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Pathfinder General /pfg/

When was the last time your party had a study session?
Did you need ancient lore to defeat the big bad, did your wizard just want more fire in their fireballs, or did you actually follow a plot hook?

Unified /pfg/ link repository:http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW (embed)

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

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why do those girls have beards

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Why do those girls have goatees?

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Because they're wizards, duh.

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Are there any decent PF fics of any kind?
No games 4 lyfe, just need something to take the edge off
Even krokodil will do.

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You know what'll take the edge off?
A delicious dungeon meal.

New Dungeon Meshi out go read it.

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Pathfinder fanfics?

Where Seoni overdoses (normal doses?) on krokodil and dies of horrible flesh-rending death?

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>Where Seoni overdoses (normal doses?) on krokodil and dies of horrible flesh-rending death?

>Fanfic where Amiri becomes addicted to harlot sweets while adventuring in Belkzen.

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Sure that works too

Dungeon Meshi?
Seems almost interesting.
Going to check it out I suppose.

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Let's say you cast mage armor on someone with armor. Will they still receive the +4 AC vs incorporeal touch attacks or can they only use their useless armor?

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Post art about iconics

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iirc they're still a valid target and gain the benefits of mage armour, it's just the the main benefit is an armor bonus that won't stack with actual armour.
So yeah, they get AC against ghosts.

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Poor girl getting touched inappropriately by that old guy while her valiant guard does nothing
Fucking wizards
Never just raping you properly instead of mindfucking you

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Yeah between the Konosuba novels and Dungeon Meshi that should hold you till tomorrow. Both are painfully aware of how parties *really* act.

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>Konosuba novels
tell me more

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>That's my mage hand you're feeling.

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Please stop.

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I mean, it's a light novel series, isn't it?

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How would you make Protoman?

Android with integrated weaponry laser rifle?

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Have your Androids ever placed the blame on the squishy little fleshlings for not doing the job they themselves were created to do, /pfg/?

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It is the attitude that is more important than the gear

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What country is this supposed to be?

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You just need to have another android you want real brother relations with.

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How critical is to have 14 or better constitution with a martial. Can you get away with 12 in exchange of more str?

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I kind of expected my campaign to be ending anyway because of other, unrelated reasons, but I wonder whether I should try to continue this campaign with my remaining players (I'll have at least one, maybe two or even three depending on what happens with my job-seeking player) and some new recruits, start this campaign over with either my old players and new recruits or just a complete set of new players, or if I should start a different campaign with my remaining players plus new recruits.

Any personal experiences or advice to help me decide?

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Depends on what you're shooting for. If you're like, an archer fighter or Paladin? Hah, shooting. Then you can absolutely get away with it.

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>It is the attitude that is more important than the gear

So what you're telling me is Protoman should be made for Wrath of the Righteous, where Mendev has been complacent to the demonic threat for too long? More interested in heroes for the martyrs they make than the change they bring?


12 Constitution on a d10 is adequate, and on a d12 it's great.

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>How critical is to have 14 or better constitution with a martial
Pretty fucking critical

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Protoman would also make a good antagonist for Hell's Rebels

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Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with wanting to have a megabuster.

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If you still have 3 after all is said and done you could probably continue the campaign, but having 2 means less than half the players of the campaign remain, and with only 1 there's definitely no point.

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If you are tanking or are the sole frontliner then con of or over 14 is preferred. If not, then you can get away with less con since there's plenty items that give CON, which is the primary source for health late game.

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The only class that super duper wants anything more than a 14+ in Constitution is a Kineticist, because it sets how much Burn they can take and the DCs of some of their abilities. Otherwise, I would set 16 as the absolute maximum you need for your typical martial character. The higher their AC, the lower you can take this- Barbarians want a high constitution, while you can scoot by with a lower number if you're a Fighter or a Slayer (or a ranged build)

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Just take toughness and you will be fine

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Hey PF/tg/

Talk to me about Golarion's capital Absalom. I don't own the Golarion Campaign setting and the wiki entries I find seem to be full of... frankly really unimportant fluff. It's the Pathfinder society's home, It's got a God Rock - which I know nothing about other than it makes you a gods some how.

And Hard Mode challenge: Please no "Clever" answers or one-liners, because that's why I'm asking. A lot of fellow players were making what sounded like jokes or meme-y shit about the place and I know really nothing about it.

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Any class with less than 14 con is a walking corpse.

You can tell someone is a scrub if they get 12 just because theyre "ranged".

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No. CON is your not-dying stat.

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Is having 12 Wis, at least, necessary? Just how common are enemies/spells or situations where a single +1 is worth the price?

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Absalom is the monument to all Paizo's sins, it is the culmination of long hours spent writing up backstory that will never get used, stories that will never be ran, locations that will never be seen. Absalom was built on the promise of being the focal point for a grand setting in a grand system.

And then it just... Nothing. Paizo discovered people cared about Varisia more than the Inner Sea, and with every companion book the focus seemed to shift on Cheliax, on Andoran, on Taldor or Qadira more than Absalom. The focus shifted away from the Pathfinders and more on APs, and even in Pathfinder Society you rarely go to Absalom.

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>Is having 12 Wis, at least, necessary?

A class with a good Will save (aka, it starts with +2 at level 1) can get away with a 10 Wisdom, but something with a poor Will save should have 12 or ideally 14 Wisdom.

The ultimate functional fighter for Pathfinder using 25 Point Buy is 16 (+2), 13, 14, 12, 14, 10

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Use warsoul instead, emulate the firearm and energy weapons (they're firearm category).

Soulbolt is actually really bad; ONLY go soulbolt if you're taking it straight into soul-archer PRC as soon as possible (this transforms it into composite-longbow using WIS, and is compatible with multiweapon-fighting).

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>a basic fighter
>having 10 Cha

I may not like dumps, but that there looks dumb. Unless you're doing like, an oni-spawn tiefling or somethin'.

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>I don't like dumps
>But you should dump

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Come the mid levels you fucking struggle for every +1. You do not want to be the guy that bitches out of a fight just because you saw a spooky munmy or who freezes up for the rest of the fight just because you happened to look at a qlippoth.

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Not in Pathfinder, but in Eclipse Phase I played an awakened AI in a robotic body who was essentially a "party mascot" and comedic relief character (the comedy arising from how awkwardly the character interacted with organic, "natural" beings and a few other quirks the character had such as a compulsion to always clean and polish its surroundings when idle).

Campaign never got far enough for anybody to realize it secretly thought everyone would be better off if we all merged into some sort of hiveminded mass intelligence akin to the TITANs, which for those who don't know the system or setting are basically rogue AIs kept self-improving until they were smarter than their creators and then caused the apocalypse before fucking off and disappearing to beyond the solar system for reasons nobody knows. The DM didn't know about that character motivation either, but only because I wasn't sure if I wanted to include that and the campaign ended before I had a chance to ask her if it's something we could work into the game or if she'd rather me not pursue that route since it could have lead to some drama.

My general rule is that if I expect to be on the frontlines of melee combat, I want a 14 in CON. If not, I want 12. I will cut anything short of my class' primary stat to make those numbers happen.

If you can use your FCB for HP though, then maybe you can get away with 12 CON on a frontliner. I'd still be looking to raise it when possible, but the problem is that you'd be wanting a STR or DEX belt more than a CON belt, so you better make sure you're starting with a level of CON you're comfortable with.

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly how I was thinking of it too.

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By mid lvl, do you mean lvl 12 or sooner?

>> No.51726720

>super MAD class with 0 uses for Charisma
>array doesn't even drop it to 8

Really makes me think
Dumping are more like 7 lower, desu

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>Super MAD
>Complaining about not having enough points
>When you've already got all you need in Strength, Dex, Con and Wis with 25 PB with enough left over for a 12 in Int.

>> No.51726824

>The face of the party has Char 5.

>> No.51726840

What's the cheapest reliable out-of-combat healing?
Is it really Boots of the Earth?
I'd love to load up on Wands of Infernal Healing, but my UMD is 0.

