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Funhammer soon edition


Thoughts on the current meta?

Prediction for the 13th?
Current Modern Metagame


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When are the ban announcements? I can't assume its not changing

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Death's Shadow. Loving it
The one guy at my LGS who also plays Jund. He's extremely obnoxious and I always get paired against him every night
>Thoughts on the current meta?
Pretty satisfied, but mostly because I have the best deck. Hope they do some unbans soon.

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Grixis Control / Delver / Midrange
Nothing Much.
The meta seems healthy all things considered.

Should I buy a playset of Tarmogoyfs to complete Death's Shadow Jund or will something get the axe?

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TitanShift and various jank
Nothing, I guess. My meta isn't full of jerkoffs
Spellweaver Helix and various other jank. Gonna try that Mindshrieker/Slumbering Tora self-mill deck the other anon was talking about
>Thoughts on the current meta?
Seems fine. I haven't been playing very long though

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If you have the rest of DS Jund built go for it. If wotc does kill the deck, you'll have most of regular Jund built.
Plus, you can throw goyf in just about anything you want.

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Nothing will be banned/unbanned. That said a set of Goyfs will never hurt.

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Someone posted this last thread and I'm trying to figure out how the fuck it works because it looks weirdly fun

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So I'm building a new deck with mm17 coming out and I have ~1200 How much do you guys think I might be able to get into Jund or at the very least the Death's shadow jund? I'm already picking some stuff up that didn't get reprinted now but I just wanted some outside input on the matter.

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Wait until the 13th. Just to be safe.

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I'm not getting anything that's going to be banned just some staples that I don't have and I'm waiting for mm17 to affect the prices. In case that wasn't clarified.

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You know in most threads I'd feel debilitately guilty of even thinking of shitposting, but here I feel like shitposting so blatantly in these threads is just the natural course of things.
Like this post is only moderately worse than the average post in these threads. Amazing.

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I don't think DS is going to go down to 1200 with MM reprints.

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Wow. Great fucking post. Thanks for coming out

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It's already around 1200 right now from the pricing I've looked at. So you're telling me that mm won't affect it at all even though the deck has of cards getting reprinted?

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>do school assignment worth 20% of grade, print it out and try to hand it in on Thursday when it's due
>teacher won't take it, says to submit it online
>a few hours pass, go to friends place to get drunk and play magic
>all I do is shitpost, drink, and go to modern events for the next 3 days
>only just remembered to hand in assignment
>mfw I'm already dangerously close to flunking the class
Why am I like this, /tg/?

Also, what's the general consensus on MM17? Me and my friends are considering purchasing a box for $216, is it worth it?

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Thanks, you made it all worth it.

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What's the most stylin' deck in Modern right now? I'm A-OK with jank, and even with losing more than I win, but hoo boy I want those wins to be awe-inspiring. What should I build?

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definitely you would be able to get all of death shadow. maybe all of jund too. depends on how hard the prices fall. wait 2-3 months for prices to be very low.

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Death's Shadow. You'll steamroll everyone in front of you and get some salt when you do shit like swinging one creature for more than 20 with trample.

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What is the correct time to pick up 2 Verdant Catacombs?

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theres a lot of shit and ways to play around various forms of hate but basically
>dig for a spellweaver
>dredge loam and retrace spells and a warp/worldfire (occasionally jab/brutality will do the trick)
>control board as possible/necessary
>win by exiling flame jab/conflagrate and worldfire
>alternatively use loam or a retrace spell with warp until you can win with whatever

lots of nuances and alternative lines of play with the deck, and the list isnt set in stone, but that's the gist. what it lacks in strict competition it makes up for in being interesting and difficult and fun to play. ive got it mostly in paper but I dont have modern where i live so I cant report stats.

i also posted an old list which emphasized the combo and ran glimpses on yourself and SSGs but i figured it was a bit too memey so i refocused it and im pretty happy with this

people also get pretty pissed off because I memed it for like 3 threads in a row about 8 months ago and some of us never leave this place so expect a little hate

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>giving wotc your sweaty shekels like a good goyim

unless you're planning on drafting don't

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>isochron scepter
>telling time

yeah this dude was super durdly and shitty before anyone calls it out idk what he was thinking

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I am 100% buying 1 box and splitting a second with a friend and there's LITERALLY nothing you can do to stop me

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We'll probably due sealed - one of the guys going in on the box is an autist who refused to do draft.

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When the next set is released.

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Whens the best time after the MM7 release to acquire my singles wishlist? I want to get some of the usual suspects; Verdant Catacombs, Goblin Guides, some Blood moons, maybe a Lilly or two for my crappy 8rack deck.

Considering its an unlimited run, would waiting a few month or so going to be the sweet spot for price drops?

>> No.52039453

it's not unlimited anon, however it's more than mm15 though

>> No.52039562

sealed seems solid, but try to jew wotc as much you can

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anyone tried lists with titi, yahenni's expertise, visions and snappy? seems like it could work

>> No.52039652

Try it out. I'm interested.

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>Funhammer soon edition
Skred and Norin Sisters
The fact that I haven't played in months.
>Thoughts on the current meta?
None really. I just like to put random weird decks together, I don't actually play. I'll probably try to make owling mine next.

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Bant Spirits

Myself. I really just want to play test all the time, to be ready for the next SCG Open but life.

Thoughts on the current meta?
wew lad

I was going to buy the rest of what I needed for my deck this week, but then the MM17 spoilers dropped and literally all of it got reprinted. I'm waiting now for the market adjusts before I drop all of my dosh on the cards now.

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How've you found Bant Spirits? I've been on Bant Eldrazi for awhile and I want to spice things up.

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>think about finally buying into modern
>Tron looks like my playstyle
>nothing gets reprinted in MM2017
>don't immediately buy things
>now shit like Karn and Chalice are 70 bucks each
I don't know what I was expecting to happen.

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you deserve it desu

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I'm so depressed

I haven't been able to afford MTG in months

I'm like 300~ away from finishing modern but between school and everything else I can't do it.

I have no ability to work. Living off a small stipend. I miss it so much.

If I was playing rn, I'd be playing grixis or esper control.

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How exactly does this win through grave hate?

