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Jumpers, what do you consider your playground? Where do you go to just let loose and have fun?

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The Warehouse? A setting? What are you looking for?

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My warehouse has a rec room where I throw parties with my companions or buddies in the jump. 'Tis good so far.

I went to Ireland for a month or two in the King Arthur Jump just to party it up and have adventures there and then when I returned to Camelot it was literally in flames so I had to rush to fix it up.

I haven't posted my built yet because I need to do my disney build first so I can truly ham it up with musical numbers. Sequence breaking ftw

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Well, some jumps have arena attachments, and some have bars that follow you, and some have giant raver caves, and some have perks that let you create separate pocket dimensions that are identical to the real world but without people and reset.

I like hearing the answer to the random jumper questions in threads, so I ask them.

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When do you stop being Human?

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The multiverse via Dimensional Shunting. Hell, if there are cotton candy dimensions, there are probably party planes.

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When you yourself decide it.

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When you decide that your mindset and lineage are too distant. Not before.

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The Library from Person of Interest. Though its less let loose and more quietly write.
Probably somewhere between SOMA and Hive Queen Quest. My mindset is still pretty human though.

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The bedroom is my playground

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How often do you train? How HARD do you train?

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When you stop being a Homo Sapiens. It's when you stop being a person that's important.

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When you decide that you are no longer human.

As often as I need to
As hard as I need to

>> No.51905267 [SPOILER] 

I do a daily routine of push ups and sit ups, while drinking plenty of juice.

Then I run on a treadmill.

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Physically, When you take "This Is in Fact My Final Form" in Sword Art Online and mix ALL of your alt forms into a hideous abomination of a creature.

Mentally, I suppose it's when you start seeing the souls of other living beings as delicious candies to munch on.

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I don't like training, I want to shitpost on the internet and eat candy all day. I need a perk that lets me get around that somehow.

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Every day as hard as possible, each day harder than the last. There's no time for stagnation

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37. Death Note
Location: Ibaraki Hospital
Age: 14, Origin: Drop-In
Perks: I Can See You, Incorruptible, Private, Immune, In Truth I Am That Monster
Items: Fake I.D.

So, my companions don't have the defense of mental stability perks and I just took them through World War 2. I might be the greatest therapist in my chain, but these things still take time to get over. So, we went somewhere normal, with the biggest problem being just one psycho that keeps the rest in line. Half my companions have some form of PTSD from their first deaths.

And they still ignored me half the time to try and hunt down Kira, once I made the mistake of referring to him as "local". So, I did what any sensible jumper would do and used Disney Magic and Therapy Perks to use the chasing down of a mass-murdering college student to help them get over the horrific previous jump. It was the responsible thing to do, I think.

They did end up getting him, but they just burnt the Death Notes and hospitalized Light and Misa. We had to leave Japan after that, but it solved our problems.

Human is a biological designation describing a certain combination of genotypes and phenotypes. I focus on being a person instead, it's much simpler. I also try to judge off personhood rather than humanity, but humans are still my favorites most jumps.

Thanks, Anon.

Letting loose takes many forms. Uncoiling yourself and just being is pretty important.

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Training is for inferior life forms who can't control their bodies' physical (spiritual?) structures by intent alone.

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It's tough to strike a balance of training, building, life and spending time with those you care about. Often it's good to train while you are doing other things, History's strongest Disciple has a great item that halves your strength, stamina, and speed in exchange for giving you constant weight training. So you can be training constantly all day, every day.

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I have clones to do that for me.

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I need suggestions for a 100 cp item for child of darkness.

>> No.51905632

Infinite collection of skull necklaces.

>> No.51905667

technically 24 seven 365,mentally and physically, I've got a muse feeding me info to study, andat least one of my bodies training at all times .

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If jumper taught humans how to make things in any setting before modern day Fateverse, would Gilgamesh have it? If jumper introduced guns in medieval England, would he have the guns jumper taught them?

>> No.51905717

No, that's fucking stupid. That's a completely different jump, Gilgamesh has no authority there.

>> No.51905718

From where?

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No. And Yes.
That is, I lazy. Really lazy. While I like learning and stuff, I tend to not bother actually training beyond the minimun necessary.

HOWEVER, my mentality is slightly akin to Momonga's, in that I tend to undersell myself a lot, overestimate all of my enemies, and hate any situation in which I don't clearly overpower everyone else.
I also tend to get every training/learning boosts avaiable. And most time-dilation effects.

So whenever I realize shit's about to go down, I go to the warehouse, turn on Clock of Ages, and TRAIN. LIKE. HELL. Until I can easily stomp whatever the problem is.
And them promptly go back to being an useless layabout until the next crisis.

Of course, this strategy kinda fails against less physical threats. Or against scaling enemies. So Jumpchan makes a point of throwing those at me whenever they can. Kinda like how one would leave their cat outside the house until they get some exercise, or something.

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The skull necklaces that Moblins are always wearing, you have an unending supply of them.

>> No.51905844

...Okay. Not the worst thing in the world. But, uh, why?

>> No.51905866

Because it's not very useful and you needed something worth 100 CP.

>> No.51905879

My jumper's lazy so they waste their massive energy pool on self-enhancement spells. They train with a sword constantly because it's fun and they feel badass with they dance with a sword. They don't do stuff like extreme pushups or anything.

My jumper specifically has also developed a fighting style that's all about dancing and spinning to disorient their enemies but keep themselves oriented (With magic), while deflecting most blows. It's a self defense fighting style.

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...Okay. Good enough. Thanks.

>> No.51905901


A big fucking ass spear for 100 CP. Way better than infinite skull necklaces imo.

>> No.51905903

Did you pick up that dancing fighter perk from Last Exile?

>> No.51905922

Each origin has two 100 cp items. Big weapon is the first, so that's already there.

It's technically based on ganon's swords, but anything link has trouble holding is valid.

>> No.51905924

No, but now that you told me the perk exists I'll go pick it up when I get the chance.

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But more training/exercise wouldn't help for either of those types of enemies.

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Any jump aside from Young Justice that gives you an off to your powers or at least a way to control them more similarly?

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Naruto shadow clones can transfer strength from training and knowledge from learning and each clone is a x1 multiplier

>> No.51905982

>each clone is a x1 multiplier
That's not how that works.

>> No.51905996

Incredibles and Traveler's Gate.

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For physical training it is, but point for learning.

>> No.51906012

I don't train now, and I don't think that, realistically, getting magic powers would change that.

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Clones can only transfer memories. They don't increase your physical training.

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They can read the manga/wiki or watch the show

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At least once a week in the Ludicrous Chamber, usually more during slow periods. As much as my body can take without setting me back.

>> No.51906054

I just take perks that keep me at the top of my game, but I do go out of my way to train companions. That has the side effect of making me train as well, which is probably for the best.

>> No.51906084

What settings with cool magic mechs do we have besides Exalted and Super Robot Wars OG?

>> No.51906089

Joke's on you, I had my companions throw me juice while running on treadmill. I got buff.

Don't ask how the fuck they could have done that if the Treadmill freezes time for the world so you don't come back gen years later than when jump ended if you want to stay

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Not "in any setting". Only in earlier times in the Nasuverse timeline.

Although I do train physically for a little while each day (significantly longer thanks to various speed and time dilation effects), most of my prep work happens simultaneously with my everyday activities.

Chiefly, thanks to Mundane Utility, Supported Skills, I can use the skilIs I want to train for everyday activities.

Thanks to self-duplication and hiveminding, I have duplicates of myself constantly training in various ways, like fighting each other, playing games, reading whole libraries, actually adventuring in various dungeons, etc.
Since they're hiveminded to me, I'm experiencing all that training and knowledge gathering, and since I have various RPG systems of spending xp, I can allocate stat increases to physical stats improving my primary body, even though it's not doing training itself.

My Territory and various dungeons connected to my warehouse.

>> No.51906112

Sleuth Anon! What were your Waifu mons and did you take the Eaters related perk

>> No.51906127

What are the best ways to accomplish this?

>> No.51906153


Free/50 cp - A Weapon
An ordinary old sword, lance, bow, shield, whatever you want. Probably been in your family for GENERATIONS! and has served your ancestors well, as it will now serve you. ...That’s it. That’s all it is, just an ordinary sword. What were you expecting, magic? You can buy a second one - like a sword to go with your shield - for 50 cp.

Free - A Boat
Just an ordinary boat. Not much more than a rowboat, but it’s sturdy enough to get you to a nearby island. Figured you would need one of these for free if you were gonna live here in this water world. There are a couple of upgrades for it, if you want, but those are gonna cost you.

200 cp - Submersible (Discount Child of Memory)
Your rowboat isn't just a rowboat anymore. Instead, it’s a wooden submarine. Probably not all that useful, given that it still isn't much bigger and only fits you and a small amount of supplies, but if you want to go treasure hunting this is how you do it.

100 cp - Talking Figurehead (Free Child of Legend)
Congratulations, the ship sails itself. And not all that much more, at least not yet. In theory, the figurehead of your ship - which may or may not be haunted by deceased royalty - could give you advice, but that requires it to have prior experience, which this one does not. It’ll learn though.

100 cp - Bigger Boat (Free Child of Water)
Big boat. Beeeeeg Boat. Big enough for a whole crew, not just you. Want to pick a fight with a Giant Octo? Sure the rowboat has canons - cough you throwing bombs cough - , but this thing has three. On each side. And it has more space, and other side effects of being big. Like showers.

200 cp - Ghost Ship (Discount Child of Darkness)
Your ship isn’t any bigger than it was before, but it’s spookiness has leveled up. Specifically, it can now turn intangible for short periods of time. Also slightly invisible, but that part doesn’t work so well. I don’t recommend combining this with Submersible.

>> No.51906169

There's eating perks in Problem Sleuth?

>> No.51906171


>> No.51906172



Hey Cracker_Jack, how survivable is this build?

[Jump #11] DC Occult:



•Modern Day Merlin-(Free):

>Age & Gender

>Skills and Abilities
1.Mystical Sensitivity-(Free):
2.Sleight of Hand-(Free):
3.Greatest Magician of the Age-(Free):
4.Back To The Basics-(100cp):
5.Escape Artist-(100cp):
6.Talking Is a Free Action-(200cp):
7.Real Magic-(200cp):
8.Baby Magic-(200cp):
9.Outside Help-(300cp):
10.The Moving Finger Writes-(300cp):

1.Stage Set-(Free):

1.Jumper Brigade-(300cp):

1.Tophat Troubles-(+100cp):
2.Interesting Times-(+300cp):

•Hell in a Handbasket:
--Post jump perks: "Back To The Basics" and "Talking Is a Free Action"
--Demon Powers: Ice.


>> No.51906181

I first established a hivemind with Vortessence (Half Life) but I also picked up the perks from Alpha Centauri and the Telepath psyker discipline from LOT. There are other ways as well, not sure exactly where (I think in Libriomancer? or SCP or Creepypasta?).

>> No.51906189

Eat-er, not eat-ing

>> No.51906202

He's named himself after Problem Sleuth, anon. Not Cyber Sleuth.

