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SoP Life Handbook playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wTv7VGj2qzjGnReD1lLRwC8iNG_G6f-a6XzMQlTB1yM/edit

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So, I've homebrewed a Wyvern rider archetype for the Dread
Feedback would be appreciated!

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First for Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior is a steaming pile of shit that makes the Psicrystals book look good.

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I'm planning on playing a half-elf unchained rogue/barbarian in order to abuse the combination of finesse training and a two-handed finesse weapon

Should I go unchained barbarian or urban chained barbarian?

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What can I do to make encounters more compatible vs pow classes?

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I'd chain up your barbarian!

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Give each group of enemy combatants a pool of basic maneuvers that they can all draw from, and activate once per set of rounds.

If you're feeling adventurous have an officer be Barking out commands to allow them to use the maneuvers. They kill him and the group can't do maneuvers any more.

Give monsters an appropriate single maneuver that they can do every round.

Job done.

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>Want to play a Bloodrager
>DM insists on chained rage
Help me I'm retarded, how do I do barbarian math.

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Path of War deals VERY well with 'Large single hits' and 'Duelling another guy'.

The major weaknesses is that most of them don't deal particularly well with groups of foes or (For several levels at least) ranged multi-attacks.

A counter can stop a single arrow but it won't stop the others in the rapid shot and a group of a few lesser foes can do wonders at putting a Path of War guy down.

The major thing is that basically everything the path of war guy does eats his action economy. He has to use an immediate action to use his counter so he's defenceless against subsequent hits.

Give your NPCs a little Path of War. A well trained town guard can have a strike and a counter without too much investment and there is plenty of options for monsters if you are willing to go 'This monster fights like it's using X weapon' (Like an Axe style for a big claw attack monster)

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Here is Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior:

To be forthright, this is a rather boring product. It is missing the two actually interesting archetypes from the playtest, the pain sculptor and the silhouette.

All we are left with is the halo knight, the reaver, three paths, a disguise-based power that is not even on the psychic warrior list (I imagine it is for a reaver to poach?), three insultingly narrow psionic powers that only function on other animus-users.

Oh, and the layout of the PDF is permanently in a two-page spread. Forrest could stand to correct this.

This product is a disappointing disaster. Would anyone care to look it over for nonfunctional and/or ambiguous mechanics, like those present in Psionics Augmented: Psicrystals Expanded? This person >>51961419 >>51961617 has already pointed out some errors.

On the off-chance that you would like to legitimately purchase Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior regardless, you can wait until it appears on the Dreamscarred Press web store or DriveThruRPG. The former will give Dreamscarred Press the full cut of the sale.

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I'd chain your barbarian in an urban environment!

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Bear in mind that this is not always true. Boosts like Minute Hand (Riven Hourglass 1), Reflected Blade Style (Shattered Mirror 3), and Hour Hand (Riven Hourglass 5) can all generate additional attacks. Strikes like Flurry Strike (Broken Blade 1), Swift Claws (Thrashing Dragon 1), Rapid Strike (Riven Hourglass 2), the infamous Steel Flurry Strike (Broken Blade 3), and Rapid Current (Mithral Current 5) are all multiattacks.

A Steel Flurry Strike combined with a Reflected Blade Style is three attacks with +3d6 damage against two enemies, for a total of six attacks.

The Sense Motive strike line of Scarlet Throne is also painfully difficult to counter in the case of a zweihander (ordained defender, zweihander sentinel) who has raised their Sense Motive with traits like Thoughtful Wish-Maker and with items. Other Wisdom-based initiators, stalkers (vigilante), and bards (rubato) can have just as high Sense Motive.

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I'd barbarian your urban environment in chains.

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Not always true, no but it's a good general rule.

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>tfw just put the finishing touches on my sheet, my dragon2 app's all done and ready to go.

Now I play the deadliest game of all...

The Waiting Game

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So knock them down with a spellcaster if they are overzealous in their build, got it.

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>tfw have enough games but really feel tempted to just apply to something because /pfg/ has turned campaign app comparisons into its new fun pasttime

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You could always just apply under a throwaway account, and then delete your app at the last second. Plus it'll make other people stress and either hurry up and finish theirs or drop completely

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I've thought about doing this and doubling or tripling HP, at least when pulling entries from the bestiary.

>>51962493 and probably some of this

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B-But that's a horrible thing to do, anon!

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On the topic of the avowed, this is what is currently possible as a 5th-level avowed at the moment, under the context that both the Hellfire Talent feat and the betrothed's damage output are both to be downgraded.

Level: 5th
Race: Tiefling (Small size, prehensile tail, scaled skin, underworld guide)
Class: Avowed (any pact will do)

Key Ability Score: Dexterity 23 = base 18 + racial 2 + level advancement 1 + enhancement 2

Key Equipment: Belt of incredible dexterity +2 (4,000 gp)

Combat: Reactionary
Race: Reborn (maenad)
Social: Student of Philosophy

1st-level: Overcharge Modulation
Avowed 2: Point Blank Shot
3rd-level: Merciful Pulse
5th-level: Precise Shot

Shapes: Aether barrage ×3, one other shape depending on pact

Least Clauses: Dusk pulse, any four other least clauses

6 Dexterity modifier
+2 underworld guide
+2 Reactionary
Total: +10

Aether Barrage Attacks:
1 attack from BAB
1 attack from aether barrage
Total Attacks: 2

Range: 100 feet + 70 feet from caster level = 170 feet

Aether Barrage Attack Bonus:
+6 Dexterity modifier
+1 Small size
Total: +10/+10, targets touch AC, ignores wind walls

Aether Barrage Damage:
4d8 aether pulse with Merciful Pulse
+2d8 Overcharge Modulation
+6 Dexterity modifier
+2 maenad FCB
Total: 6d8+8 (average 35), ignores damage reduction, can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, does not actually have to go through spell resistance due to Overcharge Modulation

Initiative +10. The avowed launches two 170-foot ranged touch attacks at +10/+10, probably against flat-footed enemies. If both attacks are regular hits, that will result in an average of 70 damage, enough to kill a typical CR 6 depending on hit points:

None of this takes any prep time or resource expenditures at all.

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Other highlights of the build include:
• Four other least clauses, which can be like hidden knowledge (+6 bonus to all Knowledge checks and make them untrained), sightseer (see in all darkness perfectly and see invisiblity), or silver tongue (+6 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks)
• Whatever the pact actually gives, including an attunement, a sense, a bonus shape, and a 4th-level empowerment

The avowed is clearly still in need of adjustment, if this is what can be done as an avowed.

Potential targets for adjustment include the Merciful Pulse and Overcharge Modulation feats, the maenad FCB, and the aether barrage shape.

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So does a Monks typeless Wis bonus to AC stack with a Stalkers Wis to bonus to Dodge AC? I know you can't add the same ability score to the same stat twice, but does them being different AC typing override this?

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It'll be fine. You're not a horrible person just because you done one horrible thing.

If nothing else, just pretend. You're roleplaying a horrible person doing something horrible to these poor anons. But since it's all roleplay, no one's actually being hurt.

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Untyped bonuses always stack.
Dodge bonuses always stack.

So as written, yes.

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2hu, can you help me make a good Gnoll boss battle using PoW? Its suppose to be CR10-11, not counting any minions.

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Oh, neat.
I'm not sure it'll come up often, but neat. Thanks.

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No worries.

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Many of Path of War's stances and maneuvers are heavily overpowered in the damage department, and you are likely to completely murder one or two PCs in a single round given the right maneuvers and stances. With this in mind, I would not recommend a full initiator as an enemy, unless you deliberately keep to low-damage maneuvers and stances.

It is generally a better idea to simply give monsters counters.

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>you are likely to completely murder one or two PCs in a single round
That is acceptable.

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You are the worst GM get out

>> No.51962635

>asking 2hu to design a boss encounter wasn't your first tip-off
They deserve it. You get out.

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I started applying to games just to get in on /pfg/ memery with no actual intention of playing! You can too!

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Don't. Don't go doubling/tripling HP.
If they realize their strikes don't work they'll fall back to the VERY OBVIOUS (as in even a newbie player will realize this is an option) of full-attack-boosting.