>> No.52040076

I really enjoy Spirits. Ripping CoCo's reminds me of the good ol Avacyn Restored days, but with much greater likelihood of success.

It's great fun, and being able to use creatures like instants is quite a joy and makes it a deck with a lot of variance and surprises. It's never safe to try to target a spirit, lest I spell queller the spell, rattlechains hexproof, or coco in say a drogskol captain.

It's really good at getting advantage and keeping it. Midrange in modern is hard to do and the spirits seem to do it well. I want to play them at the SCG Open Baltimore in May.

Here is my list so far, but I am still testing slotting in stuff like Kira and Anafenza.

Sorry for the long wait, i was fucking a boy over with the new tandem lookout addition in pauper.

>> No.52040093

Same guy, I'm heavily considering at least taking out Steel for Kira.

>> No.52040140

Thanks for the list and the reply. I think I'll put this deck together, it seems right up my alley.

>> No.52040149

Surgical extraction is GG?

>> No.52040185

Steel isn't good in CoCo lists- It just makes CoCo less consistent. Kira is a really good idea if you want to be tribal spirits.

>> No.52040266

It's definitely not the best option but I liked having a 1-of Snapcaster to Snap-CoCo in the late game

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>> No.52040352

the meta improved a lot when it got banned. plus two card insta win combos are boring af anyways

>> No.52040471

I tested it, and with the only targets early game being path I wasn't thrilled.

>> No.52040476

I don't see Vengeful being that great. He requires you take the damage first so you will probably be dead after the hit or it's a zoo type deck and they can afford to lose a few guys

>> No.52040770

Tron doesn't play Chalice m8

>> No.52040815

Do a budget build and buy your expensive pieces in increments over the course of weeks and months.

Also, fuck Grove of the Burnwillows

>> No.52040894

Tron isn't GR anymore, it's GW or GB

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>the meta improved a lot when it got banned
Eldrazi winter was right after the ban, and after that we got the rise of linear aggro/combo deck. I'm sorry but your definition of improvement is very alien to us.

>> No.52041211


Why do people say this? Nothing changed after Twin was gone.

Why do people like to think all the dorky brews came out of the woodworks because the boogyman was gone? Remember Temur Delver? Or what about Thropter Swords? Oops

Turns out the decks that were good before are still good and the decks that sucked balls still suck balls

Feel free to name some good decks that exist now solely because Twin is gone (and decks that needed things post Twin banning to function don't count aka you can't say Nahiri Jeskai because Nahiri wasn't released before twin was banned)

I'll wait eagerly for your response

>> No.52041243

It was the opposite. Twin was the gatekeeper holding back the degeneracy of decks like infect, deaths shadow and affinity

>> No.52041358

Just getting back into Modern. What the fuck happened to jeskai nahiri? Now that dredge is banned, isn't the deck good again? Or did Fatal Push move Esper as the better UWx deck?

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>> No.52041569

This probe ban has really kicked my jeskai mentor deck in the nuts.

Will monastery mentor every be good enough for modern?

>> No.52041582

Nahiri is a meme pushed by scg. It was never actually good.

>> No.52041762

I've been working on this deck for awhile if I could get some feedback or suggestions to make it better I'd really appreciate it


>> No.52041779

5 weeks after the pt

>> No.52041834

The fact that you name it knobgobblers makes me not want to say anything cause you're clearly a fucking faggot child

>> No.52041836

No. There are unfortunately better ways to spend 3 mana in modern. Think of all the toys that make mentor the nuts in eternal formats. Moxen. Gush. Force. Brainstorm. Swords (path). Ponder.
We get serum visions, path and now banned git probe.
Mentor is good because it takes free spells you are already playing and throws a 1/1 body on it. With prowess... modern doesn't have the cantrips or free spells to make it work.

>> No.52041845

Before i click on the link, is it a kithkin deck?

>> No.52041851

someone doesn't know how to have any fun while playing a card game for kids 13 and up


>> No.52041902

Curve is very high for number of lands played.

Needs more 4 ofs
Needs more quality creatures - guides, bushwhackers, legion loyalists.

I like the curve toppers, but i would cut it back to 1 krenko and 1 chieftain

Goblin grenades are sweet.

Swap the shocks for 1 drop goblins

>> No.52041928

thanks for the advice i was thinking of dropping shock and i will look at more 1 drop goblins i was also thinking about cutting back Quest by 1

>> No.52041955

Yeah, couldnt hurt. It seems like a really 'win more' card. You just want more threats. It would suck to top deck this when your opponent is on one life where half of the goblins would kill them on the spot

>> No.52041982

So I have the "old" deaths shadow deck with probes. What can I use to replace those?

>> No.52041995

The new build

>> No.52042006

>not UG Tron
But why

>> No.52042015

4x Inquisition of koz

>> No.52042038

What does U offer that is worth the splash?

Red offers pyroclasm, kozileks return + good sideboard options

White offers path + good sideboard options

Black offers collective brutality and abrupt decay + good sideboard options

Mono green offers more solid mana base

U offers .... ?

>> No.52042146

Buy fakes and stop complaining

>> No.52042325


Is it really "holding them back" if it's just better than those decks? Did they have to build their infect and death's shadow etc in a specific way to deal with twin that made them worse against the decks below them on the totem pole?

How exactly did twin make for a more balanced metagame?

>> No.52042617

Rock paper scissors.

Twin beats affinity.
Affinity beats jund.
Jund beats twin.

Take twin out of the equation and what happens?

Affinity can also be replaced by tron, or infect or living end or whatever.

>> No.52042666


It doesn't like RIP or leyline of the void (only singleton nature's claim) but it can with with worldfire having its loams extracted, it wins through grafdiggers by time warp loaming instead of retracing , most of the time I can brutality or conflagrate scavenging ooze, what have I missed?

It isn't perfect but it's the best answer to midrange I've got aside from running more 1 for 1s which dilute the strategy. Imp is good but it often will get bolted terminated etc before they swing. Pharaoh forces them to trade their creatures for life instead of maintaining a board state, sometimes I'll lose even though I have it but I feel having it > not having it and since it's a 0 for 1 that I usually dredge into I'm not exactly losing much. If you have a suggestion I'm all ears though

>> No.52042725


I forgot to add

>2 abrupt decays and engineered explosives help against some grave hate options as well, since you're running 4c you can blow up sanctity or void with EE

Basically it folds somewhat to an amount of hate but there are outs to most of it.

