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MM2017 spoilers thread
>What kind of rarity you want senpai?
Just mythic my shit up!
Seriously though, these mythical are real bad, and Lily isn't making up for it, if the rest of the rares aren't fucking good, this set is trash

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First for fuck rarity shifting

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Not very surprising but yeah, fuck em.
I guess the ones who were screaming about Snapcaster Dindu will be happy.

I really like the Ranger of Eos new art, i'll probably get one when they're out.

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Does this mean we're getting the miracle cycle at mythic? Please no

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Good to know most $50+ reprints will be at mythic rare

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Didn't WotC once say the don't make decisions based on the secondary market?

Their integrity is shit

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Why, are you a kike?

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>Damnation and enemy fetches at rare.

Entreat or Terminus seems highly likely. Green and Black didn't have a miracle spell if I remember.

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Green had a couple. One that placed counters and one that gave +6/+6 and had to be blocked, IIRC.

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Good uncommons!?!?!? http://collected.company/2017/02/28/modern-masters-2017-preview-121/

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Green had two miracles: Revenge of the Hunted and that uncommon one.

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What the fuck man, like all these mythic are shit outside of snap. What are they just going to give us Lili and smile like "well there's your snap and lili, couldn't expect too much right goy?" Not saying I want all the value in mythics but at this point it's fucking snap and lili in a box or your fugged

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Oh shit bruh

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Temporal Mastery and Bonfire of the Damned have already been spoiled.

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You would expect anything else at this point?

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oh bb

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Where are my 200 bucks???
Here they are :'(

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I'm not familiar with that site. If this is real then this set is lit.

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>inquisition at uncommon

The madmen actually did it

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goldfish and more serious sites are talking as if it's true, so

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So long as basic shit that lets you play the game, like lands, and answers, like removal, keeps getting mass reprinted, I guess I can live with big bombs or archetype enabling cards being expensive.

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if they give us Lili, I don't give a fuck if the rest of the mythics are draft chaff.
I would be way happier with getting good rares/uncommons/commons instead

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Hm they might actually be making a good set.

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It's on mythic spoiler now

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Snapcaster at mythic is literally the worst thing they've done with this set so far. I can't wait to see all the anons backtracking about how good this MM17 is going to be.

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Oh wow

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Are you so dense that you didnt see that coming the moment they upshifted Bob and Goyf? We all knew it was gonna be that way

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Who cares that Snap is at mythic. Anyone who wants one could probably already afford one. Snapcster is the cheapest it has been in some time.

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It's really not that big a deal. Snap is only 35 anyways.

>> No.51949146

Doesn't help that blue sucks, Snapcaster is about all it had going for it

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wait, what? why?

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Maybe they reprint ancestral?

>> No.51949168

two uncommones rareshifted to rare

calling it

>> No.51949179

Already two blue mythics

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fuckin neato
disregarding his price, if we see stuff like Oblivion Ring or a few other neat enchantments this could be really fun in draft

I'm really hoping the rumors about this set being more available then the last two are true because the draft possibilities look really fun.

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If they liked money they'd print this until MM18

>> No.51949220

I doubt itll happen unless its something like Vial

>> No.51949224

Modern playable, EDH staple. It's a good reprint

>> No.51949229

The set has a shard theme. It makes sense they'd want a chance to put non-Alara shard cards into a draft format that actually supports them.

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>Commander Masters

>> No.51949254

At least i bought all my chinamen fakes and i don't have to pay 10 bucks for lottery tickets

>> No.51949262

...at rare!

>> No.51949273

makes sense

>> No.51949277

Nice! Good for you!

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Still waiting for craterhoof

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>tmw you realize restoration angel and thragtusk are together again

>> No.51949441

>vanish into memory

>> No.51949486

Why did the set symbol have to be so ugly

>> No.51949493

>esper control will be hilariously viable

>> No.51949513

More like Modern Memesters amirite?

>> No.51949515

I refuse to believe that WotC will take it that far.

>> No.51949525

Vapor snag and remand, pls.

>> No.51949528

Let's make blink great again!
Resto Angel, Thragtusk, Deadeye navigator, vanish into memory, snapcaster
Let's see a Roon

>> No.51949541

We still need a Green Mythic, and they said they wanted R/G to go wide as fuck

>> No.51949552

Mm17 is focused on innistrad. Two of the archetypes have tokens in them. I dont see why not

>> No.51949575

So is this supposed to be a three color set or what?

