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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Tell me a tale, /pfg/. A tale of love and loss, of adventure and song, of treasures and dungeons, of dragons and maidens. Tell me your tale.

Unified /pfg/ link repository:http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

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Hey, reminder that I'm trying to put together a Spheres of Might playest game, come check it out!


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Rate my character concept /pfg/

An Impossible Bloodline Android sorcerer. They are a glitch in the Android's programming that devoured and replaced their soul gaining conciousness, slowly their power to induce inconsistencies and glitches in the code begins to spread from their body out into the real world.

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Why does Paizo hate double weapons so much. I mean they're bad beyond salvaging, so couldn't they at least make some cool martial option so I can run one for flavour without feat expenditure?

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You can still use one normally.

Using a double weapon itself doesn't hurt. Just like using two weapons, it only needs the feats if you actually take the extra attacks.

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Can you switch off attacks between sides up to your max iteratives per round without penalty?

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Yeah. No worries.

It's only if you do the actual TWF thing for extra attacks that you take the penalties.

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Anyone got the Hell Comes to Westcrown PDF?

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How do you 8 Dex, /pfg/?

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2 level dip into Student of War. RP her as having two left feet. It's only experience that keeps her upright on a ship.

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Your huge tits throw off your balance and slow you down.

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So another game is ending recruitment soon! Let's look at characters.


Four Spots are open, Vote here!

Characters who haven't been accepted yet:
>Matsutoya, Tattooed Mystic
>Kohaku, Kitsune Gunslinger
>Yaozu, Infamous Duelist
>Niara, Harrowed Soothsayer
>Al, Nonspecific Orc
>Lorry, Desperate Bandit
>Nettle, Masked Physician

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2hu's inability to make a normal goddamned character is actually kind of fascinating. Even when limited to an SoM class they still manage to be an insufferable pain in the ass.

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Really clumsy, but good enough with a sword not to be slowed down in a fight.

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It's almost impossible, like they have 5 classes and yet they've managed to pick at everything, including free feats. I'm not sure if they think this would ever make someone want to play with them.

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Is there a wisdom based magus archetype, /pfg/?

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You don't. It doesn't fucking make sense in melee - you should be SHIT at to-hit for having low dex no matter how stupid your raw muscly weight becomes, and if you're not melee you just have very little reason to be dumping Dex anyway. Non-melee classes should always invest in Dex.

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I've been out pretending to be a normie all night, did Love Shine pick characters or at least post proof of life?

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>Student of War
Have fun getting Dodge.

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Warpriest comes close, having action-economy defeating features to keep casting while attacking.

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Character selection would take a few days regardless, but no, no sign of life. The most recent post there is from someone throwing up a last-minute app, and there's been no sign of the DM for a week or more now.

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I think the new book has a Spiritualist archetype that turns them into a WIS Magus.

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Yes, but it's too big to upload directly. Go ask three doors down on their share sticky and you'll probably get it in a fraction of the time you've been asking here.

Pic related because of SoM talk.

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Leave Lindy.

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So can you not just buy a Minotaur Crossbow? I can't seem to find a price for it. Is it just a Large Double Crossbow?

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Is it weird that I've already got a character idea with that as the concept art for it?

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You could never 'buy' one, they were mino exclusive and not intended for players, they're also designed with 3.5 in mind.

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I'm not judging you anon, but you're getting what you deserve for playing a character with art by someone who literally goes by "breast cat".

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Which new book?

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how do i quell the foul sorceries, /tg/?

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Play a wizard

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Indeed. I think I can spin a pretty interesting character arc out of it, though. It'd even deal directly with the whole "wizards are immoral" thing that gets slung around a lot.

God dammit, I'm actually seriously considering playing this now.

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Tell me more.

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Is there a list of classes/archetypes that can get dodge as a bonus feat?

If not, what's the best way to get it w/o prereqs and not being a monk?

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Second session of Dragon game just finished and HOLY FUCK! SIX GODDAMN HOURS!

And not one person...

Had to pee.

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but i mustnt stoop to their level

i cannot be one whom has only mastered the art of spellcasting

then i will simply be another cruel caster, with no morality and the power of god at his fingertips.

my resolve insists that if i do use magical abilities, that i do not put them to the forefront of my cause at the very least.

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Every 5 seconds you fucking teleport half the length of a football field, you're more magical than the average mid-level wizard.

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Dragongame ran like 6 hours.

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Slayer Talent, Ranger Settle, Underhand Style, Dodge.

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the teleporting is simple anti-magic

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Alright, so, imagine this. There's a pair of wizards - a man and a woman. Maybe one of them is specialized in transmutation, maybe they're generalists, I still need to figure out the details. At some point, they're in a relationship. Likely even a strong one, born out of respect for one another's mind's; true love for the ages shit. However, they're also in a support spiral (or whatever you'd call it) for each other; bad ideas, as long as they have some possibility of succeeding, get encouraged by the other one of the pair until they go through with it.

So when they found out that the woman is pregnant, they get it into their heads to give their child the best life possible. They're wizards, so the most important thing to them is that their child is magically potent, so they're working on her intellect when they hit on the idea of also giving her a perfect appearance. Now, this is an imperfect science at best, and they can't properly check their work because the target of their transmutations is still a foetus. this results in a number of physical and mental oddities that come out while their daughter is growing.

Albisnism. Stunted ability to socialize. She'd be aesthetically pleasing, but her body would be riddled with physical and genetic oddities - she might be sterile or have asthma and whatnot, but she certainly looks great. And, of course, her mind is custom built to handle the cheat codes to the universe.

Around the time she's developing into a young woman, she discovers what her parents did to her in development; why she looks and thinks the way she does, unable to properly relate to friends. things get heated; she believes it's a violation, the parents believe they did no wrong. she takes her time to prepare and get away from them and become an adventurer, because she's absolutely pissed, and holds a grudge.

The character arc would be largely about coming to grips with her family and how to deal with them.

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Transhumanism, parental bioethics, thicc wizard autism waifus?

Is the game you're joining open?

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So, basically, Julian Bashir.

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>He would have been a harem protagonist but he's stuck in a yuri anime

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Yeah, that's right. Sadly, I'm not getting into a game this works for yet, so it'll take a while to get the concept into an actual game.

I actually have no idea who that is.

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Star Trek Deep Space 9. Station doctor, basically finds out his parents did a whole (and highly illegal) genetic number on him because they thought he was too slow at a young age.

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>The queen invited everyone to her home to speak more privately about the duties they volunteered at the Winter Soltice Forum
>The party gets to know each other on the cable car ride over there
>They get to her home and immediately discover that their queen is nowhere even close to regal or diginified.
>She's currently embarrassed off her five heads about her, by her own admition and words, "horrible speech"
>She's chosen to drown her sorrows in ale, smoking hookah, eating salted caramel, and whining loudly about it.
>She calms down and explains that she's been suffering from a crippling Ennui that prevents her from making good long term plans. She remembers that she made a potion JUST for that called Aquae Motum.
>They found the book the formula was, and as it turns out, one of the partymember, Freyda one most recent children, Drew all over this formula in crayon when she was a wee lass.
>So in order to find the formula, they go to one of The Queen's old lairs. where an original copy of the formula would be.
>They head yonder, with the majority of the party experiencing direct sunlight for the first time. The Desert sun no less.
> They travel by night along one of the few rivers, taking dips to cool off as they went.
> they find the lost city in where the lair is supposed to be and find a teleportation portal to it.
> Once inside they find a fuck huge door controled by pressure plate locks. "Mind body and soul need to be balanced."
>Turns out it was just symbolic and you just had to put enough weight on each of the three pressure plate. So they put the chubby bookworm (Pic related) on one. The robot and the maid on another, and the rest of the small and smaller party on the last one + one random corpse they found.
> Once they get through the door closes behind them, and turns into a golem. The golem decides to bring down the house and the party has to run through a maze while the whole place is starting to collapse. WHILE THE GOLEM IS CHASING THEM!

