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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What's your favorite 3pp/homebrew for a draconic race? Like "quarter-dragons."
Believe it or not, Paizo still isn't offering something for that. Why are they afraid to?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

Old Thread: >>51785536

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Is there more than one setting? If so, how do you recognise the one you are playing assuming the GM doesn't tell you?

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I liked the one in the link repository, way back.

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Really? I mean really, why bother trying to hide behind a legit question now?

Here, let me help you with what you actually wanted.

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Neat. That character looks almost exactly like what my current character is supposed to look like - she's a Tiefling Bard with a focus on Perform (Dance).

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because the goal here is obviously dragon tits.

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Or is it scaley tits? enlighten me please.

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>Believe it or not, Paizo still isn't offering something for that. Why are they afraid to?

Players would adapt something from Races of Dragon unless Paizo was adding a lot more new stuff.

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>Dragontits thread
>Not a single actual dragon.

This IS a shit thread.

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Because either way, you're still only really interested in tits.

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And while I like tits just as much as the next man, this is getting kind of old.

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The only official Pathfinder setting is Golarion. Some simple tests to determine what setting you're in include: thea surplus of wizards who could solve the problem without even trying (Faerun), the existence of robots with souls (Eberron), everyone talking with a Cockney accent (Planescape), etc.

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You know, I'm actually pretty much out of sfw tits, that's a surprise. Just gonna have to keep looking I guess.

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But actual dragons don't have tits.

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You don't know that.

That is a really pretty dragon though.

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I mean, we're into my tiefling folder but I guess they could be considered dragon blooded? If you squint? Or just forget the whole scales thing.

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>everyone talking with a Cockney accent (Planescape)
Lots of planes have a north!

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Ah well, it's not like you're super picky about your tits either way.

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The hard part is going to be not reposting the same set of tits.

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See the effort and sacrifices I make for you? Having to remember which tits are tits I've already shoved in your face.

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Jesus Christ dude, stop. You are worse than the OP. I know you probably want to bomb this thread but that is just petty and childish.

> I mean really, why bother trying to hide behind a legit question now?
You are legit insane.

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How about a cute dragon girl Arcane Duelist?

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I figure it might just get the point across to him how annoying it is for the rest of us.

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It is one image at the start. ONE. With a legit question. Just... get over it. You are throwing a tantrum because someone likes anime girls. Ask yourself who is worse. Like, you are doing exactly what you are accusing him of, only worse, because you are actually spamming and shitposting. If that person was posting more pictures and trying to enforce "cueposting" or whatever in the thread itself then ok, but it's not like that.

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Your pic needs more armor.

Or, you could go cute girl Warlord / Sorcerer (Draconic bloodline) / Bladecaster

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If you hate the thread so much how about posting in the other new thread dickhead?

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>I figure it might just get the point across to him how annoying it is for the rest of us.

So you decide to be ten times more obnoxious? Yea, okay, that works. You retard.

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Where is DHB getting that misc +19 to Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate from?

+3 Circlet of Persuasion, +6 Silver Tongue...

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Does anyone have a scan of the First World book page that gives details on Shyka?

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>Taldor GM hasn't responded in several days

Is it a dead game?

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Alright, I gotta ask, as someone who constantly sees /pfg/ in the general but has never played and knows nothing about it, why the fuck is it full of anime girls with animal parts? I need to know.

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This thread got shitposted by someone butthurted. Anime girls in the OP are just that, anime girls in the OP, usually pertaining to the thread starting question. It's cute and better than some grim tryhard Dark Souls or MTG picture.

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Because PF players play to be the little furry girl.

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Because faggots make a new thread when we're at page 5 so they can make the OP be fucking full of weebshit.

Faggots like this guy.

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This thread was made on page 8, as were others before it. We did not have page 5 generals for some time but I guess you just want to be offended.

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There's nothing weeaboo or even particularly furry about Pathfinder, relative to D&D. What you're seeing here is pure community waste, not the game.

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Blame Bloodforge: Infusions.

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Because it's much cuter than the actually furrified beastman races that are in PF supplements.

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Enough about DHB's optimization, let's look at his backstory. How does he compare to other applicants in that regard? Let's take a look at it.

Backstory: Operative Monday's past is one shrouded in mystery, in no small part to his own effort. What he knows of his own past is what he has read in a dossier, as the majority of his memories prior to entering the Lion Blades have been removed, at his request, using Sequester Thoughts. Part of him suspects that the dossier is a fabrication, used to inundate himself with a false past behind a wall of blank memory. The dossier tells of a wealthy merchant's son sent to Kitharodian Academy for his education. Mother deceased during his teenage years with two younger sisters and a senile father now living out his old age comfortably in a sea side southern Taldoran town. Operative Monday has met both of these women who claim to be his younger sisters, and suspects they belong to another cell of the Lion Blades. Their names are Hannah and Sareen Vedger, and they run his claimed family's textile business together. He has not met his father, but puts this up more to being married to his work than to some sort of conspiracy among the upper echelon. While in Kitharodian Academy Operative Monday apparently grew bored of life there and instead turned to an ever increasingly interesting life of crime, mostly consisting of gambling, smuggling, and high profile theft. This was when he first caught the attention of The Lion Blades as someone of possible recruitment. In the dossier it describes him being captured and offered a deal, entering a shadow school rather than a prison cell. This was part that Operative Monday believes wholeheartedly, as it is in line with his personality.

>> No.51796396

During harsh training endured while at the Shadow Schools Operative Monday was shown to have an great talent for both espionage and unarmed combat. A report among the dossier describes that after eight months at the shadow school Operative Monday accomplished what is known as The Vow of Self, using one's force of personality and might as a form of self empowerment, this lead to many of his current powers. As well this lead to his ability to exchange luck between individuals as the ebb and flow of fortune. These and more skills were detailed in reports by instructors at the Shadow Schools.

After graduating is when Operative Monday's current memories begin. Both an exploitable past and the locations, structure, and organization of the shadow schools he trained at are protected by his obscured memories. This was at the age of 26. During the next 11 years Operative Monday served the nation of Taldor faithfully, traveling abroad for long periods of time to hunt enemies of the state, often infiltrating foreign political structure for these missions. Entering a noble family's service as a scribe or manservant was not an uncommon tactic. It was not unheard of that he would travel with another Lion's Blade, but more often than not he would go alone. During this time he became close to several other Lion Blades. The plucky Megaar Dreer, Operative Half-jack, a halfling man adept at both forgery and information control and Adriana Vess, Operative Little Miss, the woman who claimed to have been his instructor while in the shadow schools.

>> No.51796410

Five years ago Operative Monday was trusted with founding his own Shadow School in Oppara, now known as The Lion's Den. It trained Lion Blades in a similar manner to how Operative Monday performed his missions, long term infiltration and observation of foreign targets, teaching young Lion Blades how to deal with being away from their homeland, often in hostile territory. Operative Monday now both taught and went on mission, often on a six month cycle. His current mission is one in a series. For this mission he had taken on the identity of Morgan Alsdraut.

Personality: Operative Monday has a rather strange personality at this point, deeply suspicious and overall disillusioned. Despite this embittered mindset he is powerfully patriotic towards Taldor, and the more he sees of the world the more he grows to love his homeland. However he keeps his country and countryman at arms length, as one can not rely on them while gone from the country. One's own body, mind, and personality are what one must strengthen until that of iron to survive the demands of being a Lion Blade's commander, especially with the weight of running his own Shadow School on his shoulders. Operative Monday compensates for this mainly with pleasures of the flesh, gambling, women, drink. He considers this as his major weakness. The empowerment and strengthening of the flesh coupled with his own weakness for it represents for him a constant struggle.

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>Non anime OP pictures are tryhard Dark Souls or MTG pictures

>> No.51796735

Do you realize just how many pictures that are ACTUAL PATHFINDER ART could be used? Just with a simple google search?