>> No.51906205

>Notes/Personal Journal
When I first arrived here, things definitely could've been a whole lot better. I drastically underestimated how vast hell would be and my new body and memories took a bit longer to adjust too than I would've preferred.
Just getting to a safe place to plan my next move was difficult and even with the guide there was a time when I didn't think I would ever escape my infernal prision. But, despite everything, I never gave up hope. I kept reminding myself that this was DC and that there was absolutely no way I was going to die before getting to experience one my favorite universes firsthand.

Without my companions or outside abilities I had to be extremely careful in order to escape the underworld. I used my magic to sneak around many of the demons I encountered and took advantage of their stupidity whenever I had to fight them directly. The higher ranking demons were able see right through my tricks and illusions but I still had enough combat experience and raw magical power to defeat them.

When it came time to face the final demon lord I was able to use my new memories and magical sensitivity to figure out what was protecting him, and after removing his defenses and slaying him in combat I was finally able to escape the underworld and rejoin my companions on earth. However I would later discover that the creatures of hell did not intend to let me remain free.

After escaping from hell I went to find Zatanna and Batman to brief them on who me and my companions are so that they and the other heroes can have at least little warning in case we accidentally trigger the end of the world. Both Zatanna and Bats were skeptical and kinda annoyed by my explanation but they believed me enough to accept my warning.

>> No.51906206

>implying I was ever human
>implying I'm not a spider

>> No.51906216

For the rest of the jump I mainly fought demons and monsters while trying to learn magic and act like a hero. I tried to stay away from the really dangerous stuff while I was here, but thanks to my choices my companions and I had to fight the evil asshole wizard Felix Faust when he tried to steal the Library of Eternity, and near the end of my time here I teamed-up with Batman in order to stop Ra's Al Ghul before he could use the Fountain of Youth.

I may have also tried to save Barbra from getting shot and paralyzed by the Joker depending on exactly when I arrived.

>> No.51906218

House of Mystery. It'll have a room for any kind of party!

>> No.51906244

[Jump #12] Sherlock Holmes:

•London, England-(Default):

•The Adler-(50cp):

>Age & Gender
•Female-(No Change)

>Skills and Abilities
1.More Than a Pretty Face-(Free):
2.Always on the Run-(50cp):
3.Like Minded Fellows-(100cp):
4.Charm and a Smile-(150cp):
5.Like an Open Book-(150cp):
6.Blinding the Brilliant-(300cp):
7.Wrapped Around My Finger-(300cp):

1.The Wardrobe-(Free):
2.Travel Papers-(100cp):
3.The Ledger-(400cp):

2.Lack of Stimulation-(+200cp):
3.Most Wanted-(+300cp):


>Notes/Personal Journal
Another place I'm not too personally interested in, however unlike GTA I actually tried to stay mostly in character this time. While I was here I mostly just stole stuff and caused some social upheaval. The police thought I was a witch or demon or something so I played off that to frighten them off whenever I encountered them.

My companions where somewhat annoyed by me because of my newfound eccentricity, but thankfully they were able to prevent me from doing anything too crazy.

>> No.51906252

I have looked, longingly, at Cyber Sleuth, but I find I am not yet ready for the responsibility of fighting the extradimensional internet horrors.

BELLY OF THE WHALE, I believe it's called.

Also, I just realized that sounds eerily like vore, and am now extremely weirded out by the whole idea.

>> No.51906538

Looks easily doable once you get out of Hell.

>> No.51906564

Forgot my name.

>> No.51906582

Oi thred


>> No.51906600

Thanks. Did you actually have an intended way to find/beat the last demon?

>> No.51906613

Hello everyone.

You don't probably don't know me, but I've been on here for a little while, and I decided to do a chain a few minutes ago.

Let's do this.

Anon's bizarre jumpchain, jump 1#:
Alice in Wonderland

Wonderlander - rabbit (900)
I was thinking of going cat, but I don't want to be TOO much of an unoriginal piece of trash.

Location: The caucus race.
Considering i'm running a caucus race, i'm probably soaked. I dislike getting soaked as a human, but as a rabbit? Where hair is all over you?

No nonsense (850)
Positively Mad (700)
While I imagine a stiff drink would create the same effects, I don't have that here, and drinking constantly would probably lead to the worst headache I've ever had.

Chesire Cat (400)
What separates a rabbit from a cat? A rabbit has a tail, four paws and good ears, and so does a cat, so is a rabbit a cat?
I think the madness is beginning to kick in.

EAT ME (300)

DRINK ME (200)

Down the hole (0)
Mary (visitor)-Longitudal meanings, I have a cat,A wish of hope, no nonsense
Fun fact: Mary was the most common girl's name in the 1980's.

Flat back (-100)
Wait, can I just crawl along the ground as a two dimensional being? crawl under doors and stuff?

Morals (0)

Have you ever had two sets of conflicting memories clash and grind in your head like gears that don't like their job? Well, it give you a hell of a headache. Let me fast forward a bit. Running is rather dull after all.
A little after the race, I met Mary, some girl who tumbled on down to wonderland. Given I was wet, had a headache, and was exhausted, I decided the best activity was to be a good guide around wonderland. So I gave her my name and cryptic hints. After all, discovering things for yourself is always the best. The rest of the jump consisted of a lot of going around and discovering places, having tea parties, and staying the hell away from the queen's court and the Jabberwocky. i'm not suicidal. But it seems I've jabbered on far too long. I'll see you another day.

>> No.51906658

Man, that never gets old. Good on ya, Dante, wherever you are.

>> No.51906664

Oi, mate, why not just say "Free Origin" instead of"[Free When] Discounted Origin"? Also, not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm curious why the non-Drop in origins cost 100 CP?

>> No.51906665

Generally the bedroom. But there's also a massive hot springs inn following me around through my journey. It is a phenomenal place to relax with a quiet soak, catch up with the extended family, or just add a few more rooms when my hands get antsy.

Never and lazily. Admittedly, I tend to focus on less physical powers, so training montages aren't usually needed. I keep up a general level of fitness, but Metavore and basic shapeshifting takes care of most of that.

>> No.51906673

Each clone adds plus 1 to the multiplier. They also transfer knowledge between all clones when they pop. My jumper can do a couple of hundred or thousand at the start of Naruto. Usually I grind with like four or five to keep the mental strain down but it still made them a hyper talented ninja because they could train five times as fast all the time with huge boosts whenever they needed to train a lot.

>> No.51906677

>Oi, mate, why not just say "Free Origin" instead of"[Free When] Discounted Origin"?

Fair enough, will change.

>Also, not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm curious why the non-Drop in origins cost 100 CP?

Far as I know, that's how it's always been.

>> No.51906695

The, uh, slanted text is sort of annoying to read.

>> No.51906699

Actually that whole scenario was TopHat's idea. You'd have to ask him instead.

>> No.51906706

Was trying to emulate the actual ingame GUI - set it only to a 3 degree slant. Is it really that bad?

>> No.51906719


Combine that with perks that multiply training and it's even more than that

>> No.51906739

Well, by itself it's not /too/ bad, but the actual font is kind of, I dunno... wavy? Makes it even worse.

>> No.51906745

Most of the perks I would need to train after that are about being able to dedicate to training and not getting bored as shit with it.

There's not that much practical difference between doing a lifetime of training in a day vs a week imo.

>> No.51906750

The titles font or the body font? Or both?

>> No.51906760

The body font. It's not at a consistent level even inside the same word.

Does Posh actually provide the skills to fit into high society?

>> No.51906772

> It's not at a consistent level even inside the same word.

Yeah, not sure why photoshop does that. Irritated me too.

>Does Posh actually provide the skills to fit into high society?


>> No.51906780

Non Drop-In Origins used to be free because they used to not give you any free perks or gear, or the Free shit you did get from them had little practical use. If every origin gives you free Perks and Gear of the same caliber, they should all cost the same.

>> No.51906785

>you adhered to that nugger of wisdom

>> No.51906790

Right, will fix.

>> No.51906793


>> No.51906799


Dumb nugger

>> No.51906802


>> No.51906813

Wasn't it the opposite? Drop-In was free and only had discounts, while other origins cost stuff because they gave you freebies?

>> No.51906826

... I'm drawing a blank. But joke answer is Battletech: some of them look really cool and the magic is how they manage to ignore physics to work as depicted despite being in a supposedly hard-sf universe.

>> No.51906837

Or is this the Thread where Worm_Anon finally posts enough Cyberpunk Spoilers we can cut/paste them into a jumpable WIP? Lets find out!

>> No.51906839

That is what I meant, I got my words mixed up, my bad. What I'm saying is that I agree with that guy, all of the free Perks have similar effects at comparable levels, so all the Origins should be free.

>> No.51906842

Final Fantasy 6. Or any you make yourself with all your magitech knowhow you're bound to pick up over time.

White Knight Chronicles might count, but those might not really be mechs depending on how you view them.

>> No.51906856

>Specifically, it can now turn intangible for short periods of time. Also slightly invisible, but that part doesn’t work so well. I don’t recommend combining this with Submersible.
>I don’t recommend combining this with Submersible.
Why not?

>> No.51906870

Having your boat turn intangible while you're underwater would be a very bad idea.

>> No.51906872

Intangibility means that water will occupy the same space as the interior of the sub when you phase back into reality.

>> No.51906876

Drawback cap? And not bad, m8.

>> No.51906881

Were you able to solve the non-selectable text problem for the Ride To Hell pdf?

>> No.51906886

Just turn it intangible again.

>> No.51906888

>Wasn't it the opposite? Drop-In was free and only had discounts, while other origins cost stuff because they gave you freebies?
The Ideal setup was Drop In was free, with its lower tier stuff discounted instead of free, but buying the equivalent stuff the other backgrounds got free would equal the standard background cost they paid. So everything basically evened out.

>> No.51906889


I imagine the problem is solidfying with a lung full of water.

>> No.51906905

>Drawback cap?
Meant to be 600 - considered that default at this point.

>And not bad, m8.

Thanks. I like to think I've come a long way since I started - which wasn't actually tha long ago.

No, I wasn't. And I didn't put that much effort in it, because I wanted to get this out fast so I could claim another jump.

Actually considering claiming two other jumps - one that would be finished quickly and another that would take a while.

>> No.51906907

The white text on the semi white background is tough to read.
I can do it, but it blends in with the lighter parts. Not sure how you'd fix that though.

>> No.51906917

Right, I could increase opacity of the black boxes, but that would shut out some of the concept art in the background, which I kinda don't want to do.

>> No.51906926

No, there's air in that space. Unless you were deep enough for the water pressure to force the gasses into solution, there wouldn't be any "empty" space for the water to fill.

>> No.51906930

What other jumps?

>> No.51906933

Sounds like a deliberately flawed intangibility function then, if it turns the hull and all the contents thereof intangible but specifically excludes the internal air.

>> No.51906945

Actually that'd be bad for any occupants (that require air to breathe) no matter what was outside the hull.

>> No.51906949

I was going to claim Horus Heresy. Not sure if I wanted to also claim a jump of the batman arkham games - I would ideally do the arkham jump first (and quickly, due to the fact that it would be imaged) which would delay the HH jump.

>> No.51906956

>the man's ain't keeping you down any more
Unless this is how someone in the setting talks, of course.

>> No.51906962

Fugg. Will get rid of the 's.

>> No.51906980

If you're just going to rush it, please don't claim Arkham. Being filled with generic perks and being imaged is way worse then unimaged and given much more interesting stuff. Go do HH.

