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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Fey Day edition: Tell me about your encounters with the Fae! Were they pleasant, mercurial, or just plain annoying?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

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I feel like this video is of a Haunt Collector Occultist


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Related question, how do you feel about gnome PCs?

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They were delicious, and yet not!

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I need help deciding what to do with a prisoner. I will describe the situation that lead up to me gaining a prisoner.

>party is over at my character's home
>my character is a street doctor who runs a free clinic
>suddenly some guys burst in, badly injured
>have just enough time to get two stable and get the story out of them
>they got ambushed by some guys while moving a shipment of opium pretty sure it was opium
>my character didn't expect combat so he stayed in the back and used CLW on the two injured guys who came in and sent them back out with the rest of my part to go fight
>fight ends pretty quickly with two guys running away
>I tell the party to drag in the dead and unconscious guy
>we search and strip them
>we find out the guys are gangsters and about the shipment
>they are grateful and offer to put in a good word for us with their boss
>everyone sees me as I take a crate out of the corner, stabilize the unconscious guy, tie him up, and nail him inside the crate
>tell them to leave the other body there and I'll take care of it
>gangsters leave, say they'll talk it over with their boss, if their boss likes the sound of us they'll come back tomorrow
>I spend the evening making bandages out of the dead man's clothing, burying the dead man, and giving the unconscious guy broth to keep him alive then renailing him into the crate after putting in rag padding so he doesn't chafe
>expect guy to be out for 2-3 more days unless I decide to use CLW on him I'm a witch with the healing hex so I can basically any time
>now I have to decide what to do with the guy

So the thugs who came in for help know I have the guy, my party knows I have the guy, his friends probably have no idea the guy is still alive and that I have him.

What should I do with the guy? My character doesn't have the nerve to sell him into slavery or selling him to be made into street soup, and at this point I'm too invested to just kill him.

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isn't this like the fifth fucking thread you've posted this in?

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the last time I dealt with the fey? The party fighter ignored all warnings and accepted a gift from a dryad. He's now married to her.

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Third, the only reply I have really gotten is selling him into slavery and questions asking for clarification. I clarified those in the greentext and added my character doesn't have the nerve to sell him into slavery. I'm looking for any other thoughts.

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I've never encountered any in a game where I was a player.

Some things just aren't meant to be.

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Heal him up, tell him he owes you, give him enough money to get out of town, and set him loose with the warning that you can't cover for him if he doesn't get the fuck out of dodge.

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What are the best hedgewitch tradition/archetype combos? Spiritualism + anything looks pretty good.

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>Avowed player admitting to wanting to attack other PCs
Gee whiz, why am I not surprised?

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Which make better wives, Dryads or Nymphs?

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PCs could spar with each other voluntarily, you know.

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Tell me /pfg/, How do you take care of your kids when you're adventuring. Surely you don't leave them at home. THATS WHEN THE GMs CAN GET THEM!!

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oh man, this is a savage parody of owlturd

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If you weren't retarded, I'd say it's because that's how the character's personality is, but since you're focusing on the class for some reason that's likely too hard for you to grasp.

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Nymphs you can breed with, dryads are plants.

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>Having kids

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>/pfg/ player admits to wanting to attack other PCs

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Somehow I doubt that would last for long, pretty soon they'd be itching for an excuse to take offense at anything because "its in character".

Kind of disappointing that you went from an evil done well character to just another asshole.

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Not gonna lie, I thought it was until I saw your post.

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I have had PCs pick fights with my characters. This has lead to me always building a character under the assumption that I should be able to fight the rest of the party by myself at least long enough to get away if not win the fight.

I don't trust anyone at this point.

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its more likely than you think.

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Iron Mage + Astrology, Inspiration + Charlatanism

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You can breed with dryads, you stick it in the plant hole.

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Familiar Satchel:
This armored case provides total cover to any Tiny or smaller creature contained within it. It includes air holes (which can be plugged with cork stoppers if you need to go underwater) and two receptacles for food and water.

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Have you ever had a ""This must be the work of an enemy stando" moment in game?

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I wasn't the one who made the character, but I see... Well, hopefully everyone involved will be mature, huh?

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What's them being an Avowed got anything to do with being an asshole?

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I am not going to repeat my mistakes and go to sleep, but here's to draw about a single look over it without even a chance of getting new applications because I am an impatient guy who thinks that 3 apps over the course of w, what, 30 or so hours equals to a dead game? It has to be the lack of memes, parties that come after the second party and tits.


Now with more centuars and misogynistic demon gorillas people will not see until a few months in.

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Yes. I asked them to stop with the Jojo references.

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Big burly centaur babes are the best! The best!

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Well first you start training them how to use a sword. That way when they eventually have to go out on their own murder hobo roadtrip then they're at least somewhat ready.

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The 9:30 AM start time is kind of killer, dude.

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It's not the start time, it's just there to be a time so the listing would appear. The time itself is decided later.

>> No.51873507

It's the start time and the 'no 3pp' stance that makes us disinterested.

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>Iron Mage + Astrology
I hadn't thought of that: they both buff allies within 30 ft. But Iron Mage really wants you to dump a ton of talents into War, but Astrology wants you to go with Light.

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Are there sex change items other than the one cursed item girdle? There's a pair of gays who decided to have a kid but I'd rather point them at something a little more dignified than that.

>> No.51873596

Philter of Sex shifting

>> No.51873599

Elixer of Sex Shifting

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Perfect, thanks.

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Does anyone have a link for the pdf of Black Stars Beckon?

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I hear ya. Somehow, that strategy always ends up resulting in a party where everyone gets along and there are no problems.

Seriously, it's like taking an umbrella when you think it's going to rain--it's a lucky charm.

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Refer to >>51873506 for the time and my stance on the 3pp is changing when a friend of mine beat my over the head with a laptop full of 3pp stuff and forced me at gun point to read through them. Still not letting 3pp classes because I can't make heads or tails of them and how well they stand up or against paizo stuff.

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Nothing in Astrology cares about the Light Sphere besides getting it for free from the Tradition Benefit. It's all about the auras + oracle revelations without having a curse.

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The irony is that its usually the weaker party members that get targeted.

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Did I just imagine the Comfort enchantment?

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>part encounters city and hear a lot about its leader
>cleaned up crime in the town
>broke up the gangs
>got public works going to dig drainage ditches so the poor parts of town don't flood
>offered a deal to all homeless that they could serve in an armed militia for 3 squares meals a day and warm place to sleep
>cleaned out the corrupt tax collectors
>busted corrupt money lenders
>rebuilt the wall
>restored a local cathedral

The party was liking him quite a lot. They met him and the man suddenly became extremely standoffish towards the party. The paladin, who is paranoid, detected evil on the off chance and found out he was evil. They nobleman responded after the party finished up a mission for the man with:
>I thank you for your service, and you will be payed. However I did not realize you had one of, those, in your group. I apologize but I do not believe I will have any further work for you all.

He was referring to the party gnome.

The players through a bitch fit, I found it hilarious.

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I want to run an arc for my Pathfinder group revolving around ghouls. What are some interesting uses for ghouls besides having them be hungry cannibals who hang out in graveyards?

>> No.51874009


ghoulish humor

>> No.51874017

To tack on to this post, I want to run an arc involving CHUDs. Are there any pre-existing modules involving sewer ghouls?

>> No.51874019

Graveyard robberies conducted by ghouls and ghasts in service to a Dread Ghast! The dread ghast is putting together a banquet and seeks the finest of corpses to dine upon.

Maybe there's even a competition between several "noble" Ghasts!

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Okay. So it does exist, though it doesn't raise max dex like I thought it would. Anything to do that?

>> No.51874043

Not through enchantments at the least, that's a 3.5e thing.

>> No.51874055

A Necromancer has moved into town. Preying on the hearts of the citizens, they've created ghouls or the recently passed and conned the ignorant village into believing that it's actual healing magic, albeit with side-effects. When the PCs arrive, the township hides and protects the necromancer, completely unaware of his actual plans to raise a small army with the town's aid.

>> No.51874110

I ran a game where the ghouls had formed a noble caste that ruled over human peasants. They actually had what I thought was a pretty neato system for how they determined their ancestry and line of succession.

How is worked is the ghoulish nobility had a living elven family that served as their personal guards, servants, etc. This family lived in and amongst the ghoulish nobles. When the ghouls desired a new member to their clan they would select a member of the elven family and infect them with ghoul fever. How line of succession worked is that it was entirely by infection point and not by ancestry. Meaning even if two ghouls were separated by 4 generations in the elven family if they were infected by the same ghoul they had status based on time of turning and the status of their infector. If a ghoul in the noble caste was to infect and turn someone not of the elven family, particularly a non-elf as it was considered generally dirty and weaker they inherited a status similar to that of a bastard child among mortal nobility.

