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>tfw rarely get to run games, never mind use dragons in them

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>tfw want to have a calligraphy wyrm familiar but will never be in a game that gets to level 7
>tfw want to make a drakengard-style pact avowed but drakengard is grimdark and stupid

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>Lesson IV: The Ladder
>Discipline: Fool's Errand (Stance)
>Level: 5
>Prerequisites: Two Fool’s Errand maneuvers
>Initiation Action: 1 swift action
>Range: Personal
>Target: You
>Duration: Stance
>Your first lesson was how to fall; your fourth lesson is how to not. Your intense training has given you the ability to climb the very air, grasping the world with your hands and kicking off with your feet. While you maintain this stance, you become immune to falling damage and gain a special mode of movement.
>By spending a move action, you gain the ability to make a number of leaps through the air this turn equal to 1/2 your ranks in the Climb skill. Making a leap is a free action, and each leap moves you up to 10 feet in any direction (unlike with a fly speed, you neither gain nor lose distance for moving vertically in this way). You need not jump off of a physical object; you can leap off the air through sheer power and skill. If you end your turn with leaps remaining, these leaps are expended, and you remain hovering in the air until your next turn (at which point you fall unless you must spend another move action to gain leaps). Otherwise, you fall. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal.
>If you initiate a maneuver or use an ability that would allow you to move a distance equal to or greater than your land speed (such as windmill waltz flurry or a strike that includes a charge attack), you may gain leaps as if you had spent a move action rather than making that movement. You still gain any other benefits or penalties from the ability in question (such as a charge attack’s bonus on attack rolls and penalty to AC).

Name a better stance. I'll wait.

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>dragon game

Dragons are for slaying! Not for Laying.

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Sexually frustrated brown girls with golden eyes and a throbbing martyr complex are the best!

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These kinds of dragons?

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These kinds of dragons.

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Nobody suggested you should lay the dragons, you have a filthy mind! Dragonslaying is a time-honored tradition for knight and knave alike!

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>Stance of the Crane Knight

>Discipline: Silver Crane (Stance) [good]; >Level: 5
>Prerequisite(s): Two Silver Crane maneuvers
>Initiation Action: 1 swift action
>Range: Personal
>Target: You
>Duration: Stance


>As a disciple of the Silver Crane, the martial disciple may manifest the essence of his celestial patrons along his body, its light radiating from his soul to form silver-feathered ethereal wings from his back and a blazing halo of argent radiance around his head. While in this stance, you gain a fly speed equal to twice your base land speed with average maneuverability and you gain DR 10/evil. You also radiate light as a light spell from the halo-like effect of this stance while it is in effect.

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I have twelve dollars.

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Flying isn't as cool as octuple jumping.

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fairly certain it was these dragons.

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The request was better, not cooler, cooler is entirely subjective, this is objectively better as it gives you more distance at lower levels, and has additional benefits in the form of Dr, and light if you happen to need that.

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Can I just say how much I dislike Lock as a mechanic? It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I feel like it's just poorly thought out and even more poorly implemented. But at least it's not as impossible to escape as it was when it was first made.

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I don't think I've ever encountered Lock as a mechanic.

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Dragon hunting you say?

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It's part of Fool's Errand.

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It's unique to the Fool's Errand discipline. That's why.

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I recognize that background. Rustle did a short comic with that same background...

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I recognize those eyes. They're the eyes that usually wind up mindbroken at the very least.

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Apparently it was an attempt to backport 5e's grapple mechanics into PF, which is why it's clumsy and convoluted.

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>Intelligence, F

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I think that's referring to the slime monster just out of frame, the same monster that's probably gonna slime and rape all five women pictured.

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But that's a C, silly anon

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Is that ShindoL, or one of those very similar artists?

Yeah man, it's a multi-part series and an anthology. Lots of great artists have done bestiary.

Also: OP's dragon is best dragon.

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They've already been mindbroken before, which is why they're all insane. And insane tactics work because no one is stupid enough to use them or capable enough to cope with them.

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Look near the top of the image dum dum.

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It's ShindoL.

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Oh darn, missed that

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Christ, she's not firing arrows out of that bow, she's launching fucking javelins!

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Lock was a simple idea that suffered from two problems
1) People keep comparing it to grapple - which it brought on itself with its initial Grasp fluff, and the very fact it's a backport of 5e grapple
2) It needed to have a lot of extra caveats added to it to let it work with PF balance as opposed to 5e balance, and these built up until it wasn't a simple idea anymore.

The thing to realise about Lock is that it isn't an offensive debuff: it's a battlefield control and tanking debuff, something to hold foes down and stop them from going after the more fragile members of your party. It will not help you kill them any faster or any easier, unless their main defense is mobility.

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>[Anor Londo flashback intensifies]

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Naw, that's just the one special ammunition she carries around. The quiver's full of actual arrows.

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What ammo types are good to have a few of in PF anyways? I made a Hunter with a couple grappling hook arrows and a few darts for beginning at level 1

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The other problem with fools errand is that it's not anti-caster or caster-emulating despite its fluff so much as anti-initiator. It's a hard counter to a lot of maneuvers, and is a heavy-handed screw-you in the wake of all the "no this HAS to be supernatural" on other disciplines. Some of the supernaturallness was already kinda iffy, but this really takes the cake.

"No, you can't counterhit with this discipline without it automatically being blocked in an AMF or the like because it's a supernatural discipline so your being fast is automatically magic. Yes you can absolutely teleport as EX with this other discipline while also negating freedom of movement because being fast and teleporting isn't automatically magic."

As annoying as some of the Su was in earlier disciplines at least it was consistent. Fools Errand existing means the errata has to go back and make similar abilities non-supernatural in a few cases.

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What series is this? I don't know how I could have missed a ShindoL monster (s)layer squad before.

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The kinds to get through Dr until you get a magic enough bow. Other then that they are very situational. The distance and nonlethal arrows can be good with an arcane or eldritch Archer.

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Fire and Acid are big ones.

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>I fapped to this, it was pleasant

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Blunt arrows.
Bestiary, specifically the third one. It's not really a series, but more of an encyclopedia about various monsters and their victims.

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Just to make sure that the new thread people dont miss the latest session of said dragon game.


That Degenerate SwimmingEagle turns out to be good DM? What nonsense is this!? i'm actually super invested!

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>mfw I didn't submit an app cause I thought it was a meme game that would be stillborn

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>not reading it for the plot

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Oh god are you the same guy back from early playtest who thinks the difference between Su and Ex actually means anything more than fluff 95% of the time?

Here's the thing: if the GM forces your party into an antimagic field, and the solution is to stay and fight in it instead of escape it, they already hate your guts.
They might as well say "rocks fall" at that point.

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Did that too, piss in your cornflakes, bro.

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>Fool's Errand has the Initiator equivalent of Wish
All other disciplines BTFO

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>something to hold foes down and stop them from going after the more fragile members of your party.
The problem is that it's pretty easy to stop them from going against *you* as well. If you get a casting of Enlarge Person and Grapple someone, you can grapple them from up to 10 feet away and they automatically move adjacent to you and get debuffed, but it doesn't completely negate their ability to attack since at the very least they can punch you. It even still works for strikes and the like. So it keeps them from attacking your less tanky allies, but still lets them act.

On the other hand, if you Lock a target 10 feet away from you, if they don't have reach then they literally cannot do anything. They can't move away or towards you, they can't attack, and if they can't break the lock they're effectively taken out of combat permanently as long as nobody's dumb enough to move next to them. Unless it's changed, Lock doesn't have a max lock number either, so grab a whip and threaten a 30 foot zone to stop anything from doing anything in that area.

And then, while grappling actually does something against ranged and casting characters, Lock does *nothing* to them beyond the fact that they're in your range.