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That explains why I didn't know. I'm not much for Star Trek, or science fiction in general.

It's still a neat concept overall though, I think. It may not be totally original, but hey, what is?

>> No.51672943

a completely randomized, infinitely non-repeating number?

>> No.51672950

How do you RP someone who has very low Char but very high Diplomacy/Intimidate/Bluff?

>> No.51672962

There's also that movie GATTACA, the one that people keep making kids in science classes watch.

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They've studied the documents and everything intel had to say about you impeccably. They know exactly what to say, and so you're forced to listen to every last word of it lest the consequences fuck you up.

Every last word is stuttered, shittily pronounced, dripping with you wanting to punch those fucking teeth in, but there you are. Sitting. and listening. To that boring, repetitive drivel that's just got you by the balls.

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>Every last word is stuttered, shittily pronounced, dripping with you wanting to punch those fucking teeth in, but there you are. Sitting. and listening. To that boring, repetitive drivel that's just got you by the balls.

So a kitsune poster.

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So exactly how much sex happened?

>> No.51673023

He's got one hell of an ugly mug. First impression you get of him is either a brute or your typical murderhobo.
He opens his mouth however, and he speaks like a gentleman of proper education, and when angered, his glare is terror-inspiring.

>> No.51673031

None. Although innuendos happened aplenty. The Kobold wet-t-shirted herself though.

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Bardiche or Lucerne Hammer?

>> No.51673356

>8 dex
>"really clumsy"

No, fuck off. 8 is just barely below human average.

>> No.51673394

And 6 would be borderline unstoppable shaking.

If someone who is 9 has a bad sense of balance, I'd argue 8 is someone being fairly clumsy or awkwardly stiff in movement.

>> No.51673476

It's 1 above the absolute minimum of human point-buy. The penalty is mechanically small but -2 and +2 are noteworthy enough deviations to be considered good or bad at things among commoners and others who use fixed arrays.

>> No.51673491

Lucerne Hammer has superior style.

>> No.51673544

>Why does Paizo hate double weapons so much.
A double sword is just like a regular sword but twice as heavy and far more likely for you to stab yourself with by accident. No real soldiers used them. Why do you assume that it should be mechanically good just because it's in the equipment list?

>> No.51673555

I'm coming up with a char concept to bring to some local game I've never been to, but am having trouble starting it. The vague concept I'm wanting to do is "abandonment issues: the character". What pops into your head when you hear that phrase? Backstory direction, motivation, class, race, features, all undecided.

>> No.51673575

>Why do you assume that it should be mechanically good just because it's in the equipment list?
Gee, I wonder what water-balloon hater could be behind this post?

>> No.51673581

"Fairly clumsy" and "really clumsy" are two different things.

>> No.51673596

No real man has ever turned into a squirrel, but we keep Baleful Polymorph on the spell list.

The typical assumption in games is that there's a bare minimum attempt to pretend you've tried to balance something.

Also the double sword is silly as fuck and the double axe is probably sillier but history has had several "double weapons" developed and trained for practical use. I'm not saying that double weapons should be good, there're a lot of practical reasons for Pathfinder not to develop on them, but the argument to base fantasy RPG mechanics in reality when no one's bothered with an oversized falcata when other swords were available is ridiculous.

>> No.51673597

If all equipment choices have parity and all do the same thing, then what is the purpose of having those choices in the first place?

If you want to use an exotic weapon, fine, go ahead. It might even have some particular advantage in a certain limited situation. But it's exotic for a reason, and that reason is almost always because it's worse than the martial options at most things that the martial options are there for. The same goes for other mechanical choices too.

>> No.51673600

At that point it's just nitpicking.

And 8 is a fair case for "really clumsy" when 7 is the clumsiest an adult can be without it actually being some kind of disorder or disability.

>> No.51673622

>7 is the clumsiest an adult can be without it actually being some kind of disorder or disability.

It's not, though. The use of arrays is for convenience to speed up NPC creation, not because no NPC can possibly start with an ability score lower than 7 or higher than 15 without some specific explanation. The actual stats range from 3 to 20.

>> No.51673624

It is the superior choice for two weapon fighting in melee as it gives you a better base dice with still counting as a light off hand, you just need to figure out how to get proficiency in it without blowing a feat.

>> No.51673635

Gee, I wonder what the psychological motivation for specifically wanting to play a character with a common real world mental disorder might be, before deciding anything else about them.

Something that gets oracle curses or VMC: Oracle, pick for the curse either Accursed or the one about NEVER BREAK YOUR PROMISES.

Build options:
-obsessive grappler
-obsessive member of class with companion
-obsessive focus on a MADE-UP or otherwise self-manufactured companion for maximum loser mode, like summoner or bladebound magus
-obsessively stalkery Ranger, Vigilante or Slayer who follows people using class features

Free space: tiefling as race.

>> No.51673679

>if everything is balanced then everything will be the same
Look at this idiot and laugh.

>> No.51673696

So it's my understanding that everyone in this game is Thicc as fucc. That correct?

>> No.51673727

It's mostly Freyda and The Dragon Queen.

The battlemaid is busty, but not 'thicc' per se.

Kobold's pretty thicc.

>> No.51673728

I get why Barbarian is always up in tier lists compared to other pure martials, but what's so special about Slayer that it's consistently up with Barbarian and Paladin instead of Fighter and friends?

>> No.51673739

>exotic weapon is shitty because it's exotic, that's why no-one uses it. You're dumb to use a feat to get it
>simple weapons can be useable by anyone, and that's why crossbows are shit. If we made them actually like what they should be in real life, they'd be overpowered, so since they're simple weapons they're shit.

Paizofags, gentlemen.

>> No.51673759

The thiccness is in the blood, it might not have manifested now but dragons never stop growing

>> No.51673787

yes but there are different directions and ways one could "never stop growing".

a dragon could become a towering mass of rippling muscle with a 36-pack.

a dragon could become long, like a long.

it doesn't all have to be fat

>> No.51673788

I'm used to picking up a falchion and critfishing but I want to move away from that on my next martial melee guy.

What're some other options? Doesn't have to be optimal but I want to be relevant up to the 12-14 range.

>> No.51673799

Lucerne Hammer or Greatsword.

>> No.51673806

Consider their parentage, these ladies are doomed to have issues with doors and wooden chairs

>> No.51673813

I always thought the Greatsword was just something you used until you were ready to critfish. How should I build with a greatsword in mind?

>> No.51673823

Just do damage you dunce. Use weapon size increases if you want.

>> No.51673834

Honestly? It's generic two handed weapon stuff it will look very similar to crit fishing with a two hander.
What sources can you use?

>> No.51673853

Yeah but thats not for cuddle and squeeze. Rock solid muscle is not cozy!!

>> No.51673863

Ironically freyda purchased a masterwork folding chair because she's too heavy for regular ones

>> No.51673866

All first party. Again I'm not too concerned about crit fishing, I'm just afraid of becoming deadweight since I tend to play fairly optimized games.

>> No.51673873

Not too concerned about optimization.*

I want to be "viable" but I'm not interested in weird flavour falcata swordsmen.

>> No.51673914

Any ships becoming apparent?

>> No.51673959

As the wife of a bodybuilder, you couldn't possibly be more wrong.

It's like a firm, warm mattress.

>> No.51673976

alternatively any ships you'd enjoy?

>> No.51673979

> marriage
> real muscle girl

No dis respect, but I don't believe you

>> No.51673987

What level do you want to plan out to and what level are you starting?

>> No.51673989


Can confirm. Anyone who thinks muscles are always steel hard doesn't understand that humans aren't flexing 24/7. It's a firm yet still cuddly softness.

Go seek your own gains to better understand.

>> No.51673992

Astarte X Stone Golem.

They're made for each other

>> No.51673993

Starting from 1, ending around 14.

>> No.51674005


I wish muscle girls were real

>> No.51674031

Lameeka X Freyda.

>> No.51674032


They are real, but the anon who posted said she's the WIFE of a bodybuilder.

