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Lets give some love to the best chaos legion

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They're shit like the rest of chaos legions. Can't do anything properly even with gods backing them up.

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Not gonna be Chaos for much longer

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quality thread faggot. sage

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What's next, creating separate threads for appreciating different IG tanks? Fuck off.

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Fuck you both.

All is Dust! Currently working on my TS Maulerfiends actually.

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So from reading the codex, seems like these guys are designed to be an elite army, made up off few very tough units with very strong psyker support.
I know that the fact they are an elite army means they don't stand a chance in competitive matches, but surely they must be fair game for casual matches? providing you roll well in the magic phase I suppose.

Which of their two cores is generally regarded as the best?

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>thousand sons

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If Space Wolves are supposed to be Vikings, why do they have Muslim faces?

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Did somebody say Thousand Sons?

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Honestly after looking at it I think running it as a Combined Arms detachment for objective secured with maybe one of the other formations tacked on is probably best (unless you're running Magnus). Most of their other formations use lots of units that aren't troops so it seems logical to add these to a CAD.

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Mutants. You should be purged. Better a Spawn that can be kept as an adorable pet than a Wulfen who serves as a constant reminder of your legion's hypocrisy.

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I just played a 1850 game against a friend's BT with the Castellan of the Imperium detachment, the one that brings troops back on 5+. He ran mechanized with 8 vehicles (vindi, trilas pred, stormtalon flyer, land raider crusader, razorbacks, pod and a dread), several MSU squads with a load of plasmaguns/cannons and a big blob of crusader with coteaz and the Emperor's Champion. He got 2 razorbacks, 2 MSU squads and the LRC to return over the course of the game. My list was pic.

I kicked ass. I mean I lost due to 3VPs at the end of Turn 6 but I destroyed every vehicle thanks to heretech spam, torched a shitload of marines and even turned Coteaz into a spawn who assaulted his own dudes. One-shot Emp's Champ with Doombolt too.

Rolling good powers is mandatory and I did suffer due to lack of ObjSec but considering I held my own against superior units, a superior codex and 600 points extra, I think TS' psychic might is proven.

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Russ literally did nothing wrong.

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>Thousand Suns


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Fuck off nerds.

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Nice planet, bruh

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Logan seems like a cool dude. Easily the comfiest chapter master of them all

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That's not how you spell Tu'Shan.

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Or Dante

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So with all the new art, anyone got some cool Thousand Sons desktop backgrounds?

And anyone convert the books to PDF so I can more easily consolidate all the relevant TSons stuff into a single document. EPUBS are a pita!

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Tu'Shan is a literal who and Dante is vanilla as fuck

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At least they aren't hobos

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Nice army!!! If I ever go back to 40k, I guess I'd go for the thousand sons,

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I doubt it's competitive at all to be honest. It's kindof a superelite glasscannon but I found it extremely fun for casual play (which I do exclusively desu).

You can finally play the TS as they are in the fluff; Few in number, complete psychic domination.

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Tell me about the Thousand Sons. I understand them as just Egyptian themed sorcerers.

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Do you want a quick rundown?

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no, the long one

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Here you go, spaz.

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Please stop trying to force this meme.

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>ywn have your planet liberated by the combined forces of Salamanders, Space Wolves and Blood Angels.

It's nice to have some actually benevolent chapters that actually fight for humanity instead of most uncaring chapters like Black Templars or borderline genocidal like Dark Angels.

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Have the 1k sons and blood ravens ever interacted in any meaningful way?

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Thousand Sons didn't exist in DoW even as a colour scheme. Relic detests all things Tzeentch nearly as much as FW.

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I do wonder what would've happened if Russ really did simply chained Magnus and took him to Terra.

Would the 1K Sons still fall or not?

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Weren't horrors in dow1?

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Yep, and for some retarded reason they were anti-tank units.

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Fuck that. The Space Wolves don't give a fuck about anyone, they are the Emperor's Executioners they only respect fellow soldiers not your average Joe Schmo

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>very tough units

I hope you are talking about magnus and a couple demon princes

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Despite having grimdark Apache Chief as a Primarch, I think these guys are pretty cool.

More things with Ahriman would be nice.