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i'm interested in seeing where this is going! I mean, they're already planning to MAKE TALDOR GREAT AGAIN via conquering Abaslom for them.

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It's also a multi-author thing. ShindoL has some segments, I think Fatalpulse and other similar artists have others.

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first off what?

but second: it certainly means something. Even without dead magic zones, just look at the shitpile that is Tempest Gale. It's crap, and some of the arguments/explanations for why it HAS to remain crap was that it wasn't magical. Bunch of CMBs, most of them no better than trying to do it in melee (at least they thought of THAT part since ranged tends to lack bonuses on the subject otherwise).

Hell of a 180 come fools errand on that subject.

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There seem to be a few views/plans on the subject between players. At least one mention of destabilizing the entire nobility by going wikileaks on someone who's been "administrating" a dead dragon's horde was made.

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This regret will haunt us until the end of our days.

Who knew the DM would create the perfect blend of plot, ambition, and smut?

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Hey, someone help me out, isn't there a bard archetype centered on being a crafter? I want to be DaVinci

>> No.51898460


Look up the Artisan if you want to be a true Renaissance man.

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I was afraid of not being able to live up to all of the people who apply for these games. Now that I've seen how nice it is I really, really wish I'd given it a shot. A comfy, slightly lewd, cute game like this is pretty much my ideal and something that I've never gotten the chance to play in.

Fuck now I'm depressed.

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Fucking seizure inducing, anon. Thanks.

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>> No.51898490

does it gestalt well with Paladin?

>> No.51898493

Lock is not meant to be a grapple replacement.
You're complaining about it sometimes being too strong compared to grapple, and sometimes too weak, when it's just meant to be a /different thing/.

>So it keeps them from attacking your less tanky allies, but still lets them act.
>What is the pinned condition, which is the natural step every grapple focused build moves on to next, and can pull off in the same round with Greater Grapple

>They can't move away or towards you, they can't attack, and if they can't break the lock they're effectively taken out of combat permanently as long as nobody's dumb enough to move next to them.
That's a huge if.

You literally get at least one save to get out of the Lock every turn even if you stand still and do nothing.
Trying a 5ft step and two move actions on their turn gives them three attempts to escape. Unless the person locking you is way out of your league, you are not going to spend the whole battle stuck.

There are also very few ways to lock an opponent that isn't adjacent to you. There are exactly three strikes in the whole discipline that let you use reach to lock something, all others specify you must target an adjacent foe.

>And then, while grappling actually does something against ranged and casting characters, Lock does *nothing* to them beyond the fact that they're in your range.
Just like how Stagger shuts down martial full attackers but casters don't care?
Plus, keeping them in your reach puts them in your AoO range for casting or shooting, which is a deterrent - and you're totally underestimating the strength of keeping them in your reach, when the caster and archers' main defenses are staying /out/ of melee.

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I've long been a fan of using Dragons and Half-Dragons in my games, even in lower levels.

Nothing quite catches the party off-guard like coming across one of the most legendary creatures in existence... even Young dragons can inspire fear in the hearts of an adventuring group.

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At least your way, you won't get accepted into a game that the DM drops after a handful of successful sessions for reasons unknown!

>> No.51898502

Well, the geopolitical background of the scene IS the most important part of any porno.

>> No.51898517

I at least have the benefit of knowing, even if I had submitted an app, it would not have been accepted.

So I actually came out on top. I got to the same outcome, not in the game, and spent little to no energy to do so. As opposed to if I had written an app, all that time and energy would have been wasted, and I'd still not be in the game.

I'm the real winner here. Let me put on my winner's only necklace...

>> No.51898519


Not really, it's primarily Intelligence-based and built entirely around crafting!

>> No.51898538

Only The Silmarillion can best bring out not having enough change for that pizza, but she can totally pay it in another way, if he doesn't mind giving her the tip.

>> No.51898539


This reminds me of a question I forgot to ask. Earth Kineticists can get EarthGlide as a movement ability. Do they still need to breath while using it? Can they bring other people along with it? It looks really amusing but has some complications...

>> No.51898541

That's basically how the SoM playtest game is going, it's honestly been amazing and the GM has taken pains to give every NPC value, given the PCs an NPC that mirrors them without overshadowing them or being too jokey.

Seriously, I hope this GM runs more games or does another game once the full playtest comes out.

>> No.51898554

Nigga I got into one of the meme games and I was pretty sure I had no chance.

>> No.51898562

>first off what?
There was a guy in early playtest fully convinced that making it Ex over Su was a huge advantage because antimagic fields were apparently a standard threat.

>some of the arguments/explanations for why it HAS to remain crap was that it wasn't magical

These were bad arguments and Piercing Thunder, and to a lesser extent Tempest Gale, were the two disappointments of PoW:E.
Fool's Errand was them realizing that they made a mistake, and nonmagic disciplines should get fun things too.

I don't see why that's bad.

(The secondary problem with Tempest Gale is that it was very hard to make anything be worth using over ranged full attacks without being either the same or flat out better. I think there were ways they didn't take that could have worked around this, but the idea the only reason it was bad was because it was held down by the fluff of Ex is the sort of awful thinking you'd expect from Paizo)

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Well, what class and Archetype /does/ it gestalt well with if I was also fine with being a whore?

>> No.51898589

would really help if SoM was any good, though...

>> No.51898612

Tempest Gale, despite being worse than full attacks, is still cool and useful. Piercing Thunder is rarely cool until higher levels, and even less useful.

Its stances are also incredibly underwhelming. I mean really, being able to dual wield a weapon as a 3rd level stance? Tying an entire build path to a stance is just retarded.

>> No.51898615

Well la dee fucking da. Aren't you lucky? You want a doggie cookie?

>> No.51898632

It's been a ton of fun, especially when enemies use it. I think I'm going to go sphere only for my games from now on.

>> No.51898638

Maybe the thought process changed, but it's certainly the kind of thing that would deserve new versions or alternatives. Or at least an admission of having been in the incorrect. Piercing Thunder's another good example there you're right.

Actually, the "full attacks" matter has been a problem from the start with PoW, mostly because of the vastly insufficient value of a majority of strikes, compounded with an incompatibility with vital strike.

>This comes with a debuff and I can finish it off next turn or someone else does the other half with these advantages this turn
Is fine

>Well, maybe a quarter of its health, and generally no more accurate than any of your bonus attacks+first iterative (as in haste and your highest attack) either
Led to, well, what we have now; everyone using the full attack maneuvers or just boosting an actual full attack... ranged or otherwise.

>> No.51898668


Some missing extra highlights for you folks.

-They talked at length about political marriages, however, None of them know how marriage works. Not the queen, not Maid, Hell even the married girl doesn't know how marriage works, Considering the extremely odd manner in how they got married.

-The queen's geopolitical maps are horribly out of date, and she has no idea what Cheliax is, and still thinks Taldor is the biggest empire out there.

-Freyda has two sisters, Leidra, and Hildra. We just met Leidra, who is a disgusting glutton (Read Ungermaw). She was introduced after having taken part in a 8 hour binge. Claiming she saw "All You Can Eat" as a personal Challenge.

-Celisse tried on the "Amulet of Soulmate Detection" and it glowed a rosy red as soon as she put it on. However, her husband "Darling" was no where near her.

-pic related is what the very persistent Golem turned into at the final battle at the old lair.

>> No.51898675

Don't even bother man. These people refuse to accept they had any chance whatsoever of getting in.

>> No.51898682

I'm pretty jelly of some of these memegame people. So far it sounds like they're having a blast, and here I am with two dead games in a row, and nothing to show for it.

>> No.51898691

>Then Ilúvatar said to them: 'Of the theme that I have declared to you, I will now that ye make in harmony together a Great Music. And since I have kindled you with the Flame Imperishable, ye shall show forth your powers in adorning this theme, each with his own thoughts and devices, if he will. But I will sit and hearken, and be glad that through you great beauty has been wakened into song.'

