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Last Thread:

>Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for.
>Hold off on additional requests after receiving a delivery from an artist, be mindful of the other requests that might deserve attention.
>Bump your request only after 24 hours has passed, you may bump once every 24 hours after the first.
>If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait a 2-3 threads or so to re-request it.
>Reminder that nobody is entitled to a delivery under any circumstances within these threads.
>Ignore the bait, you're better than this
>Stay on topic

Artists and Artists-to-Be:
>Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information, but:
>If you're dropping your commission info, consider filling a request beforehand instead of just advertising

Books and Tutorials:

Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing:

The w/ic/i art Guide:

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We need to go thicker.

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Reposting from last thread.

Requesting my traveling bodyguard cleric.

Reference should hopefully explain everything, the only clarifications are that there's no hawk, and her chest rig pouches should look 18-19th century, and contain healing supplies, bullets, black powder vials, and similar equipment.

I included a headscarf style I preferred as well as a reference for facial structure/appearance.

Her weapon is a combination boarding axe/dagger/short range rifle.

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I would like to request an aasimar fighter. Height's roughly 5'11", wears full plate mail, wields a greatsword and does not use a shield. He's no more than 30, and his face has a few stress lines (as he's employed as a guard who has to look after a rather rambunctious and adventure-prone noble girl) and is clean-shaven. Eyes are solid gold, no pupils/iris. Hair is short but not excessively close-cut.
For the pose, I'd like him half-swording his greatsword while couched in the proper position for the style, squaring off against an undead velociraptor (our DM had us stumble on a group of necromancers that were trying to resurrecting dinosaurs for reasons... unclear.)

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repost Requesting this Tiefling aristocrat.

His face appears more demonic than most of his brotheren, holding a scaly, bony skull like visage. His skin is the normal Tiefling dark red. His hair is jet black, straight, groomed well, and pulled backwards into a loose ponytail.

His stance is extremely sophisticated, almost hoity.

His overall clothing is that of a French aristocrat. The vest is golden in color, while the coat is a black. His neckerchief is just plain white and wraps and bout his rather thick neck.

From his waist hangs a pocket chain, that is connected to a rather special obsidian Soul stone, that he uses sort of like a medium.

The overall idea is he is a sort of fledgling Contract demon. Gathering souls to bargain with full demons in order to promote himself.

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I would like to request a picture for my TBZ character, he is a runaway cyborg ninja, i drew a picture in paint but my skills are pretty lackluster, his right arm is a robot arm with like retractable stakes or spikes attached around his hand.
Thanks if you consider it!

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Anchoring this awesome WIP by Lewdanon.

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Requesting my not!Norse character for a pathfinder game.

Dragon Disciple, but no wings or tail. He's got green scales and bony spurs on his arms and shoulders, and at his hairline. He's pretty young, about 19. Black hair and beard, his eyes are completely golden in color.
He wears a pretty plain chain shirt visible but under a plain beige tunic, arms bare. Wooden round shield and a longbow slung on his back. Belt with Norse-y wolf buckle, with a hand-axe, dagger, and smithing hammer all in loops on it, quiver also visible at the back. Single earring, silver with some kind of tiny crystal.
Leather cord necklace with a few Norse pendants on it, and a pan flute on another cord.
Greataxe seems to be made of a matte, almost black metal. Looks pretty new, no chips or scratches or other marks of battle. Little bit of green electricity along the edge of the blade, and also on his hands.

I think that and pic is everything. Thanks to anyone who does this!

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I am requesting a big 9 footish tale industrial robot, hopefully the picture is specific enough. The colors should be still that industrial kind of feel but otherwise that's free to artist creativity, maybe some mounted weapons like a rocket pod on the back or a wrist mounted gun but you can be creative with that as well. Oh, and one specific thing I wanted was that with the robot in that stance I want him in front of a half elf witch, trying to protect her or something. The witch is my buddy's character, we are sort of a strange duo. You can draw the witch however you please since we really don't have a good idea of what she looks like, like average attraction if I recall the description. Another thing I recall is that she has a buzz cut. like a punk girl.
Thanks and I hope you guys have a good night.

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Reposting from last thread:

All right any Dragon Ball fans that might be out there, I've got a request for you regarding my Saiyan character that I play in a few different places. I'll put this in more detailed terms for those that don't know the series, and more general for those that do.

I would like the character shown in the two left images, in the gold and blue outfit, to be drawn in the pose of the guy with his arms crossed, while having the hairstyle and more pronounced brow of the man that's on the right.

Alternative description.

I need the character that's on the left drawn in Trunks' pose on the second to the right, while being in a Super Saiyan 3 state, as shown with Goku on the far right, (hair, more pronounced brow, etc)

I can provide more detail if needed, though I'd like to note that if possible and you feel comfortable with it, I'd like for his tail to be present in the final piece.

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Reposting from last thread

I know this will be kind of different from the usual request, so I will understand if any drawfriend doesn't want to pick it up.
I've been working on this here drawing for quite some time, and I basically put all I wanted to put in it, which is my swordmage figting an orc. So now I don't really know how to finish it and have no idea on what to put on the background or even what they would be standing on. So I invite any cool drawfriend out there to finish it the best they can or throw some neat idea my way on how to properly close this drawing.
Thanks in advance for your time and patience.
Color suggestion and coloring in general is welcome. But whatever. Just wanted to see what cool ideas can come up.

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Requesting this dick-ass punk of mine. He's got a ratty-ass pair of jeans, black hair, a leather jacket with a hood, and a red imp like this little fucker on his shoulder or clinging to his back

Preferably wearing a pair of goggles like this over his eyes or forehead, squatting with a baseball bat on his shoulder, and a shit-eating grin on his face. I keep picturing him as a sort of '80s neon punk stylized deal, but that's entirely up to you

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I would like to request my tiefling.
she is in her mid early 20's, has an athletic build, and a sort of brownish read to her skin. her hair is black, wavy, and short, and she has black eyes with yellowish irises.

she wears sort of post-modern/early sci-fi light armor. primary color is a dark grey, with dark and light red accents. she wields a silenced pistol and a machete.

the picture is sort of an idea, not really a good reference for the character, though it's all i could really do.


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forgot to attach the picture like a retard.

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Requesting this with a Krieg soldier and a Kar98k

>> No.52069499

Requesting a smug half-elf magus lass.

