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>What is your character's family like? How happy a family are they? Is there any race mixing going on there?

Here is the family for various characters I have played in the past in reference to my current character:

>Andes Harparr, Father
>Brione Harparr, Mother
>Gyles Harparr, Older Brother
>Thurey Harparr, Older Brother
>Elell Harparr, Older Sister
>Rarder Harparr, Younger Brother
>Sane Harparr, Younger Sister
>Abet Harparr, Grandmother
>Joycie Payne, Grandmother
>Rasmundus Payne, Great Great Uncle
>Nieles Payne Sr, Great Grandfather
>Nieles Payne Jr, Grandfather
>Nieles Payne II, Uncle
>Alel Payne, Cousin
>Annel Payne, Aunt
>Joane Payne, Cousin
>Mera Payne, Cousin
>Rewilh Harparr, Uncle
>Hony Harparr, Uncle
>Yellis Harparr, Aunt
>Mickel Harparr, Cousin
>Alice Belmont, Great Aunt
>Rickard Belmont, Great Uncle
>Hepmon Belmont, First Cousin Once Removed
>Ullis Belmont, First Cousin Once Removed
>Ivar Belmont, Second Cousin
>Eilen Belmont, Second Cousin
>Mickey Belmont, Second Cousin Once Removed
>Tyran Belmont, Second Cousin
>Fillman Belmont, Second Cousin
>Helga Milleen, First Cousin Once Removed
>Omar Milleen, First Cousin Once Removed
>Copor Mileen, Second Cousin Once Removed
>Capre Mileen, Second Cousin Once Removed

I played Nieles Payne in a previous campaign. He's a wizard. Of this list there are 4 individuals with PC class levels.

Nieles Payne, and eldery level 9 wizard who still makes money through selling spell casting services in a major city + a shop that sells wands, potion, and scroll.

Uncles Rewilh Harparr and Hony Harparr are a Bounty Hunter Slayer and Sleuth Investigator. Both of them work as members of a mercenary company named The Ash Eaters. Both are level 7.

Gyles Harparr, the character's eldest brother is a Cloistered Cleric who joined the church when the character was very young. He now serves as a frontier priest, essentially sent by the church to deal with issues to the faithful on the edges of civilization. He is level 4.

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How kill is Taldor Ascendant?

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What does it matter? DHB ruined the game. There's no reason for any other PCs.

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Pretty normal family from a very small town/village. Not their fault she became insane.

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I thought that was 2hu ruining games.

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Those are some of the smuggest foxes I've ever seen! Especially Selkie!

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My current character is a half-orc wizard born of a loving couple in a fairly metropolitan city. She's an only child, but still.

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>implying machines have families

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It depends on who witch hunter has masturbated to in the morning

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As long as a namefag or otherwise recognizable frequenter of /pfg/ who applies for the game people will say that it's ruined whether or not the person actually ruins it.

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Do you want an apocalypse? Because that's how you get apocalypses.

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How didn't he ruin it? Did you look at his character?

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Stop abusing robots! They have digital souls too!

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Her name is Kinu.


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How exactly is one autist enough to taint the entire game that hasn't even started? You're not apples in a barrel, you're barely out of the fucking garden and a good orchard farmer doesn't pick fruits that are rotten before they even fall to the ground.

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>What is your character's family like? How happy a family are they? Is there any race mixing going on there?

If my character ever has any living family members, either the DM has them get kidnapped, or they turn out to be working with the BBEG. This has happened many, many times in the past. So these days I just make it clear that my character's family is always dead at the start of the game.

But even that isn't enough sometimes, like with my current character. Even though my Paladin saw his dad (who was also a Paladin) get killed by an evil orc warlord, and ended up personally burned his dad's body in a pyre and scattering the ashes, somehow the DM still had my dad come back as a spooky ghost villain.

If my character ever shows romantic interest in an NPC, she either gets kidnapped, dies, or turns out to be a hag in disguise.

So yeah, I just kind of give up on family in RPGs.

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Oh hush, I'm still going to apply even if Monday takes out all the Funday!


We don't know if the corpse is a corpse, or simply sleeping. The DM has not responded to anything since Friday.

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> implying he'll get in

The GM would have to be retarded. His modifiers are over twice what any reasonable character will come up with at that level.

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>If my character ever has any living family members, either the DM has them get kidnapped, or they turn out to be working with the BBEG.
Punch your GM with a book on writing a story and the stupid might fall out of his ears.

One kid's adventuring with the dad, my character, other one is preparing to adventure in the future and mother is happy to have the money flow in and get some peace and quiet every so often.

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I'll see what I can do, but I've already tread over that ground once.

Seth of Thassilon
LE male Human Wizard (Thassilonian Specialist)|Harbinger (Ravenlord)
Campaign Trait: Touched by Divinity (Lissala)
>Worked his ass off and graduated wizard school just in time for Earthfall
>Volunteered to be a guinea pig for a temporal stasis spell
>Rise of the Runelords happens, Seth gets woken up five years late after an accident fucks with the spell
>Has himself a picaresque adventure that teaches him the value of compassion
>Captured by Iomedaeans who think "oh shit a sin mage" and are still mulling over what to do with him when he volunteers to join the Crusades

There's a lot, and I mean A LOT of throat-clearing going on here. This is one of those backstories that could seriously benefit from being compressed, or at least from a pastebin link with a tl;dr version of about a couple paragraphs replacing it on the Roll20 page.

But that said, it's actually pretty good. It sets up Seth to start a character arc, provides a decent way for him to acclimate to the new Golarion, and presents a few conflicts that aren't clearly leading to just "Imma kill this guy". Having your character start with doubts like Seth has is a good idea (I kinda wish the Asmodean applicants had a bit more of that).

I like that the personality section makes no bones about him being a product of his time. He's still got a long way to go, but he's evil in a more interesting way than just being an asshole--he never knew a better way. All in all, he's a good character with plenty of room to grow...but I think he could do with a few more years. 15 is a little hard to buy for a Wizard, even a 1st-level one.

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I mean DHB did say "my numbers are big right now and if I got in I'd adjust them to the party".

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>implying it's not important to stress-test your robots to make sure they know how to deal with misfortune

Better that you simulate it for them than they have to deal with being knocked over by a bear or dropping a plane crash survivor only to find out they can't pick themselves or an object back up.

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I have a player who is quite fond of tripping as a combat strategy. By and large its not been overly problematic in large melees where there's plenty of opponents to keep everyone busy, but I've got a big solo boss encounter coming up and I'd like to avoid him just running up and tripping the litch while he's in the middle of his big speech.

What options are available to me as a GM to help my monsters resist tripping without giving everyone flight or turning everyone into a centipede? I'd like to avoid invalidating my player's play-style choices entirely, but I'd also like to keep things fun, challenging and dramatic for my players. For reference, the party is level 9 and I don't like to use third party content.

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Making them that big at the onset is not winning him any friends.

>> No.51824505


Casters aren't very hard-up for feats, so you could squeeze in Defensive Combat Training, for starters. Full-BAB CMD goes a long way.

Big solo boss encounters are dangerous, though, the odds you'll get action economy fucked to death are massive.

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More legs or no legs.

>> No.51824521

As a wizard, at what point can I commit global genocide?

Assume I have access to everything 1pp, and only 1pp.

What are some ways I can go about this? What are some ways I can go about taking over Golarion? I assume I might be able to at least partially accimplish some of this, but I wanted to be sure.

Basically, what is the dumbest, most frowned upon thing I can do at levels you consider noteworthy? Not just in combat, but also sheer narrative power.

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Put some obstacles in his way. Mirror Image. Difficult Terrain. Make him work to get close before he can trip.

>> No.51824548

Rolled 9 (1d11)

Okay, of those remaining who I haven't given a once-over, next up is...

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It's a huge red flag. Being able to game the system is fine, because it's pathfinder and easily abused, but actually submitting it as an application is a headache waiting to happen.

>> No.51824556

Does the Locate City Nuke work in Pathfinder?

>> No.51824566

But it's silly to get angry about it. When he literally says he'll just adjust to the party what is the point of getting angry? He just described the role, classes, and back story he'll be. Why do you care what his bonus is if it is subject to change?

>> No.51824583


It's like if you posted a huge-breasted fuck-slut with ranks in Perform (Sexual Technique) for an otherwise normal game, and then saying you will "get rid of" all that stuff if it doesn't work for the group.

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It's a goddamn lich, of course it should be flying. And that's assuming it doesn't just drop an Emergency Force Sphere and mock the fighter.