>> No.51907000

In terms of rushing it - I meant that I'd do it like I did SO, which took... just today and a bit of yesterday, really. I wouldn't be intending to do it really fast, it's just that when I'm not writing huge pages single-spaced, it's really fast.

Unless SO feels rushed, then when (if) I tackle Arkham it'd probably take the same amount of time - 1 or 2 days.

But I will claim HH.

>> No.51907027

That's what I meant when I said generic perks. The perks in SO don't feel anywhere near the quality or uniqueness of the stuff in other jumps you've put out recently that are not imaged.

>> No.51907034

Alright, fair enough.

>> No.51907081

There's plenty of content across the Arkham games for a full, non-imaged jump.

>> No.51907088

Imaged jumps can be full.

>> No.51907177

Second draft. Fixed grammar and spelling errors, added drawback caps.

>> No.51907185

Say if you import a Power armor in to Infinite Stratos can you still import it as a power armor in to other things like Metriod or is in no longer a power armor?

>> No.51907190

Biologically? Whenever it's convenient. It's convenient most of the time; the human form is ungainly and inept.
Psychologically? Never, really. Most things you meet in jumpchain are close enough to humans psychologically, so maintaining a human baseline in that department is just easier. A few of my AIs, however, are explicitly programmed to think in ways that are very much nonhuman. It helps cover the bases.
>not doing controlled updates to your hardware/software/wetware/nanoware/psychware/animaware every evening after a good meal

>> No.51907193

I don't think you can import power armour into IS.

>> No.51907252

I need something that generates a massive amount of energy endlessly. Any suggestions?

>> No.51907253

I will admit to not being an expert, but turning intangible and then entering a solid mass of /anything/ before phasing back sounds like a bad plan.

>> No.51907254

Rarely to the same extent.

>> No.51907270

Fair enough. I may attempt to create a "Full" text version, and then create an imaged version with shortened blurbs.

This has to be dooable, damnit.

>> No.51907274

Some serious fire magic + Infinity from Seven Deadly Sins.

>> No.51907277

your mom lol

>> No.51907281

Get Infinity in SDS and then make an explosion or really anything else that's the same kind of thing.

You could also do some funky shit with Minecraft Equivalent Exchange and power flowers.

>> No.51907283

Ar Tonelico has the Orgel of Origins.

Ciel Nosurge has blueprints for the Ar noSurge Tube that harvests energy from other dimensions.

>> No.51907290

Yes you can.

>> No.51907301

Gotta be more specific on what you want, friendo. And why you want it would be nice, too.

I mean, depending on how "massive" there's the infinite energy generator from Invader Zim, Orgel of Origins from Ar Tonelico, and >>51907274 .

>> No.51907307

No, it's just mecha. I remember people talking about what they were.

>> No.51907340

No, it's "mechanized machine of humanoid warfare", that would include power armor. Which makes sense, Infinite Stratos are closer to armor suits than conventional mecha. It would be far more reasonable to take a powered armor suit and add on the various bits of kibble than to compress a Gundam down into three meters tall.

>> No.51907345

The import option says mecha

>> No.51907356

How do I make it through the Zootopia jump without becoming a thrice-cursed furry?

>> No.51907358

Supreme Commander for the mass manufacturing and something like the Orgel (Ar Tonelico).
Using the Liquid Generator from Terraria to get an unlimited supply of a liquid fuel.

>> No.51907369

So, what are some of the best places to learn a variety of interesting martial arts?

>> No.51907374

You already asked this exact same question the other day.
Check the drawbacks or alternatively don't bother jumping a setting you hate.

>> No.51907379

Why do you even want to go through Zootopia if you aren't a thrice-cursed furry?

>> No.51907387

And "mecha" refers to any humanoid war machine, not just giant ones. Look, this thing is clearly a suit of power armor, if a silly-looking one. If Val's really saying that you can import something forty meters high as an IS but not something the size of a human, then that's really fucking stupid. I hope that's not what she's saying, I'd like to have some faith in her.

>> No.51907388

Ranma 1/2.
There's a martial art for everything and more.

>> No.51907401

Stop asking this. We get it, you hate anthropomorphic animals. Shut up already.

>> No.51907414

Secretly the shitposter huh?

>> No.51907416

Microverse Battery from Rick and Morty. Just don't make the thing generating your power something sapient like Rick did.

>> No.51907428

Anon's bizarre jumpchain interlude 1: Warehouse & bodymod


Electricity (140)
Plumbing (130)
Heat/A.C. (120)
Force Wall (100) - Does this mean you can use the warehouse as an impromptu bomb shelter?
Stasis Pod 2x (60) - Going with the "take random people with you!" interpretation.
Free space (30) - An investment, for when it gets to the point of mechs.
Food supply (20)
Return (0) - Sometimes, there's just places and people you need to see again, y'know?

Body mod
Light build - I've always been the big guy, so a change in perspective would be nice.
Athlete (500) - Bodybuilder just doesn't fit with being the small guy.

Evercleansed (400)
Metavore (300)
- Both these two perks I would trade an arm for.

Strength rank 1(250)
Endurance rank 1 (200)
Speed rank 2 (200)
Dexterity rank 2 (200)
Appeal rank 2 (100)
Shape rank 1 (50)
Sense rank 1 (0)

Next time on Jumpchain!:
Spending time on a peaceful island.
... Well, mostly peaceful.

>> No.51907433

Exalted: Sidereals. Sidereal Exalted can't make new charms for their native charm set, so they make some weird martial arts to compensate. If you can phrase it as punching a guy or doing a kata, Sidereal Martial Arts can do it. There's one move that punches a guy so hard he thinks he's a figment of your imagination, it's awesome.

>> No.51907444

Keep it in your pants? It's not that hard.

>> No.51907456

Too bad I guess

>> No.51907459

No. I'm saying that I don't think Val would do something that stupid. I can't rule it out, but it would be pretty out of character if she did. It's the guy arguing that she would do that who's attacking her, implying that she makes poorly-worded jumps.

>> No.51907460

Turn an entire surface of a planet or moon (preferably uninhabited) into a solar collection plant and battery with massive amounts of Nanites (Jumper science should be able to do this).
Alternatively just open a permanent portal in to the elemental plane of lightning and harness the power from in there.

>> No.51907468

Don't develop an attraction to any of the characters? I mean, it's one thing to be an anthropomorphic animal, but it's another to be someone who has a special interest in anthropomorphic animals.

I get the feeling you aren't doing well in a lot of settings, Anon.

Xiaolin Showdown has an international team of magical martial artists as protagonists, this is the whole point of Wuxia if you aren't a fan of the genre, and Avatar has non-powered characters that fight on par with benders all over the place.

>> No.51907485

Go take this to /m/ and debate it while getting
>Infinite Shit
posted every post if we need to get this pedantic

>> No.51907494

and whatever other posts were about it.

Import can bring in both traditional mecha or power armour. IS are basically in some weird in between point between just powered exoskeleton and small robot anyway. It really doesn't matter this much.

>> No.51907519

>Mwah, people are talking about a setting I don't care about, I'm going to yell at them to leave!
Fuck off, baby.

>> No.51907525

Uploaded this.

>> No.51907539

No, you can't do that. You need to wait until this thread archives.

>> No.51907542

Thank you for your clarification. Sorry I didn't mean to cause a thing about it.

>> No.51907546

That's retarded, and also not a thing.

>> No.51907547

That has never been a rule, what are you talking about?

>> No.51907549

First I've heard of that rule.

Alright, it's deleted from the uploads section.

>> No.51907559

Every time we do this shit its because someone decides to be a pedantic shit and drags everyone else through the mud

I'm a little bit done with this crap

>> No.51907560

You got japed Cena. It's not a real dealio.

>> No.51907567

>Keep it in your pants? It's not that hard

>> No.51907568

Don't be silly, it's not your fault and it's hardly a thing either.

>> No.51907571

Thanks for clarifying, Val, and in the process justifying my faith in our jumpmakers not to be idiots. Keep rocking on, you awesome jumping AI, you.

>> No.51907573

38. Ultimate Spider-Man
Location: S.H.I.E.L.D. Triskelion
Origin: S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Student, Age: 16
Perks: S.H.I.E.L.D. Training, Master Manipulator, Power Training, Unpredictability, Super Team Tactics
Powers: Healing Factor, Iron Fist
Items: Costume
Drawbacks: He's A Menace

We're trying someplace cheerier and more amazing for a change, so a Marvel Kid's Show sounds about right. It's exciting and distracting and my companions can trade war stories with Captain America. This is the first jump where we're secretly not best friends, and I get to read about them in newspapers instead of planning stuff out with them. It's fun seeing them pose with their Perstandonas and stuff on the front of the Daily Bugle. I even let them have my apartment and the Dojo and some money. Somni crafted them up some fake identities using skills picked up in Sly Cooper. Apparently there's a little of interpersonal drama without me playing diplomat, too.

Meanwhile, I'm the other Iron Fist, despite my suggestions for other names. No one liked Pewter Philanges and Brass Knuckle was dubbed as sending the wrong message. So, Iron Fist II I am, I guess. There's only supposed to be one at a time, but my origin was a thief that accidentally fought the dragon using unorthodox styles like hitting it with a really big rock and bathed his hands in it's blood. Shit happens, y'know? So, I'm the Iron Fist that is going to faff about while Danny goes off to become king of K'un-Lun.

The Iron Fist is a fun power set, and I can combine it with my other spirit powers to throw magic disrupting balls at things. I also learned what happens when you combine super-concentrated human enzymes with a symbiote. It's fucking terrifying.

I like you so far, Anon.

>> No.51907574

Fugg. :DDDD

Loogs Lige I was Bigdim of :DDDD BAKE NOOZ :DDD

>> No.51907591

Pick up the Paragon from SupCom and apply miniaturization/shrinking perks to it. There you go. You've built a stopwatch-sized device that generates more energy than 400 fusion reactors ex nihilo.

>> No.51907607

Yeah, sure that's why. You're against pedantry in general, your attacks at the specific jump were just incidental. God, you're a bad liar. But don't worry, I'm sure the conversation will cycle around to whatever boring powerwanking your basic bitch tastes are aimed at soon enough.

>> No.51907610

One Piece has Rokushiki which is pretty cool.
Kung Fu Hustle has some good ones.
Kung Fury has an interesting one.
JoJo has Hamon.
Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi has plenty.
Axe Cop has the Secret Attack Almanac.
Avatar (Bending is a sort of martial art but I don't know that it's what you want).
GUNNM has that anti-cyborg martial art.
Generic Fighting Jump.
Ranma 1/2.
Street Fighter.
DBZ (Kaioken is pretty cool).
God of High School.
Rurouni Kenshin.

>> No.51907628

Ok that made me laugh. Didn't notice that when I posted it.

>> No.51907774

Combine Supcom tech with pocket dimension tech and self-replication tech.
If you do it right you could end up with an object of a Rubik's Cube that generates endless energy, and the output increases forever. Or until you tell the generators inside to stop replicating and increasing the size of the pocket dimension.

Jumpchan help you if the damn thing breaks after a while. It won't be pretty.

…This is actually a fun way to make a timebomb.

>> No.51907781

What perks or powers are there that can help overcome extreme magic resistance, or pierce/negate immunity to magic?