She's an intense lance fighter with golden eyes, a mithral breastplate, and elven branched spear.

>> No.52069537

not an artist but please tell me she has those freckles too

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That's the intent, yes!

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bless you anon and I hope you snag a good delivery.

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Anchoring this here so ya know i didnt vanish in a puff of smoke anon!

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Reposting from previous thread.

Requesting a picture of my Blood Elf from the Warcraft setting. Her features are essentially as you see on the pic in the left, only she'd be wearing an eyepatch. She's wearing the same sort of coat as in the picture, only I'd like for her to be wearing a simple loose white shirt like the one in the lower right picture only without all the knick-knacks and ropes attacked to it and plain dark trousers underneath it. She's holding the sword on the picture in right in one hand and a tattered Silver Hand tabard (As seen in the top picture) in the other.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes an interest in this, and keep up the good work, Drawfriends.

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Just played some For Honor. Anyways. Requesting a nobushi - short pointed hair with sideburns - kinda Taki-esque underclothing with more flowy robey outer clothing - carries a hybrid naginata revolver flintlock rifle - In some sort of acrobatic pose involving a split.

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I am Requesting a picture of my superhero

The picture would primarily be taking the character from the right side, hair and all, and chaning their outfit to more of a skintight, feminine looking metal suit.
The colors of the suit should be a more silver metallic, like the top of the right picture.
Her ability is to control metal, so the suit is to be all, or mostly metal, if you feel like parts of it should be not so. But I also included a small picture of a wire being controlled, as it would be nice to see her powers in the picture, but if you feel like a different way to show her powers, I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!

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Source on the pic on the bottom right?

>> No.52070307

Coming in from the last thread, reposting last request verbatim
Humbly requesting a character idea I've had
Had this idea knocking around in my head for a while now.
Basically a sort of viking remnant mercenary equipped with sort of 15th/16th century gear.
The picture explains everything save for the pose, and that I'm not too particular about, just make him grip his poleaxe in both hands and stand looking all imposing and such.
Thanks in advance, I really appreciate this

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#WhenBoysSplit by Dick Ryder

>> No.52070676

The Thirsty Faggot
It is a pretty popular game in /tg/, you know

>> No.52070684

Requesting the human soldier-guy on the top left burning a fantasy-magic forest.

The human with the flamethrower is shooting/spraying flames everywhere in burning the forest.

The weapon on the top right should be what the flamethrower the soldier is wielding would look like.

There'd be flames and fire in many places as there are burning trees and plants.

The creature on the bottom left; a "Leshy", is on fire thrashing around from burning.

The fairy on the bottom would be flying/fleeing away while crying in despair.

And the forest-dwelling creature on the bottom right; a Spriggan, is simply watching in horror in seeing the human soldier with the flamethrower burning down the forest. And also in seeing the Leshy being burnt alive.

>> No.52070705

Anchoring for Bog Roll.

>> No.52070954

Requesting a piece done for my cocky blind psionic monk. Unfortunately lost the art in a good resolution.
I think I have everything in the reference here, except could you also add something like an explosion behind him that makes his cape billow? Thanks a bunch in advance!

>> No.52071145

Requesting a strange reptilian race that's gonna show up in my campaign.

It's a small reptilian creature, maybe 4'5" or so. It has heavy features; a thick, strong jaw with ridges from the snout reaching up and over the eyes with a series of thick, but short horns, and deep set, forward facing eyes. It is pearlescent in colour, white but with a vague pinkish tinge to it, almost undetectable. Behind the ridges and eyes, a crest sprouts from its head, upwards and outwards, maybe a little ways, but not too far, and from that crest sprouts large black feathers, matching the black horns that jut out above its eyes. It has what looks like hair stemming from the sides of its upper jaw, below the snout and on either side, drooping down like a long moustache. The same is true all along the bottom of the lower jaw, and looks much like a beard, though the hair here is short. In regards to its body, it had two sets of arms, each ending in six-fingered hands, with jet black claws at the end. The first set of limbs is short, whilst the other is long. It has one set of legs, that end in six-toed, webbed feet, with the same claws. At the end of its tail, which is as long as its body and neck, there are several black feathers jutting from the top as the tail nears its end.

Its body is built like a barrel, and its legs are thick and strong. The shorter set of arms are about the same in proportion to its body as a humans arms would be to a human, and they look fairly stocky. The second set of arms, however, are thin and look like they are capable of more dexterous feats.

>> No.52071147

I should properly bump my request cause it put it in the end of a dying drawthread anyway.

I'm looking for someone to draw a bretonnian knight who is extremely fabulous in the cloth, cloak and armor he is wearing.

He must have brown/black hair and blue eyes. Something like Richter Belmont seem to be the best.

The Bretonnian Knight can be long hair or short hair, which ever you prefer but long hair seems more fabulous. Having two different drawings for short and long hair would be nice tho.

Make his sword glow blue and green with some overlapping teal due to the lady blessing and the sword being magical itself.

In one hand, he holding his sword and another is his helmet.

his shoulder pads have his family heraldry cause warhammer.

I would ask to put it in his shield with his heraldy as well but i dunno where to put the shield in the requested art. Maybe you know better.

The first two parts of the file are the type of stance i want the bretonnian knight to be like. Either like the first picture or the second for the stance but the art style like the second/third/fourth.

you can modify the armour to make it look more fancy or stylish or fabulous. Make it something...frenchish?something similar to yoshitaka amano or tomomi kobayashi artstyle.

you can modify the heraldry if you want to make it look more stylish so long as the main motifs of grail in a red field and red phoenix on a blue field are maintained for the heraldry.

The helmet is an Armet style helmet.

However if you have your own drawing style and you did it your way, I be happy none the less.

>> No.52071165

Nice wall, Mr. Trump.

>> No.52071238

Reposting from last thread

Can I get the girl on the left dressed more like Shiny Chariot from LWA? Probably with her chest and stomache covered a bit more, though.

And if you could keep the bells on her hip, I'd appreciate it greatly!

>> No.52071262

Why is that spoilered?

>> No.52071286

That's a good question...

>> No.52071290

They probably think it helps them not get scrolled over.

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>> No.52071426

Do you guys ever get NSFW art of your characters?

Why or why not?