I mean the fixing seems to be there and they're giving us tri-color workhorse cycles.

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Never mind, I didn't realize that craterhoof was a $25 card. Probably gonna be reprinted, then.

>> No.51949589

if we got craterhoof i would be ecstatic
then we could get Through the Breach too and i'd probably cream myself

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I have never had a good experience drafting magic the tapppening, but now I feel a strong urge

>> No.51949636

There's gonna be a BR reanimator subtheme as well, right? Maybe we'll get Goryo's Vengeance as well.

>> No.51949641

It's the website of two podcasts that have gotten official spoilers before.

>> No.51949642

My personal wishlist:

>puresteel paladin
>stoneforge mystic
>stonehewer giant
>cyclonic rift
>bear umbra

I have my reasons (read: I need to boost my Commander decks).

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I said I wasn't going to buy a singe pack of this shit, and right now I still don't plan to. That bing said If this was going to cost $15 to draft instead of $50 I would draft the fuck out of this jank.

>> No.51949665

Stoneforge is banned; not gonna be in the set

>> No.51949679

This. The set looks fun as hell to draft but absolutely shit value for $12 a pack.

>> No.51949681

Balls, you're right. *sigh* Rafiq may never have his Equipment waifu...

>> No.51949700

Unless they reprint it and unban it on release day
I honestly feel like we can deal with stoneforge now

>> No.51949703

Wizards said it would be an "unearth" subtheme, hopefully they mean reanimator in a more generic sense.

>> No.51949725

>$12 a pack
>tfw I live in canada where the dollar is only 77 cents US

>> No.51949727

We have Griselbrand, we need faithless looting and then we can have almost grishoalbrand in limited, fucking kek

>> No.51949746

They wouldn't print both. Because we'd have almost all of instant reanimator in a draft.

My money is on TTB

>> No.51949750

What's the current rating on the set?

I for one am glad this guy can now be my pauper tiny leader. Here's hoping for blightning reprint

>> No.51949756

Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned
>Batterskull is Modern legal, therefore Stoneforge will never be unbanned

>> No.51949759

I expected them to cut down on the wild pack variance, but wow. Kitchen Finks too?

>> No.51949775

It's uncommon
>tiny leader
Not legendary

>> No.51949795

inb4 pic related
Honestly, I'm pretty content with it. Seems like it'll be closer to MM1 than MM2.

>> No.51949800

>Innistrad and return to Ravnica are allowed in modern masters this year
>Let's jerk off shards of Alara!
Really makes you think

>> No.51949808

>Uncommon, was previously rare
>Not legendary
The fuck you smoking?

>> No.51949811

>He doesn't know how pauper commander works

>> No.51949814

As much as I enjoy spam, I really don't feel like stoneforge is strong enough anymore. With a meta having this much removal and her tiny body, I don't think it would be that disruptive.

That being said, I never played when she was legal, so I have no idea how degenerate she can actually be.

>> No.51949826

You are correct. I was unaware of this Jank-ass fucking format. I apologize, please continue.

>> No.51949846

>Turn 3 4/4 lifelink is too strong
>Turn 2 4/4 Thoughtseize is fine

>> No.51949848

So clearly there's a 1 cost sorcery/instant uncommon theme.
Green= might
Black= inquisition
So what's red and blue?
Bolt and vision or Spell snare?

>> No.51949877

definitely bolt

Spell Snare would be too smart so probably Spell Pierce

>> No.51949883

Yes plz.
>vision or spell snare
I'd prefer Vision.

>> No.51949888

Hopefully lava spike? It's slightly more in need of a reprint .

>> No.51949931

Or maybe they make it ponder and surprise us all with an unban

>> No.51949935

why not both? :^)

in all seriousness if they're going hard they could print bolt at uncommon for being more flexible and lava spike at common

i really doubt that they would

>> No.51949936

>Vision at uncommon
That's way too good

>> No.51949961

>I have no idea how degenerate she can actually be
Then you are lucky.

Yes, a 4/4 vigilance lifelink that can dodge removal and grind out value forever like a Masticore on crack is better than Thought Knot Seer.