In general, it's perfectly fine to make an enemy occasionally immune to a PC's best strategy, especially if it's supposed to be a big boss or the like. Just don't make a habit out of it.

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A wizard using Create Undead to create a shadow requires CL 15. The spell is 8th level so you'll need to be level 15 to cast it anyway.

Several shadows under you control released on a city will turn the entire population to shadows in a single night. You just spread from there like an infection.

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Because this happens for nearly every game. Somebody makes something that somebody else doesn't like, so they complain about it every single thread at every opportunity. It literally doesn't matter what they make. They are the worst for making it.

>> No.51824641

Except it isn't? How is that remotely a good comparison? He posted a face/stealth character in a game about being a stealthy diplomat.

I have no fucking clue what you're on about here.

But why does it matter if he'll just adjust to what ever the party's numbers are? What do you suggest, submit the lowest numbers possible because it might offend someone if you have a high bonus? Adjusting once the party is formed doesn't matter?

He could make anything, literally anything, and people would still be mad.

>> No.51824677

Probably the easiest is to go with the old "zombie plague" standby. Turn people into undead who turn the people they kill into undead. Shadows are a great choice for pulling this off (Wraiths work alright, though not as well). Generally you want any kind of Incorporeal undead who can create spawn. It often takes too long for the people killed by corporeal undead (Vampires, ghouls, etc) to rise, whereas Shadows and Wraiths do so in just a few seconds.

Grab one with Control Undead and order it to start killing people and making more spawn. Tell it that it has to order its spawn to obey you (and order it's spawn to order their spawn to obey you, etc).

This can allow you to fairly quickly wipe out a small town or a village or even a whole city this way. At higher levels you could easily create your own Shadows, teleport them to various cities around the world, and then unleash them causing all sorts of chaos and problems.

>> No.51824689

Why don't /pfg/ games do something like set attack bonus caps, skill bonus caps, saving throw caps, etc. etc. based on level, to give optimization benchmarks?

>> No.51824704

Why isn't your lich flying?

That said, the idea of knocking a lich down and running off is pretty amusing.

>> No.51824712

Because you're either false flagging as 2hu, or an autist

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LN/NG male Ratfolk Vigilante (Teisatsu)|Alchemist (Grenadier)
Campaign Trait: Riftwarden Orphan
>Learned alchemy to make fireworks, became his clan's potion guy
>Conscripted in the last few years of the 4th Crusade
>Survived some close calls and botched ops
>Works helping a few shops in Kenabras [sic] with his other clan members

I feel like there's not much to say here, really. It's all so dry that I feel like I'm reading the Cliff's Notes of a longer application. There's no real character under here, just kind of an archetype wrapped around a stat-block.

I can see the glimmer of a personality in here, the mention of Brihzwald stuttering and looking nervous while Buford is more calm but more terse, but it all seems like it's just there for its own sake. There's little mention of what he does for himself rather than as part of his role in life.

Oh, and is it really any surprise that the campaign trait wasn't mentioned at all?

>> No.51824796

So how does the School Understanding Exploit work with Spheres of Power? Do you get the bonus sphere, the +1 caster level, and the ability? Just the sphere and ability? Caster level and ability? Ability?

>> No.51824889

Simple. If you need such things as a guideline and can't simple guess the general area of which to keep your optimization, then you're too autistic to game with anyway.

>> No.51824905

Only if it was for a game that /pfg/ at large had the opportunity to apply for. I think. We still love namefags that provide entertaining storytime every week from their home games, right?

>> No.51824938

What do you think the general area of optimization is for level 8 gestalt? How high should your good skills be? I remember asking this and no one being able to give a solid answer.

Let's say you have 0 class skills support and it's based on your good stat. You're looking at somewhere around +17-18 at a minimum. That's if you're relying on nothing but ranks, ability score, and it being a class skill.

Items, feats, class features, traits, racial abilities, etc. there are a fuck ton of things that could add.

>> No.51824944


Thanks guys. The litch was perhaps a bad example, as you are correct in that any litch that doesn't fly deserves all the tripping they get. I was worried more about the situation in general, as I'll probably have more solo bosses to send against them in the future. Looks like I'll just have to get creative with my encounter design. Thanks again.

>> No.51824964

No we hate those too. If someone posts a story as not an anon they get raged at.

>> No.51825031

I mean, I shouldn't say namefags that do that get a free pass, you're right. But we like our storytime, and if an Anon gives us the update on a long-running campaign sometimes /pfg/ will get surprisingly invested in that person's character and the events around them.

>> No.51825046

Is this the solution to the Problem of Evil?

>> No.51825081

I am on /pfg/ quite a lot. Never seen people really give a shit for more than individual stories. Sometimes 2-3 weeks of updates, but never more.

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When it comes to a creature, tripping is entirely binary. Either he trips the lich, or he doesn't, which means either his main shtick was useless during that fight or it was a major advantage. The solution is to not let it be binary. Put other things in the fight that he can trip, and find a way to encourage him to focus on those enemies, at least for some portion of the fight. They don't need to keep him busy the whole time, but just long enough that the lich has time to be unchecked and threatening.

Even if the extra enemies are much too weak to actually threaten the PCs and aren't strong enough to be worth EXP, their presence as speedbumps in the encounter will alter the way the fight plays out.

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>What is your character's family like? How happy a family are they? Is there any race mixing going on there?

It's times like this where I realize I only have one character with living family members that he has good relations with. Also that I don't have many characters.
>Half-elf who is in contact with his elven mother, but hasn't seen his father since he was a wee lad, and also has a half-elven uncle that's out doing whateverthefuck
>Tiefling who outlived any immediate family and never bothered staying in contact with any relatives
>two Kitsune who outlived their non-yokai relatives, though one of them has been trying to make familiars out of regular foxes in order to get one of them to become like him

>> No.51825140

In our last game our group ended up in Limbo where we killed a powerful dragon. The GM decided that, in the spirit of the plane of chaos instead of just giving us a reward, he'd let us roll on some 3rd edition random magic item table. The caveats however was no rerolls, the item would not count towards our personal WBL, and we couldn't give or trade the item to someone else (if we tried it would instantly shatter into a million pieces).

Player 1, a Warlord rolled a Rod of Lordly Might. Player 2, a Mage rolled a Ring of Fire. Player 3, the Paladin rolled a Staff of Power(!) and he is retraining to max out his Use Magic Device skill. Finally, I (a Stalker) rolled a Horn of the fucking Tritons.

Everyone then proceeded to laugh at me and call me Aquaman for the rest of the evening.

The game has not taken place around or near any oceans or large bodies of water, and the GM said that he didn't forsee anything like that happening any time in the near future.

But I want to make everyone eat their words and use my item in some really cool or creative way. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways I could make this horn useful eve in an area without any water around? Or did I just end up with a bum magic item and am I doomed to have everyone call me Aquaman for the next six months?

>> No.51825263

I, too, tend to not make family. Dunno why. I don't think it's on purpose. I haven't made a single character that has kept in contact with their surviving family. My most recent was raised by the mercenaries who picked her up, and thinks of them as family, but no blood relations that she knows.

>> No.51825307

I'd give a shit. Actual games would be refreshing to talk about.

>> No.51825314

How can I play a really weeb and cute ofudamancer?

>> No.51825334

Razmiran Priest, load up on scrolls.

>> No.51825350

I try to have my characters with families.

One gal was raised by her dad after her mom died before she hatched, and he's still around. One of her longterm motivations is to gather enough money to get her mom resurrected so she can meet her.

One lad's dad was a lumberjack who successfully wooed the witch who lived in the forest he was lumberjacking.

One is a farmgirl whose parents are still alive and well on their farm. The dad is a retired hero.

And one other gal is from a ludicrously large family, but is more directly connected to her two sisters and her mom.

>> No.51825363

By joining a game.

>> No.51825377

>really weeb and cute ofudamancer

>> No.51825390

>Implying machines don't have families

>> No.51825426

The worst part about this is I TRY to make characters with families, but sometimes I just don't think about it.

One of those kitsune used to be a tiefling, back in the concept stage of the character. A workaholic shut-in that spent all his time doing glasswork and reading, while bumming it in his niece's attic.

>> No.51825442


Could ofuda be holy symbols too?

>> No.51825468


Golarion needs more shrine maidens.

>> No.51825510

I didn't even think about it until you mentioned it, honestly. I was in a Carrion Crown campaign with a high death rate, then in a game where family was never really mentioned, now I'm in a game where I could actually make a character with a family, and somebody has! But... I didn't? I made her a mercenary adopted by the group when she was found alongside the road. I could try to do a "kidnapped by bandits, then ended up with this band when they ran across the bandits" kinda thing. I dunno.