>> No.52071461

I don't want NSFW art of a well muscled, sun tanned, battle-scarred pirate king, who only does what he does to ensure his two daughters have enough to live the high life after he's caught
Or at least I didn't want it two minutes ago, now I'm not so sure

>> No.52071499

I expect that all of the "no"s will come from male anons who only play male characters.

>> No.52071622

Depending on the character, perhaps... though it would still have to fit their tone for me... no lewds for lewds sake. A witch dancing naked around a bonfire to draw power from the beyond, post coital snuggle between an elf sorceress and her clumsy knight lover, a colorful piece withe the fun loving rogue and one of her many conquests... that sort of thing.

>> No.52071625

Shit phone sorry about that. I'm going to see if I can finish it tomorrow

>> No.52071628

I'm one of them

>> No.52071655

And forever GM's who only play fuckloads of NPC's.

>> No.52071727

Woman on the right wearing the clothes of the girl on the left. Make the top a bit more tribal inspired bit keep her denim shorts which are navy blue in color. She has a some henna tattoos on her body and is barefoot. If she is drawn on the beach near the shore even better. She has a few tribal accessories like bracelet, anklet, and neclace with fishbone and shells.

>> No.52071838

You mind if I take a few liberties with the helmet?
Spangenhelms just look fucking weird with later armor.

>> No.52071982

Taking simple requests to fill up my one week sketchbook. Will deliver messy pencil sketches.
I might put some color on top in photoshop, but only after I'm done with today's 23 pages and 12 pages left over from yesterday.

>> No.52071990

I have a request drawfriends, a character of mine recently achieve her campaign long goal... of becoming the settings equivalent of a lich(No great magical power, but all the fun immortality and regeneration from complete annihilation stuff at the "small price" of a looser connection to her morality)... and I felt the need for some updated art as the only reference image I have is pic related and this is a momentous occasion for me.

The gist of the scenarios is a short 5'3" or so human girl, about 20 years of age, with red hair and mildly heterochromic eyes, wearing a denim vest, dark blue jeans, a pink shirt and black combat boots. Holding in one hand a combat shotgun and using her other to pull out an iron rod that has impaled her chest with an almost manic look on her face as a red diamond pendant glows hanging from her neck, various other scorch marks on her person optional. Finding out the ritual worked was part of a rather hectic battle, that almost went very badly.

>> No.52072186

Requesting a character for a Muskets & Monsters campaign world (D&D 5E). A human male fighter named Diego patterned after a Spanish halberdier of the 30 Year War (circa 1620 AD) with burgonet (helmet) back and breast plate with tassets (thigh guards) wearing a waist sash with a wheel lock pistol in it. Standing casual as in the period drawing on the left. Thank you!

>> No.52072270

Hey, I got a lot of unexpected work so if you're still interested, here's the sketch
You can anchor it but I probably won't be able to get back to it in the upcoming week

>> No.52072408

The only alterations would be to give him white hair, an elaborately decorated cane/walking stick, and black tome chained to his waist. Add a raven familiar.

>> No.52072436 [DELETED] 

can trap shota elf guy redraw this? Trap half-elf Paladin

>> No.52072446

can trap shota elf guy redraw this? This is trap half-elf Paladin

>> No.52072453


>> No.52072459

Here we go again.

I have a campaign coming up in a bit and would love to get my BBEG drawn up.

He's a pharaoh. You can use the design in pic related or draw your own, but the fact that he's a pharaoh is supposed to shine through.
He's wearing a golden mask that covers his face completely. The mask's design is yet again up to you, but it's supposed to look really pissed. Like, really really fucking pissed. Less samurai armor pissed, but more pic related king crimson pissed. If you can somehow make it look like the pharaoh himself is also really fucking angry, that'd be great too.

He's not wielding a weapon or doing anything crazy, but he's supposed to look fairly menacing. If you can, have him hold a skull that has "Vincent" carved on it.

Thank you in advance.

>> No.52072461

May I request the woman who'd look like pic in the left and a shorter/less taller young male as a couple?

The girlfriend who'd look like in the left image is wearing the same summer outfit and hat and has the same type of gun in left image in her right hand. And she has her left arm wrapped around the boyfriend's nape.

And the boyfriend would be wearing the same outfit and getup in the image at the right. The boyfriend's shorter or less taller than the girl and he'd be looking up to her talking to her enthusiastically.

And both of them are walking together in a snowy day.

>> No.52072507

I've been asked to draw characters that seemed fairly innocuous from the description, but then go on to include f-list profiles with, like, furry shit and the like.

>> No.52072852

Repost from last thread:

Chronomancer concept: This one is a punch mage, so he's going to be fairly built. Shoes are pointed, dark brown or black. Yellow/goldish baggy pants, with some detail - jewelry and leather coils here and there.
The big thing is his sash: The sash is an extra-large, wide length, interlinked baldric. Its course links are a dark, golden tone, and the trimming is an intricate leather weave. The sash is heavily customized - so much that the it would be impossible to tell the original model. All around the sash, filling nearly all unused space, are various chronographs. Pocket watches, wrist watches, clocks, hourglasses, sundials, even a strange light-emitting clock not of this world - all kinds, of various makes, models, and grades, are thoroughly locked together and cover the sash. He does not wear a shirt, just the sash.

Hair: Also bizarre. He is completely bald, except for a small bun in the back of his head. From this bun 6 sun-beam-like tendrils protrude outward. When he faces you aligned straight, it's as if they are pointing to only the odd numbers on a clock. His hair is purple.

He wears purple lipstick too.

Coloring is optional, but if you can get at least the lips and hair that'd be cool. Even just a simple sketch would do, I hardly ever see chronomancers on this.

>> No.52072874

Kind drawfriends I am requesting an illustration of "sleepers" the feral and insane human survivors of a botched cryogenic preservation process. They went to sleep hoping to wake up in a better world. Instead the woke in a post apocalyptic hell. A bit like zombies but more intelligent and not rotting. In fact they are very much alive and quite crazy. Torn, dirty underwear or scrub type clothing standing in the dilapidated ruins of the cryogenics lab.

>> No.52072898

Requesting three Drow/Dark Elf activists; one male and two females, who're spreading the word of Eilistraee in public.

One male Drow would be wearing the same clothes of the picture of the guy in the bottom left, and the two female Drow are wearing the clothes seen in the bottom middle and right pics. The three Drow would be holding up signs relating about how Eilistraee is better than Lolth or how living in the surface is better than the underdark.

