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Thoughts on Robute Motherfucking Guilliman himself rising from the dead?

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more importantly, thoughts on the model itself?

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It's cool when he's wearing the Helmet.

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Now he have to wade through 10 000 years of critique of the codex astartes

Poor guy

Also I wonder if he will think that the SoB are cute.

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Will the real Aplharius please stand up?

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I'm more curious if he'll be pissed at Emperor Worship and how it's spread into how the Ultramarines dickride the codex like it's holy text.

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>tfw Rowboat Girlyman has two models and you're still waiting for Sanguinius to hold you in his big strong angelic arms.

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>yfw he just strolls into the Imperial palace and takes his dad's sword
>he just laughs at the Ecclesiarchs screaming about 'muh holy relic

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wait wait wait
I was out for 2 weeks.
wtf. Wasn't he hanging in stasis half dead somewhere?

Isnt warhammer suppose to be a setting and not a story that progresses?

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so what happened is ynnead shit finally went down due to the fall of cadia shenanigans.
avatar of ynnead got dragged to macragge and fixed girlyman, and now hes stuck fixing 40k.

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>2 weeks

more like 2 months if you haven't heard about gathering storm

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He will just toss it and LOGISTICS THE SHIT outta the Imperium.

Chaos is fucked now, the most autistic and most spamtastic primarch just came back.


>1000 million strong Legions with ascended and gene modified Primarch-level astartes heroes soon.

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Are you saying. The imperium is going to use, weaponized autism?
Like /pol/ did for Trump during the election?

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Yea. And GW keeps saying this isnt the end of 40k. Fucking lol.

They are stuck between:
A) Girlyman completely saves fucking everyone because he is fucking Girlyman and can "JUST DO IT!" at stuff to make it work.
B) They have to do something drastic like kill the Emperor or something to shatter the Galaxy into fragments to keep Girlyman from saving everyone like the Marty Stu that he is.

"50K, THE AGE OF EMPRA!!!!" is upon us.

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How would anything change from rogue trader days if there was no progressive story?

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It's still looks like ugly 3d model created by early Aurora engine

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>the most autistic and most spamtastic primarch just came back.
And Abbadon is stronger than Emperor, so one primarch will not chage a lot.

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Age of Robute

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>Abaddon is stronger than Emperor
Oh Carnac.

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It's actual fluff, Emperor foresow his death by Abbadon..

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I was going to alter a faces of meth pic with the FW girly man and the citadel girly man
girly man got a bit better

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Abby got stabbed in the back by a depowered Saint and ran away. And only won by chucking broken Blackstone rocks at the planet.


Eldar literally gets their god of Strength D weapons and Imperium gets their golden Blueboy.

Chaos is in for some more punchbagging by mary sues, thats for sure.

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>Abbadon is stronger than Emperor,

Failbaddon lost a fight to a sexy nun.

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Dude Eldar literally got the God of team kills. The only thing the Ynnari do is wipe out Commorragh and Biel-tan, the most based of Eldar.

Then, after that, literally the only thing Ynnead does is give humans the Webway and resurrect Roboute. That's the sum total of the Eldar God of the Dead's contribution, being a bitchy boy for the Smurfs.

Eldar confirmed for worst.

In all honesty though I find it hilarious that the birth of Ynnead is being upstaged so magnificently, no-one's even talking about Fracture, that's some epic trolling by GW's

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Thicc > No Fap confirmed

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Is Fracture scanned yet?

Wiping out Commorragh doesn't seem like a big loss anyways, for sanity.

Eldar Empire 2.0 coming back seems to be a better trade for all eldar parties involved.

I am a bit worried that GW is starting the process to killing off all their grim darkiest factions like the Dark "gang-rape is a friendly hello" Eldar and Slaanesh too.

All for the sake of family friendliness

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We're gonna have a problem here..

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>Wiping out Commorragh doesn't seem like a big loss anyways
The fuck?

I mean if that isn't enough for you don't worry, they wipe Biel-tan out too and Iyanden is (again) basically destroyed with like 1% of its population remaining or some shit.

Also Eldar Empire 2.0? Boy there aren't even Ynnari to even populate one Craftworld anymore, they aren't rebuilding squat, their hopping on the Imperium's dick and giving them the Webway/a Primrach back and such. Eldar been turned into an Imperium sidefaction.

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I am a little pissed that the entire birth of Ynnead is playing second fiddle to a Primarch.

Did GW really have to upstage Ynnead a few days before it comes out? What's Ynnead even doing? Like Guilliman is at least beating Abaddon, what does Ynnead do?

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Big loss for good guys I mean.

Sorry should have clarified.

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>Roe v. Wade Gorillaman has two models
>my primarch has none

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Technically Dark Eldar, I'm sorry, Drukhari, are good guys now.

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What did you mean by this?

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For fuck sake, not the blueberries again.

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>they wipe Biel-tan out too

No they don't. Been confirmed it turns into a flotilla. You're making shit up and downplaying a God.

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Or, they can just have him stop chaos as then go back to stasis. Then they freeze the storyline again. That would mean, nothing happened except Cadia blew up and the imperium have a verified superhero that they will pop out when the going gets rough.

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not bad

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Is Commorragh actually gone, guys?
It was my favorite fluff setting.

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>For fuck sake, not the blueberries again.
there are no tau here

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Nothing from GW seems to indicate that it is. GW has mentioned that Biel-Tan is fracturing though.

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It's just carnac talking shit

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What did the Dunc mean by this?

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One of ADB HH book.
>Abby got stabbed in the back by a depowered Saint and ran away
Looks like you forgetting that before ir Abby almost killed Saint and ultrasmurfs second company (not counting shitton of company and chapter masters from other chapters).

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>Been confirmed it turns into a flotilla.
Yeah without any leaders (autarchs, farseers and phoenix lords), they are irrelevant as corsairs now.

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>One of ADB HH book.
this one.
daddy issues the revenge

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>phoenix lords
you can't own them, they go where they want man

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When will the Sanguinius reveal that he is the best son back from the dead?

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Anyone got that screencap about the Iron Cage and the Imperial Fists getting btfo?

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They dead.

>> No.51554952

Who's roboute culligman

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Knowing GW we'll probably get two Girlyman models, Leman Russ in 40k, Sanguinus will come back from the dead, and Thorpe will forget that The Lion is literally just sitting in the Rock waiting for the plot to progress.


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like the armour is gone?
a man who loved rome so much he sucked every dick until his home planet became the center of neo Byzantium

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>like the armour is gone?
Souls were consumed by Ynnead

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>The Lion is literally just sitting in the Rock waiting for the plot to progress.
Nah, Lion will become new Warmaster

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>forgetting the khan being let out of de
>vulkan coming back
>dorn not being dead
>corvus saying never more to being a bitch
>wolf time
hell even farrus manus will show up.
he'll just be a bit shorter

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So Ynead is now a wrap entity? Or in physical form? Or in one of those infinity circuits?

>> No.51554981

even fuelgan
that means old rhana dhranda or whatever is confirmed not to be true.
that or ynead necromancy.

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Why is no none talking about this?

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I agree about the upstaging thing, it feels like the Eldar release has just been forgotten.

