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Pathfinder General /pfg/

The other kind of trap edition. Tell us about the last time you encountered a trap in your game? Were you able to circumvent it? Or did it trick you? Did the trap improve your experience that session? Would you prefer your GM to use more traps?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

Old Thread: >>51824190

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So, the party of four I GM for has just lost a player, leaving me with three.
What's a good way to increase a party's strength on compensate for a loss in a member?
I really don't want to have a DMPC or give one of them a second character, as I've tried this before and it worked pretty poorly.

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I think I might have figured out how to show the listing for my session without you needing to have joined it, turns out it had nothing to do with making the listing public like that one Anon was saying and was more to do with the fact that I was copying the wrong URL.

Regardless, here's the listing for anyone who might be interested: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/69913/slash-pfg-slash-dragonborn-game

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adjust encounters accordingly. Gestalt and say fuck balance. Cry. Recruit another player.

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Rather than increasing the party's strength, try tailoring the challenges to a three-man party instead of a four-man party.

It'll take a little work, but it shouldn't be too difficult if you're even mediocre at building encounters.

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first session level one, the invesigator tries to disable the first trap
trap crits 23 damage very dead investigator
lost another 2 party members to traps after that got zero loot before the others ran off inauspicious omen for the campaign

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>the DM doesn't allow his players to pick any traits, but instead creates custom traits tailor-made to fit each PC's personality/backstory

Good sign or bad sign?

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>The other kind of trap edition. Tell us about the last time you encountered a trap in your game? Were you able to circumvent it? Or did it trick you? Did the trap improve your experience that session? Would you prefer your GM to use more traps?

Depends on what you mean by "tricked"...

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Could be either depending on the DM, but taking chargen out of the players' hands is not a great thing on average.

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story wise it means he's putting in a lot of effort
build wise he might screw you out of options that don't make sense thematically but are great mechanically

>> No.51830722

Should you be using your traits for options that aren't thematically appropriate just because they are mechanically useful? That's the sort of thing that seems like it would lead to a DM wanting to start picking/making traits for their players.

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Rolled 3 (1d8)

CG/CN male Human Fighter (Lore Warden)|Vigilante
Campaign Trait: Chance Encounter
>From Gundrun, in the Worldwound
>Started wandering out further into the demon-haunted wilderness
>Had to get saved by some stranger marked by Desna who led him to safety
>Finally learned a little humility and started studying up on Desna
>Decided to go join the Crusades when he was old enough to try and do something worthwhile with his life

Well, he's got a personality that comes across in his backstory, and it's even got him starting in on an arc. That's a good start. And this is one of the few profiles I've gone over that actually uses its campaign trait as opposed to just having it as a side detail (looking at you, Touched by Divinity). There's a good, strong backstory going on here. But perhaps it could do with a bit more of an accent on what it's like to live in the Worldwound--you're basically in a post-apocalypse zone, that's not gonna be much like a normal "barter town".

His personality, on the other hand, seems kind of like it's going in too many directions at once. He's a free spirit but he's reserved and shy, he likes to show off but he's easily embarrassed. The admittance that he's got a "weak personality" is more right than it might have been intended. There needs to be more of that briefly-noted "Kellid temper", more of an idea of how his faiths--especially since most characters wouldn't try and juggle two at once--and his background shape him.

If he's a warrior, make him warlike. Don't just let him be wishy-washy until the rare occasions when he decides to SERIOUS THE FUCK UP, that never works well.

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Hopefully the DM would also be looking at your build and make something that works with what you're trying to do, even if it's not as powerful as some traits can be. I think that as long as the DM does that, I'd be totally okay with him making traits for all the PCs. Saves me the trouble of finding ones I want anyway.

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I meant if he does this at the start throughout the game he might limit feat choices or class archetypes that don't quite belong in the story or fit the character as you've played it up to that point like not letting you take dervish dancer if you're character hasn't shown lots of interest in elegance and dancing

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Rolled 6 (1d7)

Lisa Sterling
LG female Human Bard|Wizard
Campaign Trait: Riftwarden Orphan
>Sent to be raised by distant relatives in Ustalav
>Child prodigy who graduated at 14
>Uncle would only confirm that yes, her parents were Riftwardens
>She went looking for more info and met a man named Teneb who taught her, seduced her, and then stole her research and apparently her shadow as well
>She packed up and went to Mendev to find answers rather than stick around and raise eyebrows in Ustalav by having such a suspicious trait

I can't really call bullshit on the child prodigy business since, hey, Player Character. They're supposed to be mildly exceptional. It also feeds into the naivete that led her into her current predicament quite nicely. She's got a strong start.

The personality section continues the trend, confirming that she's basically kind of a sheltered rich kid who's more used to academia than real life. It also highlights her determination quite nicely. This is a good solid character we've got here, and she's not even that overtly fetishy--though for a game like this, some might see that as a hindrance.

And that owl sounds adorable.

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Kline's up next, but I'm going to be taking a short break.

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I recognize that uniform!

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To be honest, I do suspect that there's a wholesale ripoff from some video game going on here.

>> No.51830990

You're doing a great job Anon, maybe the stars have aligned but the last few threads have mostly been quality when people decided to focus their energy on reviewing applications and discussing the characters instead of the senseless shitflinging that we usually do.

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>Depends on what you mean by "tricked"...
As in the "this treasure chest must have a lot of good magical items in it, better open it immediately" tricked.

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> Ascendant feat tax rules

Holy shit. What do I do with all these feats? It's like having a new hand dealt to me.

>> No.51831039

>Taldor Ascendant GM
>CR is dumb and won't be in play
What does he mean? I'm confused.

>> No.51831057

Why don't more people worship multiple gods anyways?

>> No.51831081

That means it's a fake game and the GM will disappear before the first session is supposed to start.

>> No.51831132

How do you feel about Taldor GM banning ALL psionics?

>> No.51831143

Few mechanical bonuses, if any.

In Eberron, Clerics could worship pantheons and take the Sovereign Speaker PrC. It gave them a domain from each deity every other level.

In 3.5 Forgotten Realms, Clerics could take the Heresy of the Faith feat, and join churches that let them take domains from different deities.

Everyone else usually worships one deity because that's all that will fit on their character sheet.

>> No.51831163

I am curious how you feel about this concept:
>Jahni, subject of "A Demon Went Down To Ustalav". An escaped demon from the world wound challenged him to a fiddling match in exchange for possessing him. Jahni won the match and won his fancy fiddle. However he didn't realize when he accepted the fiddle he received a lot more, and that the demon had taken his dues despite losing. Jahni strikes out north to try and break his new Friend Pact and find that damn son of a bitch demon who he beat. Halfling CG Fiend Pact Avowed/Bard.

>> No.51831171

How did I feel when the fake gm of the fake game made up some dumb ass rule showing just how fake his shit is?

>> No.51831184

>Darksong Knight

Dangit anon, I laughed.

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I had a GM who blanket banned occults because he hadn't read them yet, and only lifted it after making sure they weren't bullshit.

Though given that this is a level 8 gestalt game with 3pp, it'd seem a lot weirder to think of this as a ban for balance or avoidance.

>> No.51831199

>break his new Friend Pact
But why would you want to break a Friend Pact?!

>> No.51831201

>DHB calling him out on 'what kind of balance do you want'

>> No.51831205

An order of Fighter / Clerics of Eilistraee.

>> No.51831225

I don't recall seeing any of those in Drowtales...

>> No.51831237



>> No.51831238

He also banned Chained Sneak Attack and Unchained Sneak Attack from stacking.

So if you're a UC Rogue 3/Slayer 6 on one gestalt side (let's say after a level up), you'll only have +2d6 Sneak Attack.

How does that make any sense AT ALL?

>> No.51831267

Jahni didn't want to be friends with that dang son of a whore's bunion demon.

The idea would be I would explain most of his class features with a quote. What I got right now is.

>I'm a man of learnin' ya know, can write my own name n' everythin'
Bardic Knowledge

>Followed me right clear outta Ustalav, couldn't shake 'em if I wanted
His chicken familiar

>I'm the best that's ever been
Massive pile of fiddling feats/traits/racial features

>Demons in the house of the rising son
Aether Eruption

Plan is once I have mythic I am turning my golden fiddle into a legendary item.

>> No.51831272

You're lucky I lost my old, old computer, cause I had at least 400mb of shitty Drowtales fanart I downloaded from back in the day.

>> No.51831281

How feat-intensive is an Intimidation build going to be? Am I going to need more than a couple feats to be able to effectively demoralize enemies without gimping my action economy?

>> No.51831286

see >>51831081

>> No.51831294

Weapon Focus, Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses, Cornugon Smash.

>> No.51831350

And if Cornugon Smash is banned, is all hope lost?

What about going for Dreadful Carnage instead of Dazzling Display/Shatter Defenses? I think Dreadful Carnage seems better than Dazzling Display, the only thing the latter has going for it is being a requirement for Shatter Defenses.

And am I going to need something like Skill Focus or Intimidating Prowess to regularly meet those DCs?

>> No.51831399


I forgot that existed. I'm probably not going to bother catching up if it's still ongoing.

They're mentioned in the War of the Spider Queen, and they get more of a focus in the Lady Penitent trilogy.

I'm going to ban occults because I'm too lazy to learn the rules, but I'm allowing DSP psionics.

>> No.51831413

If you just want to intimidate shit then stuff like Dreadful Carnage is fine. The reason the Shatter Defenses chain is so popular though is that intimidate really just doesn't do thaaaat much without it. You can scare people and all but as much as -2 to basically everything sounds great, the math on it really doesn't come out to much as you scale higher, and the playstyle doesn't come online early enough to be great.

But I mean, totally doable yeah. If it fits your flavor and you've got the feats to spare, go for it. There're a lot of traps but Intimidate, while maybe not a strong option, isn't really going to fuck you in the ass like a lot of styles do.