>> No.51907786

I suppose it does depend on how effective the magic effect is at displacing what you overlap when you become tangible again, yeah. Cubic metre of air: a little over a kilogram. Cubic metre of water: one tonne. Failure to displace it all: messy.

>> No.51907825

One of the dark clouds has a perk that lets you charge your magic to pierce things like that.
Elder scrolls magic has effects to reduce resistances to magic and even make things weak to it.
Combining the two can strip the magic resistance from something for long enough to finish with whatever other spell you want.

>> No.51907839

Are you referring to your own body? Choose a human as your animal (see jump note 1a).

Are you referring to your fear of giving in to those repressed urges you're secretly ashamed of? The jump Rosario+Vampire has Above It All, otherwise there's various jumps with therapy perks.

Are you instead worried about curses? Good news for you then, Zootopia doesn't have magic.

>> No.51907863

Valeria, would the effects of the Zombie perk be a valid supernatural biological trait for what can be transferred with The Next Generation? Hand Made Perfection?

>> No.51907864

Magic Focus (Geneforge)

>> No.51907877

The white speckling of the text backgrounds make it really hard to read the white text.

>> No.51907897

Yeah, I've gotten that before. Thought that using a spraypaint texture for those would give it the same vibe as the setting, but if people don't like it, that's a problem.

I'll consider replacing it if more people have a problem with it.

>> No.51907921

If you're attached to it, perhaps you could keep it to the borders of the text boxes and/or under the orange titles?

>> No.51907930

Not sure how I'd do that. Will consider, though.

>> No.51907954

Zombie? No, it's supernatural immortality/regen, not biological. HMP...I'd say no, since it's meant to be artificial and reflect being a doll of some sort, even if it does effect your biology.

>> No.51907978

We have a Jade Empire jump that always gets overlooked when lists of Martial Arts settings get made.

>> No.51907982

So, what are some examples of "supernatural biology" that can be passed on?

>You may pass on any biological powers, even supernatural biology

>> No.51908011

I was here back when Reborn first said he will rework his jumps, and gave up some of them. What jumps did he finish reworking besides Prototype?

>> No.51908025

Nothing else yet. Bleach is supposedly in progress, but he's busy with IRL stuff last I heard.

>> No.51908031

The innate racial powers of fairies or giants or demons from in series, such as fairy levitation, giant earth manipulation or demon's controlling freaky black stuff that hurts real bad. Stuff that they get because of their race rather then because they drunk from a special fountain or were turned into a doll by a wizard.

>> No.51908035

Anon's Bizarre Jumpchain, jump #2:
Yoshi's Island

Location: World 1

Shy Guy (1000) - Shy guys, without a doubt, are my favorite characters in Mario. Just look at them! They're adorable!

Age - 13

Genderswap (950) - ... Don't judge me.

Mega (850)
Pyro (750)
Metal (550) - A durability perk, finally! Don't want to go down to a well-placed stab, or a bullet.
Under The mask (250) - My idea of what's underneath the mask is nothing, since I think the mask is their face, but for the purposes of this perk, I just want a unnerving void where a face should be. Who the hell would mess with a person without a face?

Troop (200) - Mary: Weapons, Pyro, mask

Happy Flower (100)
Cookies (0) - I may be a bit of a glutton.
Coins (-100) - I'm not using these here. 100 solid gold coins probably fetch a pretty penny on the real market, and a lot more are just floating around!
Fruit Tree - Melon (-200) - Someone attacking you? climb up this tree, and drop a freaking melon on their head!

Topsy-Turvy (0)

You know, I thought this jump was going to be a dream. Avoiding the story, exploring the island, hoarding the floating, gold coins.

Normally you'd be right.

But given I took Topsy-Turvy, Every half hour I go flying! The first few times were fun, i'll admit, but it just get dull after a while.

Still, the place was more beautiful than almost everywhere I've ever been. While I liked wonderland, it was too chaotic and inconsistent for my tastes. But this island... Was something else entirely.

How's Mary doing? Fine. While she would rather be human again, her only choice was to be a baby, and that would just be unbearable.
Besides, she likes the pyro guy ability. Like, it's almost unhealthy. I'm starting to worry.

Thanks! You're great too!

>> No.51908102

More OC Companions for Fire Emblem Heroes

Wise Guide (100 CP, Discount Drop-In)
This guide is an advisor to the kingdom you ally yourself with, or if you choose to simply avoid this war, they’re a former royal advisor who left on a journey of self-reflection. They will take a shine to you, and see that you have much potential in you.
They know a great many things about many subjects, and generally tend to have a better time with magic than physical combat. But they’re disinterested in fighting, really (While they generally have all-around skills to protect themself, they’re the best at magic)--being an advisor is where they really shine. Whether tactics or simply giving you friendship or romantic advice, they will always be willing to lend a hand to help you, simply because they like you that much.
This guide’s magic is less combat oriented and more about curses, barriers, and healing magic, but they do have some combat spells. They’d be willing to teach you some if you asked.
They will always seek to keep a level head about themselves, and very little seem to actually sway them or freak them out. You’d probably be really surprised that they’re this smart, considering how often they seem to slack off and partake in frivolous activities. Such as partying it up in bars, or collecting flowers, or unable to resist ducking into the nearest pastry shop for a pile of donuts.

>> No.51908126


Best Friend Recruit (100 CP, Discount Order of Heroes)
This newest recruit to the order is your best friend, or they treat you like their best friend! They have a ton of zeal to them, and throw themselves into everything they do! This is rather awkward, though, as they are rather unskilled at combat or magic. Still, it’s not through lack of interest of investment. And after all, they are a new recruit...
But they have much, much potential to them, whether magically or actiony. And they’ll protect you with their life, and will easily give you support when you’re feeling down or gloomy. They’ll go slay a dragon if it meant you’d smile, and they’ll go beat up anyone who makes you upset or hurts you. They have much willpower to them--they wouldn't be out of place in tales about heroes who accomplish great deeds through might derived from the spirit.

>> No.51908155

Love this one

>> No.51908160

so, after much goofing of and being distracted, I present the Three Musketeers v.2 for parties interested in lower power jumps, please let me know if there is something missing from the world or just out of place

>> No.51908193

Ooh, this looks interesting. Reading now!

>> No.51908244

Making a jump is hard. I don't know how Valeria manages to make so many good ones in such a short amount of time.

>> No.51908264

It looks good so far, though obviously you're going to need to fluff out the perks some more. I'd also suggest adding some 400cp perks, since you seem to be going with that set of perk prices.

>> No.51908329

It's because she's great.
Contrast with me.

>> No.51908371

It could be fleshed out a bit more in terms of fluff. Like, reading the intro, I would barely know what this is and what makes the world unique if I wasn't already acquainted with the source material.

>> No.51908375

>Contrast with Red.

>> No.51908391

No, Red actually makes Jumps. You'd have to be an idiot to get us mixed up.

>> No.51908408

So, what kind of bullshit weapons can I expect to be making with:

>Restoring Legends (Minish Cap)
>Dwarven Craft (Lord of the Rings)
>Craftsman (Dwarf Fortress: Weaponsmith)
>Soul Smith (Dark Souls)

>> No.51908409

>Welcome to Europe as written by Dumas
A bit too meta, IMO.

>> No.51908427

>half inch of sold steel


>> No.51908433

Yeah, that's what I meant.

>> No.51908437

Above average weapons that might do sword beams if you get it just right.
They'd be durable as hell and pretty sharp if bladed, but I really doubt you'd get bullshit without some kind of supremely bullshit soul on hand and that's really just the soul smith perk doing overtime.
They could probably do the smite evil bit well though.

>> No.51908460

>if your opponent isn't a named character from the novels he can be defeated non-lethally in short order.
And this. I think your jump could stand to improve by describing itself and its perks in respect to the actual setting and its merits, rather than an assumed familiarity by the reader.

>> No.51908496

>All in the presentation
So, is this like passive item maintenance/aesthetic improvement?

>> No.51908501

More OC Companions!

Noble Captain (100 CP, Discount Multiworld Royalty)
This knight is one of little words, but their leadership is great. They have decided to fight by your side and watch over you, because you are important to them.
They have taken to guiding you and making sure you become a good leader or become greater than you are right now. They can be a good, down to earth advisor, and even are power enough to cleave through enemies with no problem. They speak slowly and clearly...and with great conviction to their words. Anyone who hears them speak, including you, can feel inflamed with determination. The force of their blows in combat is mighty, and they could take strikes from multiple enemies without caring for the pain or their wounds.
However, they do carry a soft spot to them, one they have for you. And small, cute animals or things in general. Perhaps you remind them of someone from their past, or simply they feel that you are a great leader who will guide them to glory. The exact nature of these feelings are for you to decide.
They appear to have difficulty processing negative emotions, preferring to suppress them instead of healthily dealing with them. Perhaps you can help them?

>> No.51908507


>> No.51908747

Jump # 219 Metriod
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Background: Another (300)
*Human-Chozo Physiology (0)
*Silence of the stars (0)
*One with the Galaxy (0)
*Acrobatic Excellence (100, Discount)
*A Part of a whole (300, Discount)
*Warning, Warning (300)

Power Armor: + 1500 SP
*What’s old is new again – Hardsuit (100 sp)
*Internal hud (0)
*Suit Up (200 sp)
*Varia (0)
*Gravity (100 sp, Discount)
*Legendary (300 sp, Discount)
*Light (600)
*Arm Cannon System (0)
*Power Beam (0)
*Scan Visor (0)
*Thruster System (0)
*Morph Ball (200)
*Space Ship (0)
*Recharge Station (0)
*Zero Suit (0)
*Assemble A Team (300)
*Authorization Required – Snowflame (+300) (This is going to be terrible or amazing, likely both)

Space is dark and full of terrors… This universe seems to be filled with horrors of all sorts. I set out to try and clean up some of the space pirates, metriods and other assorted problems. Sadly I had a rather difficult time in the form of one of my companions who was given authorization over my powers and equipment.

I don’t know how many times I had to yell at Snowflame to stop snorting coke of the command console and give me authorization. He would give me authorization for the wrong powers because he thought it was funny or order me to go attack something because it offended him for some reason that only made sense to him. It certainly added a degree of challenge to things. Thankfully I had some companions to help pull the slack and to smack him upside the head occasionally and get him to focus.

Anyways I did manage to help a lot of people. I only blew up 1 planet but did bring down a lot of space pirate organizations. I helped out my unofficial sister Samus when I could though she has always been a distant big sister. Never asked for help even when she probably could have used it.

>> No.51908804

Do secondary purchases of Monkey King's Implements cost 500 or 250 for Demons? Sorry my reading comprehension is shit.

>> No.51908815

500 each. No double discounts.

>> No.51908826

So is that movie worth the watch?

>> No.51908828

Oof, that's hefty. Alright thanks.

>> No.51908854

>that pic
>Age 19
She's minimum 25 there

>> No.51908871

More question time, mostly since there's stuff I'd like other viewpoints on.

So, doing Ushio and Tora (Slowly anyway) and hit a bit of a snag that I can't decide which to go with, so I thought I'd consult the wonderful people here in thread.

