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Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus Belli where Indonesian musclegirls are after Spaniard Catboys.

>All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff:

>Catalog where you can look at pretty pictures of the miniatures you're thinking of getting:

>Rules wiki (now updated with HSN3 content):

>Rules Wiki Offline Backup

>Official Army Builder:

>Token Generator:

>N3 Hacker Helper:



>Faction Rundown:

>All Consolidated Rules:

>Operation Icestorm Scan (beginner missions)
>Operation Red Veil Missions (brought to attention it's missing pages) http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/xjlY6Mip/file.html

>The RPG Kickstarter

>WIP Tactica

>RPG Character Creation

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I'm a little annoyed at you, I wanted to make an A-Holes edition.

>> No.51761780

Next time, Gadget.

Actually, how would you stat the inspector.

>> No.51761785 [SPOILER] 

Done I'd say.

>> No.51761810

>Bakunin is still wading in ankle-deep shit
You'd need a lot of A-Holes for that, yeah.

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Great job.
Love Felix' sassy pose despite the pose, even though Amba is that close. I guess he's used to that by now. Or Bakunin just makes you outright immune to temptation (and fear).
Also, dat ass.

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Great job.
Love Felix' sassy pose, even though Amba is that close. I guess he's used to that by now. Or Bakunin just makes you outright immune to temptation (and fear).
Also, dat ass.

>> No.51761936

Very sweet. I'd love to see that the other way round; Felix struggling to reach around Amba and barely peeking out behind her muscular frame.

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>vital data has been encrypted into a child-like robot-doll by a smuggler-hacker
>the robot was dropped on Acontecimento
>Nomads want to steal the data, ASA to retrieve it or destroy the robot if need be
>the doll actually acts like a little girl, making the whole mission a lot more difficult

Add something like "the girl is hiding in jungle, you have to find her first" and you're golden.
There aren't that many more Jungle Terrain ASA units compared to Bakunin Multiterrain ones to sway it in favor of PanO, so I'd gladly see some Jungle requirements.

The pose was not actually entirely my idea, but I guess people out of /co/ would not notice the "homage".

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Nightwing ass improves everything

>> No.51762197

>nomad hackers put a subroutine in a doll belonging to a rich acontecimento CEO.
>doll downloads some top secret data from the manor's mainframe and escapes in the jungle with it
>bakunin extraction team rushes in
>ASA notices that the perimeter has been breached and moves to intercept.

It sounds like Flee or Die, Idk how we could make it different from.

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>call 0-800-773 moderators, for all your plumbing problems.

>> No.51762235

Do the high level qts belong to ariadna?

>> No.51762312

Right now the high-level qts are a PanO giantess and a Nomad catboy (and maybe a hypothetical Aleph loli?).
Ariadna can go and stay go.

>> No.51762354

Flee or Die has you opening some drop pods in hostile terrain. This would require you wading through Jungle Terrain instead. Also make the destruction of the doll an option for PanO, but not the only objective. E.g. securing it would grant 3 Objective Points, destruction 1.

Also being a robot the doll would be Hackable. Possibly instead of CivEvac you could hack to disable it and then Casevac it instead.

Or instead of using a robot girl a character from the manga could feature. Pic related.

>> No.51762465

You could also make the doll a damaged Proxy instead (though obviously still a loli!) and determine its actions with a random table or two instead.

>> No.51762926

Are there models for these, or are they just fanarts?

>> No.51763011

These look REALLY bad.

What in the fuck.

The hacker is alright but what's with the fucking guardians of the galaxy guy.

And that dude with white hair was painted by a retard, what in the flying fuck is going on.

>> No.51763340

>Ariadna can go and stay go.
when you get off ariadna, cyka bylat. Don't you have a Nomand degenerate to molest

>> No.51763498

Sometimes when I poop, I use the shaping attachment from my old Play Doh fun set. I place it on my anus, and make poops in different shapes. There's nothing strange about that at all. I'm an PanOceanian, living in Neoterra, and if I want to have poops shaped like stars, I have every right to. The Lobbies® would have wanted it that way.

>> No.51763761

Sometimes when I poop, it just comes out in acute saccheri quadrilaterals because I live in Bakunin and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that makes it up my butthole.

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So, the Dire Foes codes, do they actually work? Do you have to put hyphens?

I've tried combinations of zeros instead of Os, 1s instead of Is, etc.

>> No.51765509

So... Jewish sectorial for haqqislam when?

I want a remote tag named the golem.

>> No.51765532

I'd rather see more supersoldiers.

Let everyone else have the fancy robots, Maghariba's better than all of them anyways.

>> No.51765605

Silly anon, Exrah are part of CA not Haqq

>> No.51765607

Old man coming through

>> No.51765618

>> No.51765627

>what's with the fucking guardians of the galaxy guy

You'll have to be more specific

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>> No.51765655

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Any idea when the manga drops other than "soon"?

>> No.51765673

>> No.51765694

Will attach the tactical display in a way that will keep it removable whenever I get tired of it.

>> No.51765695

Hell no they don't.

>> No.51765716

Hey friend! I'm still entertained by the hacking display. Any recent terrain improvements?

>> No.51765718

No idea who that's meant to be, but I can tell it's meant to be someone. Good job. Love your terrain and paint style.

>> No.51765725


Goddamn, references to other media just make things automatically terrible.

>> No.51765809

It's a bit more subtle in the official version.

>> No.51765849

I'm thinking of getting into painting/modeling. My first thought was 40k because I dig the fluff but I'm not crazy about many of their models. Infinity on the other hand has some gorgeous sculpts. Can you sell me on the game?

>> No.51765929

>implying other games aren't packed full of pop culture references

I'm gonna let you in on a secret. Nerds fucking love referencing things they like.

>> No.51765930

The game is actually good and pretty well balanced. It's definitely well balanced compared to 40k. Lots more tactics involved, and there's more wriggle room when creating lists since most units are viable, so you don't need to hunt down specific units that look like shit to have a chance at winning (we'll encourage you to anyway, but you don't need to)

Metal means you can easily undo your painting fuck ups without damaging the model.

>> No.51765966

Ha, sometimes I think no matter what I currently do, people always talk about the holodisplay. I really need a new hacker to see if I can push that concept a bit more.

No new terrain yet I'm afraid. But I was thinking about a small sushibar from the 'LiJiang Night Market' map in Overwatch.

Thanks anon. That's 'Soldier 76', think aged grumpy Captain America (at lower power level) turned vigilante, from Blizzards Overwatch.

>> No.51765981

Anyone got any Winter Vixen fanart?

>> No.51766059

It's a complex, but rewarding system that emphasizes tactical thought and decision making over list building, and the ARO system keeps you engaged during all phases of the game rather than just your turn.The game is very well balanced, and while there are certainly some models that are better at what they do than others, you won't be hamstringing yourself by picking the wrong faction or models like in other games.

Best of all, all of the rules are free in the form of downloadable .PDF files, so you can look them over to see if you like them, or even play some test games if you've got suitable proxies. The free rules don't come with the fluff, but that can be found if you look hard enough.

>> No.51766064

I can't find the image right now, but there's a drawing of a red spaceship that's been turned into a noodle bar that comes up once in a while in the cyberpunk threads that might look good too.

