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The protagonist of the last book/movie/game you played is now one of the lost primarchs. What would their legion look like?

>Big Boss
>Stealing shit like the Blood Ravens through Fultons
>Go through all their missions armed with tranquilizer guns & never seen

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> The Heir from Darkest Dungeon.

First to go rogue from corruption.
Doesn't stop murdering the Daemons.

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Last game I played was Hotline Miami so...
He's a horrible mass killer who has profound tendencies towards sadism and disregard for himself. He slips in and out of surrogate identities in order to distance himself from the horrible things he's done, while also fully indulging in them.
I think he's basically a horrible mix of Night Lords and a little bit of Alpha Legion. His legions tactics would be hyper aggressive with a disregard for casualties, but not necessarily as blunt as the World Eaters. They'd move fast, frequently make decisions on their own initiative, and frequently take heavy losses while inflicting them on the enemy in kind.
I think they'd probably do a similar "mask" thing to the Eldar, where a space marine undergoes a ritualistic adopting of an identity or totem animal before deployment, psychologically embuing himself with (what he believes) are the aspects of the animal.
Also, they use a *lot* of combat drugs.

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The lost Primarch is a mysterious, seldom-seen tactitian known colloquially as "The Commander". His legion is made up of small kill-teams who are tasked with responding to Xenos threats. Surviving more than one mission is a mark of honor.

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>Welcome to the Sons of Malice.

>I'll call 'em the Night Lords.

>We're all Alpharius here.

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Adorable Bug Marines

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Master technician
Fully indoctrinated into thw ways of the machine cult
Beefed up on all kinds of Archeotech cybernetics

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seems like the emperor has some explaining to do.
At least we finally have a primarch that can restore the Emperor?

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Also Armless the Harmless beeing ripped appart by his own troups, glorious.

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I guess they're all psykers who use power bats or something

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Fits like a fucking glove. He will be hailed as one true Omnissiah.
Legion will be heavily cyber-agumented soldiers of the previous generation, the last of their kind.
Thunder Cyber-Commandos Mark IV.

He will also have a Titan Blood Dragon

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> lea from crosscode
Dynamically changing combat tactics depending on the type of enemy. Alternating between rapid, close range melee strikes or long ranged pelting. Always equipped with various ammo types as well as other gear to increase the tactical flexibility even further, but lacks heavy weapons or actual specialized squads built on doing one specific thing well(such as devastator squads or assaults). Lots of dodging and blocking(with shields) to minimize damage rather than more physical beefyness to take sustained hits. Spins a lot. Very quiet, but not antisocial. Somewhat smug when the situation allows it.

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What, Hektor and Achilleus?

Well yeah no shit.

A bunch of bronzed half-naked men with power spears (heavy and huge).

H&A are now even more unstoppable, though I dunno how they're gonna sought out their mutual RAGE

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>Spike Spiegel
>Specialize in tracking targets
>Legion follows his example by being highly skilled, pretty reckless, and cursed with his tendency to come within inches of his goal only for it to slip away

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>Attila: Total war Age of charlemagne expansion
>Theme of Sicily (Byzantines)
>treacherous at courtpolitics
>very old traditions and rituals
>strict discipline on the battlefield
>uses heavily armored troops supported by auxillaries from tributary states

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Mailman's here!

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Oh my

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shit get's blown the fuck up. all the black magic makes falling to chaos easy though maybe?

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you mean he isn't

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>Nikolai Dante section of the 2000ad 40th anniversary issue

A cocky group of what are effectively Russian Rouge Traders with Xeno tech implants openly opposing the Emperor.

Sounds great.

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>Karan S'jet

Space Marines are now actual space marines, formed into one massive fleet with a mobile factory in the center. Everybody is trained in piloting.

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The Once and Future King

Literally the Knights of the Round Table... in space.

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Movie: John Wick
Book: Counselors and Kings: Matteo
Game: Jak and Daxter

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The last book I read was a Thomas Covenant re-read.

I quite literally cannot envision a Thomas Covenant legion. His conflicted "I can't quite cut it" pacifism would make him unsuitable, even if he can snap into violence when sufficiently provoked.