>> No.51726851

Around 10. And no, a wis headband and iron will doesnt cut it. If you have bad progression you will want a +will trait, iron will and 12 wis before items.

>> No.51726871

Clw. Infernal healing will piss off the rest of the party because youll be running down their min/level buffs.

>> No.51726877

wands of CLW

Seriously. You will burn though maybe 5 in your whole career.

>> No.51726889

Okay, well, what can I do to be able to use them, short of dipping a level in a divine casting class?
My CHA is 10 and UMD isn't a class skill.

>> No.51726897

So i've been thinking lately that I really wanted to build a guy who focuses on brewing potions. Alchemist seems like the obvious choice, but at the same time, I feel like their "spell" list and general progression is lacking.

Is there a cool archetype or prestige class that gives some focus on potion brewing? Perhaps one that lets you brew above level 3 spells?

>> No.51726900

Wand of CLW is the basic bitch method, Boots of Earth (if your GM allows it) are indeed good, and if you have a Dhampir and someone with sneak attack in the party then an Anatomy Doll will be an amazing investment.

>> No.51726911

Having a Cleric or Oracle in the party. I know that just sounds like I'm being sassy, but I'm serious. If your party is really hurting regularly and you guys need a lot of healing, having a PC (or NPC for that matter) around who can help with it is very practical. I'm not suggesting anyone retire their current PC, but if somebody does die you might encourage them to look in that direction for their next character. You don't have to build HEALBOT 2000 MRK. IV to be able to cover your whole party's HP-related needs, you can do all the needed healing and still be focused on other stuff too.

>> No.51726917

>Is there a cool archetype or prestige class that gives some focus on potion brewing? Perhaps one that lets you brew above level 3 spells?

Artisan focusing on potions?

>> No.51726923

Ive eaten through two wands in one adventuring day. Though it was partially because I was the only one getting targetted because everyone else was getting killed in one full attack and the GM decided to let 70% of thr mobs attack me.

>> No.51726925

>you'll burn through maybe 5
>5.5 healed per casting on average
>50 charges
>only have to heal 1375 over a career
>in a party of 4 that's 344 per person
Don't know what kind of pansy ass game you're playing, you'll burn through closer to 20.

>> No.51726927


What about beginning at 10 at first lvl, and then increase it as you lvl up? You get two chances before lvl 10, right? Is it viable?

>> No.51726934

Guess I shoulda mentioned, DM doesn't allow 3rd party

>> No.51726940

Buy the wand and ask the guy with und to use it on you.

>> No.51726948

Not him, but I can't say this has been true in the campaign I've been running. I don't think I've been especially rough on my players, I give them CR appropriate encounters and a chance to rest between fights, but they're just three levels into my campaign and they're already chewing through their 3rd wand. I expect the problem would only get worse at higher levels, as the max HP and typical damage taken from a single attack increases.

>> No.51726951

>Buy the wand and ask the guy with und to use it on you.
We don't have a UMD guy. My 10 CHA is the highest in the party.

>> No.51726953

They're either very feminine-faced dudes, or those are chin-plates. They're quite clearly not facial hair on a girl, because their coloration is wrong.

>> No.51726960

How do I become the most deadly martial artist in pathfinder?

>> No.51726968

Be a wizard and deliver disintegrate as a melee touch attack

>> No.51726969

I play in a game where we level up every other month or so, meaning there are probably four fights per level, because we roleplay a lot.

>> No.51726973

Your ability bumps are worth more if you pump your highest stat. Just cut back on your highest stat for now you little bitch.

>> No.51726981


Be level 20 with 10 mythic ranks.

>> No.51726986

Pragmatic activator or buy +skill items.

>> No.51727062

Can I use Marvelous Pigments to make food, booze, etc.?
Like, is it within the capacity of the item to let me draw a table with a feast for 6 people on it and have it all be delicious?

>> No.51727082

Ok, how do I actually do it with martial arts rather than just casting a spell?

3pp is on the table for the most part. However I'm not really looking for the extremely SU PoW disciplines.

>> No.51727117

Fool's Errand + Mithril Current
Grab Flowing Mithral Fist and Quicksilver Grip.
Become that one guy who keeps his hands in his pockets/sleeves between attacks.
Entirely EX and anime as fuck to boot.

>> No.51727139

Pick a class with scaling unarmed strike like monk brawler or sacred fist then build it properly.

>> No.51727148

Yo, this Training enchantment is sick.
Anything else good in there?

>> No.51727171

The unchained monk is lethal as fuck. Dragon style, pummeling charge, flying kick, elbow strike.

>> No.51727176

Should be, yeah. That's like one of the first things I thought to do with the item when I saw it, though I think there are probably a lot of even more creative uses for the stuff.

>> No.51727199

Interesting, but pretty sparse on the description of the place itself.

>> No.51727222

Cheliax pre-queen change?

>> No.51727246

The unchained monk is surprisingly good at being an actual monk. You can punch the shit ouf of things very well.

has some good advice, but I would add style mastery, abundant step, and the dimensional dervish.feat line,

>> No.51727259

Adding to these two. See if your GM allows the Guided weapon enhancement. Laugh if they do.

>> No.51727270


Description of the place itself? That would be a long, long post with a great many ramblings or mistruths on my part.

If you want somewhere to look, go here and start drilling: http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/City_districts_of_Absalom

>> No.51727291

What's the most common gold stat. What is the most common dump stat?

>> No.51727292

Yea that is just bullshit and I don't recommend it.

Plus not being dependent on a weapon is really good.

Don't ignore grappling ether. While the CMD of about half of the monster manual is in the "lol don't even try" levels, abundant step combined with improved grapple can just end encounters against the right opponents.

>> No.51727313

/5eg/ here.
You weebs and grognards stay in your general.

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>> No.51727319


But anon-kun, I post in 5e too.

>> No.51727332

That is not true.
That's impossible.

>> No.51727336

Get out of here, hipster.

>> No.51727345

How is that bounded accuracy treating you?

>> No.51727351

5e is for low iq babbies tho.

>> No.51727369

>see pic

There aren't any.
...wait no, there was one Buffy/Pathfinder thing I remember reading at some point years ago.
Don't remember if I read it completely or stopped midway, or if it was any good.
It's the only PF fic I know of though.

>> No.51727376

Anyone know any good feats for Warder? Stuff that interacts with AoOs and threatened areas?

>> No.51727386


>> No.51727388

>that pic
Isn't that a "comic" where this bitch just shittalks the faceless protagonist the entire time

>> No.51727392

You can like both! That's totally okay!

I like 5e because it lets my more "normie" friends play tabletops in a simple, straightforward, pick-up-and-go way. Plus I don't really have to worry about anyone being effective there, I can just run a game and everyone's happy.

I like Pathfinder because of its huge selection of options to sift though, the semi-compatibility with 3.5, and the ability to make really weird or mechanically-bizarre characters that create an intriguing exercise in figuring out "okay, so where does this character fit into the setting where it doesn't just make sense, but it's perfect for it?"

>> No.51727402

Unironically, Lunge is a decent option because it helps with your AoOs. If you've got access to 3.5, Stormguard Warrior is sickeningly-good.

>> No.51727410

>tfw thinking of running RotRL but can't make myself read through the fucking book to prep for it

>> No.51727438

Huh. Lunge IS a pretty good choice.

>> No.51727454

I don't really care about your plight but that picture is hilarious.

>> No.51727468


>> No.51727473

What kind of action is it to use Luckdrinkers Aura 1x rd buff steal?

>> No.51727493

Its a nice AP but likely everyone here has already completed it by now.

Lots of waifus tho so there's that.

>> No.51727499

>mfw played 5e with my sister and her normie friends exactly once
>mfw they all bitched about half-elves being OP because I had a floating +1 to something and everyone else had fixed ability score bonuses
>mfw they had no idea what saving throws did and ignored them entirely
>mfw I was too burnt out watching them do chargen to even notice that the combat action economy was totally fucked by the person GMing
>for some reason they thought you couldn't move and attack in the same turn

Fucking normies can't even handle babby's first TTRPG. Still had fun, I guess, but next time I hope they actually read the rulebook before game day.

