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Let's have one of these. Everything CoC and CoC-related goes here.

>The Texts of Lore that Men were not meant to know:

>Call of Cthulhu 7e

>Delta Green
>The old:
>The new:
>Need to Know
>Agent's Handbook

How do you like your supernatural? Eldritch tentacled monstrosities rampaging through the countryside or shadows at wrong angles, glimpses of unearthly anatomy and whispers in unknown languages under the breath? Shining impossible artifacts or seemingly mundane items working in unusual ways and causing obsessions?

Also, what do you think of DG's latest free scenario "Operation Dustbowl"?

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Gonna play CoC for the first time with some pals Friday, decided to start with Deadlight since it seems to be mystery/fight for your life rather than rootin tootin stab n shootin.

Has anyone played Deadlight, and were there any twists or adjustments to the campaign you made that was enjoyable?

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I made it as a introduction scenario to a major campaing(but we didn't play it through). So, the players got so spooked that they wouldn't even explore the surroundings, they basically skipped the Doctor's house. In the end, on of the players realized that light had a good effect against the deadlight, but he ran away with the last functioning car leaving the last party member behind. whom exploded a gas pump to kill it.

Anyone know similar ''survival horror'' scenarios? Also, what do you think about 7th ed? I like it more than the 6th but the Delta Green rules are quite nice.

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Also, dumping for bumping

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I'm running my own scenario right now where the investigators have become trapped on a sparsely populated island. Mythos forces have encompassed it in a terrible storm and are using their influence to quickly corrupt the denizens of the island.

The investigators are going to hide and survive around the island while investigating the ritual needed to dispell the storm.

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Interesting, do you have anything written up? I was myself thinking about taking a town to another dimension with a mist, and making them fight for survival while trying to get back to our world( I even had factions planned, but I have forgotten all about it).

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So, I'm running masks and they just finished a succesful raid on ju-ju house. I ended the session there and thy started arguing over where to go next. So, do you guys have any tips or something? Its going pretty well so far

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Alright here's a write up
>Bluewater Island is a small land mass located off the coast of North Eastern United States
>Island used to be a mass cod fishery. Fish disappeared 30 years ago (due to Dagonic influence), most of the island is now destitute and poor
>residents of the island rarely leave. "oh we love this place! some people may see it as a dreary old island, but it's our home. I just can't be away from it for too long"
>Most of the island is destined to be Deep Ones. When people reach the age of metamorphosis (70-80) they are sent to a massive retirement home on one end of the island in which their transformation is monitored by dagonic cultists. The coming of age thing is part of the island's culture, and there is a small parade to celebrate an old person being sent to the home.
>This has been going on a for a while now
>Enter Investigators. They arrive for whatever reason fits your campaign on the only ferry that goes to and from the island twice a day.
>Dagonic cult ramps up its activities, create a storm or fog or whatever that traps the investigators on the island.
>The storm speeds up the devolution process and the cult takes over the main town in a revolt, forcing the investigators to hold their ground or run and survive
>the campaign ends when the investigators figure out how to stop the storm and end the ritual

Let me know what you think. I can go into further detail if you want

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Quite nice, go on please. Is there anyone ''normal'' on the island(so the revolt can make sense)? And what is the main goal of the cult?

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Yeah. Anywhere from 20-30% of the island either doesn't have the deep ones curse or it skipped their generation. When they get old enough to be sent to the "old folks home", they get their own ceremony too but they get separated into the "normal" section of the institution. The cult puts a lot of effort into making sure people don't find out about the curse. Actually, Even the other 70% that is doomed to devolve into deep ones don't even know about their fate until it's too late. The cult makes up a small (but elite) portion of the island's community and they have been ensuring the smooth transition of human to deep one for years.

Younger members of the cult have recently been pushing for a more extreme and final solution. They plan to bring about this cursed storm in order to speed up the devolution process, making it only a matter of days for the island's population to fully transform. This new generation of cultists doesn't want to wait around for years and continue the slow process.

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forgot pic

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I have a friend who is making a chtulhu inspired game set in a fur trapping village in the very north of America/Southern Canada.

The natives are apparently worshipping the grand old ones.

Anyone got any cool idea to throw her way?

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About to start my first Delta Green game friday. Any tips about the system? I am running the starter scenario in the book: Shadow plays and puppet masters.

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That sounds sweet. I've always wanted to do a fur trapping era game. What Great Old Ones were they worshiping?

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Dunno if anyone else picked this up but the car rules in 6ed CoC seem to have ramming damage based on respective velocities (1d6 for every point of max speed I believe?).
Couldn't you theoretically have quantum tunneling pick-up trucks since the things like mountains and buildings are stationary objects that do 0 damage?

>yes any sane dm will shoot it down but could you rules-lawyer it and not be technically wrong?

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I've played a ton of 5ed and 7ed, never 6ed. What are the exact rules for vehicle damage? Are you implying that you could use pick-up trucks to tunnel through mountains because the stationary object doesn't do damage?

In 7ed, vehicles both take and deal damage depending on how fast they were going.

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A pantheon, the various old ones having supplanted local deities and spirits.

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Tangentially related:

Does anyone happen to have a pdf of the script to the Carcosa play? I had it years ago but I got a new computer and didn't transfer that over.

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Is there an up to date character creator for Delta Green? The usual CoC character creator has a Delta Green sheet but it's way out of date.

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Is that the old DG? Why not pick the new one?

Holy shit, what a nice pic, where is it from? And nice scenario, I may mix up with my mist one if it ever happens. Please, do tell when you play it.

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>Why not pick the new one
Is there a new starter scenario? I've read the new books but the starter scenario in the new one is catered towards players who have never played and characters who haven't been initiated into Delta Green before.

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I want to run a Delta Green campagn. How do I structure it and tie it together? I don't really want to make it a series of isolated "missions". I just recently finished playing through Masks of the Nyarlydude, and it just went so smoothly and seamless. Making the campaign a "monster-of-the-week-but-with-tentacles" would feel really underwhelming. Any advice or examples of good campaigns? Edition doesn't matter.

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I'm not sure. Google reverse images doesn't give me any results. Sorry.

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The book has some good suggestions. Just have an introduction scenario where everyone learns some mythos stuff and gets together then create an overarching plot. Throw in monster of the week scenarios as you see fit. I always like campaigns that stretch over a period of years and have some year long gaps in them.

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It still is the same, but you could use Lover in the Ice or Khali something for older players.

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I'll still use it because I want to get used to the different rules first.

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Are they supposed to?

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Can we talk about Eldritch Horror here? After playing an absurd 8 player game once and being very intrigued, I picked up a copy with the first expansion for play more regularly with one other person. We've only played it once but it was a blast. As a Call of Cthulhu Keeper, it lets me feel like a player in a pulpy CoC game for a couple hours. I'm restraining myself from buying the other expansions immediately.

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Shadow Plays and Puppet Masters is excellent. I think it remains a much better intro to Delta Green compared to Last Thing Last. I really like Last Thing Last, but it's better as a fake half of a mission to begin a session with, so that an emergency can arise after they've easily cleaned everything up.

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>Eldritch Horror
I played that on a Halloween game night at my LGS and had a good time. This is just a general for anything related to Lovecraft so talk about whatever you want. Have you ever played CoC as a player because you might just be having a bit of forever GM sadness.

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It's always sad to see these threads die so early but I really have nothing more to contribute. IS it possible that these games are played so little?

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A few times. I was actually introduced as a player, but I liked it so much I ended up becoming a Keeper. The guy who introduced me hosted a few games, but they were net games and tend to be hard to organize. Another friend hosted a wild west one shot two Christmases ago, but that's the last time. Being Keeper is kind of suffering.

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If you have any players that aren't totally incompetent maybe try and negotiate a trade off deal with them. It sucks when you have to take the pressure all the time.

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One other guy in the group GMs other games and has offered to do a one shot now and then, but a number of things have come up and he has gotten fairly busy, so that is kind of stuck indefinitely. For now I will suffer.

