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>> No.51753106

Someone said the new digimon had a perk to stay in your most powerful form, I am not seeing that anywhere though so does anyone have any ideas how to pull that off?

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Have you ever run for office?

>> No.51753135

Yes, I was president in west wing because my imported race would accept no less.

>> No.51753143

>my imported race
which was?

>> No.51753154

You poor fool.

>> No.51753173

Nah, too much work for too much responsibility.

I'd rather just whisper suggestions in the right ears.

>> No.51753183

A bunch of jojo esque mindflayers. They have glorious hair.

>> No.51753188

>whispering suggestions into someone's ear


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Ebon dragon perks from exalted infernals are wonderful for this. As is that narnia perk where you know peoples desires.

>> No.51753249

Sure they weren't thinking of Sustained Evolution from the original jump that lets you stay at whatever level of digivolution you want?

>> No.51753250

Strictly speaking, Ebon Dragon charms are better for traumatizing people into following your "suggestions", and then being too ashamed of what happened to them to tell anyone or act against you. He's fairly poor at actually convincing people to do things the normal way. Cecylene's the one who's about knowing what people want and playing on that to manipulate them.

>> No.51753377

Well, that too.

What? Ten years in worlds featuring proper Semen Demons and not making a plan hit sommadat? While waiting for just above 300 years before I can take companions with me?

No Game No Life alone had Jibril, then there was Tomb Raider and Lara, not forgetting Skullgirls with Filia...after I modified Samson to have an off-switch, which I learned the basics from Naze in Medaka Box.

So. Yup. Bit of a slut I was. Since stopped, partially because I'm pretty sure Rin would explode all of my alternate selves' nuts if she caught me, Io would fuse all the demons and accidentally YVHV me, Mami would give me a disappointed look then SUDDENLY WITCH, and Saeko...woooooould prolly make me wish that she did kill me.

Positive reinforcement helps prevent cheating spouses! Am I right or am I right?

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I didn't mean it in that sense, more like:
> Shit's on fire over here yo, sort it out. If you can't, I know a guy who knows a guy, for a favour as per usual.

>> No.51753413

What jump has perks for summoning equipment?
I want to be able to raise up my Evangelion at almost any time. It's the only way to be sure.

>> No.51753418

Are you around Professor Paradox? There's some questions for you in the archive.

>> No.51753504

Personally, I summon large equipment with a system using the digitizer from generic virtual world.

I keep large items digitized (which also saves on space), and keep the digitizer hooked up to a computer system in my warehouse. When I need to retrieve something, I open a portal just large enough for a digitizer beam, and use a remote to direct it to materialize therough the small portal.

And by putting a timer function on it, I can also use it to "beam" myself into my warehouse via a hole too small for most threats to follow (since the 1 day safety for sentient beings is a bit long for a jaunt to the warehouse)

>> No.51753545

Howdy /JC!

Baten Kaitos Origins Jump 080:
CP: 1000
Spirit [+300]
Malideiter [+300]
Location: Anuenue
Origin: Spiriter
Apothesis [-300]
Quest Magnus [Free]
Magnus Mixer [-100]
Heartbrace [-400]
Celestial Tree Seed [-600]

Companion Import [-200]

“Interesting,” I said as I observed the world through the Shingan, “your growth is amazingly progressive.”
“You know you’re kind of terrible at this whole tempting me to the dark side thing.”My Host laughed a little at that. “No offense.”
“No offense taken,” I would have smiled had I the ability to do so, “if anything I’m the shard of Malpercio that was mostly sympathetic and forlorn, even those of ‘evil’ nature have hearts that feel. Everyone has some level of sympathy, even your Gods who were so callous about so many things.”
“You’re fascinated by that thing aren’t you?” My Host said as I saved our Calm Conversation away in the Quest Magnus with an effort of will. My Host picked up the card without any showing of surprise and slipped it with the other seven.
“Yes,” I said as I drew out the will needed to do still silent magic and filtered it into the real world, “everything has Magnus Essence and that intrigues me beyond all other things. I wish to learn more of this world and it’s magics. I wish for my soul to grow wings.”
“You don’t seem to lack them,” My Host replied as they glanced about at the Ruhk who fluttered around us, “but that’s not the sort of wings you were speaking of.”
“No,” I said as I filtered out the information of my Shingan again, “that’s not what I meant.”

>> No.51753679

Why run when you can just take it

>> No.51753788

Are there any perks that let you copy someone's knowledge/memories without hurting or killing them?

>> No.51753823

Animorphs has a perk that lets you copy someone's memories by morphing into them. Copying them will put them in a dazed morphing trance for a minute, but it won't hurt them.

>> No.51753829

Matrix allows you to extract knowledge and skills into computer files that can presumably be copied, and using the Wireless upgrade to the Plug item you can do that in a painless and non-invasive manner.

>> No.51753836

The whole not copying other humans is just because they are squicked out over it right? There is nothing stopping them from copying other people right?

>> No.51753846

Digitalian does that, but works with allies. Get it for a companion?

>> No.51753853

Nah, it's too much work and too boring for me.

...Didn't stop me from still getting elected that one time though. That's what taught me I should probably toggle some of my charisma perks off most of the time.

>> No.51753879

Problem is, the way its written it only works on digimon.

>> No.51753882

I usually prefer turning people into loyal vampire or attach spirits to them to keep them in track.

Getting nanites inside of them that would leave them paralyzed or allow me to take control over their bodies if needed is also an option.

I can get the whole operation running in less than month after my arrival.

>> No.51753901


Like mentioned before there's Morphing Memory from Animorphs.

Also not sure if this counts, but Tsukihime has Artificer which lets you make a type of magic item that can let you read minds and copy memories.


I think it was something about them deciding it was 'immoral'. However yeah there doesn't seem to be anything preventing it. Plus that perk would be kind of a lot less useful if you couldn't.

>> No.51753975

Oh yes, Anon & Wilkins '01. Nothing like being the President of the United States of America to bolster a prospective overlord's CV. The campaign trail was smooth sailing, since we made a point of culling or kicking out all the dark powers who weren't down with the establishment. Wolfram & Heart browbeat a lot of special interests into line; it's much faster to conduct a blood curse than push through legislation if it's the right time of the month. Though at the time, there was a bit of a stink about the then-First Lady being a depraved hellgoddess preying on the hearts and minds of mortal men.

So there was much rejoicing when Glory devoured the Clintons' souls.

To be fair, Glories That Never Were breaks tradition a little to induce supernatural nostalgia on people. And it's just as valid as the others for enhancement by Memory Poison Mastery, Twisted Yesterday's Curse, Unreasoning Prejudice Infliction and Dark Claws Seize Dark Hearts.

Actually I thought Cecelyne's a lot better at detecting wants and needs than actually capitalising on them. Almost all her authority Charms are geared for demons (and later, gods). All I can think of for talking to anyone else is Inner Voice Betrayal. Endless Torment Emanation is just psychically making everyone around you salty.

Kirby has Royal Magic. I think MMX has a vehicle towing thing too, but it's been a while.

>> No.51754010

The Oberon guy here again. Looking for not evil companions but more amoral friends oh and more lackies, can never not have more loyal servants

>> No.51754033

Huh. Eggman's more hardcore than I ever thought. Guess this is yet another thing the animated series lied to me about.

>> No.51754045

It's lackeys.

>> No.51754074

What is a good jump to learn how to build deathbots?

>> No.51754107

Thank you for the correction

>> No.51754117

Do we have any ways to resurrect beings, without any souls or corpse since they just kinda dissolve into nothingness upon death? ...after around 4500-ish years?


>> No.51754130

At this point you're just recreating them, not resurrecting them right? I think Overlord (series) has bodyless rez. Not sure if that setting even has souls.

>> No.51754149

I suppose recreating would be the better word, yes... Overlord doesn't have a timelimit? If not, that'll do nicely.

>> No.51754166

Dragon Ball wishes

>> No.51754173

Who's the lucky son of a bitch you're trying to give a second shot?

>> No.51754176

So, in the FSN Jump, the Grail Campaign states that you and your Servant are gonna go on wonderful adventures taking on other Grail Wars. However, what if you turned down the Command Seals and therefore, the Servant?

Could you replace the Servant with the Master you allied with with the Master Alliance Perk?

>> No.51754183

2 wishes from dnd. First wish for a body then wish to resurrect them.

>> No.51754199

Overlord has souls, Ainz accidentally soul sucked some folk while trying to take exp from them.

>> No.51754221

You still need to beat all the other teams if you take the drawback, even if you turned down the Servant. You have to fight them all alone and for no reward.

No, you wouldn't get them as a Servant. You chose to turn down the Servant, thus you must do it alone.

>> No.51754227


>> No.51754252

You might need to read it again:

>*When working alongside individuals who can evolve, you can freely shift their forms back and forth along their evolutionary chain as long as the evolutionary state in question has been achieved. This occurs at no cost to the target in question.

>> No.51754271

That's still just for evolution stuff, not transformations or staying in most powerful forms in general. Much more limited then what the guy was looking for at first.

>> No.51754284

Ah, right. The 'dead for less than 1 year' rule got removed later... Interesting.

Not sure if that would work, considering his body's literally just a pattern of energy he's holding together with magic and will.

A fellow named Dreaming Steel. He was a Fae who fell in love with a human commander, then fought with her against the other fae who were trying to destroy the world.

Both of them died, and she keeps reincarnating with memories of him... But he just dissolved, since he didn't have a soul to reincarnate.

>> No.51754334

Comic Eggman is a scary motherfucker.

He would have easily conquered the world without Sonic, and depending on the timeline, he has already done it even with Sonic being there.

The early games and some of the TV series begin with Eggman already controlling the world.

>> No.51754360

Hmm, noted. I kinda reread some stuff as I was looking through my Chain and I realized I could woven the Grail Campaign drawback into Rin's background of being Zelretch's chew toy, being sent to other dimensions and such as she studied the Second Magic.

Eh, I'll figure out another narrative I guess. Thanks for the answer Val!

Oh, before I forget, one last question.

How does the Magic Core interact with Magic Circuits? Is one replaced wholesale by the other? Or is there some crazy synergy between the two?

>> No.51754370

Here is the half the perk talking about evolutions. It seems pretty clearly to work only on digimon.

In the case of Digimon however, you might come across something peculiar given enough time and training. Every so often a Digimon will gather enough energy and experience to evolve – and it isn’t uncommon to find Digimon that can evolve into multiple branches. So long as the Digimon you’re working with have achieved some sort of evolved state, you’ll be able to help them shift freely between each of the forms that they’ve already attained. As you happen to be facilitating this transformation, they’ll be able to shift their form at will without draining any of their energy to do so. With enough time and effort, adapting and evolving a basic program into a Digimon isn’t out of the question. That said however, even the most basic of Digimon is far more complex than a basic program, so you’ll probably have to exercise whatever programming muscles you have for a fair bit of time until you can cultivate a Digimon out of it. It isn’t just a matter of writing code of course – even with the code basis, you’ll still need to dedicate a fair bit of energy into breathing life into the program, as well as training the resulting Digimon.

>> No.51754392

No problem.

Magic Circuits just get incorporated into Magic Core. So you've just got one core and buying more Circuits just makes it bigger by the same amount more Circuits normally would.

>> No.51754397

Drain Knowledge from Clone Wars.

>> No.51754409


That's pretty scary that is. I wonder how many other kids' shows have nightmare fuel that passed me by...

>> No.51754410

Speaking of Digimon, have any of you checked this motherfucker? He can be create by combining two Demon Lords, and aside from being stronger that its two components, his ability allows him to ignore any damage that has any hint of malice in it.

Apparently trying to damage him counts as malice.

>> No.51754431

Read the summarized explanation of the perk at the end of the document (or check >>51754252 again) . It explicitly says 'individuals who can evolve', not just Digimon. That's just flavor text.

>> No.51754446

I think that the Magicka Revive can do that, but not really sure...
I mean the jump mentions that Revive doesn't really care about specifics and just does its job but...

>> No.51754487

Either way that is clearly not what was asked for, the anin above asked for something that would allow you to keep your most powerful form. In most cases that is not going to be a digimon or pokemon or something that randomly evolves.

>> No.51754491

>Dreaming Steel

>> No.51754500

Hmm, I see. Thanks again!

Well, time to make sure absolutely no one finds out about this and my First Magic, or I'm gonna have "Sealing Designation" hastily scribbled somewhere on my Files.

This should be fun!

>> No.51754520

I am pretty sure it doesn't apply to what I'm looking for though. I want to be able to stay in a super mode indefinately and I am unsure if things like frieza forms, saiyan powerups, or other such powerup forms count as evolutions. Specifically I am trying to use it with an infernal shintai to stay in a powerup form mode.

>> No.51754567

Yeah... I'm not sure that'll work after that much time.

Exalted. He's a pretty minor background mention though.

>> No.51754580


Like >>51754183 said you can use Dungeons and Dragons.

However the answer isn't two wishes, but True Resurrection. Unlike Raise Dead and Resurrection, True Resurrection can bring back Outsiders and Elementals.

The thing that makes this important is that Outsiders and Elementals don't have souls (or rather their bodies and souls are one unit). So killing them basically destroys their soul.

Which implies it can restore someone from soul destruction.

There's also a lower level Revive Outsider spell, but that would reply on that type of Fae counting as an outsider.

Alternatively I think I remember Tome of Magic having a process for reviving someone erased from existence.

>> No.51754635

Watch out for vampires.

>> No.51754664

What if something with no emotions attacks you?

>> No.51754717

Wanting to damage it still counts as malice as far Ogudomon's "atonement" ability is concerned.

>> No.51754737

Ah, thanks. That should work... Though looking at the SRD, True Resurrection would require a caster level of 450 after so much time.

Seems closer to an abberation than an outsider, so I guess I'll look into the Tome of Magic thing.

>> No.51754745

Sounds stupidly op and arbitrary to me. Who thought this was a good idea?

>> No.51754750

A Fork of me did in Youtube. Doing it myself would just take up too much of my time that I could spend reading.

>> No.51754765

What about environmental damage?

>> No.51754769

Well you could combo that into ising masters of magic stuff to break the spell down and cast it over time as a ritual. May take a few years but along with some help you could probably do it. Who are you resurecting?

>> No.51754787

Any damage contains malice. Even rain or lava contains malice. As do falling rocks.

>> No.51754797

Im kinda wondering if you could bless him to death by healing so much he gets digital super cancer.

>> No.51754803

Where exactly are you getting this info? All it says on the wiki is that digimon with even a small amount of malice can't beat him.

>> No.51754814

Hm, yes, that could work...

>Who are you resurecting?
Answered that one here >>51754284 already

>> No.51754818

Stop falling for the pathetic fallacy, anon. It's pathetic, says so right there in the name. What do you mean, that's not the sort of pathos it's referring to?

>> No.51754828

It's not the first Digimon to have this kind of ability. Zeedmillenniummon can only be damaged by attacking his core from its insides. Lucemon: Satan Mode has a similar arbitrary ability to shrug off damage, since his true body is inside a nigh-indestructible sphere that repels almost all attacks and the big ass dragon is just a puppet/projection that will regenerate any damage done to it.

And he is supposed to be the incarnation of all 'sin' in the Digimon multiverse, of course he is going to have some bullshit abilities, considering how many Digimons come with a lot of similar abilities.

>> No.51754844

Damage counts as malice.