>> No.52042825

>mindslaver lock
>Thirst for knowledge
>treasure mage
Blue is a pretty good color for artifacts

>> No.52042996

Eternal Command, mostly bc there was no reason to play it when you could be playing twin. Also Kiki decks, but they are dead now.

>> No.52043068

So have people finally realized mm17 isn't as impressive as it was hyped to be? I'm just waiting until I can get singles of the stuff I want then never looking at it again

>> No.52043097

>Affinity beats jund
Nigga what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.52043134

Pretty much. Personally, I think it's fine. Not great, not bad, just fine. Probably do a draft or two then pick up singles.

>> No.52043170

If both players draw reasonably and don't go overkill with side slots Affinity is favored, I heard Jund has trouble removing Progenitus.

>> No.52043210

Some good cards in it sure. I just knew it was overhyped with showing all the "chase" first before showing all the disappointing bulks that don't see play except in ultra casual metas or commander

>> No.52043290

>things that aren't there
Ancestral Vision
Ad Nauseam
Aether Vial
Ancient Stirrings
Angel's Grace
Arcbound Ravager
Archangel of Thune
Auriok Champion
Aven Mindcensor
Blinkmoth Nexus
Chalice of the Void
Chord of Calling
Chromatic Star
Crucible of Worlds
Cryptic Command
Dark Confidant
Disrupting Shoal
Distortion Strike
Dryad Arbor
Eidolon of the Great Revel
Eldrazi Temple
Eldrazi Titans
Elesh Norn
Engineered Explosives
Ensnaring Bridge
Faerie Conclave
Filter lands
Fulminator Mage
Go for the Throat
Goryo's Vengeance
Grove of the Burnwillows
Any elves
Horizon Canopy
Inkmoth Nexus
enemy checklands
Desolate Lighthouse
Gavony Township
Kessig Wolf-Run
Iona, Shield of Emeria
Karn Liberated
Kataki, War's Wage
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Kitchen Finks
Kor Spiritdancer
Krark-Clan Ironworks
Lava Spike
Leonin Arbiter
Leyline of Sanctity
Leyline of the Void
Life from the Loam
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Helix
Living End
Any merfolk
Lotus Bloom
Melira, Sylvok Outcast
Mishra's Bauble
Mox Opal
Murderous Redcap
Noble Hierarch
Nourishing Shoal
Pact of Negation
Primeval Titan
Pyretic Ritual
Relic of Progenitus
Rest in Peace
Serra Ascendant
Shattering Spree
Simian Spirit Guide
Slippery Bogle (and other staples of the aura deck)
Spell Snare
Summoner's Pact
Snow-covered Mountain
Sword of the Meek
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
Thopter Foundry
Through the Breach
Treetop Village
Tron Lands
Twisted Image
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
Vendilion Clique
Wilt-Leaf Liege

>> No.52043357

I heard Progenitus dies to liliana

>> No.52043364

Yes, that is indeed a list of cards.

>> No.52043378

Gl with edict vs a deck that has about 2,000 zero and onedrops and manlands.

>> No.52043498

Good luck keeping your guys on the field vs a deck that has about 2,000 lightning bolts and kolaghan's commands

>> No.52043513

>4 bolts and 2 kcommands
Yeah doesn't seem too hard to be honest.

>> No.52043529

>Abrupt decay
the list goes on. Affinity rolls over to jund, get over it artifag

>> No.52043539

Sure, Mr. Expert, just tell Frank Karsten the same.

>> No.52043543

I will

>> No.52043682


fight fight fight fight

you two xmage jund vs affinity now
stock lists only, no extra hosing

>> No.52043760

>there are people in this thread right now who legitimately thought it was going to be a 300 dollar estimated value for mm2017
Such delusional faggots I can't believe it lmao. Don't forget that it's floating around 210 right now and goyf and lili make up 50 dollars of the EV, so yes, again it is the mythic chase lottery and you're all cucked

>> No.52043880

If Goyf and Lili weren't there I'd have a bigger complaint than mythic volatility.

>> No.52043904

>If Goyf and Lili weren't there I'd have a bigger complaint than mythic volatility

>> No.52043933

Why not instead of lili and goyf just more good 20 and 10 dollar cards?

>> No.52044004

Is Big Red possible in Modern?

>> No.52044056

Tell your teacher he's a fucking faggot and he should have taken the damn assignment when you handed it in the first time.

>> No.52044110

keep, trade or sell

>> No.52044148

keep the rack, trade everything else. or also keep tezzy to help build a nicol bolas edh archenemy planechase deck this summer

>> No.52044208

>Kill Tezz
>Fuck Lili
>Marry Saheeli

>> No.52044268

It's called skred

>> No.52044359

Turbo Fog Tutelage. 90$

Pretty fun to watch your opponent get frustrated when you play you play fog spells 6 turns in a row.

>> No.52044429

I'm selling Tron to buy Naya Burn


>> No.52044444

When are you gonna make a big boy deck?

>> No.52044480

when my manaless dredge stops being fun

>> No.52044548

Nice quintuples.
Why? The former is better vs the current field.

>> No.52044602

So I gave it a few games last night. Obviously you omw better than I but in terms of feedback, I had a couple struggles.
First off, fucking surgical extraction trying to take my spellweaver. This happened game one and after that I put in one memory's journey and the very next game I saved myself with it. I'm not entirely sold on it but I'm wondering if you have tried it.
Second, I felt like I didn't have enough dredge power. I had what I thought was a good hand only to loot into nothing helpful then proceed to flounder with flame jabs against eldrazi.
I did manage to ghost quarter all the lands a Mardu player had and win which felt nice.

Cool deck anon, might build it in paper desu

>> No.52044704

because tron is boring as fuck. I built a karn edh deck out of it, and with karn spiking right now due to mm17, if i sell off the pieces in about a month i should make a pretty good profit

>> No.52044873

Yea but burn is literal garbage tier now. Even long time professional burn players are moving on

>> No.52044893

>Literal garbage
>Still 6% of the meta
What did he mean by this?

