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Pathfinder General /pfg/
Decent starting image edition!

What's your favorite 3pp/homebrew for a draconic race? Like "quarter-dragons."
Believe it or not, Paizo still isn't offering something for that. Why are they afraid to?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

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Have you ever used Werecreatures in your games?
Have your players or their characters been them?

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What business ventures are suitable for long-living, but mistrusted, beings?

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Prostituting, I'd like to say message/packet running but that'd probably be a lie. Fishing.

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Money lending.
Everyone will expect you to be a shark about it, so you start hard and then let them 'trick' you down to market rates.

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Funny fact:
Metallic dragons are the main owners of the major banks in Avistan.

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I wish you could actually make the happy mask salesman with that one spell, what was it? Theft of visage or something?

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Masks and custom artefacts crafting with GM

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There's probably been like one writer focusing on Shelyn the whole time, and they just never got forced out because they literally love everyone too much to get any of the other devs triggered.

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Are there railways?
How would the world change if the major cities were connected by railways?

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>What's your favorite 3pp/homebrew for a draconic race?
The way I used to run it was that every sorcerer eventually had a dragon in their family tree. With the way bloodlines have come around I've had to put a lot of thought into changing that for my homebrew setting, or adding a metric fuck ton of other types of dragons to explain all the various bloodlines that are popping up.

Still putting it off to be honest, luckily none of my players have wanted to be a sorcerer lately.

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Not at all. It would be another thing they just don't use due to fiat to keep the setting static, like all the magic that should already obviate the need for a railway at all.

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So who else here is having First World problems?
I can't think of a good reason for most of my characters not to try and get in on the easy safety net of an eldest patron, particularly the paranoid or self centered ones.

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Where the hell is DHB getting that misc +19 to Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate from?

+3 Circlet of Persuasion, +6 Silver Tongue...

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I can't think of a good reason not to play a wizard 100% of the time.

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Murder on the Orient Express version Irrisen -> Cheliax

>> No.51792191

+6 luck bonus from Hoarded Luck, and another +4 to them from his 2 Skill Specialties.

>> No.51792205

I think he's got Social Talents that buff his skills more.

I'm more concerned about the huge bonus to Saving Throws coming from left field, though...

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You might just be autistic. Do you find yourself wanting to avatarfag with Touhou?

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Post Dragon princess race from Dragon game! !

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>I'm more concerned about the huge bonus to Saving Throws coming from left field, though...
That's also from Hoarded Luck. Fortune Thief is poorly designed, it's far better for it to just sit on a giant pool of luck than spend that luck on abilities.

>> No.51792269

>tfw DHB basically stole my build from sky pirates except without the HUGE TAUNTS
I am not sure if this is a good or bad feel.

>> No.51792271

I mean this from an in-character perspective once they've gotten some education and looked at their options.

Not particularly.

In a setting with proven gods and afterlives where you lose your memories and self 90% of the time, why not try to join up with the near-god creatures who you can still kind of understand on a mortal level that will keep you coming back again and again?
There are several eldest, so you can find one that fits your personal outlook. They offer one hell of a health insurance plan, give you back up, and help you travel. Most of the arguments that could be made against them can also be made against any of the organized gods in particular, so why not shack up with the fey?

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God damn, look at those numbers.

Almost makes me not want to bother with applying!

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Doesn't Hoarded Luck require... you know, luck points?

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hurr fey are evul and alien durr
so incomprehensible
whimshy whimsy

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>Whenever a fortune thief gains a luck point,
it last indefinitely until they spend it or die, although their luck does not refill after resting.

Someone go tell Taldor GM that Fortune Thief's luck points should clear out after resting.

>> No.51792338

No more so then the various divinities both good and evil. It's more a matter of scale and PR. Fey are different yes, but as things like gnomes show they can be understood or brought to mortal lines of thinking. Though after a few dozen centuries a character might start thinking more like the fey.
Close to the same method of thinking.

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It's a shame, really! The Fey can also make incredible mentor or parental figures.

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Just ask Mr. Dresden

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>Spells Per Day or Spells Known

For fuck's sake.

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Anyone remember the name of the feats that give you bonuses to untrained skill checks?
I'm trying to make a bard that will be able to make any skill check without putting a single rank in any of them.

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>Implying Nymphs, (Hama)dryads and Huldra don't make the best motherly mentor types.

>> No.51792412

Breath of Experience
Improved Improvisation
Worldly trait

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Thanks senpai-pai

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I have an important, secret, city's guard business. You have to come with me. It involves a shovel and open field.

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His disguise is even higher and that's without face changer. With face changer he has a +60 to disguise.

>> No.51792448


Fast Learner -> Improvisation -> Improved Improvisation

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Is it a time capsule!?

>> No.51792502


A leyline! They're digging up a leyline!

>> No.51792579

What's his back story look like? Is it better than the others?

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I dunno, how did the railways change Europe and Colonies?

>> No.51792622

Like in Eberron?

Robberies would be a lot more intense.

>> No.51792640


Industrial and revolutionary. Railways completely changed the way that people travelled and did their business. Dangerous and long roads were a big issue and people rarely left their own hometown in their entire lives. Trains change all of this. Countries could organise and feed massive armies, bigger than ever before, and move them around strategically faster than any time in history.

>> No.51792652

If you're a high level an your GM is alright with it, jump into Evangelist too. That grabs some untrained skill check bonuses as well. The class is considered sorta power gamey sense you get extra class features; and worse if you are a 6hd character sense it increases your BAB and HD for free, but, for a bard, can't be too bad.

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Should females character have armpit hair?

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>> No.51792687

Are they Dwarves?

>> No.51792756

Jesus christ why is this allowed?

>> No.51792761

Im assuming that they like pick related

>> No.51792774

Since someone was asking for it here >>51792644

>> No.51792776

With one head normally, but yeah.

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News flash, fa/tg/uy. All women have pit hair. It's kinda part of the human condition.

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this is not true

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Regarding that, I'm considering removing the 1d4 round cooldown on the breath weapon. Even with being able to take a Move to reduce it by 1 turn, it's still easy to be locked out of something you may have spent two or three feats on.

Any thoughts?

>> No.51792822

Would the Runeforge be a decent location to throw the players their first Mythic tier?
That or ending the Runelord.

>> No.51792829

OieOie. Yes. Some woman have laser hair removal, shave, wax or have naturally sparse hair. But all women, baring genetic mishaps, have body hair.

>> No.51792832

Help me design some two-headed, two-tailed, bifurcated snake bosses

>> No.51792854

Runeforge doesn't really have any threat which should be consider mythic.

>> No.51792861

Here, use this as the basis!

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>> No.51792903

Jolly good show
I had a sensible chuckle

>> No.51792907

Treat your breath weapon like it's a light crossbow and you have to reload your breath. Maybe have rapid reload apply to it or have feat like it just for breath.

