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For those of you who went devil tiger in exalted infernals, whats your charmset like?

Since thread dead Im repostan. I was thinking of maging somethin like pic related transform but not sure if possible.

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Kubo Changelog:
>Chicken of DOOOM attack frequency updated

Okay, I’ll be calling this complete at the end of this thread. I’m posting it early in the current thread to give more people a chance to look it over.

>Friends, Jumpers, Countrymen: lend me your (You)’s.
>Below is a list of jumps that I have in varying stages of development. However, as I firmly believe in our non-democratic anarchist republic of absurdism I present you the following:

>1. Reign of Fire

>Whichever of the above you so choose, I shall work on it anon, fair anons.

5 - 6 votes
1 - 2 votes
4 - 2 votes
2 - 1 vote
3 - Jeb votes

Voting booths will close at the end of this thread.

G'night /jc/.

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Reposting for posterity.

Dragons come now in companion and non-companion types. More items. Warrior tree done.

How does it look?

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What are your backgrounds' personalities usually like?

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How would sekirei see the bond our jumper has with our lunar mate? It seems like it would make for some interesting interactions

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Would the Panty & Stocking Jump be one you could take as your 1st or 2nd jump or is it too dangerous. I want that art style perk early on.

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Me if had been raised under different circumstances.

If you really want to take it early, doesn't it have a capstone that lets you avoid death via "horrible" luck? I.E., getting splashed by mud and ruining your clothes instead of getting hit by a car?

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Is there a good place to go for info on LoL lore?

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Gotta go with 5

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>Origin perks are discounted, 100 point perks are free for their origin
This need to become
Origin perks and items are discounted, 100 point perks and items are free for their origin.
Origin items are discounted, 100 point items are free for their origin.
needs to be added under the Item section.
>600: Temple of Heaven
>this temple resides in Heaven – half way between a heavenly spiritual plane and the space immediately adjacent earth
I take it this is located somewhat out of phase of physical reality, not just on a mountain top or in orbit?
>200: Chicken of DOOOM
>scale with power
scale IN power
>Child + Heaven
Child + HERON

If were are going to do stuff like that, Add some chicken boo. Where in the downtime between confrontations it blends in with some paper thin (ha) disguise that fools everyone but the jumper. Pointing it out (the chef says nothing but bwak and has yellow feathers!) makes people think you are crazy. And triggers an early fight if you push it.

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>Very much enjoy the idea of just sitting on the sidelines during a jump
>Observing the story, helping in small ways, but not making sweeping changes
>The nature of jumpchain means power and experience tends to accumulate quickly
>Can't morally justify to myself not using meta-knowledge and out of context powers to fix everything and prevent suffering
This is hurting my immersion far more than it has any right to do.

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You could do what I do. Make a place where you hang out and do business, let word get out that you can solve problems, let the world come to you for help.

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Jumpers! Which setting is typically your go-to for giant mechs and why?

Personally I've come to prefer Megas XLR because of the power and diversity in it's tech and also because it's a fun setting.

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I know that feel, the best I could think was subtley empowering the protagonists and orchestrating events with crazy planning perks to make it so the villains get nothing worthwhile done and the protagonists sorta steamroll them, with minimum suffering.

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I eventually gave up on being a good guy because of how much effort it is to do properly. Plus it would ruin my precious settings.

As long as you're vaguely well meaning you're a vaguely good guy and that's enough.

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Honestly, if I'm going to do giant mechs? I prefer the Dragonzord from Power Rangers.

> But it looks like plastic crap.
That's a FEATURE.
It's full of TOKU POWER.

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5 yo.

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Selflessness and compassion are virtues and those who possess them should be respected. However, a lack of selfless compassion is not a sin. You're not obligated to help people in need. It's respectable to do so but you have no moral responsibility to help anyone unless you are the one who caused the problem to begin with. So realistically you can absolutely sit back and choose not to help people. There's nothing morally unjust about doing it.

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Various Gundams. As much as I love super robot aesthetics, the greater potential for tech porn offered by real robot settings appeals to me more.

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It depends on the severity of the suffering, but generally it's better to let most problems fix themselves. You're only there for 10 years, after all. They need to be able to fix shit on their own.

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Do they have a Background &/or CP Budget?
>Berk is the kind of place that you wanna live around strangers
DON"T wanna live around strangers.
>Annoying Twin
>They have all the abilities and skills you have, down to the perks
>they only have those abilities and perks from this Jump
mutual contradiction here. ALL abilities, skills, and perks at 1/10th power, or THIS JUMPS abilities, skills, and perks at 1.10th power. Which is it?
Presumably all 3 100 CP perks are free to make up the basic stuff needed to be a dragon. Might want to add a 100 CP Dragon Scales thing here for those that don't buy Ironsides.
>The Fabled…
Can repurchases instead add more Islands to make an Archipelago, instead of the ore stuff?
>An Isle in the North
>Dragon’s End
Better Idea, maybe make purchasing your backgrounds island make the other islands also discounted? Also, Drop In needs an Island.

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It helps that there's a Gundam for everything.
Want punchy robots? G Gundam.
Want Shooty robots? UN Gundam.
Want OP robots? Turn A Gundam.

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Try doing a custom chain in which you get less than the usual 1000cp each jump? Heck, go hardcore and have all jumps become gauntlet jumps, you only get CP from drawbacks and you only keep a jump's purchases if you survive the jump.

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>not Elite Edition

You disappoint me, OP.

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>Do they have a Background &/or CP Budget?
Background yes CP Budget. Not so much.

>DON"T wanna live around strangers.
Meant for may not to be there.

>mutual contradiction here. ALL abilities, skills, and perks at 1/10th power, or THIS JUMPS abilities, skills, and perks at 1.10th power. Which is it?
Balancing ideas both. So really I wan't /JC's opinion on it.

>Presumably all 3 100 CP perks are free to make up the basic stuff needed to be a dragon.
First puchases yeah.

>Might want to add a 100 CP Dragon Scales thing here for those that don't buy Ironsides.
Nay there are fragile dragons and there are tough dragons. So the option exists.

>Can repurchases instead add more Islands to make an Archipelago, instead of the ore stuff?
They already do. If you by a different backgrounds Island it becomes part of the Archipelago, which I need to get aorund to fully writing out.

>Better Idea, maybe make purchasing your backgrounds island make the other islands also discounted?
If you want this kind of discount then do the Scenario at the bottom.

>Also, Drop In needs an Island.
The Center will be it.

>> No.51671083

>The Center will be it.
What's that? What about Drago's Harbor or Valka?

>> No.51671087

Add a Rule you have to take at least xxx CP of drawbacks in each jump.
Or start carrying over (lesser) versions of drawbacks into later jump to make things interesting.
Like Rain of Lacrima from Fairy Tale. Drop the part where it favors your enemies and make it random. Now when you enter a jump, Marbles containing your powers rain from the sky, some lesser versions, and some full versions. That means people in each jump who can challenge you. And making every world Magic High Tech Super Hero World.

>> No.51671106

I'll join the crowd and vote for 5. Anything with that long of a name has to be filled with crazy technology.

Honestly, it should be fine to take early. The Jump itself gives enough power to survive if you don't throw yourself in between the major factions or pick a hill to die on. I wouldn't recommend joining up with the redskins though. The good girls do eventually come out on top. Kinda.

AFWS in Ring of Red.
>"But Yoro! Those are barely mecha! Their top speed is less than a man can run and they're operated on liquid dinosaurs! They don't even fire lasers for God's sake!"
Yeah, that's part of what I enjoy about them. I like the Diesel-punk aesthetic. Besides, they make great bases to start tinkering and modifying.

No everything is about raw power after all.

>> No.51671116

>Or start carrying over (lesser) versions of drawbacks into later jump to make things interesting.
Doesn't that preclude him being moral?

>> No.51671127

It could also be a Light Novel.

>> No.51671162

Base that is a Fortress Island based on Fort Sinister and the Mazy Multitudes.

>> No.51671166

Giant Mecha are a bit unpredictable and silly, They only really are effective when your tech is higher level than your opponents to make up for the inefficiency. But they are cool, and sometimes you just want to bring giant robots into the world. But if you are going over the top, go full narm "And I'll form the head" Voltron style Mecha for everyone else. If you are just showing off and not sharing, 'regular' power armor with Pym Particles to change the rules of physics and just grow larger.

>> No.51671181

>The good girls do eventually come out on top. Kinda.
The only one who comes out on top in a Gainax IP is Gainax

>> No.51671237

On the topic of sekirei, how much durability would be needed to tank a hit from karabusa and/or miya?

And would that piss karabusa off, or actually make her like you some?

>> No.51671239

Could you fuck up Adamantium with FMA Alchemy?

>> No.51671241

>Balancing ideas both. So really I wan't /JC's opinion on it.
400 CP is way to much for only this jumps. This jumps only at 1/10 effectiveness should be 50 CP or something. Hell, you could give a twin all of this jumps perks at 1/10, and gain another 1/10 effectiveness per year with your help so he becomes regular power in the last year and 50 CP would still be ok.
>there are fragile dragons and there are tough dragons

>> No.51671279

Not for 50cp, unless you wanna severely undervalue everything else on offer here. It'd certainly make any sort of other companion option that gave CP look unnattractive at best.

>> No.51671282

Can FMA Alchemy snap away galaxy clusters? If not, then you won't even scratch it.

>> No.51671283

This is true. They have some pretty wonly names.

Well, you're not wrong. But I still say it's survivable as a first Jump.

I don't see why not. As long as you know the chemical make up of it.

>> No.51671303

Yes. Adamantium's durability doesn't protect it against molecular manipulation powers. Transmutation should work fine on it.

>> No.51671328

Uh, but it does? It protects against everything from sledgehammers to reality warping, mang.

>> No.51671333

If I were to do it it would either me 50cp for 1/10th power perks on this jump only, or 1/10th power perks for all Jumps at 400cp

>> No.51671377

Wait, since when does Marvel Adamantium protect against and damage conceptual/cosmic stuff?

The last I remember it could still be melted and cut through with vibration weapons.

>> No.51671384

If you can tank Miya's attacks, Karasuba's will be childsplay. Because IIRC, Miya outclasses Karasuba. Canonically its said that if the two were to fight, half of japan would be wiped out throughout the fight. To tank Miya's attacks you need to be pretty fucking strong, as a shockwave created by her sword destroyed a battleship from a long range.

If you tanked Karasuba's attack she'd probably be quite a bit giddy, especially if you appeared as a human, considering she hates them. She's a battle maniac, so how you plan to handle that is up to you.

>> No.51671387

Depends. Proto-Adamantium? Just about always. Any other types? They don't.

>> No.51671425

Can SDK's purchased Aura's "swollen lifeforce" aspect eventually be reached with the free version?

>> No.51671470

Yeah as it states it's experience and training that allows one to achieve it. You're just buying in to it.

>> No.51671492

The Beyonder disagrees.

>> No.51671495

Glad to see if this is being worked on again.

Has it been asked yet, what happens if you take the night fury and red death perks? Is it just two different alt forms? Or a super special marysue red night fury?

>> No.51671502

Are the upgraded Companions required to choose from the Ronin or Bounty Hunter backgrounds?

>> No.51671512

FMA is all about altering the composition of something to make an effect happen. So, if you can manipulate a thing at all, and understand the scientific composition of what effect you're trying to do, it'd work.
Unless the thing in question is just straight up immune to science or alteration, but if that happens then you
A) Have bigger issues to deal with than alchemy, and
2) Have most likely run into something that nobody else can use either, so fuck it.

That was my first guess.
Heck, it's not really an LN, but my immediate thought was the full name of Hero BBS, which everyone shortens to Hero BBS, but is not actually in the actual title, because the actual title is long as fuck and involves moon language.

I figured it was just one of those series' whose title is a sentence.

I know that feel, too. It can be really hard to justify just sitting around making friends when you inevitably have the power to reshape the world on a Tuesday.

Personally, I like to make hobbies and do background shit. Mostly science. But it doesn't really interact with the rest of the world. That way I can feel like I'm "doing" something, when in reality I'm not changing much at all.

I'm like Little Washuu!
Except, y'know, not stuck in a harem anime.

>> No.51671515

No, it explicitly is not immune to reality warping. Nor is it immune to molecular manipulation, though it is resistant due to its durable atomic structure.

>> No.51671517

I don't think you should offer stuff from other jumps like this and I don't think it should be only 50cp, unless you're not going to let it grow beyond that 10th.

>> No.51671539

>Or a super special marysue red night fury?


It won't. Current revision is pic related by the way.

>> No.51671569

How does Muramasa differ from Juuchi Yosamu?

>> No.51671576

Can I assume a super saiyan can tank it? Or, failing that, a kryptonian?

Actually, can you rec something that isn't horrible expensive?

I was planing on introducing her to doom. And maybe helsing abridged.

>> No.51671579

So, I really don't get why Medusa, who's known for making statues, is a Rider class servant.

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Renegade Jump # 44 Pokemon Conquest
Starting Pokemon: Charmander> Charizard
Other Pokemon: Gyarados, Lucario, Alakazam, Scisor, Umbreon
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Background: Warlord (200)

*Elemental Focus – Psychic X 2 (0)
*Leadership (0)
*Animal Person (100)
*Strategic Thoughts (300)
*Logistics (150, Discount)

*Weakspot lense (150)

Journal Entry # 750411

So another strange world. I don’t remember Pokemon that well to be honest. I don’t think I got much past the old red and blue days. Still it was neat seeing them in real life. However I kind of feel bad about making them fight each other. This world makes more sense than most if you take out the fact wars are determined by glorified dog fighting. Though to the warriors credit the battles seem to result in serious injury very rarely.

We have started taking over other lands, mostly because most of them were dead set on taking my land and I needed to acquire stronger pokemon of different types.