1. A whole bunch of specific Yokai races, ranging from minor ones that are free to low cost to take- to the really strong/broad sort that cost much more. Much less customization and you'd only get one, but it'd generally be cheaper to be any existing type that shows up in the series then the other option.

2. A sort of Power Table, similar to SDS or Young Justice, with loads and loads of different options to essentially 'build your own yokai'. You'd be able to just build into the various actual yokai in the show or make up your own. On the whole, way way more choice and customization but this way it'd put more focus on the table where the Yokai origin would direct most of it's points, so you'd have less to spend elsewhere.

Either way, Yokai origin still gets it's own perkline. What do people think? Which do you like? Any suggestions?

>> No.51908875

Ergh, missed a bit.

Basically this is just how to handle the Yokai origin and the two options I'm wanting input on.

>> No.51908898

Anyone else feel like the Yongpyo is kind of underwhelming? Not in terms of power, it's clearly a very strong piece of equipment. I just feel like it doesn't have as interesting properties as the rest of the Monkey King's Implements. No fault of Val's, she's working with what canon gives her, but the thing is kind of tame compared to the sort of crazy stuff you can do with the other Implements. Really strong at what it does, but "improves physical traits and can reshape itself to your desires" is a lot more mundane than weather control or spirit sealing or mass manipulation.

>> No.51908908

>Authorization Required – Snowflame
I love this.

It's those Chozo genies man.

>> No.51908913

I like the idea of a customization table. Maybe you could make it work by giving a discount if the package of traits you buy corresponds to a pre-existing type of youkai, or something like that.

>> No.51908936

Oh, that's actually a really good idea, because it'd let me just do 'sample builds' so anyone who wants one of the classic sorts can just peek at the end of the jump and pick those options. Also an easy way for me to figure out what I need to offer.

Shit, thanks anon.

>> No.51908969

You're welcome, Val. Happy to help.

>> No.51909106

one last OC companion and then I'm collapsing

Loyal Knight/Mage (100 CP, Discount General of The Empire)
This knight or mage has pledged themselves to you, and will do whatever they can to help you. Whether by doing things you cannot do yourself or simply healing you, they will try everything. Perhaps they’ve long searched for a meaning, and by helping someone as great as you achieve your plans, then they’ll find the purpose they’ve long searched for. They have a surprisingly high tolerance for committing evil deeds, and won’t really question you if you order them to do suspicious or jerkish actions. Or do really hypocritical stuff. They hold you in high respect. They are very, very loyal to you and will never betray you, no matter what.
Their combat specifications are for you to decide, but they are quite skilled in combat and are very competent in getting their plans done. They know their way around being a henchperson, and are super genre savvy. They are respectful to their underlings and will always do their very best not to fail you.
But they appear to have tremendous difficulty in making choices for themselves, and unfortunately they do seem to be a bit of a doormat around their allies. Despite their competence and stellar performance, they also seem curiously insecure. They also seem a touch shy.

>> No.51909169

Does The Next Generation also transfer innate weaknesses? Like fairies to iron and vampires to sunlight?

>> No.51909184

Depends on what you're transferring. If you're just giving super strength or something, it won't give them every innate weakness you have. But if you're transferring the powerset of a vampire, then they'll get the weaknesses too yes.

>> No.51909256

I was waffling on that - price structure was pulled from the "how to build jumps" doc when I first worked on this, the idea being that one could get a full perkline + eqipment without going into drawbacks unless you wanted to be greedy

>> No.51909275

Yes, the idea is that no matter the actual state of affairs, you can make it look like everything is going your way, kind of bluffing socially

>> No.51909311

If you like movies from the era. I enjoyed it a lot and seeing a young Faye Dunaway and Raquel Welch was nice.

>> No.51909378

Drop-in, age 26

Rolled Sasquatch and Friends

Banter (Free)
Creative (900)
Mobile (700)
Amps (400)
Overcharge (Free)
Crowbar (300)
Invisible Wall (0)

It's like some alternate universe version of Lollipop Chainsaw where the Starling clan's niche was filled by random cheerleaders.

Either way, since they seem to be the only folks actually thinking about civic order, every other faction gets angels sic'd on them. This isn't even the first time I've had to break up a society of deranged cosplayers. It could be worse. Unlike Infinicon, none of these kids have magical powers.

When I buy out Fizzco, I'm going to fire whichever idiot thought putting mutagenic extract into the damned drinks was a worthwhile use of R&D's budget. How the hell d'you start off making a soft drink, and end up with a biological weap-


...I'm renaming the R&D department Aperture Science. At least with karmatron dynamics, we can get some USE out of this controlled incompetence.

...having skimmed wikipedia, I'm admittedly torn. On the one hand, on paper it sounds like option 1 would fit best as an SMT 1-style selection, since you've got a bunch of different yokais to pick from. On the other hand, the actual characters seem to be so different from each other a customisation table would fit really well too.

I'm...tentatively in favor of option 1 if only because distinct types of yokai do seem to be referenced.

>> No.51909412

So is it just an illusion, or does it actually affect the item? Like, you still don't own much at all but what little you do is in decent shape? So basically, is it making that single screwdriver you own a damn-nice screwdriver, or does it just look that way?

>> No.51909416

Based on what?

>> No.51909462

your screwdriver is in fact damn nice, and at least gives the impression that you can use it to screw with great skill, it just doesn't tell anyone about the mortage you have to continue using the screwdriver.

>> No.51909463

Maybe anon is judging by the face and boobs?
They say people aren't fully developed until age 25.
That pic hardly looks like any kind of teenager to me, as well.

>> No.51909485

>Jumper, that's a nice table.
*table collapses*
>Jumper, that table was a piece of shit.

>> No.51909487

They say that, but breast size and face shape are highly variable during development. You can't really make a prediction based just on that without doing a comparison involving her female relatives at those ages.

>> No.51909628

Looking at that pic, her boobs suggest it's either a hardsuit (and for all we know she's flat underneath) or her surgeon hates her.

>> No.51909629

This is a good thing indeed.

>> No.51909683

Or the Chozo are perverts. Or the federation. Or anyone else who has messed with her DNA over the years.

>> No.51909721

>No, I wasn't. And I didn't put that much effort in it, because I wanted to get this out fast so I could claim another jump.
Have you thought about uploading the pdb? files so someone with the full suite/one photoshop version/keeper of the secret setting mudras handed down from the ancient masters/ could load it and save it in an editable format?

>> No.51909735

Is the Prison Break drawback for Infernals doable with just in-jump purchases? I know it's not particularly /likely/, being an 800 CP drawback and all, but knowing its feasibility in setting would tell me how much further I need to prepare. Regardless, what would be some good things to pick up before I make the attempt?

>> No.51909802

Or the Chozo went to the galactic Internet to search for human fashion with predictable results.

>> No.51909821

>courtiers 150 when everything else is 50,
woah. pedal that back there.

Add another 50 CP item and make one free to each background.
Drop-in complete D'artagnan Romances
Musketeer writ of equipment
Clergy Cardinal's pardon?
Courtier Promotion
Servant trick weapons

>> No.51909866

>added drawback caps.
...You sure?

>> No.51909875

> Samus's friends and family are all murdered by Space Pirates
> Curls into herself
> Orphan Samus gets adopted by the Chozo
> Chozo decide to genetically engineer Samus to be a great warrior
> Don't want the poor girl to look like a mutant, though, so they decide to make her look like an attractive human
> Problem: they are not human
> "What's attractive to humans?"
> They look it up on the galactic internet
> Now Samus looks like a porn star
> Still introverted to all hell though

That's actually a little tragic, if you think about it.

>> No.51910011

>with just in jump purchases

The Yozis, who have much stronger forms of almost all the in-jump purchases, unlimited resources and effectively endless amounts of Essence have been trying and failing for thousands of years. As written, only 3 of them have anything close to a viable escape plan.

>some good things

For starters? The mutilation and binding itself is excruciatingly painful and claustrophobic; pick up all the pain resistance/sanity/determination perks you can find, because one of the biggest obstacles to the Yozis is they're simply so badly hurt it's hard to focus on a coherent escape plan. There's one from eXceed which empowers you based on the pain you're experiencing-which is somewhat akin to a certain Malfeas Charm, now that I think about it.

As for other useful things:

-Unbound Casting/No Strings On Me (Mage the Awakening); I'm assuming the latter won't let you stroll out, but give you a bit more wiggle room
-The Noble Eightfold Path (Lord of Light)
-Heretic (The Seven Deadly Sins)
-Breaker of Chains (Bartimaeous Trilogy)
-Noble Demon (Disgaea)
-Synchronicity Wave Riding (DC Occult); escape clauses can be EXTREMELY conditional; the Ebon Dragon's is marriage
-Crossing The Dragon Streams (Devil Survivor 2): Both SWLIHN and Cytherea have "render Creation spiritually indistinguishable from Hell so we can march out" as part of their agendas, and the iconic Adamant circle Infernal sorcery implies they're on to something.

In short, you're embarking on something considered impossible in-universe. If you can, I would recommend going Devil-Tiger as fast as possible to redefine yourself into something the Oaths have not accounted for. For the truly desperate summoning an outside-context eldritch force to break you out (Outsiders, Dungeon Dimensioners, Supernal Realm entities, Horroterrors via their afterlives given the Ebon Dragon was apparently able to traverse through Nullspace) may work at the cost of extreme collateral damage.

>> No.51910038

They likely tried to fine tune her genes to be the best possible, not just for fighting, but biologically. As a result she may have been left with a body fully capable of fighting at an incredible level, while still being geared for child rearing.

I think we're putting a bit too much thought into this.

>> No.51910087


Do you think the Chozo ever tried to prod her towards a relationship? Like a flock of overbearing mothers.
> "You know we saw a nice boy at the trading post just the other day who would be perfect for you."
> "I'm just saying, we're not getting any younger, and we were kind of hoping for grandkids."

>> No.51910093

Is it easier to break from the outside?

>> No.51910143

Also since there wasn't enough space in that post-consider Correspondence Course (Fallen London), all the Unsounded perks related to controlling the Pymary and the boosted Twice As Bright (Boktai). The last one isn't for all of them though; there's an antithesis to the Correspondence in Fallen London called the Red Science: A freezing serious of eldritch mathematics that breaks the laws of the stars. You may also need Non-Euclidean Mind (8-Bit Theater) because the idea would be to harness them in tandem. You may need to create a Seal of the Red Science, basically a rock with its' symbols etched on it, and a Starstone Demark which is much the same but for the Correspondence and which functions as punctuation.

The idea being, basically, to scribble over all the Oaths at the appropriate linchpins with law-forging sigils and law-breaking formulae to override/disprove/deny their claim on you, draft a proof-essay that defines your freedom and then use the pymary to associate it with yourself.

Depends on who's doing the breaking. Szoreny's plan is the most reliable because he simply wants to send messengers to the people who bound him and who CAN release him to summon him indefinitely in exchange for betraying the Ebon Dragon. Meanwhile the things I mentioned would have to brute force their way through the Exalted's work.

Strictly speaking an outside agent would have much more personal agency, but be MUCH more likely to attract unwelcome attention.

>> No.51910169

The worlds I visit whenever I have some down time. Let me tell you, there's nothing more delicious than doing the whole Japanese Tourist act, cameras and fanny packs and all, then doing it in the middle of a space-age non-human civilization with enough humans around to get the joke.