>> No.52044933

Just because people play it doesn't make it good
Collective brutality fucks it. DSJ doesn't care. New fast lands mean people are hurting themselves less

>> No.52044990

Sorta. Like the other guy said, Skred is close, but if you're talking Legacy-style Sneak n Breach, no. Seething Song and Lotus Petal are big pieces of that deck

>> No.52044991

im actually building naya burn as more of a casual deck. playset of nacatl and helix mainboard.

>> No.52045047

Also Sneak Attack you silly cock. There's no better spell in the history of Magic for repeatedly cheating in gigantic creatures

>> No.52045054

Burn master race reporting in

>> No.52045064

Sneak Attack isn't exactly big red, though. It's an entirely different deck.

>> No.52045081

>DSJ doesn't care
That's really not true, it's like a 50/50 matchup

>> No.52045112

Sneak and Show, sure. There's a mono-red version which tries to do the same thing, but through Rituals instead of Show and Tell. I've seen it called Big Red, since some versions run stuff like Inferno Titan and other mondo huge red beaters

>> No.52045113

>Just because people win with it doesn't make it good
What did he mean by this?

>> No.52045129

Who are you quoting?

>> No.52045143

It's 6% of the top8s on mtgtop8, this guy is trying to say that just because people are winning with it, it isn't good

>> No.52045228

Mono-red sneak attack is really not big red. But maybe I'm biased as a long-time Dragon Stompy player.

>> No.52045341

2 months. Look for the mtgGoldfish article on modern on sale. It's really good

>> No.52045361

You're pretty dumb, ain't ya

>> No.52045369

Not an argument

>> No.52045507

I'm not arguing. Fuck off with your forced memes

>> No.52045818

Which staples for Grixis Control would be safe purchases right now? I know Snappy and Tarn are getting reprinted so holding off there.

>> No.52045820

>new temporal mastery is 2 for 3 dollars on eBay
Just fuck my Estimated Value up senpai

>> No.52045829

Pick up anything that isn't being reprinted

>> No.52045914

I don't think I'm good (just alright) at magic, but my friend lent me his GB Tron deck for the time being

Is it actually possible for me to 4-0 my FNM? I'm asking if Tron is as easy to play as people make it sound

>> No.52046025

Tron is literally brain dead. All you need is to be able to get tron online turn 3 which should he easy in a green based tron deck built around it, and slam each and every threat as hard as you can on the table each turn until one sticks and you win the game.

>> No.52046026

Depends on your matchups and how much of a not retard you are, I think the difference between playing 30 matchups and 3000 matchups with tron is negligible, there really isn't too much to learn about the deck itself if you already understand magic

>> No.52046132

>Go to States
>Realize how terrible Modern really is

What a waste of time and money.

>> No.52046160


>> No.52046225

Keep the Saheeli,
Trade the Lilli,
Sell the Scroll Rack

>> No.52046235

Fuck, I was gonna do this

>> No.52046251

A friend of mine picked up GR From back when it was favored and went 3- 1. His only match loss was because he didn't sequence the mana from his eggs correctly. As long as you can do that, you should do fine.

>> No.52046277


Fairies, Game 3 get quadruple discarded by 3 Inquisitons and a Thoughtseize all because I couldn't draw Leyline

Naya Allies, he just nut draws both games and runs me over in 4 turns.

Lantern Control, he draws horribly and has to mull to 5, giving me a "feel bad" easy win

Merfolk, against my friend. Only decent back and forth match but it sucked having to face one of my four friends in a room of 150 people.

Lantern Control, deck hates me, I mull to 5 game 1, get triple Inquisitioned, game 2 mull to 5 as well but win because of his misplay, game 3 mull to 4 and lose. Never draw any of my 7 sideboard cards.

Just made me realize how much of magic is straight RNG and how little of it is skill.

>> No.52046289

keep lili sell everything else

>> No.52046315

What were you playing? Because it sounds like you need a healthy dose of Git Gud.

>> No.52046323


GW Hatebears. The second Lantern matchup was particularly soulbreaking because that's practically an auto-win matchup.

>> No.52046397

>playing hate bears
>wonders why his deck is bad and he gets wrekt and has shitty draws

>> No.52046420


All I've noticed is that a majority of modern decks fall into the category of
1. Prevent your opponent from playing anything
2. Combo Off with 0 interaction

Seems like a garbage environment to me.

>> No.52046433

Kill Saheli, fuck scroll, marry Liliana

>> No.52046445

In a deck like hatebears, you really can't mull to 5, like ever. Especially against a deck like lantern, because even though that's a good matchup for you, it's basically still giving them a free win.

It sounds like you need to get better at judging keepable hands.

You're just salty. Step away from your screen and go for a walk.

>> No.52046455

Are you sure you didn't end up at the vintage tourney?

>> No.52046472

>my shitty hatebears deck couldn't win
>the format is shit
Might as well be playing kithkin tribal senpai kys saltlord

>> No.52046479

>creature beatdown
>good vs ensnaring bridge

>> No.52046495

How do I know what hands to keep? Obviously I want turn 3 tron, but in all of my practice games I slam a threat turn 3/4 and win or I mulligan endlessly and lose because I've got nothing to play

>> No.52046499


Fucking pleb. treefolk tribal is better.

>> No.52046514

So what would be considered big red? Skred doesn't seem like it fits the bill

>> No.52046528

You've already got it. If you have a hand that can get you to Tron, you keep. If you don't think it can get you there, you pitch. Focus on a hand that gets you your lands and your threats will take care of themselves.

>> No.52046541

Yeah that's the deck

>> No.52046594

Basically hands with two tron lands but no dig/color are traps, you want some combination of tronlands, eggs and ways to find pieces, the optimal being two tronlands, egg and a green spell. Given the mana setup takes 3-4 turns on average and Stirrings finds action after you have 7 mana you have plenty of draws to get a payoff or an Oblivion Stone to reset the board. Vs a midrange pile an Oblivion Stone and early interaction is sufficient if you don't have tronlands since they are slow and you have semi-consistent topdecks. Postboard vs the relevant matchups (aggro and combo) generally you want to disregard everything but turn 3 Karn or lots of sideboard cards (Nature's Claim+eggs/Feed the Clan vs Burn, Crumble/Quarter+Surgical vs Valakut, yard hate). A hand with color and green spells beats tronlands+nothing but payoffs every time, the odds of drawing the missing piece or a map in time are too low, unless you're already keeping like 5 which is your best so far with a scry.