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H-ha, we all know who the best chaos legion is, right?

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>wearing the black of abbadon's many failures

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That's not Alpha.

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Closet Loyalists.

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>Would the 1K Sons still fall or not?
No? The only reason they even fought was because Ahriman wasnt a little bitch and told Magnus to fuck off and went to organise the defences.

In ATS and PB the SW's arrive undetected by the legion then attempt to glass the planet. The only reason any TSons survive is their secret Kine shield. Thats the perspective the legion has.

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What if they're heretics pretending to be closet-loyalists?

What with Aba-daba-doo's arms are actually Alpha legion members?

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I wonder how Ahriman feels? Thousands of years surrounded by the friends and allies you couldn't save fully, forever being reminded of your grim failure?

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Seeing as he is going through hell and back to get into the black library to cure them I'm sure he's not feeling the best.

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I like to think he plans on getting strong enough to rip a certain plotting thanksgiving turkey a thorough fucking as revenge.

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it's funny how you missspelled Night Lords

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Worst legion. The bat wings are just silly. They're supposed to use fear tactics yet look like goofy Halloween decorations

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He's actually already successfully cured one rubricae, so he knows that it can be done. He spent a bunch of time just slumming it as a nobody sorcerer, crushed by the guilt and failure, but now he's utterly consumed by his quest to cure the rest of the legion.

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Allow me to disagree

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One single success, huh?

Reminds me of the good ole days; Magnus and his one single failure to his 'cure' for the 'flesh-change'.

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Spoilers to the Ahriman novels, which are actually pretty good.

Ahriman was trying to mulligan the Rubric, and there were multiple shards of Magnus behind the strings fucking with it. The end result was Magnus co-opting the ritual in order to reform himself. Apparently Tzeentch's planned reward for Ahriman is to delete him from existence, and the Changeling was on the cusp of doing so before Tzeentch decided to delay it and let him keep trying.

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>Waged war on the INQUISITION and killed a Grey Knight Grand Master because they purged the citizens of Armageddon after its first war.

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Wait, was he going to delete Ahriman or Magnus?

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Not that anon but Ahriman.

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Maybe it is.

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I genuinely hope he gets some sort of good ending for his and the TS' story. He's just too likable. GW will probably have him killed by Kharn before having his body tentacle raped by chaosspawn.

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In reality, his storyline will never reach any conclusion at all because it's one of the most iconic stories of 40k.

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It will be in either a permanent stasis, or in a never ending series of fillers like a 4000 episode Vietnamese children's cartoon.

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If they're so smart, how come they're dead?

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They died because they were so smart, yet also stupid.
They were stupid!smart, the most fated to die horribly because, for all their knowledge, they're still prone to doing things that are better off not done in hindsight.

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Very definition of high Int low Wis

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Bros should have put points into Wis, man, instead of pumping all their points into Int.

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Ironically, these "mispelled" comments are never funny.

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>tfw to intelligent for WIS

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How is that ironic?

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GW should remake this sorcerer into a new plastic mini. It's the most iconic sorcerer for the TS alongside Arhiman.
It's previous metal incarnation has the size of a manlett in comparison with the new minis.

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here they go

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So they are manlet marines?

>> No.51820361

I think it even applies to Big E at some points as well.

I think only Khan put points into Wis out of the 1st founding marines/primarchs.

>> No.51820699

compared to the new TS they are.

>> No.51821036

With a razor saw, a few extra bits and some patience you can de-manlett him.

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Dark Angels aren't really that genocidal, Marines Malevolent on the other hand...

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So are they eventually gonan turn against chaos?

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When Magnus wins against that jive turkey in Mario Party for his soul back.

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what did you do to it's robe?
I onl have metal version.

>> No.51822413

I extended it with greenstuff, it wasn't that hard you just follow the contours of what's already there.

>> No.51822517

hmmm I think I will just end up putting him on a disk or on a more elevated base.

these are my boys that I am working on.

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Best legion

>> No.51822634

Certainly pimping.

>> No.51822890

Those are some pretty swanky looking Rubrics.

Also here's my Hathor Maar conversion I've been working on.
Had to pick a head from Kingdom Death to get the maximum pretty boy look.