That means the anon is either a cardio bunny with limited muscles, or she's average and her husband is a nerd from /fit/ who never got enough game to get a real musclegirl.

>> No.51674044

I never said I was the one in shape.

>> No.51674047

Thoughts on getting 1 level of (unchained) Monk for your Serenrae Cleric (Scimitar) or Reymenda (Falchion) Crusaders Flurry, good saves, bonus armor class.

Maybe also 1 level of Brawler, mostly for that Martial Flexibility, Brawler Cunning and 2 more point in Fortitude and Reflex.

>> No.51674056

Fine. The next game I run will have a table of 200+ weapons, every weapon will require its own proficiency feat, and they'll all do 1d6 damage with no ability modifiers or special features.
Happy now?

>> No.51674066

>STILL THINKS if everything is balanced then everything will be the same
Look at this idiot and laugh again.

>> No.51674073


If you're in with a muscle girl, You are the wife regardless of gender

>> No.51674083


Stop playing pathfinder and get in shape. It makes you feel better, and when you come back to PF you'll be able to enjoy it more and be more creative.

Then run a game for us that's centered around muscle girls.

Also, DON'T choose applicants at random. Pleae don't even put together multiple party compositions and then pick one randomly. Fuck. Here everybody have some freshly produced salt from me, on the house.

>> No.51674089

I'm in with a guy. My beau works out. He's not a girl I can assure you. Even if people on here get confused.

>> No.51674097

But isn't that what you're asking for? If fighter 1 with a greatsword does 20 damage per attack, fighter 2 with bare hands does 20 damage per attack, fighter 3 with a wooden chair does 20 damage per attack, fighter 4 dual-wielding shields does 20 damage per attack, and fighter 5 with some obscure Malaysian five-bladed dagger with a spiky unholdable hilt does 20 damage per attack... then what is the purpose of giving them different weapons? What is the purpose of different feats and builds? Why not just rule that all martial characters do the same damage with each attack and not even bring weaponry into it?

I really don't even understand what you people want, because you get mad when different choices give different results but you also get mad when they give the same results. Why do you feel the choices are necessary?

>> No.51674109

>But isn't that what you're asking for?
...did you even TRY reading what he wrote?

>> No.51674110


Well I know you aren't, but for terminology sake. Muscle girls, when married, are the husband in this situation.

Things only get complicated if they're both muscle girls

>> No.51674123

I find most of these a little short on what they've thought out so few of them are appealing. The ones the GM has picked are not what I would have picked first either.

Mostly I'm thinking of how you could turn all these abusive/neglectful/just plain dead parents into a BBEG.

>> No.51674136

Wait, are you saying ONLY girls can be muscled?

You DO realize those giant rippling flesh walls on things like the old AD&D books or He Man, or Conan, those were there for the women to enjoy, right?

Those pecs and abs are like bare breasts to the average girl.

>> No.51674139

The only conclusion that I can come up with from any of this is that while we can agree that PF is broken, we can't agree on how it's broken, how to fix it, or what the hell we want it to even do in the first place. If there's no consistent agreement on how weapons are supposed to function then we can't make martials good, which means we can't balance the classes, which means we can't address powergaming, which means.... fuck it, maybe we're all better off just making everything into flipping a coin to determine if any given action succeeds or not.

>> No.51674147

No im not saying that. I'm saying that the presence of one overrides the status of the other.

>> No.51674151

>The only conclusion that I can come up with
Then maybe it's time for you to stop doing that and admit that thinking isn't what you're best at.

>> No.51674158

If you have a solution for everyone all laid out already then by all means present it so we can all adopt it immediately and jump all over your e-penis in eternal gratitude.

>> No.51674162


What kind of action is it to pull myself along my rope?

>> No.51674168


Ironically, every girl I've ever met said that the ass is their favorite part

>> No.51674171

I don't, I'm just pointing out that you clearly are either failing to comprehend the posts you're responding to, or not reading them in the first place.

>> No.51674180

Through booty, unity

>> No.51674198

Well your first feat is going to be Power Attack, no two ways about that, do you have a class in mind for this?

>> No.51674210

You don't even have an argument here, do you? You can't point out anything that I'm actually wrong about.

You all want options to be more balances. Okay, but balanced HOW? If they're mathematically equivalent so every feat gives +1 to hit or +1 to damage, there's no point in having feats, is there? If all the weapons do the same damage then there's no point in having different weapons. If all the classes have magic use and fighting ability at the same level then there's no point in classes. So how do you intent do balance the game without making things more samey and lowering the number of meaningful choices? Can you come up with any suggestion whatsoever besides "keep things the same as they are now but also make them better in nebulous unspecified ways and also more the same but more different too"?

>> No.51674259

I can't seem to find deities with Self Realization.

>> No.51674260

I want to see Zev the Dragon maid discipline Atolm the tiny into her personal toy.

>> No.51674300

Have you ever played games other than Pathfinder? Do you have any idea what game balance is outside of the convoluted mess that is the Pathfinder ruleset?

Because you sound like someone who lacks a grasp of even the very basic concepts of game design.

>> No.51674309

Bro, take a deep fucking breath and read over the comments. You are not at all talking about the same shit anyone who's replied to you has been.

>> No.51674341

So how did they run the collasping building? The cave In rules sound sucky

>> No.51674442

Since Touhou cannot post at the moment, this is a proxy post from someone else:

I think I have managed to construct what I think is the ultimate low-level unarmed sage, using only a 3rd-level human character and Spheres of Might as the only third-party supplement. This build works best in a game wherein the retraining rules are available, so as to retrain away Extra Combat Talent feats, but the build works just fine even without them.

That said, this build goes to show one of Spheres of Might's main failing points: some of the most optimal builds do nothing but spam the same action ad nauseam. I was under the impression that Spheres of Might aimed to rectify this.

Level: 3rd
Race: Human (heart of the slums)
Class: Sage

Key Ability Scores: Dexterity 16+2, Wisdom 16
Traits: Child of the Streets (social), Empathic Diplomat (regional), possibly Reactionary (combat) if a drawback is taken
Feats: Combat Reflexes (human bonus), Extra Combat Talent, Extra Combat Talent

Combat Talents:
• Equipment: Finesse Fighting (free)
• Open Hand (free, focus is always dedicated to this): Lunging Strikes, Snap Kick, Sweeping Kicks
• Scoundrel: Dirty Mugging, Playing Dirty

Key Equipment: Gloves of Larceny (2,500 gp), Ioun Torch (75 gp)

Attack Bonuses:
• Unarmed Strike: +5 = 1 BAB + 4 Dexterity modifier
• Sleight of Hand Bonus: +18 = 3 ranks + 4 Dexterity modifier + 3 class skill + 1 trait + 2 racial + 5 competence
• Trip Bonus: 7+2d6 = 3 sage level + 4 Dexterity modifier + 2d6 chi gong

>> No.51674452

What happens on this character's turn? They go up to an enemy and perform a dirty trick combat maneuver. Because of the Scoundrel sphere and chi gong, they roll +18+2d6, and probably blind an enemy for a few rounds. The opponent must spend a standard action to remove the blindness.

Landing the dirty trick triggers Dirty Mugging. They make an attack of opportunity against the foe. The sage's attack bonus is +5, but it will probably hit a blinded target. If the sage hits, they deal 1d6 + 2 + Strength modifier damage, plus 2d6 from chi gong, plus 1 nonlethal from Open Hand.

If this attack hits, Sweeping Kicks triggers. They make a trip attempt, rolling +7+2d6. This will probably succeed, since the target is blinded (penalties to AC apply to CMD).

If the trip attempt is successful, Snap Kick triggers. That is another attack at +5, again dealing 1d6 + 2 + Strength modifier damage, plus 2d6 from chi gong, plus 1 nonlethal from Open Hand.

It is a little luck-dependent, but the payoff is impressive by non-DSP standards: a blinded and prone enemy, along with two reasonably-damaging attacks, all from one standard action.

