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Pathfinder General /pfg/

New Dreamscarred Press material from Forrest and co. edition! Check out these new racial options, with tanuki, bakeneko, variant catfolk and half-drow among them. And, of course, leave your feedback. DSP mostly hates us now but did that ever stop /pfg/?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest:

Old Thread: >>51767052

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Improved Rapid Shot is a feat that does not exist in Pathfinder, right?

What are some of the must-have ranged feats for a character designed to be dead killy with his bow?

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Any easy way to get Intelligence to hit with ranged attacks that's a bit more permanent than Magus Arcane Accuracy? 3pp included

>> No.51774675

Folks who have read Psychic Anthology, am I crazy for wanting to do this Occultist Build?

Half-Elf, FCB Elf (+1 Mental Focus/2 Levels)
Occultist (Haunt Collector)
Level 1: Transmutation, Abjuration Implements
Level 2: Trappings of the Warrior Panoply (to cheat into full BaB and getting mini-Martial Flexibility)
Level 6: Haunted Conjuration Implement (Replacing the useless Resonant power with the champion's Séance Boon)

This would net me full BaB, an additional scaling damage and attack bonus, the ability to expend three mental focus in order to pick up a combat feat, and the best part is that I can still use a Greatsword, as I can just carry the shield- I don't have to actually have it equipped/wielded. And for some /godforsaken reason/ the Occultist gets Enlarge Person and Lead Blades. Also, as a Half-Elf, should I take Ancestral Arms to get a falcata and 2-hand it?

Off the top of my head...

Rapid Shot
Precise Shot
Point-Blank Shot
Deadly Aim
Clustered Shots (but only if you can't penetrate DR effectively)

There might be another one I'm forgetting but that's the foundation of your average ranged build.

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>DSP mostly hates us
They hate the /pol/ shit. They don't want their company to be associated with a general where it's become commonplace to appear once every second or third thread, and then derail it. The lewd shit is eye roll worthy and has become grating for some, but the former was certainly the last straw for many of them I'd expect.

If we allow this to become our norm for much longer, Jolly's bound to pick up his things. We're excluding ourselves away from the people who have made Pathfinder their passion to help build upon and throw in their own ideas.

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Tanuki are literally the meme happy merchant.

Does anyone NOT hate /pol/ shit besides /pol/ themselves?

>> No.51774714

...DSP wrote elf-orc hybrids.

>The deep-seated enmity between orcs and elves can, on rare occasions, bely a strange sexual tension

I'm sure the people who are doing it know they are, and this only empowers them more.

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So what do you think are appropriate back stories for level 8 gestalt characters in Taldor Ascendant.

Some easy ones I am seeing are:
>top agent of Lion Blades
>founder of a shadow school
>aid to the prince's inner circle (likely a court magi)
>member of Taldan noble clan
>ranking member or enforcer for the taldan merchant's guild
>ranking member of the army of exploration

>> No.51774753

Posting again in the hopes of getting some feedback. Bit of homebrew for a PoW Prestige Class called the Lance Revenant. Comments are enabled on the doc.

Things that need to be changed: change most references of "lance" to "polearm or spear", that was just working text.


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Then ignore them if we all hate it so much. Report that shit because it doesn't belong here to begin with. Sitting back and letting them pop in to post again just lets another careless anon take the bait.

>> No.51774774

Never played before. How do I get the party to defend/save my character in case they're down/dying? Beyond being useful.

>> No.51774784

Honestly m8, bows don't need to be killier.

The Augur of Battle... feat I think from the Spheres Divination book? Lets you use Int to hit if you're last in initiative.

It's kinda funny if you somehow end up with two people using it and fighting each other, since they'd both just keep delaying, wanting the other to take their turn first so they can get their int to hit.

>> No.51774799

I do, the mods don't take it.

You asking for RP reasons why they WOULD, or asking for combat / skill reasons why they SHOULD?

>> No.51774806

>am I crazy for wanting to do this Occultist Build?
Not really, Occultist is pretty cool. Note that you only get the BAB when wielding the weapon, making it a temporary bonus that won't let you qualify for feats that require +16 or more BAB.

It's unfortunate almost every Occultist archetype replaces Outside Contact, can't mix in Battle Host or Panoply Savant.

>> No.51774827

A bit of column A, a bit of column B.

>> No.51774828

Sounds nice.

>> No.51774833

Tanuki are neat but I have no idea what fucking class I'd play.

>> No.51774839

Augur of Combat, but thanks! Exactly what I was looking for, didn't think to look for something like that in there.

>> No.51774886

>They hate the /pol/ shit. They don't want their company to be associated with a general where it's become commonplace to appear once every second or third thread, and then derail it.
While I hate the /pol/ shit that crops up here, it's certainly not the reason the remaining DSP devs don't post here anymore. They all (with the exception of Forrest who left DSP) left because they were a bunch of primadonnas who couldn't go more than a month before exploding at a poster here for daring not to kiss the ground they walked on. Any criticism of their products was routinely met with aggressive demands for further explanation and then flippant insistance that "I have dozens of spreadsheets on my computer that prove you wrong. No I won't show them to you!"

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>with the exception of Forrest who left DSP
Umm, did you see who just made the thread for the bloodforge infusions playtest?

And DSP or not, it's still clear she comes to talk about her stuff here much less often than before.

>> No.51774943

Yeah, spewing /pol/itical opinions is a part of the problem. Generally low standard of discussion is another one. It's very easy to derail everything to blinkling shitposting or fawning over THICC barbarellas or what have you.

>> No.51774951

I once knew someone who claimed she had "So much proof I can't show you just one".

Like, what the fuck, cunt?

>> No.51774968

RP-wise, a pretty good way to guarentee it is to get your character, as that character to be somehow essential to the party. Maybe he's specifically the guy who's friendly with the Duke who's your contact, or maybe he's so important to the group dynamic that it can be construed as "it just doesn't feel right" without him, or make sure you have at least one really strong friend among the group. If you don't mind or if the group is okay with it you can also just make the resident female character your girlfriend.

Either be a character who's tailored to the rest of the party to plug the gaps, or be a character who is just generally crucial. Wizards and their spinoffs, specifically, are pretty useful for this role because of their out-of-combat usefulness that really isn't supplanted by anyone.

>> No.51774993

I require opinions on race lore. I do not have many races in my setting, but I will go over a few here for thoughts:

The separate goblinoid creatures are not in fact different species, instead they form a greater single species. In this case goblins are infertile males, hobgoblins fertile males, and bugbears females. Their clans end up strictly matriarchal with a bugbear at its head. When giving birth to a litter generally one child will grow to a hobgoblin, if two do so both hobgoblins will likely be runts among their kind. Hobgoblins practice rampant homosexuality due to their pathological need to mate where as bugbears only become fertile at certain times of the year, this varies from bugbear to bugbear and depends on when they were born. Bugbears can actually choose when to give birth to a new female, and will often send one with several hobgoblins and goblins to be established as a sister clan. This creates vast networks of allied clans stemming from single Bugbears. Bugbears, opposed to goblins and hobgoblins are far longer lived, some reaching as old as two hundred. Goblins, the infertile males, are generally subservient to their larger fertile brothers, but only to a point. However both hobgoblins and goblins will religiously follow the orders of their Bugbear mother or current clan head, this is due to pheromones the bugbear produces. She will often cut portions of her hair off and give it to her servants, these hair soaked in pheromone oil she excretes, and will keep them subservient while away. Goblinoids away from a bugbear for a long periods of time, without such baubles, will grow to realize their subservience.


>> No.51774998


Hmmm. Yes, this will do just nicely.

>> No.51775001

>they were a bunch of primadonnas
This so fuckin' hard. The fact is that so many of their devs who were tasked with being the face of the company to us were a huge liability to the company so they pulled all interaction with us. That's how we went from people being dogpiled for turning their noses up to Pow to pretty much everybody hoping SoM can completely supersede it.

>> No.51775003

How do I play a faun PC?

>> No.51775006

>Umm, did you see who just made the thread for the bloodforge infusions playtest?
I imagine that's mostly just her running out her contractual obligations. She probably wrote her contributions for that months ago. It's pretty obvious her current focus is the Avowed and other Forrestfire stuff.

