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Dark Angels suck

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Hold brother, thy choler is up

Let us swear an oath of moment on Caliban to cease this foolishness.

>> No.52042977

are Raptora Breachers actually worth their price now?

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Is there any other Luna Wolves color / insignia image than book 1 mk2 version and book 7 mk4 version page?

>> No.52042994

t. salty Night Lord

>> No.52043054

Sure why not.
Could see them being super nasty in ZM with the extra plus one invul.
Plus a kit bash with TK shields would look pretty boss.

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Why the shitty thread picture?

>> No.52043135

3 destroyers down, 7 to go.

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These look great, but aren't you going to paint the scroll on the power fist?

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Looks cool, can destroyers take melta bombs tho?

>> No.52043205

Nah a real scroll would have burnt off either from the toxic gear they're using, or from activating the power fist.

>> No.52043221

They're counts as Phosphex. I was gonna paint tiny radiation symbols on them but my free hand isn't good enough.

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These are beautiful. Destroyers are my favourite thing about 30k and you do them such justice and more.

>> No.52043266

It's time to paint. What are your hobby goals for this week /hhg/?

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Am I the only one who likes pre-Primarch 1kSons colours? They're very heraldic. Very knightly.

>> No.52043321

I used GK psyk-out grenades with the skulls on them.

>> No.52043322

This week I'm planning finishing building a Triaros and 10 Secutarii peltasts. If I get time then I want to undercoat them and start painting my mechanicum force. Going for a metallic green look (leadbelcher sprayed over the model then thin tamiya clear green coats on relevant armour plates).

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>when your post-human veteran of a thousand wars finds out he's actually a model in a miniature wargame

>> No.52043335

Talladega knightly?

>> No.52043381

>When the warp kicks in

>> No.52043382

I hate you, but only because of how good that was. Fuck you. You're awesome.

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Draft a 2000pt Tsons list, and rummage through my cabinets for spare hulls and get some balsawood

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Still trying to decide what legion to start. It's going to come down to doing a couple of test models and seeing which I prefer/which I can better do justice, but I'd want to build them in different marks: if I do Iron Hands I'd want to do them in Mk III; if I do Blood Angels I'd want to do them in Mk IV. So I can't just grab a single box to do test models, and buying two boxes will leave some left over, so trying to work out the cheapest way to do this, and generally being a procrastinating little shit as a result.

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The simple answer is Mechanicum

>> No.52043644

You monster.

That was actually the third option, but given I'd be in it for the tanks (krios, triaros and macrocarids, not reductor artillery) not the robots, I'd probably be missing the point.

>> No.52043646

Paint a 15 man TS tactical squad.

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Now that Inferno is out, and all the late edition 40K furfaggotry is missing from the Sixth Legion, how many people expect bandwagon fans to jump on the Vlka Fenryka?

>> No.52043669

Ordo Reductor spams tanks and artillery and pretty much nothing else

Also that's Monstrous Creature to you

>> No.52043689

>the Vlka Fenryka

Fuck off with that shit.
Nothing worse than being to embarrassed to call a Legion/Chapter by it's proper name.

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Finish my fucking AL seekers. I've had [email protected] for over 12 months now, and still havent painted everyting. fuck me i have only finished my fuckign termintors, takes me so long

how do you motivate yourself to paint /hhg/?

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I can't wait for all the Current Edition furfags to jump to 30k. Deathsworn wulfens, plain wolf guard terminators, grey hunters as grey slayers, thunderwolf jet bikes, etc.

>> No.52043772


Most of my Wolves are 1991 beakies in actual gray paint jobs, so I look more like a Scouring era force, or a late Heresy refit. I have bought a total of two miniatures since 2002.

>> No.52043784

I've painted up 2 bac boxes, and started my mechanicum in that time anon, gitgud.

>> No.52043800

even when i do paint, i am so slow, ahhhhhhhhhhh

>> No.52043801

>thunderwolf jet bikes
AKA Leaping Wolves

>> No.52043832

>tfw no helmet

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Looking to start building a Dangel Army capitalising on their Close Combat rules, mostly by equipping them with as many swords as possible and using special ammo to debuff WS5 enemies. I'm aware this isn't the best tactic, but man I love me some medieval knights.

Question is: what do you guys reckon would be the best cc unit to drop my Praetor in?

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Force yourself into a painting routine and stick with it, don't stop until everything is done. Become familiar how much you can paint in a specific time (a day, a week etc.) and structure your painting schedule.

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Nope, you can do just fine without Reductor arty in a mechanized list, even if it is nice to have about. Use the Reductor variant anyway, buffs still excellent, take an Archimandrite, Secutarii Axiarch and a Magos Reductor. Use the Titan Guard as your line troops after 2 comp Thallax, units of 20 Peltasts in Triaros or 12 Hoplites in an Arvus. Then add some Myrmidon Destructors in a Macrocarid, which can be Decima's DT if loyalist, and a battery or two of Krios Venators, plus maybe some Vulturax or Lightnings, then add whatever. Bingo, list that can do most things, even if it might struggle slightly against Custodes due to lack of S10. Avoid vanilla Krioae and the Karacnaros as a rule, all other Mechanicum vehicles are shiny as hell.

People always obsess over killing high T monstrous creatures when dealing with Mechanicum, too, so you'll have some of the element of surprise for a while.

>> No.52043918

Not the best choice by any means but I am making a 10 man weapon master veteran squad to accompany my praetor in games. Add other consuls and apothecaries to flavour.

>> No.52043926

Fuck, you are right anon, i will do this! i will make a schedual for myself . Cheers man

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Someone mentioned Flesh Tearers finding a Lunawolf in stasis in 40k. What happened to the poor guy? Deathwatch or execution?

>> No.52043936

All with axes should add, plus some stasis grenades, 40 WS5 S5 AP2 attacks on the charge, 30 for every round after that. The stasis grenades debuff anything that might be a problem for their WS5.

>> No.52043951

I think he was brought up to date with everything that had happened to the galaxy then he got mad and stole a space ship and flew away. It was only a throwaway bit of fluff from the Black Legion supplement.

>> No.52043963

Nice, could drop combi nade-launchers with stasis shells to ensure that WS drop as well. Might steal this idea.

>> No.52043973

Reeeeee. Deserter!

>> No.52043981

Is there a difference between buying the Dark Vengeance starter set and buying something like the Dark Angel Gauntlet Tactical Squad? I'm trying to get starting playing DA and I'm not sure how to format my army, looking around 1000 points since that's what my LGS plays. I'm holding off on the codices since I don't want to get hamstringed by 8th edition. What are some "safe" buys until then?

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Does a TS Assault Squad sound like a good idea?

>20 Assault Marines
>+1 HoW from jump pack
>+1 HoW from Arcana power
>40 HoW attacks on the charge

>> No.52044012


He probably saw the state of the Imperium for himself and then joined a local Deathwatch chapter as a Blackshield.

>> No.52044020

This is 30k, if you are meant to be here the BaC or BoP sets will serve you better. If not then find the 40k general in the archives.

>> No.52044029

Wrong thread chum, I'd hop it before someone gets mad.

>> No.52044040

to get all those HoWs, you'll need that every model is in bse contact with the enemy at Initiative 10. 20 models will hardly manage to do that, unless you spread them well (which might make you pass on terrain and lose 2" to charge speed.

>> No.52044047

I know Mk3 jump packs aren't fluffy but damn it's cool

>> No.52044079


Good point. Then maybe I should just run 1 squad of 10? 20 HoW attacks for half the cost! Or is it too gimmicky and situational?

>> No.52044081

One issue I can see is you need to get into base-to-base contact to make a HOW hit, which may be tricky with 20. There's probably a magic number that means you're not wasting points on extraneous models, but have enough dudes to absorb casualties/get plenty of HOW hits, but damned if I know what it is.

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Are Iron Warriors a viable chapter to play? I really like their aesthetic but I havent seen many lists.

>> No.52044114

It's interesting, but maybe giving them combat shields and Raptora would be better?

>> No.52044118

>not using dark vengace in your games
pff i bet you dont even use death watch models for raven guard

>> No.52044125

Only if other players in your meta make you bitter

>> No.52044129

Ride the iron fire brother

>> No.52044133

>but I havent seen many lists.
Is this your first thread? IW are one of the most popular legions.