>> No.51792909

I was thinking something along the lines of it breaking down after they use it or if they break it and then infusing them with power, maybe based on one of the seven sins based on their choosing

>> No.51792931

That's not how it works at all. It doesn't empty when you rest, it simply doesn't fill when you rest unlike many other pools such as Ki. You only gain Luck by hexing people, but once you've done so there's no reason to hold it.

>> No.51792933

That's dumb. The cooldown is better.

>> No.51792942

Eh if they break it then UNLIMITED POWER based on seven sins, if they don't then after that guy regular old UNLIMITED POWER?

>> No.51792946

It's an overly reductive base for monsters that have weird shit like losing one attack from their Multiattack whenever they lose a certain threshold of health, or a single monster that is an elemental trapped inside a construct. Beat up the construct enough and suddenly you're fighting the elemental instead, BUT the construct's location, statuses, etc. transfer to the elemental.

>> No.51792948

Why is it dumb?

>> No.51792962

Does a brawlers martial flexibility at higher levels, say 6th, take up two uses when taking 2 feats or is that only for the eldritch scrapper?

>> No.51792991



>Each individual feat selected counts toward her daily uses of this ability.

>> No.51793002

Yes, absolutely. Would their clothes and armor be showing it? Maybe not. Medieval clothing involves LAYERS like a motherfucker.

>> No.51793013

Yes and yes?

>> No.51793022

Because "reload breath" is a silly concept and you also suggested the creation of specific to reload breath faster.

A 1d4 round cooldown isnt that bad. If its really an issue drop it to 1d3 or every other round. Introducing a reloading mechanic is unnecessaey and weird.

>> No.51793035

I recommend to use the legendary items concept from the mythic companion. Those are basically artifacts though.

>> No.51793084

>Taldor GM hasn't responded in several days

Dead game?

>> No.51793117

While the server was being fixed I found a corsair archetype for the fighter with sneak attack.
Anyone know what that's all about?

>> No.51793125

If you couldn't get anyone to come to your birthday party, you have no business expecting games with you in them to get off the ground.

>> No.51793137

Isn't the Slayer basically that? I guess it could feel like an alternate Slayer with Weapon Training, assuming it doesn't give that up. If it does, bin it.

>> No.51793148


every game is dead game lmao

>> No.51793163

Dude you fucking lied to me.

>> No.51793169

A couple days isn't anything to get worked up over.

>> No.51793214

My assumption is that the link was broken. If it were still there I wouldn't need to ask for it.
Since it had its own table I can only assume it's a wholly independent class.

>> No.51793222


Oh hush, maybe he has a life over the weekend.

>> No.51793253

If they don't shave it, yes.

>> No.51793271


Not RotJR!

>> No.51793276


Not only should they have armpit hair, but they should (spoilers for obvious reasons) have full bush, since women often didn't shave down there and those who did were often associated with prostitution or loose sexual morality.

>> No.51793352

There is more than one Corsair archetype, Swashbuckler has one too.

>> No.51793358

Why would a bounty hunter get a bonus at second level that requires a feature from 3rd?

>> No.51793386

How often do you play? How often do you think it is the best?

>> No.51793404

Found it

>> No.51793422

>3pp class
>tripod machine
Into the trash it goes

>> No.51793441

Does finesse training make it worth playing unchained rogue over the slayer if I want to be a dex-based sneaky stab man?

>> No.51793481

Most of my games turn out to be once a week deals. More often then that and people tend to get burned out if it's more frequent then that, and having sessions more than a week apart leads to forgetfulness and scheduling/commitment issues.

Unless of course you're lucky enough to end up in the right kind of play by post/chat service thing, where the game goes whenever everybody is online and you can get in a part-time jobs worth of play that makes everyone happy and feel included. Merciful Christ I miss that game so much

>> No.51793598

Well, when I clicked on the fighter archetype table I was excited at first, then confused because I didn't find any replacement feats.

>> No.51793599

So, everyone that's not an elf, kitsune, bard, or sorceress, then.

>> No.51793626

You forgot rogues, half-elfs, tieflings, and fetchlings anon.

>> No.51793641

>tfw been running a game since literally middle school
>tfw it's been almost 14 years
Obviously not PF but it feel so good
Hell we're on generation 2 at this point.

>> No.51793679

If it cleared out during rests it'd be really weak.

>> No.51793700

Yes. Unchained rogue is a really enjoyable class, whereas Slayer is practically more vanilla than a Fighter. The Sneak Attack progression difference is massive, but it's give and take with the BAB difference going the other way (which I don't think is as severe Tbh). Finesse Training, additional skill usages, an actually worthwhile rogue talent list (including a some buffs to them), and Debilitating Injury each make the Unchained Rogue just a little bit more interesting to play in a fight than a Slayer, who is ultimately just going to wind up as a pile of Ranger combat style feats and Studied Target.

>> No.51793717

Because Arcanists and Clerics exist.

>> No.51793758

Slayers are way better off with strength. Go rogue.

>> No.51793793

>I mean this from an in-character perspective once they've gotten some education and looked at their options.
Because becoming a wizard takes quite a bit of education that not many have the time/money to afford.

>> No.51793799

As the man says, Slayers are better for strength-based people, especially strength-based TWF.

Rogues have more interesting stuff they can do, and are better defensively due to their usually higher Dex

>> No.51793825

What is the prepared caster with the best NON-spell features, anyway? Since Samsaran race just completely invalidates any spell list exclusivity.

>> No.51793833

Exactly my point. Becoming Feysworn is Easy if you can really worship any of the Eldest, and then you just get on with whatever you were already doing with your life while knowing that you occasionally have to go off on an errand in exchange for your health insurance.

>> No.51793838

Witch wins in this regard by a wide margin.

>> No.51793840

Witches, I think.

>> No.51793850


>> No.51793875

While strength-based TWF is a valid use of the Slayer due to its rarity (making Slayer one of *TWF's* better options, behind UC Rogue), I wouldn't call it one of the better things a Slayer could be doing. Two-handing will still come out on top slightly (and only slightly, due to Sneak Attack) and they really, truly shine as archers more than anything else.

>> No.51793885

I'm trying to find The Faerie Ring stuff from Zombie Sky Press and it doesn't seem to be in the trove, does anyone happen to have it?

>> No.51793889

Vigilante does Str TWF better than Slayer however.

>> No.51793924

Do no other classes get hexes? I thought those got passed around a lot to other casters in archetypes.

>> No.51793939

Shaman's like the only other class that does Hexes as well.

>> No.51793959

Hell's Vengeance is going strong, too!

>> No.51793983

Magus has an archetype for them, but Witches do it best.

>> No.51793986

This just in: after a long-fought battle, the Equipment Sphere isn't going to suck anymore. Can't give any details but get hype.