All of this, by the way, is if the sage opts to not use Stunning Fist. If the sage used that, then the enemy could very well be stunned for a round.


What happens on the target's turn? It is screwed. The blindness will take a standard action to clear. Standing from prone as a move action will provoke an attack of opportunity. The enemy could also be stunned from Stunning Fist.

What happens on other enemies' turns? If they are melee-focused and they lack reach, then they will provoke attacks of opportunity from the sage. The sage can trip them with a +7+2d6 bonus, and a successful trip provokes a further attack of opportunity. Woe to them if the sage activates Stunning Fist.

The sage is quite frail against enemies who can attack from 10+ feet away, but Chi Gong and Sage's Riposte can offer some respite.


It is a shame how effective such spam is.

>> No.51674462


>> No.51674525


>> No.51674589

I'm curious how well touhou could optimise an arminger, which is specifically especially designed to encourage variation in fighting style.

>> No.51674610

Can a party without casters be succesful?

>> No.51674618

Is it improper to fuck a cute 18 years old half-drow boy if he's totally into it?

>> No.51674638

How fast do long-lived races grow up? Do they spent a hundred years as a child?

>> No.51674643

Should chars have a skill lvl in Language: common to be literate?

>> No.51674647

No, they're physically adults between 18 and 25, they just spend a hundred years jacking around, having house parties, stealing chariots, and doing dumb shit.

>> No.51674670

>you get mad when different choices give different results
But that's wrong you moron. We get mad when the results aren't equitable. For example, compare the longsword and the flail. The flail only has a x2 crit, but that's a trade-off for the trip and disarm properties. Likewise a shortsword only deals 1d6 damage, but that's a trade-off for being light. These are acceptable, they are balanced against each other and allow for different styles of play.

What is bullshit is something like the greatclub: when compared to the earthbreaker, the only benefit is being 4lb lighter and a handful of coins cheaper, which is not a fair trade for smaller dice and lesser crit power. Comprende?

>> No.51674707

>Decide I'm gonna be a Sorcerer
>Start glancing at spells
>All this cool niche shit
>Completely forgot about permanency and didn't realize it could be used to buff myself with some neat shit
>Start looking at Arcanist more
>Can no longer decide between the two classes

Send help.

>> No.51674709

Lameeka X pants.

A tragic romance that is wholly one sided

>> No.51674724


>> No.51674729

Hey 2hu, as someone who is incapable of making actual characters without causing everyone around you to consider suicide as an alternative to putting up with you, maybe you're not in a position to actually judge these sorts of things.

Good job on getting kicked out of the SoM playtest game for exactly that.

>> No.51674752

That doesn't even look that bad? What's wrong with pointing out issues with a system?

Fuck I don't even see the problem here with this. The whole "spam the best move over and over" is a Sphere's+Pathfinder as a whole issue.

>> No.51674757


>Automatic Weapon Quality: Modern firearms include a new type of firearm—the automatic firearm. A weapon with the automatic weapon quality fires a burst of bullets with a single pull of the trigger, attacking all creatures in a line. This line starts from any corner of your space and extends to the limit of the weapon's range or until it strikes a barrier it cannot penetrate. When an automatic weapon attacks all creatures in a line, it makes a separate attack roll against each creature in the line. Each creature in the line can only be attacked with one bullet from each burst. Each attack roll takes a –2 penalty to account for recoil, and its attack damage cannot be modified by precision damage or damage-increasing feats such as Vital Strike. Effects that grant concealment, such as fog or smoke, or the blur, invisibility, or mirror image spells, do not foil an automatic weapon's line attack. If any of the attack rolls threaten a critical hit, confirm the critical for that attack roll alone. An automatic weapon misfires only if all of the attack rolls made misfire. A single attack with an automatic weapon fires 10 bullets. An automatic weapon cannot fire single bullets that target one creature. When taking a full-attack action with an automatic weapon, you can fire as many bursts in a round as you have attacks.

I can't grasp ammunition economy of automatic weapons from Reign of Winter. So far I see two ways:

1. I can fire as much bullets as there are creatures in my line of fire, but no less than 10, even if there are less than 10 targets

2. I always fire 10 bullets, and attack every creature in my line of fire, even if there are more than 10 targets

Which is correct?

>> No.51674791

While I wouldn't encourage 2hu's build/play style in an actual game, isn't that the entire point of a playtest? To see how a system works in play, what you can do with it, and especially find any design oversights that the creators didn't intend. Playing it safe and only within the obvious intended limits won't find anything new or help with the design process at all.

>> No.51674803

You always fire ten bullets, and attack everything in the line of fire out to your weapon's maximum range as long as it can penetrate (you go through if you deal at least one point of damage after DR/Hardness/Resistances)

>> No.51674813

where's 2hu making a character now?

>> No.51674816

I think it was more the mass of inane questions and trying to find every way possible to game the system.

>> No.51674826

The SoM play test where he was politely told he was not welcomed.

>> No.51674850

2hu tried to apply for the SoM playtest game, but managed to piss off the GM into banning him with his typical "Mother May I?" game, even going so far as to ask for action points because Eberron while AT THE SAME TIME complaining that the free feats would skew the playtest.

2hu only knows how to theorycraft. He doesn't know how to make an actual goddamned character to play with others in a TTRPG, as that requires interacting with others.

>> No.51674889

Yeah, whoops probably should have read the thread first.

I kinda feel like 2hu's personal gameplay style would make him very effective in a playtest, but I can also understand why a GM wouldn't want him in the playtest in the first place.

>> No.51674894

>even going so far as to ask for action points because Eberron
Aren't those core assumption in Eberron?

>> No.51674909

Wait, where'd this happen? It's not in the game discussion.

>> No.51674915

If you are using the 3.5 eberron material yes, but the game in question said it was 1pp aka paizo and SoM.
Looks like all the posts got deleted.

>> No.51674930

Thread deleted because it was 90% 2hu
No they aren't. It is just a setting, and from a different game. The point was the hypocrisy of it, and all the other bullshit like trying to abuse the lifestyle rules like usual.

>> No.51674932

Golly! I hope nothing strange is happening on /pfg/ today!

How was RotJR and Dragons?

>> No.51674945

I feel like Arcanist is going to be top-tier outside of combat, but Sorcerer will be more fun in it. I'll go Arcanist for the options.

>> No.51674961

Anything the sorcerer can do the arcanist can do too, they have wizard spell slots with sorcerer spells per a day. The Sorcerer is basically completely usurped by the Arcanist in nearly every way.

>> No.51674979

The GM did allow for 3.5 Eberron conversion so that action point bit wasn't that unreasonable.

>> No.51674985

I think it was more the mother may I every ten minutes.
Action points were just the straw that broke the camels back.

>> No.51675056

Travel and exploration were done. Corpses were found, who has a weight problem was discovered by a puzzle, and there was a short fight/escape in a collapsing tunnel.

>> No.51675058

What's the point in playtesting if you refuse to answer questions about the material that's being playtested?

>> No.51675062

I don't think they were playtesting action points

>> No.51675087

True, but the sorcerer does get a couple extra spells a day per level, which I think would be really nice mid-fight or over an extended period.

>> No.51675089

They were playtesting how action points interact with the contest that was being playtested.

>> No.51675105

I think it is more the implication that was being given by the way the questions were asked, and trying to find anything to completely break the system, switching over to something new every time something was declined.

>> No.51675131

Which helps the GM make the system watertight and resistant to complete breakage. Without someone like that, flaws are left in the system that enable breakage after the system is finalized.

By excluding 2hu, SoM's designer has ensured that the system will be flawed.

>> No.51675162

Unless that is not within the context of the test in question, you do not test everything 100% of the time.
Also action points are not 1pp, Hero points are but there are some core differences between the two systems.

>> No.51675174

Nor is Eberron, but conversion was allowed anyway, therefore the efficiency of conversion should be playtested. There was nothing that 2hu did that was to the detriment of the playtesting.

>> No.51675195

If you earnestly believe that why don't you run a SoM test game and invite 2hu, report back the findings from it?