>> No.51825532

No, because an omnipotent entity would needs find it more convenient to eliminate those possibilities in the first place.

Roboticists are as mortal as any of us, and suffer the same limitations.

>> No.51825549

>make character with family
>GM ignores it
>Other players ignore it
>Even if you actually bring'em to the family because we needed a cheap place for the night
>This happens twice
>Months down the line the GM is chewing you out for not so much as writing any family or history for your character unlike the party face who was all "but my mother killed my wife and I am saaad"

>> No.51825570

Fucking painful. My condolences. At least they weren't killed for cheap drama?

>> No.51825604

>>51816988 #
I think she's looking for some artifact, but it seems like we need to grab it too, for pecuniary gain.

>> No.51825665

Indeed they weren't. It's annoying that they were in the character sheet notes *and* often referenced (as anyone in real life often does when making anecdotes) in-character, and somehow... only newest player from several weeks before I quit would actually respond in regards to that? Like, wow, how little fucking attention do the rest of them fucking pay attention to their own game? Was combat and "my lover is deaaad" really all they cared about? And I'm the one who doesn't roleplay? FUCK YOU!

>> No.51825668

What's the best class to represent a shrine maiden? Cleric? Oracle? Shaman? Druid?

>> No.51825680

Shamans for the whole spirits an sheeeiit.

>> No.51825745

I want to talk about the difference between Risk and Stakes, and why knowing the difference between the two is important for a game. To start out with it is important to take both terms and define what I mean by them in the context of a game. Risk represent the threat of personal bodily harm, harm to one's possessions, or harm to one's direct contact (family, friends, etc.). Stakes is threats to larger and more abstract concepts, the political and social health of a nation, the function of organizations, etc. Games can be both high and low in both of these. This gives us four different types of games. High Risk/High Stakes, High Risk/Low Stakes, Low Risk/High Stakes, Low Risk/Low Stakes. Let us talk about an example of each.

For the difference between High Risk/High Stakes and High Risk/Low Stakes I have a common example that I use. For those who are familiar with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure this will be easy to follow. In Part 3 of Jojo the protagonists are traveling across the world fighting the subordinates of Dio, an immortal vampire. This represents a High Risk/High Stakes campaign, if they fail not only will they likely die, but Dio will go on towards a plan of world domination. Most games seem to follow this formula of High Risk/High Stakes. In Part 4 of Jojo instead the main focus is on the hunt for a serial killer plaguing a rural town. This represents High Risk/Low Stakes. Failing means the character's or the character's families could die, but if they fail the serial killer has no larger ambitions than to commit murder once every 6 months. This is tragic but not world altering. Many mystery theme'd games follow this formula.


>> No.51825761

Low Risk/High Stakes is harder to define, but where I normally see it is in things like Political Intrigue. The thread of personal harm is very low, but the fate of nations can rest on the players. For Low Risk/Low Stakes not many games follow this formula because there is not much driving force behind them.

What I want to talk about is High Risk/Low Stakes and Low Risk/High Stakes. What campaigns have you had that follow these formulas? Do you think there is anything inherently wrong or less exciting about these? Out of these four types what do you believe is the best formula? Personally I adore High Risk/Low Stakes as it feels far more personal of a game style.

>> No.51825770

But shamans are in medium armor, and most mikos aren't.

>> No.51825792

I'd argue Spiritualist, and Summoner would work as well. Spiritualist even has a Onmyoji archetype. Don't know how good it is, but it's there.

Also Kami Medium is a thing.

>> No.51825794

Just because you have the proficiency doesnt mean you have to use it you goit.

>> No.51825795


Oracles cursed with perpetual poverty or virginity.

Each Oracle is keyed to a different thing, which is how the Miko of a Fox Shrine will have different powers than the Miko of a shrine to an ancestor.

>> No.51825829

He was adopted by an Andoran peddler, though he himself is a half-elf. His new family was all human bumpkins until his Pa married a dryad.
They're a happy family that spend time together when they can.
The only race-mixing would be the character's biological parents, an Ekujae woman and a woodsman (but he has no memory of his biological family as a foundling,) as well as the character himself when he gets around to having kids with his (Keleshite) Tiefling fiancée.

>> No.51825830

Yeah, that's pretty shitty. I've played with some folks that really weren't interested in anybody but themselves and their character. It can be frustrating. My condolences.

>> No.51825836

>everytime she's about to get laid, the guy dies
>she's the Samantha Carter of shrine maidens

>> No.51825870

Yeah. I'd have tolerated it but it's when I actually get accused of being the one not doing it, like holy fucking shit.

Excessively related comment: fuck voice games.

>> No.51825885

Is Mythweaver busted for anyone else right now?

>> No.51825894

>Excessively related comment: fuck voice games.

But I *like* voiced games!

>> No.51825930

hmm, from the looks of it, those who have good experiences with voice games have good experiences, but those who get bad experiences with voice games experience shit we'd normally wholescale screencaps of on here to watch a tide of rage descend upon it all.

>> No.51825961


>> No.51825971


Can't bring up character sheets, yeah? Running into that problem too.

>> No.51825975

>Mythpocalypse 2.0
the absolute madlads

>> No.51825982

>people only interested in their own characters accuse others of not roleplaying
>tfw I'm always paranoid about seeming like I'm obsessing over my own characters to the point I end up not doing nearly enough of anything

Voice games are GOAT with friends, but are a total crapshoot with strangers who you've never met before the game.

t. person who tried to play a Paladin for his first pathfinder game

>> No.51825999

If they fuck my sheets again, I'm fuckin' done. I can't be doin' with this nonsense.

>> No.51826002

I don't know about anyone else here, but I personally thrive in voiced games.

Speaking of! I think I might be ready to open up apps for my Dragonborn session (preferably voiced through Discord and Roll20 simultaneously), for those of you who lurk here often enough to have seen me before. How does a Monday evening slot EST sound?

>> No.51826032

>t. person who tried to play a Paladin for his first pathfinder game

W-What happened?

>Voice games are GOAT with friends, but are a total crapshoot with strangers who you've never met before the game.

This is why you always endure the first session and see how natural the banter is with the other folk.

If you can't talk with them like friends within the first 15 minutes, you might as well leave.

>> No.51826110

So, it seems d20PFSRD's list of NPCs is fucked by website move, and it no longer lets me select to see the old sight. Which means I have 0 enemies for the one-shot I'm running in about an hour.

Does anyone else know of a good list of NPC sheets I can use in a jam?

>> No.51826123

Several sessions of not being able to do anything while everyone talks openly about trying to make me fall.

>If you can't talk with them like friends within the first 15 minutes, you might as well leave.
>mfw it takes me at least a week to get comfortable with people
so this is the power of being an autism

>> No.51826140

I don't know if you or they're still around, but Vialla's player updated their sheet and asked for a review last night. You might want to have a look at that.

>> No.51826162

What is the most "I AM THE LAW" build you can think of?

>> No.51826172

Do black blades get names?

>> No.51826185

That one Law archetype for Paladin that can smite Chaos, Prestiged into Hellknight

>> No.51826190

Can you not get to the old site from your History?

>> No.51826193

Theologian Law Cleric.

>> No.51826199

Blackguard / Mercykiller.

>> No.51826201

Tyrant Antipaladin

>> No.51826209

Conisder the Kami Medium archetype, which turns ALL of your spellcasting (even that from other classes) into using ofudas which trade having a physical sign (which can be removed by an ally of the targeted) for the benefit of being literally-impossible to dispel. Use it to buff allies so that the enemy wizard needs to send someone in to actually rip off the tags, or use it enemies to debuff them and force them to waste turns removing the seals on their buddies' faces!

>> No.51826225

Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor (or any Inquisitor, but that one's the best at fighting)

>> No.51826237


>> No.51826258

Npc codex?

>> No.51826261

So what level 1 wizard/sorcerer spells do the best damage at lower levels? Level 5 to be specific.

>> No.51826268

Try Nethys.

>> No.51826269

Nope. Been trying that. Interestingly enough, the history to individual NPCs still work, but the list itself is blank.

This still works...

But this is fucked:

>> No.51826309

I know Snowball does 1d6/level cold damage on a ranged touch attack and it has a fort save that only prevents becoming staggered. There's also some buff/debuff spells that end up doing extra damage in certain situations.

