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Real life adventuring thread again. Any stories to tell or share?

I'm actually considering just getting a backpack and just hoofing it within the next few years

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in my high school years, i was lucky enough to visit 11 countries on 4 continents. briefly, and in no particular order-

Japan: do not make fun of punks on a train, just in case they speak english, get off on your stop and ambush you in an alleyway. don't eat the fugu, it might kill you.

China: state sponsored tour guides will lie to you at any opportunity. bring an independent for facts. also, things might explode or collapse at random, from chairs to bridges.

UK: the food is bland, they won't admit it but you shouldn't comment on it. avoid speaking any foreign languages you might know.

France: for the love of god, don't try and speak French to them. you'll be offending their delicate sensibilities, and then you're just screwed.

Greece: the cops will be upset with you if you report a crime. also, WATCH YOUR WALLET AND STORE YOUR PASSPORT IN A SAFE. your life might depend on it.

the Netherlands: crazy place. don't bring children. don't confuse coffee houses with cafes, as they are two separate things. take a canal ride.

Turkey: was glorious, but things have changed and now I would worry about ever going back.

Australia: everything, from the wildlife, to the ground you walk on, to the water at the beach, to the trees you see, probably has the potential to kill you. read up on EVERYTHING.

New Zealand: if you plan to stay on Maori land overnight, maintain eye contact with the guy who greets you and let him turn his back on you first. you'll insult him if you do either before he welcomes you, and then you have to make your way off their land on your own.

Mexico: if the army shows up and says move, MOVE. if you're a woman and arrested, don't be surprised if you end up in a cell full of Transvestites. its so the women in the womens cells won't beat you to hell.

Canada: is lovely. enjoy.

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Reminder that there is nothing stopping you from looking up local wanted criminals and hunting for them yourself.
Go out and bring justice to this broken world, Anons.

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>Mfw WI is one of the few states where bounty hunting is illegal
>Mfw I have no ambition to do anything else exciting
>Mfw I'll die in 30-50 years without accomplishing anything meaningful or storyworthy

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Move to a better state.

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I started going on road trips for my summer holiday a couple of years ago, and that's pretty much casual adventuring.

I went to a little village in Yorkshire for one of the days, and spent my time wandering around footpaths, taking pictures of the scenery.

Last year, I went to Liverpool for a day, and decided 'fuck it I'll walk into town' from my hotel (actually a pub) in a shitty rough suburb.
Discovered the shitty rough suburb place when I got ripped off for all my cash and half my dinner on the first night, after having grabbed a takeaway pizza and wandered in a random direction while eating it. Got some decent tourist directions advice from them, though.
Next day, I wandered into the city centre. I got turned around on the way, walked through a market full of poor people (very shifty looks there from the locals, the traders saw I was one of their people), discovered how shitty the area I was staying in was (payday loan places everywhere), and then found my way into the city proper.
Wandered about catching pokemon on my phone for a while, followed a stream of locals to a tiny sandwich store, and grabbed a cheap but tasty (if messy) breakfast of a bacon and egg roll.
Wandered some more, went around a museum to get away from the sun and the heat, then parked myself by a fountain for a few hours to read a book.
Wandered back to the hotel, got lost again as my phone ran out of battery (fucking pokemon go ate my charge) and I'd wandered off the tourist map, and wandered through the middle of an estate halfway through 'regeneration'. Literally halfway; new-built modern houses gave way halfway through it to shitty old tiny houses packed in tightly together.
Wandered past a bit of wasteland where there used to be buildings, got to the hotel for dinner (low food prices mean huge portions AND low prices), changed, waddled off to go clubbing and to work off some of dinner.

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Who cares if direct bounty hunting is illegal, the police still will publicly announce wanted criminals and ask for any additional information that you can provide to them if you investigate.

Check out the fantastic documentary "Tickled", a journalist without outside help exposes a batshit insane blackmailing network that has cells all over the USA, all funded by a megalomaniac millionaire.
The journalist researches all leads and puts together the clues himself, it's an extraordinary example for what a lone person with a mission can accomplish.

People are not aware of just how much they are capable, they hear such stories about legends that did this and that on their own and think "well that was them, /I/ could never do such a thing" when the reality is that those people likely had the same mindset before they found something they are passionate enough about to break their limits.

Don't let you hold yourself down, it doesn't even have to be something world changing.
Look for the next best mission that seems interesting enough and go to hell and back to fulfil it, just to prove to yourself that you can and will.

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Went clubbing, found that northern girls are indeed friendlier than girls down south. And that Liverpool attracts people from all over.
Cheap booze, too. Too cheap for the old-school metalhead I befriended; he got too drunk and security escorted him out when he passed out in front of a speaker.
Left the club, had some chips from a van nearby to soak up the last of the booze, and got a cab back to the hotel to sleep it off.
Then went to the little village in yorkshire to get over the hangover.
Everyone there assumed I couldn't understand them. My mother grew up there, so I only realised that after a few hours of them talking shit about me. People do that right to your face down here, so I just sort of ignored it and left them to their assumption before wandering off to go look at scenery.
Got rained on a bit, feet were aching after the previous day's hike over concrete, so I didn't go far. Just a picnic by a waterfall.

Then I went to scotland to see some people I know there. I don't recommend it; shit roads, most of the people are dicks, they have knock-off paper money that gets queried in england, and the infrastructure is lacking. Hung out in a mechanic's garage for a few hours catching up with my friends, and petting their dogs.
Went on north, discovered that the highlands of scotland are just as unfriendly as the south of england, with worse roads and worse local authorities and worse drivers.
And a 60MPH Average Speed Check all the way down the eastern side.

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I'm in London right now. Wandered around, saw Westerminister Abby, and a few museums. It's informed my ideas for theology in DVD. Couldn't stop thinking about Never where while I walked.

I feel I could do more for adventure, but I don't want to die. I'm too much of a pussy.

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One day you will die and right before you'll wish you weren't such a pussy that went out of his way to avoid adventures.

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>crazy place. don't bring children. don't confuse coffee houses with cafes, as they are two separate things
Elucidate, sir.

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You buy weed in coffee houses

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You might be right. I'm a pipeline worker, any day some Fulker might drop a 48" on me.

What do you suggest?

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So a coffee house is a hash bar?
Why is it crazy? Bitches and whores?

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The crazyness probably has to do with drugs apparently there's a dutch TV program that solely consists of the TV presenter trying out different drugs

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About 8 years ago while on a road trip I decided to try and drive the Canol Road (Yukon Highway 6). I got a little over a third of the way through the road, camped the first night, and my truck died five miles into the second day. I hung out the rest of that day waiting to see if anyone would come along. No luck. So I made a hobo sack out of a small tarp and hiked two days back to Johnsons Crossing. People forget just how quiet and dark it can get out there away from other poeple.

Overall, 7/10 would do it again, even with the breakdown.

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>for the love of god, don't try and speak French to them. you'll be offending their delicate sensibilities, and then you're just screwed.
Don't try and speak English in Paris, they'll know you're a filthy American tourist, assuming you're American.

I actually did all right speaking French down towards the south, though I'm not great at it. But around Paris they look at you like dirt if you try and fail at French, while silently laughing at you, and if you try and speak English they just think you're a tourist and silently detest you.

Can't fucking win.

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London is great because a lot of the time you can really just pick a street and wander down it to investigate and see what you find. There'll usually be something.

Found a pub buried like four storeys underground while I was poking about last year. Nice place.

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I lived in Istanbul for two months during Erdogan's rise to power. Istanbul is fucking beautiful, the people are super nice, you will get conned at some point and it will be *hilarious*. The food is fucking amazing, and there are fuckhuge bagels, offal bacon, and boiled oysters available on streetcornes everywhere for like 5c a pop. The bayside fish restaurants are dodgy as hell but there are some fucking beautiful places to eat in Kuzguncuk. Just stay away from the barbed wire fence with the skeletons painted on the wall underneath it.
Also the entire city takes care of all stray cats collectively. It's pretty cool, I worked with one of the most lucid and devious crazy cat ladies I've ever met taking cats to a vet to be checked up and spayed/neutered. Don't fuck with the cats in istanbul, you *will* get shanked by an old woman.

Lived in Berlin for a month after that when the Nazis had just won the right in court to assemble publically.
I've never fucking been *anywhere* angrier or more ready for a fight in my life. There were signs of swastikas being torn to shreds on government buildings, nazi eagles being shot out of the sky plastered next to posters for David Bowie's return to Neukoln tour, an absurd and exhilirating energy *eveywhere*.
Around that time I visited the Soviet Memorial in Berlin, the fucking enormous three-city-blocks size one. I had no idea why the Germans hadn't gotten rid of it after the Soviets left. Turns out, they fucking love the monuments. Berlinites think of the russian soldiers as heroes, as separate from the soviets, and while I was there, this ancient couple was struggling up the stairs to the center of the monument where this europunk skinhead was laying one too. It was surreal.
That was also where I experienced the Bagpipe Falafel Block Party, daily wedding rides through Neukoln with men hanging from limos, and the Ginger Shot.
All in all, a damn fine three months.

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From what I've seen, people from the south of France seem to be way more chill about the language thing.
Met some guy from Leon working at Mt Vernon last year, apparently for a school overseas thing. He was super cool, and his accent was fucking awesome. It seems like the most stereotypically french places are Paris and Quebec.

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Wish I'd seen more of Berlin when I went there. Unfortunately I was so ill at the time that I felt like I'd got the full Holocaust experience from visiting that concentration camp.

How do you people get the money to travel so much?

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Spent two summers driving around the States on road trips. Plan to go again this year if I can scrape the cash together.

First one saw me visit California for the first time, both LA (fun encounters with a tranny) and Yosemite (where I had a scary but cool encounter with a bear), as well as stopping at the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, getting lost in Oklahoma, and staying in the sketchiest hotel ever in Nowhere, Missouri. Fuck Missouri. Followed most of Route 66 on that trip, which was cool as fuck.

Second trip saw me visit a friend in Denver (fun visit to a strip club, met Bonnie Rotten there actually), drove on to San Francisco where my car died and I was up for 38 hours straight getting it fixed, saw the Golden Gate Bridge technically, then limped home in a broken car through the northern states like Montana (beautiful), North Dakota (surprisingly pretty too, if empty as fuck), northern Nevada (stayed at a tired but fun casino one night, got drunk as fuck and played midnight poker), and Wisconsin (sucked ass).

Also drove out to New Jersey awhile back for a buddy's wedding, spent the entire time on the beach getting crossfaded at midnight and giving speeches about how awesome he and his new wife are.

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Had a friend who did it. Just packed a bag and went to America, crossed it from Mexico to Canada on foot. Changed him as a person. Probably the best thing he ever did to himself.

Word of warning, though: it takes a very, very particular kind of person to be able to do this, certainly under the insane condition he did (he didn't even take a phone with him, not to mention shit like medicines or water. Basically turned himself into a traveling hobo, completely at the hands of fate. If anything had gone wrong he'd have died like a dog). Think carefully before committing to that kind of journey.

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I've considered doing this actually. Just packing a bag and setting off. Sounds really exciting, if terribly dangerous.