>> No.51766174

As a fanatic 40k fan, let me chime in here too.
The fluff has less overarching doom, but there's definitely a wider variety of sci-fi themes in Infinity. You've got everything from a faction of androids & posthumans to a faction of left-behinds with current era tech, western and Asian corporate nations, and a traditional cyberpunk faction that lives permanently on three starships.

They've added the individual units' fluff blurbs back to the catalogue, so between that and the faction rundown up in the OP, you can get a pretty good overview of everything.

>> No.51766272


where do i find models?

i looked, is this a name someone slapped onto a previous nameless?

>> No.51766295


They should stop. It's painfully unfunny and pointlessly derivative. Plus it's a copyright violation and they should be sued over it. Look at what happened to battletech.

>> No.51766346

Wow great argument fagtron you sure convinced me with those hot opinions

>> No.51766394

Battletech outright stole designs, merely referencing falls under parody.

Annoying != illegal

>> No.51766447

>Plus it's a copyright violation and they should be sued over it.
Problems, GW?

>> No.51766534

Honestly the only one I could pin down was the purple haired chick, and thats only because people kept saying it was GotG. I saw the movie once, it was okay.

Battletech didnt so much steal designs, but purchased the rights to use the art from people who didnt actually have the rights to sell it.

>> No.51766536

Thanks a lot for the info! You've definitely intrigued me. I'll give the game a harder look.

>> No.51766717

>Where do I find the models?
Nowhere, unfortunatly.
Amba and Felix are made up by /tg/.
Felix has existed for half a year, I think, while Amba only came to be last thread.

>> No.51766770

Sounds intriguing, would love to see it.

>> No.51766818

Bear in mind, that mini company and another one release minis deliberately based on various flicks. I know there's another mini company that makes Batou and Motoko.

I'm mostly with you on it (Bordememes fucking murdered my soul), but this IS a wargame where one of the minis is literally a combination of NGE Asuka and Tekken Asuka, the Joan of Arc is Saber, the Winter Vixen's dressed like the Squirrel Girl from BlazBlue, one of the IJA units is outright the Tengu from MGS2, Veteran Kazaks are the Military Stalkers wearing the Skat and Berril armor, the Spitfire Odalisque is Malaysian Chun-Li, the description for the Fusiliers outright uses a Starship Troopers movie quote and the blurb for the Riot Grrls is the fucking tagline for Barb Wire.


>> No.51766884

Love this idea, cus i'm a sicko and love Zarya, but i just don't like Panno.

>> No.51767105

Not everyone on Bakunin has to have a scat fetish, what in the world are they doing that gets their shoes so dirty?

Imagine what it must smell like in there.

>> No.51767147

>what in the world are they doing that gets their shoes so dirty?
Health & safety raids on the scat fetish compounds. There's only so much the ship's systems can handle.

>> No.51767159

Not all pupniks have a chimera to keep them from shitting up the place.

>> No.51767286

>Bear in mind, that mini company and another one release minis deliberately based on various flicks. I know there's another mini company that makes Batou and Motoko.
Hasslefree Miniatures. But it's not like Infinity has not referenced GitS either. ALEPH is one big GitS reference.

>the Winter Vixen's dressed like the Squirrel Girl from BlazBlue

Somehow I never noticed that.
Also there's the X-Men Morlocks and Senor Massacre.

That site is sometimes iffy. Which mission do you want? If I don't have it, someone else here surely does.

>> No.51767515

iirc Le Muet is a reference to various French New Wave assassin stuff, like Le Samorai, on top of being a Day of the Jackal/Manchurian Candidate mashup.

Also, the Scottish/British Ariadnan werewolves are literally Dog Soldiers.

One merc is literally Yojimbo.

Speaking of GITS, a bunch of Yu-Jing ops have Motoko's visor.

Oh, and, like, half of PanO are basically stealing from Briario's ears and ESWAT mechs.

>> No.51767712

I've played reliable, regular factions for too long. How do I use Ghazis?

I get for 5 points I can get a chain rifle and EMP thing, or for 10 a shootgun, so do I just stick them in their own group to run up the board, eat bullets and maybe kill something?

>> No.51767743

5 pts always. Just run them towards the nearest threat and chain it or jam it. Jammer does not need LoF, so isolating a Hector through a wall and thus breaking a link is hilarious. Also you can use their smoke with Djanbazan.

>> No.51767835

Don't use the shotgun, they're designed to be cheap roadblocks so don't compromise the cheapness. They're simple, run them up the board and shoot whatever gets in their way. They're definitely one of if not the best warbands in the game, they can isolate people through walls and are effective against all targets without needing to get into CC.

>> No.51767954

Those are just fanarts, started by an off-hand comment that Nomad men should be as cute as the girls.

>> No.51767979

Took my Al-Fasid for a spin this wednesday and I was not dissappointed with his performance. A question popped up however.
If I Speculative Fire against a target outside the targets LoF. Meaning the grenade detones behind the model, or since he can't see the Fasid to begin with the target suffers a -3 mod to his dodge correct?

>> No.51767984


>The collector, cyborg pond, mohawk foster dad and Gamorra

gotta throw in them references.

>> No.51768066

There must be something fundamentally wrong with either the sculpts or the picture, because I don't remember anyone bitching as much about any other line troops or references. IIRC no one complained about the Colossus Morlock. I like the reference, but I gotta say I did not like those Moderators at first either.

>> No.51768077

Hey, I'll have you know that my offhand comment was specifically about a Moderator catboy for dire foes. I spoilered the 'boy' part of catboy to present a sort of bait and switch joke since everyone was crazy about Nomad catgirls.

I didn't expect all this to result from such a simple joke though. The internet is a hell of a drug.

Yep. It's a lack of LoF to the shooter that causes the penalty, so even if you dropped it directly on him or in front of him he'd still dodge at -3.

>> No.51768132

There is such a thing as overdoing it.
It also doesn't help that they just don't look very good.

>> No.51768230

>Winter Vixen's dressed like the Squirrel Girl from BlazBlue

Yeah, nah, not seeing that.

What's so bad about them?

>> No.51768601

>IIRC no one complained about the Colossus Morlock
There was a ton of bitching about that, both the ridiculous comic hero skin and the LGL loadout.

>> No.51768755

Was there a profile to go with Amba's OR?

>> No.51768802

We know that she wields either a Heavy Shotgun or a Feuerbach. Beyond that, no idea.

>> No.51768831

I only saw much bitching about it replacing the third Moderator and having a shit loadout. The reaction to it being Colossus seemed largely neutral.

>> No.51768878

In my case it was mixed feelings of "they replaced a Moderator with a Morlock, what the fuck are they doing" and "fuck, Colossus Morlock looks dope".
The best looking fig in that set is the one I'd like to see sold separately.

>> No.51768918

How's this as a base?

Amba, Indigo Regular

MOV 4-4
CC 13
BS 12
PH 13
WIP 14
W 1
S 3

Specialist Operative, No Wounds Incapacitation, Jungle Terrain

Feuerbach, Drop-bears, Assault Pistol, Knife

May form links with Acontecimento Regulars.

