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>try to play an ERP campaign on roll20
>get completely invested in the plot and setting that you forget you were just there for lewds

Let's talk about those times you experienced something you would've never expected from a game

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Jesus christ, why is Ash so fat? I understand that the diet isn't good, but he should be jacked given that he's running and climbing all over the damn place

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i still want to know where all these players interested in lewd campaigns are. i have never been able to find more than one person at a time who would even like to attempt something like that.

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One of my favorite and most memorable games was a 1 on 1 Shadowrun game. I was the GM and the player was a homebrewed succubus (similar to the vampires in the setting but sustained their powers and lifeforce from sex instead of blood). The game went on for about a year I we were both actually super invested in it.

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F-list. /tg/ has channel there.

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Got into what was supposed to be an ERP game.

>Sex scenes kinda sucked
>Brutal violence and politics were amazing.

It got to the point where I was sort of surprised where things would turn to fucking. Like.. put my dick down bitch, I've got to figure out who I can trust with this secret.

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Is that a real h-manga, an edit, or a one off set of panels?

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F-list or look up the keywords ERP or erotic roleplay on roll20. There's a group on roll20 that's dedicated to setting up games for people interested in ERP

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Its an h-doujin but i cant remember the name of it right off.

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I'm pretty sure it's an edit
the original has her going the opposite

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every time i've visited any tg or rpg related chat it has been as silent as the grave. always. and i've been looking/checking for some time now.

been very unimpressed with the options roll20 presents. always very few and always only either D&D or PF. you in the group? is it fairly active or is there a lot of convos that go nowhere? what systems are usually presented for sessions?

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I was once in a one on one ERP about a paladin princess being forced into an arranged marriage with a foreign diplomat for the good of her kingdom in order to cement succession and provide a lucrative peace and trade accord with the neighbors. Said diplomat was a viking elf. What started as an excuse for romance (she's a no nonsense warrior maiden who needs no man! And apparently he LOVES that!) and tsundere adoration of big elven cock turned into world building as we assembled the socio economic nature of our mutual kingdoms in between bouts of trying to get the paladin pregnant.

Sadly it petered out after the wedding and conception with them on their way to visit Elf-Vikingistan and the paladin several months pregnant.

I miss you Eirik.

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It's very much active and there's always a decent variety of different games going on. It's a non-/tg/ group though so there's a lot of furries and whatnot there just as heads up.

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This. Be prepared for furries, sperg, and snowflakes as it's not really a 4chan chat so much as an flist chat originally colonized by /tg/, so the rules and vices of the natives have sunk in.

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Here is how to make f-list tolerable
1. Ignore all futa and shemale players
2. Ignore all primadonas (the 1-2 ones that don't fall into 1)
3. Keep it porn or low-key social (ie asking how the day was/if all is well, etc... No need to get into detail)

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I can't be the only one who doesn't read hentai to fap but for the plot and how it makes me feel, right?

>the original has her going the opposite
Figures. Purification is an uphill battle, but corruption is easy.

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But... but dat's my fetish.

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>mfw majority of the party in my upcoming ERP game are futas/shemales

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Fuck flist shemales, literally just lazy fuck anons who don't wanna feel gay for roleplaying with/as a male character. The most insecure

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I'd be up for it depending on the lewds

>every time i've visited any tg or rpg related chat it has been as silent as the grave. always. and i've been looking/checking for some time now.
I have litterally never seen the f-list chat have less than 160 people at a time, even during 5AM on a weekday, peak hours run >250

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> Projecting that hard

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They are. Full stop. I have more respect for Reds who are legit gay. Purple's only exist because sweaty neckbeards don't want to cuck themselves or are so insecure they can't even fathom being a woman getting railed or being a confident male. Purple is the laziest color for the laziest people who want to put in 0 effort and rake in easy pussy from all the "gay" pinks with cum and dicks in their fetishes.

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>come for the porn
>stay for the plot
Man, you lucked out there man, I wish I found a game that awesome

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He's a kid, he has a bit of baby fat.

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>Figures. Purification is an uphill battle, but corruption is easy.
I remember reading a manga were a bloke turns a your bog standard gyaru JK into a yamato nadeshiko but she becomes a nippless bra wearing personal cum sponge and was purer as a gyaru

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...did you seriously type all that out while still having the gall to call someone else insecure?

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Hi futard player.

You forgot they're the most spergy, poofy and unreliable players.

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What about traps?

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I posted the the title page with author name.
it's wani/fakku just download the 1-1000 pack from nya

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Traps are usually pretty good

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You mean 90% of submisive males?
I guess that's OK.

Honestly they're mostly OK.

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Cboy=Mherm>Male=Female>Tranny(Why is this a thing? 80% of the time they're just futa or shemale, the rest just traps)>Shemale/Futa

Cboy and mherm get away with no stereotypes because nobody fucking plays them.

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>TFW her breast size is different on each pic going smaller and then bigger and then smaller again.

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>play a domimant female
>only get people approaching me for microphilia
Fuck off you creepy bastards!

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I see: and what about pretty boys who would pass as girls if they crossdressed and have a switch personality (they can dom or sub, depending on their partner)?