At that point you'll enter "my players are broken 1600 DPR at level 10 wtf pls nerf" territory because that shit will break your mind.

As for giving all the enemy forces a basic counter and strike; that's incredibly reasonable for a simple reason: You can get exactly that from a single feat (martial training 1). If there's initiating in the world, it's only natural that THAT would be what combat training includes.

It's all about action economy. Make them waste it with overkill (as I pointed out in previous thread a minute ago) and more targets. Be CAREFUL about adjacency: just like pouncing barbarians, two adjacent targets tend to die together. Flanking should be done on their turn as a strike-burning gambit or counter-stop, but just "okay two guys move over to you" means two guys dead.

Use tactics, use ranged openers, feints, anything to make the other guy waste his actions (just like the players should by all means be doing - and often do).

Basically, don't be the retarded computer RPG "AI" and everything will be okay.

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>did this for Molthune
>got to play one session
>befriended one of the other players so it wasn't a total wash
Don't let your memes be dreams.

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In that case, given the gnoll's ability scores, you probably want a gnoll warder (ordained defender, zweihander sentinel) 9 or 10 with NPC wealth, depending on whether you want CR 10 or CR 11.

Be sure to take the Additional Traits feat and the Practiced Initiator trait (and possibly Unorthodox Method as well). Look into a martial tradition as well.

If you want the initiator to inexorably kill PCs, have them open up with a Power Attack + Furious Focus + Martial Charge + Discipline Mastery + Ruby Zenith Strike + Reflected Blade Style.

>Power Attack and Deadly Aim work with skill check maneuvers, penalizing the skill check in place of the attack roll. There were originally conflicting answers by accident (a miscommunication before we moved to a better way of handling team discussions), and on behalf of the rest of the PoW guys, sorry about that. Here's the FAQ answer on it. This one is the correct one.
Power Attack is compatible with Zenith Strikes.

>A: When making a skill check in place of an attack roll, all bonuses and penalties normally applied to the attack roll are applied to the skill check roll, including iterative attack penalties for making multiple attacks.

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>tfw none of my characters ever get memed
Honestly, that's like 75% of the reasons I never feel like I have a chance at getting picked.

>> No.51962697

The problem would be more that I wouldn't want to play that much even if I got in

>> No.51962738

Thanks. This is exactly what I was hoping for.

>> No.51962747


>If you want the initiator to inexorably kill PCs, have them open up with a Power Attack + Furious Focus + Martial Charge + Discipline Mastery + Ruby Zenith Strike + Reflected Blade Style.

To add to this, Primal Warrior Stance is a good stance to be in, particularly when paired with Powerful Build from the Mighty Frame feat; you might have to take a drawback for the Mixed Blood trait to qualify for Mighty Frame.

You can potentially wield a Large-sized lucerne hammer that deals 6d6 damage in Primal Warrior Stance.

>> No.51962752

Remember, this gnoll will have an ungodly high sense motive roll.

He knows what your PCs are going to be doing even before they do it themselves. And he will be ready for them.

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The four memed-on characters for Molthune (2hu, DHB, and the twins) never got picked.

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What's the feat that lets you use a large weapon as a medium character without penalty?

Or was I dreaming that such a feat exists?

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Holy shit! What kinda DPR is that?


Won't you feel a teensy bit bad?

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I don't know about any feats but you can buy an effortless lace for like, 3,500?

>> No.51962822

Don't think effortless lace effects weapon size category.

>> No.51962826

I'm not finding it in the SRD. What book is that from?

>> No.51962845

NVM, found it!

It works for the wielder.

>When wrapped around the grip of a one-handed piercing or slashing melee weapon for 24 hours, the ribbon’s magic permanently merges with the weapon, reducing the attack roll penalty incurred by a wielder who is smaller than the weapon’s intended wielder by 2 (to a minimum penalty of 0).

>> No.51962847

It doesn't actually change a weapon's size category but it drops the penalty on them.

Giant Hunter's Handbook.

>> No.51962855


If you are speaking of Paizo's options, then I truly would not know, aside from tiefling random ability #16.

If you are speaking of Dreamscarred Press options, then that is the Powerful Build racial trait, which is given to the catfolk (lion), the dreige, the half-giant, the oggr, and possibly other races I have missed. Aegides can also gain Powerful Build through a customization.

The Mighty Frame feat from Bloodforge 1 confers Powerful Build.

>Mighty Frame [Heritage]
>You are extraordinarily strong for your size. Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +4, and dwarf, giant, or orc subtype and/or dragon, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid type.
>Benefits: You gain the powerful build special quality, which lets you function in many ways as if you were one size category larger.
>Whenever you are subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for a Combat Maneuver Bonus or Combat Maneuver Defense (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), you are treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to you.
>You are also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as grab or swallow whole) can affect you.
>You may use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, your space and reach remain those of a creature your actual size. The benefits of this ability stack with the effects of abilities, powers, and spells that change the subject’s size category.

The Mixed Blood trait from the new version of Bloodforge 1 and from Bloodforge: Infusions: Esoteric Energies can grant you a qualifying subtype.


DPR is irrelevant to such a build. Nova potential is what matters.

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Ah. I thought it made weapons light mostly for twf purpouses.

>> No.51962911

It does that too.

>If the weapon is wielded by a creature whose size matches that of the weapon’s intended wielder, the weapon is treated as a light melee weapon when determining whether it can be used with Weapon Finesse, as well as with any feat, spell, or special weapon ability that can be used in conjunction with light weapons.


>> No.51962914

It also does that.

>If the weapon is wielded by a creature whose size matches that of the weapon’s intended wielder, the weapon is treated as a light melee weapon when determining whether it can be used with Weapon Finesse, as well as with any feat, spell, or special weapon ability that can be used in conjunction with light weapons.

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WAH-CHA! Too slow! It's a thousand years too early for you, asshopper!

>> No.51962929

Thanks, anon. I thought Titan Mauler was the only real way to wield oversize weapons without huge penalties.

>> No.51962942

Or maybe Monkey Grip shennanigans.

>> No.51962959


Let us move on to an 8th-level version of this build. Yes, 8th-level, not 9th-level.

Level: 8th
Race: Tiefling (Small size, prehensile tail, scaled skin, underworld guide)
Class: Avowed (any pact will do)

Key Ability Score: Dexterity 24 = base 18 + racial 2 + level advancement 2 + enhancement 2

Equipment: Flawed orange prism ioun stone (25,000 gp), belt of incredible dexterity +2 (4,000 gp), cracked pale green prism ioun stone (4,000 gp); yes, this leaves the character with nothing left save for a 10 gp outfit, but the character can make do with their array of noncombat utility clauses

Combat: Reactionary
Race: Reborn (maenad)
Social: Student of Philosophy

1st-level: Overcharge Modulation
Avowed 2: Point Blank Shot
3rd-level: Merciful Pulse
5th-level: Precise Shot
7th-level: Steel's Betrayal

Shapes: Aether barrage ×4, aether retaliation, one other shape depending on pact

Least Clauses: Dusk pulse, any two other least clauses
Lesser Clauses: Any five lesser clauses

7 Dexterity modifier
+2 underworld guide
+2 Reactionary
Total: +11

Aether Barrage Attacks:
2 attacks from BAB
1 attack from aether barrage
Total Attacks: 3

Range: 100 feet + 110 feet from caster level = 210 feet

Aether Barrage Attack Bonus:
+7 Dexterity modifier
+1 Small size
+1 cracked pale green prism ioun stone
-6 Steel's Betrayal
Total: +9/+9/+4, targets touch AC, ignores wind walls

Aether Barrage Damage:
6d8 aether pulse with Merciful Pulse
+3d8 Overcharge Modulation
+7 Dexterity modifier
+4 maenad FCB
+12 Steel's Betrayal
Total: 9d8+23 (average 63.5), ignores damage reduction, can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, does not actually have to go through spell resistance due to Overcharge Modulation

Initiative +10. Three 210-foot ranged touch attacks at +9/+9/+4. There is a good chance that the avowed will be targeting flat-footed enemies, but let us ignore that for now.

>> No.51962964


Let us assume a monster with touch AC 12. What is the avowed's DPR against such a monster?
(((0.9 * 63.5) + (0.05 * 0.9 * 63.5)) * 2) + ((0.65 * 63.5) + (0.05 * 0.65 * 63.5)) = 163.35375
That is enough to kill a CR 12 on average.

