed within it.

>> No.52132617


Clearly, you should summon Nyralathotep instead.

>> No.52132623

>talking about rules

We've done it all


they're all garbage

>shitty meme characters and fetishes

literally the only thing that protects this thread from becoming people whining about not having games.

>> No.52132624

Does crafting have a bad rap in pathfinder?

>> No.52132631

Either you're completely new to 3.pf, or baiting.

>> No.52132632

It's hard to NOT break the game if you're putting any single sliver of effort and have half a brain

>> No.52132636

Yes. It takes WBL and throw it out the fucking window into an incinerator.

>> No.52132638

>Swashbuckler can no longer use signature deed to reduce Panache costs for Parry
absolutely disgusting, please tell me they walked this back eventually.

>> No.52132639

Magical crafters are the most broken thing in the game.

Mundane crafters are poor pitiable things, whose best trick is crafting an Alchemical Dragon for an obscene sum that usually doesn't last a session and gets half their party killed.

>> No.52132646

hahahahaha no

>> No.52132649


I'm currently working on a setting right now, based mostly off of America but with a large number of tweaks and an emphasis on fun, goofy stuff. Currently trying to stat out the various races that will inhabit the world, also trying to flesh out histories and such, along with working out what makes sense and what doesn't.

For now, for a potential campaign (which I am NOT going to run anytime soon), how do the following parameters sound? 2-3 person party, Spheres of Power, Path of War, and all Jolly-stuff allowed. 20pb, Gestalt (which I feel works perfectly for a small party like this, while also allowing for fun stuff involving pet classes, because pet classes + gestalt + more than three players is torture).

Of course there are monstergirls but I only meme'd them for a little bit, I'm getting them completely out of my system and just filling out all their fluff and history and getting satisfied before I get to work on everything else. They're stuck in my head goddammit

>> No.52132658

Still sort of new. Playing a bard in a game that's on its fifth session and not much more experience. Second campaign in pathfinder starting up and I went sorcerer. Someone suggested Craft Wondrous Items since we are starting at level 3. I decided "why not?" and the GM ok'd it.

>> No.52132665

I'd sign up for it.
Then again, I'd sign up for practically anything.

>> No.52132667

You now own your group. Enjoy it, you are a god and nothing can stop you.

>> No.52132669

>gm oked it


>> No.52132702

So I actually still have my notes on the entire thing. I did make a quite a few mistakes at the time and I will freely admit that. However this was all a slight exaggeration. The collars were meant for when someone was captured, a way to have them able to kill themselves rather than give information. In a later draft I just changed it to a hollow tooth filled with poison.

The guys were humans, not hobgoblins, the party later met hobgoblins in the woods. The collars did 3d8 reflex save for half. The man who had his detonated was being grappled and away from his squad, grappled at the time. The rest of the team had left him behind and he pulled the pin. The party had an someone with craft alchemy who identified it was a bomb and was about to go off, and would take a round to detonate. It did damage to those occupying the same square or within 5 ft of the person (the 5 feet people took less damage, the 3d8 was in the square). The individual continued the grapple, had the collar detonate, and went unconscious. Luckily she was stabilized.

The entire encounter and its design was bad and looking back on it I really don't know what I was thinking. I think the main problem is that I was GMing like I was with my in person group because I know how they react to 99% of situations. Plus at the time I was not nearly as well acquainted with how terrible of enemies low level initiators make. However these are just excuses, it was a bad piece of GMing on my part.

Dropping the game entirely was a fault on my part as well. I realized everything needed a lot of rewrites and was discouraged by what happened. I shouldn't have just closed up shop however.

>> No.52132710

I dunno guys, I feel like Hedgewitch should have fast Reflex.

>> No.52132719

I remember you telling us that you based the initiators on hobgoblins.

Again, though, I could be misremembering.

>> No.52132743

Oh, no I remember what you're referring to. I was pointing towards the Hobgoblin bestiary entry:

They are technically level 1 Fighters. based them on hogbolins, removed the bonus feat, added a boost and counter, and changed their weapons. I based them on the entry, but changed the race. Their Con went down and they lost toughness.

They were level 1 Warlords I believe with the trip gambit along with the boost and counter. I'll see if I can find what boost and counter they had.

>> No.52132769

>3 sessions have passed
>Cirrus still hasn't become a girl

I reckon once the party figures it out there'll be no end to the bullying so maybe delaying it is for the best

>> No.52132773

Yeah, that's it.