>> No.52044135

Seeing that production MkVIs and their machinery were rescued from Mars during the Schism, SW were on Terra during the Heresy and there's art of MkVI SW on Prospero,

There's really no evidence that some legions didn't use certain marks and any claims that they didn't are usually backed up with "because I don't like it, get out of muh 30kay, reeeee!"

>> No.52044151

To my shame its true, however I've been thinking of proxying Wulfen as some kind of early Black Dragons prototype...

>> No.52044173

please dont, i was jokeing around. wulfun are the worst space marine models around, pleaase plase please dont

>> No.52044204

Lol relax anon, I was being mean about the guy that got shouted out of HHG and WIP a few weeks back for his "heresey era BD prototypes".

>> No.52044209

Yeah it is my first thread. I used to play warmachine but my LGS went balls deep in warhammer so I'd like to make the switch. I guess my problem was not knowing the difference between 30k and 40k. I saw 40k CSMs painted as IW and assumed it was the same thing and the 30k name was appended because of Forge World...

>> No.52044216

oh jesus why

>> No.52044229

Except Vlka Fenryka is the proper name.

>> No.52044252

Nah, it's the stupid Abnett Name created in Prospero Burns.
Meanwhile Space Wolves goes all the way back to Rogue Trader.

>> No.52044262

I bet you call the Legionnes Astartes "Space Marines".

>> No.52044269


>+3 points for combat shields

Wow. I didn't notice that. I don't know though. I'll stew on it some more, but the combat shield+raptora combo would give the unit survivability past the deep strike turn.

>> No.52044298

I bet you call the Astartes Ultra "the ultramarines"

>> No.52044314

What is the hatred of Space *noun*?

It's not "Space Wolves", it's "Vlka Fenryka." It's not "Space Sharks" it's "Carcharodons." It's not "Space Marines" it's "Legiones/Adeptus Astartes."

>> No.52044342


>it's the Stupid Annette Name

Prospero burns was the last breath of good SW fluff for a decade until inferno

>> No.52044351


Sounds like something children would call their little toys before bashing them together in a game of makebelieve over a table counter using imaginary daydreams written in a digital scrapbook.

>> No.52044374

>What is the hatred of Space *noun*?

Immature people thinking they're mature by rejecting perceived immaturity for something they perceive to be more mature.

>> No.52044376

It's called High Gothic, pleb.

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>> No.52044387

Too busy to slog through anything.
Maybe finally finish my Imperial Fists Praetor I've earmarked the 2015 Centurion as.

>> No.52044402

So, why aren't all legions, chapters, regiments, etc. named as such?

>> No.52044405

I bet you call the Praetoria Mortalis "the Death Guard".

>> No.52044409

And people actually trying to say "Vlka Fenryka" sound far more stupid than those saying "Space Wolves."

>> No.52044421


>> No.52044425

This is correct.

>> No.52044435

test both and them share results with us!
Don't forget to add a chaplain there

>> No.52044460

I pronounce it "Vul-ka"..

>> No.52044466


Filii Mille

>> No.52044470

It's not "Vlka Fenryka" it's
"Spatium Rapaces."

>> No.52044482

I say 'Vyl-ka'...

>> No.52044490

Iron Hands: "Ferrus Manus".


>> No.52044545

Wait, got a better one:
Milia Filiorum

>> No.52044553

I've been using a unit of assault marines with combat shields as ALfag, and they've done nicely so far.

But ofcourse the latest legion does it better.

>> No.52044591


>Angelis Tenebris
>Imperator Filori
>Ferrum Pugnacii
>Alba Lucendii
>Lupus Spatii
>Dominus Nocti
>Ferrus Manus
>Orbis Devorandum
>Praetoria Mortalis
>Filorum Millenius
>Luna Lupii
>Signifier Logii
>Praetoria Corvus
>Legiones Unum


>> No.52044593

Verbum Ursi.

>> No.52044609

what weapons do you give them?

>> No.52044621

I did it in the name of My Dudes, not quite expecting the amount of autism I'd get here.

No one I play with cares, at least. Though I'm limiting myself to one wulfen-leg squad (at least in part cause they're a pain in the dick to convert). Might get Gal Vorbak and cover up the WB icons if I feel the need for more heresy.

>> No.52044624

>Imperium Pugnacii

>> No.52044781

sergant with poweraxe, meltabomb, and artificer armour, but that's it. Their job is to assault shooty units, and just survive untill the Lernaean can charge in if they get assaulted by some nasty melee unit ... and 57 melee attacks is usually enough already to kill ten dudes with missile launchers. Maybe not in a single assault phase, but staying in combat for an extra turn so they can't be shot at is very nice.

>> No.52044806

Finish the 20 tacticals, Ahriman and tartaros for TS and the 10 grey hunters and geigor, possibly basecoat the sisters and custodes. Like to model in my off time so thinking of getting a contemptor for some conversions.

>> No.52044874


>high gothic

How about chogorian

>white scars
>白痕 Bai Hen

>> No.52044884

Hate the down syndrome head that Forgeworld gave Sigismund. Decided to swap it with one of the best facial sculpts they ever did.

>> No.52044939

Nice base.

>> No.52044949

Are there supposed to be mushrooms on his right pauldron?

>> No.52044967

the whole sculpt is wacky, it's not just the head

>> No.52044983

Pugnacii is warriors, not fists.
It's related to "pugnus" which is fist, but "pugnator" is warrior, from "pugna", which is "conflict".

>> No.52045006

I'll never get over how skinny marine legs must be to fit into the MkII.

>> No.52045043

Also look at his arms !

Sigismund must be a stick figure inside of that armour.

>> No.52045068

You can get the Betrayal at Calth Chaplain character for pretty cheap on eBay. But I suppose that’s not quite the same as a normal dude, and the BoP equivalents aren’t generic enough to be useful. Honestly, I’d just get the cheapest marines you can – even if that means Mk VII snap-fit from a starter box or paint set. Don’t count on using them in your army, but they’ll serve well enough to know if you like painting black or red.

Both colors are hard to add depth to. For IH I like the idea of using a very dark metallic gray and washing with purple. Then highlight with a warm tone. For BA, highlight with Tau Light Ochre (I think that’s Vomit Brown’s replacement). But I’m still not sure what the best wash/shade is for red.

>> No.52045141

FW really should have just updated the Emperors Champion model and made it look like the cover of the Templar short story.

>> No.52045153

>>Alba Lucendii
I would've said Cicatrices Albae. Generally speaking, you have a lot of them in the wrong word order.

>> No.52045159

Me too, Vul-ka Fen-ree-ka, but the true space wolf way is to say it however you damn well want and challenge whoever disagrees to a fight

>> No.52045163

why not play them as the deformed raven guard raptors (RG best legionnes astartes)

>> No.52045208

Damn it, I knew I was forgetting something, Consonants, Vowels, Diphthongs and Fightin' Words.

>> No.52045236

kek nice one

>> No.52045240

That's Mandarin. You're looking for Mongolian. I don't know Mongolian so here's what Google Translate says (take with a grain of salt):
>tsagaan sorvi

>> No.52045247

I just call them The Rout.

>> No.52045274

>You're looking for Mongolian
Valkoiset Arvet

>> No.52045331

mah west mongolian snownigga

>> No.52045334

Did it on purpose for the IW/IF meme.
Did it on purpose because the Scar is a lightning bolt and White Lighting is a cheap drink, thought it was funny.
I also changed some order and letters because it sounded cooler.
It's High Gothic, not a direct google translation to latin.

but that's just, like, my opinion an all.

>> No.52045363

Now I'm Emperor of the Humans
A real milky way VIP
I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what botherin' me
I wanna be a god, godspawn
And stroll right into the warp
And be just like the other gods
I'm tired of mundanin' around!

Oh, ooh-bee-doo, (Oop-dee-wee)
I wanna be like you-hu-hu (Hop-dee-doo-bee-do-bow)
I wanna walk like you (Cheep)
Worshipped like you (Cheep)
To-o-oo! (Wee-bee-dee-bee-dee-boo)
You'll see it's tru-u-ue (Shoo-be-dee-doo)
An man like me-e-e (Scooby-doo-bee-doo-bee)
Can learn to be

Now don't try to kid me, godspawn
I'll make a deal with you
What I desire is hells red fire
To make my dream come true!
Now give me the secret, godspawn
Come on, clue me what to do
Give me the power of hells red flower
So I can be like you!

>> No.52045379

After reading that shit I can't imagine how Abnett is half as lauded as he is, the writing was a joke compared to McNeill or virtually any BL author. In a series as shoddily written as HH that's pretty damning.