>I'm sorry I was speeding, officer... maybe... if I get you off, you can let me off? teehee?

>Thus it came to pass that of the Ainur some abode still with Ilúvatar beyond the confines of the World; but others, and among them many of the greatest and most fair, took the leave of Ilúvatar and descended into it. But this condition Ilúvatar made, or it is the necessity of their love, that their power should thenceforward be contained and bounded in the World, to be within it for ever, until it is complete, so that they are its life and it is theirs. And therefore they are named the Valar, the Powers of the World.

>A'ight. Put your hands on the car and... assume the position.

>Aren't you gonna cover that dash-cam up?
>My partner likes to watch.

>In that time were made those things that afterwards were most renowned of all the works of the Elves. For Fëanor, being come to his full might, was filled a new thought, or it may be that some shadow of foreknowledge came to him of the doom that drew near; and he pondered how the light of the Trees, the glory of the Blessed Realm, might be preserved imperishable. Then he began a long and secret labour, and he summoned all his lore, and his power, and his subtle skill; and at the end of all he made the Silmarils.

>> No.51898711

Here here anon. I feel you
>Got into Fluffy, was stillborn
>Runner up in Dragon Game
>Probably would have gotten into Pirates, but poof
>game finder game erupted into autism
>discord game fell apart before it could start
>pbp died

>> No.51898731

Does that mean she's a narcisist, or is "darling" going to get NTR'd by someone else in the party?

Were her 20 kids of her dream perhaps not the same race as the husband?

>> No.51898735

In a few months when my life mellows out I may run a pfg game, but that is probably three to four months away.
Don't have the time to plan out a game at the moment.

>> No.51898753

How's all the characters? Fun times?

>> No.51898757

Was there ever a part 2 to that one half-dragon comic from /d/?

>> No.51898775

So, /pfg/ forever no game suicide club meet up?

>> No.51898788

Not quite yet. I might have something IRL. I'm one player short of having a functioning group, with like real human beings, adults with jobs and maturity.

I'd have to DM, but that's fine IRL

>> No.51898801

I never use dragons except as powerful allies or minions of more important characters.

>> No.51898808

This isn't the first time I've brought it up, but my DM is having us use monster classes for Reign of Winter, so I'm playing a solar dragon named Vivexathurnkear (although some people call her Sunny, which really annoys her). She hates the cold, which means this AP will suck for her. But she's also a paladin, and I really like the motif of the radiant sun for a holy warrior and it's extra-fitting for an AP where you're fighting against a frozen evil. She's just a little hatchling now, but it'll be so awesome when she's older and bigger- she probably fantasizes about how cool she'll look. There's a lot for her to learn about being a paladin and even being an adventurer in general, and I'm looking forward to hear learning the hard way that it's not all fun and games. She's got her adoptive parents (the other two PCs) traveling with her, though.

Oh yeah, and although the party hasn't crossed paths with it yet, in the campaign I run IRL there's a brine dragon they'll be meeting later. She's actually a part of the Golarion setting, named Rezlarabren. She's unexpected cute!

This sounds like it was a lot of fun, so make sure you keep sharing storytime after future sessions! That Amulet of Heart's Desire is neat, it's seems like it would be obvious but making everybody think of what their character's greatest desire is (if they haven't already) seems like a good way to make people think about their characters.

I'd run a /pfg/ game, but I've already got three games and a schedule that's just going to make starting a new game a bad idea. Maybe someday in the future, though.

>> No.51898828

That's okay. When that game falls through, we'll still be here. Waiting for you.

>> No.51898867

Make with the qts, Holmes

>> No.51898897

I think players misinterpret what gets into games a lot. DMs are going to pick people they want to DM for, this sometimes overlap with whatever /pfg/ considers the best-written or most mechanically-balanced characters. This sometimes means the DM gave enough of a fuck to read ahead and decided they really wanted a party member who could handle this encounter, or took this trait, or ties in with this hook. Or hell, tickles their particular fetish, because let's not pretend.

>> No.51898915

>making a mass suicide pact without sacrificing your souls to the Great Old Ones

>> No.51898919

>Lock is not meant to be a grapple replacement.
Didn't Forrest make it specifically as a grapple replacement because she dislikes grapple?

>> No.51898930

so, it's my groups first time doing playing pathfinder and i want to run a very easy dungeon with only two instances of combat.

i was thinking of having a bunch of weak, small spiders at first and then a bigger one at the end. the setting is supposed to be "abandoned mine repurposed as a "testing" location, to test the party if they really are adventurers.

what are some small neat traps that could work in that setting, that allows the party to test their different skills?

>> No.51898939

I came

>> No.51898953

What is your party? And what kind of skills do you want to test?

>> No.51898960


If you're going Paladin on one side? There's Celebrity, Diva and Negotiator for Bard that fits in well with being a whore, be sure to buy some Night Tea and a Courtesan's Kit!

As for gods, I'd try Lymnieris if you want to be a hooker with a heart of gold, or Arshea if you're the type who wonders how big the man can get until she can't handle it.

>> No.51898963

Why don't we just start up our own games instead of ending it all?

>> No.51898988

>Or hell, tickles their particular fetish, because let's not pretend.
>tfw only play male characters
>tfw will never get into any games cause I don't make fapbait characters

>> No.51898991


Druma Merchants, with cute girls and ambitious Reds living in the Five Kings Mountains?

>> No.51898994


the detection spell actually just has an absurd range on it. 100km, So pretty much if you're in the same country as your soul mate, the amulet activates.

Atolm's a lovely bundle of joy.
Celisse is adorable, she's like the little sister i never had.
Freyda is cute, especially when she's embarrassed and trying to stay stoic.
Lameeka is adorable too! very energetic and excitable.
Zev is pretty awesome, i feel like she's just skin wrapped around an ambulatory mass of snark, just waiting to come out.
Astarte is great too! She's got some decent snark, and is technically a nudist... well only when she retracts her armor and bursts into flame to casts magic unimpeded.

Hey, buddy... i got a present for you.

>> No.51898995

We are lazy shits of course.

>> No.51899005

Really, a second game?

>> No.51899034

Going artisan for sure, because I've never played a crafter before.

Damn it man, now I feel bad for piling the salt on you

>> No.51899039

>18+ Content: No

This seems like a mistake...

>> No.51899047

Paladins in Golarion don't HAVE to have gods, remember

A second game? What kind of madman are you!? What made you decide to do that?

Also, question relating to something that was mentioned about you last session- it was mentioned there was some big, important red dragon with a huge horde that died recently, was that Daralathyxl?

>> No.51899078

Don't look a gift dragon in the mouth? I certainly don't intend to.

>> No.51899090


This game and other game will take place in the exact same continuity as the current one. everything canon in one is canon in the other.

i just hope my body can take it.

>> No.51899101

>The request was better, not cooler...
But cooler is always better, everybody knows that.

>> No.51899103

Anon, just look at the guys that got into most of the games. Most aren't particularly fetishy at all.

>> No.51899107

For those of us that aren't all that familiar with Culdranth, will there be a thread with some more information provided so that we can get the details for our characters/backstories right?

>> No.51899114

>same continuity
As we racing?

>> No.51899129

I don't mean to sound ungrateful or discouraging (though I won't be applying regardless because I shouldn't join another game), I'm just really surprised and wondering why he decided to do it.

You are an ambitious man. Good luck. Do you intend for the two parties to ever cross paths?

>> No.51899153


Not likely,

porting as much as i can over from the last lfg.

>> No.51899157

>Didn't Forrest make it specifically as a grapple replacement because she dislikes grapple?

Yes, it was originally that.
But it's evolved over time and it's clearly not meant to meet the same mechanical role any more.

