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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Homebrew Races Edition
What are your favourite hombrew races? Do you have your own homebrew race you are proud of? Do you think Pathfinder has too many wacky races? Why are draphs the best?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

Old Thread: >>51939901

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>What are your favourite hombrew races?
I want to play as a Felyne but no games allows homebrew races.

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I really like the mothfolk /tg/ did a while back.

Moths are the best.

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Them and the Minos were really good!

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>proud of
Not exactly, but I kind of like it. Demon world is outside of human world, but they come from a world outside of the demon world. Demons don't like them, and sometimes they spread to the human world. They're a weird race of floating gray blobs that can morph to appear as just about anything they come across. Given some time around creatures they quickly pick up on how to act like them and eventually become one as their main form.

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Actually, on that note, my group recently voted to actually run a Steel Ball Run campaign across Golarion. I need some ideas for crazy parties for my players to be racing against. So far, I've got:
>A Varisian caravan eschewing air travel and going by land
>A Chellish noble "gentleman explorer" who fully intends to cheat at every possibility
>A group of Pathfinders from the Lantern Lodge in Goka, acting as representatives of the Pathfinders outside the Inner Sea

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A ghost Rider Cavalier whose horse is invisible

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God damn.

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A Tian who isn't 100% sure what's going on, but thinks there's probably a good reason so many people are riding in the same direction at such a breakneck pace, and decides to just go along with it.

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A band of sky pirates who aren't part of the race and try to ruin as many people's days as possible by being overly aggressive a-holes.

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An entirely normal Garundi jockey with plot armor.

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So, folks:

I want to play my witchwolf skinwalker as a Stalker (Brutal Slayer)//Spiritualist (Phantom Blade)

The only problem is, I hate spellstrike and spell combat, and want to get rid of them. Should I ask Dragon Game DM if I could just get rid of those and get my phantom's emotional focus back?

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I say go for it.

What's the worse that can happen?

He completely ignores your question.

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I Don't see why not

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A cell of devout Sarenites who suicide bomb other air ships with their escape vessels all in the name of the Dawnflower!

A flock of strix.

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Yo senpai, asked once before, but do you allow initiators to change their initiating modifier to Charisma if it isn't already, assuming it is a request within reason?
Granted, I dunno what I'm trying to do, if anything

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How do you recharge wands?

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GM Fiat

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Buy a new one.

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Like this.

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DragonGM, how do you feel about dual apps? I'm mulling about the prospect of applying with somebody else, but I wanted to get your opinion first on the matter on the matter before going any further.

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>A group with one member from each of the major River Kingdoms that struggles just as much with one another as they do with the other racers
>A Vudran prince who uses bound elementals/genies to man his vessel
>A giant tattooed man from the Wandering Isles who runs the race solo with bombastic style

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that doujin was cute

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L-link, please?

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I don't mind

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House rule in my game. You must:
>Pay 1GPxspell levelxcaster level per charge in misc. crafting materials
>Cast the appropriately powered spell on the wand
>More powerful versions of the same spell are lowered to the original spell. So a 5th level CLW being cast on a 1st level CLW wand would only give it one 1st level CLW charge.

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Awesome. Now I just have to rope somebody into it.

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Yeah. What can I replace spell combat and spellstrike with? I'm thinking of getting back the emotional focus of the phantom and maybe some of the more defensive powers? I'd like to iron it out with you first however

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A Qadiran trade princess with a harem of kept men that tend to her and her ship's every need.

A pair of dragon riders who hate one another as much as their mounts do. together they are a devastating encounter, but they aren't necessarily a 'party,' they spend as much time attacking one another as they do the party.

An entirely Ex party from Alkenstar that show those fucking casters the power of human ingenuity!

A traveling merchant who intends to take advantage of the Iron Sphere Dash and sell adventurers the equipment they desire, but his wares are always rigged to disadvantage customer party in some way shape or form.

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Would a plate skirt be an option for wearing full plate?

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Oh, oh. What are you thinking of?

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I got an idea for a character. Basically a cha rogue who spends her time charming as many cute girls that she can in her freetime, everyone just assumes it's a typical lezzy. In reality it's a man whose been cursed for his womanizing ways.

Does this seem like magical realm shit? Cause I'm worried it might seem like magical realm shit

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Pretty magical realm but I can easily see it being a rather normal and fun thing for the game.

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Doesn't seem like the curse was very well thought out since it didn't impede him in anyway. Should have made his dick fall off instead


>typical lezzy

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Probably not magical realm unless you get obnoxious with it, but definitely uninspired.

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>Does this seem like magical realm shit?

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Asked this a few times now. Do we need fully finished sheets to be considered, or is the concept/back story enough?

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theses days about 75% of female characters are lesbians. I often like to joke that it's a miracle that various species are able to keep going that way

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>Does this seem like magical realm shit? Cause I'm worried it might seem like magical realm shit

How is this even a fucking question? Seriously read what you just posted.

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Answered in thread. 85% by the deadline.

>> No.51950025

He's said that he'd like sheets to be at least 85% done.

>I'd prefer a character sheet to be at least 85% done by cut off time


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I've answered at least once, but id prefer a sheet that was at least 80% ready

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>Mfw Hell's Vengeance is dead

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Clearly, it's because the other 25% are bisexual.

>> No.51950083

I dunno. I just figured that making the character with a partner would be more fun, regardless of whatever we chose to do. I was thinking something like the Prince of Persia game for the Xbox 360, where we make complimenting characters with a nice personality dynamic.

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Tell us more!

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>mfw it's playing tonight

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If you were to make a class based around intentionally becoming obese so you could manipulate gravity. How would you go about it?

>> No.51950269

Make it require having children. Because you are quite literally a yo momma joke

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Please, we haven't even started. No need for archetypes just yet

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Yo momma so fat, she makes the system orbit HER

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Variant bloatmage, but instead of just blood points and shit, it focuses on spells that push, pull, or otherwise make enemies (or yourself) move.

Sphere casting might be more appropriate for this, but I only know vancian type.

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I think a force based Kinetcist could work?

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I am bored and I shall tackle the problem!

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Oh boy!

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>favourite hombrew races
It's an old shame of mine, but I still love the furry-bait animal/elemental Shifters that my girl and I came up with. Organized into kingdoms based on elemental affinity (fire/ice/magic/natural/light/dark/earth/sky/moon/ocean) with different animals in each (red foxes in fire, bears in natural, stoats in dark, etc) all ruled by a hidden council that was organizing wars between kingdoms so they could harvest the souls to keep their demiplane kingdom running.

Yes, please.

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DM said two weeks ago the session was cancelled because it was his sister's wedding and he couldn't contact us.

Last week he didn't show up.

It's half an hour past start time this week and it's a no-show, along with half the players.

I'm sad again.

It was the other hell's vengeance game.

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>other hell's vengeance game
Wait, which is which? Is this the one with futa-on-paladin rape?

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Hey, are you okay with weapon refluffing so long as the stats are unchanged?

>> No.51950621

'bored'...I smell magical realm!

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Oh, Aurora will still be adorkable if you bring up her assets, she'll just endeavor to hide her awkwardness with senseless violence.

Pic very much related.

>> No.51950660

I wouldn't know...

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I had forgotten that I was supposed to work on a homebrew Doraf.

>> No.51950686


That sounds incredibly dumb and actually kind of interesting.

>> No.51950703

Well, I'll see about getting the character up in the thread some time so you can see if it's something to work with.

>> No.51950715

Not so much "proud of" as "I made/ported this and it's okay I guess."

Molemen here: http://pastebin.com/vP8n2YRQ
Neo-ports here: http://pastebin.com/7e8FzV1W

>> No.51950717

Doesn't sound too bad. A bit like that one smash brothers-inspired game with the moba name that escapes me.

Tell us more?

>> No.51950741

No, that's >>51950105 which is still ongoing.
I didn't manage to get into that one and was super glad I got the same character into the same campaign with a different GM

>> No.51950774

Don't forget to have a Saurian Shaman Druid who rides his Deinonychus companion! It's not SBR without a Diego.