Also we seem to be in the time of Nobunaga… Because reasons I guess. In addition to trying to conquer everything apparently he is trying to steal Pokegod. I don’t know why god is a pokemon here and why he would let his creations or himself be captured but whatever. Sometimes it’s just best not to think to hard about what you are doing and do it.

I am too tired to even be horrified by the implications that if I weren’t here some 10 year old boy would be capturing god.

>> No.51671640

>A superman radio drama destroyed the KKK's ability to recruit new members and revealed many of their secrets.
Reminder that as dumb as they are comics have done awesome shit.

>> No.51671642

In theory, because the pegasus is made from her blood.

And also because she fails to qualify for the other classes. I know she can be a lancer, but i quit playing FGO before they introduced her. Chances are she has divinity and doesn't qualify normally though.

>> No.51671646

What? Explain, this sounds awesome.

>> No.51671654

She's the mother of Pegasus. That's pretty much all the justification it has.

>> No.51671658

Could be because her legend is so closely tied with Perseus. Which is funny, because she hates him, enough to call him a "grown up Shinji". Going by Prototype, this is a blatant lie, but then again he did kill her, so...

>> No.51671661

Had to look for this https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S49832841#p49835858 because the question came up before. TLDR: It's really sharp but it's main thing is bypassing most spiritual and mundane defenses, whereas Juuchi Yosamu cut everything that isn't guarded by supernatural (In this case it means stuff like Magic but not spirit energy BS) means.

>> No.51671665

No, actually. It's not immune to reality warping or molecular manipulation. There have been numerous events that reveal that direct manipulation of its molecules is one of the few ways of easily destroying adamantium. And it has no more resistance to reality warping than steel does.

>> No.51671696

A 1946 Superman radio drama worked with a KKK infiltrator to bring down their mystique and mystery while simultaneously destroying their national credibility. It revealed many of the Klans secrets and broke the back of their recruitment.
Superman punched the KKK so hard the real ones felt it.

>> No.51671703

If her greatest feat of power is just cutting in half a Japanese Destroyer, A Super Saiyan would probably be the defense equivalent of overkill (overprotection?) as Nappa alone could take out a fleet of battleships. And it goes without saying that a Super Saiyan is several leagues above what Nappa's feats were.

>> No.51671713

Look up "Superman versus the Clan of the Fiery Cross". It was a radio drama, went on for sixteen episodes, where Superman fought a thinly-veiled reference for the Klu Klux Klan. It used actual details of the Klan's rituals, such as code words and secret ceremonies, and in so doing stripped the KKK of its mystique and revealed it for the pathetic hate group it really was. For a while, Klan recruitment dropped all the way to zero. They bounced back eventually, but never fully recovered, and it's believed to be one of the main reasons that the KKK no longer has the influence it once wielded.

>> No.51671716

Aren't DBZs kind of glass cannons, though?

>> No.51671727

Nappa is quite a bit stronger then even that.
Not really? They tank their own attacks plenty often.

>> No.51671734

From my understanding, it's the fact that it's a razor wind attack that's supposed to be impressive.

But yeah, saiyans are overkill, which is why it's one of my go to things.

Can I get a suggestion for something else capable of tanking miya?

>> No.51671741

I guess that settles the age-old question of 'who is the greatest superhero?' doesn't it?

>> No.51671748

Was that even a question?

>> No.51671755

No. They tank planet busters regularly, although their ki attacks massively eclipse their physical strength in terms of flashy destructive power.

>> No.51671761

Cap's always held a special place in my heart, desu.

>> No.51671772

In comparison to things such as Cap Heroes, yes. Speed is a bigger thing for them than durability.
However, they still have a considerable durability. Especially when fighting something of a much lower power level than themselves.

>> No.51671785

Be a Zeruel expy in Evangelion. One of the Angel capstones (can't remember what it was called. Indomitable?) makes you similar to him, grab and S2 Engine and the Dual AT Field thing and you should be able to replicate his durability. For reference, he took three Not Nukes and his AT Field was so strong, it didn't even slow him down. And when Rei hit him directly with a Not Nuke? There wasn't even a scratch on him. Grab some more soul empowering stuff, and you can be even tankier.

>> No.51671799

Can't, busy screaming geometrically.

>> No.51671803

They still deal damage with their fists and take ki attacks though. Ki attacks have more power certainly but not so much they completely eclipse bare fists.

>> No.51671809

DBZ fighters are really durable right up until you can actually beat their defenses. Beating defenses does not require being as strong as your opponent, but if you are significantly weaker it's very difficult.
Unless they're an alien with some kind of regen they can't take hits from opponents even close to the same weight class well.
Piercing and Slicing attacks work very well too.

>> No.51671818

Ah, a man of taste, I see. Remiel is best girl.

>> No.51671822


Get a really strong shield?
An Alpha or Omega level Material mutant gene (the one based off Colossus) from X-men movies.
Some of the high level durability that you find in cape world. Several "shrug off tank rounds" might do if they are talking about modern tanks (sabot rounds are insane).
Origin Spirits of the Past has a transformation that allows you to shrug off hits from the cannon round equivalent of the Gustav Schwerer.
Bubblegum Crisis 2032 has a pretty good durability perk that stacks with whatever race/background you choose from said jump.

>> No.51671832

I know. That's what I said.

Their ki attacks are big flashy explosions that destroy planets so it's easy to overlook the fact that these guys who tank these ki attacks still take damage from being punched in the face. It's not a matter of them being less durable, it's a matter of them being really fucking strong. It's just that their ki attacks are bigger and flashier so it's easy to misinterpret that as their physical attacks being weaker.

>> No.51671843

Theres not a lot of low cp ways to tank her attacks, all we know of Miya's combat ability that isn't told to us is the Battleship shockwave feat, we have no idea what actually getting hit by her sword entails, but it would hurt. I believe "You...Blocked?" from Battleblock Theatre should help, so long as you can see her attack, get some precog and reaction perks to assure it works.

Also I think GUNNM could get you all kinds of bullshit if you get to Zekka or Alita levels.

You could just go incorporeal also, something like a ghost form that she can't hit, but be wary of element forms since even Karasuba can somehow cut those.

>> No.51671857


>> No.51671867


>> No.51671870

I kind of think DBZ characters are using their Chi to create a force field (like aura in RWBY) They are even usually glowing when they power up. I think this explains how sometimes when they are surprised they can be killed by a mook with a gun shooting them in the back of basic form Freaza exploding a planet in their face despite the fact they are super saiyan god blue or whatever it is. They can tank hits they are ready for really well but surprise hits really seem to do a number on them. Of course my knowledge of DBZ isn't great but it makes sense to me.

>> No.51671871

1) Go to DMC, get Royal Guard style, and Git gud.

>> No.51671883

That's probably at least a little true.
Thing is goku shrugs off gunshots even when he wasn't ready to fight, so there must be at least some innate durability there.

>> No.51671893

The high tiers in basically any post-escalation Shounen series would shit all over Miya.

>> No.51671909

This is true. Despite Miya's 'enourmous' power levels, she cannot into shonen whatsoever.

She's too mopey.

>> No.51671914

You could pick up flying brick powers in PS238, but you couldn't half-ass it. Rank 4 might (?) be enough to survive, as it allows you to shrug off a hit from a battleship's main guns, but I suspect you'd need Rank 5 to be safe.

>> No.51671947

The Golden Age and Silver Age were really was a different time for comics huh

Feels like I missed something

>> No.51671952

Way back in dragon ball Goku and company were just inconvenienced by Bullets. They kind of hurt them a little but probably not even on the level of a bee sting, they were just more annoying to them then anything else. So yeah they do have some super human durability. However not enough to tank one of friezer's mook's blasters (I think they are power level 1000 or something) while unaware. So I think the vast majority of their durability is Ki based.

>> No.51671993


That's kindof true? There's an episode that's still present in Kai where Krillin throws a rock at Goku's head while they're chilling out by a river, because he figures he's such an awesome fighter that Goku will just snap it out of the air like it's nothing.

It smacks Goku hard in the forehead, leaving a red mark, and Goku screams at him like "OW JESUS WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT" while Krillin freaks out and apologizes.
So, yeah, there's a degree of intention behind it.

I mean, yeah, there's also moments where they get shot and just don't give any kind of fuck at all, not to mention all the times they get smacked into fucking mountains (props to Mr Satan for surviving one of those, by the way!), but there's definitely a ki aspect to it, too.

>> No.51672025

This. Throw in a precog perk for extra hilarity and beat her literally with one hand. Catch Miya's sword with your finger. Tap her on the chest and blow her across the city with the force of her own attack.

Royal Guard is most likely the best perk in the entire chain for all of those "underestimated badass nonchalantly crushes incredibly powerful character" moments.

>> No.51672070

That may or may not work. As here https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S48942250#p48943381 Uncle Dante set me straight on Royal Guard.

>Royal Guard blocks all attacks that aren't something like a nuke, a tsunami, a tornado, or some other crazy shenanigans.
So depending on the hitting power she might actually deal damage, a shock wave that can cut a battleship in half at those distances is quite frankly ridiculous but I don't know if it passes into the Natural Desaster/Nuke level yet. /terrible at calculating such things.

>> No.51672081


Their defense is Ki based, but we kinda already knew that. The tricky part is that they don't have to call their Ki to use all of it as some of it is just naturally there.
It's like the shields of a Starship. When you're passive, you still have the shields up to some degree without focusing on it. But when they get into combat, the power flow to the shielding is increased.

However, it should be noted that some attacks seem to be built to pierce Ki defensed. The best example being Krillin's Destructo Disk which could cut or even dismember beings of a far higher power level than himself. Even Nappa, who prepared to tank it and grab it, could have been killed by it if he didn't dodge at the last second thanks to Vegeta's warning.

>> No.51672082

For your viewing pleasure Goku not really minding bullets(best part at 1:40-50


>> No.51672095

Part of that is probably Krillin himself being super beefy. That rock was probably going very, very fast.

>> No.51672096

>Misses with a fucking rocket

That's why, when aiming at infantry targets, you always aim at their feet you moron.

>> No.51672098

As far as I could tell that ruling isn't about the amount of force. It's about the kind of force. Basically you can't block "intangible" forces like the wind or fire. But you can block "directed" forces like somebody swinging a sword or even the pressure wave created by a sword. It's basically saying that you can perfect block a giant robot punching you but you can't perfect block an entire tornado or a tsunami to destroy it.

>> No.51672108

A rocket at that range would never leave room to dodge for a normal person. Goku is just to fucking fast for that though.

>> No.51672109

Just throwing my two cents in cause I remember that conversation.

>> No.51672113

Unhinged angel.

>> No.51672124

No, you just don't fire rockets at infantry because that'd kill you, too.

>> No.51672134

Maybe get the Silver Ka'Kari from Night Angel (Makes you impervious to any form of metal attempting to hurt you) and be a Wind Dragon Slayer from Fairy Tail (Or something else that'd work against wind based attacks, not sure if it'd work against shockwaves like that?).

>> No.51672147

I'm not asking him to be smart enough to live, he's a henchmen for an army that wants to take over the world. Henchmen like that aren't wanted for their survivability, they're wanted to menial labor and killing effectiveness.

>> No.51672148

Yeah, I don't think wind immunity, which is pretty much always the sort of magical immunity that would only count actual wind attacks rather then any sort of kinetic energy, will count for stuff like shockwaves.

>> No.51672168

SMT force immunity though. That one might work. Since Force is wind and also not wind.

>> No.51672170


>> No.51672183

But does force immunity protect you from any sort of kinetic attack too?

>> No.51672184

What. Even in terms of magic, that doesn't make any sense. Wind immunity should still work.

>> No.51672189

That sounds incredibly badass. Question though, can Miya (or other sekerei) tank what she can dish out?

>> No.51672202

Yeah. It does both. Force can be things like wind cuts to magical impatcts.

>> No.51672222

Royal Guard has a storage limit on how much energy you can store. This, however, doesn't stop you from perfect blocking attacks or damage. It just stops you from storing the energy behind them. He's saying that the max amount of energy you can store is less than a nuke. So perfect blocking an attack stronger than a nuke would result in the attack doing no damage and you storing energy less than a nuke's worth.

>> No.51672300

Okay guys here we go again

Drop-In Tree done. Drop-In Item Tree done.

How does it look? I've gotta get to writing on the archipelago now.

>> No.51672319

Renegade Jump # 45 Enter the Gungeon

Gender: Female
Background: Gungeoneer (100)
*Fully Loaded (0)
*Gunshy (100, Discount)
*Hold Your Fire (200)
*How to Outsmart Bullet: A Primer (600)
*Trusty firearm (0)
*Ammonomicon (0)
*Pea Shooter (0)
*Supply Drop (0)
*Blanks (0)
*Enter the Pungeon (0)

Journal Entry # 750761

Sometimes in a jump I find things that I truly desire. Something truly worth fighting for. In this bizarre gun themed land I thought I had found something like that. A gun that could kill the past, Something to clear away some of my past regret.

The Dungeon or Gungeon as they called it was harsh. It turns out my durability helped but some of those bullets stung and I started dodging everything in case I found something that could puncture through my absurd defenses. Better safe than dead.

I fought my way through an absurd amount of enemies; sadly I had to kill a lot of them. Eventually I made it to some sort of underworld and fought some lich thing in what was truly a difficult battle. I think I only won do to my angel form and my ability to empower myself with holy energy.

After all that I put together the bullet and found that while the bullet could kill the past it could only wipe out a single mistake. I couldn’t undo the massacre in the underworld. I had one choice I choose to undo the death of Toriel. I had hoped that would change everything but not only do I still remember what I did; I now remember that changing that didn’t change much in the long run. She lived which I am glad for. However I was leaving her there probably alone since things didn’t change much. Also that horrible little flower mocked me for changing the past. In the end I guess I have just made too many mistakes to wash them away with a single bullet.

>> No.51672400

Is this actually supposed to be sixty years, or only six?