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>Sounds really exciting, if terribly dangerous.
How does someone even decide how to go about doing something like that?

Of course, it's a moot point to me seeing as I need to remain both within this country (socialised healthcare ftw) and be able to get within range of a hospital/pharmacy pretty regularly.

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Japan is one of THE best places in the world to have a big cross country hiking trip, especially if you're the kind of guy who might be interested in a trip to Japan in the first place (i.e. very likely an unfit otaku with minimal outdoors experience). On the one hand, beautiful scenery, endless forests and mountains and fields, a very pastoral experience all around and a challenging enough walk to be satisfying. On the other hand, you never have to be really anxious for your life since at the end of the day the roads are in very good shape, it's inconceivable to go 24 hours without reaching at least one convenience store no matter where you are (so even in some kind of nightmarish worst case scenario where you lost your bag, your supplies were stolen, you sprained your ankle and your phone is dead, you can always count on there being a place to get those things a couple kilometers ahead) and the people are extremely helpful to travelers. A dentist in Yurihonjo literally picked my buddy and I up when his leg was too infected to walk, took us to the hospital, paid all the expenses and let us stay at his place and eat his food while my buddy recuperated. It's also fairly easy to live on the relative cheap due to the abundance of good traveling food (cup noodles are high quality and will serve you will, and CalorieMate is a godsend). You could make your life a lot healthier by taking the extra effort to carry some rice with you and learning to prepare it - with a tiny amount of work, a bowl of rice with furikake and a cup of tea can make an incredibly satisfying roadside lunch (add trail mix, jerky and CalorieMate for the extra nutrients).


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>How does someone even decide how to go about doing something like that?
Be unfulfilled and have the ability to drop what you're doing and nick off for awhile? It helps that I'm an American living in America, so I don't have the whole "take a plane" issue. (I'm also >>51725613, for reference).

Still, I'm not terribly happy with what I'm doing as a person right now and a big wandering trip might be just the ticket to resolve things for me. Haven't decided on it for sure though.

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>a lot of the time you can really just pick a street and wander down it to investigate and see what you find
Often, you'll end up finding 'stabbed', or 'run over'. Even more often, an asian massage parlour or sex shop. Sometimes both in the same building.

Rock festivals are also an adventure. They're a place where regular rules of society are sort of suspended, and it's totally okay to drink ridiculously strong booze in public as long as it's not in a glass bottle, and where you can suddenly end up in the Somme if it rains.
And you can just meet random people there, because everyone's drunk and nobody gives a shit, and you're all metalheads anyway.

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Like I said, special kind of person. Dude grew up in an abusive home, struggled to make a living as an artist, joined the military, served a few years before realizing it wasn't for him, , returned home with nothing to live for. His mom was a literal whore and a drug dealer to boot. He was so deeply in debt he couldn't afford utilities and in trouble with the local mob. He had very little to lose.

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>How does someone even decide how to go about doing something like that?
You just get fucking bored of your life and set off.
Someone I work with up and decided to live in Japan for a year. Took a career break, learned japanese, and got a job as a sushi chef in tokyo.
I just book holidays from work, book a string of hotel rooms, get in the car, and drive.

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Eh, considering how I estimate my chances of survival, if that's any more than ten years from now I'll count myself lucky that I survived that long, and wonder why nobody found it in them to strike me down beforehand.

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Damn, dude had a hard run of it. Sorry to hear it, glad he had a good experience on his trip though.

That sounds like a few cons I go to: everyone is drunk, high, or both and random adventure just happens.

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I wonder if part of my reluctance to go and do anything like this (aside from the needing a fistful of pills every morning and an hour in hospital every eight weeks thing) is because of something related to the medical thing.

I'm not really sure how to articulate it, but it feels as though, since this near-death episode I had (related to the medical thing, long story), I'm subconsciously steering away from anything that could risk me dying.

Maybe it's just because some of me remembers what I went through and doesn't want to repeat it, I'm not sure.

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Two greatest things to remember:

1. Japan is not Tokyo. They're practically too different countries, and traveling them takes different skills. In Northern Japan, people won't speak English, would've never seen a white man, haven't advanced past the 60's and won't know about any of your fangled animoo shit. Also, nobody lives there below the age of 60. Like, seriously, the entirety of Japan north of Kanto is populated by nothing but the elderly. the other hand, they're INCREDIBLY generous and very considerate of travelers. You will not pass by a single old lady who wouldn't offer you food (which they're always carrying, somehow). We had anything from candy to meat buns to rice to bottles of energy drinks shoved in our hands. It actually came to the point of being a burden since we had to carry it all. We started dodging the old ladies. In Tokyo... well, imagine New York but a hell of a lot sleazier. You won't be pickpocketed in Tokyo: you'll be scammed. Don't talk to strangers unless you have to and don't ever let anyone look at your wallet. In particular, avoid people who are weirdly pushy offering to help you operate the ticket machines in the subway. That's a very common scam there.

2. This is the big one: don't for a single moment assume that Japan is animeland. You'll save yourself disappointment, embarrassment and trouble. Just accept the fact that you'll go there and it'd be a place like any other place, with its fair share of problems and discomforts, and it's not going to be the dream. The women are butt ugly, they aren't actually attracted to foreigners, most people won't think you're cool for knowing about manga and your feeble attempts at speaking the language would be (politely) laughed at. Maid cafes are filled with hideous gorgons in cheap costumes who sell horrifically overpriced and frankly disgusting food, and Akihabara is really only interesting insofar as you can get good merch. Don't even think of hitting on the schoolgirls.

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When I was in high school we went to Berlin on a class trip. Me and all my buddies basically would just go this place called Tom's fries every night to get beer and fries and do rounds around the city. We would meet Turkish con artists, Prostitutes and other groups of drunk Americans for some reason. One night my friend smashed a beer bottle against an apartment building and this guy immediately pops out of a window and starts swinging at him as we all run away.
Best time of my life desu

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This thread is making me wonder where I went wrong with my life to end up the person I am.

I'm too young to have to worry about this shit, what is the matter with me?

Pic unrelated.

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This was more anticlimactic than i expected.

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About old ladies in Northern Japan:

My buddy and I, on a cold, rainy day, entered a shokudo (eatery) in one of those 20 person villages in Aomori so remote they literally don't show on any map. We were carrying our bags, our coats soaking wet, looking thoroughly miserable and disheveled. The only inhabitant of that place was a bent, fat old lady who looked FREAKISHLY like Mulan's grandmother from the Disney film. Didn't speak a word of proper English, but welcomed us in. We entered, hesitantly, since it was fairly late in the afternoon, and before we knew it she came out from behind the counter. We froze in place, certain we've done something wrong, only for her to take off our bags and our coats and start mumbling to us in Japanese. We apologized seventeen times, (because that's about all we knew how to say) and she just nodded energetically, sat us in front of the counter and asked "Ramen? Ramen?". We nodded. She gave us steaming hot bowls of rich, thick ramen with meat, and on that cold, wet afternoon that was paradise. We stood up to leave, but she looked at us and went "tchoto matte" (wait please), disappeared into the kitchen and returned with two slices of cake and two cups of coffee.

We traded looks, my friend and I, and quietly discussed payment. Then the old lady just looked at us and said "Servisu! Servisu!" ("service", which is the Japanese term for "on the house). We ate and drank.

Then she offered us juice. "Servisu!"

We drank as well.

She offered us buns for the road. Servisu.

She never asked for payment for anything. Not even the ramen. Never asked for a single thing. Just kept muttering in Japanese and nodding.

It was a very memorable evening, in its way.

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Israel is surprisingly nice. I know it's a Zionist cliche but I really did expect to come to some third world shithole where you have to bring your own water, only to find out Tel Aviv basically looks like a whiter San Fransisco.

Jerusalem has some scary neighborhoods, though.

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What a great old woman. Hope you thanked her profusely.

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You met a guardian angel dude.

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If you're looking to travel but don't want to throw yourself completely to the winds, I might recommend seeking out a job for which you are required to travel. I work IT for a big company, and am often sent out to support our employees and clients at various meetings and events around the United States. It's been relatively easy, taking a day off here and a late flight there, to turn these business trips into pleasure trips, allowing me to see far more of the country than I ever would have been able to on my own dime alone.

>> No.51726244

Hrm. What sort of qualifications do you need for something like that?

>> No.51726270

Comfy story/10

>> No.51726285

Depends entirely on the job. Go looking, see if you qualify.

>> No.51726335

>Go looking, see if you qualify.
I doubt it. 'Sides, I can't go abroad at the moment, I've just started uni. Doing a degree in arts.

I know.

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met a guy that was basically this when I was travelling in NYC late 2015 pretty interesting fellow

>> No.51726381

I'm glad you enjoyed your time in North Dakota, anon

Come back again sometime!

>> No.51726388

Truth be told, all my training has been done on-the-job, with the appropriate certifications acquired afterward. There are a lot of different jobs out there that require travel, it just takes a little effort finding one that wants someone with your skillset. The company at which I work holds regular meetings and conferences in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Diego that require someone who is familiar with their hardware and software, so I go and I support our people. If the meeting ends on a Thursday and I want to do a little exploring, I request Friday off and fly back on Sunday.

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I actually bought a hat that has your state motto on it for a friend of mine who hates ND (it was a troll gift). I found the state pleasant and surprisingly pretty though there's very little there to look at. I plan to pass through sometime on my way out west again.

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Dutchfag here, yes there is such a program. You're probably referencing to "Spuiten en Slikken", which literally translates to "Shooting and Swallowing". It's not just about drugs though, they also talk a about sex.

You have to see that yes, while the presenter will take drugs and they will talk about sexual toys and techniques and all that, it is mainly aimed at educating people about those subjects. I'm wondering now tho, do you guys get taught about about drug usage in high school? They cover soft and hard drugs in our biology lessons, mainly talking about the effects weed, hash and mushrooms, addiction to hard drugs and what happens in to your body when you take these substances.

I do think that foreigners might have a bit of a warped view of our country though. Late teens and twenties are the age groups which mostly do drugs, once people get a bit older usage will really diminish or stop. Right now I might smoke some hash or weed once every few weeks with a couple of friends so its not like everyone is just high here all the time, often its more like going drinking with your buddies in my experience.

Prostitution isn't really a huge thing amongst Dutch people, at least not much more than in other countries I think. I believe its mostly foreigners who make use of those services.

>> No.51726518

>it just takes a little effort finding one that wants someone with your skillset.
Considering the only thing I've got any skill whatsoever in (and even then...) seems to be writing fictive works, I feel like that might take more than just a little effort.

>> No.51726535

>I'm wondering now tho, do you guys get taught about about drug usage in high school?
Basically starts and ends at the word "Don't", which has caused a fair few problems in the past.

>> No.51726555

They actually *are* the only stereotypically french places. People in Paris are jerks. The rest of France is fairly normal and welcoming. Except for Marseilles, maybe, but I never went there.