But perhaps that leak of the WD wasn't anticipated and they had to officially reveal their Gulliman promotional material ahead of schedule to reign in the hype.

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>2 happy little thin coats

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I really don't like his design. The first triumvirate was awesome, the second was hit and miss, the third is just fucking boring.

>> No.51555100

He meant that as always, you need to apply the paint in two thin coats.

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I haven't played it yet, but I didn't even think of the possibility of adding other shit to the game. It's an arena fight, which means they can use all sorts of slaves. Ork coptas, Gargoyles, winged warriors, vespids, ect.

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Are you trying to say the Carcharodons are coming?

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>it feels like the Eldar release has just been forgotten.
The Eldar got a huge release and are central to the story. Where are the Orks? The Tau? The motherfucking Necrons, now that's the forgotten faction for sure!

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>So Ynead is now a wrap entity? Or in physical form?
It's basically Avatar.

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You should have posted your picture back when it went from lighthearted fun to greemdork. Now it's actually getting closer to the roots.

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I guess none cares about another shitty board game
>The Eldar got a huge release
>3 models
>huge releas

>> No.51555145


True, but I expect they will get something eventually.

And I only meant forgotten in regards to the fact that they are getting a huge release as you say but it is overshadowed by the next stage of the story in march even though its only the beginning of feb. Because muh spess murreeens.

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WD says 'it takes the destruction of Biel-Tan'

Destruction is right there in the name buddy.

Also pray tell what has this God done other than kill Eldar and bring Roboute back? I ain't downplaying shit, there's nothing to downplay about Ynnead, it hasn't done anything worthwhile

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Its been overrun by Daemons

>> No.51555168

Due the Phoenix Lords and Rhana Dhanra don't matter any more, Ynnari have decided being Imperium's slaves is the only way to go.

(which based on novels is probably right, the Imperium do win 90% of everything)

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It sucks. I've been waiting for the Ynnead plotline to crescendo into something awesome for years. When it finally comes out it looks like Ynnead doesn't do shit and is instantly upstaged by some Primarch.

>> No.51555190

Avatar? Oh great, more jobbing to come

>> No.51555266

Girlyman is needed to lead the armies. Because what the fuck would another Eldar chaos daemon know about warfare?

>> No.51555286

Um... yeah. You must've been gone the past 6 years if you still think Warhammer ( 40k and Whfb) is just a setting and not progressive. End Times pretty much set the precedent of making the lore more immersive with a progressive storyline. 40k is the lite version with the campaigns being sweeping but the status quo note or less kept. It gives GW an excuse to crank out new minis and (more recently) new characters

>> No.51555302

So what does the Eldar God of Death then do, huh?

Cause at this stage Girlyman has a much larger imapct than the birth of a New Warp God

>> No.51555314

It's Abby!
In a Mary Sue thread!
Fucking Fitting!

>> No.51555369

Cool as fuck.

>muh Girlyman
>muh space smurfs
>muh toilet seat

Prepare your anus heretics.

>> No.51555410

The Girlyman lacks a cape or a tabard of some sort instead of the ultra baroque muscle suit.

Also, helmet for life.

>> No.51555423

Better use for that sweet model.

>> No.51555446

He was also depowered and was surrounded by entire regiment of 8th regiment. The Warp was shutting down which means he would have been left stranded on ground to be overrun while his minions enact his blow Cadia plan. He did not run from Celestine.

>> No.51555448

Celestine sucked the poison out.

>> No.51555465

No, he didn't. Celestine is who lost the fight. Didn't your read the book? It's established that Celestine despite her Emperor given power ws no match for Abaddon so she needed help to keep him back.

Celetine is more powerful than the Primarchs.

>> No.51555505

She just some chaotic demon whore from the abyss.

>> No.51555534

Who eats Greater Daemons and daemon princes for breakfast.

She is a greater weapon against Chaos than the primarchs. It's like the differance between a space marine and Grey Knight.

>> No.51555585

What space marine? Dante would tear out a Grey Knights asshole and wear it as a hat. It's all relative.

>> No.51555608

i read someone saying one of the triumvirate dudes is the first grey knight. Are we getting/did we get mistery sucked out of grey knight's origin as well?

>> No.51555614

>entire regiment of the 8th regiment
that's not how that works mate

>> No.51555621

A Grandmaster of the Grey Knights would kill any Chapter Master in a fair fight.

>> No.51555654

Come here shiny boy

>> No.51555668

The point i am making is that maybe Abby has the measure of warp entities but would get his ass kicked in by a Primarch who has the measure of him. And Dante would win.

>> No.51555818

ITT: Some dumbass chaosfag wanks as hard as he possibly can about failbaddon the armless onewhos about to get executed infront of girlyman's entire legion via cipher bullshit, also stupid elder perpetual whinery about their gods once again being useless shit like all the other useless shit eldar gods, Smurffags bouncing off the walls about their spiritual liege returning and grey knightfags excited about a new model.

>> No.51555842

No, he won't. Abaddon fought Primarchs before and won.

Girlyman is out matched.

>> No.51555871

So how will chaoscucks ever recover? Most autistic empire builder in the galaxy has just been ressed. He's the most effective manager in the entire imperium. Hell, his autism may shift imperium from grimdark into noblebright.

>> No.51555900

>Who eats Greater Daemons and daemon princes for breakfast.
Like that matters in the lore at all.
>Logan Grimnar

>b-but she kills demon princes
Greater demons and no-name demon princes are all Avatar of Kahine-tier

>> No.51555907

This will most likely end in tears

>> No.51555908

Nah, Avatar of Khaine is still lower than that, Avatar of Khaine is Gretchin tier

>> No.51555912

>Abaddon fought Primarchs before and won.
>naked Horus clone
That's it
>muh demon primarchs
Everyone beats them.

>> No.51555914

Name Daemon Princes are that tier too, they've never won anything either. Same for named Greater Daemons

>> No.51555949


No, Celestine was matching him until the pylons activated. When they activated it ended up being 'Very skilled human' vs 'Very skilled marine' which was to her disadvantage.

>> No.51555966

Maybe. But before that it was 'imperial daemonhost' vs 'very skilled space marine'.

>> No.51555986

0w0 what's this

>> No.51555990

Retarded number one who hasn't read anything.

The perfect clone of Horus was armoured with Horus's gear and had his huge ass mace with him.

>Everyone beats them.

They are stronger than the normal Primarchs.

Retard who hasn't read the book number 2.

FoC says that Celestine was no match for Abaddon. Her two bodyguard had to step to balance the fight out and even then they were struggling against him.

Now explain to me, you worthless waste of space, why did you intentionally lie?

>> No.51556036

there's literally no reason for the lion to be still sleeping in the rock

he's either being detained for being a heretic or just not there

>> No.51556047

>Also pray tell what has this God done other than kill Eldar and bring Roboute back?

That's not enough?!?!

>> No.51556051

needs a laurel

>> No.51556056

Not sure about all this advancing the story bizzo lads
think it could be one of the worst times for this to happen with the current dev team

>> No.51556065

It's ruined by it's ridiculous monkey action pose.