Also the pic at the most top is a symbol of Eilistraee and one of the three Drow would be bearing that symbol in a wooden sign.

>> No.52072906

Not at all, you're the artist I trust your aesthetic eye. Many thanks for picking up my request, drawfriend!

>> No.52072910

Requesting this cutie looking wizard man in a 40K scenario. Perhaps him about to fight and fend off against Imperium personnel who're gonna try killing him because he was branded as a heretic. While his hands are glowing or crackling with magic and whatnot.

>> No.52073631

Requesting my dark heresy character. A feudal world telepathy psyker. By far my favourite character I've played. Been playing him for two years.

Now a throne agent for single-handedly capturing a far more experienced psyker after the 4 other PCs were killed or captured.

The references are exactly what I'm looking for. Go nuts with armour/sword inscriptions, but keep it 40k loyalist. Generic medieval patterns/latin could work if you aren't a 40k fan.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.52073639

I'd like to request a picture of my Human Artificer. He's the man in A, except younger (mid-to-late twenties, with black hair in the same style) and with the monocle in B covering an obviously-scarred eye. He's wearing the outfit in C (minus the helmet) coupled with the sleeveless long-coat from D. The armor should be more steampunk in nature (rivets, brass ornamentation, clockwork mechanisms, that sort of thing). His boots are the ones in E, with brass-colored metal toes.

Finally, he's wielding the rifle in F, except with a barrel made of brass, without the underslung grenade launcher thing, with the scope and magazine both replaced by crystals, and the main body and stock of the rifle being brass-ornamented woodwork.

Thank you in advance!

>> No.52074001

You're a gent, liking it so far!
I'll just anchor it in a drawthread about this time next week then if that's alright and you think you'll be able to get back to it then?

>> No.52074397

Greetings yet again drawfriends and fellow beggars! Requesting a post Apocolyptic savage tribesman in homemade junk armor with spear holding a pre-collapse football helmet with an Indian (Redskins logo or any Indian really) on it and looking at it like WTF. Our savage holding the helmet looks disturbingly like the Indian on the helmet but with Post Apoc twist. Similar feather in hair and such. Thank you!

>> No.52074437

fyi it's robin from fire emblem awakening

>> No.52074456

Requesting a chaos-worshipping undertaker.

He is a heavy-set man with a short beard and a dour expression.

He wears a greatcoat from which mist billows out.

That is all, any creative flourishes you want to do is up to you and appreciated.

Thanks for reading

>> No.52074651

Anchoring again for taco bell and Hawaiian shirts.

>> No.52074808

Yep, that sounds fine
Glad you like it!

>> No.52075423

Requesting a portrait of an NPC that would be used as reference for depicting a faction of similar people.

A birchman; a ghastly white faun-like demi-human that stalks the snowy birchforests. They're cold, joyless, and their senses are sharp, all of which you could tell by the kind of hateful look that their faces are frozen in. They all look like they've seen some shit. Their pure white elk horns mimic the trees and bushes in which they lurk. In this birch forest, everything is black and white, from the birchmen themselves, the animal hides they wear, and weapons they brandish, be it black iron knives, petrified wood mallets, white iron axes, or birch wood bows. They don't wear much clothes so they can benefit from their natural camouflage, but whatever they do wear, it's coarse black and white.

You can take a few liberties but they have to be a hunter. A birch tree or two in the background, even if just the trunks, would be appreciated.

>> No.52077383

Requesting a streetfight with these 2 characters.
Two elves in modern combat armour and weapons are crouching behind rubble / broken walls.
The female, Morgan has red hair green eyes and a blue glowing amulet around her neck.
The male elf, Lourn has dark eyes and tribal tattoos (think south seas) on his face and with dreads coming out of his helmet.
There is a Martian tripod fighting machine in the background.

>> No.52077651

No computer with the shoop here, so I hope a B&W drawing is OK for your purposes.

>> No.52077830


>> No.52078214


>> No.52078220

This one's a bit open.
I'm working on a race of plant/fungus people created by nature spirits inhabiting corporeal forms. Verdants are those composed of plants, greens, vines, moss, etc. Myconic are mushroom and various fungi. Sometimes these are fully organic material, like the myconic in my drawing (top left, middle figure), other times they might include stones, logs, or chunks of earth like the example verdant (far left figure)
There are also dryads, which are individuals that go to the trouble of cultivating a carefully sculpted form (generally humanoid) and moving their spirits to it, and aku-topa which are hastily spawned war machines built on the recovered cadavers of soldiers, created during a great war as a counter to warforged.
In the pic I've included my own sketch, as well as some reference pictures. They're color coded to the variety, sometimes two if they could go more than one way.
If anyone feels inspired enough to draw any of them, that'd be grand.

>> No.52078433

Thank you for taking the request, and I look forward to it.

>> No.52078578

Requesting the digimon on the right to have a similar color scheme to the digimon on the left.

>> No.52079121

star wars request:
Requesting a really edgy zabrak, he has the thick tattoos similar to maul, wields a red tonfa lightsaber and a neuronic whip, wears an adverse environment gear (with an oxygen mask on the side and a helmet) that he leaves open the chest part most of the times (revealing his HOT EDGY scarred chest), around his waist there is a thermal cloak tied left dangling and a fusion cutter holstered for quick access, he has really dark purple eyes, no hair (like all zabrak should) and his skin color yellow but his face is basically the facebook grrr emoji, starting red in the top and yellow in the bottom.
I made him because i avoid so much the edge that i think i should dip in it at least once, so i'm ready to embrace it.

>> No.52079403

>not giving him tiny lightsaber thorns all over his body

>> No.52079476

Late delivery.

>> No.52079537

if i wanted more edge i would mention how he is going to get a lightwhip in the next sessions, and if i wanted even more edge i would just give him the darksaber helicopter or a lightscythe.
Jokes aside, i wanted edge, but something still playable and not retarded like the lightsaber armor.

>> No.52079788

I have no words, just thank you so fucking much. Have a great day!

>> No.52079856


>> No.52079958

>Not wanting to go beyond full retard for that silver age feel

>> No.52080025

Requesting a curly-haired female Commissar with a flamer!

>> No.52080308


>> No.52080576

Working on this! Anything you want me to change before I start coloring? I'm bad at fullbodys, sorry qwq

>> No.52080636

did i do good anons?