>> No.51796774

I actually prefer the anime OPs as long as they aren't accompanied by clear fetishbait/shitstirring questions.

>> No.51796804


I think Dreaming has a lock on winning this contest.

>> No.51796923

Greatsword's aren't actually that much worse than Falchions at high levels right? It's only a small difference right?

>> No.51796968

>mfw you realize you're topsy-turvy man compared to the rest of /pfg/

How and why am I more comfortable with voice than text.

>> No.51796972

If you need to make critical hits a lot, go falchion.
If you prefer to just go for raw damage, or you can't afford the feats for a crit-fisher build, go greatsword.

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I hope you burn in the lowest pits of Hell after your untimely and self-assisted passing, you disgusting whore-son of a goat and the cur-father of maggot riddled vermin.

I can not describe in words the amount of hope that you might take your own life. It might seem pretty and overreacting, and it is. I wholly acknowledge that. My day was not even that bad, all things considering, so it is not merely venting either.

Merely the way you have acted has somehow triggered a cascade of hate and loathing, directed towards you. This thread filled with vomit and abandoned to die for a reason, you scraped back to life on the edge of its death. And for what reason? What possible reason could you have had for that? Do you always, upon meeting a wild puddle of vomit, scoop it up and bring it home to play with and to share with your family?

Because that is what you have done.

But I am not cruel. I hope you use a gun, so you don't have time for regrets or panic after you do the deed. No one deserves that. Not even you.

>Having to wait until the other thread is at page 8 because standards.

You might as well join the mongrel on basic principle.

Now. Where should one begin their construction of a railway in Golarion?
Which would be the most profitable starting line?
What about most interest generating line?
Should it be a compromise between profit generation and the amount of actual interest born from exotic locales and the like?
Should a Cheliax Order of Hellknights be posted as conductors?

>> No.51797010

Probably because you've had more good voice groups than text groups, or because you type slowly.

>> No.51797041


Dude, it's the weirdest thing.

I'm fantastic with voice, always ready with an opinion or descriptive piece, but then I start text, and... I mean, I'm good with details and actions in Play-by-Post for example, but I just can't *do* conversation. I can do actual talking just fine, but text? Blegh.

>> No.51797046

Weird, I'm practically the reverse myself.

>> No.51797070

I'm kind of the opposite myself. I'm great at character voices and conversations in text, but I've got a really soft voice IRL and it's really easy for people to talk over me (and it's even worse when I'm trying to respond in-character).

I'm kind of jealous, because that means you can play offline and online.

>> No.51797103


Some people find it difficult to communicate quickly and clearly in writing. Others struggle with speech, but can articulate themselves perfectly in text.

Just one of those things.

>> No.51797104

Knights of the Iron Horse sounds extremely metal. Fold in whichever order is about "Fuck Natives" and "Fuck Nature", toss on steam-powered power armor (Fired with the flames of hell, naturally) and roll with it.

>> No.51797132

I talk all the time, but I prefer text so I don't send over all my accidentally-aloud amusements, random singing, and snickering at sexual innuendo.

>> No.51797133

Who /id/ here? Any sweet bods worth taking out there?

>> No.51797143

>Where should one begin their construction of a railway in Golarion?
A Crown of the World railroad would be extremely interesting in my opinion.

>Which would be the most profitable starting line?
Southern Avistan connecting the Inner Sea to Tian via The Crown of the World.

>What about most interest generating line?
Again a Crown of the World railroad would be up there.

>Should it be a compromise between profit generation and the amount of actual interest born from exotic locales and the like?
A little of column A a little of column B.

>Should a Cheliax Order of Hellknights be posted as conductors?
Order of the Iron Horse, Order of the Burning Coal, Order of the Rail

>> No.51797146 [SPOILER] 


Last I heard, there's this sweet little number IN HELL YOU ABOMINATION.

>> No.51797155

Literally the only back story worth a damn, and that's saying something. It's fucking pathetic.

>> No.51797180


There's that, too.

>> No.51797188

I know this is a level 8 gestalt campaign and I'm not sniping at this one specifically, but in general, whatever happened to unlikely heroes or commoners that aspire to greater?

Pathfinder iconics have some pretty comfy backstories, the wizard in particular.

>> No.51797243

At level 8 gestalt you're high enough level to be leading national military organizations. The leader of the Lion Blades is only level 9.

At level 1? Yeah totally. Level 8? You're a big deal in all likelihood.

>> No.51797246

Have there ever been any 3PP parasite PC races out there? Seems like it would be tricky to do.

>> No.51797320

Racial abilities stick with you the entire game through, and it's a bit hard to wangle "Totes average tiefling-the-size-of-a-semi and his hobbies of blood magic and ninja skills the tailor".
That said, I do enjoy trying to figure out what the fuck these people did or do for their day jobs.

One of my favorite characters was a summoner that originally worked as a miner, with the synthesist suit having its own air supply and burrow speed

>> No.51797485

>I'm kind of jealous, because that means you can play offline and online.

And I'm jealous of you, because /pfg/ games are text by default as are most ERPs.

>> No.51797531

To be fair, most people don't have fun trying to ERP with some wheezy guy over voice chat when he keeps smacking his lips every thirty seconds and you can hear him jerking off in the background.

>> No.51797544

>but in general, whatever happened to unlikely heroes or commoners that aspire to greater?

That's what my guy is, anon.

His description slates him as a "He is the salt of the earth, and yet even salt may find itself at a table with kings." He's a yokel farmer type who was granted unfathomable power through his absurdly intimate connection to a Hamadryad or Vilderavn.

>> No.51797570


No no, I agree with you.

What I'm saying isn't, "I wish I had a voiced ERP," it's "voiced ERP sucks major donkey dick, but I'm not too snappy at the textual stuff so that's hard pickin's too."

>> No.51797608

I saw people talking about it in last thread, but jesus christ DHB's character is retardedly strong.


How the fuck does he have a +40 to so much shit.

>> No.51797626


+25 to all saving throws seems really nice, too.

>> No.51797636

>TFW your character's horse has a more tragic backstory than she does

>> No.51797647

>How the fuck does he have a +40 to so much shit.

The dark side of autism is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... Unnatural.

>> No.51797670

Power has a lock on it, a lock that's only key is autism. There are those among us who can open the door to untold abilities, but at the cost of their sanity.

DHB is the kinder of this autistic beings, giving back to us homebrew, but madness still grips him. They are the Autismos, and they are dangerous.

>> No.51797677

And people rag on 2hu for pitching his munchkin builds. Let me guess, one of those gestalt classes is a personal homebrew of his?

>> No.51797720

No it's Avowed/Vigilante. Apparently he switched to Avowed because the game listed Avowed as encouraged. Apparently it was originally a Warlord/Vigilante.

>> No.51797731

self pact was a mistake

it might get remathed later

>> No.51797733

Fortune Thief is Jolly's and Avowed is Forrest.

>> No.51797742

DHB is literally sucking the power out of other 3pp developers for his own needs. He is an autism vampire.

>> No.51797745

If these kinds of builds routinely get into pfg games then I guess I don't need to be shy about choosing "cheesy" shit like sacred geometry and blood money.

>> No.51797749

>If these kinds of builds routinely get into pfg games

DHB hasn't gotten into a single game he's applied to.

>> No.51797765

No he got into one with his shitty herb witch and was accepted but had to turn down another for Punch Fatty.

>> No.51797776

>sacred geometry & blood money abuse
>on the same level as this shit
Anon, he would have the same saves if he was a paladin instead of an Avowed. Casters are far more broken than what he does.

>> No.51797786


Self Pact feels like it goes against the spirit of the Avowed, which is a person that gains the power of a "thing."

Dude, I'm still waiting for the Sun and Moon Pacts, or the Seasons.