>> No.52046611

You mean you suck and expected free wins with your ebin arbiter/quarter combo. Hilarious

>> No.52046613

>kithkin tribal

I like this meme

>> No.52046638

lol thats literally it

>> No.52046727

It doesn't, but I'd call Skred kinda big red, while mono red Sneak Attack is really not big red, at least in my opinion.

>> No.52046754

Lmao this

>> No.52046784

Well thanks guys, hopefully I can get free wins and ride my way to some store credit

>> No.52046810

>Playing 2 mana 2/2s when everyone else is playing 2 mana 6/7s and 1 mana 8/8s
Retarded tbqh

>> No.52046959


lmao. you probably had bad luck or/and misplayed too, all of the decks that you faced aren't even tier 1. anyways, you should play b/w eldrazi and taxes instead.

>> No.52046977


Generally loam is the best dredge power you see which is plenty with looting and that imp has gotten me a ton of value before with looting/brutality, if you wanted to mb a second one I wouldn't be surprised because it never feels bad to see it and it has multiple matchup utility including a combat wincon with time warp

Eldrazi is a hard matchup, that's where you be glad you have flame jabs for the dorks and board hard for it. eldrazi has no real way to play around pharaoh so it at least buys you a few turns to fish. not easy but winnable.

>> No.52047097

>eldrazi has no real way to play around pharaoh
What is Rest in Peace?

>> No.52047157

A card I've taken with discard more than likely

>> No.52047177

I didn't know eldrazi tron could play that

>> No.52047219

No one before you said anything about Tron, if you just say Eldrazi the assumption is Bant.
Yeah good luck having IoK in every opening hand and not getting it countered ever on the draw.

>> No.52047248

What's the best way to Esper Control, Draw-Go or Planeswalker midrangey?

>> No.52047303

Draw-go, the midrange build is more of a meme than a draw go control deck in modern and that's saying something

>> No.52047310

got my ass destroyed by some foreign chinese guy with an interesting deck last friday while playing tron

game 1
t1 - guy drops guide and hits face for 2, i land pass
t2 - guy sacks his fetch for grounds, drops burning tree into hidden herbalists into surge bushwhacker and hits face for 12. i scoop

game 2
side in 2 pyroclasms
t1 - i land pass, guy drops swiftspear and hits face for 1
t2 - land into sphere, guy sacks land for hidden herbalists into manamorph bushwhacker, hits face for 9
t3 - land pop sphere and wipe, guy drops guide hits face for 2
t4 - get my last piece piece and karn guide, guy drops swiftspear and bolts face for 5 total. i die the next turn to manamorph bushwhacker for 3

pretty died to same way tron does to most burn variants but the bushwhacker free bear thing was pretty cool. guy was also running atarkas and boros charm for burn but never drew into any of it mostly because i died too quickly

>> No.52047326

I can't have iok every time but you can have chalice?

>> No.52047349

So bushwacker zoo has basically been the braindead guy's worse burn since forever that got a free 2drop, how is it interesting?
Bant doesn't play Chalice.

>> No.52047388

>Bant doesn't play Chalice.
Doesn't play counterspells either

>> No.52047399

From the sideboard yes it does holy shit are you retarded?

>> No.52047575

Not him but you're retarded if you're bringing counterspells in against a graveyard/loam deck

>> No.52047614

never ran into one at a qualifier before
at my local store we mostly had eldrazi and tribal flames as the aggro decks of choice. never really saw a non-affinity deck that puked hand at you at that kind of speed.
on a related note guy had main deck SSG so he could pull it off t1, which i don't think alot of t1 decks can do much about outside of maybe affinity. only catch was having to drawn into bushwhacker for combo

>> No.52047654

For all intents and purposes Dredge is a combo deck that has both enablers (mom hug) and payoffs (conflagrate for 7-10) that need to be either countered, negated (yard hate) or raced (can't be done with any Eldrazi variant). If he was playing like actual Loam Pox or some other slow shitbrew you'd have a point.

>> No.52047737

So I have a point because we were not taking about dredge

>> No.52047738

And the same principle applies to the shitbrew posted above, it does nothing without resolving Gifts, Helix or Worldfire.

>> No.52047779

>what is loam with retrace spells or ghost quarter

>> No.52047801

Something that doesn't prevent you from dying to Displacer -> TKS -> Smasher -> Drowner of Hope. Were you planning to Flame Jab some Scions?

>> No.52047827

Were you planning on casting them from the graveyard with no lands?

>> No.52047862

Bant runs basics, you mong.

>> No.52047898

And ghost quarter them too. Not to mention raven's crime plus loam is real.

Honestly though we can do this all day. I realize bant eldrazi is better but it's not a 0-100 matchup

>> No.52047918


rest in peace loses to iok abrupt decay nature's claim engineered explosives

I don't know if you board all that in on g2 but don't act like there aren't outs

>> No.52048023


Yeah loam crime is great but just sucks against eldrazi because they topdeck so hard, and this is coming from the guy who has played that matchup a fair bit

The matchup is solidly in eldrazis favor but it's not an auto win depending on how you both draw.

also it's a meme deck so I wouldn't expect it to win everything anyways, it just has a fair number of outs

>> No.52048028

The original claim was about Bant having no lines around Pharaoh, which I demonstrated to be false.

>> No.52048277

Guys i'm building a 8whack but i can't get Goblin guide, which other goblin could be a good alternative?

>> No.52048309

mm17 goblin guide

>> No.52048310


That's not what I said, I said they have no real way to play around it. Unless they draw a bullet, it eats dudes. they can't play around it like they can stinkweed imp by tapping it down with displacer for example. I have several cards in the 75 that answer rest in peace's bullet (which probably came from the 75 anyways) but I have no ways to play around it if it lands. I have ways to play around grafdiggers cage because I can dredge back a second copy of loam instead of relying on a retrace spell. do you see the difference?

