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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Implausibly impressive cities edition: What are your favorite cities in Golarion? What makes them so cherished or so full of opportunity? Is there a nation in the setting you think "deserves" a single "cool" city so you have a better excuse to adventure there?

Unified /pfg/ link repository:http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

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Who is your favorite WotR app?

I like the gnome, her f-list seems fun.

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Thinking about making a Falconer character with a big ass Roc for an animal companion.

Any tips for playing or building this class?

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Just for the Starstone, but then you learn about all the gangs, the noble families, the traders, the colony of gillmen, the politics, the religions, all the little adventures to be had there.

I don't really like the flag though.

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Am I the only one who misses DSP shillposting?

>> No.51692859

Eh, its to be expected. They aren't currently workin on any major important releases, so its currently not a major focus right now

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Well there's the Falconer archetype for the ranger, which nets you a hunting bird companion at first level, though I don't know about its advancement.

My advice would be the Hunter class. It's a hybrid Druid/Ranger that gets teamwork feats to share with its animal companion, and it's solidly Tier 3.

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Do you think there'll be a method of using spheres of might with 1pp martials that doesn't involve trading half their feats away?

>> No.51692895

I was actually meaning the archetype, but I haven't looked into the Hunter yet. Is it that good?

>> No.51692927

They'll probably add in archetypes or something.

All things considered though, most of the sphere talents are either equivalents to feats, or better, so its not too much of a loss.

Out of all the 1pp Martials, I'd say Fighters are currently most benefited, since they have the feats to spare.

>> No.51692932


The flag's actually one of the better ones in Pathfinder, it certainly beats Taldor's at least.

Also, don't Steel Dragons live in Absalom? Big ole mansions in a huge metropolis seems right up a Steel's alley.

>> No.51692953

It's mediocre, which is worse than being bad. It's not good in anything he does as both rangers and druids outshine a hunter. If youu want a hunter just take the beastmaster archetype of ranger which nets you more synergy with the animal and catch up to druid at level 12 for your pet.

>> No.51692956

Well it's 3/4 BAB as opposed to the Ranger's Full, but with teamwork feats, 6th level spell-casting, a better animal companion, all the nice ranger and druid stuff (and the ability to qualify as both ranger and druid for prereqs), and animal focus which scales really well and gives awesome benefits to boot, it's both good and really fun to play, probably the best of the hybrid classes.

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The time when DSP devs posted about the design process and how classes or the industry worked was the most productive and informative /pfg/'s ever been.

Jolly's doing a good job in the gaps, though.

>> No.51692987

>aren't currently workin on any major important releases
RIP PoW errata. Gareth got super pissy when I brought it up, the lazy fuckwad.

>> No.51693000

Anon, that's what a hybrid class is supposed to do. If it was as good as either the ranger or the druid then it would supplant that class entirely, but instead it's a playable and moderately powerful mix of the two.

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Imma try to ask again in this thread

Is there anyway, aside from the Sohei archetype of the Monk Class, to treat polelarms such as a Glaive or Naginata as a Monk weapon?

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She's just an incredibly busty Gnomish fighter-girl that enjoys practicing safe sex.

>> No.51693031

Ascetic Style I think?

>> No.51693040

Link to the game page senpai.

>> No.51693048

A hunter winds up with "the best" animal companion, though, on top of being a 6th caster who gets the best thing off of a ranger (spell discounts + animal companion) while still having other useful features. It's not better if all you want to do is be a martial for Big Damage, but a ranger isn't particularly amazing at that anyway.

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>> No.51693092

I just rechecked it, and I guess that'll work. Though I'll have to juggle things around and commit to a single weapon.

Still, Style and Form should be enough to let me use a Glaive with Striker abilities. Maybe if I get those human Martial feats I can expand it to the rest of the Polarms. OR i can probably just convince the DM to use Feat Tax rules

>> No.51693110

Ascetic style needs the weapons to be in the monk group.
Maybe Ascetic Style (Tiger Fork), then Martial Versatility(Ascetic Style), which allows all Spears, Polearms, and Monk weapons to be used with Ascetic Style.

>> No.51693145

There are a lot of apps for this one huh.

>> No.51693171


All things considered, it flew under the radar. Practically stealth. I'd make a character for it, but I don't know if I should since I've got three campaigns already.

>> No.51693236

It'd be interesting to get some data on apps for ERP vs. non-ERP.

>> No.51693259

How do you play as a lamia in this game? I've seen that one app in bamboozle pirates with a PC lamia but I can't seem to find any sign of stats for it in the srd. Anyone mind Feeding me with a quick link?

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>> No.51693296

google "lamia commoner"

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Play a Mermaid with the Strong Tail alternate trait, and refluff

>> No.51693341

>How do you play as a lamia in this game?

See >>51693302

Strong Tail is a given, add Constrict, replace Swim speed with Climb speed (Snakes are good climbers, Miia told me) and maybe rejigger the attributes.

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So I'm making someone for the party(swashbuckler, brawler, barbarian, arcanist insofar) and I'm thinking we need a healer. I decided on a druid, and I just have to decide what kind of druid.

Storm blaster? Archer with Nature Fang? Melee traditional druid?

>> No.51693560

>Finally had time to work on Raunchy App
>Relieved when I finished writing up a satisfactory history
>Realize that I haven't started on the description of my character's personality
>Realize that I can't put together one of similar quality
>Realize time is running out
Why is my mind suddenly an uninspired blank? I was doing so well!

>> No.51693583

Pretty cool, are there similar rules for the other lamia kin like the half bird and half cat ones?

>> No.51693595

Goat Druid

Tell us more about the campaign so we can tell you about the specific type of goat you need.

>> No.51693615

So, we just killed a Graveknight with 1000 degree knife memes

How were your games this last weekend?

>> No.51693616

If a druid turns into some form of cattle, can you milk them?

>> No.51693631

You have enough hit-guys. If you go for a damage dealer, definitely be an archer, otherwise, focus on control spells and summoning.

>> No.51693634

All /pfg/ characters are now part of the pantheon.

What are their titles and domains?

>> No.51693638

... Is that supposed to be Aldern Foxglove? That's the only Al I can think of for Sandpoint.

>> No.51693667

Yes, but we cut him off and left. He's going to spread the word of our heroics.

>> No.51693703

The crusader game I'd run would be something close to horror, but I'd take Francisca, Kannas, Dossentistania, Vialla, Lucius/Irina and Mimi. And then possibly Joan, Haraa and/or Lorelei if required.

>> No.51693737

Maybe. Since Wild Shape changes you into any type of animal, it can change you into a specific gender of animal.

I don't know if cows are fed hormones to make them produce milk before they've had their first calf.

>> No.51693758

Amalthea would be "The All-Mother" and we'll finally have a dedicated fertility goddess that isn't Tian or Evil

>> No.51693767

Are the Witch/Shaman classes Spirit and Patron real things?
Like.... In D&D odds are that your warlock has met "something" to sign a pact for magical powers. Is this also the case for like... a Shaman's Bone Spirit?

>> No.51693801

Well, I don't know about dairy cows, but anything with udders that size had to be fed something special.

>> No.51693805

How did the friday and saturday RotJR sessions go? Did we get greentext for them yet?

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>> No.51693816

Essentially. Its left extremely vague to be more flavor agnostic. You could be communining with the animist spirits of the world around you, or you could just be using tribal traditions to manipulate conceptual entities.

>> No.51693823

Figured I might as well repost in case anyone wants to weigh in.

>> No.51693840

Not according to Feiya's character bio on the Paizo website.

I haven't read the Shaman iconic's bio.

If not, then that's how it works in Golarion. In anyone else's campaign, then maybe.

>> No.51693852

SotJR here.

>> No.51693863

In that case I am very worried about the state of the world when there are Bone and Slum spirits out there.

>> No.51693864


Aranha, the Silk-spun goddess.
Lady of spiders, silk and innocence

>> No.51693920

Graveyards, mass graves, lingering dead spirits, Not!Indian burial grounds
Any large and congested enough inner city, or poorer urban neighborhood (like a ghetto). Cities are not nice places, and when you have that many people and that many issues concentrated in one spot, things will settle and build up on the bottom

>> No.51693947

>and we'll finally have a dedicated fertility goddess that isn't Tian or Evil

We've got that bunny goddess that married Dispater and is only known for having Ragathiel!

But yeah I totally agree, having a dedicated "bounty and fertility" deity is desperately needed.

What was Paizo thinking when they designed a Pantheon that lacked the basic archetypes?

>> No.51693965


Backstory is 90% of the reason you're going to get in.

Bite the pillow and write a paragraph for description and personality. That's all, even if it sounds a little awkward.

>> No.51693985

Have you see Ghostbusters 2?

Vigo is those patrons.

>> No.51693993

>bunny goddess
It was a fire elemental

>> No.51694026

>Doing it now

>> No.51694029


We'll compromise.

>> No.51694036


Too safe if you ask me.


>faves: cum inflation

>No: Risk of Pregnancy


>> No.51694042

Sounds like fun. What was the funniest thing that happened? What was the cutest thing that happened?

>> No.51694063


She wants to bulge with seed, not breed.

>> No.51694064


Man, she must have really wanted him to feel her up.