>> No.51793987

Hexcrafter (Magus)
Spirit Whisperer (Wizard)

>> No.51793991

I am wrong, Shaman blow witches out of the water. They get basically everything the witch does, then some. Shaman blow everyone out of the water.

>> No.51794105

But... it was ALREADY really strong?

That +attack Dedicate and Heavy Arms Training...

Is Heavy Arms Training going away?

>> No.51794119

Does it? I haven't tried it out but I saw the option and I didn't like the dex to hit and strength to damage. Slayer being able to cheat their important feats goes a long way.

>> No.51794152

Vigilante, in 1pp, can cheat the feats, but ONLY if they go sword-n-board.

>> No.51794218

My PC was cursed with cold vulnerability, so he takes 1.5x damage from cold now. If I buy a Ring of Energy Resistance to get cold resistance 20, would the cold resistance apply to cold damage before or after the 1.5x multiplier?

>> No.51794234

Am I the only one who noticed the character has Companion to the Lonely? I'm convinced DHB is messing with us.

>> No.51794235

Black Blade trying to UNcorrupt a character instead of other way around: good concept or bad concept.

>> No.51794256

Heavy Arms is going away, yes. I might try to mess with something conceptually similar with it, but at the moment, it's been removed, and critical hammer has been altered, it only gives 19-20 x2, but also gives proficiency with hammers.

>> No.51794270



>> No.51794281

So does the 50/50 theory mean that WotR is going to live?

>> No.51794285

Get a trip, 2hu. I was talking about the sphere as a whole. You're not getting any details.

>> No.51794297

>letting 2hu have control over Spheres of Might

Why is this allowed?

>> No.51794323

2hu has as much control as everyone else who comments on the public document. Not an ounce more.

>> No.51794325

You would ignore the first 20 points of regular damage, but take 1.5x whatever was left.
So if you're hit for 30 you take 20 off, then 10 left becomes 15.

>> No.51794336

Goblins who believe that the place they've taken over (a lone abandoned cottage, now surrounded by tents and crude wooden palisades) has housed their kind forever and is their ancestral ground. It's been like, one generation since the real owners fled and the goblins moved in, but they really believe this for some reason.

>> No.51794354

Environmental encounter of a river or spring breaking through a thin rise, flooding down the mountainside.


>> No.51794377

Those that speak the loudest are heard.
If there's an opinion use disagree with, make it known. Remaining silent leaves views uncontested and might change something you don't want changed.

Also, The Equipment Sphere was a mess of pretty good stuff, fun options, And "gain a proficiency" garbage. It getting a slight to major rework isn't the worst.

>> No.51794378

A drake being abused in captivity by poachers.

>> No.51794381

The first chapter of Goblin Slayer.

>> No.51794383

Okay, good, that's obviously how I was hoping it would work. If the 1.5x multiplier applied before the resistance, I would STILL want the ring, but it wouldn't be as good.

But do you have a source for that? I'm curious because I don't know of any rule that would determine what order they apply. I don't think any creature would normally have vulnerability and resistance to the same element.

>> No.51794388


What is the news on Spheres of Might access for non-spheremighters?

It is currently a downright trainwreck, between the feat progression tradeoff being uneven at many levels, the spellcasting trade being a tangled and dippable mess, and Basic Combat Training being heinously strong for a single combat-related feat.

>> No.51794395

>boohoo I don't give real feedback and complain when others do

>> No.51794401

Rocks that collect rocks and roll bigger and bigger down the mountain (there is a fuckwit magnetizing them further up).

>> No.51794406

It is currently a wreck, although it's lower tier on our list of things we're fixing at the moment. I'm hoping to get on it for the playtest, but at the moment we're sprucing up spheres and classes.

>> No.51794411

I don't have the official ruling sorry, that's just the way my group has always done it and it was approved by our resident bookworm/rules lawyer guy who would point out rules that hurt his character so I trust it.

>> No.51794416


>> No.51794427

>And then the rock rolls back UP the hill when you weren't paying attention!


>> No.51794430

>sprucing up spheres
Hers look just fine to me.

In seriousness though, keep up the good work. You and Forrest are the only really solid 3pp devs left I think.

>> No.51794431

Why is Heavy Arms Training going away?
What if I WANT to wield a bigass 3d6 greatsword/lucerne hammer?

>> No.51794446

A hoard of goblins has banded together and taken over the region nearby a small town, if they descend, there's no way anybody living there will survive. They've put together ridiculous contraptions and a collection of suspiciously well prepared equipment.

In truth, a tribe of goblins had witnessed a human sporting event and decided to host a goblin triathlon, inviting all the nearby tribes to compete for fabulous prizes. The PCs are invited to participate, though should they offend the tournament hosts, they'll soon find themselves surrounded by goblins equipped with nothing but spandex and wooden vault poles.

>> No.51794453

I think the point is that it's so good it'd be pretty much ubiquitous.

>> No.51794465

So is Power Attack and nobody has a problem with it in Equipment.

>> No.51794472

Punch girls always have the best spheres. And thanks, I do what I can.

I wanna check some stuff out before adding it again, maybe throw in an attack penalty to make it less of an obvious selection for everyone.

>> No.51794483

The point is not to add MORE ubiquitous 'why don't you have this' stuff, ya idjit.

>> No.51794501

An ancient cave containing golem golems: Little golem constructs that collect others and fuse into bigger golems. 3 tiny constructs = 1 small construct. 3 small constructs = 1 medium construct. There are hundreds of them. They mine constantly and build more workers all day. Do something before things get out of hand. They love to fix things though, keep the deceased master's lair forever tidy, and maintain its traps. The traps include auto-activated showers and reflex saves to avoid a cafeteria lunch tray. A little robot scurries out to clean up when they don't catch it. They are cute until the party inevitably sets them off somehow.

>> No.51794503

What should be the stats of an archer slayer?

>> No.51794506

Does the alchemists Paragon Surge apply regardless of race?

>> No.51794511

Why do people care about 2hu when DHB makes shit like he does for Taldor Ascendant.

>> No.51794515

>That battle damage on her arm
Is she like a terra-cotta girl or something? What am I looking at here?

>> No.51794519

>I wanna check some stuff out before adding it again, maybe throw in an attack penalty to make it less of an obvious selection for everyone.

>tfw we have shitty Monkey Grip again

>> No.51794558

>level 8 gestalt
A level 8 gestalt could be so much more powerful than that. He's not even playing a caster.

>> No.51794577


He has good everything, his to-hit is around +24 and his saves are a straight +25.

>> No.51794587

She is literally a magical girl.

>> No.51794595

this please this

>> No.51794616

Wait, that's an established character? Who is it?

>> No.51794629

He can solo adult dragons.

He doesn't have spells he just is good at EVERYTHING else.

>> No.51794636

I would like clarification please.