>> No.51831432

Nah, it's not all of lost hope. Just grab Hurtful, Bludgeoner, and Enforcer instead.

>> No.51831468

H i r e l i n g s ! ! !

>> No.51831475

What do you do when the SRD contradicts your book?

>> No.51831494

Generally it means it got hit with errata or nerfing.

>> No.51831498

Can you provide an example?

>> No.51831503

Yeah, I understand what you're saying- shaken is a decent debuff, but it's probably not so great by itself to be worth investing a lot of your build in (especially if it's only going to last a turn or two). Shatter Defenses definitely gives some bang for your buck. But even though Dazzling Display gives you better action economy for intimidation (sometimes, it's not going to help against a single target) I still can't help but frown when I look at that feat because of the full round action. Dreadful Carnage does a better job of fixing the action economy problem for intimidate builds, but isn't going to give you something like Shatter Defenses. You can take both, of course, but then you've invested a huge amount of feats into being good at intimidation... And still don't have any way of getting around the third weakness of the strategy, which is enemies being immune to fear.

>> No.51831536

I noticed that Slayer could take a feat as an advanced talent on the SRD but it wasn't in my book. Looked it up and there was an errata to add it as anon said.

>> No.51831606

>Myth-Weavers apocalypse

>d20PFSRD apocalypse

It couldn't possibly get worse... right?

>> No.51831666

If you were to train an animal tricks, and the animal gets 3+ INT, does it get another 3 tricks per INT or how does that work? It says 3 tricks for 1 INT, 6 tricks for 2 INT, then says nothing about if it's higher.

>> No.51831776

How do I deal with my GM committing suicide whilst the campaign is going on?

>> No.51831790

>d20PFSRD apocalypse

It's fine?

>> No.51831818

Find a new game.

>> No.51831941

Yeah. d20pfsrd just did some major virtue signalling on their Facebook page.

>> No.51831959

??? What does this have to do with anything? What caused them to post this?

>> No.51831993

For what purpose

>> No.51832010

Considering stuff piazo writes, this isn't surprising.

But ultimately doesn't matter for what people in this thread use them for, they're a convenient data bank of piazos stuff. They even said it through the FB page, which is Extremely useless most of the time, and doesn't impact the Main site.

>> No.51832031


How does that not make sense? Gesalt rules say that abilities don't stack. You take the best saves, the best BAB, and so on. If you have sneak attack from both sides of the gesalt you take the better one.

>> No.51832036

Who cares?

You're not going to boycott a free service for being run by people of a specific morality.

>> No.51832040

They are pulling the EA card ie "any criticism we get for this shitty migration is due to the person being a bigot and homophobe"

>> No.51832148

I want DHB to leave.

>> No.51832462

pssst anon he wants to have them on the same side of the gestalt

>> No.51832476

My most sincere condolences to you, anon.

>> No.51832583


Oh! Oh, I misread that. Yeah those should stack. Weird. Then again, multi-classing in a gestalt? Seems excessive. You already get two classes at full power.

>> No.51832612

Rolled 2 (1d6)

N female Catfolk Slayer|Warlord
Campaign Trait: Exposed to Awfulness
>Family all killed by demons around the start of the Fourth Crusade, adopted by mercenaires
>Used as a squire and runner, taken into combat in the crusade's final battle
>Started using a mind blade in response to the emotion of seeing the mercenary she was taught by die
>Wandered around for a while until she heard a new Crusade was gearing up

The backstory isn't bad. It's a decent framework, but it stops at being so and doesn't try for more. Kline's most significant relationship is established, and she's got a decent motivation.

The whole application, really, doesn't go beyond "fine", and even then, just because of the little glimmers of personality tucked away. The hinted at idea that she's out for revenge for her family/ies and the possibility of her growing as a person gives the character some merit, but all in all, it's pretty damning to think that for most of the early game at least, this character is probably going to just start as a somber, jaded mercenary capable of little but snark, and that their player will just sit back and wait for "the right moment" to have them come out of their shell.

Protip: Don't give your character the explicit goal of "profit", and don't wait for them to start making their debut. You're only going to get a precious few chances to make your character memorable.

>> No.51832666

The player must have really wanted Finesse Training, but also wanted the Slayer's BAB.

>> No.51832668

Valki Ommarra
CG female Human Fighter (Learned Duelist)|Wizard
Campaign Trait: Riftwarden Orphan
>Daughter of an Azlanti from Varisia and a Kellid witch from Ustalav.
>Grew up with a minor noble family. Has lots of siblings, cousins, etc.
>Studied with another Riftwarden who she had a crush on
>Trying to join the Riftwardens, hoping to get into the Worldwound at some point and figure out what happened to her parents

It's very cut and dried, dried being the operative word. Valki, like some others, has no real events in her life beyond a brief list of who she trained with and how. There's a few obvious ways to build upon this--her relationships, especially with her large foster family, are fertile soil for some decent hooks. I'm also interested to hear about her old crush--are they an item? Did they have a falling out? Did she ever realize he was a Riftwarden?

Like backstory, personality is fairly limp. The idea of her being a mischievous sort, a prankster, that could be a thing. But it's basically mentioned and then abandoned, so as of right now, it's basically just so much hot air.

>> No.51832685

And I'd like Hitomi Tanaka to have my bastard, but we don't get things just by wanting them.

>> No.51832694

The thing about Sneak Attack is that it can't NOT stack.

It doesn't matter if you have Sneak from Rogue and Sneak from Slayer, or just Sneak from Rogue.

The Sneak from two separate classes would apply when the prerequisites are met, which is, SURPRISINGLY, at the same time.

So having Unchained Sneak and Chained Sneak only ever matters when the enemy has concealment, at which point you'd only get Unchained Sneak.

>> No.51832707

>multi-classing in a gestalt? Seems excessive
Literally no more so than in a regular game.

I'm starting to think this more and more myself, not sure I want to bother actually making my sheet/character for it now. It just seems so much like Sky Pirates in rules/information given.

>> No.51832734

It's okay.

I'm a little leery of basing a character on something like a joke or a reference, since those tend to lose their luster surprisingly quick. But if you can think of a way to make him grow beyond the meme, go for it.

>> No.51832745

I got stabbed in the chest by a chest after I failed a disable device check

>> No.51832776

The Unearthed Arcana rules say to use two classes, or one class and one prestige class at higher levels.

I'm pretty sure that's what everyone uses.

>> No.51832793

Is it bad form to do things to characters without rolling save?

>> No.51832798

hey guys how viable is strength magus when your game's starting level is after they get medium armor access?

>> No.51832801

This one comes next because it's just so easy to finish up quick.

N female Human Gunslinger|Brawler
Campaign Trait: Chance Encounter
>Orphaned by bandits
>Adopted by wealthy family
>Left home at 15 to be a mercenary, family were totes cool with it
>20 years old now, only at Kenabres because she's hired by someone who's going there

Tellingly, the backstory is a short paragraph, and the applicant still considered it necessary to include a "tl;dr" version. Her backstory pretty much begins and ends with "has a revolver, wants to get paid". Oh, and her campaign trait? Yeah, doesn't get mentioned.

>> No.51832805


>> No.51832806


I have really never gotten the point of traps like that. Who would build that? It's a lot of work for 'Likely only going to get a single guy and a bitch to reset'.

I prefer traps that make a situation interesting, rather than just 'You failed a roll, enjoy a minor drain on your resources'. Having a fight in a room with arrow trap pressure pads is more interesting than just 'Roll reflex to avoid damage they'll fix with the wand in 6 seconds'

>> No.51832812

...why would I need a bottle of oxygen?

>> No.51832840

That sounds like it could be great if done well. I'm not sure I would trust a random GM to do it well, though.

>> No.51832887

Yes, because you've removed chance and the character's agency.

>> No.51832901

They're talking about how other classes that grant sneak attack count as rogue levels for advancing sneak attack progression.

Which is why at level 5, even if you dip one level in five different classes that grant +1d6 sneak attack at first level, you still have 3d6 and not 5d6.

This anon is running into the opposite problem, they're getting less dice than they should.

>> No.51832955

Well the answer to that would just be 'don't give sneak at level 1, give it at level 2' And then not fuck about with this ass-backwards 'effective rogue level' bullshit.

Probably give Rogues something else nice at level one so level 1 rogues aren't so sad.


If it's being ruled that Chained and Unchained Sneak are separate abilities, they'd still both apply whenever they'd apply. Which are the same time, barring concealment.

>> No.51832980

Anon, if he were a chained rogue/slayer multiclass, they would have more sneak attack dice at that level than an unchained rogue/slayer multiclass, even though chained and unchained rogue get sneak attack dice at exactly the same rate, simply because of nonstacking.

>> No.51833000

I know, and I'm disagreeing with the ruling.

You have two +Damage abilities which apply under certain circumstances

Like if you get +5 damage in situation A and B, and +4 in situations B and C, you still get both in Situation B.

It's like saying 'nuh uh you don't get Weapon Training AND Studied Target at the same time'

>> No.51833132

I don't understand Devastating Strike and the Devastating Strike related combat tricks.

>> No.51833150

What are some cool classes for a Mummy theme'd character? I'm in an upcoming gestalt game and i've decided to play a royal who seeks immortality through Mummification, looking for something cool and thematic.

>> No.51833197


Class doesn't have as much to do with flavor as you might think.

>> No.51833226

Well, Alchemists can be the Mummification discovery which gives them mummy-like immunities.

And then at level 20 they can stop aging.