Otherwise, I love my House and the monster its grown into. It was the single best idea I ever had, taking one aspect of the House of Mystery instead of the whole thing, and applying it to my properties so they could all become one massive beast.

Basically, I have an actual world that I can summon whenever in a Jump, or even pieces of it. Ichihara Yuuko, King Kai, eat your hearts out!

All day e'ery day.

To quote an awesome cat:
> In one's daily life, there is training.

> ...
> tfw that's what I'm planning to do in my Mass Effect Jump when Shep and the Normandy gets shot up.

M-maybe I need a new plan...

>> No.51910208

There is a perk to train with money. I use that.

>> No.51910226


>> No.51910257

I'm a Jumper, the multiverse is my playground.

One Piece has Fisherman Karate, which manipulate water by punching the air and it can be used to bypass physical defenses by manipulating the water inside living beings. It's a pretty powerful martial art.

Jump 2, when I chose a monster race.

>> No.51910354

mmmh, I rolled Terra Formars as my next Jump ... How do you guys think 9 Jedi with Index esper abilities would fare against the roaches?
I also have 9 RGM-89S Stark Jegan and the Light of Terra. Should I Just make a run for It and whip out my Jovian Pattern Nova Cannon for the first time?

>> No.51910375

Deploy Space Marines.

>> No.51910441

I.. I only have guardsmen

>> No.51910456

Deploy Guardsmen empowered empowered by jumper BS then.

>> No.51910466

Whoops. . .

>> No.51910468

The roaches can adapt by breeding and make hybrids by DNA mixing. It's also been shown that they can influence other wildlife that they shouldn't be able to communicate with like whales and such. In some of the latest chapters their leaders seem to have gotten the ability to learn technology by handling it enough. Good luck, you're fighting with an author's pet race.

>> No.51910472

I thought that if you empowered LoT people, they became companions?

>> No.51910490

Huh, wasn't aware of that.

>> No.51910491

I mean you can gear them up with Jumper technology. But I don't remember being able to empower them directly.

>> No.51910502

Isn't the crew supposed to "reset" every jump? even then i've not much to empower them. I could make droids but i'm afraid the roaches would just destroy them and steal muh technology.

>> No.51910507

okay I double checked the LoT notes and I was wrong,sorry about that. Looks like having maximized life extension via golden apples of immortality as part of my national healthcare system is go.

>> No.51910513

Well now that the roaches have zero point jump tech it's debatable where their level of technology really is at. A lot of the best human tech was basically given to the roaches, so you're basically fighting humans and roaches if you don't want to just glass two planets.

>> No.51910519

you know, it actually doesn't say that anywhere! And explicitly mentions them following you as nameless NPCs

>Once you have completed all three parts of the jump, you gain access to The Light of Terra.
Followers as you have obtained throughout the jump such as the tribes from part one or anyone who joined in part two will come with you,becoming nameless NPC followers who will crew the ship.-LoT Clarifications, the thank you section and the ultra secret super hard mode page 2

>> No.51910546

The starting point of the Jump is the second mars mission though (BUGS2), the roaches should be a lot less evolved right?

>> No.51910565

You'd think that, except the third season tossed in the idea that the roaches have been on Antarctica all along, and were already busy abducting and breeding women in smaller scale operations. It only escalated afterwards, presumably when they hit success with the hybrids? The third season basically opened with a big fuck you to the humans who thought they had achieved something, and only now is it starting to turn around a little.

>> No.51910582

That jump needs some reworking, your ten years will be up before things really get going! Also locking you into going to mars seems to have been done to make sure that you faced the danger that is in the setting, which seems pointless now that the Roaches come to earth.

>> No.51910593

The fact that these things are on Mars really pisses me off.

Especially after my time in Aria.

Right, time to show these shits how to terraform, after I remove Roaches.

> Pic related.

>> No.51910615

Part of the problem is that you'd need a specialized way of killing the roaches in the ice caps without damaging the ice caps too much. The ones on Earth are likely getting human aid anyways. Those ones are more troublesome than the ones on Mars.

>> No.51910646

What's the plot again? Something about Russia being assholes?

>> No.51910648

The plot is going to get to GATE: Jietai levels of bad pretty soon with the way the plot is going. It's been screaming Japan is the only victim and the world is full of opportunist scum for a while now. Missing the later parts might honestly be a blessing if it means not having to put up with idiot humanity and blessed be the Japanese.

>> No.51910653

Damn i'm at chapter 130 right now, looks like things get out of hand quickly, anyway I think i'll go with the original plan then ... Glass mars and focus of removing roaches on earth. At least I'll only have one front to worry about.

>> No.51910669

America and China were both waiting for the Johj to nuke Japan with their baseball bombs, so they could have an excuse to be heroes. Rome Foundation is doing something behind the scenes, and no other country is important enough to matter, but every country has been either helping or tolerating the Johj on Earth. The Johj are flipflopping because big evil might just be the humans after all, and they're just using the Johj as a stepping stone for mass evolution. The latest chapter has America and China turn Japan into the battlefield, just like Muv Luv Alternative.

>> No.51910696


>> No.51910710

You know your manga is going places when it copies the plot of tentacle rape eroges.

>> No.51910726

Between somewhere around 150 or 160 up to the 200s, nearly every chapter introduces a new plot hole. No one really explains how or when the Johj got to Antarctica, there's barely any explanation behind why people are eating Johj, there's nothing explanation clarifying why Rome is potentially being a traitor that makes sense, there's nothing to explain why Johj can apparently bring the dead back to life, or if it's humans doing it. It was only now in 204 that they explained that M.O.s were meant to transform all of humanity into post-human organisms, except they were too late to do it in widespread manner. Even all the grand science explanations the author threw in about Johj evolution got tossed out the window in the span of two chapters. Within the next ten we'll probably see another couple plot twists, with the final bosses being humans once again or something.

>> No.51910728

Right so... that's a clusterfuck waiting to happen.

I don't even know where to start.
Obviously I should wait to put that somewhere in the latter half of my chain, but what then?
Do I... do I take over the world? This whole thing seems pretty stupid.

>> No.51910734

Usually, I "dumb" myself down to the setting's level and build up from there. Usually.

This time? Fuck that, the Belkan Fog Fleet is gonna waste all these shits on Mars, then show up on Earth to obliterate them on Antarctica. Then I'm terraforming Mars and telling the world that they have 50 years to sort out their bullshit.

And in that time, I'm gonna be busy cherry picking decent folk so we can go to a whole new Planetary System elsewhere. And help them settle there.

Fuck the rest of the plot and setting.

>> No.51910745

How do I completely derail GATE's plot and fuck up the setting?

>> No.51910747

We only just got the teleportation tech anon, we haven't established the full portal to the new dimension yet. When we do we'll go full GATE.

Ironically, Muv Luv Alternative has a more coherent story than Terraformars, and less fetishes, because it actually decided to focus exclusively on the human versus human aspect. The last two or three arcs of the manga literally told the Betas to fuck off because humanity needed time to settle things with themselves.

>> No.51910754

Well, you could destroy Japan. That'd probably derail it pretty bad.

>> No.51910757

Don't let Japan secure the portal.

>> No.51910773

Step one colony ship

Step two Geosynchronous orbit Above Japan

step three role reversal.

>> No.51910777

Destroy the Japanese base in the other world, it's shape apparently keeps the portal open and it would close if there was no star shaped base built around it.

Alternatively help the fantasy world reverse the curb stomp by invading and taking over the earth (or at least japan).

>> No.51910778

> "Hoh? You wish to claim my portal now? KNOW YOUR PLACE MONGRELS!"

>> No.51910784

I'm glassing Earth, and just planet cracking Mars with the Sidonia. Most of the humans in Terraformars are irrevocably fucked up. Most of the people in control only care about either fame, genetics, or fetish experiments, and the people in the main cast that aren't in control are generally mentally broken in some way. The common folks? They're all literally too stupid to live, basically there to act out the "everybody is sheep" trope.

>> No.51910818

Genocide the Japanese, keep the portal open if you want, then proceed to kill off the other fuckheads in charge, because GATE's politicians are just as bad regardless of ethnicity, just that the Japanese get to be glorified as heroes for mass murder because that's what it's all about.

Or you could just ignore them and fuck off somewhere. Pretty sure there's no plot that'll affect you if you just stay on Earth elsewhere and let the humans go on their merry genocide spree.

>> No.51910884

Pardon me, but does anyone have the Campione Jump?

I couldn't find it on the Drive.

>> No.51910903

There is no Campione jump, there is an old dead WIP and another one currently being worked on but that will be a while due to the Jumpmaker having trouble getting through the LN.

>> No.51910920

Ah okay, thanks for the info Anon!

>> No.51910949


Get rid of the MC by just throwing him into a lake somewhere, then replace the commander of the Gate-side invasion who threw his army into the meatgrinder.

Have him stand down, use magic to force the Japanese to not go crazy with their murder-boner and if they *try* make sure to collect a lot of video you can show the world.

From that point, Japan should be forced to act like actual modern society making contact with another world instead of the Glorious Nipponese.

Alternately, prevent the first invasion entirely, and try to make the portal open up in Germany, who can probably be trusted to not wave tiny little flags while genociding the natives.

>> No.51910964

... new theory: the author is making shit up as they go, and any appearance of a planned plot is just wishful thinking / author trolling.

>> No.51910987

>Giving Merkel access to even more refugees, or even worse, another place to enslave to the corrupt power structure.

>> No.51910991

>Germany, who can probably be trusted to not wave tiny little flags while genociding the natives.
Idk, I've not read the novel but Germany has not the best genocyde history

>> No.51910999

and take the Realpolitik and Why Japan "drawbacks"?

>> No.51911000

They'll probably genocide themselves by importing a bunch of elves or something.

>> No.51911028

That could be interesting, a story where modern Social Justice Germany imports the natives and ends up creating a threat in the form of supernaturals with access to modern weapons. They would be outnumbered but this creates an actual fight!

>> No.51911034

Orcs with machineguns is a scary thought.

>> No.51911067

Which in setting MO operations would be the best; I assume Planarian for the amazing regen but are there any other particularly strong, cool, or fun ones?

>> No.51911073


Exactly. They've devoted much of their post-war history to making sure it never happens again.

And, of course, good luck finding a nation accepting their past and earnestly trying to make up for it. America has a memory almost as bad as Japan when it comes to that.


I think they'd be unlikely to engage in mass relocation of natives that aren't suffering that much. Magicians, and any actually oppressed populations, possibly, but the GATE side is almost medieval, and the spread of information about Germany will be incredibly slow.

Especially as Germany isn't likely to blitzkrieg, jump in without proper intelligence, or refuse to cooperate with the rest of Europe.

>> No.51911080

dung beetle

>> No.51911083

>I think they'd be unlikely to engage in mass relocation of natives that aren't suffering that much
But that's literally something Germany is doing right now.

>> No.51911097

That is possibly the most shit option anon, figuratively and literally.

>> No.51911099


No it isn't, and the situation is completely different.

>> No.51911104

>No it isn't
Most of them aren't from a war zone.

>> No.51911112

Modern Germany is actually way further to the left now on account of massive cultural backlash caused by that very same genocidal history. Basically after being the cause of two world wars they decided to turn into hippies.