>> No.51794644

>>51794446 (good as is, stealing it directly)
>>51794416 (they are guarding the top of a mountain and a large stone goat statue, combined tactics bull rush; if defeated the statue can be animated to serve as a pack animal)
>>51794401 >>51794427 (aforesaid fuckwit is actually practicing his village destruction techniques)
>>51794381 (wut?)
>>51794378 (pretty damn good, stealing it directly)
>>51794354 (as ever nature is a motherfucker)
>>51794336 (this will take some context for the story oriented player to chew over)

holy shit...the "mountains" question got me so many more suggestions than the "forest road by a river" and " foggy forest by the cold ocean" questions...

shhh, I was gonna have something like that later in the campaign...I shall now have to figure out how to include Von-Newman golems...

>> No.51794649

Construct, possibly? I don't recall many options for ending up as a solely magic powered construct... hmm. Actually, what ARE the non-capstone fun transhumanism ascension bits for martials? Are there any constructs that keep martial prowess intact? Are you stuck being a graveknight or whatever? Is there a monkesque template where you just go "Nah, don't feel like dying or getting old"?

>> No.51794654

Generic Pixiv Fantasia waifu from some edgelordy maybe-evil totally-not-Japan nation.

>> No.51794664

Monkey Grip didn't really function, I'm going to do my best to make this function. I was really only thinking a -2 at most so it's not so obvious it hurts.

>> No.51794674

Good saves are a passive defense, and +24 to hit isn't anything extraordinary at level 8.
Prove it. Work out his DPR vs an adult dragon. And I'm not seeing how he's apparently good at /everything/.

>> No.51794680

Might just be the timing, but mountains also lend themselves to simple ideas that you can't just go around.

>> No.51794685

>holy shit...the "mountains" question got me so many more suggestions than the "forest road by a river" and " foggy forest by the cold ocean" questions...
That is interesting. Maybe it's because mountains always contain more isolated things. Places nobody goes, people who haven't seen the outside in 50 years, etc.

>> No.51794701

>I was really only thinking a -2 at most so it's not so obvious it hurts.

>wield a weapon a size larger but take -2

That's LITERALLY Monkey Grip you dweeb.

>> No.51794706

>and +24 to hit isn't anything extraordinary at level 8.

My to-hit is at +16, a +24 just seems absurd.

>> No.51794739

Dude I've never, ever seen a level 8 that has +24 to to-hit. Or even in the ballpark.

>> No.51794741

yeah...but the mountains encounters are only really needed because my players MIGHT chose to take the mountains as a shortcut to the long forest path. furthermore, they'll be spending more time on the coast.

all these ideas might force me to get them to go back to the mountains for some reason...

this may be true, doesn't stop me lamenting the fact.

>> No.51794750

Have you considered that maybe you're just bad?
So you've never seen a raging barbarian then.

>> No.51794770

I mean it's not like it's a bad idea, but it's still a huge gamble that your patron will bother to bring you back. If you're a PC it's rather likely that that will happen, because you're the Main Character. But for your average person, unless you spend a lot of time and effort making sure your Eldest gibes a shit about you, they probably won't care when you die.

>> No.51794795

>Have you considered that maybe you're just bad?

... No? I made a character without trying to go for the bleeding edge of optimization, +16 seems fantastic to me.

>> No.51794812

You said low level.

A cave with goblins is low level.

>> No.51794815

>+24 to hit isn't anything extraordinary at level 8.
Assuming that the character in-question is an Orc Fighter 7 (Weapon Master) / Barbarian 1 with Gloves of Dueling, Weapon Focus, and a +3 weapon, we can safely guess that in prime combat-mode (that is to say, he's putting everything into this round of combat and thus is raging), the character in-question has +21 to hit. This is with the most generous of assumptions, having stacked as much as I could to get a high STR bonus and nontyped attack bonuses via Fighter. A less-hyperfocused character would have an even lower attack bonus; DHB's character is an outlier even with the example given.

>> No.51794825

This is where I want to add in more functionality to it, like treating 1 handed weapons as light, probably more along the lines of effortless lace, but as a talent rather than a magic item.

>> No.51794835

>CR12 Monster has average AC of 27
So he has a 10% to miss on top of the guaranteed 5%. Yeah, that's pretty obscene.

>> No.51794854

Have you considered that you're a faggot?

>> No.51794857

>Prove it. Work out his DPR vs an adult dragon. And I'm not seeing how he's apparently good at /everything/.
Against an adult green dragon:

On his charge he does the following damage on his initial pounce:
>.7*3*(4.5*3+21)+2*.05*3*(4.5*3+21)+.7*2*(4.5*3+17)+2*.05*2*(4.5*3+17) = 131.6
The dragon now has 41 HP

This is on average, and the dragon now has to make a save against Misfortune. Let's assume it makes the save.

The dragon goes up against AC 31 for its first 4 attacks because of the Protector familiar, and the characters takes 50% less damage because of protector familiar.

The dragon does:
>.5*(4.5+12)+.05*2*(4.5+12)+.5*2*(3.5*2+8)+.05*2*2*(3.5*2+8)+.2*(4.5+4)+.05*2*(4.5+4)+.3*(4.5+4)+.05*2*(4.5+4)+.3*(4.5+12) = 38.8
The character still have 51 effective health, transferring 50% of damage to his familiar.

The dragon dies this round, punched to death.

>> No.51794862

and I wasn't complaining, but I think 400 Km of mountain passes and barely passable forests with nothing but goblin caves might get boring...

>> No.51794863


>> No.51794866


>Busty barely-clothed brawler babes

Jolly, stahp!

>> No.51794874

Well, only on his first iterative/haste. It drops by 25% for every attack after that. Not defending those numbers, just chiming in.

>> No.51794875

My mistake, I forgot to include the +3 from the weapon, so that does match to be a +24.
... On a full-BAB, Weapon Master-and-Gloves of Dueling, Raging Orc. Neither Vigilante or Avowed are full-BAB, so explain how the fuck he's getting those numbers in a non-bullshit way. This is on top of the fact that the example Orc in question does not have nearly the same level of saving throws or skill bonuses; ONLY his BAB would be good.

>> No.51794881

Literally hitler.

>> No.51794886

She looks like a puncher

>> No.51794905

So in this case what we can see is Operative Monday can relatively safely take out an adult green dragon. He can survive two full attacks from the dragon, so even if he goes second he can manage a kill.

However in all likelihood he'll go first because he has a +12 to initiative opposed to the dragon's +0.

>> No.51794908

In what way? She's not dressed for it with her top, and her wrist jewelry definitely says no to punching.

>> No.51794909

(this actually not Ranma)

>> No.51794929

>Neither Vigilante or Avowed are full-BAB, so explain how the fuck he's getting those numbers in a non-bullshit way.
Aether Channel from Avowed lets you count as Full BaB.

>> No.51794936

>> No.51794949

>> No.51794960

EhnJolly, how is the Fortune Thief SUPPOSED to work?