>> No.51775011

Dwarven kind's "lust for gold" is quite literal. Dwarves have no sexes and are a single monolithic species. They are not born, and instead are built. An individual or a community will carve a new dwarf out of metal, stone, or gem and set them life using often poorly understood old rituals. One's material will often decide one's caste throughout life. Dwarven rich will carve their children of gold and gems, this creates a luxury for the rich of having a child as they can afford to pay for the materials of a child alone. Clans and communities otherwise will often come together to pool resources when creating a new dwarf. This is why clans exist, groups who come together to finance new dwarves as well as 'children of the community' where the new dwarf's 'parents' is every member of a town who pitched in. The poorest of dwarves can be made of materials like brick, slate, or even concrete. These urban poor dwarves are seen as disgusting creatures by their brethren often, and such dwarves are most common among populations living outside of dwarven territory. Rich dwarves seldom travel due to the inherent wealth of their bodies. Even if they carry no riches a golden dwarf represents half a ton of gold to the would be highway man. Using a dwarf's body after death is sacrilege, and dead dwarves are enshrined in their base parts. Old dwarven clans will have bars and vaults full of gems harvested from their ancestors. Dwarves however have no natural maximum lifespan and dwarven death only comes in the form of dwarves who died in violence, accidents, or of diseases that effect their kind.

>> No.51775040

>Dwarves have no sexes and are a single monolithic species. They are not born, and instead are built.
Oh now this is interesting.

>> No.51775054

Yeah, it sucks, but the good part is that all the archetypes for Occultist are so good!

>> No.51775058

You don't do posts like that out of contractual obligations.
More like she's stepped down from a position in the core staff (she was creative director for a bit and stepped down from that, definitely) but is still around.

>> No.51775063

I can not tell if you are being sarcastic.

>> No.51775065

Hey lads, does anyone have the name of those saddles they released in the recent Keleshite book? I'm looking for ways I could get reduced penalties for firing a bow while mounted without burning two precious, precious feats on Mounted Combat and Mounted Archery.


Oh that's easy, play an Azata or Agathion-blooded Aasimar and play them up as carefree, wise and whimsical. Remember, you are beautiful and happy, and you want to share that with the world!

>> No.51775094

Oh god, I just remembered when Gareth was triggered by somebody posting the cover of his book in every thread and other anons started shouting about how they were going to buy more copies of the book just to spite the troll. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Gareth himself posting the image to drum up both conversation about the book and petty revenge sales.

>> No.51775095

I'm not being sarcastic, it's actually interesting sounding.

>> No.51775112

Any DSP aside, Jolly clearly posts less when all the /pol/ talk starts up.

I wonder if it will take him leaving as well to make the mistake sink in.

>> No.51775134

>Finally finished my Raunchy app!
>Realize that my chances of being picked are slim
The application process is just an emotional rollercoaster isnt it?

>> No.51775137

>I wonder if it will take him leaving as well to make the mistake sink in.
No we'll just rewrite the story again like >>51774886. We'll turn Jolly into some self-important prick who was so full of himself that he left in a huff and forget all our shitposters that chased him away.

>> No.51775148

>implying the /pol/ posters care

>> No.51775162

The fact that our own ass backwards autistic homebrewer, DHB is more well behaved than their fucking company should show you why they are a bit of a laughing stock.

>> No.51775163

>The application process is just an emotional rollercoaster isnt it?

You become numb to it after a while, anon! Tell us about your character, we'll tear 'em apart for you now!

>> No.51775166

Look I know they were PC back in reddit and all, but you are an entitled little queer if you think the board will change its culture just because somebody ""Important"" might get offended.

>> No.51775167

>The fact is that so many of their devs who were tasked with being the face of the company to us were a huge liability to the company so they pulled all interaction with us.

There are still devs around.

>> No.51775175

Can Gnomes and Humans have kids?

>> No.51775179

No thanks, I'd rather not get bullied until the game actually starts.

>> No.51775183


No, neither can Dwarves and Humans or Halflings and Humans.

>> No.51775190

There's a difference between being an asshole and being a nazi, anon.

>> No.51775204

I dunno. Someone post the chart.

>> No.51775208

I think there was a passage somewhere that said that humies were pretty much compatible with all races but they just chose not to make half-halflings and half-dwarves a playable race because where would it end?

>> No.51775217

>Muh board culture


>> No.51775230

>Oh that's easy, play an Azata or Agathion-blooded Aasimar and play them up as carefree, wise and whimsical. Remember, you are beautiful and happy, and you want to share that with the world!

That sounds cute!

>> No.51775232

>Anyone who has differing opinions from me is a Nazi
Wow, you must love reading those gawker articles. How does it feel to be a kikepuppet?

>> No.51775237

>Latest Wrath of the Raunchy character
>Claims to be Kellid
>Name's not Kellid, art doesn't look Kellid, he doesn't even have overpowering ethnic pride towards Sarkoris

>> No.51775246

Not even a question of maintaining a culture, it's a purely pragmatic "If we chase the devs away we don't have as much influence over playtests and go back to being a general of zero worth"

Though I guess that's what some people want, too.

>> No.51775258

I actually agree. DSP devs often acted like ass hats so what should they expect in return? They shouldn't get special treatment. Often they acted like they wanted to be able to explode at people and get no consequences. It was silly.

>> No.51775262

>We should suck up to devs 4 da epic win!
Chirst you're pathetic

>> No.51775263

No, as in literally posting pro-Nazi imagery and ideological beliefs, anon. Really, not everyone is against you.

>> No.51775268

>There's a difference between being an asshole and being a nazi, anon.

Oh hello Amazon, I know you love putting things into boxes, but I don't like them!

>> No.51775282

We still have devs though, just not DSP. And I am ok with that because DSP devs for the most part were a bunch of self important ass hats.

>> No.51775283

Like I said, feel free to go back to your hugbox. I'm sure the Devs you want to befriend also frequent those sites.

>> No.51775294

>but they just chose not to make half-halflings and half-dwarves a playable race because where would it end?

There's already a bunch of "human with X ancestry" races, why would half-halflings and half-dwarves matter?

>> No.51775298

Do you want potential resources to use in your games to have been influenced by you, written by people who actually can kind of figure out what you want? Or do you just want to sit around, complain about nobody listening to you and having no influence on the hobby, and continue to stew in the belief that you're somehow MORE important BECAUSE nobody listens?

For that matter, do you even have games? Or do you just lay on the floor and not do anything of worth?

>> No.51775300

Why would anyone want to maintain a culture of hostility and fuckwittery anyway?

I don't recall them actually gunning for 'special treatment'. I recall at least a couple times that apologies were actually made. And really, it's better to keep going with the dang threads rather than get hung up on drama from last week that happened because someone got a bit upset.

>> No.51775308

But who the fuck cares? Do you seriously get triggered by a friendship windmill here and there? I hate /pol/ too but not because of what they think but because they're obnoxious little cunts about it and talk about it in the wrong place.

>> No.51775321

Yes this place isn't a hugbox it is literally a forum with essentially 0 censorship. The rules aren't going to change because someone doesn't like it. An occasional poster who does that shit happens. In /Pfg/ it is highly uncommon as a topic of shit posting.

>> No.51775334

Do I go full Two-Handed Weapon Fighter or dip into Barbarian at some point?

Basically should I go for Advanced Weapon Training or Rage Powers?

>> No.51775340

>/pol/-pots act like /tg/ is their own
Go back to your containment board you fucking bronies.

>> No.51775347

Because midgets are icky and human fucking a halfling brings those uncomfortable pedo vibes for some people.

>> No.51775358

>If we chase the devs away we don't have as much influence over playtests and go back to being a general of zero worth

Realistically, devs prefer to get comments through their posted docs or dedicated threads elsewhere. That way they get every single comment without having to worry about missing comments because they were in a thread that degenerated into perv and got culled.

>> No.51775361

And what's wrong with that?
So pretending to be a Teutonic Crusader and discussing the extermination of heathen scum is fine but as soon as its a different group its totally not cool?

>> No.51775370

what if they're just humans that are scaled down? and they're all shortstacks?

>> No.51775376

So basically the reasoning is 'We're huge bitches'?

>> No.51775390

No, being a DEUS VULTfag is just as annoying, because it's inaccurate on top of drowning out any potentially-neat ideas with idiocy.

>> No.51775396

>One happened hundreds of years ago.
>The other happened within living memory

>> No.51775399 [DELETED] 

Go back your hugbox then you numale cuck.

>> No.51775401

>culture of hostility
There's no culture of hostility. /pol/ posters need to go because they're retarded, obnoxious, and shove their shit in where it doesn't belong like random Trump shilling and "libtards" and hurr DA JOOS, on the wrong board no less, but I'm not even sure what the fuck you're referring to otherwise.

Weapons unless you want to be a clubman swinging around a weapon you don't actually know how to use, it's cooler.
Rage is good

It's not about acting like /tg/ is their own, it's about fuckwits acting like they're on /pol/ on other boards. Getting triggered by "offensive" images is not the correct response, if you actually get pissy at that shit then I'm sorry anon but that isn't /pol/.

>> No.51775404

The thing is I am not /pol/. However if the fact that there is a /pol/ cross boarder in /pfg/ every few threads drove them away then they can stay gone.