>> No.51826333

B-but the Hell's Vengeance group became friends so quickly, and apparently we have an autist or twohu!

>> No.51826348

You fags text or voice? It's easier to avoid sperging out over text than it is over voice.

>> No.51826357

Tell us what kind of enemies you need. Maybe we can throw some together for you to use, if it's not a bunch of really high-level people.

>> No.51826358

You have 2hu in your group?

>> No.51826360

Polymorph Any Object can make something simply a bigger version of itself permanently, right? For the needed amount of points it'd easily equal 9, but is there anything against simply making it bigger?

>> No.51826366

>Do black blades get names?
What, do yours don't?

>> No.51826373

Yeah but Kami Medium is /shit/ though. You lose access to the Archmage (!!!) and the Champion becomes extremely hard to channel unless you've got a Kineticist friend or a Druid buddy who can Control Weather (if your GM is one of those faggots who enforce Favored Locationts).

If you DO end up doing Kami Medium, ask your GM for the Archmage back, and ask if you can drop the Séance Boon in favor of not having to be at a favored location, because as it stands Kami Medium is one of the weakest archetypes for the Medium.

>> No.51826374

Snowball for single target (ranged). Burning Hands in AoE. Shocking Grasp at touch. You're actually right at the peak for these spells.

>> No.51826403



... I find it hard to not sperg out over text, but I'm perfectly fine over voice.

Life is suffering, I think my group thinks I'm a weirdo.

>> No.51826409


>> No.51826440

These will work for a pinch. Thanks.
I even found an pdf of the Codex, if anyone's interested.

It is a bunch of high-level stuff. The point of the one-shot is to be a bit of a power-trip misadventure. If you have a gunslinger of any sort around CR 12-16ish, that'd be great. In the mean time, I'll probably just improv the baddie's mooks with trained monsters or something, because thankfully, this list still works:

>> No.51826446

Allegedly! Some idiot did a big 'expose' about how a member of our group is definitely 2hu but turns out he was wrong.

Text, entirely. Much easier to get along first with text then switch to voice. Sometimes it's impossible for some, hence why I prefer text.

>> No.51826455


Constable Cavalier

>> No.51826471


Stormbringer, Oathkeeper, Widow's Wail, Heartsbane, Longclaw, Icicle, Flame of the West...

... What are your favorite sword names?

>> No.51826485

Just dip a single level and then forget about it; all you want from it are those buffs or debuffs that can't be dispelled.

>> No.51826486

My Black Blade's name is Samson.

>> No.51826491


Which HV is this? I could've sworn there were two!

>> No.51826499

Does a paladin need to prioritize STR over CHA? If so, how much, what's a good starting CHA to settle for?

I've never touched the gunslinger before, so I don't think I can get one that high of a level together that quickly, sorry.

>> No.51826507

Beatin' Stick

>> No.51826508

Well duh, what the hell are you going to call it when you're conversing with it? Calling it "blade" or "sword" is impersonal and rude. My character calls his sword mom.

>> No.51826526

It's the name of the razor blade my character used to bleed the chickens before he turned to a life of crime.

>> No.51826537


One of my player's Blackblade's name is Balmung. He's on holiday from his usual job as display at the Smithsonian.

>> No.51826545

This is true. For a single-level dip, Kami Medium is great! If you like Ofudas. And Ofudas are pretty nice. But it still ticks me right the heckin' heck off that it's such A SHIT ARCHETYPE.

Of course, Talisman Crafter Occultist could probably also Ofuda stuff if they wanted to, and do it more practically.

>> No.51826552


You only need 16 Charisma, anything more is nice but unnecessary.

>> No.51826557

Kill me!

>> No.51826559

I'm not at the point where I have time to give it a close read, but I should be in a while. Few hours at the outside.

>> No.51826574

I think mine IS going to call it "blade", because she doesn't trust it at all. But it'll still have an actual name. Now I just need to think of it.

>> No.51826575

>we will NEVER get another Ofuda-caster archetype
>we will never get an Ofuda-caster that isn't complete shit

It hurts. I wonder if it'd be worth homebrewing a feat for it or something.

>> No.51826578


Okay, I'll kill you after giving you a full life of love and laughter!

>> No.51826586

Uh, the one with the cute merfolk lady!

>> No.51826591


>> No.51826601


>Half-Elf Magus

Considering that his parents are both Half-Elves, with his father raised entirely by Humans, and his mother by Elves, race mixing is something that's accepted in his family.

His father has fully-Human half-siblings, and his mother has fully-Elvish cousins. He's got lots of family, and tries his best to stay in touch with them.

>> No.51826635


>> No.51826639

>half-thing born to 2 half-things
Why would you go out of your way to make your story more boring?

>> No.51826645

Sweet. Thanks. How'd you find it?

>> No.51826646

I've always been a fan of the classic magic missile. It doesn't do as much damage as some of the other options, but you can hit multiple targets if you want and there's no attack roll or need to worry about elemental resistances. It's maybe not the best but it's the most reliable.

>> No.51826651


Ooh, she was a real cutie patootie! Was she ravished as often as she wanted to get ravished?

>> No.51826652

Seriously, Talisman Crafter Occultist is the best ofuda-maker we're gonna get.

>> No.51826663

Is it worth it to use a Handle Animal trick slot for teaching your animal companion combat maneuvers? I imagine most of them aren't too useful later on unless it becomes huge.

>> No.51826675


No joke, but the room exploded in laughter at that exchange.

Pup and Hound was the best arc.

>> No.51826678

>tfw your half-elf asks every elf the party meets where they're from
>just in case

My half-elf is the daughter of two half-elves, because her background emphasizes her "little bit of everywhere" upbringing.

>> No.51826683

Maybe "Warmaiden?"

>> No.51826689

Why are their fluffy fox tails so ragged and unkempt?

>> No.51826694

A couple days ago there was a big note on the top of the new site, "If you're having trouble with anything, here's a link to a function copy of the old site." I guess they took that link down but it still works.

>> No.51826699

If you're going to be riding your animal companion then Overrun is pretty great to have.

>> No.51826705

yeah well my half-orc is the daughter of two half-orc women

>> No.51826727

"Don't make me go get Mom... Then you're really gonna be in trouble."
>Hah! Did you hear this faggot? Why don't you go get her so I can bed her in front of you.
"Well, if you insist, but I hope you like being penetrated..."

>> No.51826744

Not yet! Soon, maybe! She got locked up in some stocks, but, um, she accidentally broke them.

>> No.51826754


15 PB is painful.

>> No.51826787


>> No.51826790


>Accidentally broke them
>Fixes them and wiggles her butt at men passing by
>Insists she's "free use."

>> No.51826791

You gotta be a Pitborn Tiefling!

>> No.51826796

14cha will do.

>> No.51826806

Glammdring the Foehammer will always have a special place in my heart.
Mainly because my first experience with The Hobbit was the Rankin and Bass film, and my favorite part was always Gandalf pimping in with magic and his sword.

When I first saw that, I immediately knew that I wanted to be a wizard too

>> No.51826809


I was expecting the Key and Peele video I was referencing BUT THIS IS GOOD TOO.

>> No.51826823


Foehammer is such an excellent name for a sword. Hell, even Sting is good, as is Icicle.

>> No.51826854

Twinkle and Icingdeath

>> No.51826862

/pfg/ please, I must know if I can make things huge.

>> No.51826914

U-Uwa, but she's a mer-lady, she has no butt and regularly gets bullied by the party about how she drags her lower end through mud!

>> No.51826952

>how she drags her lower end through mud!
Does she have a caijun accent?

>> No.51826999


Anon, how would a Caijun mermaid even work.

Because as you know, the Cajun were Arcadians from Canada who migrated to Louisiana.

>> No.51827034

Nope! She just has no lower body protection because of being a fishlady, and so she has to move through EVERYTHING!

>> No.51827095


Or maybe alligator shapeshifters who picked up the tongue from the local population!

>> No.51827138


>mfw I want to write a backstory with a Selkie mom

>> No.51827147

>Anon, how would a Caijun mermaid even work.
Ah, let me enlighten you fellow anon.

>> No.51827150

do it fgt

justify your undine's cold resistance

>> No.51827191

Does anyone have a link to some of the other games currently being run? I want to take a look at the formatting of their pages so I can properly inform y'all about how my game will work.

>> No.51827250

Shit, I just found out black blades have to be the exact same alignment of the wielder, and even change with her if her alignment changes. That puts a huge damper on doing character development using the sword. I wanted a bitterly, spitefully evil CE warrior being coaxed back to sanity by her CN sword.