A level 8 Fortune Thief can get, like, a permanent +6 luck bonus to EVERYTHING from Hoarded Luck, Improved Luck, and Fate's Favored. They just have to keep the luck and never spend it ever.

It's kind of stupid that they're better hoarding luck than spending luck...

>> No.51794988

Every demon is a punch girl at heart

>> No.51795000

>> No.51795017

Somebody said punch girl?

>> No.51795025

>> No.51795038

>> No.51795046

It only has to be one.

It sounds like you have enough ideas for 95 km of mountain passes.

>> No.51795054

>> No.51795063

That's a way you can play it, although honestly I'll admit hoarded luck probably gave a bonus to too many things.

Although presuming 18 cha, you can get hold 4 luck, which gives you a +1 on all rolls. With improved luck, you push that up to 6, which is a +2 on everything, and fortune's favored, that's a +3 on everything. Throw on another improved luck, and you're at 8, which is +4 on everything as far as I can see, and you've spent 3 vigilante talents to do that.

I'm not sure how you're making it to +6 myself, so please tell me how since I'm not seeing it. I mean with 22 Cha, you could push it to +5, but you're already investing a lot into it, so I don't really see a problem with letting you invest in something like that.

>> No.51795070

When you pick adopted to get a race trait can you still get another society or race trait?

>> No.51795087


>> No.51795090

Operative Monday has 26 Cha.
No. Adopted counts as your social trait and it grants you a race trait. You can't get another social or race trait.

>> No.51795122

that sounds good for general mountains. next I need forest for the intervening locations

the party needs to go from Aldersburgh to Jera's observatory. so it's mostly mountains for the straight line option.

>> No.51795124

Would have been too good.

>> No.51795169

So they wanna hoarde luck, that was something I wanted to make as an option. I mean you can do it, again I'd probably lower what hoarded luck gave a bonus to if I was rewriting it, but considering I try to balance around a 20 point buy, it's outside of what I had planned for a character like this to just hoarde luck.

Best solution I'd give is make them pick 2 stats to get the luck bonus or use mobs of weak opponents to not let them be able to siphon tons of luck or just ban improved luck if you don't want them using this as a strategy.

>> No.51795179

> wield large weapons at -2 Or 1-handed count as light.
You know what, I'm fine with that. It will be a must have for someone going twf (str or dex really).
Speaking of str twf, will there be a hard dex limit on the twf sphere. Or is that part of what the team wants to move away from, hard stat locks and the like.

Also Sexy gender bent Ryu, nice.

>> No.51795206

Dual Wielding has no dex prereqs, you can go full pumped beast on them.

>> No.51795207

>> No.51795214

Oh, I have no problem with it, though the Taldor Ascendant GM might, in which case he should read your post.

>> No.51795237

Anon, these "punchgirls" of yours have no muscle tone. They're weak. WEAK!

>> No.51795246

All punch girls are good punch girls, no exceptions.

>> No.51795267


Charisma 18 to start with + 2 from race + 2 from level advancement + 4 enhancement = 26 at 8th-level.

>Use mobs of weak opponents to not let them be able to siphon tons of luck

This is not a deterrent against a vigilante (fortune thief), as luck points linger until expended. Therefore, a fortune thief can preserve their pool of luck points throughout the entire campaign. Is this not what you had written into the fortune thief?

>> No.51795292

for one thing if it's called heavy arms and doesn't involve gatlings and missiles, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.51795308

Obviously not.

I'd probably errata hoarded luck if given the chance as stated.

>> No.51795338

Do you have a river crossing adventure?

Read Goblin Slayer.

>> No.51795342

So there are all kinds of spells for becoming huge and ripped, but what about spells that make you more dextrous, WITHOUT killing your reach? Anything?

>> No.51795371


And then she gets gang-raped by 9 foot ogre dicks.

>> No.51795372

Cat's Grace

>> No.51795373

>swearing yourself to the Fey
>not serving the Elements

>> No.51795383

No but like beyond 2nd level trash that doesn't stack with items?

>> No.51795384

>Goblin Slayer
>not Teppu
Anon, pls.

>> No.51795388


The fey are nicer!

>> No.51795394

>serving the Elements
Do they have a similar class with health insurance benefits and a travel plan?

>> No.51795420

Paragon Surge.

>> No.51795426

God, fuck that manga. Did we really need *another* edgelord sue wankfest? It's like the motherfucker read Dungeon Meshi and said


Shoulda stuck to your rape doujins, dude.

>> No.51795429

I'm sure both of you are reading Dungeon Meshi.


>> No.51795440


>> No.51795444


Also, punch girl for punch girl.

>> No.51795465

So... What class would a Harry Potter wizard be in Pathfinder? They seem a bit more Sorcerer than Wizard, yet they still need focus components to cast the good stuff.

>> No.51795471

>Do you have a river crossing adventure?
not yet
and there is a return trip option that might have river pirates.

>> No.51795473


>> No.51795474

I've been looking for an excuse to post this somewhere.

>> No.51795475

Dungeon Meshi and Kaguya are just gold mines for reaction images.

>> No.51795480

Harry Potter wizards can learn as many spells as they like and they always gain them through study and knowledge. That's not a sorcerer at all and definitely closer to a wizard. Are you high?

>> No.51795481

Can a paladin with a natural attack use their divine bond to enhance their natural weapon? It doesn't seem like there's anything preventing it, but I want to make sure.

>> No.51795484

They've got familars and non-cantrip A L L D A Y options. They're witches.

>> No.51795488


Probably the dullest class in Pathfinder, fitting for one of the dullest franchises in the history of movie franchises. Each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody?just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

>a-at least the books were good though r-right
The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

>> No.51795511

Have you ever had a love triangle in a game? Harems don't count, just exactly 3 characters involved. NPCs maybe included if they were relevant enough.

>> No.51795514

Well the school is Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It could easily be that that's not a gender divide, but more of a divide between two categories of magic.

>> No.51795525

It's more like they're just a bunch of aristocrats or experts who all train in Use Magic Device and have some spell-like abilities if they're lucky (or important to the plot).

Everything they do hinges on their ability to use a wand, which isn't a Pathfinder wand but more like a really weird staff. Infinite charges, but all the spells seem to be either useless and cosmetic or totally broken (instant death with no save that can't be counterspelled).

>> No.51795534

I'm fairly sure that people have been shown to do magic without wands, it's just harder or less controlled.

So basically, they're Bound Items/Spheres Focus Items.

>> No.51795542

Are you cherry-picking quotes from an article? Or are you just that bad at writing? Because your post is painful to read and makes no sense.

>> No.51795553

A love triangle is lurking in our game right now. Two PCs just made up to each other after a falling out, but one of the party's NPCs is trying to put the moves on one of the aforementioned PCs. It is very dramatic!

>> No.51795559

Hi Jack Chick. I see they have pretty good wi-fi in Hell.