>I don't recall them actually gunning for 'special treatment'. I recall at least a couple times that apologies were actually made. And really, it's better to keep going with the dang threads rather than get hung up on drama from last week that happened because someone got a bit upset.
They were hung up on it and obviously still are because they don't touch here any more. Really what I have to say is if their sensibilities are so delicate that occasionally shit posting ran them off then I don't want them.

>> No.51775415

On the bright side he's probably the least edgy male. Amadeus is still best though.

>> No.51775419

Anon DEUS VULTing is annoying as fuck but it's been on /tg/ for longer than a lot of websites have been alive. Hell you even have the PURGE people doing it from a technically different angle.

The /pol/ crossboarders need to go too though.

>> No.51775422

Maybe because of that, I've noticed devs give quicker and more direct feedback here than if you post on a forum, where they can let it sit for a while, or work on it without saying what they're doing.

>> No.51775424

So the best thing to do here is to VMC barbarian, then you get the best of both worlds (to an extent).

>> No.51775431

Well joking/memeing about a war that happened 100's of years ago is one thing.

Displaying a desire to kill large groups of people living today is another.

>> No.51775441

>The /pol/ crossboarders need to go too though.
They have as much right to discuss traditional games as any one else. I report off topic shit, but if they want to talk about nazi theme'd ttrpgs then I have no right to stop them doing so.

>> No.51775442

Lol, so someone bringing up their political views is bad but you redirecting to your own views isnt?

>> No.51775454

Consider the following: Devs stopped showing up because any advice or feedback given devolved into insulting the person rather than their writing. Telling someone "these mechanics are shit, here's why" actually has value, whereas telling them "you're shit, fuck off" gets them to, guess what, fuck off. And yet idiots then claim that they were "only acting properly" and that the devs are primadonnas for daring to leave when they ask for feedback and receive shitposting.

>> No.51775462

Just like pokefags, bronies, and everyone else with containment boards, they're free to be in /tg/ as long as they leave their bullshit at the door.

>> No.51775467

The thing is there are clearly some devs who can't take the heat and don't turn into little babies when someone posts something they don't like. Also ones who don't blow up at posters.

DepressedHomebrewer, for all his autism, is probably the most well behaved tripdev we have.

>> No.51775470

Ask Paizo, not me. I love draphs, personally.

I have no idea if that was the actual reason but I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.51775476

>Maybe because of that, I've noticed devs give quicker and more direct feedback here than if you post on a forum, where they can let it sit for a while, or work on it without saying what they're doing.

If they catch your comment here, then yes, they'll respond here, but odds are they won't see it. And being able to think about it is a plus, because sometimes people post really insightful things, or post things that give a dev whole bunch of new ideas.

>> No.51775483

>WAA WAA! bad things are being said about the Jews
So basically we're not allowed to say anything remotely negative about your specific group?

I guess Voltaire was right again.

>> No.51775486


Why is this such a common thing for the more "liberal" game developers? Bioware is disgusted by it just as much as Paizo.

>> No.51775493

Pretty much
Realistically the only reason devs or people linked to the devs would come on 4chan would be for AMAs more than anything else. It just doesn't work for actual discussion or long-term / in-depth questions.

>it's only okay to meme about death when it passes an arbitrary time threshold, 800 years instead of 80
Get over yourself. This is not your hugbox, if they're technically on topic and it doesn't break any rules then you have no right to stop them no matter how offensive they're being. If they're off topic then report their dumb asses.

>these things
Yes, they do. They need to stop acting like crossboarders and shouldn't be literally talking /pol/, but as you say, if they're on-topic then they're on topic and that's that.

No, someone bringing up their political views on /tg/ in general is bad. That's why they're shitposters.

>> No.51775496

Back to your containment board, furfag.

>> No.51775502

The only one bitching and causing a fuss is you.
And who the fuck are you to say who can and can't browse /tg/? You suddenly think you know this board now you poser?

>> No.51775508


>> No.51775510

Anon, saying bad things is completely different from lying or being idiotic in your opinions. Also what >>51775496 said, being entitled to an opinion isn't the same as being entitled to being a cocknugget.

>> No.51775514

>that the devs are primadonnas
Yes, because you're on an anonymous forum with essentially no moderation. I have no sympathy for them and they are being big babies. If you put on a trip and identify yourself then you should hold yourself to a form of standard while having it on.

I don't care about people not coming here for playtests because I can find and comment on google docs well enough without /pfg/. Also it's asinine to expect an entire website to change to cater to folks with delicate sensibilities.

>> No.51775517

Draphs are great desu.

>> No.51775528

No, he's right. If you leave your off-topic shit at the door they're perfectly welcome, but the thing is a pokemon /tg/ game is not 'off topic shit'. Neither is a game about playing as an SS squad.

>> No.51775531

He can't make a proper response so he's resorted to throwing out random insults.

>> No.51775534

Odds are they will if this is a place they visit regularly, you catch them posting, and directly reply to them.

It's how I've snuck a lot of requests and feedback in.

>> No.51775548

>And yet idiots then claim that they were "only acting properly" and that the devs are primadonnas for daring to leave when they ask for feedback and receive shitposting.
Anon "fuck off" is a generic response here. If they freak over a single short insult then they don't belong, they wouldn't survive anyway.

>> No.51775561

What the fuck is a freeze peach and why is he a furfag?

>> No.51775573

Jolly can stay as long as he punchposts and fuck anyone who says otherwise

>> No.51775574

The very thing he was bitching about was originally /tg/ related. Anon just didn't like devs getting uncomfortable about the topic because it hurts his chances of being credited as a contributor.

>> No.51775581

He's a furfag because, like a furry or a brony, he feels a need to jam his obsessions into everything.

>> No.51775583

Because they're just as bigoted as the people they hate so much. They preach for trans and gay tolerance but anything else is "eww icky gross".

>> No.51775590

"Muh Free Speech", the cry of the moronic when they say something stupid and get rightfully called-out on it.

>> No.51775612

>Odds are they will if this is a place they visit regularly, you catch them posting, and directly reply to them.

Conversations move quickly here. Someone might comment on your stuff and you're at lunch of in a meeting, and when you get back the conversation has moved on. I've had this happen to me.

>> No.51775619

>a freeze peach
I think he's trying to invoke
>muh x
And intentionally butchered free speech to try to make you look dumber.

Why he called you a furfag, I don't know.

Also can we fucking stop, the OP was fucking bait from the get go and we all fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Everyone in this general knows anime OP poster tries to stir up shit, and yet we still reply.

>> No.51775632

I think the topic has gotten away with us. Off topic posting needs to go, I don't think anyone here disagrees with that. However being offended by occasional off topic posting to the point of leaving makes you a big baby.

Same with insults based on your homebrew. Saying "it's shit, you're shit" in response to homebrew and play tests being enough to run someone off makes them a big baby who doesn't understand where they are.

So in conclusion:
>off topic needs to go
>being offended by off topic beyond reporting it makes you a whiny poo baby
>being offended by getting insulted on 4chan makes you a whiny poo baby
>on topic topics that offended making you leave makes you a whiny poo baby (SS agent theme'd RPG for example)

>> No.51775637

I've found that devs have been generally good at following the reply chains to their stuff.

>> No.51775642


Exactly what does this have to do with pathfinder?

>> No.51775654

What? And no, kill yourself; it's /tg/ related, it's not against any rules, it's not off-topic. There's literally nothing to complain about.

1. "Muh Freeze Peach" actually counts here, because unless it's off topic bullshit like actual /pol/ then it's perfectly fine and you can't rightfully stop him.
2. It's not moronic. If he's running a game that's themed 'offensively' then you're being offended on 4chan. If you're offended on 4chan you're simply a retard.

I'm not even fucking him, I'm just confused as to what the fuck it meant.


>> No.51775671

Oh fuck off, you know what you did, don't start claiming to be superior when you just spent the last 10 minutes being off-topic yourself.

>> No.51775674 [DELETED] 

Do you ever play or use Bleach lungs?

>> No.51775688

Report and ignore /pol/posters. Carry on.

>> No.51775692

i really wish roll20 would let you filter out the "living campaign" shit

>> No.51775694

What are Bleach Lungs?

>> No.51775703

Do you ever play or use Bleachlings?
Or even Gnomes in the first place?

>> No.51775706

I have a /pol/poster in my game.

His character is just him playing himself.

His father just forced him into a marriage with a woman named Anne Tifa.

He hasn't figured it out yet.

>> No.51775707


Are lion catfolk now the new ultimate race for Strength/Charisma because of Powerful Build?

>Foresight (Su): Lynx catfolk can occasionally look into the future. As an immediate action, a lynx catfolk may reroll any one d20 result they have just made. They must take the new result, even if it is worse, and must wait 1 minute before using this ability again. This racial trait replaces cat’s luck and the sprinter.
Is the lynx catfolk's Foresight not incredibly useful for any Wisdom-based skill monkey, like an inquisitor?