>> No.51822996

He probably looks like this in 40k.

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Dunno when the red and white theme was decided for 30k but it shits on the blue.

>> No.51823088

Yes, I'm mostly building 1k sons for 30k, but I use a lot of the new 40k plastics.

It's so obvious they were made to be useable for both settings

>> No.51823132

Probably, but I just like the idea of this one Thousand Sons sorcerer looking like something out of a shoujou romance manga.
And since we don't have confirmation I'll stick with what I find more amusing.

>> No.51823222

Red and white was actually their very first colour scheme. The blue and gold didn't come till 2nd ed.

>> No.51823258

I prefer blue and gold, or blue and white, over red and gold. It looks pure, and knightly.

>> No.51823275

Yingyang nerdbackpack is disturbingly fitting.

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So question, would it be thematically apropriate to have a few TS sorcerors supporting a formation of IG? The idea is that the marines are acting as a chapter of loyalists, using the guard as their 'public face'. In reality they manipulate the orders the regiment gets and use the chaos of the Emperor's hammer squashing some unfortunate sods to get what they want without attracting too much undue attention.

They actually care for the little guys and go after the lolrandum terror gangs when they can, but the prophetic visions they get are 50% tzeentch shenanigans and 50% emprah approved warp television and they have no idea what's what.

Their current end goal is to heal the emperor with an arcane ritual to both help humanity beat Chaos and to rub it in his face sorcery can be useful. I hope it is obvious how Tzeentch can steer them easily to whatever his feathery desires are this time around (though they have managed to royally fuck up his plans more than once, probably).

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Not dickish enough.

>> No.51824719

Am I the only one that's always bothered by Chaos Marines having the long nozzles on their backpacks? Weird shapes or something I could get, but the length just looks goofy.

>> No.51824743

God of Hope, anon, god of Hope. I always hear Tzeentch as patron of plans and sorcery, but the aspect of hope doesn't get nearly as much attention. The marines see themselves as demigods of the Emperor with the responsibility to spread hope among the populace for a better tomorrow. They even take in young psykers to save them from the Black Ships and train them to use their powers for good.

All the while, someone in the warp cackles.

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It wouldn't surprise me, assuming it isn't left forever inching ever closer to resolving without ever actually getting there. Of all the traitor legions, the Thousand Sons were the ones most forced into it despite wanting to remain loyal, barring whatever the fuck is going on with the Alpha Legion.
The Space Wolves were only meant to bring them in to get shouted at by the Emperor before Horus dicked with the orders, and even then Magnus was so upset with his fuckup he was just taking the beating until the results of Ahriman fighting back made him lose it and side with Tzeentch out of despair. Even now Magnus still seems primarily angry about what happened to Prospero, and being bound to a Chaos god and so on is an incidental thing so far as he still has any free will. Ahriman apparently outright hates chaos even though he's also under its thumb. He supposedly still believed in the ideals of the crusade for some time after the heresy, and it's possible that's only suppressed by his obsession with fixing the rubric and if he'd just calm the fuck down he still feels the same way.

If it ever managed to happen it'd presumably hook in with that bit of fluff where a Tzeentchian daemon got genuinely frightened when he realized two humans had intentionally swapped their fates which potentially fucked over the Grand Just As Planned.
And/or the Blood Ravens because >implied thousand sons geneseed, I guess.

>> No.51825413

If only that were real. Instead how about you take 9 units of expensive, bare bones units?

>> No.51825910

Still working on mah Maulerfiends. Using tomb kings sphinxes. One is modeled regal, with the pharaoh head, wings and scepter tail with a proud puffed out chest. The other is feral, skullmask, scorpion tail, a more beastlike rearing pose as if to strike. The two sides of a Sphinx, the majesty and the beast.

And I got 3 TK tomb guard to convert into spellcasters to use as a trio of Disc Sorcerers. Seems weird having other sorcs be actual marines and then there's these egyptian skellies but it's magic eh, shit works. They're basically summoned help.

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Road to disappointment.

Not dickish enough.

>> No.51826115

I hope Ahriman and Magnus fuck over Abadabadoo and Tzeentch's plans.
Maybe help out ol' Emp or something. Or engage in Demon Primarch vs Demon Primarch goodness?