The way that eldrazi plays around pharoah is by attacking into it and getting 0 for 1d every turn. which sometimes isn't enough when smashers get 5 in anyways, but it's the best I have

>> No.52048337

Goblin Guide. Its about to come out in a new set. Will be cheap. No alternative.

>> No.52048355

Guide is down to like $20

>> No.52048409


And besides, I was referring to brown eldrazi, which almost seems more popular now than bant. But I did put the damnation in the 75 specifically after having a bad eldrazi matchup

>> No.52048543

It's definitely more popular than baby at the moment, probably because it's like 300 dollars

>> No.52048813

>Storm is now 2% of the meta and still growing
Is it time for another ban?

>> No.52048866

Just fucking ban grapeshot and empty the warrens already, wizards hates storm

>> No.52048944

Nah senpai I'd probably end my life desu. I've been playing storm for so long, literally since the beginning of modern, and if they took storm away completely I'd kill myself. The new Gifts Baral is real, it's very consistent turn 4, and even turn 3 without disruption. Gitaxian probe was hard enough honestly, please don't take everything i have from me.

>> No.52049124

>new temporal mastery is 2 for 3 dollars on eBay
Just fuck my Estimated Value up senpai

>> No.52049290

>turn 3
too fast for modern anon, I'm sorry but considering over 80% of the deck has had to be banned over time, it's the last straw.

>march 13
>mox opal banned
>ssg banned
>grapeshot banned
>empty the warrens banned

>> No.52049390

Great meme, but for real I don't think wizards intend to completely kill storm, just neuter it to the point where it will never win if hate is present. They could have just banned grape shot if they ever wanted to. But 1 thing I truly believe is that if we ever get another half decent 1 mana cantrip in modern Storm will top 8 the GP after that.

>> No.52049641

Enjoy the bans on the 13th senpai I can't wait to have cantrips again

>> No.52049774

>most of the decks I want to build use SSG
>all this talk of potential ban

Fuck it I'll just build Sneak n Breach or Belcher in Legacy

>> No.52049839

Yes, join us. We have loadsa fast mana and you will love it.

>> No.52049870

ssg won't get a ban

>> No.52049889

>twin won't get a ban

>> No.52049917

You also have Seething Song which is my favorite spell ever printed

But now I can't decide which deck to build. Reanimator looks rad too

>> No.52049930

ssg doesn't make up 10% of the meta, there's no deck named after it, it doesn't see even close to the same play as probe did, and it's not nearly as good as probe

>> No.52050012

Point is you can't know what they're gonna ban

>> No.52050074

If grishoalbrand ever becomes 5% of the meta and not just a fringe meme deck then maybe I would worry.

>> No.52050106

Not seeing the Twin ban coming was just willful ignorance though

>> No.52050131

Hindsight is 20/20 eh

Ad nauseum runs it too along with prison decks

>> No.52050217

How often do Modern players make the jump to Legacy?

>> No.52050232

>4% of the shit meme meta
nah senpai, if it ever gets to the levels of probe played then maybe, but for now, nah

>> No.52050485

I play it sometimes online and in paper but I think it's a meme for the most part. Legacy players just like to sniff their farts too much. Muh brainstorm/cabal therapy interactions. So much thinking! Uguuu!

Not that modern is perfect but legacy isn't all that great either

>> No.52050649

Sounds like the people you play with are huge faggots, and that has nothing to do with the format itself. I bet you're from seattle.

>> No.52050740

Close. Canada above Seattle though

>> No.52050761

Yeah, sounds about right, move to Alberta you cuck

>> No.52050764


Brazil is superpower delete this post

>> No.52050782


>> No.52050815

>tfw you live in seattle and your opponent EEvolution's for fucking Magus of the Moon

>> No.52050955

I used to live there. It's shit compared to BC desu

>> No.52050984

This. Brazil is the strongest country in South America.

>> No.52051034

is there any fun to be had playing blue/white?

>> No.52051058

No, not for anyone, cause you just lose, and the other guy has to spend extra time shitting on you

>> No.52051060



Fuck off, this is Modern General not your meme thread for shitters.

>> No.52051061


Sure. You can go spirit tribal and drop this bad boy on storm

>> No.52051103

Any Living End players here? Criticize my list please

>> No.52051121

March 13th
>mox Opal banned
>simian spirit guide banned
>desperate ritual banned
>manamorphose banned
Oh man I can't wait

>> No.52051128

Fuck off Travis, you're a shit brewer and your deck hasn't been relevant since 2015

>> No.52051135


>> No.52051146

You forgot grapeshot and empty the warrens friend. I like the spec on ritual and manamorphose though, they definitely need a ban.

>> No.52051211

Lol. It ain't.

Yes. While you are correct about Brazil being the largest economy in South America, and 10th largest in the global economy, Brazil is far off from being a super power.

For starters Brazil's economic growth is inconsistent and usually falls into periods of high inflation and recessions. The second is that Brazil lacks hard power, military power in other words. Hard power is the most important measure of a countries superpower status, like the United States and the Soviet Union (I wouldn't consider Russia a super power due to other factors). While Brazil does carry a lot of soft power I would t consider it a force on the international stage.

The only super power currently is the United States, but China is on the heels of super power status. Brazil is a regional power, such as the EU, Russia, India.

Tl;dr Brazil is relavent, but not a super power.

>> No.52051239

What the heck pack is this??

>> No.52051244

t. Argentina

>> No.52051245

t. american fuckboy

>> No.52051280

Wrong, but keep guessing.

To keep this somewhat related, is abzan company any good. Loved pod, but unsure about company.

>> No.52051282


The last one? Journey into Nyx maybe

>> No.52051292


Looks like fate reforged, khans, journey into nyx

>> No.52051345

I meant to say american's* fuckboy, because you can't take their cock out of your ass.
Abzan Company seemed really good, but it's not optimal, and therefore not worth it money-wise. Do you enjoy the playstyle though? It looks really fun to play, has many flexible slots and can adapt to a lot of metas.