Sorry for having a shitty memory!

Honestly it wasn't that bad, and you listened to what people said regarding the whole thing, so I can't even fault you for it. It's just super memey, sorry

>> No.52132803

Ok, this is what they had:
>Duelist Gambit (the disarm one)
>Sweeping Gambit (the trip one)
>Brawler's Attitude (Boost, +4 to grapple, disarm, trip, & dirty trick)
>Pommel Bash (make a hit against flatfooted and deal 1d6 extra damage)

The real issue was how many of them there were. The players freaked out because there was 30 running throughout the city and the players expected they needed to fight/kill them all. However all they wanted to do was grab villagers and run for it, that's why they abandoned one of them men.

Plus the collar thing. A poison tooth would have really been better. I wanted the collars to be around because a successful disable device check and getting one off meant you could examine it. The chemicals inside were rendered from a plant you couldn't find in most places. It was one of the pieces of evidence to lead you in the right direction.

>> No.52132876

You've taken the Nameless One feat.

You need a short moniker to describe yourself. Names of people, places, nationalities, etc. can't be used. What's your name?

A few I've used in the past:
>The Songbird
>The Stranger In Red

>> No.52132878

Fire immunity.
I don't care what the cost to the remainder of my build is, or how shitty the races or classes might be. I need fire immunity, and I need it at level 1.

>> No.52132886


>> No.52132889


>> No.52132900

>The Worthless Son

>> No.52132901

Still looking for peeps fer my E8 Eberron game.


>> No.52132912

Shi No Bi

>> No.52132914

The time man, the time! I have no idea how you don't have people yet, have you tried posting in the gamefinder threads? More diverse less memey crowd over there.

>> No.52132937

I always go with "No Name", I'm not good at names.

>> No.52132956

>The Marquess of Golden Thorns

Exiled fey though, not a Nameless One.

>> No.52132962

you know why he has no players?
>Changed his setting to cockblock an anon that tried to join
>April Fools

>> No.52132964

>Shlong Dong Silver
>Greasy Donger Supreme
>Captain Penetration
>"Even If You Scream I Already Cast Silence"-kun

>> No.52132992

So how do you feel about an enemy with the following ability:
>giant snakemonster
>has a breath weapon
>breath weapon does two things
>cone of silence
>fills the cone with snakes, the only thing that aren't effected by the silence, except for the beast
>now all you can hear is snakes
>literally knee deep in snakes

>> No.52132996

my fetish

>> No.52132997

Are they cute garter snakes or rattlers?

>> No.52133008


>> No.52133017


>> No.52133024


Also, it'd probably be too silly for most games.

>> No.52133027

Nope, probably will later today though.
April 1st is the app date and said anon was trying to be an android snowflake thing meant to fuck with dragons across a multiverse

>> No.52133036

>implying any of what you said matters with this crowd
>also just because the actual game isn't on April Fools doesn't mean including the date doesn't instantly raise a red flag

>> No.52133038

So long as Solid Snake, Naked Snake or Venom Snake have a chance to be among the snakes vomited out. And he doesn't do anything. He just kinda stands there looking confused, before getting into a cardboard box and sneaking away.

>> No.52133079

What's the best discipline for an archer using martial training feats? I'm currently looking at Riven Hourglass because that haste looks tasty but I don't want to pass something else up.

>> No.52133095

I think the only one you CAN use is Solar Wind.

But do pick up Time Skitter from Riven Hourglass. Free Haste whenever you want is nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.52133103

>I think the only one you CAN use is Solar Wind.
Anon, I might not be the expert here, (obviously, because I'm asking the questions), but I know that unless specified otherwise you can use any weapon with your discipline.

>> No.52133105


>> No.52133128

Sounds dumb when I don't have any Animus senpai.

>> No.52133138

Doesn't need it.

>> No.52133144

and by that I mean you can do just fine without.

>> No.52133150

It's not at all necessary. It's a powerful thing WITHOUT animus boosts.

>> No.52133154

>April 1st is the app date and said anon was trying to be an android snowflake thing meant to fuck with dragons across a multiverse
No, he was trying to be something that fit in the Golarion setting, and made use of the less used aspects of it that don't get enough love.

More to the point, you could have said "No." Instead, you change the setting to cockblock the idea. That's not a sign of a good GM.

>> No.52133170

there's a feat for that

>> No.52133171

Anon, I don't want to do fine. I want to be optimal.
I'm lookin' at it anon. It doesn't seem like it'd gel all that well with a 3/4th BAB archer.