And hey, if Forrest hated grapple so much, Aether Grasp wouldn't be a thing in Avowed.

>> No.51899160

>Another one

I want to meme, but I fear for my sanity if I have to follow up on another meme.

>> No.51899170

What does a Dragon Princess usually look like? All scales, skin and scales, mostly human?

>> No.51899181


>> No.51899207

Is there a way to build a monk focused on Charisma instead of Wisdom?

>> No.51899211

>Tying an entire build path to a stance is just retarded.
This was my biggest complaint with PT. Half of the stances seem to be "If I want to build my character around this, I can only ever use this stance and no other. If I have this stance, it's useless unless I build my character around this."

>> No.51899217

scaled fist

>> No.51899219

it's a gunslinger, sorcerer, bard, barbarian and alchemist. i just want something that allows them to test general alla round skills. maybe some knowledge linguistics to decipher hints, a lock that needs picking, maybe a climb or just general str check for the barb, disable device, avrobatics, a few other knowledge, etc, etc. just to have some different skills that makes everyone feel like they are taking helping

>> No.51899222

Why would you want to?
Steel fist commando would be my recommendation.

>> No.51899248

This is exactly my issue with PT.

>> No.51899295

Hey, SE, would you hypothetically accept someone playing one of those divine messenger kitsune? Vague backstory is that they're in the service of some Minkaian dragon who sent them to serve as an assistant to Culdranth as a way to get in her good graces now that she's awoken.

...She probably has no idea who the fuck this dragon is.

>> No.51899335


>yfw Dragon Game becomes a multi game campaign to take over the world.

Good god

>> No.51899365

Ok, /pfg/, in the latest session the party finished leveling-up and had recently hit Mythic 4, and I may need a second opinion on Path abilities: Originally I was considering taking Mirror Dodge for a long time, but I already have a solid panic button in the form of Emergency Force Sphere. Other options on the table are Abundant Casting and Competent Caster, the former adding the nonsense of letting single-target spells target many while the latter grants a line of defense against being grappled and bound. Alternatively I've been considering Spell Sieve since Elsbeth already has Flexible Counterspell.

Anyhoo, how have your games been going so far?

>> No.51899374


But anon, the current party is 5 women and 1 spunky tiny man.

Don't you want that party to hook up with the second party if they wind up as 5 men and 1 tiny woman?

>> No.51899378

Which metallic dragons would you say are more bardic/theatrical? Copper or Brass?

>> No.51899409

Silver or gold.

>> No.51899415


Copper if you want to be a tricky scamp, Brass if you want to be the guy that can enthrall a room with his big fish stories.

Copper if you want to be a perky brown-girl genki tomboy.

>> No.51899422

Well dragon game is going well AND getting a second iteration.

RotJR is thundering along with divergent paths.

All and all things are great!

What happens happens, i only got one application so far.

Maybe, put the app, we'll see where this is going. Though i'm a tad wary.

Also annoucement, Second Dragon game will be happening on a Every Other Week basis, as opposed to a weekly basis.

I am after all one man, pleas understand my situation.

>> No.51899435

>mfw trying to think up a character for the new dragon game and drawing a blank

>> No.51899439

I'm not applying but I'm eagerly anticipating the apps. WotR apps end tomorrow and I don't think Taldor Ascendant is going to give me the reading I crave for.

>> No.51899468


Golds are proper ladies (ojou-sama) or studious class president types. You'd expect them to take charge and look damn good doing it.

Silvers are the dutiful lady-knight, they're exemplars of justice and have more than just a thing for the "lesser" races, in fact they quite love to spend time with Humans as Humans.

Bronze are basically Silvers where the love of humanity is overcharged at the cost of justice.

Copper are tricksters and love a good joke.

Brass just like to talk.

>> No.51899488

>What happens happens, i only got one application so far.

You better believe I'm going to send an application in the next five days, business is getting in the way of pleasure and I don't like it!

>> No.51899563

Mirror Dodge does seem solid, but if you already have Emergency Force Spheres, you probably won't need it often enough to justify taking it with one of your few path abilities. I don't know what your build is like (other than obviously Archmage), but just weighing the other options you're looking at, I'd probably skip on Competent Caster. In my general experience I haven't had a lot of trouble with concentration checks, and although that'd be helpful sometimes you presumably have a pretty solid bonus to those rolls and can surge if you ever really needed to make sure you succeed. Plus, Competent Caster doesn't even apply to your highest level spells, the ones you'd be most likely to fail concentration checks for! Abundant Casting looks great, I'm personally a big fan of the abilities that let you cast spells better than normal- I had Faith's Reach on a Heirophant character to be able to cast all divine touch spells as if they had 30ft range and it was pretty great. I think Abundant Casting won't make as much of a difference for you as Faith's Reach did for me, but I still generally endorse stuff like that as long as you can think of at least a few spells that will benefit greatly from it. Regarding Spell Sieve... It really depends on how often you're counterspelling. If you do it very frequently, it could be useful, but still only when you're countering a spell you actually want to spend an action to cast yourself.

As for my games, I've told /pfg/ about my Reign of Winter solar dragon paladin game already, so I'll talk about the game I run IRL. Take a low CHA-, combat specced party, and then put them in an episode of intrigue and diplomacy. That's what I did, and it was very fun to watch them bumble around. They know who they're after, but they don't know how to prove she's guilty, and things got more complicated when a third party showed up to make a mess of everything with a terrorist attack. Also the party's kobold is suddenly missing.

>> No.51899575

>Not playing a dragon researcher

>> No.51899583

Why wary, if you don't mind my asking?

>> No.51899619

>"I am after all one man, pleas understand my situation."

>Needing sleep
>Being mortal
>Not having discarded the limitations of your flesh with necromancy or divinity

Come on SE, get on the ball with your apotheosis! In all seriousness though, good luck with managing both games and not cracking under the pressure. Be careful to avoid burn out.

>> No.51899642

>RotJR greentext never

>> No.51899669

Don't forget that silvers are also the most likely of all metallic dragons to fall to neutrality or even evil. Brass dragons are also quite social by dragon standards and easy to convince to help you, though they are capricious and may suddenly withdraw their support of someone who petitioned their aid if they get bored or annoyed with the whole affair.

>> No.51899670


Anon, you don't have to play an actual, honest to goodness dragon.

You could play a dragon-blooded human! Now, I've got a concept I'm going to apply with, but since I want to see people happy I'm going to crack open my special stock of secondary concepts I had planned for this campaign

>You are the child of Choral the Conqueror, or at least a direct descendant. This technically makes you a Rogarvian, and means the throne of Brevoy is yours
>You are a famous pro wrestler from Taldor, caught in a sandstorm during a tour in Osirion. You nearly die, but a hyper-voluptuous woman saves your life, whisking you away to a strange land where the only thing expected of you is to be the woman's lover and personal stud
>The wealth of the Five Kings and Druma is legendary, and unassailable... Until now. Desperate to be the shiniest in all the land, you embark on a grand quest to gild your scales and become the wealthiest dragon in the world!

>> No.51899741

I was actually going for a Tiefling. Dragon-blooded, of course. It's just picking the classes, backstory and etc. Though I'm leaning towards Psychic Warrior, cause I hate myself that much. Not sure what to gestalt it with though.

>> No.51899785


This doesn't help me decide, but makes it harder!

Maybe this will help. My character will have means of emulating a dragon's breath attack because class/backstory reasons. Character is also a theatrically themed character that has met and befriended a dragon (the dragon interacted with the town the character lived in quite often), which is where he gets the emulated breath weapon from.

Cult dedicated to a red dragon comes in, kills the dragon, decimates town. Character ends up with the burned drawback (+1 trait). Issue is, I'm leaning towards brass dragon because I feel like their social aspect is more thematically fitting for my character, however brass dragons breathe fire and it'd be weird for my character to have the burned drawback and also breathe fire, unless I flavor it that my character feels uncomfortable with his own fire or feels comfortable with fire he controls himself, just not other fire.