>> No.51795561

Oh my god you're right

>> No.51795568

This has to be a copypasta. The fact that you act as if Spielberg's direction over the series could have possibly changed your opinion reveals just how dishonest you're being - Spielberg is the one of perhaps three directors most criticized for the wave of over-commercialization of cinema. And as for >>51795542's question. Yes. He's quoting Harold Bloom. Without attribution, out of context.

>> No.51795573

>low tier
>To Kill a Mockingbird
>shit tier
This is some masterfully crafted bait

>> No.51795576

Spheres is probably the best way to do it, but they've all got access to a really shitty general effects sphere.

Seriously, though, the HP magic system makes my teeth itch. If I were trying to do anything close, I'd give people an MP shenanigan and an hourly recharge rate.

>> No.51795583

I thought there was one building in my "once every few months if GM feels like it", but said GM didn't really do anything with it. He focuses so much on POLITICAL INTRIGUE that he doesn't really seem to know how to do characters or their relationships.

>> No.51795592

>So... What class would a Harry Potter wizard be in Pathfinder? They seem a bit more Sorcerer than Wizard, yet they still need focus com
The only people who have been shown to be capable of wandless magic are Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Grindelwald. Wandless magic is in the level of masterclass sort of stuff.

>> No.51795598

Not sure about insurance, but they can grant you such power that if you vanish when the world needs you most, the peoples will be plunged into a hundred-year war of untold casualties.

>> No.51795601

is this copypasta

>> No.51795614

Young wizards have a tendency to accidentally do random shit, don't they?

>> No.51795616

Class or prc?
And sorry, but I'm not an Avatar fan

>> No.51795620

Romance is a rarity in the games I play, the most magical pairing I've ever seen was just human male/elf female, which is practically vanilla.

I'm waiting for one of the /pfg/ groups to bleed a love triangle into the threads for shitposting material though.

>> No.51795637

Please convince me to play a Sylph over a Tiefling. Tieflings just have fucking everything going for them, even discluding the big roll list of overpowered abilities.

>> No.51795644

What if I told you that our party has a tiefling woman in love with a small shifter woman, and that a genderbending changeling is also pursuing the shifter?

>> No.51795654

And the one guy randomly sitting in the Leaky Cauldron in the movies.

>> No.51795660

Sylphs are cute! Tieflings look like this! Look at that big dumb ugly face! Who'd want that?

>> No.51795666

1) Just play what you want to, geez.

2) The vast majority of GMs won't let you roll on the alternate abilities table, and I'd be incredibly surprised if any let you cherrypick.

>> No.51795669


>> No.51795683

They do, but it is to the point of being uncontrolled and self harmful. What I should say is "wandless magic that isn't likely to kill you".

True haram.

>> No.51795684

Science wizard is the best wizard!

>> No.51795698

Maybe to do wandless magic, you need to have an understanding of both science AND magic.

Comprehension of underlying scientific principles allows a wizard to take much more efficient routes to the same conclusion, allowing them to perform such feats without a wand as an additional focus.

>> No.51795702

Huh, I always thought the spoon was charmed, not that he was doing wandless magic. Was I the only one?

>> No.51795713



>> No.51795730

I do enough cooking that if I were a wizard, the first thing I'd do is charm the shit out of my cookware.

>> No.51795740

>just play whatever you want to

Nice try, Satan!

>> No.51795757


It's ancient /tv/ copypasta, a true masterwork.

What is it doing here, I wonder?

>> No.51795768

How do you build a monk of the silver fist?

>> No.51795770

I don't mean to weird alternate universe stormwind or whatever here, but why on earth are you playing if you're playing something you don't want to?

>> No.51795771

You know what's especially ironic? The guy he's quoting for his criticism, Harold Bloom? Here's another one of his quotes. "The two Alice books by Lewis Carroll are the finest literary fantasies ever written. They will last forever..."
And then you look at the attached image.

>> No.51795793

A good start, but don't tell me. I'm waiting for enough for any given game for story times with multiple PC perspectives.

>> No.51795823

I didn't see any Murakami in the top tier so I assumed it was a troll image.

/lit/ fucking loves their Murakami, last I checked.

>> No.51795831

You again.

>> No.51795837

>Awaken My Pumpkins

>> No.51795847

it's nice being remembered

>> No.51795852

They make pretty good wizards.

>Racial to get a permanent +2 AC vs non-magical ranged attacks
>Permanent +5 feet to speed
>Can get a permanent fly speed with two racial feats at by level 9

Yeah, Tieflings (and Aasimars) are generally a bit better and have more options, but Sylphs are probably the third best of the planetouched races after those two.

They also have the Wind Listener archetype, which is pretty decent (you trade out Arcane Bond to be able to spontaneously cast any Divination spell you know).

So not the best, but far from the worst.

>> No.51795857

Because the anon who kicked off the conversation was looking to be convinced against playing a Tiefling (despite wanting to), and Tieflings have fiendish origins, which would be indicated by the numbers at the end of the post to which I replied.

There, I explained the joke and it's not funny anymore.

>> No.51795858

Never been on /lit/ but I've seen some /lit/ copypastas and stuff. Do they like Yukio Mishima as well, or is that just one random faggot?

>> No.51795861

>That filename
Another /feg/-goer, I see.

>> No.51795866


>> No.51795869

Does a caster intrinsically know how much HD worth of undead are under his control at any given time?

Would he know when something under his control is destroyed?

>> No.51795891

Not said either way.

Up to the DM but I'd say yes.

>> No.51795895

It's a multi-board shitpost kind of night

>> No.51795899

I uh

didn't even notice the numbers


>> No.51795909


What did he mean by this?

>> No.51795924

Been a while since I've been there, but last I saw it was mostly Eco and Mieville and Murakami.

calvino is my favorite pomo author, everyone else is overrated

>> No.51795927

Should we go onto /feg/ and shitpost there with /pfg/ memes, perhaps?

>> No.51795935


So this... Is the power... Of Third Party Material... Woah...

>> No.51795938

I wonder, which nation would be most likely to have Wizards develop the magical equivalent of all those "give up" machines that Japan has

My guess is Geb, since most of them have already given up hard on life

>> No.51795940

On top of Gestalt, let's be entirely fair here; this sort of interaction is otherwise infeasible or impossible.

>> No.51795959

Great. I've got a Bloody Skeletal Champion dragon and I have no idea how much of my limit its taking up.

The onyx used for the spell came from a big pile of the shit someone else supplied so I wasn't able to tell that way.

>> No.51795975

Definitely Geb. Geb himself literally reanimated his waifu so she could run the country for him.

>> No.51795980



>> No.51795985

>"give up" machines

Explain further?

>> No.51795989

I dunno, there doesn't really seem to be much stopping a non-gestalt fortune thief from banking forever either.

>> No.51796010

I can't wait for one of those machines to go all yandere!SHODAN.