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Anybody have stats for enemy NPCs/monsters for the new Delta Green? Since the main rulebook is yet to be released I don't really know how to go about making creatures, and would like to make some soon. So if anyone has a guide on making creatures or a list with stats for a bunch of enemies I'd love to have that.

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I guess not much by channers, because lovecraftian kickstarters and such get voted up rather quickly

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Not the guy you were originally referring to, but I've never actually played CoC as a investigator. I've been Keeping for 2 years now but I've never had the chance to play.

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I think ELdritch Horror is a very fun coop game.
You really do not need many expansions and I would say only take the Forbidden Lore one as it adds the most on the base set and it is the only one that feels mandatory.
Other than that the small box expansions are usually better value for money than the big ones but ymmv

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No but color me interested. Masks always looked awesome to run

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Is it worth running masks?

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I've read that some people have run Last Thing Last with Metamorphosis (a shotgun scenario) because they fit pretty well together.

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Anyone play any of the other lovecraft rule systems? I've only done CoC but I would branch out if they're any good.

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Do any of the books have creature stats? I really haven't seen any except for the agent stats in the agents handbook

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Anybody got the Sourcebook for the 1920s pdf?

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Well, I have to say its the most fun I ever had being a keeper. It does take a lot of preparation, but overall its very enjoyable

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I'm planning for a masks campaign now. You need some confidence that your group is gonna stick with it because it takes over a year to run. It's not worth it if players bitch out

I don't have that confidence, so I'm starting them with two short scenarios as a test. This has a hidden benefit of easing the players into a false sense of security before the real shit starts

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>over a year
Holy fuck that is insane. How many characters typically die during the game?

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I got through new york (first chapter) woh no deaths, but it really depends on the group, I've ran for people who died in the first hour. Also the "Atleast 6 players" tip is pretty usefull, any less and it will be retardedly difficult.

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The players really need to be ready to die, if they aren't, it will quickly end. Also, if there are less then 6 players, tone down some things so it isn't a character grinder

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I think it would be really hard for me to get 6 players together once a week for a year. I currently have trouble wrangling 3 semi competent players to do one shots.

>> No.51649393

Try to aim for 4 players, if its any less you'll have to do some heavy rebalance

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Yep. Multiple TPKs aren't out of the ordinary, and some encounters are meat grinders. I plan to spend a bit of time at each location asking players if they have any contacts in there, and introducing them to interesting NPCs that aren't plot-critical. That way they have non-awkward options to re-enter the campaign. I'm also using the lists of mental hospitals provided by the companion supplement to kind of keep indefinitely insane investigators "on ice" until the player kills another PC and, miraculously, their old one is cured!

Of course they can only do that if they don't ditch him inside the pyramid or wherever
>At least 6
I saw that too, but it's too large of a group for me to manage. I also would never be able to get that many players to meet regularly. It'd be cool to have 6 but I'd rather reduce the number of enemies and give more attention to each player

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Yes, I think I may have over-stressed the 6 players thing. To be honest, 4 players does the job just fine with little rebalancing

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does anyone have some audios or sound effects for eldritch situations or creatures? that would be awesome!

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>waiting for Case Officer's Handbook


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Same. Meanwhile Ive taken to writing 5 scenarios of varying length for my regular/new groups to entertain myself. I find that writing for delta is harder than CoC because of the new addition of its faux legality. In CoC yoi can just be like, youre all investigators, congrats you ALL tooks this case.

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Well in Delta Green just have the handler give them cover stories and say "You're all members of the same cell, congrats you all took this assignment."

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What skills should a photographer have (besides Photography and obvious stuff like Spot Hidden)?

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what kind of photography does he do?

crime scene?
classy nudes?

>> No.51650290

Field journalism/photography type things.

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Is it easy to transfer nu-DG system to a 1920's setting? I like the combat better. Also, does the 7th edition has any thing like bonds and such?

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I don't see why it would be hard. You could just use prices and shit like that from the 1920s in the CoC book and play with DG rules replacing certain computer related skills. If you want to play as a Delta Green agent the agency was around then. I haven't played 7th e so I have no idea about that.

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don't hesitate to use a "sneaky" deadlight : someone wants to check the car outside ? or want to go to the bathroom ? Ok, but then they are just lost forever in the rain. Also, letting one of your player being the amnesic girl can be really cool, give him his memories throughout the scenario (or allow power test to remember). In addition to, try to lure your players that they are going to do another scenario, you can even let them meet an npc prior to it, introducing the "bait" scenario. Finally, and I know its not easy, try to instigate true "night of the living dead" moments : let the players stay inside the drive in, trying to figure out a solution... Eliminate one or two npcs, build up the tension inside.

>> No.51651616

anything wrong with the ones in the handbook? Art/Craft (Photography), one interpersonal
skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate or
Persuade), Psychology, Science (Chemistry),
Stealth, Spot Hidden, any two other skills as
personal or era specialties.

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photojournalist also gets Climb and Other Language

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I made this chart of Sanity Loss
I plan to put it in front of my investigators and let them make sanity rolls when they feel it is nessicary. This will allow them to tailor their loss to their character backstories.
Let me know what you think

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Seems pretty good.

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many thanks, guys!

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does anyone have or know some good artist for characters with "the innsmouth look"? much obliged

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It should be subtle but unsettling.
Human enough to be mistaken for mix-blooded but not recognizeable.

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oh thanks a lot, i forgot about that! also, this book is fucking amazing, moore is really making up for the disaster of neonomicon

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How I would structure the "first season" of Delta Green is to absolutely do Monster of the Week, but have in the background all kinds of questionable things that THE PROGRAM (The official government backed Delta Green) is doing. Your players should feel like they might not be working for the good guys. Early on, hint that there are rogue Delta Green operators out there (THE GROUP) who do not share THE PROGRAM's goals. Perhaps members of THE GROUP can serve as a Deep Throat contact with the players, or conduct surveillance on them to increase the paranoia.

At a critical juncture halfway through the campaign, have Agents from THE GROUP save your PC's from certain doom in a climactic episode. Then go back to monster of the week, maybe with the PC's doing one or two Rogue missions with THE GROUP, unknown to their PROGRAM supervisors. End the first season with an intense showdown where the PC's must choose to stay with the PROGRAM and betray their new friends with THE GROUP, or leave the PROGRAM behind and go fully rogue with THE GROUP.

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Ok I really want more of this. Where can I find this if you're done posting, anon

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The New Delta Green is 100% backwards compatible with Call of Cthulhu rules. There is no reason why you couldn't run Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays straight out of the original book with the new rules which are EXCELLENT.

The main addition that the DG RPG makes is the bonds system. Your investigator gets a certain amount of bonds representing relationships with people who are important in their life. You can "push" sanity losses onto these bonds to deflect the loss, but then the Bond deteriorates and the player must then play out a scene that shows how the bond is withering under the effects of the stresses that confronting the unnatural places on the Investigator.

This has the effect of the Investigator being more or less stable during missions, while their personal life falls to shambles all around them. Their wife divorces them, their kids won't speak to them, their old buddies from school don't want to be around a spooky creep who chases monsters, etc. Once they are fully isolated and all their bonds and personal relationships are destroyed, then the true madness begins to set in.

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Yes, it's already late by several months

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Not the poster: Comic title is Providence, by Alan Moore.

>> No.51655487

it's Providence, by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows.
It's basically Moore trying to clean up the mess he made with The Courtyard and Neonomicon and trying to not be so goddamn obsessed with rape.
You can read it all on readcomiconline.to

>> No.51655499

Thanks, anon! I will read these immediately

>> No.51655562

Does anyone have more of the French CoC art.

>> No.51657119

Does the sendspace download work for everyone else? It doesn't for me.