>> No.51797802

I can do voices when I play locally, and I can do text when I play online, but when I do voices online it all goes to hell.

I think the lack of body language really kills it for me, there's kind of an "interface" between speaking and rolling your dice, where you're making your actions as you speak. That's lost on voice play online.

>> No.51797817

Is there some secret with gestalt Vigilante? I see it really often.

>> No.51797818

You're a fool if you think that your character needs to be a spellcaster for your builds to be considered cheese.

>> No.51797845


For me, it's the inflection and tone. I don't need body language when I can just describe what the body in my mind's eye is doing before slipping back into the voice.

God, I need to join another Voiced campaign, I'm only in one right now and I'm having so much fun.

>> No.51797849

A spell caster can much more thoroughly destroy a campaign than his character does. His character is still firmly tier 4.

>> No.51797881

Eh, he's at tier 3 at this point. He's got enough skills available that he has out of combat options.

>> No.51797892

He has a really narrow set of things he can do, he's really good at what he does do, but it's still narrow.

>> No.51797920


And since I'm a huge needy faggot that's a glutton for this reservoir, I'm going to post my character sheet here and see if anyone has some advice on purchases or finagling with design decisions to better fine-tune the character concept.


>> No.51797952

Repostin from last thread. Is there a decent Injuries table somewhere?

>> No.51797967

I've got one
>Capstones for a bunch of them give you 'realms' full of shenanigans
>No Carceri pact
>Make a contract with an extraplanar bubble prison subplane
>Get your own extraplanar crash pad early as fuck on
>Save-or-teleport people to a holding cell
>Outfit the place with deathtraps and the like if you want
>Browbeat prisoners into giving up their SLAs or whatever for eventual freedom ala Planar Binding
>Work up to summoning chained prisoners to fight for you
>Eventually work up from "Turn a doorway into a gate to your realm" to "Fall back into your realm at 0 HP automatically", "'teleport' by taking a shortcut through your realm", and "Reflexively open a portal to swallow and redirect a spell effect" etc.
>Become an ageless, terrifying warden searching the material plane for the worst criminals to put in your pokeballs I mean holding cells

You can already make a pact with dragons. Why can't you make a pact with dungeons?

>> No.51797978

>like self pact since it pulls off not!monk without the bullshit of monk
>people whining about gestalt is likely going to get it gutted

I don't know why I even care about things anymore

>> No.51797982

You're one of those faggot GMs that makes his PCs roll on a critical failure table aren't you?

>> No.51797992

I don't get why people go for these massive bonuses. You could have half these values at level 8 and be completely effective. Why not refocus some of the character options into diversifying? Because right now this character doesn't really do much. I assume it's about getting attention from /pfg/ posters that will meme about it.

>> No.51798002

Cheese isn't the same as sheer brokenness.

>> No.51798014

Basically lets the player go "I can kill the rest of the party any time I want".

>> No.51798034

Well, the rest of the party isn't even known.

>> No.51798036

>You can already make a pact with dragons. Why can't you make a pact with dungeons?


>> No.51798044

Most min-maxers are more interested in the theory than they are in actual effectiveness. God help you if you meet someone who's seriously building to win and good at it.

>> No.51798045

Diversifying means stepping on other player's too. Being a jack of all trades is shit in a party because you never shine in your specialization. Even then this character can do quite a lot. He isn't a spell caster, but he covers pretty much all face/stealthy stuff.

>> No.51798066

>Why not refocus some of the character options into diversifying?
This character is pretty fucking diverse. Did you not read it?

>> No.51798069

Forrest (and Gareth too, and probably every other dev) has said many times that gestalt playtest data is very skewed and is taken with a large spoonful of salt, if taken at all.

However, I've run some basic numbers on single-class self pact avowed and I think the damage it dishes out can be a bit too out of hand: at level 8 with overcharge modulation, every single round you can reliably destroy an average CR8 creature from full health, and you will also have pounce to move up to 60ft before doing it each turn.

>> No.51798080

>The Prehistoric God Volcano
>The Ancient Mystical Pyramid
>The Medieval Tower Dungeon
>The Haywire Space Station

Entire party of Dungeon Avowed

>> No.51798117

Usually to get good data you need to separate the gains from the gestaltening. Now, in some cases that's very easy: some Gestalts have very little to do with oneanother.

On the other hand, if your gestalt is massively improving your stats, replacing your BAB/saves, and directly enhancing the abilities you use in your main (like Initiator/Aegis combo, as a simple straightforward example), then the mileage of the thing to be tested is massively altered.

It can be good to know just what can happen when it's optimized in a gestalt, but at most that's just to help lock down some of the more questionable wording for multiclass interactions.

>> No.51798126

Yeah, gestalt isn't even slightly factored into my consideration for balance.

>> No.51798147

How big is gestalt outside of /pfg/? I know it's all the rage around here for some reason, but I see a lot of people in the outside world asking what it's all about.

>> No.51798153


Guy's entire life before old age was suffering.

>> No.51798165

Do any full casters have a fast reflex save?

>> No.51798179

>needing saves, when you can have 100% concealment as an instant.

>> No.51798187


No it wasn't, his life before old age was one I think many of us are living now.

In case nobody here knows what Ezren's backstory is, let me give a quick recap.

Ezren is the son of a merchant who was wealthy enough that Ezren could live a life free of work - and that's exactly what Ezren did. He played at life, never amounting to anything but the lazy son of a successful businessman. He was smart, sure, but never applied it, and as the years went on he sunk further and further into the comfy NEET life.

And then dad died.

>> No.51798190

Theoretically, it's for smooshing concepts together to cover all your bases in a low-number party.
Generally, it's used for absurd power wank, or making sure the guy that wants to play a kineticist or CW samurai without 3rd party can keep up with everyone that doesn't want to play something innately terrible.

>> No.51798198

Oh, I know that. But is it popular outside of /pfg/?

>> No.51798206

All good ideas, except for
>Save-or-teleport people to a holding cell
Save or lose is bad design. Always.
If you can only do it to helpless or uncoscious enemies instead, you still have to defeat your enemies first, with the added poblem of having to go non-lethal. Or you have to be very sneaky.
It also brings the flavor close to pokeballs, since you have to defeat a pokemon otherwise they just escape the pokeball.

Maybe a save or be stuck in the cell for a round. Eliminates an enemy for a round so the party can focus on someone else, but it's not insta KO.

>> No.51798234

Wasn't he spending all that time trying to clear his old man's name for heresy, only to find out the charges were right on the money and his dad WAS guilty?

>> No.51798270

Can someone link/explain to me what exactly the fuck "avowed" is because I don't see a single class called "avowed"

>> No.51798276

I seem to recall reading a fey version of planar ally/binding but I can't for the life of me find it. Am I just having a moment where I confuse reality with what I wish existed?

Check the op, it's a class by Forrest and it's pretty much a better Warlock.

>> No.51798279

>further proof that no one reads the OP

>> No.51798288

It's the Mandela Effect.

>> No.51798295

like most of the rest of pathfinder, it's generally a matter of group or of particular case. people who play PFS will hiss, spit, pull spaghetti out of their pockets and screech incoherently for 3.47 minutes upon hearing the term. meanwhile some table groups will have rules like "core monk and rogue are combined into one class; use the better of the two whenever there's a clash" without even knowing they're gestalting them. And then there's groups - generally online rather than table due to the increased math involved at higher level play - who will say "fuck this go nuts"

>> No.51798307

Well shit I'm retarded

>> No.51798317

>I seem to recall reading a fey version of planar ally/binding but I can't for the life of me find it. Am I just having a moment where I confuse reality with what I wish existed?

Do you mean Entice Fey?


>> No.51798322

>save or suck
I was specifically looking at the save-or-die the fiendish pact gets, probably some kind of a limiter like that.
Temporary stays also sound like a great idea. Heck, grapple + drag into a cell sounds reasonable as well.