>> No.51675208

No they fucking weren't. The GM allowed someone else to use the Eberron conversion for races, nothing more. But like the antisocial freak he is, 2hu immediately started up another round of "Mother May I?" as soon as he saw a way to squeeze more power out of the rules. If anyone can put up with his bullshit, they have herculean patience.


>> No.51675220

Rotjr quick highlights:
>goblins swarm the entire flatfooted party
>Saboten tries to use an AoE seduction effect on the enemies - then it's pointed out it also affects allies
>Etan and Rubio share a drink and talk about heroism
>Tia impersonates Aster and talks about breasts
>Saboten tries to pull a bard into bed but then realises he's a local noble, hastily retreats

>> No.51675231

2hu is free to masturbate himself or dupe a DM of a different game to give feedback to the SoM team.

>> No.51675270

>There was nothing that 2hu did that was to the detriment of the playtesting.
What part of "Mother May I?" did you not understand? 2hu acts like he knows all the answers anyways, so why does he need a playtest?

>> No.51675288

Ok here is the thing
While it is less with 3pp systems that are mainly bought by enthusiasts who are able to abuse flaws if they are present, it is a losing battle to try to make stuff like this "watertight"

Most of "broken combos" are totally obscure and unknown for majority of dnd hobbyists. Playtesting is more about making sure the system feels intuitive and easy to use rather than obsess over what OP combo you might possibly find. If you fail the first hurdle, the second hurdle hardly matters. While I can appreciate the level of system mastery people like 2hu have, they are not as important as you try to imply.

>> No.51675300

>Saboten tries to pull a bard into bed but then realises he's a local noble, hastily retreats

>The Wisdom 7 hyper-slut
>Retreats from a partner because he's got a bit of blue blood


>> No.51675305

This is really something that rings true, as long as it does not break itself within default 1pp and within its own third party systems it is designed to play with, those are the things it should be balanced for.

>> No.51675339

>The Wisdom 7 hyper-slut
She has Wisdom 5 iirc

I'm not sure if it's even ethical to have sex with her at that level.

>> No.51675346

It's got enough feats to match the fighter for the benefits it can grab, Stygian Slayer gives it spells, Studied Target gives it some out of combat bonuses. It can give up some stuff for Vanguard to make sure you're never surprised, can fill a lot of roles, flanker, tracker, stealth, off-face, heavy hitter, all at once.

>> No.51675348

It was a goddamn scary fight / excape

>> No.51675358

>Only one person outside of the AOE
>He is very confused by everyone's wandering gazes

>> No.51675378

>I'm not sure if it's even ethical to have sex with her at that level.

To put it in perspective, Shensen is known for being an extremely impulsive, carefree young woman who actually has a "Resurrection fund" for when she inevitably gets herself killed.

She's Wisdom 7.

>> No.51675417

Irori, Urgathoa, Kurgess, Haagenti, Arshea, Falayna, Shei

>> No.51675430


Turns out Freyda weighs as much as Astarte and Zev combined. And Atolm, princess Celisse, and Lameekadon't even come close and needed a dead guy to match her.

>> No.51675499

Atolm would probably counter that he's 11 kilos of pure man meat.

>> No.51675508

>Find golem
>TinyDraggoo timeblasts the thing, collapsing the ceiling
>Everyone else decides to run
>Every couple of turns there's more collapsing ceiling
>Anyone near this new collapsure has to Reflex or eat rocks
>PrincessDragon manages to find exit first, everyone else managing to catch up as soon as they realize they've hit a dead end

>> No.51675554

So it's not just JJ who has a thing for chicks with low will saves?

>> No.51675555

Golem blasting through walls and enduring the cave in chasing the party

>> No.51675583

The tiny one's a fucking TIME dragon?

>> No.51675596

Pretty sure Saboten has one of the Cha-to-Will abilities and 20 Cha. She's fine.

>> No.51675618

Tired as fuck, and at work im glad you guys had fun.

>> No.51675629


That doesn't erase the fact she has 5 Wisdom, it just means her impulsive habits tend to go in her favor because she's just so gosh darn *cute.*

>> No.51675647


Nah time kenetisit

>> No.51675907

talking about dragons or rofrj makes me feel like an outsider

>> No.51675929

So say something about your own game!

I just skim it. Lost interest in RotJR along the way and I was never too interested by dragons.

>> No.51675944

Don't do it. Paragon Surge is a surefire way to piss off your GM while you pick a feat, and Strength and Liberation are already really strong domains.

>> No.51675964

I feel like I'm standing out in the cold, glaring through a window and watching them have fun without me

But, Fluffy hasn't started yet and I haven't even made my character sheet!

>> No.51675968

It's hard for me to care about games when literally the only thing I know about them is that the players have put a lot of thought into just how much their characters cater to their fetishes, and the only things the people asking for story care about are WELL HOW THICC IS SHE and DID PEOPLE FUCK

>> No.51675994

But did they tho?

>> No.51675996

Well my games are not even half as interesting
It is just surviving paizo APs as 1pp cis gender human characters

>> No.51676040


>> No.51676076

I didn't know my fetishes were talking swords, shonen protagonists, and blind idealism. I guess it could be worse.

>> No.51676080


To be fair, there's only one fetish character in each of the RotJR campaigns.

>> No.51676098

I dunno man. You got a literal prostitute and the Loli Twins in one party, /ss/ and thiq in the other.

>> No.51676112


Seht never struck me as the /ss/ type, he's just a runty Shoanti horse archer with a cute story of perseverance.

Onryou on the other hand is definitely THICC, heaven knows we've had enough conversations about that.

>> No.51676133

Anon, all the characters can be considered as being fetishey if you work hard enough. That doesn't make it so for most, outside of memes.

Loli-twins is my favorite meme, though.

>> No.51676141

None of those things are what people care to talk about, though, it's just 'and then she seduced the whole party' or 'and then the dragon had to buy a special chair because she's so thicc you know'

>> No.51676150

Even if you play gestalt, like, what's even the point.

>> No.51676160

He's also older than Onryou and Aranha.

>> No.51676166

House rules,
Use stamina instead of burn

>> No.51676196


I just wrote out how each Saturday RotJR member could be considered blatant fetish bullshit, but then I realized how lame that was and stopped.

>> No.51676234

It's easier to shitpost about fetishes, while topics of substance tend to require a game to go on for a bit to get something interesting.

Like, it is far easier to go "can you turn the intelligent sword into a sexy woman" than discuss its motivation for teaching the weilder how to use spell and blade.

>> No.51676236

It's not that much of a stretch. People have bug fetishes, /ss/, THICC, big guy, daddy issues and dad fetish. But it's a dangerous path, because it's not that much of a stretch that any and all characters are blatant fetish fuel.

>> No.51676271

>completely bland generic white guy PC
>vanilla fetish

>> No.51676284

Where is that pepe from!

>> No.51676299

I prefer a coffee fetish, IMO. Dat delicious brown.

>> No.51676331

Corwin is BIG anon, and he's got even bigger charisma. He's well over 6 feet tall and is most certainly not a skinny fuccboi.

>> No.51676346


>> No.51676347

I didn't mean Corwin specifically, I was just pointing out how any character could be considered someone's fetish.

>> No.51676367

Is the list of pfg games still floating around?

>> No.51676372

So why do you settle for the easy path?

>> No.51676387

I'm betting he doesn't fly too good.

>> No.51676425

He leaves no survivors?

>> No.51676443

>All anons are the same

I don't. I am merely pointing out the obvious. It tends to also be hard to discuss deeper topics because that requires anons read into characters. Which could also require the player to be comfortable with sharing without fear of starting a massive shitfest.

>> No.51676459

>Waah they're bad beyond salvaging
>How can I run one for FLAVOR without MUH FEATS.

>> No.51676480

The best part of Dragon Game was finding out that Freyda drew all over The Queen's notebook, the fact that it was about Dragons triumphing over knights, and Freyda's stoicism failing into high pitched embarrassment

>> No.51676486

Ranger/HorizonWalker if 3.5

I have no idea for PF.