>> No.51726556

The holocaust museum in Berlin is the most fucking intense shit I've ever been to. Theres a monument out front proportional to every life lost. It looks like a hill of graves bout ten feet high, but it's all built in a huge fucking pit, and then you walk down into the columns and there's like forty feet of stone towering over you in rows of clumns. I went there at night, and there were fucking children playing hide and seek and giggling in the monument.

As for how, my aunt was living in Istanbul after my grandma died. My grandma was a goddamn dynamo of a human being who downed like two sticks of butter and a bottle of wine every day, left me, a twelve-year old, full dvds of every season of black adder and monty python, and swore like a sailor. She was a teacher on a US military base in Turkey, fell in love with the country, never left, died of leukemia at age 87. She asked that her ashes be scatterd in the bay of Kizkalesi and libations be poured to Poseidon and Dionysus. Fuckin awesome person.
After Erdogan, my aunt decided to get the fuck out of turkey the moment she got a job in Berlin, and basically let me stay in her apartment both places while she figured shit out. All in all it was pretty affordable. Not like Kuzguncuk and Neukoln are too expensive.

>> No.51726568

>I found the state pleasant and surprisingly pretty though there's very little there to look at. I plan to pass through sometime on my way out west again.

If you just took I-94 across the state you won't get to see much because it just skirts the Badlands, and due to geology and climate, most of the (admittedly not very prevalent) trees grow at the bottoms of canyons, which aren't visible from the road.

If you have time, stop in Medora and visit the national park there. And as much as I hate to admit it, the South Dakota Badlands are much more impressive.

>> No.51726607

I took a side-trip into the badlands for a few hours, found it pretty (got pictures somewhere), but I couldn't stay long, my car was slowly dying and I had to get home.

I'll try to find time to hit up Medora at some point, I love national parks man. They're gorgeous.

>> No.51726620

Guess it's good to be the occupier, try visiting Gaza next and see how they live

>> No.51726647

>The holocaust museum in Berlin is the most fucking intense shit I've ever been to. Theres a monument out front proportional to every life lost. It looks like a hill of graves bout ten feet high, but it's all built in a huge fucking pit, and then you walk down into the columns and there's like forty feet of stone towering over you in rows of clumns. I went there at night, and there were fucking children playing hide and seek and giggling in the monument.
I remember. I was cold, footsore and so tired I could barely stand, but I still remember how eerie the place was. So quiet. And it just keeps on going until you feel like it's never going to end.

>> No.51726676

>Canada: is lovely. enjoy.
As a Canadian, i'm tickled pink that you think our country is lovely I think so too, but most of /int/ Canadians are self hating faggots that despise this country for "reasons".

>> No.51726712

>your feeble attempts at speaking the language would be (politely) laughed at
I'd disagree with this one. I've only been to Japan once, admittably, but some of my friends have done it regularly, including taking long trips around the countryside (i just stayed in Tokyo), and we've all found that people react extremely positively if you speak even a little Japanese. Japanese tend to be veyr prud of their country, and that a foreigner has gone through the trouble of learning the language affirms that pride.

>> No.51726810

Maine is great to visit for some /x/ tier stuff. Come during summer though, don't wanna get caught in a noreaster if you don't know your way around.

>> No.51726838

I've always wanted to wander through Japan's forest and see the rural areas. I'm not comfortable in cities, they're too loud to me.

>> No.51726863

I've always wanted to travel more. Most I ever did was going to Canada for a school field trip. Canada's all right - I went to Toronto, and it was the first time I'd ever been to a city. Lemme tell ya - as a country kid, going to a city as vast as Toronto was fucking insane. You couldn't turn around without seeing a literal sea of people, all going about their day at the same time. Back where I lived in NY, there was about five or six people per square mile tops. Beautiful city though. Would absolutely go again.

I feel you. I moved down to a city in PA a couple years ago for work and I hate it. I feel like I'm in a fucking sardine can in this apartment.

>> No.51726938

Starts with "here's the worst case reaction: it is standard for everybody", turns into "weeds kills more than alcohol!", and ends with " we will call the DEA on you and they will shoot to kill and sue your corpse".
Actual DARE speaker, who made drugs sound so fucking cool and hardcore. If I hadn't been a broke-ass 6 year old, I would've found some crack right then and there.

>> No.51726994

>Lemme tell ya - as a country kid, going to a city as vast as Toronto was fucking insane.
I know what you mean. Place I'm from, you're never more than 15 minutes away from the sea. When I went to France, pretty much the only thing that stuck with me was how weird it felt to be able to look in any direction and still only see hills spreading out into the distance.

Same with when I went to Berlin, as I said earlier. Largest city I've ever been to is Liverpool, and when I got up to the viewing deck of the Reichstag, all I could see was city in every direction.

I know what you mean about not liking being in cities too, I'm from a pretty woody suburban area and cities just don't work for me. Too loud, too much car fumes, as soon as I'm there I want to get away.

>> No.51727047

>When I went to France, pretty much the only thing that stuck with me was how weird it felt to be able to look in any direction and still only see hills spreading out into the distance.
That's how it looked back where I lived. I get freaked out by huge bodies of water - I've lived in the boonies for so long that the ocean legit creeps me the fuck out.

>> No.51727080

>UK: the food is bland
There's a reason we eat so much Indian food here.

>> No.51727127


>Father tells us about his time in Turkey
>Back when he was younger and dumber, he stood in front of the Soviet embassy with some friends just to see what would happen
>Some native Turks show up, wondering what the Westerners are staring at
>More natives show up
>The group has reached critical mass, people are now showing up just because people are there
>Dad and friends get the hell out of dodge as the guards start getting nervous at the huge crowd

Also I heard it's rude to refuse tea when it's offered, but good lord is the tea strong.

>> No.51727151

>don't eat the fugu, it might kill you.
Did it kill you?

>> No.51727187

My attempt at a gap year taught me the value of proper trip planning.
Which I am not going to recount, because I'm still kinda sore about the disaster it turned out as, and the circumstances surrounding it.
Although Montreal was a fucking trip.

I used to go to a con that was like that after-hours. You'd hang out outside, get drunk, share booze, play music, and have fun.
Then the local residents started complaining about the fun to venue security, and calling the police. And it was in London, so that was the metropolitan police, who hate fun and are selected for being the biggest dickheads imaginable.
So I went to festivals instead, where fun is practically mandatory. The only downside is camping, and the mud, and the fact that if you pick the wrong campsite to set up in, you end up losing your tent in a mudslide or river.
Plus, it's three days of heavy fucking metal. Best hearing damage ever.

English countryside is pretty comfy.

>> No.51727200

The mild winter means there is more wild boar and feral pigs around than normal, and they are busting into farms and animal pens for food, attacking people etc. So fellow historic hunters and I have a weekend excursion planned to cull, fill our freezers and get the $40-per-head bounty from the dept of fish and game.

Just rehafted my spears. Pic related.

>> No.51727219

Hey, I used to have that rug.

>> No.51727229


>Those lugs near the spearhead

Do you remember what happened to Robert Baratheon?

>> No.51727234

Holy fuck the tea is good. They serve in these tiny little crystal glasses, even the complementary tea they give you on the public transit across the bosphorus, so I was always terrified of breaking them because I'm used to great big honkin mugs for my tea.
They also have a thing for cherry and rose flavored everything, including tea, which varies greatly in quality.

>> No.51727235

I wish I'd have time to travel more. I've been on pretty many university excursions, and they've been interesting enough (good thing about having studied geology is being able to go see all sorts of interesting places), but I'd like to travel somewhere on my own as well, and actually have enough time to hang around somewhere rather than spend the whole day driving on a shitty minibus from one place to another. I did spend several weeks in a hostel in Tokyo at one point, and a weekend in London with my best friend, but both of those are years ago now.

What I'd really want to do is go sailing. Not on a cruise ship, those floating hotals have little to do with proper ships, but aboard actual ships. Too bad that these days you can't just get yourself hired aboard a cargo ship for one trip without having graduated from sailor academy, as otherwise I'd have done that a long time ago.
I should probably join a society that renovates old sailing ships. I hear they occasionally go sailing with those ships as well.

>> No.51727276

Sounds like fun. Wish I could hop across the channel and join you for it. Always wanted to see a boar.

>> No.51727290

You can just do some skipper courses, rent a boat and go cruising.

>> No.51727326

Target? I have had it for years. Not a huge fan, but until I save up for a nice Persian or something....

Multiple wraps of bull-hide lace, with an antler toggle, allowed to have flex and pivot, and thus are less likely to break. It is also much easier to fix in the field. Pic related.

One of my spears has solid quillions, forged into the head. After a while, they begin to stress and break. I have been doing this for over a decade. I am confident in my equipment.

Also: Bobby B was drunk, and possibly drugged.

Ours are ancestors of German boar, brought in the 1600s by the English to try and tempt nobles to move to the new world. Fun fact: One generation of boars breeding with pigs makes feral pigs. Two generations they get the tusks and cartilage armour back. By the fourth generation, they are full blown boar again, and now you have a population of 300 pound, armoured, meat eating murder-pigs with face-knives, that have no natural competition.

>> No.51727353

This has been a surprisingly good and comfy thread

>> No.51727363

>Except for Marseilles, maybe, but I never went there
I went there, people are ok

>> No.51727367

>Ours are ancestors of German boar, brought in the 1600s by the English to try and tempt nobles to move to the new world. Fun fact: One generation of boars breeding with pigs makes feral pigs. Two generations they get the tusks and cartilage armour back. By the fourth generation, they are full blown boar again, and now you have a population of 300 pound, armoured, meat eating murder-pigs with face-knives, that have no natural competition.
Oh no, I think I've got you mixed up with the Hungarian guy who always joins you in the Arms and Armour threads. Sorry.

Do you actually hunt them with spears, or are they just for getting into character?

>> No.51727383

Don't jinx us you idiot, we're not even at a hundred posts yet.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.51727394

Oh jesus really? Dude, first off you don't want to hunt boar up close, they will fuck you up because they're heavy, strong and their tusks are wicked sharp. Second, if you're going to do it get a proper boar spear with a decent solid lug, historic equipment like this is nice but there's a reason we refined the design of that boar spear; they're dangerous animals and you want the best possible weapon.

>> No.51727397

That's definitely on my plans once I've got a job. Buying my own boat, actually. My family used to have a sailboat when I was young, and we'd spent most of the summer sailing around the islands. I miss that.

>> No.51727425

I've been to 11 countries, I go hiking every once in a while, sometimes canoe camping and diving, but I haven't got any interesting stories. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.51727461

Do you mean Lyon ?

Marseille is actually not that bad (for a poor city, that is), it's just that their accent is fairly hard, even for french people.

>> No.51727466

>Oh no, I think I've got you mixed up with the Hungarian guy who always joins you in the Arms and Armour threads. Sorry.

Im the former professional circus performer who works as a living historian at one of the largest museums in America.

>Do you actually hunt them with spears, or are they just for getting into character?

I am a member of Saint Hubert's Rangers, on of many international historic hunting associations that endeavor to keep historic hunting traditions alive. Bow, spear, sling, ferreting, hawking....

I have been hunting boar for over a decade, Anon. I have been gored before, and that is one of the reasons I wear armour. Its no fun if it doesn't have a fighting chance.