>> No.51826173

I think the hope part is less 'I hope you have a great day!' and more dangling something someone wants in front of their face and laughing as they try to jump to get closer. Then they have to ask you for a boost, and then you give it, but it turns out the thing wasn't as important as the higher up thing.

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What if, at the inevitable final confrontation between the Space Corgis, Thousand Nerds, and their Primarchs, Russ apologizes to Magnus for his actions and blindly following Horus' orders?

>> No.51826959

well he is one of Arhimans followers right? I understand those stood pretty far from the flesh change so you never know.

>> No.51826972

likes like the angel from Evangelion.

>> No.51826996

Didn't Russ get pretty maudlin over his role as the Emperor's Executioner or something?
I could see him being genuinely remorseful and upset over the potentially needless loss of a brother in an introspective moment once Horus' treachery in the matter became clear. He was one of the most self aware Primarchs behind the obfuscatory savage swagger.

>> No.51827154

>egyptian themed spees muhreens
wow that's nice--

oh ;_;

>> No.51827211

Russ was a bigot, douchebag and stubborn. If he would ever apologise to Magnus for what he did he would do it like a tsundere or not at all. But I think that Magnus wouldnt give a fuck about this and try to get is revenge anyway cause a fucking apologise wont bring his world back

>> No.51827236

Looks like Maggie from erfworld.

>> No.51827252

It was the soldiers they were fighting to save

>> No.51827257

didnt he had his revenge anywa? he fucked up the entire fenris system and left their world turned into an active volcano planet.

>> No.51827329

>Russ was a bigot, douchebag and stubborn
Ironically Magnus was the most stubborn, bigotted and douchy Primarch. Guy thought he knew it all and like a typical liberal he was dismissive of anything that didn't fit his beliefs

>> No.51827352

Good point I forget he referred to and event after the Wrath of Magnus book. In that case Russ would not apologise cause Magnus fuck his world cause Russ was also a big hypocrite.

>> No.51827362

I thought Fenris was always an active volcano?

>> No.51827687

He wasn't that even in close to the Russ' lvl in those things, he was indeed stubborn for he thought that knowledge was good and the kinds of Russ were savages but pls that his undeniable more with the add of the Wulfen. I am pretty sure that he was one of the most intelligent beings of the galaxy when talking about knowledge. Magnus was also more open minded than Russ in almost anything but I do believe that if the roles were changed and Magnus was the one cheated to attacked Fenris during the Heresy and Russ was the one forces to join chaos out of despair after realising what he had done and why, Magnus would feel regret the same way he feels bad about joining chaos now but I could be wrong. But Russ, his pride wouldnt let him. And just to justified I dont say Russ is the worst and Magnus the best but at least the last suits my likes better.

>> No.51829763

>like a typical liberal he was dismissive of anything that didn't fit his beliefs

>> No.51830326

but this time it got really bad big time, and a bunch of the population got screwed, turned into spawns and tzaangors. Magnus left a wreck.

What's worse than loosing your world? seeing your worlds burn and turned into a miserable malformed state. Them dying would be a merciful service.

>> No.51831532

Actually, my impression from reading the book is that Fenris was slightly genocided by the Inquisition, and that was it. Extremely underwhelming revenge to say the least.

>> No.51831551

I never read the Ahriman cycle, but it's not stated anywhere else.

>> No.51832788

As far as I know his fate post rubric is a total mystery.

>> No.51833071

I've always subscribed to the view that the gods of Chaos being evil is blatant Imperial propaganda. They feed all the same on good emotions and bad emotions. Nearly every description of Khorne states that he cares not where the blood flows from as long as it flows. He was absolutely delighted when Logan Grimnar injured Magnus, showing that he's perfectly capable of rooting for the loyalists. Likewise, Tzeentch probably roots for the likes of Saint Celestine, who's stated to give hope to the Imperium. (I'm not saying her powers come from Tzeentch, but he likely approves of her actions)

>> No.51833251

I believe this too, and it's infinitely more interesting to the setting and the faction. Despite it not being explicitly stated since old fantasy editions, they're still reported to feed off human emotion, which is multifaceted. Any number of positive and negative emotions can mix within humans for any situation which is what makes them so complex and beautiful, the gods are simply this x9001

>> No.51833260

Magnus wasn't really stubborn, bigoted or douchy and like all the primarchs his tragic fall was thanks to the Emperor being a supreme cock.