>> No.51949966

If Batterskull and Stoneforge Mystic swapped places on the banlist, would SFM still be too powerful for Modern?

>> No.51949967


I hope it comes with the venser art then

>> No.51949989

>New pauper commander
Well, fuck. New deck is coming

>> No.51950003

No, it'd be fine then. The worst it would do is fetch Swords, and the format is strong enough to live with that. It's Batterskull that's the problem.

>> No.51950028

>modern masters

>> No.51950030

Hard to say, getting a 4/4 lifelinker at T3, with the equipment staying on the board or tutoring for any of the swords is a powerful tool. I don't think it would be format warping, but modern is already such a regulated format, I doubt wizards would unban a card that gives decks options

goyf is bullshit for power scaling and you know it, also you would be at 15 life by doing that.

>> No.51950056

Pauper commander is any uncommon creature as a commander with the rest of the deck being commons

>> No.51950060

Well that's fucking stupid then. Why ban SFM if BS (how fitting) is the problem?

>> No.51950065

Post pro tour unban announcement

>> No.51950074

batterskull also naturally bounces removal
and can be replayed for 2 mana with stoneforge out
and stoneforge can play it at instant speed if you have it in your hand (combat tricks assuming you tutored for something out)
Batterskull + Stoneforge is way too strong

>> No.51950084

I'm just retarded, I thought Roon was originally in shards but reprinted in commander, disregard my stupidity

>> No.51950085

If you're talking about Thought Knot, then you're mad. You need three cards to get Thought Knot on the field by turn 2. You can get Batterskull into play by turn 2 with Stoneforge, a Spirit Guide, and 2 plains. It's a much better combination of cards.

>> No.51950101

>Well that's fucking stupid then. Why ban SFM if BS (how fitting) is the problem?
Because Wizards of the Coast™ is a smart company.

>> No.51950110

So what you're saying is spirit guide is the problem

>> No.51950112

Huh, that's actually kinda neat.

>> No.51950116

Because batterskull is perfectly fine, and almost unplayable without stoneforge.
Honestly, I think it would be fine in modern, SFM still needs to survive to untap.

>> No.51950124

Equipping is sorcery speed. Unless you just mean creating a giant 4/4 lifelink blocker.. which the opponent knows you have

>> No.51950158

That has to be stony silence

>> No.51950159

Would you get drunk and play casual shit decks against me?

>> No.51950160

you don't have to play only the card you tutored
if you happen to have it in your hand and tutor for something else, they will not
i understand it's an edge case but still relevant

>> No.51950163

as someone who currently only plays standard because i'm about a month into magic:

does MM17 represent a good opportunity to get into modern or EDH or is it just lottery tickets of bullshit?

>> No.51950192

all packs are just lotteries, really
if you buy any MM just go to a draft, honestly. it's more fun
once prices go down just buy the singles you want instead of playing the lottery

>> No.51950198


Lottery Tickets of Bullshit.

It might cause the prices for certain cards to dip in the summer/fall, so buy singles then.

>> No.51950206

Like any format, buying singles is always going to be the most efficient way to get into a format.

It's too early to tell if this will be a great limited set, but it could be (which would be a great reason to draft it even if you're new)

>> No.51950211

Yes. I would probably combat you specifically with this: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/the-circus-of-values-2/

>> No.51950216

lottery tickets of bullshit
If you draft it a few times, you'll probably get the pieces for a decent Modern deck

>> No.51950222

it probably is. neat art too.

>> No.51950223

lottery, it doesn't give enough pieces to build a whole deck, usually just some of the hard to get pieces. It's a total crap shoot as a pack, but tends to return about MSRP if you buy a box to open enough packs to average out the $1 rares

>> No.51950226

Shit, I was in the wrong thread. How embarrassing.

>> No.51950231


>> No.51950233


It's a good opportunity to buy singles since some will go down in price for a while. Don't wait too much or they'll go up again

>> No.51950246

Are you drunk right now?

>> No.51950247

Yeah the argument is that a 4/4 lifelink vigilance at the end of your turn 3 is too strong for modern.
I mean, part of the reason why SFM is so good in legacy is that you have mana denial and mother of runes to protect it. You don't have those tools in modern.
You also get Jitte first in most of the matchups where you would want a batterskull anyway.