The other thing I like is you can run it any way you please- Power hungry 'Use SLAS for me or the beatings will continue' to genuinely trying to reform people to hiring archons to hang out and zap people to paying random duders to hang out in your sweetass pad and use spells occasionally for their room and board.

>> No.51798326

It's Entice Fey. People have trouble remembering it for some reason.

>> No.51798339

>for some reason
Mandela Effect.

>> No.51798357

So now that Its offically sunday, Anyone got a synopsis of the RotJR sessions handy?

They sustain me.

>> No.51798359


What if I just want to entice you?

>> No.51798366

Yes, that was it! Thank you.

>> No.51798390

... is that 3 minutes 47 seconds, or 3 minutes and 47% of a fourth minute, thus making it 3 minutes 28.2 seconds?

Autistic minds inquire

>> No.51798397

So for Taldor Ascendant
Taldor's most famous and successful Rondlero duelist, a swordsman whose blade was only matched by his wit, and whose downfall came when it was discovered how he was using magic in his duels to cheat. Now he works for Lord Sparatus to make ends meet.

Warder (Bushi/ZS) 5/Landsknecht 3|| Incanter 1/Sphere Arcanist 7
Reverse trap.

How cancer is this?

>> No.51798400

Reverse traps are cute.

Remember Operative Monday has companion to the lonely, help the guy out

>> No.51798402

No problem!
Anon, how improper! Don't you know it's rude to use Charm Person like that?

>> No.51798414

>enticing fey


>> No.51798415


Personally? Make her a tomboy, not a reverse trap.


Make her a reverse trap and then get her all in love with a PC that thinks she's a man, which creates hilarious complications!

>> No.51798416

>I was specifically looking at the save-or-die the fiendish pact gets, probably some kind of a limiter like that.
Ah, I don't know much about Avowed, didn't know there was precedence. Bad form on Forrests part.
Funny enough I've been homebrewing a Dungeon Keeper/Overlord class for a few months now.
And then the Gonzo 3pp guys made a Dungeon master class. I'll have to buy it just to see what they did different.

>> No.51798426

>Make her a reverse trap and then get her all in love with a PC that thinks she's a man, which creates hilarious complications!
This but with a male PC and trick him into thinking he's a lala homo-man.

>> No.51798427

Cancer point tally:
>Zweihander Sentinel
>Mithral Current
>Incanter dip

>Reverse trap

I think you're toeing the line, but just about okay.

>> No.51798431

Taldor Ascendant needs more attention, I don't think there's a single trap yet.

>> No.51798443

>Gonzo 3pp guys made a Dungeon master class
Oh? Is it any good?

Also on that front, it won't be for a while but Forrest was talking about a gelatinous cube avowed archetype based around dungeons called the Dungeon Lord.

>> No.51798457


Speaking of SotJR, idle wanderings of the Character Art threads found a particular piece that reminded me a lot of Valeriya's alter ego, the Vilderavn.

Even the chest is right!

>> No.51798462

Who has the best back story so far in Taldor Ascendant.

Rate each of their back stories out of 10! I demand it /pfg/

>> No.51798474

SotJR Session 3 Greentext: Parental Abandonment Edition!

>Party wakes up after their party the night before.
>Casimir (being the only responsible adult with his own house), takes a morning stroll through the streets; realizing that people have taken notice of Team Meme's deeds.
>Seht wakes up next to a beautiful horse.
>Corwin is fast asleep on top of a long table, spooning with his greatsword.
>Onyrou is comfy in her hammock, with her fluffy dragon jammies. Who dressed Onyrou in said jammies remains a mystery.
>Val is up bright and early, after getting less than an hour of sleep.
>Aranha continues sleeping in an actual bed. Like a weirdo.
>Eventually, everyone wakes up and converges on the Rusty Dragon for some hair of the dog.
>Seht, Casimir, and Corwin have a chat on the nature of heroism; which leaves Seht even more confused than he was before.
>Breakfast is interrupted by the appearance of Sheriff Hemlock, requesting Team Meme's presence at the local crypt.
>Aranha's Face When the rest of breakfast devolves into a pun war.

>While walking to the crypt, the people shower our heroes with attention and praise.
>Responses are mixed.
>At the crypt there are two skeletons, which are quickly dispatched, and an expended Robe of Bones.
>One of the skulls begins to speak, uttering dire prophecies and cackling skeletal laughter, before growing silent.
>Inside the eye socket, there's a small glass gem. No magical properties, but certainly weird.
>It's decided that someone human-sized must have been helping the goblins to use the robe, barring the use of stilts, or three goblins standing on top of one another.
>Why said humanoid released the skeletons in a locked stone box where they couldn't hurt anyone, remains a mystery.

>With only one lead, we turned to the local expert on glass.
>Lonjiku Kaijitsu, father of Onryou and Ameiko.
>A̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶a̶ ̶v̶a̶m̶p̶i̶r̶e̶.̶

>> No.51798477

Dunno, they released it this month, no reviews yet, and I'm only going to buy it next month.
Only gets his personal dungeon late game tho.

>> No.51798478

GM just gave the party a pair of boots that allow the wearer to alter his weight at will. Even to lighter-than-air levels.

What's the stupidest shit I can get away with using these, do you think?

>> No.51798485

I have enough combat abilities on my rogue now.
What are some fun non-combat feats I can take on a rogue?

>> No.51798489

>With much reluctance, and gnashing of teeth from Onryou, Corwin, and Val; the party makes its way towards the manor.
>Even Aranha's skull puppet is unable to lighten the mood.
>In preparation for the meeting, Onryou and Corwin do their best to make themselves presentable.
>Per Corwin's advice, Seht prepares his silver arrows.
>Then comes the fateful knock at the door.
>Followed by a voice shouting "No solicitors" and silence.
>Another knock.
>After several clever ruses from the party, the door opens.
>An elderly butler stands in the doorway, looking down his nose at the party.
>Onyrou apologizes for the interruption, offers the glass bead, and asks he take it to her father.
>Lives are at stake.
>We're working for the sheriff
>Onyrou promises to work at the glassworks.
>No and door slam.
>Disheartened, Onyrou runs off to an alley to sulk.
>Aranha and Val go to comfort her, while the men stand out in the street.
>"I still love (Lonijiku)... i just wished he loved me back." - Onryou
>"Maybe not a literal vampire, but (Lonijiku) certainly seems to be sustained by the suffering of others."- Valeriya
>"He hates (Onryou and Ameiko) for being happy." - Corwin

>In an attempt to lift the mood Seht applies one of his two skills, and offers to let Onryou ride Mori.
>It takes some getting used to, (and a casting of Ant Haul), but she eventually gets the hang of it.
>Onryou's spirits are suitably lifted, and she feels like a princess atop her noble steed.
>All she needs now is a ̶p̶r̶i̶n̶c̶e̶ prime steak.
>With the best lead out of the picture, the party decides to make their way to the glassworks, and ask around there; but not before going to the Rusty Dragon for some steak.

>> No.51798494


Would this be funnier if she's flat, or very chesty? Because I can see situations where either works in a scenario.

>> No.51798505


>> No.51798511

My RotRL character wants to turn Thistletop into a sanctuary for the rabbits the goblins used as dog food when the party is finished clearing it.

Would that be a terrible idea?

>> No.51798519


Chesty if tomboy or reverse trap caster.

Flat if reverse trap martial.

This way, now even taking her shirt off or having her chest out of a public bath will convince the object of her desire that she's a woman, not until she forces his hand down her pants.

>> No.51798546

Huh, color me curious...

>> No.51798548

Nah, my players are sort of hardcore survival motherfuckers. THEY requested I add something like that. Got any?