None of this takes any prep time or resource expenditures at all.

Other highlights of the build include:
• Aether retaliation, a once-per-round aether pulse as an immediate reaction against anyone who makes a melee attack against the avowed
• Two other least clauses, which can be like hidden knowledge (+6 bonus to all Knowledge checks and make them untrained), sightseer (see in all darkness perfectly and see invisiblity), or silver tongue (+6 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks)
• Five lesser clauses, which can be like airspace control (permanent concealment and aura of difficult terrain even for fliers) or fade from sight (at-will invisibility)
• Whatever the pact actually gives, including an attunement, a sense, a bonus shape, and a 4th-level empowerment, an 8th-level empowerment

Merciful Pulse, Overcharge Modulation, Steel's Betrayal, and the aether barrage shape itself are the components that allow an 8th-level avowed to outrageously one-turn-kill a CR 12 on average.

>> No.51962997

>using 3.5 feats in Pathfinder
If only....

>> No.51963001


>> No.51963004

Ehhh? Is Psychic Warrior that bad, or is it just this book that's bad?

>> No.51963011


Which are your favorite apps here?

Is Kanna overwrought?

>> No.51963023

What is the point to the hellfire thing with avowed? I never understood the "take burn to turn your aether blast into pure hellfire that is so pure that it cannot be resisted....except aether blast is untyped as it is so it cannot be anyway?

>> No.51963036

The base form is untyped but a lot of the modulations give it an element instead.

>> No.51963037


Just this book, I believe.

The psychic warrior (pathwalker) is one of the strongest and most flexible initiators available, boasting half-initiation and half-manifesting with very few tradeoffs. It is underrated and receives virtually no attention from /pfg/.


You are referring to balefire infusion, a class feature substitution.

Hellfire Talent is a damnation feat (the new penitent race has a special mechanic dealing with damnation feats) from here:

>> No.51963044

>tiefling random ability #16.
>You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty.
>tfw was planning on my character's limbs being rather small and weak looking
Well, that's a no go for my char. Thanks anyways. I guess I'll just have to have her use medium weapons like a chump.

>> No.51963057

Bump from the previous thread.

Anybody have the LK2 playtest doc?

>> No.51963104

That's a very cute flat gril. Would hug.

>> No.51963116

Those ankles

>> No.51963132

They would look better in some nice high heels!

What bonuses/penalties should really high heels give in Pathfinder?

>> No.51963150

-8 dex, -6 str, +4 Cha

Have you ever tried walking in high heels? Have you ever tried running in high heels? Swinging a bat in high heels?

Wearing high heels is only good if you're sole concern is looking good and doing absolutely nothing else.

>> No.51963156

Give me the rundown on the remaining /pfg/ games that are open (short sales pitch would be nice.)

I missed applying to WotR because of personal shit, and I'm really bummed out about it. I was going to finally maybe not have to play Dudebro McHelpful in a game.

>> No.51963177

Or, you know, horse-riding

>> No.51963181

>Dragon 2

If you missed out on the fun times of Dragon 1, here's your chance at getting a fraction of that fun in the form of dragon 2! It allegedly runs at the same time as Dragon 1 and what's cannon in 1 is cannon in 2!


It's the only one I'm aware of. Hopefully someone else can mention other /pfg/ games.

>> No.51963193

Okay lads. I'm in the process of making a Magus | URogue character and have to make a bit of a choice. Would I be better off taking a shortsword for the finesse training and getting piranha strike, or would it be worth it instead to spec into single-hand dueling sword usage?

>> No.51963195

>Lore/Lunar/Nature oracles everywhere wear high heels

Is this allowed?

>> No.51963248

The ones advertised here and are still open are

Sultanas and Raisins
Pathfinder: Reign of Winter
Bathe Yourself In Blood (Closing Soon)
Taldor Ascendant
Legends of Dragons fjord
Of Dragons and Men... and more Dragons (aka Dragon 2)

That's all I can remember. Don't have links to any.

>> No.51963264

>Taldor Ascendant
Wasn't this one proved a meme game??

>> No.51963276

Was it?
I just browsed the lfg listing, and referenced archives to make sure I was remembering accurately.
As far as I know, it was advertised here and is still open for apps.

>> No.51963309

Unchained barbarian is better. Ending rage doesn't have the risk of killing you if you're low, and you can get stances which are pretty good.

>> No.51963361

Dragon GM! Dragon GM! Have you come to a conclusion about my question dealing with the Siegebreaker archetype's ability qualifying for other feats?

If not, that's okay. It's not terribly vital.

>> No.51963378



>> No.51963392

We have an lfg listing?

>> No.51963421

So, applying to Dragon Game 2 with Rory Karkus, the Brutal Slayer Stalker//Invuln. Rager Barbarian.

I'm still tinkering with his backstory. Should I have him be a complete mundane, or not? I haven't statted out or PLAYED a complete mundane in a long, LONG time, and kind of want to play without magic for a bit, just to see how it is!

Also, /pfg/, because the nature of both of his classes involves tearing into and just /savaging/ people, I'm thinking of averting him being generally bloodthirsty as a character. How's about him being an extremely nice person, but he is very clear that he has to deal with a "dark side" of his personality that comes out when he's stressed or in danger? In every other situation, he attempts to be calm or relaxed, and advocates a non-violent solution. I could even tie it in to his werewolf heritage as his more "bestial" side coming out and drawing him into fighting!

>> No.51963435

Thanks! Yeah I was referring to the balefire infusion. My question still stands, what is the point of making your typeless damage into irresistible fire? Or take burn to do so to the entire blast?

Also, the tgitp link is down for me. What was the nerf to the damnation feat?

>> No.51963451


I believe the damage type transformation is for use with modulations and Overcharge Modulation.

There is no Hellfire Talent downgrade yet, but it is apparently planned, as Taveena can tell you: >>51959630

>> No.51963495

As someone who wore the things for years, I can attest to this. Their only use is tensing your leg muscles to make your rear-end look perkier.

It's kind of like learning to use a bow vs a crossbow: High-Heels need additional training to compensate for their inherent flaws as foot-protection (which shoes usually are supposed to be), but the fact that they're harder to master in no way means that once you do you're better in them than you would be in steel-toed boots or running-shoes.

All that mastering it does is help you compensate for how awkward the damn things are.

>> No.51963614

Thank you. This helps me down the line with leveling up, should I be one of the lucky six.

Again, thank you.

>> No.51963615

I don't know what Sultanas, Bathe, or Taldor are all about. Reign of Winter seems deceptively simple; is it just the AP? No smut spam?

>> No.51963668

>Untyped bonuses always stack
Except that's fucking wrong anon.

>> No.51963676

Could a dhampir ever belong in the Demesne? A subterranean realm filled with attractive, open-minded people sounds like it would be paradise for such a misbegotten creature of the night.

>> No.51963712

Same with a Witchwolf, actually. Maybe we could be buddies in brooding!

>> No.51963743

Post feet

>> No.51963834

You're wrong. Burden of proof flls on you. Prove, where it says, exactly, that untyped bonuses do not stack, and if you can do so, I'll delete my posts.

Until then

Untyped bonuses always stack.

Dodge bonuses always stack.

>> No.51963889

>hanging out with some nocturnal loser when you could be plowing fine honeys

Explain yourself at once

>> No.51963894

By my understanding, they only stack if they dont come from the same source.

You can only one untyped bonus from a class feature, only one untyped bonus from a feat, spell, so on and so forth

>> No.51963921

You can still have multiple untyped bonuses TO the same stat, in that respect they stack. Just can't be from the same avenue

>> No.51964003

Bros before hoes!

>> No.51964061

Thats' mostly correct; "like" untyped bonuses are also considered not to stack generally. Like, nominally, the avowed's not-divine-grace and a paladin's divine grace shouldn't be stacking.

>> No.51964077

Stat bonuses aren't untyped, they're stat bonuses is why.

>> No.51964150


In the case of the Anon asking if "AC bonus equal to Wisdom" and "Dodge AC bonus equal to Wisdom" stack, the answer is yes.