The players mainly dealt with a LE Tyrant Anti-paladin ghoul who was tasked with keeping the southern border. The ghouls were not expansionist and content with telling the players, a family of dwarves raised to noble status, to simply keep out of their territory and they would not be bothered. The ghouls did this because their own northern front was enough to keep them busy.

>> No.51874146

What's a good enhancement to put on mithril chain shirt for an elementalist?

>> No.51874179

Nah, that'd be dumb.

It's... well, she's complicated. As said, it would be a lie that she would never get into a fight with a fellow party member, but to take that sentence and twist it to mean "Hurr Durr she wants to beat up the party 'cause she's a cunt" is wrong. She lives for fighting, that's true, but there are so many different contexts for her to fight someone in, because it's how she communicates.

If she respects someone, she'll want a friendly spar to test their mettle.

If she likes someone, she'll want to spar on the regular so they both get stronger.

If she's attracted to someone, she'll demand they fight her, and if he agrees she'll see where things go in the heat of the moment.

But she'll never throw the first punch (unless it's a "LET'S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH" type moment where she sees Party Paladin in despair and decides that it's better for him or her to be mad at the evil teammate than to be sulking over spilled milk. And even that would be one non-power attack non-aether channel non-lethal unarmed strike.)

She's a very physical person, and expects people to be just as physical with her as she is with them.

>> No.51874208

I'd love to be there to pop out of the trees and hug that young elf girl on the happiest days of her life

>> No.51874245

>Be DM'ing Kingmaker adventure path
>Pixie and fairy dragon part of adventure
>Have them use cantrips and the like to accost party horses, have them steal little things like flint, hide holy symbols
>general fairy nonsense
>Party Cleric is furious
>he spends a little over 30 minutes trying to convince the rest of the party to track down and murder the fey
>rest of party is chill
>"no need for fairy genocide"
>Cleric still furious
>Fast forward
>After the party achieves rulership that player makes his own city
>Bans fey from the town
>makes clay golems to patrol city for crime, fey
>clay golems get vandalized with graffiti, as its a non-hostile action the golems just let it happen
>rest of players have to convince cleric not to reprogram golems to kill everything that gets close to them
>Players barely convince him not to reprogram the golems
>fast forward again
>End of campaign
>Is revealed that last boss, the one responsible for the majority of shit that happens, is fey
>Cleric loses his goddamn mind

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I'll take "things that never happened" for $100.

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>> No.51874422

No, that's actually a thing. Kingmaker does that shit, with a little leeway to let the GM screw with his players. The BBEG is also a nymph that's gone stark raving yoiks.

Some players get super duper pissed when their inventories get messed with. you steal something form them, they will chase you to the ends of the earth.

>> No.51874465

Adding to what that anon said, I'm pretty sure something like one in two groups that run Kingmaker develop a feud with the fairies. The only reason my group didn't kill them was our Druid holding us back, and even then, just barely.

>> No.51874475

The sandbox element of Kingmaker was dank and gave plenty of opportunities to screw with the paranoid cleric. It didn't help that he was technically a cleric of Erastil but acted like a LE munchkin

Player inventory is the one thing holier than any god

>> No.51874486

Man, I had Tyg and her steed LARPing as a dragon riding fairie knight when they met the players.

Of course, literally every Faerie Dragon the party has encountered has pretended to be a True Dragon of some variety with their illusion magic. They finally figured out one of them was merely an illusion, but they've already recruited half of them to be "Court Dragons" for their great kingdom.

>> No.51874487

So does a Spherecaster with the Somatic Casting drawback suffer NO ASF in Light armor?

>> No.51874509

that's beautiful. Fey are some of the best non-lethal foils for PCs

>> No.51874535

I wonder what /pfg/ Kingmaker would develop into.

>> No.51874574

They kept rolling Faerie Dragon for half their random encounters, too, for a good three levels. So they're halfway through the map, and they've recruited an entire rainbow of friendly "chromatic" and "metallic" dragons thanks to the face's decision to diplomance each and every one of them.

>> No.51874586

You can take Somatic twice. The first time you take it, you can still cast in Light, yes. Only taking it the second time hits all armor.

>> No.51874642

And does that work with wearing Mithral medium armor? If I take it once can I cast spells fine in, for example, a Mithral Breastplate? Or better yet, a Noqual breastplate?

>> No.51874723

First time making a sorcerer here, and in dire need of advice. Main thing I'm looking for is to mix utility with a ton of damaging spells however this'll work.

The party only really consists of me and another person. So I'm trying to find an efficient way I can juggle a lot of the responsibilities I would have as a caster and party face. Through some research I got a plan for my bloodline but that's as far as that goes.

Anything third-party would have to be approved by my DM.

>> No.51874756

Doesnt Noqual make it harder to cast?

>> No.51874757

>Player A hosts our PF group at his house
>Player A is unavailable this week, doesn't want us to use his house so we have to consider other options
>Player B is pissed that Player A apparently doesn't trust us enough to let us into his house when he's not home (have admittedly know each other for a long time with no problems between ourselves)
>consider playing at Player B's house but I hate going to Player B's house because reasons
>plus we're down a player anyway and I'm not as prepped as I'd like to be for this week
>plan to cancel the session but have a feeling Player B is going to be pissed that we're not having a session basically because of Player A

I mean, Player B isn't technically wrong but I'm not bothered at all by Player A because as far as I'm concerned nobody ever needs a reason not to let other people into their house when they're gone, friends or otherwise. Maybe I'd be a little more upset if I was more excited for this upcoming session but even then I think I'd just be disappointed rather than angry at Player A.

Man, I hope shit doesn't hit the fan over this though. Both A and B are normally pretty laid back but when B gets angry he doesn't seem like he can let it go very easily.

>> No.51874785

A xenophilic nation known for it's interspecies brothels I imagine?

>> No.51874790

Yeah, in base PF it increases your Arcane Spell Failure chance. But if I'm understanding Somatic Spherecasting right then you wouldn't have an ASF since it's light armor.

>> No.51874796

You can take the somatic casting drawback twice. If you only take it once, then you indeed take NO ASF in light armor. Bards and Summoners have similar armor rules.

If you take it twice, you take ASF from any armor.

>> No.51874797

Frankly? Just play a human. the racial FCB humans get massively expands the spell list you have available at any given time, meaning you can pick up some utility casting stuff.

One thing though - the situation you describe tells me you might want to go for an arcanist over a sorcerer. I like sorcerer better, but being able to prep a sorc spell list for the day from a spell book is somewhat more powerful than basic sorcerer stuff. Just an idea, though, and I don't think I'd personally do it, as I dislike Arcanist.

>> No.51874830

I don't think you'd deal with the ASF in mithral breastplate, but if you aren't proficient with medium armor then you take some other penalties.

> A character who is wearing armor with which he is not proficient applies its armor check penalty to attack rolls and to all skill checks that involve moving.

>> No.51874835

Go full-on with the Lovecraftian take on ghouls. They don't just hang out in graveyards, they have a secret society in the Dreamlands that they can teleport to from atop a gravestone. They're not all bad, just mostly bad, but they keep their memories from their time alive and can be bargained with. Instead of "just" hungry cannibals, make them NPCs the party might (begrudingly) need help from in order to achieve some other, greater goal.

>> No.51874917

Noqual increases ALL spell failure 'regardless of source or the wearers abilities'

You'd still eat the Noqual spell failure.

>> No.51875103

If I had my say there'd be a mini-arc where one Gnome's hopeless dream of a nation primarily of and for small-folk (Halflings, Gnomes, Ratfolk, even Grippli and Wayangs if they'll work within the rules of the new nation) get shot down hard, only for her to shrug and go "worth a shot!"

I mean, they've never tried being landed nobility before!

>> No.51875145

My character was rescued by a cute dryad when he was lost in the forest as a child. The dryad later married his father, becoming his cute stepmother.

>> No.51875160

Tell B to not be a bitch and that you don't like running games when one of the players isn't around. If Player A can't make it, you're not going to run a game, just like if Player B wasn't able to make it.

>> No.51875185

It's safer to look at dryads, but they're limited to staying in one area. I'd probably say dryads, though. It would be tough if your nymph waifu lost control in the throes of passion and blinded you.

>> No.51875205

His only kid is unknown and illegitimate, so he's back on the farm with his peasant mother.

>> No.51875226

Why don't they just adopt?

>> No.51875242

How would you run an archaeology campaign, /pfg/?

Is the tone realistic and focused on overcoming the hurdles of actually setting up an excavation? Is it more Indiana Jones-y, all about dodging traps, angry locals, and one of various totalitarian enemies to get a hold of valuable artifacts which may or may not also be magical and put them in a museum?