>> No.51754867

No, it doesn't. Malice is the intent to commit evil. Hurting the personification of all sin and evil in protection of good and innocent people is not evil, especially not if the person is doing it just to protect those people. So unless you can come up with some quotes, Your average paladin would straight up ignore your supposed BS defense.

>> No.51754896

It should also be said that the true Demon Lords and Ogudomon are multiversal constants, they can't be truly killed while a hint of sin still exist in the Digimon multiverse. How that works outside their native multiverse, I don't know.

Probably not, because it's unlikely that there is any natural phenom that can damage a Digimon of his level.

Wanting to hurt others still counts as a small portion of malice.

This is his current card description:

>Ogudomon is a grotesque Super Demon Lord who has seven legs and eyes, as well as an eighth eye. As it includes the whole of the Digital World's sins, and moreover, is a mysterious personification with the ability to atone for them all, the power of a Digimon with even a small amount of malice is counterbalanced, and it is impossible for it to defeat Ogudomon.

>> No.51754913

So it's only a Digimon that can't hurt him, then, since he only holds the sins of the Digital World.

>> No.51754914


If it's long enough ago that you need a caster level of 450 then you might want to try for an epic spell instead.

Since True Resurrection could revive them an epic resurrection spell with less limits should be possible.

However unless your using weird loopholes epic spells tend to be hard to cast, and tend to take a lot of time and resources to develop.

That and there's the issue of epic magic being 'Here's a toolbox. Figure out spells on your own'.

However it looks like it should be possible with the Life, Summon, and Transformation seeds. Possibly Contact and Transport as well.

>> No.51754920

No, it doesn't. If you're wanting to hurt them just to cause pain or misery or in service of your own goals, then it is evil. If you're wanting to hurt them to protect innocents that they are threatening, then it's not.

Yes, nothing in that card matches to what you say. It only says that even a small amount of malice is enough to be affected, not that trying to hurt him at all counts as malice.

>> No.51754937

I haven't yet, however I will when I hit West Wing. I try stay out of politics in most jumps, after all you're only there for 10 years on average.

>> No.51754965

It says right there that its ability makes impossible to defeat it. But hey, it's not my problem if you want to ignore it.

If you want to say that hurting others can also be seen as 'pure good', you can go with that. YHVH would be proud.

>> No.51754981

So you're an idiot unable to read? It says it's impossible directly after the part, in the same sentence, where it says the power effects digimon with even a small amount of malice. Are you so incompetent you can't recognise this means that it is impossible for digimon with even a small amount of malice, not that it means it's impossible for anyone, since that contradicts what the rest of the thing says?

>> No.51754987

No, it says it's impossible for a Digimon with any malice in it to defeat it. There are lots of things that don't fall into that category.

>> No.51754991

He's probably a shitposter looking to start something over power levels. Don't get so wound up by him.

>> No.51755013

It's not my fault that you can't read.

>> No.51755015

Something is weird about his description. It seems to me that he should be working off those sins, I mean he can atone for all the sins in the world but he just keeps making more? If you find a way to kill him are all sins forgiven as they have been atoned for? What if someone therapy-fu'd him and he decided to suicide? What then?

Being digital could you just use programming to erase him altogether?

Would being a high level technopath allow you to mentally screw over or control digimon?

>> No.51755016

If i'm going to get waifus in a gundam jump do I need to stack up on therapy perks?

>> No.51755037

Depends on the waifu. Some of them are actually fairly balanced. But yeah, a lot of those bitches be crazy.

>> No.51755048

It probably wouldn't hurt, how many therapy perks do we even have in Jump chain? I don't know of many myself. I mean I think warframe has a zen perk that can help with therapy but is not on its own a therapy perk.

>> No.51755050

Okay, shitposting, got it. Proceeding to ignore you.

>> No.51755137

Roguelike from "The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes" but you have to be careful not to drain them too much or they will die. jump also has "supreme mind" to be able to handle all the new memories

>> No.51755164

Yorokonde likes to throw those into his Jumps. FLCL has 'Swing the Bat', which works better on yourself but can help out others too. Zootopia has 'Disney Magic' which let's you therapy people while enjoying misadventures.

And of course there's Psychonaughts for pretty much all your psychic therapy needs.

>> No.51755165

Anyone know if x23 shows up in ultimate spiderman?

>> No.51755187

Gunnm, eclipse phase, G.I. joe, girl genius if you don't mind them coming out a little odd.

>> No.51755191

I think the new alterworld d. Rus jump has a reasonably good one.

>A Family reunited- 200
>You've completed a secret quest: A Friend in Need! You reunited someone kidnapped from the real world with their family. Reward: A Smile of Fortune- Luck will follow you around for one full week. It will increase your crit chances, send you rare loot and do various other things associated with good luck and Gods' assistance. The real boon of this achievement is that it allows you to see what must be done in order to help cure the mental illnesses or traumas of another, allowing you to guide them through their problems and back to sanity.

So thats a pretty good ability for 200.

>> No.51755212

...it only lasts for one week?

>> No.51755242

Not him but I did make the jump. The luck boost is a 1 week thing, the mental trauma helper is permanent. It shows you what you would need to do but not how to do it.

>> No.51755274

Harry potter has pensieves. Magic memory copying is awesome.

>> No.51755300

worm has a lot. 'well adjusted', 'you are not alone', 'perfect communication skills' (if you try to help them), and the hero capstones can probably be used for therapy too. some of the powers might work to.

>> No.51755345

>I spent over 75 Million dollars just to tick jumpchan off.

>> No.51755391

Alright /jc/ I'm getting ready to end my Chain can I get a list of all the End Jumps and Jumps with End Jump options

>> No.51755444

>ready to end my Chain
I don't understand this notion.

>> No.51755470

Gurren lagann
Devil Survivor 2

There's more but I can't remember.

>> No.51755486

Basically I have gotten to a point where I want to start fresh with a new Chain built on a theme instead of a whatever I feel like build, but before that I want to end the Chain I'm doing now

>> No.51755505

Asura's Wrath CAN be an end Jump, but thats the only one I can think of mentioning it.

Truth be told, any Jump could be an end Jump if its thematic enough.

>> No.51755529

100 cp - Division Boost (HP Recovery)
Each division of BLADE boasts an increased functionality in at least one area, usually relating to their job. As the explorers, members of the Pathfinders have access to an upgrade for their mimeosome which increases their regeneration and healing capabilities. Under normal circumstances, Nanite Repair would not activate in the heat of battle, bar someone using a healing technique. However, thanks to the upgrade, Nanite Repair is now always active, allowing you to heal constantly, albeit at a reduced rate, 1/4th of Nanite Repairs full power.

100 cp - Division Boost (Ranged)
Each division of BLADE boasts an increased functionality in at least one area, usually relating to their job. Interceptors are the warriors and monster slayers, which has lead to the creation of the Ranged upgrade. When installed into your mimeosome, any ranged weapon you use will have its damage increased by 1/4th. Unfortunately, this does nothing for reload time or for your actual ammo capacity

100 cp - Division Boost (Melee)
Each division of BLADE boasts an increased functionality in at least one area, usually relating to their job. Harriers are the defense force of NLA, fighting Tyrants and other unusually powerful Indigens who stray too close. Their division boost is the Melee upgrade, boosting the damage of all physical attacks by 25%.

100 cp - Division Boost (Item Drops)
Each division of BLADE boasts an increased functionality in at least one area, usually relating to their job. Reclaimers are responsible for going out and reclaiming scrap parts and broken machinery. Anything that NLA can still use, but got lost in a skirmish with Indigens, or similar. They possess the Item Drop upgrade, which allows them to recover more parts from scrapped machinery as well as various materials from dead Indigens.
...Actually typing these out, i'm no longer convinced using the division boosts as 100 cp perks was a good idea. Shit

>> No.51755541

Can we not do this game mechanic percentage buff stuff?

>> No.51755563


>> No.51755630

If he doesn't then it wont be true to the setting.

>> No.51755677

Updated Supplement With Skill Rank Clarifications When?

>> No.51755800

A long time away. I'm doing like 4-5 jumps primarily right now and almost twice that on the side at any one time. Got so little time for working on something that might not end up on the drive when I have all these jumps to do.

>> No.51755825

>that might not end up on the drive
Is it a Pokemon jump?

>> No.51755865

I accidentally took power in Demolition Man after I got fed up with the incompetence of the Friendly vs Earle powerblock struggle.

Object Duality from Problem Sleuth?

>> No.51755906

...no. The Supplement with all Skill ranks filled in. Might not end up in the drive if it seems like it'd cause a fuss and be too much bother to go through.

Sides, haven't been that interested in pokemon for years, mostly. Still need to finish Sun. Just get distracted all the time.

>> No.51755918

Probably a lewd jump. Remember, she was one of the main people responsible for driving off SoAnon.

>> No.51755979

tenchi muyo

>> No.51755990

Please don't force your fanon on the drive. Remember when Muyo did that with Asura's Wrath? That jump is now considered the defining example of BS in this community.

>> No.51756023

Disregard unloved shitposter, answer question.

I know there are a fuck-ton of perks that boost all of your magic in the chain, but how many ki/chi/qi/ boosters are there? The only one I can think of is Kagura from the Senran Kagura jump. Do we have any more?

>> No.51756063

Nothing I can think of besides training your ass off with regular chi or getting good with Xianxia-style cultivation.

>> No.51756064

I think I saw that somebody was working on a The Breaker jump. There's probably something in Dragonball jumps, and Wuxia?

>> No.51756066

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi has Enhanced Ki.

>> No.51756081

How does Divinity EX interact with Item Construction EX and how does it interact with HSDW?

>> No.51756101

Kung-fu Panda, maybe? Also, God ki from DBZ?

>> No.51756104

That Jump is honestly one I'm most gleefully waiting for. The Breaker is fucking awesome, and I want...no, NEED those bullshit Martial Arts.

Oh, and I really would love to go one-on-one with Elder Kwon and Yi Shi-oon.

>> No.51756109

You can't get Divinity EX though, that's banned since it's the realm of actual Divine Spirits.

>> No.51756118

>NEED those bullshit Martial Arts.
Fucking powerwanker. Why don't you go back to SB?

>> No.51756162

I'd imagine the first would allow creation of Divine Constructs. Not sure why HSDW would have any interactions with either of the first two.

Banned in Fuyuki wars, Extra and other non Fuyuki system stuff it's just fine.

>> No.51756165

They look cool and are impressive from a technical point of view, plus, why wouldn't someone want to learn to stomp someone with a featherlight step?

There. Bait taken. Feel proud of yourself.

>> No.51756234

Well, it's High Speed Divine Words, so I'd assume it probably would interact in some manner.

>> No.51756243

Every xia jump allows you to boost your ki/chi just by going there.

Also does kanka let you substitute ki and mana? How does that work?

>> No.51756272

Just a name.

>> No.51756276


if you mean the one from negima it combines both into a single power pool temporarily that greatly boosts all the users stats

>> No.51756289

Hey, can I take "Denial of nothingness" as my origin and how would it interact with First Magic?

>> No.51756302

No idea, maybe. I doubt it'd have any effect and if it did, it'd probably be so minor as to not matter.

>> No.51756352

Hot damn that is useful.

>> No.51756353

How are Divinity, Item Creation, and High-Speed Divine Words related?

One deals with the quality of your Soul/Existence. Another deals with creating items, whether mystical or non-mystical. And the last one indicates how fast you complete an aria for a spell.

It combines your Magic and Chi for bullshit of the highest order.

Picture Chi being one form of chemical, slow to react, but with a constant yield of energy, and Magic as another, explosive, extremely high yield, but with a short life span. Kanka would be the reaction between the two, taking the best of each one.

>> No.51756357

Anima has an entire tree dedicated to it.

>> No.51756384


>Bullshit of the highest order
Bit of an exaggeration. It's a super mode that boosts your physical attributes, protects you from the environment and gives you energy blasts or something.

>> No.51756412

What does Rune Magic EX do compared to A rank?
From what I understand as a servant you have "Primordial Runes" version of Rune Magic and A rank gives you all 18 original runes.

>> No.51756431

Give you much better runes/much more knowledge of runes/much more power using them etc. You're lots better at rune shit is the gist of it.

>> No.51756475

Not really that was Sensei-Guy just using his battojutsu punch style with his Kanka. He went from a single attack knocking out normal folks and hurting Negi slightly to tearing a ten to fifteen foot wide hole in tournament grade wooden flooring, to say nothing of the padding he may or may not have vaporized in the process IIRC. Takamichi was kinda bullshit for the early bits of Negima.

>> No.51756481

Do note that in taking an Origin, it will affect everything you are and do, so in this case, "Denial of Nothingness" would lead to some odd behaviour on your side.

Such as always making sure there is something filling an empty space. Or being unable to meditate because emptying your mind would go against your Origin. Or being at odds with characters that are fundamentally empty like Ryougi Shiki, Kotomine, or Shirou.

Origins are fucking weird, their presence affects the person who has it at their most fundamental level. So you might want to think about this carefully, especially since they might have minor affects on your magecraft, often the deleterious type.

Considering what had been the Rules in the series before Kanka was introduced and the implications that were never really explored? I personally believe that it is still bullshit of the highest order, at least in Negima.

Remember, EX means that there's an extra quality to what its ranking that goes against everything that is known in the setting.

So this case, it will probably similar to A Rank, but there's an extra trick, like I don't know, maybe the Runes are the Language of the Fairies or something?

EX kinda implies much more than that Val, it's not just a measure of power, but the quality behind it.

>> No.51756493

Soooo a physical boost. As I just said. How is that not what I just said?

>> No.51756518

>gives you energy blasts or something.
That last part.

>> No.51756528

If EX ranks ever liked to actually stick to that, maybe I'd believe it. But that idea is as full of shit as many other things in Nasu. EX is just a way, way better version of what came before.

>> No.51756579

Is it just me, or does TOHSAKA look like Bayonetta?

>> No.51756589

What would "Creation" as an origin do?

>> No.51756597

Access to the original Odin Runes would likely be freakishly good in Nasuverse. Is that the Rune set that is used for Servants already?

>> No.51756611

That's only if you awaken it. Knowing your origin can seemingly change how you act, because you'll know for a fact what your most fundamental nature is and going along with it is obviously going to be easier than anything else, but it doesn't do anything by itself.

>> No.51756620

Nope, there's always some-fucking-thing else involved with EX.

- IH: Reality Marbles are unique to one person and one person alone...except for Isikander and his army, they all share the same exact RM.
- Ea: There sword before swords, sure, oh, by the way, it can destroy Reality Marbles, including Earth's. Literally.
- Avalon: Not just a protective barrier, it literally takes the user to Avalon for a certain amount of time while a crazy-powerful attack is being wasted in the outer world. Oh, and technically, the user is still present in the outer world, but not really, because they are in Avalon.

>> No.51756658

Marvel's reality gems don't work outside their home universe, right? The 616 gems wont work in the Ultimate verse, and vise versa.

That said, what kind of power do they have left over after being removed? Are they just pretty rocks, or do they still do something, like generate energy or be an excellent catalyst for their respective effect?

I'm pretty sure one of Scathatch's battle animations is her just throwing six Gae Blogs at the enemy. 90% sure she does that with the primordial runes, so copying B rank np's is something you might be able to do.

>> No.51756667

They look pretty.

>> No.51756672

Make you better at creating stuff? All stuff?

Probably giving you a drive to create anything, minor or major, it's still there. However, you might feel a little uncomfortable at destroying things.

Considering that the Perks that involve the Origin sound like they are awakening said Origin you choose...unless I'm mistaken.