Also, maybe have a Storm or Stone Giant on a Roc?

>> No.51950785

We had it built up quite a bit, kingdoms mapped out and rivalry lines drawn etc. The Shifters were the only race in the world, with a strong hatred of humans because the last time any humans managed to breach their demiplane world they brought guns and thoroughly fucked the balance of power.
Common class shifters could barely managed animal/furry forms, royals could have dozens of alternate shapes and go full elemental with no trouble, all of them had the good ol demon stick of 'teleport, self +50lbs only' going on so their infrastructure and towns were whack.
Dammit now you've got me wanting to go start something up again...

>> No.51950825


Do so. I'm sure you have plenty of good dumb ideas.

>> No.51950848

I'd rather talk about it first and submit the apps relatively close to each other after talking about it for a bit.

>> No.51950910

Alright. Well on Discord, I'm Mlems.

>> No.51950936

See >>51950785

Let's see how ashamed I can get here...
They all went through yearly stages depending on how powerful they were, the stronger the shifter the stronger the stage. Affection, depression, and rage. A common shifter would just lapse into a stage for a month each year instead of being normal, and alternately just stay in bed and need checking on to be sure they were eating, go out and fuck anything they could catch, or go out and try to kill anything they could catch. The royalty would have 4-5 month binges of a single stage every few years which of course played hell with their politics.

The kingdoms were arranged across two planets (which was it's own clusterfuck since only the really strong ones were able to teleport across the distance and their tech level was medieval.) with Fire, Ice, Nature, and Sea on one and the rest on the other. Kingdom alliances were two main power blocks of (Fire Magic Light) against (Nature Ice Dark Ocean) with Earth and Sky pretty much reducded to third world refugee countries and Moon trying to play neutral party from being so tiny.

I just might.. Since it had the whole shadow council thing going to keep the conflict strong so they could harvest, most of the story was either the grind, or the occasional upset that an 'outsider', aka, any character that wasn't a Shifter, would bring with their arrival and the rush to kill/recruit them in any way possible. The queen of the Nature kingdom got lucky and bagged a plane-hopping sorcerer which helped solidify her power and get some extra magic mojo into the bloodline, which of course pissed all the other kingdoms when they started using their kids as bargaining chips to spread the magic to their allies.

>> No.51950946

Do you have an F-List?

>> No.51950950

Links pls?

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>> No.51951064

Not yet.

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Well, if you do, I'm currently on Reina Traveller, and you can join the custom channel Evil Lewd Game.

>> No.51951139

Literally just a Wizard => Bloatmage where the wizard took the void elemental subschool.

>> No.51951566

So is Taldor Ascendant confirmed bamboozles?

>> No.51951601

Do native outsiders (asimaars, tieflings) get:

>Skill points equal to 6 + Int modifier (minimum 1) per Hit Die. The following are class skills for outsiders: Bluff, Craft, Knowledge (planes), Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth. Due to their varied nature, outsiders also receive 4 additional class skills determined by the creature’s theme.

>> No.51951634

So looking at Bakeneko, can I just refluff it into whatever animal I want (within reason) and use it with whatever race I damn well please, since it can be snagged via adopted?

No, because they are a PC race whose HD is determined by class, they do not get racial HD

>> No.51951639

Only if they somehow get outsider HD. Otherwise, they get what their class gives them.

>> No.51951671

I'm pretty sure Bakeneko is being errated so that only Catfolk can take it. I'd personally allow it so long as you weren't stupid with it, though.

>> No.51951683

Officer of the EMPIRE, anon-san.

>> No.51951706

are they finally taking the suggestion of making it locked so only catfolk, or Aasimar/Tieflings descended from catfolk, can take it?

>> No.51951724

As far as I know, yes.

Granted what I know is basically 'I think someone involved with bloodforge said so after the autism storm' so take it with as much salt as you please.

>> No.51951737

It needs to be trimmed. Here, let me help you

>> No.51951779

All they need to add to it after that is a note on how it affects the creature's lifespan. That and Finally give Tengu their own version of it.

>> No.51951788

Yeah, he said that, just in Reikspiel.
Ain't you ever played Warhammer?

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>> No.51951810

Why would Tieflings/Aasimar ever be descended from catfolk? They're descended from outsiders.

>> No.51951838

The outsiders have to fuck someone, anon!

>> No.51952019

Well they can fuck other outsiders and normal humans!

>> No.51952025

At what level do mages begin to become broken?

>> No.51952028


>> No.51952037

They can but they don't have to.

>> No.51952056

Yokai have long lifespans, why wouldn't a bakeneko?

So you mean to tell me that all possible aasimars/tiefling come from humans, and that it's not possible to have a blessed/cursed cat?

>> No.51952057

Once they gain access to 3rd or 4th level spells, depending on what class.

>> No.51952079

Depends on what you consider broken.
Could be when they unlock 3rd-level spells and get fireball, fly, haste. Could be when they can use dimension door and start teleporting at least at a short range. Could be when they start to be able to summon multiple monsters that can soak up at least one hit from any given foe.

The truth is that most mages won't end up broken unless they specifically build to be so. Most of the horror stories come from asshole players who abuse loopholes or little-known rules.

>> No.51952085

So...make up. What was makeup made of? Is it exclusive to the rich, or can the lower classes wear make up?

>> No.51952086

In most games they don't unless the players tries to exploit a number of trouble spells. The fact out of combat utility exists does not ruin the game for everyone.

>> No.51952104

Do you think it would be considered in bad taste if your Tattoo Guardian either resembled a god/divinity or incorporated their holy symbol into it?

Right like a smith has an angry looking dwarf tattooed on his back and worships the Dwarvern god of creation.
Or like a priestess has a great heron spread out on her arm with a moon symbol on it somewhere and she worships some primordial moon king.

>> No.51952109

I thought DHB bullied the GM into leaving.

>> No.51952117

>Sleep, grease, color spray
They're broken from the get go, anon.

>> No.51952120

Powdered dyes, animal fats, flower squeezings, different materials ground to dust and some other stuff I can't remember.

>> No.51952137

Not DHB's fault. Fake game was always a fake game.

>> No.51952150

It was a fucking sham from the start.

>> No.51952166

Also recall that Order of the Hammer Cavaliers are also as good as monks at unarmed fighting nonlethally, and get bonuses to wrestling.

>> No.51952172

Rich are the ones most likely to use it. The poor generally have too much important shit to worry about, like not starving.

>> No.51952202

>thinking color spray and sleep are broken
We've had this discussion before Steve.

>> No.51952228

How many monsters have dark vision or something similar?

>> No.51952248

Yup, I need to make one of these at some point. Get some Kurgess worship going on.

>> No.51952253

Alchemists should be banned from cities due their stench.

>> No.51952283

Wait what? Alchemists don't gain Stench automatically.

>> No.51952365

Mechanically no, but fluff side they carry a bunch of bottles, ingredients and whatnot in addition to probably spending hours and hours with the said materials on a daily basis, making them probably walking, talking perfume showcases except the perfumes are made from sulphur, rotten meat and your mother's health pads.

>> No.51952380

Most of them have darkvision solely by the virtue of their type. And there are more than a few that have it even if it's not a universal trait for their type.

>> No.51952421

It's not like other spellcasters are any better(unless they have eschew materials).

>> No.51952432

Are there any classes in this game that revolve around technology? I'm interested in going for some sort of scientist type character but playing alchemists have begun to feel tiresome.

>> No.51952444


>> No.51952467

Closest you can get is technomancer prestige class or a techslinger gunslinger, but that is only useful if you are playing in Numeria or a setting with hightech items being common.

>> No.51952493

Technomancer? Just fluff a wizard as using tech because the tech rules are crap?

>> No.51952597

I personally like the Dimensional Occultist archetype for Witch.