>> No.51798551 [SPOILER] 

I was thinking more with the reverse trap because it seems to me the sort of thing you'd have to do to become a famous rondlero duelist. The Twelfth Night aspect does sound fun though.

Incanter dip is to get Conversion Inquisition keyed off Int. Unless that doesn't work in which case fuckin' RIP.
Not a bad cancer rating overall.

Well here's a little bit of what I'm using as inspiration.

>> No.51798562

Monday's got the best one but it's not much of a competition between there only being so many applicants and the game backstory leaving so little to work with.

WotR probably has more to work with. I haven't really looked at them though.

>> No.51798583

Why's he called Monday if there's no "Monday" in Golarion's calendar system?

>> No.51798591


B-but big girls don't cry!

>> No.51798611

I am a huge fucking autistic pussy who can't talk to other people. I've been wanting to get into DnD for a long time, but being scared to talk to another human has kinda put that on hold. Anyways, whjile researching DnD I found out about pathfinder and saw that for $10 more than the DnD starter edition, I can get the starter edition for Pathfinder and get way more stuff (like a map, and character figures). Anyways I have 2 questions I want to ask, am I able to do solo play? Is it fun?

>> No.51798619

It's all traps, edge, and waifus.

>> No.51798629

I am finally finishing my character this evening. I'll be done within the next half an hour.

>> No.51798631

To be fair, some traps, some edge, and some waifus have at least halfway-decent backstories.

>> No.51798654

>am I able to play solo

No you can't play by yourself. But just play in text game or play by post if you can't speak to people without spilling your spaghetti.

>> No.51798685

I hope the edgy trap waifu makes it in.

>> No.51798733

Never mind, spent the $2, it's kinda mediocre with a lot of stretching to make it fit the idea of a dungeon based class.

>> No.51798755

You don't have to buy anything in all honesty.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ has most things you need.

Anyway, yeah. Like >>51798654 says, it's a lot easier to play with people online via text.

>> No.51798802

You can get a domain, not an inquisition. Unless one of the sphere specific books lets you?

>> No.51798808

You can pull off some pretty weird shit, but it also depends on how the DM intends to handle it. Going by the assumption that he understands the implications behind it, you could certainly use the boots to fly, or be carried by away by the fast but weak party member.

Increasing your weight too high would probably cause more problems than it could solve, since you run the risk of destroying your body with a simple misstep. What also matters is what is defined as your body. Does it also lighten any carried gear? If so, then you could use it to theoretically carry near unlimited amounts of weight. Of course, the problem wouldn't be carrying it in this case, but lifting it to the point where you could feasibly be determined as to having it on your person.

Realistically though, the boots sound like a fantastic get out of jail free card for swimming, climbing, and falling. Outside of that, there's not much practical use behind it.

>> No.51798813

I am laughing for real right now

Though Avowed would work pretty well for a terrible idea I had a while back for a race, sort of tsukomogami/transformers that could swap back and forth between progressively larger and more impressive magic items/vehicles and humanoid forms. I know absolutely nothing of Kancollie but it was part of the visual inspiration
Fluff abilities as being a merger of the two states (You punch harder because you're also a magic motorcycle moving really fast, you shrug off a fireball to the face because you're also made of metal plating, etc.)
There's not a lot of stand-and-take-it defensive clauses that I'm seeing, though.

>> No.51798826

Okay, so I've been thinking.

>If a character is reduced to 0 hp or less but not killed outright, roll a 1d20.
>1 - You Die
>2 - Lose a limb. Pick arm, leg, or other if you have wings or something. Can't hold items or use twohanded weapons, move at half speed and can't Run, or lose special movement, respectively
>3-4 - Crippled. Either become Blind (Head), -4 to two handed attacks (arm), can't Run (leg), or can't fly (wings)
>5-15 - Nothing special, normal rules apply
>16-18 - Scarred. +4 to Intimidate. Normal rules otherwise
>19 - Superficial wound. Auto-stabilize with 0 hp
>20 - Deceptive wound. HP set to 1, can make a bluff check to fake death with +10 circumstance


>> No.51798830

The Inquisition page, and especially the FAQ related to Ultimate Magic.
>Inquisitions are like domains. Other classes that use domains can take inquisitions but inquisitions are typically weaker than the domains those classes can already choose because they don’t grant domain spell slots or domain spells.

If it doesn't work it doesn't work, but I personally can't see any reason it shouldn't.

>> No.51798839

That's a whole 10% chance to essentially negate the risks of being reduced to negatives, and a 20% chance for it to be way worse than normal.

>> No.51798849

How fast can the boots alter the weight?

>swing your fist at someone, make it weigh one gorillion tons just as it hits their face, and then make it normal weight again before it pins you to the ground


>> No.51798853

Alright, so I should remove the better outcomes?

>> No.51798857

>A̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶a̶ ̶v̶a̶m̶p̶i̶r̶e̶.̶
W-w-wait, a vampire? Does that mean... Shizuka is still canon in SotJR?

>> No.51798858

Well then I think that should work just fine. You're basically taking a level dip for a slightly stronger Orator after all.

>> No.51798864

[Desire to hug big red and tell her it's all going to be okay intensifies]

>> No.51798882

Well that's all fine and dandy, but he probably can't LIFT one gorillion tons. That punch will instagib anything it hits, at the mere cost of the arm that threw it and possibly the destruction of his body.

>> No.51798888

Which waifu is the most interesting? Personally I think the Pactmaker is a fascinating concept.

>> No.51798892

>Shizuka is still canon in SotJR?


Depending on if you consider Corwin a reliable source.

Shizuka *was* on the shortlist for Team Meme, only dropping out due to scheduling issues.

>> No.51798896

He doesn't need to lift it.

>weighs nothing and is already in motion
>weighs a lot second before it its the face
>weighs nothing again after falling a little bit post-punch

Everything has the same falling speed. He will never need to lift that weight.

>> No.51798901

Sounds like it could be a fair trade in the right scenario
>pic related

>> No.51798911

I'd assume that as long as I don't exceed my push/drag weight in extra bodyweight I should be fine.

As far as some ideas I've had... I'm playing an unchained monk, so my flying kick range should be drastically increased by this item. I also have a racial climb speed, I imagine being able to fling yourself from craig to craig without fear of falling would speed that right the fuck up. Having these boots will mean that the various ki powers that have to do with standing on shit that shouldn't support you are irrelevant and thus I can get other ki powers.

I believe it's either a free or a swift action. I doubt my GM will allow me to directly alter my damage die with it, at least on normal attacks, though he did say that if I were to find an intelligent weapon that was willing to cooperate and attached the boots to it somehow, it'd be able to use them to similar effect. Another idea I had was to employ drop bear tactics and just cannonball someone from the ceiling, though that might hurt me too.

>> No.51798922

I've still got 4 specialization points to toss around. Probably on the Trickery domain and the divination (tactician) specialization.

>> No.51798969

And this is why Incanter dips are cheesy.

>> No.51798973

Your flying kick range is solely determined by your fast movement speed, an unfortunate but hardcoded limitation of the ability, so that one is pretty much entirely DM fiat. You are correct though that ANY surface will be able to support your weight. It doesn't matter if you can't fly when you can just balance on a twig at the end of a really long branch, or run on water, or jump off of falling leaves.

>Another idea I had was to employ drop bear tactics and just cannonball someone from the ceiling, though that might hurt me too.
Newton's second law states that force equals mass times acceleration, and force is a two-way street. So whatever damage you inflict is going to be inflicted on you as well.

>> No.51799012

With the ERP premise you'd think all of the girls would be fapbait like they are in some similar games, but almost all of them are actually pretty good and wouldn't raise any eyes in a regular game except maybe for their pictures. I guess it's out of fashion but I don't think there was more than maybe one rape backstory. I kind of got a hard on for Leila despite the sparsity because the pantheon is basically the only decent part of the Golarion setting though.