>> No.51833477

Well I can't amuse players who refuse to take any bait
People complain nothing ever happens and this is because they refuse to touch anything
Sometimes I feel like asking why do they even want to play

>> No.51833487

have you ever screwed them over when they did touch anything?
I remember a dungeon hat should've taken an hour tops took 3 sessions because we obsessively checked every square inch for traps after one oneshotted a partymember

>> No.51833611

Well that is the dilemma of traps
Avoiding them is smart, but smart traps are the ones you can't avoid
I'm not really talking about asshole instagib traps, but like cursed treasure.
You make ONE cursed treasure and now party is afraid to touch even cutlery. Like I can't even properly hand out gear anymore, they leave it to the dungeon.

>> No.51833626


Speaking of traps, i'm working on a thing. its still pretty barebones but have a look.


>> No.51833690

Is there a way to bull rush as a move action?

>> No.51833790

>/pfg/ games finally free from the 2hu menace

Are we free from autism now?

>> No.51833849

Is there any class that can effectively use two handed weapons, benefit for high charisma and avoid using armor?

>> No.51833892

That's probably the best you're going to get without multiclassing.

>> No.51833921

I'd be alright with multiclassing, fun is more important than running some OP character.

>> No.51833947


You ok with homebrew or are you looking for official 1st party stuff?

>> No.51833961

Scaled Fist UMonk with a two-handed weapon.

>> No.51833977

No. /pfg/ will never be free.


>> No.51833984

Never take Weapon Focus with your real person feats again.

>> No.51834027

I don't think my dm would take third party stuff, but I could try.

>> No.51834069


Ah, ok. I was going to suggest some homebrew that got tossed here a few times.


No armour paladin variant with a charm focus.

>> No.51834099

Can you stack intensified spell with itself?

So at lvl 20 you could, at the cost of a fifth level slot, cast a 20d6 fireball?

>> No.51834118


>> No.51834139


No, you can't. I'd personally allow but rules as written it can't.

>> No.51834162

Pity. Would have been nice. Especially with magical lineage

>> No.51834177

I'm srmi excited about cluster traps, however; this is dependent upon the kin of traps available.

>> No.51834178

>you can get Improved Unarmed Strike for 500gp plus the 200gp for a cracked deep red sphere
>this has been the case since 2009
God damn it

>> No.51834214

Go into Eldritch Knight as a sorcerer.

>> No.51834289

No, but I think Spell Perfection can double Intensify's effect.

>> No.51834385

Needs to be a set numerical bonus so no.

>> No.51834392

I just updated Vialla's profile again. I still haven't gotten any criticism on the nitty gritty of her sheet, but I've fleshed out her backstory a bit. I'm not sure if I took a positive step with it or not, since it might be a bit cliche. I tried to keep it vague enough for the DM to spin it or take it wherever while still giving putting a good tie into the location.

I've also added a few things to her personality tab to make her seem more alive. I just think the application is too long now. I'll see what I can do about compressing it when I get off shift, but I'll keep an eye on the thread for any further criticism.

>> No.51834459

Have any of you considered branching out to deepen your repertoire of systems? Could I get any of you elegan/tg/entlemen to read through a sublime system that is a bit overlooked in the pen&paper circles? Would I be able to interest any of you anons in trying out a system at your tables for a few sessions? Will you allow me to present to those who have never heard of or haven't had the time:

Fantasy Craft

In short, it's a spiritual successor to 3rd Edition D&D and Pathfinder that was designed from the ground up to a modular, balanced system that brings diversity to combat and to mechanically engage players in the telling of stories outside of combat.

To go into more detail, the system offers several strengths. It is modular, meaning that one can "turn off" subsystems (such as all forms of magic and magic items) without having to rebalance classes or encounters. Fantasy Craft offers a wide range of sublime feats that each bring a significant impact to one's playstyle, no more feat taxes! Fantasy Craft features an easy to use NPC creation suite. One simply takes the abilities and stats that one needs for the NPC and adds the xp value of that addition to the worth of said NPC. FC is very homebrew friendly as species and origins have a numerical buy system,while classes and feats follow certain style patterns.

If you're interested at all, most of the material can be found here: >>51820109 and any questions you may have can be answered in that thread.

Thank you for your time.

>> No.51834462

Is there any unarmored feats/traits?

>> No.51834515


Mate, there is places for such things and 'In the pathfinder thread' isn't one of them.

Also: You guys still haven't put out your new magic system after all the time the books have been out.

>> No.51834517

Fuck off.

>> No.51834521

Fuck, I disappeared off these boards for a few months and now the trove is gone?
Where am I meant to get paizo's martial now?

>> No.51834534

Trove's not gone, and PFSRD's movin', not gone.

In the meantime: https://sites.google.com/site/pathfinderogc/

>> No.51834542

>tfw you suddenly realize your backstory makes no sense.

>> No.51834551

I can hear your fedora over the internet

and stop using the word sublime so much

40% chance you're a troll trying to incite cross-system resentment

>> No.51834559

Never overthink it

>> No.51834560

Which app is yours?

>> No.51834580

yeah I am looking to run an AP soon, don't want to pay for it though, where would I be able to find the trove?

>> No.51834586

Check the links at the beginning of the thread.

>> No.51834597

Fuck I am retard, thank you anon

>> No.51834643


Here's how you fix that.

Get hyped, start typing your backstory, and if people say it's good keep it good.

>> No.51834648

Hey, what's the best (or at least the most fitting) way to play a ghost? Not someone who summons a ghost or makes friends with ghosts, but actually does the flying/invisibility/phasing through stuff shtick. Enough so to warrant actually fluffing yourself as a ghost as opposed to some guy with ghost powers.

>> No.51834674

If avowed with lesser clauses can use Insectile Transformation to fight in the form of flying vermin with natural armor bonuses, darkvision, scent, and the like, then why not always take Insectile Transformation and spam Aether Barrages or self-pact-abusing Aether Channels as a giant mosquito?

It does not have a permanent duration, but surely you could keep up Insectile Transformation in environments wherein you expect to get into battle frequently.

>> No.51834699

Play a spiritualist, talk to the DM about doing your PC statting and feats and stuff to apply to the phantom. Make the human you secure yourself to basically an empty shell you puppet around.

>> No.51834700

That's not a thing that's going to work in most games, but there's ghost syrup and DSP's ghost class.

>> No.51834735

I would think that advertising a system that is thematically similar to the system that a thread is about would be a great place to advertise. Also, it's not a magic system, it's a book of magic classes and spells.

As you wish.

I apologize for my poor attempts to be open and engaging.
I only used it twice, but I would have avoided the second had I caught it.
I am honestly trying to promote awareness in a friendly manner.

>> No.51834750

>Also, it's not a magic system, it's a book of magic classes and spells.

It sorta is. It's supposed to have a new way to do magic more in line with the weapon system rather than the very generic way vancian it's done right now.

And it's really not. Generals are place for discussing a system, not trying to convert people away from it. I love D&D 4e but you won't see me posting 'Hey, why not give D&D 4e a go!' here.

>> No.51834753

Here's a hint, friend, shilling non-pathfinder products in the dedicated pathfinder thread is not going to get you friends, no matter how thematically similar the product is.

You wouldn't want me in the fantasycraft thread going 'well why don't you try Dungeon World instead', right?

Also: Fuck off.

>> No.51835052

When in doubt, is it better to follow a spark to revise your backstory, or stick with what you started?

Because I'm awful tempted to age up a character and change his motivations for joining the party.

Feels a lot like Witcher, Taken and the Patriot.

>> No.51835076

I'd say if it's not completely scrapping the core concept and you think you'd like the character better, go for it.

>> No.51835104

>yfw another thread on /tg/ alerts you to 2hu joining other games, just PbP not Pathfinder >>51834998

>> No.51835131

As long as 2hu isn't joining games I want to be in, I literally could not care less.

>> No.51835198

>still stalking 2hu

>> No.51835203


He brings it on himself desu

>> No.51835213

The rest of us couldn't care less and want you to fuck off.

>> No.51835253

Is there any way for a non-Monk to get scaling unarmed strike damage through their feats or magic items? 3PP allowed.

>> No.51835257

Greater Unarmed Strike from Path of War.

>> No.51835266


Greater Unarmed Strike, it's a Path of War feat.

>> No.51835290


Are you the guy who insists that all 2hu haters are a single guy?

Just admit you have a crush on his anime avatars already

>> No.51835295

What are some cool, fun things you have planned to do in your game?

>Turn animal companion roc gargantuan or colossal
>Attach tons of roar cords to its wings
>It is now a super loud screaming death bringer any time it dives

>> No.51835298

Okay, thanks. How would that interact with Monk's Robes? Would you have to UMD being a Monk for it to give a benefit, and would you count as (character level/2+5) or (character level+5)/2 for determining unarmed strike damage?

>> No.51835301

Fantasy Craft is dead game that needed a x.5 edition of its own but never got it. The numbers are all over the place, the magic system incomplete, crossbows STILL suck, and the XP system for both monster AND npc/mount/lieutenant (which are class abilities) creation is about as well priced as SKR's feat-point system.

It HAD potential, but they threw it out the window to instead go work on the equally aborted mistborne game.

>> No.51835305

I don't give a shit. You still manage to be more annoying than touhoufag himself, and that's really saying something.

>> No.51835341 [SPOILER] 

I finally started watching this, and it did make me want to play a spherecaster who walks the path of explosion. Also it's obvious who best girl is.

>> No.51835353

That's not Eris. That's not Eris at all! That's just some kind of... some kind of female pervert!

>> No.51835372

Masochism Sphere in SoM when? I'm talking scaling bonuses for damage taken, the ability to soak a hit and keep 1 HP, self-healing if your counter assault KOs that foe.

give it to me!

>> No.51835392

Two best girls

>> No.51835394

Trust me, I'm seriously thinking of doing something like this for a sentinel archetype, I'd even consider calling it the crusader just for the tie in.

Also the old idea for the paragon will also end up as an archetype.

>> No.51835425


>> No.51835440

Call it Sacrifice or something similar. Make it so you can go "Mr President, Watch out" and aborb damage done to adjacent allies.