>W-wh-whyyyyyy weren't you-(changes pitch to super-high)-weren't you-(back to normal)-home on schedule, d-d-d-arlingggg?
>Whatttttts this te-te-text on your phone? I don't recognize-recognize-recognize [burst of static] that name.
>All the lights in the house start flickering
>Thermostat starts steadily getting turned up

>> No.51796012


Derogatory term used by people who think social machines are "bad," that you should instead go through the pain of betrayal and break-up before finding a whore wife who settles on you to tiredly squirt out two children, get overly proud of it, and then leave you and take half your money (And the kids) while society tells her "Oh, oh! You poor thing, staying with such a cruel, weak man!"

>> No.51796015

A full half of his miscellaneous bonuses to saves are from self-pact avowed.

>> No.51796017

Why is everyone here so fucking autistic about literally everything

Just play what the fuck you want to, holy shit

>> No.51796030


Are there any combat stamina tricks worth mentioning besides Agile Maneuvers? Aren't the rest just "spend 5 points to not have a -1 on this thing?"

>> No.51796032

A "give up" machine is a device that you own at the point when you give up on life. For example, sex robot waifus, holographic personal assistant waifus, and VR waifus.

>> No.51796037


>> No.51796057

Japanese men have basically been using technology to give up on life, relationships, and reproducing. And I'm not just talking about tenga and dakis. I'm talking using advance AI, holograms, and virtual reality to make waifus real and to fill the lonely voids in their life.
just a few example

>> No.51796099


>> No.51796101

Self-Pact Avowed is granting him CHA to attack, damage, and saves, in addition to counting himself as full-BAB. By itself, Fortune Thief is still good, but not nearly as amazing because all you're doing is sitting on a luck bonus.

>> No.51796107

Hello sad little person who has completely given up on life or interacting with other human beings

>> No.51796109

Kirin Style.

>> No.51796117

While you are correct, part of why it's so absurd on DHB's character is that he stacks Self Pact Avowed on top of it. Fortune Thief bonuses are a luck bonus, but indirectly scale with Charisma due to it affecting your maximum luck, so having both classes at the same time effectively gives double Charisma scaling to almost everything. Each of those on its own is powerful, but together in gestalt they take it to another level. That's the sort of shit you're signing up with with gestalt though.

>> No.51796132

It'd be easier if the SRD wasn't broken, but Kirin Strike gets you Int to damage just by having 1 stamina in your pool. Quick Draw also lets you sheathe as a Swift action if you have 1 point. If you're really deep into shield use, Greater Ray Shield lets you spend 10 stamina to reflect a ray attack that you deflect at a target within 60 feet.

>> No.51796139

This is true.

And also a pretty good reason for me never to play in a /pfg/ game.

>> No.51796147


Didn't DHB say he wasn't going autismal with that build?

>> No.51796155

Well nuts to that, you don't need an electronic gadget to give up on life.

At most, you'd need a rope or a high point to jump off of.

We're not talking about the same thing, are we?

>> No.51796178

There's a difference between retreating into solitude and ending it all.

>> No.51796192

Anyone got a link to the Unchained Magus some anon was shilling? Never got a chance to look it over.

>> No.51796199

what is twf?

>> No.51796209

>not finding a fellow degenerate to retreat from normal society with
Fucking casuals I swear to god.

>> No.51796211


And why are so many young men giving up on life?

Surely it's the young men's fault.

>> No.51796212

Twf is short for "two weapon fighting"

>> No.51796228

Just gotta put this out there.

Fuck you.

>> No.51796235

Are we going to the other thread or making a new one?

I guess here's the other thread.

>> No.51796243

4 pages left you shitstain

>> No.51796259

He didn't make a new thread. It was another thread that got started last time.

>> No.51796271

>it's another "DOUBLE X TO Y IS CANCER" episode

christ, some of my ultra-lazy, not at all thought out builds would send some of you fucks into conniptions

>> No.51796284

I bet you're the same guy that just now bumped the other one so it wouldn't fall off the board with >>51796225 because somebody chiming in 3 hours later but just in time is just so very likely.

>> No.51796289

Now look at what you did, that shit got bumped to first page and won't die before this thread's in retirement age.
Now we have to put up with dragon tits and whatever else shit some fucktard vomited there.
Are you happy now, you disgusting mongrel?

See above

>> No.51796291

But anon, if all those lonely japanese men killed themselves, how would they maintain their economy built around overly detailed moe figurines, phone sex lines, idol merchandise, video girlfriends, and other such keystones of the economy built around the money of tens of thousands of salarymen and NEETs?

I mean, just imagine how would Japan function if all those lonely salarymen and wageslaves were to kill themselves, in addition to their unsustainably low birthrates.

I mean, Akihabara would fall apart in a week's time!

>> No.51796299

/pfg/ - The General That Cried "Overoptimized"
There are builds out there that shouldn't be allowed. This one isn't one of them.

>> No.51796345

What do you think makes a build not allowed?

>> No.51796355

Wis dump

>> No.51796356

Hey fuckers, fix your Wrath app sheets so I can look at them. They're still Mythweaver busted. I'm not the DM, just a voyeur.

>> No.51796369

Blood Money.

>> No.51796385

What's wrong with Blood Money?

>> No.51796394

Alternative new thread!


>> No.51796403

>slap Str-Self Avowed over a Brutal Slayer/Bushi Stalker because this seemed like a logical conclusion for a character concept have
>this build would likely make /pfg/ flip their shit because it has Self Pact and "double Str to AC" in it

I just wanted to be a lazy but swole sonuvabitch

>> No.51796405

I don't know what you're talking about, mine works fine. Or do you not want to see a man's sheet?

>> No.51796406

But we already have an anime girl thread.

>> No.51796408

That isn't much better you wanker

>> No.51796415

Not to mention we're still ON PAGE 5 YOU FUCKNUGGET

>> No.51796446

>Page 5
>3 threads at once
>2 of them weeb trash
I want to break your fingers and throw every internet-accessable device in your house into a woodchipper

But since I can't, Janitor take the wheel!

>> No.51796458

I think you missed the people who were saying avowed wasn't broken on its own but comboing it was the problem

>> No.51796481

What was the feat's name that let you use a glaive in hand as a slashing or piercing weapon?

>> No.51796491

Bladed Brush

>> No.51796522

Ya wouldn't have a picture of it? srd and nethys don't have it

>> No.51796563

It's at the bottom-right.

>> No.51796569

No, I didn't miss them, I just said people would bitch about that. It's a class whose very design is comfortable and easy to slot into almost anything. Like, with the Con feats in avowed 2, literally everything could reasonably gestalt into it and get something out of it, outside of super-niche builds.

>> No.51796597

Did any evil gods get prestige classes in that book?

>> No.51796613

This Shelynite be mai waifu.

Actually, what would be the best way to build into this class from?

