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>spend a bunch of time on a character
>including a 4 page backstory
>get really attached to them
>die in combat after reaching level 14 from level 1
>really not feeling this game anymore
>come back next session with a bland human rogue
>DM gets pissy with me

Letting characters die is the worst meme ever

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I'm sorry for your loss.

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If you weren't feeling it, then why did you show up for another session? Just talk with the GM and say you don't want to play anymore.

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It varies from group to group and it's an important lesson in learning the playstyle of the GM and the people you're playing with.

Some games are very character focused, expecting a lot of investment and strong ongoing storylines involving the PCs. In those games, character death is rare and generally only occurs at key moments in the story, used as a plot device or a cost of victory rather than a potential consequence of ordinary combat.

Other games, meanwhile, are intentionally lethal and brutal. Characters can die in any conflict of real consequence and you're expected to be prepared for that, able to drop it and pick up with a new character quickly and effectively.

Of course those are both only examples, there's a broad spectrum of other playstyles available and everyone has their own preference. The importance thing is being aware of the playstyle of the group and whether or not you're in tune with it, because if you're trying to play a different game from everyone else at the table that isn't going to be fun for anyone.

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If you can't handle character death you should probably ask the GM to run a baby game, instead.
Pretending like there's no chance that your character can't die in a regular game, and then destroy everyone's fun when your character actually dies is bad form.

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And why and how exactly did the DM get pissy, again?

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Probably because the player showed up with a clearly phoned in, no effort or care involved character.
As a GM, that kind of shit is annoying at best, and in OP's situation, he clearly didn't take the warning about character death, what it means and what it doesn't seriously.

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OTOH, the guy took his character all the way from level 1 to 14, that's quite a long ways. I'd be understanding if that took a bit of wind out of a player's sails.

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The trouble with playstyles is that some groups don't know what they're going for.

I've played with GMs who talk about epic storylines and involved characters... And then proceed to be uncompromising with combat, making death a common thing. And then they act sad at whatever plot they had in mind getting derailed because everyone who actually had a reason to care about it died before the party reached the destination so it ends up being just another dungeon.

It just doesn't make sense. However you want to play the game with your group is fine, as long as everyone is having fun, but how much self awareness do you lack if you keep doing things which are actively self defeating? Run games in line with the themes and style you want, instead of undermining yourself at every turn. It's fucking stupid.

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This is why i don't really care about 'no re-rolls' or 'fate points gay' and other /tg/ memes. My games are either skewed to suit my story or a fulfilling ultra brutal romps where characters die like flies but i don't really care if they made them in 5 minutes. But then again this really works only with a dedicated player base and we played forever together.

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Rollan for Galko-chan

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Time for my fat hairy ass to shave as I am the Tomboy's trap girlfriend...

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>"I'm still in mourning over losing an imaginary character, and now I'm going to pout."

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Song of Rolland

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Pls good roll

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>become SJW
This is a true hell.

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good roll pls

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Wow, all of those are pretty terrible.

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Who ya going to lez, class Rep?

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>gets the Fatty.
Sour Grapes anon, sour Grapes.

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How to be a cunt 101
Get mad when things that happen often happen to you and you didn't prepare

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But how is "letting" characters die a meme? Surely it's a pragmatic consequence of your decisions, game mechanics and fateful dice rolls

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Well apparently, any idea you don't like is a "meme." But I hate that meme myself.

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Come on, gimme that fatty!

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Heck yeah! Rolling!

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Time to end myself i guess

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Death happens, you pussy.

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Eh, what do I have to lose.

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You're level 14. You should be rich and/or powerful enough to not make this a big deal.

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While not visible anymore I got what I wanted; Otoko.

I don't think character death is a meme so much as just a reality we as elegen/tg/entlemen face in our pastime.

I feel for you OP but I hope you find your enthusiasm for the game again. Perhaps the other PCs would seek a way to bring yours back if possible?

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>Crying about character death

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little bitch

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Boredom roll.

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Rolling for reals.

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You should make a revenge character

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bait is bait

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This. Resurrection magic is affordable at this level.

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what system were you playing OP?

Because if you went from level 1 to 14 and your party somehow never considered saving up some money for AT LEAST some cheapass Raise Dead to be cast on one of you, that's entirely your fault.

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If youre starting at first level you should never write more than a page.
When you make a character, make sure you know what kind of life they came from, at least 1 ideal philosophy or preference they have, mention some visual traits (for this one write it like the introduction to a character in a novel for extra flavour), and try to get an npc villain or player to be involved in your backstory somehow (maybe they're from the same village or branch of an organization, maybe they briefly met eachother previously, maybe your character was a background character or even an npc form a previous adventure).

Sidenote, I don't understand why a permadeath game that isnt a rogue-like would have such a difference in power and ability between the lowest and highest level.

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>I'm still in mourning over losing an imaginary character
More like in mourning over losing literal months of time and work

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Then what's the point of all HP and all the combat rules if you don't ever want to die?
You might as well just play a storygame where the dice tell you how much you win instead.

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Sure, It's understandable, hell, I've gotten mad when characters of mine have died before, but doing something that'll make everyone else have a less enjoyable session is not an answer.

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All he did was make a new character that wasn't that interesting. If he had deliberately made a character designed to ruin the game he'd be an asshat, but you can't blame him for making an uninspired character if he's feeling uninspired.
The DM getting pissy because the new character is a bit of a tabula rasa is a dick move on his part, if you ask me. Some of my favorite characters in my thirty-plus years of tabletop RP have started out as bland everyman guys, whose character then got explored through play rather than infodumped on a character sheet.

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To contribute to the thread about tabletop issues:

Games dying either a week after they start, or a few months after they do.

GMs having to put a game on indefinite hiatus.

Player drama.

Characters that are stat-blocks in a roleplay heavy system.

Characters that are roleplay and backstory in a stat heavy system.


Games being rescheduled on the day they were supposed to happen.

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>no save damage
>undetectable ambushes
>dying from no save damage of an undetectable ambush
>the GM wasn't expecting me to die
>when I was at my last hit point

Some people are just born without the ability to run a game.

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