The male characters are way worse, I wouldn't be surprised if the DM took all girls and girls (male) for reasons completely unrelated to fapbait. I don't know if a single one of them was likable.

>> No.51799024


Hug big red and give her five tubs of cookies and cream. At least!

>> No.51799044

Why is it called SotJR?

>> No.51799053

It's on Saturday. Like how the other group is FotJR.

>> No.51799064

Still kinda low-level and poor...but I'll see what I can come up with.

>> No.51799070

Yeah, that's fair enough. It's still going to be hella fun being able to fuck around like I'm pic related.

>> No.51799074

Can we go over why the males are bad, though? I find I like a couple, and I feel like it'd be helpful to get a better understanding of how not to blunder into their mistakes.

>> No.51799092

Is there an SoP equivalent of Mirror Image?

>> No.51799107


Simply go to yonder confectionery and state that its an emergency.

>> No.51799117

That simple, is it? I hadn't realized she was a regular customer.
But regardless, off I'll go, swifter than an arrow from the Kelesh bow.

>> No.51799137


>> No.51799142

Are you saying that because you actually read the male character's apps? Or just because you skimmed them and only paid attention to the ones who blatantly didn't read the CharGen rules?

Or maybe you're just trying to make sure yours gets in while downplaying all the others.

>> No.51799149

That was only my impression, if you like some of them I'd rather hear why you do than myself talk about why I dislike them though.

There're like, four or five aloof big weapon guys with a tortured past (discluding Conan) now that Berserk is more topical than Naruto. I don't think more than one even worked his tragedy in with the player guide. The only other boy to my memory was a paladin who's a paladin.

>> No.51799154

What about Blur?

>> No.51799165

Assuming a Caster Level of 20 and Spheres of Power, what is the best combination of Alteration Traits for making a Caster be able to temporarily do some melee? So no feats like power attack, just Alteration traits. Potentially losing some players soon and DM isn't sure how fast they'll find replacements. Want to have something just in case. (CL20 is from various boosts, with her level being 11, so no CL15 talents.)

I was thinking Size Change for that massive boost to strength, Tentacle Transformation for a number of grappling tentacles, and then Undead Traits for 1d8 Blood drain. (1d2+1 die size per 5CL | 1d2->1d4->1d6->1d8->2d6, right?)

>> No.51799186

>worked his tragedy in with the player guide
Firstly, I don't think that's true. At best, everything in your post is a gross oversimplification.

And second--what, nobody's allowed to write a character backstory without it revolving around a single trait? You could say the same thing about most of the female characters. Your arbitrary limit seems to be more out of pettiness and a knee-jerk reaction of "has a big sword, must be a weeaboo REEEEEE"

>> No.51799189

I already played Wrath so I didn't apply, but I'll admit that I only skimmed to see what people were talking about. Isn't it a pretty bad sign if half the guys blatantly didn't read the CharGen rules in the first place though but most of the girls did?

>> No.51799221

Why haven't you updated your mythweavers yet pfg? A lot of the applicants risk becoming ineligible if you don't act soon!

>> No.51799247

You missed someone.

Look who just posted an application.

>> No.51799266

I'll update it later this week DHB, I just spent 30 minutes prepping this shit and I'm not gonna open photoshop again just because you posted your app 5 mins after I saved the chart.

>> No.51799275

I'm surprised so many people have not updated their sheets since the myth-weaver apocalypse.

>> No.51799276

>DHB will be picked and you won't
How do you feel?

>> No.51799282

Okay, I'm not going to go too deep into critique, but I'll do some bullet points.

>Seems to be willing to poke fun at himself and use his flaws for something other than sympathy
>At a close look, adds lots of smaller fun details in his character sheet and other links--he can't remember his birthday, he accidentally got married, etc.

>One of the only dudes who seems to be making the Paladin side of his gestalt a big thing without buying into the DEUS VULT meme
>Plays being a Shelynite to the hilt and I'm a mark for that, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt

>Growing up in mom's shadow actually puts his trap-ness in an interesting context, if kind of a fucked up one
>Has a bit more depth than "I'm so pretty and fey", and actually uses vigilante identity for something other than just avoiding embarrassment, psychologically speaking

>Okay, I don't actually like him, but...
>The fish-out-of-water idea is actually pretty neat, and the idea of a Thassilonian coming to realize that there's a better way to live, that he actually likes living in a world of compassion and good people, has potential

>> No.51799301

Lets be honest, we all want to fuck Lucius in his back-pussy and take turns using him as a throat-slave. That alone will likely get him accepted into the game.

>> No.51799312

Gives new meaning to Spinal Tap

>> No.51799314

Seconding. Who needs girls, how many slots can be filled with traps?

>> No.51799342

How can I get INT to AC while armored?

>> No.51799345

How do you get INT to AC while unarmored?

>> No.51799359

Magus gets int to AC when unarmored if I remember correctly

>> No.51799360

I don't know, but someone might tell me how when it's not something I'm interested in.

>> No.51799369

Do you think DHB posted his character's personality to directly contrast these guys?

>> No.51799374

Convince your GM to let you port Kung Fu Genius over from 3.5

>> No.51799390

Your critique is nice and comfy to read but pls be fair anon, what about Soralis, Haarld, Foress, Jin, Azrael, Asher, Artemy, Vican, Brihzwald and Arme?

>> No.51799405

Probably better to go after people with character sheets first for critique.

>> No.51799411

DHB's too autistic to throw together a backstory that fast. What's his backstory anyways.

>> No.51799420

Le drunken strongman with a heart of gold

>> No.51799424

I thought I made it clear I was playing favorites. But I can talk about a couple more.

Foress and Haarld are both laughably bad.

Azrael is kind of funny in that he actually included Ciaran as a reference to how he ripped off Artorias for his character art.

Soralis is...do you really expect me to critique blank space?

>> No.51799430

Pretty sure most of the other guys had also posted their character sheets.

>> No.51799435

His family has been fighting in the crusades for generations, he grew up Nerosyan. Had a weird thing with talking to foreign crusaders. Had some weird shit when his grandfather died that he didn't really feel much because he had never met the guy. Father trained his older brother. Older brother died. Felt bad. Heard his dad cursing the fact his family had nothing to show for their service. Got the idea of becoming a hero king and founding his own nation among the crusaders. Got an emissary familiar when he got the idea. Worked fingers to the bone. Talked to more foreign crusaders. Trained hard. Went to war. Almost died and was saved by an old friend.

His personality blurb:
>Cheerful and boisterous, sociable. Solomon is a man bent towards a single idea, becoming a king among crusaders and ensuring his family's name is never forgotten. He is fond of wine, women, and warfare, unashamed of his human traits. He sees the world as something that needs to be experienced, drunk in while one is alive.

>> No.51799439

What about your favorite girls then?
I just enjoy reading your descriptions of the PCs

>> No.51799459

I didn't really get drunken out of it. The only time drink is mentioned is in her personality blurb.

>> No.51799461

I wonder how many characters are actually in the running if you cut out everyone who hasn't updated their sheet, finished their application, or ignored the guidelines

>> No.51799487

Theres like 20 of them left after we trim out those who don't have their sheets up. Maybe someone else can do that shit and add orange crosses this time around or something.

>> No.51799521

Edgelord Harbinger. Dervish Defender and Kensai Magus while on light armor (Aka, Mithral Fusing Full plate)

>> No.51799545

Also checking out his character sheet:
>appearance score

bred for war
fate's favored


Is DHB trying to make ERP bait?

>> No.51799575

Optimized the right way.

>> No.51799582

Does the Sun rise every morning?

>> No.51799609

What they said, I wanna hear more about your opinions! It might actually convince me to get off my ass and make an application!

>> No.51799614

>appearance score
Not this shit again.

>> No.51799639

Favorite girls? Fuck it, okay. I might even get around to the other girls and guys at this rate.