>> No.52080805

Requesting a copper dragonborn version of Newt Scamander

>> No.52081609

Requesting Necoho the Doubter (pic related and perhaps a bit more George-esque if you prefer) sitting at a table having tea with an emaciated, bald man in a shabby, torn robe.

This is the result of a Black Crusade game where the Sorcerer rolled 'Warp Feast' and now spends eternity discussing philosophy with the Doubtful One

>> No.52082354

hot damn! thanks a million bigM!

>> No.52082622

Can I get my Empire Trooper about to unleash hate upon heretics?

>> No.52083589

I'd like to request a massive white dragon sleeping in an Asian-esque temple area, with a bunch of people (half-dragon descendants) and yokai cleaning up the area.

>> No.52083981

Any Shadowrun drawfags? I would like to request a shot of these four, probably in some dirty-looking alley, but you do whatever you think would be easiest for you. Sorry if the refs are all over the place, but I've never done this before.

>> No.52084004


>> No.52084171

Bumping this request again. I'm willing to change it up some if it's not what someone wants to draw.

>> No.52084202

Just woke up and saw this, it's perfect thanks a lot.
Really appreciate it mate, made my day.

>> No.52084351

Hope you don't mind lewd.

Bumping my request to you from previous thread >>52038717

>> No.52084397

>robin from fire emblem awakening


>looks up the character

Well shit. Thanks for the info anon, plus I take this is from the same people who made Advanced Wars judging by the artwork of the character's conversation portraits.

>> No.52084413

I can hear you choking on dick from here.

>> No.52084589 [DELETED] 

small update

>> No.52084620

small update

>> No.52084631

Not the requester, but that's some fine work right there.

>> No.52084655

Oh gosh that is beautiful, even the brooch is spot on! Thank you, really really thank you

>> No.52084677

Requesting a 40K/Chris Orksen request, Chris Orksen failing to catch a DEldar woman who successfully caught a human boy/shota.

Chris Orksen would be on his knees with his arms in the air and his balled into fists, yelling a big "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

The DEldar woman successfully flying away using a magic flying umbrella/parasol and having the captured human boy/shota wrapped around her other arm. The DEldar would be laughing triumphantly; "Muhahaha!" that sort of thing.

The cops featured in the right of the image are maybe Arbiters or just cops who tried to catch the dank-edgy knife ear alongside Chris Orksen but also failed. One of the human cops would be exhausted or tired, bending slightly over panting with his hands on his knees. And the other cop angrily looking up to the DEldar and angrily waving his mace weapon at her; which is shown on top of one of the two.

Not all of the three cops/Arbiters have to be featured or drawn, just maybe two out of the three cops featured in the reference pic can be featured.

Thanks alot in advanced.

>> No.52084822

Requester here, I want to sire your children.

>> No.52085036

here's some lineart anon

>> No.52085101

Can I get art of a fantasy automaton (not really a warforged exactly) wearing a short coat, a light steel breastplate, and jodhpurs? He's made mostly of porcelain-like plates, some brass, and lots of wrapped bandaging. His porcelean face is calm and a bit scratched up. He has a roman-gladius style short-sword sheathed at his hip, and two wheel-lock pistols stowwed somewhere on his body. He likely has a few dangling bandages or sashes/scarves tied around him somewhere as well. His knuckles are probably scraped, cracked, or re-enforced somehow (perhaps with bandage wraps).

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

>> No.52085107


>> No.52085163

Not the requester, but nice fucking art style mate.

>> No.52085226

I want to lick those abs

>> No.52085264

Dude, that screams old school anime, it's hella awesome.

>> No.52085407

i haven't seen Salt around in a good while.
she still alive?

>> No.52085415

what if I told you sometimes artists have better things to do than fill your requests

>> No.52085432

I'd like to request this mystery gunman, who was successful in a fight against a sororita and an IG, giving them a thumbs down.

As in the IG is lying dead ridden with bullet holes in a pool of blood and the sororita is injured and slumped to the ground still alive and holding on to her wounds.

And the gunman is about to runoff but is giving a thumbs down to the still alive SoB with the barrel of his gun still smoking.

Also the gun the gunman's holding is a fictional bullpup rifle:

>> No.52085451

what if i told you i asked out of curiosity?

no need to be a dick.

>> No.52085460

She never came back once she and charlotteanon starting hanging.

>> No.52085465

then my answer is the same, fuckface

>> No.52085494

24 hour bump

>> No.52085496

damn bro, whats with the shitty mood?
she is an artist i like and she hasn't posted in good while, whats wrong with being curious?

we are all friends here, you don't have to get pissy.

>> No.52085520

you're not my friend and I hope you choke to death

>> No.52085529

well alright then, have a good day bud.

>> No.52085571

I thought the word was banging

>> No.52085623

Posting anchor for Noronoro. Hope you're still doing it.

>> No.52086158

>what if I told you sometimes artists have better things to do than fill your requests
Seem they have better things to do than fill yours as well ;^)

>> No.52086410


>> No.52086490

There was an anon who wanted his Kenku rogue-type character finished - I drew you another one... hopefully you like this.

>> No.52086499

Shit! That's a huge file - sorry all... :(

>> No.52086520

fuck bro, did you photoshop those feathers or is it all brushwork?

>> No.52086539

Brushworks - pencil tools, smudges, etc. I like making textures.

>> No.52086702

it looks kick as dude, great work.

>> No.52086774

Requesting my war Cleric of Kord, Ulfric. He should have a red hair and beard, but other than that, pretty much should look like the ref. He's bombastic, and basically talks like Hulk Hogan meets Macho Man. I have nothing really in mind for what he'd be doing, but make it bombastic, like standing atop a pile of enemies, or wrestling a bear. I dunno. Thanks in advance!

>> No.52086804

Oh holy shit. OR here, that's fantastic! I think you forgot to add the cape, but it still looks great!

>> No.52087241

Ok, WIP for now.

>> No.52087347


>> No.52087637

Requesting a simple heraldic emblem, like something that would be on a flag or shield of a soldier.

The emblem would be of a solid black rabbit next to something that looks like pic related.

>> No.52087660


>> No.52088725

Identify yourself, artfriend.

>> No.52088862

Please have some Wheaties,
It appears someone has pissed in yours.

>> No.52089169

Haha, lookin stellar my man! Thank you so much!