>> No.51657189

i found them really compelling.
also, there's one rape. of an underage girl. because moore. the motherfucker cannot write anything without assault or rape. neonomicon had two whole rape issues, for chrissakes.
but at least it's really better written.
aside from that, it's really amazing. they desconstruct everything about lovecraftian mythology.
(warning: the penultimate issue made it clear that you do have to read The Courtyard and Neonomicon in order to really understand the ending)

>> No.51657204

can i haz mur picz plz
tryin'a build a folder for future use in adventure and such

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last one

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GMed a game today
>first PC action of the game was to climb one story
>PC rolls 100 and falls
>Takes 12 damage and dies outright

Fucking great start to the game. Ruined a bunch of my narrative to.

>> No.51658683

the new delta green fucking sucks


>> No.51660512

thank you very much, anon!
that first one fits just right with the ending of my next adventure.

>> No.51660535

>the team didn't have a doctor
>the team didn't have a rope

Top pleb

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The best one so far for me

>> No.51661464

Congratulations! You made a claim! Now, do you have any arguments to support it?

>> No.51661504

To be fair, they get new bonds with their teammates, that kinda reset themselves more or less frequently.

>> No.51661522

Hey, Im not that guy, I'm the MoN faggot. I've heard some good things about delta green, but is it worth getting?

>> No.51661571

Thanks, but that's THE OPPOSITE of what I want to do. I don't want Monsters of the Week at all. I want a consistent story with consistent opposition, whatever would it be, and actual arcs that lead into one another. I can write that and run that. I don't know how to fit it into DG, or CoC for that matter. Is it even possible?

>> No.51661743

Well, there is probably a DG campaign, but there certainly are many in CoC: Masks of Nyarlathotep, Shadows of Yog-Sothoth, Horror on the Orient Express and Beyond the Mountains of Madness just to name a few

>> No.51661793

12 damage for one story? That sounds wrong

>> No.51661844

In the new DG, a nasty uncontrolled fall from below 3 meters does 2d6 damage. A fall from 3 meters and more has a lethality rating of 1% per meter - as in, a fall from one story will outright kill you in 3% of cases, and do 2d10 damage in every other case.

>> No.51663088

Of course it's possible. Have you never read any Lovecraft or any of the game books? Just learn about some mythos and imagine how they might fuck with people then write it like you would a normal campaign but as a horror with a real life/lovecraft setting.

>> No.51664154

Anyone playing a game tonight? If so what are you running?

>> No.51664531

Cells are out in the new delta

>> No.51664625

Working group then.

>> No.51665438

That's way too high IMO but I guess he deserved it for a 100 roll. If it was really important he didn't die I would've put bushes under him

>> No.51665951

It represents the possibility of hitting your head, breaking or twisting something, even something vital like a neck or spine, and so on. Falling hurts.

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I'm gonna be real here, I gave those nerds a decent amount of change for their kickstarter. The Agent book is out right now, but it's mostly just a bare bones base and rules. You can get the rules for free from the quick start guide. Some of the new rules are quite nice, like the sanity tweaks and bonds, but it's really still just a tweaked BRP COC system.

Everyone is waiting for the Case Officer book. It's the big fluff GM manual, and Delta Green has always been best because of the fluff. Hold off and see how it is received once that is out. Check out the quick start guide if you want to snag some of the rules. The Agent hand book isn't terribly interesting as of right now.

The old Delta Green books are fucking fantastic though, you can buy PDFs easily enough online. They're a great take on modern Call of Cthulhu with tons of spooky modern illuminati conspiracies going on.

>> No.51669176

holy shit this is amazing. Thanks for that.

>> No.51671614

I get that, but I find the arbitrariness of those rules beyond dumb. If I understand correctly, he would be making the same damage roll at 3m and 99m (so long as he "stuck the landing")?

And then adding 1% chance of instakill per meter isn't how falling works. You don't have a greater chance of landing on the wrong body part the higher you fall from.

There's a minimum force required to smash your spine, ribcage, and skull and that will happen every time from a certain height (with reasonable variance depending on what you're landing on). According to google, 100% of victims die from a 25m drop, so that's a good instakill height.

Under that, you roll for damage proportional to the drop. I say 1d4 per story is reasonable (median lethal height is 15m, and average damage from 5d4 is 12.5, which kills the average investigator).

If you really want to roll for "you landed on your head dummy," go ahead, but you might as well roll for random instakills whenever an investigator eats because he could choke on a chicken bone, or whenever something spooks him because he could suffer a heart attack

>> No.51672073

I think that you're much more likely to injure yourself falling from a full story than most other activities. Rolling a 100 on a skill roll is supposed to represent the absolute worst outcome possible. I rolled damage to determine how hurt she got, and rolling 2d6 gave me 12. IT was just a shitty accident.

>> No.51672186

Yeah, I agree that her roll deserved it. I just think the average and max possible damage on the roll is harsher than reality

>> No.51672309

I'm working on setting up a campaign for my group in Delta Green, and I'm wondering is there a particular edition of Call of Cthulhu that you're supposed to use with the old Delta Green? or would I be better off running it in the new version? I've looked through both editions and I really liked the way gun damage was handled in the '97 edition (in theory at least) over how it's done in the new one, and it probably wouldn't take much work to splice that back in.

>> No.51672671

It was the first adventure in a campaign, but I've already ran some short solo intros with each player by telegram.
we started at 10 pm local time. finished 4 am.
it was trail of cthulhu adapted for fate's Achtung! Cthulhu.
i ran a story loosely based around the Robert Johnson legend, trading the Devil for an avatar of Nyarlathotep. Threw in some noir tropes and some things from Inherent Vice. I mixed some music to portray an eldritch LP and things like that. used some props like bloodstained letters and such. the players were really spooked. if you want i can summarize it after i've got some sleep. lol

>> No.51673347

I have played a campaign that lasted a year od so - but that was quite a while ago.
There was "drama" between friends and I who are also the people I began gaming with after a decade and a half long dry spell. Things are getting better and I know one of them would GM if we do and he has the time.

>> No.51673382

Since it was early game, why didn't you just adjust damage so that he was badly hurt but not dead, lad? Would your players really mind a couple exceptions to the rules now and then?

>> No.51673436

That sounds amazing. I could always use tips to creep out my players.

>> No.51673441

Share your mix, bro.

>> No.51674836

Think of something creepy about the place you live in right now. Then make a CoC scenario about it.

Are you up to the challenge, /ysg/?

>> No.51675121
File: 35 KB, 700x491, 4880204861_981e07b7c6_b-700x491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Isolated fishing town in Alaska populated by families that have lived here for generations.
>Constantly foggy and have problems with high suicide rate and violent animals.

Bruh I don't even have to do shit. I'm 80% sure at least two of my neighbors have Deep One blood somewhere in their family tree.

>> No.51675448

>Pine barrens reserve stretches from the edges of Atlantic City all across southern New Jew Jersey
We already have a retarded amount of stories about inbred monster people and ghosts around here. Depending on the time period it would be pretty isolated so could make for a good scenario.

>> No.51675682
File: 221 KB, 320x238, [scolds internally].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>the campaign ends when the investigators figure out how to stop the storm and end the ritual
It's another retarded newfag doesn't understand cosmic horror episode.

>> No.51676323

Any better suggestions for an ending? They haven't reached it yet and I was going to leave it pretty open.

>> No.51676497

Just clarify to the players that stopping the ritual/escaping the island won't prevent the cultists from just starting it again when they regain power.

The best they can do is either delay the ritual for the time being or figure out a way to isolate the island and prevent the stuff happening from spreading.

True cosmic horror means failure is inevitable. The ritual can never be stopped, only delayed or contained for a short while. The PC's may succeed in their goal and escape, but that achievement has little effect in the long run.

>> No.51676515
File: 44 KB, 689x602, grot kam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, I tend to run my games on the pulpy side. But I've been reading Lovecraft since I was 14. It's not very reasonable to call me a newfag because I enjoy a pulpy game of Call of Cthulhu every once in-a-while.

>> No.51676528

That's a good suggestion. I'll implement a delay-mechanic so that a lucky few can escape before the rest are doomed on the island. Thanks.