Not cool enough.

>> No.51556075

>The perfect clone of Horus was armoured with Horus's gear and had his huge ass mace with him.
>no talon
>no blessings of the Four
>abby with mary sue sword, talon and blessings

>They are stronger than the normal Primarchs.
>Logan Grimanr 1h/kos Magnus

>abyy is rumored to get shot and die from a bolt pistol wound

>> No.51556079

Yeah, this. The current dev team is one of the worst they ever had.

>> No.51556101

>abyy is rumored to get shot and die
he didn't crusade so good

>> No.51556116

*Armless screeching*

>> No.51556122

>intentionally lie
Is this that Carnac schizo you guys are always on about?

>> No.51556128

The Chaos gods might just decide to being him back to life like they do whenever one of their other major champions dies.

>> No.51556136

>>abby with mary sue sword, talon and blessings

Abaddon did not have Drach and wasn't blessed by the Chaos Gods at the time. It was before the First Black Crusade and before the Chaos Gods noticed him. Abaddon just had the Talon.

>>Logan Grimanr 1h/kos Magnus

Only because he had the one weapon that was capable of harming Magnus. And he didn't kill him with it. He broke his wards and then the Grey Knights banished him. Guess what? Girlyman doesn't have a weapon that can harm Magnus. He would lose.

>>abyy is rumored to get shot and die from a bolt pistol wound

Like the rumor that the pylons destroyed Cadia? You are such a loser when it comes to fluff. Just stop.

>> No.51556140

>Just read Master of Mankind
>The part where the Custodian and the Emperor remember the triumph of Ullanor and Sanguinius is all uncomfurtable and moe.

Truly he was the best boy!

>> No.51556141

He's bullshitting you
There's mention of Jain Zar joining their faction already

>> No.51556148

how big is the probability to get some sanguinius man back into service?

>> No.51556155

>Celestine was matching!
>FoC says she was not

What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do people support lies over facts? Is it because this board is filled with Europeans at this hour? Lies is their second language. Such a dishonest people.

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>> No.51556188

top autism

>> No.51556199

>Abaddon did not have Drach and wasn't blessed by the Chaos Gods at the time.
He still killed a clone of Horus, not Horus himself.

>And he didn't kill him with it
He did BTFO him back into the warp though, which was their entire goal.
The only person to actually kill a chaos powered primach is Big E himself, and he killed H for good. Rob also has Emp's sword.

>Like the rumor that the pylons destroyed Cadia?
The Cadia did get destroyed though, just like abby will get shot and die

Rob is literally going to Make Imperium Great Again. Nothing you chaoscuck can do about that.

*armless screeching in the background*

>> No.51556205

Not an argument, Kraut, frenchie, limey.

>> No.51556209

Well spotted, it was an insult. Not gonna argue with a downy sperg.

>> No.51556215

Tell that to Logan Grimnar

>> No.51556231

Go back to /pol/

>> No.51556234

>He still killed a clone of Horus, not Horus himself.

The clone was perfect in every way. It was Horus aka the strongest Primarch.

>He did BTFO him back into the warp though, which was their entire goal.

Wrong again it's becoming a habit for you. Logan just broke the wards protecting Magnus. The Grey Knight were the ones who banished him.

If the Grey Knights weren't there, Magnus would have killed Logan on the spot.

>The Cadia did get destroyed though

Not in the way you guys said.

>Rob is literally going to Make Imperium Great Again.

Nope, this is the War to end all wars. There won't be a happy ending for anyone. This ain't a bright setting dawg. Now be wrong somewhere else.

>> No.51556240

Clones in 40k have super bad luck as standard

>> No.51556246

Let's see...

• Obscenely overbearing filigree.

• Awful proportions, looks like an action figure.

• Boyish face. Looks younger than the FW one, despite this Guilliman being older.

• GW showing a general lack of restraint.

Can you guess the verdict here?

>grey knightfags excited about a new model.
And one that looks mostly interchangeable with any of the other GK Terminator models, at that.

>> No.51556248

Again, not an argument. The fact you replied in the first place shows how butthurt you are at being at the wrong side (again, fucking Krauts).

>> No.51556261

Not all of them. Fabius's clone daughter is happy at her lot as a Daemon Princess consort in Fulgrim's court.

>> No.51556267


>> No.51556271

Hours was not the strongest primary carnac. He was warmaster because he was a natural leader

>> No.51556279

>Rob is literally going to Make Imperium Great Again. Nothing you chaoscuck can do about that.
>he is liking 40k is getting AoSed into 8+ noblebright setting

>> No.51556283

>The clone was perfect in every way.

>clones being perfect replicas
pick one

>> No.51556287

>Daughter of a Spess marine

Wrong then Carnac

>> No.51556288

>The clone was perfect in every way.
It wouln't have lost if it was perfect
>Logan just broke the wards protecting Magnus.
It did btfo him, so I was right.
>Not in the way you guys said.
I didn't say anything on that matter, it was your autistic screeching
>this is the War to end all wars.
GW literally claimed that it's not the endtimes scenario. It's a narrative camapaign to push new product line.

go back to /co/

>> No.51556290

See? No contribution to the thread. Just plain old shitposting after being proven wrong. That's maturity you expect from our "cousins" over seas. Disgraceful.

>> No.51556305

you forgot
>plastic mother fucking cypher, looking like a john wayne space marine

this release is so fucking goood

>> No.51556308

>YWB a cocksleeve for the great dickserpent

>> No.51556310

>Celetine is more powerful than the Primarchs.
Hahahahahaha what?

>> No.51556317

Nope, Russ, Vulkan, and Sangy all said that Horus was the best and strongest among them.

Got proofs, son?

She was made from his DNA and he considers her his daughter.

>It wouln't have lost if it was perfect

He lost because Abaddon was too strong, dawg.

>It did btfo him, so I was right.

He didn't. It was the Grey Knights. You were implying that it was Logan alone who did it in attempt to say that the Traitor Primarchs were weak.

I mean fuck Magnus in WoM would bitch Girlyman to space and back.

>GW literally claimed that it's not the endtimes scenario.

What I said is word for word from the Marvh's WD.

You suck hard, anon.

>> No.51556322


>> No.51556325

It's carnac. Abbey is totally super powerful and the only way to rationalize celestial as a saint dueling him to a standstill is for celestial to be super strong

>> No.51556331

They claimed he was the greatest among them carnac. That's different.

>> No.51556341

>Daughter made from his dna

Carnac pls

>> No.51556343

She didn't duel him to a standstill.

Also we have seen Primarchs fight in the HH. They suck. Girlyman was nearly taken out by 12 marine strike force of Alpha-dudes.

Kor Phaeron who is a child compared to Magnus in psychic/magic power, pinned Girlyman down and nearly killed him.

Stop Primarch wanking. Nothing of that sort happened to Celestine.

>> No.51556344

>Got proofs, son?
the emperor obliterated horus's soul completely

whatever soul that clone had, it was not the one of a primarch

>> No.51556345

>He lost because Abaddon was too strong, dawg.
You got any proofs to back that up, boi?
>He didn't.
But magnus got literally btfo'd back into the warp.
>Marvh's WD.
Literally who

*chaosfag screeching*

>> No.51556346


I mean, god forbid the most holy person in the setting actually give a good showing against a major chaos character.