Are tiger catfolk dominant for AoO-dependent builds because of genuine Large size, like the gamla?

These new catfolk have much optimization potential.

>> No.51775709

No one here has actually posted anything /pol/ related. People started claiming DSP left because /pol/ and started making claims that /pfg/ descends into /pol/ posting every 3 threads, which isn't true.

We're much more likely to descend into fetish posting.

>> No.51775718

Antivan crows?

>> No.51775731

>part of /tg/ board culture
How about you go fuck yourself instead faggot? You're just as much a cancer here as kitsune and lewd posters.

>> No.51775733

Anne Tifa.
Anti Fa.
Anti Fascist.

>> No.51775740

My GM really hates Powerful Build for some reason.

>> No.51775746

The following topics are ON TOPIC:

Shitty House Rules
Spheres of Wasted Potential
Masterwork Katanas
Masterwork Plate
Masterwork Padded Armor

>> No.51775763

You forgot:
>complaining about SoM

>> No.51775782

Enjoy the generous helping of btfo, now please leave and do come again when you're ready for another serving.

>> No.51775785

If the jews didn't want to be gassed they wouldn't have been born jews. If you don't have an argument then shut up you beta cuck.

>> No.51775787

That's >Spheres of Wasted Potential

I did forget CHARMED LIFE though. And busty mute bards. And fascist Molthune or Taldan knights (who for some reason have lewd kitsune in their ranks, go figure)

>> No.51775807

How can I come close to being as fantastic of a skeleton as Skeletor?

>> No.51775808

And now he's backpedaling and pretending to be the opposition in hopes of salvaging the situation.

>> No.51775837

That post is so obviously joking that if you think it's anything other than a silly shitpost you might be taking this a bit too seriously.

>> No.51775838

I actually don't know most of Skeletor's powers, can you give us a run down?

>> No.51775841


>> No.51775847

>It's basically infinite spellcasting for an avant-garde actually.
Is this a particular class or archetype?

>> No.51775852

It's about 70% chance of sarcasm and 30% chance of falseflagging

>> No.51775862

See, you're just showing off how luaghable it is to get triggered by obvious shit posting. I stick to my statement that getting triggered beyond reporting it makes you a whiny poo baby.

>> No.51775865

if this isn't going to go back on topic anytime soon might as well have fun with it

>> No.51775898

>tfw i am jewish
>every time a PC dies in my game, someone goes on about it being revenge for germany

>> No.51775899

I feel like if it was a "falseflag" it would be a much more legitimate argument or at least a less blatantly silly statement. Like just a general insult, maybe some Pepe/Kek prasing, saying he hopes you get "culturally enriched" or whatever the lingo is these days.

That's what I would do if I wanted to falseflag as a /pol/poster.

>> No.51775900

Psionic archetype by DSP. Takes a bunch of burn at the start of the day to reduce the burn cost of everything they do by 1 for every 3 they took. Also gets an Astral Construct buddy.

>> No.51775901

Reminder that Sanae is based and [not] a slut.
It was about to.
By naming yourself Ainz Ooal Gown

>> No.51775914

Ahh thank you, that sounds awesome.

>> No.51775939

What are some ways to get Rogue Talents besides Rogue, Ninja, sometimes Slayer, and SoP Hedgewitch/Archaic Alchemist?

>> No.51775954

Path of War stalker.

>> No.51775961

I mean, magicwise he's basically just 'everything on the wizard/sorc spell list'

But he's more than just a lich, clearly.

>> No.51776001

So does the Steelfist Commando Warlord.

>> No.51776003

So! Who all's excited for the weekend? Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

>> No.51776024

The party is currently on a ship and will be landing in the home nation of their Magus tomorrow.
Then Sunday, a new game begins, with a party of strangers on an airship as it lands in totally-not-Bloodbourne-land.

>> No.51776040

>In contact with Ancient ones
>Possess mystical abilities
>Control Eternia with a skeleton but fair fist
>Own castles & treasuries interdimensionally
>Direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>Will bankroll the first castles on Etheria (Skelegrad will be be the first city)
>Own 99% of Magical transmutation facilities on Eternia
>First designer creature will in all likelihood be Skeletor men
>Said to have 215+ IQ
>Learned fluent Eternian in under a week
>Diviners pointed a scrying array at the source of the 'clackety clack' that created our universe

>> No.51776041

What book are the races that OP mentioned in?

>> No.51776078

my dm has some weird fetish for hitler expies
everything is a blank supremacist who wants to wipe out the other races
ovens are invariably involved

>> No.51776098


Still waiting on the would be PF game to get off the ground, otherwise I'm contemplating exploring more lewd games as I've found myself playing TiTS more and more and with StarFinder around the corner I'm tempted to buy the books...

>> No.51776117

I have no fucking idea what we're doing, we have no god damn direction.

We have various options but everyone's either off doing their own thing 90% of the time or we just don't get anything done at all. It's getting really annoying.

>> No.51776154

i'm just looking around for a good gestalt game

>> No.51776168

I looked up manul cats and how the fuck is this thing not the hottest meme on the internet.

>> No.51776181

I have a couple of games this weekend but if the GM makes up another excuse to cancel one then I'm probably leaving that shit.

>> No.51776218

>Tower-shield toting enemies backed by allies capable of doing 2d8 ranged damage
>CR 1 encounter

At least my players are heavily optimized

>> No.51776248

Kinda reminds me of that guy who turned hobgoblins into initiating humans with axe knuckles and bomb collars and insisted the CR was the same.

Anyone remember that? It was pretty meme for a while.

>> No.51776283

Weekends are for finalizing the plot for my monday game. Which is likely to be lewd and hopefully not TPK them in the coming boss fight.

>> No.51776311

Man I dunno.

>> No.51776330

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Man, I love Vol- what's that? It wasn't Voltaire? Well then who... Kevin Alfred Strom, White nationalist, neo-Nazi, Holocaust denier, and White separatist?

>> No.51776334

The bloodforge infusion playtest in the OP.

>> No.51776354

>He continues his false flag attempts

>> No.51776374

dude we just managed to get off this topic

>> No.51776376

>the OP was fucking bait from the get go and we all fell for it hook, line, and sinker
I am the OP and it actually was not. The only thing I meant was "DSP folks are no longer with us but you should still say what you think about this playtest". Maybe with a little jab at how this place is generally shit enough to scare people away. I did not anticipite how much pent-up hate, frustration and "I NEVER LIKED THEM ANYWAY" there was. Well, a lesson for the future.

>> No.51776406

I talked before about the conceptual design of a new class, the Bound. After doing so I looked into the Avowed as a lot of people say it had similar flavor. I have seen that this is true, that they seem to be sort of two branches of the same original concept. In Forrest's idea it is forging a connection between the PC and an external force, in mine it is the PC having an external force trapped inside them.

After thinking on it I have refined portions of the design, and would like to talk about them at least a bit. First I will talk about the three core concepts of the class:
>Bound entity
The bound entity is what you have had put inside you. This was a main topic of discussion last time to refine the possible list, and I got a number of fantastic suggestion that got the sparks going. Bound entity effect what sort of powers one can receive, both Stable and Unstable releases.
>Binding Location
The binding location is where the entity was put inside of you. This modifies what sort of powers one can receive. Binding location, unlike entity, only effects one's Stable releases. I have played with the idea that certain entities only have certain compatible bound locations.
The origin, unlike the other two, does not effect what powers you get. Instead it gives you minor Ex utility abilities and class skills, basically to let you have some abilities pertaining to how you received your entity.

>> No.51776431

Now let's talk about some things I mentioned in these three concepts:
>Stable Release
Stable releases follow the same vein as rogue talents, rage powers, and alchemist discoveries. The class has a long list of them for the character to choose from every other level. However which ones you qualify for is determined by your bound entity and binding location. Let us say for instance your binding location is your eye, and your bound entity is a fiend. Eye qualifies you for stable releases such as Dark Vision, Aura Sight, True Seeings, etc. Fiend qualifies you for such abilities as fire resistance, tongues, bonuses to diplomacy, etc. Most stable releases have multiple prerequisites that can qualify you for it. An example would be the aforementioned Tongues. One can qualify for Tongues with both a Fiend entity or the Stomach binding location. This means if you chose both then there would be overlap between the two, and indeed you will likely have some overlap somewhere between your qualifications. I have worked out conceptually that if you double qualify it will likely lower the level requirement of the stable release, giving incentive to some overlap. Such abilities would be in theme for such a bound.

>> No.51776435

>tfw I am Jewish
>tfw I don't even bother divvying up treasure

I just take what they give me. The jokes and the snickering got old about three months ago.

>> No.51776451

>shitposting is going crazy
>and I'm stuck out at a shit after-part and have a session at 7
>It's 6 now

Fuck, guess I'm going to be late.
FotJR, don't wait up. I'll have to just hope I don't miss much.