Damage bonuses in relation to how much damage you've taken.

And some sort of Giga-Toughness to compensate for the hits you are taking.

>> No.51835452

Call it the Martyr maybe?

>> No.51835456

>yfw the chunni obsessed with a single spell ever is the most reasonable, sensible girl in the party

>> No.51835489

These are both things I'm willing to do. One of the proto ideas for the class was actually allowing it to dip WAY beyond the normal death threshhold, activating things like Deathless Initiate, Deathless Zealot, and other effects as it dropped lower in health. That might be a route I take for this.

There is always a deep love for crimson demons in my heart.

>> No.51835646

As long as it has plenty of options for build paths and isn't locked to a particular theme, I'll be happy. I just want to live the dream of playing someone super tough to kill, and able to just REALLY ENJOY getting the shit kicked out of them before turning around to return the favor.

>> No.51835719

>turning around to return the favor.
But Darkness can't hit people who hit her. I myself wanted to play a big face tank pole arm guy who denies any movement past him, but sadly reach weapon seem to have rather silly rules and the Push attack isn't actually pushing but hitting so hard they get knocked back. Shame really, I was hoping that you could shove someone back a square if you make a push as if you slammed the staff/rod part of the weapon to force them back.

>> No.51835749

That implies I want to play Darkness, anon.

>> No.51835769

>Speak with Stones (Su): Svartálfar can speak to rocks and stones. This functions as a constant speak with plants spell, except that the svartálfar can only talk to inanimate rocks (and not rock creatures.)
10/10, the character write themselves.

>> No.51835907

>tfw you never got to play with the spooky ghoast lady pirate.

>> No.51835925

Ioun Stones and Wayfinders are criminally-underused, I feel like. There's just so many good things about them, but nobody ever uses them!

>> No.51835953

It's because they're buried in the Pathfinder's Guidebooks.

>> No.51835959


take half damage received and add it as an untyped bonus to your next attack?

Or a "berserk" style. As your hp gets lower you get flat bonuses?

Or both?

>> No.51835980

>You're the only one to use your wayfinder for anything in the span of 40+ sessions
>you bought a Clear Spindle because you didn't want to worry about food, and because fuck Enchantment magic
>this has saved your ass on multiple occasions and even allowed you to carry encounters because of all the no-sells when shit tries to fuck your brain
>our sorcerer is specce heavily into enchantment, and we've been fighting only things immune to that for an entire book

sometimes things all fall into place

>> No.51835981

/pfg/ didn't deserve the ghost pirate lady. She was too good for this thread.

>> No.51836041

You can have your own pet rock!

>> No.51836073

What level should I pick up rope trick? Currently level 6 and only two out of five people have rings of sustenance and no elves.

>> No.51836079

>No elves
It's a miracle

>> No.51836099

If the caster has a ring you could have gotten it at level 4. Just cast it, sleep for two hours, then refresh the casting before it ends.

>> No.51836123


Hey, hey! I use my Wayfinder all the time to find the way, and my buddy buds think it's gosh darn magical!

>> No.51836201

Why do bad things happen to good apps?

>> No.51836210

There's even an archetype for a phantom that keeps sucking more power out of the host.

>> No.51836211

Wasn't there a feat in ye olde 3.5 that let you willingly take a hit so you could get an immediate Attack of Opportunity at a bonus?

Basically what im seeing the sacrifice sphere being, is centered around "winning the Trade"

>> No.51836238

What's your opinion on the SoM preview?

>> No.51836247

Because /pfg/ forgot how to have fun playing Pathfinder.

>> No.51836292


>> No.51836295

Cursed items
Bad or good?

>> No.51836298

>Make character on a fun or silly concept
>Couple other party members are optimized as fuck
I can't tell if this means we simply have different styles or if one of us is being bad wrong fun

>> No.51836315

One of you is being bad wrong fun. I'll give you a hint It's the guy who isn't having fun.

>> No.51836335

As with SoP, nothing I've seen or heard has convinced me to give enough of a shit to actually read it. Maybe if I end up playing in a game where it's allowed I might give it a go.

>> No.51836350

I personally would like both.

You get say +2 attack, dmg, cmb/cmd at 3/4ths health; +4 @ 1/2; +8 @ 1/4th

Then you can do more bonus damage/attack if you perform act that willingly give you damage. Or maybe other bonuses like movement speed increase or DR.

>> No.51836381

It has a bunch of neat shit, but very little that shoves a character past t4.

>> No.51836385

Tiers were a mistake.

>> No.51836386

>have three apps
>unsure which one to submit

Do I go for the character I truly want to play or the one I think has a better shot kf getting accepted?

>> No.51836409

The fact that tiers can be created is a mistake.

>> No.51836417


Always go for the one you truly want to play, there's nothing worse than playing a boring character and thinking to yourself, "What if the one I wanted to play got in...?"

>> No.51836446

Not even "I submitted the character I truely wanted to play and didn't get picked and now every week I have to sit here listening to all the others have fun. Fun I could have also had if I had just manned up and not been an entitled manchild."

>> No.51836449

Generally, cursed items come in three categories:
1)Minor annoyances: "Oh, haha, the ring is stuck now, better get someone to cast Remove Curse on you if you want the ring slot back
2)Traps that are just called cursed items, such as necklace of strangulation
3)Actually interesting items that are just beneficial enough that you want to keep using them even after finding that they're cursed, even though it's almost guaranteed that you'll regret it sooner or later

None of them are inherently BAD as such, but items in the first two categories should only be used sparingly. Pathfinder has almost no items that fall in the last category, but if you're willing to homebrew and manage to pull it off well? Go wild.

>> No.51836452

The fact that anybody cares about tiers instead playing what they want optimized or not is a mistake.

>> No.51836475

This is what I have been thinking. I have interest in all 3, but one stands out above the others for me.

>> No.51836476


Anon, you're going to be equally upset if you make a character you don't really care about and get in.

Only difference is the sting of not getting in will eventually pass, while the stress of logging in for a game you don't give two shits about will be there, every week.

>> No.51836487

I'll play an optimized psychic mage Wizard in your next game anon, just for you.

>> No.51836490

>make a character
>don't care about it
Do people actually do this? How does this even happen?

>> No.51836505

Well if that's fun for you, go ahead. I'm just going to oblige right back and make something designed entirely to fuck you over, because that's fun for me.

>> No.51836529

Didn't you just say that no-one should care about tiers? Why would you treat t1 character any different from t5 character if you don't care about tiers?

>> No.51836540

Then I'll make something that does nothing in combat but has all the Professions, Crafts, and Knowledges?
Yes, ALL of them!

>> No.51836544

dear pfg,

Working on a small module to run for my group and need some advice since I'm not particularly savvy with pf deities. It doesn't need to be set in Golarian or use their gods, but I figure it might help them absorb the other parts of the setting easier if I use something familiar. That said I'm not opposed to just home brewing if need be.

The vague background of an area the party will be traveling through is a cave system that an ancient civilization used to travel between two larger land masses. A cave in occurs and a large tribe gets stranded inside. Eventually they lose heart, abandon their faith and turn to cannibalism to survive, proclaiming their god has forsaken them. The god in turn curses them and strips them of their humanity as punishment.

I'm looking for a Golarian god that generally presides over the themes of harvest, protection and/or travel that's vain enough or quick to anger/overact when their subjects abandon their faith in a trial of hardship. If possible I'd like to avoid any god that is outright evil, more neutral who has issues with keeping themselves in check. I know that's a rather specific request but it's not a problem if there's nothing in pf that fits. I'd appreciate any help regardless.

>> No.51836555


It happens all the time.

You get an idea in your head - it's not a general idea, but it's one that fits a vision you want to go for with the character.

And then, when you start playing, you realize the campaign goals or the party composition is not conducive to that concept at all. Maybe it's because you made an armored juggernaut for a political intrigue campaign, maybe it's because you built a sly face in a dungeon crawl, or maybe you're just playing an aloof elven mage in a party of spunky humans that don't really mesh with your concept.

>> No.51836569

Then I will make an encounter where you need to craft, profess and know everything.

Because why wouldn't I create encounters for each character of the party tailor made to be just for them once in a while and then just have general challenges for the rest of the game?

>> No.51836571

I do that a lot, I make a character I'd thought would be interesting but when I come back to it I don't feel all that attached and I just delete the sheet. A character like that even made it into a game once, I practically begged the GM to let me switch out at some point.

>> No.51836594

Erastil handles harvests, and as a god of communities, cannibalism would be unthinkably evil for him. He's LG though.

Another possibility is Gozreh, since farmers do pray to the god of wind and water for a good rainy season and a full harvest.

>> No.51836602

>Because why wouldn't I create encounters for each character of the party tailor made to be just for them once in a while and then just have general challenges for the rest of the game?
That isn't what you said, though. You said you'd make something designed entirely to fuck him over. If you can't see the difference, you shouldn't be GMing in the first place.

>> No.51836651

I may not care about tiers or optimization doesn't mean I am a petty little dick who hates people who optimize just to break encounters.

>> No.51836678

Alright, now, because the overly optimized God Wizard that also has psionics and sphere magic talents by taking the variant FCB he would be able to handle all of the encounters you've created for the other players, meanwhile if a challenge fucks over the wizard, it also fucks over the whole party.

This is why tiers matter.

>> No.51836722

Just because you don't care about tiers doesn't mean they stop existing.

It just makes you a self-righteous prick.

>> No.51836826

What feat has the best name in Pathfinder? My vote goes to Improved Day Job.

>> No.51836837

Death or Glory

>> No.51836839

It's too bad you can't keep using it as a light though. I was thinking it would be a really interesting flavorful trinket on my character, that just happened to kill a feat tax.

>> No.51836883

What's the best +2 Dex +2 Int race? There seem to be many options. Looking to play some kind of caster or gish.