>> No.51950285

They should just ban batterskull and unban sfm. Theres plenty of artifact hate in sbs.

>> No.51950298

Archangel of Thune reprint when?

>> No.51950312

In banning batterskull they're also hurting Eldrazi Tron, which has been a major annoyance in my incredibly competetive meta

>> No.51950356

eldrazi tron would probably still be really strong without batterskull, i'd say

>> No.51950378

Wondering if Bridge, Moon and Chalice get reprints as well to complete the circle of let's not play magic.

>> No.51950400

>Just mythic my shit up!

At least Damnation managed to scrape by in Rare.

>> No.51950401

Stony silence is fine

>> No.51950419

Of course, but slightly less strong, no more swinging with a 9/9 trample, lifelink, haste, vigilance pseudo-hexproof dude

>> No.51950448

It's not, it either encourages people to keep shitty greedy hands with nothing but Stony Silence and lose or it wins on the spot when you have follow-up plays. Same deal with accelerated Moon and Chalice if you're not playing lotsabasics and outs at 2+ mana, unanswered Bridge makes winning via creatures impossible, which happens to make 95% of Modern. None of the them make for good gameplay.

>> No.51950462


>> No.51950465


>> No.51950489

SFM lends itself to degenerate combos much more than BS does. If SFM is the one that's legal, there's a much higher risk of someone discovering a different interaction that's broken enough to require a re-banning, which they want to avoid. BS is a lot "safer" to leave in modern.

>> No.51950495

I started drinking before my friends arrived, yes.

>> No.51950527

>t. Salty lantern player

>> No.51950570

I don't play Lantern nor am I salty, I just don't see the reason for having "[strategy] loses the game" cards.

>> No.51950598

The only benefit/interaction that SFM can do is fetch Equipment and if it survives an untap, drop it onto the field for 2 mana at instant speed.

So unless WotC is going to start making more Living Weapons even more busted than Batterskull or start doing bullshit like making Vehicles that are also Equipments, there's no real way to break it once the "ceiling" of the Swords of X and Y are what almost everyone gravitates towards in the first place.

There honestly aren't a ton of good (read: low CMC, low equip cost, good stats) Equipment cards outside of the Swords and Batterskull, and the only reason BS is on the list is because it comes down and immediately becomes a creature on an empty board.

With as much removal and aggro decks running around, I think SFM could be unbanned and all it would do is let decks focus on White being the primary color in their deck and not the secondary/tertiary color it currently is.

>> No.51950613

I think it's banned more because its too much value, rather than degenerate combos.
I mean, cards legal in legacy, which has an even crazier cardpool, and i can't think of a single combo deck that plays stoneforge for anything.
If any other legacy players in here know of a deck like that, please correct me, but as far as i'm aware, there is no such deck.

>> No.51950638

the only other equipment that could possibly be more broken is skullclamp, which will never ever be unbanned

>> No.51950669

Don't forget Jitte.

>> No.51950682

What's our white mythic gonna be?

>> No.51950739


Angelic Destiny maybe? There seems to be some auras and aura-themed cards in there

>> No.51950757


>> No.51950769

Avacyn would be my guess, though I swore I saw a Sun Titan card image with the MM17 emblem.

>> No.51950782

Sun titan perhaps?

>> No.51950784


please be linvala

>> No.51950816

Archangel of Thune?
Angel of Serenity?
Avacyn, Angel of Hope?
Baneslayer Angel?
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite?
Monastery Mentor?

>> No.51950822

Jitte and Skullclamp are the only other cards in the Modern cardpool that are more busted than Batterskull, and they're on the ban list and will never come off it.

I get why they won't unban it (fear of introducing new cards that will be too powerful in the Modern cardpool) but if you're designing an Equipment card that's as good as - if not better - than the Swords, you probably need to take a step back and ask yourself, "is this too strong in a vacuum, and if it's too strong for Standard, it's probably too strong for Modern."

>> No.51950864


>> No.51950865

This. MM17 deals with Zendikar and Linvala needs a reprint.

>> No.51950894

Linvala + Thune gets my vote

>> No.51950996

Its banned because of its ridiculous versatility and the fact that you can never cleanly answer it. fair matchups come down to "who sticks a mystic" and nothing else. Why do we need that? Doesnt everyone complain about creatures the tappening?

