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Whats the best way to play a Hemomancer without them being an evil and/or edgy fuck?

And what system would best facilitate this?

Picture oh so unrelated.

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In general? Don't be a dick and try to interpret their powers in a neutral or positive way.

I played a character in Legends of the Wulin using a custom Internal style based around blood manipulation http://wulinlegends.pbworks.com/w/page/61369015/Blood%20Forged%20Body

While it can be used as a Corrupt style, outright evil and disruptive, it was written with the option to use it in a balanced way.

The character tried to be a righteous swordsman, fighting for good despite the dark associations of their technique. It was pretty fun.

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Well if you're just using blood to power spells you don't need to look covered in it all the time. Just coming off as kind of pale and malnourished would seem like enough.
If you're talking about making swords out of your own blood or some shit there isn't much you can do to not make it at least a little edgy

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Yeah I mean the later. I like the idea of a mage using their own blood to fight and such. But I guess the concept is just inherently edgy?

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Play them as a healer or fantasy surgeon of some sort that used their abilities to help others in the beginning.
Such an ability would attract evil and those who would want to control such power. The Hemomancer would have to learn to use their abilities to fight and defend themselves out of necessity.
After being forced to flee their home by ignorant townsfolk or some evil force, they find themselves in an unfamiliar city, looking for work and a way to satiate that urge they've always had to help others and to be a hero.

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It's not like it's completely impossible. I mean just because making weird shit with blood is your super power doesn't mean you have to start wearing all black and red and start licking knives while threatening people. Off the top of my head the least edgy type character with that sort of thing was the main girl from a forgettable anime from a few years back called kyoukai no kanata, but what that lacked in edge I feel like it mostly made up for in melodrama

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all their blood goes directly to their dick and magic blood cu m bullets rain on their enemies

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Blood = Life
Life = Hippie


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Just don't play them edgy. They can have whatever personality you like, they just happen to rip the blood out of people.

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>a zealous figure in a faith that focuses on self-sacrifice and purification, maybe uses it to heal?

>a soldier that used the stuff to keep his increasingly battered organs inside the glorified tin can he wears until the battle ends

>an eccentric sculptor, uses their own blood

>some noble who took the concept of noble blood a bit too seriously, uses said blood to lay down the law on those who threaten his subjects

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Dude, religious martyr who goes around flagellating himself to activate spells, constantly weepy and apologizing.

I could totally dig it.

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If they control other people's blood, they could be a healer, and easily take down criminals nonlethally (just make them pass out)

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As a plot for a game I'm probably never going to run, I came up with this tortured eccentric artist who was really into the idea that all art requires self investment. For his masterpiece, he shoots himself in front of a canvas, and makes arrangements for the blood splatter to be displayed as his magnum opus.

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I have refluffed Blood Magi from 3.5 to be Sorcerers who have heard the "Heart's Song" when they were near death. Regardless if they are good or evil they are very much about life and ilving feeling they were given a second chance to experience it in it's fullness so they tend to be optimistic even in their morbidity.

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>a zealous figure in a faith that focuses on self-sacrifice and purification, maybe uses it to heal
>religious martyr who goes around flagellating himself to activate
I threw my players against an entire order of nuns who did this not four months ago. The idea was that if dragon blood held magical power a la sorcery, why couldn't human blood?

The end result is an order of a much larger religion known to be the absolute best healers around, who run on a rather heavy amount of humanity fuck yeah all things considered, and use blood magic as a stand in for all sorts of curative and divine power. They're also actually the Dustmen from Planescape.

Shit's fun, I highly recommend it.

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As many have already mentioned, a healer. You need blood to live so hemomancer would make for a heroic trauma doctor. Alternatively, a kindly nurse doing rounds giving blood transfusions to patients. Almost no profession is inherently edgy, it's all about the presentation.

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You could go healer/cleric type with it, a bit od a psuedo "lay on hands" except your character puts a cut of his own on the wound, magically super circulates team mates blood with his own to purify the blood/great speed up the healing process or some such. Basically super dialisis man.