>> No.51727471

Fucked if I know. I nearly died from an incurable illness, spent nearly three months in hospital recovering and don't have any interesting stories either.

>> No.51727483

What do you do with the boar once you've killed them? You allowed to eat it?

>> No.51727491

Not going out and getting completely trashed in a new and foreign location. While drunk or high, people gravitate towards adventures.

>I used to go to a con that was like that after-hours. You'd hang out outside, get drunk, share booze, play music, and have fun.
Basically that's what I do at a few cons a year. One is in Pittsburg in the summer, we get to wander around on the 4th of July just completely crossfaded and have misc adventures, including the midnight run to Primanti's all the time (which was always awesome, I love Primanti's).

The other is in Chicago in the winter and is mostly about tooling around in the hotel being hammered. Fuck, I had a spirit quest with one guy whose name I didn't even know but who had a huge flask of vodka and fruit juice that we drank and went on vision quests with. Hell of a time that was.

>> No.51727495

>...and that is one of the reasons I wear armour

Modern or not? If not are we taking some kind of plate metal deal or leather?

>> No.51727501


your quite welcome. I have no complaints about Canada. the food was excellent everywhere I went, the cities were clean and boasted a wide range of architecture, there is LOTS AND LOTS of nature to explore and marvel at, and the multiculturalism in the media and events going on meant i was never bored. can't wait to go back.

from what I could tell, the problems of Canada aren't super widely publicized, because Canadians want people to enjoy their time in their country.

>> No.51727523

indeed. might try other foods as well, just for the sake of variety, but I know there's a lot of Brits who go "its too foreign" so they can't bring themselves to do it.

>> No.51727531

Don't you have any laws against hunting methods that make the animal suffer too much?

>> No.51727538

no, but a man nearby dropped his chopsticks- a telltale sign of the poisoning- and had to have his stomach pumped. no idea if he survived past getting into an ambulance, but later I found out the rates are -low-.

>> No.51727545

Clownfag has got this shit on lockdown.

>> No.51727561

>You allowed to eat it?
Of course! Anything that doesn't go in the freezer gets processed and donated to Hunters for the Hungry.

A proper quilted gambeson, tall leather riding boots, panzerhosen (quilted hosen). Pic related. Same padding I use for steel and baton combat.

>They are non-native, destructive and invasive. They attack humans and animals without provocation, and displace native wildlife. As long as I don't use a modern firearm or bow, there is no limit or license, and we get cash bounty on each cull.

>> No.51727595

I threw a concert a while ago. I lost money but it turned out nice. It was two local bands who I know personally, and one dude who just got back from tour in Mexico.
He's been to the UK, Germany, Mexico, Canada, all across the US, and especially New York City, which is his point of origin. He had some crazy stories about being forced into a sweat lodge by a person he was travelling with and not allowed to leave, and a million texts from some schizo he met in Mexico City.
He's off to Europe again in a couple of weeks, and he's talking about going to Japan at some point soon too. He says the best places to tour are Germany and Japan, touring the northeast US just loses you money.

It's crazy that in this day and age someone can live like that. I write a lot of songs and practice a ton, so I was considering trying it at some point, but it's a bit hard to bring a piano everywhere with you.

>> No.51727631

I still don't like you, but you have balls.

>> No.51727658

So it's not like gators where you cap them in the head with a pistol after you're done?

>> No.51727664

Well OK I guess, personally I think I'd rather have a rifle, a backup and something tall to sit on but you do you.

>> No.51727678

>As long as I don't use a modern firearm or bow
Well that's exactly something many governments don't like. Here in Russia, for example, you can only hunt with firearms, and only with certain types for certain animals.

>> No.51727727

Thats why I also wear a codpiece.

Im a NoLa native, I just used a .45cal Bangstick for gators. All this "struggle aiming a gun" bullshit from swamp people was dramatized for TV.

C'est la vie.

The US has odd laws about what is or isn't a firearm. My musket is not a firearm by legal definition, for example.

>> No.51727737

I don't think that's entirely true anon. You've been out and done a lot, does nothing stick out in your mind as memorable? One of the best travel memories was having dinner at a pub in Dublin. I happened to sit down next to a group of guys from....Cork, I think it was, who were showing a friend from Germany around. I ended up spending the evening drinking and chatting with the five of them. Nothing life changing but still a fun evening that I remember fondly.

>> No.51727771

>Be Teenager in mid-late 90s
>Bored one Friday night
>Go with bros (5 of us) to local "Satanist Hangout" called the Equadome which used to be a WWII TNT works and water treatment for said TNT Works
>Bring 6 D-Cell Maglites and machetes
>Park away from Equadome and cut through nearby woods to approach without being seen
>We explore the sub-basements and see all sorts of weird rotting machinery
>As we come back out it is just after dusk and we hear voices
>We kill our lights, listen, and watch
>We spot several other lights and hear another group of teenagers loudly approaching the site
>Looks to be almost a dozen people
>We decide to play horror movie on them
>We stalk them and when a pair get separated from the rest of the group we grab em.
>Tell them we're pranking their friends and get them to join in.
>Our new compatriots join and scream like they're being killed.
>Chaos erupts and we see them trying to form search party.
>Two of us go to a big ass pipe that acts like a giant megaphone and start chanting the bullshit Mola Ram chants in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
>Other group is in full freakout and they start bolting.
>The rest start jumping out with screaming flashing our lights and brandishing machetes
>The other group flees and we leave with our new compatriots back through the woods to our cars.
>The two that joined us said they were going to a local hangout afterwords.
>We actually beat them to the hangout and are sitting there waiting for our pizza when the other group arrives
>At first they are telling a bunch of people about how Steve and Carol got kidnapped by Satanists and was looking to get a bunch of people together to go in and rescue them.
>We're laughing our asses off in our booth until someone suggests the cops.
>At the point Steve jumps up and says him and Carol are fine and that it was a prank.
>Once everyone gets what actually went down everyone has a big laugh.
>We all have pizza and then get high.

It was a good adventure.

>> No.51727839

I've never heard of Saint Hubert's Rangers, and I've been bow hunting bears in Alaska for years. I'll look into this.

>> No.51727879

Sounds fun. I hoped you stayed friends with the others guys. But why the heck did you bring machetes?

>> No.51727884

People here call Parisians "vermin" for a reason

>> No.51727949

They are the biggest in North America, but certainly not the only one.

We even have members doing weird shit like otter-fishing and ferreting.

>> No.51728039

We cut a path through the woods. The cops were watching the place all the time. Since we went there during the day, we parked at a place about a quarter mile away and went through the woods. The woods in that area were thick with sticker-bushes so we had to cut a path.

As for the other group. I actually married one those guys' sister, but the rest I rarely see as it was 20 years ago and everyone scatters after high school.

Have a picture of some of the graffiti that was there.

>> No.51728058

Well, yeah, I have memories like that, mostly of different cool people I've met, or beautiful places I've seen, and I really enjoyed pretty much all of my travels, but there was nothing I could call an "adventure". Even stuff like meeting a shark or getting lost in the French countryside isn't that exciting.

>> No.51729054

Isn't there a Leon and a Lyon?

>> No.51729208

There was this one time in Greece I accidentally walked into a mafia pub and had to pay 150 euros for a glass of Coca Cola.

>> No.51729351

I want this story.

>> No.51729460

I was robbed assaulted eight times, avoided another five, had a suposedly university teacher ask me how much to cumspray his ass literally five minutes after seeing him for the first time in my life when I was sixteen, and actually defended a woman from a dog almost two years ago.

Those weren't the scariest experiences in my life. I described my life experiences as 'anomalous' a couple times.

People of past RL adventuring threads may remember me.

>> No.51729486

I'm halfway through my masters in Control of infectious disease, I spent 3 months in Nicaragua last year and I'm planning my project on the Bijagos islands this summer.

I'm so close to becoming an adventurer I can taste it

>> No.51729540

>had a suposedly university teacher ask me how much to cumspray his ass literally five minutes after seeing him for the first time in my life when I was sixteen
Well, how much was it? Can't just start a story like that and not go somewhere with it.

>> No.51729766

Leon is in Spain

>> No.51729892

I'm the guy you replied to I'm not a burger though I'm Irish we do get taught about drugs in highschool but its mostly just what they're called and not to do any of them. You make a good point about the fact that its mostly young people using drugs the only reason I know about it is my dutch uncle was talking about how he was disgusted that such a show would exist

>> No.51729987

I spent a summer with my girlfriend at the time just roaming the country living out of my minivan. I worked doing freelance design work to pay the gas, she had money saved up from working during college because her parents paid her tuition.
We had a double mattress in the back and luggage in the middle row.
In the mornings we would run and exercise together, then fuck if we were in an isolated area (and sometimes when we werent). I kept a membership at planet fitness that let me use any location, so we'd just roll into any town with a planet fitness to shower.
We went from South carolina all the way to the west coast, and met so many people along the way.
We had drinks around a campfire with a party of rowdy bikers on a stretch of desolate highway.
We stayed with a nice couple in Washington after we helped them find their lost dog. They invited us to dinner and let us crash in their living room after we all had too much wine.
We learned how to cook some amazing camp food from some cross country backpackers we met in the Rockies.
We adopted a dog we found living in a national park, shaggy, skinny, and beat up. His name is Bruno and he lives with her parents now.
Then I had to finish school, and she had to chase her dreams. Now she's professional ballet dancer in Chicago and I'm a graphic designer for the athletic department of a southern university.
We turned out to be bad at long distance.
It's been about two years.
Some days I think about just selling everything that won't fit in my new car and moving to Chicago.
I miss her most in the mornings.

>> No.51730183

I've always felt like my kind of adventuring was about creating.

One of my greatest moment in my life was when I saw a missile I designed fly as planned.

>> No.51730334

That's some real shit. I pulled my hair out designing a 50 ft, 9 ft tall mural while I was finishing school and working. But it was worth it to see it done.

>> No.51730480

Afraid not, nothing worth talking about, anyways. I lead a pretty mellow life, all things considered.
>Greece: the cops will be upset with you if you report a crime

>> No.51730554

Scot here. You're right about the roads and the local authorities, not so much everything else.

>> No.51730670

My experience of France in general is completely different to my experience of Paris. Everyone else in France agrees that the Parisians are assholes and most of them will be happy to let you try and speak French with them, though they're less patient than people in other countries.