>> No.51951024

>> No.51951037


>> No.51951052

The joke is less funny the second time
make it a mythic third time around

>> No.51951066

come on, if you are going to try this at least fix it so the correct token terminology is used.

>> No.51951086

i just got the picture through a text, it's fake then?

>> No.51951087

So should we expect Deceiver Exarch?

>> No.51951096

its fake.

Tokens are created, not put on the battlefield now.

>> No.51951104

maybe, I don't know, fucking SERUM VISION

sure, I want it at common like everyone else, but more importantly, I just fucking want it.

>> No.51951114

Why would they print a card in Modern Masters that's banned from Modern?

>> No.51951203

Fucking /tg/

>> No.51951343

SFM's strength is that Batterskull is REALLY fucking hard to deal with.

>> No.51951477

Is Modern saved, /tg/?

>> No.51951492

No. More poorfags in the format solves nothing

>> No.51951494

at 10$ per pack and a limited print run I don't think so

>> No.51951637

>Not mythic

>> No.51951721

Considering the average pack value based on cards so far, $10/pack might even work out at profitable.

>> No.51951744


Not even close. Wait for the whole spoiler and see. Basically, I think that Cavern of Souls and Liliana are the only relevant things left. And then, the parade of monsters begins.

>> No.51951753


Oh, don't take me wrong, it's looking like it will be profitable on average, but it isn't a set with enough reach to bring enough players into modern to actually repopulate the format

And as >>51951744 says, there's a lot to be spoiled yet

>> No.51951760

Tarmogoyf at rare

>> No.51951768


How deep we have fallen. Sets are now considered to be good not based on quality, but on EV and profitability.

We deserve to get devoured by chinese fakes.

>> No.51951774


>> No.51951792

Too good in draft to be a rare

>> No.51951798

Anyone else reallly want a Remand reprint?

I want new art for one of my favorite cards of all time.

>> No.51951817

Goyf is fucking awful in draft

"And now I play my turn 4 0/1 Goyf!"

>> No.51951845

Goyf is terrible in draft what the fuck are you smoking.

>> No.51951882

This fucking guy
>not remembering goyfgate

>> No.51951988

Goyf used to be left at the draft table as a junk rare for scrounging noobs to pick up.

>> No.51951996

I hope it has jace on it to piss people off.

>> No.51952009

Masters sets are different than standard sets. They have a lot more card types available compared to standard sets

>> No.51952016

>Spell Snare
>Serum Visions
pls gib thes wizadrs

>> No.51952038

>They have a lot more card types available compared to standard sets
What? No they don't. The only difference between this and a normal set is you're more likely to see a fetchland in this, but even then the chances of getting one in your three packs is low, and the chances of getting it early game are even lower still.

>> No.51952053

goyf is literally fine in draft. It's likely a 1-of in a 40 card deck that gets it to like, 4/5 at most and assuming they can print stuff like path to exile at uncommon, goyf is just a good card and not game breaking.

>> No.51952055

No for real, literally nobody thought it was good when it came out. It took at least 2 weeks for people to realize it's a 4/5 for 2. And even then it wasn't really that pricey.

>> No.51952058

Just delete your posts man

>> No.51952175

Mate, even when playing Vintage or Legacy cubes, Goyf is just a good creature that brings good value after T4 or 5. You're lucky to get a squire out of it in T2 in a limited format.

>> No.51952296

We don't know what is in the set yet. There could be tribal cards at common rarity like Tarfire or artifacts that sacrifices themselves like Mishra's Bauble, or things like Chromatic Sphere at common rarity. And for all we know Goyf might not even be in the set since it is nowhere to be seen on the packaging

>> No.51952305

RIP hoarders!

>> No.51952316

not that anon but I'm happy to play my 1/2 goyf in modern because sometimes you want the little kid at fnm to feel good about bolting the goyf and it not growing to 3/4

>> No.51952317

even if we had all those things goyf is still just ok in limited.

>> No.51952332

If Goyf and Lili are both in the same set I'll suck Maro's cock till it's dry

>> No.51952357

and if RG is the 'go wide' archetype, goyf is go tall and less good there. Multiple bodies benefit more from overrun effects even if goyf gains trample

would goyf be too strong for modern if it was the same but GG for trample or 1G trample but doesn't have an extra point of toughness?