Magnus was always the outsider because of his psychic ability and the fact that he was always the closest to the truth that the Emperor had lied about their birth. The Emperor also refused to be open about psychic ability despite being the most powerful psyker because he didn't want to be thought of as a God, but this put more pressure on Magnus as one of the only champions of psykers in the legion. Also after being given his legion which was rapidly mutating thanks to the Emperors failure to produce a stable geneseed Magnus was forced to try anything he could to save them. It mirrors how the primarchs didn't function until the Emperor took the cosmic power (which just like Magnus is looking more and more like a pact with the chaos gods rather than an act of 'theft' the Emperor made it out to be.

>> No.51833281

But thousand sons don't use force swords anon

>> No.51833312

Except regular HQ sorcerers.
But for some reason no one above them or below them in rank uses them, odd that.

>> No.51833577

Kinda sucks being forced to use a staff instead of being able to choose, but at least it's a good and fluffy choice. Best S, concussive, no I penalty, looks baller.

Shame about the spell familiars though. That shit should've just been a detachment bonus.

>> No.51833583

Also fuck converting metal minis to have staves. Not going to butcher my minis so they can fit someone's WYSIWYG autism.

>> No.51833850

The detachment bonus should have been the same as or similar to the 30k one, army wide 3+ manifesting on specific disciplines.

>> No.51834161

I'd honestly leave that for core formations, detachment should just be spell familiars that way every sorcerer gets that boost. It's more useful than +1 to harness (and they still have it in another formation, the war coven).

>> No.51834245

>playing with WYSIWYG autists
Your club is not very big, is it?

>> No.51834381

I just like the way 30k does it, it's powerful but not too powerful and it forces you to specialize.

Personally I'd rather have that system and then just rewrite the War Coven to make it feel more like an actual auxiliary choice and less like the poor mans Exiles/Rehati that it is.

>> No.51834388

No, I only play against friends so it doesn't really come into play. I'm just saying cause I have met a few who pull a face like they just smelled some rotten lemons whenever I go "hey man, my army ain't entirely modeled as the rules say, is that ok?"

Part of why I only play with friends, actually.

>> No.51834432

I am actually tempted to run a War Coven. A gimmick build but after I saw the performance in my last game, I actually think I might be onto something.

10 terminator sorcerers, ML3 with sigils and spell familiars in a single group. 2+/3++ re-rollable saves. Pick Telepathy for invisibility but don't roll all your spells from it. Diversify, but it guarantees the guys you roll invis on can get it off to protect your ass.

Astral Grimoire so the entire thing moves 12" a turn, you got 30WCs and can target as many units. With that many rolls, you are almost guaranteed to get all the best powers and you are nearly untouchable due to your saves.

This is doable for 2K points as those 10 Sorcs are 1900 sans relics.

>> No.51834520

I would renounce the Ruinous Powers for this.

>> No.51834546

It's cute but it's basically a weaker Rehati for all intents and purposes.

>> No.51834576

They would probably still fall. Even if the Emperor was going to let Magnus live, his legion had still violated the edict of Nikea by continuing to practice sorcery, and the punishment for that was death. Being a primarch might save Magnus from execution, but it wouldn't stop the Emperor from having the rest of the Thousand Sons put to death. They probably wouldn't go quietly (much as they didn't in canon), and they would end up falling to Chaos anyway.

>> No.51834624


I still dont get this.

The Space Wolves and White Scars have "sorcerers" for all intents and purposes.

>> No.51834756

It's also not like they were the only legion to ignore the edict of Nikea either for that matter.

>> No.51834779

The Space Wolves get away with it because they said "It's not sorcery, it's runes and bone fetishes and charms channeling the power of Fenris!" and the Emperor bought it.

And the White Scars are always staying out on the fringes, so few people actually know about their use of psyker powers.