>> No.51727504

i haven't

>> No.51727513

So does pfg only have americans but also europeans?

>> No.51727519

That qt has some nice armpits on her. What animu is she from?

>> No.51727526

Gold: Con
Dump: Cha

>> No.51727542

Does the difference between SU and EX abilities come up frequently?

>> No.51727556

I played the first book and part of the second, but the game petered out and died. It's probably not too big a deal, since most of the fun of the first two books probably comes more from the other PCs than anything else.
Knowing how the first book goes made making a RotJR character feel awkward. The temptations to make ties to things using spoiler knowledge was immense.

>> No.51727558

>Bunch of insane CE sadist who are more inclined to cut your dick off and use it to beat you to death than even say hi

>> No.51727571

Anything with a low will save is a possible waifu anon.

>> No.51727572


If you were a vigilante, and you were in a serious relationship. what would happen if your significant other was cheating on you with one of your Alter-Egos?

>> No.51727581

The difference is only really important when you go into an anti-magic field. Su shuts off, Ex does not.

>> No.51727585

I dunno m8, I had a small harem of giantesses living with me close to the end of the game.

>> No.51727608

Create a third identity to counsel the relationship and try to steer it back on course, create a fourth identity that's sleeping with the alter-ego she's cheating with to make her realize how bad he is for her.

>> No.51727622

just LOOK at those homosexual agendas, bouncing.

... waitaminute

>> No.51727624

Talk the pig into leaving your main identity and convince her to rob you for all you're worth. Let it happen then run off with the loot with your alter ego and find a better pig this time around.

>> No.51727638

Were you under permanency + enlarge person? Or just hung like Sir Ronald Jeremiah?

>> No.51727647

>Knowing how the first book goes made making a RotJR character feel awkward. The temptations to make ties to things using spoiler knowledge was immense.

>> No.51727654

Your mother must be proud of you getting to that FBI list

Who the fuck wants to screw giants? They are ugly all around.

>> No.51727662

So for Wrath of the Raunchy I had the Black Iron Knight Anti-paladin Initiating Archetype approved. However now I am at an impasse.

One side of my Gestalt has already been decided as a Primalist Steelblooded Destined Bloodrager.

The other side is between two Anti-paladin Archetypes. The Insinuator and the Black Iron Knight.

The Insinuator would allow me to smite demons using Smite Impudence, invoking Inevitables. It also means I radiate a LN aura rather than a LE aura. Insinuator takes away spell casting, but gives bonus combat feats. I would use these for Martial Training for a bit of initiating on the side.

Black Iron Knight nets me more skill ranks, some neat features, initiating, but loses me Smite.

So my question here is, which should I go for in the end? Insinuator, grabbing some initiating on the side, or Black Iron Knight, and give up Smite?

>> No.51727665

>Then the LARGE women.
>Then the petite women!

>> No.51727672

>aqua wearing bottoms
sod broken shit image -2/10

>> No.51727676

I really want to play an Antipaladin, but I don't wish to be an edgelord. Which deity has the least edgeworthy antipaladin code to follow?

>> No.51727681

How can I boost my Fool's Errand Lock DC really high?
I've already got Discipline Focus and when my GM comes online I'll ask about taking Ability Focus (Lock).
Anyone know anything else I could do?

>> No.51727689

So what are you making for Taldan Diplomatic Team game, /pfg/?


>> No.51727695

Is that ever actually brought up in the series?

>> No.51727705

>OP mad that nobody cares about his bait thread

>> No.51727714


You could be an Insinuator and be a super narcissist. Or follow Lamashtu if ya wanna bone everything.

>> No.51727739

I had something similar to this, but it was because my character was a noble from a part of the world where polygamy was relatively normal. He was marrying into the most powerful military family on the continent specifically marrying into 3 branch families at once. He came from the shit hole of the nation, but had ambition and more than a bit of insanity.

Apparently my GM approved of my ambitions, two of the women he planned on marrying loved him because of his ambitions, the other was because the two of them had similar personal histories and could relate to each other.

My character ended getting caught up into a conspiracy that had apparently pulling the strings of his family for the last 1000 or so years, his ancestors being manipulated by an ancient crone and the maggots inhabiting the corpse of a dead deity. He was unravelling clues left by his ancestors as to what the hell was happening.

>> No.51727742

In one of the latest episodes Kazuma asks if she actually wears underwear. She says yes, but they're invisible to prevent pantyshots.

>> No.51727749

Insinuator is all about personal glory and being a hero, but again for personal fame and glory.

>> No.51727757

Could you explain what you are talking about?

>> No.51727760

That sounds cool as fuck desu

>> No.51727774

Intelligence below average indeed.

>> No.51727789

>Entrepreneur (Ex): Select any one Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skill other than Perception or Use Magic Device. The vigilante can use the selected skill to earn money as if he were using a Profession skill. If he selects Perform or Profession, the vigilante instead gains the skill unlock powers for those skills as appropriate for his number of ranks in that skill. If he has the social grace social talent, he can apply this benefit to all skills selected with the social grace talent.
FUCK. I thought the period between between the last and second to last parts was a comma.

>> No.51727813

We all know Wiz is best anyways.

>> No.51727838

How do I fix crossbows without making them identical to bows?

>> No.51727858

>anon was tempted to use meta-knowledge from having been through the first book of RotRL

What's there to not get, anon #2?

>> No.51727866


It doesn't. It only increases your reach until the end of your turn, while AoOs would be made after your turn has ended.

>> No.51727873

Give them heftier static damage boosts and make special ammunition for them I guess.

>> No.51727874


>> No.51727887

You can also be a Tyrant to ditch that Chaotic shit for sweet sweet Lawfulness.

>> No.51727891

It was an odd game. He thought, for the longest time, that he and his father were the last living members of his family. However he found out his father's older sister had gone into hiding, and that the crone was harboring his own younger sister. The crone was an ancient powerful hag who had been interbreeding with the family for generations as a means of manipulation and control.

He also found his family's ancestral artifact, a tattoo shared with up to 12 members of the family named Crashing Dawn. However he had no idea what it did or how it worked, he merely had part of it transferred to him.

His plan required him to leave the country for a while to territory that had been owned by his family hundreds of years ago, during the conquest that his family rose to power during. He was chasing several nursery rhymes about his ancestor, one he thought might be able to give him a clue as to who the maggot god's corpse used to be and to its motivations.

He himself had earned the title of The Last Raven, his family's crest being that of a raven.

>> No.51727904

Ask Peter Parker or Clark Kent.

>> No.51727911


>> No.51727982

Any thoughts?

>> No.51728042 [DELETED] 

ReZero. Also Ferris is a guy.

>> No.51728050

>all ugly
I dont know about that. It was pretty sweet for me.
Ever noticed how even the most /fit/ girl is still soft as fuck? Now imagine making her several times larger. Every part of her body can be a pillow.

>> No.51728089

Female giants, except for hill giants, are painfully hot.
Specifically fire giantesses.

>> No.51728094

>Also Ferris is a cute.

>> No.51728133

>Who the fuck wants to screw giants? They are ugly all around.

People who assume the giants are going to look like cartoonish blobs of anime.

Which is really my biggest gripe with using anime for character art in Pathfinder. It provides even less understanding on what that character actually *looks* like than stylized Western portraits.

>> No.51728138

>Ever noticed how even the most /fit/ girl is still soft as fuck?

N-no. I've never touched a /fit/ girl before. What does it feel like?

>> No.51728151

Can you skip the Hook Mountain Massacre?

>> No.51728159

Much like touching an elf

>> No.51728161

Its like our bodies are made from different matter. It looks coarse and hard but its still silky smooth and soft as pillows.

>> No.51728182

>Double check just to be sure
>Its true
God damn it

>> No.51728188


Could you give us a quick rundown on what's happening in this particular relationship?