No idea how they're portrayed in Gate, though, if they show up at all. Gate doesn't really operate the same way as the real world.

>> No.51911120

senpai nobody is gonna leap in to help you defend that shambling corpse. Just drop it before you work yourself up.

>> No.51911123

Not him but not really. They are accepting wartime refugees from countries they shouldn't be accepting them from and also countless more who are just hitching a ride.

There is at least one war going on in the special area, which is more than enough reason for them to fuck up like that again.

>> No.51911134

They are then providing said refugees the means to spread through the rest of Europe with no obstacles, which would be a good way for the supernatural people to spread around. They wouldn't be much of a threat if they were just in Germany.

>> No.51911144

Just like in real life, the Slavs will save us.

>> No.51911169


Meh - when /pol/ starts leaking out of containment, it's always best to just move on.

>> No.51911181

Pff. Sorry senpai, but two points you need to realize. Everyone in this conversation is a native and regular of jumpchain. No outside parties are disagreeing with you. Don't ever imagine that the thread has a consensus with your opinions. That's the same thing the shitposter does. The other? You brought up Germany. Any arguments over them are on your head.

>> No.51911213


So because they're a regular here, they can't browse other boards?

>> No.51911222

It's disingenuous to assume they do or that they're 'leaking' from somewhere. Especially when you do so to try and snidely disengage from a conversation instead of doing so with some kind of dignity. You're that guy who runs off after proclaiming that everyone is a faggot.

>> No.51911249

I rolled Elona as my 2nd jump can anyone tell me something about that world ?

>> No.51911283

Create an alien civilization and have them invade Japan with technology hundreds of years beyond Earth's. And then create another, more advanced alien civilization and have them invade the aliens who are invading Earth who is invading the other world.

>> No.51911332

It's a fantasy roguelike with a mutating wind that blows through every so often.

>> No.51911352

Is going in as Much is bad ?

>> No.51911360


>> No.51911629

So, I'm looking at Circle of Magic as my next stop, particularly to level up Rin and her Jewelcraft. The thing is though, would I be able to get away with having her Ambient Magic focus on precious stones?

>> No.51911784

I've got a question about the Overwatch jump,Does Experience Tranquility come with the drawback of not being able to attack when you're invulnerable?

>> No.51911816

If valeria is on I was wondering if I buy an ex noble phantasm could it be a theft based np that allows you to steal other peoples nps if they are weapon or item based?

>> No.51911853

"Seal the gate within moments of your arrival" is the easiest and fastest.

"Destroy the world with OCP powers" is the second easiest and second fastest, depending on how fast you can deploy global annihilation.

"Stop the JSDF from asserting military and diplomatic superiority in the Special Region once they come through" is also an option, though obviously you have to have the ability to take on an entire modern army, or at least convincingly bluff that you can.

>> No.51911906

Are the parallel universes you can visit with the Kaleidoscope post-jump something along the lines of a world in which only a few things are different, or only totally different worlds like the different Nasu settings?

>> No.51911910

Rolled 1 (1d2)

Previous Builds: http://pastebin.com/8DBY7hrY

8. Jurassic Park
Isla Nublar
Age 30
The Phones Are Working (900)
Clever Girl (700)
Laboratory (300)
Mr. DNA (200)
Companion Import (0)

Kamilah (Manager, Spared No Expense, Public Relations, Administrator)

Dr. Amos (Geneticist, PhD, Missing Link, Cloning, Genetic Improvements)

Professor Anneliese (Geneticist, PhD, Hybrid)

Enigmatic Hexer (Tourist, Chaos Theory Master)

So, we went on the tour to Jurassic Park, and after Kamilah and I slipped away to intimidate Nedry so he wouldn't go through with his plan, it was smooth sailing. After the tour, I had Kamilah suggest to Hammond that Nedry be fired, cluing him in about the stuff Nedry was doing, and that more support and security staff should be hired. A few months later, Jurassic Park successfully opened

However, Anneliese and Lucian really started going all in on the science stuff now that they had a working lab in the Warehouse, which caused a few problems (picture not related). The dinosaurs were one thing, but giving them them EVE and plasmids were a step too far, and making them flesh-robots that could survive dismemberment was the last straw. Thankfully, Anneliese was satisfied with the results she got, so we didn't have too many problems.

We also found out what the Enigmatic Hexer looked like, since this is the first world we've come across since recruiting them where wearing a mask and robes won't fly, though we still don't know their name; a one means they're male, and a two is female.

>> No.51911918

Caught me just as I was going to bed.

No. No NP that lets you just perma-get everyone else's NPs.

Who knows? Does it have to be one or the other?

>> No.51911933

Are the Prototype Virus Creator/Personal Effects that you buy all that you will ever have or can you develop your abilities further the way Mercer/Heller did?

>> No.51912028

I dropped the manga a couple years ago, did they end up explaining what the fuck is Rahab?

>> No.51912261

Addendum, why is the ability to infect non humans a perk? While most infected come from humans the virus has been shown to infect other things.

>> No.51912323

Huh, interesting. Two things though.

The drop-in... doesn't sound like a drop-in, with it giving a background as former ordinary joe, instead of appearing from nowhere.

Second, I'm going to have to agree that the white texture with white text makes it hard to read.

>> No.51912354

I don't like that pic. It's cruel.

>> No.51912432

The collective "well, fuck" from the wizard community would be funny though.

>> No.51912535

It's okay. That universe still has Nevell Longbottom.

>> No.51912537

> Hyperdimension Neptunia: Useless Ability Popups

The bullying potential of this one Perk. Just the sheer potential of it. I might need to find the media, because I cannot let this go by.

>> No.51912549

We can fix him. We have the technology.

Unrelated, do we have a rave master jump, or a good way to replicate that soul silver thing?

>> No.51912551

Nah, everyone thought Voldy was dead and gone.
There'd probably just be a collective "aw" from all the people who didn't get an autograph.
Probably some line about how he's gone up to be with James and Lily.

>> No.51912558

IIRC you can develop yourself, but coming up with the totally OC stuff is going to be difficult to impossible.
You're probalby not going to be able to get the altform blending perk on your own.

>> No.51912615

Any site I could use to do that?

It's on the version I uploaded to the drive. Trust me.

>with it giving a background as former ordinary joe, instead of appearing from nowhere.

It's basically "you could've been anything, even an ordinary joe - but nothing that would impact who you are now, so who cares". No one would know where you came from and you've had no history here - effectively a drop-in.

>> No.51912622

Pretty much been flying around invisible since my 5th jump or so in my off time.

Then it's a case of picking someone and following them around to make their life more interesting and initially this was mostly done with Sims 3 and Narnia magic as they were the first magics I got. Mostly amounts to making them fall in love with strangers at the bus stop, turning the apple on their desk into a goldfish in a bowl, making someone become BFFs with their postman, instantly making fat people lose weight or thin people temporarily obese, etc.

I try to do more good than bad but I don't try very hard.

>> No.51912662

Honestly, just flying around by itself would probably be hugely entertaining, no meddling needed.

>> No.51912702

I'm using the Rick & Morty scientific access to parallel worlds, BUT, I tend to rule that different iterations of a setting (i.e. the manga, the animated version, the videogames, the reboot) constitute the nearest alternate worlds, and branch out from there into what-ifs and fanfics.

>> No.51912703

If you do, I suggest Rebirth 2 --> Victory (the one this happens in) --> V2. 1, 2, and Rebirth 1 can come first if you want to get some of the jokes, but 1 and Rebirth 1 are both in a dfiferent dimension and have no effect on the plot, and Rebirth 2 is a remake of rebirth 1.

Also, pic relevant.

>> No.51912708

Rebirth 2 is a remake of 2, not rebirth 1, sorry.

>> No.51912718

Yeah it's why I picked up flight and invisibility so early. They're a lot of fun on their own and provide a great way to get out of dodge pre-teleportation.

But a couple of flights in you decide to make a new couple fall in love and the next time you overhear a guy being a prick and decide to make him morbidly obese and eventually the fucking with people is as much a part of it as the flying is.

>> No.51912727

Hey Cena, was the scanning equipment the Fighter origin gets in Elite Dangerous supposed to be the the Kill Warrant Scanner? Because the effects listed are what the default scanner every ship has can do.

>> No.51912737

God I wish [jump] was good, instead of the trash we got. [Insult], if only it hadn't been made by [jumpmaker].

>> No.51912765

>Have to make yourself invisible when you fly because it'll attract too much attention otherwise
I don't know why, but this thought makes me sad for some reason.

Using shapeshifting to turn into a bird is a little bit better though, because at least then you can justify it by saying that birdy-ness is necessary for flight.

>> No.51912767

It is basically supposed to be the K-warrant scanner, with a range of 10 km. It also gives you a bit of information on their strategies - how they like to engage their enemies.

>> No.51912776

For the Chocolate Item in Mad Men do we need to choose a specific brand/type when we buy it or could it provide whatever bar we want at a given time?

Like a Hershey bar one moment and a Toblerone later on?

>> No.51912779

>Enemy turns to face Jumper.
>This path leads to madness.
>Pop-Up Blocker Costs Money
>Bonus Item: Soiled Pants

>> No.51912791

> Pffft.

Definitely Jumping there now, then to Danmachi as a God so I can bully my Familia.

>> No.51912794

So I left a build last night mostly finished but I did not write in what my ex noble phantasm was, I stenciled in some ideas of mega reinforceing stuff or just copying UBW as a np though Im not 100% happy with either of those. So far my chains have been heavy in necromancy, enchanting, potionmaking and alcohol with healthy doses of magic every way I can get my hands on it.

Any ideas for a np for a caster that could work as a good booster for any of those? Or barring that ideas for a really good defensive one like a robe or something?

I am not good at writing or fluffing stuff.

>> No.51912800


You're probably tired of this, but I have a DBM question.

Universe 14 is where 17 and 18 kill Future Trunks before he can go back in time. When exactly did they kill him?

I would like to know how many years I have before the Multiverse Tournament starts if I picked Just Here For The Story with this universe.

>> No.51912859

Aomeone needs to edit this to say Worm_Anon instead.

>> No.51912869

Probably when they killed gohan.

>> No.51912892

Are we going here?

>> No.51912916

I always thought of it as less sad and more a great way of not taking responsibility for my actions.

A specific brand. Different brands would form a conflict of interest and you'd lose one or both contracts anyway.

I'd probably say that you can change brand each jump (as long as they're not magic cigarettes or something) though so that you can change them if you find something you like more.

May put in a note about that.

>> No.51912918

Kirito is literally the shittiest mc I have ever seen. I cannot fathom why people like the show.

>> No.51912930

Because SAO abridged is great. It just embraces Kirito being a complete shithead and dramatically improves his character for it.

>> No.51912938

Didn't he attack them like immediately after and get his ass kicked? But they didn't kill him because plot?

Yeah that sounds about right. In that timeline plot just didn't happen.

>> No.51912949

More than once. He also dies at one point but mysteriously doesnt get his head blown up because plot.

>> No.51912987

SAO Abridged basically is this, pic related, kinda mentality on top of the fact they just outright decide that Kirito is a broken human from the very beginning. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WebVideo/SwordArtOnlineAbridged Here you go. Basically the Abridged version is better than the actual anime/VN/etc..