The Thousand Sons have a major, built up world where sorcery is practiced extensively. Their rule breaking is a lot more obvious. And really, that's what it's all about. The Emperor is, ultimately, a dictator, and the one thing that he can't afford to allow is someone openly defying him. That's a challenge to his authority, which is something that he has never been able to tolerate. Sure, there are other groups that violate Nikea, but they do so in ways that appease the Emperor's need to be obeyed. The Thousand Sons don't.

>> No.51834842

Dark Angels arent genocidal they just have bigger fish to fry. And by "bigger fish" I dont mean traitorous legion elements from millennia ago that would be absurd

>> No.51834869

>most ineffectual traitor legion

>> No.51834883


The Imperium is built on rule of people, not rule of law. There may be "laws" written down that seem to forbid something, but in reality those laws only actually have any sway over the people who don't have enough power to get away with violating them. If you have power, you can do things up to the limit of what your power permits, not the limit of what the law says. It would be a mistake to expect the rules to be applied evenly or consistently.

Also, in the Imperium your power is defined by the favor of the Emperor. If the Emperor likes you, then you have more power. If he doesn't, then you have less. This means that people with the Emperor's favor can just blithely violate laws that others of lower standing in the eyes of the Emperor might still have to follow. Murder might be forbidden, but someone like, say, Rogal Dorn can just kill people on a whim without issue because he has immense power by virtue of his high standing in the eyes of the Emperor.

The Emperor prefers some Primarchs over others. Those whom he favors can violate Nikea because laws don't really matter in the Imperium, only power and the favor of the Emperor does. Magnus, however, doesn't have high enough standing with the Emperor to get away with breaking the edict of Nikea.

>> No.51834884


>> No.51834992

Or you know it could be because Nikea was all about trying to reign Magnus in from his excesses then Magnus ignored it and opened a new EYE OF FUCKING TERROR on Earth. The Emperor had every right to be pissed

>> No.51835019

I understand this attitude, but there are perfectly legitimate excuses not to follow these rules. The most prominent being that you'd need to convert to follow WYSIWYG. Not everybody would want to mutilate his miniatures to satisfy a stranger's autism.

>> No.51835239

If the Emperor wanted to reign Magnus in, then the edict of Nikea was 1.) A really stupid way of doing that, since all it amounted to was demanding that Magnus give up the one thing that he and his legion specialized in while providing no reason to justify it, and 2.) Totally ineffective, as evidence by the fact that literally immediately afterward Magnus and the Thousand Sons started breaking it.

>> No.51835273

Moving magnus onto the Astronomican and having the rest of the Thousand Sons do what the Grey Knights currently do would probably have worked out better.

>> No.51835281

That's exactly what is going to happen if the rumours turn out to be true

>> No.51835390

It would have been completely effective IF MAGNUS HAD FUCKING LISTENED TO THE EMPEROR. The edict was fine, the problem was that Magnus was an arrogant cockmongler who thought he knew better than the objectively best leader humanity could possibly have.

>> No.51835611

Magnus' main fuckup wasn't ignoring the edict of Nikea per se, most legions did that and nothing bad came from it, his mistake was trying to bust through the warp to warn the Emperor of Horus.

A better version of the edict would have been "don't talk to things living in the warp and no psy fuckery near Terra".

>> No.51835685

> A better version of the edict would have been "don't talk to things living in the warp and no psy fuckery near Terra".
> implying Magnus would have followed that either
Dude was just too arrogant to listen to anyone else, even when that someone else had tens of thousands of years of wisdom and experience.

>> No.51835747

Actually he probably would have just to spite the Space Wolves, as with this version there's no more "communing with the spirit of Fenris".

>> No.51835778

Spirits of Fenris wouldn't be covered, since it's Fenris and not the warp.

>> No.51835828

And the fact that the emperor fell for that excuse shows what an incompetent idiot he is.

>> No.51835846

>Space Wolves actually believe this

>> No.51835889

Why would you want the Thousand Sons to be the Grey Knights? The Grey Knights strength is their uncorruptibility, the 1KS not so much

>> No.51835918

Space Wolf magic is different than Thousand Sons chaos magic. Space Wolves use runes and shit much like the Eldar do, the Thousand Sons practice far more dangerous forms as evidenced by their fall.