>> No.51728201

There we go! A pathfinder encounter budget calculator

>> No.51728209


Hang on... let me grab the flow chart.

>> No.51728212

I did love slaying a family of redneck cannibals and a clan of murderous asshole ogres.

>> No.51728222


What about the Hook Mountain Massacre fills you with rage?

>> No.51728225


>> No.51728242


>> No.51728253


EXP budget

>> No.51728273

>literally using XP

>> No.51728291


>Literally sucking your DM's dick

>> No.51728292

I've got 1800gp left over after buying gear.
Should I just load up on potions?
Not much of a UMD guy so can't be buying wands or scrolls.

>> No.51728332


CR and exp are synonymous in Pathfinder.

EXP for a creature is based on 2 to the power of a critter's CR divided by 2, with a few other bits in the calculation

>> No.51728339

Have you bought qualify of life items? Like an any-tool?

>> No.51728340

dont use budgets
give levels when it is appropriator

>> No.51728353

why is feynnman in this chinese comic?

>> No.51728358

Is a very gross module. After playing it I needed a shower.

>> No.51728387

XP budget is the same as CR essentially. CR and XP of a creature is directly proportional.

>> No.51728390

Remember finding that doll that turned out to be a real girl's corpse that was stuffed with hay?
Remember the hints that she lived for a while until the mongoloid giant played with her a little too hard and they decided to just stuff her with hay and tell mongo that she was just sleeping?

>> No.51728397


No, you don't understand. This calculator tells you that 2 CR 1/2 enemies is an "average" encounter for APL 1

>> No.51728407

CR and XP are designed for party frame that pretty much all groups break
Better use common sense when you give levels and what kind of encounters to build

>> No.51728411


>> No.51728423

I remember the closet full of little girls remains which hinted that Mama Graul did killed them so she could be the only woman for her boys.

>> No.51728438

Use this.

>> No.51728453


>Full attacking with crossbows
>Still need rapid reload

No, it's shit

>> No.51728456


Why do you think.

>> No.51728460

A legitimate reason to use Hellfire?
Shit's gonna be cash in a few months.

>> No.51728480

Just give them dex to damage and call it a day.

>> No.51728499

>Who the fuck wants to screw giants? They are ugly all around.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.51728504


>Myriana is missing her lower half
>It's implied the giants were a little too "rough" on her

>> No.51728507


>Just give them str, dex, con, int, wis, cha, and level to damage

>> No.51728522

... it ... KINDA looks like kazuma and megumin?

>> No.51728525

No member of the Graul family is redeemable. Be careful with Mama Graul though, she is full of methane.

>> No.51728541

>Arm injuries healed several times
>Implies the giants broke her limbs for fun

>> No.51728566

Is there something to send dead peoples' souls to hell after their death?
Or a way to call their soul back and trap it somehow.
Then slowly burn it by using it to fuel a blessing on the land or something though even that's doing more with them than they're worth

>> No.51728568

What the fuck are you using your swift actions for anyway?

>> No.51728582

I'm going to need page numbers or full quotes to believe all of this.

>> No.51728584

>Is there something to send dead peoples' souls to hell after their death?

Hellfire has a percentage chance of sending a target straight to hell.

It's why the spell is evil.

>> No.51728589

What pisses me off a lot is that all the suffering happening in Hook Mountain Massacre is thanks to a fucking spoiled kid.

>> No.51728607

I don't have the book but thats what I got from heal checks.

>> No.51728609

yeah but if they accidentally died before you used that
oh wait nevermind, just use resurrection and then hellfire

>> No.51728611


S-Surely they just ripped her in half... Right?

>> No.51728636


I like to think merely being struck by hellfire is terrible, like it ignites your soul and sets it to smoulder within, and the harder you fortify your soul with virtuous or selfish deeds the stronger the smoulder grows, like adding fuel to the fire.

In other words, the more you level up the more it hurts.

>> No.51728641

Problem with the hick giants is that they're like 40k Orks in that you can't really give them any real payback. They just don't experience pain and discomfort in the same way as normal people do and they are too dumb for anything more complex.

Your PC is pretty much going to be on the losing end if you get too emotionally invested in clearing out vermin.

>> No.51728709

>Your PC is pretty much going to be on the losing end if you get too emotionally invested in clearing out vermin.


Hill Giants need to be viewed with the same kind of disgust you have for Demons, or for a festering wound - there's no point in getting mad at them because hating a wound isn't going to heal it (same with demons, they kinda get off on it actually.) Carve out the problem, staunch the wound, and move on.

It's why Mendev is having so much fucking trouble with the Worldwound, honestly. They're fortifying something that's indefensible, trying to lay siege to the unsiegable. Demons simply don't *operate* like a traditional enemy, you stab one and their aether just goes back to the Abyss and reforms for another go.

Doesn't help the leader of the Worldwound is Deskari, the Demon Lord of Hordes.

>> No.51728741

Yeah, even if the Graul are half ogre humans they are so fucked up by the ogre genes that their retarded brains work like those of a sociopath or psychopath.
Thr mac exponent is Mama Graul, she kills any girl that could prevent her of keeping her own sons of being her sex mates and she even rise three of her boys as zombies to keep fucking them. This even eclipses the fact she uses her own waste and the rotten remains of her victims for pictorial art.

>> No.51728786

Page 48

>Once soul-shakingly beautiful, the nymph princess Myriana is now a haggard, ghostly horror. Her disembodied arms float at her sides, exposed bone and sinew stretching toward her torso but ever too far out of reach. Her lower torso fades away to smoke, savaged too cruelly by the ogres for even her insane ghost to keep.

>> No.51728798

How long does it takes a Tiefling to reach adulthood? What's their natural lifespan?

>> No.51728807


Yeah, they really "split" her open.

>> No.51728817

Are they any pathfinder podcasts with a good mix of game stories and advise for GMs?

>> No.51728823

Jesus christ, that is dark.
I'm actually impressed

>> No.51728839

What the fuck is this and the shit that this spawned?

>> No.51728849

Yea the subtle terrible information is wonderful compared to pazio's normal stuff. It makes killing the monsters satisfying.

I wonder how you could do this with demons?

>> No.51728854

>How long does it takes a Tiefling to reach adulthood?

Same as any other member of their host race.

>What's their natural lifespan?

Shit, I think it's something like 150?


This was back when Paizo actually had balls to write horrifying bullshit. This happened in the third book of Rise of the Runelords, the second book features a murder cult that enjoys flaying people alive, and the first book features an insane Aasimar teenage girl that wants to become the bloated pregnancy vessel for Lamashtu after getting knocked up by a noble punk and having a monster abortion.

>> No.51728864

That's like asking "what color is a mongrel", tieflings are a classification rather than a species but as the offspring of immortals they by default have lifespans comparable to elves.

>> No.51728881

>I wonder how you could do this with demons?

Demons are supposed to be *worse* than Hill Giants.

And yet you go to the Worldwound in Wrath of the Righteous and everything's squeaky clean, family friendly and "written by committee" diverse.

>> No.51728896

You can't bring someone back to life against their will

>> No.51728908

According to the rules they have a lifespan closer somewhere between dwarves and elves (tieflings reach adulthood at 60 years). But, there have been NPCs who had a human lifespan.

In general, Tieflings are weird inhuman monsters, so it makes sense that some might grow up faster than normal and others might grow up slower than normal. I would steer clear of anything involving them (or Aasimar) beyond broad generalities.

It's also important to keep their humanoid ancestry in mind. While you have the same statistics regardless of what race your humanoid parent was, I think by and large you should have a similar lifespan and growth rate.

So a tiefling born to human parents would have a human lifespan and a human growth rate. One born to elves would have an elven one. And then of course individual tieflings may grow older faster, or slower, than that rate depending on what the GM thinks is best for their particular game.

>> No.51728924

Alright, so I'm somewhat new to Pathfinder, but agreed to GM for my group.

How would I go about making a necromancer bad guy?