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Most people on f-list are OK, it's just that futa/shemale players are massively cancerous chancres.

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momma milk

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Rare, hotly sought after, usually good

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So much projected bitterness onto futas, lol. I don't even play them or with them, but it's hilarious to watch you vent.

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oh, there's people in it, all right. there's people in all the chats i jump in. but they all come in only two varieties. dead silent or the same inane, directionless, meme-filled conversations you can have literally anywhere on the internet.
not really a lot of, y'know, RP.

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In my experience the only people who have a problem with futas are guys who got rejected by them one too many times, or actual trans people who find it trivialises their situation.

I just dislike illiterates.

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Or people who don't like women with dicks, anon.

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There's a difference between disliking them and havimg a full on autistic rant whenever someone brings it up.

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>inane, directionless, meme-filled conversations
I absolutely HATE this about the channel. Whenever I find a person who can hold a sexy conversation while making with the lewds, I do my best to get them off of F-list and onto some other platform away from that garbage.

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>that image
Had a good giggle

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unfortunately that garbage is literally everywhere. fuck at that point you might as well rename the group/chat/room/whatever to flipboopslopbort because it doesn't fucking matter. whatever the focus is? never discussed. never explored. never expanded. just human chatbots regurgitating the half-digested thoughts they have accumulated, to be consumed and vomited back again. it's everywhere and it's killing us.

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I don't like the ocean, but it's not a problem. I just don't go.

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By "platform" I meant texting or various IM platforms. I suppose I should feel guilty about hogging quality, but I don't.

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To be fair that's just what most human discussion is like, on a large enough scale. Finding and keeping quality companionship has always been a process.

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This is happened several times to me, and even while I was GMing one.

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Such works as Oshiete Galko and Gal Gohan have shown that Gyaru's are actually the purest of all girls. Never try to un-Gyaru a Gyaru.

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Boner bump

So what's the name of the doujin?

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I just finished the first session of something you're describing exactly at 1am last night. It was mainly chargen. We didn't get much into plot yet - two of the players just got turned into magical girls, but there were absolutely no lewds to be had, despite the original intentions.

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>Join Dragongame on /pfg/ for thicc dergin lewds
>The plot is entertaining and fun, and has moments of massive hype and action
>have done nothing lewd so far aside from ecchi-tier stuff played for laughs

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The fuck is a yamato nadeshiko?

Are those images from the same manga as the plot you described?

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..... you mean traps?

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>yamato nadeshiko
Pure, idealized Japanese woman-think pale fair skin, long dark hair, very feminine. Wikipedia has more info.

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Or who find them disgusting.

This anon knows.

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I play as and with futa characters on f-list. Fight me.
I kind of wish I had other fetishes though.

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I will. Roll for initiative, futafag.

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I honestly don't see a problem with shemale x woman interaction. All the parts fit together nicely. You just get an extra pair of breasts.

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>Fight me.
I pin and prepare action to silence.

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Let's make a Discord server for ERP-flavored /tg/, people.

>> No.51888580

That sounds like cancer

I might be in

>> No.51888591

I am definitely in

>> No.51888612


Isn't the "Magical Realm NSFW stuff" room in the current /tg/ good enough? Doesn't /soc/ have a ERP thread? Is there a discord server there?

>> No.51888628

Will it have androgynous turbosluts with short blonde hair? Well, I might settle for one that doesn't mind sharing...

>> No.51888639

>Isn't the "Magical Realm NSFW stuff" room in the current /tg/ good enough?
No, that's just a porn dump. We want a hub for joining and advertising lewd games, not a porn dump.
>Doesn't /soc/ have a ERP thread?
/soc/ isn't gonna run full length fuck the dragon princess RPG campaigns my man

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>shitting on cardio
Anon, you only get gains if you can exercise for more than a minute at a time.

mein negro of superlative taste
also shemales getting knocked up is still top tier

>> No.51888712


I'm not sure if that's the kind of story you're expecting but we have played for quite some time with my group and we have that single guy who usually names his characters "Strahd von Zarovich". He's not implying that his character is 'that' Strahd (which would be hard in settings like Shadowrun and so on), he just really likes the name for some reason.

Nobody checked his name field on character sheet when we started playing Curse of Strahd though, and now whenever Count appears he screams "No, 'I' am Strahd von Zarovich".

That's fun with us, because we're a pack of grognardy rollplayers

>> No.51888743


>We want a hub for joining and advertising lewd games, not a porn dump.

Well why can't you make a new room (or request one get made) in the server we have instead of creating a whole new server?

>> No.51888758

The server's pretty shit anon, let's be honest.

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F-list is great if you want to be yelled at by a very angry woman with a dick because you like a different game.

>> No.51888920

Why do people play games for masturbatory fodder?

>> No.51888959

What is Kin from? I've seen that exact pose but I can't remember from where now.

>> No.51888979

Is makes things more social than just porn but at the same time is not all that demanding in terms of physical prowess time and other resources.

Oh and you can go off the leash with things that could be harmful if actually played out.