>> No.52045380

Good call on the White Lightning.

All the word-switching drives me nuts. Sure, it’s not supposed to be Latin but anyone who’s studied any Latin at all is going to see Latin. And we’re going to see that they’ve renamed the Imperial Guard “Stars of the Soldiers” because it sounded cooler than the reverse.

>> No.52045397

The Vulva Paprika?

>> No.52045430

The flying pup striker?

>> No.52045450

He's a much better writer when he's doing his own thing rather than writing for a multi author megaplot.

>> No.52045467

>what're you looking at, smooth skin?

>> No.52045475

>compared to McNeill
While he was still good during the ATS / PB process, he's one of the worst they have now. Something drained his mighty power.

>> No.52045555

Probably writing 700 Gaunts Ghosts novels and spin offs.
He is in Stephen King mode now.

>> No.52045616

I really wanted to ramp up the afflictions on this guy. Eyelids burnt off, tumours all over the neck and ear, face sliding off, giant boils.

I'm going to do 1 other unhelmed destroyer out of the 10. Anyone got any ideas? I'm thinking heavily burnt so far.

>> No.52045634

Completely normal, handsome even. Always take pictures with Joe Meltface looking over his shoulder.

>> No.52045649

I feel bad for the guy.

>> No.52045665


Amusingly that was originally an insult - that they were best at fighting people already running

>> No.52045692

Now I didn't really pay attention to the chorus and tried to make that fit to the Queen Highlander theme! Doh, it did sort of fit. Then I read the chorus and felt a chump

>> No.52045767


>> No.52045775

Okay guys, I've finally figured out what to do with the Chaika-terminator since I wasn't completely sold on the chaplain idea either. It's something I've always wanted to do too. A terminator command squad. Now I just need to find the right bits for a standard bearer.

>> No.52045810

How about the Custodian standard bit?

>> No.52045826

I'll probably use a real banner and try to actually paint something on it.

>> No.52045873

Is that Talisman game any good? It's on sale at the minute.

>> No.52045882


>> No.52045935

Rate my, 30k dark Angels/fallen

>> No.52045938

>Vlka Fenryka
Is that supposed to be some bastardized Icelandic or something?

>> No.52045953

The truest thing I've read all day.

>> No.52045958

Not bad, the colours are a bit flat though, how did you wash and highlight it?. Interesting scheme, what's your inspiration?

>> No.52045989

Could do with being a little less flat grey, but the pair of chequerboard patterns are done well - I'd make it more black or add more details

>> No.52046119

Damn that’s good.

If you’re trying to keep them different (not using the same weapons), a guy with facial scars or burns that look like greyscale in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire would be cool.

>> No.52046121

So I based in chaos black
Airbrush highlighted in eshin grey
Further highlight in administorum grey with air brush
Metals in gun metal from Vallejo
Leather brown for leather from reaper
Washed metals in nulin oil
Washed golds and brwons in argrax
Edge highlight in runefang
Edge highlighted armor in a mid grey

I don't wanna tone it down to much X the model is actually pretty back once you see it but the grey creates a better black that's a phone camera can't capture, looks more natural

The inspection was for 40k actually, making a fallen army for the GW contents and probably will end up being the start of a 30 k army.

>> No.52046124

In case anyone here has experience running Iron Hands Graviton Support squads, how good are they in various point ranges (ZM<1,5k, <2k, 2-3k, 3k+)?
Also on boys vs. toys, has anyone tried out Immortals Volkite spam? Wargear, rules and transport options make them look fucking sturdy.

>> No.52046250


They live in Mongolia but they clearly speak Chinese, considering what they name themselves and their ships

>> No.52046254

To fight monsters, we created Monstrous Creatures of our own.

>> No.52046287

Do we really need this here?

>> No.52046307

In the 40k thread they were saying it was "WAAC" to want him to be infantry and fit in transports and join squads.

>> No.52046353

Shocking Imperial Truth!

>> No.52046365

So come on mathammer anons, which rowboat wins in a fight?

>> No.52046384

Probably the one that comes back to life when you kill it

>> No.52046403



>> No.52046406

Look at those fucking CC stats. He can barely be taken down by Scoria, and even then he'll win like 44% of the time. He's balanced the same way Scoria is, by being slow as hell, and he pays for his army buffs and increased durability by not joining units. You want that dropping on your head from a Kharybidis with an escort?


See above. NewBoat wins any duel after 6 rounds because he'll eventually roll a 6 on the D chart, and even without that he'll kill OldBoat easily with a swarm of S10 AP2 hits at initiative with better WS for a while.

>> No.52046415

Yeah. I guess also, given primarch fights tend to go on for many rounds, Nu-Rowboat is going to roll some 6s to hit, and get enough D hits in to put down Rowboat Classic.

>> No.52046442

Don't assume that. I fought a squad of genestealers for two rounds, they threw 80 attacks total and got 2 rends in the outcome.

>> No.52046448

>Magnus gets weaker
>Guilliman gets stronger

Feels good to be a loyalist.

>> No.52046483

>>Magnus gets weaker and more expensive
>>Guilliman gets stronger and cheaper

>> No.52046555

>soul blaze

>> No.52046558

I haven't done the calculations exactly but I think neo-Gilly is stronger.

>2 more WS
>hits S10 AP1 at initiative, with armourbane to boot
>3++ versus 4++
>2 more attacks
>5+ FNP by default
>`has every command warlord trait meaning he:
>has move through cover, adds 1" to run&charge distances, and makes himself and every friendly within 12" reroll all ones to hit

AFAIK the thing 40k Gilly totally lacks that he has in 30k is IWND.

Just because his stats and rules are OP doesn't mean wanting him to do fluffy things is "WAAC".

Unless they literally rebuilt him one and a half times taller than he was when the Emperor made him, he should be able to stand alongside his troops.

Plus I'd hate to fight that in 40k with anything less than a knight.

Also reminder that The Emperor will be even more broken. ALL warlord traits, WS10, BS10, 10 wounds, 2++ invuln 5++ FNP, counts destroyer wounds as 1 wound, S8, T8, I8.

>> No.52046562

Hilariously enough it makes him useless when an avatar of khaine rolls through.

>> No.52046595

That's what Smurf Master Calgar sticks around for

>> No.52046646

>Jeeves, deal with this for me
>My name is Marneus, lord
>Be silent Jeeves

>> No.52046680

It seems like part of the page with the melee rules for the Hand of Dominion have been cut off

>> No.52046688

Primarch Magnus is less reliable, but has more potential. Also needs more of an army as support around him.

Daemon Primarch Magnus is more reliable, but 'only' has a 18'' Str D beam power. More of a one man army thanks to high toughness and lots of wounds in combination with being able to fly.

>Personally prefer 40k magnus

>> No.52046731

The Sword and Hand are just one weapon.

>> No.52046734


I don't know, personally I want my Reductor Archmagos to command fleets bristling with orbital strikes and rain Strength D Apocalyptic Mega-Blasts on the enemy before ever going near a battle and having Satarael-style backup bodies, but I don't get that myself because it would be OP as balls. Until I'm done converting Alexander Satarael and the Filiketos, that is. Lack of whales is suffering.... :)
Fluffy doesn't mean balanced, man.

He is now also much bulkier, thanks to that armour basically making him a Primarch dreadnought. He can't remove it or Cawl's life support ever, AFAIK.

Also, once the Emperor shows up I can and will work out how many Militia levies it takes to kill him. Or at least pin him in place a while.


It states they're used as one weapon "using the profile below" , so that's all he gets. Also means no +1 attack from two weapons.

>> No.52046739

What have I missed recently? Mount and Blade Warband has taken a lot of my time up.
Keked and checked.

>> No.52046766

What's "Recently"? You want a recap of Inferno,then? Not much has happened since apart from all the 40k things.

Capital taste in vidya, by the way.

>> No.52046803

I meant thread wise. We finally got a full PDF of Inferno?
>Capital taste in vidya, by the way
Thank you. I hate the Khanate and the Kingdom of the Nords with a passion.

>> No.52046820




>> No.52046851

Should have known better.

>> No.52046856

That we did, it's in the OP. Scanon's light shines once again. Not much happened otherwise, other than the usual bitching about everything new apart from Titan Guard, SoS and the Space Wolves, since we can leave the latter to B&C.