As far as I know, there's no necromancer class, but there are options for making one from practically any caster class. I just need advice on which one would be the way to go, and what I should do build-wise.

>> No.51728941

Gravewalker Witches are good.

>> No.51728956

No man.
What is dark is that the man who loved her, a human ranger captain of the Black Arrows, had to witness how the Kreeg Clan ogres raped her to death ad he laughed uncontrollably thanks to being struck with uncontrollable laughter spell by a matriarch lamis named Lucrecia.

>> No.51728967


60 years is the average for adulthood. But planetouched are made out of all shapes and sizes.

>> No.51728973

I totes got to make out with her sister

>> No.51728985


Jesus christ.

>> No.51729008

I wish paizo had those balls again

>> No.51729009


When did Paizo really move away from this kind of content, because I remember it being in Curse of the Crimson Throne too.

Like, you've got rapist ogres and murderous torture cults in Rise of the Runelords and then you get to Wrath of the Righteous and it's absurdly clean and sterilized for what's basically a Hell Crusade.

>> No.51729014

>Play Burnt Offerings
>The most memorable NPC was Aldern and the boar hunt.
>Play The Skinsaw Murders.

>> No.51729025

>you stab one and their aether just goes back to the Abyss and reforms for another go.
isn't there a way to kill them?

Also it was probably homebrewy but a bbeg in our last game had a sword that on kill sent their soul to hell, I've been trying to find that shit but no dice so far.
So it's probably homebrew thing he made up for her?

>> No.51729037

You have to kill them while they're on their home plane.

>> No.51729040

Chapter 3 of Rise of the Runelords

You can't?

>> No.51729052

Wait, there us more.
Lamark, the ranger, when insane to ghe point he didn't offered much resistance when Lucrecia brought him to a coven of annis hags so they do whatever they wanted with him.
They turned the man into a wight and their personal enforcer.

>> No.51729053


Grabbing my crotch and pumping in the general direction of the BBEG to draw aggro.

>> No.51729062

Yup. They must be willing to come back. No forcibly reviving people. At least with the typical spells like Resurrection, etc. Don't know if there's some obscure stuff that bypasses that.

>> No.51729081

>Also it was probably homebrewy but a bbeg in our last game had a sword that on kill sent their soul to hell, I've been trying to find that shit but no dice so far.

He probably enchanted a sword with Hellfire, because that's what Hellfire does.

>> No.51729114

Huh, cool.
I should look into that.

All this Hellfire talk reminded me of pic related.

>> No.51729126

Why are you so set on the idea of playing an antipaladin?
How would your build and character concept be lessened by not being a problem waiting to happen?

>> No.51729127

Weren't those first ones written back when they were a 3pp for 3.5e?

>> No.51729132

So I'm planning on entering the game as a Zerk addict. How much of a faggot does this make me? I am trading out -2 con for +4 str. I have 10 doses of zerk for when the going gets tough and I need to pull out the stops. Plus I'm planning on brewing more zerk as time goes on.

>> No.51729138

The funny thing is that Myriana wasn't a normal nymph. She was attuned to the land like the Fisher King.
You can guess the implications of being murderfucked by manchildren with a STR above 23.

>> No.51729144

Huh that's pretty damn badass.
Anyone have other mood music they use/would like to use in their games?

>> No.51729162

Shomin Sample

>> No.51729177


It only makes you a moderate faggot. You know, the type of faggot that looks like a normal person, goes about their day to day, and when they get home they hop on the computer to be a total cock-slurping pillow-biter.

>> No.51729193

>Anyone have other mood music they use/would like to use in their games?

This needs to play whenever you're in a major trade city.


>> No.51729194

Well, the character is a massive muscled dude-bro who brought along his buttboy to the crusades.

>> No.51729221

What are fun "one-on-one" battles? I've been wanting to do something like that, splitting the party up and have them fight against a similar-but-not-quite opponent. Straight up fights are easy, and you can always put the bard up against a Skald in a battle to win the audience's favor. But what fun one-on-one can you give to a support character, like a support-Cleric per example?

>> No.51729224

They started to get soft during Second Darkness because Lisa Stevens chicken out after a seminar in a GenCon centered into the D&D satanic scare incidents and how they affected TSR.
Lise thought they should tone down the dark because this could bring younger players without the inconvenient of soccer moms going moral she-hulk on Paizo.

>> No.51729225


Why don't you make him a Qadiran dude-bro who aspires to walk the path of Kurgess himself?

>> No.51729231

smart business move honestly.

>> No.51729233

How is it a problem waiting to happen? Particular as an Insinuator who is all about personal glory. Low Templar is a PrC about the crusades along the same vein, glory hunters and attempted heroes gone north to participate in the crusades. The crusades are supposed to be a proving ground for glory seekers from all over Avistan and beyond come to shine the brightest as the close the world wound.

>> No.51729247

can a Brutal Slayer Stalker choose to use his Dex modifier to calculate his reflex saves instead of his Strength Modifier?

>> No.51729259


I am not seeming this hellfire spell with a chance to sent someone to hell anywhere.

>> No.51729261

Unfortunately my problem is I need Bred for War No manlets allowed, the trait, which means I need to be a certain nationality of humans. Though I could have grown up in Qadiran.

Kurgess is also NG and I am a NE anti-paladin.

>> No.51729267

>Literally playing a champion of evil for evil's sake
>In a game about good vs evil
Whats the fucking point of showing up and why is anyone putting up with your presence?

>> No.51729282


Okay... But where did Paizo really start to go under?


>which means I need to be a certain nationality of humans

No you don't, Bred for War was made for the Shoanti yet it's ambiguous enough you could use it to describe any type of human born with AESTHETIC.

>> No.51729299


>> No.51729301

I think the GM allowed the celestial bloodline sorcerer to contingency a hellfire specifically targeting the noble or something like that from what I remember

>> No.51729322

Yes, you may. However, the point of brutal slayer us that you BECOME HEUG. You max str and dex can stay 10.
So why is your dex higher than you str? Be a normal stalker

>> No.51729332

Drugs of choice thus far:
>Numerian Fluids

Otherwise known as:
>Antifreeze & motor oil

Hopefully the crusades have a supply of Numerian Fluids, seeing as Numeria is directly south of them. Plan is to be a 6'6" giant of a man clad in armor seeking glory.

Insinuators have a different flavor. Their code of conduct is different:
>An insinuator must always work toward his own self-interest, enrichment, or glory, and must also abide by the moral strictures of whatever outsider they have chosen to invoke that day (see invocation below). If the insinuator breaks an invoked outsider’s code, he cannot invoke outsiders of that same alignment until he seeks atonement, although outsiders of other alignments may still heed his call.
I have to fallow a LN code or a TN code most of the time and radiate those auras. Also the Insinuator is a class founded on heroics for the sake themselves.

Literally the article describing the crusades says there are thousands of people who rush the crusades when they are called for this exact purpose.

>> No.51729337



>> No.51729344

Fourth session of Hell's Vengeance is on tonight, wish us luck. If Kashkin and Iteration Drive could please PM me on Discord, Rizon, or Roll20, I would appreciate it.

>> No.51729345

Initiative and it's a gestalt game where I get an untyped Str bonus to reflex from elsewhere

>> No.51729399

I think next thread should be something about Taldor!

>> No.51729404


Heys, The folks of RotJR here. We were bored one day and we started brainstormin.

What would Alternate Universe [Insert character be like]?

The answer? All of them are evil, creepy, or just plain jackasses.

>> No.51729416


What was the Rizon, again?

>> No.51729424

>Celibate priestess of Nethys

>> No.51729428

Okay, I can see your logic. That's all fine and dandy on paper, but here's the thing: You're still playing an Antipaladin. You're playing a class required to be evil. The more hoops you jump through and more arguments you throw up, the more suspicious you're going to sound. People who prefer not to play with "bad guys" will still feel suspicious of you. And if there's a Paladin in the party--of which there are several also applying--you're probably going to need to reconfigure your character.