>> No.51952396

fairly cute reprint, not exactly a Modern powerhouse but a nice one for EDH and could be a fun draft rare.

This, if you were planning to go draft MM for snapcasters then you'd spend more than just on the singles.

>> No.51952398

probably not
removing the extra point of toughness makes it more vulnerable than you would think at first
and adding trample and G over (1) in the manacost would make playing it a log harder

>> No.51952617

you're a good guy, anon

>> No.51952663

IoK goes perfect in my Duskmantle Mindcrank combo deck

>> No.51952730

>current rating?

Depends on it's printrun. If it's similiar to EMA, then a solid B+ so far.

>> No.51953003

And Craterhoof!

>> No.51953036

How disappointed should I be at how Snapacaster's flavor text wasn't "Oh snap!" and Stony Silence's wasn't "Nice topdeck bro, good game." on a scale from 1 to 10?

>> No.51953056

It's okay, because my goyfs are from the chinaman, sometimes they die a little easier to bolt.

>> No.51953144

Should have reprinted the Praetors instead of the miracle bulk rares

>> No.51953178

But it is a 2 dollar card thanks to conspiracy. It is already cheap.

>> No.51953207

>Bonfire reprint
You people do realize this card is absolutely game-breaking in Limited right? It's just as bad as Comet Storm in that you should never ever reprint it in a set you draft. This is Pack Rat/Jittle levels of power.

You cannot defend the decision to print this thing.

>> No.51953230

If you draw it/have it in your opener before turn 4-5 it's just a pyrohelix.

>> No.51953349

Don't even compare anything in limited to Pack Rat in a world of zero removal. Just don't. You can't win with Bonfire and 39 Mountains.

>> No.51953515

Pack Rat is overrated

>> No.51953524


no one cares for draft. everyone is just in for fetchlands and snapcaster.

>> No.51953534

I'd argue pack rat is the single best card in limited.

>> No.51953603

It's not

>> No.51953638

Name a better one. And btw I'd take a pack rat over a bonfire

>> No.51953696

Agree with you on that but I still don't think Pack Rat is the best limited card

>> No.51953706

>Was sitting on a playset of Might of Old Krosa
>nobody wants them because they're 4€ each
>it gets reprinted

I don't know how to feel about this

>> No.51953729

M14 Jace

>> No.51953738

>pauper tiny leader


>> No.51953758

Not that guy

p9 (excluding time twister) sol ring, jitte, library of Alexandria, mana crypt, mind twist, clamp, tnn, treachery

Heck, if you just wanted a card from a modern draft environment and not cube, I'd take jitte over pack rat p1p1 every time

>> No.51953778

You should feel as though Modern cards were massively overpriced in the first place, and you're being punished for speculating in a children's card game. Unless you got them cheap, in which case you haven't lost anything so shouldn't feel anything.

The sheer fact that Pack Rat + 39 Swamps could win drafts should tell you that it can't really be beaten in terms of power. You didn't actually need to build a deck to win. Like what do you want?

>> No.51953806

You should feel like a jerk, learn a lesson and never pretend you are the Wolf of Wall Street.

Play the fucking game and leave everybody else the fuck alone.

>> No.51953817

Pack Rat + 39 swamps is the stupidest meme ever

>> No.51953844

I see a lot of people talking about unbanning a lot of things, and being less regulatory of the meta
whats the reasoning behind this? What would the meta look like if they trimmed the banlist down? Would it be more diverse or converge into the same 2-3 decks?

>> No.51953873

You can laugh all you want but it won drafts. You only needed 3 lands to just drop another rat every turn.

>> No.51953897

Beating 3 idiots isn't too hard

>> No.51953903

Bannings have been used to evolve the meta, in lieu of actual new cards that create new archetypes.

>> No.51953925

So far the majority of the rares and uncommons look pretty good, which is about what I was hoping for. Mythics range from okay to terrible so far, but I'm not cracking these specifically to chase them so I don't care too much, and my mind will change if they reveal Liliana of the Goyf. The only thing I'm really worried about is my LGS charging out the ass for draft.

MM3 isn't MMA tier in terms of financial value yet, but considering you can actually draft and buy MM3 (and boxes for sub-MSRP), it's probably going to be the best MM overall.