Shadow of the Night Fury should probably be reworked. Not only is it weird and arbitrary in terms of scaling (never as good as Hiccup, his power-level as a dragon rider (seriously, what?), never become as powerful than Toothless). It also really doesn't seem reasonable that you can't become as good as Hiccup in sixty years, or that you're expected to complete the scenario as a frail sixty-year old.

>> No.51672442

>Is this actually supposed to be sixty years, or only six?
Sixty, gonna spoiler here for the book/movie fans and such. The narrator of the entire story is actually a ~76 year old Hiccup talking about his from before the Dragons vanished.

>Shadow of the Night Fury should probably be reworked.
Suggestions? It's not a powerless state it's a powered down state.

>> No.51672477

Well, it' s generally not a good idea to scale to an in-setting character with absolutely no context for what that means. And it says all of your powers scale to that level, so it reads exactly like a powered down state.

>> No.51672478

Gaunlet, the description of Stoick the Vast's guide says that using it causes you to bulk up awfully fast. Does that mean that anyone who learns it will have a build like Stoick, or does it just mean that they'll get muscular?

>> No.51672494

That's what I said.

Your choice really.

>> No.51672512

Or powerless state, I meant. It doesn't seem like there's any difference there, because any powers at all are inherently above Hiccup. Also, if you really insist on scaling to a random character in the IP, you should state either when in their history you scale to them, or if you can grow if they do.

>> No.51672513

Anyone have any recommendations for who to reincarnate as a Rook or Queen in Highschool DxD? I figure that Valerie would be a good Bishop, and Tobio is perfect for a Knight if I can manage to headhunt him from the Grigori. For Pawn I'll probably poach Issei from Rias. But Rook and Queen are stumping me.

>> No.51672590

are the upgrades to the egg clutch discounted for dragons?

>> No.51672594


>> No.51672599

Jimmy Bob and Bobby Jim.

>> No.51672680


I think the description for "The Fabled..." is incomplete. maybe you missed a word or two?

>> No.51672702

You can never go wrong with Rossweisse for a rook, if you could manage it Timat is also available but I'm not to sure on what she does only that she is powerful and would probably be good in either role. Jeanne from the hero faction might make a decent rook, Heracles would definitely make a good one. Yasaka would be a decent choice for queen if she want stuck in Kyoto but other then that I cant think of any but if you feel like being dangerous you could woo Gabriel and shove a queen piece in her.

>> No.51672754

Oh, those are some good ones. Thanks. Though could you even reincarnate Gabriel in the first place? That feels wrong, somehow.

>> No.51672786

The drop-in trees look good. And I think I'm going to be buying a lot of islands - if I can have the option of having them as a Warehouse attachment rather then being inserted into worlds I jump to (is that what the archipelago is about)?

Speaking of, can "The Fabled..." upgrade be bought twice to be both an alternate ore and regenerating? (and if so, or if not, please mention this in the update)

Let's see...

>Instead of buying perks dragons have the option to buy choices from the following list, which are discounted for Dragons of course.

Keeping in mind that I am not a clever man, this reads to me as (1) dragons can forfeit ("instead") buying perks to buy these options, and (2) only dragons can buy these options. Is that the intent?

>> No.51672828

How about this?

Shadow of the Night Fury [+300]: This is odd, most people could easily run circles around the runt of Berk, one Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third but you seem to just be able to keep pace with the kid. As he grows so too do you, if you wish you could teach him stuff just to make him stronger but most folks in this world top out at around his dad’s level of strength and he actually is one of the best swordsmen, craftsmen, and dragon riders in the world. As a reminder this is the kid who can take breaking the sound barrier on the back of a dragon with only a flight suit on, flight on a Night Fury including some very sharp turns that could severely hurt a real person, craft modular swords and shields, and in general at age 14-16 was able to do these feats all before you start giving him anything.
If you are a dragon in general you have a similar pace but it is set to the young runt’s dragon partner, Toothless, though you mind is untouched in this case. Toothless is a Night Fury, the fastest form of dragon known, with infinite fire shots and a beast more than capable of taking on the Red Death with simple hit and run tactics.

>The Fabeled...
Thanks for that. It was supposed to say that you can buy it for 100 cp at the end but I must have forgotten or accidentally deleted it or something.

>Instead of buying perks dragons have the option to buy choices from the following list, which are discounted for Dragons of course.
Leaning towards the latter, currently, but I'm more than willing to listen to some input if you've got it.

>> No.51672872

If I remember right as long as its not a god or greater you can reincarnate something. Probably not a good idea to make her given her brother runs heaven. If you want non angel options the only free canon characters I can think of right now are Katerea Leviathan and Valerie Tepes the former has power a lot of power but a antagonist. The latter is a half vampire packs a holy grail sacred gear.

>> No.51672900

That's always the problem with such series. All the good characters are taken.

>> No.51672903

I mentioned Valerie already, I think I'm going to make her my Bishop. Fits the whole "power over life and souls" thing that Sephiroth Graal grants her. Maybe I'll just find a dude to make my Queen. There are a bunch of cool and strong dudes. It's not actually gender-limited, it just sounds funny to make a male Queen.

>> No.51672911

Harem light novels, what are you going to do?

>> No.51672948

>I mentioned Valerie already

Ah sorry I cant read it seems. But if you are hurting for ideas remember that most myths are true in setting and if they don't exist yet you can always create the descendant of a long dead hero or make a demigod oc based on a myth that your jumper can reincarnate.

>> No.51672955

>Leaning towards the latter, currently, but I'm more than willing to listen to some input if you've got it.

I meant that I read it as BOTH "give up perks so you can buy dragon options" AND "only dragons can buy these options".

I'm cool with it being just the latter.

>> No.51672977

True, true. It helps that I just want one of each piece type rather than the full fifteen, simplifies things a lot. I only have another two slots to fill instead of another twelve. I'm sure I'll think of something.

>> No.51673019

What setting lets me get my Genghis on?

>> No.51673030


>> No.51673037

Any of them, if you're determined enough. Hell, right here in the real world you could go out and create an army to sweep over Asia, burn down all their cities, and both figuratively and literally rape a quarter of the continent.

>> No.51673047

Rolled 6 (1d8)

Another Stalwart Tiger before I go to bed

1.Fate/Stay Night
2.Kamen Rider Kabuto
3.Harry Potter
4.Dead Space
5.Samurai Jack
6.Problem Sleuth
7.Eclipse Phase
8.Dragonball Z

Gonna need a replacement if I don't roll Kamen Rider.

>> No.51673054


>> No.51673058

Ring of Red

>> No.51673072

Sure, why not

>> No.51673076

It's an OLD puzzle video game, from back in the days when having pictures of your location instead of just text descriptions was still cool and novel.

>> No.51673077

Hard Boiled detectives doing wierd puzzle shit.
Lots of fun for the whole family.

>> No.51673091

This sounds like a Raksha trap.

>> No.51673098

Think less complicated sburb and you've got the right idea.

>> No.51673106

I've never read sburb

>> No.51673116

Well if you really want to know how it is I did leave a link to reading it a few posts up.
Shouldn't take too long to get through it. It's a good read.

>> No.51673118

That's actually not entirely inaccurate. The overarching plot is that the detectives (Problem Sleuth, Ace Dick, and Pickle Inspector) are trapped in a dream world of un-logic, and they need to defeat the villainous Mobster Kingpin in order to escape into reality. The way events are linked together via synchronicity rather than genuine cause and effect fits the Raksha method, too.

>> No.51673119

Wait, sorry, I got confused. It's this >>51673077 . Which is probably why I got confused, because it's partly a homage to the sort of game I was remembering.

Fair warning, if you go to the link, the comic is - or so the wiki claims - 1673 pages.


>> No.51673167

Okay I clarified it just in case.

I'm going with Pic Related for now as my current WIP.

>> No.51673185

[Kekkai Sensen]

Drawbacks: King of Despair, Obsessed: Despair, Enemy of the Thirteen Kings (1600)

Citizen, human, age 26

Forgotten in one Night (Free)
Magic (1300)
Beyondian Science: Opthalmology (700)
The Power of a King (200)
Devil Beast Breeder (0)
Sugar Song (Free)
Mach Monkey (Free)

I can feel you struggling in there. My souls will attend to you, soon. I think I'll keep you just barely conscious, to have something to satiate my...craving a while longer. So relax. Have a taste of your own medicine. Lie back, and think about the World Beyond. Because really-what is a king to a god?


...it would be so easy. One perk. Everything that's driven me to reforge and reconstruct myself endlessly, from now until the end of time. I could walk away from it all.

No. Not here. Not ever. And besides-I'd probably slip back into my bad old ways with that thing's essence amplifying my darker nature.

To business, then. Alright. Focus. Can't just deport all the immigrants, no matter how well that would stroke my despairboner. Too much social integration.

Okay. Kayle, Brigit? I don't trust myself to not go full police brutality, but it turns out some of these Kings are actually suffering from crippling medical conditions. Once they're neutralised, see if you can get them help.

Some of them are just dickass immigrant terrorists, though. Yo, Alice! I found some new friends for you!

As for myself-I've got it. Turnabout's fair play, after all. If those voyeurs are going to spy on little ol' Earth, it's only fair that the Earthlings get their own Eyes to take a look at how the other side lives. I'll slip some over, ostensibly while reinforcing the dimensional barriers.

The despair part comes in where Earth as something the World Beyond doesn't: Youtube, and viral memes.

>> No.51673217

Problem Sleuth- So I'm a Private Investigator in a weird land, sure why not. This doesn't sound like a Raksha trap or anything. "It isn't, I swear" And yet I trust nothing you say Despair.
Rolled for 28
Free Pose as a Team
Free Auto Parry
Discount King of all trades-Obviously
Punch It In The Snout To Establish Superiority- "That's what he normally does half the time" "He's getting better about it! Now it's only about a third of the time" RAVEN! YUUKI! BOTH OF YOU SHUSH!
Discount Affinity Drive- "See? He's trying to protect us" I SAID SHUSH! YOU'RE MY VASSALS! Of course I protect my Vassals!
Discount Warhammer of Zillyhoo- "Oh? Thinking of replacing me?" Not really Despair, but I could always wield one in each hand. "Ah, that works"

In which Tiger argues with his Companions, including his resident Raksha companion.

And then proceeds to use Shaping Charms to fuck over the Imaginary Kingdom, because FUCK the Wyld.

I think I'll do one more

>> No.51673226

Rolled 5 (1d8)

1.Fate/Stay Night
2.Kamen Rider Kabuto
3.Harry Potter
4.Dead Space
5.Samurai Jack
6.Ring of Red
7.Eclipse Phase
8.Dragonball Z

Blah blah blah, replacement if not Kamen Rider. I think you get the drill.

>> No.51673234


>> No.51673239

Looking good.

Aha, the Archipelago has made its appearance. Hmm. A bit confusing, but I'm guessing it will get some TLC down the track?

>> No.51673241

Legend of Spyro

>> No.51673244

Populous. Have fun!

>> No.51673246

If you havent done it yet(is there an uptodate list?)
Kingdom Hearts

>> No.51673254


Added to Reserved

Added to Reserved

And no, there is no list other than my actual chain itself, which also has all of my picks and such.
Because I'm lazy

>> No.51673255

Yep. Currently it's an unfinished idea but it basically a place to put your properties so they'll all be in one place, so if you happen to have tons of companions they can freely live in the Archipelago /and/ enjoy all the properties you've gathered in one massive island chain. Well that's the idea anyway.

>> No.51673267

I'm sort of in >>51670789's boat, with the caveat that I'm not always on the protagonists' side.

But yeah, I've found that with enough science/magic/planning/psionics, sometimes what you can do is set up a whole bunchof infrastructure to get things rolling, give people a nudge in the right direction or slip a banana peel under someone's boot.

While running a restaurant somewhere else.

Huh. Isn't there a bluenette Chousin out there?

I actually have a giant robot I've been importing to any giant robot setting that has an import option. At one point I used Spiral Energy to fuse with it in Gargantia after becoming a Machine Caliber. Other notable fusions include the Megas up there, a fivefold magical material engineering system to dilate shinmaic constraints within its' interior and a seithr power system based on the Amaterasu so it can compress causality, retrieving relavent attack attributes from across time and space.

Nobody noticed this of course, because as I've said on several occasions-I despise giant mechs as a concept so I barely ever talk about them.

I like to strip down the tech in SRW to build long range bombardment weapons.

I like to use my basic understanding of Entitytech to streamline Yen Xing Flame-and other Machine God-engineering into not wasting a whole bunch of clunky metal.

I am...actually pretty okay with the Knights of Sidonia ones because they're really just space jets with limbs when you get down to it.

I do, however, realise at the end of the day the damn things are ridiculously agile and powerful for whatever reason. And so one of my failsafes is building the best possible one I can.

>> No.51673295

Picking this jump up. Probably won't take as long as IS did since Val's working with me from the start on this one but who knows.

>> No.51673320

Samurai Jack- That voice sounds familiar.
Rolled for 24
Rolled for Japan
Free Enchanting- Useful
Discount Teleportation
Discount Elemental Control(Fire)
Discount Energy Beams
Discount Shapeshifting- It IS a power I have lacked for some time
Discount Alchemy
Free Signature Outfit
Discount Workshop
Robot Database-Why not?

Sick+300- What, who chose this? What is this? I'm not even allowed to see it?
Watched+200- Alright
Bloodless Violence+100- Wait, what!? "Bark!" DAMN IT AMATERASU!

Writefagging, just a little, not a lot. Coming soon

>> No.51673346

>In which bad things have just occurred to Tiger and he meets Aku for the first time.

"Who? Me?"
"You must be thinking of someone else Foolish Warrior"
"Lord? I am Aku! I rule this word and my Evil is law!"
Then I will throw down your law and make mine!
"HAHAHA! You can try but you will fail foolish warrior!"