>> No.51676507

>wizards can waggle their fingers to fuck the universe
>a guy can't use a cool looking weapon or fighting style because it's unrealistic

Haha, it's like I'm actually on the paio forums

>> No.51676508 [SPOILER] 

You are clearly not familiar with Real 23's work in the genre, because the musclebound boxer is clearly not in charge of this marriage.

>> No.51676521


Anon, "he's a big guy" is a very common trope for straight white guy characters and often used as a modifier when they otherwise lack other qualities that would make them desirable.

>> No.51676563

Depends on the setting.

One local writer has long lived races going through feral or autistic stages as they grow, either being 'trained' into sapience after being barely sapient animalist creatures, or accumulating knowledge via "osmosis", constantly being trained and taught until most of their beginning skills are more instinct than learning.

In both cases children are reared in safe, secret places, away from they eyes of outsiders and slavers.

>> No.51676568

"Abandonment Issues: The Character"

>Backstory Direction
Unoriginal sappy drivel that will make the GM find that picture of the old black guy holding a book saying ALL THAT SHIT by you.

Unoriginal sappy drivel cliche, and will make you a lot less appealing to play with

Doesn't matter

Doesn't matter

Doesn't matter

>> No.51676586

>One local writer has long lived races going through feral or autistic stages as they grow

Some people never grow out of that autism.

>> No.51676601


>> No.51676603


Level 6 fighter without TWF can go:

>Quarterstaff end #1/Quarterstaff end #1
>Quarterstaff end #1/Quarterstaff end #2
>Quarterstaff end #2/Quarterstaff end #2

Without taking any attack roll penalties. He only takes an attack roll penalty if he tries to go

>>Quarterstaff end #1/Quarterstaff end #1/Quarterstaff end #2

>> No.51676612

Stop posting your disgusting fetish game.

>> No.51676623

>Flails having trip and disarm property
>Don't ignore shields

No that actually isn't acceptable.

>> No.51676640

>Deeyuh...huh, hey guys uh..heh...should I be a Sorcerer? Or a Sorcerer + Wizard? Huh huh huh...

>> No.51676641


Greatclub is from 3e
Earthbreaker is a paizo orignal donut steel weapon

>> No.51676652

I'm sorry, I assumed you were one of the players and was trying to suggest that maybe you should bring up stuff that isn't the fetish shit if you want people to think it's not just fetish shit.

But if you're not, complaint withdrawn.

>> No.51676653


Earthbreaker is a two-handed maul and I love it!

>> No.51676658

He's talking about XS's not!githyanki and elves.

Admittedly she does manage some really cool worldbuilding.

>> No.51676670

Still, isn't that the point of a playtest?
What's to stop others from doing the same thing?

>> No.51676671

What is your excuse for not using Unchained Action Economy?

>> No.51676674

>XS's not!githyanki and elves.
Wait, XS does something other than rampant smut?
I wish to know more. We are talking about Xoimbargs Storyteller right?

>> No.51676690


Speaking of accurate and useful weapon qualities that would encourage people to branch out, what if the Bastard Sword was built to be the perfect Magus weapon?

It's a hand-and-a-half weapon, right? That means you don't have your hand on the blade at all times while swinging it, just at points to add more torque. What if taking Exotic Weapon Proficiency not only allows you to one-hand a Bastard Sword, but treat your other hand as "free" for the purposes of casting spells even while two-handing?

Now a Magus can get 1.5x Str *and* cast in combat!

>> No.51676697

I think either of those are fine. It's an approach where you think "How might this actually work". But local writer confused me: if XS does straight-up fiction, I want to be reading it.

>> No.51676738

So, i need inspiration on a character for an upcoming gestalt game.
I was thinking of making them Sargavan, but I don't know too much about the place. Could someone give me the long and short on Sargava?

If not, then could someone at least give me some art? I need a picture of a Mwangi or Garundi girl wielding a polearm and isn't dressed as a tribal or a Kang. Standard adventurer gear is preffered

>> No.51676747

>wizards fuck the universe with cool looking spells like fireball.

>a guy can't use a cool looking weapon or fighting style for FLAVOR because muh penalty to hit/feat tax/trait tax

No you're just confused because you're still in a shithole.

>> No.51676764

I rarely post it here because no one asks about it. The Raiders Quest is smut, but the world-building doesn't revolve around the smut. The posts I did on elven childrearing was in response to a similar question as >>51674638 asked.

>> No.51676771

Personally I think weapons like the bastard sword are petty and pointless. I will always see it as a longsword you need to spend a feat to one-hand and may do two more points of damage.

>> No.51676774

I don't publish. I do write straight up fiction, but only with co-writer assistance.

>> No.51676789


There are no options for Magus weapon other than rapier, scimitar, and whip

>> No.51676809

>Could someone give me the long and short on Sargava?

Sargava is a colonial state founded by Cheliax deep in the Mwangi Expanse that has only recently been granted independence by the Eye of Abendago, a seemingly endless hurricane that forces ships to travel through the Shackles, which is Pirate Central.

As an unfortunate consequence of this freedom (supported by Shackle Pirate Kings who "protect" the state for a price,) Sargava is economically struggling and is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.

Now, as for Sargava itself? It's an extremely multicultural mix of Chelaxian white settlers living alongside numerous Mwangi tribes that have integrated into Chelish customs with varying degrees of success. For example, there are the Ijo who are quite literally loincloth wearing, tongue-clicking savages, and there are the Kalabuta, who are straight up "Chelaxians who happen to be black."

If you want a quick blurb on Sargava, imagine Brazil smashed into South Africa, sprinkled with Tortuga and spiced with Heart of Darkness.


>> No.51676820

>Not Urumi

>> No.51676835


Falcata is shit for magus
Urumi is ok, the +0.5 damage isn't worth a feat

>> No.51676864

You are an idiot.

Hey, did you know, if you use a touch attack that lasts rounds per level you can two hand the weapon while still delivering spellstrikes with it?

How about the fact that you can actually use spell combat for something other than spellstrikes?

Yeah, I didn't think so.


>> No.51676872


Hey, did you know that you can two-hand a scimitar?

>> No.51676891

If you don't publish, is it entirely private? Or do you mean you don't publish professionally?

>> No.51676896

>dex build only
>feat taxes everywhere
This is why you are stupid. Dex weapons are not what magus should use, at all.

>> No.51676928

>bastard sword

Every magus would just use the katana instead for the 18-20 crit range. Plus, you know, it's a katana.

>> No.51676929

If I get permission to share I will post links and stories, but since they're almost entirely for the benefit of the co-writers more often than not, rarely of interest to general public.

now that I have free time again, I may see if another actual published writer would be interested in co-authoring something worthy of publication.

>> No.51676937

Critfishing with a katana is not a bad plan - I made a gestalt Magus Kensai-Samurai Sword Saint that utterly slaughtered things in the surprise round with iajutsu.

>> No.51676945


What kind of campaign is this Sargavan for, senpai?

Personally I'd totally go for it, even if you have to crop art. It's rare enough to play with a Sargavan or someone south of Osirion, but a black woman on top of it?

>> No.51676949

>Scimitar can be used with Str or Dex, making it even more ubiquitous
>Rapiers cucked for dexfags because Fencing Grace no longer works with Spell Combat unless your GM is nice to you
>Magus shouldn't use Dex weapons
>when the main build is a dex build, and Str builds get fucked until 7+
>7+ being the levels people constantly claim "don't see actual play"

I mean, I guess there's the cutlass or whatever as well, but Magi are pretty strapped for options. That's how the class is, and nobody seems to want to bother trying to unfuck that.

>> No.51676975

I enjoy your writing a great deal, so if you do please put out some indication in this neck of the woods.

>> No.51677020

Last time I tried talking about my character beyond fetish memes, someone immediately turned it into a new fetish meme.

>> No.51677043


Which one was yours?