>> No.51953993

>miracle cards getting a reprint
>in a format where miracles don't exist

>> No.51954042

3RR - Tribal Sorcery - Elemental
Choose one —
• Consuming Bonfire deals 4 damage to target non-Elemental creature.
• Consuming Bonfire deals 7 damage to target Treefolk creature.

>You people do realize this card is absolutely game-breaking in Limited right?
seems fine

>> No.51954044

The miracle is that Wizards have finally reprinted good cards.

>> No.51954076

>paying $40 for an experience that you can just cube up with proxies
No one gives a SHIT about the limited experience.

>> No.51954085

Don't speak for everyone. I'm a draft only player and I love drafting the Masters sets

>> No.51954126

What a miserable existence you must live

>> No.51954146

>Masters sets
Sets with "Masters" in their name aren't in the least bit special you know. MM2 was a complete and utter failure in every criteria you want to throw at it.

>> No.51954152


Do people play Linvala in any format? Don't even see it in edh really

>> No.51954153

Gonna get into modern while prices are down a bit from MM17. What shoul I build between Goryo's and Valakut Breach ? Both are similar but Goryo's seems more fun while Valakut seems more consistent.

>> No.51954162

Get out of me general

>> No.51954189

I'll agree MM2 was a bit weak but the first one and eternal masters were both great draft experiences. It's also nice when you pull some expensive cards and trade it for a next draft

>> No.51954252

A MM3 pack costs 4 full meals in my country because "lol oil economy is all we need".

>> No.51954380

if they reprint goyf at rare im buying 2 boxes. i promise
>not that there will be any boxes left if so

>> No.51954415

Stop smoking that shit, Stoneforge is a Legacy staple and the most degenerate thing she ever does is "surprise" Batterskull blocks when she tutors for Jitte because you already have Batterskull in hand.

She doesn't do any real combo, and she's not some super powerfull engine like Deathrite Shaman. You've just drank the kool-aid.

>> No.51954416

I hope it isn't reprinted. The current price is reasonable. Give us another green mythic instead

>> No.51954418

>Eternal Masters was a great draft experience
Depends on who you ask

>> No.51954435


>> No.51954456

Not as soon as shit hits the street and the EV goes to $3 a booster.
Marsh Flats will be cheaper than Polluted Delta by Amonkhet pre-release and Path is the only uncommon that refuses to go down in price.

>> No.51954459

Vorinclex or Craterhoof would be pretty nice

>> No.51954473

not as nice as goyf. 100 dollars isnt reasonable whatsoever

>> No.51954487

Original Drana was close to the same levels of stupid.

>> No.51954490

>Marsh Flats will be cheaper than Polluted Delta by Amonkhet pre-release
You have NO idea how opened Khans was.

>> No.51954522

Marsh Flats will be cheaper than Polluted Delta by Amonkhet pre-release
Screencap this.

>> No.51954549

Chump blocking Goyf is the number one thing I hate as a Goyf player. I can't get enough Tarmogoyf. I also play Hooting Mandrills. Sometimes Mandrills is just better because of Trample.
Goyf would be outrageous with Trample. Yes the extra toughness loss could hurt him but other than RUG, most decks run GBx with him and can just kill things that are larger than him.

>> No.51954580

desu senpai this is seeing play in RG Ponza and that deck is doing decently right now

I get you though f a m

>> No.51954601

Hopefully we get a serum vision reprint to help set up miracle

>> No.51954635

You have no idea of what you are talking about.

>> No.51954667


Maybe they mean Marsh Flats is used in fewer decks than Polluted Delta, so its price is kept artificially higher due to a lack of recent printing, and so with a new printing people will be wanting to dump their Marsh Flats because few deck wants to run them.

>> No.51954670

Watch it happen fag.

>> No.51954691

>They reprinted Gargodon and Bridge from Below right around the time they'd have been creating Tormenting Voice, Neonate, and Amalgam

What could the reprinted Miracles imply, since they know things we don't know?

>> No.51954755

>The roulette wheel landed on 31, there MUST be a reason for this
Go die somewhere quietly.

>> No.51954782

Wizards officially stated that they didn't spot the Saheeli and Felidar Guardian combo in standard, and those sets were right next to each other. Do you seriously believe Wizards is capable of actually planning things out? If you want to know what happens when Wizards tries to do something on purpose, look at Eldrazi Winter.