It doesn't directly interact with technology, but it's heavily focused on using mathematics and science to augment casting, which is pretty cool.

Plus, it's a Witch, so you're not as hideously broken as most fullcasters.

>> No.51952713

How worthwhile is command undead via channel energy for a necromancer arcane caster?

Is it worth the feats spent for cleric variant multiclassing just to get it?

>> No.51952726

You realize that alchemists can bathe, correct? Besides a lot of people did work around bad smelling chemicals. Do you ban tannery workers from cities as well because they're covered in urine?

>> No.51952788


Some monarchs indeed did it. I believe people who made dyes were banned from cities in some kingdoms.

>> No.51952812

Dragon DM: can I replace spellstrike and spell combat with the following stuff?

>Regain an emotional focus. Gain skill focus with that focus's skills.
>Gain spooky phantom powers while wielding their phantom blade.
>Treated as both a spiritualist and a phantom to trigger phantom powers.
>Gain the Emotional Conduit feat instead of spellstrike

I'd like to iron it out with you before anything is settled. What other way can I get into contact with you?

>> No.51952829

>wake up
>sphere magus still a meme that exists only for a 2-level dip

why live

>> No.51952846

there's always the LFG for the game itself, y'know.

>> No.51952859

Depends on how many undead you plan on facing.

>> No.51952863

So that you can write a better Sphere Magus!

You can do it!
I believe in you Anon!

>> No.51952923

I know but I hate using roll20's interface on mobile

>> No.51952983

Then wait until you get onto a real computer.

>> No.51953010

But I need to stay on top of all the spicy updates to /PFG/ games!

>> No.51953092

But nobody will use it anon. They'll just keep telling me that it's PERFECTLY FINE the way it is, and that it is not in any way wrong that it lost the arcane pool but didn't get anything to make the abilities that relied on that pool worth using compared to actual spells.

>no extended time on weapon enhancement
>no full CL in any sphere and armor still delayed
>your "useful arcana" list gets even narrower

>> No.51953221

To be fair, it lost Arcane Pool because it also got Spell Recall, which makes the two pools of points being separate pointless.

Biggest problem I can see is just that most Arcanas are SHIIIIIIIIIT.

>> No.51953268

>finally get good gish
>shits on the best gish we've ever had
Fuck your Spheres.

>> No.51953294

Anyone got any cool ideas for a Living Monolith initiation ritual?

>> No.51953297

It's not Spheres fault the magus was built from the ground up with a vancian system in mind. Don't be surprised when it breaks down the second you try to port it to something else.

>> No.51953320

>Shocking grasp or bust

Look, as dippable as Spheres Magus is (Which is a MAHOOSIVE PROBLEM), it still has way more variety in things it can do.

Magus wasn't the best built class in the first place.

>> No.51953328

Doing a gestalt game, PoW. My heart says 'Swashbuckling Bard', but my friends say 'Warlord Bard'. What should I do?

>> No.51953347

Be the Bard initiating archetype and drop Swashbuckler and Warlord all together.

>> No.51953373

Technically yes, but the entire tech book was written in a "for NPCs/enemies only, any PC attempting to use this will soon find out just how much we hate him" manner that makes it obvious the largest technological upgrade in pathfinder was given to the "ivory tower".

Your best bet is to combine the vancians usual complaint about psionics. with the discipline-weapon-shapes ability of the warsoul. Like, Aegis/Warsoul for example.

The biggest drawbacks/restrictions on tech are the gateway feats, the high cost (roughly double what an equivalent magic item would cost), the utterly absurd "charges" system (that's also "not ammo" to make sure a gunslinger can't make'em cheap) and the fact that one literally requires a minimum of *TWO COLOSSAL BUILDING SIZED ARTIFACTS* in order to craft even the simplest batteries or laser pistols.

A magic item crafter can make a tech item into a simple, cheap, minimum HD/CR robot. That's your best bet otherwise, but requires the crafting feats.

The iron titan class is not bad in 3pp, but there was also some other cyborg class (forget which) that turned out to be really really bad, with basically X/Day getting split across *EVERYTHING* it does in minutes or rounds. We're talking "oh at level X you have +4 strength, except that now burns energy 4/rd" sort of deals. It was pathetic. Also arcforge was abandoned in mid-alpha.

>> No.51953378

>spellstrike for damage is the only thing a magus does good
You're retarded.

>> No.51953406

Alchemist are one of the few classes with easy access to negating their aroma entirely, and they're highly uncommon.

Basically banning highly useful and uncommon trained magic users who can negate their aroma based on them smelling bad, especially when they can bathe, is stupid. Banning rare skilled laborers that kingdoms need every king should have multiple alchemist on his payroll is just asking for bitter people who have "terrorism" as a class feature.

>> No.51953423

Rubato sucks at Barding though.

>> No.51953427

Your bard needs to be good enough that within 3 minutes he can turn an entire enemy *FLEET* into drooling raving fangirls.


>> No.51953429

Forrest's also writing a tech supplement that is completely divorced from the Paizo technological rules to actually make SENSE.

>> No.51953436

That's where you have the OTHER side actually get bardic performance.

>> No.51953439

That makes sense, but nothing was ever equalized to account for the merger and it has absolutely no compatibility with any of the cool archetypes that make the magus actually interesting. Archetypes which would lose EVEN MORE because many of them lose out on the bonus spell points the spheres archetype gets.

>> No.51953455

Why is it a problem again?

>> No.51953459

Then you just have to make it good enough that people will want to use it!

>> No.51953510

I wanna see That

>> No.51953520

Same could be said for the rest of the sphere archetypes.

They were ARCHETYPED, not REBUILT, which is how you'd need to go about it.

But then, if you were rebuilding them, what would the point be? Why would you spend all that effort rebuilding wizards when you already have Incanters? Why bother rebuilding Magi when you have Mageknights?

Hell, with Mystic Assault, a Mageknight basically is a Magus.

Because classes only existing for a 1-2 level dip is terrible game design.

>> No.51953558

>another "mageknights are totally magi" episode

But that's fucking wrong and everyone knows it, why do people keep pretending that's actually true?

>> No.51953561

Basara is the greatest troll in the history of anime, discuss.

>> No.51953607

Okay then.

What are the intrinsic parts of a Magus?

>> No.51953677

Spellstrike and spell combat.

>> No.51953715

Trolls think. His mind is far too free of thoughts to be a troll.

>> No.51953721

>Actually using your spells in tandem with your fighting prowess, usually via Spell Combat and Spellstrike
>using those spells to give yourself options mid-battle (control spell, mobility, team support) while still fighting
>augment your weapon to meet your needs as the situation calls for it
>having your spells ACTUALLY DO SHIT instead of being tacked on extras

Magus is a marriage of martial and caster. Mageknight is a Fighter with a pool of points for special abilities, not an actual spellcaster.

>> No.51953748

Okay. Mystic Assault is Spell Combat without the extra attack.

And Spellstrike, you have Energy Blade and Improved Energy Blade for. Hell, with Improved you can smack a dude with magic and still use any other spell.

Kind of an abusive marriage, m8.

>> No.51953763

Battlemage Handbook has turned spellcombat into a feat

>> No.51953815

>not realizing spellstrike is more than just damage.

Touch of Idiocy
Excruciating Deformation
Bestow Curse
But best of all: Arcane mark.

You see, Arcane Mark can be used as a target for scrying spell, such as Clairaudience, clairvoyance, scrying, and suchlike. And if you hit them with your sword, the last thing they will be looking for is an invisible Arcane Mark on their wounded body part.

Idiots who say "only damage" and "shocking grasp only" are just that: idiots.

>> No.51953834

......but WHY? That would be like taking Spellcastign and turning it into a feat. Or Studied Target. Or Sneak Attack.

>> No.51953853


>> No.51953869

It's not ENTIRELY Spell Combat. Spell Combat itself is still better.