Mercedes Drovenge
>Like the symbiote idea and her description of how it felt to meld with it--dem double entendres yo
>Love the fact that she makes the symbiote a unique character
>Feel she cheapened the concept a bit by adding the dinosaur

Leila Black
>I really like her take on being an Asmodean
>Feels like she'd have an interesting character arc if she's already only evil out of cultural/familial obligation like her app implies
>Damn shame it looks like this app's been abandoned

Tianetria Summerglade
>Mostly I just like the build
>Looks like a bit of a bimbo, but hey, she's a fun bimbo with a deceptively high Int and Wis
>Personally favored and trained by an astral deva? Eh, I've seen worse, it makes sense for this AP.

>Someone actually wants to play a ghoran, neat.
>I still need to read the rest of that app, I was fine with the tiefling hellknight girl and assumed she was still offering that.

Kannas of the Seven Waters
>This is an anti-example
>Y'know how Tali was in ME1? Where she was kind of a bland encyclopedia on quarian culture?
>This is like that but for ratfolk.

Dossentistania Axillus
>Down to earth, no-nonsense, but seems to have a few quirks that make her cute rather than forbidding
>Has a neat little backstory about riches to rags to hopefully riches again
>I'm biased because I like fit girls

>Another anti-example
>Considers a single terse paragraph to be "tl;dr"
>Her entire backstory is basically that she has a revolver.

>> No.51799646

I wish it didn't.

>> No.51799655

Yeah, why can't we just use Comeliness like normal person? It's not that hard a formula if you've got a calculator.

>> No.51799659

What's the calculation?

>> No.51799677

[ ( Str + Con ) / 8 ] + ( Cha / 2 ) + ( 3d6 / 4 )
Plus racial bonuses, presented in the link below.


>> No.51799696

Rolled 3, 6, 1 = 10 (3d6)

Well let's see then.


Let's see the rest.

>elves have MASSIVE bonus
that's silly

>> No.51799705

>Elves #1 thing is that everyone finds them hot

Even Gimli trying to get up in those Galadriel guts. Not that silly.

>> No.51799712

So it looks like he's 14.5

>> No.51799731

>Pathfinder Vices but no one made a sexomancer
What a waste.

>> No.51799739

ITT we ship the current lineup based on their current profile.
>Rath x Tia
Ahoge love
>Amadeus x Seth
This kid badly needs a father figure love
>Jin x Francisca
Working hard to overcome their personal issues love
>Lucius x Fei
Nurturing love with a slight hint of detective conan syndrome thrown in
>Artemy x Mimi
I spent all night getting plastered and now we accidentally the sexual love
>Brihzwald x Kline
Furfag love
>Arme x Mercedes
Hothead love

>> No.51799745

The thing is that like the insufferable Broken Blade builds, building a pornomancer is basically locking yourself into just one schtick.

Admittedly, it's a more fun schtick than punching shit, but the moment you find a problem that can't be fixed by fucking it, you're shit outta luck.

>> No.51799772

Someone make a list of Wrath of the Raunchy characters that:
>have actual apps
>followed the character creation outline
>aren't laughably bad

If no one does I will, and I'll even do statistics on them.

>> No.51799782

>Problem that can't be fixed by fucking it
No such thing, just gotta get creative enough.

>> No.51799787

The answer is your PC + 4 others that cater to your fetish.

>> No.51799812

>Kannas of the Seven Waters
To be fair I think that this guy just copy pasted his app for the bamboozle assassin game.

>> No.51799827

I can't shake the feeling that WotR won't be raunchy at all and that it's just going to be DEUS VULT.

>> No.51799832

Even DHB is making a fetish bait character. It's gonna be raunchy.

>> No.51799835

I kinda liked Rath x Dossentistania back when she had more of a character sheet.
>He's a dumbass with giant force of personality, she's a reserved smart girl--they fight demons
>Rath has surprising charms, like actually knowing how to dance despite having zero social skills
>Would probably stick close to the smart girl, dragging her off to his tent to nervously ask her to help him read the Acts of Iomedae because he doesn't want to admit in public that he can't understand a part of it

>> No.51799855

That's not how you're supposed to do it anon. You're supposed to find the characters that suit each other the least and watch the sexual tension ramp up.

>> No.51799866

What would your list be then?

>> No.51799928

Y'know what? I'll give my thoughts on his guy.

Solomon Kreet III
>Amiable, but generic-ass personality and goals. Not so bad, and downright stellar compared to some.
>Staunch refusal to do ERP in a game advertised as being lewd
>final thoughts: oh shit nigga what are you doing

>> No.51799929


>> No.51799937

Formerly Kreia Denham. I think I heard something about there being too many Asmodean apps and the player feeling like they wanted something more unique.

>> No.51799991

I think DHB made a more generic character because last time he made an out there character /pfg/ fucking flipped it's shit for a day and a half.

>> No.51799996

If he had posted it at a better hour I bet /pfg/ still would've flipped it.

>> No.51799997

>out there character /pfg/ fucking flipped it's shit for a day and a half.

I thought /pfg/ like the Gunmonkey.

>> No.51800003

>Staunch refusal to do ERP in a game advertised as being lewd
lewd != ERP

>> No.51800024

True, but it does imply that sexual things might at some point happen. And DHB's app basically says "No, fuck that, I'm going to sit it out."

>> No.51800030

>Amiable, but generic-ass personality and goals. Not so bad, and downright stellar compared to some.
Even in his back story he has a line saying:
>It was not exactly an original thought, a dream common among the children of the crusade, but in that moment a mixture of emotions awakened something inside Solomon.
>It was not exactly an original thought
So yeah I think he caught this.

Honestly DHB has done a lot darker backstories, a lot of interesting back stories, this one is a lot more straight forward. An obsession with foreigners is interesting I think.

I'm talking about Moon Assassin.

I think middle of the night posting might also be strategic.

>> No.51800043

It's just that when everyone else is saying "Sure, I'm down, let's just not go crazy with it", he's the only one who seems like he's being a wet blanket.

>> No.51800051

Hold on, is WotR not an explicit ERP game?

>> No.51800064

>DHB edited his character app 1 minute ago
Is he reading this thread?

>> No.51800070

He's been posting in it for a while now...

>> No.51800075

He said he was earlier.


>> No.51800092 [DELETED] 

>Playing Symm
>D.va sends her ult towards me
>McCree and I are caught out in the open, he just stands there accepting death
>But wait
>My E is off cooldown
>Line up with McCree and launch
>Barrier just barely clears McCree before D.va's mech assplodes
>McCree just turns and looks at me in disbelief
God it feels good to have a Reinhardt on demand

>> No.51800099

Fucking hell I really need to be sure of which tab I have open before I post

>> No.51800105

You should also play better games.


>> No.51800108 [DELETED] 

Well DHB seems to be working this weird possession angle with his familiar now.

>> No.51800109

Surely it's not a big revelation that he samefags his characters on here to make memes

>> No.51800110

Good one mate

>> No.51800204

What would be the stats of a Slayer who uses archery?

>> No.51800230

14 Str

>> No.51800303

Are you serious, or is this just a meme?

>> No.51800312

How important is it to have Detect Magic in a party? I may end up changing from a character concept I really like to something entirely different at the last minute because our party isn't going to have any capabilities to Detect Magic.

>> No.51800413

Detect magic is extremely important.

Just make sure one party member has good spellcraft and spend 2k on this:

>> No.51800420

Yes, and lots of norths have doors to the city of doors. Why do you think the north *always* has a cockney accent?

>> No.51800512

Can you support/be the face of the party with a Char of 5 or 7?

>> No.51800531

Int and clever wordplay will let you handle one skill, probably diplomacy which might end up being enough to get by alone. The others can be mitigated with the right tools. A CHA dump Vigilante with social grace, Intimidating Prowess feat.