>> No.51694065


>> No.51694083


Anon, if you've ever worked with cows you'd realize they really, really, REALLY like it when you work their udders.

>> No.51694086

Aranha's silk comes from her BUTT!

>> No.51694094

I prefer mine to be part Grass type as well

>> No.51694121


Her favored animal is the rabbit.


Aranha's butt is CUTE and PURE!

>> No.51694125

What is this? A Cow for ants?

>> No.51694129

>>faves: cum inflation
>>No: Risk of Pregnancy

>> No.51694146

>touch the ants

>> No.51694150

Onryou, the Boisterous Beauty.

Goddess of self control, cooking and feasts.

>> No.51694156

Full size for me baby

>> No.51694161

Should I use the one that was lost in the Server Crash, or the one I built recently?

>> No.51694167


>> No.51694172


Anal sex *is* listed as one of her favorites.

That said, do be aware Gnomes can't get pregnant except by other gnomes... Or demons. So her setting Pregnancy to "No" isn't so much "I don't want you cumming inside me" as it is telling the DM she doesn't want to be some demon's breeding bitch.

>> No.51694178

nigga you blind>>51694125

>> No.51694197

But she still poops silk!

>> No.51694223


Nu uh! Silk comes from spinnerets, which are NOT butts!

>> No.51694241

You seem to be mistaken, Aranha is a spooder not a spider!

>> No.51694258

> self control

Oh im lafin

>> No.51694293

Actually, the web glands are more like highly specialized sebacious glands, meaning it'd be more accurate that she "sweats" web, not poop it.

>> No.51694297

"This is my legacy on the internet and I'm okay with that." -GraphiteKnight, 2017

>> No.51694311

Is there ANYTHING beyond Shocking Grasp spam for Magus? I really want to like this class but fuck, I can't bring myself to play one. It seems so boring.

>> No.51694325

Snowball spam.

>> No.51694332

Her abdomen's more like a tail really, all told.

>> No.51694335

That sounds terrible. What if she gets hot? Does she just spontaneously spawna cloak I hot weather?

>> No.51694350

Of course not, she spins an umbrella to shield her from the hot sun because she is a delicate lady.

>> No.51694351

Dimension Door shenanigans can be pretty fun, and by RAW you don't need dimensional agility to full attack after a dimension door provided you're using spell combat, since it's all part of the same fullround action.

Hexcrafter to stab people with curses

Eldritch Archer is fun but kind of just replaces shocking grasp with snowball

>> No.51694367


Dimension Door/Dimension Agility into Shocking Grasp.

Quickened Bladed Dash Shocking Grasp, Intensified Spell Shocking Grasp.

There are options, anon.

Really, though, just look up the guides in the pastebin. Also, SoP Magus.

>> No.51694392

Isn't that because it's physically painful?

>> No.51694396


Goddess of subtle bustyness

>> No.51694429

Snowball spam on ranged magus, bladed dash for magus-pounce, hexcrafter for flight and slumber spam, not to mention having a familiar to demoralize/coup de grace/magic missile wand spam.
Also there's enforcer/cornugon smash + rime frostbite which inflicts fatigue, entangled, and shaken all at once.

>> No.51694436

It's a class that has a cool set of mechanics, but is just poorly put together. I still stand by the claim that Pool Strike should have been a core feature, with a "lesser" version that could be used at no cost. Unfortunately Paizo will never go fix their shit, so suck it up faggot. Spheres will also never just remake the entire class because "mageknight totally does it!" and "the spheres archetype works fine!", even though they aren't.

Aside from that? You're going to be stuck using most spells for what little utility you can squeeze out. Bladed Dash/Storm Step are pretty cool, but Shocking Grasp is so depressingly core it's not even funny. Frostbite/Chill are memes, anything with a Saving Throw that can't be repeatedly applied to a target at little cost is a joke, and your weapon selection is laughable.

>> No.51694452

I said highly modified. In the same veign for mammals, the mammary glands are also originally highly modified sebacious glands (hence why monotremes secrete milk from a skin patch, rather than a nipple)

A spinnerette is actually composed of dozens of small spigot-shaped glands that each produce a single thread of protein. The spider controls the number and amount each spigot produces, then weaves them into different kinds of strands of varying composition and thickness.

As such spider silk doesn't actually come out in strands, but rather really fine ropes of braided protein strands

>> No.51694468 [SPOILER] 

Lameeka, patron goddess of kobolds, alchemy, and tail rubs

>> No.51694478


One day I'll get my GM to homebrew up a way to turn my fist/hand into a Keen weapon. Then I can be Domon.

>> No.51694494

I want to see more of the Tian continents.
You had the cool Dragon Empire book that introduced a whole bunch of them and I think they've only really detailed Minkai.
Which is the easiest as it seems heavily influenced by Japanese culture.

>> No.51694531


Valeriya's busty?

>> No.51694537

The Gish book is going to have a SoM/SoP hybrid archetype for the Magus.

>> No.51694548

It's hard to see but she's obviously stacked

>> No.51694571

>yfw sage will never be finished

>> No.51694572


>Tail rub while she's presenting herself to the guy


>> No.51694606

>hard to see
Which is it?

>> No.51694637


He's saying it's difficult to make out at first, but when you notice it she's very clearly stacked.

>> No.51694723


Id venture a guess and say that she compresses her bust so when she is in vigilante mode she can let it hang out and not draw attention to her self

>> No.51694768

Seht losing an argument with his horse.

Casimir hiding his smile behind his cup of tea and Valeriya drinking from her bottle to hide the fact that she was blushing.

>> No.51694776


Shouldn't it be the other way around, since everyone knows Valeriya has a large chest?

>> No.51694851

Don't you guys have an IRC or something for this shit, jesus.

>> No.51694875

>only picks the ones with cute anime girl art

>> No.51694889

We don't want this circlejerk in the IRC, thanks.

>> No.51694899

If you have a limited budget and lets say you are quite equipment dependant due to being some sort of fightman or gish, which should be the priority anyway?

Armor? Weapons? Utility/Protective magic items?

>> No.51694907


Armor, weapon, magic.

In that order.

>> No.51694915

Depends on build but generally getting your weapon to +1 and then wondrous items.

>> No.51694926

Weapon first, then magical utility, then mundane utility, then armor.

>> No.51694937

Are there any sorcerer bloodlines which grant Rogue Talents?

>> No.51694971

It's the same reason why human women that are lactating feel better once their kid is drinking; the milk really hurts when it's being stored-up, and it contains certain endorphins that help ease the process.

>> No.51694993

No, and there aren't any Sorcerer archetypes that do it either.

What Rogue Talents do you want? Maybe we can find a way to make a Sorcerer with equivalent abilities.

>> No.51695029

Seriously though why is this general such garbage?

>> No.51695033

Prescient Dodger from SoP.

I want to get it on a Reincarnated Master Incanter||Zweihander Sentinel gestalt (Scarlet Throne Stylin' to get ZS bennies while 1 handing), figured stealing it from from a Sorc. Bloodline would be the easiest way.

>> No.51695049

Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.51695085

Is that true? I didn't really look at the art, except the first one had art that really put me off.

>> No.51695087

You could dip one of the SoP rogue archetypes, or Hedgewitch with the tradition which allows you to take rogue talents. OR, you could dip Entropic Sage Hedgewitch, OR you could dip Symbiat.

>> No.51695092

This whole general has been built up by consistent shitposters and used as a bitching forum for games off-site. What do you expect? It's garbage because half the posters are garbage.

>> No.51695104

Hm, whats the logic being followed here?

>> No.51695116

Which book was it in, and what does it do?

>> No.51695117

Because the people who complain aren't actually any better than the things they're complaining about.

>> No.51695130

It's Spheres of Power and it gives you your highest mental stat to AC when unarmored.

>> No.51695142

What's your favorite girls-only class or archetype?

>> No.51695147

Eh, if I do that, I might as well dip Hidden Blade on the ZS Side.

Spheres of Power, not sure the book; I use the Wiki. Gives you Monk AC Bonus with your preferred mental stat.

Scaling as a monk (So, +1 for every 4 levels on top of that).

>> No.51695151

+1 Weapon comes first short of anything but a cloak of resistance +1 at very low levels so you can pierce DR/Magic and so that incorporeals don't ignore your attacks.

>> No.51695156

I dunno man have you seen all the cow fetish shit in this thread?

>> No.51695157

Magic weapon to bypass DR/magic, wondrous items to build up your role and/or ways to resist death that aren't your AC (miss percentage, saves boosting, etc)

Armor's pretty much your last line of defense.

>> No.51695176

It's not shit anon. That's a different fetish, I think.

>> No.51695181

It's a rad place. My character's waifu lives there. They'll probably both live there after the wedding, at least until they find a nice place in the country somewhere

>> No.51695195

>Cow fetish
>It's just gigantic boobs

Anon, I'm not entirely sure big boobs can be considered a fetish. That's basic protohuman, brain-stem-level sexual attraction.