Personally I always liked the Nords, even if that shield wall bullshit is a pain you can run rings around it.. Fuck the purples, though. Horse archers are the worst.

>> No.52046857

Maybe he'll accidentally call him Marius Gage.

>> No.52046870

Head for a terminator standard bearer (DG)?




I like the reaver because of the mental image of the guy holding the banner high and screaming a warcry as enemies rush towards him. The dark fury head fits the DG aesthetic. The mor deythan head is just something completely different and I kinda like it but I'm not sure if it would look right.

>> No.52046907

Since I'm on my phone and can't get to a PDF I have one question. How did the SoHs involvement turn out? Was it just one marine with some popcorn and a camera or what?
>Personally I always liked the Nords, even if that shield wall bullshit is a pain you can run rings around it.
They keep raiding my fief.
> Fuck the purples, though. Horse archers are the worst.
My negro.

>> No.52046980

>Scoria continues to burn

>> No.52047046

>Titan Guard
Oh, we do bitch about them. A squad full of Haywire shots in an Arvus Lighter seems to make it not worth taking any non-titan super-heavy. Really, their rules seem very powerful in general - something you might expect in 40k but not HH.

>> No.52047065

>MC, no joining units
>moves 6" a turn, no other deployment option
Ha it's like they want him to be gunned down every game. RIP in pieces girlyman

>> No.52047103

I'd say outfitting your Medusans with Volkites is worth it, but not as much of a force-multiplier if you put the squad above 10 men.

You're right about the Immortals being good. I've never given them thought before, but in comparison to the Imperial Fists Phalanx Warders, I think it's clear the Immortals are a lot better, as they are good at more purposes than the Warders, AND good at what the Warders specialise at (objective-holding nuisances).

Medusans start with 5++ FNP and the IH -1 Toughness, while IF have to take a rite of war and pay ~50 points for an apothecary to get the same benefits (with the possibility for an augury scanner though), and they start off more expensive.
The other thing is that the upgrades for the Phalanx Warders seem to reward you for making them blobby, but they cost 25% more per extra man than the Immortals do (15 points per man versus 12), and their all-round upgrade (the Power Axe) costs twice as much as the Volkite Charger for the Medusas, even though the Axe represents losing basically all of the bonus the PWs get, since you won't be charged if you put too many axes in there.

So, let's compare making a 10-man assault-based squad with 5+ FNP for both squads, upgraded with their unit-specific wargear:
>Medusans: 250 base cost + 40 for 8 Volkite Chargers, +30 for two meltaguns, + 35 for sergeant armour, PW and melta bombs = 355
>Warders: 255 base cost + 80 for 8 power axes + 30 for two meltaguns + 25 for sergeant armour and melta bombs + 55 for AA apothecary = 445

>> No.52047139

Yeah at least daemon magnus can fly

Girlyman is going to have to facetank everything whilst the enemy runs rings around him unless a nearby psyker is kind enough to cast leviation on him.

>> No.52047149

>How did the SoHs involvement turn out?
5,000 SoH spending most of their time away from the front lines, secretly kidnapping civilian psykers in large numbers. They also used the opportunity to gauge loyalty in preparation for Isstvan III and probably did some purging right there through "friendly fire".

>> No.52047206

There was some Cthonian Imperial Army dudes there, about 9000. Before the actual battle, about 5000 Sons of Horus showed up to Russ' contingent of the Host, and lent him some Legio Mortis titans as well as access to the muntions of the Forge World of Beta-Garmon, where he loaded up on regular shooty, and also a fuckton of Phosphex and Exterminatus-class Mechanicum bullshit weapons, and themselves helped out in the assault.

Not sure whether there's anything else, but Legio Mortis takes a surprise assault from the Zhao-Arkkad Legio Xestiobax and loses a bunch of Titans before they wipe the enemy out.


Welcome to Scoria's world, Ultrasmurfs. In fact, he's faster, slightly less choppy and buffy but a bit more durable. He's Scoria 2.0 IMO.If he was any faster he'd be a tad imbalanced for 350.


Muhahahahah. Always nice to say Fuck You to Spartan deathstars, though, and we've had to deal with Marine pod suicides for years, and those can hurt shit aside from vehicles. Def. a strong tactic, though, and I feel bad for those who took Baneblade variants.

>> No.52047222

Cause I had the idea kicking around in my head, mostly.

Also I know nothing about RG.

>> No.52047252

Oh so Horus wanted some looting and loyalty gauging. That's neat. Thanks guys.

>> No.52047261

Truth be told, axes on the Phalanx are basically a no-go. And while axes are a bigger change than volkite, I still think Warders are overpriced Breachers with overpriced upgrades and a situational bonus, since they cost 65 points more than basic breachers for just the special rule that makes them harder to charge, while Medusans get the basic effects of an apothecary (that can't be removed) for 60 points (the cost of a pimped out apothecary), and cost 20% per less per extra man than a Phalanx Warder.

So whenever you can take Immortals instead of Breachers it's basically a straight upgrade, whereas phalanx warders are pricy enough not to be. Mad jelly.

So in my view, the two usable methods for Phalanx Warders are:
>MSU spam where you put two axes in and sit them on objectives (but in Stone Gauntlet you have to buy two basic breacher units anyway so they lose their specialness)
>The more effective strategy of a (preferably deep-striking) blob of 20 which has an apothecary, a handful of axes, and 4 plasma guns, whereupon you kite the enemy
Both of these are expensive and situational though, whereas the Medusan Immortals are good for:
>MSU spam where you camp them with grav guns
>MSU spam where you take them as more survivable Volkite support squads who can charge home and hit above their weight in melee thanks to the shield
>A big blob where you do a variant of the above and/or the Phalanx blob strategy (they aren't as specialised for this as the phalanx, but they cost 30 points less to blob up)

TLDR: Medusans are good for 5++ and Volkite spam, Phalanx Warders are overpriced and only good for plasma annoyance.
If you planned on using Medusans at all, I'm 75% confident you should give them the Volkites.

>> No.52047290

>Warders are overpriced Breachers
And Breachers are also overpriced Breachers.

>> No.52047321

The issue with equipping Warders with as much axes as you can is that the enemy will in all likelihood just try to avoid them. You want them assaulted for +1WS and +1T (which Immortals in melee don't get) while the enemy unit gets no bonuses.
So you have to try and hit that sweet spot where they fuck with the enemy at range, but also have enough punch to take them out in melee. And the Axe price should be toned down to 5 points, it gets horribly expensive as it is, as should be base cost.

On the other hand, Immortals get no melee buffs at all, but that's okay as they rely on their superior armour to make it to the enemy in numbers.

>I still think Warders are overpriced Breachers with overpriced upgrades
Same, what with UM Breachers getting power swords for 5pts/piece.
>If you planned on using Medusans at all, I'm 75% confident you should give them the Volkites.
I'm going to use Volkite anyway out of sheer cool factor.

>> No.52047340

Dark fury fits best imo

>> No.52047377

They would have been worth it if they kept the rule that gave them +1I when being charged, and merely specified that it made unwieldy weapons hit at I2.

>> No.52047517


You read Inferno too, good.>>52045692

>> No.52047570

It's a ridiculous name, since the 'rout' would be the broken army fleeing the battle not the pursuers. Yet again BL authors inject their startling ignorance into a military setting.

>> No.52047589

with eldar on the rise and primarchs who've died duelling strapping on power-crutches, the rumors are really demanding that Fulgrim take a minute from snorting the ashes of of exodites to make an appearance

he's also canonly already a Daemon Prince in the 30k lore after that fucked-up teamup with purdy Perturabo so what are you guys expecting from this for both 30k and 40k versions?

>> No.52047591

After the exothermic armour making stuff colder around it, I though that was a given!

>> No.52047653 [SPOILER] 

Funnily enough, in a moment of pottery, fulgrim has a new robotic form just like guilliman does.

>> No.52047677

>Am I the only one who likes pre-Primarch 1kSons colours?
Apparently. I'm actually wondering if the artist behind that pic was having a joke.

I really want FW to release that variant Mk II helmet though. It's also shown up on the Space Wolf field police dude, so there might be a chance.

>> No.52047709

Still got a long wait until anything Fulgrim related comes around in 30k and in 40k I doubt the daemon primarchs are going to be that involved. It is not as if GW will ever kill off Chaos so they don't need to do anything with them.

After AoS the future of 40k is anyones guess, there is nothing they won't do with a setting.