"There are two of them. Kill me now" "It's alright Raven, it can't get worse"

>Their arguing got worse

>> No.51673350

...I should really write it out one of these days.

My tentative idea is that the social tree (which is about making your voice go all echoy and irrefutable, forcing people to hear the truth in your words) would loop into the combat tree (which is about massive rainbow lasers, blue-white flames that freeze the soul-which become purple when you get serious), so your social attacks could inflict damage by declaring why your enemies are wrong. Or heal people by yelling encouragement into them. Higher Essence ones would allow Unacceptable Orders by inducing and exploiting Intimacies which align with my Motivation.

And the crafting tree would loop into the manse/demesne creation tree. So-I'd use not-Wyld Cauldron Technique to create a desmene, raise a temple of holy geometry and fractured light upon it. Then the crafting Charm would channel sorcerous energy through them-like blowing glass-and upgrade by suborning the very laws of physics subtely with the sheer awesomeness of creation. It'd take a lot of investment to set up, but once it's done I'd be able to craft very fast-or at higher Essence Charms, make a perpetual artifact assembly line powered by the concept of awesomeness.

And the speed charms would tie into the stealth charms, because they'd both involve becoming become part of everything (in a limited space during the low-essence Charms)

Also one of my shintais turns you into something like the Shrike, but with beautiful wing-tentacles.

And the other makes you go to Heaven.

>> No.51673361

Is it wrong that I thought in Mako's Aku voice as I wrote those lines?

>> No.51673477

Not at all, since that's the voice I read them in. Although Tiger sounded a bit like Brian Blessed.

>> No.51673505

>a bit like Brian Blessed
Not what I was going for, but I'll take it.
Then again I'm not really sure WHAT I was going for.

>> No.51673634

Bit of an oddball question, but I'm looking for three companions who could fit into a horror movie monster role to fill out my roster in preparation for RWBY; ideally they'd be from the horror genre, but I'm mostly just looking for lower power Jumps since I'm taking things slow. Here's who I have/plan to have so far: http://pastebin.com/jE81Lm75

>> No.51673647

so apparently Muten Roshi can bend lightning
begins at 1:39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqgWhfhkS2c

>> No.51673649

If you can't ever get around to reading it you could watch this.
MSPA Clip Show Tribute - Problem Sleuth: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL67C8C5E7D2A5CD84

>> No.51673708

This is probably a horrible idea but Velma from Scooby Doo,
Buffy or willow from Buffy the Vampire slayer
Daud from dishonored.

I don't know if those were the kind of suggestions you were looking for but I hope they helped.

>> No.51673736

Daud is a pretty interesting idea, actually; his powers and skill set would make him a pretty good slasher. I might pick him up instead of the Slav; thanks Ravenloft!

>> No.51673765


The only thing I can think of if the free companion from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

Although their technically less of a horror movie monster, and more of a horror movie monster minion.

>> No.51673773

Terminator Series 800 companion. A couple orders could make it fit the role of a of a general slow, unstoppable silent killer like Jason. Or a built monster like Frankenstein's Creation
...maybe have him play as a killer robot from the future, but that's just silly.

>> No.51673794


>> No.51673900

You could buy some of the characters from Franken Fran. Fran, Veronica and Gavrill would all fit as horror antagonists.

Could get a Predator from Predator. A shoggoth from Lovecraft for all your blob monster needs. A Diclonius from Elfen Lied for the freaky psychic schoolgirl niche.
You could also grab any of the monsters from Cabin In The Woods, there's dozens of them - there's more monsters shown in the cubes than i the whiteboard list.
You could also get a creepy doll from somewhere like Bloodborne or Ravenloft.
Could get a gaggle of undead schoolgirls in Nechronica.

>> No.51673916

That robot looks a lot like a tau battle suit.

>> No.51673926

I kinda want Aku to follow on with him.

>> No.51673964

Thanks for the help, everyone, I think I've figured out who I want to grab.

>> No.51673977

Hey dude are you still planning a Dragon Ball AF update? Wanna know if I'll have to update my build (which I don't mind).

>> No.51674021

Don't know much about this but more mechs can only be a good thing

>> No.51674133

So it's not Fate Zero yes I know this is the second time I've done this, it's slowly coming along. Items are almost done and then just companions/drawbacks and I can post but this is just a little thing I wanted to clear off my 3 at a time schedule of solo jumps. Hope you...enjoy might not be the right word. Make use of it? Who knows.

>> No.51674143


>> No.51674145

cool beans

>> No.51674179

What's the CATastrophe jump in the upload folder? Is it an update?

>> No.51674203


>> No.51674204

Hey /jc/ I need help.

Trying to find a low-level Jump that can either give me knowledge of Japanese or upgrade my language learning skills.

Also, for the Nichijou Jump's Mangaka Perk, would Linguistics or Language Studies count?

Here's the wording to make things easier:
> Pick a mental or technical skill that exists. You are the undisputed champion of that skill to a slightly superhuman degree, whether it’s drawing manga, playing the boke in a Japanese comedy duo, or the handling of lethal weapons twice your size. Things like “winning” or “avoiding the drawbacks of life” won’t work. Whatever this skill is, you’ll find a use for it in at least half of your future jumps.

>> No.51674214

Looks good.

For I Have to Save Them can we take them as a companion automatically or do we buy the 50cp option to take a survivor?

Reading the blank text the setting does sound depressing... Pretty tempting to take Hero Mode just to help out.

>> No.51674244

Have to pay 50cp to get the opportunity. It's why it's so cheap.


>> No.51674261


Just go to a Jump set in Japan. You'd pick up Japanese as part of your origin.

>> No.51674267

Oh, also. Gonna officially start up a Nanatsu no Taizai/Seven Deadly Sins jump, instead of just working on it offhandedly. Exciting stuff.

>> No.51674271

Low-level jumps...

Aria has Language Barriers.
Battletech (low-level IF you pick the right places) has Cunning Linguist.
Chronicles Of Narnia has Till We Have Voices.
Code Geass... not sure this qualifies as low level, I'm not familiar with it, but it has Fluent (gain fluency in 5 languages).
Dinotopia (level uncertain?) has Scaly Tongue, which post-jump lets you read/understand any language.

Want me to keep looking?

>> No.51674299

Hmm, I suppose I haven't been fair, but yah, the thing is, I wanna take Nichijou as either my first or second Jump because of the Perk "A Series of Miracles" sounds like a heck of a lot of fun to have for the rest of my Chain. However, the Drop-In option doesn't give me knowledge of Japanese.

Hence my question about Mangaka, if maybe I can use it to gain near-superhuman Language learning skills so I could quickly learn the language and go on with my time in the Jump as the Token Foreigner.

So, possible?

>> No.51674336

Yes, I think you could? The skill you're wanting is Polyglotism, the ability to master multiple languages.


>> No.51674364

Yes. You probably won't have to change your build, it's mainly just notes and clarifications that I forgot to add in before

>> No.51674377

Let's do a build shall we?

A Right to Be Happy (Discount Survivor) - 50
There Is Always Hope (Discount Survivor) - 100
The True Strength of Man (Discount Survivor) - 200
Red Sweater - Free
The Only Ones I Can Trust (Adam Jensen) - 100
Let’s Get Out, Together (Have to Save Them Companion) - 50
Welcome to the Jungle + 100
Monster + 200
Have to Save Them + 200

Since he already had training when i got him i'm gonna bring Jensen along with me. He probably won't appreciate being in this apparent hellhole but I'd think he would like being fully flesh and blood again.

I don't know anything about this jump besides that the jump makes me think it's the hunger games but it's in a city instead of some jungle, has some mutated animal people, and you need to reach a goal instead of killing everyone else. Which is good since to get the reward i gotta keep two people alive.

>> No.51674379

Crucial question here. How do I get monkey girls?

>> No.51674397

I would be upset it wasn't Zero if I didn't enjoy your jumps so much. Also looks like an interesting series to read.

>> No.51674406

Genetic splicing is one option. Importing companions as a saiyan is another. Making a wish on the dragon balls might work, though you'll need to go to Namek for that. The alien fleet lets you have 40 of them (maybe more, update pending) if that was your race.

>> No.51674529

>Distant Sky
Yeah, "depressing and miserable" is one way to put it. And that "hope in the series"... warning huge spoilers if you haven't read it! the end of season 3 has Earth apparently falling into Jupiter? I don't know how they're going to pull a fourth season out of it, unless it's a prequel or something. Maybe explaining how the shit hit the fan in the first place? Barring a total deus ex machina, that last scene is pretty much game over, BAD END.

Thankyou for providing the choice of Hero Mode..

>> No.51674532

Is there anyone working on a Bastard!! jump?

>> No.51674543

Is that the show where everyone has a lot of bullshit conceptual hax? Will we get conceptual hax?

>> No.51674544

there was some talk about it a few days ago, so check the archives. But I dont believe anyone is actively working on it, no.

>> No.51674552

I wouldn't say everyone has bullshit conceptual hax so much as everyone has their own unique power (Though a fair few of them are quite haxy) but yes, there will be a power section that includes most, if not all, the canon powers and possibly some OC ones too if any of the involved sections look a bit anemic compared to the others. There's lots of characters so I doubt it'll come to that.

>> No.51674569

So... Who'd you pick?

>> No.51674576

If you take Hero Mode, can you leave at any time before the full ten years?

>> No.51674587

Of course.

>> No.51674642

I'm kinda zoning out here from Encounters At The End of the World in the best way. Everything's enjoyable.

Which...seems oddly appropriate to this misadventure!

Drawbacks: Welcome to the Jungle, I Have To Save Them, Blood of the Earth, Monster (800)


A Right To Be Happy (Free)
There Is Always Hope (700)
The True Strength of Man (500)
Distant Stars Guiding Me Way (400)
Red Sweater (Free)
Just A Little Luck (0)


The cold is the mind-killer. The coats looted from what might have once been a store-or a diner-are filthy, but at least the filth insulates. We have to keep moving no matter what.

"Please. Can we rest, just a little longer?". In THIS environment? Nah. Who knows what kind of flu lives down here. We make it out of these ruins today, or we don't at all.

"I trust you. I just don't know if I can keep up". Give me a second. Boom. Crutches. Up you get, now.

"You've done this before, haven't you? When?". Long story. Now come on, the sky's waiting.


At the countryside outpost, one of the survivors offers us a bike and a full tank of gas for an hour with my companion. I shoot out his knees and offer him a quick death in exchange for all his gas. The trick to haggling's negotiating from a stronger position, afterall.

"You didn't have to do that". Of course I did.

"It was murder". If you ask me, it was suicide by cop.

"You're not a cop". Not in this timeline, no. The rat jerky's especially plump today, you sure you don't want some?

"...I trust you. I have to. Please take us away from here"

We make good headway from then on.



>> No.51674650

The Hunter catches up with us right around the time my night vision was just well enough to track the stars. I had a bad feeling right before a gunshot kicked out.

We had to abandon the vehicle for a day or two. Then we lured him into gorillaphant territory, and from a distant alcove I let out a rough bellow while scrambling upwind of his scent. He'll be back, but without his gun.


Supplies are low. We pass the graveyard in Gangnam. A crowd's gathered, with food bags.

She isn't shying away from the bad times anymore. These days, she sorts the supplies while I keep my eyes on the road.

We're both too tired to talk much.


We met some other refugees, and agreed to share supplies en route. The Hunter seems to have made his own out of the vile beasts. We lost them as a dirty thunderstorm kicked up, with three casualties.

This isn't looking good. A volcano sprang out of the ground unbidden. Not long left.

"This isn't what the sky should be like". Depends on which sky you're talking about. I've seen worse.

"Really?". Yeah. This place is like Malfeas in springtime.

"But you said that land was beautiful". Well, some things are beautiful because of their scars, as much as their wellness. Not that those who've truly lost often appreciate it.

"Will you take me to visit them? Those other skies?"

...I'll think about it.

Almost there, now.



>> No.51674667

The whole Earth is broken and bleeding. We lost our vehicle and convoy a day ago.

But it's not wrong. I can see the words from here

The Hunter leaps.

Struggle. Roar. Clutch. Grapple. Remember the basics of CQC. He's stronger, and inhuman, and blindsided me, and devolving into a monster.

The fight takes a whole five minutes before I break every limb in his body, along with his ribs.

And the Hunter...cries. He weeps, and he bawls, and he screams about how I was his only chance. Their only chance. That I could have saved him, saved the world, and now the last traces of humanity will disappear because I deemed it acceptable losses in the infinitude of my journey. Because none of it was useful to my design for the shape of things to come.

And I turn away without a second glance. He's not wrong.

As I walk, he begs me not to leave. Begs my companion, begs the world not to let him die alone. The world isn't fair, and nobody listens.

I'm so tired of all of this. What a joke. To trip right before the finish line.

Hands. Someone to lean on


I have to tell her-

"-I know".

"I've always known. I know you never really were him. He died, and your Benefactor gave you his...everything"

"I know you're so far beyond human I-all of this-must hardly seem real to you. But she said you used to be. And I couldn't believe you weren't him, at first. But I don't think he could have come this far. You're just like him, but older. Maybe, maybe crueller"

"Please don't forget about me. I don't know what happens to me now, but my world is gone and everyone I know is dead. I won't even pretend to understand why you did this. But you're the only family I have, now. I want to see those other skies you told me about. I just want to be more than a memory"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I can't ever help you like you helped me. I wish I could" "

"Christ, if I could-I'd make you stay with me. Do you hate me for that?"

"I'm so hopeless"

Light falls.

Goodbye, Viola.

>> No.51674702

Cheers mate!

>> No.51674749

Hey you, do the jumper task and such retain people and base upgrades across jumps?

>> No.51674778


>> No.51674785


>> No.51674796

Nah, new one each jump I'd say. Well, the people anyway, if you want to modify the base then sure, it can retain stuff.