>> No.51768939

Why do the Zouaves have the worst PH of all Ariadna bar the Traktor Mul?

That's pretty cool.

>> No.51768942

They did the same thing previously with Acontecimento Regulars. They removed it because I guess it's just too dated now and no one cares about Lost anymore. Guardians of the Galaxy might have more staying power.

I wasn't planning on switching to Bakunin and the two Moderators I have fill all my needs for them.

Also this is a set in which everyone has a sensible, combat ready pose. No one just standing around or rage fisting for no reason, a nice middle ground between Drax Moderator stiff and BS Bandit overly dynamic. Would it go over better if the poses were more relaxed, closer to starter set Moderators, or more silly instead?

>> No.51769003

Lazy mechanized frenchmen spend all day sitting in cars.

>> No.51769123

Don't forget digging holes everywhere.
And the other mechanized troops don't have bad PH for their faction. Is it a leftover from N2?

>> No.51769161

>waah waah I don't like references so nobody should

Eat shit fagboy, references are great, you sound like a certain faggot in the forums everyone hates

>> No.51769192

Actually PanO heavy infantry get PH14 across the boards except for Santiagos (who spend lots of time in space, that's not good for your muscles) and Montesas (who laze around in cars all day).
Halqas have the bare minimum PH10, which just means that they're held to some kind of standard.

>Is it a leftover from N2?
No, the situation was exactly the same back then. Zouaves just have low PH for some reason.

>> No.51769214

Somebody draw a Montesa or Zouave as Officer Donut, the stereotypical fat cop.

>> No.51769238

No need to be so aggressive, he's entitled to his opinion.

>> No.51769429

I think I'm about the only one who interprets the feet as covered in rust as it's intended.

>> No.51769500

USAriadna exchange program.

>> No.51769537


Probably because it doesn't look like rust, it looks like shit.

>> No.51769679

Make it WIP 13 and only Dogged. She is PanO, not Aleph

>> No.51769759

maybe she is alpeph breed ?

>> No.51769860

>Sapper L2: mimetism, cover, +3 to comfy.

>> No.51769867

You're right, I just hate few things more than those "stop liking what I don't like" types, they really get my blood boiling

>> No.51769896

I run a lot of grunt links and this is pretty much how I imagine them castled on a rooftop

>hey Jed, pass me a brewski

>> No.51769911

S3 doesn't really work, humans tend to exclusively be S2 or S5, or S4 only if they have a pet.
Drop bears also might be a bit much for a unit with a heavy weapon, assault pistol and specialist skill, especially since there's already a Regular with mines.

I'd make her WIP13 as well, it's not necessary to have high WIP. She's not Rao.

>> No.51769957

Not him, but don't all Spec-Ops guys have more WIP than standard?

>> No.51769987

>as it's intended
[citation needed]

>> No.51770000

Looking at the latest Dire Foes, doesn't seem like it.

>> No.51770011

No. They all have at least WIP13, but many of them just have the same WIP as their base unit.

>> No.51770199

easy conversion.

>> No.51770316

>just received my angel giraldez masterclass vol. 1 and joanne d'arc

>> No.51770334

>ordered HSN3 w/Druze from Minimarket on Feb 7
>still hasn't arrived in my country
FIMS a slow.

>> No.51770810

that guy has some legitimate points at times but those get drowned in the rest of his autistic tantrums to the point that no one takes him seriously anymore. When it comes to shitty posters he's in good company though

yeah, nah. If they intended to portray rust they did a literally shitty job because that 100% looks like shit.

>> No.51771477

I want to propose having a look into these nicely animated short videos which give a rough understanding of the core gameplay.

Visually pleasing, and informative!


>> No.51771510

Have a lot of experience smearing shit on your feet, do you?

>> No.51771536

Not feet, boots. We're not savages.

>> No.51771741

Guges? Pls say it's Guges. I'm fairly new, but I've already been Guged once, and a quick profile check releaved me when seeing what a publicly confirmed autist he is.

>> No.51772122

yeah I've actually been ankle-deep in mud and worse a handful of times in my life; meanwhile I've never once seen rust behave anything like that, so you either show me instances of brown goopy smeary "rust" or scram, faglord.

>> No.51772146

Guges and Kanulen are top quality grade A pieces of shit.

>> No.51772184

Ding ding mother-fucking ding

Guges is the resident sculpt-bitch and occasional fluff-bitch
Then you have King of Squid or whatever the fuck his name is, the rules-bitch
And others including 2 SJW-bitches and one particular guy that is okay most of the time but that becomes a massive autist when anything regarding Ariadna comes up

>> No.51772198

That's the other one, Kanluen

Jesus H. Christ what a major turd

>> No.51772257

>And that dude with white hair was painted by a retard, what in the flying fuck is going on.

I hope you're memeing
The facial definition is impressive for 28mm scale compared to my own experiences.

>> No.51772268

I thought Guges had toned it down a lot for a while now, his latest posts look mostly alright from what I saw at least

>> No.51772374

>joanne d'arc

It's Joan of Arc or Jeanne d'Arc, friendcomputer.

>> No.51772587

Around Bakunin ... make sure you don't step in ...

>> No.51772624

Jeans of de Arc?

>> No.51772810

Guges is just massively frustrated, K shitposts because he knows the mods won't do shit and has even stated it outright on dakka.

>> No.51772919


The reason K shitposts is because he's a cunt, end of story.

>> No.51773159 [SPOILER] 

doop doop doop nothing to see here, I'm definitely working boss

haqq kneepads are dumb as fuck

>> No.51773254

Perfection Personified.

Could use those shoulder pads though

>> No.51773323



CH:Mimetism, Shock Immunity, Specialist Operative, Jungle Terrain
Feuerbach, Assault Pistol, Knife, Eclipse Smoke Grenade, D-Charges

Maybe an non-linkable option with a Heavy Shotgun instead of Feuerbach and Auxbot?

>> No.51773383

To be fully on-model? Yeah. The djan pads are huge, though. Maybe once I take it digital so it's easier to fix/change.

this image is already like 110% fetish, but I'm having a difficult time not making the back shot even more so

>> No.51773457

Then again, I'm a little reluctant in saying so because I wouldn't want to hide those GUNZ

>> No.51773526

Eh, she's already going to be a killing machine with link bonuses, she doesn't need it.

>eclipse smoke
No thanks. If there's going to be an autoinclude unit I'd prefer that it at least isn't a character.

Long range AT AROs, short range active turn murder and also button pushing are enough versatility for one unit imo. As someone well versed in making special snowflake homebrew bullshit, the first rule of special snowflake homebrew bullshit is to never overdo it.

>> No.51773921

Sure. Hmm I'm just trying something that isn't already in the Regulars.

>Mimetism(...)link bonuses, she doesn't need it.
Maybe just on the solo option then.

>eclipse smoke
The GDA isn't an autoinclude either....or is it? I don't know that many SAA players and I've never faced off against them.

>> No.51774068

With such great PH, it would be a shame for her not to have some throwing weapon.

>> No.51774096

I'm perpetually surprised by vanilla PanOs never fielding GDA. Reckon it's the $ cost or just not being a space marine because I've always thought that profile was great - moreso in N2 when it had the speed advantage.