>> No.52047712

I bet you like void warfare troops in Mk I armour too.

>> No.52047784

Abnett's take on the Fenrisian in Prospero Burns is basically just a hodgepodge of shit from various related Northern Germanic languages. There's multiple translations for that name, depending on which language you assume "Vlka" comes from.

>> No.52047854

Yeah, my build (in my mind, because I'm still waiting for plastic breachers for Stone Gauntlet) is 2 Axes, and 2 Plasma. Two S5 AP2 hits aren't worth 10 points though, particularly when as you pointed out, for half the cost the Ultramarines can get 4 S4 AP3 hits with their basic breachers on the charge, in a scenario where they'll be choosing who to hit them with. Axes might actually be near-useless on the Phalanx Warders because you'll usually be charged by Terminators, who have a 50 or 33% chance of saving against each attack by the warder, assuming it hits and wounds to begin with.

I said 75% convinced because if you're strictly min-maxing, bolters and bolt pistols aren't that much worse, but I think you'll find them worth it with the Volkite.

>And Breachers are also overpriced Breachers.

Eh, maybe.
That might make them more useful as axe-wielders, but it's not enough when axes cost 10 points on top of the unit's existing overpricing, and if the bonus is purely reactive while on the defensive against charges.

>> No.52047951


>> No.52048014

Daemon Primarch replace their Sire of the [Legion] with Folly of the [Number], which is much weaker.

>> No.52048101

>I bet you like void warfare troops in Mk I armour too.

The Ashen Circle wear a variant of MkIII.

>> No.52048187

Looks like MkII. The arms are MkII, the pads are MkII, the groin plate is on the belt instead of the breastplate, the thighs are segmented, etc.

>> No.52048202

if this does go end of the 40k times, being an oppurtunist, I'd like to see him try setting up a mini empire of his own as he tries to snatch everything he can from the chaotic aftermath

maybe see a bunch of pleasure planets pop up

>> No.52048205

And the description of it in one of the books can't even decide if it's meant to be a variant of Mk III or IV.

>> No.52048252


Can you even read?

>> No.52048278

Where is that from?

>> No.52048281


The Ashen Circle is an old unit with legacy heraldry. They predate the MKIV Maximus plate, so there's no ambiguity on whether it's based on III or IV.

>> No.52048282

Doesn't mean every single Ashen Circle ever was in MkIV 'Iron' armour, bud.

>> No.52048295


Which pattern armour was called maximus again

>> No.52048311


>> No.52048327

>Where is that from?

Book V Tempest pg111. I don't see any evidence of MKIV parts on that marine.

>> No.52048382

>Which pattern armour was called maximus again

The lore says they are an old unit with old equipment predating Lorgar's return. The pict capture shows a marine wearing armor with modfied mkII/III style parts.

Are you going to look at "MKIII 'Maximus' power armour" and then assume, in spite of all other evidence to the contrary, they meant to write "MKIV 'Maxiumus' armour" ?

>> No.52048424

This clearly needs an FAQ.

>> No.52048436

>Doesn't mean every single Ashen Circle ever was in MkIV 'Iron' armour, bud.

No, but this provides ample evidence that some legions fielded Destroyers with jump packs and MKIII plate.

>> No.52048472

Has anyone tried magnetizing a Knight or a Titan? What size magnet and drill bits did you use?

>> No.52048476

The image in Tempest is definitely not Mk IV, despite the "Maximus" nomenclature. Whether it's Mk II or III is less clear, but I see more Mk III in it and the text supports that. Except it also has a gorget.>>52048205

>> No.52048487

Well, if the text is wrong, then we can't use it as evidence and we have to go with the model itself. Now, like I said, MkII arms (flared greaves, no extra plating), MkII pads (reinforced trim, no extra plate), torso is armoured up but the groin plate is not part of it, MkII style big buckle, greaves are solid plates like on a MkIII, true, but thighs are segmented like on a MkII.

Armoured up MkII if nothing else. If we accept that it's MkIII, then the whole "no MkIII assault marines" theory is debunked.

>> No.52048515

According to FW, at least, it's a collective noun used for packs of carrion dogs that fed on refugees in Terra's dry seas.

Interestingly it is a collective noun. But for a group of snails.

>> No.52048527

>then the whole "no MkIII assault marines" theory is debunked

Was this ever stated to be an actual rule, or just a stylistic preference on GW's part. I could swear that the BL fiction mentions MKIII and jump packs several times.

>> No.52048574

>Armoured up MkII if nothing else
Isn't Mk III just up-armored Mk II?

Do we think plastic breachers are a possibility? I suppose they might be... rumors said they had a Phall boxed game ready, and it's common for them to sit on boxed sets for a while until if it fits their release schedule. It made sense to release basic Mk IV+Cataphractii and Mk III+Tartaros boxes first. This fall/winter, they could either release a new armor mark (II, V, or VI) or start giving us breachers or assault marines. (Or best of all, Mk II plus breacher parts - but if I want it then it won't come true).

>> No.52048646

Here's the latest on Fulgrim, apparently he's goign after Guilliman.

>> No.52048647

>Isn't Mk III just up-armored Mk II?

Then it wouldn't count as a whole new mark anymore than MkIV with a chest plate would. MkIII is based on the MkII, but they did other modifications to it as well ("highly modified" is a term I've seen used) to make it more suitable for void combat as well. The rear armour is reduced to even out the weight.

I mean, technically MkVI and VII are quite close to each other, the MkVII being the final result of the R&D that started with the MkVI, but I wouldn't call MkVII just a better MkVI.

>> No.52048684

MkIII has always been a heavy and cumbersome suit suited and there hasn't been any real art or models depicting MkIII jump troops anywhere. I'm sure you can do it, but evidence of their existence is scarce.

>> No.52048739


In Master of Mankind, Zephon wears MKIII plate with a jump pack.

"Land turned, looking back over his shoulder as a tall shape emerged from the mist, becoming the Blood Angel Zephon. The twin turbines rising from his back like brutal machine wings swayed with the warrior’s gait. Battle-servitors trundled past, blind to anything beyond the Archimandrite’s guiding signal at the front of the column.

‘Greetings,’ said the pale Blood Angel. His portcullis-faced Mark III helm was under his arm, leaving his face bare."

>> No.52048756

Good ol' Iron Hands "Iron Hands", chapter master of the Iron Hands who famously had Iron Hands.

>> No.52048767

Is he wearing MkIII or does he have a MkIII helmet?

>> No.52048809

why did they make leman into such a fucking joke I hate this

>> No.52048844

He always was.

>> No.52048859

>this small bit of lore needs a FAQ
Come on now.

>> No.52048875

oh for fucks sake

>> No.52048905

You mean his rules or that he's a Leman Russ with wolf sponsons?

>> No.52048925

Well spotted!

Wikipedia also says:
>In law, a rout is a disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons, acting together in a manner that suggests an intention to riot, although they do not carry out the inferred act.

>> No.52048938

>Leman Russ pattern Leman Russ with wolfwolf sponsons

>> No.52048949

>Is he wearing MkIII or does he have a MkIII helmet?

I don't think they ever specified if his helm matched his plate...

>> No.52048958

You had to look up what rout means? Apologies if English isn't your first language.
You should talk a look other ways it can be used.

>> No.52048961


Someone now needs to Shoop a Russ Tank with Russ's head instead of the gun and Wolves instead of the Sponson guns.

>> No.52049016

>Not going-a-viking and getting rich off of plunder

I don't think I've ever actually managed a fiefdom

>> No.52049024

I was only familiar with the military definition.

>> No.52049048

someone at my flgs came up with it and everyone in the store was dead laughing for a solid minute

>> No.52049104

A thousand points will net me my praetor, two sekhmet squads and an Osiron dreadnought but what would you suggest for units to bump me up to 2000 points? A Damocles rhino for guiding deep strikes and reserves obviously but what else?

>> No.52049127

*command rhino

>> No.52049172

A bag of dicks.

>> No.52049181

YES! let the blood of primarchs stain the galaxy once more!

seriously gonna love this as hard as possible

>> No.52049191

I mean how he did nothing in-lore and neither did the Wolves

>> No.52049223

A dorito would help, as at 2000 points there's a fair chance of your opponents bringing fliers. A 3rd scoring unit isn't a bad idea either.

>> No.52049234


>> No.52049247 [SPOILER] 

Are you angry? I've already started

>> No.52049250

12 quad mortars.