>> No.51776460

>Unstable release
Unstable releases is something I am currently struggling with design-wise. I am torn between two ideas. Either something akin to how Sorcerer bloodlines work, meaning that at preprescribed levels you receive a feature from your bound entity. Currently this is the less likely of the two. The other idea is more like that of an Oracle Mystery. You have a short list to choose from at prescribed levels. This much choice, along with stable releases makes the class highly modular. Unstable releases would be powerful, but invoke another portion of the class. Right now I am working on a system similar to ego. Using unstable releases will force the character to try and restrain their entity. In the worst case scenarios failing would mean the entity taking over for some amount of time, or even permanently.

Now for the current working lists of each:
>Bound entity
Parasite, Spirit, Plague, Fiend, Spell, Twin, Breach, Curse
>Bound Location
Eye, Heart, Arm, Legs, Stomach, Mind
At birth, punishment, inherited, accident, chosen, tricked

I may combine Curse and Spell into one, but at the moment they are different. As well separating out different fiends into Daemon, Demon, and Devil may become important as they are so different thematically.

>> No.51776501

A problem I am seeing is that between Stable and Unstable releases likely the character will have 15 some odd talents to choose. That is quite a bit. However, if taken at each level it isn't as difficult.

I am thinking of how much is too much choice, and towards that I look towards Vigilante, which has even more modularity. So I am unsure.

>> No.51776504

I knew I probably shouldn't have responded, I just hate people who say that Voltaire said that.

>> No.51776516

anyone ever manage to make a character a reference to some other work and have the dm not notice until the campaign is in full swing?

>> No.51776529


>> No.51776552


>> No.51776556

Yeah, I played Solas from Dragon Age for nearly a year before the DM realized.

>> No.51776558

So I'm playing a goblin wizard who is adventuring because he is getting his M.D. (Masters of Dungeons), and I want to have some kind of thing he'll be writing his master's thesis on. Does anybody have any interesting ideas?

>> No.51776567

you rat bastard

>> No.51776592

don't goblins abhor writing of any kind?

>> No.51776618

I have also played with the idea of a bound entity being a fledgling god. Essentially an infant deity, however unlike the others that seems to have a very powerful end goal the others might not, namely the infant god growing into their power.

I am considered this being a mythic only options, combining it in some manner to my Unchained Mythic rules.

>> No.51776631

I doubt he was willing to put any amount of research into his PCs.

>> No.51776675


Assuming 20 AC and 15 HP, it'd take someone with +1 attack and 2d8 damage 15 attacks to kill a player.

If we made that +5 to attack and 2d6 damage, it'd be 6-7 attacks.

>> No.51776705

>In the worst case scenarios failing would mean the entity taking over for some amount of time, or even permanently.
Please don't do that. Class features that add a weakness to your character, like Oracle curses, can be fun, but helplessness or character death for failing a roll is just an excuse for asshole DMs and makes avoiding getting into that situation in the first place of key importance, which restricts your options in play.

>> No.51776728

>Spheres of Wasted Potential
Yeah, that sounds about right.


>> No.51776749


It's become a fairly common villainous archetype, although I think there's enough psycho dictators in history to mix it up.

Although one of the best BBEGs we ever had at our table was a goblinoid supremacist, only less Hitler and more General Woundwort as a twenty foot tall magical colossus with a greatsword.

>> No.51776782


>Goblin supremacist

queerats are people too damn it

>> No.51776822

How does it feel to know that anyone can take Adopted to become a bakeneko?

>Bakeneko (Race, Catfolk): You gain the beastblood subtype. In addition, you gain the ability to shapeshift between two forms—your natural form becomes a single specific feline of any size between your natural size and Tiny; while in this form you gain the benefits of the beast shape I spell (except that you do not gain any of the ability score increases normally associated with the spell, and you may also choose to have their natural form be a Tiny feline), though they must take the same form each time. If you possesses any extraordinary claw or bite natural weapons, then you maintain up to 2 claw attacks and 1 bite attack while in this form, though they deal damage as appropriate for their new size. Antimagic fields and effects that return you to their natural form revert them to their cat form, and effects that pierce through magical disguises (such as true seeing) reveal your true form. In addition, as a standard action, you may assume the appearance of a specific single human form of the same sex. In this form, you lose all benefits of the beast shape I effect granted by your natural form. Because of telltale catlike features (such as a poorly concealed tail or sharp fangs), you only gain a +5 bonus on Disguise checks to appear fully human when in your human form. However, you gain a +20 bonus on Disguise checks to appear as a normal cat when in your natural form, and you do not take the normal penalty for disguising as a smaller creature when doing so. You can speak and cast spells in your cat form, and have access to any material and focus components that are melded to your form when you transform back into a cat (though expending them will cause them to be used when you transform into a human again). Transforming into a human otherwise functions as alter self, except your ability scores do not change.

You could even play a yōkai kitsune bakeneko with both cat ears and fox ears.

>> No.51776824

Usually, yeah, but I don't see why a really smart goblin couldn't be interested in it.

>> No.51776879

I dunno, it kind of fits mythical stuff, doesn't it? Learn the weird secrets, child of two worlds, etc etc.

>> No.51776890

I have gone back and forth on permanent loss of character. Likely if I am to do anything it will be temporary and rather similar to losing an ego roll to an intelligent item.

It makes using powerful class features, the Unstable Releases risky, but at a set will save you can reach a point where you can reliably use them without having to worry.

> which restricts your options in play.
In a way this is the point. Having to decide to risk losing an ego contest for temporary power. It is the reason I separated Unstable and Stable releases so that a character has some of each at any given time and can function without needing to use their Unstable.

As well I am thought of being able to put off giving over control until after combat, or until after a certain number of minutes, but am unsure as of yet.

>but helplessness or character death for failing a roll is just an excuse for asshole DMs
This is something I am concerned about as well, and is why I am designing it so the situation of when and where the rolls for contesting ego are made is entirely in control of the player. They can not be forced into the situation by the GM and they enter into the ego roll of their own accord knowing the inherent risks. Basically, to a degree, bad GM proofing it.

>> No.51776893

Pretty sure it's intentional, given their comments on Adopted for other traits.

>> No.51776929


Wouldn't that really depend on his field of specialization?

>> No.51776961

The treatment of sentient monster races by adventurers.

>> No.51776968

For the people who complained about not having Hell come to West Town, open up.


If the threads don't make me fall into a depression spiral after the next two hours, I might consider uploading Strange Aeons.

>> No.51776984

*Westcrown, fucking autocorrect.

>> No.51776991


Another potentially amusing use for Bakeneko is to place it upon a blinkling, thereby creating a dogperson who also has feline features and can transform into a cat.

Being able to transform into a cat probably has more utility than being able to shapeshift into a fox, given that a cat is an odd sight in neither the city nor the wilderness.

>> No.51776998

>You could even play a yōkai kitsune bakeneko with both cat ears and fox ears.
Wouldn't that be too much fluff? Is there even something like "too much fluff"?

>> No.51777013


To be fair, West Town's had it too good for too long.

>> No.51777034


Is there?

>> No.51777040

You're lovely.

>> No.51777116

Please put your autism to use and min-max for maximum fluff.

>> No.51777174

I see what you're doing, and I will not be swayed!

...thank you.

>> No.51777192

Got coerced into joining my friends campaign since they didn't have enough players in about 4 hours and i cannot think of an interesting character for the life of me.
Help me out here /pfg/

>> No.51777205

Well, consider the fact that Corruptions are almost universally-reviled not for being kind of meh in power (which is alright), but for the fact that three failed saves means you lose your character. Or the fact that Ego and the like merely demand you act in a way, rather than "fuck you you're an NPC under the sword's control now". Consider taking inspiration from Ego then, as it's probably the best way to do it.

>> No.51777209

Tell us what you have available, numbnuts.

>> No.51777214


What kind of campaign?
What character creation rules?
Do you know what they already have?

>> No.51777220

Who else is in the party, what's the campaign?

>> No.51777221


>Defeating Alexeara Cansellarion is the focus of this adventure and the entire Hell’s Vengeance campaign, so the paladin is unlikely to have any further role. However, particularly diabolical PCs might seek her damnation, rather than death. If your PCs want to engineer her fall from grace, you can use the following guidelines.

>First, the PCs must succeed at a DC 50 Diplomacy check to convince Alexeara to listen to what they have to say. Next, after lengthy conversations with Alexeara over a period of at least 24 hours, the PCs must succeed at a DC45 Sense Motive check to accurately gauge her doubts. The use of mind-reading magic such as detect thoughts grants a +4 circumstance bonus on this check. If Alexeara is in the presence of a good creature at any time during this period, her faltering devotion is renewed and the Sense Motive check automatically fails. If the Sense Motive check fails, the PCs must begin again with a new Diplomacy check to convince Alexeara to continue interacting with them, but the DC of the check increases by 5.