>> No.51695202

Weapon is most important, because in PF with how both initiative and numbers scale up its better to kill the enemy first before they attack you.
Magical items because they can be useful for either in combat boons or out of combat utility, as well as with dealing with different types of problems, or just increasing stats
Nonmagic items are just good sense to have. You will always need rope, chalk, pens, flour, a sack, and often these things can give you a much more economical alternative to some minor magical aid.
Armor is last because, honestly, armor doesn't scale well in this game and just isn't as useful as the other stuff

>implying we aren't just having fun with an old meme
You must have hated old /tg/

>> No.51695213

Definitely a cow theme though. And basically any fetish posting is cancer as far as I care.

>> No.51695264

fuck off. Its your mindset that's the reason why /pfg/ is so fetishy. Things used to be normal back when we had /wst/ and semi-regular monstergirl threads as a containment and outlet. Then you spergs showed up, fucked everything for everyone, and caused people to spill out and fester in ther degeneracy in unrelated topics and generals

>> No.51695265

So my character for Wrath of the Raunchy is one of the thousands of children orphaned during the goblin blood wars and raised in an asmodean orphanage there after.

However I realized that the goblin blood wars take place in 4697. Wrath of the Righteous is set in 4713 AR. That means my character is not very old.

So let's say he has been in was orphaned early in the Goblin Blood war, that would give him 16 years in the Asmodean Church.

So if he was orphaned as an infant that actually makes him too young to be a cleric (17 being the minimum age).

What is a good age for him to have been orphaned? Perhaps set him up alongside several other kids/individuals who were orphaned. The character is also a tiefling, so he wouldn't have been exactly popular as a child.

I considered the following characters to feature in his backstory on the assumption he was orphaned at the age of 5:
>weird homeless man in their community who turned out to be a aged mercenary, saved the young character from goblinoids
>best friend, male human, also followed him into the Asmodean church and became an inquisitor to character's cleric
>possible younger sister who he saved during the goblinblood conflict (grabbed her and was told to run by his parents)

These would be the pre-orphaning individuals important to his life. Then the character is taken into an orphanage ran by The Sisters of the Golden Erinyes.


>> No.51695291

The idea is that the character proved himself clever and ended up being sent, along with other promising orphans, to more centralized Asmodean churches back in Cheliax for more detailed training. I was thinking of having his sister become a Sister of the Golden Erinyes, but am not yet sure of the idea.

Now the rest of his important NPCs would be his post-orphaned life and be:
>Elderly Asmodean cleric
>Hellknight drill instructor, member of the Order of the Scourge
>2-3 other student besides his best friend who were among the chosen faith militant
>one of them a well to do Chelaxian merchant's son
>the other two relatively poor Chelaxians who entered the church as home grown faithful

Now, between these now 8 back story characters I think my character has enough relevant characters. Now for conflicts. I am thinking since he was trained by a member of the Order of the Scourge having his level 1-3 adventure be chasing after a criminal. Possibly a serial killer plaguing where ever he was being trained, or possibly less sinister than that, but I like serial killers as antagonists. Would hunting down a serial killer with the help of other trainees and his instructor be an adequate level 1-3 mission?

I think as a whole sets him up rather well as entering into Wrath of the Righteous.



>> No.51695325

>say fetish posting is cancer
>I'm somehow the one enabling it
Sure thing buddy.

>> No.51695335

>cow print bikini and fake horns is cancerous fetishposting

you are like little baby, watch THIS

>> No.51695338

Just have 2 characters in your background, there's no chance that all of them are going to make an appearance.

>> No.51695340

So what games are recruiting with rules amenable to /pfg/'s preferred flavor of the month?

>> No.51695343

I realized I may not have communicated this well. Wrath of the Righteous begins with the World Wound incursion, something the Asmodean chuch cares a great deal about. The character would have been sent as an Asmodean representative to scope out the problem.

>> No.51695364


They don't exist and I hope they never do, Paizo took the only male-only gay-exclusive feat chain from us because they refuse to commit and that was terrible.

>> No.51695372

Well furries are pretty bad but that's honestly not nearly as fetishy as the previous stuff.

>> No.51695375

I normally put more to give the GM's to pick and choose who they want to include rather than only having a 1-2 to include.

>> No.51695395

Does it apply even at the low level of L3? That said, my luck has been superbad recently because the dicebot my group is using seems to be actively trying to spite me

>> No.51695424

Man that's pretty alright. The kitsune art that paizo actually gets is, to their credit, pretty dang nice.

You say 'augunas ideal', but it's clearly not.

>> No.51695432


You really are, the threads have never been this bad when the "lewd" threads were around and it was tolerated.

But now your kind came along and enforced a No Fun Allowed policy that has given the entire board a case of blue balls, and every time some of that repressed sexual rage squirts out you act like the innocent.

You're everything wrong with this thread and site, go back to ribbit if you need a safe space.

>> No.51695444

>not knowing your board history and how it has become what it is now
Fuck off you drooling puritan newfag

its especially true at level 3, since your still in the rustydagger shanktown

>> No.51695451

There are stats for sergalss

>> No.51695461

Buddy I never said anything about any other threads. I wouldn't really care if there were dedicated lewd threads. Also there are other generals that don't suffer from this nearly as badly, so this hardly seems like a problem that can be blamed on general board history.

>> No.51695472

Being a furry and being THAT much of a tremendous faggot are actually separate, you know.

>> No.51695512

Hey /pfg/, I know some of you guys are Fire Emblem fans. I've never played any of the games before, which is a good one to start with?

>> No.51695532

Well that's one of the most irrelevant questions ever.

Play the GBA ones, fuck all the others.

Now scoot scoot. We have boobs to argue about.

>> No.51695541

Awakening if you're a fucking loser. Otherwise basically any that have been released worldwide except Radiant Dawn work fine.

>> No.51695564

Start with the GBA ones. They all have english versions, even if one of them is unofficial.

>> No.51695565

>Seht losing an argument with his horse.
How does that even work?

>> No.51695585

Man, 2D FE crit animations sure were alot more fantastic to watch compared to 3D ones

>> No.51695604

My apologies, I couldn't find the image I actually wanted. This will have to do, though.

>> No.51695619

Cool. Blazing Sword it is.

>> No.51695629

Start with Shadow Dragon, like god intended.

jesus christ don't actually do that. Start with Binding Blade or Sacred Stones, then play the other. Awakening is pretty good but it's the sort of really easy entry level stuff that paradoxically makes getting into the other games harder.

>> No.51695642 [DELETED] 

Don't you know anon? Anything that wear an animal ear headband is a furry ;^))))))))))()))))))))))))))))))))))))

Like take this human girl wearing a bikini and legwear. Totally a a furfag, I bet she goes to cons and furpiles ;^)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

being this facetious hurts my soul

>> No.51695708

The same way these two did it.

>> No.51695785

>they will never do anything remotely like these animations again
>there are people that actually bitched about the GBA games not doing "run up and slap eachother" fight animations

really saddens my senses

>> No.51695841

Not furry, but if a cow motif turns you on that's still pretty degen.

>> No.51695905

By your logic bunny suits, which are about as vanilla as you can get, are also degen because it has rabit motifs

Wow, you are either retarded, you some kind of puritan straight out of bumfuck nowhere New England

>> No.51695915

Why does a cow motif turn you on? It's because you want to fuck cows. Q.E.D.

>> No.51695937

Everything is sex except for sex. Sex is boring

>> No.51695944

>avoiding answering the question
Congrats anon, you are a greater cancer than the furries. Thanks for confirming you don't understand how sexy clothing works and that you think the most vanilla things ever are degenerate

>> No.51695960

Shit, when did Freud start playing pathfinder

>> No.51695962

You got a point. Here, have a peace offering.

>> No.51695986

When Occult Adventures came out.

>> No.51696003

What am I even looking at

>> No.51696009

>tries to cover his ass by posting an unrelated ironic insult image
>said image is completetly out of focu and no one can even tell what the fuck it is.

Oh, you sure show'd me there. Watch out everyone, we got ourselves the greatest internet badass with the hugest dick ever. Watch out, he'll start talking about his time he was in the Navy SEALS.

>> No.51696020

I don't know, but I'm sure they'll manage to fit him into an AP sometime soon. They've already hinted at Tesla via Rasputin Must Die!, so they're definitely going to try and bait for more nerd money by pretending they're science-savvy.

>> No.51696039

I'm pretty sure that's the cow shitting from Conker's Bad Fur Day. This is right before you enter the level with the Great Mighty Poo, if I remember correctly.

The literal shitposter should fuck off, though

>> No.51696059 [DELETED] 

How does it feel to be a knight with your masterwork full plate and ancestral masterwork great sword and have your shit pushed in by a literal caveman covered in his own shit and someone else's blood with a +3 great club?

>> No.51696078


Horses are big dumb goofballs.

Seht is a clever young man that takes things way too seriously.

You can see where there might be conflict.

>> No.51696091

>How does it feel to be a knight with your masterwork full plate and ancestral masterwork great sword and have your shit pushed in by a literal caveman covered in his own shit and someone else's blood with a +3 great club?
what did he mean by this?

>> No.51696097

>mfw we lost these for shitty 3D standarized model animations
At least the console versions had some decent stuff, but the 3DS games have terrible quality in that department.