>> No.51796631

It was Paths of Righteousness. No evil gods allowed.

>> No.51796641

There needs to be a similar book for evil deities.

>> No.51796651

Isn't there?

>> No.51796659

You're gonna have to wait till "Paths of Wickedness" to both get announced, released, and, considering you're looking for free, leeked/shared.

>> No.51796665

that they are

>> No.51796706

Paths of the Wicked sounds better.

What evil deities deserve PrCs anyway?

Asmodeus, Lamashtu, Norgorber, Rovagug, Urgathoa, and Zon-Kuthon are obvious, but who besides them?

Likely one of the Archdevils, a Horseman, and a Demon Prince, but which ones?

>> No.51796721

>also throw in Zyphus just because

>> No.51796724

I mean he's not a Samsaran Wizard with Orator, Blood Money, and Fey Obedience (Magdh) so he's at least not FULL autismal with it.

>> No.51796725

Pazuzu? Maybe Achaekek?

>> No.51796728


>> No.51796734

>abilities rely on "light or no armor"
>iconic is dressed in plate

>> No.51796746

>Pazuzu? Maybe Achaekek?
Achaekek already has a PrC.

Pazuzu would make sense.

Honestly I have a Pavnuri PrC for a fiendish information broker based class.

>> No.51796748

Not plate. It's like 80% cloth.

>> No.51796755

Initial thoughts are Swashbuckler, considering the way it's built up.

>> No.51796767

You have a very different definition of what both "Cloth" and "80%" mean.

But we won't call'em "alternative facts" like you prefer out there.

They're just lies.

>> No.51796778

I wouldn't mind seeing a Sifkesh inspired PrC based around giving divine spellcasters the finger. Or maybe something for Jubilex. I think Pathfinder needs an official ooze related PrC.

>> No.51796781

It has a breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, and armored boots, i assumed that all the cloth was just a flourish added on top, like a surcoat.

None of it looks like any of the "Light" armors. At the very minumum, it is a Breastplate, which if I recall is a medium armor

But swashbucklers suck though

>> No.51796791

A mithral breastplate is light armor.

>> No.51796792

No, seriously, zoom it in.
>breastplate that's more like gorget and some kinda stomach-guard

>big fuckoff skirt
>slashed sleeves
>what looks like a doublet or tunic

>> No.51796819

>Gyronna Nascent Hag PrC
>Folca PrC that deals in mental control and manipulation

>> No.51796843

> But swashbuckler sucks
I know I know
But the prc likes having little armor, a good Cha mod, and the quickest way to get it is with a bab 1 class. Now you could do those and Not be a Swashbuckler, but it might be a bit more tricky and wouldn't be as smooth as a transition.

Also, Mithral Breastplate counts as light for all but proficiency.

>> No.51796861

Daring Champion cavalier?

>> No.51796922

That sure as hell doesn't look like mithril though

>>big fuckoff skirt
Which is essentially a surcoat flourish, that many heavy ceremonial armorst had, pic related
>>slashed sleeves
which are around only 5-10 percent of the amor, and look a lot like its gambeson there to allow elbow articulation
This one I might concede, if only because of how hard they are to make out, though they still have armored boots and greaves
>>what looks like a doublet or tunic
Literally not seeing it. I see a mantle coming off of the pauldrons, and I see a big cloth belt, but the entire torso is armored from collar to waistline. And even if it were there and I'm blind, considering its under a breastplate and such, I'd still say its probably gambeson

Even being generous to your side, I'd say the whole thing is more closer to 65% Med-to-Heavy armor, 35% lightly clothed

>> No.51796943

Of course I forget my picture
Both of these are good examples of what I'm talking about

>> No.51796956

What about Paladin, with a dip in Daring Champion?

>> No.51796961

In name only, the ones here are made with "Beauty" in mind and Not functionality. Actual Pauldrons would cover a larger area.
I'll give you that
If Mithral, nothing wrong here
Buckler, a light shield that doesn't take a hand.

>Final note
The boots are just boots with a few metal platings. The other thing to remember is "Full Plate" has plate connectins to All of the Body. A Breastplate set is sometimes flavored with Pieces of Full plate but not Actually full plate.

>> No.51796970

I'm kind of ambivalent on it, honestly. Like, I think avowed is a cool class and everything, but I don't really like self pact fluffwise and I don't really like how it's basically something you have to take in /pfg/ gestalt games if you want to be remotely competitive, because everyone else is.

>> No.51796988

I forgot that existed.
That could work actually. Pretty well even.

>> No.51797039

Challenge and Smite wouldn't synergize very well. If you're going Cavalier you usually go in for the long haul.

Wasn't there a new Paladin swashbuckler archetype?

>> No.51797100

They synergize GREAT if you can get both at full or near full progression.

Chevalier is a really good PrC for Cavs for this reason.

>> No.51797123

Smite can work better for a dip if you've got a high Charisma modifier, since it boosts both attacks and AC. But Challenge only really works if you can get it at or near your full level.

>> No.51797171

>Wasn't there a new Paladin swashbuckler archetype?
If there was, its not on th SRD yet. Do you recall what book?
Otherwise there is a 3pp one that exists, but its Flaming Crab Games

>> No.51797204

I don't know, they both are competing for a swift action which makes the combination unwieldy I think.

It was one of the more recent leaks. I can't remember what the book name was, but I think it was posted around the same time as the Phantom Blade spiritualist and Silksworn Occultist.

>> No.51797230

Yeah, but they both otherwise stack entirely.

>> No.51797242

part 1 of the Virtuous Bravo

>> No.51797250

Hero's of High Courts maybe?
I'll start the digging.

>> No.51797258

And here's part 2

>> No.51797264

Same as >>51797250
That saved me some time.

>> No.51797270

I'm not arguing that, just that popping two swift actions against everything your trying to kill seems to tedious for how I usually like to play.

>> No.51797304

>precise strike and smite.

Yeah, I think this'd be a good archetype for going into the PrC. At least at first glance.

>> No.51797321

Well it's hardly against everything. Especially since the Smite that Chevaliers get is 1/day.

But on that once per day, you can add almost double your damage to all attacks against something.

>> No.51797385

This is actually perfect!
Plus, you still have Medium armor for Breastplate, and the only important thing you lose is Deflection bonus on Smite, Mercy, and Spells, which is fine since the PiC would've kept you from casting anyhow.

Still, losing mercy does suck a bit, but since Bond is untouched you could possibly do d some other archetypes to mix in as well

>> No.51797571

I'm playing one in a home-game right now. I combined it with the Chosen One archetype (they both alter Smite, but my GM ruled since Chosen One just pushed Smite back by two levels instead of actually changing it mechanically, he'd let these two archetypes stack).

>> No.51797613

>Chosen One/Virtuous Bravo
>straight up the most shonen protagonist champion of Justice

>> No.51797901

Is there a decent Injuries table somewhere?

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