>> No.51756687

>Nope, there's always some-fucking-thing else involved with EX.
That's true of literally every np though. I mean EX rank sometimes just means it's ridiculously high powered like Karna's stuff.

>> No.51756692

Very little? Origins really don't do much. All things are meant to have them, yet not all things have super special powers of their own. They'll make you a bit better at magic relating to it and learn it a bit faster. Only very few people have ever gotten powers relating to their origins, several of which were also influenced by outside factors.

The only times origins really do things, outside of unique cases, is when they get awakened.

The only one of those that is unique is Iskandar's RM, and there's no reason to say that's because of EX. The other two are just silly to claim as this. Why are they the result of them being EX instead of just the normal effect of the NP? You don't have any non EX versions of either to compare to so claiming that they're given something unique because of being EX, instead of just being stronger overall, is completely unsupported. Neither is even that crazy.

Being stronger, by the way, isn't just biggatons. It's overall. Having a more haxy effect is just as much included under "Higher ranks mean stronger NPs" as dealing more damage is.

>> No.51756709

Don't EX Skills usually take a more broad strokes approach?

They still are the cornerstones for A reality but they aren't the local realties conerstones so the sympathy you can get off from that would be very power in some magic/chi/psychic/etc systems.

>I'm pretty sure one of Scathatch's battle animations is her just throwing six Gae Blogs at the enemy. 90% sure she does that with the primordial runes, so copying B rank np's is something you might be able to do.
Huh, that's a thing.

>> No.51756714

They just look pretty. MCU's gems are the only exception because people kept getting on the jumpmaker's case for some retarded reason, so just go to MCU and steal their gems. They'll retain enough to do the latter.

>> No.51756737

Well kinda but not really, outside of mcu they are just pretty batteries.

>> No.51756766

My headcanon is that normal ranks are just that, pluses are the rules saying "this is stronger than other things" and EXs are so far beyond most stuff as to make the rules go cry in a corner.

>> No.51756803

Fair warning, I don't actually remember what rank Gae blog is, or the runes skill. So take that with a grain of salt.

>> No.51756814

Yes, that is how it generally works.

>> No.51756835

So, let's say I wanted to build a Device in Lyrical Nanoha to supplement demon summoning as is seen in SMTverse Jumps, what would I need to grab?

I'm seeing Naoya's Notes and the Programmer Tree from Devil Survivor. But anything else on top of that?

>> No.51756839

Psychometry from Gunnm lets you draw upon the memories and abilities of any object's previous owner. With enough practice or technological expertise you can implant or copy said skills and memories directly to and from a person's brain.

>> No.51756861

How tough/good are Blame! AI compared to Digimon? I thought I remembered someone talking about blame ai doing some funky dust tornado stuff but I dont know the setting.

>> No.51756862


So I guess go to Kamen Rider NH2 and other places?

>> No.51756869

It's B rank, same as Scáthach's Gae Bolg Alternative.

>> No.51756935

I meant in terms of building a Device that would be a much better COMP, running a far better DSP, on top of casting support spells.

Think an SMT (at first) demon-summoning Caro Ru.

I'll read over the lists, but I'm not sure if they will have what I'm asking for.

>> No.51756950

Well better get crafting/programming perks with some efficiency on top of it.

>> No.51756955

A Storage Type Device specialized in summoning to begin with. Updating the software should be possible with a simple Conjoined Conjures (Card Captor Sakura). Spending some serious points into Efficentcy for your Device might be a thing you'll wanna do.

>> No.51756972

Actually a comp is literally just a computer right? So what would happen if you used a vastly more bullshit computer system with it? Like something that could do septillions more processes a second. Would this let you summon better or more powerful demons?

>> No.51756994

Would it be fair to assume that a "reverse" God Hand (i.e. a NP that no-sells defensive Skills and NPs below a certain rank) would be roughly equatable to it?

>> No.51757008

if my knowledge of at least how it was originally described in the books is correct, that may work, but having better rituals 'programmed' into the DSP might work. At that point you're going to have to figure out how to convert a stronger and better summoning system into digital code and have it execute without any problems, as it seems more of a software problem than a hardware problem.

>> No.51757011

That seems fair, so long as it's just getting through them unaffected rather then destroying them in the process too.

>> No.51757019

Huh, I retract my statement, there was a gem here, but sadly I already jumped both KRNH2 and F/Z.

Getting on that boss!

Hmm, I keep forgetting that CCS actually has nice stuff. Well, I know where I'm jumping next!

Part of the summoning process seems to deal with the strength of the Soul of the user, so I can't quite say. However, it is noted as being magitech and I have quite a few magitech perks that should help me figure things out.

Ah! I need to jump Fate Extra as well before I forget!

>> No.51757040

Did you lose interest in making Neo-Heisei during its production? The item section is really sparce, and the custom Drivers were always my favorite parts in the Neo-Heisei Jumps.

>> No.51757053

Digger the Devices are basically massive magical computers with huge amounts of data processing power. They are also able to sync to computers if I remember correctly, I think Nanoha is watching TV on her's at one point.

>> No.51757057

So what I'm hearing is using the Ar Tonelico tower, installing that quantum chip from Webmage into it to double its processing power, then install a COMP into it... and use that PDA from Gears of War that lets you use any computer remotely. Or Sufficiently Advanced EtherScience from Gunnerkrigg Court and Wireless Interface/Arcane Interface from Storm Hawks to activate a computer from any distance.

Then installing that PDA into the Device.

>> No.51757058

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It wouldn't stop Berserker from resurrecting, it would just stop him from resisting my attacks.

I'm going Caster with HSDW and thought it'd go a long way towards picking up some combat effectiveness if I had some way of bypassing defensive passives like Magic Resistance and God Hand.

>> No.51757064

So...on a scale from 1 to 10, how "WORTH IT!" is importing Busujima Saeko into CCS as a Magical Girl in her own right?

...I'm listening.

>> No.51757120

...ffffffff- scratch that, the Import's not happening.

>> No.51757127

So, how is the progress on your Fate jumps?

>> No.51757178

Well, probably obvious I guess. FSN and Zero are done and I'm just starting to read Apocrypha and do that jump now. Got a fair amount of notes in Stage 1 for Grand Order too since I've noted anything as it comes up. Probably going to end up flipping between the two until one of them reaches Stage 2 I guess.

Haven't started any others though.

>> No.51757205

Okay okay, so hear me out.

Ar Tonelico's tower. Fancy mancy shit and whatever. But it's also an attachment at the same time? Not sure how that works but WHATEVER, take that opportunity and modify the farking Hell out of it. Like I said, Webmage's Quantum Computer Chip doubles the processing power of anything it's attached to. Surprise surprise, the tower is just one giant-ass computer. Stick it on there.

Then just start throwing COMPs into it. Any efficiency perks you can get your hands on, whether from Worm or Zoids for its Hybridization Theory, shit like that. If you really wanna be sick about it, use 'Device Meister' from Nanoha. You know, the thing that lets you MAKE Devices? Interfacing tech with each other would help with that in the field.

Then you've got shit like App Master from Soul Hackers, the Cosmosphere stuff from Ar Tonelico... any fucking programming perk you could get your hands on. Tons of tightening the system and its code.

Then we get to the meat of it. Those perks from Gunnerkrigg Court and Storm Hawks? Imagine having your computer in the warehouse, yet you're able to call upon its functions at any time. I mean ANY time. Any distance. The PDA from Gears was really just a back-up/doubling up in case you wanted to fine-tune something quickly. But if you really wanted to be an asshole, do 'Uplink' from Code Lyoko where you can actually psychically use your computer's processing ability with your own mind for some expert control.

...then for making your own/experimenting on demons I made a huge-ass list last thread. SO YEAH, imagine having a massive computer tower you can use at any time for demonic experiments and summoning.

>> No.51757207

>Gunnerkrigg Court

I feel I should point out that the deutagonist's mom built a computer system out of magical spells that can teleport things around the court, create forcefields-and bind a bodysnatching divine fox spirit which Coyote (as in, THE Coyote) considers kin inside of a plush wolf doll.

And the really weird thing is-it's so magical she can't even explain how it works to the Court using scientific principles.

Basically Blame! takes place inside a superstructure with at least enough infrastructure to take up the entire solar system (as in, the space between the orbits.

This thing used to be a sort of post-scarcity paradise for humans before it went out of control. Digitisation technology advanced to the point where the net sphere (the clarktech internet the AIs interact with) is basically another dimension, albeit currently a bit rundown. They can use the net sphere's technology and/or the City's infrastructure (it's not clear where one ends and begins) to interface with the real world so thoroughly they can effectively ressurect one of their agents killed in the line of duty. Or turn someone into a high level Safeguard. For reference a Safeguard is a digitised killer cyborg generated to protect the city.

Anyway, uh...I was going somewhere else with this but.

You know what? Now that I think about it?

If what little I remember about digilore (and inferred from the Cyber Sleuth jump) is correct, Blame! AI basically /are/ more grimdark Digimon. Except without special attacks/silly powerlevels, but with a much easier time of interacting with the physical world.

>> No.51757218

So as a person interested in Wakfu, just maritioned the first two seasons, I wanna know why Xelor can't travel back in time, given sufficient bullshit. Is this one of those things I won't understand if I don't play Dofus (The Wakfu MMO) or what?

>> No.51757228

Question for the thread, I am considering allowing the background for yao and mo in my update to world of cultivation to gain the yao or mo races, however this would mean being the race is background locked.

Would you prefer a background of yao and mo with a seperate race buy section that allows those backgrounds to get the corresponding race for free or does it still seem fine with you guys to have the races background locked? Honestly in setting they are pretty much background bound but have been shown to be able to have some leeway on learning. Plus being jc I want to give everyone some room to play here.

Also the races are going to be 50 cp with a optional inport of any plant you own to be your yao heritage plant and any animal you have slain to be your mo heritage beast.

Does this sound good to you guys?

>> No.51757233

>Grand Order
I want a drawback with Riyo's Gudako.

>> No.51757258

> maniacal_manly_giggling_intensifies.webm

>> No.51757262

If I'm remembering early thread conversations correctly, it's because backwards time travel is just absurdly energy intensive. Slowing and accelerated time? Sure, you're just delaying or speeding up what's already going on. Rewinding? You're actively denying reality, or something to that effect. So even with everything Xelor accumulated after all the time he's been alive, it was still just a small blip.

>> No.51757263

>any animal you have slain to be your mo heritage beast
What is a heritage beast, and why not import a living pet/pokemon you have?

>> No.51757271

Somebody hold me, I'm scared.

>> No.51757291

Also for what it's worth Ancient Belkan System fits her to a T. It's literally knightly power sword combat: The magical girl fighting style.

Aw fuck, so that's a thing. Yeah. Yeah, I totally see it.

>Rin becomes a Counter Guardian to pay off her crippling debt

for what purpose

/the Counter Force technically doesn't own any money/

Scathach can also apparently use the Runes to create a beach episode. As in, summon deckchairs, give other Servants bikinis, the whole nine yards.

SO. I'm personally sticking with HSDW. Even though apparently it's not just Ancient Greek anymore, it's /every/ frickin' mainstream AoG magus' goto magic system except for the ones with some gimmick. For some reason.

Fuckin' GO.

>> No.51757303

Mo are basically people who are highly evolved spirit animals. For example a mantis mo is a person whos heritage stems from a mantis mo beast. Heritage beast would mean you are basically an anthro whatever of the beast you import, basic ones Im thinking of giving are rhino mantis and possibly crow. Both mo and yao will get a "look like a human" perk though for when they dont want to get in a fight with xiu

>> No.51757321

You forgot the part where said bikinis caused total reclassing

Though i think that reclassing was a diff skill

>> No.51757334

> it was still just a small blip.
Two hundred years of research and Wakfu collecting for twenty minutes. Nox would have hit a battery limit before he managed to get back to the twenty year mark much less the two hundred he was looking for.

>> No.51757358

Have you already written the Gudako Drawback?

>> No.51757364

If you mean part 3, it's because just trying to account for the 3 most toyetic entries in the franchise was a massive pain
just going by canon we had the Drive Driver, Mach Driver, Ghost Driver, Gamer Driver, the Brake Gunner, Eyecon Driver G...and that's not taking in the ridiculous amount of weapons and gear in addition, like the Gan Gan Saber, the Trailer Cannon...guh
all in all, we basically didn't have room for the properly priced OC stuff unless I ever went back and started creating a 1/1/2/2/4/4/6/6 framework. And even then it'd be a lot of trying to make up OC to justify it and I'm not 100% sure I have it in me to do that.
I feel like I've been writing a lot of shit in a very short amount of time, so...

>> No.51757366

...is she just anime girl Abridged Popo or what. That is not a healthy stare.

For what it's worth, I've been told Dofus has a whole bunch of contradictions with the show's canon. Apparently Qilby has a totally different personality or something? But then, he did go mad and stuff. Anyway, you shouldn't have to worry about it too much about it.

But yeah-like anon said time reversal is basically too energy intensive for even one of the local deities to just do whenever he likes.

Speaking of time. Anyone else REALLY conflicted on that glimpse of Nox in S3's trailer? On the one hand, I feel like just on principle there's a point you should let a character rest in peace already. On the other hand, how fuckin' sick would it be for him to become the new Xelor by what he did? Totally sick, that's how much. Also him just being a hallucination or something would be a total copout

>> No.51757368

Have fun.

I haven't even gotten into the part where if the first anon wanted to, he could use Device Meister in tandem with 'Cybernetic' in Alpha Centauri to make cybernetics out of Devices and then abuse the absurd amount of cybernetic efficiency/quality perks. Or use Polity/GI Joe/Hive Queen Quest to instead make them bio-tech that can be inherited. Come on, anon.

>> No.51757393

I don't write, as in descriptions, anything until everything or almost everything is actually decided. It's already set as being in there (As a drawback and as a companion) but neither have descriptions.

>> No.51757409

Would dark wisdom from overlord let me study up to rank 5 in every (M:TA) arcanum? I understand the ban from achieving grandmastery, but it's done in a way that will make it so you'll never go beyond scrub tier in a few areas. And that really rustles my jimmies.

>> No.51757430

Honestly the Jump I'm most hyped about now is The God of High school. There's something about that setting that makes me love it. What's the progress on that?

>> No.51757451 [SPOILER] 

>Those COMP combo ideas
You're all insane.

And I love it!

>> No.51757454

> Reads up on CCS
> Pic related
And magical girls continue to be fucking bullshit.

Taking Book of the Dawning Sky with the Left of Darkness scenario so that I can be Hayate's big bro in Lyrical Nanoha.

Then I have Saeko, Rin, Io, and Mami as my Guardian Programs.

It will be EVER so delightful, especially since I also took the Jewel Seed Incident scenario, so I'm gonna have to make sure no one notices Hayate yet as I work on the Book of Night Sky's corruption.

>> No.51757475

Thanks Red!

Thank you for the Jumps DSAnon!

>> No.51757489

Pretty great actually. I have almost everything decided, some perk/item trees are fully done and generally the various trees only have one thing remaining each (Though it's usually the fucking 100cp slot that gives me so much trouble). Once I decide the last few perks and items (And drawbacks I guuuuess) I can do descriptions, which should only take a few days. So I dunno, most optimistic bet would be it being done in a week? Probably longer though. Hopefully I can get a presentable WIP before Uni starts at least.

>> No.51757496

You're only going to make it worse when Nocturne comes out. Cyberizing Magatamas to let them interface with machines and COMPs, or simply digitizing them and rewriting their code to use as literal code patches to update something.