>Finally, the PCs must succeed at a DC 45 Bluff check to convince Alexeara that the lifelong whispers she has heard did not originate from Iomedae, but from a fiendish patron instead. The PCs must convince Alexeara that her entire life has been a lie thus far and that her “true” destiny can only be achieved through service to evil. On a successful check, Alexeara willingly embraces this new “truth.” Her alignment immediately changes to lawful evil, she trades all of her paladin levels for levels in the antipaladin class (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide 118) on a 1-for-1 basis, and she replaces her divine defender archetype with the tyrant archetype (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue 64).

Today, I learned that a min-maxed Diplomancer (maybe an Intelligence Diplomancer with Student of Philosophy?) can make a level 18 paladin turn into a tyrant antipaladin in a 24 hour span.

>> No.51777225

details my man details

>> No.51777244

Tell us a bit more about it friendo.

The plan right now is failing the save while using a single unstable forces your character to act in a certain way, compelled by your entity. Failing while using two or three gets worse. Essentially using multiple unstable releases at once puts the DC higher and raises the consequences.

>> No.51777245

An alchemist obsessed with refrigeration.

>> No.51777331

Maybe not if the level 18 Paladin were min-maxed.

>> No.51777342

How can she be fluffy with no tail?

>> No.51777388

What level are they at? If they're at level 15 an Asmodean Advocate can have 15 ranks in Profession (Barrister), +7 wis, +3 (class skill), +10 from Tears to Wine and they're already at a pretty good chance of succeeding before even digging too deep.

>> No.51777466

I'm in need of maps, battle maps but for... Ancient Rome. I need some cityscape, but can't find shit. Anybody can help here?

>> No.51777589

I talked about this before, but time to do so again. I am currently playing evil characters spanning the entire evil spectrum.

The characters were the following:
Last son of an ancient noble family in its twilight who has gone to the capital in order to establish allies at court. Desperately desires to raise up his people from abject poverty and puzzle out the strange origins of his noble house. Also disentangle his family line from a curse coming from two directions that have eaten away at it for centuries. He is willing to do anything to accomplish these goals.
Boisterous mercenary captain fond of drinks, women, and warfare. Sought taking himself and his men to the farthest horizon, has slowly been working his way east for the past 15 years. He was known for his love of duels in particular and his hatred of authorities figures, particularly blue bloods. If given the chance he would challenge a blue blood to a duel, and aggravate them enough to call for it to be to the death.
A nationalist terrorist who fled his homeland after realizing the government was controlled by a sect of dopplegangers. Currently abroad seeking military support to retake his home, and gathering investors for his terrorist cells back home. Known as The Songbird after he threw away his previous identity.

Despite all three of these characters having committed terrible sins in front of the party and parts of the party being good they have not yet seen fit to try and either remove my character or kill him. The closest was with the LE character when a LG one threatened to put him in irons after he found out the character was funding a gang war. However since like time I have posted we have moved past this and the LG character has decided to no longer do that and that some things in this situation are too important for my character to be put into prison and that my character is a pitiable soul.

I can not tell. Am I playing evil wrong? Right? Somewhere in between?

>> No.51777647


>> No.51777649


what the fuck why does pathfinder srd weapon page link to this

>> No.51777652

I love you guys, you know that? We've finally crawled out of the darkness and into the light of what was and is.

>> No.51777657

Who stole the baseball diamond?

>> No.51777670

Because the website is currently fucked as it's transferring hosts. Hopefully to one that won't have pageview limits.

>> No.51777682

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

>> No.51777706

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

>> No.51777756

What level?
1pp-only, or is 3pp allowed?
Any preferences for your own personal playstyle?
What's everyone else playing?
Help us help you, anon.

>> No.51777791

Because the new site is still completely fucked, go to the old version of it for the time being.

>> No.51777792

The Occultist is the best thing out of the Occult book. It's fiddly as fuck, but a solid, fun, flexible T3 with cool flavor. The Psychic shits on it power wise, but if you wanted power you'd be an Exploiter Wizard, a False Priest Sorcerer with Planar Binding shenanigans, an Arcane Enlightenment Shaman -> Stargazer when your spell list starts sucking, or a Veiled Illusionist Void Cleric with that summoner archetype.

>> No.51777793

>no details on level, settings, character restrictions, other characters, 3pp, etc.
An overprotective TN yangire oneechan. Pick any male character in your party to be your little brother. Rogue or Sorcerer.

>Last son of an ancient noble family in its twilight who has gone to the capital in order to establish allies at court. Desperately desires to raise up his people from abject poverty and puzzle out the strange origins of his noble house. Also disentangle his family line from a curse coming from two directions that have eaten away at it for centuries. He is willing to do anything to accomplish these goals.
Is this really Lawful Evil just because he's willing "to do anything"? It sounds more like True Neutral, honestly, since if he's "willing to do anything" he certainly can't be lawful and the desire to figure out what's going on in his family and raise a curse can't really be construed as Evil.

>Boisterous mercenary captain fond of drinks, women, and warfare...
Isn't this guy just Chaotic Neutral? He's not especially devious, he just hates the law and officials and the ruling class and is a hedonist.

>The Songbird
This guy sounds more Neutral Evil to me, depending on how he's trying to recruit for people - it sounds like he's perfectly willing to be work with the law if it actually helps him. Depending on how you present yourself to the party they shouldn't stop you. In fact if you can present your terrorist cell as less terrorists and more guerillas, they might even support you even being Good.

>> No.51777833

Have you seen /pol/ lately? Anne fetish posting is as much of a thing as ironic unironic fascism/white supremacy.

>> No.51777841

none of those guys actually sound very evil to me

>> No.51777852

>Have you seen /pol/ lately?
You mean reddit?

>> No.51777874

we are done with that don't start it up again

>> No.51777876


How many licks does it take to get to the center of Pat's mom?

>> No.51777896

Who the fuck is Pat?

>> No.51777902

Does anyone happen to have links for Pathfinder: Villain Codex or Chronica: Age of Exploration?

>> No.51777911

Hey it's this anon again. Sorry for the really late replies, I'm at work.

I know nothing about the campaign, the players, or the setting. I'm completely in the dark. I also know that it's first party only.

>> No.51777912

>Is this really Lawful Evil just because he's willing "to do anything"? It sounds more like True Neutral, honestly, since if he's "willing to do anything" he certainly can't be lawful and the desire to figure out what's going on in his family and raise a curse can't really be construed as Evil.
Evil is a lot of a the means rather than the end. Willing to do anything was the wrong way to put it. He works within the law and twists the law to be what he needs, generally attempting to be manipulative rather than confrontational He cares about the nation and the kingdom, if not many other noble families. The laws being there for a reason and he working within those laws to tell other nobles to go fuck themselves. That and things such as funding gang wars, assassinations, and other such events to push his goals forward.

>Isn't this guy just Chaotic Neutral? He's not especially devious, he just hates the law and officials and the ruling class and is a hedonist.
Hedonism is in and of itself evil, but I realized just now it is CE and not NE. He is namely neutral evil because outside of his company he has no qualms with fucking people over. Beyond a very narrow number of people he'd shank a man in an alley for a few silver. He is inherently a entirely unrepentant selfish human being.

>This guy sounds more Neutral Evil to me, depending on how he's trying to recruit for people - it sounds like he's perfectly willing to be work with the law if it actually helps him.
In this case you are right, it's about the means of how he goes about business. Besides a core of radical political activists like himself most of his men are recruited via black mail, propaganda, and other coercion. Originally he tried to instead use a brief lived populist political movement, with him at the center as its demagogue, but it was crushed by the overarching authority while still a fledgling. In this case it is a taste for wanton destruction and rampant hatred that mark him as CE.

>> No.51777913

>> No.51777935

Villain's Codex is in the trove, I downloaded it last night. No idea about the other one though.

>> No.51777954


Heh, not too many.

>> No.51777981

If jolly really wanted to make a statement about the /pol/ posters he would just ignore them and refuse to interact or answer them, if they are here to troll they crave attention, if they're here to /pol/ post legitimately then they are not on topic and should be ignored anyways.
This is how you solve that problem.

>> No.51778009

>hedonism is in and of itself evil
poor unenlightened prude

>> No.51778027

Huh. I'd say go crazy alchemist (chirugeon/vivisectionist).

>> No.51778040

>the bag

>Evil is a lot of a the means rather than the end
Yeah but in the case of lawful, specifically, this is just more or less the mans to an end. I'd put this guy as Lawful Neutral if he never breaks it. Just because he's willing to fuck with the law and fuck the other nobles over doesn't mean he's evil, his means be damned, because according to you "he cares about the nation and the kingdom" and "desperately desires to raise up his people from abject poverty". He doesn't seem very evil to me. He isn't benevolent, but he's also not evil. He's looking out for himself and his lands and the kingdom but if he needs to he'll throw a punch. Sounds Neutral.