Take it the opposite and offensive direction, if you can get blood to blood contact with and enemy you basically dump a shitload of toxins/oxygen depletion, just outright take thier blood or create a fatal blood pressure spike/anyurism/stroke/embolism

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>You could go healer/cleric type with it, a bit od a psuedo "lay on hands" except your character puts a cut of his own on the wound, magically super circulates team mates blood with his own to purify the blood/great speed up the healing process or some such. Basically super dialisis man.
I can see this leading to party conflict when the hemomancer refuses to continue healing the bard because he keeps picking up venereal diseases.

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Be a super doctor, battlefield surgeon, medic, etc. Or a hemomancer hiding his powers by posing as a doctor.

Or some non lethal type PC that incapacitates enemies.

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I once played a Vampire Doctor who used leeches as a snack food. Comedy with out too much smarm or lol blood jokes reduces edge significantly

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Just make your character a teary-eyed moeblob.
The glasses are mandatory.

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Contrast your character with rival hemomancers that are pussies using other people's blood. You on the other hand believe that it shouldn't be so easy, so you sacrifice yourself. Maybe it is tqd weaker, but you have more control and it is the right thing to do.

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>Whats the best way to play a Hemomancer without them being an evil and/or edgy fuck?

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If you don't want to go the sort of healer route this >>51893963 sounds pretty good.

Otherwise, if you can be a fight-y sort of character, a non-edgy literal Blood Knight doesn't sound so bad. You like to fight a lot and don't mind literally bleeding for it. It's your life's blood and passion. Be a more chill and laid-back person most of the time and let loose when it matters(just not straight into beserking). Perhaps also be more of a duelist or tactician even when it comes to battle.

Make your methods and forms refined and perhaps subtle. Play more of a trickster or magician and hide the fact that you're doing things(or can do things) with your own blood until the right moment. Your blood-objects aren't immediately obvious most of the time because they're too small to examine or look very well-made except for the rust-red. Keep the enemy's attention on something else you're doing while you're bloodmancing.

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You're royal. Your bloodline is literally blessed by God on high to give you dominion over the land.

Can you imagine how potent a weapon that could be against the forces of evil if you could just find some way to harness that power?

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Don't be dramatic over using blood as fuel/ingredient. Eat a lot of liver. Learn how to cook liver. Be nice to people.

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What's this with hemomancy and healing and super religious fervour? It's still edgy when you're constantly flagellating and spraying your blood everywhere.

Just make your blood mage an academic wizard who never really was that powerful before finding out about blood magic, and he studies and practices it both of pure academic interest and because it allows him to do more than light a candle.

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Be positive.

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Everyone expects you to NOT be an edgetard.
Be the edgiest retard ever in looks.
Play fucking risotto nero.

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Find ways to take the magic in a logical direction beyond the edgy tropes.
For example, a character concept I had was a character that used hemomancy in his profession as a surgeon. Manipulating the flow of blood to allow for clearer views on organs, keeping blood flowing properly, etc.
If your setting has no technology to perform similar functions, surgeons using these magical techniques could be life-saving and appreciated by general civilisation, maybe even treated especially well if they are rare.

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Make him a clumsy physical comedy type. Like he'll trip over stuff, break his nose and with the ensuing nose bleed fuck everything around him up. Also ecchi anime nosebleed stuff works.

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easiest way: play Vampire and roll a Tremere.

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>not Malkavian
It's like you don't even want to genuinely foretell the end of the world in-between of incoherent ramblings.

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this is actually a pretty cool idea

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Eh, they're not so much into the blood magic like Tremere are.

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make him obese, swollen and constantly eating blood foods like black sausage and whatever

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>blood magic

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Don't enjoy doing it.

Before you cast a spell, wince and go "Oh fuck, this hurts."

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Not a bad idea, but wouldn't the lack of enjoyment and the "oh my the pain" complaints function the same as edginess?

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Underated post

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It's all in the delivery. Don't go on and on about it, just an "AH FUCK MY HAND" before a spell is all you need.

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I once played a hemokinetic who had blood sacks running up and down his limbs and torso, would go into battle with a baseball bat and his t shirt and jeans just acting like a dipshits hero.

When he inevitably got hurt he'd gush blood and become a blood based power ranger in heavyish armour.

Could even summon (read make with waaaayyy to much blood) a sheep zord. When asked why he chooses to make it a sheep, as he's campy as fuck and basically the friendliest mother fucker, hed always reply 'what the fuck else would I make?'