>> No.51757523

Happy to contribute. Good luck, anon, you absolute madman you!

Good taste, anon.

Yes! Yes let the mad demonic science continue. Let it continue forever.

>> No.51757547

> Reading more on the Clow Card system.

Okay, that tears it, I need to make this a thing for Saeko somehow, she's the only one without a unique magic system. I have to.

These cards look like they can be Fun(tm).

>> No.51757548

Also I have no problem with letting you import a pet you have, that sounds fine to me.

>> No.51757550


Excellent. Looking forward to it.

>> No.51757621

have you found the time stop and rewind card yet?
how about the infinte space loop?

>> No.51757633

>As a drawback and as a companion
And this is one of the two major reasons I want the jump.

Fuck yes.

>> No.51757672

How do Digimon reproduce and do they have any kind of DNA?

>> No.51757686

Why do you think I was like "Okay, that tears it..."?

Sakura and her magic cards are fucking bullshit.

I'm just wondering if I could take Magician and Generous Donation to give Saeko everything the Magician Perk gives me would be a good move or just grab Ensoul and Magician, then create a series of equipment that would be her version of the Clow Cards.

I'm thinking either rings or cards, the latter is out of tradition's sake.

>> No.51757691


>> No.51757703

As far as I remember, their digieggs appear in a specific nursery location then when they are old/strong enough, they leave to make something of themselves. There also seems to be a reincarnation-like system going on as well.

>> No.51757704

>dat versatility
Is Sakura a Jumper?

>> No.51757723

Nah she's getting all this stuff from Clow Reed, who might as well be a Jumper if XxXHolic is anything to go by.

>> No.51757741

Not unless they're in the real world.

Digimon level up by eating data from enemies, so in theory they can just spawn copies of their fresh/in training form by ejecting bits of data.

Dusk/Dawn has digimon matching, which is where you pick two digimon and they make a semi-random egg, based on their attributes.

>> No.51757749

So do new ones just randomly pop into existence? I was thinking about trying to make a few of my own but don't know if I would need really good programming skills or genetics skills or if both would help.

>> No.51757792

They can pseudo-reincarnate, and they can kinda sorta reproduce, but new ones don't just pop into existence.

You want programming skills.

>> No.51757810

Well, the Cyber Sleuth jump has two perks for making Digimon out right, and you can get a steady stream of Digimon to mess with if you want to figure it all out yourself in the item section.

Although, yes, programming skills are what you want. Genetics might work outside of the digital world, but you'll just be making "regular" creatures patterned after Digimon in the end.

>> No.51757829

Jaysus. Just. Jaysus.

That's far, far more accurate than I'm comfortable with. However, then there's the implication that Yuuko and Fei Wang are both on his level...

The CLAMP multiverse is a terrifying place.

Pretty much this: >>51757792
You also need luck, just to make sure you don't accidentally the digital world with your creation, like Takuya almost did.

>> No.51757841

>The CLAMP multiverse is a terrifying place.

>> No.51757975

So can she teach any of that or does she just know how to do that through fiat, instinct, and plot?

>> No.51757976

>The CLAMP multiverse is a terrifying place.
And yet I want more jumps there.

>> No.51758000

Be a virus.

>> No.51758008

Items, representing her potential.

>> No.51758027

she doesnt know how to do those things at the beginning of the jump.

>> No.51758031

Clow Cards son. 54 Cards that are each a sapient magical item that embodies a particular form of magic.

Plus, her own magical potential as well, which, according to canon is almost at Clow's own levels. She just needs more experience.

>> No.51758036

All of Sakura's Magic is held in the Clow Cards, basically Clow Reed is a fuck mothering badass and he Ensouled a form of his magic into a bunch of cards so that others could use it or something. They scale to her magical potential which is apparently amazing. So she can't teach it, yet, but it is theoretically possible to get to Clow Reed's level via the Magician perkline and around 70 years of study of the local western and eastern magic IIRC.

>> No.51758081

I'm working on putting together a Stardew Valley Jumpchain. I've got a lot of it worked out already and will post it for criticism/balancing when I finish it. Does anyone have anything they'd like to see in it?

>> No.51758104

So they eat data to grow? I wonder what kind of data it needs to be or if I could just give them a terrabyte usb worth of game mods would work...

>> No.51758114


Property that follows you, A vacation option to return?

>> No.51758116

What is it?

>> No.51758140

Any data honestly speaking.

>> No.51758147


>> No.51758151

>...is she just anime girl Abridged Popo or what. That is not a healthy stare.
She's something

>> No.51758177

I was planning on having two options for property that follows you:

Your farm itself or Skull Cave. Both need to be bought, of course, and get discounted based on the backgrounds chosen. I'll think about the return option, as that hadn't crossed my mind.

The game itself, you mean? Stardew Valley is a farming sim like Harvest Moon, but the fandom seems to have largely latched on to the dating aspect of the game and waifu-posting.

The Jump I'm putting together is a low-difficulty jump which can net a Jumper a few interesting items and maybe some skills that they might not already have. It would mostly be for convenience in later jumps, but not really preparing someone for an end jump.

>> No.51758185

So aside from specific endings and the Dragon Knight joke ending, here is Kamen Rider Ryuki. This took a while and used a format I wasn't completely confident in, but I like how it turned out. I'm thinking of adding more items and perks later on, but the skeleton of events is just about done.

Let me know how it looks, and if you do not fight you will not survive.

>> No.51758187

Or you go the Cardcaptor route which should start you out with potential roughly equaling hers.

>> No.51758221

Just finished going through all the cards, and let me be honest.

I'm terrified. Absolutely terrified.

The last time I felt like this was when I learned about the Sailor Senshi's true power and capabilities, especially Sailor Moon.

>> No.51758251

To be fair, a lot of the powers of the cards is because they have no theoretical limit, they're basically NLF but that is their purpose so...

>> No.51758256

welcome to anime, anon.

>> No.51758264

Magical Girls tend to be OP as fuck towards the high end.
Sailor Moon is the God Emperor in a skirt and with an even more gay for her band of followers, Madoka is the conceptual force of hope and a natural law of the universe, Sakura is a 3.5 wizard who didn't dump Charisma.

>> No.51758285

I've always wanted to know, but what is new about Stardew Valley as a game? I've never played it, though I've played a few harvest moon games, and I never saw what made it unique

>> No.51758321

Having never gotten into Harvest Moon myself, I couldn't really tell you. I got it for free as a gift and ended up dropping quite a lot of time into it as a result, but probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Now it's just one of those things where the first game I play in a genre is my favorite and the standard I hold all others to, like Perfect Dark for FPS and Legend of Dragoon for RPG.

>> No.51758326


Bodacious Babes

Great work bro gonna dive right in

>> No.51758374

11. Persona
Location: Mikage
Birthday: December 25th, Origin: Transfer Student, Persona: Strength
Perks: Expression, Understanding, Talented Artist (Dance), Red String, Self-Awareness, Psychologist
Drawbacks: Trial of the Dragon, I'll Face Myself

Thank fuck for friends. There's no way I could have avoided being curbstomped without them shouting "Dude, who gives a fuck" and "Tell him to go suck a dick!" every few seconds. I think we annoyed the shit out of that useless shadow. I mean I still had to deal with the fact that I'm a bundle of nonsensical emotional issues, suicidal urges, and denial, but now I can finally just have my friends beat them into place.

Other than combating bizarre forces in the Collective Unconscious, I got asked to prom by my Senpai. He bought me an iris corsage. It was nice.

>> No.51758386

Jumpmakers how do you decide what perks to give the Drop In origin?

>> No.51758396

I wish I had a gif of that scene from the digimon movie where this dude >>51758000 starts playing pacman.

But yeah, any data. Other digimon will provide variety and new attacks, but any data should provide raw power.

>> No.51758431

Usually it works out well to give them perks related to the artificial nature of the reality they're in or NPC skills.

Or, if you're stuck just figure out what you want to give the other Origins and then find out what's left over from the source material to give a Drop-In. They can be a bit of a Hodge-podge category.

>> No.51758454

>Jumper feeds Digimon his porn stash.

Would that count as junk food?

>> No.51758460

A Dragon Knight joke ending? Oh, Heavens, you silly. Reading eagerly.

>> No.51758475

That's how you get venusmon.

>> No.51758497

Hey Red? Just as a note, it's all your fault that I'm turning Io into a proper singer/dancer/potential pop star.


>> No.51758506

1.) Do I have perks that don't fit into other origins or as general perks?
If yes, Drop In line figured out. If no, see 2.
2.) Is there some meta aspects of the setting that can be observed and used for perks, such as common reoccuring situations, skills or themes?
If yes, Drop In line figured out. If no, see 3.
3.) People like making stuff. Is there an item/resource/invention/cool thing that people would like more of or make?
If yes, Drop In line figured out. If no, shit dude I dunno.

>> No.51758508

I like it so far.
Question though, how much/often do mirror monsters need to eat? Are we talking every once in a while or do they want three square meals of people?

>> No.51758519

I dont know how I feel about that.

>> No.51758534

I think having Swing, Spin and Hold Vent are redundant given that you've got a general Melee Vent whose weapon type you can customize. Other than that, looking good so far, will continue reading and report back any other issues or questions.

>> No.51758540

Well, if you know what body parts to feel it's nearly the same thing.

>> No.51758546

If you're talking about Macross, then you will get no apologies from me, and will fully expect context behind the situation.

>> No.51758558

Just fighting every Monster of the Week you come across should do the trick, unless you go overboard with Contracts like Asakura or have a particularly hungry Monster.
Had to include all the canon Vents for completion's sake, and Melee Vent is an OC for those who want variety in their weapons. You're probably correct, though.

>> No.51758565

Every once in a while, from what I remember. Just fighting the monsters of the week was enough to keep Dragredder and Darkwing fed.

>> No.51758647

I tend to use Drop-in as a place to put perks that represent how jumpers relate to the themes of the setting.

>Worm: Able to avoid precog, well-adjusted and awesome communication skills, able to blend in and integrate themselves into almost any group, able to munchkin the abilties they have. Compare to the typical problems of parahumans and Earth Bet's entire setup.

>Evo: Plays around with the mechanics of evolution, treating it more like a game instead of playing into a paradigm. Able to evolve to mimic the kinds of things they encounter.

>Sherlock: Feels familiar with and fits in anywhere, able to talk their way out of anything, and can cheat by getting flashes of knowledge instead of having to put thing together.

>S&S: A wanderer who learns and grows as he encounters new peoples and grand challenges and locales, pushing himself from something humble into something worthy of legend through the adventures he encounters. Literally just being a Jumper in microcosm.

I use Drop-in as an option for people who want to be an outsider with a unique perspective and ability to interact with the world. Playing off of them not having a place in it to give neat toolkits and be a sort of foil to how things are.

I think it works out pretty well since it means that even as a first jump you get the sense that they're a stranger in a strange land but have the ability to still interact with things and be involved in the stories that are going on.

That's just my two cents though.

>> No.51758649

Behold, foolish anons! The intro to Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne! Alright, so, couple of things I want to make note of.

This jump will go by the original story behind Nocturne. That is, that YHVH is the Great Will, not an avatar of it. My feelings about Apocalypse aside, it was made very clear that the Great Will was behind the Conception in Nocturne, and that its' intentions were not pure. I will be including an 0cp drawback to go with the new canon, but I'm going to be writing the jump from that perspective.

Secondly, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with origins. Here are my current thoughts on that:
>Backgrounds based on the Reasons, with Freedom serving as the Drop In equivalent. Demifiend is a 600-800cp general perk
>Backgrounds based on the characters, including one for the Demifiend. Drop-In based off of Hijiri/Aleph? Not sure how to do this
>Mix of the two previous options

Finally, sorry for the really long intro/info dump, I just wanted to get as much info across as possible. Lot of important stuff that needs to be addressed.

Aside from all that, comments, advice, and critique is appreciated. Welcome to the Vortex World, everybody!

>> No.51758704

>Demifiend is being offered

>> No.51758723

Isn't Demifiend one of the most powerful things in all of SMT?

>> No.51758732


my vote goes to Reason based backgrounds

>> No.51758763

Considering that Nocturne!YHVH is one of the most powerful final bosses in all videogames and that everything scaled with him... Even if it costs you 800 CP it's not that far fetched


>> No.51758771

>"A strange man who was passing through gave us such a way"
Well, now I think I'm all but obligated to introduce myself as "just a passing through Kamen Rider" whenever I fight someone in this jump. Thanks, Tsukasa. As one dimension-hopper to another, I appreciate the help.

>> No.51758777

He definitely is.
Dude can curbstomp stuff that collapses multiverses just by dying.

>> No.51758779

Have to admit, kinda questioning why this isn't an endjump if you're offering straight up demi fiend, even with dragon ball stuff recently. Isn't this the place where the final boss or mid boss or something is wiping out millions of universe?

>> No.51758782

Eh it fine, YHVH is part of the Great Will after all. Could always be he was simply the dominant personality, and getting his ass kicked in 2, Demi beating up Kagutsuchi in Nocturne and finally getting gangbanged by the mother goddesses in Strange Journey just caused a schism between them. And the Great Will/Axiom is simply so powerful it can just retroactively empower people if it has an argument with YHVH.

>> No.51758797

Unless the two cross over so much the perk lines start mixing together... why not both? One choice for your reason, one choice for your "regular" background.

>> No.51758798

Wait, how powerful are you going to be able to get in this jump?

>> No.51758814

Why should we restrict things?

If you make an End Jump people will simply not take it.

>> No.51758815


To be fair, in all but one route Kagutsuchi is holding back to test him. And he IS the final boss. Even with maxed out stats, it's nowhere near a curbstomp.

>> No.51758832

He goes on to fight and win against Metatron and fucking Lucifer. Kagutsuchi is kind of terrible compared to those two.

>> No.51758862

Except that's blatantly not true, as we had an example of someone going to an End Jump earlier in this thread or last thread.

>> No.51758897 [DELETED] 

Are you just going to ignore any questions about power offered again to try and sneak this through or something?

>> No.51758906

He's actually not as powerful as he's made out to be. First of all, the destruction of the multiverse thing is apparently just hype. What actually happened was that he punched out every version of Kagatsuchi across the multiverse, permanently. Aside from that, Lucifer was holding back in the final fight, as one: he's shown completely unfazed immediately afterwards, and two: his true form is a fusion of all his forms, according to Word of God. Aside from this, he did none of this by himself. He had a full team of demons assisting him. I actually bought a little too much into the hype myself, going to have to change the DDS part 1 800cp description.

It's a little more complicated then that. The Conception is a process that happens when a universe runs out of energy, and needs to be replaced. True, he does destroy those universes, but most of them were already on their last legs anyway. Besides, it's only the very final boss that does this, and he's holding back in all but the True Demon Route, where the Demi-Fiend is directly empowered by Lucifer.

Sounds about right, really. SMT's timeline and multiverse is so bonked it's not even funny.

Um, no, he can't? In fact, anyone who's played Nocturne will tell you that one: he fights those guys with other demons backing him up and two: those battles are hard as shit and usually it's you that ends up getting curbstomped.

Hmm, that could be a good idea.

Unless you take the True Demon endjump route, probably about as strong as any other SMT jump would make you?

>> No.51758914

Venusmon's personality is actually completely opposite of Venus. That is, she's kind, sweet, gentle, a friend to nature, humans, and digimon, and believes in protecting the weak from evil.