>> No.51696107

>Why does a cow motif turn you on?
Because the cows are culturally and symbolically linked to qualities of bountifulness and servileness, which when associated with a hot girl wearing their cow-pattern clothes invokes those desirable traits and associates them with the girl wearing the lingerie in question.
Seriously anon, do you even understand how provacative imagry and lingerie even work you uber prude? Its the same way how cat ears are worn by girls to evoke qualities of playfulness and cutesyness, or why countries put animals like eagles and lions on their flags, why Yakuza have tattoos of dragons and demons on their backs, or why even normal clothes will have animal motifs on them.

Its all about metaphor, and trying to evoke qualities and traits culturally associated with the thing in question. Anyone who isn't an autist that's unable to understand metaphor should be able to understand this

>> No.51696114

>last thread
>DHB comes with idea
>guy shitposts about naruto for literally 4 hours
>shitposts about how the execution of a class that isn't designed yet
>DHB for some reason keeps answering him
Fucking hell if that wasn't a shit thread. I don't understand why DHB keeps replying to people like that. It could have been solved with ignoring him.

>> No.51696135

It's pretty simple. DHB realizes he's going to either be shitposted at or ignored. If he gets shitposted at he can either respond or ignore it. Only one of these paths results in him discussing his class.

>> No.51696139

>better than swashbuckler and bloodrager
>better than the BRAWLER

newfag detected

>> No.51696144

How does it feel to be a knight with your masterwork full plate and ancestral masterwork great sword and have your teeth kicked in by a literal caveman covered in his own shit and someone else's blood with a +3 great club?

>> No.51696150

>Why does a cow motif turn you on?

Well anon, if you're asking that question we have to consider the connotations of the cow motif, namely that the cow is ubiquitous to the countryside and country girls are famously known to be large-chested and damn proud of it (country fed and all that, hell it's even an old joke in France about the "provincial" girls.) Cows are also calm, placid creatures that are nonetheless quite friendly and excitable when given reason to be, and are known to be huge milk producers.

What this all means is that the cow motif gives us the mental image of a friendly, down-to-earth country girl with huge breasts and obvious enjoyment when they're emphasized or focused on. People like cow motifs because it's associated with large breasts and the opportunity to ogle or fondle them, which most people like because large breasts are great.

>> No.51696163

That's kind of sad. I mean some people did talk about the class, and he said he liked their ideas like the parasite, ghost, and disease binding

>> No.51696180

Because DHB is pretty autistic. Granted, that's not a bad thing, afterall its because of his autism he's able to constantly make so much content all the time. However, because of it he lacks the basic ability to understand when people aren't actually interested in his work and are instead just spoiling for an internet fight and shiposting. So he keeps thinking their about to make some sort of point for him to understand, or that he can correct them if their wrong, without realizing that he's being led around by the nose.

Basically, the autism the lets him make content is just too prone to backfire in social situations, and the shitposters are aware of that, so they exploit him for (You)s

>> No.51696190

If only they hadn't released Primalist in the same book.
Sure, give up everything that monk and fighter have that make them anything other than GOODFIGHTMAN.

If you had said Investigator or Skald then maybe you could have had a serious conversation.

>> No.51696194

What are some good types and amounts of hirelings for a desert adventure in Osirion? How many is too many?

>> No.51696218


Freyda, draconic goddess of intellect

Domains of mind, magic , and guilty pleasures.

Astarte godess of body modification

Domains of self improvement, magic and technology

Atolm god of ego

Domains, illusion, time, strength w/o size

>> No.51696228

>goddess of intellect
>Anything "intellect" coming from ERP games

>> No.51696244

Strange that a game where zero sex is allowed to happen qualifies as erp

>> No.51696252

As much as you can afford camels or horses (depending on if its long or short advanture), and can affordable pack provisions for.

3-5 is good. You'll need a navigator, someone to care for the animals, someone who can read the sands and the winds, someone to organize what you pack, and chances are someone who's a specialist on the area you are going to and the peoples you'll encounter on the way there.

Additional numbers and types depend on the type of adventure and the reason for going into the desert.

>> No.51696287

Two or three dozen qt Yerbira slave girls.

>> No.51696303

> guilty pleasures

W-what are they?

>> No.51696384


He's listed them many times before - sex, food, drugs, sex, naps, alcohol, and sex.

>> No.51696408

>Eh, if I do that, I might as well dip Hidden Blade on the ZS Side.
Thing about dipping a spherecaster is that their casting is added onto your first spherecasting source rather than being tracked seperately. So the two-level sphere-rogue dip is more like a two-level dip in a prestige class where one level advances the casting of a base class, instead of Hidden Blade Rogue which does track its initiating separately from Warder.

>> No.51696410

No that's Freyda's mother Queen Lua Culdranth.

>> No.51696421


Like mother like daughter, all citizens of the Demesne are hedonistic sluts.

>> No.51696426

Yeah, but I'd rather not delay the Reincarnation ability if it can be avoided.

>> No.51696454

Well that's fair, then.

>> No.51696490

How would you feel about a class feature that gives you a Su reincarnation ability that, when you can die, you can trigger yourself to reincarnate and influence the d100 outcome by up to twice your CL (meaning at level 20 you could swing up or down by 40). It would be available starting at level 3, but be cheaper than reincarnate. However they have to decide to do it the round after they die, if they wait it doesn't trigger.

It would take an 8 hour ritual to set up so you can't just do it over and over again, but be half costed to reincarnate.

>> No.51696519

Makes sense. Unlike your comprehensive foundation. There's six PCs and we're looking for a tomb based upon vague directions from ancient texts.

My character is morally opposed to the institution of slavery, being of Andoran extraction. We could definitely employ some qts though.

>> No.51696532

Even at 8 hours, I see no downside.

>> No.51696537


*I like. Ouch, need to edit my shit. Literally said the opposite of what I meant.

>> No.51696560

Would you be willing to spend something at the same opportunity cost as a Rage Power for this, if it came in a 2 rage power tree? What about an oracle revelation?

>> No.51696570

Yeah, the slave bit was silly, but getting a Yerbira guide is indispensable if you're planning on going out into the desert. They know where the oases are. And if you're getting a guide, might as well get a brown qt desert guide.

>> No.51696573

Using https://sites.google.com/site/pathfinderogc/classes/core-classes/druid/archetypes/paizo---druid-archetypes/reincarnated-druid as the baseline, I'd tell the player bringing that up to go fuck themselves.

>> No.51696585


>> No.51696589

>Harem game doesn't allow SoP.

Damn, there goes that idea.

>> No.51696611

But what if introducing a qt brown guide promotes conflict as the party members contend with one another for her affections?

>> No.51696642

Pick up a few more qt brown guides!

>> No.51696650


Conflict is good, it begets roleplay and character interactions as each tries to outdo the other.

And hey, if the DM sees someone is clearly losing the Brownbowl than he'll just introduce another girl more finely tuned to that player's kinks.

>> No.51696664

Which Hellknight order would be most interested in closing The Worldwound?

>> No.51696665

Its okay, thanks for the correction though, that means a lot to me.

Anywho, it looks like you're going to need to hire yourself some qt archeologist, and also have her set up a potential archeological excavation. Try to see if you can get her and a potential patron to help pay for and gather a whole excavation team. Said team would include provisions, beasts for transportation and labor, travel and local experts, translators, and such.

Basically, you want to find the Archeologist chick from The Mummy.

Yeah, just emulate The Mummy, and you'll be fine

>> No.51696714

Probably Order of the Nail, their thing is specifically "vs Chaos". More so than other Hellknight orders.

>> No.51696727


Pretty much all of them have a strong interest in closing that shit. Armies of demons running around is bad news for anyone who isn't a demon, and it's probably not so great for the average demon, all things considered.

>> No.51696750

>Casimir hiding his smile behind his cup of tea and Valeriya drinking from her bottle to hide the fact that she was blushing.

>> No.51696751

Is there a list of the different organizations and forces who have come together to close The Worldwound during Wrath of the Righteous? It seems like it would be a massive international undertaking and it'd be silly for Iomedae to not take all the help she can get.

I know all the crusades originate in Mendevian, but it seems like the entirety of Avistan should be pouring resources into closing the big ole' demon hole.

I mean makes sense, but I was more pointing to Hellknight as a particular set of militant orders of international influence.

>> No.51696752

Any. Any of them would be interested. Issue is, the Worldwound is so far away from Cheliax that even the Hellknights are a bit "Ehh, we have more immediate issues at home."

>> No.51696753


Does alimony exist in Golarion?

>> No.51696772

Probably. I don't know which off-hand, but I assume there's probably something in the Campaign Setting book.

>> No.51696775

Godclaw. They were founded by a Hellknight who got pissed his posses weren't fighting against the Worldwound, then went off to fight it himself alongside a party of other individuals, each one a divine servant of a different Laweful God, and a Sarkosian God-Caller. He then took his allies and formed his own Hellknight Order, combining their united beliefs and doctrine into a singular one, and dedicated the Order to fighting Demons and hunting the enemies of the Gods

>> No.51696777

>the Worldwound is so far away from Cheliax that even the Hellknights are a bit "Ehh, we have more immediate issues at home."

But anon, adventurers are exceptional. You should never be limited to playing a character from the region an AP takes place.

If he wants to play a Hellknight in Mendev, he can be a Chelaxian Hellknight. If he wants to play a Tian Kitsune, he can play a Tian Kitsune.