Speaking of, who are the party? Legitimate archaeologists working for an institution of learning? Treasure-hunters seeking to pawn their ill-gotten gains on the black market? Agents of a dictator hoping to use the artifacts to achieve world domination? Occultists attempting to destroy the artifacts so nobody can use them?

>> No.51875251

Oh, I remember those guys from my Kingmaker campaign. They first met the party before I joined the campaign, and it was a really bad meeting for them on account of the party rogue's near genocidal hatred of fey. IIRC, he climbed up a tree to try and get one of them, put was pushed out of the tree and KO'd by falling damage. The rest of the party kept him KO'd so they could actually talk with the pixie and fairy dragon.

The second time we met them, we were coming back to our city to have the dead rogue rezzed after he died, and the set-up was that we had a large cart-wagon pulled by two horses, one ridden by our bard (the rogue's best friend) and the other by the party's oracle. Meanwhile, my Kensai Magus walked ahead of the horses, while the rogue's corpse was setting in the cart along with whatever loot we were bringing back.

I don't remember if the pixie even survived the first encounter with the rogue, but I as we were traveling back the fairy dragon happened to cross paths with us. When he saw the dead rogue, he came up to the horses (standing directly behind my magus, whom he had never met before) and then broke the invisibility he was using to safely approach us before seeing the rogue was dead.

He said to the bard, "Oh, I see you made the right choice and killed that psycho!" This obviously trigger the bard, who was still upset over his friend's death, and he screamed as he pulled out his crossbow to shoot the fairy dragon. Except... When we rolled initiative, my Kensai won first turn. He hadn't seen any of this, only head them speaking, and in response to hearing the bard's exclamation, he reflexively drew his sword, spun around, got a critical hit and dealt almost max damage, dropping the fairy dragon in one blow. The DM said I just cut him straight in half, and my character shook the blood from his blade, sheathed it, and turned to carry on again. The bard kept the corpse, later had it skinned to make a football. The rogue loved the story.

>> No.51875268

Sounds marriageable

>> No.51875292

Shadowmoor elves are unreasonably cute. I want a dozen!

>> No.51875307

Well, my official rule for the group is that one absent player will not stop me from running but two absent players will. Missing one player is obviously still a negative though, and for this coming week there are a host of negatives that add up to me not wanting to run.

Personally, I can't be bothered to involve myself in someone else's drama so I'm not going to tell Player B anything (except that I'm canceling the session, if I do decide to, but of course I'll be telling everyone that).

>> No.51875317

What does /pfg/ think of the Blood Transcription spell?
Currently in a game as a Witch, we just hit level 2 and we're chasing this one asshole mage of some sort who has boots of go fast. Assuming we hit level 3 before or right after finding and killing the guy then taking his shoes like the hobos we are, what are the chances of him being a mage with Witch spells? So far seems to be either a sorcerer or wizard and I want to drink that blood for writing spells to learn.

>> No.51875320

Play it like the Pathfinders and actually do pathfinder stuff instead of "go get this relic-- WHOOPS NOW YOU'RE INVOLVED IN THE FATE OF REALITY"

>> No.51875326

>all this talk about marriage
>marrying anything

You're wasting valuable murder time and valuable hobo'ing time! There's dragons out there to slay/use as living siege weapons/banish to hell dimensions/steal from! Get to it!

>> No.51875349

>Not turning dragons into lolis to then teach as little sisters
Yes I'm that much of a fag

But that does make me think. If you turn a dragon into a person, how would they go about gaining a class?

>> No.51875358


Don't the Pathfinders spend most of their time stealing other people's shit for their super special secret museum, regardless of the consequences?

>> No.51875361

>Not turning dragons into MILFs with bodies fit for making plenty of half-breeds.

>> No.51875372

No idea, just kill him and check for a spell book and spell component pouch. If you find a book, he's probably a wizard. If you don't find a component pouch, he's probably a sorc. If you find a pouch but no book, he might be a witch. But prep Blood Transcription the day after you kill him and use it regardless, you'll never know what you might get unless you try and it's not much wasted even if you get nothing.

>> No.51875397

1st encounter was with a water Nymph that gave my character that enchanted my Sawtooth Saber (which is a martial weapon unless you want it to be a light off hand weapon) Lady in the lake style
2nd was my character savings a group o female Faun that were being chased by demon corrupt Satyr.
3rd was my character being nursed by a Dryad after fighting off several Cheliax grunts that wanted to burn half the forest, as a plot to have two neutral territories turn on eachother.

All the same character, who was lost in that forest for close to 2 months in game.

>> No.51875412

But they can still attack you or do anything but that. At least as lolis they can't really kill you or run off very far.

>> No.51875441

I've run a few games that involved Archaeology. I'll use the occasional trap, but I tend to prefer making the hurdles involved a bit more social in nature. So the locals might be upset with you digging up an old tomb, or maybe your digsite is in the middle of some war zone.

>> No.51875454


>> No.51875460

>not marrying your sentient sword and travelling around killing stuff

Best of both worlds.

>> No.51875461

If they can attack you as MILFs, they can attack you as lolis. Why else would PCs be the little girl so often?

With the right spell, they'll want to be your baby-mamas.

>> No.51875466


Not "a" museum, THEIR museum.

>> No.51875490

But Anon, your life isn't complete until you're bound to your True Love in sacred or profane matrimony!

>> No.51875500

Says you!

>> No.51875504

Is it possible to do a Wish spell or the likes that can alter the mind of a person/dragon? If it's not too hard then couldn't you use them to convert the dragons to either want to be MILFs or change their mind after transforming them into MILFs?

>> No.51875549

I'm going to regret this, but meme me on how to make a lucky PC. I know the standard things like Defiant Luck human, Sacred Tattoos horc, and lucky halfling, but is there anything amazing 1pp that I'm missing?

>> No.51875551

To be fair, their museum is /a/ museum.

>> No.51875556

Says the Eternal Rose AND the Pallid Princess! If Good and Evil agree, you really can't argue against it. Find the right person and propose!

>> No.51875564

Highest kek

>> No.51875565


>> No.51875566

Luck Domain for free rerolls. Fate's Favored for a bonus to all luck bonuses. Archeologist Bard for luck bonuses to everything.

>> No.51875668

>Dragon MILFs.

My maaaan!

>> No.51875676

>listening to either of those

Begone from here!

>> No.51875696

If you can already cast Wish, you might as well just use Dominate Monster.

You don't even need to listen to Shelyn or Urgathoa, because neither of them say you need to get married. Love is love, and it transcends things like the institution of marriage and the laws of mortals.

>> No.51875725

But by definition expressing Love in a formal way is superior to not acknowledging it with a formal ceremony, because it requires a greater personal investment. Thus both deities should prefer marriage over non-marriage.

Though I imagine Urgathoa may frown upon Fey Marriage.

>> No.51875749

Urgathoa is all about gluttony, excess and I don't see that fitting into a pro-marriage narrative. and as a undead god I bet she has beef with anything to do with fey

>> No.51875761

wrong. so very wrong. marriage doesn't fit the "free love" idea for shelyn nor the "excess in everything" of the undead bitch queen

>> No.51875890

Remarkably few deities with the luck domain. Only counted about five or six in the back of ISGods.

>> No.51875915


Don't say words like that!

It's not exactly public.

>> No.51875962

>Haunt Collector Occultist
Does that archetype actually work?

>> No.51875968

I got your back fampai.
Ancestral Spirits, Andirifkhu, Bes, Calistria, Chadali, Desna, Graffiacane, Halcamora, Hembad, Irez, Kofusachi, Kurgess, Lalaci, Lao Shu Po, Magdh, Nivi Rhombodazzle, Shelyn, Sinashakti, Uaransaph

My favorite on the list is Lao Shu Po, Old Rat Woman. What was once a simple rat stole godhood by consuming the flesh of the dead god of the moon, Tsukiyo, as he lay interred.

>> No.51875992

Urgathoa explicitly loves marriage. Read Inner Sea Gods. She had to have had someone very special to snort halfling bone dust off of elf concubine butts with when she was a mortal lady.

>> No.51876032

Urgathoa on marriage, page 159 of Inner Sea Gods.
This makes her one of the only deities of Golarion that encourages marriage, and it's an odd bunch when viewed together.

>> No.51876034

Would you play this campaign?