>> No.51827267

What's a good story you could tell with a Suli?

>> No.51827305

The story of Fuck You Dave I Said Nothing With More RP Than An Aasimar

>> No.51827308



Snowflake races need to go away.

>> No.51827334

Better question: What sort of story depends on being a specific race?

>> No.51827336

Suli are silly but I'm not sure I'd call them as good as Aasimar.

>> No.51827343

I figured. Any good use for an Oread?

>> No.51827350

If you're not playing in Pathfinder Society, just talk about the idea with your GM. It sounds pretty interesting to me, so I'd like it slide.

>> No.51827364

No idea. I just always play humans and half-elves from human cultures, so I'm looking to cast out wide for something weird.

>> No.51827367

>nothing with more RP than an aasimar
>Aasimar: 15 RP
>Suli: 16 RP

k e k

>> No.51827414

ITS also possibly the best use of a level 1 slot later on in the game.

>> No.51827424


Re-imagine your characters as character inside a fantasy cop movie. Buddy cops, the yelling chief, The loose canon...

Get creative.

>> No.51827438

Stories based on ridiculously long lifespans. Stories of parents who have watched their children grow old and die. Stories of short-lived races falling in love with long-lived races, and being conflicted on pursuing the relationship, knowing their death would cause pain.

>> No.51827441

The friendly, wise veteran with family at home that's a month away from retirement

>> No.51827447

Where are they from? How far removed are they from their genie/elemental heritage? Did they know others of their kind? How common is their kind where they live? How much has their heritage affected them in life? And how has their situation affected their desires and outlook on life?

Pic related is only one example of how you can play a Suli Also, I used to know of at least one more, but have forgotten and can only remember that the stats were perfect for that person because he has elemental powers, but was also dumb as a brick

>> No.51827457

>"My innate connection to all four elements tells me that the Plane of Fire is planning on invading everything in two weeks."

>alternatively, pic related

>> No.51827460

Buddy cops was confirmed quite a while ago, and we've been calling one of the players "rookie" for some time. Feels good.

>> No.51827475

A Selkie mom?

How good a mother would this kind of kitsune make?

>> No.51827481

They're pretty absurd as unchained Monks, to the degree where races below their RP level cannot compete. Their elemental assault plus the favored class bonus adds up to a significant damage boost over everyone else.

>> No.51827513


>> No.51827533

According to the old myths? Quite good actually, provided you aren't a bad husband and don't give her reason to take back her seal skin and flee back into the ocean.

Alot of those older myths with monster women generally boiled down to either "be a good husband, don't abuse your wise, or you'll regret it" or "Don't have sex with random hookers, or else they eat your soul and steal your life/money"

>> No.51827560

First allow me to get on my RP high horse and say that unless you can figure that out, you'll basically just be playing a human with a funny race name anyway.

Okay, that's done. So what does being a Suli mean for your character? What benefits does their race bring them? What disadvantages? What does it mean for their daily life? What about their family life? Would they want to be something else, if they had the chance?

The reason people usually call 'em snowflake races is because people use them just to be weird or different (or just for the stat bonuses, and use a picture of a generic-ass anime girl anyway). Don't do that, put some thought into how a character's race shapes their life.

>> No.51827561

>implying RP is a good measure of race balance
Just look at the Suli. They are statistically inferior to Aasimar, and get way fewer options than all the other geniekin

>> No.51827578 [SPOILER] 

delet what?

>> No.51827597

Why did that have to be hot.

>> No.51827618

Yeah, but then you're playing a monk.

>> No.51827626

Who always generic human here?

>> No.51827633

Always half-elf.

>> No.51827634

Those pics of yours, because posting those gifs is my bit.

>> No.51827640

Can free actions be taken between iterative attacks?

>> No.51827645

Its a shame that's the only time Elemental Assault is ever useful

>> No.51827656

I usually play humans, but I've been itching to actually play a game with a daoine sidhe.

Problem is that I find it difficult to write a backstory featuring UNFILTERED FAE BULLSHITTERY without dropping it straight into NPC territory.

>> No.51827658

Yes, you can take free actions whenever.

>> No.51827660

Yes, that's how you manage to reload your gun.

>> No.51827759

My old half-drow monk was the only half-drow in a family of like 9 siblings. He had 3 sisters and 6 brothers, most younger than him(although not by much!). His mom took good care of him when he was young, and his step-dad was an inkeeper.

When I retired the monk, he was 52 years old. He had a wife and a daughter, so when the ultimate army of evil darkness came to besiege his home city, he had to retire to keep his family safe. The party was actually kinda baffled when they eventually met his family, because they never realized how old their monk was. And they met a dude that they thought was his grandpa, but was actually his older brother. Such is the silliness of being a "Forever 20-something-looking wise sage".

>> No.51827859 [DELETED] 

Unfiltered Fae bullshittery?

Does it include getting lewded by Satyr?

>> No.51827870

I don't like playing humans, but I nearly always end up playing one for the bonus feat.

>> No.51827885



>> No.51827895


>> No.51827906

Please kill yourself.

>> No.51827923

Your standard mountain-goat.
Spiky rams.
Big rams.

>> No.51827933

they're on pfsrd. Give 'em more than a +5 to climbing, though; a climb speed at the very least.

>> No.51827940




>> No.51827996


Fei Xiahou's applicant here. I just wanted to say thank you for your critique of my character. I've learned quite a bit from this, and after reading your critique and the comments, I'll probably change her passage to the Worldwound from "crude raft" to "stowing away on a merchant ship". It definitely makes more sense considering how dangerous the waters between Tianxia and the main continent would be.

You did mention that it feels a lot like she belongs in a different campaign, but I'm not sure how I could rectify that without changing who Fei is fundamentally as a character. When I imagined her, I imagined a girl that was forced into becoming a hero, and throughout the journey gradually grows into an actual hero; it's kinda difficult to take that concept as a whole and make a definitive tie to WotR.

Do you have any suggestions for tying her more deeply into the campaign without changing her concept?


>> No.51828061




>> No.51828177

Please run a campaign anon.

>> No.51828183

>Do you have any suggestions for tying her more deeply into the campaign without changing her concept?

Not that guy but I honestly don't feel like she needs to be tied in any deeper than she is. You have a fish out of water concept and room for character development, with just enough of a tie-in to justify being there and sticking to it. Weakening that core might just spread her out too thin. Her teacher aspect will give her an excuse to interact with other characters.

I definitely agree with the dude that her story doesn't have enough of her in it though and that hurts her. Maybe expand on her feelings towards her mother or her relationship with her fiancee?

>> No.51828208


>> No.51828223

More capital letters!

A bottle labelled 'redrum' but upon opening it it's just a strangely coloured rum

>> No.51828256






>> No.51828310

Are races with a natural armor bonus even desirable? You have to obviate it sooner or later with your magic equipment, which overlaps instead of stacking.

>> No.51828342

What are you talking about for overlaps instead of stacking? An amulet of natural armor gives an enhancement bonus to natural armor which stacks with any natural armor you already have.

>> No.51828352

What. Amulet of Natural Armor are enhancement bonuses. They stack.

>> No.51828355

amulet of natural armor stacks with natural armor, silly billy!

>> No.51828360

Oh, I see. I thought it was a natural armor bonus to AC. A bonus type.

>> No.51828390

Natural armor, like armor and shield, are a category of armor rather than a type of bonus that effect your total Armor Class.

>> No.51828407

I know just the perfect god!

>> No.51828452

Whom'st'd've would'st'd be'st this semen demon?

>> No.51828456

Can a character with 5 charisma be played as hopelessly meek and skittish? Or is it more like a true disabled person?

>> No.51828473

Well, there's times when the spooky shit is invented by people running a con or otherwise seeking to manipulate people - the townsfolk trying to see just how wild a tale about the resort the party will buy (and loading them down with charms and trinkets to protect them from evil, for the reasonable price of a handful of gold), or maybe a group of ruffian types are trying to protect their not-entirely-100%-legal-but-no-one-was-using-the-resort hunting grounds, or maybe the youth of the town just want people over the age of 25 staying away from the place people go to fool around. Fake hauntings.

Otherwise you could have, like, werewolves or will-o'-wisps out in the forest, but they're mostly content to leave the prepared traveler alone, and the resort itself provides protection.

Of course nothing's saying the first can't turn into the second...

>> No.51828503

Why not both? They can be cripplingly shy, literally unable to talk to people they aren't extremely close to without locking up and stuttering.