Then there's the problem that he'd probably precipitate something cataclysmic when exposed to the power of the Chaos Gods. Like "end the universe and causality" cataclysmic.

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>To Catch A Heretic

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Krieg from Borderlands. Angry Marines. Angrier Marines?

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>An entire legion of cousins to go bowling with
>Jewish biker space marines
>Nightclub managed by space marines

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last book I read was Foundation and Empire. So, Bayta is the protagonist? Fuck that, I'm saying it's the Mule.

So, primarch that is able to control his troops and his enemies emotions. Cool

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I would say that the closest thing to a protagonist in Foundation is old Hari Seldon.

Probably some sort of ultra predictive "I know what you're up to" sort of chapter. Plus, could explain why E rubbed them out, they figured out something they shouldn't' have.

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Pudge Dota 2.

Must have fallen to Nurgle...

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Krieg's Marines for the pun. Or Meat Marines.

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Last game was Battlefield 4: Literally the Raptors.

Last book was The Gun Machine: Hard boiled detective marines specializing in tracking down heretics and madmen. Their nemesis is a group of traitors that are all mad psykers, cursed to see multiple timelines simultaneously.

Last movie was Raiders of the Lost Arc: Relic hunting marines with a Lawrence of Arabia vibe. Special weapons are chain whips and bolt revolvers. Friends with the Ad Mechs and the Ecclesiarchy. Lots of rare gear, huge reliquary, tons of forbidden knowledge.

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So I just browsed the CWCki & that demo of a CWC video game being made.

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That would be HILARIOUS.

I have a new headcanon now.

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>Cheeki & breeki
>slav weapons slav warfare slav squats
>Legion relics are all highly radioactive or are made from vodka botles

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Mussolini in Hoi4 and Torbjorn in Overwatch.
Mussolini has the Imperial Eagles. Sigil is a roman Aquila holding the facist faggot. Tactics are light tanks, losing to Ethiopians and failing to invade France.
Torbjorn's legion is 3 feet tall with all of the mass of a normal Spess Merhrene. Legion name is the Hammerclad. Sigil is 3 gears. Tactics include automated weaponry, over heating, hitting opponents in the shins with hammers. Absolutely hates Necrons.

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>tfw today's page blueballed you
The chapter will release new data slates every day but plot progression will be minimal. It'll be centuries before we get anywhere.

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Slaanesh just got a new Daemon Primarch.

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The Black Company 7, Bleak Seasons


The Black Company

Band that views the emperor in a non-religious light. Vehemently non-religious. Proficient at hunting down sorcerers. Prefer to act on subterfuge and trickery. Keep a small among of sapient xeno species on a tight leash. In contact with a powerful non-chaos god warp entity that helps them control the xeno. Company history and tradition is extremely important with detailed records going back to the founding. Mundane medicine is something the company is proficient at. Librarians replaced with "Analysts", non psyker historian warriors/battlefield medics.

Battered and black, they look like soldiers

The Black Company actually makes a perfect legion and Croaker a great Primarchs.

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Fuck you Konami

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>last book
Crysis: Legion
So basically a primarch in DAoT nanotech armor of Xeno origins
wow, never heard of that before
Tactics wise he's most likely stealthy

>last movie
Terminator: Genisys
>Bitchface Connor
>Kyle reese

Mechanicus allied?

>last game
err. I don't think that's a good idea
>can jump far
>can climb walls
>can punch people well
>doesn't use weapons
>can hack stuff (within limits)
I can't see him as a primarch
maybe there's a reason he's been lost

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>Last album played?
>Power Trio Squads
>Leather over power armor
>Bullet belts
>Snarling skulls as heraldry
>Combat stims
>Base strings worn on armored extremities that are played by going fast, causing them to be played
>Bass gauntlets

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DOOM (2016)

The Primarch's has no name or titles.
After being scattered through the warp, the primarch landed on a Daemon World. Miraculously, he was never corrupted by Chaos, and displays an extreme hatred towards daemons.
Upon discovery by the Emperor, the Second Legion was put under the primarch's command. The legion was give the name "Doom Slayers", as testament to their resilience to chaotic corruption and effectiveness in fighting daemons.