>> No.52049256


>> No.52049305

>Santa Claws

>> No.52049336

Breachers and a Cerberus.

>> No.52049387

Don't forget some destroyers.

>> No.52049415

Fluff says the Stormrider has existed since the time of Russ, so when is it gonna make an appearance in 30k?

>> No.52049447

>mfw FW just made a bunch of +1S rending power swords when we could have had fun stuff like chariots

>> No.52049454

I was going to mention them, but I don't really see the Thousand Sons using them.

Breachers I can see, because they like taking indoor places intact to explore/loot them, which is usually a pretty high-casualty task. And who knows, with their obsession with archaeology they may have been the ones to discover the archaeotech that led to the Cerberus. So they would've been able to call in a favor and receive on the first ones. Both choices are useful but a little overcosted, which compensates for the useful but undercosted Sekhmets.

>> No.52049633

Primarch totally need (more) personal transports. Give Russ the stormrider pulled by his wolves. Give Khan his special Rhino he can ride in. Give Vulkan his Rhino that Salamanders now keep stored in their chapter relics. They don't have to be regular Rhinos, they can have adamantium plates and energy fields the boost their resilience, and enable them to carry the primarchs.

Then make a game where they can race around a track or engage in destruction derby.

>> No.52049640

So why did FW not include the Spireguard in Inferno?

>> No.52049673

Militia allies.

>> No.52049684

Mortals are for scrubs.

>> No.52049699

Probably because they were only around for one battle where they pretty much got wiped out, plus militia probably covers them well enough.

>> No.52049710

In A Thousand Sons however they just threw kineshields on any unit under heavy fire to turn just any unit into 'breachers'.

I'd add more bodies, because if anything it looks like your army has a serious lack of numbers. Veterans, support squads, maybe some tacticals, preferably in Rhino's

>> No.52049713

Because they put so much effort and organisation into the rest of the list.

>> No.52049728

I think they said they were hoping to back when they started. But they also wanted to do Custodes and Sisters of Silence and Secutarii and psi-titans, all in addition to the two new legions. There was just too much going on.

>> No.52049763

Maybe take Breachers, cut out the shields so you're just left with the frame around the edge, and then dip those frames in bubble solution before each game turn so they look like they have a shimmering field there.

>> No.52049787

It doesnt matter anymore. theres no salvaging this. an army of snails

>> No.52049835

Maybe. It's just that a unit of tactical marines with the 4++ power from divination on them, possibly also with the telekinesis cult is way cheaper and way better then what breachers can do - and more fitting for Thousand Sons as well.

>> No.52049856

But Army is the collective noun for caterpillars.

>> No.52049936

they're just the same organisation as Solar Auxilla, they're even described as looking the same in a small part of the fluff.

Page 47 talks about "Crimson-uniformed soldiers in that matched that of the Solar Auxillia" as a description for the western palantine guard.

>> No.52050037


Agreed, no need for a special list, given that the Militia/ Solar Auxilia covers it well enough.

>> No.52050218

Too grey.
Besides that very well done

>> No.52050259

found this.

>> No.52050297

Nice Space Wolf man

>> No.52050314

When you say found, do you actually mean made?
I love it.

>> No.52050323

Anyone know that book the Zhou-Arkhad Color scheme was in. I know it was bronze and green and I swear I saw it in Tempest or Retribution but I can't find it now

>> No.52050373

what the fuck is it about space wolves? Someone posts a blue scheme and its 'nice thousand sons' then someone else posts a grey theme and its 'nice iron warriors'. Does no one fucking know what their colours are?

>> No.52050407

Vets are good, points add up real fast. Have more attacks than terminators but you need to spend the monies to give them power weapons while you can just swap out default termie load for war blades.

Command Squad would be fitting or even ass marines.

>> No.52050433


>> No.52050446

i dont care about that. i dont collect caterpillars

>> No.52050457

Attack bikes (yes, I'm dead serious).

>> No.52050508

Well that explains why I couldn't find it I've yet to read Scanons latest work

>> No.52050845

I was fucking with him about how grey it was friend. Must've worked. :^)

>> No.52051145

I like you.
Ave Imperator.

>> No.52051170

Hey /hhg/, what do you think about my 4th model I've ever done? Forgot to post it here.

>> No.52051216

That's actually phenomenal for such an early model

>> No.52051274


>Paint status: thinned

Keep it up

>> No.52051302

I only have a problem with the eyes.

>> No.52051317 [SPOILER] 

Thanks! I can't fathom how I did so well with him.

Things I've learned:
>Leave off the backpack
>leave off the arms
>maybe leave off the head
>Basically leave everything off.
>I hate highlighting with a passion
>I HATE highlighting with a burning passion

Also, I went from this to that with these three easy steps! Just click this mildly suspicious link to find out how!

this guy is my first model

Thanks, anon!

Yeah, they came out a bit uneven, but I didn't want to try and fix it, since that's what I did for my third model, but that was too annoying. And I noticed that there's a spot of Leadbelcher next to the boltgun.

>> No.52051320

>tfw on 7th model and it doesn't look as good as that
Am I missing some developmental milestones here or what.

>> No.52051336

And this is why all Word Bearers need to be gases. Legion wars now. Gas them and see if gassing the Death Guard works.
>Yeah, they came out a bit uneven, but I didn't want to try and fix it, since that's what I did for my third model, but that was too annoying. And I noticed that there's a spot of Leadbelcher next to the boltgun.
Just take your time.

>> No.52051399

You just gotta thin your paints, be patient, don't get paint in the ferrule like I did, and watch Duncan ad infinitum.

But Word Bearers are my favorite legion. They're the only dudes who decided, screw it, I'm going full heretic. Like, 20k of their retards held off all of the UM. That sounds pretty good to me.

I don't see any loyalist only legions, now do I? :^)

>just take your time
Yeah, that's true. The small detail brush I have always seems like it either dries out too quickly or just doesn't hold enough paint when doing stuff like highlights. For the eyes it's perfect because it's small and I don't need much then.

>> No.52051405

Why does he look like he's crying?

>i-it's not like I like you or anything, ultra-chan

>> No.52051446

>mfw I'm not an Ultramarine, so I could bask in the glory of Marneus Calgar, my Spiritual Liege, keeper of the Codex Astartes
Liek dis if u cry evrytiem

>> No.52051496

>So, why aren't all legions, chapters, regiments, etc. named as such?
But they are. The Imperial Guard's High Gothic name is Astra Militarum...but the reader/narrator characters mostly speak Low Gothic (like how "Romans" did), so they all say "Imperial Guard".

I mean, you do know that TECHMARINE is FRATER ASTROTECHNICUS in High Gothic, right?

The same happens with Fenrisian. Only fucking Fenris speaks Fenrisian, which is why all the Imperium calls them the Space Wolves based on the Fang, but they call themselves Vlka Fenryka based on the Aett.

Not to mention almost all written 30k/40k media is translated to pseudo-latinized english; Gothic sounds nothing like that after 27000+ years of change and planetary migration.

>I bet you call the Praetoria Mortalis "the Death Guard".
Holy shit, that sounds awesome. Dusk Raiderfags BTFO, the Praetoria Mortalis, Mortarions Unbroken Blades Gladio Perpetua are the better legion

Frater Praelium
Milia Filiorum would be more like War Sons.
Which is perhaps how the pre-Ultramarine War Born were called.

>>Lupus Spatii
How about Astra Luporum?
>>Luna Lupii
How about Luporum Selenar
>Blood Angels
Angelis Sanguine
Astartes Ultra

>> No.52051520

I'm joking, Anon. Besides Word Bearers are like roaches. They can't be killed with gas.

>> No.52051560

>Frater Praelium
>Milia Filiorum would be more like War Sons.
>Which is perhaps how the pre-Ultramarine War Born were called.

Milia is 'Thousand' in Latin. You're thinking of Militia, which is another word.

>> No.52051572

>But they are.

What are Salamanders? White Scars? Blood Ravens? Cadian Shock Troops? Valhallan Ice Warriors? Imperial Fleet? Inquisition?

>> No.52051579

>angelis sanguine

Fuck, all the legions sound cool as shit in high gothic. Except Iron Hands.

>> No.52051588

How about Manipular Ferrum?

>> No.52051616

So was/is Omegon unironically a loyalist? Why does he work against Alpharius and let the White Scars get Terra's message?

>> No.52051647

I think there is only one proper answer to that question.

Fuck if I know.