>Razmir Triumphant
>Begins with an invasion by Razmiran into Ustalav
>Razmir has, for some reason, left Thronestep himself to lead the forces
>Party are hired as part of the military force to harry the Razmiran army
>it is discovered that Razmir is for some reason heading to Gallowspire
>part one ends with Razmir reaching the obsidian tower and doing some ritual
>the power is destroyed in a massive earthquake
>the countryside is devastated
>Razmir stands triumphant having consumed Tar-Baphon and he himself become a power mythic being
>all the mythic ranks awaken Razmir's divine spark, his priests surge with power
>the party has to head south to Taldor
>news follows them
>Razmir is gearing up to conquer all of central Avistan
>the Shining Crusade is to be called again against a new thread
>Razmir is not satisfied with what he has received so far, he plans on finding and uprooting the world's old evils to consume

Most of the big evils in Golarion are imprisoned or indifferent. Razmir plans on consuming them all to become a new God-king of Avistan and beyond. You and Taldor must stand tall against a new living god.

>> No.51876048

The idea also is that as Razmir gained mythic ranks so did a number of lesser evils in her service, and the PCs. Essentially the tower going down was a mythic explosion. The main antagonists and NPCs would be drawn from those who were there at the tower's destruction.

>> No.51876068

Gallowspire is all the way across Ustalav from Razmiran. They'd be torn to shreds by vampires and werewolves by the time they got there. Remember, Razmiran is basically North Korea. They've got very little power, and a lot of boasting to overcompensate.

>> No.51876122

Yes, it does! It works pretty dang well actually- though you have to make smart choices about what you can live without! You also need a lot of mental focus to get the most benefit out of the powers.

The usual strategy I've seen is taking Conjuration, which has a weak resonant power (it only affects ONE SPELL on the Occultist list) and a VERY strong Focus Power (summon monster up to SM 7, one minute per level), and trading the resonant power for it out for a Champion Haunted Implement, which grants +2 to all damage rolls. If you invest mental focus in it, you get the ability to benefit from the spirit's spirit bonus. This doesn't expend Mental Focus (good) and you can use it as many times a day as you have points of mental focus in the implement (also good) but it only lasts for one round (not great, encourages nova'ing)

That's really the only power and implement I would trade out. If you can scrape up enough Mental Focus for it, you MIGHT be able to combine it with the Trappings of the Champion panoply, which essentially turns you into a frontline melee combatant with its resonant and focus powers. You also gain a pretty weird ability to basically create mini-Haunts with a touch spell, which might not see much use, but is still interesting.

>> No.51876173

>Gallowspire is all the way across Ustalav from Razmiran. They'd be torn to shreds by vampires and werewolves by the time they got there. Remember, Razmiran is basically North Korea. They've got very little power, and a lot of boasting to overcompensate.
Not if Razmir himself actually left Thronestep to lead the army himself. He is a level 19 wizard with enormous resources and power unto his own. Crossing by water through Lake Encarthan then over the Hungry Mountains with an army would read Gallowspire.

The idea is that Razmir does not care how many of his followers survive the march if he gets there with all the supplies he needs he can open the way through Gallowspire to consume the Whispering Tyrant.

Also I know Ustalav is bad, but Razmir rolling the dice in a push through it would survive with quite a bit. Especially with Razmir at the actually front. The idea would be Razmir is clearing the way and preoccupied with all the vampires, werewolves, etc. and that's why the PCs have things to do book 1 because Razmir is distracted with bigger threats.

>> No.51876207


Sounds like the plot of a movie, doesn't it?

A mysterious young woman (dryad, though ideally huldra) rescues a small child stuck out in the wilderness. Forced to honor her agreement to bring the boy back after he discovers her tail, the Huldra protects the lad with her magic and arboreal wisdom, learning a thing or two about humanity along the way.

And then it's discovered the boy's father is a widower and he ends up with the Huldra.

>> No.51876218

So I had my first session of Reign of Winter! It was short but sweet. Our PCs were walking around town talking about the rumors of strange happenings out in the nearby woods. Vivex, my PC, had to complain because she spent a lot of time out in those woods. My character's adoptive father Volk had bought her a set of warm, winter clothes with a pair of cute mittens, because of the increasing chill creeping into the land, which my character was extremely grateful for because she HATES the cold (poor thing picked the wrong AP). Our conversation was interrupted by the mayor, who needed us to help deal with a kidnapping that turned out to be less rumor and more real! Some noble lady from another city was kidnapped and the mayor wanted us to talk to her sole surviving guard so we could rescue hern. Why us? Well, probably because we're a monster family living in a human settlement and tougher than any one else she could send. She didn't want to have to ask BIG GOVERNMENT for their help, so the job fell to us: a winter wolf, succubus, and dragon!

We found the survivor, he told us about how the only place he'd seen these kinds of monsters before was in the service of the Winter Witches of Irrisen. That set my character on edge, since she had just recently been attacked by a witch who may or may not have been Winter-y in disposition. She also learned that Volk is also one of these "Winter-Touched" creatures created by those Irriseni witches, and will have a lot of questions for him when this is all done!

We got the info about where to go and headed off after buying supplies. Potions of Resist Energy aren't cheap, and that's sad because my character's vulnerability to cold is going to be a real problem. She hates all this cold weather! She saw snow for the first time not too long ago, and she really hates snow! But she's determined to help out with this, because she's looking for the chance to be a hero... and drive off this cold!

This can only end badly.

>> No.51876251

I'd like to see a party of people worshipping uncommon aspects of their gods.

>Cleric of Urgathoa obsessed with marrying people together, digs up corpses in pairs and ships them
>Monk of Zon-Kuthon, big on the masochism end but doesn't like to hurt people, goes around spreading traditional healing techniques because magical healing doesn't leave scars
>Goblin worshipping Norgorber. Afraid of books stealing his knowledge but eager to learn, he began worshipping the god so that he could keep his secrets while stealing other people's.

What're some other gods with domains that see a lack of play?

>> No.51876258


>That spoiler

Reminds me of a person I used to RP with back on F-List, she was a tough female Samurai that fully bought into the idea of "to the victor goes the spoils," and if she's on a mountainside sparring with a man that makes her all weak in the knees, well...

>> No.51876270

Got my character ready for Saturday's game. Magical Child (Vigilante) Tengu. Believes she is the chosen Hexeater that Besmara favors above all others, to the extent that she believes can never fail: The entire world was made to favor her. Her familiar is a Parrot named Mr. Peepers, who saved her from drowning and told her she was to be Besmara's chosen herald. The parrot is most likely an elemental (Chuspiki) in disguise, trying to trick her into becoming this deluded hero for fun. But for now, she believes she is the once and future Chosen Princess of the Shackles, destined to unite all pirates under her. (Rawk.)

Mechanically I'm still a little stumped. I want to focus on aid another with the Helping Hand vigilante talent. I have +20 to Linguistics and Orator at level 1, so I can lie all day long and most people won't question it (although they might question my sanity). My vigilante identity is 'captain' (and the above ramblings). My social identity is first mate of her own ship.

>> No.51876281


Going by /pfg/'s attitude towards Brevoy and the region?

I think it would actually be pretty chill, a cross between New Rostland (there will most likely be one or two Swordlords in the party) with favorable attitudes towards the local Fae.

>> No.51876293

I can dig it.

>> No.51876302

>It would be tough if your nymph waifu lost control in the throes of passion and blinded you.

Nymphs have centuries of sexual experience with creatures both better endowed (centaurs and satyrs) and more experienced (satyrs and other nymphs) than you, I don't think they'll "lose control" any time soon.

>> No.51876335

>Not turning dragons into MILFs with bodies fit for making plenty of half-breeds.

You know, if they don't have kids they'd just be voluptuous adults.

Plus most dragons know how to shift into a human form, so you don't exactly have to "force" them into it.

>> No.51876339

I can tell you that nothing would frustrate her more than if she got into a "heated" fight with a strapping young paladin who manage a win against her but doesn't do anything with her. Because if she wins, she'd steal a kiss at the very least...

>> No.51876375


>marriage doesn't fit the "free love" idea for shelyn

Shelyn loves marriage, and Shelyn more importantly loves the fruit of marriage, babies!

The people that most often pray to Shelyn are suitors and fiances and spouses, not just lovers. Shelyn loves to see love endure, however she's not against love fading.

>> No.51876422


That sounds pretty cute! You should make her for another campaign, if it's a concept you want to come back to. Maybe remake her in Taldor Ascendant as a woman getting up there in years, and has either fully embraced the career woman lifestyle or is maybe seeking the man that can finally put her on her hands and knees.

>> No.51876476

That's exactly what went down, including the widower part...

>> No.51876525

Eh, I'm not sure the whole "Introspective Yet Brutalistic Nihilist Seeking Validation Through Acts of Extreme Violence" would fit into a diplomat campaign.

>> No.51876592


Hey, even a diplomat needs a big scary bodyguard!