The Doom Slayers never took part in the Great Crusade, much to the Emperor's disappointment. Instead they immediately returned to the Eye of Terror, following their primarch in his neverending crusade against chaos, never to be seen or heard from again.
Records of the Second Legion were expunged from Imperial records.

Periodically reports come from worlds who have experienced daemonic invasions telling of a unknown chapter of Space Marines intervening in the battles. Clad in green power armour of heresy-era type, these Marines were at first assumed to be a Chaos Space Marine warband.
Further information came to light showing these marines fighting daemons, and no chaotic corruptions could be seen on their wargear. They specialize in close-quarters combat, with a heavy focus on shotguns, hand-to-hand combat and chainsword use, preferring to tear daemons limb from limb to kill them.
Grey Knight detachments have noted that these marines are willing to aid those fighting daemons, although they will disappear into the warp after the daemons who attempt to retreat.

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Fuck I want to make this army now.

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>Making Bio-Android character

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>Go Vacation, what amounts to Wii Sports Resort DX

An entire legion who couldn't care less about the war, and just tour the universe, taking photoes in front of famous landmarks, participating in local sports and activities, taking some ridiculously convoluted routes purely for brownie points and muttering something about treasure chests while driving around a set area completely aimlessly.
Most devastating maneuvre would probably involve trying a sideflip on a not!snowmobile and tumbling into whatever was in the way.

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The Black Company
>Legion Rating

John Wick 2
>Legion Rating

Shadow of Mordor
>Legion Rating

Pretty good across the board.

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Book would be Titanicus; assuming 40k novels are cheating, that would be... First Lord's Fury

>Tavi of Calderon as a Primarch

I'm not even sure, but it would be GREAT. Probably a big emphasis on out-thinking your opponent, proper treatment of lessers, psykers with an elemental theme?

Last movie I watched was The Fifth Element.

>Korben Dallas as a Primarch

Lots of rhinos, I think. Emphasis on veterency. Probably midway to being renegades; not really in it for revolution or loyalty but because they owe it (and it's worth something). Something something love something something xenos?

And the last video game was FFXIV

>Warrior of Light as Primarch

heavy emphasis on a jack of all trades/master of all trades. Religious/faithful. Never stopping, never giving up. Stubborn, over-trained fools to the end.

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John Wick 2.

This should be fun

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>Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn
>Taking down enemy units entirely through a mix of arrows, explosives, and rope
>Figuring out how to use ancient tech means so much tech-heresy used by the entire legion

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>last movie was Logan

Well, this is awkward.

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Meet up with the black dragons

"Who are you?"

"I'm you but better"

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Warp Fuckery of the highest possible magnitude happened here, I just know it.

Legion would probably have a thing for Close-Quarters and overwhelming firepower (so, standard Space Marine shtick, but just 'prettier' looking), and be very, very liberal on using anything Warp-related in combat ("Oh hey, that Xeno Artifact is kind of like a Gellar Field that's holding back a bunch of hasardous Dæmons. BREAK IT, THAT'LL FUCK THE ORKS UP SPECTACULARLY!").

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Paladin trap marines.

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Last book: The wind through the keyhole
Last game: Dead space
Last movie: Sicario

Result: A legion made of extremely proficient blacks ops engineers who favors handguns.

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>autistic children marines

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The Beast Hunters
All about purging mutants, but too easily corrupted by Xenos, I guess?

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Benton Fraser
> a whole legion of mountie marines
>Polite Rivalry with the smufs over who is the biggest lawful good.
things in the imperium are slightly better not too much but there are more marines who care.

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Street Fighter V, so... I guess Ryu?

I guess they'd just be Blood Angels. Bunch of solem warrior-monks with a high number of psykers, each of which are touched by the dark powers of the warp and much constantly keep themselves in check in case they fall to the same ancient curse that befallen their primarch.

+1 to armour saving rolls because of their sick parry skills, and automatic success on Gets Hot rolls for plasma weapons.

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That's basically the Legion of the Damned.