>> No.51836887



>> No.51836923

Keen Kitsune.

>> No.51836965


How do I enchant my fox with keen?

>> No.51837022

alternate racial ability scores, which Kitsune TOTALLY need more than catfolk, because catfolk having different scores would make them no longer catfolk.

REEEEEEEEEEEEEE-but seriously, as much as I hate kitsune, their mechanics are fucking amazing and that only makes me hate them more. Because I like their mechanics a lot but feel like they're completely fucked over by furshit.

>> No.51837108

>trying to find game on roll20
>DMs always say "core and advanced races only" or "core/advanced races with others per DM approval"
>allows non human shit like catfolk
>ask to play lizardfolk
>"not allowed"

Every fucking time. Why are almost all DMs okay with clearly non-human stuff like catfolk, tieflings, etc, but lizardfolk are too much?



Poop. This was sounding prefect for me.

>> No.51837121

Well Sylphs only have the +2 against ranged attacks going for them if you don't care about their ability to pay feats for late flight.

Tiefling actually have a Constitution score to work with. They can have claws or +1 NA or at-will Deathwatch and 3 different energy resistances.

Werebat-Kin Skinwalkers are another without the Con penalty. They can get flight for a feat but turn into bats to do it, so they can't gish if you want to do their main feature.

Elves have lots of options. They can get a +2 initiative bonus, or free Spell Focus, or energy resistance 5 to something, and have an easier time penetrating spell resistance.

>> No.51837134

>turn into bats to do it

nigga what, they can get a flight speed without needing to turn into full bats, it's just not very good and they need BaB +5

>> No.51837137

I ran a lizardfolk game once, but it collapsed because PbP with multiple players fucking sucks.

>> No.51837161

>DM bans races for being "too powerful"
>allows humans

Every time

>> No.51837175

Oh right, my bad. I thought I was misremembering their abilities when I read the bat transformation feat.

>> No.51837239

Who is the cutest Wrath of the Raunchy character?

>> No.51837242

something about this gif makes me want to punch that cat

>> No.51837296

So! How was your (potentially extended) weekend, /pfg/? Do anything fun or exciting, game-related or otherwise?

>> No.51837308

Smug cats are pretty punchable.

>> No.51837315

>Raunchy closes its doors at the end of this week
>My mind is already pre emptively preparing itself for rejection and is now flooding me with feelings of depression and inadequacy.
>Realize that this must be what an ultrabeta feels everyday of his life.

I-I mean... a lot of us are going to end up rejected aren't we? We'll endure the shame together right?

>> No.51837322

>GM makes custom race list
>they're not just reskinned elves, bunch of weird shit
>not even based on folklore
>apparently from decade only setting he has hidden away
>only PF race is human
I have nothing to relate to it's hard to choose races. He prefaced the entire thing is "Human is always a valid choice of you feel overwhelmed. Every race originates from humans, either created by them or were once them.", but I feel bad for not trying out one of the custom ones.

>> No.51837331


Lucius, sadly.

>> No.51837333

We can feel better by laughing at DHB be rejected for the 7th time.

>> No.51837334


Treat mummies like skeletons. But replace blunt damage with fire.

>> No.51837338

My vote goes to Dossentistiana but maybe setup a strawpoll?

>> No.51837340

We can cry together.

>> No.51837358


How's the cat smug? It looks like she's having tons of fun dancing on a stage!

>> No.51837381

In the game I run IRL, we had a bit of a breather session. The players had just cleared a big dungeon at the end of a mini story arc the session before, so this session was mostly role play focused and involved tying up some lose ends. Thanks to the party's efforts, a village will no longer have to content with ettin attacks, so the village threw a big bonfire party for all the PCs with lots of food and drink. They also got a clue on where to head next, and the session ended with their arrival at the next location (which conveniently gives me more time to spruce it up and flesh it out).

In the campaign I play in online... Well, actually, the campaign ended because of a combination of DM burn-out and lack of ideas. It was unfortunate, but the DM was willing to start up a new campaign for us with an AP. Now I'm getting ready to start a Reign of Winter game as a young but high-minded dragon Paladin girl. I'm excited, but I also feel like I've done nothing but work on building the character for the past couple days.

>> No.51837433

Haraa Windspire
NG female Strix Fighter (Aerial Ambusher)|Magus (Bladebound, Myrmidarch)
Campaign Trait: Exposed to Awfulness
>Be strix, living in Cheliax's Hellcoast region
>Huge demon from nearby forests tried to steal her soul
>Scrolls stolen from a gnomish merchant helped save her, and she felt indebted to him
>Followed him out of the region to serve as his guard, maturing into a warrior
>Still wanted to do some good after her charge settled down, so headed to Mendev

Starting this off, I might have worried that it'd turn out like some others, being mostly an article on the strix as a people. Happily, it transitions nicely into how demons affected her life, and the key events that led her to leave her home. This backstory is pretty spare on actual events, but at the very least, it does outline Haraa's formative events and what shaped her outlook.

Now I know little about strix going into this, but I do like the idea that she's shaped largely by knowing just how short their lives tend to be. It's also refreshing to have a character who's unapologetically good without being just blandly "nice"--Haraa's application gives a great sense of her ambition, her desires, and her hasty nature.

It's a little ME1 Tali-esque in its idea that she's defined largely by her race and their baggage, but this reminds me more of the suit-rat's positive qualities.

>> No.51837441

I'd second it.

>> No.51837447

Both of my games over the weekend had very slow sessions, and I still feel like I'd rather play a different character in one of them. We're about halfway through the AP in that one, though, and I don't have much of a reason to justify switching characters, so I guess I'll just have to wait until we finish it up in another year or so.

>tfw would rather be playing a Jollylock

>> No.51837453

Could I ask for some build advice? My group and I are playing Reign of Winter, and I want to make sure my character's planning is up to snuff.

>> No.51837457

I was feeling kind of distracted and detached for most of the session. I kind of felt like I let the team down.

>> No.51837463

If it was a game you think was importaint, try to comb over his notes and find someone to carry the torch for him on this last tale, or perhapse just whip up a conclusion for it together, may he RIP in pieces

>> No.51837503

I ran a game with actual adults who fought each other because one of them called the other a slut (the PLAYER, not the character) for using Diplomacy two times that session and casting the Charm Person spell. Then the other went vendetta-mode and started listing all the misdeeds the first one had committed in life.

I made lavender tea (has relaxing properties) and told them to not say another word until they drained their mugs. Seemed to work because things were civil after.

>> No.51837516


I always chuckle at people who get really angry at being called a word they supposedly don't care about.

>> No.51837532

>The ruling ethnic group for Irrisen (Fairy Tale Russia) are known as Jadwiga
>Jadwiga was a Polish queen

>> No.51837535

I had an allowance for my lizaedfolk but he later said that had he known what he was doing he'd have kept core only, but that was from being a 1st time GM who got over ambitious and was trying to park it back, he did not however, disallow my Continued use of the character as he had been well played and it would have been a dick move to force me to ditch her (an alchemists prank made him female, she never figured it out and never really cared)

>> No.51837548

>tfw have to run a game tonight where the party face will be a barbarian with 12 charisma and some points in Diplomacy
Social challenges are gonna come out of a book for first-level adventures. I'll hybrid it with the one they're doing for the dungeon hazards and monsters.

>> No.51837551

What is Sorshen doing in the background of your game?

>> No.51837557

Are there any magic items or weapon properties that can give me more attacks of opportunity per round? I'm having trouble finding a place to fit Combat Reflexes into my build until higher levels.

>> No.51837564

>Expecting Paizo to know anything about the folktales/lore they adapt to their setting
What did he mean by this?

>> No.51837575


It takes 5 minutes to know Jadwiga is not Russian.

>> No.51837577

Why is that young lady wearing a collar?

>> No.51837586

Use the Training weapon special property?

>> No.51837590


It's holding up her dress.

Alternatively, she likes the feeling of something warm and soft firmly wrapped around her throat.

>> No.51837609

Soralis Lyso
N male Half-Elf Unchained Monk|Stalker (Brutal Slayer)
Campaign Trait: Exposed to Awfulness
>Rescued by adventuring party from drow city, taken in by a couple who were with them
>Loving parents kept him from going evil, but isolated himself from others
>Attacked and traumatized by a demon while the party was traveling near the Worldwound
>Parents still haven't settled down, he's left his training with their monk buddy to go back to Mendev

That's not a bad backstory, though the fact that it's presented in a bullet point format makes me feel a little annoyed. It's the sort of thing you'd expect from a typical outcast race, a half-orc or tiefling or similar. At the very least, he's not being a dick or getting emo about his situation, and has plans to change his fate.

While his personality might be understandable, it's also his biggest problem in that it seems to be prohibitive to actually interacting with other characters. Loner characters tend to end up playing a very lonely game. There needs to be more of a chink in the armor he's built around himself, or else Soralis probably isn't going to be much fun.

>> No.51837619

I need the name of that cat and the show before i can second that

>> No.51837624

I don't know what that is and with the PFSRD in the mess it is right now I can't find it either. How does it work?

>> No.51837636

Well you can't just let people get away with trying to call you names that THEY still think make you the worst thing in the world, even if you don't. The intent of saying it would still be to hurt and disparage you.

>> No.51837652

IIRC it's a +1 equivalent quality that grants a specific feat (chosen at creation) to any creature that wields it.

>> No.51837653

Literally AND figuratively nothing.

>> No.51837656


But... What if they *were* a slut?

>> No.51837664

Is Bane (Humans) ever worth it?

Do you think it's worth it for a game like Taldor Ascendant?

>> No.51837668

Interesting... That sounds like it would work for me, thanks.

>> No.51837678

You don't bring it up, it's game night. I've heard of games with a neonazi and a jew at the same table going fine because they're there to actually play a game.