>> No.51696786

So in the The Black Company, from the novel series by the same name, there are three sorcerers of the company. One-eye, Goblin, and Silent. For those who are familiar with the series what level and class do you think you would pin to them?

Goblin and one-eye are mainly illusionists and enchanters by trade. Silent more seems to be something else but I am unsure what.

What about Ten Who The Taken? The Lady? The Dominator?

>> No.51696796

Good points. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

>> No.51696801

Order of the Gate might, since the fiends are particularly interested in keeping out demons. Order of the Wall is all about defenders, so that'd work. The crusade is a coalition effort, which fits Godclaw. Order of the Torrent is a rather generic Good Guy Order, so that'd work. Pyre is against corruption.

So yeah, that's my list. Gate, Wall, Godclaw, Torrent, Pyre. The rest aren't focused on stopping demons.

>> No.51696805

>Issue is, the Worldwound is so far away from Cheliax that even the Hellknights are a bit "Ehh, we have more immediate issues at home."
see >>51696775
Godclaw has historically been an aid to the crusade, especially the Iomedean members of the Order

>> No.51696807


>> No.51696812

Rachel Weisz is a high-tier qt. This sounds like a winning plan!

>> No.51696824

I'm sure in Qadira there's some kind of Double Alimony

>> No.51696827

I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm saying why the Hellknights and for that matter, any other nation's military faction, isn't in full representation at the Worldwound, something that threatens all of them! ...but not immediately. It's a can that's getting kicked down the road.
Yes the Godclaw are made for that reason, but I'm saying in general about the group as a whole.

>> No.51696831


And then the Reclamation broke into their house and stole their shit.

>> No.51696837

More it seems like the Worldwound in particular would be something that the Asmodean Church would be concerned with.

Also reading the article on the Mendevian Crusades apparently mercenary companies, armies, religious orders, etc. from all over Avistan pour into Mendevian each time the crusades are called.

I like it. However wasn't the order of the Godclaw destroyed by Iomedae?

I'll look into it more.

Sounds good.

>> No.51696841


Paizo's fine with showing Lawful Good groups as being hypocritical assholes.

>> No.51696855

If mom and dad divorce, mom gets the daughters, dad gets the sons. Dad has to pay for his daughters, sons have to pay their mom.

>> No.51696875


Which is kind of stupid, because that's not what good alignments are about.

I don't get Paizo's whole stance that Chaotic Good is somehow inherently MORE good than Lawful Good.

>> No.51696877

>I'm not opposed to the idea. I'm saying why the Hellknights and for that matter, any other nation's military faction, isn't in full representation at the Worldwound, something that threatens all of them! ...but not immediately. It's a can that's getting kicked down the road.
Specifically in the article on the crusades it says military orders, mercenary companies, adventurers, profiteers, religious groups, and everything all bum rush Mendevian when the crusades are called. People at the world wound should be every alignment that isn't CE and all seeking to close it for various reasons. Heck, CE crusaders could be there as well as long as they aren't demon worshippers. The crusades represent the efforts of three continents all desperately trying to stem the tide.

>> No.51696879

>However wasn't the order of the Godclaw destroyed by Iomedae?

Yes, however Hell's Vengeance takes place 4-5 years after Wrath of the Righteous.

APs are assumed to take place in the corresponding year they are released, and it's currently 4717 AR in Golarion.

>> No.51696886


>> No.51696902

>However wasn't the order of the Godclaw destroyed by Iomedae?
I don't count Hell's Rebels/Vengeance as canon, especially since they made their Lictor an Asmodean despite the fact in every other source he's listed as an ardent Abadarite.
Plus its written like shit, and makes Iomedae come off as someone who is completely fine with her own followers killing eachother over artifacts that don't even belong to her

>> No.51696911


Corwin Brin

The Laughing Knight

God of Laughter, Celebration, War, and Loss

Domains: Chaos (Revelry), Glory (Heroism), Luck, War

>> No.51696920

Also I would like to point to the fact that the idea of the efforts of an entire continent pouring into the crusade for duty, glory, and profit is far more interesting than "it's just Iomedaen worshipers".

>> No.51696924


Iomedae and her followers do seem to get a lot of stupid writing thrown their way.

>> No.51696929


>> No.51696932

>I don't get Paizo's whole stance that Chaotic Good is somehow inherently MORE good than Lawful Good.

I don't think you get it, anon.

Lawful is the alignment of squares. Lawful is the alignment that leads to the death of independence, the death of freedom, the death of thought. Lawful is Trump passing misogynist bigoted Islamophobic hateful transphobic laws. Lawful is the police officer shooting a black man who tried to run from a crime scene because he knew he'd be arrested. Lawful is mom and dad telling you to go to bed early and not smoke with your friends even though marijuana is healthy and should be LEGAL FUCK YOU.

Chaotic is freedom. Chaotic is the daring youth living life to the fullest. Chaotic is the hero, going outside societal norms to embrace what is truly worth something in this world of drudgery and gray. Chaotic is the artist. The thinker. The dreamer. The one who asks "Why" when the whole world screams at them to submit. Chaotic is righteous rebellion against authority.

>> No.51696950


Don't you have homework due tomorrow?

>> No.51696951

It's especially silly because if anything NG is the most good - forsaking both principal and freedom in the pursuit of more good.

>> No.51696961

God of being His own gift to women more like it.

Ego? That would be arrogant. And there's no way I'd have a flaw like *that*

>> No.51696963

>he doesn't live in the northeast
>he has school tomorrow

Sucks to be you, I guess.

>> No.51696964

Iomedae is the Lightning of of Pathfinder

>> No.51696968

Ricktor Watt
NToRacle, Memelord, The Twisted Serpent
Curses, Unrequited Love, Obsession, NTR, Fortune
Chaos, Charm, Trickery, Luck
Love, Deception, Curse
>Favored Weapon
>Favored Animal

>> No.51696970


You'd think. Law and Chaos both obviously have a ton of problems, but if you take only what's useful from them and focus on being good, that is obviously the most good of the good alignments.

>> No.51696987

>Alignment: Neutral
>Titles: The Shieldmaiden, The Arcing Shield, The Splintered Shield
>Portfolio: Senseless sacrifices, efforts with more heart than practicality, martyrdom, defense
>Domains: Protection, Magic, Darkness, Glory
>Subdomains: Defense, Arcane, Loss, Heroism
>Favored Weapon: Light Shield
>Symbol: A round shield embossed with a five-pointed star
>Sacred Animal: Turtle
>Sacred Colors: Brown, Green

>> No.51696991


>> No.51696994

NE is getting fucked right now. I was gonna have our first session tomorrow and then nature waltzes in like it has every right to, don't punish us more Mother

>> No.51696995

>Also I would like to point to the fact that the idea of the efforts of an entire continent pouring into the crusade for duty, glory, and profit is far more interesting than "it's just Iomedaen worshipers".

>The efforts of an entire continent focused on fighting a glorious crusade against the endless demonic hordes
>We meet none of those. We don't get ethnic differences, we don't get international unity, we don't get language barriers and we most certainly don't get culture clash.
>All we meet is a gay trans couple, a gay couple, and another gay couple.

Wowee, Etsubatsu.

>> No.51696999

Go shovel the driveway, boy.

>> No.51697022


I don't play that much Final Fantasy. How bad are we talking?

>> No.51697024

Jokes on you, my truck has a plow attachment.

>> No.51697039

Actually, the one that goes "NO. YOU MOVE." when told to... Is Captain America. And he's an incarnation of LG.

>> No.51697050

>Paizo's ideal of Chaotic Good, and the Most Good is, unironically, Sovereign Citizens.
It makes so much sense

>> No.51697055

Except Lightning was hot.

>> No.51697072

>he doesn't have a trumpet fetish

>> No.51697076


Is he still a Secret Hydra Agent And Always Has Been, Now and Forever, No Takebacks, We Swear On Our Mum? Or did they resolve that?

>> No.51697087

An insufferable character who started off first as just slightly annoying and preachy, then was elevated to Director's Waifu, and was given more sequal games that are all about people sucking her lady dick going "OMG you are Teh Greatest and bestest!"

She's essentially a female version of Kirito from Sword Art Online

Fang and Nabaht were hotter

>> No.51697090

>Wowee, Etsubatsu.
And I would like to point out this is against the actual fucking articles about the crusade.
>The Mendevian Crusaders are less organized than other knightly orders, united primarily by their desire to eliminate the expansion of demons from the Worldwound. Not all of its members are selfless and honorable, but many epitomize true courage. Sheer desperation for able-bodied warriors causes the order to take shining knightly followers of Iomedae as well as lowly glory-seekers, ruffians, profiteers, and other undesirables.
They need every fucking body they can get.

>Because the crusaders are such a diverse group, however, hailing from all over the Inner Sea region, many companies have retained the symbols of their homeland. This means that any crusader stronghold is a riot of colors, with streamers and banners from hundreds of clans, counties, kingdoms, families, and orders competing for room
We never fucking see this. We never see the thousand of orders. What a cool fucking scene it would have been to have the leaders of a hundred different orders shouting in a war parliament.