>> No.51828504

Literally Shub-Niggurath
I'm not joking.
Its a porn doujin, that later got a slightly less lewd manga. It's called Elder Sister

>> No.51828508

>And I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids, and that damned owlbear!

>> No.51828518

Well, really glad to hear the game's going well! Hope it keeps on as such. I liked all the characters that got in, even if they weren't mine.

Also have fun when the other shoe drops. And you lean over to pick it up for the one who dropped it and end up getting assaulted from behind~

>> No.51828528

Are there any feline races besides catfolk?

>> No.51828553

I mean, isn't feline exclusive to cats?

Or do you mean are there other attempts at catfolk besides the paizo race?

>> No.51828560

Weretiger-blooded Skinwalkers

>> No.51828564

There are subspecies of catfolk that represent felines of all kinds, really.

>> No.51828588

I need this in my life.

>> No.51828589

yes but are either of them any good?

>> No.51828596

Beastblooded tieflings, Agathian Aasimar

>> No.51828636

Its okay

I don't remember much. Its been ages since I read the doujins, and I never read the manga. I remember it being super comfey and cute a lot of times though, and me enjoying how heartwarming the first chapter was despite being porn.

Overall, I rate the doujin 8/10, with the Manga being an unknown.

Sorry I can't be of anymore help

>> No.51828641

Got any links famalam?

>> No.51828661

>People still applying for Taldor Ascendant even though the DM's nowhere to be found

>> No.51828677


Happy near-fappings.

>> No.51828694

Here ya go. Have a pleasant night

>> No.51828709




>> No.51828720

Was it 2hu or DHB who killed Taldor? Both?

>> No.51828763

Who's your character anon?

>> No.51828770


I think it was DHB, honestly. The DM seemed quite fine with responding to 2hu.

>> No.51828799

Only one person in these threads types like that about these games, and that's the delightfully lewd merfolk bardbarian.

>> No.51828800

Fake games will Flake no matter who applies, anon.

DHB or 2hu may seem handy scapegoats, but the fact is the game was never going to run, or it simply... would have run.

>> No.51828826


>tfw I really, really wanted to apply

>> No.51828828

Well I recall that there is a lion people, but all I remember they have -2 INT

>> No.51828831


The character has no idea who his paternal grandfather is. His father was a common-born bastard whose mother got knocked up by some wandering Elvish adventurer who got his shit kicked in and died.

So, he has to look closely at certain Elves to make sure they don't look enough like his father... You don't want to accidentally fuck your cousin.

Granted, that's a risk of nobility.

>> No.51828839


Lions are for justice, strength and brushing!

>> No.51828842

Thank you anon. Original elder sister poster here, I've needed a new manga scan website, I've been out of the hobby since 2011.

>> No.51828843


Good for her.

>> No.51828848

Oh, I guess I clicked the wrong post. I meant: >>51826123

>> No.51828864

I've got my application all filled out. If the GM reappears, I'll drop it, if not, I'll save it for another game.

>> No.51828891


Tell me about your character concept, anon!

>> No.51828935

>Lions are for justice, strength and brushing!
Dis nigga knows the truth.

Also, Thundarians best type of Catfolk. The perfect middle ground between kemonomimi and furry

>tfw you will never play a catfolk Paladin based vaguely off of Lion-O

>> No.51828937


>> No.51828964

Pegasus Knight of the Taldor Horse who hides her insecurity from being born a dirt farming peasant behind the uniform and symbols of her rank, and literally draws power from them!

>> No.51828987

Speak for yourself!

>> No.51828998

Speaking of Hell's Vengeance, I'm excited for tomorrow!

>> No.51829018


She sounds great! I think it will be wonderful to get some provincial bumpkins in the campaign, especially if they stumble and bumble about in courtly matters due to their glaringly common looks.

You know what they say about provincial girls...


Next game's next week, anon. Check out the timer-number-thingy on Roll20.

>> No.51829022

Anise please go.

>> No.51829024

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/.

Tell me about the Darkest Timeline version of your character. What was the key event that pushed him from the path of the hero to the path of the villan? And most importantly, what unique artifact would your character gain after defeating his darkest timeline counterpart?

>> No.51829025

>tfw lions are the favored animal of your campaign's evil cult of savagery, strength, and cannibalism

No symbol of glory can't be twisted into something darker and tainted.

>> No.51829027

Beeg peasant teedees?

>> No.51829042

>Tfw someone posts Lion-O and you dont have that picture of Skeletor kicking lion o in the balls because you're on your phone.

>> No.51829049


Notice how I said 'accidentally' in that sentence.

Nothing wrong with strengthening the family bloodline.

>> No.51829051

This sounds oddly familiar

>> No.51829053


I can't believe they'd let anyone without training in diplomacy near this sort of proceeding, but there are plenty of other ways for that to be a conflict.

>> No.51829059

As it happens, I think we might be talking about different Hell's Vengeance games, because for me it says the next game was a month ago (it hasn't been updated since we started).

>> No.51829064


Unironically yes, farmer girls having ample chests has been a stereotype for centuries.

>> No.51829072

What kind of OoC drama/tension do you witness at your group's game? Does everyone get along perfectly?

>run game with girls at theatre arts school
>2nd session in, game devolves instantly into a bitter catty fight with OoC namecalling when someone's BARD is too friendly with NPCs of all things
>have to make them calm down and make everyone drink herbal tea for the rest of the session like I'm their fussing mom
>someone on the outside is already trying to spread rumors about our tiny fucking club being a LARP or creepy shit
I should have seen this coming but on the other hand there's no way I could have

>> No.51829078


I have not actually seen Saint Seiya, I swear.

>> No.51829092


>Large-chested hard-working woman with provincial accent and farmer's tan
>Curses like a sailor, and drinks like one too - yet still loves her dresses

>> No.51829100

Its okay anon
Nihil novem sub sol, and all that jazz

>> No.51829111

>key event causing downfall
He was forced to slay his brave comrade after said comrade was dominated by the dastardly witch into fiendish servitude, but not before said comrade viciously scarred his face and ruined his right eye. Then he strangled the witch to death in a dark fury.

>artifact to earn
Some kind of hellblade stolen from the dead witch or her thrall

>> No.51829113

He joined the terrorist group plaguing the countryside. The war broke him, and now he uses his Colossal axe to crush peasants and the guardsmen. All to drive out the human scum.

Probably get a bitchin new artificial arm with cool mods.

>> No.51829119


Mind telling me a little more about it, though? I'm curious now.

>> No.51829126

All right ya bastards, if any of you want to sign up now's your chance. Speaking of, about how often should I advertise this in the thread?


>> No.51829127

Hey, with cousins that cute, who needs wenches?

>> No.51829142

Oh, absolutely. That's classic stereotypes. Chaucer would be proud.

>> No.51829145

I once joined a group of randoms at an LGS.

>Gnoll paladin attempting batman voice
>Kobold summoner who constantly praised paizos setting/writing
>Creepy siblings playing creepy sibling ratfolk rogue/monks. They literally would not leave one anothers squares.
>Dwarf fighter hiding behind a whopping 25 AC at level 10
>Ranger who refused to take Rapid Shot

Stopped going after the character I was playing had fade-to-black sex with a dwarf and I had to listen to people tell me "choke on dwarf cum because I loved it so much" for an hour.

>> No.51829155 [SPOILER] 

We've actually talked about this before in my group. The alternate timeline evil version of my NG Magus goes evil because he never finds something important to protect, which anchored him to goodness. Instead of coming to see his strength as a means to protect what's precious to him, he learns that his strength IS what's precious- the only thing that's precious. Eventually, he becomes a graveknight in pursuit of more power and an immortal unlife to abuse it with. That anchor which tied him down to goodness, by the way, was a town that needed his help.

A unique artifact, though? Um... I guess it would be a second version of the plot device sword that he got in the campaign, one that came from the Bizzaro Universe his evil counterpart hailed from. Noiralog, I suppose.

>> No.51829161

Dude, you NEED to start plowing these theatre qts to keep them in line. They can't rebel if they're carrying your DM seed.

>> No.51829174

Honestly, I only vaguely remember it from scattered episodes during my childhood. Growing up I was much more of a Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Batman the Animated Series kinda guy, and even then I only barely remember Ronin Warriors.

Sorry, but you'll need to ask a more /a/nimu savvy anon than I

>> No.51829177


>Shelyn is the peacock

>> No.51829189

We have a cheater. The DM is always giving him The Look. He doesn't seem to be aware that everyone can see that he's cheating, so my theory is genuine mental illness.