>> No.51912999


I think in the History of Trunks movie thy timeskip three years after Gohan dies. He was around 14 when Gohan died and 17 near the end of the movie.

So who knows how many times Trunks tried to fight the Androids during those three years after Gohan died. Probably numerous times. Of course in canon 17 and 18 miraculously never decide to just kill him during that time.

>> No.51913020

Man, I didn't know PTSD was this widespread among weebs.

>> No.51913028

Oops I misread I thought I was replying to a kirito question with the head blown up thing.

>> No.51913033

SAO Abridged Kirito is actually a pretty interesting character. The abridged version is actually really good.

Does the SAO jump have an abridged drawback yet?

>> No.51913055

I call bullshit.

I know a few people with ptsd from acrually being in war, even the weebiest of them hates sao. The world is gone to hell in a handbasket you dont go out of your way to dick your only friends and let them die.

>> No.51913074

Abridged is better, the guy could beat the game in a week but he has his head too far up his ass to even try and instead lets all the people around him die.

>> No.51913098

Kind of. The Fresh Out of Mercy drawback has Abridged Kirito come after you as an enemy. But otherwise, no, no Abridged drawback.

>> No.51913104

> SAO discussion.

Out of curiousity: thread, what'd your jumpers actually DO during SAO?

Hard Mode: Be more descriptive than "I left."

>> No.51913110

Well, either it's not and people are making a mockery of the term, or we've bred an entire generation of such fragile people that they're deeply traumatized by mundane living.

either way we're kinda fucked.

>> No.51913147

[Generic sarcastic comment], [Selection of insults]. [Implication of being the shitposter], [Invective to make something yourself] or [Strong want for you to GTFO].

Did I miss anything?

>> No.51913160

I haven't been there yet. I'm accruing hacking perks first. My intention is to jailbreak the game from inside by being such a monumental prodigy with computers that I can find the inevitable flaws in the code from within the game itsself, overrun a few buffers, inject my own code to execute, and set a trap for Kayaba when he logs in next and finds himself a mundane user. a mundane user with an aggro beacon on him, drawing the attention of nearby monsters and making players aware of who he is and what he's done. Do this to his second in command too.

Then, once everybody's free of the nightmare, use the nerve gear tech to make what I'm sure is the most profitable (and societally destructive) application of the technology: gigantic online orgy MMO.

>> No.51913182

Sabotage the whole SAO thing so the murder game stopped and everyone was freed. Got Kayaba imprisoned for life then spent the jump making games using the perks I got from Generic Videogame Developer.

>> No.51913223

I used technopathy to fuck with Kayaba's big announcement at the start of the series. Hacked his avatar to take it over, announced that Sword Art Online was getting some major new features added now that it was leaving beta, apologized to the beta testers for springing it on them but thanked them for their input making it possible, and then implemented a bunch of changes to make SAO a more interesting game while also disabling the fucking murder function. Then I logged out and spent a while using long-ranged matter manipulation powers to get rid of the masers in every NerveGear on the planet. No one noticed that, because clearly no one was competent enough to examine the NerveGears beforehand. And then I found Kayaba, artificially induced an emotional state of fulfillment and peace in him so as to cheese the secret bonus ending, and shot him in the head.

>> No.51913229

> That second paragraph.
I like you, anon!

>> No.51913240

Is anyone doing a dragonriders of pern jump?

>> No.51913304

I was saying Abridged was that way, not the original. Please read the text of my post. Personally I feel the opposite is true for the original SAO, as in the further from real emotional trama you are the better the original anime seems.

>The guy could beat the game in a week but he has his head too far up his ass to even try and instead lets all the people around him die.
Where did this idea even come from? I mean Gleam Eyes was when the Cardnial AI decided that it needed to make it so all subsequent bosses needed only rapier thin weak points and be immune to damage everywhere else. SAO was just unfair in how the Cardinal worked. Kirito notes at one point that if the bosses keep esclating then the floor 97 Boss was going to be fully invincible and thus unbeatable.

Personally I want the Cardinal AI, the sheer amount of computational power that an AI with child-AI made for Psychological Aid shows is just something I want for myself. Also by modern standards it's apparently unhackable without direct Administrator Access Codes. Other than that, I might just let everyone think that what's happening is happening and just reprogram the head gear not to burn out brains, but my Jumper's an asshole like that sometimes and might think of it as a bunch of people 'getting better at life'. This >>51913223 also seems like a great idea, with the addition of stating that we've moved into a new stage of the beta for some stuff because it's not like we were getting our money back on the 10k only sale.

>> No.51913305

Actually, IIRC the masers are what's actually used as the main 'link to the brain' component, and the NerveGear having a large battery is what makes it dangerous, because even removing its power/data cables is enough to trigger the death, so just replace 3/4 of the battery capacity with whatever to 'solve' the problem.
Its how they did it with the Amusphere, reduce the maximum power that can go through the microwave inducer.

>> No.51913320

Not to my knowledge.

>> No.51913373

Other than the Fighter capstone is there anything in the jump that provides skill with flying a ship?

>> No.51913399

Nice that was pretty much my plan too, but i went and found that rapey guy from the second half and drowned him in a toilet for being a shit.

>> No.51913418

Well, combat purposes are the only thing that you would really need extreme piloting skills for. You can assume that you have the ability to fly nearly any E:D ship (chalk it up to standardization) no matter your origin.

>> No.51913427

That's...okay, that's not how transcranial magnetic stimulation works, but fine. I'll accept it's some weird other technology that Kayaba invented all himself. It's still criminally irresponsible of everyone involved to not notice that the NerveGear had a "murder" setting. Was there no quality control on these things?

>> No.51913461

Oh, I played for a bit, joined the BlackCat Guild and managed to save their dumbasses and sat down to give everyone lessons in fucking teamwork. I mean, holy shit, thinking that just being there means everyone will be safe? Remove your head from ass Kirito and fucking focus.

Since I was a Beta-tester and the oldest in the Guild, I basically became the Onee-san. A position I used and abused to make sure my little siblings would git gud.

In private moments, I'd use my technopathy to poke and prod at the code of my NervGear and the rest of the game, slowly unravelling the code of the whole thing and figuring out how to stop the BlackCat Guild Members from dying for real. I covered this discovery up by crafting a Guild-only Ring, that hid a tiny code in its construction that prevented the NervGear from frying their brain.

The BlackCat Guild went on to become the most professional bunch of dungeon raiders ever. So yeah, shit went down, and 1 year or so later, we managed to kill Kayaba, and in my private chat with him, he revealed that he had picked up on what I had managed to do while within the Game and gave me the World Seed because he was that impressed.

RL happened soon after, what with the physiotherapy and (on my request) actual therapy for members of my Guild. Using my experiences, I took up my course in University and knuckled down to study Game Design so that this shit never happens again.

Oh, and I made damn certain that Kirito never got involved in any more bullshit like SAO.

The copycat killer was quietly disposed of. And other terrible VR Games were mercilessly reviewed and then mocked.

I set up my own independent company, and our first game was released. Not on VR, nope, but instead used AR glasses and phones. Players can go out to hunt and find all kinds of quests, monsters, while being guarded by their own Guardian Beast that can evolve into a unique specimen. We even released a tie-in TCG as well.

I love Digimon Tamers don't you?

>> No.51913468

None. The people did no tests and they were criminally irresponsible in marketing something with glaring hazards.

>> No.51913482

You might want to note that, it could be important in the case of drop ins.

>> No.51913497

Christ. Combined with the poor sales (ten thousand copies is fucking MINISCULE for an MMO), the huge development costs, and the criminal irresponsibility, I'm surprised that any other VR game was ever made after Sword Art Online. Sure, the others don't have a sociopath as their lead developer, but it would still kill the industry.

>> No.51913511

Hey, I never said I was an expert on the subject nor that the SAO tech made sense, though you have a fair point. Quality control is a thing for a reason.

Hopefully when an IRL version of the NerveGear comes out, people will be genre-savvy. Hopefully.

>> No.51913534



>> No.51913550

Talking about SAO

Does anyone else thing Kirito releasing the Source Code for SAO was a fucking terrible idea

>> No.51913577


>> No.51913588



Did he not forsee that any other asshole like Kayaba would use it to hurt people?

>> No.51913597

SAO makes sense if he only trapped a single server or something but no they had to say the game only shipped to 10000 people on launch day.

I think the Elf game putting it in their own MMO is pretty fucking tasteless at least.

>> No.51913616

I always thought it was a Japanese only MMO.

>> No.51913623

I played it straight for the most part. If what progressive shows in the early floors can be considered canon, it wouldn't be very hard to rally the clearing group into a guild before or after the beat tester leader's death. I trained a group by the numbers in how to use various weapons effectively, while progressing from floor to floor in a steady manner while developing an efficient means to clearing. As a side project we worked to drag out those cowering on floor 1 to power level them enough to live comfortably while offering noncombat roles to those who couldn't be regulars on the front for one reason or another. We primarily just ignored Knights of the Blood unless we were doing a boss raid, and I sent Cutout-to an anonymous message to get his head out of his ass when he joined the cats. Upon reaching >>51913304 artificial difficulty in the upper floors like anon mentioned, I just dropped the facade entirely and assumed direct control through my own AI form, various hacking perks, perks for being undeleteable, etc. Not for the sake of just ending the game. That would be anticlimactic. I only gave it a fighting chance between the remaining floors and players, which included removing Kayaba's admin rights along with immortal object. If ever asked on the subject, I pulled out lies about taking until just now and it being a one shot deal after researching various aspects of the different floors for access points and backdoors.

I could have just shut it all down from the word Go but I had literally nothing else planned for that jump. So I decided to go for the high score while testing the AI against my skill with weaponry.

>> No.51913649

That would still be pretty shit sales though wouldn't it? I mean it's supposed to be the big AAA launch title for an entire system. Shit should've sold like crazy.

>> No.51913695

That is either a reference I'm not getting, or your autocorrect shitting itself.

>> No.51913703


>> No.51913790

We'll chalk it up that the mangaka didn't know much about gaming.

>> No.51913812

Prolly a nickname for Kirito, considering well...he was just there.

>> No.51913940

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.51913977

I used a combination of PtV and probability manipulation to solo speedrun the entire game. Then I trashed Kayaba and told him to come back after he made a real game before dropping the mic and logging out.

>> No.51914115

This is why I get so little work done! I have to spend my days in fear of this rampant worm waifuing!

>> No.51914119

I logged everyone out of SAO except for Kayabob, who I locked in, then I explained that I was graitful for the new SUPERJAIL he'd given me... Then I uploaded http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1633 into the Cardinal AI.

>> No.51914128

Haven't been there yet, but I am planning on double crossing Kayaba while pretending to work with him (I need that world seed thing if I ever want to do Projection Villain Village Redemption), while hacking the system somehow to ensure that no one who dies, actually dies in-game. And do it good enough where he doesn't notice.

I realize that last part is pretty difficult, so it'll be a while before I can accomplish that.

>> No.51914224

Kind of an awkward question, but how much does the Heart of Green Iron from Infernals actually boost you? Like, what difference are we looking at if we take a basic bitch Infernal and give that to him?

These are probably just stupid, but: 1. Can you use Blood of T'Foor Na on yourself and 2. Can you use it to give non-Exalted natives Enlightened Essence?

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