Mystic Assault takes a spell point to use until you get Improved Mystic Assault, and it doesn't give you an extra attack. Instead it eats the first attack of your full attack (Or your first primary hand and your first offhand if you're TWFing)

>> No.51953886

>Prerequisite(s): Sneak attack class feature.
That's not how making sneak attack a feat works.

That just lets assassins and Slayers up their sneak damage to rogue levels.

>> No.51953923

It's an abusive relationship because people keep barging in and stomping on the class's toes and saying it can't and shouldn't work because other stuff "already does it better now!", you're pointing at one part of the class at a time and saying "this is done elsewhere, therefore throw the whole thing out".

It also doesn't apply a penalty on your attack rolls, but that's neither here nor there. All Mystic Assault's existence tells me is that there's plenty of room for the Magus in Spheres. If spheres can have an entire archetype dedicated to the fucking Glory talent of the Light Sphere, I'm pretty sure Magus being "Mystic Assault +1: The Class" should be good.

>> No.51954052

Alright /pfg/, I could use some help.

I've been kicking around ideas for a Vital Strike build for awhile (yes, terrible feats, I know) and I might actually get a chance to make it soon, so I could use some advice on what works well with Vital Strike and the other stuff I want to use.

Current plan is to go Titan Fighter archetype for them large weapons, because Monster Hunter. Have Power Attack and Furious Focus, because when you're going vital strike you only need to worry about one attack anyway. And from there I have no idea. I've been out of PF long enough that I have no idea what new good stuff there is. The GM is only allowing Paizo stuff and doesn't want to have to learn any new subsystems because he wants this game to be quick and easy for everyone, including him.

Any advice?

>> No.51954093


>> No.51954159

.... While vital-strike builds are possible, if you want melee and first-party you're beyond fucked.

There's a feat chain; Overwatch Style, that can allow you to ready up to four separate ranged attacks, each with its own triggering events, as readied actions. With 1PP-only this is more or less your only hope. It is, of course, ranged: A Minotaur Double Crossbow combined with crossbow mastery will allow you to make all four attacks.

If you were hoping to be viable with nothing more than, what, a Huge sword? On Vital Strike? That's basically hopeless without mythic, and even then you'd be behind the curve of anyone else using mythic.

>> No.51954161

Best Vital Strike build. Tiefling (Pitborn) Abyssal Bloodline Bloodrager. Ask your GM if you can pick variant ability 16 off the SLA trade-in table. This lets you use large weapons without penalty, and when you rage you can gain another size category. Turns you from medium holding a large weapon to large holding a huge weapon. A huge greatsword has 4d6 damage, so vital striking with it gives it 8d6.

>> No.51954194

Maybe less practical than Titan Fighter or the Tiefling other anon mentioned, but worth considering is Vigilante to access Vital Punishment. You can build to get two Vital Strikes and an extra standard attack at full BAB each round.

>> No.51954207

How do I go about having something like Bongo Bongo as my Eidolon? What do I need or need to do?

>> No.51954218

>the only viable builds are shonen manga miniboss-style builds

>> No.51954248

>if I just string words together, it might make for a good insult without having any point

>> No.51954268


You're asking about one of the major combat trap options in pathfinder. Something deliberately designed to fuck you up the ass sideways with a 10ft cactus while the devs laugh at your pathetic not-full-caster hopes of being anything but the bully that gets the tables turned on him by the end of the movie so the geeks all get the girl.

It's mostly only viable with 3pp support, kind of like kineticists and many many other things. The options you've got here aren't even spectacular, they're just "this is probably the least-worst you can hope for"

>> No.51954293

You should read some manga senpai, it can be fun.

>> No.51954301

Undead traits, no legs, fly, and two slam attacks.

Honestly, bongo bongo was really only memorable because his stage was a drum, and other bosses did his hand gimmick better

>> No.51954307

Unchained Monk does just fine with Vital Strike.

>> No.51954320

Thanks for the advice, though I'm more looking for feat suggestions than anything. Both the GM and the rest of the players are too lazy to really minmax anything, and nobody is really concerned with typical viability. My current character (the Vital Strike build is my backup) is an Unchained Monk who took Racial Heritage-Halfling and Well prepared as his level 1 feats. Also, should probably mention we're playing on the slow exp curve so it'll probably be a long time before we even hit lvl 5, much less anything beyond that.

>> No.51954348

You kidding me? He was legit one of the scarier bosses in Ocarina of Time.

specialy since you had to equip the Eye of Truth to even see him.

Ugh, Temple of Shadows gave child me so many fucking nightmares. Hated that place.

>> No.51954365

apology for poor common

when were you when aroden dies

i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when tidus ring

'aroden is die'


and you?????????????

>> No.51954381

The music and dead look of it all spooked the shit out of me

>> No.51954398

Inspired by the Pegasus Knight paladin archetype homebrew, I've homebrewed a Wyvern Rider archetype for the Dread here:
Feedback would be appreciated.

>> No.51954412

Bongo Bongo is a Phantom actually.

>> No.51954429

Not really. Heck, the Dead Hand miniboss from the same dungeon was a scarier boss than Bongo, and by then if you weren't already using the eye constantly, that was your problem.

As a child I was scared of Dead Hand, Redeads, Dark Link, and walking out in Hurdle Field as kid Link. I was not scared of Bongo though, because to me he was just a zucchini with a drum and hands

>> No.51954462

>'aroden is die'
>not 'aroden is kill'
mi go and stay go

>> No.51954474


But you die when you are killed.

>> No.51954478

Shadow Form can work that in. Not entirely invisible, but he can smack up ghosts and be harder to hit.

>> No.51954491

He's the sort of god who wouldn't die, even if you killed him.

>> No.51954501


But Aroden is kill, which mean he die.

>> No.51954505

Would serpentine work for the no legs part of it?

>> No.51954534

Possibly, but I recall there's a aquatic baseform, and a few others as well that could also work. Then again I don't pay much attention to Summoner stuff

>> No.51954573

Seems like it'd only be aquatic or serpentine for that. Then it comes down to what stats are wanted. Hopefully I can get it fluffed as floating instead of having actual wings because Eidolons give no fucks about the material world's physics. If they want to float they can.

>> No.51954629

So tell me, what would be the Golarion equivalent to the Gerudo?

I need to know for reasons

>> No.51954643


Unironically the Qadirans.

They're a matriarchal people who, for whatever reason, have a distinctly patriarchal ruling structure - women are the baseline, but men are the kings.

>> No.51954655

post yfw Dragons 2 is nothing but bust dragon girls again except also with penises

Speaking of which, how come there's no good girl(male)'s?

>> No.51954671



>> No.51954686


>post yfw Dragons 2 is nothing but bust dragon girls again

This is not going to happen because the meme that one team's all men and one is all women is getting kind of strong. Besides, there are plenty of interesting male characters either posted or in the works!

>Speaking of which, how come there's no good girl(male)'s?

Traps are only good for cheap masturbation on an Icelandic knitting site, who knew!

>> No.51954714

Really? I would've thought there would be some kind of desert elves, or something.

Girl abs are a blessing to mankind

>> No.51954715

Because all it is is an excuse for homosexual males to get hot and bothered over little boys.

>> No.51954737

I thought he was the kind of god who wouldn't die after all, even if he was killed.

>> No.51954743

No desert elves, but there are ooga booga wild elves in the Mwangi Expanse.

>> No.51954754

Hylians and Gerudo aren't really elflike at all. All they got is pointy ears.

>> No.51954773

That's lame

That's a good point, but still I'm surprised that the only all female race we have is are the Changelings...

Waitaminute, that's it! Kelesh Changelings! It's perfect.

>> No.51954774

>Really? I would've thought there would be some kind of desert elves, or something.

Gerudo societal structure is by necessity matriarchal, with women working the fields or fighting the wars or trading the goods.

Men are special, they're explicitly destined for ruling, like Ganon. In retrospect, this means there is no example of this in Golarion because there are no societies where women do the majority of the work, but men enjoy (or suffer, depending on your view of the matter) the mantle of leadership by virtue of a penis.