>> No.51677053

Post it anyway. And what about friday? don't leave us out

>> No.51677060



>> No.51677074

If I don't, the player(s?) I have who frequents /tg/ and /qst/ probably will tattle anyways.

>> No.51677082

I used to shitpost in ERP threads with stuff like
>Interested in playing an online ERP centered around a species capable of autogamy. Looking for one player, I will not type at all.
>Wondering if anyone is up for a Galatea-themed ERP, except apart from the 'coming alive' part?

>> No.51677083

I like the Dragon game' little clique, "the book club"

>> No.51677110

Its a game with my group of friends. I told them about the memes of RotJR, and they thought it'd be cool to try out as well.

After trying to contemplate a character, I was suddenly struck with inspiration from watching game footage of Nioh. I decided to make a Yasuke for Ameiko's Nobunaga, and would also be the one to fieldtest SoM for my group.

Still working on both the build and justification, and after reading about Sargava I'm still unsure whether to stick with it, or go Rahadoum instead for her. Either way I'm making this character as someone who feels she has a life-debt to Ameiko, and has appointed herself as her unofficial bodyguard and protector.

Plus, I think it'll be funny to see all the Tians react in surprise at a tall muscle black woman and have them all wonder "What manner of Oni is THIS!"

>> No.51677113

If the writer for the Bloodborne Hunter homebrew class is around, the group that said we're playtesting the class is doing it later this evening, in about 6 hours give or take.

>> No.51677143



>> No.51677187

>and after reading about Sargava I'm still unsure whether to stick with it, or go Rahadoum instead for her

I'd absolutely go with Sargava if you want to stick with the Yasuke theme, Rahadoum is far more Algerian than sub-saharan African.

How's this for a justification? Your girl tried to get in good with the Aspis Consortium, which is highly illegal in Sargava, and as a result was sold off to some Pirates to pay off the yearly tribute. She works for a couple years as a pirate wench, and gets rescued by the Chelaxian Navy, who ship her off to Westcrown.

There, you meet Amaya Kaijitsu, and the two of them hit it off! She mentions her sister in Sandpoint and how she longs to meet her, and so you decide to take the trip up to Sandpoint to talk with Ameiko about setting up a time to meet.

>> No.51677261

>Loli-twins is my favorite meme, though

why though

>> No.51677276

Please only reply to my posts if you are:

#1: Cute trap anon.
#2: Big titty girl anon.
#3 Small/medium titty girl anon, maybe another big titty girl anon if your post is really compelling.
#4. Flex slot. Ideally I'd want a non-trap guy anon reply for this one, but I'd also settle for another trap anon or girl anon.

>> No.51677281


>Rule 63 Yasuke

Yes! Yes! Yes!

For added Nioh, she could totally be a shipwreck survivor near Varisia! But why she's all the way up there is anyone's guess.

>> No.51677309

So anons let's try something new. What should the players of Dragon Game be put up against next week?

>> No.51677318

Mob of scythwielding Orc Rangers with Favored Enemy(Dragon)

>> No.51677321

Hidden forest laboratory of the superintelligent giant orchid mantises.

>> No.51677354

Alternate: this guy but for a familiar (or at least a relative of a familiar) dragon.

>> No.51677376


I am suddenly liking this...

>> No.51677382

Because it was a from a dumb joke about the various PCs that I made that caught on for some reason. Also because twins that finish one another's thoughts are cute.

>> No.51677399

so what cool things can you do spheres of might?

>> No.51677502

Actually, this was my original plan in short
>Family work as sharecroppers
>too many mouths to feed, a bad year of harvest, and too many gambling debts by her dad left the family owing too many people money
>to pay debts, family sold her to the slave trade in Crown's End.
>all this leaves FemYasuke with a bitter disdain towards having debts to people
>Gets shipped and moved around as a slave for a few years, eventually sold as part of a mass shipment to a noble in Korvosa
>En route, Pirates from Riddleport decide to raid the shipment
>Fight between the two crews gets heated, eventually the Sorcerers of each ship end up blowing the both of them up.
>FemYasuke survived because her chains ended up getting lodged into a piece of a support beam that blew off during the explosion.
>Left shipwrecked and floating off the Varisian coast for several days at death's door.
>is eventually spotted floating off the coast of sandpoint, and brought to shore. Ameiko gives her a room at her inn and helps nurse her back to health
>Now realizes she has a life debt to Ameiko, and has dedicated herself to fulfilling it.
>ends up giving herself a job as a bouncer and bodyguard for Ameiko.


>For added Nioh, she could totally be a shipwreck survivor near Varisia!
That was the plan

Now I just gotta think of what class to gestalt with a SoM Paragon/Sentinal, that would fit well enough for her.

>> No.51677590

The campaign ending. I'm so tired of seeing your shit in the thread. Please end their character's lives so they end their lives, then end yours.

>> No.51677630

Your rage sustains me

>> No.51677635

t. salty anon who didn't get into dragongame

>> No.51677663

Why would I want to get into a shitty game where everyone circlejerks about their characters being obese?

>> No.51677665

You guys really don't like 2hu do you?

>> No.51677684

Not that anon but that's some really insular thinking.

>> No.51677688

I am neutral towards it
Its rampant oversaturation spamposting that I don't like

>> No.51677695

or maybe a successful attempt at bait

>> No.51677746

So any word form any of the closed games? Or are we heading towards "it really was bamboozles" on sky pirates and crusaders?

>> No.51677837

That shit's before my time, so I don't care. I like the Touhou games myself, and the only association he's got is avatarfagging with touhou characters.

I bet he's a secondary, too.

Also, buildposting bores me

>> No.51677845

Why do Dragons smell each other's butts?

>> No.51677870

Touhou Project is cool. Games are hard, music is nice, it mostly keeps to itself. 2hu the person is every stereotype about autists pooled into one. I can't say I hate them as much as feel pity for their inability to comprehend things.

>> No.51677872

Because your a shitposter who touches himself at night

>> No.51677888

What about /pfg/'s other Name/Trip/Avatarfags? Who are the tolerable ones and who are the bad ones?

>> No.51677897


>tolerable namefags

>> No.51677905

I mean, what about people who use the tool for its intended purpose? Like Forrest to Jolly?

>> No.51677910

N. Jolly is cool, Gareth was cool when he was sober, Elric was cool, Forrest was cool, Ssalarn is a faggot, Buildposter is a faggot.

>> No.51677914

/pfg/ is not one person, and it highly depends on what the new spicy meme is.

>> No.51677951

DHB tries too hard to be formal and detached around here which kind of shoots themselves in the foot more often than not.

I respect the amount of content they make and they clearly have a sense of humor, though.

>> No.51677978

Less so lately. Now he memes and talks about weeaboo shit.

He got more formal after his first few characters and the massive backlash they received, and just sort of stop posting for a while.

>> No.51677984

I just realized about half the people I mentioned don't post here anymore. Am I an oldfag now?

>> No.51678004

Fennecc is pretty decent

>> No.51678017

These threads are a good example of how mixed named and anonymous communities with no moderation invested in the topic are terrible. People just go anon to pursue vendettas.

>> No.51678022

What is the optimal level of thicc?

>> No.51678035

QAnon was cool until she stopped giving us books

ShareAnon is cool because he gives us books

I am a simple man with simple needs.

>> No.51678051


>> No.51678055

The second or third are best, but I'd go as far as the fifth. Beyond that, you're not "thick", you're fat, get help.

>> No.51678061

I'm honestly impressed the DSP staff stayed around as long as they did.

Every good thing comes to an end, I guess.

QAnon still maintains the trove from the shadows

>> No.51678084

What happened to Gareth and the others?

>> No.51678097

3 and 4 are great. 5 is the maximum allow, don't go past 5 or else you're just a lardass and no longer properly thicc

>> No.51678114

Course, they wanted money.

>> No.51678203

Depends on my mood but I could go for all of them. Though I gravitate towards number six

>> No.51678224

You have no idea what you are talking about.