>> No.51888991

>no marcille
I can't express my disgust

>> No.51888998

hint: she's SAD

>> No.51889045

I remember now. God what a wreck that comic was. Is it still going? I'm almost afraid to google it.

>> No.51889049

More involvement than just watching porn

>> No.51889080

last time I heard:
the author kickstarted a card game, went off the radar for months / stopped updating, later blamed it on mental breakdown, dished out couple irregular updates and keeps stalling about the kikestarter delivery

>> No.51889086

Cause it's fun, dude. I mean you're gonna jerk off anyway.

>> No.51889208


Has anything good actually ever come from Kickstarter? Has anything good that's /tg/ related ever come from Kickstarter? I know that the latter could be answered with Exalted 3e, but it was three years overdue.

>> No.51889262

Millennium Blades.

Was battlecon originally kickstarted or was that just expansions?

>> No.51889265

>Has anything good that's /tg/ related ever come from Kickstarter?
Kingdom Death: Monster (there was massive delays though)
Reaper Bones
And I think Bad Dragon did some successful crowdfunding (though it wasn't through Kickstarter per se)

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My sole issue with futa is how common and samey they usually are, make yours stand out and I got no issue

>> No.51889607

My issue's the sperg factor. Aggressive, nasty, obnoxious, always eager to get in your face about stupid shit.

I once had a gay shemale lose his goddamn mind over the very concept of a muzzleloading rifle in current year. Offended by it, angry that someone might hunt with such a thing.

>> No.51890041

Rolled 85 (1d99)


>> No.51890134

So much faggotry could be avoided if futa was just kept to futa-on-girl.

>> No.51890198

Roll lol

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It really fucking hit hard how true this is desu senpai

Also, /hsg/ made it onto a shitty mspaint comic about 4chan's autism? I'm s-so proud, anons.

>> No.51890389

I'm not a fan of girls in meido, but I really like traps in meido.
What gives?

>> No.51890433

Latent homosexuality, probably.

>> No.51890446

It's all the hormones they're drugged up on.

Nobody in that channel has ever played an RPG.

>> No.51890452

Eh, I'll roll. What's the worst that could happen?

>> No.51890529

All three players and the DM from my last campaign hang out there

>> No.51890580

I been in one game where a player took a action I did as some kind of invite for ERP. I never really did anything like that before but I didn't mind trying. It was pretty alright I don't think I could just play a game if was *just* ERP I rather have it as a backdrop or something the players can do after the game but I don't know if I'm the only one who wants something like that.

>> No.51890665

>tfw all you really want is a futa partner who isn't insane and inconsistant and actually lets you play as a male or mherm without forcing you to be a femboy

>> No.51890690

Based on the fact that the slutty tattoos are in all frames, I don't think you're correct

>> No.51890712

I could play over skype, depending on the game system

>> No.51890748

Rolling for aerie or mazzy.

>> No.51890754


I think we all want this, anon.

>> No.51890795

Does anyone other than mherm players like mherms?

>> No.51890820

I've played vampire the masquerade. I'll never trust another Chinese vampire again.


They're not. It's also easy to forget nips read backwards.

>> No.51890821

Mmm, really interested in running a game about clothing destruction and risk of capture. What system would people like for that?

>> No.51890850

I want to be a femboy though

>> No.51890855


>> No.51890879

Gurps due to the number of rules you can or remove.

Shadowrun due to the what kind of clothing and easy rules for "destroyed"

Some kind of DnD/PF ruleset just make hp your clothing

>> No.51890895

well, /tg/, bimbos or gyaru?

if this isn't the start of erotic quest I don't what is.

>> No.51890915


I know a bunch. They're all furries though.

If you're only looking at humans there's your problem.

>> No.51890923

Why not both?
Debauched variety is the spice of online life.

>> No.51890934

Anyone wanna do an erp campaign centered around cross breeding?

>> No.51890961

Meh, at this point I really don't care.

But I've never really looked into furries because my fetish is armpit hair but I mean like only if my partner is into it too, I'm not that weird. But like furries can't have armpit hair since their body is all fur anyway at least I don't think they can.

>> No.51890984

Cross breeding?

>> No.51890992


>> No.51891031

Why is ash fat?

>> No.51891042

Half breeds between different races.
Like idk. Elves and hobbits.

>> No.51891043


Sure why not

>> No.51891052

Im glad wst is back

>> No.51891149

Bimbo, that gyaru midget is shit no matter how thicc he made her.

>> No.51891166

>Elves and hobbits.
Mad man

>> No.51891185


>> No.51891187

>found furries that aren't insane
I find that hard to believe.

>> No.51891264

That doesn't look like baby fat, that looks like a middle-aged man with a gut.
Also he's been catching pokemon for over ten years. At some point they really should have a gym leader comment that he saw ash get rekt in the pokemon league when he was younger.

>> No.51891266

Only with other femboys

>> No.51891352

Sunless Sea was kickstarted, the devs are funding a new game in the same style now. Darkest Dungeon was also kickstarted. A number of scientific doodads and utilities have been crowdfunded from kickstarter as well, I think.

As far as /tg/ shit, not much that I know about.