Or, now that I look at the profile, it could be the BS10 on the auxbot. The shotgun must still clean up at point blank, but its smoke game must be a bit janky.

>> No.51775045

Instead of all the defensive shit like Mimetism and stuff I'm going to suggest something outrageous here:


>> No.51776211

The 24mm 'scale', how does it translate to 1:x scale? Asking because I'm in dire DIRE need of cars, loads of cars for terrain.

>> No.51776230

>The GDA isn't an autoinclude either....or is it?
Quite the contrary. People prefer Tikbalangs or Montesas for their big guns. And paying premium for a smoke chucker just isn't sensible.

IIRC about 1:72, although Infinity figs are closer to 32mm.

>> No.51776329

25 mm is 1/52, as far is I remember.

>> No.51776534

>I'm perpetually surprised by vanilla PanOs never fielding GDA.
That's because Eclipse smoke just does not gel with anything in PanO. PanO likes to stay at long range, and for short range there's Croc Men and Locust, who are already halfway up the board. And GDA costs 50pts. For those points I could get a more survivable Father-Knight or Holy Sepulchre or a much faster Joan 2.0. Or just spend those points on a TAG.

Amba with Eclipse would be auto-include because of how much cheaper she would be compared to GDA. And linkable too.

>> No.51776718

Guy who does run a GDA in vanilla here, yeah the BS 10 makes smokong crap a pain.

In the end, its the GDA himself that steals the show, and wrecks shit with the spit

>> No.51777059

shame the spit GDA looks bad compared to the rifle GDA

>> No.51777171

GDA having Smoke on the Bot also has an issue: He can't smoke dodge except by returning fire. Sometimes, you just wanna dodge on a 16.

>> No.51777619

She definitely needs to make use of her PH, sooo Drop Bears or EM Grenades? I still don't think Eclipse is a bad idea, but, if it becomes an autoinclude, then that kinda goes against the "well balanced" part of the game....Not that CB cares what us fa/tg/uys are up to lol. Even still coming up with shit is pretty fun.

btw what's Felix's profile?

That's very interesting. I've always liked PanO's approach to problem solving - apply tech. I don't know if Nanoscreen is a human tech though....But then again Hector has Plasma Rifle so fuck it.

>> No.51777801

This one got generally positive reception:

MOV 4-4
CC 14
BS 11
PH 11
WIP 13
W 1
S 2

Specialist Operative, Number 2, I-Khol lvl.1, Shock Immunity, Sensor

Boarding Shotgun, D-charges, Antipersonel Mines, Assault Pistol, Electric Pulse.

Linkable with Moderators. 20pts 0SWC.

>> No.51777834

The Regulars got a lot of contact with the CA, so it might be salvaged tech.
As for using her PH, why not a Auto-Medkit or something? There are things besides grenades.

>> No.51778121

Alright, I'll give this a go as well.

Amba, Indigo Regular

MOV 4-4
CC 13
BS 12
PH 13
WIP 13
W 1
S 2

Specialist Operative, Veteran lvl1, Jungle Terrain, No Wounds Incapacitation

Heavy Shotgun+E/Mitter, Stungrenades, Nanoscreen, Pistol, Knife

Core link: Regulars

>> No.51778190

From /co/ with love.

>> No.51778223

>PanO and Bakunin cooperate

>> No.51778246

Where can you find a version that still sells with Joan? I can't find the book at all now that V2 is out, and when I do it doesn't come with her.

>> No.51778362

Moderators are the worst link in the game. Their dire foes desperately needs an HMG or Missile Launcher.

>> No.51778381

Because Felix is total HRL material, right?

>> No.51778411

>lithe catboy
>HMG or ML
Uh-huh, that totally matches up.

>> No.51778416

I don't care what your little cat boy is into as long as he packs a big gun.

>> No.51778438

They are purely for cheerleading purposes. You're not supposed to spend SWC on them. That's why their Spitfires are only 0.5 SWC.

In his first incarnation he lugged around a Gecko-sized Mk12.

>> No.51778536

>They are purely for cheerleading purposes. You're not supposed to spend SWC on them. That's why their Spitfires are only 0.5 SWC.

The same for Keisotsu or Fusiliers or any other LI link the game right? Moderators are shit and a dire foes could/should save them.

>> No.51778665

>The same for Keisotsu or Fusiliers or any other LI link the game right?
Keisotsu sure, with the added functionality of Kempeitai allowing JSA to be aggressive with their Lts. Fusiliers are in the Defensive link category, especially with their higher than most LI BS. A full Fusilier link shoots at BS15 base. That's what makes them a staple of NCA.

>Moderators are shit and a dire foes could/should save them
Moderators do exactly what they are supposed to do: fuel Nomad order-hungry, slow MI or Haris/Duo links or the TAG. I mean, you can fit both a Moira Core and a Riot Grrl Haris into a list easily, but you'll find yourself playing Limited Insertion if you do. Meanwhile the Moderators are a good cheap Order supply.

Also consider that you can take a full Riot Grrls link and still fit in 5 Moderators to Link up if you need to.

>> No.51778780

fetish game

>> No.51778813

I really do, the visuals are a bonus

>> No.51778840

>Keisotsu sure, with the added functionality of Kempeitai allowing JSA to be aggressive with their Lts. Fusiliers are in the Defensive link category, especially with their higher than most LI BS. A full Fusilier link shoots at BS15 base. That's what makes them a staple of NCA.

Exactly my point. Keisotsu and Fusiliers can do everything a Moderator link can do but better, because they can take things like ML, HMG, and CoC. I stand by my claim, Moderators are the worst link in the game.

>> No.51778893

>I stand by my claim, Moderators are the worst link in the game.
Hey, I'll gladly switch.
t. Shasvastii player

>> No.51778934

Funny you should say that, because YJ players often claim Keisotsu are the worst cheerleaders in the game.
Personally if I had to make a link of BS10 chucklefucks I'd rather spend 0.5SWC and 15pts on a Spitfire than 1SWC and 17pts on a HMG.

Also there's those fuckers >>51778893

And if you're counting all links, not just Core: there's literally no reason to take Father-Knights Duo.

>> No.51778938

Because you don't want HRL with Xvisor that you can position anywhere on the table as a defensive link?

>> No.51778993

>Moderators are the worst link in the game
Order Sergeants say hi. More expensive than Fusiliers, have to share Core spot with the real reason anyone plays MO in the first place (HI links) and only recently they got a linkable specialist profile that isn't Konstantinos. And the guy himself is actively gimped by being stuck in a link, as he loses Infiltration, and he has no long-ranged weapons to use with his MSV2 in a backline link.
And Fusiliers are in MO as well; if you're allowed Spec Ops you can just Core them. I did this in past, with good results (ML and Spec Ops MSR in a Fusil link overlooking my Joan/Sepulchre, hell yes).

>> No.51779282

>literally no reason to take Father-Knights Duo.
How about because you like the models or fluff?

>> No.51779356

Even then it's better to take a Spitfire and a Hacker/FO profile independently. That way they can both accomplish different things without having to be 8" from each other. The Duo profile is a ball and chain.