You need to make absolutely sure you pitch this guy as a good team player, as a helpful and useful ally, and as a *person* rather than as his class/race combo.

>> No.51729436

From most commonly desirable to least.

>> No.51729444

>The answer? All of them are evil, creepy, or just plain jackasses.

Can you give us a quick rundown on each character?

>> No.51729471


Onryou Kaijitsu, Bandit Lord of Broken Sand. (Formerly Sandpoint)

Onryou's defining moment in her life was her getting her ass handed to her by her soon to be master of martial arts. She learned discipline, control and kindness over the next six years.

Without her master's influence, her violent tendancies continued to build, Turning to more leathal methods of fighting. SLowly but surely Sandpoint becomes a ghosttown, With Onryou as its soul leader with goblins, lizard folk and bandits paying tribute to her.


>> No.51729476

It'll be ArgentGM in a moment

>> No.51729477

>one of them is just muscular "Asshole With a Heart of Gold" innawoods instead of being skinny Heroic-Nice
>except for the whole eating hearts and/or livers thing


>> No.51729492

>Creepy bee witch
>Turns people into honey
>Wants to make all of Avistan into her hive

>Never learned self-control
>Took over Sandpoint and stayed a schoolyard bully, just bigger
>Lives like a tyrant with slaves waiting on her, beats up anyone who tells her "no"

>Never came home, having too much fun with the wars
>Openly and unapologetically an asshole rather than having a well-hidden heart of gold

>> No.51729523

You have wis to initiative , and that's a fair reason. You may use str, so it's fine

>> No.51729544

>And if there's a Paladin in the party--of which there are several also applying--you're probably going to need to reconfigure your character.
Why though? For the entire crusades I don't detect as evil and have to act LN because I'm negotiating with inevitables for the ability to smite demons.

>You need to make absolutely sure you pitch this guy as a good team player, as a helpful and useful ally, and as a *person* rather than as his class/race combo.
Like I said, he's gone up north to become a hero king. Killing your allies does not make you a hero. He wants his banner to fly the highest and shine the brightest among the thousands at the crusades. His party members are friends and allies to help him on his path to immortality atop the annals of history as the man who closed The World Wound.

>> No.51729545

Sir Rubio Redgrave. Ruthless swordsman, Order of the Cockatrice, and knight of Asmodeus.

He stormed out of town and returned to the fold where his grandparents had foolishly tried to turn their backs on the winning side.

He's stoic, eerily quiet, and brutally efficient.

>> No.51729561

Wow, and here I thought the other guy applying was Griffith.

>> No.51729587

Is there a universe where your fucking campaign doesn't shit up every thread?

>> No.51729594

>roided out dudebro

>> No.51729597


>> No.51729600


>> No.51729606

Charisma is the most common dump stat. The best stat varies, but con is usually the second best.

>> No.51729608

Okay, it's ArgentGM now, go ahead and message me when you can.

>> No.51729621

However I must ask. I never read Berserk. I was under the impression Griffith sold his soul to demons or some such, which wouldn't be in theme for this character.

>> No.51729648

In a nutshell, he sacrificed his friends' souls for power, eternal glory and his own kingdom.

>> No.51729656


>> No.51729690

That's sort of true. He made a deal with demons to become part of their evil pantheon and gain power...but the problem was that he was basically just showing his true colors.

He'd always been power-hungry and focused on the goal of becoming a king, and had been ruthless in his efforts to get it, backstabbing and playing people against each other, even admitting that he didn't think of anyone as an actual friend or equal. In the end, he only cared about himself, and was obsessive about keeping anyone from denying him what he wanted--hence how he broke down when Guts left the Band of the Hawk and ended up in a downward spiral that got him imprisoned.

He couldn't bear living once he'd been crippled and disfigured, since that meant the end of his dream, and so when the God Hand offered him a place in their group, he went along with it.

>> No.51729697

Change sell friends' soul for let them be eaten alive by a horde of monsters.

>> No.51729709

Wasn't it both?

>> No.51729735

No. We're stuck in here with them, and they're stuck in here with us.

>> No.51729737

Betrayal is not something you want for yourself in the annals of history. Also Betrayal isn't LN and I gotta be LN to smite those demons.

>> No.51729753


Okie dokie, this is basically my unchained magus rough draft. Notable changes include:
>removed wording from spell combat that states it functions like TWF, because it McFucking doesn't, and that's just confusing
>Arcane pool can be refreshed by meditating for 10 minutes (don't have to jew it as much and can spend it on fun stuff rather than optimal stuff)
>Changed a few magus arcana. Biggest ones are Pool Strike and Pool Ray, which are now viable alternatives to shocking grasp and snowball respectively
>Proficient with heavy armor and medium armor from the start, because why the fuck weren't they in the first place
>Bonus feats at 5 and every 5 after because it's still a goddamn martial

Feedback and shitposting welcome.

>> No.51729764


Aranha The Queen of the Golden Hive

She transformed into a bee. And kidnapped entire villages to turn into honey to transform herself into a proper queen with a hive. The hive expands as the queen produces more mutant beepeople who kidnap more people for more honey. Rinse and repeat.

>> No.51729808

Oh shit and I forgot the big one
>Gains an arcana at 1st level, mostly in an effort to accomodate alternative fighting styles like TWF and Two-handed fighting, since those are available as arcana now.

>> No.51729855

So I'm fiddling with the idea of actually not having 10 AC by level 20 this time around since my wizard won't be getting mirror image or displacement.

Can someone check if I'm missing anything here?
Enduring armor +13, Shield +4, Ring of Prot +5, Amulet of nat armor +5, Dex +4, Riven hourglass stance +4 dodge, Haste +1 dodge, Protector aid another +2 for a total of 48 AC which seems kind of pathetic for its tier.

Is there anything else I can take without significant cost? I realize counters will probably do all the heavy lifting but I may as well be aware of my options.

>> No.51729864

Does the Unchained Magus support shield-bashing?

>> No.51729879

>Shield bashing magus


>> No.51729886

Not yet. It's something I essentially shat out in 10 minutes. I'm just tossing it out there to see where I need to adjust.

I'm considering stuff for sword and board as well beyond just "durr you can use a shield and spell combat at the same time", but I'm not sure if I want to do that with arcana or an archetype.

>> No.51729925

Shield bashing can emulate a dispel effect and you can block spells(fireball/etc) with it.

>> No.51729985

Are there any neat third party things for Paladins?

>> No.51730042

So question, I got a week or two before I gotta finish handing in my Character for my first run of Pathfinder. I'll be playing an Alchemists, But what do I really need to pick up/get to really to make my bombs have the finest explosions?

>> No.51730063


>That filename

On my deathbed, I will still be angry.

>> No.51730067

Precise bombs is excellent. Frost bombs, grease bombs and stink bombs are absolutely ridiculous as well. Stink bombs have a prerequisite, but it's worth it to shut down everything ever that fails its save.

>> No.51730086


I logged in and you aren't there! What's the big idea?

>> No.51730094

So Q-bee?

>> No.51730141

After the initial "eeey nice" bit, first impression is "it's not breaking anything, but the overall power is still shifted up". It's not going to shatter the game over its knee but it's a very obvious bump upwards. Right off the bat
>Fighter Training should stay the way it was, and be something you get later instead of right off the bat
>Armored Caster and the extra Bonus feats on top of Arcana buffs is way overboard, especially with the fighter training
>Enduring Blade Arcana should probably go to 10 minute increments instead of one hour increments on the first grab, considering how big of a leap it is
>Pool Strike is still BTFO, but it looks less garbage so that's a + I guess

>> No.51730142

What are the best early level feats for a Hunter to have? Going for cavalry towards mid level.

>> No.51730145

I don't get it?

>> No.51730148 [SPOILER] 

At least Blizzard pulled it off better than RoosterTeeth.

I'm not sorry.

>break spells with your shield

I like that, honestly.

Hey, pal, take your time. I trust you'll figure it out.