>> No.51891366

Let's do this

>> No.51891402

Unknown Armies 3e

>> No.51891422

>shemales getting knocked up
>/d/ terminology sperg noises

>> No.51891539

>half breeds between different races
>not just human x [race]

>> No.51891648

The biggest problem with /tg/ stuff on f-list is that everybody I've ever talked to on f-list about D&D is here for pathfinder.

>> No.51891670

What? Wanna do Exalted ERP or GURPS or something?

>> No.51891701


I just think the idea of halfbreeds that arent just half human are interesting?

>> No.51891753

But the best femboys are the ones who don't want to be femboys, and get all huffy if you call them a girl.

>> No.51891766


>> No.51891796

If they aren't I am.

>> No.51891845

Not surprised, I'm pretty sure it's most people's RPG of choice

I'd be up for an exalted ERP

>who don't want to be femboys, and get all huffy if you call them a girl.
>Implying I don't want to be the cute little trap that curses the fact he's a trap even as he cuddles with his big strong musclegirl or amazon futa waifu

>> No.51891860

>I'd be up for an exalted ERP
GM it and I'll be there.

>> No.51891861

Exalted ERP? Sounds fun... if I had any idea how to play TTRPGS, I'd ask to join you.

>> No.51891915

Ha Ha no, it takes me two hours to think up a name for a PC, if I ran anything it'd have to be near completely preplanned

>> No.51891931

Then there you go. That's why no one plays it because all the GMs are fucking busy already and you're too much of a shit to GM yourself.

I'm GMing 3 games of Exalted ERP as is for over 8 people.

>> No.51891953

>tfw you're scrawny but just fit enough to give you a body type that could easily for a tomboyish girl
>but your also 6ft tall and have a low tenor voice that could never be mistaken for a woman's

>> No.51891966

Cool, anyway we can contact eachother. Plus what system do you like?

>> No.51891975

ERP with anything more than 1 partner sound too impure for me desu

I can't picture anything other than monogamy no matter how fucked up my other kinks are.

>> No.51891982

you've literally never looked, have you
or this is bait?

>> No.51891989

I'm on F-List but fine playing in whatever communication system you prefer.

And I'm familiar with 3.5, 4e, and 5e D&D, but I'm open to learn another system.

>> No.51891994

Eh, I've played a pretty fun ERP game with a couple of other players, trick is to make sure everyone has a turn and either be able to break up into pairs or have a DM/players that can keep two lines of dialogue going

>> No.51892001


Good for 30 minutes.

>> No.51892010

>you've literally never looked
Not really. Though also I feel like them homos get it a lot easier, but I'm exclusively attracted to females and futas, so there's probably a lot less content with that in mind. Shemales can fuck right off.

>> No.51892034

Why the fuck is it always D&D, PF or GURPS? Other systems exist.

>> No.51892076

I assume familiarity, they're the most commonly known systems and the easiest to find a game for
Additionally despite how much /tg/ will shit on them, a lot of people actually like them

>> No.51892081

I have skype and kik, though there isn't really a die roller on either.
Any ideas as far as that goes?

>> No.51892099

the pic i cropped is female. this one is futa. i just searched. got 471 pics. maybe you should go look.

>> No.51892115

>should go look
On what?

>> No.51892173

e621 and furaffinity

>> No.51892197

could just use a web-based dice roller. I really don't know of a chat with one built in.

And I also have Discord, which could be used.

>> No.51892237

But where to meet female or futa (I guess "herm" is the term furries use?) qts that also like armpit hair who are okay with their partners just being males or mherms to roleplay with?

You can easily add a bot that does dice rollers to your server if you're using Discord.

>> No.51892258

Can do that then.

>> No.51892272

there are only two places i can think of. one is f-list. i dare not name the other.

>> No.51892401


I've set up a Discord, can send an invite however you prefer

>> No.51892429

>first ever tabletop experience was a weight gain fetish erp campaign
>Since then have spent almost 5 years doing various campaigns with same core group, mostly nonlewd.

It's been a wild ride. I finally found a hobby I'm passionate about and a social life. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life and it's all because of erp.

>> No.51892456

where do you find this in english

>> No.51892524

what's the source

>> No.51892525

just got discord how do i set things up?

>> No.51892533

This link brings you to the server

>> No.51892611

>shemales can fuck right off

Is there a difference between futas and shemales? Shemales sounds like autistic tranny shit.

>> No.51892635

Futa has dick+vagina+boobs whereas shemale just has dick+boobs.

>> No.51892644

Shemales are basically tranny.
Futa are generally "natural" in their setting, or made with magic, or something like that. They don't have balls, but do have vaginas and usually fully function as both sexes because fuck you that's why.

>> No.51892668

I guess that makes sense. I still prefer self-inserting as a futa with balls though for the potential to knock things up though.

>> No.51892672

Rebis. The man responsible for bringing bimbos to the east and bringing (more) gyaru to the west.

>> No.51892688

>not knowing that lewd campaigns have to have a specific lewd focus as well a good plot to interest people
It's very difficult to get 5 people interested in the same lewdness

>> No.51892693

>They don't have balls,
Depends on the artist.