>> No.51779400

link teams were a mistake

a mistaaake

>> No.51779437

I would totally play this game if I could field an army of cute catboys

>> No.51779670

At least there's the Zhanshi boyband.

>> No.51779893

You are right. I should pull back to worst core team in the game, there's a lot of pointless duos.

I forgot about the dudes that start as eggs. Gwailos are ace though. Moderators 2nd worst core link in the game.

69 pts 3 swc 2x bs15 HRL any day of the week.

>> No.51780321

Hey folks ages ago someone had some ALEPH that were painted up like Eva pilots, did anyone save that?

>> No.51780496

Why would you want an HMG or ML for those garbage eaters? That runs contrary to everything they're about as a link. They get dirt cheap spitfires and pitchers, their sniper is far to expensive to waste on them and a missile or rocket launcher would be similar in SWC. If you piss away your SWC on Keisotsu ML then you're insane. They do their work at short range with disposable killers, disposable specialists and disposable repeaters. Felix as a doorkicker with mines makes perfect sense, because they don't have a profile meant for that kind of stuff but are likely to end up in those situations. If you are only using them for orders then you don't need the expensive dire foe.

>> No.51780779

Oh, one thing I'll admit that Moderators lack is a forward observer. Flash pulse is an extremely cheap and highly useful ARO that also comes with a specialist skill, so missing out on that sucks.

>> No.51780900

Moderators are weird. A bit boring really, considering their trash stats.
Even one or two utility profiles would make them interesting. Sensor, for example. Or like, ADHLs. They're cops after all, right? Glue gun that Morlock huffing warp dust and trying to set #2 oxygen line on fire.

>> No.51781042

ADHL would be cool. Maybe a profile with stun or E/M grenades as well.

>> No.51781078

5 x ADHL link
moderators of bukkake

>> No.51781117

> just fan art

fuck my life....

>> No.51781580

HMG wouldn't be the best but it would at least make them a passable offensive link. If you're spending orders to maneuver a five man into spitfire range you are the insane one. Best option would be the missile launcher. That way they could play the standard defensive link, it wouldn't make them great but at least they'd be on par with everyone else in that regard.

>> No.51781656

>liking le reference maymay humor XD

>> No.51781751

They have cheap as chips spitfires and are the only line troop with access to markers

If I could get an alguacil with a marker I would be so happy

>> No.51781926

They're not just going into spitfire range, they're going into specialist range and pitcher range as well. Moderators are a short range link like Acon Regulars, the only thing contradicting that is a shitty 1.5SWC sniper. 2spitfire+marker+2paramedic is a solid cheap midfield link and takes the same SWC as your single mediocre ARO. If you want costly AROs, there's a unit for that. He's called the Sin Eater, and he kicks the shit out of any defensive Moderator link.

>> No.51782041

I don't know what game you are playing. The 2x sapper regulars are one of the best defensive links in the game. BS12 and sapper more than make up for having the crappier multi sniper.

>> No.51782139

I guess my phrasing was a bit vague, sorry. I was talking about the Moderator sniper specifically. The Regular sniper is good stuff.

>> No.51782199

Thinking about it maybe we play on different style tables. Mine are usually pretty open. Moving around a full five man to make use of that spitfire is usually just asking for a headache.

>> No.51782344

Amba, Indigo Regular

MOV 4-4
CC 14
BS 12
PH 13
WIP 13
W 1
S 2

Specialist Operative, Jungle Terrain, Regeneration

Feuerbach, AP Heavy Pistol, Knife

Core link: Regulars
20 pts

MOV 4-4
CC 14
BS 12
PH 13
WIP 13
W 1
S 2

Specialist Operative, Jungle Terrain, Regeneration, CH:Camouflage, Infiltration

Boarding Shotgun, AP Heavy Pistol, Knife

25 pts

>> No.51782369

fyi a feuerbach costs 9 points over a combi rifle.

>> No.51782386

>Mine are usually pretty open.
You're supposed to have lots of cover.

>> No.51782601


A mere -3 for cover doesn't actually help.

>> No.51782642

So wait, do Nomads actually have catgirls, or is this a joke I missed out on?

>> No.51782653


>> No.51782663

Indigo Regular Amba: LI, Character (Regular, Cube)
MOV4-4 CC14 BS12 PH13 WIP13 ARM0 BTS0 W1 S2 AVA1
Jungle Terrain, Specialist Operative, V:Dogged
-Amba: Feuerbach, E/M Grenades, Heavy Pistol, Knife - C28 SWC1
-Amba (Forward Deployment L1): Heavy Shotgun, E/M Grenades, Heavy Pistol, Knife + AUXBOT_1 - C25 SWC0

>all these inefficiently formatted statblocks
It's like you guys don't even homebrew armies in your spare time.

The old Daktari was a catgirl

>> No.51782707

Ah, well then. Thanks for the info.

>> No.51782987

Nomads have cat girls, fox girls, bunny girls, elf girls. All the best ears.

>> No.51783281

>How about because you like the models or fluff?
I'd like to win my game.

>> No.51783304

>Specialist Operative, Jungle Terrain, Regeneration
>Feuerbach, AP Heavy Pistol, Knife
D-charges and shock on a knife would be nice.

>> No.51783834

All knives have shock bruh

>> No.51783913

>20 points for a linkable feuerbach with those stats and also regeneration
I mean I can understand unique characters getting a bit of a discount on certain things, but

>> No.51783954

ya your not getting eclipse grenades in pan o on a drop in character

>> No.51784074

Don't all dire foes characters get a small armor bonus? Bipandra and Isobel are ARM2 despite the regular profiles being ARM1

>> No.51784110

No. Many of them do, but not all. The only common ground of not that I've found is that they all have at least BS12 and WIP13

>> No.51784118

Going to post this every time I see that image with a blue Chimera background.

>> No.51784137

If that is the only way you measure a link's usefulness then surely the worst link in the game is Kuang Shi. They have nothing but Chain Rifles and Boarding Shotguns after all.

It's not about -3, it's about blocking LoF entirely.
A good table shouldn't have more than one firelane that goes all the way through the table.

And as mentioned before, for long range defensive purposes Bakunin has the Sin-Eater. And then there's Morlocks and Chimera with Smoke and Eclipse if you ant to move your Moderators around.

>> No.51784835

Best one by far until now.

>> No.51784844

I always have kuang shis linked turn one, to avoid them going all impetus crazy. then I reform a celestial link on the same turn. Maybe am just not good enough with placing and moving kuangs turn 1 without a link, but this way they work just fine.

But speaking of bad and good stuff. I accidently bought the wrong rems or got cheated by the sellers. I got the ones without msv2 and flamers, are they any useful or are just the superior rui chis always taken? I was planing to take one as a cheap escort for my Hsien HMG to make him more survivable on opponents turn.

>> No.51784930

You mean these ones? They're really good. Husong is a fantastic ARO piece, Weibing is a solid toolbox unit, Chaiyi is an extremely cheap mobile repeater that has a flash pulse, and Son Bae is a decent cheap ARO piece that can also shoot guided missiles.