>> No.51677325

You actually kind of made me want to make a pine barrens scenario. I'm playing Delta Green right now so it wouldn't work so well but a 1890s scenario about people traveling to Atlantic City from Philadelphia could be cool. Sometimes Pineys would rob people travelling on the shitty dirt road.

>> No.51677539


So. The party:
> A PI who's inherited his grandfather's house. The old man was a cultist and the house is full of spooky tomes and artefacts. Being a really straighforward rational man, he doesn't even check the stuff out, dismissing it as his old gramps religious bullshit.
> A disgraced scholar who was discredited and ridiculed because he sought ~forbidden knowledge~ and occult stuff and now brews bootleg whisky (kinda Breaking Bad-ish) to pay the bills.
> An alcoholic con man, the best friend of the Walter White-ish guy.
> "Dora the explorer" (no, really, the guy actually made an explorer and named her Dora). She's an Indiana Jones type, but without the academic shit. Robs tombs and and shit to sell the artifacts. Also, she has a pet monkey.
> An old lady who's some kind of pagan witch. Also, she seduces men and kill them to sacrifice for her goddess. It's all bogus, but she believes it.
> A Amy Winehouse-ish decadent singer who unkowningly made a deal with the Nyarly dude and started to rise in fame. When she was just struggling to pay the bills, she did some cons with those two guys - mostly as their bait.

The con man is drinking with the scholar and the PI in a joint where the singer is performing. His ex arrives, crying, and says that something happened to her brother - who's also the singer's ex because sometime ago they were all a merry gang and shit like that. She says she can't really explain why she thinks he's in trouble, but if they go to her apartment, they'll understand.
I made some props: a letter stained with blood, an envelope with a Chicago address (they live in NY).
The boy was a struggling musician without any real talent and he could never hold a job, so he went to chicago to try his luck with tha blues.
First she shows them an old record of his. It's basically me playing the guitar really badly with some distortion added to sound like an old record.

>> No.51677559
File: 556 KB, 800x1114, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd play it. I never stopped there but the stretch of road through the pine barrens is my favorite part of the parkway.

Jersey is a super easy setting to make a scenario for, WeirdNJ has so much material to draw from. I think Lovecraft would have been particularly interested in the Ramapo Jackson Whites if he had known of them. Ramapo Mountains probably would make a good backdrop for a campaign as well.

>> No.51677788

I read some of ye olde Delta Green material, but from what I understand new publications are on the way and they're going to change the lore and the rules. Is that correct?

>> No.51677790

The first record is clearly him as they remebered. He didn't play that well and all.
Then she says that nearly a month ago he sent her another record. He was really proud of that one. They listen to it. It's just a Robert Johnson song, really, but in-game it's like suddenly the guy learned to play the hell outta the blues.
They go like ok, that's strange, he couldn't play for shit, but that doesn't mean he's in trouble, on the contrary really.
Then she says: I think you should sit for this one. It arrived just yesterday, with the blood-stained letter which said "Use it when you need it (you'll know it)." The players started getting spooked by now, because of the blood and all.
Before she plays the next record, I make them all roll for sanity, but don't tell them their results.
The song is another Robert Johnson tune that starts just normal. But them I remixed it to an almost unrecognizable state, added some bits from the Silent Hill soundtrack, some disturbingly high pitched noises, lots of distortion, and some screams and voices saying gibberish (that I recorded myself and remixed 'til it was really disturbing.) oh, they couldn't make it out, but in a really low frequency in the background i was also saying "Iä Nyarlathotep!"
I let it play for little more than a minute before stopping it suddenly when the guy's sister tells them she can't bear to hear it any longer. She says she feels it getting stronger it time she plays it.
The Con Man promises her that they'll find her brother and return him home safely. The Singer is really worried about the guy - he was her ex-boyfriend, after all. The PI and the Scholar are really, really curious.
They take the LP, which I described as being covered in what looks and smells like blood, and go to the PI's place, where it's time to introduce the rest of the party.


>> No.51678000

It's not late since they never announced a release date.

>> No.51678029

Uh... that just intensifies the SAN loss when a teammate dies a gruesome death, goes insane, or worse. Bonding with your cell is NOT a good thing, it's like a daisy chain of Sanity Bombs.

>> No.51678047

No. They are not.

>> No.51678249

That's why you project your other SAN losses onto them. In the long term, watching someone you have a quarrel with die is not as bad as watching your trusted friend and teammate get mutilated.

>> No.51678278

Tangentially related, because DG: why would a SOCOM tech specialist officially participate in an FBI investigation? I have a party of two FBI agents and this one, and they are about to be induced into Delta Green at the end of the scenario.

>> No.51678351

This is really good so far (aside from the few meme-y PCs). I never thought of custom mixing audio for games. Please continue.

>> No.51678366

Either make them a part of a "official" counterterrorism team that is super secret so that their bosses wouldn't get involved or fake some papers to make that the SOCOM guy is actually a guy from the Bureau.

>> No.51678393

As a special agent? It's not uncommon for the FBI to bring in other governmental operatives on certain assignments. They're often chosen for their unique set of skills and expertise.

Or do this:

>> No.51678444


Thanks. Actually, that gives me some ideas.

Maybe, the guy is an ex-SOCOM only recently joined the Bureau, so he'll be from there in everything but numbers. It's the new DG, so it doesn't really matter. Or he's with the CIA and is brought in because some of the victims were foreigners. Or a victim was also from the military, so he's also brought in.

>> No.51678543

yeah, the PCs are campy, but i found out that that improves the story for two reasons:
- they feel somewhat safer within those archetypes, so it's even better to break them them down and play mind games on them and see them lose their sense of security
- also, it brings some funny moments for the table that allow them to take a break and breathe so the horror gets them even harder after that. also, it contributes for a weird atmosphere like some asian (mostly korean) horror movies, which combine humour with horror for a great experience.

i'm working now, but will continue as soon as i can. :)

>> No.51679439

Campy PCs can be good when done well but I dislike them for the sole reason my characters are asshats and play their gimmicks way too much.

>> No.51679448

I want a ghoul friend.

>> No.51679723

Learn how to lucid dream and hang out at graveyards.

>> No.51679855

I'm a lazy bastard and based my latest scenario on Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.

PCs will hunt a witch from Latin America, that robs people blind and makes them irrevocably insane murderous amnesiacs.

Next one, if my players won't lynch me, will feature fireworks that produce fire vampires instead of explosions.

How are your games going?

>> No.51679880

Started Delta Green puppet shows and shadow plays. I'm only running for 3 players but two of them were very good with investigation. One was kind of a jackass who angered the natives so that will cause some consequences later on.

>> No.51679929

Does anyone have printeable miniatures or 3D models of investigators for a Chulhu realted boardgame I'm doing?

>> No.51681450

If you just want plastic miniatures google it. Or do you mean 3D printable?

>> No.51683145

Sounds similar enough, but wait then thats a bit weird. If you say run over a person at 60mph the system would say the car takes a load of damage.

Ah well, weird rules are weird and its why we have dms

I'm surprised this same thread is still alive and I apologize for forgetting to check back

>> No.51683618

I was extremely happy to see this thread get over 100 posts. I always hate watching them die since I'm a huge Lovecraft fan.

>> No.51684547

>makeshift graves and a UTILITY POLE next to a swimming pool

>> No.51687206
File: 113 KB, 750x300, 23085581544_8224f863b7_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51688414

wat 2 hu si dis ?

>> No.51688452
File: 32 KB, 600x409, 68257_409615309108634_656849776_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you make an angry post about an issue and people fix the problem

Thanks lads.