Untyped do not stack by default if they are from the same source, like an ability score.

>> No.51964156

For a long time they were NOT classified in any way however. Thus all the builds people would make that go "so this gives me my Wisdom to AC, my Wisdom to AC and Reflex, my Wisdom to AC and attack rolls, and my Wisdom to cock length and AC"

>> No.51964188

Maybe. Post a link to your bro.

>> No.51964233

Warpriest + monk was great because it used to be great because notably the wis to ac did stack. Due to it being deflection and untyped respectively. Before they changed it.

>> No.51964249

>Alchemist is one of the most fun classes
>Best fcb is catfolk/ratfolk
How do you deal with the ire that comes by default for playing these races?

>> No.51964280

Catfolk are cute and Thundercats-esque

>> No.51964304


What if a hoe wants BOTH of you! At the same time!

>> No.51964308

>Your feeble enlightenment only makes my penis bigger

Man that's right up there with cheesy hentai lines such as
>I've been forced to rape all of the women of this village because I. can't. get any.

>> No.51964310

The ire really only shows up on /tg/.

>> No.51964312


>Alchemist Add +1/3 point of splash damage to the alchemist’s bombs.

>Alchemist: The alchemist gains +1/6 of a new discovery.

Please, these aren't even close to the best.

>Add +½ to bomb damage.

NOW we're talking.

>> No.51964317

Then both of you better till that field. It's early growing season, and this summer's looking to be a dry one.

>> No.51964349


Two men can't work one hoe, silly. There's only so many hands that can fit on the shaft, or people working it on the ground before it's just unwieldy.

Better if one works the hoe until he's all lathered up, and then tag-team his bro to come in while he gets a breather.

>> No.51964363

Huh, i was pretty sure cats got 1/6th of a discovery too.

>> No.51964428

Blood of beasts gives catfolk 1/6th of a discovery but i guess we lost it during the migration.

>> No.51964511

So anons playing mummies mask and at level three the gm felt that bestow curse was allowed to hand out blindness, now two people in our party are blind permanently. What do?

>> No.51964523

Clerics can cast remove blindness at level three, anon.

>> No.51964546

That is a third level spell, they can cast it at level five.

>> No.51964567

I stand corrected.

You're fucked.

>> No.51964615


> Add +1/2 to the number of bombs per day the alchemist can create.

Yeah, those bombs may tickle a little harder, but your gonna run out pretty quick.

>> No.51964635

But then you have to be a nasty little kobold.

>> No.51964666

Pastebin you utterly worthless fuck

>> No.51964688

Kobolds are cute, or something. I'm sure I could get someone to rally behind that banner.

But more importantly, sometime you need to succeed despite being nasty and little.

>> No.51964710

There is no need to be upset.

>> No.51964726

We've told her for 4 threads. Yes there fucking is

>> No.51964727


Kobolds are hardly cute, the most they can be is adorably scrappy but cute? Sorry man, they ain't no Aasimar.

>> No.51964815

There is still no need to be upset.

>> No.51964821

The Short-tail clan of the Demesne would disagree with your opinion

>> No.51964874


Why do I have a feeling that Culdranth's ultimate goal is to make the whole of Golarion thicc and sporty?

>> No.51964876

What types of variant channeling would the Most High Queen of the Demesne convey to Her loyal cleric or antipaladin followers?

>> No.51964897

Anyone have that link of catfolk alternate heritage?

Will they ever reach the pfsrd or is it forever homebrew?

>> No.51964914


It is and forever will be homebrew distilled and decantered in the dank cellars of Pathfinder General.

>> No.51964918

Kobolds can be cute. Even the not lewd ones.

>> No.51964958

> step one: make everyone thicc
> step two: take over the world
> step three: ?????
> step four: profit

>> No.51964970

Hey we can be friends! Plowing fine honeys is on the side. It's great and all, but I value my friends!

[Besides, I need someone to turn to when the nightmares come and the rest of the city sleeps]

>> No.51964982


Patently false! Show me official cute kobold art!

>> No.51965017

Step 3 is always lasers.

>> No.51965026

That one where theyre hiding as they wait to spring a trap on adventurers but one of them realized they set the trap the wrong way around and now hes facepalming.

>> No.51965094

>Aether Channel change made it not only lose the cool part, but now it can't even do its job of being a weapon buff because its enhancement bonus won't get past DR
>If you have a weapon with a bonus, that part now does nothing as well

How can you do so well everywhere else, but fuck up so bad here?

>> No.51965114

What the fuck is that, anon? Are you jealous McMotherfucker has a better system mastery than your punk-ass? Do ur thing 2hu you fukn sperg.

>> No.51965127

I dunno, I really like it. It gives me the things I would have to rely on wizards to get. I can grab a special material sword or two and have them always get an enhancement bonus.

The cool part is the STABBING WITH FIRE bit, anyway.

>> No.51965131

Fair enough. Link your app. I'll see if it's bro-compatible.

>> No.51965135


>And they cut Forrest's stuff
>Surprising when it's bad


>> No.51965164

I'm playing Rory Karkus. https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/4691134/character-applications/?pageforid=4708882#post-4708882

>> No.51965173

On one hand it'd be an excuse to do mixed combat memory with several weapons of different materials. On the other, what the fuck guys.

>> No.51965205

>Want to play as dog kobold
>No GM will probably ok classic kobolds

>> No.51965245

can you not

>> No.51965284

There are TWO new chapters out of SYD today.
Go. You need not be a dick to obtain happiness this day.

>> No.51965303

What's SYD?

>> No.51965307


The science kid.

>> No.51965331

A good way to relax.
seitokai yakuindomo

>> No.51965350


Anon, I don't think you appreciate the significance of this. The scaling by caster level means an Avowed using Aether Channel does not have to enchant their weapon to get nifty abilities anymore, the magic touch continues into other weapons.

It's a downgrade for some, but to others it's a straight upgrade while imparting some seriously cool flavor.

>> No.51965407


Unchained Barbarian is better for direct combat, but you lose the direct ability score bonuses which buff your skills and saves. You still get the bonus +2 to Will saves, but you don't gain the bonus to Fortitude that you get from the increased Constitution score.

On top of that, since your bonuses to damage aren't based on your Strength score you don't get as much out of it in the case of wielding a two-handed weapon as the vanilla Barbarian does.

The decreased risk of fatality is an upside, for sure, but it makes Rage even more purely combat focused.

>> No.51965423

Just play a skinwalker or something and refluff.

>> No.51965452

I don't think you understand why it's bad.

Scaling is good in principle but implementing it as Greater Magic Fang means two things:
>Creates redundancy with any existing enhancement bonus (Such as the necessary +1 needed to put any special ability on it)
>Spell text explicitly says this enhancement bonus doesn't let the weapon overcome DR

>> No.51965462

But PF official artists can't draw for shit. Pic and filename related.

>> No.51965468

*Greater Magic Weapon


>> No.51965470


>> No.51965476

Anon, you already get a massive damage boost from the magic damage, and you also get pounce, meaning DR is likely to be less of an issue (thanks to the sheet damage you dish out).

>> No.51965477

Anon, you're missing the part where GMW isn't impressive at all and aether blade now ends up being straight up better.

>> No.51965520

Massive money saved on GMW, magic damage added on per-hit, and the weapon damage in and of itself. It adds up.

>> No.51965522



>> No.51965527

>This bonus does not allow a weapon to bypass damage reduction aside from magic.
So do what fighters do and cart 3-4 weapons round.

>> No.51965541


>> No.51965547


DR can be overcome by a special material weapon and, if you're Elemental, class abilities. Nobody buys special abilities anyway because they're too damn expensive for not a lot of profit.

>> No.51965566


> yfw someone in Dragon game 2 is trying to use Tannim classes with Dragon Princess. The main features of them are growing with level

I don't think that is allowed

>> No.51965570


If you're going into a campaign that prominently features the Fae or demons, a cold iron longsword might be a good investment.

And hey, enchanting cold iron is expensive, even more money saved!

>> No.51965571

Heartseeking is pretty good for getting past miss chances.

>> No.51965589

Oh... . Oh gosh

>> No.51965596

It's a shitty bandaid slapped on to tone down an ability that was, admittedly, borked in terms of what it can do. At the very least, they could have given it a copy paste of the Aether Blade version. Or just thrown in a clause "You don't gain iteratives from this."