>> No.52133185

What are some more fun ways to do mounted lancer?

Just stacking strength and two handing your lance seems boring even if it solves a lot of problems

>> No.52133186

... you will learn.
you will learn.

>> No.52133191

Tap Animus, yeah? I mean, it's a possibility, and I'll definitely try and work out Tap Animus E Flux vs Riven Hourglass, so thanks.

>> No.52133213

There isn't really a fun way to do a lancer. You're basically a ballistic missile if you devote yourself to mounted combat and nothing more.

>> No.52133238

Wonder what are fun ways to do a mounted character then

I was thinking of making a pegasus rider, the plan that I had in mind was making the pegasus be as extremely fast as possible, but as for the rider, I do not have a set idea for it

>> No.52133245

Not to mention even if you're playing a fighter the amount of investment you need to make just to get a mounted lancer to even work is atrocious, and even then you're going to only ever be good at that because you had to invest so much into it.

>> No.52133281

If you have a solid Int modifier, Elemental Flux. Solid Wisdom, Riven Hourglass is good defensively and for haste, but not much else. Otherwise Tempest Gale.

>> No.52133327

Mounted Combat with a kineticist. Spirited Charge. Vital Blade. Vital Charge. 40d6+40+con at level 9.

>> No.52133348

That's...just more damage. You're still a ballistic missile that does nothing but charge and instantly kill most things.

>> No.52133361

What else does a lancer do, exactly?

>> No.52133407

Fight Holy Grail Wars?

>> No.52133415

I guess...nothing else

I probably will need to rethink my angle on this character then. I already made too many martial/gish characters as it is and I rather not do another straight martial one

>> No.52133441

more like get fucking betrayed

>> No.52133443

Either that or doomed to never win a Holy Grail War

>> No.52133502

So, the summary of it, there arent much of a variation for making mounted characters who actually make use of their mounts aside from mobility isnt it?

Otherwise you are just going to be doing "x but with a mount"

>> No.52133518

Mounts are mobility usually, yes.

What the fuck else would you expect them to be?

>> No.52133545

You're sounding pretty mana goddess there.



If we want to channel a bit more of her, maybe make druids like her.

In Mana-verse fluff, the Sword of Mana was the implement the goddess used to create the entire universe. In LoM there was a literal shitton of crafting you could do, from building weapons to golems to the literal world around you. In Dawn of Mana the Mana Sword appeared as a living object - a seedling that grew into a weapon in the Hero's hand.

She's also served by elementals and spirits.

That said, you've already included some "subtle" titles like "The Sword of Creation", and the artifice domain.

>> No.52133555

New Thread

>> No.52133558

all the mana games have beautiful sprite-work, amazing style as well for a game series that started life as a final fantasy side series.

>> No.52133559


>> No.52133570

I know it's green, but when you look at it from this angle, it kinda looks like a...

>> No.52133573

Bro I know the thread is dead but page 6 is a bit early don'tcha think?

Being able to tag-teag something with a mount would be cool, and a unique rendition of the mechanic.

>> No.52133589

Mounted summoner

>> No.52133617

Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Secret of Mana 2) was actually supposed to be a CD game (on the snes for whatever nintendo was trying to do with that).

Apparently after stuff got scrapped they had to downgrade it to a cartridge and that caused a lot of the sprites and game code to be super buggy.

I wish we'd get a non-retarded entry again. SoM was great, Seiken Den 3 was pretty damn good (god I loved how you could distill your characters soul and re-infuse it with literal light or darkness). Legend of Mana while not being like the most amazing game ever had *so much fucking stuff* you could do with crafting.

Then we got dawn of mana and it shit the bed, and the mana tactics games for the DS I think and no one talks about those. I guess there's another new mana game coming out called sword of mana(?) if it isn't already out yet.

>> No.52133652

Yeah, those old games were fucking epics. Even with the low technology of the time, you had some incredible artists and composers giving even a simple 'sprite' game a memorable atmosphere.

>> No.52133658

I think Sword of Mana was the GBA remake of Final Fantasy Adventure?

>> No.52133728

Sword of Mana and Adventures of Mana were remakes of FFA.

Apparently after dawn the series creator left Square-Enix. Which is probably for the best because dawn was goddamn awful.

>> No.52133746

Both Secret 1 & 2 apparently had a ridiculous amount of content cut from them. I loved the ARPG style of 1 a bit better though.

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