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>What if Guilliman will be the traitor primarch ?

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Too Gary Stu to be evil

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We know it will be Lionel Johnson.

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As a guard player I would be fine with this but on one condition.

That is girlyman comes back and tries to take control of the empire in the name of the emperor.

The high Lords hate this idea.

Boom, massive fucking civil war. The high lords excommunicate the ultras and their successors. 1/3 of the imperium sides with ultras.

Chaos dicks around in the mayhem.
The Tau expand.
Orks wagh.
Primarchs return and pick sides.
And it all comes to the emperor dieing and becoming a god, which would be 15 books from now and about a decade from now.

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How ? The dude is in a coma and loyal to the core.
It's only his legion that decended into shady fuckery.

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....Will Cpt Titus come back?

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Why Lionel Joson though? I keep seeing this theory like it's been proven, but I don't see any proof other than "some Dark Angels turned to Chaos". He seems just as likely as Russ to turn

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as renegade or chaos?

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Will Vance Motherfucking Stubbs find his Baneblades and wage war?

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>Does nothing for 10,000 years
Sounds like a traitor primarch to me.

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Makes sense, considering the Slaaneshi poison in his throat can be corrupting.
Unlikely, because >>51866060

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What about Khan? Dude disappeared into the Web way and got lolstuck. Could be driven to insanity and made a deal with Slaanesh to gtfo of the Webway and gobble up some Drukhari souls. Unlike Russ who entered the webway on a quest, the guy just raged in after some goth elves walked on his lawn and knocked over his gnomes.

I'm tired of the mainstream Primarchs getting attention. Can we please just find Vulcan's shit and bring him back? He's more interesting than Robot foot Girlyman

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I'm sick of this fucking traitor Primarch shit, what is the source of this baseless speculation?

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New Dark Eldar name?

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That's a strange way of saying Alpharius.

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>Guilliman turns traitor
>Alpharius (Omegon) appears and saves the day and also avenges his brother (?)
How mad would you be?

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I'd be elated. I'd much rather have Alpharius in the Imperium than fucking Rowboat.

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They both turn. All the primarchs turn. Its Magnus, Lorgar, and Pertuabo against Girlyman and Lionel.

M43 is a strange age.

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Trazyn the Infinite has them

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What if the resurrected Gulliman is actually Alpharius

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Obviously it's Omegon, anon

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that's be quite a feat considering Alpherius' quite prominent decapitation, impailming, and the loss of his hands

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You mean that thing even rowboat isn't sure actually happened?

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Omegon seemed pretty sure

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But anon, im omegon

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But how can you be sure you're Omegon?

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>implying that was actually alpherius

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this is a combination of what i think is probable and what id like to see.

Omegon or Alparius is the primarch that turns loyal (was secretly loyal all along with half of the alpha legion, explaining that traitors or not thing they have going on)

Guilliman is the traitor, but not to chaos. Guilliman being kinda frienly with the Aeldari and trying too replace the emperor is seen as heresy by many a schism forms in the imperium. The Empire of Ultramar forms. Seeing this split the mechanicus starts to shore up its own independence, even going as far as to anex mining and agriworlds to secure resources they need. The Imperium starts fracturing as ancient rome did. Though will still generally work together against outside threats like chaos or xenos. though the traitorous ultrmars empire is to friendly with less aggressive aliens, rumoured to have even gone as far as forming a non-agression pact with the tau.

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Wasn't that Iron Hands leader of the Iron Hands who lost his Iron Hands?

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