>> No.51965634

No iteratives gives you a massive downgrade in flexibility though.

>> No.51965642

>shitty bandaid
>cool support for having interesting weapons
>fairly good boost to your offensive abilities already
>STAB WITH FIRE ability focused on stabbing with fire

are you retarded and just salty about not being able to pretend you're a fighter on a mage class?

>> No.51965682

You talking about mine? (Vorelira) I'm new to third party and whatnot.

>> No.51965691

We're actually fairly comfortable with those numbers - considering the effort you've put into optimization, those resources to take out a creature only one CR above you is fairly limited.

The main benefit of Balefire Infusion is not the typeless damage, but the free Empower effect you gain from it. The fire is primarily a callback to 3.5e's Hellfire Warlock prestige class, with burn being a more meaningful penalty than the easily recoverable Constitution damage.

As we've stated, we have plans for a class feature substitution for those who enjoyed playing a full BAB Avowed. That said, we needed to weaken Aether Channel, as its DPR was FAR too high compared to other shapes.

The redundancy with +1 weapons is an unfortunate consequence of Pathfinder's magic weapon system, but the most optimal choice from a numerical perspective was always to channel every enhancement beyond the initial +1 into special abilities, using spells (such as Align Weapon and Greater Magic Weapon) to get past damage reduction. Our intention was to make Aether Channel Avowed not need to rely on such effects for optimal DPR - that said, the unintuitive nature of Aether Channel's interaction with DR is clearly ripe for improvement. We'll discuss this.

>> No.51965735


Yeah draconic exemplar and scaled juggernaut are racial classes, and requir you to be a Taninim dragon. Though the idea of a Dragon Princess getting that class is very... titillating.

>> No.51965770

Maybe go for the SoP Shifter? You can get dragon forms, breath weapons, up to Colossal and judging by her name you might want swallow whole

>> No.51965780

Slight typo on my part; should have said "using spells (such as Align Weapon and Greater Magic Weapon) to make up for the drawbacks of a low enhancement bonus."

>> No.51965781


>> No.51965792

Honestly, it would have been better off being like a magus weapon enhancement to avoid this kind of bullshit, since then you could add flexibility. Maybe let people do that as a feat?

>> No.51965822 [DELETED] 

>> No.51965823

There are going to be more apps to Dragon2 than Dragon1 arent there?

>> No.51965866

Well Eagle has been tested and proven that even though he's a miserable pile of fetishes, he's a cool pile of fetishes

>> No.51965868

Probably. There's the people who didn't make it. The people who read the greentext. The fact that the GM is running a good and entertaining game already.

>> No.51965872


Wrong thread?

>Art of Daenerys is more attractive than Emilia Daenerys


>> No.51965906

The name was chopped up from a rust dragon cutie I made once. It means vorelir or something like that means something in Draconic and I just adjusted it to Vorelira

>> No.51965929


I didn't think the Turkish economy was bad enough that being eaten by a dragon was a thing people did for money!

>> No.51965933

Now that WOULD be something fun to do with our weapon-shape focused martial Avowed, wouldn't it? No promises, but thanks for the idea.

>> No.51965939


We're aiming for heavy metal manly man squad with this one, it seems.

Bonus points for a Garundi!

>> No.51965955


Wait, so a feat allowing us to enchant our weapons and use GMW might happen?

>> No.51965957

Wait, are we talking about Ezekiel or another Garundi?

>> No.51965970

Like, even if you limit its +1 scaling, letting a player replace redundant +1's on a weapon with weapon qualities would be nice.

>> No.51965972

But is King of Heroes Gilgamesh too bishie?

>> No.51965974

At the moment, my thought is tying it to the full BAB archetype, but we'll see what Forrest thinks.

>> No.51965992

>manly man squad
So...A force of Bros?


>> No.51965994

AALLLLSOOO, the lack of DR piercing hurts unarmed the most, which was why I brought it up to begin with

>> No.51965995

Fair enough, the rest of the class still does useful things for "big bad dragon" builds if you can use SoP.

>> No.51965998


Naw naw, I'm saying Eagle intends to make the campaign around the geographic south of the Demesne, which is Garund and the Mwangi Expanse. People native to the region are likely encouraged and range from swarthy colonialists from Sargava to Amazonian warrior-women from Holomog with nipple rings.

>> No.51966005

Nation Pact's On My Command feels very much like a ribbon ability until it actually becomes using at 12th level.
It has very niche uses (like if you're not strictly part of the fight, an enemy has very high normal and touch AC, or you have an ally that hits hella hard with one attack) but it feels like it would only rarely ever be more useful than just... using any other shape at all you've invested in.

>> No.51966022



>> No.51966023


Oh, okay! I guess Rory would be a foreigner then. Sounds okay to me!

>> No.51966027


BroForce needs bishies, every man squad has a pretty boy.

>> No.51966048

I. Was thinking about a different Gilgamesh

>> No.51966052


We need to watch Predator and Rambo before every session to get in the zone. We don't want to be a bunch of slack-jawed faggots or Kansas City queers, we're going to be goddamn sexual tyrannosauruses!

>> No.51966058

We'll take that into consideration.

For a power attacking ally, that charisma-to-hit bonus is massive. It also couples well with Aether Swarm. It's a strange ability, but we're confident people will be able to find some interesting uses for it.

>> No.51966069

Actually now that I look closer, there's vagueness in the new 4th level ability too:
So you have an ally with 30 foot movespeed, and while they're within 60 feet of you, that speed becomes 40.

Can they keep moving if they start 30 feet away from you, move 30 feet further, and thus have moved their normal 30 foot speed the moment they go outside your ability range?

>> No.51966093

Bleh. Guess I'll make her something else. Maybe some sorta Barbarian or Bloodrager with something else. I dunno.

Ive been thinking about dropping out as I'm lacking inspiration and can't figure out how I wanna try to make it work

>> No.51966103

The kind that's wandering around different games after getting tossed in the cleft of dimensions?


>> No.51966106

As a further update, the enhancement bonus granted by Aether Channel rank 2 now stacks with existing enhancement bonuses (to a maximum of +5) and allows you to bypass DR.

We'll work on clarifying that. For now, assume that a creature that spends any part of its turn within the radius of the effect has its movement speed increased until the beginning of its next turn.

>> No.51966208

... that is, the next update will include those changes. They're not there yet.

>> No.51966225

It's the thought that counts

>> No.51966282

Who do you want to see on the manly team of men in dragon game 2?

My votes are for Yoichi, Brejik, Errakus, Mercedes, Ulfric, and Rory!

>> No.51966376

Is there not ONE fucking dragon applied yet?

>> No.51966401

Yes. There are a few.

>> No.51966431


H-Hey! Wait! There's still over a week until picking, lots of time for more manly men to get memed and submitted!

I've got a character to apply with, but I'm unavailable until Friday! Oh no!

>> No.51966443

There's a few, but I think the 2nd app from the top is actually for L5R

>> No.51966571

Say I'm playing a Spheres of Might Class, and I decide to take the Martial Training line of feats. Do Strikes count as the Attack Action for Spheres effects?

>> No.51966793

At least two taninim Dragons, and one Dragon Princess

>> No.51966842

So what is everyone's opinion of incorporating this into your sessions if you're not all about that loot and just want to have a fun adventure? http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/other-rules/unchained-rules/automatic-bonus-progression/

>> No.51966856

I would love if On My Command let your ally take an Attack Action instead.

>> No.51966904

>Do Strikes count as the Attack Action
No, they are strikes.

>> No.51966907

As with many custom rules, its pretty dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb and lazy.

>> No.51966915


I love it!

>> No.51966926

The duality of man.

>> No.51967016

Are SoP playtest books allowed, or are they a no go for the same reason as the SoM playtest?

>> No.51967031

It's shit as-is, but with enough work it could be turned into something fun for your group. It requires LOTS of retooling, though.

>> No.51967047

It's bad because it gives everyone the exact same progression. It fucks over martials because they can't spend their money to get what they need early.

It makes certain builds simply impossible. TWF becomes next to impossible, firearms, crossbows, thrown weapons, unarmed, and more become far more difficult.