>> No.51954775


Average Sporty Demesneian Female.

>> No.51954783

there's only so much degeneracy one person can handle anon

>> No.51954791

This ain't pol, memes have no power here.

check em

>> No.51954792



Eagle please! Her breasts aren't the size of her head, that can't be average!

>> No.51954793


In their world elf is the baseline.

>> No.51954817

Except we don't have any evidence of them being elves over humans outside of pointy ears?

It's like insisting that people from Jak and Daxter are elves because of pointy ears.

>> No.51954837


Aren't they?

>> No.51954853


Dragon DM! Dragon DM! You mentioned many times before that you're interested in martial or even just male characters for Dragons 2, but that leaves us with questions, all sorts of 'em!

Is there a specific type of man you're looking for in this campaign, maybe something either you like or would be a better fit for the tone of this campaign? For that matter, are there any specific classes you'd be hyped about?

>> No.51954854

Name one single elvish trait they have aside from pointed ears.

You can't, because for all intents and purposes they are human

>> No.51954862

How does Sphere Summoner stack up to just a base summoner? I wanna have a decent eidolon, and I'm willing to dump all spheres into making the Eidolon awesome.

>> No.51954867

What are considered 'elvish traits'?

>> No.51954868


That is quite the picture.

>> No.51954884

Off-topic BUT

So, I asked about dropping Spellstrike and Spell Combatfrom the Phantom Blade archetype if I gestalt it with a Stalker (Brutal Slayer) earlier. I'm currently looking at the following changes.

I'd like togain an Emotional Focus, as those are the big draws of a phantom. But because I don't have a phantom proper, I'm thinking of something like the Id Rager's Atavistic Focus, wherein the character themselves' gain the powers a phantom has, counting as a phantom AND a spiritualist for any effect referencing a phantom.

Spell Combat on the Phantom Blade replaces etheric tether, shared consciousness, fused consciousness, and empowered consciousness. These are the primarily defensive features. Would it be okay tojust replace etheric tether andsimply have the Shared Consciousness, Fused Consciousness, and Empowered Consciousness features work while the Phantom Blade is harbored in the Spiritualist's mind?

Spellstrike replaces bonded senses. This is primarily a fluff-based thing. Would it be alright if, instead, of gaining spellstrike, I could gain Emotional Conduit as a bonus feat? Or Blind-Fight, to something of similar effect. Would these changes go over well? I really love the flavor of the Phantom Blade and I want to use it, but I can't justify having it, and having the first two levels of the class just not do anything for me, as I prefer martial strikes and counters and such instead of spellstrike and spell combat.

>> No.51954894


>> No.51954902

>Generally taller than humans, elves possess a graceful, slender physique that is accentuated by their long, pointed ears. It is a mistake, however, to consider them weak or feeble, as the thin limbs of an elf can contain surprising power. Their eyes are wide and almond-shaped, and filled with large, vibrantly colored pupils.

They're tall and skinny.

>> No.51954908


So, elves?

>> No.51954922


You can't expect all of us to have washboard abs and slender painted physiques!

That's crazy! CRAZY!

>> No.51954929

Those are Golarion elves.

>> No.51954935

I'm building a dwarf!

>> No.51954950

Extreme longevity, super human reflexes and senses, natural magical inclination, alien uncanny valley facial features, abnormally beautiful, unnaturally thin

>> No.51954953

I'm sensing some hypocrisy here.

The description doesn't count because that's specifically Golarion elves.

But Hylians have to be elves because they have pointy ears, because humans of a setting aren't just allowed to have pointy ears?

>> No.51954969

Probably just orcs.

on a what now?
Anon, is there something you let slip?

>> No.51954983

Also based on my build I have a x12 multiplier to the speed at which I make mundane goods at level 3. At level 5 it doubles again.

>> No.51955004

I believe there are some round-eared humans in Legend of Zelda.


This article says that, apparently, humans are different from hylians.

>> No.51955026

>Extreme longevity

Also considering that, Link goes from being a kid to a youngMAN in the space of seven years.

Meaning he ages at the human rate.

The article on Hylians also says in the very first line 'Hylians are a race of humans'

>> No.51955052

>Anon, is there something you let slip?

You... You don't come here to knit?

>> No.51955056

That's not how you female orc
This is how you female orc

>> No.51955057

True. It might be that, though all hylians are human, not all humans are hylian.

>> No.51955068

iirc there was a preview posted up for it? Does anyone have that?

>> No.51955092

What's the worst part of GMing for your group, and why is it having to roleplay like 3 different NPC waifus and husbandos for people who have turned you down IRL?

>> No.51955103

So my character concept for dragon two games can be summed up thusly:
>one of the few dwarven families living under the Queen's rule
>family is famous as vault builders and bankers
>character is the prodigal son of the family, prodigy locksmith
>by day he makes locks and vaults as Rokar Chapman, respected artisan
>by night he is the notorious bank robber Snap Iron

The plan is for him to be a Vigilante as one half of his character build, if approved it's going to be the Night Terror vigilante. However now I am struggling on the other half of the character. How do I support being the greatest safe cracker/safe maker to ever live?

>> No.51955131

That's an FF Villain if I've ever seen one

>> No.51955133


They're just a subrace of human, like the Gerudo.

And speaking of Gerudo, they're apparently supposed to have round ears too?

>All Gerudo have round ears, though Nabooru and other common Gerudo were shown with pointed ears in the Nintendo 64 versions of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. This was changed with the Nintendo 3DS re-releases, matching their depiction in their artwork. Curiously, in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess as well as his non-canon iterations in the Super Smash Bros. series and Hyrule Warriors, Ganondorf's ears are pointed. Whether this is a retcon for the race as a whole is unknown.

So yeah, Gerudo are just desert humans with the weird 'one male every 100 years' thing.

>> No.51955155

>that last bit
fuck, anon. That hurts me good.

>> No.51955190


>> No.51955197

GMing 5 different, alternating waifus and husbandos for people YOU'VE turned down IRL, and having to say HANDS ON THE TABLE when there's a love scene and nobody complies although I'm joking when I say that, I don't think I game with creepy enough lads and ladies that they're touching themselves to it

>> No.51955278

Hey /pfg/
DM has given me permission to play a WH40k ork in his campaign, rule is not third-party stuff except ponyfinder. How should i go about making my angry fungus, will i need to build a race? What stats and classes are best?

>> No.51955282

How do I pic related?

>> No.51955292

>rule is not third-party stuff except ponyfinder


>> No.51955293

I think there might be a homebrewed troll PC race?

>> No.51955353

>rule is not third-party stuff except ponyfinder

>> No.51955356

Make sure to include some Jojo, you'll have the holy trinity of shit all your friends are sick of being brought into your conversations on unrelated topics

>> No.51955362

Yeah... you heard me, i got tricked into playing with bronies

>> No.51955387

>......but WHY? That would be like taking Spellcastign and turning it into a feat. Or Studied Target. Or Sneak Attack.

Actually, in spheres casting is a feat as well.

And really, why should such an iconic ability be locked into a particular class chassis? MA is at least different, and worse if you actually want to play a magus style gish, but if you want to do something ranged or using a 2-handed weapon, you now have the option.

>> No.51955398

>tricked into playing with bronies

I almost had that problem, but thankfully they didn't have any ponyfinder books, so they stuck to just the regular stuff. Thank you based trove-anons for not having it in the trove. Now I just have to wonder when it WILL show up in the trove?

>> No.51955415

I actually hate jojo but ok. And im pretty much doing this to derail the campaign as i cant stand this pony shit.

>> No.51955423

>tfw my char is the polar opposite of that
Guess I won't be getting into this game either. ,;_;

>> No.51955431


You know what they say about opposites, anon!

They attract!

And then annihilate.

>> No.51955437

Why not just avoid it?

>> No.51955441

>I must destroy other people's fun.