The fucking crusades are the kind of events that give birth to Hero Kings, hell they talk about people who go there specifically to do this.
>Some even create orders or noble titles out of whole cloth for themselves, hoping to elevate their status within the armies of the crusades, since it is impossible for the heralds of Iomedae to check the authenticity and provenance of every newcomer's claim.
Why couldn't have there been someone trying to establish himself as a hero king in the orders.


I have no problem, ZERO fucking problem with Iomedaen forces being the top of the ladder, but not seeing the crusades portrayed as they are described if a fucking travesty.

>> No.51697100

Entirely different magic system not compatible with vancian casting. If you want a better answer, you can try looking at the d20 black company book.

>> No.51697113

>you can try looking at the d20 black company book.
I tried to find one and found like 3 settings books. Am I just blind?

I also thought perhaps Black Company magic was more compatible with Spheres Casting with people like The Taken having Advanced Talents.

>> No.51697114

I'm aware of the article because I read it as I made the listing for WotRaunchy. Gosh darn. Maybe I'm running with how I've interpreted things in the world, which would be relevant to the game in that case, where in the world is certainly all represented there in one way or another.. it's just also very exhausted group. The crusades have been devastating for anyone on the lines yet easily ignored if you were never in the area.

It's not even worth counting how many people died for the planet at this point, it's generally assumed that when the demons push against the lines, it's a slaughter house. This is the point where you're going to see people pull out and get away with the war torn lives they have left while patting the new kids on the back and saying,"Good luck." Cynical attitudes about their situation isn't uncommon, and it's not as quick to be shot down by the righteously devoted because everyone is so goddamn tired of the fighting, yet they're going to persevere somehow. It's a war of attrition for mind and body with the toll rising even when no one dies. From the outside, it looks like a stalemate. Looking in, you see people exhausted of war against a seemingly unending foe from an infinite plane, and you see demons who feed on this loss. It's a losing battle that's at a snail's pace.

This isn't to say no one cares, but you have to understand after four crusades, people are getting doubtful of when it will all end, those who can't find hope for themselves are slowly bleeding it off because the demons are still there right on the border. And this is where the players will make or break the Crusades whether they wish it or not.

>> No.51697152

They made it so that he was essentially just pretending you guys, really.

(I think it was like, mind control or something)

>> No.51697177

Son, I'll have you know that Iomedae is a rough beast in the sack

>> No.51697207

t. Asmodeus

>> No.51697208

>I'm aware of the article because I read it as I made the listing for WotRaunchy. Gosh darn. Maybe I'm running with how I've interpreted things in the world, which would be relevant to the game in that case, where in the world is certainly all represented there in one way or another.. it's just also very exhausted group. The crusades have been devastating for anyone on the lines yet easily ignored if you were never in the area.
Run it how you please. I'm just saying that as it is written in WotR the crusades are portrayed in an extremely boring light.

>It's not even worth counting how many people died for the planet at this point, it's generally assumed that when the demons push against the lines, it's a slaughter house. This is the point where you're going to see people pull out and get away with the war torn lives they have left while patting the new kids on the back and saying,"Good luck."
Even more reason for the group to be diverse, because they need fresh bodies.

>Looking in, you see people exhausted of war against a seemingly unending foe from an infinite plane, and you see demons who feed on this loss. It's a losing battle that's at a snail's pace.
Except that WotR turns the snails pace into a slide towards the end. Everything is WotR is about a quickening of events. This also means that powerful indivudals from around the world would pour in as events change. Information in Golarion among anyone with class levels travels quickly and powerful people even quicker because of teleport, alchemical dragons, tree stride, shadow walk, and move. Those of any significant level who want to cross a continent can in little to no time, and certainly would if it looked like the hammer blow was about to fall on either side.

>> No.51697213

He's saving himself for Sarenrae, Anon

>> No.51697241

We all know that Papa Asmo has boned Iomedae, and that Iomedae was so bitter about her one night stand that she formed the glorious reclamation.

Also papa asmo is one of the few gods who can make the rough beast claim and mean it, only like 6 actually fought it face up.

Are you implying he hasn't already boned Sarenrae, they have known each other for over 10,000 years. Heck he probably diddled her while she still worked for his brother.

>> No.51697248

The major reason the Crusades haven't been completely wrecked by infinite demons is that the major cities are protected by artifact-tier magic that completely prevents demons from entering the cities. Anti-demon tech is so prevalent in the game that really the reason the crusades haven't won yet is the literal infinite number of demons and the fact that the Worldwound itself is lethal.

>> No.51697272

>they need fresh bodies
O-oh my

>> No.51697279


Casimir Aldori
The Bladed Brush, The Sword of Creation, The Sword-Dancer
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Holy symbol: A slash of red paint against a white canvas in the vague shape of a dueling sword.

>> No.51697288

Sarenrae could. She's the only one man enough to have actually fought it, unlike bitch boy Asmodeus who relied on trickery and other sodomitical techniques. Maybe Sarenrae fucked Iomedae.

>> No.51697289

Also to speak to it. Anyone who is sane knows that it isn't an issue that can be kicked down the road. Once mendevian falls and the world wound is complete Avistan, as a whole, is pretty much over.

The failures of the world wound crusades, if anything should cause more countries sending official support and cause less opportunists to head that way. Basically as things go more desperate actual organized support will head that way rather than individuals.

Because if the World Wound is complete then it'll turn into something similar to The Moon Scar, something most nations are aware of existing.

>> No.51697298


>> No.51697315


Too bad they went for the other kind of diversity for that campaign, anon.

Oh well!

>> No.51697320

We know that during the battle with the rough beast Sarenrae survived fighting it while Asmodeus completed the puzzle box to seal him. However we know all the gods fought the Rough Beast at some point.

Also Papa Asmo and Iomedae are former co workers, just like Papa Asmo and Sarenrae are former co workers. I think Papa Asmo just bones his secretaries.

>> No.51697327

Asmodeus, Sarenrae, Dou-Bral, Torag, Erastil, Gozreh, Desna, Dahak, and Apsu. I'm probably forgetting someone.

>> No.51697342

Oh, and Abadar.

>> No.51697347

Abadar, he assisted in the construction of the Puzzle Box. Pharasma was also there.

>> No.51697371

Hey all, the second SoM playtest game is still up for new players, so go check it out!


>> No.51697377

Iomedae never worked with Asmodeus. Your old canon is gone. Read Inner Sea Gods. She is stated as having nothing to do with him, full stop. Not even a polite chat. Now she has always desired the fall of House Thrune. Her new canon priorities are Worldwound, Cheliax, then the World

>> No.51697388

>every right to
Did she have any right to leave us unfinished?

>> No.51697399

I like the idea that the retcon is very pointedly on the side of Iomedae covering it up. I mean she did destroy the entire order about them working together.

>> No.51697422

Those dudes were mad heretical and Asmodeus is a self-obsessed jerk who needs to get Aroden'ed.

>> No.51697446

Anyone know a good place to find a play by post group? Or are in one that could use another player? I've been looking for weeks but nothing seems to fit. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

>> No.51697466

I don't know how Iomedae expects to win if she actually comes into direct conflict with Asmodeus. I don't mean his worshipers, but the man himself.

His resume is just a bit too much better than hers:
Some mortal tart who touched The Starstone.
The first of the gods, namer of all things.
Sent mortal champions to close the World Wound
Forged an alliance between the gods and tricked Rovagug, The Rough Beast, the Devourer of Worlds into it where he has been trapped since.
Cried after Aroden died
Commander and victor of The War In Heaven, where he slew his brother in the first act of treachery, The First Betrayal.

Again, Asmodeus is FAR more impressive to look at than Iomedae.

>self obsessed
>has been shown multiple times to make sacrifices and forge alliances between the gods against greater threats

>> No.51697471

>Anyone know a good place to find a play by post group?

Check out Myth-Weavers, it's the go-to spot for PbP.

Even has a built-in dice roller and sheet system.

>> No.51697502

How successful can party made of martials, with no casters, be?

>> No.51697514


Very successful, depending on the martials and campaign.

>> No.51697518

>Wrath of the Righteous: Battlefield
>A SuperAP
>Is actually multiple campagins going on simultaneously, all happening in the same continuity
>Players encouraged to enter with characters from different militaries and knight orders, with the DM assigning groups and integrating the knight orders into the different campaigns based on the group.
>Every group goes on their own adventure, interacting with different groups of people, fulfilling different duties and missions in the Crusade.
>You may perfomr a Scouting Mission alongside the Molthuni Foriegn Legion, investigate occult activities with a contingent of Ustalavian Inquisitors, hunt down War Criminals with the Order of the Chain, aid the Red Mantis is assassinating the Hight Priest of Deskari, or escort from Magaambyan Scholars and Faceless to ancient Sarkosian ritual sites to reclaim their magic. The sky's the limit.
>As you adventure, each will face increasingly dangerous odds and the seals weakening, until all of a sudden, the borders will writhe with a massive demon assault.
>You soon gather all the allies, knowledge, and resources you've gained, and face a Helm's Deep Scenario.
>Afterwards, the High Command decides that they can't survive another assault, so all the groups come together for a final all-out assault.
>Huge Siege battle, with EVERYONE attacking the source of the corruption. Each party uses the plot devices and Macguffins they've gained through out the adventure to help the United Legion burst through the various obstacles and pierce further into the Heart of Darkness.
>Once they get to the Breech, Each party will nominate 1-2 people to be directly empowered by their different patrons and other atrefacts and things to launch themselves into the very Heart of the Worldwound, slay Deskari and any other Demonlords sitting there, and slay the Living Manifestation of the Worldwound itself.
I wish I knew how to GM and had the time to do this. Because now I want this.