>> No.51556350

Here's a question.

If the clone was perfect, then Abaddon had to have had some sort of advantage, blessings or something.

Because otherwise you're straight up claiming that pre-Chaos Abaddon is stronger then Horus.

And that's the most retarded thing i heard in a while.

>> No.51556358

Poor Robot Girlyman is gonna take one look at the Imperiums disarray and lack of logistics and fucking screech

He will slaughter billions of administratum clerks. Whole armies will have to be mustered for the purging he will issue on the fucking nightmare that is the Imperial war machine just to get it into something resembling fighting condition.

I also wouldn't be surprised if he cedes large swaths of the Imperium as indefensible.

If this is anything less than a glorious upending of everything the Imperium currently is I am gonna be PISSED.

Also, if Abadddon is the Imperiums Hannibal Baraka, then Roboute is the Imperiums Scipio Africanus - which means the way this ends is with an assault on the fucking Eye of Terror itself to force Abaddon to pull back

>> No.51556367

>stop Primarch wanking
>Sanguinius single-handedly shitstomps a massive army of Chaos elites for 3 days nonstop
>Angron overpowers a titan

>> No.51556369

Russ says that he duelled all the Primarchs. Of all the Primarchs he tested himself against, he said Horus was the mightiest. The only one he has no chance of beating (Vengeful Spirit)

Other primarchs made similar declarations. Stop sucking at the lore.

Going by what's in the story text. If you have problem with this contact Josh Reynolds on his twitter.

>> No.51556378

Russ isn't a very reliable narrator when it comes to winning fights. I remember a certain three day long duel with the Lion

>> No.51556385

>which means the way this ends is with an assault on the fucking Eye of Terror itself
the rumours DID point to a summer event being a thing

if they borrowed from that in any way I would be completely ecstatic

>> No.51556389

I'm starting to think the primarch will start a whole new imperium once the emperor is finally killed and either ignore, go against or treat as allies the imperium of the lords of terra

>> No.51556393

Only if it means us getting a new CSM kit without combat squatting leg options.

>> No.51556394

You seem to think that everyone that is wrong about the background is not simply mistaken but is actively lying. You also seem to lump posters that just interpret the background differently to you into this category. In addition you seem to think that people that are simply replying to you in order to mock your abnormal posting are the same singular "liar".

I am convinced you may be undergoing difficulties in terms of your mental health and that you may want to seek medical advice from a mental health professional. Please seriously consider the advice in my post with all of the goodwill and earnestness with which I have given it.

>> No.51556395

I'm in two minds about him. He's my favourite 40K SC, so I've been waiting for him for ages, but part of me thinks they might've changed his design a little too much. I think it's mostly that they got rid of his winged backpack.

>> No.51556399

>You got any proofs to back that up, boi?

Talon of Horus.

>But magnus got literally btfo'd back into the warp.

Wasn't Logan's work.

>Literally who

March's WD.

This is the war to end all wars.

Iskandor Khayon and fellow sorcerers were there. All of them had witchsight (seeing souls) and all of them agree that this was the perfect clone of Horus. Indistinguishable from the original except in the fact that the Chaos Gods blessings weren't there.

>> No.51556406

The hodgepodge backpack-turned-impromptu sword-sheath is a detail I'm a fan of. Mainly because his sword doesn't just look like a generic power sword anymore.

But I can see why someone might miss his old look.

>> No.51556407

Russ was beaten by both the lion and Angron.

So can you quote this?

Pretty sure Hours claimed konrad was a better fighter and lion made konrad his bitch.

So the lion is the best dualist clearly.

>> No.51556416

>he doesn't like Slav Marines

Can Chaos Marines be anything BUT Russians?

I too would love it if they started looking to the historical empires the Imperium is supposed to be based on in order to crib plot ideas.

This would also be good, and a possibility. Considering how they beat that Imperium Secondus drum so hard in the HH novels. Mr. Robboto establishes the Western Imperium of Man, and the Orthodox Imperial Church (AKA the Admech) takes over from the Ecclesiarchy

>> No.51556422

>people mentioning Cypher

is Cypher with the Imperial forces or the Chaos forces though?

This is important, because the DA's gonna shit bricks.

>> No.51556423

Sanguinius was also said to be the mightiest, Corrax believed he could beat Angron. Hell, a weakened Sanguinius managed to give souped up Horus enough of a fight.

>> No.51556425

Or Primarchs aren't that tough to begin with. The Clone of Horus stopped once he recognized his "son" abaddon and made to embrace him. Abaddon punched the Talon through his chest in one blow.

>>Sanguinius single-handedly shitstomps a massive army of Chaos elites for 3 days nonstop

We didn't reach there. Might get retconned.

>>Angron overpowers a titan

IIRC stopped the titan from stepping on him.

Angron was one of the Primarchs that Abaddon and his crew defeated.

He is still a skilled fighter so his input is reliable.

>> No.51556434

This particular DA player is shitting massive bricks already.

>> No.51556435

all we know is he meets guilliman and asks to be taken to terra, and guilliman was not especially happy about it

>> No.51556441

How did the clone end up with horus soul if it was COMPLETELY erased from existence?

either you are lying, the sorcerers were wrong or the fluff was raped to wank abby.

>> No.51556443

So, he didn't actually beat him so much as got handed the victory?
>Abaddon punched the Talon through his chest in one blow.
Not really impressive considering it is Horus' weapon. If he can wield it he can fuck pretty much anything up.

>> No.51556446

Sanguinius is basically the one guy everyone agreed was fucking great, Horus targetted him specifically to try and destroy (because he knew Chaos would want him if he turned him)

Russ says shit to save face all the fucking time.

So he IS with the Imperial forces.

The Dark Angels are gonna attack the Ultramarines oh my god this is gonna be so awesome

>> No.51556451


>You seem to think that everyone that is wrong about the background is not simply mistaken but is actively lying.

The fight with Celestine starts with the bold sentence that she was no match for Abaddon and that her bodyguard ladies had to step in to equalize the fight.

Explain to me how that anon claimed otherwise in that post. It's impossible to have missed that line of fluff. He is lying and there is no way around it. Unless he admits now that he didn't read the book.

>> No.51556452

Good point on the sword. I'd have at least kept a winged vent on the non-sword-sheath side, but oh well. That could be fixed with a conversion, perhaps.

>> No.51556466

To be precise the WD mentions he was not happy about the sword he was carrying.

I think cypher is good, the lion however.

>> No.51556469

>So can you quote this?

If you have claims from Primarchs please cite them.

I can cite my stuff. Vengeful Spirit during the meeting with Malcador, Loken, and Russ where Russ tells Loken that he is going to kill Horus.

>> No.51556473

>, and guilliman was not especially happy about it
Yeah so unhappy that he makes Cypher part of new triumvirate

>> No.51556474

>Talon of Horus.
Which he took from Horus' body after the failed siege of Terra?
>Wasn't Logan's work.
He broke the wards, Magnus got BTFO
>March's WD.
Literally who

>> No.51556485

>oh my god this is gonna be so awesome
Now you know why the public outlook on this book is so much better than the last two. Like oh man there's so much cool shit that can happen.