Personally I wouldn't take a Rui Shi with a Hsien. They basically do the same thing, the Hsien just does it better while being far more expensive. Rui Shi is for lists without Hsien.

>> No.51784971

yes those two. Although they seem to be missing some parts, like the antena etc. But they do have the same snot mounted guns.

I was thinking about the rui shis, because there is so much camo stuff runing around, and while the hsien is tough he still dies too often in my opponents active turn. With the rui shi guarding his butt, he may live wee bit longer. Plus hsien being my Lt messes up my games every time he dies.

>> No.51785033

Are you hiding him properly at the end of your turn? I wouldn't count on a Rui Shi to protect him, a Husong may be a better idea for such a need.

>because there is so much camo stuff runing around
Oh. How much camo, specifically? And how many orders are run usually? You may have found yourself in a filthy camospam meta, and that is a fundamentally different environment to a normal meta that requires some adjustment to counter.

>> No.51785148

>I was thinking about the rui shis, because there is so much camo stuff runing around
Well good news then, Weibing Yaokong comes with Sensor and Sat-Lock, and a Deactivator against those pesky minelaying infiltrators.

>> No.51785238

I want to get into Infinity, I like the theme of Ariadna (all the sectorials, maybe USAriadna a bit less), how should I start ?

>> No.51785370

With one of the starters.
USAriadna is the newest one and thus best looking, but if you don't mind old minis there's always the regular one. Note that Ariadna is a cheap units army so you probably will have to pick up some additional boxes and blisters to fill 150-200pts. The starter comes up to about 114pts. Staples include Tank Hunters, Spetznaz, S.A.S., Foxtrots, Scouts, Caterans, Zouaves and Grunts.

There's no Ariadna tactica up as I see, but there's a ton of Ariadna players here, so there should be some more substantial advice soon.

>> No.51785427

>mentioning almost every infiltrator except the best one
0/10 not enough minelaying flamethrowers

>> No.51785442

There's one in the starter. I specifically mentioned stuff not in the starter (hence no mention of Vet or Line Kazaks), to compliment it.

>> No.51785506

Ah, in that case
>not mentioning Irmandinhos or Highlanders

>> No.51785738

So say I want to make a 200 point force, would the starter, one or two zouaves (I absurdly love those minis) and maybe a SAS and/or a tank hunter be playable ?

>> No.51785777

Even in 200 you should try to get at least 10 Orders, as Ariadna doubly so. Just keep that in mind for the first few kill scenarios games and then learn how to manage specialists when you move onto ITS scenarios (if you intend to play them).

>> No.51785820

As the person who originally did the collage, thank you as the blue bothers me too.

>> No.51786010

normaly it is around 8-12 dudes in camo. I normaly have around 12-14/15 orders. most opposing armies I play against have anywhere between 18 and 24 orders.

>> No.51786084

>most opposing armies I play against have anywhere between 18 and 24 orders






>> No.51786213

That's pretty severe. Luckily ISS has many ways to counter camo. You have several units with sensor that can reveal multiple markers efficiently, Kuang Shi that can fuck them up with cheap disposable templates, multiple MSV2 units that can kill on the active turn and set up suppressive fire for reactive turn, and Kanren that can set off mines safely with holograms and also come with madtraps.

How much of the opposing armies are usually infiltrating? I assume that most players are Ariadna. Also what are the tables like in terms of terrain density?

>> No.51786273

Okay, enough of this autism for one thread.

>> No.51786335

Am slightly ok with her touching him, but God help the cat dude if he touchs her with his pseudo phallic tail .
Yeah, in the end game it is probably going to be ok. My main problem right now is that I do not have kanrens and I only proxy the kuang shis, and not everyone is ok with proxy. Everyone else here is a veteran remembering many editions and they screw me over every game knowing that my collection is limited to two starter sets, a yan hao , the two new rems and some random single units.

>> No.51786343

??? how did you know.

>> No.51786355

Bo też jestem w Warszawie i nasza metka jest znana ze spamu

>> No.51786376

Not him, but Poland is notorious around here for being full of terrible metas that are full of 20+ order armies and also wild dogs.

>> No.51786388

And lamp-post snipers, and Białystok in general.

>> No.51786429

>and Białystok in general

But it is specifically Warsaw meta that is notorious for spam. People in other cities don't spam as much, even going as far as playing Bolt links.

>> No.51786460

So, here's a quick mockup. Opinions?
Also, does anybody have an idea what font CB uses for their profiles? I can't figure it out.

>> No.51786497

So, do they work together for the O-12 or something?
Also, the filename is pretty much perfect.

>> No.51786511

Based on the N3 core rules PDF, the more curved font is Orbitron Medium, the rest is Arial.

>> No.51786580

Nomads and PanO work together sometimes.
Even ALEPH and Nomads canonically worked together (aptly named Fleeting Alliance Dire Foes pack).
But I think the general idea is that love can bloom on the battlefield. Amba and Felix are on opposing forces and somehow sexy hijinks ensue.
Or you know, it's just making fan characters that are unashamedly fetish bait.

>> No.51786675

[one-upmanship intensifies]

Also stun grenades belong in the BS weapons category, not equipment.

>> No.51786748

Damn, linkable Feuerbach vs a heavyset Auxilia. That is quite the choice.
Usually with Dire Foes character if there are multiple profiles one is clearly superior to the other, but with this one I'd have a dilemma.

How about Felix statblock?

>> No.51786775

maybe I should have started playing AoS. Getting realy scarred from what ye peoples are saying. Is the gentelman club just the same or does it ease up after people stop wanting to stomp you?

>> No.51786809

I'll play Limited Insertion with you.
nawet nie poznacie że to ja

>> No.51786818

That's really well made. Props to you. The profile I don't care much for (I dislike Dogged in general), but the visual design is spot-on.

>> No.51786942

Have you tried the facebook club "Infinity w Warszawie"?
I've only been once to Gentleman's Club and then I played my buddy. If it wasn't so late today already I'd gladly set up for a game.

And it's clearly not everyone. Recently Alkasyn (our Warcor) set up a TAGline ITS tournament. Getting out my Geckos out for a spin was fun. One guy played a double Tikbalang list. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

>> No.51786950


>> No.51787009

Fine, but only because I crave the approval of anonymous online strangers.

I cheated with code. Right click and inspect element lets you rifle through the army builder's text and edit it.

>> No.51787040

It's Martinez, not Rodriguez!

>> No.51787077

Dun ye be correctin me laddie, that ginger catman would nae even exist withou me

>> No.51787129

You weren't the one to draw him Scottie.
Thanks! Now to send it to CB.

>> No.51787200

WIP anyone? Currently doing a Mass Effect Cerberus scheme for my Janissary ML and am on the part where I clean up the shading and start doing highlights.

>> No.51787212

Well yeah, that's why I didn't say I created him. I contributed little, I was just the guy who mentioned the concept of a Moderator spec ops catboy.

No I'm a lazy coward. You send it.

>> No.51787276

Well, now we really need to get to working on the details of 'Dire Foes: Fags & Fetishes'. Missions, HVT, storyline, all that.

>> No.51787285

Dont forget to attach the pic of Felix with an actual weapon with the profile.