>> No.52089243


taking simple/unsettling requests.

preferably some creature requests

>> No.52089302

Well, would you consider mine? It's not "unsettling" per see, but it's simple enough. >>52087637
Unless you want to make an unsettling heraldic emblem, I won't complain either way.

>> No.52089367

what does this emblem represent?

or rather, tell me some little bits on the people of zeon

>> No.52089421

Hehehehe. It's for a character of mine in a Pathfinder game. If you look closely, doesn't the emblem of Zeon resemble a flower? In the game, I wanted this "flower" to represent the home the character came from, since it''s name in his native tongue is "Mountain Lilly." The solid black rabbit, on the other hand, is to represent the mercenary corps he currently serves.

So it should, in effect, represent "The mountain lily serves the black rabbit mercenaries."

This would be the personal emblem of my character, what he wears upon his tabbard.

>> No.52089656

Requesting a female techpriest for dark heresy

Very muscular, large woman with only sparse mechanicum implants, armed with a large two-handed chain axe.

Wearing a suit of flak armour and the usual red hooded mechanicum robes with a mechatendrite sticking out of her back.

Her lower face would be covered by a rebreabreather.

>> No.52089785

I'd like to request a man looking into a 'mirror', All he sees a showy reflection of himself with grey glowing eyes.

>> No.52089808

i usually chicken scratch but i am certain if that is not what you want

feel free to rerequest if you want.

>> No.52089864

I would have accepted chicken scratch honestly. But this is fine too. I appreciate your work.

>> No.52089974

Can someone draw my character from the waist-up?
Preferably a frontal perspective, holding the gun in a relaxed way like that soldier.

>> No.52089995

Another reference for the Tommy gun.

>> No.52090082


I'll give it a shot

>> No.52090148

Hey spook this is not really a serious or pressing request as I got a great picture for this a year or two ago.
Anyways it's a creature with a humanoid shape orange wrinkly skin, but no legs and six arms, furthermore all of its joints are round spheres covered in green slime.
It has a hole oozing green slime on its torso, above that a big eye with two purple horns protruding from its sides.
It's face is covered by a mask that covers everything but it's vertical mouth, it has five eyes on its head four in pairs of two where they would normally be and one on the top of the head so that it would look straight up in a normal standing position.
I know that this is a overly long and specific request but as I said its not urgent or anything, also feel free to simplify it if you decide to give it a go.

>> No.52090257

Shit, this is awesome

>> No.52090354

3rd party, just wanted to say that both that concept and illustration rock.

>> No.52090417

Half Dragon/insect abominations.

>> No.52090709

somehow, the description gave me a goofy impression about it

>> No.52090728

glasses, gloves, lamplight, no body, nobody

>> No.52091149

Hello drawthread, I'd like to request an image of my Ork Rigger prodigy for an upcoming game of Shadowrun.

She's mostly like the girl in the middle - a young Ork, around 16 to 18 years old, with pale green skin and mostly humanoid features, with the exception of pointed ears and short tusks. Her right eye is replaced with a cybernetic (something similar to the image on the upper-left) and her right arm is blatantly cybernetic, mostly similar to the arm on the right, except with normal-looking fingers rather than visible razor claws.

She's wearing expertly-tailored heavy black cargo pants and a white strap top with a grey honeycomb (hexagons) pattern on the sides. On top of the shirt, she's got a leather... I guess you could call it a micro-bolero-jacket? Basically the thing on the far left.

Finally, she would ideally have one of her customized combat-drones hovering near her. They're basically grittier, more industrial-looking versions of the drone on the bottom (blockier, less rounded edges, possibly clusters of exposed wires, that sort of thing).

Thank you in advance!

>> No.52091171

Fuck, I forgot. She should have this sort of hairstyle rather than the half-shaved one.

>> No.52092233


>> No.52092383

Donald Trump as a Dragon-Blooded human for an Urban Arcana game.

>> No.52092596


>> No.52092719

Requesting a paladin character guy.

The picture pretty much has it all, I'd like him to be in that pose, BTFOing a zombie, surrounded by more zombies. Wearing that kind of armor, and wielding that kind of weapon.

>> No.52093382

>implying that's a bad sound

>> No.52094482

Requesting an archaeologist style rogue.

I'm looking for a male human rogue with armor/clothing similar to the bottom left (hood down) maybe with a sheathed shortsword and a few daggers strewn about his person, with a few scrolls/maps sticking out of his pack like in the right pic. Short hair and short facial hair like in the top left with a somewhat neutral expression. Thanks!

>> No.52094857


>> No.52095828

Request Tiefling Female, she is 10, she has circular glasses, thick curly hair similar to the Tiefling image above and carries around a thick book she uses for writing stories and drawing pictures. Her horns are similar to the picture to the far left, she has the same skin color as the image on the far left.

>> No.52095895

Anyone got the original comics?

>> No.52095923

Say, if you already have a whole comic drawn by Big M, why are you pestering us with drawings of the same shit?

>> No.52095950

Right here.

I think he's just using that as an example of the character he's trying to get.

>> No.52096044

This >>52095950 anon is correct, my mistake for not saying that.

>> No.52096078


>> No.52096253


>> No.52096294

Piss off

>> No.52096316


>> No.52096341

You would really be mad if you knew who that OR was.

>> No.52096485

The White Knight faggots to the resque of somebody who doesn't need them, even when the OR already recognized his mistake.
Don't you have retarded waifu requests to make or some shit?

>> No.52096511

Bumping, my request is getting lonely

>> No.52096550

I'm not trying to rescue anyone at all, I don't know what you're on about?

>> No.52096590

Not him, but who cares the identity of a nobody, in /tg/ from all places?

>> No.52096621

>>52096590 to be specific >>52085407 wanted to know where she was and >>52095828 is the answer.

>> No.52096773

Pfffff hahahahaha
So a nobody who draws.
Not exactly a reason to get mad, you know

>> No.52096789


>> No.52096827 [SPOILER] 

>typing out laughter in an attempt to put someone down

You just look stupid when you do that, anon. And I bet you only rag on salt because of her friend charlotteanon.

>> No.52096871


>> No.52097292

Oh shit, thanks my dude!

>> No.52097395


>> No.52098418

shameless bump

>> No.52098463


>> No.52098692

That character is so cute
But he's forever ruined to me by the horsecock and anal rodeos pics

>> No.52098792

>ruined for having too big a dick and plowing some sweet ass

That's a dumb reason to stop liking a character.