Doesn't mean they're bosom buddies, remember how Greyfax felt about Celestine.

>> No.51556486

>The Dark Angels are gonna attack the Ultramarines oh my god this is gonna be so awesome
>I will be so glad if last factions which looks like european knight will be removed from setting

>> No.51556490

Nothing stopping a new soul from being born. Fabius unlocked the secrets of the Emperor's work.

Abaddon stopped a Worldbreaker with one hand. A weapon forged by the Emperor and swung by a (clone) primarch. This is a showing on great power.

Also it's not Abaddon's fault that the clone got sentimental midfight.

>> No.51556494

>Yeah so unhappy that he makes Cypher part of new triumvirate

Black Templars, your argument is invalid. Also: nigga what?

>> No.51556497

>Abaddon is stronger than the Emperor

I actually lol'd

>> No.51556498

>Doesn't mean they're bosom buddies
It means. Cypher nolliman.

>> No.51556504

>Which he took from Horus' body after the failed siege of Terra?

The novel, you idiot.

>He broke the wards, Magnus got BTFO

Not in a straight fight and that' the point. Now enough of you.

>> No.51556507

>Black Templars
Killed and forgotten.

>> No.51556508

Again, what you're claiming is that a regular astartes is stronger then a Primarch. Absurd and one of the few claims which goes against literally all canon.
>Also it's not Abaddon's fault that the clone got sentimental midfight.
No, but it completely kills any claim that he actually won that fight on his own merit.

>> No.51556515

>It means. Cypher now second man after Guilliman

>> No.51556516


Read FoC again, fag.

>> No.51556523

It can be hard to take in what challenges us. But to believe that everyone that replies to you is not just a liar, but one particular person that haunts you on the internet for whatever reason, to sap away your time or to annoy you specifically; that is not normal. It is not something that people in a healthy state of mind think. Please think about this, consider telling somebody personally close to you in real life of your experiences. It will help unburden you in the long run.

>> No.51556533

>Nothing stopping a new soul from being born. Fabius unlocked the secrets of the Emperor's work.

Fabius is no emperor, the emperor used magic rituals to be a literal spiritual father to the primarchs, something fabius can certainly not do, or do you want to tell me he had access to the emperor's soul?

>> No.51556537

>Again, what you're claiming is that a regular astartes is stronger then a Primarch.

Abaddon is a huge marine in terminator armor. Of course he would match a primarch. He is stated numerous times to be one of the greatest marines ever to live in terms of combat.

>No, but it completely kills any claim that he actually won that fight on his own merit.

Before the clone recognized Abaddon, the Abaddon parried his blows and stopped him in his track. Struggling with a Primarch being and keeping his ground. Not to mention that he delivered a strike that killed him outright soon after.

>> No.51556540


Cypher is gonna backstab Girlyman with his huge sword, head to the Rock where he'll join up with Azrael to awaken the Lion and after them high-fiveing each other they're gonna take their flying boulder straight into the eye.

>> No.51556546


He created the Perfect Clone of Horus and was recreating the other primarchs. The whole soul business is fanwankery.

Post proof.

>> No.51556552

I'm going to convert him to look like Jim Raynor from starcraft.

The models armor looks the same as Jims armor.

>> No.51556561

>Abaddon is a huge marine in terminator armor. Of course he would match a primarch. He is stated numerous times to be one of the greatest marines ever to live in terms of combat.
Which means nothing to a primarch. Primarch are literal demigods, mythical figures in the setting that cannot be matched, they can only be outclassed by The Emperor and shit like Void Dragon. Abaddon actually equaling Horus on his own, without any amps, is horrendously bad writing, if that's what happened.

>> No.51556568

You may find it challenging to face your present difficulties, but it has to begin with being honest to yourself.

>> No.51556569

>Struggling with a Primarch until his opponent gave up and let himself get killed
What a hard fought battle, truly this proves he is a stronger combatant than horus himself! Nay, the Emperor himself!

kys my man

>> No.51556585

>The whole soul business is fanwankery.

>> No.51556592

That was Abaddon BEFORE he got Drach and the blessing of the Four Gods.

If he can match a primarch back then, then he is far greater now.

Except the fact that Primarch level monsters were defeated by ordinary marines.

Posting examples in a bit.

>> No.51556597

>It wouldn't have lost if it was perfect
Wouldn't apply to the original too?

>> No.51556600

First of all lets end this Celestine business.

>No words were spoken. None were needed. Soulfire roiled as the Ardent Blade struck Drach’nyen, the wail of hope and despair shivering the spirits of all who heard it. Abaddon was the mightier by far. Alone, Celestine had no hope of triumph. But she was not alone. The Geminae Superia were ever at her side, the three fighting as one against the Despoiler of legends.

-Fall of Cadia.

>> No.51556611


>> No.51556612

Please don't use Avatars of Khaine, they exist to job.
Also, Abaddon almost got killed by Eldrad. Yes, i know it wasn't a fair fight and Eldrad had backup, but still, no Primarch would ever have trouble in those circumstances.

>> No.51556615

>The whole soul business is fanwankery.

"But suddenly, the beating stopped. A lone Custodian of the Adeptus Custodes had entered the room (while other sources state it was Ollanius Pius, an Imperial Army soldier). Without hesitation, the loyal warrior had charged towards Horus. Breaking out in laughter, the Warmaster blasted apart the warrior in a gaze of psychic energy. This proved to be the decisive moment in which the Emperor finally realized what his son had become. The Horus he had known was truly gone, destroyed by the maddening powers of Chaos. Realizing that he must kill Horus and he would never get another chance, the Emperor used the brief respite to lash out at Horus with his full power. Focusing his psychic bolt into a bolt of pure force, the lance of power blasted straight through the Warmasters heart. Realizing their pawn had failed, the Gods of Chaos retreated from Horus' body. As they did, sanity returned to the Warmaster. In that moment, Horus, realizing the atrocities he had committed, begged the Emperor to strike the finishing blow before the powers of Chaos would take hold over him once more. Focusing the last of his strength into another psychic bolt, the Emperor finally destroyed his repentant son." - Horus Heresy (Artbook Series), pgs. 362-369

There was also an old White Dwarf short story told from the Emperors POV, sadly very hard to find. Describes the Emperor being unwilling to kill Horus until he revealed himself to be totally corrupted. Then the Emperor obliterated him from existence.

It's old fluff and probably superseded by more modern HH stuff now, but it's not baseless fanwank

>> No.51556624

This is the Greatest Bloodthirster of Khorne vs Calgar. Basically a Primarch level being vs a ordinary marine.

>> No.51556625

>If he can match a primarch back then
literally irrelevant, since the primarch let himself be killed

>> No.51556627

>two seraphim superiors are the difference in strength between abby at full strength and celestine.

By the logic in this thread then. Celestine + her bodyguard are able to kill hours with ease

>> No.51556636


Bloodthirsters are jobbers, Anngrath loses every fight he's ever been in.