>> No.52051348

4 pale recluse is too many mate I play 1 recluse 1 twisted abomination and 2 faerie macabre main board because fuck affinity and fuck snap remand

>> No.52051409

Abzan company is a weird deck that was tier 1 until it suddenly disappeared from the face of the fucking earth and now no one plays it. The coco roulette is just too unreliable

>> No.52051414



>> No.52051419

Nice, open that shit senpai, also that happens sometimes

>> No.52051433

I played it once and didn't win a single match. Chalk that up to poor decisions or the deck sucks, but that was a while ago and the meta has changed considerably. I would only need the companies and maybe some other cards that are common (most lists don't run voices), so it would be a cheap investment.

Also I'm Canadian, which has a love/hate relationship with the US.

>> No.52051454

You put it there. That wasn't the pack in the box

>> No.52051481

That's actually a thing that happens sometimes

>> No.52051503

Abzan Company is like a watered down Abzan that goes for a combo win or board flood instead of running the best cards available in these colors. I'm a bit biased because I love toolbox decks.

Time to open your Evolver!

>> No.52051522

Yes but not this time

>> No.52051568

I think it has slightly better game against aggro and fast decks than regular abzan, so all in all it's not the absolute worst meta choice

>> No.52051575

Sigh ... Nothing will ever be as good as pod.

>> No.52051600

>tfw realized I only need a few cheap cards + Gifts Ungiven in order to build Storm
Is it any good? Or just another meme?

It's so good that it's banned.

>> No.52051617

Don't bother it'll be banned

>> No.52051628

The problem with that is the card is virtuy unplayable in other formats. Same goes for twin. It was too good, but not good enough for other formats, unlike other cards on the ban list.

>> No.52051818

not it was totally in there; why would I have a random apocalypse pack, heres the back of it

>> No.52051864

That's pretty fuckin' wild

>> No.52051905

welp, opened'er up

wow these cards are underpowered as shit

>> No.52051909

I hope Vindicate is the rare

>> No.52051982

I believe it is legitimately good. If you dedicate the entire sideboard to DSJ and Burn and no one is packing hate you will win.

>> No.52052012


>> No.52052021

Or no one is running any hand disruption whatsoever

>> No.52052025

Where the fuck are the uncommons and rares

>> No.52052031

I've had no problem playing through hand disruption desu. When half your deck draws more cards it's not so bad

>> No.52052033

What's your list of choice? How do I play this right

Where are the uncommons and the rare?

>> No.52052070

>Goldfish it a fuck load before you play it
4 Spirebluff canal
6 island fetch
3 Island
1 Mountain
1 mountain fetch
4 Spirebluff Canal
3 Steam Vents
4 Baral, Chief of Compliance
3 Goblin Electromancer
4 Desperate Ritual
1 Empty the Warrens
4 Gifts Ungiven
2 Grapeshot
4 Manamorphose
2 Past in Flames
4 Pyretic Ritual
3 Remand
4 Serum Visions
4 Sleight of Hand
3 Thought Scour

This is the most streamlined list, some people splash for sideboard or play merchant scroll for flexibility, but this is the stock

>> No.52052105


>> No.52052123

You got some cool cards at least.

This looks cool, I might try it.

>> No.52052134

85% of this format is drawing a better opening hand than your opponent and playing it out in a braindead order.

Is there a fun interactive deck in the format I should look into or should I try elsewhere?

>> No.52052135

I've played something similar before and I have to say it seems really inconsistent. But maybe thats just me being a storm casual.

>> No.52052136

It's pretty good senpai, turn 4 like every time consistently

>> No.52052143

I just had a retarded idea but I think it might actually be good.

In Grixis Control (version with Ancestrals), run Quicken over Thought Scour. or maybe a 2/2 split.

Quicken + Serum Visions t2 seems like a good play after holding up a countersquall/spell snare/push/terminate, and snap + quicken + AV in the lategame is filthy.

Might be good in Jeskai/esper draw-go also? quicken + supreme verdict would be spicy

>> No.52052145

I'd try reddit

>> No.52052172

Nah, you're just a storm casual. It's extremely consistent, not as explosive as previous forms, but consistent as fuck

>> No.52052174

That's pretty much all magic is.

The nuances comes from when either you both draw a good hand or a bad hand.

>> No.52052182



>> No.52052190

How does this shit manage to draw a bazillion cards?

I saw someone play it and they had a fully loaded hand after casting multiple rituals.

>> No.52052210


>> No.52052214

electromancer out, ritual ritual ritual, morphose, past in flames, ritual, ritual, ritual, morphose, cast all the cantrips in your graveyard, draw more rituals and shit, do it again

>> No.52052217

There isnt a deck that tilts me more than elves. Holy shit what a stupid deck, its literally pure luck

>> No.52052231

Run anger of the gods. If you cast anger, they literally have a 0% chance of winning

>> No.52052244

>tfw I run Affinity
Elves can suck my dick, so many ways to blow them out.

>> No.52052278

>losing to elves

>> No.52052322

>hit coco with a thoughtseize t1
>wipe their board
>why haven't you scooped.png
>0 cards in hand and I have big boy goyf
>they topdeck coco
>hit e witness and heritage
>they get back the coco from the yard
>hit visionary and heritage
>another fucking coco
I didn't realize elves was capable of bullshitting it's way through the lategame like that since I usually just beat their face in but holy shit fuck coco roulette

>> No.52052329

and how aggressively do you mulligan with this shit? I can't imagine it mulls too much considering it needs a ton of cards to combo off

>> No.52052429

MTG would be better without lands.

>> No.52052625

>Lands ruin magic so much people have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for playsets of them to even begin to play competetive archetypes, also land flood/screw has been the #1 complaint about MTG for over 2 decades

>WOTC still can't figure out how to boost the playerbase.

>> No.52052635

Considering the deck is so fucking redundant, you don't mull pretty much anything with a cantrip and a blue land, not if you don't have to. and even so the deck is so redundant, and even so it mulls half decent. And in the end, you don't need to amass crazy hands, If you can just resolve 1 gifts after a long game you can win. Like if they dedicate the entire game to keeping me off baral or electromancer, that's fine, I've won q few games with either a reasonable empty the warrens or just having such a big graveyard that 1 gifts into a chain remand grapeshot wins the game, the redundancy is just so real. Also it's not good or optimal, but you can win through chalice for 1 pretty easily

>> No.52052729

What would be the solution then? Perfect mana bases all the time (like duals and fetches in every standard set) or something like hearthstone?