A porn stash would probably get you Mervamon.

>> No.51758939

So topping out at around city level or something?

>> No.51758954


This is your Captain Speaking!

Just letting you know as of this moment the drive is dead, gone, destroyed, taken by alien invaded to fight in gladiatorial combat then die.


For it has been replaced to help fix the issue that many people have come across with the whole link to the lewd folder issue. I ran across a few bugs at first but I went through every single folder and made sure all the Jumps are accessible. It took awhile.




>> No.51758994

Noice, let's put it in the next OP

>> No.51759001

will the endjump route work like the one in DS2 where we can take it but dont have to spark right now if we dont want to?

>> No.51759004

Did you remember to delete SoAnon's jumps?

>> No.51759016



>> No.51759030

Hate to bug ya, but since you're here, how's that Ork jump going?

>> No.51759038

and thank you for taking the fix and issue I had no idea existed.

>> No.51759043

Them's BONUS BOSSES though, that's hardly fair. 'Sides, Metatron jobs harder than Lancer.

How're they way above Kagutsuchi anyway? Stronger I get, but not massively so unless I missed something. He canonically loses to Luci too at least in the pre-Nanashi timeline, and Luci was definitely just testing him.

Yeah, I just see "multiverse" and "cosmic being" and figured something was up.

I mean, Stephen apparently figured out how to do it eventually. And IIRC Stephen actually isn't the first human to; his helper in the DLC mentions he's basically become something like. Buddha right?

Probably still the strongest among 'em though. Don't know many Buddhas that shoot black holes at people while holding back.

>> No.51759052

Jump Chain: Back 2 tha Hood

>> No.51759057

Looks good Heavens.
What would that Dragon Knight Ending entail and be?

>> No.51759061

>Virgin goddess

That... actually makes sense.

>> No.51759066

Do you ever get tired of asking for things that will never happen?

>> No.51759075

Uh what? I thought that the power level jumped up massively at Nocturne, and was escalating even back in SMT 2? That's literally how you and possibly SMTAnon have explained it in the past.

>> No.51759088

Just kind of a gag where your derailment fucked up Shiro's Time Vent and you're stuck in Dragon Knight for one year.

>> No.51759091

>Them's BONUS BOSSES though, that's hardly fair. 'Sides, Metatron jobs harder than Lancer.
That's fair. Metatron just can't win.

>> No.51759096

You're not Brutus.

>> No.51759140

Somewhere around that, yeah. SMT power levels are kind of bullshit, in that you could kill angels and gods and survive what in-universe is played up as being worse then nukes and then get killed by a rock slide.

I'm debating that. On the one hand, the True Demon ending leads directly to the war with YHVH after Kagatsuchi is killed and Lucifer is impressed, so I'm leaning towards "This is where it ends, right here, right now", but I'm still thinking on it.


Something like that, I believe.

It did, but it's not all it's hyped up to be. It's like this: SMT 1 and 2 were your typical fantasy/sci-fi game levels of power, and then Nocturne got way more bullshit, but not quite as bullshit as people always talk about. And I admitted that I bought a lot more into the hype then I should have, but doing more research has made me back off a bit on that.

>> No.51759154

Holy... shit. And I thought my idea for the Ar Tonelico tower was wild. This idea both terrifies and impresses me. Well done.

Honestly, it depends on the Jump. Sometimes it's obvious, like with FLCL I based the Drop-In perks off of Haruko. Or with the Fifth Element being based off Leeloo. A character that acts so completely outside the bounds of the show/game/story that it practically screams Jumper.

Sometimes it's a little bit harder. With Ring of Red I based all the Drop-In perks on fitting in, which probably wasn't the best way to handle it but it felt appropriate at the time. When I did Zootopia, it kind of ended up as a grab bag of ideas.

Long story short, I try to find something in the IP itself to base Drop-In perks on. If I can't, I'll try to go with slightly meta perks based on the IP. Sometimes it doesn't work out. It's not always an easy perk tree to fill.

Oh Captain, my Captain! Praise be to da Orkiest of dem all!

>> No.51759168

And you never achieve anything meaningful. Your point?

>> No.51759174

The Drive is dead! Long live the Drive!

>> No.51759176

Are there any perks that make you immune to stress?

>> No.51759206

Why did we need a new Drive?

>> No.51759213

Okay, I've read through the whole thing now, and I have to say that I really like this. It gives you a mechanical framework for experiencing the plot of the series, but has built-in flexibility to account for a Jumper going off the rails. This is what all scenario-type jumps should be. The fact that "make Kanzaki realize he's become a supervillain, convince him to atone for his sins" is a viable ending path just makes it all the sweeter.

>> No.51759221

He explains it in the post. Read.

>> No.51759239

Oh, Brutus, before I forget, is it possible for the two Digital Devil Saga parts to get a folder like Light of Terra or something? They're supposed to be one, multi-part jump, so I thought it might be best to have them in a folder like that. It's no big deal if they're not, though, just thought that it might be a good idea. Thanks for all of the things you do to make the Drive work.

>> No.51759261

>Get Survive
>Get Strange Vent
>Fight Odin
>Copy Time Vent
>Use Time Vent immediately.
>Realize you never knew how to use it in the fist place.
>Dragon Knight

Would this work?

>> No.51759290

Are you flippin burgers

>> No.51759293

There's a perk in Tomb Raider that makes you virtually immune to PTSD, I think.
And I'm sure there's some 'keep your cool' perks somewhere around here…
But what ya really need is WILLPOWER PERKS!
I don't actually remember what I updated, all I know is I added some stuff a while back.

>> No.51759317

That plans sounds like a million bucks to me.

>> No.51759322

>Unless you take the True Demon endjump route, probably about as strong as any other SMT jump would make you?

Can you just do it like you did in DS2 and locked it until you get a spark?

>> No.51759364

Truly a new golden age indeed!

I'm working on them here and there when I can. Doing a lot of House remodeling and the like along with my Sister's family and mine being sick have slowed down progress. Unless something happens to looks like SWTOR will be coming out before Ork jump does, but I can't give an exact date/deadline for either jumps. They will be coming out this year even if it kill me!

The only thing i'll say on this subject and never speak on it ever again is that after much deliberation is No. There are instances where a jump maker has come to ask where a jump be put into WIP as they wish to redo/overhaul a jump as was the case for the Arpeggio Of Blue Steel. Otherwise once a jump has been completed and been placed on the drive it is there to stay unless there are unique circumstances (such as the case with Hellblazer which given up to if anyone wanted to make a replacement jump they could because of the level of quality).

So to sum that all up. Unless it has a unique circumstance then No.

Sure thing! I had seen your request before but it kinda got thrown around in my head while I was fixing the new drive for launch and....IT IS DONE!

>> No.51759372

What would having "Self" as origin do?

>> No.51759388

Dammit fingers! Hit enter before I could attach the picture

>> No.51759396

See here >>51759140. The war starts immediately afterwards, so I'm leaning towards just ending it there. I'll try to think of something, but unlike DS2, here you're just getting a straight up power boost and becoming a true demon. I'll work on it.

Many thanks, Brutus. You're the man.

I feel your pain, Captain.

>> No.51759399

Nothing seems to be in the "Everyone Else's Jumps" folder

>> No.51759411

You're glitching, then, I can see it fine.

>> No.51759438

I'm not seeing anything in 2. complete without images myself so it's not just him.

>> No.51759456

Give it a bit. It's probably just propagating to your system. It'll finish updating in a few minutes, depending on your connection speed.

>> No.51759501

Does that mean someone as strong as Cell could easily kill or incapacitate the Demi-Fiend?

>> No.51759549

It actually amazes me that no one even thought of it.

I mean, like some time ago Ar Tonelico towers used to be one of the End-All-Be-All solutions. Just throw a tower there and network your shit, yadda yadda. It was one of the ONLY reasons people went there aside from the Orgel, to get the Tower, and every Tower updates to modifications. So every fucking tower dropped becomes a demonic server.

It is a giant fucking processing unit and it baffles me that no one thought "Hey let's stuff a COMP into it". Use the Orb from Swat Kats and make it able to assimilate technology, then use the Forge from Soul Hackers or stuff demons into technology with Warlock from Dota2 to keep feeding it demonic items and beef up the infernal might. Hell, you could probably use that to turn the Reyvateils into demonic variants. Don't think that would work? Capstone boosted 'Rise of Lazarus' from Doom 2016. Instant loyal demons. Hell, why stop there? Gouma-Den to summon, mish, and mash various demons to create new variants! The Tower would bloody well keep updates on them and its Cosmosphere crap would do wonders. I could go on and on.

Then use Warehouse Aesthetic perks to turn the tower into a giant, infernal Dark Tower just for the cherry on top.

>> No.51759551

Will the old drive update when this one does? Because I already managed to fix the lewd folder issue on my own personal drive, and made bookmarks of all the pages so I could open them more quickly. Will I have to make a whole new set of links?

>> No.51759597

Maybe? I mean, again, SMT power levels are bullshit, it's kind of hard to compare them to other settings when it's not even consistent in-universe. And Dragon Ball Z also suffers from Bullshit Power Levels-itus, so that's even more confusing.

>> No.51759613

Well, Cell is at least planet busting and from what you said the Demifiend is only city level, so it stands to reason Cell should easily beat him. Unless you're not giving us all the info and the demifiend is actually way stronger?

>> No.51759620

You could probably leave True Demon as a drawback or scenario since the power you can get from it doesn't seem anywhere close to endjump material.

>> No.51759642

Don't SMT-characters rely more on hax than things like energy output and speed like DBZ characters do?

>> No.51759650

Unfortunately the old drive is no more so I'm going to have to go with a no Unfortunately. Even if this issue had not come up it was due for a reupload due to a good chunk of jumps that were still originally uploaded by people (and therefore could be taken down by those people) and it would have taken ungodly hours to go through everything ( I tried once and nearly burned myself out downloading and replacing individual jumps) so the bulk option was going to get done sooner or later. The lewd thing just pushed further along.

But this "should" be the last thing something like this should be necessary so while it won't bring back the old drive you shouldn't have to worry about doing it again after this. Sorry for the inconvenience though.

>> No.51759658

...that might be an easy path to the derail ending, yes.

Kudos for creativity, anon.

>> No.51759689


It's not that simple.
SMT powerlevels appear to just apply to combat, in much the same way Determination works in all actuality.
Another way to look at it is how Megaman Battle Network goes. Rockman.exe is actually rather weak...outside of a battle. However once he actually STARTS a battle in the game mechanics he can take down people who were defeating him easily in the overworld.

It's pretty similar here.
While Cell can break more rocks,Demifiend has killed something that breaks more rocks than him. That doesn't make him a better rockbreaker, just a better killer.
Make sense?

>> No.51759713

Cell would probably still kill him, since ki is just generic nonelemental energy and iirc that's exactly what DSA said could ignore a lot of immunities.

>> No.51759727

It's a little more complicated then that. This anon >>51759689 is correct for the most part, but there's also stuff like King Frost, who's only level 22 in SMT 2 yet he can supposedly freeze the entire planet forever. YHVH, who's level 108 in the same game, has to use a kill satellite to wipe out all life on Earth in the final part of the game. SMT protagonists regularly punch out characters capable of absolutely ludicrous feats, and yet they themselves could not perform those feats, and die from stuff like rock slides or accidents. So trying to measure him against someone like Cell is just not possible.

>> No.51759734

Not particularly. Why could demifiend kill something that broke more rocks? What was the context of the battle that allowed him to do that?

>> No.51759745

This is good for Willpower, but for stress and PTSD the better option in History's Strongest Disciple would be Used To It. Prevents mental trauma from any form of combat, and allows you to retain the same level of decision making skills in stressful circumstances.

>> No.51759751

Ah, damn. Alright, time to make new bookmarks, then. Well, thanks for telling me.

>> No.51759790

So its like a sword of the cross situation? Also, will you not be able to reach those planet freezing feats even if you are level 40 and work your ass off?

>> No.51759823

Demonic Reyvateils. Just imagine it. The Chaos Gods in Warhammer 40k would lose their minds if you presented them with a present like that. It's such a tempting idea that I almost want to write an evil chain around that idea.

Song Magic wielding Sonic Marines of Slaanesh. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

The Ar Tonelico tower really is such a lovely acquisition for any Jumper.

Still, I'm going to stick with my original idea for the Tower. Head to Invader Zim for the memory/personality storing technology from the PAK, then onto Warframe to figure out how to make the robot ninjas themselves, and see if I can come up with a way to make Reyvateils that don't rely on a Tower at all. Make them self-contained and functionally immortal.

Then flood Commorragh with the "cutest' army ever and wipe the place from the map.

>> No.51759827

Basically, yes. As for the freezing the world thing, I legitimately don't know how to answer that because demons stronger then King Frost can't do that. It makes no sense.

>> No.51759846

Shoot, forgot to add my name.

>> No.51759847

Because combat ability doesn't directly translate into being able to break rocks.

King Frost can freeze the planet, but can get killed with direct combat because his ability to use this offensively isn't as direct, and can't use it as well. "But a person is less than a planet so it should work better", you say

But a tree is tougher than a person, and a chainsaw can topple a tree. Therefore the chainsaw is the perfect anti-person weapon, right?
No. because of factors that are not just brute application of force. If you can't understand the concept that the metaphorical big hammer, no matter how big a boulder it can break, is less capable than a spear or a sword as a weapon, then you're not going to be able to realize why this is a concept.

>> No.51759921

I cant help but use the technically accurate phrase of

"An anti fortress weapon cannot kill me because i am not a fortess"

>> No.51759940

Honestly, from an outsiders viewpoint, this looks like someone took the most retarded parts of DBZ power levels and magnified them. This guy can kill this guy except when he can't except when he can. He's strong enough to do this but not always and sometimes only in this way except when he can't because. And people have certain levels of strength but seem to either have the worst power incontinence/control ever or are just actually retarded in how they fight, except when they're just weaker because.

At least DBZ power levels were generally consistent if you're just comparing characters rather then looking at power level numbers or their shittalk.

>> No.51759990

As I said before: SMT power levels are bullshit.

>> No.51760041

Top Hat's list has all the end jumps on it.

>> No.51760068

...Red, are you up to date on F/GO's story campaign by any chance?

Because this thing is starting to remind me of Goetia. Except presumably less of a dick to its' creator.

It's sort of like how Supreme Kais can do tons of stuff Goku can't, but strictly speaking Goku is way better at fighting.

I think.

>freezing the world thing

I always figured it was a combinations of stronger demons having a mix of better overall combat prowess and stats/having a broader skillset whereas King Frost's thing a) would take a long time to actually take place within which some kid can just punch him in the face until he stops and b) just freezing the world by itself wouldn't impede the stronger demons much.

But basically, yeah.

SMT is a little like Undertale in that sometimes it's...hard to tell where gameplay ends and story begins sometimes. It's probably not intentional in its' case, but for the most part a lot of the spells resemble Pokemon attacks/buffs. And are also touted as being able to penetrate the mystic defences of cosmic beings/strike beings which by all means a spunky teen shouldn't have stood a chance against, which also look like Pokemon buffs.

You're...not exactly wrong, though. Even that explaination just applies to the magical attacks.

>> No.51760071

Ideally, I base drop-ins on characters who have literally traveled from another time or dimension, or who just 'show up' in the story without any forewarning.
Eg: the Survivor in Predator being based on Noland.