>> No.51689774

Continuing from where i left yesterday.
The short intros were the reason they were all together in the first place, and this adventure would be the reason they got together as a group.
> The PI as a child witnessed his gramps performing a ritual involving human sacrifice and his gramma trying to have sex with a Dark Young. He forgot everything afterwards, but his parents forbid him from seeing his granfather ever again.
> The Scholar and the Con Man accepted a contract about robbing an old man's house in search for a painting by some guy named Pickman. When looking for jewelry and other valuables, they found a strange and completely smooth obsidian rock marked with a symbol that I created representing a cult of Yog-Sothoth (but they don't know that). They feel really comfy when holding the stone. But each time they try to leave it somewhere, it reappears in one of their pockets. Afterwards, their pusher says that a mysterious buyer bought all the gold items, saying it was a rare batch from some New England city or something and asked if they had anything more from the house. They try to sell him the stone, but each time he puts it in his pocket it reappers with them. The con man is annoyed and the Scholar is excited. The pusher says that that's some occult shit and that he had a client who payed him sometimes to find (rob) certain occult books. They go after the guy, but find the PI instead, who says his gramps has passed away recently. No harm done, they became friends and start drinking together and all. The scholar continues trying to study the rock.
> The explorer is searching for loot in a cave in Tibet. Her pet monkey is afraid to go inside. There's strange carvings in the wall, and when she goes further, the walls start being covered in fungus that form symbols and some kind of writing (like in Vandermeer's Annihilation). In the end she finds an underground lake with an altar at the center. On it, a statue and a book.

>> No.51689899

> The explorer tries to grab the book, but it stings her. She looses the feeling in her arm and starts hearing a voice chanting "Iä Shub-Niggurath! Iä Yog Sothoth!" She has a glimpse of a monster and runs away. When she's out she notices the strange symbol in her hand (the same one on the rock). She remember that she sold some occult stuff to the PIs grandfather and goes after him. The PI says the old man is dead, but lets her try to find something in his huge library. The scholar sees the symbol and starts working together with her to try and discover something.
> The singer made a deal with a man in black. He told her he could maker her famous, she just had to giver her blood and soul to get what she wants - he only worked with people who would make sacrifices to achieve their goals. When they shake hands, she feels a sting in her hand and sees that the guy's glove is now covered in her blood.
> The old woman was a friend of the PI's grandparents. They started at the same pagan cult as her, but left to enter another one. She promised to take care of him when they were gone.

The guys arrive with the record and play it again. They are all curious and spooked. The old lady tries to see something in the tea leaves, and I show her some aklo letters and yell "THE CRAWLING CHAOS" at her. When they ask me about that, I act like I don't know what they're talking about.
They all go to Chicago.
They go to a diner and ask for instructions. When the Con Man takes a bite of his hot dog i tell him "the maggots taste strange in your mouth". He spits and i'm like "why did you do it? it's only a hot dog!". They ask for directions for the waiter and she says the address of the letter is a hotel in a bad part of town. The Con Man tries to hit on her (don't ask me why) and she says "The crawling chaos would love to eat you all". They go like wtf and she says "I said I leave at 6 pm, if you want to go out and do something."

>> No.51690660


>> No.51690673

damn how does one fuck a Dark Young. That takes a lot of effort, especially considering their size and all.

But who am I to judge? Love is love.

>> No.51690745
File: 239 KB, 1920x1080, re7-redfield.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would Delta Green scratch my sudden itch for a resident evil RPG?

>> No.51690774

You could make a scenario that plays out like a Resident Evil game pretty easily. Delta Green also focuses on large government or corporate conspiracies so there is a definite link between the two. While the monsters are all cthulhu based you could throw a lot of zombies around to give it that feeling the games have and Delta Green scenarios tend to be chock full of isolated mansions.

>> No.51690940

i said TRYING TO hahahhaha

>> No.51691992
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, monolit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I could see a corporate version of Reanimator.

Not related, but how would one adapt the invasion of the body snatchers on a 1920's setting? I wouldn't mind a DG version but 20's aesthethics are lit.

And, once again not related, how well does Pulp Cthulhu plays? Is there anything else planned for 7th ed?

>> No.51692094

Made this post on re***t already(peace be upon me) it would work really well man, copy resident evil 7 and blame it on a quasi cult of the worm parasite

>> No.51693937

Going back and forth between different time periods shouldn't be too hard to do. Just change anything related to technology and you are good to go.

>> No.51693990


but how the scenario would develop?

>> No.51694139

Sorry I've never actually seen invasion of the body snatchers. I guess just make up a town where shit is weird and have it follow the plot of the movie loosely. It's about ayylmaos pretending to be people right? I would set it in a small town to make it more manageable but if you want a world invasion go for it, just could be a lot of work making NPCs and a lot of improvisation.

>> No.51694457


It is about a space-travelling plant race that comes to earth, put its roots on people than copy them (while making them turn to dust). I guess I can see that working in a Isolated town.

Is 7th edition any good? I only have a dusty ol'6th

>> No.51695631

How does Hastur influence people? I get that Cthulhu is the patron god of the Deep Ones, with all that follows, Nyarlathothep tricks and manipulates people for lulz, and most other entities just don't give a flying fuck, they just exist, but the Yellowdude does mess with mortals. How? Dreams? Mad science? Physically impossible things?

>> No.51695723

In Delta Green he is literally a meme. He infects minds with ideas. I haven't read the actual story the name first appeared in for a while so I have nothing more than the DG stuff.

>> No.51696123

"canonically" it's not very clearly defined. If I were you I'd read the first 4 (?) stories in Chambers' book and try building up from there.

>> No.51696266

They had a 61 page preview, but it didn't go over any of the mechanics or anything, mostly just new lore and stuff.

>> No.51696566
File: 98 KB, 544x626, 1474804977682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spend the entirety of Future/Perfect part 1 hyping up the encounter with the Monolophosaurus
>they finally encounter it while trying to cover up the culvert that leads to the portal
>it dies within 2 turns and nobody else gets hurt

>> No.51696776

At least you didn't get a tpk. Unless that was the final fight.

>> No.51697384

Hey, it has some magic in it! Sweet!

>> No.51697524

So is Delta Green official again?

>> No.51697553

Yeah, after 9/11 the government allowed Delta Green back into the fold again, although some of them are still refusing to come back in from the cold

>> No.51697608

who here /cowboy/?

>> No.51697778

Do you think you are a part of Delta Green? Do you think you are not manipulated by the government to think so? Do you think the government is not manipulated by anyone? Can you trust your handler? Can you trust your fellow agents? Can you trust yourself? Can you remember what you were doing every single day of your life? How many days you can't account for? Can your handler and your fellow agents trust you? Can you remember everything about them? Do you think they are not being manipulated by someone? Do you think you aren't manipulating them? Do you even think? Do? Or don't? It's never late to give up, you know. It's never late to accept the inevitable. You can't fix anything, you can't save anyone, you do not matter. You can't even trust yourserlf, do you? You can't trust anyone. And everyone can't trust you. And they can't remember anything about you sometimes, do they? Do they? They don't matter. No one matters. Do your fellow agents matter? Do you think everyone is not manipulated by the government? Do you think everyone is not manipulated by your fellow agents? Do you? Does it matter? Give up. Accept the inevitable. None of this matters. Or does it? Do you think it matters? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do? Do? Do? Do? Or don't...?

>> No.51697919

>the Stalin worship is canon
Words can't express the degree of my simultaneous amusement and delight.

>> No.51697986

I'm looking for an unpleasant/cool name for a drug used in my fantasy horror campaign.

It's most common in the desert societies and is a subterranean worm that releases toxins/chemicals when under high amounts of stress. If consumed while still living, the worm's toxins react with the stomach acid to induce an analgesic and mildly hallucinogenic effect on the user.

It will be revealed later on that these worms have been introduced as an experiment by agents of some Eldritch entity to corrupt and influence the population

>> No.51698229

I'm disappointed that all the retarded lore is still in place, and intact. Wanton destruction of Deep Ones without consequences, good guy America who doesn't ever want to control the unnatural vs. evil bad non-Westerner guys who want to do so, Alzis, incessant operations conducted by DG every 2 days since its formation (while remaining spy-proof but always being on top of the most secret of top secret information concerning the unnatural), etc.
But hey, I completely disregard the chronology and the stupid parts of the DG mythos anyway. There's a reason why people with at least 2 brain cells dislike very strongly Derleth's attempts at a """coherent""" Cthulhu Mythos; the same thing applies to Delta Green.