>> No.52099029


>> No.52099118

>implying you wouldn't get them thighs

>> No.52099230

Things stop be cute when they have an horsecock, anon. They become intimidating.

>> No.52099246

wait someone 34ed >>52097395 this?

>> No.52099249

What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.52099317

iirc it's a pc of some other drawfag. the porn is of the tiefling guy and that one masked waifu.

>> No.52099322

The adult male tiefling is the boytoy of a /tg/ artist's OC

>> No.52099339

That guy is the husband of the masked mage from those Charlotte pics.

>> No.52099349

The canon is that Salt was unsatisfied by charlotteanon's dick so she made a character who was cursed with a horse's cock

>> No.52099367

requesting a young blonde half elf in this armor. either in the pose of the gentleman in the reference sheet, or sitting cross legged sewing some cloth.

>> No.52099420

I feel like something happened while I was away. what's all this about Charlotte and horse cocks?

>> No.52099467

You guys literally can't resist Charlotte bait, can you? Somehow over a year later, here you guys are still talking about it.


>> No.52099493


Charlotteanon and Salt were boning last year (which explains all of the free art they got) but Salt wanted bigger dicker so now her mask waifu OC is slamming that horsecock tiefling.

Or something, I don't know.

>> No.52099495

Requesting either one of these two DH characters.

>Former IG medic turned mob doctor for hive gangs. Male, mid 40s, skinny, short dark hair. He did his combat time on a planet that was big on chemical warfare so he'd have a rebreather or gas mask. No preference of whether the mask is on his face or his belt. Uniform would be a patchwork of his old IG uniform (I don't have an existing IG regiment in mind, but something more rag tag like the pic than a Krieger) and hive gang clothing

>Feral world psyker with Astra Telepathica background. Focus on divination. Tall, wiry, wild hair, mid 30s. Outfit is a combination of Astra Telepthica robes and pictish/celtic style feral worlder clothing. I'm thinking some woad paint and bleached up hair

Thanks in advance if anyone decides to take one of these.

>> No.52099526

Charlotte is unrelated to horsecocks, but Salt character (which is one of her friends I guess ?) is married to a tiefling with an horsecock.
Follow up, anon.

Nah anon, Salt OC was ever married to that tiefling, that's a part of her character if I remenber well.

I should have known better than bring the subject.

>> No.52099574


>> No.52099619

He's being literal. Salt the drawfag was fucking Charlotteanon the player. Salt is a grill, or so I heard.

>> No.52099640


Charlotteanon is a guy, Salt is a girl, free art explained by trading in sexual favors.

Open and close case, gentlemen.

>> No.52099657


Or they're just friends and gift stuff to each other sometimes..?

>> No.52099658

>these faggots STILL can't stop shitting up drawthreads

Report them. Ban them. It's the only way.

>> No.52099676

>Salt the drawfag was fucking Charlotteanon the player
But I thought Salt had a boyfriend

>> No.52099768

Bumping this Arabic qt amongst all of the shitposting.

>> No.52099912

Do you have just the older gentlemen?

>> No.52099952

If I take the mask off will she die?

>> No.52099972 [SPOILER] 

No, but the porn gets hotter.

>> No.52099983

She's not Bane, so no.

>> No.52099994


>> No.52100054


>> No.52100100

Giving this the second bump for this thread.

>> No.52100287

And Charlotteanon a wife. Can't help shits being a shit though.

>> No.52100315

Yeah fucking cheaters

>> No.52100378

Bumping again!

>> No.52100384

how do you know they're fucking?

>> No.52100516


>> No.52100571

I was wondering if I could get art of my dwarven cleric.
I've attached a picture. She should be wearing robes similar to those in the far right corner, except grey instead of red, and dark grey instead of orange with no belt. She should be wearing the symbol of Ulaa (mountain goddess) around her neck on a gold chain (center and left images at the top) She should be swinging a warhammer like the gold one pictured in the middle left image, except in silver.
If you could show that she's also carrying a hand axe like bottom left that'd be cool. Ideally she'd be wearing boots like the ones pictured on the bottom right. For pose, she'd be about the same as the dwarf in the picture but female, and from a more side on angle (but not quite in profile). She also has tan skin, freckles, and no beard.
Thanks in advance and sorry this is so picky :)

>> No.52100883

Ok I'm going to try my luck. I'm requesting a image of a ranger I'm going to be playing in a up coming game. He's from from a Not!China nation on a quest of personal redemption.

>> No.52101337

Thank you. Too few images of horned folk suit my tastes, so this is a much appreciated addition to my collection.

>> No.52101437

Does she look 16-18, making her like 10-12 years old or actually 16-18 years old making her look 21-24?

>> No.52101535

Well dont be stingy. Post the link.

>> No.52101602


>> No.52101863

Requesting my mandalorian bounty hunter.

>> No.52102287

Who are these supposed to be?

>> No.52102303


Ok, now that it's pencilled and properly scanned, here's progress

>> No.52102354


>> No.52102487

The former, because Shadowrun.

>> No.52102528

You mean

>The former, I'm a pedophile.

>> No.52102606

Not him, but why do people automatically assume any female character is just fapbait? And wouldn't it have made more sense for him to make an elf in that case so he could have a 20yo who looks like 13 or whatever?

>> No.52102626

Not just any female character, anon, but a 10 year old female character who (let's be honest here) is being played by a 20+ year old man.

>> No.52102635

not if you're a lolicon who wants them to be underaged

>> No.52102651

>Not him

Anon pls

>> No.52102765


>> No.52102777

I got that, but who are they? Context clues tell me that they are pretty much disliked for the most part for some reason.

>> No.52102800

OC's that have created drama in the thread before because of widespread popularity.

>> No.52102811

Oh. Is there any place I could get more info?

>> No.52102895 [SPOILER] 

Valla the half-orc barbarian, Charlotte the paladin, and Naeva the mage; they were PCs that got requested around the same time that got sorta popular (for being random requests in a drawthread). The mage's player drew this of them, which is where those clips came from.

There's a vocal base of people here that don't like Charlotte or any of the others by relation because the attention ate up several threads. They had their own quarantine threads for awhile before leaving for Discord. That would be the best place to look if you had any interest to past this.