>> No.51730169


The Alliance kind of gets shat on by Blizzard because they're massive Horde fanboys (gotta love that BOC, right?) So the greatest thing to happen to the Alliance since Sliced Bread kind of gets killed off for absolutely no reason.

Meanwhile, Thrall is still running around, being the Messiah.

>> No.51730189

I think you mean BGC

...wait, shit. They're supposed to be red now.

>> No.51730194

>Thrall being the Messiah

He's been getting weaker and weaker all this time, and now he doesn't even have the Doomhammer anymore. A bit off topic, but thought I'd mention.

...actually, /pfg/, how would you stat the Doomhammer? Not long enough to be an Earth Breaker.

>> No.51730207

Quick question about the cavalier.

While there's skill checks and all to make it a pretty decent party face, does the class do fucking ANYTHING in combat besides the super-death-charge? My friends keep trying to make a cool one and it keeps falling into the same combat rut.

>> No.51730208

Anon, I'm not mad.
But it still hurts.

>> No.51730211


>> No.51730212

It's an earth breaker by normal people standards. The standards of people who don't outsize fucking space marines.

>> No.51730233

Isn't its entire point to be the party face and charge nonstop?

>> No.51730236

I'm pretty sure a couple of those don't stack.

>> No.51730242

Depends on what archetype you take. It's a charge-pounce-charge kind of class normally, but something like Daring Champion (yeah, I know, >swashbuckler and shit) is decent for a different role.

>> No.51730246

For low levels (1-5) Frost Bomb is amazing. Being able to force someone to also save vs being staggered is great. It continues to scale as you level, and if you pick up Fast Bombs you can shut someone down very nicely.

Precise bomb is nice so you don't accidentally catch your party members in the splash effect. Then grab Explosive Bomb to give your bombs a splash radius of 10 feet instead of just 5 (without precise bombs you would absolutely be catching party members in that).

Entangling Bomb is another one worth considering - your bombs turn into scaling Tanglefoot bags (if the target fails the save they're glued to the floor, but even if they make the save they and everyone in the spash area who fails their save suffers -2 on attacks, -4 to dex and move at half speed).

>> No.51730284

Cavalier can do perfectly fine without the deathcharge. Challenge is fucking great and you can use it on anything. And heck, if you've got any kind of Charisma, you can squeeze multiples of more uses out of it with Chain Challenge

>> No.51730286

You sure? I'm there...

Point is, I need to know if you'll be showing up tonight.

>> No.51730303

They all stack. Its armor, shield, deflection, natural, dex, dodge, dodge & competence to AC.

>> No.51730321


Would someone really do this? Go on the internet and tell lies?

I'm going to #ArgentGM and you ain't there, bro.

>> No.51730330

Reminder: Each 2 party members past 4 increases your APL by +1

>> No.51730332

I am.

If you can't figure out IRC, I guess we'll just have to play without you.

>> No.51730361

... The GM's IRC name is ArgentGM, not the room.

>> No.51730368

That's not how you PM. You type "/msg ArgentGM"


>> No.51730384

>check that, thinking Space Marines are huge
>they're about 7-8 feet tall
>if ingame models matched actual lore, Baine (or any old Tauren) could look a Primarch in the eye

Huh. You weren't joking.

>> No.51730400

10 start.
Heavy shield +4 should be worth 6
5 deflection from ring of protection
5 natural from amulet
4 dodge from riven stance
+1 dodge from haste stacks
+1 insight from the ioun stone
we're at 32.

Enduring Armor gives +13
And dexterity: What was your stat? If it was 14 that's +2, plus 4 from a decent belt so that's now +4, and +4 inherent for +6, perhaps?

You'd be up to 51 before protector aid.

>> No.51730414

It's statted in the RPG as a +5 Lightning Burst Warhammer that gives a couple of SLAs, let me see if I can find the specifics.

>> No.51730454

Thanks guys, This is a real big help. Anything else I should pick up? Outside of just those bomb perks?

>> No.51730464

Its still kind of shit. I guess AC is just a sucker's game come the higher levels.

>> No.51730471

So in the module I want to run, I notice it gives a intelligent sword as a reward, but doesn't give the sword the ability to speak. Instead if can communicate to it's wielder feelings or emotions.

Now, does this mean the sword can only receive similar feelings back? Or does the sword understand language, but just can't speak itself?

>> No.51730484

A lot of discoveries are pretty good, so it really just boils down to HOW you want to have fun. Tumor familiar is fantastic because familiars are fantastic, never mind familiars made of flesh that can get fast healing 5 AND attach themselves to you to avoid harm. Really, it's one of the few classes where the shitty options are obvious and the good options are fun.

>> No.51730498

It should have senses in its profile.

>> No.51730540

Depends on how you want to build. Do you want to build your alchemist as a bomber? Or do you want to focus more on mutagen? Or do you want to be middle of the road at both? Are you taking any archetype?

The Alchemist has a ton of possible build options and has one of the most versatile class chassis. Depending on what you want to focus on, there are a lot of different things that you might want to focus on.

>> No.51730549

Whoops, thanks

>> No.51730578

ah, you learn, young asshopper. you learn.
miss chances, and ways to remove the attack's own chance of being done in the first place, are meant to combine with these defenses.
Mid 40s is a fine place to get. That'll make the median of high CRs still miss you about half the time. Try to attain 50 and you're expending a lot of "build" (cash, abilities, etc etc etc) to get very little return.

Supplement it all with miss chances, with mirror images, with force spheres, with not being there to begin with, and so on and so forth. Better only 80% of 50% of hits get through to you than 100% of 40%, right?

Now hold up, before you say wrong; the former's a lot easier and cheaper to get than the latter. And THAT is the better you will need.

>> No.51730593

I wanted to go the Bomber route and once I had used up all of the daily allotted amount of Bombs, to switch to a Cross Bow. As its my first time, I'm not sure how or what Archetype was going with.

I DO know When I reached the lives I wanted to Make resurrection potions, use Permanent on it and sell them. I really wanna cheat death as much as possible.

>> No.51730607

Except that 48 AC is already optimal for level 20. CR 20 enemies' high attack is +30, enemies don't start to get a 50% hitrate on that until CR 26.
Skin of the Defender is another +4 that stacks with Amulet, and there's a variety of ways to get +1 insight to AC, getting you to 53. On top of that, you can always get your familiar a set of benevolent armor so that its aid another bonus gets boosted.

>> No.51730620

what's a good, relatively cheap light source that can be turned off and on at will?
ioun torches are always on, right?

is there a Not!Flashlight out there?

searching for "light" is seriously terrible since it's used so much for things that aren't about light sources

>> No.51730634


>> No.51730642

Get an ever burning torch and a sheath for it? They don't produce heat, so a fucking cap for it would work.

>> No.51730647

i'd prefer a singular item that doesn't run out

>> No.51730649

Don't those only last for a bit then are done trash after time limit's up?

>> No.51730655


How should I do a TWF Warpriest? Let's say I'm married to the TWF concept, regardless of optimization. What would be good classes to gestalt with?

>> No.51730656

Mirror image and displacement also fall off at those levels since monsters now have senses to defeat illusions. Your best bet is the ol mind blank and g. Invis, not being there, killing them first and having a ton of hp which is coincidentally easy for a wizard to accomish thanks to polymorph spells.

>> No.51730659

haha holy shit i forgot everburning torch was even a thing
it's actually useful over ioun torch in this case

>> No.51730661

The light cantrip's pretty cheap; there's also crystal light and my light, the psionic talents (0 costs, basically cantrips). It only "runs out" in that you'll have to reactivate it every couple of hours, but what's shaking your fingers for an action, right?

>> No.51730680

Anon mentioned mythic so enemies will be +55 or so to hit.

>> No.51730724

Slayer , decent twf options.
Initiating classes mightnt be the best since warpriest want their swift actions to self buff divine favor. For max synergy, grab fate's favored trait so all luck bonuses are +1.