>> No.51730732

>high school trip to greece, have free time so sightseeing with 2 retarded friends
>engaged by an overly outgoing man who heard us talk serbo-croatian
>"greeks love serbs, imma get us free drinks" retard friend 1 exclaims and pretends to be serbian
>guy is happy, invites us to his pub
>turns out, pub is like 0.3 cubic feet
>full of cigarette smoke
>only 2 seats at the counter
>me and friend 2 seated there, friend 1 goes to a side room with a hooker
>2 other hookers stand next to me and friend 2
>"hey honey, buy me a drink?" she says, i see a knife strapped to her thigh as she puts her leg on my lap
>i buy her coca cola
>retard friend 2 buys his hooker a martini
>guys with not-so-concealed guns packed jam tight in this black hole of a room
>we're like fucking sardines
>they chat us up some more, trying to get us buy more drinks
>i decline, friend 2 buys himself some alcohol
>2 hours of suffering and mortal fear later
>tab is here
>150 euro for 1 coca cola
>friend 2 ended up paying almost 400 euro
>nvm, hes rich
>friend 1 leaves the private room, wont talk about what happened
>"come again" mobster guy says
>we leave
>friend 2 has shell-shocked expression
>he gives me and friend 1 50 euro each if we agree to never speak of this to anyone
>i decline

>> No.51730745

meant to reply to >>51729351, im retarded

>> No.51730817


hey, three beat cops yelled at 14 year old me and my 18 year old sister for being -in the lobby- while my parents were reporting our stolen passports in the captains room. when we tried to explain the situation, one yelled so loud that it got the captain to come out and instruct the other two guys to get asshole cop out of the building. when we asked why he got more upset, the captain explained that crimes targeting foreigners were on the rise and that it made the cops look incompetent.

this was in 1997.

>> No.51730873

Hey, I'm just glad I got the story. Sounds like a great night out on the town, honestly.

>> No.51730986

its fun in retrospect, but at the time i was legit terrified we were gonna get killed and dumped in the gutter

>> No.51731182

If you're from the south and you do the usual thing of smiling at people and saying 'good morning' when you pass them, they WILL think you're a murderer and going to stalk them to their houses. It's fun for awhile, but it gets old really fast.

>> No.51731254

One of my dreams in life is to get a shitload of money and drive around in a van with odd but useful gifts and basically be a helpful random encounter to vagrants and travelers.

>> No.51731336

Mah WIgger

>> No.51731534

I'm from the south and did that all over the country, but I've been repeatedly told I'm incredibly non-threatening. It's something about my eyes and demeanor. Which is funny, because I was a boxer for a long time and nothing makes me happier than a good scrap.

>> No.51731616

>If you're from the south and you do the usual thing of smiling at people and saying 'good morning' when you pass them
We do that in Ohio, and I'm sure the smaller states in New England have the same thing going on. It sounds like you just live in a shitty state

>> No.51731786

>I decline
You're a goddamn hero anon, never forget that

>> No.51731807

Ohiofag here, I've never done that or heard of anyone doing that.
Then again I live pretty close to Cleveland, maybe it's more common in the rural areas.

>> No.51731826

>Then again I live pretty close to Cleveland, maybe it's more common in the rural areas.
I can't remember when I used to live in Cleveland, but I moved out to Painesville, and everyone does it here. Maybe its just a city thing

>> No.51731857

I went to BCIT in Burnaby BC from 2009-2011. After my first year one of my teachers retired, his name is Brian Antonson. Him and his brother both retired and last I heard they were searching for the legendary "Slumachs Gold".


there's a wiki link that will explain the legend for those of you that haven't heard of it. Several people have died looking for this gold, as it is said to be in a very treacherous part of the BC wild.

>ywn be a successful teacher that retires to spend his last days in search of legendary wealth with his brother

>> No.51731929

No real adventures, but my 7eleven nightshift at times feels like being an NPC in a WoD campaign. Had at least one of the local pushers offering his gun in insurance if he could borrow the equivalent of 150 dollars, a crazy woman who'd hang out at the store for up to 20 hours sometimes, talk to herself, talk about the man with the white whom according to her was a psycho and an asshole and she would leave cryptic notes about people passing by the window, indian canadian homeless guy (in denmark) having walked from the netherlands, claiming to have lived for 500 years, expecting to live another 500 unless he could find a good place to die, had lost/given away 14 billion in mexico, "they" had hurt him but he would have the last laugh, "they" thought that "it" would happen in 2020, but he knew it wouldn't until 2030, something bogdanoff pasta tier about secret databases and star constallations, he also talked about hacing hurt his head, complete crazy talk but he had a constant air about gim like it was true on some level, gave gim my lunch. Also had a half serb half muslim whose body was covered in scars from bullet wounds, fire and explosions, a crazy woman who carfied out some weird cappucino blood ritual by the cooler machines, treated at least two knife wounds to hands, wrestled a number of junkies, spend 15 minutes watcji g a cokehead try to put his pants back on, customers frequently have blood all over tgeir faces, and a bunch of other shit i can't remember.

>> No.51731952

Just make sure you've always got a plan to get yourself out of any situation you get yourself into, potentially with a broken leg or worse.

>Attention Possible Visitors. S.O.S. I need your help. I am injured, near death, and too weak to hike out. I am all alone, this is no joke. In the name of God, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries close by and shall return this evening. Thank you, Chris McCandless. August?

>> No.51731991

>Greece: the cops will be upset with you if you report a crime. also, WATCH YOUR WALLET AND STORE YOUR PASSPORT IN A SAFE. your life might depend on it.
Same goes for southern/central Italy.

Except there, the crime was probably committed by the police themselves, and they'll make fun of you if you try to report it after joking among themselves in Italian.

>> No.51732005

I've always tried to explain to other burgerlanders that you can't judge the French solely by Parisians, it's like the Boston of Europe, and most people from Boston suck.

>> No.51732019

So for my college graduation present I was lucky enough to get a trip to Mexico to go on a while shark tour run by my uncle Greg.

Uncle Greg deserves a paragraph of his own, since he the closest thing to our definition of an "adventurer" I know. He runs wildlife photography tours in South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, and the Canadian Arctic. He's fucking awesome, and goes out of his way to take photos of me in the scariest possible situations just to scare my mom.

So anyways, here I am, in Isla Mujeres, off the coast of Cancun, and the boat finally comes to a stop near a school of about 100 while sharks, just chilling right under the surface of the water, slurping up millions of fish eggs. My first though is "FUCK THAT THING IS BIG", as I briefly contemplate how much my parents must have paid to get me potentially eaten by what can only be described as a sea monster.

So I get in the water, and these things are wonderful. Imagine a cow, exact it's covered in scales, and underwater, and looks nothing like a cow. That's a whale shark for ya. They love to be petted and have the cutest little eyes.

So as I'm swimming over one a thought strikes me. "I could grab that final and go for a ride". So I dive on down and grab it, and soon as I do it surfaces, and I find myself lying on the back of a forty foot long fish as it cruises along. I swing my legs down, sit up on its back, and pull of my mask, gazing around at the schools of immense fish swirling around me. At that moment I realize that I am in fact, RIDING ON A FUCKING SEA MONSTER, and I will probably never do anything that cool ever again.

And you know what? If that is the coolest thing I ever do? I'm cool with that, because that's an experience that only people in fantasy novels get to have. And me.

>> No.51732805

Could be. When you're surrounded by people you can't greet each of them, so you greet none of them.

>> No.51733315


Yeah I really want to hear more about the cumspray thing

>> No.51734375

Columbusfag and we do that sometimes. Depends on the person, but I generally am pretty cheery and like to say hi to folk. Used to live out in the sticks though, so maybe that adjusts things a bit.

>> No.51734393

I always compared it to New York previously, but I like your phrasing of Boston better.

Countryside Frogs are pretty chill, if conservative. ie, I'm friendly, but keeping my eye on you.

Then again, maybe I just look like a serial rapist. ymmv.

>> No.51734394

Ok, that's pretty fucking sweet man. Getting to ride a legit sea monster sounds fucking amazing.

>> No.51735347

>France: for the love of god, don't try and speak French to them. you'll be offending their delicate sensibilities, and then you're just screwed.

France is not Paris. I'm sorry you only met assholes, there are much more welcoming people. Try Elsass or Britanny next time you travel to France.
(it's a dumb generalization though, you can get lucky or unlucky anywhere)

Actually even assholes usually appreciate that you speak French to them, especially as most older French people don't speak a single word of English.

>> No.51735852

>Try Elsass or Britanny
So rather than associating with the French, we should go to French-speaking Germans and Britons?

>> No.51736555

As a Canadian, I can say that I don't hate my country, but does have issues.

>> No.51736960


Oh man how devastated would you be if she found someone else after all this time

Better decide as soon as you can.

>> No.51737738

>implying they didn't run away somewhere
At most you can fight thugs, but since they aren't wanted, you will get in trouble as attacker.

>> No.51737782

>Don't even think of hitting on the schoolgirls.

>> No.51737873

>tfw despite boar infestation around your place (Europe, so they're the nastier type) you cannot hunt the fuckers and official hunter have no ammo or someshit and won't even pay for damages made by boars they were supposed to cull.


>> No.51737984

>A proper quilted gambeson, tall leather riding boots, panzerhosen (quilted hosen). Pic related. Same padding I use for steel and baton combat.
So no actual metal armor? It seems easy to pierce.

>> No.51738047

>>friend 1 leaves the private room, wont talk about what happened

>> No.51738190

I go hunting once or twice a year with my grandfather on his land near Algonquin Park.

We're Anishinaabe so as part of the process we burn herbs and offer a prayer for a good hunt, ask the spirits for guidance, maybe set up a sweat lodge and hold a ceremony if we have the time. It becomes a more spiritual experience than a recreational one.

My grandfather's eyesight is going so he uses a rifle with a scope, I use a crossbow but I'm not much good with it. I'd use my longbow if I were sure it would get the job done quickly. We do what we can to make sure nobody goes through any unnecessary pain, prey included. I'm definitely planning to get my own rifle at some point.

My grandfather doesn't have a fridge or anything where he lives so we leave anything we can't use right away to the other animals. Foxes and such like deer entrails more than we do. Nothing goes to waste. The skins make drums and bags, sometimes regalia, and we use the horns and bones to make tool handles or arrowheads. We even use the brain to tan hides.

Neither of us can move like we used to, with my injuries and his age kicking our asses, so I guess we multiclassed from rangers into shamans.

>> No.51739699

Please tell me you're going to write "Wares 4 Coin" or something like that on the side?

>> No.51740231

You can't even deal with them on your property?

>Europe, so they're the nastier type
Ours are descendant from imported German boar

>It seems easy to pierce.
You are obviously unfamiliar with textile defenses. Mine is made of proper materials and at a proper thickness. It'll stop sword cuts and arrows. Remember: Quilted textile armour is the oldest, and longest used armour type for a reason.


>> No.51740323

>Neither of us can move like we used to, with my injuries and his age kicking our asses, so I guess we multiclassed from rangers into shamans.
What injuries and how did you get them?

>> No.51740344

I'm Makwa, damned if I know what the little details are. I don't think the Algonquin park folk fall under Mi'kmaq, but I'm not going to pretend to know the politics. I've lived off-res since I was very young. Honestly I wish I lived closer. There's a lot I don't know and it bothers me that I can't get consistent information from where I live.

Hit and run car accident a couple years ago. I'd rather not talk about it unless it's necessary.

>> No.51740535

You're going to annoy Elsass people (what's the word in engrish?) a lot if you tell them they're German.

>> No.51740626

What if I live in Europe?

>> No.51740656

Then you're boned.

>> No.51740689

Hunt them anyway, wear a mask.