The other character is a /tg/ frankenwaifu I don't know a whole lot about.

>> No.52102912

Fucking Orcs are full grown adults by 12, smart guys.

>> No.52102924

You're still playing a 10 year old little girl, no sense in pretending it's for any reason other than your weiner feels good.

>> No.52102933

How do I find them on Discord?

>> No.52102938

Ever play an elf under 120?

>> No.52102952


>> No.52102962

You know Orcs are middle aged by 20, right?

>> No.52102967

Justify it however you want to, pedoanon.

>> No.52102989

You're a fucking idiot.
>I don't understand other races!

>> No.52102994

Keep replying with your memeposts as much as you want, you're the one who diddles kids.

>> No.52103005

>Stop it, get some help
>says the pedophile

There's a thick irony here.

>> No.52103008

No one here plays Shadowrun, I guess.

>> No.52103012

Just pedos.

>> No.52103028

OR here. She looks 16 because I shamelessly ripped off Gaige for most of her appearance. She's 10 because SR Orks age twice as fast as humans, and my GM won't let me play an actually-16-year-old Ork without having her look like she's in her 30s.

>> No.52103036

tl;dr kiddie porn, got it.

>> No.52103038

>she has to be 10 because how can I jerk it to anything other than an underaged teen

>> No.52103043

No, because Orks are dead by 40. It would be like only playing 30 year old humans.

>> No.52103060

I can't hear you over all of your rationalizing.

>> No.52103069

Never play elves, because then you have a fetish for decrepit, dying old people.

>> No.52103081

Good thing I don't play elves. Also, could you be any more mad right now? All you have to do is stop replying you know that?

>> No.52103084

twenty bucks says this guy is an unemployed 20-year-old living with his parents playing predominantly underaged female characters like most of /tg/

>> No.52103091

>this thread right now.

>> No.52103114

I'll wager that this guy is

Plays only females
Most if not all are very young
Exception of one or two males to throw off the scent to his game group
Poor health
Lives with his parents.

>> No.52103256


>> No.52103336

I would like to request a mushroom rogue.
not an animate one, just a regular mushroom dressed as a rogue.

>> No.52103446


>> No.52103459


>> No.52103718

>check thread
>thought it couldn't get worse than the waifu shitters vs waifu haters of the past
>autistic screeching over age of fictional characters
>It's not even worth the art anymore

>> No.52103725

i feel this so hard.

>> No.52103765

Welcome to 4chan; this is what happens when someone swallows the bait hook, line and sinker.

>> No.52103827

I'mma just bump this and come back when it's time for new thread...

>> No.52104033


A singular eye set within crystal, lines and sigils carved along it's surface.

The eye be glowering dangerously-like.

>> No.52104222

Bumpenwerfer. Aus dem Weg Shitposters!

>> No.52104355

What the everloving fuck happened in here

>> No.52104366

The same thing that always happens.

>> No.52104380

These fucking numbers happened goddamn

>> No.52104690

I already bumped my own request thanks, no need for you to do it too.

>> No.52104792

The takeaway from this is that I fuckin love Charlotte.

>> No.52104838


>> No.52105170


>> No.52105562

Adeptus Bumpus

>> No.52105882

>cannot into art

I tried, in case anyone wants laugh at my gimp ass attempt.

>> No.52106006

Self deprecation doesn't improve the product.

>> No.52106033

I mean the body is pretty good. Did you lift that from somewhere?

Coming into a volunteer art thread and bitching about it probably doesn't help either.

>> No.52106063

I think you've misunderstood my comment completely if you think I'm bitching about anything.

>> No.52106082

the more important thing is that an attempt was made to deliver a product, which - playing in a group of good artists - is pretty big.

somewhere from pintrest, tried heromachine and didn't like it so I used a template

>> No.52106336


>> No.52106622

Requesting my NPC sitting nonchalantly in a (now) closed bar, with a few bloodied corpses scattered around.

>> No.52106692

Bumping this one more time

>> No.52106879

>people triggered by someone wanting to play a child

lol neck yourselves seriously you repressed retards

>> No.52106900


>> No.52106935

Anon, we're moving on to the next shitpost topic, nobody cares that you play with the bits of children anymore.

You're not relevant.

>> No.52106993

Would anybody be up for colouring this? Red hair, pallid skin, white robe

>> No.52107265

Thread not dead yet?
Taking a few quickie requests until the thread dies. Preferably undead. Vampires need not apply

>> No.52107286

Requester here. I didn't properly thank you last time, but getting a closer look at the flower I have to say that is DAMN impressive what you did there. Thank you again for your work. I appreciate it.

>> No.52107518


>> No.52107716

Requesting a Soldier with armor resembling that of Obliesk the Tormentor wielding a spear.

>> No.52107744

Inst Obelisk the Tormentor just fucking demon steroid swole and naked?

>> No.52107905

He's more of a symbol of power, judjment, and order.

>> No.52107924

How come we never got more cards like this

>> No.52108174

Pls thank you

>> No.52108276

Why do you insist on wasting bumps, anons?

>> No.52108487

Requesting Charlotte and Mask Waifu being cute!


>> No.52108626

here u go

>> No.52108628


>> No.52108803

Die thread! You don't belong in this world!

>> No.52108847


Aw shucks, thanks guys

>> No.52108933

It's just going to happen again in the next one.

>> No.52108950

i would like to make a request for my summoner character. She is a younger woman, around 23 years old. she wears a tattered white sundress, thigh high socks, and a simple black choker. she has blue eyes, and short black hair parted over to the side.

She summons a potato-sack/rag-doll/scarecrow specter. he is very tall and lanky with a sort of jack skeleton or slenderman build, with an upside down egg(ish) head, button eyes, and stitches segmenting his body. I would like for the girl to be looking weak and beaten up, but with her summon looming over her. thanks in advanced!

>> No.52108988

thread's dead anon

>> No.52109006

Is there any type of clothing you prefer her to wear, or can I just go nuts?

>> No.52109047

Not him, but go nuts

>> No.52109867

she is a young dragon barbarian

>> No.52110427

new thread please

>> No.52110495

Make one then, faggit

>> No.52110521

new thread, please.

>> No.52110790

New Thread

>> No.52110943

They post a link to the discord every now and then

>> No.52110947

/tg/ drawthreads are particularly, consistently bad, even compared to other drawthreads.

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