>> No.51876593

>Not making every character specifically to mess with the expectations of a campaign

>> No.51876606


That's exactly what happened with my character, only he spent his childhood visiting the Dryad's grove every chance he got and eventually married her!

>> No.51876615

I see you are correct.
Personally I don't think that jives with her portfolio (for previously stated reasons) but clearly i'm not the one actually making the setting.

>> No.51876659

>person naming their fox images after meme character

I don't know how to feel about this

>> No.51876676

Love makes us crazy, Anon. Their Fey partners were incapable of giving them the gift of Love. Who knows what effects it might have?

>> No.51876703

That's perverse. She should mentor and mother a child, not fuck them!

>> No.51876746

In the Kingmaker game I am in the fairies would only pop up during our samurai's part of the night watch and they would fuck with him in various ways. From more mundane shit such as throwing rocks at him in the darkness or pretending to be a cat and cuddling on his lap for an hour before just randomly walking off and turning its head to say "You're going fucking insane" before disappearing into the night. The rest of the party didn't believe him and were getting pissed at him waking everybody up each night with some crazy story about some glowing flying deer or some shit. Good times.

>> No.51876775


You'd expect that from a Celestial, maybe. But this is a Fae we're talking about here, they're all about grooming.

>> No.51876794

So taking another look at these and it left me wondering how's you guys complaining about the time being in the morning when it was purposefully set at night and then I remember that seemingly majority of people here are from the States and time zones are a thing.

Fuck, why can't I live somewhere where there might actually be people who follows the same clocks I do?

>> No.51876840

>Shelyn more importantly loves the fruit of marriage, babies!

Kinda make it sounds like she enjoys eating them.

>> No.51876856


She does! She just gobbles 'em right up with belly noms and peek-a-boo!

>> No.51876869

That's Urgathoa, silly!

>> No.51876911

Who said anything about human form?

>> No.51876931

I'd fuck a dragon. Bonus points if I get children out of it that are genetically superior to me and have a predisposition to magic and greatness.

>> No.51876948


T-That's kind of assumed when the guy is saying he'd give the dragons MILF bodies or somesuch, besides we all know dragons who wear dragon-form for business and a humanoid form for pleasure are the best.

>> No.51876976

false. dragon for business and pleasure is best

>> No.51876980

How would you feel if a player submitted this as his character art for an Elven Anti-paladin?

>> No.51877022


I respectfully disagree, sir.


So... He's wearing armor spikes and has a whacky personality? Could be worse.

>> No.51877035

A lot of people seem to be lusting after dragons in /pfg/ today. I mean, moreso than usual, obviously.

I'd ask if he only wants to use 6 Juggernaut Star Scours the Universe's art for a character or if he wants to play an expy.

>> No.51877065

>A lot of people seem to be lusting after dragons in /pfg/ today. I mean, moreso than usual, obviously.

I'm not interested in dragons (I've got a real big thing for Fae, though), I'm just responding to the questions as they crop up!

>> No.51877151


>mfw I remember the partner that just disappeared one day

Worst part is he was playing a character that is now 100% doable in Pathfinder.

>> No.51877180

Is it time to start talking about Taldor Ascendant backstories yet?

>> No.51877191


Nah, give it another week.

>> No.51877210

game's fucking dead, m8

>> No.51877212

Have you seen the amount of sessions started here (including mine) that involve dragons in some form or another? This isn't a new development.

>> No.51877225

What kind of Fae? I think marrying a dryad would be really cute, especially if she gets flustered or aroused when you tend to her tree

>> No.51877230

Rolled 9 (1d9)

Was just about to ask the same! A quick peek gives us nine applicants. Shall we take a spin?

>> No.51877239

It still feels like there's just not enough.

>> No.51877252

>What kind of Fae?

(Hama)dryads, Fauns, Nymphs, Fairies and general Forest Folk, especially fae-touched human women!

Particularly if we're roleplaying encounters between said fae-touched human women and some of the more lusty male members of the forest.

>> No.51877293

"Mad" Materian Capio
CN Half-Orc Vigilante/Warder (Bushi/ZweiSent) || Incanter/Arcanist (Sphere/School Savant)
Rondelero duelist, alcoholic, actually a girl.

>> No.51877317

Dragons can be milfs too, anon. Don't be se close-minded.

>> No.51877346

>Zweihander Sentinel, Incanter

>> No.51877362


There's a certain queen in one of the /pfg/ games that would have a word with you all.

>> No.51877363

What's the raw on Warpriest sacred weapon scaling smaller than small or larger than large?

>> No.51877375


ZweiSent Scarlet Throne Style is one of the coolest styles in the game, you silly.


What's the queen ever done for me? Nothing.

>> No.51877379

Which /pfg/ game is she from?

>> No.51877386

4 days until Sultana game is confirmed for fake game, eh?

>> No.51877397



>> No.51877429


Dragons, and Yet More Dragons

>> No.51877450

First time I've heard of it. I'm guessing everyone is a dragon? What kind?

>> No.51877468

Hey, I came into this build fully expecting it to be cancer, and I was right.

>> No.51877484


Actually of the six players, four are dragons/dragonoids. The other two are a Kobold and a human robot... thingy.

All the dragons/dragonoids are in someway descended from The Queen. Who spent the last 1000 years having kids and being a lazy bum, but recently got it in her head that she wanted world domination.

>> No.51877496

So what are the kobold and cyborg doing, just coming along for the ride?

>> No.51877552

You could say the kobold is riding something

>> No.51877560


She really isn't, the girl's built for getting her booty smashed but she's just sorta being all cute!

>> No.51877570


The Kobold is technically the Royal Alchemist for The Queen. Previously that meant making extremely strong hangover cures, now she actually gets to do things.

The cyborg, back before when she was normal, just snuck into The Queen's residence, and read all her books. She tried a ritual to give herself superpowers, but all it did was turn her into a constant state of exploding. The Queen basically incased her into her partially metal form to save her life, and there's a life debt thing going on.

>> No.51877587


So what's the makeup of the party at the moment? Enough men and women to make the shipping game real?

>> No.51877604


5 women, one tiny fairy dragon man with small dog syndrom

>> No.51877619

>constant state of exploding encased in a metal shell

I swear I've heard of this before. Wait, it's like that Russian superhero that showed up in Teen Titans once.

Anyway, so what kinds of dragons are the dragons? Did you all just stick with boring ol' Chromatics and Metallics?

>> No.51877639


>Five women and one ineffectual comedic relief

Nigga this better be Totally Spies or I'm going to say one of those girls needs to grow a dick.

>> No.51877650

>plays things he knows are cancer

>> No.51877653


Well we have Two Silvers, One is a maid who ran a finishing school for young nobility, the other is Huuuuge bookworm dragonoid.

One is a copper dragon who used to be a human noble who's soul got bound to an egg.

And the last one is a crystal time fairy dragon about the size of a house cat, but the ego of a Great Wyrm

>> No.51877662


How is ZweiSent || Incanter cancer? Seems fine by me.

>> No.51877679

Ask the guy who made it.

>> No.51877698

Freyda isnt a silver dragon! She's an ice dragon!

>> No.51877709

>She's an ice dragon!

That makes her either a Silver Dragon or a White Dragon, you dumbie.

>> No.51877720


enlighten us, what is she?

>> No.51877721

Anon, no. You don't want that.

The physics, anon. THE PHYSICS.

>> No.51877734

Well she's neither, she's got blue scales!

>> No.51877760

>what is she?

Blatant fetish bait, from the looks of it.

Otherwise she looks like a White Dragon to me, Silvers have a bit more sheen to them. Ironic, that the bookworm is kin to the dumbest of the dragon colors.


Pale blue, big difference! Maybe her White dragon mother got knocked up by a Blue!

>> No.51877777

So for all the discussion and disappointment about games here, why aren't more people starting them?

Would be really easy to get players.

>> No.51877778


Actually her mom is purple... and has five heads. Basically what comes out is a roulette spin.

>> No.51877780

The easy way to tell if she's a white dragon or a silver dragon is by checking if she's stupid by dragon standards.

>> No.51877795


From what I've read of her, she seems utterly obsessed with proving she's smart.

That means she's a particularly bright White, Silvers are far more graceful about that sort of thing.



Dude... Nice. And I agree, there needs to be another hot new game in the works.

>> No.51877805

Because you'd have to deal with /pfg/'s finest.

2hu, lewdposters, furries, edgelords, people who can't build a character for shit, people who don't understand the concept of building to suit the power level of the game you're in...

>> No.51877808

DMs are rare and most of them already have games blahblahblah

>> No.51877812

College is in session, so there's that.