Basically it was a good thought with very poor execution that bum fucks martials something fierce.

>> No.51967082

Sell me on them on the LFG

>> No.51967120

Ulfric and Mercedes look like they'd be good foils to one another--real red oni, blue oni situation. Or maybe red dragon, uh...silver dragon, I guess?

>> No.51967135

This has a lot more potentially awkward interactions - like Vital Strike, combat maneuvers, etcetera. In the interests of keeping the ability short and simple, we believe a single attack to be the best option.

>> No.51967141

I actually kinda like Aisha, myself--she seems cool, and I was a little disappointed she didn't make it in last time around.

>> No.51967154

I assume since you didn't reply to it the Fool's Errand playtest is a no go?

>> No.51967262

I don't consider those awkward, they were frankly the intent behind the idea. Just trying to get a bit of SoM compatibility in is all.

>> No.51967274

I thought I did? Sure, though I may make you Change later

>> No.51967318

How does a harbinger do for the purposes of replacing the rogue? Is the stalker superior in every way?

>> No.51967404

>DHB trying to bully Swimmingeagle in character creation rules
Where does this fucker get off?

>> No.51967416

Depends what you want out of your rogue replacement.

They've already said they're trying to avoid crossing the 3pp streams.

>> No.51967421 [DELETED] 

You asked to be sold on it. I may be misreading somewhere but I don't think you replied to me. You at least did not quite the post where I tried to sell you on it, though I have to say my pitch wasn't great.

>> No.51967428

>asking a totally reasonable question related to a class that's arguably pretty shit even when unchained
>"trying to bully"


>> No.51967429

>anon trying to drag game conflict into this thread
Where does this fucker get off?

>> No.51967460

Mundane scouting, trap diffusal and general skill monkey shenanigans.

>> No.51967465

You asked to be sold on it. I may be misreading somewhere but I don't think you replied to me. You at least did not quite the post where I tried to sell you on it, though I have to say my pitch wasn't great. Thank you for approving it.

>> No.51967493

You wouldn't want a harbinger for that.

Have a look at investigator.

>> No.51967526

I want a full initiator though.

>> No.51967560

The Stalker has the Vigilante Archetype for Skill-monkeying, my dude

>> No.51967650

It's not like he's getting in the game anyway.

>> No.51967704

This is true! He didn't mention that full initiating was also something he wanted, though.

Yeah, do stalker.

>> No.51967801

Whats a good bloodline that isnt arcan for a lich sorc? Asking for a friend.

>> No.51967802

>A Self Avowed with Unnatural Resiliance, Heart of Aether, and Heart of Magic
>other side is Steelfist Commando Warlord
>race is Kytonspawn Tiefling Bakeneko
>character is a diligent, yet secretly masochistic butler
>pic semi related

how far do I have to go before it's too far?

>> No.51967819 [SPOILER] 

>it ate my image somehow

I blame numoot

>> No.51967836


>> No.51967843

Undead would make sense. Depends on who he was in life before he became a lich. What schools of magic does he specialize in besides necromancy?

>> No.51967852

Can Dragon Princess take the Taninim racial stuff or should I stick to normal classes?

>> No.51967868

Hes a blaster mostly with some necromancy. Although what im really asking for good synergy between being an undead and a bloodline. Undead bloodline grants useless bloodline abilities.

>> No.51967874


You've already gone too far.

Keep going, though.

>> No.51967920

Because im a silly bitch, however, you will get the lesser of the two dracomorphasis class abilities.

Seeing as there's nothing statistically larger than colossal

>> No.51967922


>5 Wisdom

>> No.51968086

We'll there is Colossal+ but I think that's mainly used for weapons.

Your post seems cut off, did you mean to say it's alright?

>> No.51968114

Anon, C+ is mostly used for determining the size of Mechs in Dragonmech.

>> No.51968129

Its neat that the archetype replaces all the cheesiest parts of the Dread.

Two talents to get mid initiating feels like a bit much though.

>> No.51968141

To be fair, you never get initiating; only the wyvern does.

>> No.51968144

Yup. But im limiting it to you. As a courtesy

>> No.51968158

Wowzers, thanks

>> No.51968228

Might I ask exactly how it janks martials and if so at what level you're making this assumption, since from what I'm seeing all it's doing is lowering the amount of money and negating the magical items you'd be getting anyway 99% of the time in favor literally anything else, and just giving you those bonuses inherently while still allowing for other stuff to be bought.

If anything that seems like a weight off of martial's shoulders since they're so heavily reliant on money to boost their stats that if they play with a GM who is usually underproviding on the wealth this would work out much better.

... Then again this is /pfg/ so maybe that's not an issue any of you ever run into.

>> No.51968317

>Any magic weapon a martial does pick up completely fucks over the innate bonuses they get (a flaming keen longsword WILL disable your innate +2)
>it heavily favors certain builds over others (want to be a twf? get fucked bitch)
>if you don't use a weapon at all you have this shit just sitting there being worthless
>progression is slow as fuck, and the inability to pick which things you want to focus on/ignore entirely just make the whole thing janky for martials (mental bonuses before physical, for example)

Off the top of my head. It can work for you, but the rules as-written are fucking retarded and require you to really work on them if you want them to be remotely fair for everyone involved.

>> No.51968328

Dragon DM, Dragon DM! Why is the Dragon Royalty breath weapon based on Charisma for its DC instead of Constitution like every other breath weapon, including those used by actual True Dragons?

>> No.51968347

because we don't want unsexy dragons here!!!

>> No.51968373

Because what you get doesn't make up for what you lose, and a caster only truly needs his +casting stat item, and the progression gives mental bonuses BEFORE physical ones. I believe the progression is also slower than what you would normally be getting if you were using your regular WBL.

Basically it's not a terrible idea, but the execution is terrible. Use it as a base for your own system, but don't use it as is. Even the creator said so.

>> No.51968388

But then you won't have THICC dragons anon!

>> No.51968396

Can a Heirloom Weapon (cestus) apply the +2 trait bonus to grapples?

>> No.51968419

The Wyvern will have better BAB and melee stats than you most of the time so its not like thats a bad thing.

>> No.51968448

Yeah, the original plan was to have one talent give Martial Training I-III, a second give IV-VI, and a third give 6/9 initiation. However, given the limited amount of talents available, and the fact that between having I-VI and 6/9 there's not a power gap but just a flexibility one, I chose to limit it to two talents so that talents aren't basically reduced to three.
Suggestions for alternatives would be appreciated, though.

>> No.51968456

>If anything that seems like a weight off of martial's shoulders since they're so heavily reliant on money to boost their stats that if they play with a GM who is usually underproviding on the wealth this would work out much better.
You're entirely wrong. As if the martial is at every level weaker than he would be with just WBL. Sure they are stronger than if they are playing with a GM that normally gives them nothing, but that isn't the issue. This vs. regular WBL makes several builds impossible because they rely on certain items early, makes it a single 'no choice' progression, and scales casters before martials.

It's a fuck you to martials.

>> No.51968526

I wouldn't call it a /pfg/ game so much as an experiment but I found an ad for this on reddit


>> No.51968559

Quick vegepygmys are invading the thread!

>> No.51968597

It's based on Charisma sine they're a +Charisma race.

>> No.51968603

Why does this remind me of that one movie with the Draugs?

>> No.51968616

>Tfw player in my group who no matter what always takes Vegepygmy and Treant as bonus starting languages

I never understood this

>> No.51968622

Either way, this looks like fun. I am saving the url for that doc

>> No.51968632

Look up Slypon on FA. It's a comic with 84 pages thus far called Dragon's Burn.

>> No.51968644

Le pass

>> No.51968680

>Total Players Needed: 31
This is a joke right? No GM would ever subject themselves to this

>> No.51968757

Assuming your goal was a functional party with all role bases covered, who would you pick for Dragongame 2?

>> No.51968799

What's the proper way to play as a Halfling Wizard? What spells are more suitable?

>> No.51968815

Hmm... In that case what about these alterations to make things a bit more even?