>> No.51740870

While my trips to other countries are mostly uneventful, the weekly railway trips from/to Uni were something else. I swear, my country's railway network passes trough the fucking Bermudian triangle or something. Almost every week for 4 years something went wrong on the damn line. The happenings include, but are not limited to:
> People constantly transporting all kinds of weird animals (live pigs in a bag, 4 dogs at once, extremely rare and screaming birds, etc.)
> Watching a stoner rasta opening a door from inside the moving with 100km/h train and hanging outside for some time without killing himself or losing his slippers.
> Being married by a drunken priest to a random chick sitting next to me. She turned out to be from my city and after we arrived she tried to take me to her place. At the same time my gf was waiting for me at the station.
> Ridingwith a literal female Orc
> Riding with one foot on one railcar and the second foot on another railcar, because there was just not enough room for everybody.
> The train encountering 3 different disasters and being 24 hours late.
> Listening a family of diseased gypsies arguing with everyone.
> Sharing my loneliest moments on a train station with a cat that was long overdue for his death.
> There's always some weird fucker trying to persuade me to his faith or something.
I swear I'm never riding a train ever again.

>> No.51740936

Do they not give out information on wanted criminals in Europe?

>> No.51740989

Reminds me of my time working nights in a run-down Tim Hortons up north. Lots of characters doing lots of weird shit. I love talking to crazy people.

I'm gonna miss that schizophrenic guy. He's probably still ranting to the staff about the people in the fog and PSI suppressants.

>> No.51741013


I'll keep that in mind if I ever have the opportunity of going back.

>> No.51741076

it's Aomori. if you're there, you're there for a reason, and they all know it, so they treat you right.

>> No.51741177


Los Angeles is a shithole and the rest of California hates that cesspool and everyone in it. Go to San Diego or Santa Cruz instead.

>> No.51741184

For the love of all that is good, don't

It's utter shit

>> No.51741212

Yeah, I didn't like LA much. Good food, that's about it though. Weather sucked, traffic sucked, company sucked, it was just terrible.

>> No.51741283

The best train story I've got is the ones about the hardships of using the U-bahn in Berlin, and they're nothing special.

>> No.51741602

I agree. Been there, hated it, never going there again.
San Francisco was better, but I was handicapped by working from a mental map of the place hashed out in Midtown Madness 2.
I found /b/ protesting scientology, befriended the hobo outside the hostel I was staying in, hammered the fuck out of my feet, found an insanely popular italian-american place that was 90% likely to be a mafia front (but the spaghetti was delicious), and discovered the american interpretation of fish and chips.
I'l take the english seaside any day, frankly.

>> No.51741690

>and discovered the american interpretation of fish and chips.
What's that, the same just a lot more?

>> No.51741713

Nooo. The one in San Francisco was actually a much smaller portion. A few large sticks of battered cod, and curly fries rather than big chunky chips.
Considering the place was right by a wharf with fishing boats tied up there, I expected better. Whitby has spoiled me on fish and chips.

>> No.51741890


>NoDaks in my thread

As a Montana boy, you hicks can keep your Badlands, I'VE got mountains and Makoshika.

>> No.51742035

>Now she's professional ballet dancer in Chicago and I'm a graphic designer for the athletic department of a southern university.
We turned out to be bad at long distance.
It's been about two years.
>Some days I think about just selling everything that won't fit in my new car and moving to Chicago.

you need to grab her while you can mate, because she's not got to be yours for much longer.

>> No.51742086

>> No.51742392

Ok, as that fag driving through North Dakota, let me just say that Montana was *fucking awesome*. I really enjoyed Montana and look forward to going back.

>> No.51743162

Clown and Boar hunter?
Fuck man, you are awesome

>> No.51743320

man that brings back memories of going to Whitby with my family as a child, damn that fish and chips was great!

>> No.51743749

>all these anons that had amazing adventures
>here I am, a penniless engineering student, 18 and hollow of experience

I have no life but must continue living.

>> No.51743843

Come on up to the Hi-Line! There's a different craft beer in very town (stay awaaaay from the Fort Peck Rez, though, unless you like dangerous adventuring and/or meth).

>> No.51743862

Dude, I spent 7 years in undergrad having adventures, jumping off roofs, and doing terribly stupid things. There's something to be said for a quiet existence for awhile. You've got a long life for adventure, enjoy the quiet for now and adventure later once you have a degree. Get the degree then go adventure for a few years and then return to the degree and whatnot.

>> No.51743876

The Hi-Line? Do you speak english for those of us who don't speak Montana? Also, what's wrong with the Fort Peck reservation? Just drug issues?

>> No.51743899

If it makes you feel any better, I'm jobless and will probably continue to be so, 19 and only just starting university studying for a degree nobody will want.

Could be worse.

>> No.51743941

>Get the degree then go adventure for a few years and then return to the degree and whatnot.
But what if all hope of adventure has been lost by the time he/I'm done with that?

>> No.51744061

There is a lot of life to adventure in and lots of adventuring to be done. It'll be there when you've got your degree.

>> No.51744162

Don't know about that, the way the world's going.

Hah, actually there might be too much adventure by the time I'm finished, at this rate.

Considering just ditching the degree, honestly. The teaching isn't really working for me and I'm increasingly losing hope that the degree will be of any use to me whatsoever. I think the only thing keeping me in is that I've already got the debts and I'll have to get some lousy job working in a supermarket or something if I don't have uni as an excuse anymore.

>> No.51744302

Hey anon, thanks for impersonating me and asking my question. I'm not in the same situation as you though.
I'm pursuing my dream career desu, and I greatly look forward to finishing my degree, but you did put words to my fears. I am scared that won't be able to see the world once I get tied down with a job.
Hey anon, do you know if there are many opportunities for Aerospace Engineers/NASA/SpaceX employees to travel the world? Gosh I hope so.

>> No.51744343

Sorry, don't know much about your field. Look up Elon musk though, he might be able to give you a hand, he can probably use the talents too.

>> No.51744402


A friend of mine wanted to hunt wild hogs with a spear in Kisatchee but the game warden told him it was illegal in louisiana. How do you get around that? My brother has some on his land that need to be shot but I don't really fancy pork that's been fed on acorns and roadkill myself. I'll definitely look into donating the carcasses

>> No.51744477


They both have rather optimistic timelines about manned mars missions, no?

>> No.51744589

Gropey you fucking hunt too?!

Is there nothing you can't do?

>> No.51744649

>tfw i like LA

>> No.51744668

>a good thing
They must do a really good job of hiding our social problems from tourists

>> No.51744681

>Fuck Missouri.

Fuck you too.

>> No.51744780

The Hi-Line is a large collection of towns, in the northeastern corner of the state, running parallel a ways south of the Canadian border. A series of whistle-stop railroad towns, most all named after more famous European towns: Havre (le Havre) Glasgow, (much like the one in Scotland, full of drunks and rough men, only with less kilts and more cowboy hats) and suchlike.

Havre is really interesting, because it has an underground city, used first by Chinese rail workers and then by Prohibition speakeasies: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brian-dambrosio/havre-beneath-the-streets_b_4263975.html

>> No.51744828

go to /k/, and go find one of their innawoods challenges to do.
the forests get pretty cheeki breeki after dark

>> No.51744873


>> No.51744950

As to the Fort Peck Reservation…

That place is deadly. I grew up in Poplar, where the common joke used to be that the Indian Wars never ended. When I was a kid, Poplar had, or three years straight, a higher per capita murder rate than either Chicago or LA.

I, at five years old, got quite comfortable with carrying a knife on the way to get groceries. The drugstore/convenience store was down the street. There was only one, to serve the whole town, and Bob, the owner, was a member of my church. He told me to absolutely never carry cash without also being armed.

I got jumped and robbed three times one summer.

>> No.51745225

D'aww. Thanks.

You can on private land, but spears are not legally considered valid hunting tools in the state. There has been lobby for years about getting that changed, but its slow going. On the bright side, the pigs don't get big enough to warrant spears, and sword/knife and black powder is a non-issue.

Pic related. 18thC historic hunting is a big deal in LA.

Computers. I cannot into computers.

>> No.51746716

Figured this be the best place to ask this question, other than >>>/out/

I've been enamoured with traveling by foot across the USA. I live in NY state, with family north of Portland. Traveling at a minimum of 20 miles a day it would take the better part of a year to cross. Any advice?

>> No.51747044

Why not start small and go the Appalachian trail

>> No.51747154

I wouldn't call that starting small. Appalachian trail has some pretty demanding parts to it.

>> No.51747164

>Australia: everything, from the wildlife, to the ground you walk on, to the water at the beach, to the trees you see, probably has the potential to kill you. read up on EVERYTHING.
Kek, fucking foreigners. Just don't touch the usual snakes, spiders or octopi. If you don't want to read up on the bad ones, don't touch jellyfish either. Abbos are our black people, so take that as you will.

>France: for the love of god, don't try and speak French to them. you'll be offending their delicate sensibilities, and then you're just screwed.
Can confirm that Paris a shit. For the love of god, go anywhere else.

>> No.51747700

what if you're a darkie? asking for a friend.

>> No.51747907

Maybe go Pacific Crest Trail?

>> No.51748083

nobody gives a shit if you don't act like an idiot. England's pretty chill about race as long as you're not obviously muslim/gypsy. Even then it's split abou 50/50 between people who care or not

>> No.51748641

Got tattooed in Mexico in Cancun. Like, down by the central bus station. Hung out and smoked with the tattoo artist and his apprentice while a bunch of gang bangers were there to get work done and chill.

I mean. We just kind of talked, them about life in Mexico and me about Canada. A couple of them got jumped by the Cops a couple days ago and were roughed up.

Went for coffee a gonna more cigarettes at one guys house. Picked up groceries on the way and paid for them, like a gonna ton of stuff and his sister and mom cooked it all. Did blow with him agonndnd his sister after and just talked all night long until I grabbed a taxi in the morning back to an affiliated resort and shuttle bussed it from there.

I have like no danger sense, but I'm a big guy and people seem to like me.

>> No.51748850

Spent years doing legal surveying in Northern Canada also. BC, Alberta, SK, NWT before they split.

I've built bridges out of trees to cross with sleds, been charged by Moose, stalked by black and grizzly bears, stared down a wolf, seen the northern lights, built lean-to's and packed them with snow when the chopper couldn't fly because it was too cold.

It all just kind of blurs into one though because you're up there so much (21 on 5 off). Like after the firfirst week you don't feel bored or tired because you're doing so much during the day that work just gets super interesting.

Pretty much driving quads and sleds and slashing sight lines etc.

Trapped and semi-tamed a coyote (Environment guys hated that, we actually got in a LOT OF shit). Trained Ravens to do tricks for food. Scary tough birds. -40 doesn't bother them. They also seemed a lot bigger up north.

I swam a muskeg swamp with cigarettes and clothes in one hand held high and dry. Like ten minutes of swimming.

IDK. Does mountain hiking count? Shot a cougar with a bear banger in Waterton. Fed a Blackbear hotdogs until we could get into the lake there too. Go off season and it's insane. Threw the dogs and it lumbered after them like a big pup. Skinny young adult, hopefully we didn't mess it up but it wouldn't fuck off and kept following us.