>> No.51877823

>Play in an evil party in a lewd game
>Indulge in sub tendencies and roll a devoted soft yandere girl who will fawn over the party no matter how badly they treat her, and happily go along with cruel requests because they're just trials of love

>Brooding Warlord does some things but is actually a semi-decent person to people who haven't crossed him
>Manipulative mind magic sorcerer thinks she's too cute and precious and cherishes her instead of bullying her
>Spiteful and sadistic witch isn't used to others actually showing her affection, thinks PC is scary and unpredictable for it, and avoids her

I see, so this is how it feels to be Darkness.

>> No.51877837

Does mindblank protect you from creatures with native see invisibility/true sight?

I understand it would work if they cast it on themselves.

I'm just working on a character who is entirely undetectable.

Negate Aroma
Dampen Presence
Ring of Invisibility
Permanent Mind Blank
And fly to get over tremorsense

>> No.51877839

>people who don't understand the concept of building to suit the power level of the game you're in...
How are we supposed to know the power level if a GM doesn't give us any clear idea of the kind of threats we're going to encounter?

>> No.51877841

>building to suit the power level of the game you're in
It's kind of impossible when it's an app process-based game.

/pfg/'s method of recruiting is dumb, it's all about recruiting characters and not players.

It's better to do short interviews with players, round up the best ones that match your schedule, and THEN get them to make characters.

>> No.51877844

Don't forget that DHB mentioned he was so starved for a game, he'd apply to anything, even a game he really disliked.

>> No.51877849

I've been advertising the past few days but it seems most people here don't want what I'm selling. Also nice quints.

>> No.51877854

well since he's a dragon maybe they can use him that way.

tiny is what, 2 feet long? and dragons have a tail the size of their body?

plus if I recall fairy dragons are ridiculously dextrous

>> No.51877858

You do occasionally get smart white dragons. Other dragons, particular brass, take them under their wing and call them "lazakh", although other white dragons use the term as an insult for such students. It translates to something approximately meaning "big headed".

I learned a lot of interesting things about dragons when I was doing some research for a dragon PC of my own. She's not part of >>51877429 though.

>> No.51877859

>Because you'd have to deal with /pfg/'s finest.

/pfg/'s finest isn't actually that bad, you know.

2hu and DHB are a handful sure, but only one of them's a real problem and that's in the Questions thread.

>> No.51877879

What I don't get is why /pfg/ games go basically "ALL the 3pp allowed ever" as if that won't provoke a shit ton of chargen questions.

Why bother?

>> No.51877890

Now that we've broached the subject, what *would* /pfg/ want in a campaign unlike anything posted thus?


Beats me. If the DM doesn't want 3pp than I'm fine with that, if he wants 3pp than I'm fine with that too.

>> No.51877910

I must say that despite having said this I would not apply to a game that I am really again, or at least not stay in it. No game is better than a bad game. I give a lot of games the benefit of the doubt. It is the reason I am still holding out hope that Taldor Ascendant is not a bamboozling.

>> No.51877924

Yes but not from creatures with Invisibility Purge, which is an evocation spell.

What do you mean, "unlike anything posted thus"? You mean if we were going to have ANOTHER campaign besides the many that have already been pitched and sometimes played in both recent and not-so-recent times?

>> No.51877930

I understand 2hu, but what has DHB done that is a handful for question threads?

>> No.51877932

I find it legitimately amazing that I haven't had DHB or 2hu try to sign up for mine given the memes about them here, either they just didn't see it or they just must REALLY not like the parameters I set.

>> No.51877942

I can certainly do the verbal abuse, but I'd have a hard time with the physical stuff even when I know she really wants it.

>> No.51877945

You also need the Iron Circlet of Guarded Souls just in case:

>> No.51877947

Because someone will bitch. Personally I'd rather have a small pool of approved 3pp, with a "small things like feats, traits, or races can get case-by-cases at best".

Jolly and Forrest, mainly. A sprinkling of the stuff from Bloodforge Infusions would be nice, but that's mostly for meme purposes.

>> No.51877950


Ah, yeah, guilty. I'm already running a fairly stable game with five players. I just want to play for once.

Even if I kicked off a new pathfinder game it'd probably be super bare bones. Level 1, nothing outside the core rule book sort of deal. I prefer the simplicity. It'd get shit on pretty hard here.

>> No.51877959

I may give it a go.

>> No.51877960


I mean a campaign with widespread appeal but hardly anyone's tried to make it, or something guaranteed to trigger memes while still being a real game people really want to play.

Like modified Kingmaker, or Druma, or heck even a proper Galt campaign.

>> No.51877967

What does this do that mind blank doesn't?

It's an interesting idea, though.

>> No.51877977

>becomes the double-ended dildo
>they forget he can cum too
>pregnant lesbians

>> No.51877980

My GM thinks Avowed is OP, how do I make him see the light?

>> No.51877981

Anything that locates your soul, which includes Lifesense which some undead have.

>> No.51877985

Or they have their hands full. Between running one game and playing in two others, that's the reason I'm not applying for your game, or any of the others.

>> No.51877999


What kind of Avowed are you trying to make?

>> No.51878002

My issue is beginning at 4:00pm PST as I am at work at the time.

>> No.51878018

Isn't that a specific version of blindsight, though?

I have Dampen Presence. Though, I guess I wouldn't need to worry about a stealth check, even if mine is ridiculous.

>> No.51878019

he probably thought warlocks were overpowered in 3.5....

>> No.51878030

Here's the link, go nuts and don't be afraid to ask questions or DM me on Discord if you have any. https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/69913/slash-pfg-slash-dragonborn-game

Hey man fair enough, I'll be honest part of the reason I thought I'd be getting apps like hotcakes is because I gave general ideas along these lines a little less than a month ago and got a lot of support.

The time is actually variable, I didn't really know when to have it so I just put it down for Monday evening my time, if I get apps that want a different time I can move it since my schedule is flexible.

>> No.51878038

It is "as if" it possessed blindsight. It is not blindsight.

>> No.51878056

Magic school.

>> No.51878079

/pfg/ is fickle. There have been multiple times where I've had ideas or suggestions or stories people have seemed really enthusiastic about but then even just a few generals later nobody cares and I can't even get any replies when I bring it up again. Tthe repeated experience has made me pretty bitter about it, actually.

>> No.51878099

Something where people didn't play their fetishes.

>> No.51878120

Often mocked is the whole "you think we're a hivemind" mindset some people have, but it's hard not to fall into this when 95% of the users here are anon and stay anon.

>> No.51878165

2hu does nothing wrong asking questions.

>> No.51878198

Are you a player in the game or just a random anon

>> No.51878230

What game were you advertising?

>> No.51878235

He more had a problem with the Clauses than anything else. He felt they were kinda too strong. Apparently he didn't have a problem with the 3.5 Warlock though.

>> No.51878280

Not with proving she's smart, just with knowledge.

She just has a dignified image that the world refuses to let her keep.

And she is just an ice dragon. Standard rules don't apply.

>> No.51878281

A game where all of the party plays as Dragonborn, I've ported the species over into Pathfinder and made it so that each color has a different stat array so we can get some variety up in here, so not everyone has to do the same thing like most "everyone playing the same species" thing would inevitably turn into.You can find the link in this post: >>51878030

>> No.51878297

simple is the best. all hail basic

>> No.51878364

They're nearly across the board weaker than warlock invocations. I can kinda see where he's coming from, but this seems like a lot of knee-jerk to me.

>> No.51878420

Didn't we prove last thread once and for all that even without Nation Pact, Self Pact, or Overcharge Modulation, Aether Barrage is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too strong by Paizo standards?

>> No.51878460

A couple sessions from now my players will be attending a festival of sorts that's also a competition to create the latest and greatest alchemical wonders. I've got a few ideas but I need some more, so what amazing displays and contraptions might you expect to find at what is basically a Golarion science fair for adventurers?

>> No.51878474

>Paizo standards
>1d10 every other turn at 10th level

>> No.51878481

Pazio standards are Rogues, Fighters and Wizards.

>> No.51878515

Looks fine to me. Sure if you build strictly for damage you'll do damage, but it doesn't stack with other methods of gaining extra attacks.
It's okay for a blaster.

>> No.51878559


Let us illustrate the point more clearly, then. Here is a Paizo + Avowed 1 + Avowed 2 only build at 3rd-level, using a vanilla human as the race.