>> No.51899786

For the Scaled Fist's 'Draconic Fury' class feature, do they get a Ki pool at third level, or do they just make the selection at third, and become able to use it at fourth?

>> No.51899797


I want to grab her belly fat and bully her!

>> No.51899798

they make the selection at third

>> No.51899886

What's a good class to gestalt with Monk? Fighter seems nice for the bonus feats, but it's a little lackluster...

>> No.51899896


Is 3pp allowed?

Otherwise I'd suggest Slayer for that delicious Studied Target!

>> No.51899917


That's about the point where she eats you. she can actually do that too

>> No.51899951

Monk actually gestalts well with almost everything due to the passive bonuses the class provides. The only downside is that to get the best effect you can't wear armor.

>> No.51899983


How do we win the heart of the red dragon princess?

Or at least a place in her bed?

>> No.51899992


>> No.51899997


Ask her sisters, i dunno.

>> No.51900021

This is not thanks to Dragon Game as I don't care about it too much, but I am going to play as a legit cute dragon in cute Planescape game.

>> No.51900029

For Dragons2.0, I'm thinking of building a refluffed pitborn tiefling, with (gestalt) levels of scaled fist and paladin. Are there any worthwhile magic items at around the 3kgp price range for such a character?

>> No.51900095

>Another chance for Grandpa Marduk and his blacksmith waifu

>> No.51900127

Now the hard part, finding a pic of a tiefling male.

>> No.51900176

Tiefling males are hard to find non-offical art for. I've got plenty of girls, but the only dudes are questionably Tiefling.

>> No.51900198

Is it okay to use the same app we had, or is that frowned upon?

>> No.51900207


Go for it

>> No.51900235

Yeah. That or commission some artwork/beg in the drawthread.

>> No.51900252


Dragon DM! Dragon DM! Are there any concepts, classes or even character archetypes you super want to see?

>> No.51900257

>tfw want to apply for new dragon game just so I can be involved in the hype and discussion, but probably wouldn't be able to stick with the game if I was picked because schedule constraints

There are not enough hours in the day.

>> No.51900302

I know that feel...

>> No.51900304

Now that SoM has some content out compared to when apps were being done for the first dragon game, is it potentially allowed?

>> No.51900345

I mean, I'd apply for the game anyway because like I said I want to be involved in the hype and discussion.

But trying to join a game you probably couldn't stay in for more than a few sessions is a scumbag move. I'll just have to watch from the sidelines. I really like seeing /pfg/ so enthusiastic about things, I just wish people could be so enthusiastic about discussion and characters and games and everything even when we don't have a new game to bite our teeth into.

>> No.51900411


But we're like that all the time, you big silly! We love discussing characters and quests and campaigns that are super awesome cool!

>> No.51900461

Be the bishonen the Demense needs, anon

>> No.51900470


Well Dragon Game 1 is very magic heavy.

I'd like to see more martial focused characters

>> No.51900471

Well, if you can work things out with the GM, if you get in, you could have your departure from the game be worked into the story. Be via political marriage, or heroic last stand against unwinnable odds to allow the rest of the party time to escape...

>> No.51900547


Well lucky you, because it sounds like we've got a lot of martials chomping at the bit to apply!

I know I'm making one! You're cool with Avowed, right?

>> No.51900582

Nah, joining a game I know I'll have to leave because I'm job searching and will hopefully find work soon just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I'm already in enough games anyway. Would rather leave that player slot for somebody who will actually be able to stick with the campaign long-term than try and join myself. Leaving mid-campaign would probably feel unsatisfying for me and be troublesome for the DM, not to mention be unfair to the other people who wanted in.

>> No.51900604

>tempted to make my Dragon Henshin Hero that uses an enchanted scale from Culdranth as his transformation trinket
>but also want to resubmit my previous app because it just barely didn't get in
Goddamnit, y u do dis to me?

>> No.51900621


Flip a coin, That's what i'd do. :3

>> No.51900663

I would do the app you did not already submit personally, but pick the one you feel is better quality.

>> No.51900666

Would you be okay with a tiefling whose fiendish features manifested in the form of cute animal ears and perma youthful appearance?

>> No.51900678


I have my eye on you satan

>> No.51900690

That's not a no...

Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

>> No.51900708

just dont let it happen again.

i let a kobold into my game who's primary physical characteristic was a large ass. You're fine. plus i've allowed worse things.

>> No.51900713

I have no idea what would be fun to make, so many options.

>> No.51900719

Hey /pfg/
I am looking for a feat that reduces the effect of frightful presence I saw it recently but I cant remember it's name.Does anyone know what it is?

>> No.51900745

Thanks. That expands my options somewhat, as far as character art goes.

>> No.51900756

God this is such a fucking stupid stance.

>> No.51900770

How much do you suppose turning a class-leveled NPC into a fairly well optimized gestalt npc would affect the CR?
I.E. Dwarf Cleric 7: CR6 --> Dwarf Cleric/Wizard 7: CR ???

>> No.51900855

Boys shouldn't have hips like those.

>> No.51900867

If I get into Dragon Game #2, mine will.

>> No.51900874

>alchemist takes greater alchemical simulacrum
>uses it almost exclusively to create maids that are all mid-level URogues or Alchemists
>Bases their appearances on random people the party has met
>Leaves them all to tend to the party's mansion

At what point will I have gone too far

>> No.51900875

>"fairly well optimized"
Lolno. There's no synergy whatsoever and both compete for your standard actions with their spells.

In theory, assuming you pick class combinations that actually have synergy, it's worth about one or two levels.

>> No.51900893

Not very desu, unless you give them all crafting feats.

>> No.51900897


Boys should always have hips like those!

>> No.51900904

Simulacrums don't get crafting feats unless the originals took crafting feats very early into their careers.

>> No.51900915

>That terrible feeling as a DM when you realize that you have no fucking clue where to take the story

>> No.51900925

I've got hips like those!

>> No.51900932

The answer, as always, is plane shift.

>> No.51900958

Well right now, they're sitting around in the castle of their Magus's family waiting for the Magus to get married before then going around the country to find these three magical artifacts they need to enter the enemy's lair, but I can't think of what to actually do in the waiting period.

>> No.51900964

Would you allow the DSP Dragon Monster Race/Class?

>> No.51900976


Have done, and will do

>> No.51900981


>> No.51900984

I allowed a player to use the 3.5 vows, how bad did I fuck up?

>> No.51900987


>> No.51900999

the cleric/wizard was just to illustrate my question, not the class combo I had in mind.

>> No.51901002


>> No.51901003

They literally just dealt with the Magus's brother being impersonated by a shapechanger and trying to kill him, doubt they want to deal with something like that /again/.

Hopefully they do some stuff in the city instead of just going out for more combat, but we shall see.

>> No.51901006

Y'know, I always wondered. How much can you customize a simulacrum? Obviously you shouldn't have total freedom of feats and class and such, but like... Can you take two human subjects and mix-and-match them at all? Appearance and profession skills of one, class and physical features of the other? Or even just deciding "I'mma make a perfect statistical copy of John from down the street, but I'mma make the simulacrum be a girl that looks vaguely like him". This is all assuming you're not trying to do so to minmax and break shit in half, mind you.

I need to know for, uh, unrelated reasons. Yea.

>> No.51901018

>players are mid level
>players try to solve everything with stuff like scry
>players call bullshit when scry doesn't work

They're hunting a serial killer who is wearing an Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls:

They keep trying to find him via magic and it isn't working so they keep getting more and more mad. They haven't even tried interviewing NPCs or doing mundane searching around crime scenes beyond glancing at it. I don't know what to do with them at this point.