>> No.51955218


I have been wanting to make this EDH deck. Hope I pull one AND ONLY FUCKING ONE

>> No.51955232

Just buy one?

>> No.51955251


>> No.51955382

You nailed it, goryo's is fun as fuck but ultimately can suffer bad luck. Valakut is all around solid and doesn't shit out as much

>> No.51955412

Already ordered a box. There is a lot of shit I'd like to open but thats probably the one I'd hate to see more of, unless the rest of the rares turn out to be absolute garbage that is.

>> No.51955676

That was ages ago since they said back in MM1 they made goyf mythic to maintain his value.

>> No.51955764

>le necropost faec

>> No.51955818

>You cannot defend the decision to print this thing.
Modern Masters is a reprint set and designing it for draft is retarded.

There, defended.

>> No.51955822

>on 4chan

>> No.51955925

But that's what they call it on the official forums. What do you call it here?

>> No.51955950

Well played (((Rosewater)))

>> No.51955964

>after 15 minutes
I'm not entirely convinced you actually browse forums.

>> No.51955997

Last I check there was more than 15 minutes between 17:29pm and 00:33am.

>> No.51956005

He's saying they are giving us good uncommon but the price we pay is 2 more cards that are uncommon now will be printed as rares , but not these 2 you fucking mong

>> No.51956022

What the fuck

>> No.51956058

Did you even follow the chain of arrows? From >>51955676 to >>51948573 is what I was attempting to maymay about.

>> No.51956118

What is she used in? I have one floating around and no real home for her.

>> No.51956125

"Finally, we need to spread exciting cards across all the rarities and part of the shift was making sure mythic rare had its share of splash. With the enemy fetch lands and Damnation, rare was already high in excitement."

So... we can't have to much excitement? What happens when we go full excited?

>> No.51956140

Who zur doran deck here?

>> No.51956162

>What happens when we go full excited?
When people get too excited they buy sealed product, and Wizards has been trying their hardest in recent years to prevent people from buying sealed product.

>> No.51956167

Sometimes in abzan company instead of the normal loop, it's just a 2 card combo

>> No.51956189

So no more good rares. Yeah exactly what I've been saying.

>> No.51956220

Reminds me of the first one, and at least it's better than the second one.

>> No.51956247

>>cyclonic rift
Would help best format

>> No.51956262

This can't be real right?

>> No.51956296

>shifting uncommons to rare in MM

Okay buddy

>> No.51956307

Why not you filthy fucking goy?

>> No.51956328

It's real. It isn't in MM17, but it's real.

>> No.51956332

Because they fucking haven't. You are complaining about the one time they did in Conspiracy and that was much more of a draft set than MM. MM is a draft set, but a large portion of it is based on what is in need of reprinting or what is used in modern.

>> No.51956333


>> No.51956379

Since we're talking about goyf, anyone have a good full art of him. I remember there was some site for it but I can't find it

>> No.51956405

Tarmagoy is just a 2 Mana 3/4 a lot of times

>> No.51956429

That would be nice
Give hate a little love

>> No.51956443

What do you mean by full art, the source image?

>> No.51956452

Stop playing affinity, jackass.

>> No.51956464

Yes, the full version of the art used for the card.

Like this.

>> No.51956489


>> No.51956511

Here you go I made it myself

>> No.51956513

It's from planechase he probably means CMDR is the best format

>> No.51956521


>> No.51956527

Very nice

>> No.51956547

Fucking finally

>> No.51956559

Spoilers ended for the day, nice shopping though.

>> No.51956567

You can also go here to get an even closer look at certain parts of the true original art, but there's a watermark. What sort of asshole unironically makes 7200 x 4905 images anyways? Ryan Barger apparently.


>> No.51956578


>> No.51956611

Where did you see this?

>> No.51956669

Too bad the artv is still shit.

>> No.51956671

He's only going to make a fake MM17 version of the card at rare you know.

>> No.51956708

New Thread

>> No.51957424

Here you go senpai, the image that sums it up

>> No.51957486

Get your fucking edh cancer out of my modern set

>> No.51958199

Your EDH meta isn't cutthroat or creature activated ability based then. Linvala shuts down mana dorks and certain commanders like Scion or Yisan out.

>> No.51958818

Aether Vial says hello

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