>> No.51730737


>> No.51730751

Crossbows are garbage. It doesn't hurt to have one for an emergency but when you run out of bombs your best bet is to use Acid Flasks or Alchemist Fire Flasks. They deal 1d6 damage but thanks to your Throw Anything ability you get to add your Intelligence to the damage since they're splash weapons. Further, if you have two flasks in hand, when you get multiple attacks per round you can make two attacks with them per round (with a crossbow you'd be limited to 1 attack per round unless you burned a feat).

By the time you hit level 2 or 3 you should be able to make your own Acid Flasks pretty easily and cheaply so that you can use them without worrying about it hurting your gold.

For Archetypes the Preservationist is a good one. You don't give up anything overly important, and you get access to making extracts of Summon Natures Ally 1-9. Making one or two of these extracts to use during combat can improve your range of options in a fight. Natures Ally is a bit worse than Summon Monster but it's probably a good trade for your poison abilities.

>> No.51730757

What variety of TN to LN outsiders would be most concerned with the world wound, and fighting demons in general?

>> No.51730762

Oh I almost forgot, no 3pp. well, maybe some, but definitely no PoW.

Strength or Dex?

>> No.51730764


Ranger, Slayer, Fighter, Unchained Master of Many Styles

>> No.51730774

There is an option for decent crossbow usage if you're willing to head into VERY 3pp. DHB's Unchained Fighter has a crossbow archetype that is pretty cool.

>> No.51730790

Vigilante are actually great for TWF because they have a talent that lets you do half level to damage when using dex to hit but not dex to damage.

>> No.51730799

Slayer is in the same book as warpriest. Gives you more feats, health, skill points and full bab.
What's the point buy?
Prob worth it to grab craft wondrous, pumping dex with 1st party isn't as worth it due to difficulty getting dex to damage. Could go warpriest //unchained rogue too, similar to slayer in that is gives full bab, more skills and also supplies dex to damage.

>> No.51730824

If you don't mind giving up one level of Wizard spells known, I've found that a single level of Warder (Dervish Defender) is pretty nice for a wizards. You get to add your Intelligence modifier to your AC as an untyped bonus as long as you're wielding a double weapon (just grab a quarterstaff). By level 20 that should easily boost your AC by anywhere from 10-15 points.

>> No.51730825

See >>51730790

This works double if you go the unarmed route with Avenger, and take the archetype that gives you uncanny dodge and such.

>> No.51730849

If you're using 3rd party material then you might as well make a Polymath Alchemist. It'll give you access to all martial weapons so you could just use a longbow and then really boost yourself with maneuvers.

>> No.51730851

>What's the point buy?

I've considered this but I can't see myself getting into Charisma while already needing Wisdom, Strength, Con, and Dex

>> No.51730876

That's the secret, anon. You don't need Charisma at all.

>> No.51730888

Vigilantes actually don't need any mental scores at all, it's a conspiracy by Paizo.

>> No.51730890

>I've considered this but I can't see myself getting into Charisma while already needing Wisdom, Strength, Con, and Dex
You don't actually need charisma as a vigilante except for like 2 social talents, just don't choose them. One of the social talents that uses it lets you substitute someone else's charisma score.

>> No.51730905

but what if I botch a Diplomacy or Bluff roll and someone catches on to my secret identity?

>> No.51730911

>One of the social talents that uses it lets you substitute someone else's charisma score.

Is that the talent that I think you're thinking of?

>> No.51730915

Anyone got a link to the taldan diplomats game? I'm the guy from before building the bloatmage performer.

Also does anyone know a way to get extra versatile performances?

>> No.51730937

The one that encourages getting an elderly gnomish scalp massager?


>> No.51730944

Your bonuses should be coming from sheer numbers anon, not a good CHA score. Hell, you get a +20 bonus to Bluff for that exact purpose, it should be fine. And if worst comes to worst, just accept that your identity gets blown, and now use your abilities with impunity because nothing actually STOPS your abilities from working.

>> No.51730957

oh no your secret identity is now known to the world, now none of your meaningful class features functio-oh wait, they still work? You mean the second identity mainly exists for fluff? Well fancy that.

>> No.51730980

Vigilantes actually don't need secret identities at all, it's a conspiracy by Paizo.

>> No.51730991

People knowing your secret identity doesn't actually do anything besides them knowing your secret identity. All your class features still work.

>> No.51730997

Yeah. When I was playing a vigilante I just had my identity be commonly known. It didn't change anything.

>> No.51731010

What are you making for the Taldor campaign, senpai?

>> No.51731019

Oh, well then

I'm not crazy about gestalting with another d8 HD but what are some good archetypes? No more spellcasting please, I didn't even want to play a 6th level caster

>> No.51731030

And get a hat of disguise for another +10, sorted.

>> No.51731037

huh, well alrighty then. Thanks for the information, I thought I would only be able to use my bombs and had to have a real weapon

>> No.51731054

If you're going the Dex Route, an Avenger Specialization with the Wildsoul archetype (Cat, to poach Uncanny Dodge and get Mad Rush, which you'll want anyway) would probably work out well.

>> No.51731056

El Baito

>> No.51731062

Some popcorn to eat while I watch the fallout from its collapse.

>> No.51731171

I mean it won't hurt to have a crossbow or throwing knives or whatever as an absolute last ditch defense, if you run into something that is immune to both acid and fire and your acid and alchemist flasks won't work on them. But by the time you start running into those kind of enemies you should have enough uses of your bombs that you won't be running out in the first place (and ideally you'll have Frost bomb so you can deal cold damage).

Your light crossbow will deal 1d8 damage and be a regular ranged attack. An acid flask will deal 1d6+Int damage (so probably 5-10) which is better than the crossbow, plus it'll be touch attack and deal splash damage. So you'll only ever want to use a crossbow when you're out of bombs, and when you're out of acid/alchemist fire flasks.

>> No.51731206

I could see this working well since I was already refluffing a skinwalker to play as. Am I sort of locked in to Dex with TWF because of those fucking attribute requirements?

>> No.51731208

Whats the best ranged weapon to pick up then if the Crossbow isn't that good?

>> No.51731228

There's a Vigilante talent which technically lets you skip it, but it also locks you into sword-n-boarding.

If you want MAXIMUM STR for Sword-n-board, you're going to have to look to Slayer or Ranger.

>> No.51731241

fuck not sword and board, maximum Str for TWF, the vigilante talent covers the S&B.

>> No.51731246 [SPOILER] 

Mm, nah. This is double kukri.

>> No.51731304

New thread:

>> No.51731332

As an Alchemist all you get normally are simple weapons. So you're pretty much stuck with the crossbow.

The problem with a light crossbow is that you have to spend a move action to reload it (without burning feats which are better spent elsewhere). So when you only have a 1 attack per round from your base attack anyway, making one attack with a standard action and then using your move action to reload isn't terrible - Standard Action (Shoot) -> Move Action (reload)

But once you can start getting iterative attacks, then you're really losing out on using a crossbow. Not to mention that reloading allows an attack of opportunity and you spend your move action to reload you can't spend it to move which you might want to do.

So basically you have the choice of spending a round to drawing and throw an acid flask to deal 5-10 damage at touch attack with splash damage, or spending a round firing and reloading a crossbow to deal 1-8 damage at regular AC.

As you can see, the acid flask is absolutely the mathematically superior choice, especially if your can damage another creature or two with the splash damage.

So just carry a crossbow but pray you're never in a situation where you have no choice but to use it.

>> No.51731368

Are there only Acid and fire to use on my flask?

>> No.51731461

There's also Liquid Ice.

>> No.51731533


There are other options but acid and alchemists fire are by far the cheapest (especially if you're rolling Craft (Alchemy) to make it yourself)

>> No.51731624

Seconding this >>51730141
Some aspects are kinda over stacking it. I feel fighter training should be gotten at 5, and Start with l. M. Armor but gain heavy at 7th (like deep Marshall).

>> No.51731660

Medium and/or Heavy being an Arcana would even be just "good enough" in my eyes.

>> No.51732858

Just put it in a belt pouch man.

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