>> No.51837685


A direct link. It's decent. Do note that the feat can't be used as a prereq for other feats, so make sure you don't need it to qualify for something else.

>> No.51837688


>> No.51837703

The player got called a slut because their character rolled diplomacy twice and cast charm person according to the post.

>> No.51837717

>mfw the more I write this backstory the more tragic it becomes

>> No.51837734

I think you meant to reply to >>51837656
But more importantly how far could you get with two Diplomacy checks and a Charm Person?

>> No.51837747

The actual Sorshen? Not a damn clue what she's up to, if anything, but probably nothing good. The fake one(s)? Well, we beat up the first and are in the process of redeeming her, and the other hasn't woken up yet, but when she does she will be the mental equivalent of a scared and confused toddler.

>> No.51837750

Change the person's attitude by four to six (If Human, and has the relevant trait) steps, plus the effect of the Charm Person spell. So, a lot.

>> No.51837751

Thanks, I couldn't find it on the Archive of Nethys either so I was starting to think I'd have a hard time convincing my DM it's not an ability I just made up. Not being able to use it for qualifying for something else isn't a problem- I was planning on taking Cut from the Air and Smash from the Air, but I'd forgotten that using those feats requires you to spend an AoO. Having Combat Reflexes for an extra 2-3 AoOs per turn will make those feats better.

>> No.51837753


Charm person to make them like you.

Diplomacy to get them in bed.

Diplomacy #2 for anal.

>> No.51837754

I have a hard time with that. I don't even necessarily write it into the background, but through play, something tragic ALWAYS crops up in their backstory. I'm trying to break that habit, as it comes off as kinda edgy, but it feels weird to have no conflict in your background.

>> No.51837759

Aaliya Al-Amin
CG female Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)|Oracle
Campaign Trait: Touched by Divinity
>Born to a rich merchant and a slave, spent her childhood working and later got some musical training
>Father disowned her when her mother died, she ended up as a slave, got addicted to pesh
>Ended up indulging in hedonism in her off hours, got gangsters attacking her home to reclaim a debt she owed
>Picked up a sword and started yelling in Celestial while she turned the place into a bloodbath
>Protected by Sarenites due to the obvious signs surrounding her
>Sent to fight in the Crusades for a period of 10 years

This backstory, for how long it spends clearing its throat, seems stable. It doesn't really do anything wrong, though several of its points seem a little creepy--but that's a more subjective complaint. It's refreshing to see someone actually use Touched by Divinity rather than just take it for the mechanical benefits, at least.

One problem I think should be addressed is that her younger siblings rarely get mentioned. While it's true that they might never come up, being stuck back in Katapesh, knowing at least a sentence's worth about who they are might help to tell us who Aaliya is.

As for her personality, it's got some of the usual flaws we've been seeing in these applications--the "cold exterior" makes for a poor start, and while the unique approach to her faith as an Oracle is interesting, it still seems to rely on her religion as a roleplaying crutch rather than something that tells us about her as a character. We need to know less about her visions, and more about how she thinks and feels about her faith.

>> No.51837761

Find a spot to call it quits and erase the rest.

>> No.51837777

Our DM cancelled because he got blackout drunk the night before. This is the fourth time he's done this. We have not played a session since mid-January.

Character is a hobgoblin Ironskin/Hungry Ghost Monk. DM has permitted me to wear armour and keep his monk abilities, since it thematically makes sense.

We'll max out at around level seventeend. I was allowed to forgo taking Hero Points and take two drawbacks in exchange for three free feats. Feats being taken, in no particular order, are:

>Improved Initiative
>Panther Style
>Panther Claw
>Panther Parry
>Snake Style
>Snake Fang
>Snake Sidewinder
>Improved Grapple
>Greater Grapple
>Rapid Grapple
>Deadly Grapple
>Combat Reflexes
>Pummeling Style

With bonus feats with monks being:

>Power Attack
>Improved Sunder
>Greater Sunder
>Deflect Arrow
>Snatch Arrow

I intend to be permanently enlarged at some point, likely by level five or so.

Level up rolls are average (5+CON), and ability scores are 16/20/20/14/14/12, DM rolled. I would have taken a goblin so as not to feel so OP early on, but the DM ruled against my assertion that goblins are "basically retarded hobgoblin midgets with a fetish for fire."

We're at level three right now, and I have so far managed be nearly killed, as in in the negatives, five times so far, due to lucky critical hits. I have twenty AC and thirty HP, and with Power attack deal 1d6+5 per turn, or three of that with a flurry.

What do you think?

>> No.51837782


But anon, his call to adventure was specifically to protect his son.

>> No.51837787

Cyan from Show by Rock!

>> No.51837794

Yeah, I heard about the feat a while back here, then a few months ago went searching for it, convinced that it surely wasn't just a fever dream. Then I forgot about it, and finally fucking found it today! Might want to bookmark the page, just in case.

>> No.51837814

Do you prefer monstrous tieflings or cute tieflings?

>> No.51837818

Well don't belabor all the other sons he lost before this one. Just say "he's the only one I have left!"

>> No.51837832

Why post this question? You know precisely what the response is.

>> No.51837839


Monstrously cute Tieflings.

Like, the Tiefling with a hideous dog-face with needle teeth but a sinfully enticing figure with a fully functional mouth between her legs.

>> No.51837859

Monstrous. Cute tieflings are a stupid concept for everything but succubi/inccubi descended tieflings.

>> No.51837893


Aren't they the most interested in fucking mortals anyway?

>> No.51837903



>> No.51837914

The thing is in lore most tieflings arise from deals/curses/encounters with friends and not with breeding.

>> No.51837947

>phone corrects fiend to friend

>> No.51837951

girl with horns is not good

>> No.51837961

>waiting for the DM to show up for the game.

>> No.51837963

What's that image from?

>> No.51837969


I've got 3 gigabytes of art that suggest otherwise, anon.

>> No.51837970

>for everything but succubi/incubi descended

excuse me, are you saying a tiefling derived from an erinyes wouldn't be absolutely adorable?
To look at, not personality

>> No.51837994


>Borrow five bucks from your buddy for pizza
>Turn into a monster

>> No.51837998

Sorry, any of the 5-6 "women with X" fiends.

>> No.51838009

And last on my list, but first to apply, it's...

Mercedes Drovenge
NG female Aasimar Incanter|Vigilante (Symbiotic Slayer)
Campaign Trait: Child of the Crusades
>Daughter of a famous aasimar Crusader, weaned on tales of chivalry
>Poor at every skill set that might have allowed her to be a crusader herself
>Bonded with an ooze-like creature from some other plane and gained power through the benign parasite
>Implied transformation into a futa cow-girl
>Oh and then she bought a dinosaur
>Now that she's got her skills down, she's gonna join the Crusades at Kenabres

Truth be told, this backstory is artfully written enough that it obscures the magical realm-ey bits from anyone merely skimming it over. If you aren't offended by them, or the abrupt and quickly-tossed-aside excuse for having a dinosaur companion, it's actually fairly good, if a bit innuendo-heavy. It spends its time talking about not just how Mercedes learned her skills, but how those events felt, how they shaped her.

It's also pretty impressive how the narrative makes Basalt, the symbiote familiar, into a character in its own right rather than just a tool. A creepy character, but that alien mindset and the idea that it's kind of a sense freak are at least something.

Personality is refreshingly straight-forward. Naivete combined with a desire to actually get shit done. There's not all that much depth, for Mercedes or Basalt, but the potential of how they work together and the fact that neither one is a brooding loner makes it hard to count her out as a PC--she's at least likely to be proactive rather than just wait for someone else to say the right thing.

>> No.51838050

Are you Theater QTs Anon?

>> No.51838081

Do zippers exist in Golarion?

>> No.51838107


what if

qlippoth tieflings

are just


>> No.51838119

Also, hoodies as well. I have a feeling they don't, though I'm sure hoodies are more possible as a creation than zippers.

>> No.51838153

Hey if any of you fine ass dandys know the kingdom building rules like the back of your hands, could you help confirm/deny a couple things for me? We just started Rivers Run Red in Kingmaker so we're just getting into the building stuff. Using the rules from Ultimate Campaign.

The players have chosen the Stag Lords Fort as starting Hex because they want the castle asap.

There is no limit on grid spaces they can build right? Only amount of buildings? Since the first house per month doesn;t count towards that limit on the very first month of settling they can build both a castle and a house correct? And the bonuses apply immediately, which would come up in the income phase following. So if population increases by amount of squares actually taken up and they start with 250 settlers then after the first month with the castle and house then it sounds like upwards of 1250 people will be in the kingdom after a month.

If these are right or wrong or i'm a dumbfuck please let me know.

>> No.51838160


You really want to punish those craftsmen, don't you? They got enough work to do with chainmail.

>> No.51838266

Posting again

I want to talk about the difference between Risk and Stakes, and why knowing the difference between the two is important for a game. To start out with it is important to take both terms and define what I mean by them in the context of a game. Risk represent the threat of personal bodily harm, harm to one's possessions, or harm to one's direct contact (family, friends, etc.). Stakes is threats to larger and more abstract concepts, the political and social health of a nation, the function of organizations, etc. Games can be both high and low in both of these. This gives us four different types of games. High Risk/High Stakes, High Risk/Low Stakes, Low Risk/High Stakes, Low Risk/Low Stakes. Let us talk about an example of each.

For the difference between High Risk/High Stakes and High Risk/Low Stakes I have a common example that I use. For those who are familiar with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure this will be easy to follow. In Part 3 of Jojo the protagonists are traveling across the world fighting the subordinates of Dio, an immortal vampire. This represents a High Risk/High Stakes campaign, if they fail not only will they likely die, but Dio will go on towards a plan of world domination. Most games seem to follow this formula of High Risk/High Stakes. In Part 4 of Jojo instead the main focus is on the hunt for a serial killer plaguing a rural town. This represents High Risk/Low Stakes. Failing means the character's or the character's families could die, but if they fail the serial killer has no larger ambitions than to commit murder once every 6 months. This is tragic but not world altering. Many mystery theme'd games follow this formula.