Our girls are embarrassing weebs but otherwise drama-free. The DM is constantly riding the line on whether to let some anime shit fly. Direct references are a no, but comically overdramatic sequences seep in and it's a good time.

>> No.51829193

>our usual host's sister brings any and all memes about animals (besides cats) to the table that she can
>also their actual pet parakeet has shown up as a familiar at least twice
>said parakeet also likes attempting to eat our dice
>one of our players likes cat references
>meanwhile the rest of us are filthy memelords about everything except animals

There's no real drama, we're all just incredibly cringy. Including me. ESPECIALLY me.

>> No.51829203

I don't believe you have ever seen a pregnant woman in your life if you think that would be less drama.

>> No.51829211

With a join link? Never.

>> No.51829229

Is that a problem? I can just post the regular link if that's less of an issue.

>> No.51829236

I want to marry Neutral Evil Shelyn!

>> No.51829242


Pfft, lemme guess.

Yanmass? Girl grew up in the Whistling Plains?

>> No.51829262

It's just irritating because it's impossible to identify and I'm always going to click on it and then have to find the leave link every time.

>> No.51829280

Pretty far south of that, actually.

>> No.51829286


Here's hoping the DM is able to run it tomorrow.

>> No.51829292


Grew up around Zimar? That'd make her a right proper militia-girl, all dedicated to fighting the good fight n' such!

>> No.51829294

Named my smoking, vampiric bastard sword Nadalia after Nadalia, Ashen Bride from Dark Souls II.

It's not intelligent, but it matches my character's phoenix motif when dual-wield along his sun sword which he named Lumina.

>> No.51829302

Understood, here's the normal link for those who don't want the implications: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/2030644/slash-pfg-slash-dragonborn-game

>> No.51829309

So /pfg/ how do I set about making a good fluffy thrallherd? I think I want to take Dual Discipline Telepath/Egoist, what race should I take to make this not crap?

>> No.51829330


I named my blade Kingmaker!

>> No.51829343

>have sex with two girls who already hate each other over nothing, THEN play your games with them together
I'm in driving distance of Detroit if I really needed to get myself murdered that badly

>> No.51829358

It's called being a man. If you can't keep your harem in line, you don't deserve the dignity of living.

>> No.51829367


What if Golarion is not a prison.

What if it's an egg.

>> No.51829378

Nothing changes but the word you use?

>> No.51829387

>LG Lamashtu is literally just Erastil

Nigga she ought to be the mother of CUTE MONSTERGIRLS dagnabbit.

>> No.51829388

Muhammad pls go

>> No.51829392


What if Rovagug's just getting bigger, like some sort of oversized Brethren Moon.

What if Starfinder has us rediscovering Golarion, which is now a huge bloated roaming mass of starved flesh and infinite anger.

>> No.51829393

For some reason I keep naming weapons in Lapine.

>> No.51829417

A group of teens become owners of magical armors and must rescue a dying goddess from her twelve evil ex-knights who are being manipulated by Hades.

Lots of high-pressure blood and the dragon knight has a fetish for self-mutilation. The knight of andromeda is obviously gay for his brother, and the protag gets as many broken bones as he gets bitches fawning over his dick.

>> No.51829432

It isn't that simple. Theatre students are accustomed to reading and acting out every piece of literature ever written on how to goddamn murder your man. From kings to brutes to prison wardens and slavedrivers, nothing you do makes you safe.

>> No.51829440

> If it cannot break out of its shell, the chick will die without ever being born.
> We are the chick.
> The world is our egg.
> If we don't crack the world's shell, we will die without ever truly being born.
> Smash the world's shell.
> For the sake of world revolution!

>> No.51829454

>If it cannot break from its egg's shell, a chick will die without being born
>We are the chick
>The World is our egg.
>If we don't crack the world's shell, we will die without being born
>Smash the world's shell!
>For the Revolution of the World!

>> No.51829464

Okay, I can safely say that doesn't sound much like my character concept.

>> No.51829469

Z-Kutie was here. Asmodeus is a faggot.

>> No.51829478

Zyphus was here. Anyone can die, even you, from anything at any moment.

>> No.51829486


Oh my god, that's exactly what one of the conspiracy theories for my setting is.

The Dragon Cult believes that the planet is an unfertilized egg, and dragons are celestial sperm scattered about the planet whenever the Sun God pulls out. Therefore, Dragons believe that by surrounding themselves with enough material wealth, they will be able to "burrow" into the Earth and impregnate the world, becoming reborn as a god.

>> No.51829495

>tfw no deity to worship who died from tripping while using a toothpick

>> No.51829496

Shut up and suck my skeletal cock, bitch

>> No.51829501


>> No.51829510

I don't think cocks can be skeletal and YOU CAN SEE THAT THERE ISN'T ONE in your picture, it's a visual medium come on

>> No.51829518

but why do they call them boners then

>> No.51829522

>forgetting Aroden

>> No.51829539


I will never forget Aroden.

Never ever.

>> No.51829560

That's a good point.

Why? See >>51829177 and it just doesn't seem worth it.

>> No.51829561

That picture had the dick edited out. This is a family-friendly blue board after all, faggot.

>> No.51829605

It's a figure of speech, you insipid dolt. Now, fetch me another elf-child. I've become rather peckish again.

>> No.51829606

>Taldor Ascendant confirmed for NOT kill

>> No.51829638


>Feat tax is in effect


>> No.51829648

Does Low Light Vision do anything at all if you already have Darkvision?

>> No.51829663

Yes, darkvision does not work in areas of low-light

>> No.51829670

>don't know if I can Deadly Agility/Strength of Arms for 1.5 dex to damage
But how can I go full dexfag now!?

>> No.51829682

Lowlight's out to double normal vision range. Darkvision functions out to 60ft. typically.

>> No.51829696

>Dragon adopted by incompetent codgers representing Taldan Royalty
>Realizes that she's just so much better than them and thus destroys them all and uses the family keep as a lair
>As a result, she learns to never respect authority
>Is never set up with a belief that there is a "destined one" for her, and thus goes for the more draconic principle of hoarding everything, from riches to human cattle. Feeds to the whole superiority complex
>Decides to terrorize Taldor once she's done with her "family's" territory
>Real father arrives. She has typical teenage outburst about how she hates her dad. Maybe he gets killed
>There's talk of an entire realm full of dragons
>Decides that the only way to integrate here is to conquer the entire place and either ally with or usurp her great-great-[repeat indeterminate number of times]-grandmother as ruler of dragons
The character in question: Celisse de Avernon, Princess-Dragon. Class...? Hm, I'd like to say some sort of Inquisitor-into-Hellknight and Draconic Exemplar
>Defeat Loot: A rather fabulous keep in Darkest!Taldor full of loot and slaves, including very possibly an alternate-universe version of Darling who is maybe an Antipaladin in this universe. At the very least she'll drop her panoply of opulence which is a symbol of her own greed, the Queen's Crown [which one being ambiguous for my reasons] among them.

>> No.51829709

>GM's girlfriend is a terminal-phase stormwind who's had a bone to pick with me ever since I called out some severe bullshit she was spewing
>Even mentioning the weather is taken as a personal affront by her - and this is no exaggeration, this is something that has actually happened
>Half the group still too young to NOT put up with such bullshit and because that's "The Girl" immediately forget facts and twist shit around if she wants it
>Got final warning after telling her to go fuck herself for flat out telling me my character was not allowed to be angry at feeling threatened and betrayed because that would SOMEHOW be metagaming

And yes, I'm looking for a new group. Although a real - not flake-out - game would be nice

>> No.51829714


Sorry lad, but you're gonna have to become a strength-faggot.

>> No.51829715

The darkest timeline version of my character is just a CR10~ trash mob.

>> No.51829736

I'm pretty sure this IS the Darkest Timeline version of my character; a horrid amalgamation of plants, metal, and Outer God fuckery that still travels with the party on the basis of "well I've known them for a while, so I won't try pulling them into my blood-cult".

>> No.51829745

But I'm a wiry rondelero duelist!
I've also got like, 3 more feats than I thought I did.

>> No.51829749


B-But, now I don't know what to do with all these feats!

Should I invest them into Iron Will?

>> No.51829760

Take a Skill Focus! Take a [Style] feat!

>> No.51829775

Not authorized, anon!

>> No.51829810


But anon! ANON!

I'm *not* an [Initiator]!