>> No.51787300

Wasn't it a crash landed ALEPH loli-borg as the HVT?

>> No.51787305

>cheated with code
Cheat or not, that's clever. At least more clever than me, who tried to recreate that shit from scratch in photoshop.

>> No.51787386

Was it? If so, I'm down for that. Loli killbots are my favorite.

>> No.51787552

>Aleph loli-bot
Make it so.

>> No.51787643

the only thing I know about warsaw warcores, from other people that played infinity in my city is to avoid them, because they cheat. Plus I do not have any tags, so I wouldn't be able to play anyway :( .
Does yu jing even have tags? I though they only have rems and a lot of heavy infantry . And that tags are more pan'o thing.

>> No.51787755



>> No.51787809

Here's an attempt at a story:
Aleph has a new 'command, control & communications'-type prototype bot in production in a hidden PanO production facility deep in the jungle of [Acontecimento? Paradiso?].
By way of Black Hand shenanigans the Nomad nation catches wind of that and sends a team on a mission to either retrieve the bot or to destroy it. If they can also blow up the facility along the way, even better.
But due to circumstances the Nomad team trips a silent alarm dring the operation and a nearby team of PanO troops is diverted to respond to the distress signal.
Now the Nomad team must get past the PanO team while the building is rigged to blow. Also, the bot cannot be switched off, contains multipe internal weapons and is running on damaged IFF protocols, which means a specialist needs to constantly reset the bot unless they want to blown up by nanoweapons.

>> No.51787822

>the only thing I know about warsaw warcores, from other people that played infinity in my city is to avoid them, because they cheat.
You should stop hanging out with Xaos. He and the warcor (there's only one btw) were always at odds because of X's ego and tendency to cheat and after he was caught cheating at an ITS tournament organized officially by the warcor, he started spreading black propaganda about Warsaw Infinity community (and also claimed that he was the one to build it, despite it having been there for years before he was thrown out of 40k community for cheating on tournaments and needed to switch games).

>Plus I do not have any tags, so I wouldn't be able to play anyway
That was a specific event. Most games are without TAGs. Well, I may bring a Gecko or two if we ever play together, but they are oversized HI.

>Does yu jing even have tags? I though they only have rems and a lot of heavy infantry . And that tags are more pan'o thing.
YJ has two TAGs, Guija and O-Yoroi, plus Scarface for the TAGline season.

Check the tactica: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Infinity/N3_Tactics/Yu_Jing
It's a bit whiny in places, because YJ players love to whine which may or may not be roleplay about their second fiddle status to PanO, but I think it's sound.

>> No.51787875

Eh, sounds too much like Icestorm for my tastes.

>> No.51788009

I do not know who Xaos is, I practily know no one in Warsaw personaly, but people back home told me to avoid warcores and tournament orgenisers for any game in Warsaw. Can be subjective expiriance of other people. I have been in Warsovia since january and it seems ok, not much different then back home, only with more people.

hmm cool didn't knew about the tags. both of the non scare face ones are for jap sectorial?

And thanks for the link to the tactica.

>> No.51788016

>You should stop hanging out with Xaos
He's still a thing? I thought he was banned pretty much everywhere after he was caught cheating and started calling the playerbase cunts and faggots.

>> No.51788087

Apparently he's been holding his own ITS events just to farm rank.

Znajdziesz mnie jako SmaggTheSmug na skype albo wyslesz mi maila na smaggthesmug gmail com i się możemy zgadać. Chyba mogę cię dodać do grupy na FB. Generalnie community w Warszawie skupia się wokół Gentleman's Club i Wargamera na Wilczej

If anyone else in the thread understands my contact info posted above and wants to contact me, please send me an email before adding me on skype or at least personalize the greeting message somehow so I know it's not some spambot

>> No.51788247

O-Yoroi is for japs. Guijia does not have a sectorial yet, it will probably be part of Invincible Army.

>Smagg is a Pole
Who'd a thunk it?

>> No.51788333

The jap sectorial gets the O-yoroi. Vanilla gets both.

Why would you give me this power?

>> No.51788400


>> No.51788478

No ExpCCW? :(

Also this.

>> No.51788585

Gotta represent double jump somehow.

This is actually the toned down version if you'd believe it. I figured an 18DAM punch against BTS was plenty to gib just about anything.

>> No.51789030

>When the kazak sectorial drops they wont get a T-[Insert Random number here] model powered armor for a soldier to wear... or dare I say it tank or TAG

Fucking kill me.

>> No.51789067

>implying kazaks will ever get a sectorial

>> No.51789201

It's called Veteran Kazaks you cyka.

>> No.51789344

Bostria has a hardon for Kazaks.
Their sectorial is going to be crazy good.
They already comprise most of Ariadnas best units.

>> No.51789388

>Bostria has a hardon for Kazaks.
He is only human.

>> No.51789544


>> No.51789635



>> No.51789696 [SPOILER] 

Well, it might still work.

>> No.51790921

Somewhere in the galaxy an Avatar just found himself covered in cold sweat and it's not entirely sure why.

>> No.51790923

Just about done with my favorite HI model in the game disqualifying Karakuri for being robots

>> No.51790951

And you did a fine job! I'd love to see this IRL, as I know photos always belie miniature painting.

>> No.51790992

I kinda wish they'd remake the original APrifle jannissary in the new style. He's always been my favorite HI.

Nice paint.

>> No.51791524

Yay! I'm glad some people like it. Was kind of copying somebody else who was copying the Cerberus Color scheme from ME3 so it felt a bit bad in comparison and as a reference. I mean I like it too, but it's my own model so I've got some bias.

Anyways, I've just gotten a prize from the painting support group on the forums so I'm a bit excited.

>> No.51792365

Congrats, good job.

>> No.51792614

But... they did? It was in the second-gen starter.

>> No.51792701

I mean the pose, man. The starter guy looks like a goof waving his stick around.

>> No.51793871

Why does this game have such a rabid leftist community? Seriously asking.

I'm asking because I'm use to communities with level heads but fucking christ some dude got shut out of the seattle scene for just saying his opinions on the forum? What the fuck is going on with this community?

>> No.51793937

Context, man.

>> No.51793965

Everybody with a shit opinion should obviously be shot. That's just common sense.

>> No.51793966

Found the problem.

>> No.51793997


This was brought to my attention by a friend.

Old? Yes. But what the actual fuck.

>> No.51794048

It's more the issue of the regressive left brand of feminism injecting itself everywhere it can. IIRC it caused and atheist community to implode, as being a cult posing as a political movement based on fact, they would not be fans of atheism and questioning their data.

And let's leave this at that, because seriously, catboys and musclegirls are way too much autism in those threads already. We don't need that in here too.

>> No.51794451

dude, but why do they do it. they aren't going to play the game even if it becomes feminist friendly.
I dont see non feminists going around any university asking for gender studies to be also about males of the non gay non trans type.

Can't they just keep to their own stuff. What else are they going to try to take, books and video games?

>> No.51794544

Not to be contrarian, but like you are doing with this thread right now?

>> No.51794551

You mean Dawson/Dasaan? I mean, dude is an MRA if you let him talk, but banning someone from miniature games just because they voice shit opinions elsewhere? Fucked up.