>> No.51698271

Half of those are already labeled as DISINFORMATION, and it always plainly stated that you can use that shit however you see fit. Of course not ALL lore is true, just whatever fits your game.

>> No.51698303

I never really thought of DG lore as anything other than stuff to feed players to keep them interested. Of course they act like their published scenarios are canon but ultimately it is up to the GM to decide what the world is for the players.

>> No.51698653

IMO most of the DISINFO bits are OK, and some are cool. Most of the stupid shit is still within the regular chronology.
As you said you can after all modify the lore and whatever else you want to fit your own game, but I still would have liked to see a less grandiose, more cynical and uncertain overhaul of events. It would have opened at least a few interesting paths instead of a regurgitation of the old.
Another thing that would be interesting would be to elaborate more on secret groups dealing with the unnatural other than DG and Karotechia, and see how cultures that aren't European react to it. But that maybe falls out of the DG scope.

>> No.51698773

>good guy America who doesn't ever want to control the unnatural
What? Isn't that what MAJESTIC-12 is?

Besides, some of the lore was definitely very 90s over the top shit, but some of it still absolutely fantastic. Countdown's Hastur mythos comes to mind.

>> No.51698815

In the lore, a number sequence often appears. This one:
9 9 2 0 .2 2 9 9 8 9 2 1 2 .3 3 4

It's seemingly related to the underlying principles of reality. But is there more to it, roleplaying or memes aside? Anything to read about it?

>> No.51700040

Saw this at Toronto After Dark.
Last year (or was it the year before) was the Rowdy Roddy short (his last work) where a building Super holds off the elder Gods with a tape machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nFhHe_zQmE

>> No.51700246

Which is better, Eldritch Horror or Arkham Horror?
Other Cthulhu board game recommendations are also welcome.

>> No.51701836

Eldritch Horror is better IMO.

House on Haunted Hill is kinda Cthulhu related.

>> No.51702361

where does it appear?

>> No.51702841

Variations appear in the original Delta Green corebook (in the MJ-12 section), a scenario called The Last Equation by Detwiller and one or two other pieces he's put out on his patreon that I can't remember the names of. It might also be in some of the fiction, I'm not up to date on those books.

>> No.51703872

It was part of of the Latimore's Algorithim pdf.

But it's in-game mechanics is that it's like a spell that makes you realize that there are higher dimentions and using this spell you can raise your consciousness into those dimentions.

>> No.51704256

It also appeared in The Last Equation scenario, and it's even the "code" in the promo flyer.

>> No.51705303

7th is good. I would recommend trying it out. The 7th ed rulebook is one of the best in CoC history.

>> No.51705310

So Hastur is pretty much Leonardo DiCaprio from Inception?

>> No.51705331

Cthulhu isn't the patron god of Deep Ones, that's Dagon (and his consort, Hydra). Dagon is not related to Cthulhu, but they are both Great Old Ones. It's entirely possible that they are rivals.

>> No.51705344

how is combat in 7e?
do machine guns still hit for rapid 0s?

>> No.51705358

Here are some ideas: Cactus, Ripe, Deep. How is the drug administered? What are it's properties?

>> No.51705479

This looks so good holy shit. I can't seem to find a release date anywhere tho...

>> No.51705571

Nah, shooter declares how much of their mag they want to use. You then roll the gun skill for each volley of bullets (firer's skill divided by 10). Each shot after the first one incurs a further penalty die, and after you shoot with two penalty dice, the challenge starts to get harder.

>Old Man Henderson declares that he is shooting 21 shots from his AK47
>His rifle/shotgun skill is 70%
>70/10 is 7, thus each volley he rolls for will contain 7 bullets
>First volley hits, he rolls damage for all 7 bullets
>Second volley is rolled with a penalty die, he misses
>third volley is rolled with two penalty dice, he hits. Rolls damage for all 7 bullets
>He has shot all 21 rounds that he declared. His turn is over.

>> No.51705993

Also most of the body horror and gore are done with practical effects. Crew stories were funny. Looks like it's headed for Release in March.

Ellen Wong is my waifu. - more so since I found out she trained in martial arts in Tibet.

For a lot of other spoopy no-see-ums Under the Shadow is interesting. It also takes place in an 80's middle east setting. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4273292/

>> No.51706138

I'm trying to do the same thing. Just make whatever the cult/conspiracy they are investigating big, with many tiers that they slowly break through. You want to throttle down sanity loss in the beginning, and pace it slowly. TI think the last season is a pretty good example of how a mundane investigation of this would look (if you haven't seen it, it's all about going deep cover into a terrorist group), just figure out how to make it mythos related.

I want to do something that has to do with a crazy Mexican narcotics cult/h7man traffickers who worship a Santa muerte tinged avatar of shub niggarath.

>> No.51706212

If you really want to make shit fucked up, pull a 1984 - THE GROUP is just a part of THE PROGRAM, and their new best friends are just a cleanup crew removing undesired elements of THE PROGRAM.

That's how I pushed my players into giving in and starting their own cult in order to get back at the Gov (since the only way to hurt the Gov left was to cause some Eldritch fuckery) Instead they got a bunch of gungho Gov agent newbies with a fuckload of guns kicking down the door and blasting everyone, just like how the players started their campaign.

Time is a flat circle and all that you know.

>> No.51707168

But Dagon and Hydra are the offspring of Cthulhu.

>> No.51707233
File: 76 KB, 736x569, dagon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some sources say that Dagon and Hydra are at odds with Cthulhu, others say that the three form a triumvirate worshiped by the Deep Ones, and some sources suggest (as you stated) that Dagon and Hydra the first deep ones created by Cthulhu.

I guess that's the beauty of having a fluid lore system like the Lovecraft mythos. There are very few established facts in this universe and that's what makes it beautiful. I shouldn't have corrected the anon earlier, because they weren't wrong.

>> No.51707348

Today I threatened a player with a huge-ass BB gun, when his character was similarly held at gunpoint. Worked extremely well. The player, himself, was literally too afraid to move, and so did his character. It was super awesome.

Do you use props in your games?

>> No.51707361

Whoops, didn't mean to quote.

>> No.51707378

The last season of what?

>> No.51707423

Not so much change the lore as in update it. The first books came out in the Mid to late 90s, with the others being in the 00s. A lot has happened in the world since then.

>> No.51707579

Would the old DG, the "cowboy" group, have any kind of loyalty tests? What would they look like?

>> No.51707584



>> No.51707988

Ughn,. Burn Notice. Fuckin phone posting.

>> No.51708014

I'm pretty new to Keeping CoC (only ran 4 short campaigns). So far I've only printed off letters and stuff, nothing crazy. How could I expand my prop usage?

>> No.51708041

We don't know how the conspiracy group is organized post through a glass darkly, but in the conspiracy during the nineties agents were heavily vetted before they were bumped from friendly to full agent. It was, iirc a several months process including a lot of surveillance and probably a soft test operation.

>> No.51708146

Here's an example. There's a scenario for the new DG, it's called Sinful Season. Minor spoilers ahead. It featurs a group of people in plain white smooth masks, all speaking in featureless even voice. The scenario suggests you get a mask like that, and don it every time the players interact with someone wearing it ingame.

>> No.51708196

I might actually do this. A party store nearby sells plain white smooth masks. What's a "DG"?

>> No.51708350

Delta Green.

Basically Men in Black vs Cthulhu. It's in the OP.

>> No.51710620

How many of you actually have a game going? Who is your character?

>> No.51711300

How many scenarios have been released to 7th edition so far? Are they planning to release more? I liked it far more then the 6th. Have not played Pulp Cthulhu yet.

>> No.51712522

Your kind are not welcome here

>> No.51712595

Arent you the same asshurt guy who cried about the kickstarter being funded at all?