And thusly, you have become the worst individual in this scenario.

>> No.51955445

>Casting is a feat as well

Isn't that also for something locked at CL 1? Which is basically worthless past 2nd-3rd level?

>> No.51955462

I bought that book to dump on mongolian picture book forums too.

>> No.51955478

So what're saying is...

I'm definately getting in, but the game will flop as a result?

Why would you say that?

>> No.51955486


>> No.51955493

>Isn't that also for something locked at CL 1? Which is basically worthless past 2nd-3rd level?

You can spend a second feat to become a low caster (and immediately get two talents for free). Or you can choose a talent from a sphere that doesn't rely heavily on CL. For example, pick up Life (Restore Only) + Greater Restoration and once per day you can cure one creature of all ability drain, damage, and negative levels.

>> No.51955505

>Why would you say that?


>> No.51955518

I have become Anon, shitter of worlds.
Because im to far in, and im not sure i want out
Turns out im allowed warhammer fantasy ork, not 40k. Something about spores. Also seems my dm is in the thread

>> No.51955527

>spend two feats to be a worse version of the butt of every joke about the subsystem

Well, it's... It's still better than vancian, in a way.

>> No.51955549


>> No.51955588

You can't, you'll destroy us all!

>> No.51955591

Friendly reminder that 2hu is getting all the fun stuff of the Avowed nerfed every other thread.

>> No.51955610

Don't do it, Buhlman.

Don't do it.

>> No.51955618

>Turns out my DM is in the thread

As far as 'feat into the subsystem' goes, Basic and Advanced Magic Training are some of the best there for 3pps. Two feats for something like kinda alright healing magic, or some TK, or something else like that? It's a pretty alright deal.

>> No.51955647

That's what I was saying, though. It being miles ahead of everything else falls a bit flat when it's a normal dude in the special olympics.

>> No.51955685


>> No.51955724

Okay, so, I'm definitely gonna roll with the Witchwolf Skinwalker for my character in Dragon Game 2. However, I have a few issues!

First, Spellstrike/Spell Combat don't mesh aT ALL with Path of War. But I don't want to get rid of it, because I love the fluff of Phantom Blade.

Second, I can't decide if I want to go with a cute little witchwolf girl, or a ravishing, handsome young skinwalker man! The characters would still have the same class, and likely function the same, but Dragon DM is looking for males!

Third, I need art! Preferably art of hunky blondes or cute redheads! I suck at finding art myself!

Also, rate this as an origin for his skinwalker heritage: Ulfens have a tradition of locking lycanthropes in special long houses during the full moon, with food and silver to keep them satisfied. His great-grandfather, an outsider, was curious, and snuck into the longhouse. There, he was trapped... with a female werewolf. For a very long night. Alone. And thus, skinwalkers.

>> No.51955732

Don't worry, /pfg/ doesn't deserve my ire today.

>> No.51955742

Well the worst part is that 3/4 of them are furries and bring furry things into the game. But I put in ironic furry shit to poke fun with constantly, and feed them catboys, so I'm complicit in my cringe festival at this point. Still, there's nothing so humbling as trying for cringe on purpose and then being taken seriously, and way-outdone at it, by a professional with a sketchpad full of furry porn under her belt. I still have much to learn.

>> No.51955766

But Buhlman, the only way I can feel alive is if you hurt me

>> No.51955787

Quadrupedal Radament?

>> No.51955800

Friendly reminder that the devs have admitted Avowed is overtuned and you're a shitter.

>> No.51955859

Friendly reminder that 2hu ran damage numbers that were WAY too fucking high for any reasonable game.

>> No.51955861

That's....actually good looking, save for that goddamned equine tramp stamp thingy.

>> No.51955864

Only parts of it.

And, let's be honest here.

If a class was shit at damage, but ONE FEAT literally made the damage decent all on its own, at the cost of the secondary effects and combat utility of the class, you'd think there's a problem there too, right

So it's only natural they'd have to take the axe to Overcharge Modulation.

As for the rest, a fully "I'm a fucking botfly with all the right choices too" build as calculated by 2hu was barely in line with other primary damage dealers; in other words, it's in a good spot otherwise.

>> No.51955867

Man, why you digging up the fucking Diablo 2 nostalgia?

>> No.51955881

Yeah, and his/her results were actually not that insane. I'd have expected far more broken.

>> No.51955885

Why is there a shield in its crotch being poked?

>> No.51955890

I'm not sure if we're disagreeing here.

>> No.51955909

Okay let's build the theoretical /pfg/ setting. What're our races? Paizo is in by default.

>> No.51955920

Is gay a race?

>> No.51955924


I promised i'd tackle the problem. and i have.

God save my soul.


just gotta fill some dead levels.

>> No.51955942


>> No.51955960


Spinnerette. That's Greta Gravity.

>> No.51955981

This is like that scene in Orgazmo with T-Rex.

No, and it's only a defining aspect of one's personality if one is a shittass roleplayer.

>> No.51955989


Swimming Eagle, your love of thicc chicks is great but this fat thing is starting to hamper my enjoyment of what you do.

>> No.51956000


>> No.51956003


I was thoughly disgusted in myself making this. so there's that.

>> No.51956014


Okay, you're great again.

>> No.51956016

>beating a fully buffed level 5 inquisitor.
>not that insane

>> No.51956018

>what're our races?

>> No.51956063


>mfw making this.

>> No.51956091

Because Radament is awesome

>> No.51956094

I know that feeling every time I dump materials in /pfg/.

>> No.51956165


I find it sad that working on this homebrew was easier than my other one.
Traps: Reset


>> No.51956221

I haven't gotten any word on dropping Spell Strike and Spell Combat from the Phantom Blade Spiritualist. Can I get any response on that? Please senpai?

>> No.51956227

Do you need to ask?

>> No.51956241

just fucking ask in the LFG, jesus christ

>> No.51956243


I said you could drop it in exchange for... what ever it was you were asking for. the name escapes me.

>> No.51956250

>two pairs of ears

>> No.51956253


>> No.51956259

So the playtest just got updated to version 11, how does it look now?

>> No.51956269


I already did and haven't gotten a response yet! Which is why I'm asking Eagle here, because he seems to post here pretty frequently!

>> No.51956271


>> No.51956285


>> No.51956290

Avowed update dropped my dudes, full BaB got replaced with Greater Magic Weapon effect on all attacks.


My reaction is: REE-I can't actually be too mad, because that could technically be argued as being BETTER than just having more BaB. The reasoning for it is still fucking retarded and I'm going to go in my corner like a petulant child and sulk until the BaB version comes back in some form or another.

>> No.51956305


>mfw I just realized Draph would probably be the ultimate conclusion of Culdranth's unintentional breeding program in the Demesne

Get on it, SE. Custom thicc non-draconic race!

>> No.51956321


I only ever use Avowed on gestalt, so changing full BaB to Greater Magic Weapon is fiiiiine by me!

>> No.51956336


Fukkin... aight. i love you guys. gimme a little bit. i'll draw up some midget tiddy monsters.

>> No.51956344


Perhaps the upper ears allow them to use telepathy?

>> No.51956362


The fox ears are actually a side-effect of glamour, and one of the few fox qualities a Kitsune is unable to remove (alongside their shadow and, for the young, their tails.)

>> No.51956382

Looks like a solid start for traps.

>> No.51956386

I liked it because Avenger is my favorite Vigilante specialization, and because Brutal Slayer/Bushi Stalker||Embodiment of the Aether Self Avowed was everything I wanted in a Str character, doubly so if I could make the Stalker side be Cha-based.

>> No.51956399

If you're using this thing to buff up non-THF weapon styles, what weapon style would you count a Magus as being after using Spell Combat? The einhander one basically happens on other people's turns, so it would basically be a free buff.

There's no rule or anything that makes a case one way or another, I'm just asking what would be balanced. Do Maguses need the help?