>> No.52051698

You're memeing...but I do have some answers.
>Imperial Fleet
The Mechanicum branch that builds the Imperial Fleet is the Basilikon Astra, which wouldn't be too far from being translated to "Space Temple", which is how the Mechanicum sees Imperial Warships.
Salamander is pretty much a latin word already, so I'd go with Ignis Dracorum, the Fire drakes.
>Blood Ravens
Corvus Sanguine
>White Scars
Cicatrice Alba. In pic related, canon High Gothic.
>Valhallan Ice Warriors
Praelium Glacies? Nobody cares, they all call them Valhallans anyway, since they're the only Valhallans they'll ever meet.

>> No.52051717

Oh, I thought you were translating "Battle Brother", kek.

>> No.52051731

>Word Bearers are like roaches. They can't be killed with gas.
So, Word Bearers are especially vulnerable to Coca Cola and vinegar? Good to know.

>> No.52051756

Weren't around for the Heresy and stayed out of it/stayed neutral. It's integral to their fluff and I'll be mad if FW changes it.

>> No.52051779

I think you mean Vostroyans.

>> No.52051826

>How about
Those all sound nice. Though I've never actually been a fan of Sanguine used for blood, just a personal thing. I always think of the emotion first.

>> No.52051827

>refusing the Emperor's orders to send troops
They should have have been cleansed in the Great Scouring.

>> No.52051840

They made up for it by being the first Imperial Guardsmen after the Heresy.

Pls get the reference

>> No.52051852

>You're memeing


>The Mechanicum branch that builds the Imperial Fleet is the Basilikon Astra

Imperial Fleet is the space ship equivalent to the Departmento Munitorum. The Navy is under it (same way Guard is under the Munitorum). Navy has a high gothic name (Aeronautica Imperialis) but the Fleet doesn't. Neither does the Inquisition and I'm sure there's one or two other departments of the Imperial hierarchy that lack high gothic names.

>I'd go with Ignis Dracorum
>Corvus Sanguine
>Praelium Glacies

Canon names, please.

>Nobody cares, they all call them Valhallans anyway, since they're the only Valhallans they'll ever meet.

Just like everyone who's not a faggot calls Space Wolves Space Wolves and Ultramarines Ultramarines and Imperial Guard Imperial Guard. But if we're gonna go with the "everything totes have high gothic names, they're not just whipped out of nowhere", then they should all have those names. You think official Imperial documents regarding regiments or chapters are just gonna switch to low gothic all of a sudden?

>> No.52051870

>>>Lupus Spatii
>How about Astra Luporum?
Stars of the Wolf?

>> No.52051930

The og question was their names in High Gothic, not latin, before the google translate gets completely out of hand. Also latin is one of those languages where shit changes based on contextual use.
It's better to either be slightly poetic or corrupt the latin with fixes from English, I think. Languages debase.
Transliterations are cooler.

>> No.52051936

Cruor can also be used for blood, but I'm not sure in which contexts it was used instead of sanguinem (-m for plural).

>> No.52051992

>20k of their retards held off all of the UM
can I get a source on this?

>> No.52051995

>Alexander Satarael
Hello again, Genetor anon.
Can you imagine one of Alexander Satarael's cyber occularis being a little female homunculus?
>Let's go Mr. A. I see the Emperor's Angels...
>Maybe he'll accidentally call him Marius Gage.
That's actually sad.
It is said one of the Blood Ravens gene-flaws is lack of dreams due to photographic memory. I'd say Primarchs also have photographic memory.

>The fault in our wolfstars.
As you said, compromises may be made on behalf of naming, just like the Stars of the Military.

>Canon names, please.
Dude, the Blood Ravens are fucking lucky they still exist. Also, we couldn't find any reliable witnesses, and records are mysteriously missing
>But if we're gonna go with the "everything totes have high gothic names, they're not just whipped out of nowhere", then they should all have those names
You do realize this is a make believe plasticancer toy game, right? EVERYTHING is made up, anon.
>Just like everyone who's not a faggot calls Space Wolves Space Wolves and Ultramarines Ultramarines and Imperial Guard Imperial Guard
The High lords of Terra are somewhat faggy, so they do speak in High Gothic only. Also, I posted an official image of High Gothic use by the company, and you're asking proof on the Ecuadorian Tortoise Fondling board.

You have all the right to be buttblasted, just try to not splash too much.

>> No.52052026

Primogenitus ;^)

>> No.52052027

>You have all the right to be buttblasted

About what? You sure you're not just projecting right now?

>> No.52052068

>Anoyne who uses names I don't like is a faggot
>Oh you aren't serious about the names? Anyway, stop imagining stuff I don't like, it's irritating
>By the way, you're projecting
Whatever lets you sleep at night, anon.

>> No.52052076

>Ecuadorian Tortoise fondling board

Funniest one in a while, had a giggle.

>> No.52052161


We're not entirely certain.

He's either a full loyalist or he's just looking out for himself and his legion with zero loyalty to chaos or the Imperium

>> No.52052246

Why the hell does this have so few (You)s? Loved it, saved.

>> No.52052285

>As you said, compromises may be made on behalf of naming, just like the Stars of the Military.
But it sounds horrendous.

>> No.52052299

When my Sig come in I'm throwing aray that mongoloid head and using a helmet.

Any helmet is better than that head.

>> No.52052352

>Gas them and see if gassing the Death Guard works.

"Not phosphex, sweetheart. Gas grenades. Issued to Militia. But once you get used to it...
[sprays some into his mouth] ...it just clears the sinuses!"
t. Legionary Penn, under Siege Assault Secundus

>> No.52052522

lol...not a Death Guard player, but I like you guys. The honor of smashing Prospero should have when to you, not the dogs.

>> No.52052570

Daily Lorgar Did Nothing Wrong Post #1

>> No.52052589

Thanks for the commendation. It would have been an interesting scenario.

>> No.52052699

Paint the studs you bum.
Besides that great work

>> No.52052711

List of Primarchs who did nothing wrong:

List of Primarchs who did something wrong:

>> No.52052714

He built a giant temple city to the Emperor.

That's wrong of him no matter when in the timeline you look at it.

>> No.52052721

(You)s for awesomeness

>> No.52052740

>he doesn't build cities of devotion on every planet
It's like you want your empire to be grimdark instead of hopeful

>> No.52052774


so I'm reading through Inferno, and notice that on page 81, there's another mention of the Rangdan Xenocides in the third column, where it mentions that "entire Space Marine Legions [REDACTED SECTION] lost to the Imperium."

since it is Legions -plural-, is this the final confirmation of what happened to the 2nd and 11th Legions/Primarchs? that they sacrificed themselves during the Great Crusade to keep the Xenos from overrunning the Imperium?

>> No.52052781

Right-o. Magnus did wrong, but he could've done it right.

Shhhh, all according to plan.
>Write up Holy Doctrine to Emperor
>Get called heretics for it, get reprimanded
>Loyalists adopt Doctrine
>Kill Indoctrinated fools for fun in honor of True Gods

>> No.52052785

>no matter when in the timeline
In 40k, that's the norm.

In 1940, that's the norm.

>> No.52052793

Hey, man, either Lorgar was building temple cities to a false god or Lorgar was building temple cities to a man who didn't want temple cities.

Monarchia was a mistake.

>> No.52052815

Hey Anons, what do you think?

>> No.52052823

>forgetting Curze's existence

>> No.52052832

No, it isn't. Note that it says redacted SECTION, implying that a large quantity of material was removed.

FW is just teasing you.

>> No.52052888

very, very messy
gigantic mold line on the leg
i wouldnt continue upon this path

>> No.52052894

I like it a lot.

DG or IH?

>> No.52052909

solid scheme, but the mold line on the leg and the goopy chest rectangle (paint or cast problem?) keep it from greatness. Shouldn't be too big of a fix-up job though. What is he supposed to be?

>> No.52052940

Is that a mold line or is it actually meant to be there? Shit's huge.

>> No.52052950

You think so?


I wasn't sure how to incorporate a hint of him being having Iron Hands terminator armor without leaving some of the indention from the icon on the torso. It's a Blackshield.


>> No.52052960

I want to make it look like battle damage or scoring in the armor. Any suggestions?

>> No.52052998

Silver highlight.

>> No.52053020

Make it a different color from the rest of the armor so it looks like patch put over a breach as an improvised battlefield repair.