>> No.51901025

Put them in charge of making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. Then throw a bunch of hitches for them to fix.

>> No.51901028


You just want to fuck a female version of yourself, don't you!

>> No.51901031

No idea. I grabbed it off a thread on 4chan some time back. Sorry I can't help further.

>> No.51901033

You mean the ones from BoED? You might consider buffing them, especially the Vow of Poverty. Just because it's better than the PF equivalent doesn't mean it's any good.

>> No.51901036

If you already did treason, then the only other choice is love potions.

>> No.51901043

I would.

If she was just a mirror of me, she'd be a slightly thicc Jewish girl. Just my type.

>> No.51901051

>want to try out the White Worm Apostle archetype
>no one wants to adventure with a horrible rotting undragon

>> No.51901055


Well you shouldn't have hips like those, anon! Boys don't have babies, they don't need wide hips!

>> No.51901058

Well, if it makes either of you feel better, Zev in the first game (I am her player) is DSP's True Dragon (silver) up one side of gestalt, and Battle Butler from Gonzo II up the other.

>> No.51901064

Is there any variant on the Half Dragon Template you would be willing to allow? As the regular template is... stupid.

>> No.51901076

What are some Feats/class features/items/etc from 3.5 that you wish made the jump to PF? I like the Monkey Grip and Wield Oversized Weapon feats. Not every BFS wielder has to be a Titan Mauler Barbarian

>> No.51901090

How clear have you made it that scrys won't work? Depending on what you've said they may think they just needed to try a couple more times to break through (like with normal Nondetection).

>> No.51901094

But wide hips make for better grabbing

>> No.51901095

You should meet my Ex's room mate.

>> No.51901109

That's not a bad idea, but that was not actually my original plan. The fucking her part. I did consider making a female version of myself, because I'd need a simulacrum I can trust to be the head maid.

>> No.51901110


Well. i dont want to stop you from making it.

All of The Queen's Children/decendants are technically mutants, it'd be wrong to say they don't all end up sexy thicc dragonoids. it could fit fantastically.

I'm willing to allow refluffs of pretty much every planetouched/elementaltouched race into a Dragon blooded human, and we have two means of being "half dragon" in The Dragon Princess, and Dragonborn.

>> No.51901114

what if you make it a cute undragon!

>> No.51901120

You meme me sir. A 30 ac level three character needs more buffing?

>> No.51901125

I wish Archivist got a port to PF, I wish Cloistered Cleric was not total Garbage, I wish Marshal got a port, I wish Factotum got a port, and lastly the 3.5 warlock.

>> No.51901156

They've now cast scry 8 times and each time have failed as if hitting non-detection. They know they are not making spell resistance checks, just hitting a blank wall. I try to not dictate to my players what will or won't work, but they seem ready to waste all their 4th level slots on scry every day.

>> No.51901164

>and lastly the 3.5 warlock.
But anon, Avowed is already a thing!

>> No.51901190

You are absolutely ___right___.

>> No.51901202

wait until higher levels when he has fallen behind those that do get magic items...assuming of course you've been keeping up to date with them.

>> No.51901206

You got something to back that bold claim with?

>> No.51901214

That's nice to hear! If I do end up going with that, I'll definitely ignore the "everything that dragons despise" fluff.

>White worm apostates lose the normal luster and color of their scales, becoming a maggoty whitish-yellow. Mold-like fur grows in patches between their scales, emitting a cloying scent similar to rotting vegetable matter. Their fangs rot and atrophy, leaving the undragons with a festering maw of loose hide. Pale worms can be seen periodically emerging from the undragon’s orifices, quickly crawling back within the
depths of their foul bodies.
I don't think it's possible to make that cute.

>> No.51901240

Some of the stories were super cute in that one. The one in particular you linked was ultra cute.

>> No.51901252

No...the 3.5 warlock does not exist in pathfinder and god I hate them for it.

Ditto the Facototum

>> No.51901253

i'm sure it could be refluffed somehow. DM's already letting people change genie-kin into dragon-kin.

>> No.51901258

Tell me about her.

>> No.51901270

Normal dragon rules don't apply, broski.

>> No.51901290

XS can make that cute.

XS can make the cute horrible and the most horrible thing appealing.

>> No.51901295

I... I don't even know from where this is from. Just had it in my "le memes" folder.



>> No.51901315

Aside from Spell Focus, what are some good feats to improve an illusionist type build?

>> No.51901328


That sounds like something out of Dark Souls.

Now all we need is a scythe-wielding half-dragon with fluffy tail and horribly naive views on the world!

>> No.51901345


W-why would you need to grab a boy's hips unless you're dancing with them?

>> No.51901400

You're in luck, I actually have the sauce bookmarked.

I even went and linked the page that particular story starts on.


>> No.51901432

>Not fluffing as a dragon with a terrible case of the Lethal Tian Cold (tm), desperately seeking mama Culdranth in order to find some way to feel better
>Not being overly concerned for everyone's health, constantly concerned that the disease might be contagious
>Not finding the bugs they vomit cute and naming each and every one of them

>> No.51901483


>Filthy rotting nurse dragon with a massive martyr complex and obsession with cleanliness and using protection


>> No.51901504

You just said one reason.

Another one might be to comfort them.

To guide them in case it's dark and they don't have low-light vision.

Sometimes you don't even need a reason. It just feels good.

>> No.51901609

Is it wrong for an anti-paladin of a long lived race to completely dehumanize shorter lived races. In a similar manner to how a human views a goblin he would look the same way at humans.

Humans being hilariously short sighted and fun to hurt due to how common they are.

From his point of view the destruction of human effort hits the sweet spot because they're smart enough to value effort and short enough lived that 10 years of effort is a significant chunk of their lives.

Dwarves and Gnomes live for too long. Orcs and Goblinoids don't care about long term effort enough. Human, Halflings, Half-elves, and Half-orcs hit a nice sweet spot of fantastic to watch them squirm.

>> No.51901661


Not at all. In fact, you don't even need to be an anti-paladin to be a knife-eared supremacist asshole.

>> No.51901664

When do you think Akasha will be added to the SRD?

>> No.51901665

Hey now, I get the SotJR greentext up within an hour of session end every week.

It's those lazy fucks from Friday that are giving us a bad name!

>> No.51901696


Session tonight?

>> No.51901703


>> No.51901706

Those fucks dropped a bomb last thread and still haven't gotten to it. WHERE ARE THE PASTES, FRIDAY? WHERE ARE THEY?

I can't wait to see SotJR cooly go through the same kind of bullshit without spilling an ounce of spaghetti.

>> No.51901717

I get what you mean - cute boys have so many conveniently grabbable spots it's a shame to single out just one of them.

>> No.51901815


Got posted in the IRC channel.

>> No.51901849

Better question, then, where are the greentexts for the people who weren't on IRC?

>> No.51901864

Thicc alcoholic jewess that works in the servgice who hates everyone unless they have a fat cock or they're serving her alcohol or coffee. She's basically female Gareth

>> No.51901914

Gareth loves fat cocks?

>> No.51901916

> Taldor Ascendant completely inactive

I know it's still a couple weeks off, but the GM should be chiming in occasionally. It feels dead.

>> No.51901934


>> No.51902034

What's a good animal or plant to style my helmet as for the Steel Skin trait? My first thoughts were Hound, Raven, and Catfish.


>> No.51902049


>> No.51902071

What are the best Eliciter emotions?

>> No.51902125


Everyone loves fat cocks, especially Jewesses.

>> No.51902163


Tell us about the character, where they're from and how hey fight.

>> No.51902202

I mostly just remember stuff that happened to my character, so I'll go over the pastes again and drum something up.