Level: 3rd
Race: Human
Class: Avowed (undead [lich] pact, balefire infusion, aether blow)

Key Ability Score: Dexterity 20 = base 18 + racial 2

Key Traits:
Combat: Reactionary
Social: Student of Philosophy
Possibly another trait with a drawback

Human: Point Blank Shot
1st-level: Precise Shot
3rd-level: Overcharge Modulation (lifeleech pulse)

Shapes: Aether barrage ×3

Lesser Clauses: Hidden knowledge, sightseer, lifeleech pulse

5 Dexterity modifier
+2 Reactionary
Total: +7

Aether Barrage Attacks:
1 attack from BAB
1 attack from aether barrage's second purchase
Total Attacks: 2

Range: 100 feet + 30 feet from caster level = 130 feet

Aether Barrage Attack Bonus:
+5 Dexterity modifier
Total: +7/+7, targets touch AC

Aether Barrage Damage:
2d8 aether pulse
+5 Dexterity modifier
Total: 2d8+5 (average 14), multiplied by 1.5 (average 21) due to balefire infusion, Empower Spell-Like Ability, and Overcharge Modulation

Two 130-foot-range attacks at a +7 bonus, targeting touch AC and dealing 21 damage each (for a total of 42 if they both hit), is fairly impressive for a 3rd-level character.

The character's noncombat utility includes:
• Hidden knowledge: +6 bonus to all Knowledge checks, and using Knowledges untrained
• Sightseer: See perfectly in any darkness out to any range, and see invisibility

For comparison, a 3rd-level, raging Strength 24, greatsword-swinging barbarian would have an attack bonus of 3 BAB + 7 Strength modifier + 1 masterwork - 1 Power Attack = +10 vs. normal AC (not much worse than +7 vs. touch AC) with a 19-20 critical threat range, but deal only 2d6+13 (average 20) damage.
A Narikopolus + Precise Shot + Rapid Shot archer can hardly compete with this avowed either.
The barbarian and archer also lack utility.

Overcharge Modulation needs to change.

>> No.51878595 [DELETED] 


The build in >>51878515 significantly outclasses some of the better 3rd-level damage dealers that Paizo classes have to offer, *and* has more utility thanks to being able to max out Dexterity and having the Hidden Knowledge and Sightseer clauses.

Given that the avowed's point of balance is supposed to be "Paizo + Avowed 1 + Avowed 2" only, as per developer commentary, this is a little concerning.

>> No.51878603

How do you buff claw-like natural attacks intrinsical to your race? Are they worth it even as backup weapons?

I wonder if it is worthwile for a tiefling. Are they better or worse than darkness spell-like ability?

>> No.51878616

I agree overcharge needs changing.

Nation has janky mechanics but I don't see it as too bad even if you just got all the bonuses against everyone all the time.

Self pact might be too strong, I'm not super sure where it stands without overcharge modulation, still likely on the dangerous side.

>> No.51878618


>> No.51878620


The build in >>51878559 significantly outclasses some of the better 3rd-level damage dealers that Paizo classes have to offer, *and* has more utility thanks to being able to max out Dexterity and having the Hidden Knowledge and Sightseer clauses.

Given that the avowed's point of balance is supposed to be "Paizo + Avowed 1 + Avowed 2" only, as per developer commentary, this is a little concerning.

If Sightseer is not to one's liking, it can be swapped out for Silver Tongue, for a +6 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.

>> No.51878711

You're specifically taking the class feature substitutions that are focused on damage, with feats focused on damage, and relying on a single shape that lets you mimic a ranged weapon. Of course you're going to be good at blasting with it.
The only issue I can see is that either overcharge needs to be changed, or the class substitutions changed, possibly both. That is kind of the point of a playtest like this.
A single build does not invalidate an entire class, otherwise why aren't you playing a wizard right now, or collecting candles of invocation with your peasant wages?

>> No.51878747


Even without Overcharge Modulation, the build in >>51878559 would still give a Strength 24 raging greatsword barbarian or a Narikopolus archer a run for their metaphorical money.


>Of course you're going to be good at blasting with it.
>The only issue I can see is that either overcharge needs to be changed
Even *without* Overcharge Modulation, the build still outpaces some of Paizo's better 3rd-level damage dealers, while having far better noncombat utility on top. That does not seem very balanced to me.

>A single build does not invalidate an entire class
On the other hand, the class being pushed towards gaining multiple attacks and abusing Overcharge Modulation makes raw damage the single best combat method of the class.

>> No.51878786


Here is the same build above, only without Overcharge Modulation. Tiefling is somewhat more optimal for this build (Small size, Underworld Guide, another +2 Intelligence), but for the sake of demonstration, we will keep to human.

No self pact, no nation pact, no Overcharge Modulation, absolutely must be human.

Level: 3rd
Race: Human
Class: Avowed (undead [lich] pact, balefire infusion, aether blow)

Key Ability Score: Dexterity 20 = base 18 + 2 racial

Key Traits:
Combat: Reactionary
Social: Student of Philosophy
Possibly another trait with a drawback

Human: Point Blank Shot
1st-level: Weapon Focus (aether pulse)
Avowed: Precise Shot
3rd-level: Improved Initiative

Shapes: Aether barrage ×3

Lesser Clauses: Hidden knowledge, sightseer, lifeleech pulse

5 Dexterity modifier
+2 Reactionary
+4 Improved Initiative
Total: +11

Aether Barrage Attacks:
1 attack from BAB
1 attack from aether barrage's second purchase
Total Attacks: 2

Range: 100 feet + 30 feet from caster level = 130 feet

Aether Barrage Attack Bonus:
+5 Dexterity modifier
+1 Weapon Focus
Total: +8/+8, targets touch AC

Aether Barrage Damage:
2d8 aether pulse
+5 Dexterity modifier
Total: 2d8+5 (average 14), can grant temporary hit points

Initiative +11. Two 130-foot-range attacks at a +8 bonus, targeting touch AC and dealing 14 damage each (for a total of 28 if they both hit). These attacks can grant temporary hit points. This is still superior to the Strength 24 raging greatsword barbarian, and it is also superior to the Noble Scion (Narikopolus) + Precise Shot + Rapid Shot archer, even before we bring in the noncombat utility.

The character's noncombat utility includes:
• Hidden knowledge: +6 bonus to all Knowledge checks, and using Knowledges untrained
• Sightseer: See perfectly in any darkness out to any range, and see invisibility (swap this out for Silver Tongue if desired)

The avowed is still quite an outlier even with the restrictions above.

>> No.51878800

I'm okay with this, and if anything it means that paizo has yet again dropped the ball when it comes to character options.

>being pushed
Like how every character that ever needs to make a skill check is 'pushed' towards worshiping Magdh for that +4 right? Just because an option is good doesn't make it a necessity or non-choice.

>> No.51878831


>> No.51878871


Fey Obedience (Magdh) is absolutely a mistake that should never have been printed in its current state.

I am not entirely sure behind your logic here; are you saying that a 3rd-level, Strength 24, raging greatsword barbarian's damage output is insufficient? The 3rd-level avowed without the nation pact, without the self pact, without Overcharge Modulation, and without any race other than human is already outclassing such a barbarian.

>> No.51878889

He's saying that "it's good" does not equate to "it's the only possible option" unless you're an autist.

>> No.51878947


Feasible in theory, yes, but when a 3rd-level aether barrage spammer is outclassing some of the better 3rd-level Paizo damage dealers while also having much greater utility, said avowed is looking sketchy in terms of balance.

>> No.51878961

When something middling beats out another thing's best, the former should probably get toned down a bit.

>> No.51878991

I promised my players I'd run an evil campaign for 2-3 sessions but I can't for the life of me think of any "plot" hooks other than assassinate a dude or steal a thing that'll last so short of a time. It feels a little boring but I can't really think of anything better, anyone have any good ideas?

>> No.51879006

Character assassination via public framing or shaming
Gathering blackmail
Kidnap a politically valuable child then get stuck with them
Strong arm the competition out of business
Simple wonderful revenge for a slight, real or imagined
Just think selfish anon.

>> No.51879048

>Be a player in a Kingmaker adventure path
>Pixie and fairy dragon part of adventure
>Family was kidnapped by trolls, made a liiiiiittle pact with hell for power in exchange for literally ridding the campaign setting of Chaos
>Trolls are Chaos, Fey are too
>Suddenly shit gets stolen while we're asleep
>Muh family sacred sword has been stolen
Didn't get it back til' the Kingdom was already founded and we found the fuckers robbing our gold mine.

>> No.51879503 [DELETED] 

...Why does this build have aether blow? That makes your pulses all melee attacks.

>> No.51879710

How is a Warpriest's Sacred Weapon damage calculated if his weapon size increases past large or drops below small? Do you bump it with normal size change rules?

>> No.51879749

Sacred weapon damage scales with size. Just look it up on d20pfsrd.

>> No.51880111

How easily can a party of three level 8 PCs (going up a single level), all optimized tier 3s, handle a Paizo adventure meant for four level 9 PCs (going up a single level)?