>> No.52053051

i'm just not a fan of the verdigris thing, especailly when it's all over the armour

>> No.52053078

Holy mold lines batman.
Also please. Use that shit in MODERATION. All over it looks like shit. It's like an IWfag dunked his model in oxide instead of Nuln oil

>> No.52053156

I really like the Sons of Horus aesthetic and color scheme.

>> No.52053160

Fair enough.

Plastic MKIII's Anon. I went with heavy saturation of oxide so I could work up from a strong base.

>> No.52053275


What is there to remember?

>> No.52053293

I'd suggest removing the verdigris around the kneepads, feet and the body gloved areas, and use nuln oil to shade those areas instead. If you're gonna do it all over the model, try to imitate the left one, as the effect is noticeable without being extremely overpowering.

>> No.52053319

The model on the right is step two in my painting process.

I dry brushed up from that level of oxidation on the right to the model on the left.

>> No.52053380

Good man. Left looks real nice. Just be a dear and gently scrape the mold lines and you'll have some cool dudes

>> No.52053418

So, Pariah armour is subpar because it's made out of copper instead of ceramite, huh?

>> No.52053459

MOLD LINES... Anon noooooooo.......

There are so many legs I have to go back the fuck over because of that tiny line.

Why not! for whatever reason this shit has oxidized, lets call it Ceropper, the Ceramite Copper alloy.

Or a biproduct of chemical corrosion ect ect.

>> No.52053481

So your Blackshields are clad in Bare Coppermite :^)?

>> No.52053541


Jesus, my Thunder Warrior snowflakes now have their own alloy.

>> No.52053569

rapier laser destroyer

must have? can live without?

>> No.52053574

>Thunder Warriors
Anon, they were exterminated/died of old age except for the two old and bloated dudes. Also new new lore retcons the new lore that retconned the old lore, and makes them sub-marines once more.

>> No.52053610

>makes them sub-marines
So that explains why their regular infantry can deepstrike as Outlanders.

>> No.52053614

No Anon, new lore indicates that the Thunder Warriors where physically stronger than space marines.

New lore also indicates that Arik Taranis managed to get his hands on Thunder Warrior progenoid glands and/or gene seed.

Thats more than enough to justify a force of 300-600 Thunder Warriors.

>> No.52053620

its fine but not the best
easy to deploy to avoid it and the graviton cannon is a bit for reliable in general, though it wont have as spectacular results

>> No.52053635


Got it, I'll just keep my money then. Thanks.

>> No.52053671

Well, yeah. It's like being a submarine, but in space instead of water.

No, I'm talking about new new lore, not new lore.

>> No.52053708

The lore in Prospero burns indicates differences in production being the primary reason for the Thunder Warriors not becoming the mainstay.

They where produced using the similar means to the genehanced techno barbarians on Terra, among other
Entities that enhanced their Warriors.

Could you cite sources please?

>> No.52053958

What are some good podcasts for 30k?

>> No.52053983


Why not try our one?

Or are you false-flagging to shill for it?

>> No.52054026

HHG makes a podcast? Also it's probably shit, so no I won't try it.

>> No.52054097


It probably is shit. But shit only gets better if people are willing to brave it and tell other why it's shit. So try the shit, at least for a second.


>> No.52054159

>First 16 seconds
Either find someone who doesn't sound 15 to do the intro or lower your voice by a few semitones when you edit.
>Horus Hearsay
Named after a segment from the Eye of Horus podcast. Even if this wasn't the intention, the name is stupid. Come up with something better.

>Things I do like from the first 16 seconds
Mixed decently.

>> No.52054277

What is the source on that pic?

>> No.52054469

Where do people get these?

>> No.52054499


There's an Aussie group who do Epic models. I think it's them.

>> No.52054880

Here is the wording:

Legiones Astartes: Units with this special rule may always attempt to Regroup regardless of casualties.
Bestial Savagery: Models with this special rule gain a + 1 WS bonus on any turn in which they have successfully charged. Additionally, they gain the Counter-attack special rule, and if any unit with this special rule has won combat on any turn in which they have charged or counter-charged, they must make a Sweeping Advance if they are able to.
Hunter's Gait: Infantry models with this special rule add 1" to their Run and Consolidation distances so long as they are not equipped with jump packs or Terminator armor of any kind.
Preternatural Senses: Models with this special rule may ignore the effects of Night Fighting. Re-roll the dice to determine which table edge they arrive from when outflanking, and infiltrating models may not be set up within 18" of them regardless of line of sight.

Ok so I play 30k Iron Warriors and space wolves. The wording on these rules seem pretty simple but after looking through all the unit entries none of the fucking models have Bestial Savagery. I was like wot... So when I googled it, people talk about it like every model in the Space wolf selection gets all these rules but my friend was like there is no way they get all that shit. But it wouldn't make sense if no one has a special rule that has been written out.

Are they blanket rules for all the units? Plz Help Hersey Wizards.

>> No.52054969

Entertaining, sometimes random banter and event talk (including how to run one): The Eye of Horus
They weren't the first but they made 30k podcasts popular.

Painting and fluff discussions: Age of Darkness

Best rules coverage and list advice: Radio Free Isstvan (usually after a lot of off-topic stuff)

Those are the only ones I keep coming back to but there are many more:
The Imperial Truth
After Ullanor
Geno Five-Two
The Varangian Heresy
Northern Heresy
Covenant of Fire
Sons of Heresy
The Loaded Dice
Don't Loose (sic) Your Head (their IH talk with Tim from Eye of Horus was great, largely thanks to Tim)

Combat Phase is mostly 40k but has a lot of 30k BL author interviews.

>> No.52055007

>those bangles

Sexy as hell.

>> No.52055026

So how do we make our homegrown Podcast as good as those?

>> No.52055038

Probably don't advertise as the 4chan podcast for starters. You're hamstringing yourself with that stigma.

>> No.52055057

Good luck getting into the secret mailing list.

>> No.52055067

Humor and avoiding monotony. Even the best of the 30k podcasts have boring segments when they start describing events and battles. Also not having the same discussion as all the other podcasts when a new book comes out.

>> No.52055082

We don't have to pander to sucking BL and FW cock for one, which is a good thing.

>> No.52055108

Making a podcast about HH is literally pandering to BL and FW you idiot. Unless you think people want to listen to some faggots shit talk a game for 30 mins.

>> No.52055143

There's a difference between liking a game and accepting it without any criticism. You can like 30k and still call out BL and FW for their stupid decisions and retarded fluff.

>> No.52055148

Please point out a good 30k podcast that does that?

>inb4 The Imperial Truth

>> No.52055157

All the 30k podcasts talk shit about FW and their stupid mistakes. Just because you're 'anonymous' doesn't mean shit when it comes to podcasting.

>> No.52055185

I've never heard anyone but here call out people like ADB for his daddy issues or Thorpe for his crap grammar. They do not critique or criticise BL books at all.

>> No.52055218

Because honestly bringing shit up like that is petty and really only trigger spergs.

>> No.52055226

If that's a big selling point to your podcast, why even bother when you're only catering to people here and it's way easier to just type than spend the time and effort recording/editing a podcast?

>> No.52055233

I don't see why everyone should bend over backwards for BL. If they do stupid shit, someone should talk about it.

>> No.52055236

Yes, anon, Bestial Savagery is part of Legiones Astartes: Space Wolves, which also grants Legiones Astartes, Hunter's Gait, and Preternatural Senses.

This is exactly the same as how Legiones Astartes: Iron Warriors grants Legiones Astartes, Wrack and Ruin, and The Bitter End.

>> No.52055248

What do you think we do in /hhg/?

>> No.52055252


Thank you for the help. The wording is weird cause in other legions rules it says something like all models with Legion Astartes (blankblank) Get this list of rules. But it doesn't really word well in this case.

>> No.52055255

Enjoy making a 5 min podcast on how much you hate BL.

>> No.52055333

Forgeworld is shit at wording. That's why we're still arguing over chainaxes whose rules haven't been adequately clarified or edited since they appeared in Betrayal.

>> No.52055482

Quad Gun Rapier: Must have? How many do you guys use?

>> No.52055517

overpowered as tits
maybe have 2-3 at 3k and thats it

>> No.52055555

Has anybody on here done a full narrative campaign j following the Hersey from Isstavan III (well I guess now you'd do Prospero first) through to the current place of the book?

Do you have an alternate history now? Like say you groups Iron Hands were traitors while your groups Emperor's Children stayed loyal, that kind of thing.

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