>> No.51556638

LG already said that they are planning to rewrite the whole final fight since the Emperor doesn't care about Horus or any of the Primarchs.

And guess who wins?

>> No.51556639

Aggy isn't the greatest bloodthirsty by far

>> No.51556652

>using the ever inconsistent power levels of daemons

>> No.51556655

Found it. Short story by William King, WD 131

>> No.51556657


Eldrad beat Abaddon in game, during part of the original Eye of terror campain which has been retconned.

>> No.51556662

>Celestine + her bodyguard are able to kill hours with ease

Wouldn't be out of the question. Horus struggled against the Fire Angel (creation of the Emperor) in Molech and was only able to beat it because he wielded a weapon that shared his origin.

>> No.51556669


remember in GW land, mortal characters will always beat immortal characters because of plot armor

>> No.51556672

>killed by cypher

>> No.51556675

All of 6th ED says he is the greatest including the book this comes from.

He is on the top of the First Host. Ka'pandaman (the guy that Sangy fought) is in the third host.

>> No.51556702

Do you guys forget the fluff that has Draigo defeat Mortarion with one punch?

>> No.51556718


>All fluff related to the Grey Knights is absolutely 100% mega-retarded

Yes Anon, I did forget, I was trying to repress it.

>> No.51556730

Or the time Dante cleaved Skarbrand in half? Skarbrand aka the avatar of Khorne's mindless rage.

There also the time Mephiston defeated and banished Doombreed who is outright said to be mightier than daemon primarchs.

40K marines are much stronger than the primarchs.

>> No.51556739


Assuming he actually decides to try fixing the Imperium or is even able to, I could see GW saying that he allows worship of the Emperor because it helps unite the Imperium and gives the common man hope. There is also the whole thing about Celestine manifesting powers.


Haven't seen this in a while.


I don't think Abaddon really has anything worth going back for in the Eye of Terror.

>> No.51556754

>40K marines are much stronger than the primarchs.
Actually nope, they mentioned as much weaker than original Astartes.

>> No.51556786

I don't see 30K marines doing their feats. 30K marines were mowed down by lesser daemons.

>> No.51556810

>40K marines are much stronger than the primarchs.
40k marines are much stronger than DAEMONS

they've never actually fought any primarchs

>but muh daemon primarchs
are worse than the flesh and blood ones

>> No.51556812

noticing a common thread between this retardation

>> No.51556815


>> No.51556823

Right, I'll make a rundown of Carnac's supremely stupid logic right here in the thread.

>Abbadon is the strongest guy in the setting
>But he can be matched by a living saint and two Seraphim Superiors in combat.
>Primarch's are weaker than 40k heroes
>Except for the Chaos Primarchs
>Abby could kill Horus with ease, this was proven with a 100% totally real Horus clone made by Fabius bile because Fabius knows all the Emperor's secrets
>Including soulcrafting
>Which the chaos gods are fine with for some reason despite Horus's soul being destroyed.

So it's safe to assume, if we remove the two Seraphim Superiors, Celestine would be able to kill Horus.

But wait Carnac also claims!

>Horus was the physically mightest of the Primarchs and Russ claimed only Horus could best him in combat.
>Putting Angron and the Lion onto the same level of Horus

So clearly, we need to calculate how strong a Seraphim Sister Superior is, and just have Abby fight Saint Celestine with 3-4 instead of merely two.

Jobs done.

>> No.51556827


That's because 30k marines weren't written by complete fucking hacks

>> No.51556828

>comparing rank and file to Dante, Mephiston, and Draigo

>> No.51556843

Actually, I think it's reverse.

Everything in 30k is fucking horrid.

>> No.51556860

Hey guys thanks for throwing this welcome back party for us- I mean me.

>> No.51556863

>>But he can be matched by a living saint and two Seraphim Superiors in combat.

He wasn't matched. They were struggling against.

>>Primarch's are weaker than 40k heroes

Daemon Primarchs were beaten by ordinary marines (Mort, Magus in round 2).

>>Including soulcrafting

It's all in the genes son. The soul is but a reflection of the mortal mind.

Horus soul being destroyed doesn't stop the clone from developing an identical soul since the body is pretty much the same.

>So it's safe to assume, if we remove the two Seraphim Superiors, Celestine would be able to kill Horus.

Yeah, Horus was getting his ass kicked by the Angel of Fire who is basically just the same as Celestine.

>>Horus was the physically mightest of the Primarchs and Russ claimed only Horus could best him in combat.

Wrong, I said Russ says that Horus is the only Primarch that he has zero chance at beating.

>> No.51556872

No, but do explain.

I am not. I am just saying that 40K marines have the ability to regularly produce characters that on the same tier as primarchs.

>> No.51556879

>Horus soul being destroyed doesn't stop the clone from developing an identical soul since the body is pretty much the same.

well, this goes entirely against every Clone every created ever in the setting, including Fabius Biles.

And before you counter with "He knows the Emperor's work" the Emperor didn't create clones for anything.

>> No.51556904

So then Carnac.

If Celestine is able to kill a 100% real Horus, and Horus was the strongest Primarch, That would make Celestine the third strongest character in the setting then yes?

So by your logic.


Also Carnac, Celestine struggled by herself, her guards enter and then it says nothing because it's around that time the Pylons nerf everyone.

>> No.51556907

Wasn't it outright said that Doombred could have easily killed him but was told by Khorne to hold back because he wanted to see if he could recruit Mephiston?

>> No.51556926

Dude, the clones are hated for two things. They are believed to attract bad luck and two because marine clones tend to mutate and be mentally unstable.

Of course, not all clones are striken with bad luck. Fabius's daughter clone ran away and made a thing of herself in the service of Slaanesh. Eventually she was elevated to daemonhood. If clones have no souls, then there wouldn't be anything to elevate.

And back to Khayon. Dude has been in the presence of Horus and his fellow primarch. He has witchsight. He can see souls. Explain to me why he saw the clone as identical to Horus in every aspect. If the soul was off, he would have commented on it. The only thing he noticed thatt he Chaos Gods were not coming for clone Horus and that they remained quiet.

>> No.51556928

That's not really true. The book doesn't mention Celestine struggling once, it just said that alone she couldn't hope to match him, then says she was not alone and that's it.

>> No.51556936


>> No.51556942

I find it kinda sad that these millenia old Daemons who are empowered by the strongest beings in the setting pretty much lose every one-on-one fight they ever get into

>> No.51556950


Why do you assume that I am shitting on Celestine. Yes, she is strong but weaker than Abaddon by far.

>> No.51556951


In general, older = better for MOST things in Warhammer 40k, though there are a few exceptions. In general anything currently mass produced in 40k is actually superior to it's 30k variant. This includes things like Bolters, Power armor, etc, as the Admech has had literally 10 thousand years to iterate and modify, which is really the only thing they do really well post Horus Heresy.

Marines are actually a funny grey area in this regard.

The PROCESS for creating Space Marines was more stable and efficient during 30k, allowing them to use much older subjects (late teens to early adult), with a much much higher survival rate. They could even turn full adults and old men into Psuedo Marines, as they did with Lion'el's friends.