>> No.51838278

I don't, honest! I've just seen people use art that has zippers, and I know typical medieval fantasy tends toward more realistic crafting methods, which makes me think that's silly. But Golarion also has distilled alcohol, and other things that they "shouldn't" have, which makes me wonder if zippers technically exist in Golarion. I haven't seen them in any official art, but I don't follow the world that closely, as my campaigns are never set in their world.

>> No.51838280

You have my attention.

>> No.51838297

Low Risk/High Stakes is harder to define, but where I normally see it is in things like Political Intrigue. The thread of personal harm is very low, but the fate of nations can rest on the players. For Low Risk/Low Stakes not many games follow this formula because there is not much driving force behind them.

What I want to talk about is High Risk/Low Stakes and Low Risk/High Stakes. What campaigns have you had that follow these formulas? Do you think there is anything inherently wrong or less exciting about these? Out of these four types what do you believe is the best formula? Personally I adore High Risk/Low Stakes as it feels far more personal of a game style, this is likely the reason I enjoy Council of Thieves much more than most of /pfg/.

>> No.51838353

Is it a good idea to multi-class? For what classes does it make sense?

>> No.51838356


Some people may not want to fight as an insect. Or, the other clauses may be more fitting to the character.

>> No.51838372

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/.

Do you think it's possible that the characters in your party are the real villains?

>> No.51838392

Well first thing that came to my mind is that Dark Heresy is High Risk Low Stakes
But Low Risk High Stakes cannot really exist
Sounds like Kingmaker with less everything

>> No.51838407

When you have time I'd like to propose your next lineup:

Out of the characters youve read about(both reviewed and unreviewed), which combination of adventurers would make the most interesting group?

Criteria on if they need to form the traditional fighter,rogue,mage,cleric,bard lineup would be left up to your discretion.

>> No.51838415






>> No.51838420

What's your top 6 now that you've seen them all? I think Mercedes and Lucius were the only ones you were very positive over.

>> No.51838437


Anon, are you ok...?

>> No.51838438

Well, uh, technically, uh, nah.

>> No.51838449


Just prosperous bandits.

>> No.51838487

I am convinced that our alchemist might be the main antagonist.

>> No.51838596

Should one always use Power Attack/Deadly Aim?

>> No.51838601

There was a discussion about sneak attack stacking earlier, but now I'm wondering, how does Vigilante/Rogue work?

>> No.51838637

That's per level, not overall. You can multiclass freely in gestalt just fine.

>> No.51838653

Unless you're missing a lot. Yeah.

>> No.51838722

Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) isn't bad either.

Really, dipping is the sort of thing that you have to know what you're doing before you do it.

>> No.51838731

>manage Lorewipe
>get a player who acts pretty obnoxious
>player is obsessed with TF2
>immediately makes two Chained summoners
>gets to the point where he has like three different characters, and they all adventure together
>He's an adventuring party all by himself
>Eventually tell him "you can't do that, that's pretty cheesy"
>he says ok
>He applies for GM
>Tell him "his attitude's not what we're looking for in a GM"
>He immediately quits the campaign altogether.

Would saying "good riddance" be in bad taste?

>> No.51838749

I'm actually thinking of changing some things for this session, which may or may not include the time of the week it falls on, we'll have to see.

These changes include bumping up the PB to 20, it's been brought to my attention that generally speaking a lower PB hurts martials more than casters overall which I definitely don't want, but I'm not going any higher than 20 so I don't want to hear any complaints on this matter.

The other thing I'm probably going to change is to go from voice only to voice-partial, meaning that if people want to type they can do so, but we'll be doing our games with me, at the very least, using my voice to DM the session.

I'll also be adding more details to what you as characters will know about your surroundings in a thread below the synopsis, go there for all your flavor and backstory.

>> No.51838762

Nah, you just freed him from shit.

>> No.51838780


Nah, he was cancer so you carved it out.


There is a limit to grid spaces, if I recall it's a 2x2 grid of four blocks? You can however build multiple "districts" (up to 16) in a single overmap "square" so you can have a housing district, financial district and even whore district in a single city.

>> No.51838781

It's been a long time since I played Kingmaker, but as best as I can remember the answer to both of your questions are yes. I'm pretty certain that there's no limit on the number of grid spaces you can build on per month, and I'm less certain that about the population increase.

>> No.51838798

Think what you want, but I can't help but think it's the same one guy bashing Lorewipe over and over.

>> No.51838811

In the non-PF game I'm playing, we're pretty much a group of terrorists. We're just taking a "the ends justify the means" approach to our attempt to defeat the secret society/cult that has wormed its way into control of the government.

>> No.51838819


It generally is.

>> No.51838961

You made a game with a focus on MMO type grinding and power gaming. You've got players chomping at the bit to "do their dailies" at midnight sharp. You're kind of asking for this shit, especially when you allow people to join your game with two player characters.

Then you come here to bitch about it like a passive aggressive bitch? I bet you never had the nads to tell this player "no".

>> No.51838984


Not usually, but I once ran a group that was normally pretty sane and good, but in a moment of panic they killed a civilian, thinking it was someone else, but realized their error at once. There were witnesses. The entire session was an escalation from there. The witnesses tried to arrest the party but the PCs were having none of it, so a brawl started, which escalated when weapons were drawn, then civilians started getting killed, then the guards stepped in with proper weapons... and started getting killed, then the local clergy showed up with a mob in a mass melee, the party chasing after and executing civilians because they were easier to kill while the town's high cleric whittled them down with spells and ranged attacks.

The party was eventually overwhelmed and killed in combat but the township was devastated. Most of the working folk were dead. A stream of widows and children made their way to the nearest large city to petition the local lord for aid not long after.

The players had a sort of bewildered moment between themselves afterwards.

>> No.51839011

You have to cut down the 24 applications for Wrath of the Raunchy down to 12. Who do you cut?

>> No.51839019

The guys with empty sheets that haven't updated in 2 weeks?

>> No.51839036

I guess. Why?

>> No.51839040

What do you do to pass the time after the GM doesn't show up?

>> No.51839055

Start hitting the lfgs in hopes of a less shit GM?

>> No.51839091


That brings it to 24 instead of 40.

Who next?

>> No.51839096

I wasn't bitching. I thought you'd want to hear a bad player story.

But I guess that's enough feeding of the trolls.

>> No.51839107

People whose concepts you flat out don't like.

>> No.51839124


>> No.51839132

... The guys that uh... wow this is fucking tricky. I guess the ones who have very little excuse to not say "fuck it I'll make my fortune somewhere else" after they see a glimpse of the hellscape?

>> No.51839146

Maybe I will. I'll have to check out which games are still taking apps.

It's okay anon, we'll cry together.

>> No.51839151


I heard good advice on /pfg/ once.

"Never pick players for a lewd game who actually seem primarily interested in ERP.".

That probably narrows it down.

>> No.51839152

Yeah that was a riveting story, chap. Next time tell your players they can't use two characters from the start and don't use /pfg/ as your "that guy" thread/blog.

>> No.51839155

I think there're 2 or 3 characters with skeleton sheets. After that you could probably narrow down the amount of big weapon front line guys to just one you like. Probably still hovering around 16ish then?

>> No.51839165

I have this thing now where I twitch and mash ctrl+T, roll20, join games everytime the games GM does something that triggers my autism.

>> No.51839175

That's what brings it down to 24 from 40. Now we have to cut half of those remaining.

Here are some I would eliminate:
Really generic cookie cutter app pasted over from another game.
Another app that seems pasted over from another game.
badly written app, furry
obviously there just for fetishes, not for game
>Tianetria Summerglade
Boring and there just for fetishes and not for game

Those would be my early eliminations.

>> No.51839203

Actually, this awkward discussion on who should be cut also brings another less pessimistic topic to mind.

Out of the "dead" applicants, which one would you bring back if you could?

My vote goes to Sen

>> No.51839208

You wouldn't have shitposted if I never mentioned Lorewipe. You would've let the same post slide right by.
Nice bias mate.

>> No.51839213

Narrow down Rath, Jin, Lucius, Artemy, Uk'Regash, Armes and Solomon to one.

Hard Mode: Don't pick Lucius.

I wish Amadeus was still a choice.

>> No.51839224

Also DHB is editing his app fucking constantly. He's rewritten the personality section and paragraphs of his backstory like 5-6 times already, so maybe eliminate him on those grounds.

>> No.51839227

Leila but only because she's cute.

>> No.51839234

Can you elaborate? I can sort of understand why this could be bad but shouldn't players prepare characters appropriate for the game?

>> No.51839236

Solomon wouldn't count as a big weapon guy, he's sword and board.

Also if we're going by the distribution the party should have 2 men, 4 women on average.

>> No.51839238

What type of action is Forgotten Trick?

>> No.51839240

I don't understand why big weapon guys call more attention than the other dudes though.

>> No.51839252

If they're there to only ERP they shouldn't try and stick it to a game. A game that is only ERP is not a good game.

>> No.51839274

Half of them aren't big weapon guys either. Dex characters and sword and board aren't really 'big weapon".

>> No.51839280

>being this narcissistic and full of yourself

>> No.51839291

My mistake, I thought he was another greatsword. Also, what would traps count as with that distribution?

It's not really about their characterization, it's just that there's probably enough role overlap between all of them that they're the easiest category of characters to narrow.

>> No.51839306

I can kind of see why.
Any PC has the potential for ERP but an ERP oriented character may prove bland during situations that aren't ERP or worse, constantly try to segue any situation into one where they can bust a nut.

>> No.51839309

traps are included in guys, there aren't enough of them to make 1 member on average a trap.