If you're lucky your group might have a Feint or Intimidate Martial.

>> No.51800542


Go nuts.
There's also stuff for int to intimidate, or wis to diplo or wis to bluff, but this is the only one that gives two different skills.

>> No.51800549

Any character with access to the Conversion or Reformation inquisitions will also do, as they net you Wisdom to Diplo and Intimidate (plus Bluff with conversion).

>> No.51800553

Gonna DM for 6-8 players. Roleplay/intrigue heavy. I'm intentionally overpowering the players. Second time DMing (first time was a one shot, also large group).
How fucked am I, /tg/?

>> No.51800569


>> No.51800701


>> No.51800708


And if you don't have access to these traits? I'd like to manipulate people more than anything.

>> No.51800787


>> No.51800791

Take additional traits and pick them?

>> No.51801193

Is a Sharpened Combat Scabbard a "Hammer" or a "Heavy Blade"?

>> No.51801346

>Mercedes Drovenge
After reading her bio in its entirety I do agree that she is definitely a QT despite the intimidating pic. I think she would definitely be fun to RP with and not intimidating at the lea-
>Cock/Ball growth
>Forced clotheswearing
>Large balls
>Sentient cocks

>Phallic insertion into another person's sheath and/or foreskin

>> No.51801389

How do I build a monk of the silver fist /pfg/? Do I go dex or art, what feats? SEND HELP

>> No.51801395

>dex or art

>> No.51801450

Mean STR autocorrect a shit.

>> No.51801459

If its dsp then I see very little reason to not go dex unless you very badly want those two initial feats for something else.

Many people will tell you that the feats spent on weapon finesse and deadly agility can be a complete waste since all they do is let you use X for Y, but in its own way its probably going to at least be equivalent to improved initiative since you'll be having a much higher dex than if you went for the SAD package.

>> No.51801793

How much flexibility is desirable? If you want to be both ranged and melee, what should be your dext vs str ratio?

>> No.51801797

>tieflings have a hermaprodite alternative physical feature

>> No.51801844

How important is the ability to counter spells for an initiator?
I've got +13 Will with two rerolls per day at level 9. I kind of feel like I should take Disruptive Wave to not get buttfucked by a caster, but I've already picked all my maneuvers and am quite happy with them.

>> No.51801881

Depends on your options, and what you want your primary to be, if you want ranged primary,focus into Dex if you want melee to be your primary str, and if you want 50/50, Dex, due to unchained rogue.

>> No.51801896

Not that important really, as long as you can hit them, and threaten them their casting should not be a huge deal.

>> No.51801900


Is 16 a decent number at lvl 1, or should I go for 17/higher?

>> No.51801910

Is that 16 before or after racial mods? And what is your stat generation?

>> No.51801961


20pts buy. 16 after racial for dext (+2), 16 str without racial bonus. How much flexibility do I lose with:

>17 str, 14 dext
>15 str, 17 dext?

>> No.51801975

Does anyone have a link to premade lvl 1 character sheets? I'll be running a game for newbies and I don't want the complexity of character generation to scare them away.

>> No.51802084

Use the paizo iconics

>> No.51802113

You should have at least 18 in your primary stat after racial mods, my suggestion would be 18/14 after racial mods if you really want both dex and str, and then sink all your points into dex, this will give you three damage when two handing, however I would say if you want to be a real switch hitter just go with three levels of unchained rogue and ignore str.

>> No.51802163

Is Taldor Ascendant kill?

>> No.51802206

Probably, it is a pfg game, glad I never finished my app for it.

>> No.51802245


Even when you take into account the option to lvl it up every four? levels?

>> No.51802268

At level 1, an 18 should be the gold standard of primary stats. Lower is generally a sign you don't have the stats to pull off being good at your job.

That's an acceptable playstyle, but you won't have any recourse if the GM doesn't scale enemies back and you end up dying because your magus's touch attack bonus wasn't enough to hit.

>> No.51802290

If starting at level 4 to 7, a lower initial score can and should be used to shore up weaker stats, and to use the additional point to increase your primary. At 8 however, ideally you want two point in your primary.

This assumes you don't need 13 int or something for feat requirements or the like of course.

>> No.51802330

Depends on the level you plan for, if you plan to cap at about 12 one odd Stat, if you cap at 16 higher you want your primary stat even, you get a total of five stats from leveling and can get five more into your primary from wish.

>> No.51802399

The following point is debatable, but I feel builds should always be created with the abilities the character can do on entering the game as a primary concern, and anything more than one or at most two levels away should be considered effectively irrelevant. If you start play at level 1 your build should not take into account how many stat points you have at level 20; it simply does not matter as most games will not reach two extra levels, let alone your character surviving that long.

If you DO have a GM who will mollycoddle you from levels 1 to 20 on one character then your build won't matter and you can probably bully them into letting yourself retrain because they are probably a monty haul GM anyway.

Always build characters for the level you're at, not in some 6 levels time.

>> No.51802547


Is this good enough if I want to switch between archery and melee as emergency. Assuming that I will increase Str every number of lvls.

Str 14.
Dext 18.
Con 14.
Int 14.
Wis 12.
Char 5.

How survivable is archery compared to melee?

>> No.51802604

How do I go about building this monk then? I immagine TWF is a must.

>> No.51802659

What are the best/essemtial feats for two-handed weapon?

>> No.51802709


Power Attack and Furious Focus.

Now go, let the legend come back to life.

>> No.51802767

>TFW only realize just what felt off about an archetype you saw in a playtest after its too late to change it

Mercurial Duelist could have been so much more

>> No.51802804

Furious focus seems like a waste of a feat

>> No.51802819

Why would you increase STR every level?
Dex is far more important since you should be full attacking every round with archery.

>> No.51802822

You're a martial. Any feat you take is a waste of a feat.

>> No.51802826


How so?

>> No.51802828

Don't be pedantic, furious focus is a pretty crappy feat.

>> No.51802840


I've put it on every martial I've ever made, and they always seem to become the solidest damager in the group.

>> No.51802901

What else are you going to spend your feats on? Metamagic or maybe spell focus to help your DCs along?

Oh wait, you're a filthy muggle.

>> No.51802951


It's the weekend. The GM is probably doing other shit.

>> No.51802993

STR pumps your damage.

>> No.51803023

You would get more damage out of being a bard and taking arcane strike, you are getting one damage every eight levels, where dex will give you reflex saves, to hit, and ac.

>> No.51803150

Furious Focus is better than Weapon Focus on a full BAB character until level 6. Even after 6 it's good.

>> No.51803176

Are switch hitters good? (archery followed by melee as they close as a ranger/slayer/wathever)

>> No.51803191

Never as good as dedicating to one or the other, but a ranger can make it work.

>> No.51803195


It's the most feat-intensive build in the game, but they're incredibly useful... And kind of redundant, since a switch-hitter is often in a party that will kill an encounter within 5-6 rounds, making the switch-hitting kind of useless except for situational stuff like "you get ambushed in the tavern" or "you're fighting at range."

>> No.51803203

Is there any class/build that allows you to fight as a Roman Legionary? First throw the Pilum, then strike with the sword?

>> No.51803246


Tower Shield+Gladius, whistle and Pullo getting back in formation.

>> No.51803249

A (Desperado optionally) Privateer Warlord might pull it off efficiently, but then an initiator doesn't get much benefit either due to the abundance of maneuvers that allow for movement as part of attacking.

>> No.51803258

I think there's one that lets you fight in a Phalanx formation... Provided you have thirteen other peeps to pull it off with.

>> No.51803337

Piercing Thunder Warlord-there's plenty of spear-throwing maneuvers, being in any of the discipline's stances lets you pick up your weapon as a free action, and you just need one feat so that you can use all the other maneuvers with your gladius too.

>> No.51803451

New thread!


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