>> No.51956414

So hey, actually getting a tripcode now - in part so you guys that don't want to read about the Avowed can filter me out. So hi! I'm Forrest's co-writer, Katia "Taveena" Oakes. While this has been a joint effort and we've worked together on basically all decisions, I personally wrote up Celestial, Court Fey, Fiend, and Old One pacts, all current Aspirant pacts, Celestial, Dragon, Old One, and Undead aspirant pacts, all our present subpacts, a significant chunk of the clauses in both releases, Aether Beast, Aether Well, and Aether Circus, and about half of our present feats.

So, with that out of the way - we've got a new Avowed 1 playtest with all the changes we've promised. The google doc link is still valid, but for those who don't feel like finding that, I've attached it here. Self Pact has seen the biggest changes, with the bonus attacks being changed to deal flat damage and not interact with Aether Channel. The pact should now interact better with other pulse shapes, though it still strongly encourages melee striking.
In addition, it was a little bit too potent as a dip, so we've capped the bonus to AC from Charisma at 3+class level, making it scale like a lot of other attunements. In practice, this should have very little affect on single-classed Avowed, while still serving as a potential dip option for people who'd like to go armorless - though somewhat less centralizing.

>> No.51956426


Aether Channel, meanwhile, will no longer increase your effective base attack bonus. Sadly, it's pushed Avowed numbers far ahead of where we're comfortable. It now automatically applies a Greater Magic Weapon effect to your wielded weapons, improving your quality-of-life without quite the same damage increase. That said, we know how dear this was to a lot of people - plans for a Class Feature Substitution that gets full base attack bonus while focusing on weaponlike shapes is well underway for all your mage-warrior needs. There's also been a slight change in that meta-SLA feats will now ONLY affect the spell-like ability's bonus damage on Channel and Rounds, rather than allowing you to empower or maximize your greatsword's damage dice as well.

Finally, Overcharge Modulation was a HUGE problem, putting the numbers in a range that made it difficult for DMs to handle. We've heavily altered it, making it bonus dice that scale with class level. The numbers are not finalized, but this should hopefully be significantly less overwhelming than the previous version. Let us know how all this new version feels!

Thank you for all your support and feedback!

>> No.51956447

>Inquisitor spell list
You might get a few clauses, and they're nice, but the inquisitor has way more utility total. A bit more damage, less utility.

>> No.51956479

Level 5 avowed's least clauses alone >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> level 5 inquisitor's spells

>> No.51956486

Though you've probably been here long enough to notice, remember not to take any messages here personally!

Or do, if you want, but it probably won't end well. Keep up the good work!

>> No.51956526

My first thought on the overcharge is that it'll still be forced/required (which is a shame if it still shuts down secondary effects), so I'll run some numbers on it after work.

I'm sure 2hu will also go for an over-optimized ceiling of it as well, so I'm sure you can get two data-points...

.... let's make it three; I'll see what I can do about putting up a 'floor' as well. How the class handles without it has been a worry for a bit.

>> No.51956557

Keep up the good work, and give me a sidebar about how the Court Fey Pacts Fetch works. Does it know things etc, the usual simulacrum issues.

Is betrothed going to get any love on the horizon, and what is going to happen with the dungeon lord archetype?

>> No.51956571

5 total least clauses alone are that much more utility than having 6 cantrips, 4 level 3 and 3 level 2 spells chosen from a decently large list, and having clerical domain powers to choose from?

>> No.51956616


Yo, when are we getting the Common Fey Pact!

>> No.51956633


+4 Str
+2 Con
-2 Wis
Speed: 30ft
Powerful Build: When Beneficial, assume one size category larger.

Sexually Dimorphic: Males are Medium Creatures, Females are Small Creatures.

Industrious: +2 racial skill bonus to Craft, and Knowledge (Engineering)

Alt racial Traits:
Goring horns: Gain gore attack, replace Industrious.

>> No.51956641

As much as I bitch, I look forward to more. I still think the problem with Aether Channel was not in fact the BaB like you guys always claim, but what's done is done and you're all too eager to at least entertain additional sets of features so I can accept it. So long as I can one day make a Self Avowed who's just a loose translation of pic-related, I'll be good.

Self Pact subpact all about JUSTICE and HOPE when?

>> No.51956676


>mfw those stats
>mfw Powerful Build

Give me the lore on these creatures in the context of Dragons 2 or Golarion in general, and I'll be sure to pump one out before the end of this week.

>> No.51956678

I'll take three a the little ones, load em up in the back.

>> No.51956717

Man, that's busted. I'd play it.

>> No.51956733


The self pact still looks too strong to me; the 4th-level empowerment being divine grace is *far* better than any other 4th-level empowerment. I can see people taking the self pact solely for that empowerment and the unarmored AC bonus.

Overcharge Modulation still looks like something that is a must-have for any avowed who actually wants to kill people, no questions asked.

I still find it rather silly that applying a spell resistance modulation to an aether pulse makes the entire pulse subject to spell resistance; that downgrades the whole pulse in many cases. Likewise, the cumulative penalty on saving throws against modulations encourages an avowed to focus fire upon a single enemy, rather than employ the less damage-efficient but more tactically "interesting" option of spreading out attacks carrying debuffs.

>> No.51956737

Holy shit. Martials forever.

>> No.51956742

Yes, totes.

Have you SEEN the least clauses?

>> No.51956753


>mfw I can finally play my big boy Bobby B

>> No.51956776

You sure are fucking determined to hate fun

>> No.51956781


>Sexually Dimorphic: Males are Medium Creatures, Females are Small Creatures.

Horseshit, the females are still above 4 feet. That clears them into Medium.

It's just that the females are on the smaller end of Medium while the males are on the larger end.

They're both Medium.

>> No.51956815

Draph v2

+4 Str
+2 Con
-2 Wis
Speed: 30ft
Powerful Build: When Beneficial, assume one size category larger. Females can use weapons two size categories larger.

Sexually Dimorphic: Males are Medium Creatures, Females are Small Creatures.

Industrious: +2 racial skill bonus to Craft, and Knowledge (Engineering)

Alt racial Traits:
Goring horns: Gain gore attack, replace Industrious.

>> No.51956822


>The human woman has the largest chest in the series

>> No.51956826

>those stats

well shit, you're trying to make me play a full martial, aren't you my dude

>> No.51956833

We're still sorting out Betrothed's numbers. Celestial and Elemental betrothed are done, so they'll almost certainly be in the next update. So something to look forward to.

We'll discuss this - it's something a little difficult to work with because the intention is to have it function identically to the spell, which might vary from game to game. That said, a sidebar giving a helpful default suggestion is definitely a good idea. We'll work on it.

Currently, we don't know. It's not on the table for Avowed 3, which is still in pure conceptual stages - while we know it sucks not having that option, Court Fey at least provides abilities that are on-theme enough we're hoping you'll be able to manage to build your character. That said, we have every intention of doing it in the future.

Our hope is that having it as a class feature substitution - and thus keeping your dice constant - will make it easier to play. In all honesty, this is at least in part because I personally want to make players who enjoy rolling a TON of extra dice along with their weapon damage have a good time. Your desires are also valuable, however, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

As it's possible to gain an identical effect by taking two levels of Paladin, we're not particularly concerned about its dip potential. Overcharge Modulation is INTENDED to be an option taken by Avowed focusing on DPR. Builds focused on battlefield control or debuffs obviously have no need of it and will take other feats.

Pathfinder has little spell-like ability support, and as a result we have to write up a fair bit for it. That said, we are - as always - open to feedback.

>> No.51956837

>females are objectively better than males

Just make the females Medium.

>> No.51956847

>Females can use weapons two size categories larger.

You're sweetening the deal for more titty beasts, aren't you.


>Year of our PoW
>Year of the Gestalt
>Not going full martial

>> No.51956854

>females are objectively better than males

i though that was the point.

>> No.51956861

So what happens when a female-to-male transsexual Draph starts taking estrogen? S'easy to get in medieval times, just drink pregnant cow urine.