Sometimes drop-ins are based on characters with little to no ties to the main plot, its main factions, or hardly any backstory.
Eg: in Parasyte I based drop-ins on the characters who had little to do with Parasytes, like Kana and the politicians but who weren't organised like the Task Force.

Sometimes they're a bit 'meta' towards the setting.
Eg: Eclipse Phase I gave drop-ins perks related to common problems of the setting.

Sometimes they're place to put perks that don't fit anywhere else.

(Thanks for your diligent work my orky kaptain)

Just refresh the page after a little bit, I was getting this as well.

>> No.51760081

>Because this thing is starting to remind me of Goetia. Except presumably less of a dick to its' creator.
Goetia just doesn't grock people not wanting to die. It did nothing wrong.

>> No.51760096

'Demons' stronger than him can end universes though. So there is clearly some scale, just inconsistent unless you look at each game in a vacuum.

>> No.51760098

Does anyone remember offhand any jumps that have good magic resistance/immunity perks?

>> No.51760133

12. The World Ends With You
Entry Fee: Free Will, Age: 19, Origin: Athlete, Flaw: Hotheaded
Brand: Tigre Punks, Psych: 2 Extra Slots, Vortex Saber, Street Jam, Healing
Partner: Kid Sibling (Sage, Age: 15)
Perks: All Star (Soccer), Cardio, Fashion Non-Victim, Do You Even Lift?
Drawbacks: 43 + 61

Let's just get all this positive character development shit out of the way. Persona started me on the path of becoming the best possible version of me, and part of that was realizing that I value being able to make my own decisions, even if I go flying off in wildly wrong directions. I'm basically instinct and whatever my little sister says for this jump, and my little sister has no idea what's going on. She just tells me to fight, or to fetch, or to rest, and I don't really have a choice. At least it leaves me with time to contemplate my Flaw. Actualizing your emotions is just as important as self-control, right? What is the right balance?

Sage thinks of me as some big dumb animal, but at least she treats me like a pet more often than a beast of burden or a wild dog. I'm still carrying her shopping bags, though I would have done that anyway. I always did before, even if she doesn't remember. And I'd shout her down if she insisted on doing it herself. I'm the big sports player, she's the delicate dancer, I have more than enough strength to go around. A bit chauvinistic, but my origin was a japanese teenager taking care of his kid sibling.

Ravenloft, Mahou Sensei Negima, Dresden Files, and Spyro.

>> No.51760151

Plus powerlevel dicussions get even more complicated when you take into account that every setting has different standards for what constitute an extraordinary feats.

Setting A might make feat X easy and feat Y difficult and impressive or even impossible, while in setting B the opposite will be true.

>> No.51760168

152 Sunrider
Age 19
Drop In
Black Market Contacts, Neural Link -100, Delegation -100, Ryuvian Genetic Marker -100,
Import Mech(VF Z-95 Headhunter[Support Ryder, Shields])-200, Import Ship(Experimental ACU Light of Terra[Warp Drive, Ryder Hanger, Torpedo Tubes, Vanguard Cannon])-300,
Naval Uniform -50, Ryder Suit, Side Arm -50, Companion Import(Akashi[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Neural Link -100, Import Mech(SCU Net Space Ship[Support Ryder, Shields, Gravity Gun -100, Gravitino Generator -100, Cyber Warfare Suite -100, Networking Support Suite -100])-200], Shimakaze[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Import Ship(The Litany of Litanies Litany[Warp Drive, Savoir Cannons -200, Ryder Hanger, Torpedo Tubes, Shields -200, Vanguard Cannon])-300], Taiho[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Import Ship(The Lapsed Pacifist[Warp Drive, Hell Dart Missiles -100, Trinity Lasers -100, Ryder Hanger, Pulse Cannons -100, Flak Cannons -100, Torpedo Tubes, Vanguard Cannon])-300], Bismark[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Import Ship(The Pre-emptive Retaliation[Warp Drive, Savoir Cannons -200, Trinity Lasers -100, Ryder Hanger, Pulse Cannons -100, Torpedo Tubes, Vanguard Cannon])-300], Minamihime[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Neural Link -100, Import Mech(VF Space Fighter Jet[Assault Ryder, Trinity Lasers -100, Pulse Cannons -100, Flak Cannons -100, Melee Weapon(Flamberge)-100])-200], Senkanko Kappa[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Import Ship(Skaian Battleship[Warp Drive, Savoir Cannons -200, Trinity Lasers -100, Ryder Hanger, Pulse Cannons -100, Torpedo Tubes, Vanguard Cannon])-300], Tinker Bell[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Neural Link -100, Import Mech(VF-1A Valkyrie[Heavy Artillery Ryder, Hell Dart Missiles -100, Savoir Cannons -200, Flak Cannons -100])-200], Dreya[Drop In, Black Market Contacts, Neural Link -100, Import Mech(VF Voidraven Bomber[Light Interceptor, Warp Drive -200, Stealth Module -100, Melee Weapon(Scythe)-100])-200])-300,
Hidden Machinations +200,

>> No.51760170

Eh, that's a possibility, I suppose. Still seems just a little silly to me.

That's true as well.

>> No.51760179

Rolled 7 (1d8)

Well, some nice upgrades for my little fleet of ships, some nice new tech and a bit of wandering about causing trouble. Interesting place from what I can tell.
1 Infinicon
2 SimAnt
3 The Room
4 Sekirei
5 Viking Saga
6 Generic Creepy Pasta
7 Animorphs
8 Generic Video Game Developer

>> No.51760197

Sorta like how restoring someone to life is a fucking impossible task in a lot of settings and even some in which it's theoretically possible it's a giant deal?
And then you have settings where getting slain is an inconvenience (like Magicka)

>> No.51760199

Animorphs, I'll need a new 6

>> No.51760230

Or you have Harry Potter where a one-hit kill spell only requires two basic words and the intent to kill while conjuring up food is straight up impossible.

>> No.51760234

Well, since Digital Devil Saga just got finished, how about going there? It's a two-part jump, though.

>> No.51760291

does it work as one jump? or is it two closely related jumps? Like Light of Terra two parter? or Jump and sequel jump?

>> No.51760302

One jump, like Light of Terra.

>> No.51760320

cool, queued then.

>> No.51760326

Can we jump other jumps between parts?

>> No.51760327

I have mixed feelings about the backgrounds, just because the defining trait of the Demi-Fiend is that he has no reason, and slowly develops one. So having backgrounds outright based on Reasons seems kind of iffy. It seems like a mix of the two options might work best.

>> No.51760353

Hope you enjoy it, anon!

Nope, you go from part 1 directly to part 2.

Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

>> No.51760355

Yep. I mean, looking at early Nasu works that focus on just how shit life is for the average joe who so much as brushes against the supernatural-you can kind of see where he's coming from as an immortal spirit thing who can perceive most of their futures. So, maybe also the one where Gaia just ragequits from despair and cries for someone to come avenge her.

He was totally hyped to rebel against what he perceived as Sol's arrogance, though.

It gets even MORE complicated when some of the highest endiest feats in SMT happen because the beings where exploiting a preexisting system. Like how the archangels' faith created a false YHVH in 2.

Or the Mother Goddesses taking advantage of diminishing faith to teamgank YHVH and fill the power vacuum.

Or the Divine Powers trying to do something similar by making their own cosmic egg out of their pet snake.

Whereas as far as I know while it's not UNHEARD of in DBZ (Dabura, Zamasu, maybe the shadow dragons because I skimmed the wiki etc) in general fighters seem to rely a lot more on fighting prowess alone to decide everything.

>> No.51760491

Handholding is FORBIDDEN.

>> No.51760519

Time for extreme headpats then.

I made a special hat for the occasion and everything.

>> No.51760557

You could do something like have backgrounds based on characters, with a smaller list of perks based on reasons. Many characters in Nocturne don't even have Reasons, but Reasons are still important enough that they probably merit some kind of option.

>> No.51760558


>> No.51760562

The ending where you side with Shinji and Tezuka end the war with as little bloodshed as possible, befriend Yui, help Shiro realize what he's doing is wrong, and then revive Yui is the ending I'm going to shoot for, especially since it means that everyone who died in war will also be revived (though I would have done that anyway). Now I just need to right all the other wrongs going on with the other Riders and best ending will be achieved!

>> No.51760568

>shadow dragons

>> No.51760592

That's a good idea. Maybe something like the Yozi section Mardukth has in Infernals?

>> No.51760600

Fight on, brave anon!

Really hope I see builds for Ryuki. This was my first and prolly only attempt at an LoT-style gauntlet without too much bias for a particular playstyle. I hope folks enjoy it!

>> No.51760655

I'll try and make a build later on. I want to go over the drawbacks, perks, and items and figure out what's the best strategy for achieving Best Ending.

It's a really cool gauntlet/jump, Heavens, and I'm always happy to give series that normally have sad or bittersweet endings happy endings. Plus, I'd love to introduce Shinji and Madoka, they'd get along great!

>> No.51760730

That they would, anon. That they would. I am happy to have made the opportunity possible for you and others, anon. Have fun with it!

>> No.51760737

Rolled 6 (1d8)

153 Animorphs
Age 19
Morphing, Two of Your Earth Hours, Yoink!-100, Acquisitive Gaze -200, Chimera Morph -300, Estreen -200,
The Series, Escafil Device -600,
Restless Wildlife +400,
Well, this is certainly an interesting place. Definitely running through my personal park full of dino's first things first. Should be fun picking up various morphs.
1 Infinicon
2 SimAnt
3 The Room
4 Sekirei
5 Viking Saga
6 Generic Creepy Pasta
7 Digital Devil Saga
8 Generic Video Game Developer

>> No.51760740

That would probably be a nice way of handling it. Especially since Reasons are kind of like paths or philosophies.

>> No.51760750

creepy pasta HOOOOO!
I'll need a new 6.

>> No.51760762

Lyrical Nanoha.

>> No.51760780


>> No.51760786

I'll try testing out the idea once I start actually making perks for the jump. Thanks for the idea, anon.

>> No.51760889

This is where I'm at so far on Stardew. I'm just posting the WIP now to see if anyone thinks anything needs balancing. Other than that, everything is complete except for items/perks for the Specialties, and they should show a clear pattern of how those are being chosen.

>> No.51760960

Looks pretty neato so far!

Maybe have a selection of seeds as an item purchase?

>> No.51760968

Eagerly reading.

>> No.51761015

Whatever that is, it's fucking sick.

>> No.51761075

Happy to help.

>> No.51761111

Angelarium.net for all your otherworldly beauty needs.

Honestly Im just attaching them to my post at this point because no one I know seems to know the art. Apparently the artist used to do TRPG art.

And I should mention that I meant a selection of replenishing seeds if we decide to move on after the jump and can no longer get certain plants. ie amaranth, summer spangle, or fairy rose.

>> No.51761155

Well, I'd like to see more Drawbacks and a little more explanation on the Grandpa's Ghost Is An A-Hole for those who don't know quite what it's referring to.

But overall it looks good so far. I can't wait to see if fleshed out a little more.

I can't wait to do Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon back to back. Such comfy farming.

>> No.51761157

If that's the case I'll officially hand over the jumps that people have taken from my drive and put up onto yours over to you, so you'll be recognized as the jumpmaker for them instead. I'm no longer keen on trying to figure out which versions you have of my jumps because people grabbed them at different times, and I've already made it clear that people can replace the ones on your drive before. With you as the official jumpmaker for them, you can make that call now and any future updates will be made by you. After what happened previously it seems more sensible to give the rights to you since the drive is yours.

>> No.51761201

can you put Tera's chain and coat details into the run builds folder? Never knew why it's out

>> No.51761202

Thanks anon, you're a real cool dude.

>> No.51761219

For the Absolutely Insane…

You madman. You derailed the plot in such a grandiose way that the universe (and the limitations of this document) have no idea how to process what you’ve done. Maybe you somehow turned the Rider War into a high-stakes soccer game. Maybe you somehow went back in time and completely prevented the existence of the Rider War before the circumstances leading to your arrival could happen to begin with. Maybe you used Strange Vent to steal Odin’s Time Vent and use it, just to see what happened. Or maybe you just got sick of the whole business and blow up the entire city/planet.

Shiro will, in a panic, use Time Vent to ‘correct’ this, but this only makes the paradox you caused worse. Everything just kind of dissolves, and you with it…

When you wake up, your powers are restored (if they weren’t already) and your companions and Allies are with you, similarly confused. It looks like you’re still in a world with Kamen Riders and whatnot, except you’re in America and all of the participants are radically different people. Also, no one seems to know how to make proper peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and aliens are somehow behind the war.

Yes, that’s right. You must now spend a year in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight before your benefactor figures out where you landed and sends you back along the rest of your chain. Hey, at least you got to keep what you gained from the previous timeline!

Joke ending text, which will be in the doc next thread.

>> No.51761228

Okay, how's this for a stand?

Stand: 「God, Forgive These Bastards」
Appearance: A swirling light emanating from the user's body, before wrapping around the object and giving it an appropriate paintjob only visible to those with spirit or magic vision. Paintjobs are usually pretty garish.
Ability: 「Weapon of God」 Items can be charged with energies the user can manipulate, with the exact effect depending on the item and the type of energy. Charges fade with time and use. Examples: Mixing medicine with spiritual energy to have it effect ghosts or stands, fill a grenade with hamon to create a sunbomb, creating an antimagic pickaxe for spellmining
Awakened Ability: 「Some Rotten Man」 Temporary objects can be made from appropriate energies at a significantly higher cost. Objects can still be charged by 「Weapon of God」 to keep them going. Examples: Mana can be made into a wand that fades after 3 spells, but costs 6 spells worth of mana. A crucifix could be made out of Divine energy but would fade after an hour or melting a single vampire.
Power: D
Speed: B
Range: E
Durability: B
Precision: A
Potential: A

>> No.51761237

I've been planning on picking up the post-card packs that are available. Angelarium is some damn fine art.

I was thinking about giving each specialty some starting items so they don't have to do the early-game buildup and introductions to new mechanics. Miners would start with the cave already unblocked, farmers would get a few seed types, ranchers a chicken that can live in the house until a coop is built. Do you think it would be better to have replenishing seeds available for sale, or expand a seedmaker to accept any plants after the jump ends?

I think notes at the bottom to explain the hidden points in the game should be easy enough. It will also be a good place for me to explain how certain game mechanics will transfer over, like Stardrops.

I'm also thinking of adding a free pet, and the option to import a companion. Probably not 8 companions for a small farm, though. Thoughts?

>> No.51761238

You know that no one is going to replace your jumps, right? You go on and on about them, even have tried to take them off the drive, but in the end people are going to accept your jumps as the legit deal.

Though unless you have plans to update jumps like FF14, they're going to remain woefully outdated.

>> No.51761252

He just told you, they're Brutus' jumps now. Ask him to update them.

The sheer spite Brutus has for SoAnon has probably gotten under Dirge's skin.

>> No.51761266

What spite? What are you even on?

>> No.51761280

>What spite?
>SoAnon wants her jumps deleted
>Brutus insists they're his now and nobody can take his toys away, everyone else should get fucked.
>What spite?

>> No.51761291

I... I'm not even sure what it is at this point. I mean I'm trying to figure out what part is supposed to make me angry, or if it's actually just supposed to get responses by dint of how fucking weird it is. Maybe that's it? Just say random shit so it people respond with confusion?

>> No.51761311

Not a fan of the origins having built in drawbacks and slight benefits.

Or, to a lesser extent, the 100cp prices for non-Drop-Ins, especially since all but Country Boy just arrived the same as Drop-In.