>> No.51880134

Depends entirely on the adventure. The thing is most stuff written by Paizo does not see much playtesting and ends ups going up and down in difficulty quite a bit.

>> No.51880471

Okay, most times? If they're "optimized" to any degree, pretty well. But that assumes that they've got some decent healing, good damage output, ranged support, etc.

If they're all just initiators flailing away with broken blade, they're gonna get fucked by the first thing to stand up to their damage.

Of course, sometimes there are encounters that are just idiotic. Encounters that rely on the one item you might or might not have picked up earlier in the module to have any chance at winning (true story, my old party got wiped because the item-hoarder had stuffed the cold-soaking item in his bag of holding and forgot to tell us). Or encounters that require a specific kind of spell or effect to be used. Gimmick fights, you know.

It's not an exact science, since Paizo's encounter design is so schizophrenic.

>> No.51880485

I still don't understand initiators.

>> No.51880517

>they're gonna get fucked by the first thing to stand up to their damage.


>> No.51880634

Okay, perhaps "stand up to" is a poor choice of words. But think of it this way: An optimized ranged combatant isn't going to be much good if nobody can pinpoint an invisible enemy. An optimized melee combatant is screwed if the enemy can fly and he can't. If the GM starts having a ghost move in and out of the ground, you're gonna have a bad time--more so if it has Spring Attack or Flyby Attack.

There are just some things the party might not be equipped to deal with. A GM who's committed to running a fair game, progressing the story, or at least competent enough to modify a module to fit a group, is going to mitigate this problem, but it's still a problem with the module. Therefore, it's better to be prepared for situations that don't rely on one build's ability to clean house.

>> No.51880674

There's not much to "understand". Maneuvers are functionally spells that all rely on attacks or skill checks, and instead of waiting all day you can just take a quick break between encounters to regain your daily uses (or just a round or two if you have some feat or class ability that lets you do so).

It's just weeaboo fightan magic, except less weeaboo. A surprisingly large amount of the maneuvers are just "I'm like a monk/barbarian/paladin but..." rather than anime style secret techniques or some shit.

>> No.51881503

I looked a little further into it, I'm just not convinced Iron Circlet would work against Life Sense.

Life Sense doesn't say it targets souls, and it isn't a divination effect.

>> No.51881881

Why is /pfg/ kill?

>> No.51881894

the warranty on pathfinder just ran out
no one cares about it anymore

>> No.51881958

I don't know, so I'll blame 2hu.

>> No.51882123

Well I'll leave a retarded story here since it's slowed down so much
>Scrawny guy with neckbeard in my gaming group is building character for mummy's mask module
>Picks a female kyton-spawn tiefling
>takes manacles chains and candles as part of his starting kit
>expects to be target of bondage jokes over "unintentional" choices
>elf wizard also in party, owl familiar
>newish guy thought giving it leather armor was a good idea and interesting
>all players completely ignore fetish fuel tiefling and make BDSM jokes about the owl and sexualizing owls is now somehow a running gag in our campaign
>tiefling fumes silently

>> No.51882156


Ignoring the slut's antics is always fun, especially if you're focusing on someone else.

>> No.51882180


>> No.51882222

You probably went too far if you don't have ill intentions. You should just kill him, or knock him out and let him go.

>> No.51882314

I kinda want to build a Avowed or Haunted Heroes Pact Wizard who has Spirit Ridden. Then make their backstory that they stole the instructions on how to do the seance, and kept summoning spirits until they finally got the knowledge needed to make a pact. I mean, nothing bad can happen from making pacts with strange beings in order to escape soul crushing poverty r-right?

>> No.51882325


Nothing at all! Nothing at all can happen!

>> No.51882327

We have run out of shit to discuss after reviewbrah finished reviewing all the apps.

I think most of pfg got a little too used to behaving civilly after that to return to their shit flinging ways.

>> No.51882351

Is that Magic Knight Rayearth?

>> No.51882388


Is it true that anyone who makes a Qadiran is a cuck?

>> No.51882498

Is it true that you suck 20 dicks before breakfast every other day, and on the off days you take them up the ass?

>> No.51882525

It's Friday morning. People with lives have work, school, uni, errands.

>> No.51882544

Black Blade-chan a cute! Cute!

>> No.51882546

of course not.
it's 19. he's not a shameless slut.

>> No.51882579

>reviewbrah ran will never review your app
>It doesn't even matter since you're already in the game you applied to
>You still have no idea what you did right

Feels weird man.

>> No.51882634


I'd rather marry the guardian spirit that follows my Chosen One around and powers up his sword.

>> No.51882723

>tfw the game you're playing in dies.

>> No.51882737

I'm fairly sure William is just me. He shares my first name, hair color, eye color, and he spurns the dumb real woman in favor of waifufagging his guardian spirit. Truly a man of taste

>> No.51882770


That raises a good question; is Willy a Chosen One Paladin, or a Samurai || Spiritualist, or a Samurai || Avowed (Fae) with the Guardian Spirit feat... Or all three, depending on material allowed?


W-What happened?

>> No.51882828

Motherfucker is so OP he's probably all of them at once.

>> No.51882895

The DM seems to have abandoned the game without telling any of us players; he hasn't even been online (at least as far as we know) in weeks.

>> No.51882945


I'm so sorry, hopefully the ashes of the old will provide succor to the new?

>> No.51883007

We can only hope, anon. I guess this makes me a game-refugee.

>> No.51883114

How much do you value well made roll20 maps when you're playing, or do you value them at all?

If your GM just used MSpaint tier boards to represent combat and left the details to your imagination, would you mind?

>> No.51883146

>How much do you value well made roll20 maps when you're playing, or do you value them at all?

The roll20 map is the difference between me struggling to get in character, and me fully immersing myself in your world.

They're paramount for a good time, paramount. Especially if you add NPC tokens who might not necessarily even be important in the scene.

>> No.51883157

It would depend on the game, anon. Lots of games can get away with a basic representation of the field, and the "mind's eye", but Pathfinder (DnD style games in general) immensely benefit from having an actual grid with at least a little detail.

>> No.51883163

Second Avowed writer here. While we're currently discussing our options on what to do with Overcharge Modulation, Self Pact's preliminary nerfs (we WILL be playtesting this more) are a change to make the damage dealt by the bonus attacks entirely static (though scaling with level). They'll trigger non-damaging effects, but neither benefit from bonus damage or additional damage sources (so they can't trigger Sneak Attack, for example.) This should make it easier to tune, while still having some interesting optimization benefits.
Further, like with a lot of OTHER attunements, we'll be making theirs scale with their level, though not quite as harshly. Their charisma bonus to armor class will be capped at 3+class level, meaning they'll grant a similar bonus as someone in light armor should it be a one-level dip, while rapidly providing their full benefit to someone who decides to take more levels.
While we're presently still working on it, Aether Channel's second-rank selection is being removed and replaced with a different effect. Their DPR with full base attack bonus was simply too strong, and we'll be reworking the ability.

In other news, we'll soon be bringing two new shapes to the Avowed 2 playtest - the all-new Aether Circus, which fires extremely long range missiles that track their target over several rounds, and Aether Beast, for those who would prefer to stand back and have their loyal minion do all the work. Thank you for your support and feedback!

>> No.51883242

What about music/ambience? Do you prefer the GM to play some, or do you usually decide what's best for yourself?

>> No.51883270

>aether circus

a lesser man would have posted a touhou danmaku image

>> No.51883273


I typically decide what's best for myself, though that's only if the game is not voiced.

>> No.51883276

>second effect

Please tell me that isn't the full bab. That was the only cool part of aether channel

>> No.51883279

depends on medium. If voiced/IRL, nothing above ambiance music.

If text, depends on the preferences of the group.

>> No.51883293

New Thread

>> No.51883341

Yeah; don't forget some of the builds 2hu outlined are at the far reaches of what one can manage, reaching not so much the ceiling tiles as the baseboards of the attic.

Overcharge probably has to go; not anywhere near so much due to a completely optimized choice allowing the static to be x1.5'd, but because damage on certain abilities like barrage or most AoEs is only viable with it.

Bake a damage increase into the non-weapon-loaded pulses (barrage, swarm, wave, wrath, blast, etc etc): this does not mean they should be cheaper/easier than the weapon types, only that they MUST have appropriate support so that as-much or near-as-much can allow proper output.

The new aether circus sounds like it's finally going to be worthy of its name; the previous incarnation was heresy.
Never forget:

>> No.51883972


Go traditional. Some kind of heist; a goody two shoes kingdom is having a holiday of their victory over some ancient evil, and one of the relics on display contains ultimate power/the spirit of the elder evil/is worth a whole lot of money.

For whatever reason, the PCs are motivated to steal this object for their own selfish ends. That ought to last you a few sessions.

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