>> No.52052764

The fuck happened to Through the Breach today? Giant fucking buyout

>> No.52052777

Perfect mana base is irrelevant, if you want to run a 5 color deck that's one of the draw backs. Honestly, I don't care that much about mana screw/flood. Like it happens to you, but it happens to other people. I think the mana base is an important part of the game, and keeps shit real interesting and balanced.

>> No.52052787

It's not in MM17 and it can't be printed pretty much anywhere else. Safe as houses investment.

>> No.52052788

expect it for cards that aren't getting reprinted, they'll stabilize soonish though so I wouldn't worry.

>> No.52052807

Jews, but seriously if wizards wanted to stop this shit, they'd observe a buyout and just print the fuck out of it into oblivion, just to fuck the people that pull that shit. But they don't

>> No.52052827

Nope, totally happens. Got an Alara Pack in one of those.

>> No.52052838


There's no good solution that doesn't involve a heavy rework of the game that would likely have big repercussions on the secondary market, causing all sorts of butthurt in the community.

Lands are the biggest flaw of MTG, having a roughly 40% chance to draw a card that does nothing isn't good game design, it's archaic and most card games that have come out after MTG have solved this problem in one way or another.

None of them have been a threat, MTG is the World of Warcraft of the card game market. Its too big and mainstream and it dominates it's genre, meaning it doesnt have to change much or afapt. In both cases it's age is starting to show. Eventually something big will have to be done to Make Magic Great Again, something along the lines of a soft reboot of the entire franchise.

>> No.52052870

Reboots cause huge numbers of people to leave and it irreparably damages the player base. I played both versions of A Game of Thrones before the most recent reboot. Lots of people left, both times.

>> No.52052905

Better yet, run SSG, Quicken and Manamorphose.

Play 1 drop sorceries in your opponents first upkeep when your on the draw.

"Ill keep this hand & before we start I will thoughtseize you"

>> No.52052965

what's the best deck for Eldritch Evolution

>> No.52053001


That was that basically happened in my two games. Winning through pure bullshit

>> No.52053004

So which storage unit do you think Through the Breach is going to be sitting in for the next 20 years?

>> No.52053008

Hope you guys sold your copies or are in the process of doing so.

It's a shame I can't play lantern anymore but oh well it's for the health of the format.

>> No.52053029

>implying tron isn't the next deck to get banned

>> No.52053036

Seriously what the fuck happened

>> No.52053045


The secondary market is just continuing to kill the game, that's all.

>> No.52053049

If you're talking about cards which might go up because they're not there, you should start with cards in decks that have some support in MM17, but are missing big cards: bob comes to mind for jund/junk.

>> No.52053083

Well, I wanted to play mono-red Sneak at some point in my life...

Fuck Modern, man. Jesus.

>> No.52053086

The secondary market helps keep this game alive you mouthbreather. How would your lgs stay in business if they couldn't make money on cards? Who orders the most sealed product?

I'm sorry you couldn't play with your card timmy but we live in a free market

>> No.52053105


The secondary market is clearly doing more harm than good at this point.

>> No.52053131

It's not a free market. The government has awarded a monopoly on Through the Breach cards to WotC, and you can be prosecuted if you produce your own Through the Breaches without WotC's permission.

>> No.52053137

Ahh, I didn't know my lgs would go out of business if people didn't buy out cards off tcg from time to time to turn a profit

>> No.52053144

>every card I wan't isn't $5 ;_;
If people aren't making money off this game you would have no where and no one to play with. The secondary market is the only thing that has kept this game alive through wotc's terrible business decisions. If they would respect the secondary market and not reprint cards so our investments would be safe, this game would be a lto easier to play.

>> No.52053157

This is fine bait

>> No.52053197

>Modern is clearly doing more harm than good at this point

>> No.52053199

>I don't know what IP or a free market is the post

It's a delicate ecosystem, you should thank your local lgs for help keeping it alive by buying more of their product.

>It's bait because I'm poor and don't understand how business or economics work
Typical mtg player

>> No.52053241

What the fuck does it mean it's a delicate ecosystem? There is literally Zero fucking reason my LGS would be negatively affected if people didn't just randomly buy out rare cards. You're a fucking retard.

>> No.52053264

>not reprint cards so our investments would be safe, this game would be a lto easier to play.

haven't seen bait this hard in a long time

>> No.52053311

>not reprint cards so our investments would be safe, this game would be a lto easier to play
I know this is bait, but I don't think even the actual MTG "investors" do mental gymnastics that are this complicated.

>> No.52053471

Why would I buy a booster if the most expensive card costs 50 cents?
If there is no value in the pack, noone is going to buy it. If no money flows, noone wants it as a business.
That's the main reason most TCGs die.

>> No.52053578

>as the poachers hunt the free market into extinction the chinaman waits in the trees, smiling as sheep flock to his taxing reservation then risk the merciless wilds.

>> No.52053678

What the fuck does some retarded autist buying out an under printed card cause he wants to play pretend stock market have to do with them printing packs worth 50 cents? Are you seriously implying mtg wouldn't survive if people didn't occasionally buy out cards? Are you delusional?

>> No.52053750

new bread baking boyos

>> No.52053780

I play tron sometimes. You don't NEEEEEEED Karn if you're just playing FNM. It sure does help, but there are budget options.

>> No.52053798

>mfw got my set for 140 literally a week ago
jesus christ

>> No.52053913

Total absolute noob here

So my local card shop with a red/white like pic related. Obviously its shit, i know, but I had to start somewhere.

How do I get into mtg? How do I get cards? Is it best to buy booster packs or decks or individual cards?
I found strats and builds online, do I copy them exactly or spice it up?
Sorry if dumb questions, but I have no friends to ask :(

>> No.52054278


For financial retards to pretend they understand investment strategy when they can't even properly forecast an annual RoI. Seriously, you chucklefucks make the entire community look stupid.

>> No.52057262

When there is a secondary market, can you control the buyouts? We are discussing secondary markets, not buyouts, unfortunately one happens when the other exists.

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