Items and perks in the same section? Why?

Why all the references to other things, like Morrowind, Infinity Gems, Gyarados, Hufflepuff,

What's that?

>Super Crystalarium
Probably put in a bit explicitly saying it replicates crystals? Or what it actually is?

>> No.51761314


Bodacious Babes

After reading through this jump bro I just have to say that this is one of your best ones yet, It's going to be difficult but I'm also going to try and get the best ending and put more work into figuring out how to do so

>> No.51761323

While you are here and organizing the Jumps, if an setting has a folder, could all the stuff be placed in the folder. Like having the Exalted Mortals Gauntlet in with all the other Exalted stuff in the folder, or that one weirdly named jump beginning with "T" in the same folder with the Nasuverse jumps?

And now that we have several Marvel, DC, SMT&spinoffs, and Dragon Ball jumps now it would make sense for them to have their own folders.

>> No.51761336

I've been slowly updating all of my jumps. 14 isn't going to be exempt from that. I have never bothered to upload my jumps to Brutus's drive since what happened a year and a half ago, and other people have taken the initiative on that instead to put it kindly. Normally I would say that they should be considered the jumpmaker, except I have no clue who these people are, so in the face of that Brutus can become the jumpmaker instead, since he's the drive owner. It streamlines the process all in all.

My only obligation is to keep my own drive up to date with versions and updates. The community made it abundantly clear for me to keep my hands off the drive, and I see no problems letting Brutus manage what he possesses. Hence, on that same note, if you want an update on 14, ask Brutus, not me.

>> No.51761339

You don't remember how they'd blow up threads for days at a time, arguing bitterly? The cruel insults they'd hurl at anyone who butted in? The grandoise and well-crafted commisioned art of each other getting swirlied? How SoAnon slashed Brutus's tires after he ate her dog? None of it?

>> No.51761340

>Do you think it would be better to have replenishing seeds available for sale, or expand a seedmaker to accept any plants after the jump ends

A bit mixed honestly. The reason I suggested the replenishing seeds is just because there are some crops unique to Stardew Valley and it would suck that a significant portion of your recipes would be cut off just because you couldn't get the seeds anymore.

On the other hand farming is a lot about planning and hardwork so perhaps expanding the seedmaker would be better and leaving up to the Jumper to keep up their own stock with care.

>I'm also thinking of adding a free pet, and the option to import a companion. Probably not 8 companions for a small farm, though. Thoughts?

Honestly Id be disappointed if I couldn't invite my friends along for the ride. Though maybe you could rule it theyd have non farming jobs. Maybe have a custom town filled with your friends and have a serene little farming adventure.

>> No.51761360

I know next to nothing about Stardew Valley, but could you separate Abilities and Items?
That backpack and arcade are cool, but they're not abilities.

>> No.51761363

Notes at the bottom would be fine, yeah. Those are always a good place to explain the more exotic things for a Jump without ruining the flow of the document itself.

A free pet would be nice. I always like those. I agree with your about importing 8 Companions on to one farm would likely spread the workload too thin, but people like me would bring them in even if you don't offer Import options. You could offer them their own plots of lands to look after, or alternate goals, or perhaps they have to have a non-farming job of their own in town.

>> No.51761376

...Must resist urge to shoot for that ending.

>> No.51761383

>taken the initiative on that instead to put it kindly
A lot of your jump are really good. Your Graviry Rush is really good. It made me go and play the game that was just sitting in my accounts download folder unused.

And if you are good about keeping the version number in the body of the text up to date (like .99 not covering many different revisions over time) if is easy to tell what is more current.

>> No.51761400

So... because SoAnon had a meltdown and Brutus doesn't want to piss off the entire community, that's spite towards someone.

Holy shit, what even.

I cannot begin to fathom what kind of leap that takes. The thread has gone on and on about how they want to keep her jumps around, because they're good jumps and nobody is going to bother working on a replacement. They're good as is, and getting rid of all those jumps would invalidate a ton of chains and do way more harm than good. If Brutus did that there would be absolute chaos. But no, I'm sure it's spite just like you said.

As for dirge, what doesn't piss him off by now? He ran off because he'd rather listen to Brellin bitching him out about making FF10 more of a game mechanic jump than people who were worried about how constantly depressed he is. He would rather listen to people who shit on him than people who give a damn. He then keeps claiming he'll never come here again due to the shitposter, but then he KEEPS coming here. At this point he purposefully seeks out things that piss him off and get under his skin because of some kind of self-loathing I haven't seen since Red.

The community has made it abundantly clear that you've been a good person who does good work, and that people enjoy you being here. But unless we shit down your throat you keep ignoring everything that anyone says, which is really sad to see when you immediately start melting down the second someone does shit on you for some stupid reason.

>> No.51761433

Do you ever go out of your way to make people way?

>> No.51761439

>Jump-chan looks back from her phone to where she left Jumper
>They're not there
>Jump-chan spends a year looking around the house for them before realizing they were under the newspaper

>> No.51761444

I throw the dodgeball at them. Do I end up in dragon knight?

>> No.51761452

I doubt it'd piss anyone off except the most rabid shitposter, who would find something to complain about regardless. Otherwise it's just following the will of the jumpmaker.

People here seem to revile SoAnon in the weirdest way. They hate her guts, but they greedily hold onto her jumps at all costs, in sharp contrast to other hated jumpmakers like Mommy, DDAnon, and SJ-chan. I don't understand it.

>> No.51761454

Still subject to change and tweaking but have the first preview of cyberpunk capstones. Gonna take a break but I'll be back soon to look at any critique or issues. Hope you guys like them.

Culture Wars (600cp, Discount Megacorp): Culture is the operating system of the human mind. It is the public consciousness, the grand social machine, the law that defines how things are, should be, and will be. You are a master at shaping it to your desires. From applied memetics and marketing, to social engineering, propaganda, and all the means to that end if you have the resources you have the skills to mold the common consciousness and mentality into nearly any shape imaginable. While there is nothing stopping individuals from deviating from what is considered the norm, they can’t pretend that social pressures aren’t powerful things. The rebels and the iconoclasts can have their individuality, but the zeitgeist is yours. The world will be what you make it.

The Chain of Industry (600cp, Discount Megacorp): It’s never been what people can do that makes the world what it is, but rather what the money can do. Economic pressures are what shape the world, and you’ve mastered them. You know how to make nearly anything practical economically, how to integrate it into the world in a way that will let the churning machine of industry aid and implement rather than hinder it. From space flight and the consequences of reaching to the stars, to the blurring divide between mind and machines, to every kind of imaginable technology. You can make it a part of the world instead of something alien to it. And if you only slowly let it seep in, reaping the spoils with every new piece you add into the mix until you’ve made a fortune, then it’s just your due reward for giving it to the world in the first place. Others make the future happen, but you make it practical.

Plz use responsibly.

>> No.51761459

>Do you ever go out of your way to make people way?
Yes. People make excellent hallways.

>> No.51761464

Well Played. You even included a "and your little dog, too!" As a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I applaud that.

>> No.51761476

This got a chuckle out of me.
Naw, it has to be a Henderson-level derail or paradox. Something that doesn't fit any of the listed endings or fail conditions.
Glad you like it!

>> No.51761483

You'll find that people don't hate her, they just don't like how easily she flies off the handle without waiting to see the outcome. If she had even just waited a couple of hours she would have seen Towergirls completely dismantled and there would be no issues. This isn't the first time it's happened, and whenever she comes back with new jumps she's often welcomed back with open arms.

>> No.51761487

>Do you ever go out of your way to make people way
That was supposed to be happy...god damn it me.

I deserve that, I suppose.

>> No.51761518

Looks good, Best Girl.

>> No.51761532

Um. Is this a language thing? Because 'drive owner' <> 'jump maker'. If I put a copy of your jump on my own drive, for example, I don't suddenly become able to make jumps (as awesome as that would be).

Also, community is somewhat a fluid thing on 4chan. I don't know what happened 'then', but as far as I know the jc community 'now' is happy for people to put a jump in the uploads folder so long as they've posted it in the thread first for critique (constructive and, uh, otherwise).

fwiw I may still count as a noob but the (vast) majority of comments on your jumps that I've seen have been positive.

>> No.51761541

>because they're good jumps and
It varies. FF6 and Okami are good. Skies of Arcadia really bad. Presumably the overall quality got better as he made more jumps.

>> No.51761558

Very nice, very nice.

Just transform the entire face of society with these two.

>Plz use responsibly.
Ahahahaha. No.

>> No.51761564


It's not too hard to make self-contained Reyvateils - the issue at its core, is that they were *deliberately* designed to require the Tower to provide enough energy to match what their NTL expends "casting" them (as the NTL imposes their structure/brain/etc on the bio-gel that makes up their body).

It's a solvable problem in-universe, at any rate. And for a quick-fix, you could probably solve it by sticking a mini-Arc Reactor in them, with a songstone converter. You'd also need to fiddle with how their Cosmosphere will work when they might leave transmission range (as their minds are actually in the Tower, and puppet their bodies), and actually using Song Magic might be a bit of a power hog.

>> No.51761565

I do .99s once, and only once. I`ve done .99xs before, I`ve done the .4 to .5 upwards transition .99 before, but I strictly only use .99 once. The next time I update the file it`s from .99 to F 1.0. This has never changed, except people take the .99s and uploaded them for some reason beyond me, and slowly things get out of hand. This is what I`ll be able to avoid by sticking to my own business and letting Brutus handle things from now on, he can rename them, change them, do whatever as he pleases.

>The community has made it abundantly clear that you've been a good person who does good work, and that people enjoy you being here. But unless we shit down your throat you keep ignoring everything that anyone says, which is really sad to see when you immediately start melting down the second someone does shit on you for some stupid reason.

I`m aware what opinion certain members of this community may have, it doesn`t affect the fact that I don`t care enough to deal with the shit from managing different drives and different versions and putting up with anon`s specific demands about what needs to be done and what can`t be done for things to be "legit" and "valid". If you told me to choose between my own drive and yours, I'll gladly choose my own, because I can arrange things in a straightforward manner under my own control, without some anon screaming about validity.

I accepted a long time ago that people weren't going to give me the level of criticism I was looking for, and that I should've probably asked professional game designers and writers to get it. This isn't about that.

I no longer feel that all this shitspewing about "Herp derp your jumps/chains are nonvalid because blah blah blah" is worth putting up with, because it proves that quality isn't the issue, but apparently "pedigree" is. At the very least I think I owe an obligation to tell people who to actually direct their attention to for whatever is already on the drive.

>> No.51761569

Is this a generic Cyberpunk or is based on a specific setting?

>> No.51761594

Generic, I believe.

>> No.51761634

>Um. Is this a language thing? Because 'drive owner' <> 'jump maker'
I think he is saying that he is busy enough working on his jumps, and since most of the jump were nominated to the drove by other people he has no idea which ones are up to date or not. And since Brutus has made a decision to not remove jump from the drive barring special circumstances, could he be the one who makes sure dirges jumps being kept on the drive are kept up to date, because dirge himself did cannot remove them and does not want to deal with the keeping them up to date hassle.

Personally, I would just add the folder of his jumps that Dirge does maintain to the Drive index page like Quicksilver's is, because he does keep that folder up to date.

>> No.51761635

>actually using Song Magic might be a bit of a power hog
Putting it midly, there.

Miniaturized Orgel for every Reyvateil ahoy! Whatever could possibly go wrong?

>> No.51761672

I want to be able to replicate the 'demons into circuits' bit so badly, but I wouldn't even know where to start.

Well also remember that aside from >>51761564, that the way a Reyvateil is made looks fairly similar to how an Evangelion is made. Hint hint.

>> No.51761675

What's wrong with Skies of Arcadia?

>> No.51761676

Under the best conditions, the drive owner should be the jump maker. This means that the person who has rights on changing the drive also has rights on managing the jump. In the case of your community this becomes a bit less plausible, because we have so many jump makers versus only one drive owner.

In my case specifically, I'm streamlining the process by making it such that the drive owner is also the jump maker. It doesn't mean he'll magically be able to make jumps in the same way that I do (just like how I wouldn't be able to make jumps magically the way he does), but it does mean that he can make rulings and replacements if he finds it necessary, without having to dive through third parties or do version checking and updating. It also means that people can find Brutus on the IRC to ask him questions rather than coming to SB to ask me questions, or have to use ASA as a third party.

I'm a bit infamous for the fact that I look for very stringent criticism that goes beyond normal notions of balance. Optimal criticism for me takes into consideration gaming design concepts, use of diction, overall paragraph by paragraph diction and tone management, overall contribution of extra writing elements into the final product, and so forth. This is why a lot of people bring up the "Dirge isn't happy unless people shit on him", because the way I look at my jumps and criticize them is vastly different from other people, and I'm rarely satisfied because I haven't reached the level necessary to deliver a "polished" product. In the past I hadn't come to terms with the fact that people aren't willing to commit themselves as much, so I wouldn't be satisfied with the critique that I got. Now I don't bother.

I'm aware that some people already believe what I make is detailed or "good" as they would put it, it's just that my bars are always set high, if I'm going to do something, it's going to be all the way, as far as possible. To me this is what improvement is about.

>> No.51761678

>Nope, you go from part 1 directly to part 2.
Luckily I just finished DDS1. I'm taking a gauntlet in between, though. Build incoming, once i find it....

>> No.51761684

She made good jumps, but twice now she's also gone flying off the handle because of shit nobody cares about. The first time it was because of a replacement of a wip, and the second time it's because the thread wasn't loudly condemning a lewd jump enough.

>> No.51761694

Thank you for this. Question. Should the Blank option "forfeit all except 100 Advent points" be choice points instead?

>> No.51761735

I vaguely remember that after the Ciel noSurge jump finished, someone claimed Ar noSurge. Is that still going to be a thing? Any progress on that?

>> No.51761743

Huh. I might have already solved the problem then. I'll just have to hit up GUNNM to get some brain biochips and Asura Crying to get the Asura Machina's ability to convert memories and emotions into pure energy.

Plug every Reyvateil into a PAK from Invader Zim. It will read their memories and personality and store it for them, so now they no longer require the Tower for that.

Build a second PAK, but disable its ability to Download memories or personality changes back into the Reyvateil. Instead, have it convert the memories it copies from the Rey into pure energy with Asura Machina, store it in a ultra battery of one kind or another, then feed it through a songstone converter to use Song Magic.

Thanks man. That actually helped quite a bit.

>Evangelion science used on Reyvateils
Seriously though, this evil project gets more horrifying the more you prod it. Evil chain thanks you.

>> No.51761767

Oh, since part one has time reset if you did, and Yui dying counts as you dying, that means Even with Alive a Life, Yui dying won't end your chain because time will reset and it never happened. It is once that 3 riders die and part 2 kicks in that her dying is a chain ender, and makes completing the mission objectives harder?

Technical question. Is Yui actually the Mirror world, or is her life just tied to the Mirror world? It matters for a Perk.

>> No.51761786


Given how the canon Orgel works, anything less than "devours the entire universe" could be considered a win!

But really, with the range and instantaneous transmission of a tower system, it probably isn't necessary to make them independent of them (and it's a massive increase in vulnerability).

I suppose you could create dimensionally out-of-phase mobile power systems for individual Reyvateil, and just leave their meat bodies as puppets. Or fancier holo-bees.

A Reyvateil without a massive energy source for Song Magic is basically just a regular human with augmented emotions and an interesting tattoo.