>> No.51712815

I have a DG campaign going right now, I'm the GM though

>> No.51712826

Good suggestion. I'd love to hear more great ways to use props like that one. In my last session I used a lot of sound and a bloodstained letter, but that was all.

>> No.51714678

Same all I want though is to become a player. They do not know how good they have it.

>> No.51715839

Has anyone played any games on role 20? I was wondering if it would be a good place to play with strangers since my group seems like it may disintegrate.

>> No.51717910

I'm playing A Time to Harvest right now. Our team is pretty eclectic and none of the original players are still here, so things are pretty weird. Fun though.

>> No.51718518

I'm playing on roll20 and it's absolutely possible to play and have fun there. It's different from playing in person, sure, but it's possible for a GM to utilize visuals more, and it's way easier to do soundtracks. and even do jump-scares

>> No.51718844

I read up on Trail of Chtulhu and it seems really cool, but honestly the whole way sanity works seems super fucking retarded.
Which I know is in keeping with the mythos, but it just... it just doesn't make any fucking sense man.

>> No.51719348

How does it work in Trail?

>> No.51719482

This is great, but it feels like giving the players a lot of control, when one of the themes of the game is lack of it. And I can totally see a player just ignoring or "forgetting" about it, possibly without quotes, or insisting that his character would be unshaken by some particularly gruesome events.

Still, amazing work, but I wouldn't use it. Especially without extremely experienced players.

>> No.51719497

Not him, but IIRC the group has to roleplay insanities of each other. Like, when someone gets a mental illness, he leaves the room, the group decides that he gets paranoia, and when he returns, starts whispering to each other, passing notes, exchanging looks, and all that.

>> No.51719533

That sounds like it could go horribly right or horribly wrong, depending on you and your group.

>> No.51720275

They also say in the book "if you don't want to do it this way, byou all means dont."

I've listened to several trail aps and they've never done it that way.

>> No.51720346

I've never understood it when RPG rulebooks say that. Of course I'm not gonna follow your stupid fucking rules to the letter, I'll do what I want.

>> No.51720455
File: 433 KB, 900x630, brote.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This nigga gets it

I thought the Handler's book would be full of rules and other things that actually help you run the game. So far it's just regurgitated lore I could pick up from the original books, or from Fairfield Project

>> No.51720513

I think the big draw of the handlers book is updated magic rules and monster stats more than anything. My players aren't huge into delta green lore so I run it pretty fast and loose anyhow,but it's nice to have some story seeds.

Honestly i'my not in love with a lot of the written scenarios anyhow. I'might hoping strange landscapes is good.

>> No.51720550
File: 48 KB, 720x540, Screenshotsdbzmovie6_017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible for a machine to be on the same level as an old god? Or are they restricted by existing on a lower plane.

>> No.51720554

Fuckin I hate autocorrect. Those are both I'm, not i'my or i'might. When the did an apostrophe designate a new fuckin word.
Just to keep this on topic, how do you keepers write campaigns or scenarios? Start with. Mythos bit,or an encounter, and work out? I'very been trying to write a longer campaign for a week now, and I finally randomly came up with a cool monster and worked backwards to what would summon the thing, and then everything started to fall into place. It is a very nice feeling.

>> No.51720575

In what sense? I think reality changing technology with terrible consequences is very much in the theme of the mythos.

>> No.51720637
File: 311 KB, 1000x563, DueProcess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Honestly i'my not in love with a lot of the written scenarios anyhow

My impressions are a bit mixed. So far out of the new stuff I've only played Wormwood Arena and Observer Effect.

Wormwood Arena was a playtest game, so I can't speak to the final product. From what we played it's going to be a decent adventure, although in its draft format it has a real problem with splitting the party: half the players are sent on an undercover operation while the other half provides overwatch, meaning that until the climax half of your group gets to play the game, while the other half is left sitting on their hands.

Observer Effect I disliked when I played it, but in the days since I've reevaluated my opinion in a more positive direction. There's a lot to like, but also a lot that make it a tough sell.

For one it's a time loop scenario. Most players aren't going to like being "groundhog dayed"
Additionally, it's extremely expensive from a SAN perspective. As in, in addition to the sanity damage you take from the events of the game itself, at select intervals every character has to make POW*5 tests, losing D4 SAN and Willpower if they succeed. It happens constantly. All the surviving characters in our group retired afterward due to accumulating multiple disorders.
There's a bit of a problem with player elimination, because even though everyone gets resurrected at the start of each loop, Willpower damage doesn't recover. At 0 Willpower, which half of our group had reached by the end, you lose the ability to make skill tests of any kind. There are ways to recover it in play, but overall there's so much Willpower damage incoming that at least one player is guaranteed to be knocked out
Finally, there's a good chance players just won't catch on to the gimmick that lets them solve the mystery, and you'll have to either give them an Idea test or let them go out Artifact Zero style.

>> No.51722241

Silly stuff like what's already mentioned, with players getting to play each other's characters, or getting a compulsion to murder one another, or just... just all kinds of silly shit.
What's more annoying is that the way you go crazy is honestly kind of silly too.

You read a book saying that Christianity is wrong because of dread chtulhu and now you hear voices.

>> No.51722286

That's actually cool, I might steal that. Care to elaborate?

Actually, this gives me an idea. One of the first tasks for the party would be to go and get rid of a cell that went too rogue and got transformed into a cult. And then subtly guide the party to the same transformation, through the campaign. And then recreate the scene almost exactly.

>> No.51722298

That isn't how sanity works at all in trail. You have stability, which measures your characters ability to keep it together in regards "mundane" things,like getting shot at or even seeing things that are unnatural but NOT mythos related. Sanity measures your deeper understanding of the universe, and hitsomehow to it only occur when you either come in contact with mythos magic or creatures, or "correlate the contents," as the Lovecraft quote goes. You also lose sanity for using magic.

In general, stability refreshes easier during sessions and fully between sessions, and loss leads more to short term effects/shell shock. Sanity hits result in permanent disorders, and don't really ever refresh. Also, there are rules for "pillars of sanity," which can represent concepts like the characters religion. Lose enough sanity, and the character will lose faith.

No where in the book do you lose sanity OR stability for reading a book that says Christianity isn't true. No cthulhu system works that way.

>> No.51722309

Stuff like this is HARD TO DO without railroading. It's much better to run that first scenario, then give the agents missions of escalating danger, forcing them to use the weapons of the enemies, until they realize that either the first cell wasn't that bad, or they have become as bad.

Always better to give them enough rope to hang themselves.

>> No.51722685

>No where in the book do you lose sanity OR stability for reading a book that says Christianity isn't true. No cthulhu system works that way.

Ir actually uses stuff like that as a specific example.

Either way, the point is that sanity loss gives you mental illness in a way that doesn't make fucking sense.

>> No.51722985

>Everyone is waiting for the Case Officer book.
Oh hey, then you may enjoy this sneak preview of 5 pages from the Case Officer book, dragged out from behind the paywall of Detweiler's Patreon.

It includes the new "magic" rules.

>> No.51722994

>5 pages
50 page rather

>> No.51723015

I get tired of people who have only heard second hand descriptions of the sanity system weighing in on how it works. It doesn't work this way in any game that anyone is actually running, the same way that the peasant rail gun doesn't in any dnd game.it also isn't written that way in delta green or trail. Fuck off.

>> No.51723026

Thank you sir! Haven't seen this yet.

>> No.51725248

>Elder Sign
>makes the surface virtually indestructible,
reducing the damage of any attack against it by 60 HP

What if I carve it into an armor vest, or better, a replaceable armor plate? Or a riot shield?

Hell, a suit of medieval armor engraved with these can be a badass plot device. It can be a great reward for a player, to allow him to suit up and go fuck up cultists like an invulnerable murder machine. And then suffer a fate worse then death and then disappear, along with the suit.

>> No.51727218

I like the idea that the Singularity basically means that the computer connects to and becomes one with Yog-Sothoth.

Just imagine, suddenly an aspect of Yog-Sothoth awakening inside the Pentagon. Now that would be a fuckawesome "All hope is lost" campaign.