Weapon attunement applies to a type of weapon like with Weapon Focus, as opposed to one specific weapon as stated in the page. This helps with those who use multiple of the same weapon like throwers.
Levels that state specifically mental or physical boosts can be either one or the other, but if you choose one that level, the other level has to be the other kind. This gives both casters AND martials a chance to improve their best stat simultaneously while also being able to get a better stat in something else they'd normally like to have but wouldn't normally be able to afford next level.
Possibly bumping up the chart by a level? I don't know about anyone else, but I can't personally afford more than a Cloak of Resistance on top of everything else I usually buy by the time I get to level 3 so this is the one I'm most hesitant about doing.

All of this said, aren't the VAST majority of martials usually ones that would benefit from a mental stat boost in one way or another alongside a physical one anyway? Sure the Fighter and Barbarian are the only ones I can think of that, depending on your build can completely dump mentals in favor of going pure physical, but everything else from initiators to monks usually need some kind of mental stat as well as a physical one, and no stat outside of Cha will go to waste by putting points into it.

>> No.51968830

Some might, if they plan to run like 3-6 at a time. But then again, it's Roll20.

>> No.51968950

The problem at its root is having no control over your progression. I am still not seeing how your changes make it more appealing than just having WBL.

>> No.51969000

Eh I suppose, I do agree with the first paragraph, given that 90% of the characters I've ever seen made just buy stat boosters before anything else and never have the time or resources for anything interesting, but maybe that's just my group.

>> No.51969006

TBQH senpai, you're better off just taking all the potential bonuses you can get and converting them into "virtual WBL" that can be used to upgrade a character, with a soft limit on how high individual bonuses can go at a given level. IE: no, you cannot ignore everything else in favor of a +5 sword at level 8, you have to spread it around to resistances and such. That said, you shouldn't price ability score boosts as though they were "combo items" under this system, since that would be annoying as fuck for MAD classes and dumb since it's all slotless anyway.

It'd take some tuning, but it'd work better than what's there right now.

>> No.51969016

It's a tournament, it's not like it's going to be all those players at the same time.

>> No.51969209

Aside from vampiric touch - what examples of vampiric attacks do you know?
I want to implement lifesteal item and I want an example.

>> No.51969325


>> No.51969334

I just want to have characters who are stronger the further they go along on their adventure because THEY are stronger, not because they found a magical belt that grows their muscles. This is the closest I've found to that kind of system, so if I can find a way to get something like this to work that'd be great.

>> No.51969369

Grab Worlds of Power from the Trove.

It has a similar sort of thing, but as far as I can tell it's much better. It also doesn't fuck about with 'attunement' and shit, you just get a flat bonus to attacks and damage.

>> No.51969410

Let's say I'm a sorcerer and I want to cast Acid arrow on a goblin. The goblin is currently engaged in melee with another character. If I move up so I am adjacent to the creature and cast the spell (assuming I succeed on a defensive casting check(can you crit fail those?)) do I still get the -4 penalty for firing into melee?

>> No.51969432

This tiefling must be protected! Maybe they need a strong, muscular bara to guide them through life and make sure they do well!

Rory could take the job up even!

>> No.51969443


>> No.51969444

Are you making a ranged attack?

>> No.51969454

It's still a Ranged attack.

Also, now you're casting next to an enemy, which has its own problems.

>> No.51969475

Should wizards get a crossbow or a bow at lower levels?

>> No.51969497

They're only proficiency is with crossbows, so they should use those. Or acid splash

>> No.51969539

You should use acidic touch instead. I don't think you can crit fail on a concentration check.

>> No.51969557

>must be protected

I... I don't think he'd WANT to be protected anon. If anything, he wants to really work that high Con mod of his by intentionally putting himself in danger.
Besides, cats have nine lives!

>> No.51969559

No, but ranged attack rolls on the other hand...
Paizo's critical fumble deck has some pretty nasty shit.

>> No.51969561

Elves get free longbow proficiency and they make pretty good wizards.

Admittedly there are better traits you can replace the familiarity with.

>> No.51969569

Long ago, I heard a song full of whimsy with an extremely fast pace that got faster as the song went on. Something straight out of a fantasy RPG soundtrack. While ideally I can find that song, my description is too vague, so I have given up. In the meantime, does anybody have any good songs that fit that description?

I'm playing a merchant in Dragon 2, and right now I'm using this song.


>> No.51969578

>critical fumble deck

>> No.51969614

Should enemies shot/slay the wizard first?

>> No.51969621

Hey, some GMs use that sorta shit.

>> No.51969622

You gonna get protected!

>> No.51969657


>> No.51969683

I don't care what you say! This character is too cute to not be protected by their big, witchwolf buddy!

>> No.51969687

Yes. Wizards are the wild cards. They could cast buff spells on their allies, making them more difficult to defeat. They could fly and cast damage spells at range. They could alter the battlefield with stuff like Grease and Black Tentacles. Usually they focus on doing one of these per battle.

>> No.51969793

>You gonna get protected!
>too cute to not be proteted

W-what. Literally all you know is that he's got 5 Wis, is a cat, and is somebody's butler. How is this enough to draw this kind of conclusio-who am I kidding, my total joke characters always end up well liked.

>> No.51969795

Depends entirely on if they can tell he is a wizard and how common magic users are. You run into the "Druid or Homeless" problem where a weedy nerd is either no threat at all or the biggest threat. If the enemies know anything about magic or magic users, which they would on a take 10 knowledge arcana check, they will know enough to know that magic is dangerous.

Remember that Adepts are an NPC class that can use magic, and a level 4 adept can cast scorching ray. So magic users are relatively common and dangerous, as adepts, in 3e make up .5% of the population. One in every 200 is a spell caster of some variety. Every major city provides spellcasting services in pathfinder. Magic is everywhere.

So the answer is, would the enemies take the chance that the weedy nerd is a wizard ready to cast fireball? Geeking the mage is a proper response.

>> No.51969818

I don't think you understand how much people like cats.

I'm gonna pet you.

>> No.51969841


>> No.51969856

Failing a nat 1 confirmation roll is an uncommon thing for PCs. For the DM, on the other hand...

>> No.51969860

>all of the dragons are bara

What is this nonsense. I thought it was d r a g o n g a m e, not "bunch of losers who want to fuck a dragon"game.

I didn't apply as a dragon.

>> No.51969870

I know! That's why when this big witchwolf finds him, he's gonna be friends with him, because he's so cute! He's got a smile worth protecting!

>> No.51969888

>tfw my dragon blooded tiefling isn't bara, and looks kinda like a dragon, kinda.

>> No.51969914

The wolf is a bara too!

>> No.51969928

Where can you find a druid to learn some magic?

>> No.51969966

You can't just find a druid who doesn't want to be found, and druids don't want to be found usually. You'd be better off disguising yourself as a hurt animal in the woods than going searching.

>> No.51969978

Are there any PoW options that makes crossbows good?

>> No.51969981

Page 5. Someone post new general.

>> No.51970021

Who knows, they make a new discipline every time they think of a new angle to cough at, now you don't know where to look for anything. If it's anything like the way they "fixed" one-handing, the implementation would just be that they become exactly like the composite bows everyone else uses anyway.

>> No.51970047

>composite longbow
The only people who use this are fucking cancer.

There isn't. DHB however made a Crossbow archetype for his Unchained Fighter that actually gives Crossbow Users something different to do than normal bow users. Might want to give it a look.

>> No.51970067

Not particularly, but Warlord and Hawkguard have about enough options that the gap between xbows and longbows is relatively smaller.

>> No.51970072

Wait until page 8.

>> No.51970146

What about spiked chains? Any spiked chain options that can take me back to the spaghetti days of 3.5?

>> No.51970167

Which folder is that in? I've look all over and cannot find it.

This works, even if it's not what the other guy said.

>> No.51970169

As soon as I'm actually done with my app I'm going full on dragon. There'll be a human form because it's convenient to have, but it's gonna be all dragon all the time as much as possible.

>> No.51970221

Should characters take a bath regularly?

>> No.51970236

Spiked chain got nerfed to complete uselessness. Your only option is what, a Mythic game where you go Mystic into Steelforge's Forgelord, craft the Elemental Chain artifact with the capstone and run with it+Eflux maneuvers to deal a crapton of elemental damage.