>> No.51674818


Okay then thanks

>> No.51674875

In the light of Terra DLC3 can I select more than one Psyker specialization? ( Veteran of the Psychic Wars perk ) and if so picking Psychic Supremacy (Alpha level) will work on both specialization or just one?

>> No.51674887

A right to be happy isn't free.

That aside... Damn man. This hurts. Good stuff.

This is... Well, the jump itself is great, even as a guantlet I genuinely liked it...

Then I read the blank text.

Damn that is miserable. How I wish for a combination guantlet/Hero Mode, in which you can go on the journey, then get your power back when you reach the end so you can help out.

I'd like to do the guantlet run of this, but I can't make that choice when the other option gives a chance to save everyone...

Good work making it such a hard choice.

>> No.51674897

Glad you enjoy it anon.

>> No.51674903

I think you can get multiple, but you also do have to pay for each one you bump up to alpha.

>> No.51674916

>I think you can get multiple, but you also do have to pay for each one you bump up to alpha.
That's what I thought, thanks.

>> No.51674958


Heroes is fairly low-power (for superhero settings) and has Omnilingualism for 100CP - which pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin.

>> No.51674980

True lies has free for all language options if I remember correctly.

>> No.51674991

Out of curiosity if you have Descending Hierarchy from Exalted: Infernal and the perk that lets you have 9 souls from Soul Eater can you make 72 second circle demons? Having 8 spread out over each of your nine souls. I'm guessing other soul boosting perks also allow you to increase the maximum up from 8 too if it works like that.

>> No.51675000

Prototype, unless I'm mistaken everything goes on within the island. So just choose runner and become a full prototype then boost outta there. After than just eat 1 natural speaker for every language. People with other skills would work best, like Mercs if you don't wanna eat innocent people.

>> No.51675063

I'm unsure if that is correct. Alpha is just your overall level if memory serves. You're more skilled in your disciplines but you aren't completely bound to them. I may be incorrect here but I think that's the case. After all the emperor was a Telekinetic/ pyromancer. But I think he could still use many of the other disciplines. It was just he was most skilled in those two.

>> No.51675181

Out With The Old 100 My stuff will break.
Welcome to the Jungle 200 Lots of nasty animals.
Lonely Distance 300 no one to help me now.
Monster 500 there is someone who'll approach me, much as I wish they wouldn't.
Blood of the World 800 RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!

Just a Little Luck 400 A literal lifesaver, should give me a chance to escape the killer after me so long as I get for enough away he can't reach me before it procs again.
The True Strength of Man 200 The other part of my survival here. I can get back on my feet in a hurry, and will get better at running on fumes so long as the lava is only making what seems to be a few month's long journey into a few weeks... If it's days then unless my background has gained some resistances I mainly just get healing from this.
Foul Blood 100 The Leeches at least are now a non issue, and if I can survive the initial attack a lot of animals will likely give up on trying to eat me after getting a taste, which will hopefully give me time to heal.
Red Sweater Free This is nice.
Hidey Hole 0 more useful for its post jump uses, I won't have time to stay here, but I can swing by to grab some food on the way.

The plan is simple: run like hell. I can get some food from my hidey hole and hopefully a good hefty bit of metal, then I have to go. I only have a few weeks, maybe even days, depending on how fast the lava is rising.

I can only assume everyone else will be doing what I am, and while the exodus will remove a lot of threats it also raises new problems, as I have to deal with all the fun of an angry mob with lava and a monster lapping at my heels.

>> No.51675197

Nope, sorry.

Just having more souls doesn't help you gain more Third Circles. Infernals technically already have three or four souls anyway (Hun/Higher Soul, Po/Lower Soul, the Exaltation, and the proto-soul from Sun-Heart Furnace Soul).

Though having a whole bunch of soul-boosting perks might help you get a few more? But nowhere close to 72 of them.

>> No.51675203

Just going off what I think Babylon ruled back in the day. It doesn't quite match up with canon, true, but you are buying these things with CP, so they sometimes follow their own rules, especially regarding pricing.

>> No.51675209

So how many Dragon Ball jumps do we have now? 5?

>> No.51675232

Ah if it was Babylons ruling then yes that would be the case. Seems to be a rather strange ruling though. It has no real reason considering the sheer amount of cp that can be gained in that jump by not spending it on silly things. Hell most of the jumps enemies can be solved just by having the perk that allows you to become warp fire. Only Psykers and probably power weapons can hurt you at that point. And considering that most of them would be getting fucked by the mutations that come with warp fire you'd probably be fine.

>> No.51675235

Yes; we have the end jump, the regular jumps for DB and DBZ, and two jumps based on some of the more popular fan made comics.

>> No.51675267

I looked it up in the archives, since I remembered a different ruling.


Going by this ruling, you don't need multiple purchases of Psychic Supremacy to get all of 'em at Alpha level.

>> No.51675268

>Seven Deadly Sins
Include an option for giant companions pls

>> No.51675294

Looks like I was wrong. That's good to know. Thanks for looking that up!

>> No.51675338

>Thinking I'm going to only do a companion
Anon, if I didn't do a race option and at least entire perk tree for Giants, I'd have to be publicly shamed.

>> No.51675353

You're the best, sempai.

>> No.51675381

I would like to present a new jump I have created: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. Please let me know what you think of it.

>> No.51675404

Dude you gotta change that background. That's just cruel to have that and black text.

>> No.51675419

first thought: the background is making reading harder than it needs to be. pls change it or put the text in boxes

>> No.51675420

>Secondary Lineage
>Get a second racial background in all jumps
Oh goodie, this jump is going to be a real blast for thread to look at.

>> No.51675422

Vampires or werewolves?

>> No.51675429

Yeah, I'm going to have to agree on the background. It makes me want to punch my screen.

>> No.51675432

Yeah, I kind of admit that it's an issue; it looked better as a Word document. The thing is, I wanted the presentation to be visual to give people a full feel of the series, and I wanted to include with that a background that reflected the aquatic adventure. I guess I'll need to rethink that.

>> No.51675441

Hmm. Speaking of Werner Herzog documentaries, who here got Twisted Faith in DS3, and what did you do with it? After seeing the new DLC's gameplay vids I'm kinda tempted. On the one hand, dark party. On the other hand, pimpass feather-laser shooting eldritch tentacle angel-Stands.

It's that or capstone!Twice As Bright-ing light and Humanity together to see what happens, but this screams "Deep" since angels apparently also showed up in that one heretical Lothric faith.

>A right to be happy isn't free

How appropriate. But thanks.


There Is Always Hope (700)
The True Strength of Man (500)
Distant Stars Guiding Me Way (400)
Red Sweater (Free)
Just A Little Luck (0)

Ooh, can there be a pig/giant green pig companion too?

Holy tentacles.

>> No.51675449

yeah its not good, I cant even invert it properly to read it. it need to be changed I think

>> No.51675463

Reese's Underworld Hybridizations.

>> No.51675464

I hope that it isn't too big of a problem. I tried to limit the potential issues by stating that the second racial background does not net you any discounts, just the bare bones of that race's makeup; that said, I said that the second race is free, since for a lot of races are kind of low-level without the connected discount perks.

>> No.51675467

>All the most powerful items are just completely made up
Er, maybe rethink that? If you're making up stuff, it probably shouldn't make up the most powerful stuff offered.

>> No.51675474

How many werewolves do we even have in the chain?

>> No.51675481

No, you just can't have that sort of thing anon. It'd be like going "You get 200 extra cp in all future jumps".

>> No.51675487


>> No.51675490

Pigs, both variants, are already in yes.

>> No.51675494

You should know by now that any purchase that interacts with other jumps mechanics is strictly forbidden.

>> No.51675501

Actually, can you just remove anything that isn't from this series and you've just completely made up? It seems like those things are generally the most powerful things in the jump and it feels a little dirty

>> No.51675507

Please remove anything that affects other jumps giving you stuff. It is just not done.

>> No.51675517

spoopy skeleton

>> No.51675529

>Not being a skeletal vampire
>Not wearing a cape made of werewolf fur

>> No.51675531

several but they are almost always the weaker option when compared to vampires in jump.

vampire diaries

>> No.51675537

Dear god this jump is giving me cancer. Is this the new tactic of the shitposter? Just making terrible jumps?

>> No.51675544

Don't be rude, it's not that bad. It's got problems, the font is so bad I had to close it from pain, but it looks like a lot of love went into it so it just needs some help.

>> No.51675553

You mean the "get the second race for free" part? My concern is that without that element, the perk isn't worth a capstone.

Take the Chronicles of Narnia jump, for instance. Let's say that you want to purchase the Starborn race as your second. That option costs 400 CP, which makes sense because the associated perks like The Great Dance and Four Loves, Four Seasons are awesome. However, those perks don't get a discount for you since it's your second race, leaving you with a much more limited race that is not really worth all the CP you forked into it.

I see your point, but I'm trying to figure out a way that makes the perk reasonable without making it not very useful for users.

>> No.51675571

Anon, you don't seem to get this. You do not offer options that give you stuff from other jumps or in other jumps. Full stop. There is no reasoning around this. You just have to make a different perk. Something that works as it does now will never ever be accepted.

>> No.51675576

Flaming Skeletons are best.

>> No.51675592

I was only able to skim it due to the background, even with just skimming it my eyes were straining like a motherfucker. That background is headache fodder.

I'd like to dig into the perks, as it seems like there's a lot to comment on, but I'm not looking at that again until the background is fixed.

>> No.51675604


>> No.51675607

Let's hope that the Fable's jump will let you be part of Bigby's family.

Those are the only werewolves that stronger than their in-setting vampires.

Well, technically werewolves in Hellsing are stronger and faster than vampires, but they don't have the same amount of hax.

>> No.51675619


>all these primitive plebs

Hail ignorant skelingtons!
I come from the future with the secrets of futuristic skeleton rape and rape-powered technology!

>> No.51675620

Its just not how things are done. You do not give perks that give you stuff from other jumps. Now you may be able to swing giving a race from a past jump but that is ifdy too.

>> No.51675640

I don't consider it making stuff up that much, but rather doing an in-depth tribute to the series. The three items I fully invented the backgrounds for - the Haniwa, the Diamond Apple, and the Rubber Ducky, appeared as entries in the mermaids' encyclopedia in an episode, albeit with their text indecipherable. I thought I'd take a couple of minor liberties so I could include them in the jump. I did not mean to offend anyone; I just wanted to give back to the show I love.

Part of the issue is that the series introduced a lot of cool things but never completely explained them; it's still unclear how the whole turn to foam curse actually works in the setting among others. Therefore, I made a few judgment calls accordingly.

As for the second race perk, it's actually a running gag throughout the series. For the first two seasons, the primary human character we see is Kaito, the main heroine's love interest. Only, as we learn in the second season's finale, he's actually a Panthalassa prince who was raised as a human. Then in the second season we get the human characters Mikaru, Rihito, and Masahiro; the former two turn out to be half-Panthalassa, while the latter is hinted to have mermaid heritage.

>> No.51675645

I get that you're kinda sold on that perk, and I get how it sounds reasonable. However, it's all kinds of verboten to have your jump influence previous or preceding jumps. As mentioned, the giving extra CP thing, which is what this does in effect, kills balance in a lot of jumps. This is particularly true in jumps where races don't have trees, but are powerful in their own right.

Take the flavor of the week: imagine not having to pay for Saiyan. That frees up half your CP budget right there.

I know it sucks, but you need to scrap that perk and find something new.

>> No.51675659

There's a difference between expanding a bit on something that didn't get much detail and making up the effects of items entirely when you have nothing more then a picture. If they were low cost items? Might not matter. But they're the highest cost, highest power items in the jump. You can't do that if they're entirely made up aside from physical appearance.

And no, you still cannot justify that race perk to anyone here. The only people you might convince to agree with you are the ones who will completely ruin your credibility like SJ Chan.

>> No.51675668

>As for the second race perk, it's actually a running gag throughout the series. For the first two seasons, the primary human character we see is Kaito, the main heroine's love interest. Only, as we learn in the second season's finale, he's actually a Panthalassa prince who was raised as a human. Then in the second season we get the human characters Mikaru, Rihito, and Masahiro; the former two turn out to be half-Panthalassa, while the latter is hinted to have mermaid heritage.
See, with something like that you could just as easily frame it as a heritage / lineage thing rather than a meta-jump document race thing. In future jumps you're the long lost heir of X, Y, or Z kinda thing. Maybe even give it some political juice and access to what that family had. Just don't give away what amounts to CP bought power and powers in other jumps.

>> No.51675686

Why not make it into a perk that allowss you to make others into halfbreeds of altforms or races you have bought in your chain?

>> No.51675714

Maybe make it a perk that allows for mixing of two altforms that a Jumper already has even if they normally wouldn't be compatible?

>> No.51675721

I like these two ideas.


>> No.51675735

>Infectious Bite 2.0
Dude, that perk cause a ton of trouble. Don't make a new jump maker deal with that old drama.

>> No.51675737

Seeing as I've gotten a lot of complaints about the background, here is a plainer PDF of Mermaid Melody. I hope that this makes the material more readable.

As for the second race perk, I apologize for the potential interference with other jumps. I just think that it should remain in the jump for two reasons. First, it fits really well with the setting of the jump and as a capstone for the human branch. Second, I think that it would open up a lot of new possibilities for people in their jumps.

Keep in mind that I have already emphasized that the second race only gives you the genetic makeup of that background; you don't get any special perks or the in-setting benefits like actual knowledge of or family with that race.

Therefore, I hope that we can reach an adequate compromise. If I removed the part stating that the second perk is free, thus requiring jumpers to purchase the potentially expensive second background, would things be more acceptable?

>> No.51675758

>Holy tentacles.

So, a Hellsing Vampire?

>> No.51675761

Just giving them a suggestion. It is better than as is.


You do not give options that alter other jumps mechanics.