>> No.51902208

Crusader participating in the World Wound crusades. Family has been crusaders for generations, the helmet is the same one his grandfather and great grandfathers wore. He's a Mendev native and was trained since young to participate in the crusades. His helmet and sword were lost when his grandfather died, if I get into the game I'm gonna see if my GM is ok with me recovering them and taking Additional Traits for an Heirloom Weapon and the Helmet.

>> No.51902232


Ooh, go for a study oak tree with a branch-and-leaf motif.

Your roots run deep, cleaning the air and purifying the soil one demon at a time!

>> No.51902285

>session starts
>everyone at the beach on chopper isle, pretty deserted because it's chopper isle
>people enjoying sun, surf, and sand
>saboten discovers the twins dont have swimsuits, decides to rectify that situation
>meanwhile, all the guys (and quinn) are racing to the lighthouse
>sweettooth in the lead (by cheating) almost runs into a young woman walking towards the beach
>she asks if the four of them could help her catch some rats
>get to general store, everyone enters the dark basement
>hear rustling of cloth behind them as the door closes
>everyone turns around to see naked shayliss
>spaghetti everywhere
>especially since the only exit is through her
>everyone losing their mind (besides quinn)
>eventually shayliss forcibly strips sweettooth and rubio, pushing sweettooth over to the cooperative quinn
>quinn and sweettooth paired off on one side, rubio and etan spitroasting shayliss
>porn-level puns thrown around all over
>eventually shayliss gets rubio on the floor and tells etan to use the other hole
>that's not supposed to go there
>fun times cut short when ven vinder comes home to find the party in his basement, comes back with a shotgun

>entire party attempts to sneak out or at least hide their faces except for rubio who manages to talk him down from shooting them all
>party catches up with saboten and the twins who have been shopping for swimsuits in the meantime
>what happened is immediately clear to saboten from quinn's clothing and sweettooth's unnaturally wide grin
>party returns to the rusty dragon to sing songs and drink heavily to forget what just happened

>> No.51902303

Oh, also
>mistranslation between quinn and saboten in tien regarding ven vinder's "large firearm that he used on the men"

>> No.51902373 [SPOILER] 

>This wasn't what I ordered for lunch!

>> No.51902378

I am posting again for thoughts. I apologize for posting in multiple threads.

I require opinions on race lore. I do not have many races in my setting, but I will go over a few here for thoughts:

The separate goblinoid creatures are not in fact different species, instead they form a greater single species. In this case goblins are infertile males, hobgoblins fertile males, and bugbears females. Their clans end up strictly matriarchal with a bugbear at its head. When giving birth to a litter generally one child will grow to a hobgoblin, if two do so both hobgoblins will likely be runts among their kind. Hobgoblins practice rampant homosexuality due to their pathological need to mate where as bugbears only become fertile at certain times of the year, this varies from bugbear to bugbear and depends on when they were born. Bugbears can actually choose when to give birth to a new female, and will often send one with several hobgoblins and goblins to be established as a sister clan. This creates vast networks of allied clans stemming from single Bugbears. Bugbears, opposed to goblins and hobgoblins are far longer lived, some reaching as old as two hundred. Goblins, the infertile males, are generally subservient to their larger fertile brothers, but only to a point. However both hobgoblins and goblins will religiously follow the orders of their Bugbear mother or current clan head, this is due to pheromones the bugbear produces. She will often cut portions of her hair off and give it to her servants, these hair soaked in pheromone oil she excretes, and will keep them subservient while away. Goblinoids away from a bugbear for a long periods of time, without such baubles, will grow to realize their subservience.

>> No.51902424

Seems legit.

>> No.51902458

Dwarven kind's "lust for gold" is quite literal. Dwarves have no sexes and are a single monolithic species. They are not born, and instead are built. An individual or a community will carve a new dwarf out of metal, stone, or gem and set them life using often poorly understood old rituals. One's material will often decide one's caste throughout life. Dwarven rich will carve their children of gold and gems, this creates a luxury for the rich of having a child as they can afford to pay for the materials of a child alone. Clans and communities otherwise will often come together to pool resources when creating a new dwarf. This is why clans exist, groups who come together to finance new dwarves as well as 'children of the community' where the new dwarf's 'parents' is every member of a town who pitched in. Dwarves will often be created for specific tasks, when new workers or soldiers are required. Dwarven society has strong laws detailing how a new child must pay off the worth of their body to their creator. The poorest of dwarves can be made of materials like brick, slate, or even concrete. These urban poor dwarves are seen as disgusting creatures by their brethren often, and such dwarves are most common among populations living outside of dwarven territory. Rich dwarves seldom travel due to the inherent wealth of their bodies. Even if they carry no riches a golden dwarf represents half a ton of gold to the would be highway man. Using a dwarf's body after death is sacrilege, and dead dwarves are enshrined in their base parts. Old dwarven clans will have bars and vaults full of gems harvested from their ancestors. Dwarves however have no natural maximum lifespan and dwarven death only comes in the form of dwarves who died in violence, accidents, or of diseases that effect their kind.

>> No.51902462

So how does this interact with the first group?

>> No.51902472

Trolls I have changed completely from being a form of giant to instead being a native outsider. Their existence is intrinsically linked to that of intelligent races. Trolls come into existence when a structure or place modified by humanoids is left for an extended period of time. The most obvious example would be that of an abandoned bridge. A troll will naturally form on this abandoned bridge and essentially be site bound to it. A troll is an extension of the structure it inhabits. A troll's toll, as it is referred to, is the payment a troll demands for using the structure it is a part of. These tolls are often confusing to a normal humanoid. Trolls with pathologically attempt to increase the structure and gaudiness of what ever structure they inhabit, a troll bridge, over a few decades, becoming a massive structure. Trolls are influenced by the land they were birthed from. Stone, river, sand, etc. trolls exist depending on the landscape their home structure exists in. Abandoned towns and cities do not stay abandoned for long as trolls will come into being inside them. Trolls grows more powerful as their structure does, when two trolls come into conflict most often one will kill the other and then deconstruct the other troll's site for building material. An abandoned city left to itself will end with a single massive citadel constructed by the surviving troll, who will have changed into a powerful being due to his massive home.

Also I want to emphasize trolls are not meant to be playable. They're just around.

>> No.51902490

Is there any rule that prevents me from carrying around a pitcher full of potions? The physical description says they're about one fluid ounce each, so a pretty standard 2-gallon pitcher could hold 256 doses of potions of CLW. I'm not trying to drink more than one dose a round like this, and for the sake of simplicity let's say all the potions are identical.

>> No.51902493

Apparently the two games are going to be canon with each other.

>> No.51902518

Also last time I got someone worried that the trolls were too one dimensional if every time you go to an abandoned town there is a troll at the center. The idea is a lot of the time this doesn't happen because when trolls arise they keep doing so. An abandoned town rarely hits the point of a single surviving super trolls. Any trolls that gets a large territory often ends up dying of some cause, other trolls or adventurers, and having them homes dismantled. One things trolls are capable of is working together to try and scrounge building material. This is more often moving rocks too large for singular trolls, but can be trolls ganging up on a stronger troll and dividing up his territory's resources. However these trolls after the job is done and once things are divided will inevitably come into conflict with one another.

>> No.51902526

>Dwarves make themselves out of earth or are otherwise literally made of earth

I liked it the last time I saw it on /tg/, I liked it in WoW, I like it here. The true children of stone have my approval.

As for these Trolls, I like that they have a means of getting stronger like that. Means they can be used at just about any level of play, seems like.

Good on ya!