>> No.51750114

Certainly less demanding than a trek across the continental US, coast to coast

>> No.51750373

>Everyone else in France agrees that the Parisians are assholes
That's what people in all countries say about people from the capital. Or just people from the nearest big city.

>> No.51750427

You're going to annoy Frencies a whole lot in general if you remind them that the guy who founded their country was German.

>> No.51750929

As a french frog I can confirm that Paris is shit,it's dirty,and cramped, don't know much about Parisian as I never talk to them during my stay there. The only worthwile thing other there is the Louvre

>> No.51752438

Biased because it's my own country, but Scotland has held many an adventure for me. Done a hiking trail called the West Highland Way over a week, shit's beautiful at the height of summer.

Met some of the coolest people along the way, sleeping rough and sharing booze and meeting in pubs at the rest stops.

Favourite memory is probably spending an entire day hiking uphill through forest and finally reaching the top where the trees fall away and you're a few dozen miles from Ben Nevis, tallest mountain in Scotland, and you can see all the way back you came. Most silent, peaceful moment I've ever had. No insects, no wind, no noise. Absolute peace.

Can also second music festival being self contained adventures. Last one I went to I ended up in a rainbow poncho and wizard hat wandering a literal enchanted forest filled with cool lightshows and water features and it was the tightest shit.

>> No.51752564

Like rituals and shit?

>> No.51755120

But you're scottish and probably don't know what decent infrastructure is.
And the locals aren't dicks to you because you're one of them.

That's the height of impoliteness in britain. You do NOT engage strangers in potential conversation unless you have a damn good reason to.
Mainly because politeness dictates that you politely disengage from the crazy foreigner with an excuse, instead of doing what you want to do and telling them to fuck off.

Multiculturalism means lots of takeaways, and brown girls to hit on.
The problem is muslims expecting that they can impose their laws on white people.

>> No.51755151

Wouldn't know; I'm white as fucking snow. England's not racist, but old people might be.
Personally, I don't give a fuck about skin colour. If I stopped talking to brown/black people, that'd leave two or three people to talk to at work because immigration and racial mixing.

>Last one I went to I ended up in a rainbow poncho and wizard hat wandering a literal enchanted forest filled with cool lightshows and water features
You weren't at Download last year, were you?

>> No.51756464

No we just call them Parisians, it is a synonym.

>> No.51757813

>Multiculturalism means lots of takeaways, and brown girls to hit on.
>The problem is muslims expecting that they can impose their laws on white people.
Speaking as a Brit, the only time I've ever seen evidence of Muslims imposing their laws on people was when I saw a sign in a cafe saying that the meat there complied with Sharia law.

And that was like three years ago. Since then it's just been cute brown girls in headscarves that I've seen of it.

>> No.51758085

The issue is the vocal minority of fundamentalists who are all over the 'death to infidels' nonsense.

I work right next to a mosque, no issues whatsoever except for /pol/tards putting bacon on the door handles once.

Otherwise, multiculturalism is kebabs served by a polish guy, nepalese people everywhere at work, a choice between indian or chinese or kebabs for takeaway night, and knowing how to swear in half a dozen languages. Because that's what you teach people while trying to learn english, apparently.

>> No.51758292

Don't forget all the cute girls. And, honestly, just the being able to swear in loads of different languages would be enough for me.

I'll do anything to try and ditch this estuary accent that private school gave me.

>> No.51758316


Well, when I was 19 I said fuck life and booked a three-week trip to Thailand, no hotel in advance, no plans. Came home a man (by which I mean I had sex).

>> No.51758340


Oh, in Sweden multiculturalism means rampant rape, women are basically now scared to be out alone after dark, and just a general increase in crime and violence all over (the schools and bathhouses are hit especially hard).

>> No.51758464

>I'll do anything to try and ditch this estuary accent that private school gave me.
Private school gave you a shitty accent?
Jesus fuck. I went to regular schools, and ended up talking like a chav for free.
Although I'm getting more yorkshire as I get older, thanks to my mother's thick yorkshire accent.

Because you're too pussified to force them to accept your culture, and don't have an empire to use old connections from.

>> No.51758556

>Private school gave you a shitty accent?
>Jesus fuck. I went to regular schools, and ended up talking like a chav for free.
Well I don't know, there are worse accents to have in this part of the world, but where I'm from has one of the most distinctive accents in all the UK.

So not having it makes me stick out. Which I don't like.

>Oh, in Sweden etc
I had a friend who was a Swede and he never said it was that bad. Sure there was a lot more people around, but he never talked about loads of people getting raped or whatever.

>> No.51758632

See you in jail.

Vagrancy is illegal everywhere worth going, and so is hitching rides, sleeping outdoors, and looking like a hippie.

If none of that scares you off: get a job aboard a ship. You'll get paid virtually nothing, probably have to learn Tagalog, and spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to entertain yourself, but you'll probably see some really interesting places on port call.

Better yet, become a paid hand on a sailing vessel.

>> No.51758654

Since when was vagrancy illegal?

>> No.51758696


Most Swedes either don't know or don't care. Our media is heavily censored and you've got to go out of your way (or be unlucky enough to experience it) to know what's really going on. It is also heavily dependent on where you live, in Malmö it is an absolute disaster, Gothenburg and Stockholm are bad as well. Many minor areas are not affected very much, it's a very small minority that will be gauche enough to say anything about this other than anonymously.

>> No.51758722

So is that stuff true or isn't it?

>> No.51758728

I'm a Swede, and the only rapes I've personally heard about occurred before the mass immigration.

Some statistics will show you that rape cases in Sweden spiked a while back, but that's because we changed our laws to consolidate a bunch of different crimes into rape. In general, we're very generous with rape verdicts, and we count everything separately - a case of domestic rape will most likely add several dozen rapes to the total statistics.

>> No.51758752

I spent a lot of years in the military. But before that I spent a lot of years in third world countries trying to do good deeds (which is why I ended up in the military -- karmic demands).

Most of my good stories are about how I got sick and nearly died in places but locals are fucking awesome and helped me recover. (Excellent side effect: nearly immune to puny first world bacteria and viruses now.)

A few are about doing tremendously stupid things like carrying enough beer up Kilimanjaro to drink beer the entire ascent. (I do not recommend this, to be clear, as a recovering alcoholic and as someone who knows what it is to vomit in an oxygen thin environment.)

I met some really, really cool people who I wish I was still in touch with. I also met some incredibly awful people who I wish I was still in touch with.

I was a mercenary for a bit.

I guess I'm technically still a mercenary but now I wear a suit.

I hate it and desperately want to quit and go to film school.

>> No.51758808


the Aboriginals I met while in Sydney and Brisbane were nicer than most other people there. they were at least nice enough to talk about the history of the land when asked. even our tour guides were all "we're here now, the past doesn't matter".

your country has firespouts, sinkholes and spontaneous silent exploding tree limbs. I felt "beware of the wildlife" didn't quite cut it.

>> No.51758827

champagne trick. got me in paris, went back and poured lighter fluid under their door a couple days later in the early morning but i saw cops so decided to leave without igniting it.

>> No.51758838

>But before that I spent a lot of years in third world countries trying to do good deeds
Did you succeed?

>> No.51758853


well, there was no marching or protests while we were there. local media didn't report anything going on.

>> No.51758900


there's a reason sane people avoid that town.

>> No.51758913


I have gotten extremely racist over the years, but I'll try to rein in my hate and be objective about this.

Our country has for a very long time elected almost exclusively the socialist party. They are naturally leftist and believe everyone to be equal 100%, blank slate (at least that's the policy we are taught in school). For one reason or another the government have decided to import a crazy amount of refugees, it got really crazy in recent years when we've taken in hundreds of thousands of muslims (arabs and african, and remember that our country was only at around 9 million people when this started to get out of hand). Their culture, values, mindset (if you ask me I will also bring in genetics and IQ, but I wont mention it more than this to not start a flame-war) is very different from ours, to put it lightly.

It is an undeniable fact that our violent-crime and violent-rape levels have risen dramatically, and about 70% of the refugees/immigrants seem to be unemployable and instead live on our generous welfare (I hate them, but I don't blame them. They completely lack the skills, education and possibly even capability to be employed here as anything more than a cleaner, and we give them free money if they don't work). This taxes our society heavily. It has gone from a very calm, even boring, society, to a heavily fractured society (Swedes and foreigners generally don't live in the same areas) where people throw grenades at each other and police helicopters circle around the ghettos.

tldr. Swedens politicians have handled immigration in a grossly incompetent way and everybody suffers for it, immigrant and Swede alike. If it ever gets fixed it either wont be pretty, or be after my lifetime.

>> No.51758929

sounds like you never found the fish and chips truck run by some Brit ExPats about three blocks off the wharf.

>> No.51758941

A while, at least in AA+McMurderiKKKa
Cops sometimes round up homeless people into buses and leave 'em out in the desert

>> No.51758955

Have to make sure to go there last, then.

>> No.51758987

Likely. It was back in 2008, though, and I was looking for local culture rather than being homesick anyway.

>> No.51759005


You listen to the media, don't. Haven't you noticed that every possible negative thing about immigration is desperately explained away with things such as that thing that you mentioned, and that all means to verify it is impossible because suddenly statistics on those matters are illegal to collect (when they weren't before).

>> No.51759021


ah, yeah our fish and chips were shite then. the quality has improved since then, and not just British food.

but beware the techie drones.

>> No.51759040

Well, thank you for trying to be objective.

I think I'll cling to hope a while longer.

>> No.51759079

I'm not going back to America, though. Too expensive to visit, too long cooped up in a plane.
Plus, the people are rude, the culture is rotten, the food is terrible and I always feel like I'm going to be arrested and shot for being foreign.

>> No.51759099


It's still a nice place to visit if you stay away from the major cities, especially if you go up north where the nature is vast and population sparse.

>> No.51759104


so...the U.K. but louder?

>> No.51759136

Jeez dude, if you are that young, just up and pack. Young people can do that, right? They're almost expected to

>> No.51759173

Not anymore, it would seem. Besides, I wouldn't know the first thing about actually trying to survive on my own, even if there was somewhere I wanted to go.

>> No.51759201

On one hand, you're still by far young enough to go be adventurous. On the other artsdegree. Fucked before you started.

>> No.51759223

>Fucked before you started.
Don't remind me. Still don't think there was anything else I could've chosen, though.

Writing is the only thing I seem to be any good at.

>> No.51759264

I like britain, though. America's too loud and bright and hot and rude, and everyone gets in your business when you're just trying to exist in peace. And if you stand around to look at something you're 'loitering', which is apparently a crime.
Any culture that declares crossing the street when and where I want to be a crime is not a culture I want to spend money in.

>> No.51759270

Don't all countries have issues, just some are worse then others.

>> No.51759297

I went outside once. I fell into a thorn bush. Wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.51759408


can't do anything about the noise. we've got six times the U.K.s population, so its gonna be loud. can't do anything about the weather, either.

rudeness is a problem at least some of us are working on, at least on the west coast. back east, I don't think they give a damn.

getting up in your business just means they want to hear your opinion on things. there's an inherent belief that you can't be 100% neutral on practically anything.

loitering is a holdover from the prohibition era, when people were lookouts for against the cops during the underground booze operations. its funny, because in at least some of the major cities, the cops were in on it. it should really be repealed.

out of curiosity, what were you looking at when you were supposedly loitering?