>> No.51839336

>already resorting to name-calling

>> No.51839344

Traps are also quite troublesome in their own way. Unless they're mainly interested in wordfucking the GM, many PCs may not be remotely interested in "getting gay" with them.

Meanwhile lesbians get a pass because women characters can fuck anything and it wouldn't be any less gay than roleplaying someone with a vagina.

>> No.51839390

>write backstory
>ends up way too long
>swear I'm going to re-write it for brevity
>re-write ends up the same length


>> No.51839417

>eliminate someone because they change their app before deadline when apps are finally set in stone
What did he mean by this?

>> No.51839418

Not that I agree with bringing them down to one, but if I had to I'd cut out all the non-Paladins right off the bat to make sure the group had one since it's WotR. That leaves Rath, Jin, and Solomon. Jin's an out of place character with no stakes so he's an easy cut. Solomon's technically sword and board so I guess he's gone by this criteria, leaving Rath by elimination.

If I could pick two from the overall pool, maybe Lucius and Rath.

If hard mode, Armes and Solomon to try and cover up the holes left by dropping Lucius.

>> No.51839427

Male characters:
Rath Khulainn
Soralis Lyso
Jin Imoji
Lucius Maeca Lebeda "Irina"
Artemy Neizvestny Medvyed
Brihzwald (Buford)
Seth, Scion of Thassilon, Faithful of Lissala
Solomon Kreet III

These are the 9 male characters of the 24 total players with actual character sheets. Of these we have 1 trap. Most of them have at least some melee capabilities.

>> No.51839446

Shows being indecisive.

>> No.51839447

I keep forgetting Seth's male, what with his art.

>> No.51839448

as someone who doesn't give much of a fuck, I would probably do a FtB with a trap if prompted and they were enjoyable to play with otherwise. Though that depends massively on circumstances, as well as what I'm actually playing at the time. That said, traps have become such a fucking meme character type at this point that I'd have a hard time taking any of them seriously long enough to get into the same game as one.

Though, for some reason this makes me think that the idea of playing a Bakeneko pretending to be a mage's familiar sounds like an amusing duo-app.

>> No.51839462

Oh boy we're now listing out the potential culls for the male characters I can't watch.

>> No.51839483

And it looks like everyone forgot Zefira was male, not that I blame them.

>> No.51839532

There's a few that are clearly better written, head and shoulders above the others. This does not--I repeat, DOES NOT--necessarily reflect them being better players. But they did impress me.

I can't really say who's objectively best out of these, so they're not in any particular order. Haraa Windspire, Lisa Sterling, Lucius Maeca Lebeda, Mercedes Drovenge, and Seth are all impressive in terms of their presentation and characterization, as well as their potential for a character arc.

Rath Khulainn and Lorelei Aldenwood are tied for the last slot, since while both are deeply flawed, they also probably have the easiest fixes. At the very least, they seem to be whole characters even if they're not fully realized in terms of writing.

>> No.51839540

Fuck's a panther style?

>Retaliatory unarmed strike after provoking an AoO.
>Up to your wisdom in retaliatory strikes after provoking an AoO.
>Retaliate before being struck, inflicting a -2 to hit for each retaliatory strike.

Holy fuck, that's actually sort of cool.

>> No.51839547

I wouldn't feel too anxious about it, whatever lists /pfg/ comes up with coming up to the final selection is probably going to look pretty different from what the DM picks. A DM is obligated to pick what they think will make the best campaign for them, /pfg/ at best will pick the most well put together group that the DM might not want for his encounters, or at worst, 5 waifus and a trap.

>> No.51839557

At this point, I might just have to settle for stealing her concept to use as an NPC for some future game. Such a pity.

>> No.51839591 [SPOILER] 


"The story behind Crack the Skyeis a very complex, spiritual one. It begins with a paraplegic boy who goes out of his body, through the method of astral traveling, into outer space. He goes too close to the sun, burning off the golden umbilical cord that is attached to his solar plexus. So, he is in outer space and he is lost. He gets sucked into a wormhole, where he ends up in the spirit realm and talks to spirits, telling them that he is not really dead. They send him to a Russian cult that uses him in a divination and find out his problem. The cult decides they will help him by putting his soul inside Rasputin’s body. Rasputin goes to usurp the Russian Czar and he is murdered. The two souls fly out of Rasputin’s body through the crack in the sky(e). Rasputin is the wise man who is trying to lead the child back home to his body because by now his parents have found him and think that he is dead. Rasputin needs to get the boy back into his body before it’s too late. But they end up running into the Devil along the way and the Devil tries to steal their souls and bring them down. The story ends as somewhat of a cliffhanger with the thirteen minute epic song entitled “The Last Baron.”"

So folks: a campaign based off of the premise of this album, wherein everyone is a cripple and they've used astral projection in order to send their spirits out into the world to learn, and end up sucked into wormholes into a "spirit realm" so to speak, whereupon they must figure out how to escape! It could be weird.

I've been listening to a ton of Mastodon lately

>> No.51839594

Not that guy, but... Either he's not satisfied with the character, or he's trying to change a character he IS happy with to something he thinks the GM will find more appealing. Neither of those is a very good sign for the upcoming campaign. That's not a big deal, but since there are(presumably) plenty of other good choices, so I might end up skipping him on that basis as well if I was planning to GM for randoms.

>> No.51839605

New bread

>> No.51839611

Probably still wants you to bone them to magically settle them down somehow.

>> No.51839702 [DELETED] 

Let's list out their classes and fighting styles.

I'll add him in.

>Rath Khulainn
Bloodrage|Paladin, two-handed weapon, only skill of note is intimidate

>Soralis Lyso
Unchained Monk || Brutal Slayer, punchy melee, handles wisdom skills

>Jin Imoji
Eliciter (Id Archetype) || Paladin (Enlightened Archetype), punchy melee, hasn't spent skill ranks

>Lucius Maeca Lebeda "Irina"
Warlord/Vigilante, dex based melee, handles face skills

>Artemy Neizvestny Medvyed
Ranger/Unchained Rogue, ranged/melee switch hitter, handles wis and dex skills

>Brihzwald (Buford)
Teisatsu Vigilante/Grenadier Alchemist, alchemist bomb based, handled dex skills

>Seth, Scion of Thassilon, Faithful of Lissala
Greed Thassilonian Specialist/Ravenlord Harbinger, mainly spell caster, bunch of knowledges

Lore Warden Fighter/Vigilante, two-handed weapon, bunch of knowledge skills

>Solomon Kreet III
Knight Disciple Paladin/Destined Steelblooded Bloodrager, sword and board support, handles face skills only character with profession soldier

>Zefira al-Eahira
Dawnflower Dervish Bard // Steelfist Commando Warlord, shuriken user?, handles face skills

>> No.51839718

Can't be helped, tumblr nose and raccoon eyes aside, that portrait is probably the most appropriate one for a Thassilonian youth.
>Long hair fitting for a scholar
>Slightly chinese inspired robe with runes
>Severe no-nonense expression
The fact that his hair and clothes look very unkempt and that his face is very haggard also makes it apparent that he is way out of his element and is probably accustomed to having servants take care of those needs for him.

>> No.51839719

You're missing Uk'Regash too.

>> No.51839771

These quads demand an answer.

>> No.51839952

>playing kingmaker
>wizerd gurl conjurer, now level 2, super cool battlefield tactician
>first battle i memed our party as well as the enemies accidentally with grease
>salvaged with color spray
>last two enemies lit grease on fire and our half asimar half catfolk player (he combined the two because it seemed like a good idea at the time) nearly burnt alive

how fucked are we

>> No.51839970

Grease spell isn't actually flammable.

>> No.51839975

says who? apparently my dm made it flammable

>> No.51839977

Pretty fucked because your GM is stupid enough to let you get away with convincing him that grease is flammable.

>> No.51839992

Says the spell, but whatever in that case. Nobody died though, so I don't know why you think you're fucked.

>> No.51840006

it wasn't a player who wanted to burn the grease, it was an enemy
my dm says grease is flammable, so it is, why does it matter if it isn't
yeah nobody died but it's like, is our party gonna be fucked in the long run because of my choices

>> No.51840035

I was running a game where one of my players game plan was to provoke as many AoOs with his flying kick, they trip/disarm/hit them before unloading on his main target.

It was a short game (like 5-10 sessions) so he never experienced it's real downsides.

>> No.51840039

What choices? Is the 50/50 horribly burned or something now? I'm failing to see what problems you're having.

>> No.51840054

Then case closed, your GM is a moron. If he fucks up with such a simple spell like grease, wait till he has to deal with spells that actually have more than a paragraph of text.

>> No.51840059

What are the downsides?

>> No.51840062

my synergy with the party
everyone kept stepping into the grease in my party (myself included but that's a different context) and one guy just sorta bolted over the fence to try and catch a running bandit
i think you're making a big deal out of a small discrepancy, dude

>> No.51840104

Position the grease spell better next time then?

>> No.51840135

Panther styling has the weakness of being a dead feat path when dealing with larger, harder hitting foes. Because using it against them will likely spell your death.

It also suffers from being weaker to natural attackers and things harder to trip.

>> No.51840228

I can see that, yeah. But it sounds so fun in the meantime, honestly.

What about Snake Style? What's it's downside?

>> No.51840255

A shitty middle feat. Snake sidewind is useless, first and last are great though

>> No.51840532

See >>51840255

You'll have fun with either.

But my favoriteschedule are Dragon, Pummeling, an Jabbing. Not really for power, but the overall style each one brings to the table.

>> No.51840585

What about Kraken Style?

>> No.51840649

Grab Grabbing Style and Tatzlwyrm style. Waste a whole bunch of feats, but grapple three enemies at once.

>> No.51840657

Haven't played it, not a Huge fan of grappling, but it's definitely good if you go that route.

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