>> No.51970243 [SPOILER] 

>I'm gonna pet you
>he's so cute
>a smile worth protecting

Ya'll are weird, but I guess I see where you're coming from. I guess I'll have to look for appropriately manly images of "human dude with cat features"
I swear on me fuckin' mum if there's a boy's love reenactment of pic related someone's going to get a foot to the face

>> No.51970249

I'm a terrible person so I'm going to ask again!

So my character concept for dragon two games can be summed up thusly:
>one of the few dwarven families living under the Queen's rule
>family is famous as vault builders and bankers
>character is the prodigal son of the family, prodigy locksmith
>by day he makes locks and vaults as Rokar Chapman, respected artisan
>by night he is the notorious bank robber Snap Iron

The plan is for him to be a Vigilante as one half of his character build, if approved it's going to be the Night Terror vigilante. However now I am struggling on the other half of the character. How do I support being the greatest safe cracker/safe maker to ever live? Currently I am thinking of possibly combining it with rogue.

In a pinch I might go Hidden Blade Rogue + Alchemical Scoundrel Vigilante, as it provides all the things I need out of vigilante and the material for Hidden Blade and Alchemical Scoundrel are already approved.

Now something I have having a hard time with is the original reason my character became a safe cracker/bank robber/hoard thief. He would have a longstanding friend who was a dragon who got him into the business years ago. He and the dragon have known each other since they were both kids, the dragon now in the Juvenile or Young Adult age category and the character in his 50s. The two of them would have made a career out of robbery to increase the younger dragon's hoard and line the dwarf's pockets. By day they are partners in the Dwarf's vault making/locksmith business, by night they are partners in crime.

>> No.51970251

Amazing. Absolutely amazing

>> No.51970254

Yes. Especially together.

>> No.51970284

What do you guys think about Taldor ascendant?
Is this bamboozles like sky pirates or is this GM legit?

>> No.51970298

You'll probably want a male Miqote from FFXIV.

>> No.51970302


Heard that.

>> No.51970317

What the fuck IS a composite longbow? Composite bows were never longbows.

>> No.51970319

>sky pirates
Why did you remind me?

>> No.51970321

99% chance bamboozle.

>> No.51970330


I figured that would be a good place to start. Hell, I even already have pic-related in my image folder, and it fits pretty well with what I want.

>> No.51970332

>tfw all the dragon race rules are poopoo that don't reflect dragons well at all

Larger dragon types are supposed to be the size of a horse when hatched, why must I play something Small sized?

>> No.51970333

It's turbo-kill. Hell, might even be the same person under a different account.

>> No.51970350


You know you want a big bara witchwolf fighting alongside a slender, tough bakeneko

>> No.51970353

I'll level with you and admit that Sky pirates getting cancelled was more soul crushing than the humiliation of not even making runner up in WotR.

I really wanted to ride in a flying airship and explore the seven skies or whatever you call it with all my heart.

>> No.51970359

The relevant colored Dragon bloodline? Wildblooded elemental? A genie bloodline?

>> No.51970367

>Hell, might even be the same person under a different account.

Oh, am I not the only person who suspected this? I was also thinking it could be the Molthune GM, too.

>> No.51970387

>Larger dragon types are supposed to be the size of a horse when hatched, why must I play something Small sized?
Are you retarded?

The largest form of dragon, the Red Dragon, is small sized when hatched:

It only hits Large the size of a horse at age 16 when it becomes Young:

Educate yourself.

A white dragon does not reach horse size until Young Adult at age 50:

Fucking kill yourself.

>> No.51970399


>> No.51970402


I'm going to throw you at problems until that problem goes away! Little kitty's learning how to football!

>> No.51970405

My character bathes regularly, and also changes clothing. It baffles me that 90% of characters only own one set of clothing.

>> No.51970421


Nobody likes dusty bones, anon.

>> No.51970447

I hope you're not wasting time changing clothes in the middle of a dungeon crawl!

"Hold up guys, it's been 8 hours. I have to change into my evening informal wear now. Let me just get naked for a minute and..."

>> No.51970454

Granblue Fantasy. Male Erun.

>> No.51970460


My character owns several sets of clothing, and I emphasize how different they are dammit!

>> No.51970473

>> No.51970475

Sleeves of Many Garments gives you all the outfits you'll ever need, literally.

>> No.51970484

One of the dragon books says that about reds specifically but it isn't reflected mechanically, so who knows. it's just lol paizo XD

>> No.51970503


OwO what do you mean?

>> No.51970510

How do I make a pseudodragon with a pet human for Dragon game?

>> No.51970516

>Wearing Illusions


>> No.51970526

That doesn't count!

>> No.51970537


Suck Eagle's dick and get a Chosen One of Apsu where you play as the pseudodragon familiar 90% of the time, with the human girl/boy as a kind-hearted idiot.

>> No.51970551

Isn't there a Gonzo Archetype that's exactly that?

>> No.51970566

No idea. That's why I'm asking.

>> No.51970575

one of the Paizo books says red dragon hatchlings are horse sized but the actual young red dragon NPCs are categorized as Small (horses are Large) so it doesn't really make any sense.

>> No.51970577

Yeah there is, page 305, I could take pictures but I'm running off to class

>> No.51970582

Well... foals are probably small sized.

>> No.51970588

>Dragon Pact Betrothed
>Companion can't be a western dragon.
>Companion can't even fly.

What did Forrestfire Studios mean by this?

>> No.51970593

Those are just illusions, you're still naked.

>> No.51970615

I don't get the joke. What is this and what makes it a paladin?

>> No.51970624


And it feels so good!

>> No.51970626

they transform what you're currently wearing, you aren't naked.

>> No.51970629

Absolutely amazing. Meme power is going far today.

So anyway, while I continue figuring out what the fuck to do with this (and what questions to ask in order to do this), what kind of dragon is the most likely to collect tons of pets? Coppers seem like pretty whimsical shits, that a good place to start?

>> No.51970656

What do you have to be to be a western dragon?

You get fly again somewhere between level 6 and 10 depending on your clauses[/spoiler
The fluff is that the dragon willingly gave up their ability to fly for a bit to grow alongside you

>> No.51970676

But you COULD be naked. and no one would ever know.... Unless they cast Dispell Magic or you walk into an Anti-Magic Field.

>> No.51970688

I looked it up and I guess it's actually talking about the eggs and not the wyrmling itself, though it does say "at minimum". i'm sure he was just being dramatic and not really thinking about game mechanics. He's dead so we'll never really know

>> No.51970689

>he doesn't know about the errata

>> No.51970705


It's possible he knows, but rejects it because it's stupid and arbitrary.

>> No.51970706

>that second spoiler
Too cute...

>> No.51970726

>Bara hunks
>Literal twinks

It feels like we need a tomboy or shameless slut in there to complete the party.

>> No.51970745

the wording is that they transform the clothes you're wearing. i'll drag you out of that magical realm kicking and screaming if i have to.

>> No.51970753

Quadruped lizard with wings, tail, and elemental breath.

And maybe not fucking over the growth ability by removing the Strength Bonus it grants to compensate for how much getting bigger sucks.

>> No.51970760


What if my clothing's a cute lil ribbon in my hair? Does this mean I do a sexy transformation sequence where the clothes appear on my tastefully nude body?

>> No.51970763

New thread's up.


>> No.51970774

New threa- ahhh god damn it!


>> No.51970775

maybe if you were to wrap it around your chest to simulate clothes

>> No.51970792


>> No.51970800

There is a tomboy in there! Mercedes is one!

>> No.51970811

Gimp the mage first.

>> No.51970821


Mercedes isn't going to get picked...

>> No.51970828

I hope she does! She's cute!

>> No.51970848

Me too. She'll probably bully my character, and then head pat him to show it was all harmless fun.

>> No.51970890

You are certainly welcome to try, attempting to attack the wizard can also be exactly what he wants and may be a bigger fools errand than actually engaging the front liners.

>> No.51971092

But if she doesn't get picked, who will my character and others get to call "big sis"?

>> No.51971548

I'm debating making my own airship-based game, but I'm still working out details. I'd like it to be an early industrial revolution(think napoleonic period) and have a general military theme. Intrigue, traitors, guns, line infantry, cavalry, ect.

Any ideas to throw at me? What would you want to see?

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