And there's this gem from last thread:

Looks like it might be quite a den of vipers. Retarded Polish metas still top the list, but it's a strong contender.

>> No.51794585

>dude, but why do they do it. they aren't going to play the game even if it becomes feminist friendly.
Because at this point it's a fucking cult and they are being evangelical about it.
They're a few hacking devices and power armours from making Bakunin a reality... But not the fun catgirl parts of it.

>> No.51794710


Seriously anon as the guy who originally asked the question I already feel bad shitting up the thread with politics.


Listen to these anons and lets move the thread along with realization that the Seattle area is pretty fucking garbage as far as communities though and will probably either turn into an echo chamber or melt down.

Anyway guys lemme pose a question for the thread.

What army would we choose for say beginners to get use to the game.
>Has to be limited on difficult to understand rules or concepts
>Teaches the fundamentals well
>Can be deep with further learning of the rules.

Thought I'd ask so we can refer people to "those guys" so they have a good place to start in the hobby.

>> No.51794736

From reading through that thread, he wasn't "Banned from miniature games," he was told he was no longer welcome at the events being run by a specific tournament organizer. He can still play the game if he can find people interested in playing with him, and he can still participate in tournaments run by other people.

Though, going off the fact that almost immediately started using the thread to start ranting about the evils of Islam, and to call people "pampered, ignorant, busybody, cowardly, idiot adult children" because of it, I'm willing to bet that finding people willing to deal with his shit is probably an issue.

>> No.51794751

Well, not PanO, because as easy as it is to play, it lacks some stuff like smoke or warbands. But they are good enough.
Probably YJ or Haqqislam. Nomads are also a decent choice, although they suck in direct combat, so that may scare people at first.

>> No.51794813

Yeah, that guy isn't a victim.
If you act like a dick, people will treat you like a dick.

>> No.51794953

funny cause the sculptors definitely have their fetishes.

waists, asses, frankentechnohooker.

the tits are there, but not as bad as the above.
also, most females are not in combat poses.
they are swaying their hips. go look.

i love sexy women in fight poses.....

>> No.51795496

It's worse when you realise that Counting Kittens, the instigator if the Tech-bee tantrum, is RP'ing as a girl on the forums and like half the rest of genderposts are orbiters who never learned from their wasted years playing WoW.

>> No.51796252

Wait, Counting Pussies is a man?

>> No.51796461

He's a tranny

>> No.51796543

>because seriously, catboys and musclegirls are way too much autism
I really hope people don't take amba as a "progressive" message. I geniunely enjoy drawing infinity stuff for fun - not for an agenda

>> No.51796754

Nah snu snu is a powerful force especially paired with catboys and loli-killbots.

A man wearing a dress is still a man.

>> No.51796990

Is it the artichoke guy?

>> No.51797253

Hence why I said "he"

>> No.51797406

Yup. If I remember the thread correctly, other than coming across as a bit of an ass at some points he was in the right.

Well shit, you did. My bad.

>> No.51797442

musclegrill fanart is a very dangerous agenda

>> No.51797737

speaking of, for the late night crew

Rifle when? I don't understand why the box doesn't have one.

>> No.51797757

he's like one of the only original release models still in circulation

>> No.51797837

Guess it's easy to pass off the marksmen one as a regular. Though I'm wondering if they'll do a resculpt of the sniper.

Also thanks for the eyecandy.

>> No.51797929

>dat booty

wtf i love allah now

Excellent work drawfriend.

>> No.51798280

Or the hacker, if you don't mind the fancy pack and hat. Just seems odd not to include one or two basic rifles in the box, since those are the ones you'd want multiple sculpts of.

Maybe they'll do a qapu khalki starter v2.0 with a couple in it or something.

Genetically enhanced, psychotic supersoldier booty.

Glad you guys like, was enjoyable. Also expensive, because in the middle of drawing it I ordered the djan box.

>> No.51798387

Why would you want a basic rifle version of MSV2 troop? I would understand for linking but you can use Hafza instead anyway, and they can pretend to be any profile for no extra cost. It would be like rifle Nisses or Maakrep, nobody wants that.

>> No.51798473

Head feels a little small.

>> No.51798995

Few question about universe, is there any picture of how settlements looks outside of usual megapolicies?

>> No.51800598

Too late.

>> No.51800624

>What army would we choose for say beginners to get use to the game.
I'd say YJ is a nice candidate. The faction is versatile and can be tailored to showcase every aspect of the game without being burdened by complex rules.

>> No.51801064


I second this statement. PanO would have been another option, but YJ is indeed the best choice.

>> No.51803186

I'm about to paint this model and it made me think:
How often do you put high SWC cost equipment on drop troops? HMG seems like an odd choice for a drop troop, but it could let one take advantage of a less obvious firelane, parallel to deployment zones rather than across the table. Then there's Tiger Soldier with his MSR, which may seem odd, but this guy has Mimetism and BS13, already making him a good sniper trooper. And if he scatters off table, MSR range means he's not entirely useless in your DZ, unlike a Boarding Shotgun drop.

>> No.51803347

>HMG seems like an odd choice for a drop troop
It used to be better with -3/0 close ranges. That's why most AD troops replaced it with the spitfire, which is still a very good investment for when you want to mulch the enemy orderbase from inconvenient angles.

>> No.51803374

I bring Airborne Ranger with Molotok sometimes.

>> No.51803427

Are you saying more drop troops used to have HMGs?
Funny thing is that Hellcats have a Spitfire option, but no Spitfire model. Kind of seems like if CB wanted to collect them all into one box (like they did with Tomcats) then they would probably add the Spitfire.

>> No.51803652

Used to be standard on Akalis and Tigers, as well as being the only option on Hellcats and Garudas and that Exrah thing. For a while spitfires felt like kind of an Aleph speciality weapon

>> No.51803674

>Are you saying more drop troops used to have HMGs?
In N2 iirc the only drop troops that had spitfires were Rasyats, everything else got HMGs. That was okay though, because HMGs were overpowered as fuck back then.

N2 was a strange time, where a MULTI sniper cost 14 points and combi rifles were vulnerable to E/M

>> No.51803728

>For a while spitfires felt like kind of an Aleph speciality weapon
I know that Spitfires were originally in Human Sphere, as the N3 rulebook explicitly states that the Spitfire profile within replaces the one from HS.
Funny how now Spitfires are everywhere and HMG are probably slightly rarer. Most elite LI or MI seem to have Spitfires instead of HMGs, as do most high tech HI.

>> No.51803806

The updated range bands in N3 meant that the spitfire essentially took the role the HMG used to play, with the HMG being shifted to more of a long-range fire support role.

>> No.51803886

Yeah. Everyone's basic drop troop pretty much used to have it. CA used to have it om their Exrah. It really was best common gun in the game with 0-8/+0, 8-32/+3, 32-48/-3, 48-96/-6 range bands

Drop troops would be hard to justify as a box since you don't use that many of the. Tom's were different because it comes with a zondcat.

>> No.51806204


>> No.51806449


>> No.51806687

>there will never be crossfaction rules
>you will never play the multi-faction garrison trying to not get stomped by the Combined Army

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