Even if they don't have balls, they're usually fully fertile.

>> No.51892711

Ones with balls (And a fully functional vagina and womb) are called something else. I forget what though.

>> No.51892713

>Even if they don't have balls, they're usually fully fertile.

Yeah but that just stretches my suspension of disbelief too much. Where could they be making the sperm without them?

>> No.51892728

If she doesn't have balls she's a waste of my god damn time.

>> No.51892750

Somewhere internal. irl men have a whole pile of internal tubing and a pair of bladder-like organs called seminal vesicles that create a significant amount of the fluid you ejaculate.

>> No.51892763

>They don't have balls
I mean, futas can have balls.
I only like my futas with balls.

Not always, but they are sometimes referred to as "Full package futanari" or herms, as in hermaphrodites.

>> No.51892765

but, not only do i know that, i would be happy with 3. taking the main fetishes of the players and molding them together in to a well-developed story is half the fun

>> No.51892832

Here's the players you'll get
>I'm a dude! Girls come crawling to me, right? This is escapism!
>I'm a girl! That means everythings going to rape me, right?
>I'm a [some kind of sexual chimera], what point buy are we using? Also toilet play? yay or nay?

>> No.51892861

>It's very difficult to get 5 people interested in the same lewdness
I see what you mean.

>> No.51892880

>tfw no futa to rub her balls on my face and shit on my chest

feels bad man

>> No.51892916

>I see what you mean.
By responding to three guys who all said they want futas with balls?

>> No.51892925

For the record I just want to be the futa with massive balls, not into fucking anything that has a dick.

>> No.51892931

it's time.

>> No.51892935

>not liking futaxfuta SPH

>> No.51892960

Heard about this game called tower girls over on /b/
Apparently it originated from /tg/
Now I'm interested in traditional gaming and want to try learning about rpgs that aren't Fallout: NV
Where should I start on this board?

>> No.51892992

How do I join this F-list?
I want to hang out with anons and do some ERP shit...

>> No.51893026

dude hook me up where do I start?

>> No.51893056

Same as with other boards, lurk first. Find something you enjoy and when you get some degree of expertise on the subject start participating in the conversation. Get into the games themselves if you're able, tabletop games are usually more expensive of a hobby because of how niche they are.
Trap is a male posing as a female.
Shemale is female form, dick and balls but no vagina
Futanari (the japanese word for hermaphrodite) means, at least on 4chan, specifically a fully functioning female with a dick
Full-package futa/herms are the same but have balls as well.
Dickgirls is a general use term that encompasses all of them except trap because the difference there is in mentality rather than body.

>> No.51893058

>Has anything good that's /tg/ related ever come from Kickstarter?
Song of Swords is Kickstarting. Whether that counts as good depends on your taste in autistic medieval murder simulators, I guess.

>> No.51893088

Follow the comment chain. I already said where to get it.

>> No.51893187

Figures. I've only been using 4chan for 3 years now. /tg/ is one of the few boards that I haven't really used yet.

>> No.51893257

Kingdom death

>> No.51893277

posting the only sfw fallout bimbo waifu he did.
After fallout 4 I'm letting anything slide.
in fact rebis should be in charge of a spin off title.

>> No.51893335 [SPOILER] 

Is this the gate to the magical realm?
dare ye enter?

>> No.51893348

I use my knife to pry off the gemstones.

>> No.51893395

>bands of gyaru raiders robbing you of caps and semen
>enclave that seeks to rid the world of the mutated women of the wasteland by monopolizing your cock

I'd be down for that.

>> No.51893414

>be in a mostly text-based online campaign -- no lewds.
>decide to go on f-list to check it out one day
>somehow run across a profile with prose similar to my DM's
>read the entire profile -- holy shit I think this is my DM

His fetishes weren't outlandish or something to be concerned about.
Never told him I found him on f-list because I figured it'd be rude to out him like that.

>> No.51893426


I was afk when you posted.

>> No.51893464

Only if the bigger futa is a loli

>> No.51893532

but i am a living pansexual god, so none of that throws me for a loop

>> No.51893540

any sauce on the image? or is it something original?

>> No.51893567

>do some ERP shit
yeah good luck with that

>> No.51893575

>I'm a girl! That means everythings going to rape me, right?
Hey, I only want this if they drug, mind control, or Polymorph me first.

>> No.51893586

and again, perfectly workable. what part is giving trouble again?

>> No.51893630


I'ma need suace for this

>> No.51893684


seems to be fate/grand order related

>> No.51893715

Is it worth getting into F-list?

>> No.51893783

make an account, make an RP character, find a room that is your fetish, then don't get any responses unless you are a female, shemale, or twink. Or be like me and lurk endlessly because of social anxiety.

>> No.51893846

If you don't mind furries its a pretty chill place. I mostly hang out in the /tg/ rooms sharing dank memes and music. Occasionally I'll lurk the Looking For RP channels just to browse other people's profiles.

>> No.51893882


I get plenty of play but then I'm a furry. If you're just a hummen you're pretty SOL though, just economics

>> No.51893897

are you looking for RP? no.