>> No.51727240

>It can be a great reward for a player, to allow him to suit up and go fuck up cultists like an invulnerable murder machine. And then suffer a fate worse then death and then disappear, along with the suit.
Oh man, like the Berserker armour from Berserk. Except instead of turning you into a Skeleton Knight, or Dog Knight... it turns you into Cultist Knight... I like it.

>> No.51727551

Wait, are you serious? Because that's just not cool. I'm all for spooking people, but if he was "too afraid to move" then he literally feared for his life. You sound like a cunt.

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself and you two laughed it off or something.

>> No.51727704

It IS written that way in Trail, why are you lying?
It's a stupid thing to lie about, we've both read teh fucking book.

>> No.51727846

It only protects the part of the surface physically covered by the sign itself. If you want to protect more you need to inscribe it multiple times, paying the appropriate WP, SAN and POW costs.

>> No.51729894

Anyone else listen to the rppr actual play Delta Green podcasts?

>> No.51731487

God's Teeth is incredible.

>> No.51731498

I'm listening to the finale and I usually listen while I do other shit. I have no idea what happened and it's not big enough of a thing to have synopsis easily available online.

>> No.51731697

Post your custom occupations. I've read through all the book ones and I'm looking for more ideas.

>> No.51732298

A war boomerang in my Investigator's hands does 1d8+30 damage.

Boomerangs are the best portable weapons in the game.

>> No.51732315
File: 961 KB, 1249x1066, InvestigatorsHandbookCap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic.

>> No.51732613

seems a tad strong

>> No.51732624

You just haven't witnessed the destructive power of the boomerang.

>> No.51732887

Dagon is just a large, old Deep One. Mother Hydra is never described in detail but she's probably the same.

>> No.51733274

How did they miss something like this?

>> No.51733865

Well yeah, I am a huge asshole and revel in that. That's why I'm the GM. The gun looked super real, even though everyone knew it's a BB shooter, and I think I did a pretty great impression of a homicidal maniac. And I secretly wish I had the opportunity to shoot him just to see him ow.

>> No.51733894

if I want the grand climax for the party to face off against some shoggoth, would an M60 patton suffice?

they have spent a lot of time running and researchin, and I want to give them a action packed climax

>> No.51733897

Well that's a bummer. Does it protect the space between the lines, or only the lines themselves?

Also, star or tree?

>> No.51733954

A shoggoth can probably get rekt by a single well-thrown molotov cocktail.

Although it's your call. Howewer, if I was a player, I'd jump all over the chance to actually ride a tank in a game. Make sure the tank is actually useful, both in protection and firepower. And make it an M67 Zippo for extra awesome.

>> No.51734048

My friend wants to lead an alternative political party but has no idea what he's doing. I'm giving him freedom to choose skills for himself and hoping he gives up. Right now he's basically cribbing off the mobster's skills, and his skill points are derived from APPx2 + EDUx2
Another friend wanted to do botanist, and I told him to just do Professor with Biology (Botany) and Geology
Lots of jobs would basically be palette swaps of the ones in the handbook due to how broadly skills are used

>> No.51734134

Taser is the brand name, they should be using "stun gun"

>> No.51735154

Tree. That way when you expand the pattern to cover a whole surface it makes fractal branching patterns

>> No.51735219


Oh boy, how could I forget. I'm totally using that elder-sign-ed plate armor suit in my game.

>> No.51735891

Tazer and stun gun and pretty much synonymous now.

I mean, what other brands of stun gun are there?

>> No.51736703

I'm sure there are other examples of this but it's 5 am and I have the flu.

>> No.51736959

I just mean that TASER Corp could theoretically come after them for using their brand name, though they probably won't

>> No.51736963



Not as popular but among law-enforcement people pretty much everyone calls a telescopic baton an "ASP" which is just one manufacturer.

>> No.51739483

Iä! Iä! Shub-Niggurath!

>> No.51739759

Hoping to run a game of CoC in a couple of months for my group of friends. We have RPG experience but not CoC before. We all have at least SOME knowledge of Lovecraft's works and such. Are there any common pitfalls to avoid in the game?

I was hoping to run a sort of Ithaqua scenario in Alaska in which it is ALWAYS raining the whole scenario, getting more bitter and colder as the game goes on and some good old cannibalism.

>> No.51740087
File: 82 KB, 640x425, 1431389824594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This might be really obvious, but assuming you're not aiming for a pulpy action adventure, describe sensory detail instead of making conclusions for your players. This is especially true when it comes to the monsters - never outright name them or tell anything about them that the characters have no way of knowing.

Also depending on the group some players might be inclined to play it as the pulp action story, escpecially if their ideas of Lovecraft come solely from popular culture depictions. You'll want to keep that attitude in check by punishing such behavior.

>> No.51740676

>Delta Green Game

Survival is the reward

>> No.51741622

Not completely true, insanity and mythos books can also be rewards. I have noticed that I get less mythos or magical books than base CoC. More so I guess because I normally run premade scenarios in Delta Green.

>> No.51741779

Maybe I'm just a dumbass but I have never heard or read about any of those companies.

>> No.51741810

I think thats because old DG had the (mostly) hardline stance of "dont use that shit."

>> No.51741813

So is there a list of spells that exist for 7e or is magic just a plot device left up to the GM?

>> No.51741927

How is 7e? I heard they did some weird stuff to the stats and was wondering if it's worth it to get it.

>> No.51743066

I only know a little about 6e. By stats you mean strength, dex, and all that right? 7e unified characteristics and skills so they use the same percentage scale. To convert 6e characteristics to 7e you just multiply them by 5. It's a better system really.

The Investigator's Handbook has a section on converting previous editions to 7e so look at that.

>> No.51744603

I like the skills being 3-18 since I can just multiply it by a number depending on the skill rating of the test. Is there an easy way to do that in 7?

>> No.51744710

>depending on the skill rating of the test

Do you mean like hard and extreme? In 7e you just calculate and record that on the sheet.

>> No.51745574
File: 167 KB, 1194x700, Assult_on_the_Mountains_of_Madness_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are good scenarios for players that are too used to D&D? I don't mean that it should have a lot of combat, Its just that they are daft as hell to investigate (they failed doing anything in Dead light until the very end). What are some good investigative scenarios, or some survival horror ones?

>> No.51746356

>All the outdoor lights to the houses in my neighborhood flicker at night, all the time
>Except the lights on my apartment building
Fun possibilities: Someting in my apartment is creating an electromagnetic disturbance effecting the entire block, all the houses around me learned Morse code and are trying to warn me of something
Likely possibility: All the Mexican families that live around me don't feel like changing their bulbs

>> No.51746556

Going by the DG version, which is the most suitable for use in a game in my opinion, Carcosa is a sort of parasite city that feeds off of entropy. The King in Yellow play and the Yellow Sign are both portents of Carcosa gaining a hold on reality and by the nature of the Yellow Sign being an easily reproduceable symbol and the play being a play (and probably as a nod to Chambers' tendency to write aristocratic artsy characters), Hastur related stuff tends to grab a hold of artsy types and places of fallen majesty.

Like the other anon said, it's a meme, but getting Carcosa to manifest in our reality is a little more complicated than simply reposting the Yellow Sign over and over on the internet.

>> No.51746755

Alternatively, the players could go up against a guy who has his entire body covered in Elder Sign tattoos.

>> No.51747143

Cold Dead Hand is really straightforward investigation-wise and has plenty of combat toward the end.

>> No.51747175

Just keep throwing the same things at them, eventually they'll smarten up.

>> No.51747999
File: 662 KB, 757x1112, EldritchBlowjob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you fuck this /ysg/?

I would.

>> No.51748196


Eldritch Horror is better than Arkham Horror the board game.

Arkham Horror The Card Game is much better than either of them.

>> No.51748348

Never insert penis into anything that looks Lovecraftian in the slightest.

This has kept me virgin.

>> No.51748876

The pleasure would make you go insane anon...

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