This, combined with the fact that Space Marines were actually the RANK AND FILE soldiers of the era, being organized into vast legions, meant two things:

1. Space Marines were generally not trained from childhood to be soldiers, and many were in fact levied from civilized worlds

2. their training wasn't as thorough

Physically, they were the same - possibly even superior. However the degradation of the process that turns a human into a Space Marine, and it's frankly vulgar mortality rate and new high cost, forced the Imperium to slow down and more heavily invest in Space Marines to make them worth the time and effort. Space Marines also generally de-evolved into psuedo warrior cults with strange practices due to their new found isolationism, leading to much greater (partially due to practicality) recruitment rates from feral and death worlds. These recruits, when they survived, were precious, and carefully cultivated with pyscho surgery and trained in simulation and body every waking moment to make them into elite operators operating operationally in order to compensate for their cost.


>> No.51556973


So clearly, the amount of Seraphim Superiors we have is directly correlated to how strong Abbadon is.

And at the end of it all, after the Pylons, Abby is still shanked by a HUMAN Celestine in the back, enough to give him so much pause he needs to run away rather than kill the remaining two humans.

I'm just using your logic, by your logic, the only thing stopping Celestine from blunting the entire 13th black crusade was having a few more Seraphim.

>> No.51556979

I'd also add that the warpfuckery and dealmaking the Emperor engaged in when creating the Primarchs probably directly affected their souls, too, and not just the bodies. There is a good excuse for clones failing to live up to the originals.

>> No.51556983


End result: 30k Marines are more numerous and likely more physically capable. They were foot soldiers.

40k Marines have been trained since at least their pre-teens to be killers. Their GI gear is superior, and they have been hyper specialized by centuries of reworked military doctrine. They are the elite operators of the 40k world.

It's effectively comparing Stormtroopers to Imperial Guard vets. SO yes, in a way, 40k Space Marines ARE superior to 40k marines.

>> No.51557021


Or, the more logical and stable of these, considering Space Wolves have never changed their recruitment methods at all.

HH is written by hacks who came into the setting from their failures as normal writers and turned a pseudo-mythology into a circlejerk of poor ideas and reflecting their bitchy antics with their father.

It's quite easy to utterly disregard the entire HH book Series because it adds nothing and just detracts. The reason why have Space Marine heroes of 40k fighting on par with Primarchs is because the HH series has been character assassination supreme on them.

>> No.51557026

>And at the end of it all, after the Pylons, Abby is still shanked by a HUMAN Celestine in the back

It wasn't the backstab that made he retreat. It was being surrounded by the 8th regiment and having the warp sealing up. Remember that he wasn't to continue the fight and kill all of three present but ran out of time.

Why do you act like getting stabbed in the spine is a hindrance to a space marine when they have the Black Carapace? Seriously.

>> No.51557052

All things considered, this would be a very fucking easy conversion.

>> No.51557053

>the only thing stopping Celestine from blunting the entire 13th black crusade was having a few more Seraphim.

More undying cannonesses stabbing and distracting Abaddon would definitely have helped.

>> No.51557064

>considering Space Wolves
Fenris alone could not have supported an entire legion. Great Crusade scale necessitated in the field recruitment of newly conquered worlds, and the Primarchs couldn't be choosy. Anyone younger than 18 who volunteered was probably recruited, thrown through basic, given a shitheap of new organs and a suit of power armor. It's only the much smaller scale of Space Marine chapters that allows the Wolves the luxury of ONLY recruiting from Fenris.

>> No.51557070

Because Abby is supposedly the strongest character in the setting, and he ran away like a bitch.

Your logic is inconsistant Carnac because of your hilarious chaoswank.

You claim Abby can kill Horus easily and is the best fighter ever.

Yet Logan did nothing to Magnus and Magnus was only killed off by Purifiers, like you think it was ALL the Purifiers.

>> No.51557080

PS I'm not disagreeing with you either. HH is shit and it's authors are shit. The only story we needed about the HH was Siege of Holy Terra by Will King.

But there is a logical reason for 40k marines to not be as shit as 30ks.

>> No.51557081

Yet Bjorn was from Fenris.

And he Managed to cuckslap magnus. Is Bjorn stronger than Russ now?

>> No.51557086

>all saves are 1+ except against ork rank and file

>> No.51557090

He's fucking dead so kinda hard, unless they asspull something like

>Guilliman, Cawl and xenostech somehow reform the Emperor or ascend him to true godhood
>Emps fishes Sanguinius' soul out of the warp where its revealed he's been imprisoned but can sometimes channel his power into the material realm for brief moments in time (Sanguinor)
>A new body is grown for Sangy using actual Primarch cells/tissue from Guilliman
>Emps frees and transfers Sangy's soul into his new body

>> No.51557094

To be fair at this stage Daemon Primarchs seems to have become jokes

>> No.51557105

anyone who turned from the light of reason and stability to worship gods of murderfuckery always was a joke, anon

>> No.51557108

>Because Abby is supposedly the strongest character in the setting, and he ran away like a bitch.

He was depowered and in the middle of an IG regiment. An ordinary has no chance of defeating an entire regiment by his own. Powered Abaddon is a different story.

>You claim Abby can kill Horus easily and is the best fighter ever.

In one vs one duel.

Not one vs an army. Remember that 12 marines nearly all it was took to kill Girlyman.

>Yet Logan did nothing to Magnus

Logan broke the wards and then the Grey Knights sent out a psychic spear at Magnus that undid his body. Logan did not defeat Magnus by himself nor did he land the killing blow.

>> No.51557120

>A new (female) body is grown for Sangy using actual Primarch cells/tissue from Guilliman
>Guilliman and Sangy get married and make Imperium Triundus with the Ultra Blood Marines as their new legion
hire me GW

>> No.51557126

>Calgar vs An'ggrath
I'm no ultramarine fan, but that's fucking awesome.

>> No.51557130

>To be fair at this stage Primarchs seems to have become jokes

Fixed that for you.

>> No.51557132

But by your logic then, Horus was beaten by Abbadon without the supreme mark of chaos, so the 8th Cadian regiment could have killed Horus with ease?

>> No.51557140


>> No.51557154

>>A new body is grown for Sangy using actual Primarch cells/tissue from Guilliman
Or, you know, from the Emperor.
Also, what happened to Sanguinius' body? Didn't they recover it?

>> No.51557163

I really just wish the servants of the Chaos Gods didn't keep losing to Chapter Masters. You'd really think Khorne could, somehow, make someone who's a better fighter than Marneus or Logan

>> No.51557166

The second worst general on /tg/, coming soon.

>> No.51557174

>so the 8th Cadian regiment could have killed Horus with ease?

Lets see...Horus and Mort were nearly killed when 3 gunships sprung a surprise ambush on them. It was Fulgrim's daemon shield that barely saved them. Mort's arm all but got blown off and he fainted. It has hanging there with a bit of flesh. Horus was also heavily wounded.

With enough tanks, artillery, and airpower, Horus would go down like a bitch.

>> No.51557183

I hope for some campaining when FW daemon lords will wins.
It's fucking retarded to make "much super daemon" so some OP guy can just kill it.