>> No.51893900

m8, it's not the kinks that should throw you there, it's the disjointedness

>> No.51893905

First time: Urotsukidoji
Second time: Monster Girl Quest

agreed. I've played many a lewd scene on Second Life, but at least there we all PRETEND we're women. On Roll20 you can hear each others voices, for chrissake. I can't imagine ERPing on a voice channel with another guy.

>> No.51893907

>sour grapes

>> No.51893919

>On Roll20 you can hear each others voices
Not if you turn off voice broadcast/receive.

>> No.51893940


>> No.51893947

exactly. who the FUCK wants to ERP with voice? jesus christ.

>> No.51893957

because it gives context to what you see

>> No.51893966

Except that's wrong anon.

>> No.51894043

Am I stupid or was the pack removed? I can't find it on nyaa

>> No.51894054

>Y...You're alone in a....in a dark alley, and UMMM....Unnhhh....
>*slurrrrpppp* "AHHHhhh....Ummm...OKayy..."
>Wait a second, my mom wants me to feed the cat, be right back, okay?!
>*distant voice* "Moooom?!! Where's hte Mountain Dew?!!*
>sounds of heavy footsteps
>sounds of microphone scratching and thumping
>You're alone ina dark alley, and you're wearing a schoolgirl outfit with teh little skirt....
>What are you wearing? *scratching noises* "Oh, sorry. the mic is scratching my beard. SORRY! Haha!"
>It's cool. UMMmmmm...I'm an anthro wolf,...or a sergal...."
>a sergal? I like that. yeahhh!
>Ummmm...okay. hold on. "MOOOM CAN YOU COME GET THE CAT?!!"

>> No.51894058

except that has already been dissected, anon

>> No.51894072


>> No.51894087

This, it's almost a shame to violently mating press them into submissive devout onaholes, almost

your dumb https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=2232285
1001-1100 is also out if you want it.

>> No.51894110


>> No.51894112

Thanks for the spoon-feeding senpai.

>> No.51894153

Most people don't RP in public anon, you actually have to message people you want to type-fuck with.

>> No.51894334

except that has already been dissected, anon

>> No.51894339

>Sadly it petered out after the wedding and conception
Classic ERP experience. It all ends once the sex finishes

>> No.51894365

>engaging in ERP with a bunch of fat, sweaty neckbeards
What's so hot about fucking guys who are pretending to be cute grills on the internet? I'll never understand the appeal.

>> No.51894372

The VtR campaign my friend have been running for me for five years 1on1 features a lot of smut, mostly because the character (and the second character introduced later) is very sexual. It's not all about sex, but if you're comfortable with it, I'd encourage anyone to try for solo campaigns.
Those usually tends to have bigger focus on the character, if only because you have more time to develop them, and sex is another aspect to explore.

>> No.51894381


>> No.51894385

If you try, you can ignore the reality and use your imagination. Besides, ERP doesn't always include erotica. It can be 99% fantasy role-play.

>> No.51894396

>> No.51894412

That's still wrong though anon; if you're not just looking for type-fucking, and want to do lewd campaigns, you have to establish a rapport with people who play TTRPGs, and form a group. They don't just appear out of the ether. /tg/chat is a place where you can find a lot of people who do play those kinds of games.

Source: Met my lewdgame group on f-chat, been playing with them for 2.5 years now.

>> No.51894416

i lost my taste. at that point, it's less a game with group input and consequences and more writing a choose-your-own-adventure story in real time for a readership of one.

>> No.51894452

but it's really not, anon. as i have stated throughout this thread, not only are the options and venues conductive to erp groups limited, tg chat is a place where you can find a lot of people talking about fucking nothing forever.
source: what is actually real

>> No.51894508

It really is anon, you just don't seem able to accept the facts. Your hyperbole about /tg/chat is misleading, but not entirely unfounded: conversation there is far from great, but they sure do a lot of it, and /tg/ related content is frequently discussed; diamonds in the rough, as opposed to nothing at all.

Obviously you haven't had a good experience there, but that's not a reason for someone else not to give it a try.

>> No.51894515

Two is still a group, and you're still building a story together. Approaching any game, even with a bigger group, with the DM as "the world' instead of an active actor in the story seems bound to be boring to me.

>> No.51894555

>facerig still can't handle glasses

>> No.51894593

What do you mean? Does it stop understanding faces with glasses on? If you really want to use it, you could just try contacts for a bit.

>> No.51894616

Why not?

>> No.51894640

The shadowrun returns games. Im not sure if Banner Saga is tg related, but damn if it isn't a setting I'd love to have a game in.

>> No.51894646

But there are places where you can ERP with women who are also more than happy to get on Skype and fuck around to prove they're grills, anons.

Do you not know of these lands?