People stopped asking after a while.

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Have it only pop up when necessary and have the character either ignore it until that point or seem annoyed they have to use it.

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Hemomancer will always be edgy, if only because people will make associations. It's like necromancy.

Just make it edgy in a good way. There's place for edgyness and this modern reaction against it is due to people who didn't know when to stop.

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Wear cute glasses.

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Playing a "neutral/chaotic good" blood mage in Dragon Age Origins is a good way to start.

The whole idea of breaking the rules to protect mankind and things. A character who doesn't care about burning in hell, or getting executed for forbidden magic, as long as it protects mankind from some evil, it's worth it.

A guy or gal with the mindset of the soldiers that were first to exit the trenches and enter no-mans-land in WW1, or first to exit the amphibious vehicles and get on the beaches in WW2.

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> Whats the best way to play a Hemomancer without them being an evil and/or edgy fuck?
Why not embrace it, though?
If I was a hemomancer, I would play him as picrelated - a shallow man and a deranged psychopath who takes cruel and vicious things so far, they become comedic instead.
The crazy psycho who tries to feed a dog to the ATM - that's the hemomancer you want to aspire to be.

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Why has no one posted the Oglaf comic?

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Be a thief who always has a set of lockpicks in his veins. Characterize it as someone who just got fed up with having to replace tools stolen by teammates or who constantly loses their kit and equipment to carelessness and so just learned how to always have them in hand, a pinprick away.

Move and control the blood inside your own body to amp up your physical motions, magical power translating into brute strength. Play the part, work out routine, diet and everything, maybe even act like a militant vegan, and keep the blood thing on the down-low.

Play the blood splurting uses off in jokes and cheesy lines as much as you can, like an audacious would-be playboy poofing flowers from their sleeve would; aim for a light-hearted, somewhat attention-starved soul who tries to be flashy because he wants to be liked rather than edgy because he wants to be shocking.

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>that potato

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Run it as a shaman. Not full on witch doctor, plastered in skulls n shit. Something that might be easily be mistaken for a druid. "My magic is of the elements, life and nature." Easy to fake a druidic backstory for deception. You have the looks to back it up, you keep the real nature of your magic on the down low, plus your party might just think of you as the crazy mountain man (or woman) that likes to bathe in their enemies blood.

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I played a hemomancer, once, in a superhero game.
He was a gross ugly mutant with a leech-like appearance, with the ability to control and manipulate blood.
He ran a charity in the shittiest part of the world, crawling with supervillains and criminals, helping the unfortunate. He made the heroes feel super-guilty for assuming he was a villain because of his unappealing powerset and physical appearance, and they agreed to help him out from time to time.

Obviously, he totally was a villain, playing the heroes for chumps as he rank a bunch of sweatshops and trafficking rings underneath his charities.

It was fun.

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puke molten blood
Also I feel like edginess is usually well remedied with a healthy dose of hyper-masculinity. An effeminate guy like Ops pic is a good example of a edgy character. Typical edgy mannerisms would be licking blades, getting pleasure from self-harm, screeching like a banshee, and being overall cocky and smug. Now if you had a dude with all the same powers but he was basically just a roided up football player with a good heart but needed to self-falgilate to activate his powers then I see no problem. Play like a mix between a Red Lantern and Gamagori from Kill La Kill.

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Ms Fortune. Terrible puns optional.

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Shit antagonist in a shitty game.

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Bro calm down. This is a thread about bleeding super powers.

How would you use blood magic to peel the potato properly?

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Make your character have Hemophobia or at the very least make him/her be disgusted by blood.

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>How would you use blood magic to peel the potato properly?
Serious answer?
Use my blood as an adhesive, and peel the top layer off with it. Kind of like women remove their hair with wax.
Alternatively, bleed myself into a soup plate, dip a potato inside of it, and remove everything that the blood has touched.

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Anything is edgy if you're retarded enough.
>My cousin literally cuts people open, rearranges their organs, decides to take them out sometimes, siphons their blood out and injects blood from elsewhere into them, and when he's finished he sews them up like you would a hole in your sock.
>Dude. The fuck.
>Sometimes he lets others watch and monologues while he's doing it.

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