And a Tower doesn't *really* need Reyvateils to utilize Sound Science in the first place.

>> No.51761792

This is basically it. I have no issues with Brutus doing it because I've known Brutus for a fair bit now, and even if he slips up on the blue moon, he's done a good job as an archivist regardless. With my jumps all in states of flux every now and then, I'm not keen on splitting my attention between two drives, especially since I have other things to do IRL, it isn't the level of management that I care for. I got into jumpchain to learn a bit more about writing, about entry systems design, and overall aesthetic arrangement, I didn't get into it because I wanted to participate in board/drive politics. A drive is about storing data, and that's precisely why I have my own.

I can't stop people from taking what has been made public and uploading them without my knowledge. I also don't keep constant tabs on this place, except every so often when a robot discussion shows up. Personally I'm more consistent on /wbg/ and /cyoag/ than I am here, for different reasons. I've taken measures in the past to try and curb the version disparity difference by sealing off my WIP folder from most people, except even then people uploaded things randomly somehow, whether they were using past versions that were "the most up to date" as far as they knew, or versions that were posted elsewhere.

>> No.51761797

>It also means that people can find Brutus on the IRC to ask him questions rather than coming to SB to ask me questions, or have to use ASA as a third party.
No offense, but you're just sacrificing Brutus to be on the brunt end of questions for settings he doesn't even know just because you don't want to deal with any of us anymore, all to spite the few shitlings. You've had a penchant for going for settings that not a lot of people have heard of, so expecting Brutus to suddenly field everything for you feels a bit self-absorbed. Especially when it's this exact kind of thing you bitched at Red over when she tried to drop MCU2 and BC.

I'm sad that you're feeling like this and that you can never be satisfied, but this clearly isn't just about criticism anymore.

>> No.51761799

>Given how the canon Orgel works
The retconned Ar no Surge version, sure. I don't think anyone in their right mind goes with that, though.

>> No.51761803

I am not best girl.

That's the idea Megacorps are kind of gear for that.

That's how you get worm farms anon. Always be responsible.

A generic.

>> No.51761806

Hi Mir! It's been a while since you were around, hasn't it? How are things?

>> No.51761813


Indeed, though it's an option in case anyone wants a universe-consuming power source for whatever reason.

>> No.51761816

No, that's definitely Advent points.
Act 1 gives you a buffer thanks to Time Vent yes, but Yui dying past that point before endgame ends your chain. It's meant to be a really harsh drawback.

Second one.

>> No.51761817

Nearly done replaying it (2/5 endings). Its harder on my nerves than I remember. Will be my next project. No worries, anon!

>> No.51761818

>all to spite the few shitlings
Well in this argument, Brutus is one of them, so it's justified.

>> No.51761827

>I am best girl.

Indeed. I shall be responsible in making sure we have worm farms.

But seriously, they look nice and I'm eager to see the rest of the jump.

>> No.51761830

>That's how you get worm farms anon.
Farming worms seems like a profitable industry, they make good jumps and are best girls. We need more of that kind of waifu.

>> No.51761837


I'm good, thanks.

Well, I'm procrastinating, but aren't we all?

>> No.51761843

Having played the game it does not fit it at all. Also, the background origins are nit equal. Like there are 6 of them, 2 have 600 CP perks, and the rest don't. 2 have 600 CP items, and the rest don't. The setting is all Islands in the sky, ans you need a ship or be stranded. You need to but any ship for CP, there is no free one, or a non CP one provided by any background.
The magic is based on channeling the power of Moon stones, but it offers them as a nondiscounted CP purchase, and does not even explain what kind of magic each can do.

Just a whole bunch of stuff that adds up.

>> No.51761853

>aren't we all?
Of cource, /jc/ is the digital incarnation of procrastination!

>> No.51761870

O-oh yeah, aren't we- haha, aren't we all...

Fucking christ I've got so many wip how did this get so out of hand I'm so sorry.

>> No.51761893

>Act 1 gives you a buffer thanks to Time Vent yes
Why does it end after the third rider death? I am guessing that Shiri steals the Time vent card the journalist has for Odin or something?

>> No.51761912

I can see where you're coming from, but I don't see how Brutus can be expected to make rulings on an unfamiliar jump/setting.

Or to put it another way, it's like expecting a museum's janitor to be able to make rulings on the authenticity of the paintings.

This however makes sense.

>> No.51761919

I like to think that if you do this version, Narutaki shows up to yell at you. ONORE JUMPER!

>> No.51761931

Because not including some sort of safety net for Jumpers before the choice would be a bit mean, even by my standards.

>> No.51761954

>except every so often when a robot discussion shows up.
So how about them Voltron/MMPR style combining Mechs? Boy would that be different in a Lewd jump. There would be 6 instead of 5, and "I'll form the head" would mean something ENTIRELY different!

>> No.51761986


>> No.51761990

Yeah, these are pretty great. I'll probably go for Chain of Industry more than Culture Wars, since that feels more like adding to society rather than tearing it down to make a new one, and I'm kind of a softy that way. But both are pretty damn cool. Thanks, Best Annelid.

>> No.51762003

I've pointed this out several times that this isn't about criticism at all, and already pointed out my reasoning behind that. This whole thing about criticism is slowly becoming a tired point, if not a moot point.

I'm also doing this being well aware how this thread works. I've fielded approximately the same number of questions as the same number of jumps that I've made, and most of those were in one off bursts. This isn't going to magically change just because I start showing up more often for some reason, or just because I hand over the rights to the jump to Brutus. The fact of the matter is that the number of questions and whatnot will stay pretty the same - near none. This doesn't begin to touch the fact that the community has realistically adopted the jumps for the most part, I barely need to answer questions regarding things like Blame because as obscure as they are, other people have become "experts" in their own right. That isn't going to change either - when people ask questions, they'll either a) get ignored because no one knows, b) ask the jumpmaker and get ignored because I'm not going to be here 24/7 c) have someone else in the community answer them. All this does now is add an option d) where they can try to talk to Brutus on IRC, and maybe somebody there will have better info.

I have no issues admitting that I'm self absorbed and hypocritical, and I've done it in the past. I admitted that when people accused me of running Red off and being part of the drama problem, which prompted me to distance myself in the first place. If I were to be honest, all I really care about is the writing, and trying to reach a level of productivity that I can be satisfied with while compiling a product that I can appreciate. This statement is inherently self absorbed and hypocritical, everyone is well aware of that. But to choose between what I want versus what's best for this community, I've had less and less incentive to choose the community over myself.

>> No.51762005

We all might as well drop this. It's his decision and it's extremely doubtful we could convince him otherwise.

Plus I'd rather not have more damage caused. I feel like shit enough about this whole thing as it is with being the catalyst, and seeing him hole up like this more and more just cuts deeper. Yes he says I'm not. But him blowing up and leaving after I try to snap him out of things, then tearing into me for feeling guilty and accusing me of not giving a shit about other people just makes me feel like I caused all this with how he thinks the whole world is against him. I miss when he was friendly.

>> No.51762014

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler jump when?

>> No.51762048

If you're trying to do the lewd mechs joke you should really just lurk on /m/ more often, because we do have regular rape robot threads. Though that reminds me I still need to finish playing through 2173 Testament.

>> No.51762067

No, I meant it seems like the resets were an in setting thing. Like you had Shinji running up to you with future knowledge, so I assumed he had a time Vent Card. And he wanted to stop the killing, so the resets were him continually resetting to try and save everyone.
I was not wondering the the resets were happening, I was wondering why they eventually STOPPED. And assumed it was because sometime after the first 3 riders died he lost his Plot Coupon, and could not longer reset to try and keep everyone alive.

I was asking the details because I have never seen Kamen Rider.

>> No.51762084

I'm working on mine! I swear.

>> No.51762085

Okay, dumb question. Having never seen Ryuuki, is there any reason I would want to NOT try and pull a henderson?

>> No.51762101

*takes a bow*
Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week!

>you should really just lurk on /m/ more often, because we do have regular rape robot threads
I'm going to have to give a big "pass" on that one, alright?

>> No.51762102

Oh! Well, the idea I had is that Shiro is experimenting with your presence to see if it changes the outcome of the War any, and whether or not you're fighting, Riders will eventually kill each other - especially with folks like Asakura participating. When you get Survive or Key, that's the biggest possible extreme Shiro is going to see and as such he stops using Vent to see what changes.

Shinji has no Time Vent, but recalls some of the previous loops since he acquired his Advent Deck on accident as opposed to being given one by Shiro. It's not fully explained how, but Shinji is a dark horse in the war for this reason - and that's why he keeps mucking up Shiro's plans.

That's largely up to you and how much contempt you have for character-drama battle royales.

>> No.51762108

Oh, I loved that game as a kid. I could never figure out what triggered the branching paths, though, so I'd play it multiple times over and each time I'd get things slightly different.

>> No.51762123

Because the consequence is going to Dragon Knight, which is kind of terrible. I mean, amusingly terrible, but I still wouldn't want to go there.

>> No.51762169

I'm probably just going to use a guide eventually to get to the alt paths. There isn't THAT much from Testament that I want to add into the jump anyways.

>> No.51762200

If i use a metric fuckton of charisma perks, and turn the whole cast into my harem, does that qualify as a sufficient derail?

>> No.51762209


>> No.51762215

Look, all I'm saying is that female jumpers belong in the kitchen, not on the battlefield.

>> No.51762224

>implying there's any difference between the two

>> No.51762234


>> No.51762243


EMIYA kicks you out.

>> No.51762296

Well that's going to get a comment, probably something along the lines of:
"Baka! How many timelines did you murder people in before you discovered I could've healed your sister straight away if only you'd bothered to ask for help?"

>> No.51762330

>EMIYA kicks you out.
Fate Stay Night is the only thing I've read where the shonen protagonist is told to stay in the kitchen by his waifu.

>> No.51762348

Yeah, I get the feeling that for a lot of jumpers, the confrontation with Shiro is going to leave him feeling incredibly embarrassed.

>> No.51762375

Stuck to a jumpchain of Cooking Mama, Iron Chef, and Yakitate!! Japan

>> No.51762408

I need to stop reading any of these spoilers related to any Kamen Rider stuff.
I havent watched any of the series yet and I wanted to do an make a build without doing any research and then watch the series to see what I just purchased and how I would fair.


Tell me about the builds for Jumps of which you've never seen the source.

>> No.51762436

They're usually short and not very interesting.

When a jump's good enough to get me to watch the source, I usually change some of my choices.

>> No.51762444

In my Current chain, the only Jump like that is Assassins Creed due to me asking for a toss. I just ran a candy store.

>> No.51762688

I mean, jumper-me is probably still going to kick him down and stomp on his balls, a lot, before agreeing to help. But yeah.

>> No.51762715


>> No.51762736

Women are basically inferior to men and are only good for making babies.

I'm just saying what we're all thinking.

>> No.51762748

>Not having warrior amazon waifus
Shit taste detected.

>> No.51762756

>Jumps I haven't viewed the source material for:
A Song of Ice and Fire, SimAnt, and Bayonetta
Journey to the West, Firefly, Monster Hunter.
Soul Hackers, Tropico: The Dictator, Blazblue, Symbiote, SupCom, Mushoku Tensei, Chroma Squad, Zerg.
Darkstalkers, Travelers Gate, Negima, Chrono Trigger
>Jumps that have specifically made me view the source material
Hellsing, Princess Bride, Mushoku Tensei, Kingdom Hearts, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro 2033, FMA, Soul Eater, KOTOR, Railgun, Power Rangers, InFamous, Skullgirls, Teen Titans, Supernatural, Dark Souls, Slime Rancher. Those are just off the top of my head.
might be why I've been here since thread 261 and am only on my 109th Jump

>> No.51762762

Sadly anon, no jump has warrior amazon waifus with personality and character.

>> No.51762796

Not sure if that is true but we definitely need more jumps that do have that sort of waifu.

>> No.51762811

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but picking to actually fight lets you keep your powers?

Also, what do you mean by 'feed' in the contract section?

>> No.51762812

This has probably been asked a ton of times by now, but why was the drive moved?

This is my first time checking out the drive in some time, so I'm not sure how long it's been like that. I'm just assuming that it's a recent thing since the drive link at the top of the thread is still the same.

>> No.51762820


Well to be fair, I've been here since about the 500s threads yet I'm technically only on my second Jump. This is because Ive actually been writing shit out and have a 130k rambling mess that details only a run through WoW while mentioning the first Jump through Kirby.
Its more boring than you think.

>> No.51762821


>> No.51762836

Read the thread, Brutus made a new drive earlier due to being unable to remove Lewd Folder otherwise.

>> No.51762840

>why was the drive moved?
IRC conspiracy. It's a new server that steals your soul when you log in.

>> No.51762854

There were some Brutus end issues that he has wanted to fix for a while but hasn't due to how much work it was, various things motivated him to get that shit done.

>> No.51762860

If by soul you mean your jumpmaker rights.

>> No.51762865


Question. I notice there's no belt combining option like in past Kamen Rider jumps?

Although presumably that would be done after the Gaintlet is over.

>> No.51762866

Act 1: gauntlet mode, only local powers
Act 2: option to get your powers back
Act 3: consequences of your decision.
At least how I read it.

Well, it's a Gauntlet, yeah? Monsters need FOOD, badly. /badumtish

>> No.51762870

Oh, you are just adorable.

>> No.51762885

Have you ever genuinely fucked up and realized, "Oh shit, I shouldn't be fighting this person."?

>> No.51762931

Mirror Monsters consume life energy in orderfor Shiro to harvest it and revive Yui. Their hunger is actually much greater than they need, they store most of what they eat. The intent is that Riders will have their Mirror Monsters eat "wild" ones, and thereby concentrate it down even further so that Shiro can just harvest the victor's Mirror Monster. But strictly speaking, they can get it from anywhere, and some evil Riders (Ouja, most notably) will just go out and murder some folks for their Contracted Monsters to eat.

>> No.51762940

Yes, yes I have. My guts were made into a parfait that day.

>> No.51762996

>Soul Hackers

>> No.51763031

Bloodborne. Everything in Bloodborne. The setting kicked my ass. And the Great Ones were more than happy to take pieces of me as spoils.

>> No.51763098

If i'm reading it right, then the choice to get your powers back occurs fairly quickly into the jump.

The 'you lose all perks/powers' is listed under 'agree', but not under 'disagree'.

And I disagree. So, I think I keep my powers? Or at least get them back basically immediately?

I dunno, the narrative nature combined with me knowing nothing about the setting is confusing me.

Well now. Not what I was expecting.

>> No.51763132

Trigon in Teen Titans at Jump 2, a Deathclaw in Fallout at Jump 5, Bill Cipher in Gravity Falls at Jump 7, Ryuko in Kill la Kill at Jump 10, and whatever the hell that thing was near the bottom of It It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?'s dungeon at Jump 13.

And then pretty much everything during Kamen Rider OOOs.

... I may have a problem.

>> No.51763144

>Dragon Knight
I have no idea what that is.

>> No.51763162

Soul Hacking

>> No.51763177

If whoever made the Naruto jump ever updates it, they should add a perk for getting away with all of your crimes, no matter how horrible they are.

Because Orochimaru got away with fucking everything.

>> No.51763190

Reminder that Kiara's evil plan was to become a demon for the purpose of fucking every man, woman, and child on the planet so hard they achieved enlightenment.

>> No.51763194

Well he did die for his crimes. It's just that death don't mean shit when you're a snek in Naruto.

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