>> No.51894675

>Caring about the actual gender of the person behind the character

>> No.51894676

it really isn't, anon. i would say you only glance at what is factual and deregulate what is true to the wayside. quantity, no matter how much you wish it, will never be a proper substitute for quality. though it pains me that "quality" in this context is used as a substitute for "any content at-fucking-all". take, for example, the four (total, four) RP advertisements currently available on /tg/chat: two D&D5e games, one Dark Heresy, one Monsterhearts. my, what a dearth of options presented to the seekers! let us see what /tg/ content is currently being discussed:

[0:56]SOMEGUY: Bwahahahahahaha.
[0:58]SOMEGUY: These guys were rolling smug because they were getting through the missions okay... and then they got a mission with three Tentucates or whatever they are called, and everyone on their team is deado.
[1:00]^_^: b0ss
[1:00]^_^: can i ahab a canc
[1:00]*THISOTHERGUY gives ^_^ cancer with his mind.
[1:00]^_^: b0s
[1:00]^_^: pls
[1:00]THIRDGUY gives ^_^ double-cancer. with her mind

and so it goes, on and on. diamonds in the rough? more like zirconia in the shitpile. and while i will not begrudge others attempting to dip their bucket in to this well, i will also not withhold my contempt from this fount of diarrhea, nor withhold my warnings from these thirsty travelers what awaits them at the end of that rope when the bucket finally emerges from the depths.

try, by all means, try. but do not be surprised with what you find.

>> No.51894684

How do you feel about [shark noises], anon?

>> No.51894690


>> No.51894691

Its not like any of us aren't used to shitposting, anon.

>> No.51894703

At some point you care less about the person behind the mirror and more about their prose and writing quality.

Granted I swing both ways and my GM's cute as hell so I could've just gotten lucky. Shame about how we're separated by 6 time zones.

>> No.51894704

>he wants to engage in ERP with sweaty neckbeards
Wow, such a pure RPer. I wish I was capable of becoming so immersed that I forget I'm a fag.

I bet you jerk off to traps.

>> No.51894707

It's part of his curse of non aging, he can't lose or gain weight, get a tan, or even have a hair cut

>> No.51894722

i have never come across a person willing to participate in a 1on1 whom was not then expecting to be entertained by the DM. if you state otherwise, i would love to know where you found them.

>> No.51894746

You only watch lesbian porn because male actors make you feel uneasy, right?

>> No.51894752

It can't tell where your eyes are properly because of reflections off the glass, and your eyebrows hide behind the frame if you don't have those ridiculously huge ones.

>> No.51894756

maybe that's the problem

>> No.51894811


I'm glad you enjoy my sessions. Lewds available but not paramount is my motto.

>> No.51894831

and yet when you've agreed to a threesome you up and disappear

>> No.51894844

I'm not the DM, I'm the person. I don't think I've waited on the DM to entertain me, they're a friend of mine, and interesting in my characters.
They asked for detailed backstories, and encouraged me to add my touches and influences on the setting itself where it would make sense.

>> No.51894906

would you then say your input is minimal?

>> No.51894907


for me it was a game of MAID RPG.... I never thought a complete group of misfits each with different egos, tendencies, and role played their characters to a tee (one maid was a dildo maker who used dildos as weapons, while another was an exhibitionist arsonist). would work together and actually want to play more than one session to complete the plot...

>> No.51894931


because you hadn't set a date yet.

>> No.51894942

Depends on the shark

>> No.51894952

>Thicc dragonlewds
I should start hanging around /pfg/ if this can happen

>> No.51894981

In terms of pure word count, I suppose the DM has more than me, for some descriptions of places or character. Otherwise, no. He expects, and I'm glad to, come up with my own plotlines and interests for my characters instead of simply reacting to the ones he presents to me, and do my part to present ideas that are usable, be it by discussing them OOC, or simply doing some IC writing if that's coherent.
I can't really give much advice on finding someone to do a game of the sort, though. It helps if you're like-minded in regard of your approach to roleplay and spend a good time discussing your expectations beforehand.

>> No.51894982

The only problem is you have to put up with Pathfinder.

>> No.51894986

Good, abuse is garbage. I bet me telling you you're a fucking loser gets you off huh.

Pampered pet slaves are best slaves

>> No.51895001

Sort of, we banged for a while, it lasted a couple months. Then I flaked for months and vanished, came crawling back, and we resumed for a few weeks then poof

I guess it just got boring once they are happily married

>> No.51895090

Just wear contacts then, I guess. Or don't wear them at all; I'm not sure how many people have to use them but not at a close up computer screen, I don't.
And if you want to look like megane girl, just find a good model for it. And share it with me. Please.

>> No.51895097

>come up with my own plotlines and interests ... present ideas
what is he... actually doing, then? just curious

>> No.51895158

Since the game has been my introduction to the genre, and I was fairly new to RPGs back then, there was a simple plotline involving the Sire of my neonate. As we advanced in the campaign, the Sire's agenda and actions provided the main overarching plotline.
My DM (ST? I think WoD uses Storyteller as name for that, though it doesn't matter) likes to create "ecologies", so he writes about locations, characters and how they interact with my other characters (not necessarily just my own).
It's nothing complicated really, and in the actual session, it's a more traditional DM role, I suppose, but certainly neither of us feel like one is making all the effort.

>> No.51895166

>with other characters*
On principle, if my character stopped doing anything for a month, the different plots we put in place would continue.