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>BotW's Link
Covered in scraps of looted armor and wielding weapons of fallen foes, these resourceful space marines are a ragtag group that on more than one occasion have been mistaken for poorly disguised orks. They have a chaotic and individualistic approach to combat; each individual is possibly a better fighter than a marine from another legion, but against an organized fighting force they quickly fall. All incidents of pyromania are misinformed; they didn't think it'd cover the entire city!

Any accusations of Eldar taint are met with muted anger.

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>Hero from Titan Quest (Paths Mod, Path of the Mind)
>So, psykers
>Lots of psykers
>That can make other psykers
>Yo dog

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>Dungeon Defense vol 4
>Dantalion dies quickly because most of his success is rooted in exploiting human weakness and the metagame knowledge that he has as a player

>Little Witch Academy Enchanted Parade
>Akko exploding demon princes in showers of fireworks by nuking them with Shiny Arc

>The Secret World
>No one knows the name of the lost primarch, but what everyone remembers is when he died.
>He died slaying a Demon prince and his entire army
>Then showed up unharmed the next day.
>He died when he singlehandedly held back a Tyranid Horde until the planet's inhabitants and all of his men were evacuated, his glorious body eaten by scavengers.
>Then arrived to ask the Librarian what he recommended as the next course of action.
>He died against the necrons, hands aglow with flaming power and feet planted unmoving in the ground as he gunned down enemies with a hail of golden bullets.
>Then he showed up in his quarters, apparently attempting to decide what to wear into the next battle.

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>Samurai Jack

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They're called White Scars

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>All incidents of pyromania are misinformed; they didn't think it'd cover the entire city!
I honestly didn't expect lighting a fire arrow for cooking would burn as much as it does.

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>>protagonist of Bear: A Novel
>>They all fuck bears, I guess

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>WWE 2k17

Well, Brock Lesnar's on the cover, so...

>He wasn't actually a 'Lost Primarch', that was just a nickname the other sons of the Emperor gave him. During meetings and such, he would always send his advocate, a High Lord from the planet Suplexus Prime. However, when it came to battle, the Primarch was always the first into the battle, no weapons but his fists by his hands, but yet he still won every conflict he found himself in, his ferocity and violence earning him the moniker, "The Emperor's Beast". During the great war his legion fought alone, the Primarch heeding to the words of his Advocate over the whispers of the dark gods, and the callings of The Emperor, leading himself and his Legion to decimate high-priority targets within the Chaos war machine until one fateful day, during single combat with an ancient Daemon covered in golden plate, he was mortally wounded. Some say that he left this galaxy into realms unknown to hone his strength, and he will return to slay the one who wounded him so greatly and bring destruction to the forces of evil.

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I just got done reading this before posting...well shit, at least grimdark's not a problem for them.

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So their enemies will need to bear the might of their bear-iers[/spoiler[.

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Aziraphale and Crowley are now the lost Primarchs.

I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'm pretty sure I like it.

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>The Man Who Was Thursday
An entire legion filled with loyalists pretending to be ineffectual traitors so they can root out real corruption.

>> No.52022589

>The Man Who Was Thursday
An entire legion filled with loyalists pretending to be ineffectual traitors so they can root out real corruption.

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Well, last game I played was Warhammer 40K: Freeblade...
He pilots a motherf****** Imperial Knight, holy shit...

>> No.52025393

>Life according to Garp

>The binding of Isaac: Afterbirth


>> No.52025445

" 'Sup Senpais, we're here to make sure you bros get the support your need. Haha, don't worry, it's not about how many times you die, it about how many times you try. "
An entire legion of skeletons on skateboards sounds great.

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Eh... Just played For Honor, so as far as the protagonist goes, it's The Orochi who leads the last chapter.

Aside from their primarch being the best swordsman in the setting. I'd imagine the legionaries are his online counterpart.

The legion will flee from combat at the first sign of trouble.

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Luke Skywalker.

The legion is loyalist, but was sorely tempted to turn.
Mostly melee focused, with some psyker powers.

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LAst game I played was CK2.
So I guess, space Karlings or space Xwedodah?

>> No.52025831

Well, I picked a bad time to play this game.
Did the Emperor have a seizure or something?

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>Haven't played any games since Pokemon came out

They're what everyone was afraid of when psykers got the ability to summon daemons. Any deadly fauna they can find they also use in battle, sometimes as mounts, but mostly as troops.
Mostly get around on bikes and their Primarch was known for his always eerily serene expression even in the most dire of moments.