>> No.51697522

Pretty successful.

>> No.51697525

Use Magic Device exists, so fine but still worse.

>> No.51697535

Also I really like the fact that Iomedae is the odd man out among the Godclaw deities, possibly Irori as well. Abadar, Torag, and Asmodeus have worked together in the past. Not only on the same side Twice, as the lawful deities in The Brothers War and in the fight against The Rough Beast, but also on the same project. The puzzle box that Rovagug is trapped in was conceptualized and constructed by the three of them.

Heck, the LG Torag, LN Abadar, and LE Asmodeus are some of the oldest and most powerful gods, and have worked together when the threat requires it.

Iomedae is just being a tantrum throwing toddler among the gods. If Aroden was here he'd slap her shit.

>> No.51697540

Depends on what the GM throws at them.

>> No.51697541

The whole point of Iomedae is that Righteous people can make a difference despite overwhelming odds. Asmodeus in all his power and glory will fall before the Hope and Conviction of the Just. His only chance is sincere repentance, which might earn him a swift execution. Even the Fall of Iomedae would just lead to another rising in her stead. Evil will fall.

>> No.51697542

It really depends on what you mean by that. Are alchemists and investigators casters? How about rangers and paladins? Can a rogue pick minor/major magic?

You're going to be worse off than a party with a 6th caster or two, but you can definitely make it work.

>> No.51697545

Wait, the CE god of destruction and dragons (Dahak) helped seal up Rovagug alongside not-Bahamut (Apsu)? That's actually pretty cool to know.

>> No.51697547


An Iron Caster Fighter, a RAGEPOUNCELANCE Barbarian, a Stygian Slayer, and a healing-focused Paladin /might/ be functional, but have some difficulty.

>> No.51697557

Depends on the campaign, and how much the GM makes things built around them

>> No.51697564

It depends. Wanda and shit are really handy, so get UMD up as soon as possible.

>> No.51697580

Depends on what you mean by no casters (are Alchemists allowed, for instance? What about Kineticists or Avowed? Paladins/Bloodragers/Rangers?) and by what enemies and challenges are thrown at the party to face against.

>> No.51697582

The best possible scene:
>the warriors of an entire continent marching as a final assault on The World Wound
>Warriors of every alignment, walk of life, color, creed, and ideal forged together into a force stretching from horizon to horizon
>As you assault the World Wound your gods fight Demon Lords in the air above your heads, deific clashes rending the earth asunder as you fight the endless tied of demons

>> No.51697587

Aroden was weak because he tolerated Evils that corrupted humanity and its realms.

>> No.51697591

Nobody likes Rubadub.

Hell, Tiamat'd probably have shown up if anyone gave her a call.

>> No.51697594

It's a facet of CE that isn't discussed very often, but most CE creatures hate other CE creatures. Rovagug was too strong, and Dahak wants to be the one to destroy everything, so he teamed up to delay Rovagug long enough to get his chance.

>> No.51697611

Neither of them wanted to get Rovafucked.

>> No.51697647

>tfw when that line about how Asmodeus feels nothing but solitude since his brother tied, and that Sarenrae may be the only deity he can relate to

Also the entire fact that Asmodeus has done much more for the world than Iomedae ever has.

Also Iomedae wouldn't be the first good deity that Asmodeus killed after they took a shot at him, she would actually be the weakest of the bunch.

Also the fact that Asmodeus has been shown to be able to compromise and work towards the world's continued existence rather than its destruction.

>> No.51697649

So, living world or just 5-6 games running simultaneously?

>> No.51697660

Pretty sure that Queen Culdranth is .06% Tiamat

>> No.51697667

This is the kind of thing that Living World games were made for.

>> No.51697670

Also the fact that Asmodeus helped found a nation where he is worshiped as a LN deity and has LG clerics that he does in fact give spells to.

>> No.51697673

He only does that because he seeks to rule it. Being a helpful dick doesn't make you less of a dick. He's gotta go for the Good of the people, period.

He's Literally Evil, Anon. Capital E Evil.

>> No.51697680

Didn't pretty much every still-living god fight Rubadub? I think it was mentioned someplace that every deity on his side died at the end of the war.

>> No.51697708

Humanity is fundamentally Neutral, not Good. Without a reliable and focused form of Evil to sin through, all you have are mindless drones of Good; without a sense of orderly Good to strive for, all that evil has is sniveling whelps that backstab each other like goblins.

You need good and evil, law and chaos, for humanity to thrive.

>> No.51697716

You realize he is worshiped by LG clerics that he powers, and founded a LN matriarchal nation that he patrons. No not cheliax

Quite literally he is not entirely evil because he can be worshiped as a LN deity and receive all the benefits as if he was LN.

>> No.51697725


That country has its own problems.

>> No.51697734

Heat and cold, life and death, and of course, light and dark.

>> No.51697736

Yes, but he's LAWFUL allcaps Evil. Asmodeus has always been Order first, Evil is just a result of his utter dedication to lawfulness, no matter the cost.

>> No.51697741

Anon, once again, being nice a tiny slice of the time doesn't negate being an atrocious slaver tyrant every other day of the year. If he converts fully, we'll talk, but until then, he's on the shit list.

>> No.51697752

Post times you had a GMPC in your party and it didn't suck.

>first time playing PF
>only have three people+GM
>party is charming but pants-on-head retarded catfolk bard, hyper-intelligent smug aasimar witch, used car salesman styled alchemist, and GMPC
>GMPC is Urist Stonebeard, dwarven fighter who speaks only in grunts and single words
>dwarf follows behind group and helps us kill stuff, we don't know where he came from or why he's helping us
>later make out way into dwarven stronghold, turns out he's from there
>his family just says he's always been like that and that we're not the first party he's followed
>by the end of the game we've become best of friends with the dwarf without knowing jack shit about his motivations

There were probably oppottunites for us to learn more about him, but being first-timers we probably ignored the obvious plot hooks. Still think about him from time to time, never got around to asking the GM more.

>> No.51697758

Shelyn hid. Not really a point against her though, her presence enraged Rovagug, and would have made it harder to fight him.

>> No.51697764

Death before dishonor. If humanity cannot improve as a whole, the defective parts must be removed.

>> No.51697769


These are the roots of our world. Men are props on the stage of life, and no matter how tender, how exquisite...


>> No.51697784

Then he may have hope for redemption, but he MUST sincerely discard his villainy, or he's no better than the other wicked gods.

>> No.51697801

I thought Rovagug wanted her desperately

>> No.51697817


Rovagug wanted Shelyn for the same reason a crazed mass-murderer would want a mother before slaughtering her children.

He wants her to watch.

>> No.51697823

Rovagug wants her so he can destroy her.

>> No.51697830

I mean, Iomedae isn't exactly devoid of her own issues.

Iomedae worshipers do hypocritical evil shit all the time, but she and they get a pass because of the G by her L. When Asmo has a N by his L it's not real though. Gotta be the G and never the E. Because actions don't matter and it doesn't matter if you have a relatively complex portfolio.

The House of Thrune is pretty bad, but they do a lot of good for the world as well. Like killing pirates and keeping the seas clear. The Asmodean church helped end The Goblinblood Wars.

Really the entire Asmodeus issue is complicated because he can quite literally be worshiped by LG people as a deity and get all the benefits.

He is quite literally both a LE and LN deity.

Every god who is old enough, a lot aren't.

>> No.51697833

Wants her so he can destroy dat womb,

>> No.51697866

If memory serves, he wants to put her in his eye to make her watch him destroy everything.

And then I think destroy her too?

>> No.51697870

So excise the other half. Purge the wickedness and we'll talk.

>> No.51697880


Yup, Rovagug knows the absolute worst thing Shelyn can experience is watching helplessly as all the good in the world is destroyed.

Simple murder is not good enough for Shelyn, he wants to torture her first.

>> No.51697889

He does exercise it. he is involved in patroning a LN matriarchal nation. That's always what rubbed me the wrong way too was that Asmo was apparently sexist despite being the patron of TWO matriarchal nations.

>> No.51697893

That's weird, I always figured Rovafug for an anal Fiend. Wouldn't want to create life, after all. That's heretical!

>> No.51697910

Tips on how to roleplay a Cleric of Lamashtu while still being able to work with the party?

>> No.51697917

No, I mean excise the Evil. Cut it out. Remove the cancer. Leave the alleged goodly Asmodeus behind.

>> No.51697924

Also there is the fact that killing Papa Asmo will in all likelihood release Rovagug.

Also the Glorious Reclamation acts CE half the time, destroying LG organizations and killing each other over artifacts that don't below to Iomedae.

There is a theory that Rovagug is the Prime Qlippoth.

>> No.51697938

Impregnate all of them, and then take responsibility for the kids

>> No.51697954

>I always figured Rovafug for an anal Fiend. Wouldn't want to create life, after all.