>> No.51678250

Namefags are usually only cool when they're actually discussing their content. Buildposter has managed to graduate beyond "shit person" to "amusing". 2hu's "cute image with wall of text"-fagging is a harbinger of shit opinions and shittier backlash, so fuck that noise.

Leakanon and Shareanon are GOAT, QANON the capslock queen has fallen from the throne due to not doing pdf leaks, but the work on the trove is appreciated.

>> No.51678277

Well that's very nice, I'll have to try and find the quest.
Is the world-building compiled somewhere?
More Pillory when?

>> No.51678373

i have found an interesting alternative to the standard encumbrance system. it seems well-thought out. i will share it here


there we go.

>> No.51678376

Isn't Qanon in RoTJR?

>> No.51678389

Does that even really matter?

>> No.51678401

Encumbrance is retarded and is only there to add unnecessary bookkeeping.

>> No.51678420

Well since im curious, yeah it does

>> No.51678423

>dex to damage is just better than str.
>no I don't track encumbrance it sucks.

>> No.51678479

>GM thinks only giving 10gp of spending money means I would have a full inventory

>right now have
>2 bars of soap
>300ft of twine
>20 candles
>2lbs of coffee
>2lbs of tea
>Keg of Applejack
>Travle Cake Mix (10 days)
>2 sacks
>5 sticks of chalk
>Mess Kit
>Grooming Kit
>Fishing Kit
>Scriver's Kit
>3 Iron Vials
>20 Sling Bullets
>Ear Plugs

9gp 8sp 8cp

1sp 2cp

Anything I'm missing? Anything I should drop? All this stuff goes into my medium load, but it's all stowed in the backpack, which I drop if there is combat.

>> No.51678483

Encumbrance is fucking retarded but the game becomes stupider when you ignore it, because Pathfinder is a broken mess in so many different ways.

>> No.51678484

>He thinks dex to damage is better than strength.

I bet you like to hold up the game making sure characters have eaten, don't you?

>> No.51678497

I actually do this, I tell players to check off food after a few days, or if they don't want to I do it and they get informed when they've run out.

>> No.51678498


>> No.51678511

>tracking menial shit like food
I bet you track fucking arrows too you shitstain.

>> No.51678517

Yeah I do. I also roll break chance for arrows when used for arrow recovery.

>> No.51678523

If she is, I'm pretty sure she's the twins. She was very enthusiastic about ethumions, and everyone knows she's a lolicon.

>> No.51678530

>I'm going to ignore one of the reasons that str is sood
>if you insist I don't then you just dont like fun
Fuck off.

>> No.51678534

What durex this even mean?

>> No.51678549

Why? It's literally a DC 10 survival check to feed yourself every day. I mean, if you're group enjoys it then more power you too but there's no necessity or consequence to it.

>> No.51678563

Literally worse than 2hu

>> No.51678566

Depends on the environment. Some environments don't have readily available game to hunt or edible plants. Same with water.

>> No.51678582

>he doesn't know about wondrous items.
Oh god, how will someone without 18 strength ever be able to carry something its impossiiible!

You're a disgrace to strength players.

>> No.51678615

>i ignore endurance
>that's stupid
>you hate fun
>that's even more stupid
>Well I use magic to carry it
>now you are moving the goalposts

>> No.51678631

Using magic items to carry it IS moving the goal posts, because if you use magic items to help you carry then you obviously aren't ignoring encumbrance.

>> No.51678637

>Convincing QAnon to play an initiator or an archetype with six different actions to manage per turn


>> No.51678639

Pretty sure she's playing Rubio, to sate her Paladin fetish

>> No.51678652

I agree. I thought that is what i was saying with my greentext.

>> No.51678698

Oh, not a fucking chance. No way in hell she plays Pathfinder anymore. Literally the only thing she ever says these days is how 5th Ed. is the second coming of Christ. Every time we try to have a civilized discussion about Pathfinder, she sticks her giant jew nose in to tell us how much better 5th does it.

>> No.51678713

She'splaying, but she's not twins.

>> No.51678731


She's quinn, right?

>> No.51678742

She's not the twins because she wants to bully the twins and pat their heads and hold their hands

>> No.51678747


If Saboten and tonight's RotJR are any indication, Durex is absolutely going to be needed.

>> No.51678751

Fucking called it

Two months ago I saw "sylph vitalist" and I knew instantly

>> No.51678755

>you will never be a name in the general

y live

>> No.51678756

quinn is neither a sylph nor a vitalist, though

>> No.51678785

Eh, I'm fine with that. I post dozens of homebrew here, but I've never used a name. Which is fine, because its better to just be "that one anon who makes homebrew" than "This one faggot in particular"

Plus, I tried to be anamefag back in 2009, and learned the hard way that unneeded namefagging while also being a complete asshat is a fast way to getting banned. Its better to just accept the fact that you aren't anyone special, just another faceless person floating in the sea of anons.

>> No.51678794


Anon... This might be a bit of a spoiler for later happenings, but I'd recommend making the folk who attacked her ship Ulfen, specifically with a ramming action by their longship (which explains the sinking ship.)

You're going to be dealing with Ulfen far, far more than Riddleport pirates, remember this!

>> No.51678804

>skill checks
>time for no-talent, unskilled PCs to outdo trained and talented ones a fair amount of the time because of the cancer that is bounded accuracy
>monster design
>we can't use AC to progress enemies because of bounded accuracy, so instead let's keep 3E HP progression in a game with damage levels that are barely better than AD&D and are even lower than 4E
>time for shitty padded sumo where it takes 4 rounds of a Fighter smacking a dangerous enemy to down them unless they blow their Action Surge load
>and for a blind character's attack rolls to be exactly the same as someone who stubbed their toe hard enough for it to impact their combat ability
Truly the best edition of D&D, and not at all so bad that I would play any other edition over it, even 3.0.

>> No.51678806

t. the only thing more cancerous than a dedicated namefag

get the fuck to

paizo forums

any other name-based shit community

what the fu ck are you doing here this is a serious question

>> No.51678808


I was a name, once.

It's sweet going down, but turns bitter in the gut. For all the exultation and raw thrill you get at seeing your name posted around these parts, the expectations of your newfound station are a shackle more than anything.

Stay anonymous, it's better this way.

>> No.51678818

I don't care. Die.

>> No.51678831

I picked Riddleport because it made sense for Varisia. Further, her past is just a vehicle to tell and introduce who she is as a character, and how she appeared here in the adventure. I am okay if she never gets closure with the people who attacked her ship, and she's completely satisfied with the idea of never going back to Sargava or seeing her family again. She's done with that part of her life, and she wants to focus completely o fulfilling her debt to Ameiko, not only because of her life debt but also because she views Ameiko as a close friend.

>> No.51678845

Hey, the pfsrd is down because of page views. How long does it normally take to get back to working order?

And is there a reliable alternative for when its down?

>> No.51678846

names are bad senpai

Though that said, I'm surprised that my name doesn't get brought up at all for making fetish characters in all of the pfg games

>> No.51678874

>Hey, the pfsrd is down because of page views. How long does it normally take to get back to working order?
>And is there a reliable alternative for when its down?

>> No.51678882

>And is there a reliable alternative for when its down?
Archives of Nethys

>> No.51678888

Probably because no one cares about you.

>> No.51678961

But anon, I need the (You)s

I need them so bad.

>> No.51678974

New thread:

>> No.51678978


>> No.51679039

Sounds like butthurt, not surprising since PF built its foundation on butthurt.

>> No.51679336


I understand that and can respect it, I'm just saying the change to Ulfen alters nothing in your backstory while offering the DM little nuggets of character interaction for the future.

>> No.51679384

The Raiders in the /qst/ archive of Suptg. the world-building is mostly in the first four threads. It is not compiled.

More Pillory when the other three stories are done.

>> No.51679399

Crowbar. Always have a crowbar.

>> No.51679419

XS is the lolicon.

>> No.51679618

which two-handed weapon are ideal for sneak attacks and backstabbing?

>> No.51679771



>> No.51680056


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