>> No.51759460

The left wing media is full of shit, just like the right wing. I live in an immigrant ghetto (rents are low), and nobody has been anything but nice to me. I've never seen any fights or anything. Violence happens, sure, and I'll even grant you that the immigrants are starting a disproportionate amount of it, but Flashback and that side of the news spectrum are trying to make it sound it's become some sort of epidemic.

The immigration is being handled extremely poorly, though, there's no doubt about that. All this "rape capital of the world" bullshit is just that, though - bullshit.

And being "unemployable" today in Sweden isn't exactly hard. Unless you know somebody, or you get in through some kind of program for literal retards, you're basically shit out of luck for getting any job that doesn't require a degree. There's an entire fucking industry of companies that exist specifically to "hire" people for a trial period, so they can collect all the free government money from hiring long-term unemployed people, then get rid of them once the money dries up. It's an absolute circus.

We've got more welfare money going to businesses than citizens right now.

>> No.51759755


I live in an immigrant ghetto as well, and I agree that everyone is nice, but that does not mean anything. Nobody is arguing that immigrants are all evil, the argument is that this level of immigration is making society shittier due to a myriad of factors (one factor being that, on average, the immigrants are less skilled, less intelligent and more violent/criminal than Swedes). I'd bet one ball that we would not have all these problems if all the immigrants were E/SE-asians.

>> No.51759826

Say I did want to drop everything and just go wandering.

What would I need to know beforehand to give myself the best chance of not dying?

>> No.51759897


at the very least: where to get fresh water that you can actually drink, how to read signs in the local languages, where to exchange money, what social customs are likely to get you arrested or not, rates of crimes against (whatever you are) in the area you intend to stay at/travel through.

>> No.51759968


Where would be the best places to go, considering the state of the world right now?

>> No.51759972

>out of curiosity, what were you looking at when you were supposedly loitering?

I don't even remember. Last time I went was nearly a decade ago.
There's also the fact that walking anywhere is practically outlawed.
And people there have the most fucktarded ridiculous accents imaginable, don't pronounce things right, get uppity when you correct them or ask them to hurry the fuck up, and get even more pissed off when you question the stupid shit they do.
At least in britain, people leave me the fuck alone when I'm wandering, unless they're doing customer service.
And it's impossible to get really homesick in the UK. All I have to do is find a common supermarket, and it's suddenly a familiar environment because I work in one and they're all the fucking same. Just switch out accents and the immigrant waves.
Globalisation and capitalism are awesome at that. I can get chocolate milk, water that won't give me the shits, and cheap sausage rolls all over the country. Fucking godsend at festivals too, because there's also free use of clean indoor plumbing.
Until you've lived in a tent for a week, you have no idea how much of a luxury a proper toilet is.

>> No.51760001


Bhutan. Canada. Iceland. Mongolia. Japan.

>> No.51760074

Indonesia seems like a nice place, and it doesn't seem too likely that a war will start there any time soon, what about that?

>> No.51760191


while trying to find an article on the recent Abdication of a royal family member, I found this.


If you do go, pick your islands ahead of time. that country is HUGE.

>> No.51760285

Maybe I could drop in on that friend of mine. Give him a fright.

Though I'd probably end up being shot by his sister or something.

>> No.51760290


and i was remembering the wrong country and fact. it was the Malaysian prince who converted.

>> No.51760417

>And people there have the most fucktarded ridiculous accents imaginable

As a fellow Brit, we really don't have room to judge on this account. Britain has some of the silliest accents in the western world.

>> No.51760479

Do it. Sounds like you have plenty of experience and connections to draw inspiration from. Be it docu or fiction

>> No.51760572

If you're creative enough to write well, you're creative enough for everything else.

>> No.51760595

You can always go fight with Islamists.
Or against them. Your call.

>> No.51760625

Am I, though? How do I know?

Besides, I don't think creativity is much use to me anymore.

>> No.51760671

Immigrants aren't dumber. They have degrees like us, but they aren't accepted here, so they can only get jobs that have no requirements. Met a guy with a degree equivalent to a masters in agriculture that used to work for the government. Now he works in the storage of a warehouse. He used to have a villa, but now he lives in a two-room appartement with his 3 child family. And then there's people saying you are a degenerate or just simply stupid. I'd be angry too. I know this is just one example, but its just as outrageous as judging the entire immigrant population like idiots.

>> No.51760708

>Immigrants aren't dumber.

In theory. A lot of the ones coming from the Middle East are okay. But there's a huge number of uneducated, barely-literate peasants flooding up from Africa at the moment. They're the ones we need to be turning away before they get within a sight of Europe's borders.

>> No.51760744

Creativity can get you real far if you use it well. I studied animation, but couldnt draw, only write and fresh out of college i got to animate for the opera, make animations for culturecenters, but also write articles on pop-culture and do graphic designs. Writing can be used in film, news, graphic design, fiction, non-fiction... you just got to find where you're needed.

>> No.51760795

Okay, I can see that. They're also economic immigrants and not really the immigrants people are so in uproar over. And lack of education doesn't make you dumb, just uneducated

>> No.51760834

I have a job, a car bill, rent,etc. If I go traveling I'll definitely lose my job, is there any hope for me to travel lads?

>> No.51760926

>you just got to find where you're needed.
Is there not loads of competition, though?

I mean, practically everyone can write now, it's not like it's a rare skill.

>> No.51760988

As someone with a degree in writing, no, not everyone can write. Writing well is a skill and a rare one at that. I have access to one of the largest consulting firms in the world's emails and holy SHIT what people pass off as acceptable writing is abysmal.

>> No.51761009

Just do it. Lose the job. There are other jobs in the world, man, don't sweat it. Save up a bunch of money, pay your bills for a few months in advance, quit your job with polite advance notice, and hit the road for awhile. If you let the rules hold you back you'll never get where you want to be.

>> No.51761063

Don't people get vacation where you live?

>> No.51761085

>Writing well is a skill and a rare one at that.
How can you tell if you have it? That's the thing I keep coming back to, and it's probably just my self-doubt talking.

>> No.51761130

Probably when people are willing to pay to read/listen to your writing

>> No.51761139

By asking others and putting work out there for validation. Find professionals and get them to review your work. Submit to journals, which are basically paid to look at people's work and see if it's worth anything or not.

Truly great writing can provoke an emotional response with mere words. It is subtle, powerful, terrifying, and charming. There are very few truly great writers out there and you sorta only know if you're one because another will notice you. I'm not in the club and honestly I doubt you are either. It's a skill, one of the oldest skills, and truly difficult to master. Keep working on it though anon, there's always room for more great writers.

>> No.51761154

Can't speak for anon, but in America, for most people under 35, the concept of a vacation is pretty dead.

>> No.51761181

I have 40 hours and 3ptos only been working there half a year. But I live several states away from my family so I kinda have to use em for holidays. Plus if I go for it I would wanna be gone for more than 40 hours.

>> No.51761189

Hm. I'll try to keep that in mind.

Thanks anon.

>> No.51761217

Europoor here, it depends on the job, you get some vacation days legally but whether you can take them as two or three consecutive weeks or 1 day a week over the course of couple months is up to your employer / what you signed in the contract.

>> No.51761435


speak for yourself. the company says i have x amount of days off, i am taking those vacation days off and traveling.

>> No.51761646

He's talking about in general, and its a real problem.

>> No.51762131

There's a thought, anyone ever been to these?

>> No.51762173

Yes, but when I was around eleven years old, and only in the tourist-approved part. There could be, and has been, all kinds of crazy stuff down there:

>> No.51762402


if those idiots think their company is going actually reward them for putting in extra hours and sacrificing their free time beyond the bare mandatory minimum required by law, they won't learn a damn thing.

>> No.51762602

I taught English and farming techniques and they still speak English and use the farming techniques. So I feel pretty good about that.

>> No.51762808

Don't get caught up on the details. Most of my adventuring was the result of heading off without knowing any better.

My dad made it around the world when he was 22 working on ships. Except he couldn't get a job in Norway because the sailors were unionized, so he worked in a banana packing plant for six months to save up money to get back to 'murica. This isn't even the weirdest story he has about traveling.

Adventure happens to people who are willing to embrace uncertainty in their future.

>What do you do with the boar once you've killed them? You allowed to eat it?
Not that dude, but yes. Boar is delicious. Frankly anything you kill and field dress yourself is probably going to be delicious compared to supermarket foods.

My cousin was making docs until she made Underground. My interest is more in cinematography than writing/directing, but I figure I'll end up writing. I'm good at it. One thing I've always been talented at. Thanks, Shakespeare.

As much love and respect as I have for the Peshmerga (and it is significant) I really have to recommend against this. Unless you feel strongly about the cause (and to be completely clear that's anarchy in Rojava, Allah in the rest of Syria, and crony capitalism in Iraqi Kurdistan) you won't enjoy your time there. It's real hardship living built around community and togetherness. No Xbox.

Sadly true, except for the upper middle class.

Yeah. I've been to an awful lot of underground places and the Paris catacombs would be totally worth visiting if it weren't for the fact there's an entire society living down there that isn't stoked about folks tromping about their living rooms.

The hard truth. People assume working harder is the way to get ahead, but the only way ahead is not to let yourself be convinced you're falling behind.

>> No.51763037

People from Boston aren't stuck-up snobs, they're just really rude and vulgar and consider it a nicety.

If I had to make a comparison, Paris would definitely be closer to San Francisco.

>> No.51763256

I go from home to work and from work to home

>> No.51764438

oh, you make my sides hurt.
the San Franciscans you're thinking from are from San Jose.

>> No.51764524

what good is doing an ungodly amount of work if you have to revisit it because you were too fatigued to do it properly the first time?

>> No.51764932

Ask me again in a year once I get outta Great Mistakes and go on a deployment.

>> No.51765294

It's a bit late for that lads, we broke up about a year and a half ago. She's likely moved on already.

>> No.51765372

If you're looking for something with a little more speed, bicycle touring is pretty great. /n/ can point you in the right direction for a cheap touring setup too.

A couple years ago I went through Japan and a chunk of the US with one of those spinny things for the twister game dictating where I'd go each morning. It nearly killed me on a couple occasions but I should have known better than to try mountain crossings in the middle of winter when the weather was questionable.

>> No.51765393

naaah you're just weak m8

>> No.51765941


I spend most weekends in the bush or out at see, can't remember the last time I saw something biological that could do me serious harm.

>> No.51767055

Is it more dangerous in the cities?

>> No.51767559

In my teen years, my friends and I would go on road trips together all across Scandinavia. Usually about 10 days at a time, once or twice a year. We would always go on a few days mountain hike along the way.

I after we graduated we all kinda went our separate ways. When I started writing and playing D&D I drew a lot of inspiration from those trips. In hindsight, they seemed more like epic quests than mere road trips.

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