>> No.51675762

No. Why can you not understand this? You cannot have this perk. You cannot have stuff in your jumps that changes every other jumps mechanics. You need to stop. If you keep pushing this, all you will do is make people get more and more frustrated and thus unfairly judge the rest of your jump. It has happened time and again in the past. If you keep pushing this perk which will NEVER get through, you will only harm the rest of your jump.

>> No.51675765

Can I ask the thread a question about Dragonball?

I'm jumping sequentially through Dragonball, then Dragonball Z, then Af and Multiverse, and I want to be a saiayn and get all the benefits thereof, but I'm not sure wither I need to purchase the saiyan race in each jump. Do I need to? Can I not but still benfit and if so is there costs/benefits to doing so. Do I need something from another Jump? Is there a concequence to not buying Saiyan at each opporunity?

Help me Anons, you are my only hope.

>> No.51675774

An argument could also be made for a Helena's Nail user(also Hellsing)

>> No.51675780

I still object to the grounds that the perk incentivises taking jumps in a certain order, thereby rewarding metagaming instead of letting each jump stand by itself as equally rewarding to take at any time

>> No.51675792

Definitely the other thing, since holiness burns vampires

>> No.51675799

I might have to consider that, but I'm not really sure that this change would really fit with the story. Kaito, Mikaru, and Rihito didn't really receive any political or material benefits from their heritage, and for the most part they were stumbling in the dark. In fact, the heritage got them into trouble by painting targets on the back. The only reward they really got for their lineages was their powers.

Maybe if I added more about the secondary race's abilities being less controllable due to lack of connection to your heritage?

This might also be a possible alternative; essentially Kaito and Rihito merged their human and Panthalassa powers, so it's a reasonable fit for the setting, just not as good as the original plan.

>> No.51675800

You've got the beginnings of a perfectly good jump here, don't foul it up by dying for a perk that no one, no fucking one, will endorse.

>> No.51675807


I don't think Super Saiyan God exists in Multiverse or AF, so you might need to purchase Saiyan from Dragonball or DBZ to have access too it. That's the only thing that comes to mind.

>> No.51675815

>Maybe if I added more about the secondary race's abilities being less controllable due to lack of connection to your heritage?
Still doesn't fly as you're effecting the balance in other peoples jumps. I'm sorry, but you need to find a new capstone.

Maybe include something about genetic pliability and adaptation such that it easier for you to combine different mutually exclusive species / races.

>> No.51675825


If you must have a halfbreed option why not allow others to be halfbreed mermaids or whatever from This jump?

Why push so hard to force an issue that will not get through?

It doesnt matyer how good you are dragging down your jump.

>> No.51675826

Would it be better if it could act retroactively?

That would address, in part, the matter of influencing jump order.

>> No.51675831

Diane a best!

>> No.51675833

Can finally read this without my eyes bleeding so lets begin.

>Knew All Along
Seems super specific, feel like this should swapped with the 100 since that ones much more useful.

>Secondary Lineage
Already talked about by others. Gotta change it man.

>Jump Pearl Voice
What does intensity refer to? Do you spend a lot of magical energy or is it just singing with a lot of emotion? If the latter, this should be priced higher because of how strong it can get by just singing harder.

>Kizuna Bonds
If this is meant to apply to all powers, I don't think it should have no limit on distance or location. Maybe ony have the no limit for singing and otherwise require you to be nearby for other powers.

>Until Next Time
Way too good for a 100cp. Especially since you can have it save you from anything that doesn't instantly kill you.

>Water Master
When you say split the ocean in half, you don't mean splitting an entire ocean, as in the pacific ocean, in half?

>Sacred gGuardian Beast
Feels a bit lacking compared to the other. Maybe some more detail on what you're getting?

contd in next post

>> No.51675852

Maybe restrict it to races where there is an established in-setting predicent or hybrids, limiting the number of times the perk can be in effect (once, two times, three maybe). Also if there is any drawbacks tied to that race, it would make sense for them to be made mandatory.

Might help address some concerns.

>> No.51675860

Beerus and Whis exist in Multiverse and they are searching for the SSG.

So, it could exist. Maybe.

>> No.51675865

Look, if you want to pick this hill to die on then that's your choice. But your jump /will/ die on that hill if you refuse to change that capstone. Just come up with a new one.

>> No.51675867

Just no. You need to leave it, you cannot change other peoples jumps like that.

>> No.51675881

I disagree, if anything it would make things more confusing depending on what you mean by "retroactively" since it influences even more jumps. It's still metagaming in a way that breaks immersion

>you were always half incubus when you first met your paladin husbando
>back on earth your otherkin fantasy was actually partly correct even before you became a Jumper

>> No.51675885


I ended up remembering a few Infernals questions I had.

1. How would the Yozi react to a jumper revealing their nature, and offering to grant and/or teach them abilities/powers from outside their reality?

2. If a Yozi (or one or more of their souls) did gain abilities from outside Exalted would it have any side effects on their nature?

3. What happens if you import a companion as an Unwoven Coadjuctor, and then become a Devil Tiger what happens with the companion once they learn The Face of the Titans?

4. What happens if you get one or more of the pseudo Devil Tiger perks (The Inner World, Descending Hierarchy, Heart and Soul, and Akuma of Your Own), but for some insane reason decide to learn Primordial Cosmic Principle (and the associated charms) instead of Triumphant Howl of the Devil Tiger and the other Devil Tiger charms?

5. If a jumper did decide to take Cosmic Principle to become a Primordial would Fetich Death count as death for the chain, or just an extremely bad injury?

6. If a jumper already had access to Infernal (or Yozi) charms from somewhere else (for example being an Infernal Half-Caste or a Lintha-Blooded from Exalted Mortals) would they keep those charms if they learned Primordial Cosmic Principle or would they also be lost.

7. Would the ability to know of (but not how to use) charms developed from their Devil Tiger charms be a valid anima power for a Devi Tiger?

Okay maybe that was a little more than a few.

>> No.51675952

>Royal Light
Needs limits. Repel anything that threatens you is absurd.

>Ruler of the Castle
With the examples given, this should be capstone level, not a 400cp perk.

>Wings of darkness
Why is this cheaper then the other mermaid version if it's just a dark/evil version?

>Beach House
Feels very weak in comparison to the other 600 items.

>Fimbulventr Bible
Can the infinite magic be used for anything but the book's spells? If so, I don't think this should be offered because it becomes massively better then anything else here.

>Sealing Key
Is it just really strong or does it actually make unbreakable things breakable? If so, you need to take some of the other effects away to balance that out.

>Flute of the Ancients
Does not feel 600cp worthy. Seems like stuff we could do with those 100 or 200cp singing magic perks.

>Wishing Ring
Don't think this should be in but if it is (And it has to be in the show if it is), you absolutely need better and clearer limits on it.

>last 4 OC items
Get rid of these. You've already admitted they're all made up from pictures and have no real basis, they should not be in the jump. The last one isn't even from this setting from what you say later.

Contd in next post.

>> No.51675966

I don't like it, but I get what you mean? What do you think of the Jumper, Jumper, and Jumper perk? I wasn't really satisfied with it, but if Secondary Lineage doesn't work out, it might go from just the Drop-In Human capstone to humans in general.

Knew All Along: Is there anything I can do to make this less limiting?

Jump Pearl Voice: By intensity, I meant how much passion you put into the song. Canonically there is a case where a mermaid uses her song to save her former love from an incoming tsunami.

Kizuna: I'll make the adjustment so the no distance limit only applies to singing-based powers.

Until Next Time: Well, one limiter I had was that you actually have to remember to activate the perk; it doesn't work automatically, so it's possible that you might get too caught up on your pain to think about that right away. Is there anything I could do so it fits better with the 100 CP level?

Water Master: No, I don't mean split the whole ocean. In one of the episodes, the mermaids are fighting in the middle of the ocean when the water around them suddenly moves away to create a dry valley surrounded by waterfalls, signaling the next stage of the battle.

Sacred Guardian Beast: Part of the issue is that neither the manga nor anime fully explored Hippo's powers. Generally he attacks in that form to give the mermaids the time to counterattack. In the manga, it was also explained that he was in charge of maintaining the seal on Panthalassa until his negligence set them free.

>> No.51675995

Weren't they basically there as part of a joke/reference to the movie? I thought I remembered them referencing the movie and then never showing back up.

>> No.51676002

All good, I can see a fair few options I like here so good job.

>No Dub
Regardless of your personal feelings, this doesn't seem worth +300 at all.

>Turn to Foam
This is not worth 500cp. It's pathetically easy to just never mention what a Jumper is and get 500 cp basically free.

For a drawback that is negated by taking this jump first, this should not almost max out your drawback cp. 300 is more fitting, same with the Amnesia drawback.

>Farewell to Love
I don't believe you finished this description? I don't understand what it does.

Can't see any other complaints.

>> No.51676009

>Origin perks and items are discounted, 100 point perks and items are free for their origin.
>scale IN power
>Child + HERON
Will be fixed in the next release.

>I take it this is located somewhat out of phase of physical reality
Pretty much. Physically it's "in the sky," but that's as much metaphor as anything else. Consider it a gateway of sorts between the material world and the goto celestial realm / plane of that world.

>Add some chicken boo
I like it that, but I'm not gonna dictate that.

Thanks for your recommendations and editing notes.

>> No.51676012

Not him but jumper x3 seems fine but needs a remerge note so you arent stuck in split personality madness.

>> No.51676030

Great! However isn't it shonen stuff? Like won't it escalate like Toriko & Naruto did?

>> No.51676044

>New All Along
I can't see any really, it's why I suggested swapping it with the 100.

>Jump Pearl Voice
Then it needs to be higher priced, since there's very little limits then on your power with it for a 200cp perk. If I can bring out tsunami's by just putting lots of passion in, it makes the other 200cps look very lackluster.

>Until Next Time
Not really. It's a pretty useful superpower that's fairly customizable and can get you out of danger. If you made people only get to pick one area to teleport to per jump and have it be activated and not reflexive it'd help but I still feel it fits better at 200.

>Sacred Guardian Beast
You didn't seem to have any problem expanding on stuff that only appeared in pictures though. A bit more detail, at the very least some examples for how much stronger it makes you, would help it a lot.

>> No.51676057

>What do you think of the Jumper, Jumper, and Jumper perk?
I think that's fine. You've got grounds for including it, Drop In is frequently the place where meta stuff gets included, and there's solid balance there. Your powers are split up among the three Jumpers, but intelligence isn't, and it allows for some neat collaborative and investigative shenanigans. Just run with that for your capstone and you should be fine with this particular issue.

>Captcha: human BLACKBUTT
What did it mean by this?

>> No.51676082

Yeah. I did a minor adjustment to the formatting. I didn't like the cut offs and weird spaces. Other than that the other big update was cutting prices of stuff from 1/3/5/8 to 1/2/4/6 and cutting a lot the items prices. Lastly I removed the colors. Companions are now 200cp for all them and they get 300cp. Oh and I added a perk Hot Buns.

It wouldn't be right to have a beach party setting without all your companions.

>> No.51676097

Gosh, however will I deal with escalation. My years of experience with handling nasuverse jumps constantly can't possible help me here. The constant retcons, power jumps, escalation and bullshit of Fate is nothing before Toriko slowly and logically escalating it's power level in a way consistent with characters from earlier on and all the stuff in jump not actually offering anything from the later parts of the series. And Naruto? Jeeze, I dunno how Ninja anon handled that escalation. Perhaps it was how he didn't actually offer anything from when the series actually escalated massively instead of the slow ramping up it had till the end.

If you can't recognise the sarcasm, and I don't see how not, I'm not worried. I've dealt with far worse escalation and retcons then any shonen for years. Shonen is basic shit compared to the absolute fuckery I've dealt with from Nasu and other Fate authors in the course of handling the Servant Supplement at times.

>> No.51676102

Royal Light: How about I change it so that it attempts to repel anything it deems as a threat, but can be overwhelmed in the case of powerful attacks.

Ruler of the Castle: The issue was that I already have a capstone, Beyond the Eternal Seal. Plus, in the manga Gakuto's power was overcome by the mermaids during both of their raids on his castle, hence the part about sufficient magic overcoming the spell.

Wings of Darkness- Mostly because the enemy singers were generally weaker and less versatile with their musical powers compared to the mermaids. Is there any way I could make that clearer in the description?

Beach House, Flute of the Ancients: I admit that I kind of jacked up their prices, mostly because I was trying to get all of the item options for the different backgrounds to be on about the same footing.

Fimbulventr Bible: No, it would not work on anything but the book's ice spells. The only exception might be using it to enhance other ice abilities you have.

Sealing Key: I was mostly going for the latter, but, tying in with how the key works to unlock things, I could see it nullifying enchantments that strengthen barriers.

Wishing Ring: Yes, the ring was the center of a treasure hunt in episode 11. What would you suggest for limitations?

I can get rid of the 3 encyclopedia picture items if you want; I was just trying to add some extra depth to the setting. But I want to keep the Moon Glass as a tribute to the manga's creator; seeing as her preceding manga was a oneshot, it probably won't appear in a jump of its own anyway.

>> No.51676140

hey heart and soul lets Your soul channel your full power, right? Are you and your Full power when you are being channeled?

>> No.51676142

>Royal Light
Would help. Would help even more if you gave examples for the sorts of attacks that overpower it. Remember that it's only a 200cp perk.

>Ruler of the Castle
Then you need to be much more specific about the level of power (And it needs to be power, not just magic, so you can't go to Toriko and instantly neuter even the strongest people there) that makes it ineffective.

>Wings of Darkness
Probably by saying it. Still needs to be increased since the other perk is underpriced at 200 already.

>Beach House, Flute
Then you'll need to find some way to improve their effects or nerf the other ones, because they're way too costly for what they give.

Infinite magic for ice abilities is still crazy good. Is the infinite magic bit actually in the show?