>> No.51956873


That's not a bug, that's a feature.

It encourages more people to play female Draph, which means huge chests and spunky thickness.

>> No.51956899

>drinking pregnant cow urine to minmax
Anon, I...

>> No.51956900

fuck got my hormones mixed up. QUESTION STANDS. Do they shoot up in height, anyway? If a male one starts taking estrogen, do they stay Large but get boobs?

>> No.51956901

Avowed writers just need to buff alternatives instead of nerf solid choices.

2hu's over-weighing sheer damage output aside, making it more reliable to mass debuff would make such playstyles much more palatable. Damaging/debuffing multiple people is already something that will not always be optimal since there aren't always crowds to debuff so making crowd control debuffing stronger isn't a poor choice to make it viable.

>> No.51956927

Damaging builds are too strong compared to first-party damage dealers. We do also intend to bring debuffing up to par, though! Damage dealing has just been easier to tweak.

>> No.51956940

Odd how those double-standards work.

If you have a race where the males are objectively better, you're a sexist misogynist monster whose very opinions and existence are unneeded.

And this? "that's a feature!"
Whatever happened to equality?

>> No.51956945


Two levels in paladin do not come with clause, shape, or pact progression.

Overcharge Modulation is, +1d8 damage at 1st-level, +2d8 damage at 5th-level, +3d8 damage at 10th-level, and so on. That is outrageous for a single feat.

You could simply say that spell resistance applies only to the modulation itself, not the entire aether pulse. You could also have the stacking save penalty encourage spreading out attacks, somehow.

>> No.51956946


Draph v3.Optional

+4 Str
+2 Con
-2 Wis
Speed: 30ft

+2 Str
+4 Con
-2 Wis
Speed: 30ft

Powerful Build: When Beneficial, assume one size category larger.

Sexually Dimorphic: Males and females have different stat arrays.

Industrious: +2 racial skill bonus to Craft, and Knowledge (Engineering)

Alt racial Traits:
Goring horns: Gain gore attack, replace Industrious.

>> No.51956964

Like in real life, it depends on when you start. Early puberty means your skeletal structure will start to take on male growth and you'd pass very well aside from genitalia. Post-puberty your skeletal structure is largely immutable so you'd still be smol.

>> No.51956967

You can't undo bone structures after a certain point. Males would gain huge breasts, but remain tall. They'd be a lot like those amazonian musclegirls, though their muscles and gains might get held back.

Female to male would grow as tall as possible, given how much the bones have finalized.

>> No.51956984

Females should be +4 Str, +2 Con, -2 DEX, not Wis.

Females need that Wisdom to be good mothers, but all that chest isn't good for their Dexterity!

>> No.51956997

So do females have those traits before puberty? Can they begin taking testosterone to end up wielding fuck-huge weapons?

someone plz invent sports bra

>> No.51957006

Cry some more, man-child.

>> No.51957017


I'm standing by my decision. As you need that constitution for that motherly figure.

>> No.51957021

What's the goal here anyways? Emulate Granblue Draph? Just get a flavourful Dragon Game Draph? Make a flavourful and balanced Pathfinder Draph?

>> No.51957034

>+4 Str, +2 Con, -2 DEX, not Wis

It still works.

+4 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex
+2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Dex?

>> No.51957036

Ignoring RAW, if a female Draph transitioned before puberty, they would likely grow up to look like and functionally be identical to a normal male Draph, but with a vagina.

>> No.51957039


i was told to make draph. I made draph.

>> No.51957045

The answer is 'Eagle is bored as fuck'

>> No.51957051

>flavorful and balanced

How retarded do you have to be to think this is even remotely close to the latter?

>> No.51957080

New Thread

>> No.51957094

I think this one is 8-years old.

>> No.51957096

>Two levels in paladin do not come with clause, shape, or pact progression.
It does come with a host of other positive passive class features as well as smite evil, so if you consider a different class dipping two levels of avowed for effective divine grace you could also just as easily pick two levels of paladin and get a host of benefits.

It also comes with no pesky alignment issues.

>> No.51957098


But Eagle-san, we need a bit of information on how the Draph came about in the Demesne or even just Golarion before we can start writing a Draph character!

>> No.51957099

You're doing pretty good so far with clauses and such, IMO. If I can one day get the change to magical swordsman it up with backup sacred edges/gunflame/hadoken/whateverthefuck. Don't feel too obligated to tickle my boner for magical warriors.
Considering I view Avowed as a perfect chassis for just straight up making a guilty gear-esque character, the thought is very appreciated.

>> No.51957101

Yaia is proof that female Draph begin to develop before puberty, or that puberty occurs at a very young age.

>> No.51957106

stop wishing your tits weren't just from being a fatass, tranny

>> No.51957109

How does cow urine get pregnant?

>> No.51957110

See, that's actually where things get weird, because... the whole reason humans CAN transition in that regard is because we're NOT sexually dimorphic. Do Draph just have a really strong response to hormones, or are they truly dimorphic - and thus retain their general stature even upon growing breasts/facial hair?

self conscious draph trans girl getting bullied for obviously being born a guy, humans don't care and support her.

>> No.51957116



>> No.51957117

>Reading comprehension

>> No.51957120

>two levels of avowed

try 4 levels, my dude

>> No.51957125

Puberty is when most secondary sexual traits develop, so taking testosterone at the beginning would cause male breast growth patterns (I. E. None at all.) Actual trans people who were lucky enough to figure it out before puberty tend to pass VERY well in adulthood - even so far as trans women growing past a B-cup without having to be fat. (No, I'm totally not jealous.)

>> No.51957133

Pregnant cows have SO MUCH estrogen in their piss, guys. You have no idea.

>> No.51957140

Yaia is 6, IIRC.

>> No.51957149

>asks a question that's clearly not applicable

>> No.51957169


You know what the worst part about the Draph having fat tits even as small children is?

It kinda makes sense if you realize having a child go from flat to M cups in 2 years will really fuck them up. If you want them to stay large, perky and comfortable, you'd have to start 'em young.

>> No.51957177


Duly noted...?

>> No.51957190

What about the booty?

>> No.51957192

You know what the worst part about the Draph having fat tits even as small children is?


>> No.51957214

It's also a lot less of a dip and you aren't even counting the other things a Paladin gets. 4 levels is right on the edge of "dipping" a class, it's a whole fifth of your total possible level, and for many campaigns it's closer to half!

>> No.51957219

yeah that's kind of a bummer

>> No.51957520

How would you stat pic related?

>> No.51957710

He's just a slow-moving undead guy with a sword. Not exactly high-powered material.

>> No.51957810

Considering running an 18+ Wrath of the Righteous campaign for all of the people who were jilted.

>> No.51957927

But he can't be undead. He's CG. Also pretty sure that he isn't even dead and pretty sure that there are undeads with DR 15/- and oversized weapon SQ or anything akin to that.

>> No.51958182

He's just a dude with a fucking sword.

It's not like you need to be too buff to be an unstoppable threat for Jaaaaaaaaaames, given he's like what, a Commoner 1-2?

>> No.51958258

CG? Really?
Nah, Pyramid Head is more LN if he's got an alignment at all. "He" exists as a tool of punishment, and functionally only has a gender to make him a stronger symbol tied to the specific person he is sent to torture.

He's probably closer to being an inevitable than an undead, or else some kind of less evil variant of a kyton.

>> No.51958288

But he's not a tool of punishment, but a guide and guardian for James. And guess native outsider in that case would be right as PH is native to wherever he appears.

Expert 2-3 (5-6 by the end) more likely.

>> No.51958548 [DELETED] 

So, I get that a weapon or armor's enhancement bonus gives it extra hardness/HP. What happens when a special quality of the weapon can increase its enhancement bonus? Like Bane or Furious for example (assuming the condition is met for them). Do you just use the base enhancement, or the boosted +s?

>> No.51959032

>not a tool of punishment
I guess it depends on which ending you get.

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