>> No.51902579

Dragons are not born from other dragons and have no line of inheritance. Instead how a dragon comes into existence is when there is a particularly wicked mortal. When that mortal dies their heart becomes an egg and eventually hatches into a dragon. Dragons are odd in that they have no inherent sapience. A dragon when it is first born can not speak or think, and will repeat, like a mockingbird, the first sounds it hears. Dragons then begin to repeat and imitate things they see. As time goes on they see and experience more things and begin to respond to situations with a larger variety of responses, but at their core dragons are a creature devoid of all creativity. The hoarding instinct of dragons is most often associated with a need to gather knowledge to fuel their ability to respond, a dragon once given the concept that it requires information to form responses, as they can not conceive of it themselves, will begin to act on it via gathering. Dragons as they garner information grow larger. A several century old dragon is essentially indistinguishable from a creature with creativity due to the wealth of knowledge it has accumulated for responses. Slavery, hoarding, and research are what dragons attempt most often. They will often keep mortals to help make inductive leaps they are incapable of and as such each dragon will inevitably have worshipers or partners to assist them in their growth.

>> No.51902625

Man how do dragons survive past infancy?

>> No.51902648

It's an interesting take on dragons. Not my favorite (I prefer them being the pinnacle of Material Plane-native life, and therefore the closest things to gods it can produce on its own), but it's certainly nothing I've seen before.

>> No.51902650

The moment something attacks them they have a violent response to attack back. Dragons, even if devoid of the ability to think creatively, are highly dangerous.

Most often they begin life by first sitting in one spot and observing, and then hiding once they see something to conceptualize it.

However, most dragons do die in infancy, only one in a thousand get large enough to be able to matter.

Also people who purposefully raise dragons exist as you can control their ability to respond by only giving them certain information.

>> No.51902688

So they're cleverbot?

>> No.51902713

Essentially. My setting has no outer planes and instead 9 varieties of native outsider. Dragons are the TN native outsider.

>> No.51902751

Hags were changed to the CE native outsider.
Rakshasa remained the LE native outsider
Sahasrara are the LN native outsider, based on the seven chakra
Trolls are the CN native outsider
Dragons are the TN native outsider
Rathai are the LG native outsider, based on object possession

NG, NE, and CG are still up for grabs and I haven't worked through them. I have given it some thoughts but not finalized them.

>> No.51902876

NE? I would say the most iconic choice would be direwolves, cg I would say use brownies, and ng I would say dire eagles

>> No.51902899

Are your gobbos still the big horde that gets slaughtered en masse but reproduces to quickly to die out type, or are they a bit more civilized and less likely to just suicidally throw themselves at things? Just asking because they seem like they'd reproduce more slowly than the usual goblins.

>> No.51902923


>Shayliss spitroast.

Yeah, I can't see this happening in SotJR.

Shayliss making Seht into a man, now that I can see.

>> No.51902998

Are you making fun of him making traditionally narrow monster-types into wider ones? I see nothing wrong with it, especially if he has no outer planes in his setting.

>> No.51903028

No, I don't even see why you would think that, he asked for specific alignments and seemed to be trying to avoid normal outsiders for his choices

>> No.51903058

Goblins are used as suicide troops as they are numerous and expendable. Bugbears and hobgoblins are more intelligent and command their lesser cousins.

>> No.51903067

Onryou gets oddly jealous for nooo reason

>> No.51903119

CG has to be some kind of fey
LE could be some kind of evil genie

>> No.51903134

Approximately how many goblins is a Bugbear expected to produce on an average year?

Also, are goblins cute little fuccbois for the hobgoblins?

>> No.51903141

Mr Eagle! I am a poor chimney sweep living in the UK and while I would gladly gnaw off both my legs for the opportunity to be in one of your games I fear that my body may not be able to handle it!

How long do your games usually run? Four hours? More? I just want to know if joining means I'm going to be screwing with my sleep patterns every fortnight or if I'm going to be going totally nuclear on them.

>> No.51903169

>A large portion of the marriage plan goes tits-up when both groups accidentally the weddings each-other

>> No.51903173

Player from Team 1 here, our sessions last about 6 hours. If you're gonna join, you're probably gonna be up on all hours.

My sympathies, poor bong

>> No.51903179

Uh, we played from like, 2100 to 0300 last night I believe.

>> No.51903184

You forgot:
>The tailor Saboten and the Twins went to had absolutely no sense of personal space
>Didn't quite molest the twins while she was taking their measurements
>Did molest Saboten when saw that the suit she had made for -her- didn't quite fit
>Sadly, by the time I had typed out an attempt from Saboten to make something more of it, she had run back off to the twins

>> No.51903192

A bugbear generally produces two litters a year that have 1-2 hobgoblins and 6-10 hobgoblins. A goblin matures to combat readiness in as little a 9 months. Hobgoblins normally take 2-3 years.

>> No.51903198


No! Party Mage (Team Magic) is mostly women, Party Martial (Team Meat) is mostly men!

The men can marry the girls, the girls can marry the men! Everyone wins!

Or Party #2 goes to conquer somewhere else.

>> No.51903210

6-10 goblins, not hobgoblins.

>> No.51903212

How can I key Perception to a stat other than Wisdom? 1PP only.

>> No.51903215

Fuck, that means I'd be staying up till 8 in the morning for this... but I could feasibly do it. Maybe I'll give it a try over the next few weeks and see how it works out.

>> No.51903220

Well, sometimes the double barreled shotgun is a penis, and sometimes it's a shotgun.

Even the twins made that mistake, and they were native speakers.

>> No.51903228

So I know that the other physical stats are altered by Wild Shape, while the mental ones stay the same, but what about Con and HP? How do I calculate those?

>> No.51903237

Sleepless Detective get INT instead of WIS, IIRC.

>> No.51903240


Hey now, tailors need to touch all those places to get a good measurement! You want a dress that hugs the breasts, don't you? Shows off all the curves? Emphasizes the goods?

Saturday Team is going to have a blast with that scene, what with Onryou and Seht.

>> No.51903246

In Pathfinder your stats don't become those of the monster, they are changes as per the Beast Shape spell from whatever your current stats are.

>> No.51903264

Well the PLAN is to use said marriages to place family in upper nobility. So that does cause trouble there.

That said, what were the two groups? 5 girls one small guy?

If the second group is like, 5 knights and one small lady knight.

>> No.51903291


>Second Team is asked to make the husbands of First Team
>First Team gets to fight over which man they want the most

>> No.51903295

Wait, that's a SCENE?

I thought that was just DM improv based on some NPC info he got from a Sandpoint Setting guide or something.

>> No.51903312

>sometimes the shotgun's just a penis.
>sometimes the penis is just a shotgun.

I guess you can't have a double-entendre without a single!

>> No.51903408

Well that simplifies things greatly, thanks.

Also, I'm looking to get a friend of mine into a
PF session and he wants to build a knife-thrower
for the memes, is there anything in particular I should
throw his way that will make that sort of build at least somewhat decent?

>> No.51903422

Arcane strike will help a throw build if he uses something like bard or magus.

>> No.51903471

Gonna be honest I wouldn't fucking play in this setting if you payed me. Pretentious fucking faggots who try and "subvert" and "deconstruct" races should be taken out back and shot.

>> No.51903505

If it helps we're using the "elephant in the room" feat tax removal system, so he can use the ranged Power Attack for free. Does that help open up some options?

>> No.51903546

Fighter is actually one of the better classes for knife-throwing.

They can get Ricochet Toss easier than anyone else so their knives bounce back to them, and the Trained Throw Advanced Weapon Training ability doubles their weapon training damage bonus for thrown weapons So long as you're still using dex to hit and strength for damage

Also get him some dueling gloves to bump up the weapon training pre-doubling by 2 points.

>> No.51903706

Was Taldor Ascendant a bamboozling or did DHB run off the GM?

>> No.51903717


>> No.51903747

Ricochet Toss says it doesn't work for weapons that count as ammunition, I hope that throwing knives do not?

>> No.51903751

New Thread: >>51903748

>> No.51903765

They do not. Ammunition ones are those that are destroyed on hit.

That's mostly just shuriken and darts. Throwing daggers/knives are fine.

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