>Sealing Key
Then if you are going with that, you need to weaken the rest of it by a lot because that is insanely powerful.

>Wish Ring
What wishes does it do in series? Not having it being once per year probably helps, depending on the power of the wishes.

>3 items
You can add extra depth and if you were doing them as low cost, low power stuff to add fluff, it would have been fine. But the most powerful stuff in the jump, and most costly, should not be wholly OC.

>Last one
That's not really fitting. There's no in jump justification for it to be here. If you must, turn it into a low cost item, not one of the most expensive and strong things in the jump.

>> No.51676145

Haven't you seen our latest jumps? Nobody cares anymore.
And thank god for that.

>> No.51676151

>I ended up remembering a few Infernals questions I had.
I shall attempt to answer them then.

>1. How would the Yozi react to a jumper revealing their nature, and offering to grant and/or teach them abilities/powers from outside their reality?
Extreme suspicion seems most likely to me.

But most also seem pragmatic enough to desire new abilities/powers though, since that's one of the main selling points of allowing Infernals access to their charms.

>2. If a Yozi (or one or more of their souls) did gain abilities from outside Exalted would it have any side effects on their nature?
Probably depends on the abilities. By default I'm going to guess not really?

>3. What happens if you import a companion as an Unwoven Coadjuctor, and then...
You can keep them as your Unwoven Coadjutor.

I never really agreed that the 'subsume' wording of Face of the Titans necessarily meant you ate them, instead of shifting any remaining loyalty from the Yozi to yourself.

>4. What happens if you get one or more of the pseudo Devil Tiger perks...
Well, first, I'll call you insane.

Second, I'm gonna say they enhance your Cosmic Principle associated charms.

So, Inner World would give you a Sanctum-Manse in your main Jouten, Descending Hierarchy gives you a higher cap of 3rd Circles, Heart and Soul gives you the potential for two Fetichs instead of the one from Pantheon Unfurling, and Akuma of Your Own works as normal as soon as one of your 3rd Circles learns the Investiture

>5. If a jumper did decide to take...
Depends on whether you count identity death as death for your chain.

>6. If a jumper already had access to Infernal (or Yozi) charms from somewhere...
Hm. Probably keeps them, since different jumps?

>7. Would the ability to know of (but not how to use) charms developed from their Devil Tiger charms be a valid anima power for a Devi Tiger?
I'm not sure what you're asking here. Do you mean Heretical charms developed by others, using your charms as one of the bases?

>> No.51676173

So after some thought I've found that my own work can't quite catch the mood of the HTTYD Book series, so whilst I'm going to keep the nods I have to the book series in the Jump I'm going to make this Jump into the following. There's a new pair continuity drawbacks that will stay until such a time that a book series Jump has been made and to allow you to drop the TV Series canon respectively.

Inviting criticism. At this point I'm mostly comfortable with everything in the Jump and would like to know /JC's opinions.

>> No.51676189

Jump Pearl Voice: Okay, I'll take out the part about it not draining your energy to imply that it requires sufficient power from within you to reach those levels.

Knew All Along, Until Next Time: Part of the issue is that sort of wanted the background perk branches to start with the cheapest as ones primarily shared by everyone of that background, thus justifying it being free for the discount.

Most of the human main characters were notable for being good in one sport or another, hence why I put that in first instead of Knew All Along, which really only applies to one character.

As for Until Next Time, the one thing that all of the sea creature antagonists had in common was how they would teleport away after losing a fight. Still, perhaps I underestimated the skill's potential; I'm willing to swap it with the 300 CP perk Right Place, Right Time.

>> No.51676210

Hey most awesome exalted maker! Can I get some tips on devil tiger and inner worlds? I want to make a charmset for devil tiger but am unsure how to go about it. Is there a template or something? I want mainly things that let me get yuuge and boost this new inmer world I need to make. ANY TIPS?

Also awesome work on infernals, I want so much and the few perks I could afford are making me feel like I am going evil. It is a good pain.

>> No.51676215

Is there a perk that lets me know where the plot is happening?

>> No.51676220

Fine with most of those changes, but not with the swap with Right Place, because that's also too good for 100. I think it'd be much better to just add the previously discussed limits and leave it as a 100 then just swapping it with another perk that will also have the same issue.

>> No.51676251

Fate/Stay Night: Retcon 1

Kotomine's Church
16 years old
Magus Heir 100
Command Seals
Magic Circuits
Stat Sheet
Mystic Eyes of Pressure 200
Basic Training
Pseudo Servant 700
Casanova: Assassin 250, (Str: D, End: D, Agi: B, Man: E, Luck: B), Presence Concealment - E, Alcoholic Fruit - Ex 550, Charisma - Ex 1100, Noble Phantasm - C, Does Not Feel Like Using This Skill 1000
Power of the Tsun
This is My Absolute Territory
Sorcerer's Apprentice - The First Magic 1200
Average One 1500

Leeroy/Ajax: Catching Up, Dragonheart, Shielder 275, Alter 425, (Str: B, End: A+, Agi: E, Man: A, Luck: C) 450, Magic Resistance: Ex 725, Self Field Defense: C -> Ex 1050, Noble Phantasm (Seven Cow Shield): C, Does Not Feel Like Using This Skill 1000

Sealing Designation 1300
Grail Campaign 1000

Realised it'd only be an extra 200 CP for Pseudo Servant and that'd give me access to all sorts of neat stuff.

Then after asking tonnes of questions Val pointed out that Average One would probably suit my build better than Dragonheart due to having a more general magic boost and the First Magic not relying on mana anyway.

I then had to take Grail Campaign to have enough CP so the decade is going to be a lot more trying.

I also had to give my companion a drawback as I hadn't taken into account the more than one Ex rank surcharge or the free E rank you get so needed an extra 50 SP there.

For my own Pseudo Servant build I went for an Ex in Charisma, an Ex in Alcoholic Fruit and little else. Took Assassin as it was a toss up between that and Barbarian as I needed something with a Class Skill of choice and I preferred the stat layout for Assassins. Decided on Casanova as the skills I bought are pretty much full party boy. Shame I can't use Charisma for the purpose of the jump but at least anyone who tries to fight me will find themselves very drunk very quickly unless they have a shitload of Magic Resistance.

NP for me is a mask. Not sure what it should do.

>> No.51676260

World of Darkness werewolves rip your average vampire to shreds. Only Elders and up can deal with them (aka non-player characters.)

>> No.51676274

I'm sorry, the Earth got trapped in the orbit of Jupiter? How? I mean yes, that would be pretty devastating, but I can't even begin to imagine what sort of event could move the Earth that far. Anything I can think of that could do that would itself cause so much destruction that there wouldn't be any survivors to deal with the Juoiter situation.

>> No.51676280

I want stomach like a foundry so bad.

I love it so far, a few grammar errors but hose can be easily worked out later. Can we get some aesthetic dragon and viking gear options? Like colors and such?

>> No.51676297

Came for the ~ara, ara, stayed for the sarcasm.

10/10, wood read again

>> No.51676303

Royal Light: I'll try to think about it. Off the top of my head, it would probably be weak against darkness. Also, I could emphasize that it can only work in short spurts, thus limiting its usefulness over time.

Ruler of Castle: Have to think this one over as well; the specific power levels weren't too defined. I'd probably say that it can be overcome if you apply enough willpower to signify your determination to reject the imposed rules, as well as with holy magic.

Beach House, Flute: I'll probably reduce their levels, then.

Bible: In the episode it appeared in, it was used by an ice-specializing monster to summon a huge blizzard that literally covered up buildings and lasted for hours on end, when she usually just summoned ice in spurts. She was even able to attack her enemies with a rain of giant snowballs while still maintaining the storm.

Sealing Key: Are you sure? The key theme of the key is that it seals and unlocks things. It doesn't actually make it possible to destroy permanent things, it just eliminates supporting enhancements to make the job easier. Plus, it's a 600 CP item, so I was trying to make it worthy of that rank.

Wish Ring: In the episode, Hippo wishes for a mountain's worth of cake, and he is therefore buried by a ton of cake.

Extra Items: See, the whole reason I made them expensive was because they didn't fit in the jump. My reasoning was that if I wanted to include these Easter eggs, I should segregate them from the normal items to signify the difference- hence why I made them high-priced with zero discounts.

>> No.51676308

I have no idea how it happened or what could cause that, not without completely destroying the earth in the process anyway. Leaving it relatively intact and with even as few people left alive as there are? No idea at all. Everything passed season 3 is untranslated but I doubt they explain even then. We only have it revealed in the very last panels of the finale of season 3.

I always aim to please.

>> No.51676320

Vampires also rip your average (PC) werewolf into shred.

Basically everything in WoD rips everything else into shreds.

Fucking unicorns, man.

>> No.51676340

Yes, and if I understand the second question correctly, yes to that too.

If they channel your power, you still have access to your full power too. But they don't get access to your energy sources like your essence pool.

Hello, anon!

>Can I get some tips on devil tiger and inner worlds?
I can try...

>Is there a template or something?
Not really, beyond looking at the Yozi's charm cascades as examples for what is appropriate (the majority of its Charms exist in the Essence 2-3 range, all perfect defenses share a single customized Imperfection, and so forth).

Hm. If you want to get HUEG, you might want to look into some homebrew Isidoros charms, I've seen some that fit really well for HUEG, particularly those from JiveX starting with First Among the Mighty.

As for boosting your Inner World... not sure? Depends on what exactly you want to do with that?

>Also awesome work on infernals, I want so much and the few perks I could afford are making me feel like I am going evil. It is a good pain.
And thanks!

>> No.51676348

>Royal light
I don't mean what it's weak to in elemental terms, I mean what level of power would be needed to get through it.

So there's not really any justification for literally infinite, limitless magical energy. It's actually more likely to just be a very large store that can replenish on it's own?

>Sealing Key
You just said you wanted it able to destroy undestroyable things. That's why I responded with the comment that you need to heavily reduce the rest of the item.

>Wishing Ring
So at best it can summon a ton of cake? If anything, I'd reduce the price greatly.

>Extra Items
That just seems like a very forced way to have them in despite not fitting. It'd be better to not have them at all instead of forcing them in. You have plenty of items already.

>> No.51676356

>We only have it revealed in the very last panels of the finale of season 3.
It's a TV show.

>> No.51676382

hey sorry dictation was acting up,thank you for the answers. It's good to know it's not split or something . The first and founding Fool will be very happy to hear this.

Also , what essence would A charm that lets you create "impossibly beautiful works of art" be?

>> No.51676398

also , since I am a crafting spec Devil Tiger with access to exotic components would I be able to create something like the hellstar guitar? I can't afford it anymore so I'm wondering if that is something I could make.

>> No.51676403


>Extreme suspicion seems most likely to me.

>But most also seem pragmatic enough to desire new abilities/powers though, since that's one of the main selling points of allowing Infernals access to their charms.

The idea of tutoring the Yozi seemed amusing, but I figured i should see how bad of an idea trying it would be.

>Probably depends on the abilities. By default I'm going to guess not really?

Basically stuff like Avatar the Last Airbender Bending, Dungeons and Dragons magic , Persona Persona's, possibly JoJo Stand's (if the arrow isn't a bad idea), Index/Raildex Esper powers and/or magic, and other similar stuff.

So basically it kind of varies a lot.

>You can keep them as your Unwoven Coadjutor.

>I never really agreed that the 'subsume' wording of Face of the Titans necessarily meant you ate them, instead of shifting any remaining loyalty from the Yozi to yourself.

To be fair when something uses a word meaning absorbed people tend to assume it means absorbed. Although I kind of tended to assume it was less 'the infernal eats the demon' and more 'the infernal and the demon fuse'.

Actually this has me wondering something else. Can an Unwoven Coadjutor's abilities still be accessed while their in your head?

>Well, first, I'll call you insane.

Like I said 'but for some insane reason'. Although it's mostly out of curiosity.

>Depends on whether you count identity death as death for your chain.

Depends, but usually not. Mostly because it would be rather lame to have the chain end because someone cast a really good mind manipulation spell on you.

>I'm not sure what you're asking here. Do you mean Heretical charms developed by others, using your charms as one of the bases?

That and other charms developed from your Devil Tiger charms by people you gave access to them. Basically I remembered that Devil Tiger's get a custom anima power with their new caste, had that idea, and got curious if it would be valid or not.

>> No.51676416

Essence 2. That's just an Excellency making your Craft roll have a bunch of extra successes. Maybe you'd want a charm to add Emotion effects to your art, but that would still probably be Essence 2.

>> No.51676427

All the jumpmakers have given the same answer to this question:

Fanwank it.

>> No.51676437

>Essence 2. That's just an Excellency making your Craft roll have a bunch of extra successes. Maybe you'd want a charm to add Emotion effects to your art, but that would still probably be Essence 2.

Yeah, you can take Charms like that more than once. Can't you? thanks!

>> No.51676455

Well, webcomic. Webtoons seems to organise things by season and episodes, like a tv show.

I think it has a korean tv show about it though? Maybe that's what you're referring to.

>> No.51676469

>I want stomach like a foundry so bad.

>Can we get some aesthetic dragon and viking gear options?
I'll try to throw something together.

>> No.51676488

Royal Light: Sorry, I'm not the best at calculating power levels in that way. I could say that the light, as it stems from your heart, drains your energy, explaining the limit to short spurts while also implying that you'll be overcome if your reserves give out.

Bible: What would be the best way to phrase that in the description? The two things kind of sound the same to me, so I'm not sure how to change it.

Sealing Key: No, I didn't; I just said that it neutralized the enhancements. If I said that it could nullify supporting enchantments without saying that it could do so for every enhancement, would that make things better?

Wishing Key: That's the thing - we don't know. We only get to see one wish, so it's unclear if that's the limit or just the level that was necessary for Hippo's mundane wish. Plus, I knew that people tend to dislike wish powers and items, so I wanted to up the price accordingly.