>Hedonism is in and of itself evil.
It actually isn't, if you're rich as shit and spend all your money on girls and booze that's not evil, that's just enjoying your wealth like there's no tomorrow.

>Beyond a very narrow number of people he'd shank a man in an alley for a few silver. He is inherently a entirely unrepentant selfish human being.
Oh well that seals it, he's flat a CE.

>In this case it is a taste for wanton destruction and rampant hatred that mark him as CE.
This too then, if he's actually like that. I'd say still put him as NE, because it sounds like he's NE leaning CE more than just pure CE - if he's a nationalist then he CAN'T be Chaotic, because he wants a new governmetal organization breaking off aka a new order entirely.

Still it sounds like you're not playing the last two correctly, that or your party is just being a bunch of pussies.

>> No.51778066


Less /pol/ boogeyman and more punchgirls

>> No.51778086

Mesmerist is interesting too, but the Occultist does take the cake for cool new class.

>> No.51778123

When's the first session, in 4 hours? You know literally nothing? If you know literally nothing about anything then I'd play it safe and just go for a cleric or wizard.

>> No.51778147

I have an attack loli of my own! What say you now, knave?

>> No.51778161


>> No.51778167

>his means be damned
I disagree with this. An example would be killing of a noble woman's fiancee because he needed to marry into the family and she was the only daughter. He payed for and hired an assassin to do the job while under a false identity, had the man killed, and then began courting the woman. He funded criminal organization in an enemy's city to cause strife for him and turn his attention from court long enough to gain and upper hand. He hired some thugs to beat a nobleman's guards unconscious to put fear into the man. These are evil things.

>It actually isn't, if you're rich as shit and spend all your money on girls and booze that's not evil, that's just enjoying your wealth like there's no tomorrow.
Under the different alignments in pathfinder hedonism is listed under chaotic evil.

>Still it sounds like you're not playing the last two correctly, that or your party is just being a bunch of pussies.
For the last two I think the party has had no problem with it because both of them are friendly and personable towards the party. The mercenary has never caused trouble for the party except once when he killed a blue blood during a duel and they had to flee the city. For nationalist is actively the only person in the party with any real goals so the party kind of follows him around.

>> No.51778184


Two can play at this game!

>> No.51778187


>> No.51778193

That's not lawful evil that's lawful neutral. That's not really evil at all, in fact.

>> No.51778204


>> No.51778214

>Empower Spell-Like Ability on an Aether Pulse
>You can only empower the Aether Pulse three times a day
>It does not maximize damage, it only turns your 4d8 into a 6d8

>> No.51778221

Tanya Degurechaff isn't a nazi. That's ww1, anon-san.

>> No.51778225

The gm texted me an hour ago and asked if I was free after work and wanted to play. No details since gen after I asked. Cleric. Is probably the safest option but I do really like the idea of playing Ludevic. >>51778027

>> No.51778254

Overcharge turns that into all day.

>> No.51778264

I personally hate the Mesmerist because it's a worse Beguiler and the Beguiler was one of my favorite 3.5 classes.

The power/flavor ratio is decent, but I never could give enough of a damn to get it past its niche, as opposed to the Medium that has so much dumb shit going on you feel compelled to make it work.

>> No.51778271

the hell is that even supposed to be

>> No.51778274


Nope, Overcharge turns it into all day for any damage a Modulation does, not your Aether Pulse itself.

Besides, the thing you want out of a Spell-Like ability is not a numeric boost, it's a flat bonus. You don't want Empower, you want Maximize.

Can you take Maximize Spell-Like Ability for an Avowed? Does that even exist?

>> No.51778282 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51778301

It's just a tangent, anon. No need to worry about it.


>> No.51778319

if maximize SLA exists then yes you can take it.

But don't discount empower; empowers DO work on the static bonuses if you have any. And the modulation is just the one you get to toggle between secondary-effect and damage. This is important in case you choose a damage-type changer (the damage type change WILL remain), but that modulation WILL cause you to deal increased damage; and there's ALWAYS a modulation loaded on pulse usage.

>> No.51778344

Has anyone here ever played in or run a game with Bad Axe Game's Trailblazer rules added in?

How was it? I'd like to hear if it works with PF.

>> No.51778361

>These are evil things.
Correct but they are in the end a means to an end, and that end is entirely neutral. Just because he's ruthless about doing court intrigue (actually this is pretty par for the course in court intrigues), doesn't mean that he's Evil, because his goal is Neutral. Evil is about malevolence more than just "evil-sounding" actions.

>Under the different alignments in pathfinder hedonism is listed under chaotic evil.
And that's stupid unless you mean to argue that blowing money on hookers and michelin food and sunbathing in the pool all day long and shitposting online all night liong is CE. Hedonism by itself is literally TN leaning CN since all it means is "I'm going to enjoy myself now and give zero shits about anything else".

>For the last two I think the party has had no problem with it because both of them are friendly and personable towards the party.
Yeah but they're, Good, right? If they're Good then they should probably be trying to stop you or give a stern talking to you whenever you pull shit in front of them, being completely fine with a guy who shanks prostitutes after he's done because he can't be assed to pay up isn't really the pinnacle of Good.
POSSIBLY not for the last one, if they side with you because they want to help your cause because they think it's a good and justified one.

Where do you see an indication that I think she's a nazi?

>> No.51778382

Is it just me, or does it feel like +14 after penalties doesn't feel like that much of a to-hit at level 8?

>> No.51778431

Well against the average for regular AC at CR8 it means you miss on a 1-6.

It's not TERRIBLE but it could stand to be 1-2 points better.

>> No.51778436


Why couldn't 3e have turned into Trailblazer instead of Pathfinder?

>> No.51778443

My mistake, then. Just saw the conversation and thought it was an implication.

>> No.51778468

I read a thing about 3e encounters that said adventures should be distributed like so:

>50% challenging
>10% easy
>15% very difficult
>5% overpowering

But what's the other 20%

>> No.51778477

Bruh I haven't been on /pol/ in like three years
/tg/ and occasionally /vg/ are the only boards I still use

>> No.51778480

What did Trailblazer do that separates it from any other set of 3e houserules?

>> No.51778508


>> No.51778547

Not him but I had assumed that the listings there were inclusive of non-combat situations.

>> No.51778573

Isn't it usually 50% challenging 25% easy 20% very difficult 5% overpowering?

>> No.51778606

I.e. no challenge at all, only roleplaying or puzzles.

>> No.51778660

Tell me /pfg/.
There is any books dedicated only to dungeon traps and puzzles that you may recommend? I am aware Retaizo never publish one but I hope some 3pp did.

>> No.51778688

So, /pfg/, what do you think is the outright most powerful and the most satisfying to play/build classes of each of these categories:

No spellcasting, no PoW
4th level caster or full Initiator
6th level Arcane caster
6th level Divine/Psychic caster
9th level Spontaneous caster
9th level Prepared caster

Note, the most powerful and the most satisfying don't have to be the same thing, so if you have different answers for each, go ahead.

3pp is allowed, of course. I'm trying to set up some pregens/legal classes for a big Company of Adventure game and wanr everyone to have good options. We start at 3 and plan on having a cap at 12, which is right where the game breaks down.

Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.51778697

Here's another thing I saw on adventure design:

1) Two Skill Encounters
2) Four Pure Combats
3) Two Magical Challenges
4) One Divine Challenge
5) One Puzzle or Trap
6) Two Roleplaying Encounters
7) One Mook Encounter
8) One Polder (basically a mid/late dungeon save spot)
9) One Bigger Fish
10) Big Finish


Does Pathflounder have any kind of guideline like this?

>> No.51778749

Oh! That'd make a lot of sense yeah.

>> No.51778760




>> No.51778788

The only god concerned with hedonism is Hastur, and he's Chaotic Evil.

Checkmate, atheists.

>> No.51778790

It worked. And it did so without unbalancing the game more.

>> No.51778824

Not that anon, but Alchemist is a pretty good choice for 1pp-only if you don't know what the rest of the party is using. There's so much variation in the class that you can make a full party of just the one class and have almost no overlap.

>> No.51778852


>> No.51778869

Only if your sister is in the group.

>> No.51778899

That's all I'm ever really here to do.

SoM stuff is moving along, getting closer to a loose playtest, although I'm checking the preview doc less and less due to needing my attention elsewhere.

>> No.51778906

Just make sure you get checked for VD afterward, my sister is a slut.

>> No.51778913

Just keep being excellent.

>> No.51778915

Works for me. How's it not work for you?

>> No.51778925

>having a slut for a sister
I'm sorry for your loss.