Anon... Rovagug's spawning beasts all the ding dong time.


How intense do you want her worship to be, senpai? Because do recall that the vast majority of non-evil Lamashtans worship her purely for the midwifery and fertility aspects - namely, by giving her praise they hope she won't bless their children with deformity or stillbirth.

>> No.51697976

Not goodly, neutral.

And Iomedae should first stop acting LE and CE and make her worshipers kill each other over artifacts. Also nothing in Hell's Rebels leads me to believe that Iomedae, once she deals with the house of Thrune, will actually keep up anything they do that is important.

Heck, Asmodeus runs most of the orphanages in avistan, they keep the seas relatively safe from pirates, they keep trade open, they have numerous religious orders specifically about sealing fiends, keeping order, and hunting corrupt politicians. Really I'm not seeing your argument has much of a leg to stand on.

>> No.51698027

I was gonna play him Neutral Evil. Essentially, he see's people as weak and has taken it upon himself to breed out weakness and give way to a new "evolution" in the species. Eventually when he gets old he'll try to find a way to transfer his consciousness into one of his children so he can continue his work making a "pure" bloodline.

>> No.51698028

They the asmodeus church runs one of the closest things the world has to an international police force.

>> No.51698030


>> No.51698107

>Heck, Asmodeus runs most of the orphanages in avistan, they keep the seas relatively safe from pirates, they keep trade open, they have numerous religious orders specifically about sealing fiends, keeping order, and hunting corrupt politicians.
Why is it that when /pfg/ talks about Asmodeus he doesn't sound evil?

>> No.51698144


We don't mention the bad, Paizo does a good enough job of that.

>> No.51698169

Oh he's totally evil, he's just sort of bro-evil, in that he does evil but at the same time he can kind of get away with it because he's cool when he's not enslaving whole races.

>> No.51698180

>all but one member of the party in my hell's vengeance group dies
>the single member left is doing a better job alone than when all of us were there
>thinking of not even making another character, he's got this thing covered

>> No.51698220

Because he's far more Lawful than he is Evil. Tremendously so.

Cheliax is his place. If it goes to shit, he has no place, thus, he takes care of it.

Orphanages? That's kids who were off the street because of him. This results in more living people who are less likely to dislike him.

Asmodeus is Evil, yes. But he's also Lawful, and impossibly intelligent. I believe it was Machiavelli who said that it's better to be feared than loved, but ONLY if you can't have both.

You will fear Asmodeus. But he's going to do at least a little to make you like him as well. Because then you're on his side.

>> No.51698274

New thread


>> No.51698308

Because /pfg/ is full of edgy and contrary fucks?

>> No.51698328

As the fact that Asmodeus's story is pretty complicated.

>> No.51698374

Because they're Neo-Nazis, m8.

>> No.51698405

5-6 games simultaneous, with all of them uniting into one mass game for the last installment I feel might work best, and would allow time to separate and focus on one section at a time.

>Abyss also joined in battle by Abbadon
>Asmo and Sarenrae going back to back against Pazuzu and Baphomet
>Gorum cackling histerically as he and Szuriel constantly carve into each other
>Erastil, Abadar, and Desna launching constant salvos, keeping Lammashtu and Dagon and their millions of monster spawn pinned down.
>Zon-Kuthon weaving his way across the bloody field, with Shelyn following and protecting her brother while he fights.
>Cayden, Irori, and Kurgess, fighting in the thick of things, constantly trying to one up eachother
>Dispater backing Ragathiel up against Kostchtchie, constantly making criticism against his fighting style
>Pharasma coming in briefly to grab Charon, and slowly drag him back with her to the Boneyard
>Iomedae riding on Apsu, shouting formations and attack strategies, dressed in Aroden's old battle attire with a sword in one hand and a Trumpet in the other
>Nocticula taking the chance to betray and consume Socothbenoth before fleeing back into the Abyss, ready to take over after it all blows over.
>All this going on in the skies, in plain view of the Crusade, bolstering to fight on harder and prove themselves worthy in direct sight of thier Gods
>Except the Contingent of Pure Legionaires, who fight far more fiercely so as not to be stood up by these religious fools and their overbloated sky-wizards

>> No.51698464

>>Iomedae riding on Apsu, shouting formations and attack strategies, dressed in Aroden's old battle attire with a sword in one hand and a Trumpet in the other

I'm fully erect

>> No.51698521

Its because Paizo keeps flipping back and forth between whether they want Asmo to be super evil, just Lawful (which to them is evil), or a tragic figure.

Because of that, he comes across as Comicbook Megatron, and feels like more of an interesting and multifaceted character, as compared to how the schizo writing constantly harms other gods such as Iomedae, Sarenrae, and Ragathiel, or how their lazy and shitty writing leaves other gods as essentially pointless, like Desna, Cayden, and Erastil

>> No.51698640

Millennials, regardless of Left or Right lean are shifting towards authoritarianism.

>> No.51698676

Man, Jannie's not taking even the slightest bit of shit.

>> No.51698691

On a scale of "I'm cringing in the Andromeda galaxy" to "actually not bad," rate this scenario, /pfg/.

>The party chances upon a juvenile Red Dragon in the woods. It is scarred heavily on its left side, its right horn is healing from a prior break, and its wings look thin, even folded at its sides.

>It does not attack on sight, instead striking its tail against the ground and roaring threateningly.

>A DC 12 Knowledge (Arcana) check reveals that the dragon is male.

>A DC 17 Sense Motive reveals he's bluffing.

>A subsequent DC 18 Knowledge (Arcana) check can reveal that Red Dragons of his age shouldn't have as many scars as this one does and his scales are softer than most, a DC 17 Heal check can reveal that his scars are from recent wounds, and a DC 18 Knowledge (Nature) check reveals that he took the wounds from, of all things, a cow.

>A subsequent DC 20 Knowledge (Arcana) OR Heal check reveals that his wing muscles are underdeveloped, preventing him from actual flight or even fully extending them. Beating DC 23 reveals that the condition must have been a birth defect, because there's no way his wings would look as intact (if flimsy) as they do had they been damaged during life.

>If the party has not yet decided to attack at this point, the dragon begins to back down, thinking they've called his bluff. If they pursue, he flees as quickly as he can toward the nearest body of water and attempts to swim across, preventing the next part. If the party stands still, he only backs away slowly, enabling the next check.

>At this point, a DC 18 Knowledge (Arcana) OR a DC 16 Sense Motive check can reveal that if the dragon could use his kind's breath weapon, he would have already, if maybe as a warning shot.

>The dragon does not normally respond to questions, not even questions posed in Draconic. This changes if the questioner shows signs of draconic heritage themselves, at which point the young dragon stops moving, lowers his head, and prepares to die.

>> No.51698698

Yeah, which is why it irritates me so much when /pfg/ is all 'papa asmo is super awesome and fucks all the goddesses and the trains run on time in his country' and nothing else.

>> No.51698705

Aaand the other thread's gone.

>> No.51698720

Old new thread is dead, new new thread

>> No.51698726

There's not really any way to interact with it - it just runs or waits for something to kill it - and it's a bunch of rolling to get anything out of it at all.

>> No.51698734

It's not bad to try for nuance, but they'll probably just murder it to steal its scales and other body parts for magical and crafting purposes.

>> No.51698737

Because Paizo is so bad at using their established lore that one of the main villains of their settings looks like a decent guy by process of elimination.

And because people like to pretend that they're smart by inverting an established canon. Suddenly the Empire is misunderstood cinnamon buns and the Rebel Alliance is ISIS. Suddenly Sauron is a heartthrob and the Fellowship are literal rapists. You get that shit with every fandom.

>> No.51698739

Never claimed Papa Amso doesn't do evil stuff. He also just does good stuff. And lawful stuff. And is a fucking depressed character occasionally, and evil, and everything in between. He's complicated and Iomedae is pretty 1 dimensional as someone desperately trying to fill boots too big for her and throwing a tantrum half the time.

>> No.51698796

Yeah, I wasn't saying you did, just that it seems to be a thing that /pfg/ does on average.

Iomedae is just wasted potential at this point; a paladin dealing with the burdens of godhood and struggling to define what good and law are when she's the biggest authority there is could have been interesting, but that was all thrown away in favor of trumpet tantrums.

>> No.51698825

True. Maybe have him shout warnings in Draconic which are obviously inflated boasts, giving a player who knows Draconic a bonus on the Sense Motive checks?

As for all of those rolls themselves, I'm not sure what else to do. I don't want to give out everything all at once, but I don't want to give them so little they just kill him and move on.

>> No.51699085


>> No.51699158

By not playing one unless you're in a CE party of "everything will be fucked up, might end in PVP okay"

>> No.51699202

Isn't he always super pissy?

>> No.51700985

Trust me bro, if your players are even slightly murderhobo-ey they're going to kill that thing on sight. Unless you've got someone like me who loves Dragons and hates having to fight them in the games I'm playing, every other session I've played in multiple groups has just said "screw it" and treated every dragon they've come across as an immediate threat that they just need to kill so it doesn't get bigger and ravage the countryside like some kind of mindless beast.

Side effect of living in a Western country I suppose, do you think Eastern players treat dragon NPCs with less immediate hostility?

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