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would probably be very protective of a few worlds but other than that i got nothin.

>> No.52026460

>Daniel Ocean is now a primarch

Everything gets stolen, no one knows who did it.

>> No.52026700

>EVE Online.
All space marines become capsuleers and get their own giant ships. New Eden technology added to Imperium's might. So many Machanicus boners.
Enemy fleets literally BTFO, radio frequencies filled with "urgaypwnd".
Millions of space stations and engineering complexes pumping out ships 24/7.
Eldar and Tau females sold into slavery.
Necrons scammed out of their tech.
Possibly a new chaos god of finance and greed is born.

>> No.52026841

sounds like the Blood Raven Primarch...

>> No.52027432

Melee focussed chapter with no mechanicus support, they constantly scavenge weapons off the battlefield, because normal weapons are not able to deal with the forces a Space Marine can put on them, and break easily.

>> No.52027479

>Spike from Cowboy Bebop
I can dig it

>> No.52028005

>Intrusion 2
Hmmm, Intruders?

>Extensive use of scouts, intruding behind enemy lines
>Extremely resourceful, using what ever they can find, heresy or not
>Often steal enemy's vehicles, especially walkers
>Often wear red scarves and orange sunglasses
>Not too keen on melee combat, except in terminator armor/entombed in dreadnought/in stolen melee mech
>Doing stupid and reckless shit like snowboarding down the mountain while shooting enemy soldiers would be a normal mission

Dunno, maybe I should build few scouts and give the sarge a red scarf.

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>The Room

>> No.52029027

Oh dear god-emperor WHY!?!

>> No.52031065

>Chapter Master of entirely home-brew That-Guys

>> No.52032379

>Game: Postal Redux
>Series: The Young Pope
Well fuck it. We already have Lorgar. I'll do Postal Dude basing him in Postal 1 and 2.


Hermes Kurier was the Primarch of the Messengers of the Truth. This legion was renowned before finding his Primarch for their diplomatic skills, bringing back to the light many human civilizations with just their words. However everything changed when his primarch was found. It was on the planet of Paradise IV when the Emperor met Hermes. The planet had fall into debuchery and anarchy, and the Emperor found his son fighting in what it seemed like a planet wide free for all deathmatch. When Hermes was interrogated about the situation, he just said: "this is just friday here". Obviously his Father was not very impressed about him. He had not conquered or united his planet. Furthermore, he seemed to live in what Malcador could only describe as a "Whiskey Tango Trailer Park".

Hermes first missions were barely over chores and low end jobs for a Primarch. Scorting kill ships to Exterminate xeno planets, routine exploration missions, anti-pirate patrols. He reluctlantly accepted saying that he only did them cause he had been sacked last week. Despite this, the missions always face unexpected trouble. Diplomatic delegations suddenly attacked the primarch. Ork raiders launched attacks during scientific scientific provings. Everywhere he went, no matter how peaceful, always ended with violence. Some like Guilliman said it was due to a lack or proper planning. Others like Magnus said he was cursed.

>> No.52032407


Hermes started to show symptoms of unhinges. His sanity went from shouting apocalyptic madman rantings during xenocide operations to spitting bad puns when putting down rebellions. It did not help that most of Paradise recruited marines were a mix of losers, psychos and fanatics. Some of these infamous marines were Brother Notting Portman or Brother Osama Al-Ladin. Even the once righteous terran marines went postal now, such is the case of Captain William Foster.

It is unclear if Hermes could detect people prone to Amok syndrome during recruiting, if it was a flaw in the genecode or if it was part of the Legion's bad luck.

The Legion excels in violence, lacking the tactical finesse for more important objectives. For this reason, and following the primarch fashion, every marine carries more than the standard weapon for his class. Improvised, standard or state of the art, every marine carries far more fire power and melee tools than he should. From Devastators carrying power machetes to Destroyer squads armed with extra double barrel guns. This has resulted useful many times, since their battle always turn awry. The Legion also employs many Moritat marines in their operations.

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Horus you are TEARING ME APART!

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