>> No.51778946

Is SoM balanced around 15, 20, or 25 PB?

>> No.51778998

People say that about vanilla Pathfinder, desu.

Stop shilling and start talking mechanics.

>> No.51779001

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/.

Does your character have a trusty steed? What kind of beast does he ride?

>> No.51779007

>No spellcasting, no PoW
Most powerful? Barbarian.
Most satisfying/fun? Unchained Rogue

>4th level caster or full Initiator
Most powerful? Warlord Bushi.
Most satisfying/fun? Mystic

>6th level Arcane caster
Most powerful? Summoner
Most satisfying/fun? Magus

>6th level Divine/Psychic caster
Most powerful? Marksman
Most satisfying/fun? Inquisitor

>9th level Spontaneous caster
Most powerful? Sorcerer (technically druid but that feels like a cop out)
Most satisfying/fun? Sorcerer.

>9th level Prepared caster
Most powerful? Arcanist
Most satisfying/fun? Arcanist

>> No.51779009

I'd probably say around 20 myself, that's what I generally use as a balancing point.

>> No.51779020


>Hmmmmhmmmmm nootka mmmhmmmmhhhmm

>> No.51779039 [SPOILER] 

A horse as pale as snow.

>> No.51779042


I have to ask: is Spheres of Might being written with the Combat Stamina subsystem in mind? Although it is technically a variant rule, it is also a first-party variant rule that could very well be employed by gaming groups wishing to improve martial classes anyway.

Spheres of Might currently has two full BAB, Constitution-secondary classes, the blacksmith (why does Ssalarn keep pushing for this to be a Constitution secondary class even when Constitution has nothing to do with Profession [blacksmith] or Craft?) and the striker. Both of these can make very good use of Combat Stamina.

>> No.51779071

I like that they have a unified spellcasting progression. All classes have a Base Magic score you can compare to one big Spellcasting Table. I also like how the Wizard gets mroe spells known and prepared as class features, while the Sorcerer gets MORE spell slots than anyone else as his.

I like the simplified feat system, particular the Two-Weapon-Fighting chain, which reduces the need for feat investment to be a capable two-weapon fighter, while allowing you to keep going down the chain to simply get BETTER.

I like how Monks don't suck. I like how Fighters are built as weaponmasters. I LOVE the Action Point system, and I really like their XP budget system for creating encounters.

>> No.51779075


It's worked out nicely every night, so far.

>> No.51779081

As of the moment, the only idea we have for the implementation of combat stamina is being able to use some to regain focus. Aside from that, it's not something which we've explored.

>> No.51779146


He rides a mighty courser named BAYARD! A creature of consummate cunning and speed!

>> No.51779169


I want to punch with you!

>> No.51779185

>Have 27,785 gp after basic purchases
>Want Sniper Goggles
>Really want Sniper Goggles
>They're 20,000 gp


>> No.51779212

As you should, punch is the universal language.

>> No.51779240

She could be a demonpuncher

>> No.51779244

Craft 'em yourself.

>> No.51779261


You're assuming I'm smart, or in any way a crafter.

>> No.51779273

>> No.51779304

>> No.51779315

> First started out RP'ing
> Go through the rollercoaster of designing shitty characters, each with only about a sentence of backstory
> Eventually get to a point where I design a couple characters with 10+ page backstories
> Realise that's stupid, now it's 1-page max
3 years later:
> Casually throw ideas at the wall and come up with godly characters with no more than a paragraph, usually just bulletpoint it.

Half-elf Fighter, bastard daughter of a lesser noble and his favourite whore. Grew up on streets, became a Swordsmanship instructor. Taught European martial arts to noble's kids for years before she became an adventurer. Now seeks to learn every possible facet of warfare, using adventuring as a proving grounds for new fighting techniques.

Dwarf wizard. Reincarnated as an elf because of asshole druids, now he can't grow a beard. He seeks an unlimited wish so that he can wish for every living being in the entire universe to be able to grow a beard.. Just in case the asshole druids strike again.

>> No.51779346

That's a 2hu.

>> No.51779348

Quick preview of what's to come next thread, though I could have probably uploaded this directly.


>> No.51779349

Occultist is mechanically like a weird blend of wizard and Magic of Incarnum classes, and I really like it for that.

Like a lot of Paizo stuff, though, it would have been better if it just had at-will abilities instead of an X/day pool.

>> No.51779361

>> No.51779423

She looks like a cute puncher

>> No.51779442

>> No.51779445


Is she a [lawful] outsider?

>> No.51779454

>campaign trait that is +2 Initiative AND +1 reflex
Paizo plz

>> No.51779511

I like the trend of making campaign traits good, I've played in groups that give you 2 traits and one has to be a mediocre campaign trait.

A lot of people talk about replacing rogue with one trait but I've never played a campaign that let you take campaign traits outside the campaign anyways.

>> No.51779538

Man, I'm not actually applying to WotR but I've become abnormally invested in these character applications. A month and a half of suspense waiting to see which ones make it through.

>> No.51779574

Not sure if punchgirl

>> No.51779586

>mfw I'm having trouble picking out traits for this character
>mfw I'm normally great at picking out traits

>> No.51779656

So I'm trying to figure out how we can harvest a stairway literally made of gold.

Assuming it isn't horrifically cursed, what is the best way to cut through gold (assume hardness 5, hp 10/inch)?

We were primarily thinking repeated castings of fabricate, which would drop into our mirror of mental prowess.
However, if there's an item that would cut through that like butter, I would like to know.

>> No.51779663

>The deep-seated enmity between orcs and elves can, on rare occasions, bely a strange sexual tension
So all those doujins were right?

>> No.51779672

Can you not just pick up an adamantite weapon?

>> No.51779698

Ideally, 10 hp per inch is still a lot of time to spend hacking away in this dungeon.

We're talking millions of pounds of gold.

>> No.51779707

Put up a ramp/funnel and heat metal?

>> No.51779709

>> No.51779712

My campaign I'm running ends tomorrow, it's the final session. I've been running this game for almost 3 years.

I don't know what to feel. Excitement for what's to come afterwards, or fear in case I fuck things up somehow.

Help me get my mind off this shit. What's your favorite class to play, Paizo or 3pp?

>> No.51779721


Set up a mining operation outside of the dungeon, spend the next month or so harvesting the gold and refining the scrap into ingots.

>> No.51779725

>> No.51779727


with 3pp allowed
god no if it's 1pp only

>> No.51779737

>What's your favorite class to play, Paizo or 3pp?

Warder (Zweihander Sentinel) for 3pp.

Slayer for 1pp.

>> No.51779740

Slayer. So much versatility in your build options with being able to cheat feats, and whatever you don't build around you're still typically decent at.

>> No.51779778



>> No.51779787

Any you like so far?

>> No.51779837

I have seen it once, and it is a game I am probably not going to apply for because it looks like it will be shit.
But there are a few campaign traits that are equivalent to feats. Personally I like it because it makes taking those traits good, and helps tie you into the story without some dead feat.

>> No.51779861

Hey is there gonna be other ways to regain martial focus other than taking a total defense action?

>> No.51779907

If not, I bet her kicks could do some damage. Those are easily 1d10 legs. With +2d6 Fire damage. Because she's hot, you see.

>> No.51779915

Got all the Strange Aeons uploaded; now I'm just waiting for the new thread to start the dump. Sendspace is a fickle mistress.

>> No.51780065

How do I balance APs meant for 4 players into APs for 5 players? Just throw advanced templates on random creatures? Throw in more random encounters? These of course in addition to the stuff I myself throw in the mix that is.

>> No.51780112

>not having legs wreathed in actual flames
Sorry, my waifu is hotter.

>> No.51780136


At level 1, encounters should have +100 exp
At level 20, encounters should have +268800 exp

Or, roughly speaking, divide the total exp budget of each encounter by 4

That's how much extra exp worth of enemies/challenges should be added to the encounter

>> No.51780140

New Thread

>> No.51780142


That is an impressively figured waifu!

>> No.51780161

Quick goodie for anyone still here who wants Qadira.


There are ads, but be persistent and you'll get there.

>> No.51780163

I'm making a spear-fighting human cleric of cayden caillean that starts at level 5, and I can't decide on my 5th level feat.
What I have so far is: Strength domain, travel domain, 18 STR, 14 DEX, 14 CON, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 8 CHA, Power Attack, Combat Reflexes, and Improved Initiative. What would a good 5th level feat be?

>> No.51780221

Of course!

>> No.51780239

gods I love athletic girls.

>> No.51780265

Aw yeah. now there's a party that knows what the true treasure in that dungeon was.

And it wasn't fucking friendship.

Adamantine or heat. Telekinesis can help at higher levels; cut the things apart like iceblocks for an igloo and TK them into bags of holding.

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