>> No.51835926

It's not just an excuse, it's actually canon.

>> No.51837373

Cool dude with an Axe of Khorne

>> No.51837465

What's the actual canon/assumed canon?

Reading Wrath of Magnus it just seemed to be that Fenris had an actual "Mother Nature" similar to Avatar movie. Am I correct in thinking that kinda thing is the Exodite equivalent of an Infinity Circuit?

>> No.51837626

no matter what you call it, or fluff it. it's still the power of the warp, which was forbidden

Space Wolf Mental Gymnastics always amuse me

>> No.51839731

Right that's rich coming from a legion lead by a dude wielding a Khornate Daemon weapon and that produced the Wolfen.

Also the Thousand Sons practiced the exact same magic that almosr all 40k era Librarians currently use and they're doing just fine.
Hell they even practiced the same magic the Grey Knights currently use, Sanctic Daemonology, and didn't pick up the Maelific variety until after they fell to chaos.

>> No.51839765

It is indeed a separate warp entity, which really makes it much worse, as it means the Space Wolves were basically communing with a minor Warp God which going by what the Emperor actually wanted should be super forbidden.

>> No.51839811

If one had intervened earlier and given them the right training and help they could easily have been like the Grey Knights.

Hell no less than the first Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights was a member of the Thousand Sons, it would totally have worked.

>> No.51839894


>When you Tzeentch, but you just a little bit Slaanesh

>> No.51839917

Real best legion coming through. Wizards gtfo.

>> No.51840034

I mean that's basically all of Cult Pavoni in a nutshell.

Hell, Hathor Maat was basically an honorary member of the Emperor's Children.

>> No.51840518

It's a lot cheaper though and honestly it's more effectively due to being able to roll on different disciplines I'd think. That and you won't be called a cheesemonger for fielding Magnus.

Exactly. I put lots of time and effort into my dudes. Not my fault a later edition nixed some stuff or changed them.

>> No.51840639

Rehati requires Exalted Sorcerers so the maxed out version would be 2090 points base, can't take terminator armour, nor sigil. Best saves available to them would be 3+/4++ which even with rerolling 1s it's not that nice I think. Then you factor in the cost and normal Sorcs are just simply better.

What Rehati gives you in slightly boosted casting potential and wounds, it takes away from versatility and saves.

>> No.51840790

No see if you want an effective psychic deathstar you run the Rehati as a flying Circus with Daemon Princes. Saves don't matter when your flying.

>> No.51840873

But that would be exceedingly expensive. Too expensive, Magnus and 9 DPs kitted out to be effective enough runs you probably into the 3.5K area and at that point your opponent can wipe the floor with you anyway. 2K is at least doable.

>> No.51840931

Oh so you were going for a maxed out formation, well that's a bit different then I suppose.

>> No.51841018

Yeah, the point of doing it is to run a "gimmick" build starring a maxed out group for the rerollable 1s.

Honestly the TS formation just aren't that usable due to cost, but you can make some fun shit with them due to the versatility of the basic sorcerer.

I think the biggest failure though is that the game does not allow a psyker to use a power if another psyker in his unit used the same power. So if you just join this 10-man terminator blob and all knew, say, doombolt, only 1 could cast it. Yet if they split, each could cast doombolt despite being 2 inches away from each other. Makes no bloody sense.

>> No.51841055

>produced the Wolfen

They were mutants yes but Mutants aren't flat out banned. Also it's safe to assume they were made that way since SW just turn into warewolfs rather than go full chaos.

>> No.51841148

the Emperor didn't fall for shit and the ban of librarians wasn't really an act against psykers. The Imperium relied on them for just about everything and the Emperor isn't a hypocrite.

The only reason he pushed for Nikaea was that he was in the middle of a sensitive psychic experiment with the golden throne and he didn't want anything to fuck it up, especially chaos tempting a psyker to blow the doors down on the whole project. If nothing had jeopardised the gate, Magnus would be installed as the master of the webways and the thousand sons would be given honorary positions as the guardians and navigators of the webway free to execise their powers at will. A static job protecting the webway and the throne would have really suited them and Prospero already had a gate.

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