>> No.51829815

>feats for literally worse Improved Natural Armor
>join link
>capstone feat that takes literally every leveling feat for just more martial killyness
>only get fly speed with aforementioned feat
>bland, boring dragonborn stats
>doesn't even say how much you can use the breath weapon without feats
DESU I don't think you should advertise it at all

>> No.51829822


Thanks for the advice. I mostly avoided those topics because I was afraid it would turn into an essay, though I see now that I should have a bit more about her personality.

I'll see what I can add in without turning it into an essay like I have a tendency to do.

Thanks again.

>> No.51829823

>probably did better in her magic studies but never took up unarmed and shielded combat
>much more elegant, gained a manipulative streak somewhere
>has that dumb laugh (yeah, that one)
>why protect herself with metal when she can protect herself with mindless puppets?


>became addicted to battle itself, becoming a brutal pit fighter
>lets the blood cake on her spiked shield until it starts preventing the spikes from puncturing things
>gets off on pain, her own and that of others
>plays the part of "dumb muscle" so well that when she breaks out the death-spell on you you never saw it coming because how could SHE know magic, let alone that kind?

>> No.51829913

I'm not sure how to change that though! Stupid Roll20 says that I'm only allowed to make my sessions viewable to the public if I pay them which I'm not about to do, so unfortunately I think I'm just going to have to leave it as a join link unless someone has an alternative for me to do instead.

Nobody said you had to join Mr Buzzkill, though to answer your implied question I will say that the breath weapon is 1/day.

>> No.51829992

If an attack deals bludgeoning AND slashing damage, does it overcome DR/Bludgeoning because it deals bludgeoning damage or fail to overcome the DR because it deals slashing damage? If it matters, the attack in this case is a claw attack.

>> No.51830009

>Flute off in Carrion Crown
I did not think this of all APs would be the one where I had to have a music fight.

>> No.51830017


If it does both types it overcomes both types of damage reduction. One of the reasons why Morningstars with some enchants on them are a gold standard backup weapon for guys with slashing weapons.

>> No.51830034

Okay, that's what I though but I wanted to make sure. Thank you for the speedy help.

>> No.51830035

Well, what were you expecting? Actual horror and spookiness?

>> No.51830072

There's just a hilarious daisy-chain going on of people who followed their secret crush into the game. It's slowly being revealed like a movie plot twist that no one is the right sexuality for compatibility with the person crushing on them. The lesbian is pursuing a straight girl who likes a guy who I think is gay (who also won't show up to game unless his friend that he follows everywhere does). There are six of us at the table and I got conned into being everyone's confidant. Because being asexual means I have to be told about all of this, apparently.

>> No.51830100

Looking for a class real quick. Some years ago, Kobold Press printed a class called the Theurge a single classed divine/arcane caster. A bit later they printed another class that was also a divine/arcane caster, but it cast its spells spontaneously. I can't remember what that class was called. Does anyone else?

>> No.51830114

I want to be a part of this group.

>> No.51830121

>I'm not sure how to change that though! Stupid Roll20 says that I'm only allowed to make my sessions viewable to the public if I pay them which I'm not about to do, so unfortunately I think I'm just going to have to leave it as a join link unless someone has an alternative for me to do instead.

>Being this retarded

You have to make a LFG listing and make it public. You have to do a number of things like specify how many players you want and what time the first game is before Roll20 will let you.

>> No.51830150


>> No.51830226

You just know the last one has eyes for you alone. That's how it works, trust me I have watched TV before.

>> No.51830248


>> No.51830275


Hey, friends! Friends! Should I pay up for Boots of Elvenkind, or Boots of Striding and Springing?

>> No.51830287


Are you more of a stealthy type, or is the movement speed gonna come up more?

>> No.51830292

I'd go for Striding myself, but it depends on the character.

>> No.51830312

>tfw lightweight wanna remake your character because another dude does your concept way better.

wotraunchy save my soul

>> No.51830337


The plan's to be the party's premiere assassin and ambush hunter, the kind of guy that can ping the feather on a knight's helmet without anyone seeing who did it, or shoot an arrow at a target and hit the bullseye every time.

Speaking of, what would be some good feats for this type of character? Is Far Shot worth it, especially if I plan to invest in Sniper's Goggles later?

>> No.51830358


Which app is yours?

>> No.51830376

Okay, back now.

Vialla Sian
LG female Human Paladin (Knight Disciple)|Incanter
Campaign Trait: Touched By Divinity (Iomedae)
>Family have been Crusaders for about a hundred years
>Vialla's kind of the runt of the litter, makes up for it with the power of faith
>Nothing else to tell, she's the Fuckin' New Girl who wants to be a Sword Knight one day.

Apparently nothing much interesting happened to her during her life up to this point. While I could see this being a good way to start at level 1, if you've just spent your whole life training, but it's not exactly meaty. Why does she want to be a Sword Knight? Who are her parents, her siblings? How does she interact with them?

Moving on to personality, she's apparently amicable enough, but she seems sort of toothless as a character. Sure, she's got a sense of humor and she likes to fuck on occasion, but where are her flaws? What does she like and dislike, as a person? Is there even an actual woman underneath that helmet?

We need to know these things about your character if we're going to assume she'll make for an interesting PC.

>> No.51830377

> Implying I haven't already done literally everything I can to do just that.

I'm honestly not sure if you're trolling me or if you're actually just this dense. The closest thing I've been able to do to making it public is making it so that the number of people who can technically join at 100 then just kick everyone who doesn't end up getting picked at the end.

>> No.51830393


i think seth does what i intended to do with her way better now that ive actually read his story and stuff.

>> No.51830440


Just make a few adjustments. Really, I think what you have is fine, but maybe actually put a bit of what you said in an earlier thread about danger and possibly wanting a story about redemption in there.

As it is now, your backstory just seems all lewdy sugar, with only hints of angsty meat.

Play up the delusion and darkness.

There seems to be some sort of necessary traumatic event missing, too.

>> No.51830444

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Okay, which of these fuckers is next...

>> No.51830460

What's the remaining list anyways?

>> No.51830470


Does this mean people will actually apply to that game now?!

>> No.51830490

What do we do about the DHB problem?

>> No.51830495


What problem?

>> No.51830505

New thread's up.


>> No.51830507

Stop posting about it, and let the GM sort it out.

>> No.51830516

The DM will take him or the DM won't take him. It's whatever.

Biggest concern is if other players see his sheet and start going hard into autism builds.

>> No.51830568

Rolled 8 (1d9)

Artemy Neizvestny Medvyed
NG male Human Ranger|Unchained Rogue
Campaign Trait: either Exposed to Awfulness or Stolen Fury
>Parents were cultists and tried to sacrifice him
>Raised by a minor noble in Brevoy's northeast region
>Hung out a lot in the Gronzi forest (halfway across the country from the northeast, but whatever)
>People didn't like him because of his parentage and because he was functionally a bastard, but he was just like "okay.jpeg"
>Decided to go volunteer at Kenabres so that his foster brother wouldn't have to leave his family

This guy is just...impossibly okay with his life. There is so much meaningful conflict available, but the backstory just kind of smooths it away. He had a perfect loving foster family and never cared about the dire circumstances of his birth once he found out about them. The glimmer of being a person rather than a set of traits is apparent in his decision to volunteer to save someone else, but that's kind of too little too late.

As for his personality, well, it's pretty bog standard. He's a nice guy, and likes nature. That's about it.

But apparently nobody told this guy much about the Worldwound, since the reason given for him going seems to have him assuming that it's into a warzone, not a literal hellscape. Abyss-scape. Whatever. If he's supposed to be this naive, that needs to be apparent in the rest of the application.

>> No.51830580

1. Mercedes Drovenge
2. Valki Ommarra
3. Lisa Sterling
4. Soralis Lyso
5. Haraa Windspire
6. Aaliya Al-Amin
7. Kline
8. Arme
9. Caitlin
And apparently Arme's up next.

>> No.51830600

You might want to refresh if you've had it open for awhile, it looks like that sheet was updated today. He gained a consonant.

>> No.51830608

Whats wrong with having the same goals? We can be redemption buddies!

>> No.51830628

b-but we're both wizards senpai

don't we fulfill the same party role?

>> No.51830644

Twice the spell slots to spread things around?
I will also never be able to cast illusion and enchantment magic so there's that.

>> No.51830904

What should be the Int/Wis of a character with Student of Philosophy trait?

>> No.51831019

Your intelligence should be higher than 10. Unless your Charisma is even like 5.

>> No.51831295

What's a good martial class to go with a whole bunch of knowledge arcane and use magic device

>> No.51832710

>Your intelligence should be higher than 10. Unless your Charisma is even like 5.

And if char is 5?

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