>> No.51895192

welp here we go

>> No.51895207

Uh, what? You get gains from lifting heavy shit to near failure. you do not get gains from extended leg flapping sessions. Extended leg flapping sessions are good for lowering caloric surpluses, to avoid getting fat though.

>> No.51895221


You're one of those anime guys in a suit aren't you?

>> No.51896199

No hopes of remaking the link is there?

>> No.51896418

Traps are generally already crossdressing. Twinks on the other hand, do not always dress like girls.

And most traps are really submissive, they don't really take charge and dominate the shit out of their partners.

>> No.51896428

It is. That's Nitocris, turned into gold and merged with the highest rank door enemy used on QP dailies.

>> No.51896676

> put my dick down bitch
top kek

>> No.51896774

Rolling for Frost

>> No.51896971

What is mpreg?

>> No.51897019

>Big elven cock

More like pointy elf cock. You know it's true. Tickles their cervix bro

>> No.51897109

you know dom traps are a thing? Like really wanted thing?

>> No.51897194

Oh my sweet summer child.
Male pregnancy

>> No.51897338

I'd be glad to roleplay one... Do people want more dom traps on f-list or where?

>> No.51897363

>people are shemales when herm is an option


>> No.51897443

Original: http://www.mrlovenstein.com/comic/700#comic

There's a hidden 6th panel in the bottom left that you have to mouse over to see.

>> No.51897457


if you're curious, the Green text for the most recent session starts here.


>> No.51897738

>what is Jeopardy! ?

Also, someone post a new discord link

>> No.51897799

Please post new discord link, yes.

>> No.51897940

Rebis walks the fine line between /h/ and /d/

It's a concept art for a planned series - two of the characters got their story so far. Author is nanashi (sometimes written as "774").

>> No.51898000

>join a lewd campaign
>get invested in the plot and character interactions while still having amazing fetish content
>play extra scenes during the week too
Shit's cash senpai.

>> No.51898100

The triples compel me to believe your otherwise unbelievable story. Any lewd game fall apart, that's the truth I believed until now.

>> No.51898166

>Try to play an ERP campaign on roll20
>Group dies before the first game
>Rinse and repeat indefinitely

>> No.51898384

same experience. i don't get it. why the fuck did they even bother trying to start one in the first place? :(

>> No.51898409

>lurk endlessly

Ayy, that's what I always end up doing.

>> No.51898410

>tfw in a deep, character focused lewd game full of hijinks, drama and fun setting and extreme dickeroo.

>> No.51898459

They have, it's even worse: it's about 50% pathfinder fags.

>> No.51898510

Is Mialee there twice or am I being racist?

>> No.51898516


>extreme dickeroo.

I'm imagining some sort of 6 foot tall cock and balls bouncing around on its testicles like some sort giant, phallic kangaroo that spouts mid-nineties "extreme" catchphrases such as "totally radical" and "to the max!"

Any good storytime?

>> No.51898600

I'm imagining some sort of 6 foot tall cock and balls bouncing around on its testicles like some sort giant, phallic kangaroo that spouts mid-nineties "extreme" catchphrases such as "totally radical" and "to the max!"

As for that... Not exactly much besides finding tiny, cute bubble dragon/wyvern and a giant hellhound dog that knotted my shota kemonomimi because of the noble girl adopting the fiery fucker.

>> No.51898869

Have the session descriptions been collected in a pastebin or something? I'd like to see the previous ones as well, so I'd have a slightly better idea what's going on.

>> No.51899071

>tfw only ERP campaign I found that wasn't based on a system I don't like or setting that does not allure is DMed by a pleb that uses his english three tiers below me despite being based in cali while I'm EASL europoor, has only time to actually run the game for two hours a week, it's mostly MMO fetchquest tier murderhobo fest, and there is no ERP and will most likely never be because there are no interesting male characters to treat my catgirl with his cock.

at least I have some quality ERP AND RP on a RP gameserver where I actually got so sucked (pardon the pun) into intrigues and shit that lewds got quite a secondary material

>> No.51899108

Most of them are flakes who log randomly, and a disturbing number are straight.

>> No.51899134

Every time me or someone in my group pushes the ERP boundary, it inexplicably turns into a heartfelt reflection of the characters' relationships. Feels good

>> No.51899135


Doing a lot of cardio does not prevent you from getting a bit fat.

Trust me, I bike upwards of 25 kilometers evey workday and run half-marathons. Being thin requires extra effort on top of being in shape and exercising regularly.

>> No.51899258

My buddy says that doing weights is more effective at burning fat than cardio.

>> No.51900312

I tried running an Exalted ERP but I ran into the usual issues of running a game online (flaky players, coordinating 6 adults' schedules, etc.) plus the added problem of sex slowing down the plot and further filtering players so their kinks somewhat aligned with mine.

I think if I tried it again in the future (and I would like to) I'd probably stick to 2 or 3 players instead of 5 and majorly keep the full-on ERP to side sessions and PMs and leave the main game itself more /e/ than anything.

If we're just talking exercise then cardio burns more calories, but weight lifting will build muscle and muscles will passively use more calories (to maintain themselves). Realistically you'll want to do both.

>> No.51900363


In the long term, sort of.

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