Extra Items: If nobody likes, I guess I'll have to get rid of them. Such a shame; I thought that Moon Glass in potential was a fun callback to Pink Hanamori.

>> No.51676534

>Royal Light
It's not really so hard. Is it able to defend against a grenade? A tank shell? A bunker buster? What did it defend against in series?

How do you not see the difference between Infinite and very large store of magic?

>Sealing Key
That would help.

>Wishing Ring
Then perhaps it would be best to just not include it if you have no idea of the limits on it.

>Extra Items
I haven't seen a single person express anything but disapproval that they're in.

If the series was connected in more then a meta sense it might work but it's about as sensical as putting the Serenity into the Buffy jump because Joss Whedon did both.

>> No.51676580

yes, but we dont have a WtA jump

>> No.51676595

>Fucking unicorns, man.
... are they pretty unicorns at least?

>> No.51676635

Older vampires do, sure. But in a PC to PC comparison, the werewolf is always vastly superior in direct combat.

There are no unicorns in World of Darkness. You need a Last Unicorn jump for pretty unicorns.

>> No.51676636

Royal Light: It's kind of tough to say, since it really only activated now and then. Usually Kaito summoned it as an unconscious counterattack against the monster squad's weekly attack. The two other cases I know are when he overcame the spell Gaito had on him at the throne (the inspiration for the Throne of Doubt) and in the final episode of Pure, where he shielded the full party from the big bad's wind and holy energy attack for probably a full minute to buy time for the mermaids to start singing.

>> No.51676638

so can I get an island that gradually collects various replenishing resources For 400 with The Fabled... ?

>> No.51676694

I forgot to address your couple other concerns, sorry!

Bible: It just sounded like what I had wanted to get across to begin with. But I think I understand now.

As for the Wishing Ring and Extra Items, I'll cut them out.

>> No.51676704

Yeah as long as they aren't alloys or such just ores.

>> No.51676712

>a Last Unicorn jump
We need that an a bunch of Don Bluth jumps.

>> No.51676743

Technically a True Fae could totally look like a unicorn, and certain Supernal Realm beings could resemble them too. And the idea of unicorns probably exists in the Anima Mundi somewhere too.

>> No.51676791

>As for the second race perk, I apologize for the potential interference with other jumps. I just think that it should remain in the jump for two reasons. First, it fits really well with the setting of the jump and as a capstone for the human branch. Second, I think that it would open up a lot of new possibilities for people in their jumps.

Even ignoring the heavily unbalancing aspect of it it's just bad jumpmaking if you feel you're so lacking in content that you have to offer things from other people's work.

>> No.51676799

Relatively speaking maybe, but keep in mind humans are capable of smashing tanks, surviving tank fire, and throwing pillars into different timeszones as a means of transportation.

Goku was basically immune to small arms to the point Bulma using a smg on him for comedy.



>> No.51676838

Mercenary Tao is a ki-user, anon.

If you want the feats of a regular human, look at Mr. Satan. Which is still mildly superhuman, since he can pull an entire train of buses and smash through a pillar of tiles with one chop.

>> No.51676852

Excellencies are Essence 1, but otherwise yes.

You could, yes. It'd probably be pretty hard though.

Yes, but keep in mind that there is still a limit on dice gained from charms.

>The idea of tutoring the Yozi seemed amusing, but I figured i should see how bad of an idea trying it would be.
The main problem I can see is probably that the Yozi don't really learn stuff. They can develop new charms in their themes, but they can't become better at doing something.

>So basically it kind of varies a lot.
Yeah, I'm not quite sure how those interact with their nature. It probably varies just as much as the powers.

>To be fair when something uses a word meaning absorbed people tend to assume it means absorbed.
Fair enough, though it can also mean "to incorporate (an idea, proposition, case, etc) under a comprehensive or inclusive classification or heading", which seems more like it being a demon of you instead of the Yozi now.

But that's just me personally. I'm just going to say you can keep your Coadjutator even if you go with the absorbing interpretation, since you paid cp for it.

>Actually this has me wondering something else. Can an Unwoven Coadjutor's abilities still be accessed while their in your head?
Yeah. They're just limited by only being a voice in your head.

>Depends, but usually not. Mostly because it would be rather lame to have the chain end because someone cast a really good mind manipulation spell on you.
True. I'll leave it up to personal fanwank, but I'd probably also going with usually not.

>That and other charms developed from your Devil Tiger charms by people you gave access to them. Basically I remembered that Devil Tiger's get a custom anima power with their new caste, had that idea, and got curious if it would be valid or not.
Alright. Yeah, that's probably valid, if a bit limited in scope.

Probably allows you to know of them and learn them as if you had a tutor?

>> No.51676854

Don't worry; see the comment below?
I'm going to get rid of the Secondary Lineage perk and just use Jumper, Jumper, and Jumper for the human capstone; I just haven't gotten around to changing it yet.

>> No.51676871

what about other minerals such as crystal or Stones?

>> No.51676899

>Excellencies are Essence 1, but otherwise yes.

I was talking more along the lines of a piece of art that could Induce emotional states in things that normally could not be moved by art, like for example playing a song so beautiful that A Psychopomp decides to overlook you this one Time.

>You could, yes. It'd probably be pretty hard though.

Oh I never said it would be easy, I'm definitely going to take a couple of runs that it.

>Yes, but keep in mind that there is still a limit on dice gained from charms.

Is there a limit to automatic successes, though?

>> No.51676908

>I'm going to get rid of the Secondary Lineage perk and just use Jumper, Jumper, and Jumper for the human capstone; I just haven't gotten around to changing it yet.
Sounds good.

>> No.51676921

Are those ore Bancho-Anon? Then yes, To be exact it is naturally occuring ores, so that is the limit. Ore is a fairly loose term though so there is that.

>> No.51676935


I was under the impression that ore referred to metals specifically.... I was wrong and I am sorry that I was accidentally pedantic.

>> No.51676942

I don't see the reason. Point is ki users are still quite strong physically.

>> No.51676976

Fuck Mr. Satan is cool, he's running on pure physical training and is so far beyond normal humans on that alone. If he actually knew how Ki worked (like, actually having the desire to learn) I wouldn't be surprised if he quickly got on the level of some of the Z Warriors (like Tien and Yamcha as opposed to Goku).

>> No.51676988

It does. But many metals have crystalline ores. Beryllium is the classic example, the ores it's found in are almost exclusively crystals.

>> No.51677014


>The main problem I can see is probably that the Yozi don't really learn stuff. They can develop new charms in their themes, but they can't become better at doing something.

Well technically not all of them require actual teaching, but I did figure it would be difficult.

Although I'd assume the 'this less you grant power' thing would still work if you fulfiled the conditions. For example getting a Yozi to read one of the Master's Scrolls for Bending. At least I'm assuming they can read.

>Alright. Yeah, that's probably valid, if a bit limited in scope.

>Probably allows you to know of them and learn them as if you had a tutor?

Didn't think of the tutor thing, but that would probably make it slightly more useful. Although yeah it is kind of not really that useful outside of Exalted.

Also I just remembered something else.

If you take the Love of Adorjan drawback does it have to be romantic, or would Adorjan going "New Best Friend" or something be valid for that drawback?

>> No.51677049

No problem I don't expect most people to know what an ore is off the top of their head, but please look it up before asking next time.

>> No.51677094

>I was talking more along the lines of a piece of art that could Induce emotional states in things that normally could not be moved by art, like for example playing a song so beautiful that A Psychopomp decides to overlook you this one Time.
That's going to need a bit more than an excellency, yes.

Still probably essence 2, maybe 3?

>Is there a limit to automatic successes, though?
Yeah. It's half the dice limit, since 2 dice is roughly equated to one succes in the system.

>Although I'd assume the 'this less you grant power' thing would still work if you fulfiled the conditions. For example getting a Yozi to read one of the Master's Scrolls for Bending.
True, that'll work fine.

>At least I'm assuming they can read.
Only if it falls under their Excellency. Otherwise they have zero dice on it. [/joke]

>Didn't think of the tutor thing, but that would probably make it slightly more useful. Although yeah it is kind of not really that useful outside of Exalted.
Very narrow in scope, yeah. But it does seem fun.

...Though you probably want some Infernal companions to go with that.

>If you take the Love of Adorjan drawback does it have to be romantic, or would Adorjan going "New Best Friend" or something be valid for that drawback?
Adorjan seems to tend towards romantic.

But sure, so long as it can be considered 'sincere love', it counts.

>> No.51677177

Okay, here's an improved version of the Mermaid Melody jump. I took away the controversial Secondary Lineage perk and extra items, and did a few other adjustments. Please let me know if there is anything else I can fix.

>> No.51677199

Pretty sure you made all the fixes I looked for. So good job then!

>> No.51677353

That would have been great to see on the show. It would have addressed some of my issues with the character if we'd seen him be awesome like that, and more importantly, be shown working hard for it.

Although, given how quickly Videl picked up the basics, and with Super, Satan may have a chance to show a better side of himself. Although it will be a little out of the blue at this point with no lead up. Maybe after the current arc.

>> No.51677374

Beautiful, thank you.

I know alot of ruccus was created over that one perk, but it deserves to be said that the jump as it stands now is lovely.

Thank you for making it.

>> No.51677473

I feel like Dragons should have a bit more customization.

Like, having multiple heads like a Hideous Zippleback does, or having two wings like a Stormcutter, or just looking fancy like a Death Song?

Maybe something to be the actual Alpha too, since we can buy a nest/be a Red Death?

>> No.51677525

Heh. I asked that.

Vampires, using wolves as minions. Also Sera a qt
Really liking this.
Here's a Pastebin changing nothing apart from grammar mistakes, if you want it. sorry
Oh, and 'Flight' perk is too wordy. Clarification maybe? Idk.

>> No.51677530

By removing of that perk and addressing the background, this jump becomes much nicer. The formatting is mostly fine. For the items: all the origins have different numbers of items within the respective higher tiers. Honestly, that's not a huge problem for me but there are item focused jumpers for whom that may be an issue. The other formatting issue I'd point to is that some of the pictures are left aligned and some are centered. For a format nazi, such as myself, that's a little jarring.

You've done a good job of getting the feel of the setting across through the use of the text: you've shown more than you've told. That's good.

As an unrelated side note, I've already decided that when I jump this I'm going to have to use Rainbow Notes to spread the Bloodhound Gang to the various undersea kingdoms. Mammals or no, the Discovery Channel will not be denied.

All in all, this is a good jump both objectively and for what I assume is your first jump. It's obvious you're a fan, and you've done a good job of spreading your love all over the doc.

Good job, anon. Good job.

>> No.51677547

Expanding the customization is kind of a thing that is going to need to be done yes.

I have no idea how I would implement what amounts to the dragon Hivemind. Ideas?

Thank you, good anon. Thank you.

>> No.51677718

Thanks! I appreciated all the feedback. I have more jumps I'm working on, but this is the first one I felt good enough with to post out here. I had a lot of fun writing the jump. My hope is that the inclusion of the jump will get more people interested in the series. Who knows, one day we might actually get a dub for real.

I think that almost all of the pictures were centered; the only ones I aligned to the left were the illustrations under the different background choices, mostly because I wanted to align them with the entries.

I admit that the item number and value difference between branches is something I wasn't able to resolve fully. A big issue is that the amount of items connected with different races in the series kind of varied. Since the sea creature background filled in both the mentor and monster of the week category, I found plenty of various items for them, ditto for mermaid. Humans was kind of trickier, since most of their involvement was mundane (and the more powerful ones tended to get connected to other backgrounds due to the mixed lineage, such as the Staff of Panthalassa).

Then there was Panthalassa and the Air Spirits. For the former, the big bad was mostly in the background, so I had a little trouble; still, I figured things out in the end. The Air Spirits were even worse, as their showtime as the weekly minions was split with a couple of sea creatures, so there weren't as many items I could find. In the end, I couldn't find something to fill the higher tier for them.

>> No.51677771

>Expanding the customization is kind of a thing that is going to need to be done yes.

>I have no idea how I would implement what amounts to the dragon Hivemind. Ideas?
A perk to start with the status, and that allows you to manipulate the wills of dragons in other jumps would be nice.

Maybe restrict it to dragons weaker than you out-of-jump, or just note that you can lose the alpha status if you're challenged in combat and lose?

>> No.51677976

What time does the FMAB Jump start?

Would it be possible to save Mrs Tucker or is the best I can do is save Nina?

>> No.51678057

Oh, something to be small like a Terrible Terror or one of those sea-dragon for underwater stuff seems good too.

>> No.51678155

for the dragon section:
different breath attacks
I think there is a chameleon dragon
things like nightvision, other improved senses
general shape and color choice

>> No.51678159

I didn't realize we had a Fat Melons And Booties jump. Is it imaged or something? I can't find it.

>> No.51678202

Can someone guide me through some grimdark setting? What else is there beside 40k on the drive?

>> No.51678262


Is that pic supposed to be Lancer Lily Artoria?

>> No.51678353

I am both aroused by and afraid of the size her lance.

>> No.51678378

that's it, you need to go. we'll be fine, you just have to GO.

>> No.51678390

forgot picture to make the joke

>> No.51678394

Where am I going and why am I going there? Do I get a prize?

>> No.51678402

At least you tried.

>> No.51678404

Don't be trippin' anon.

>> No.51678462

what jump?

>> No.51678518

Dwarf Fortress/1984/Berserk/Prototype/Stalker/Darkest Dungeon Gauntlet/FEAR/Elfen Lied/Metro 2033/Dishonored/Hellgate London/Drakengard/WOD,,,

>> No.51678580


>> No.51678603

Also SMT, can't forget that.

>> No.51678769

>Forgetting SCP Foundation

>> No.51678853

Interesting idea, but not gonna happen.

>> No.51678896

Would you consider a drawback similar to Hero Mode, that allows you to retain access to bodymod?

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