>> No.51557185

I better get a god damned Lorgar Daemon Primarch to match.

>> No.51557191

Bjorn is a Dreadnought and at this point, possibly a perpetual. So yes, he possibly is. It would explain why Russ left him in charge.

>> No.51557195

They better not make him Undivided because that would ruin Be'lakor's lore.

>> No.51557199

I know, right? It gets so irritating that every special super powerful Daemon loses to some or other mortal in a duel.

>> No.51557201

So it's safe to say the HH is just there to bleed out any sense and mystery there is, and Ironically, it's GW introducing it back in the game rules because Magnus can literally bitchslap Abby like the turd he is with ease and within the fluff is not paying attention to the autistic little cunt.

>> No.51557203

So what your saying is the secret to defeating chaos is to DROWN IT IN BODIES

>> No.51557206

>because that would ruin Be'lakor's lore
oh nooo that would be just awful no one wants to ruin belated cunt's "very thrilling" and "definitely interesting" lore

>> No.51557215


>Abbadon spinning in circles, trying to avoid all the backstabbing from the Sisters.

>> No.51557219


>> No.51557226

The Geminae are Undying too now?

>> No.51557252


>> No.51557263

Celestine resses them. They died fighting a Daemon Prince. Celestine arrives, heals, and ress them. Then all of then fight the daemon prince and kill him before going after Abaddon.

If the Geminae or whatever they are called die mid battle, she can just ress them again.

>> No.51557288

Is this unique to the Geminae, or can she simply recruit more to ress?

>> No.51557292

Is Be'lacuck still even a thing? I honestly forgot about him. Hope some retard writer doesn't dig him out and claim HE PLANNED ALL OF THIS. Fuck him.

>> No.51557299

They already did.
From Traitor Legions supl
"As time passed, and the atrocities carried out in the name of Lorgar rose to new heights, he was rewarded by his patrons with the gift of daemonhood. Finally, he truly was the equal of a god, and the birth scream of this newest Daemon of Chaos was said by Astropaths to have echoed through the Warp with triumphant vindication."

>> No.51557315

He is in FoC. The Chaos Gods fuck him over and he flees into the Warp after an Imperial Fists captain inflicts damage on his body with a powerfist.

>> No.51557327


Honestly, a SOB/Eldar combined battleplan would be kinda fun. If Celestine is taken, Eldar count as armies of the imperium for the purpose of her buffs, if the eldar death goddess avatar is taken SOB count as the new eldar faction for the purpose of powering up other allies when they die or kill. Call it 'Warriors of the Gods' or something.

With stuff like the FoC battlegroups I think there is room for mixed faction stuff outside of the usual inter-imperium teamups.

>> No.51557328

They all agree that one of them should elevate him to daemonhood to avoid repeating the previous mistake.

>> No.51557332

>he flees into the Warp after an Imperial Fists captain inflicts damage on his body with a powerfist
Holy shit, you can't make this up.

>> No.51557342

>3 models
>including: Anime Ferrus/elf guy, Bene Gesserit with a cat and a smug armoured Eldar.

It's a pretty good realease, even if not the biggest

>> No.51557343

I think she can ress anyone she likes.

>> No.51557350

>after an Imperial Fists captain inflicts damage on his body with a powerfist.
I thought be'lakor was immune to physical damage

>> No.51557360


It seems more 'these are the ones she chose to rez' more than 'These are the only ones she can rez'

>> No.51557363

only when carnac is talking about him :^)

>> No.51557374

Only in WHFB since he was cursed by Tzeentch there.

Be'lakor in 40K is uncursed.

>> No.51557376

Show me the proof.

>> No.51557398

>Be'lakor in 40K is uncursed.
what's even the point of him there then?

>> No.51557402


We sure Celestine didn't just res Girlyman?

Chaos seems to be slipping up their control of souls.

>> No.51557419

A rival for Abaddon.

Cawl and the Avatar of Ynnead are confirmed to be the ones who ressed him in WD

>> No.51557440


Makes sense. Celestine was the one who rescued and got Cawl out because he had an important duty for the future.

I think Celestine has a better ratio on bullshit future predictions than most farseers at this point.

>> No.51557446

>tg complains about herohammer
>bitches when heroes get rekt by faceless soldiers

What does he mean by this?

>> No.51557469


Maybe you should try reading the entire leak? It doesn't get destroyed. It literally gets fractured into a giant armada. Only the infinity circuit gets destroyed as it births Ynnead.

>> No.51557479


What are you talking about? Why would Biel-tan not have Autarchs or Farseers after fracturing? Since when did it EVER have PLs?

>> No.51557491

>/tg/ is only one person
>it mocks itself for being incoherent
what did i mean by that?

>> No.51557510

The corpse of Sanguinius its in a tomb in a room behind de Golden Trone

>> No.51557516


>Celestine was matching him until the pylons activated.

Even with her two pals she got slapped around and forced to retreat.

>> No.51557529


>Everyone beats them.

Exactly. Primarchs suck.

>> No.51557537


>> No.51557574

Go fuck yourself, lying trashbag

>> No.51557575


It's hardly horrendously bad writing. Primarchs are mythologised, but ultimately they're still just bio-engineered super soldiers. They've had their asses kicked by suped up warbosses, GK captains and generic marines before.

>> No.51557691


>But he can be matched by a living saint and two Seraphim Superiors in combat.

Actually he was kicking their asses and forced them to run away before she got killed.

>> No.51557775

Primarchs are not that fantastic. Roboute was almost killed by a squad of Alpha Legion infiltrators when he was taken off guard.

>> No.51557942

>Girlyman doesn't have a weapon that can harm Magnus. He would lose.
Bruh, he has the fucking Burning Blade. The very same sword Emps used to kill Horus. I'm willing to bet that that is more than capable of killing Magnus, if not out right hurting him.

>> No.51557957

>The very same sword Emps used to kill Horus.
Emperor used his will to kill Horus.

>> No.51557978


I love this dude's art style, but I can never find his name. Who is he?

>> No.51558064


aerion the faithful

>> No.51558376


Fuck yeah. Thank you kindly.

>> No.51558382

Magnus's ward protects him against all the holy weapons of the Imperium.

>> No.51558668

God, he's like the Bob Ross of 40k

>> No.51559579

We need to lock Rick Priestly, Jervis Johnson and Andy Chambers in a room until they sort this shit out!

Only they can save us now!

>> No.51559756

>Only they can save us now!
>Jervis Johnson
Well nope.
This event his and Ward work

>> No.51559888


>> No.51559963

Starship troopers is satire too but if Rico started doing sick wheelies while shooting every bug with a pistol and defeated an entire army then that breaks the established logic of the setting.

>> No.51560061

Then truly this is the End Times!!! Our great works are undone! He has betrayed us and retreated to his Citadel in Nottingham! Where is the hope of Man now?!

>> No.51560102

But Magnus is clothed in Plot Armour! Nothing can breach that!

>> No.51560158

By turning setting into soulless noblebright Hasbro-tier circlejerk? Yeah great plan /pol/.
>Where is the hope of Man now?!
In Abbadon

>> No.51560159

>Is it because this board is filled with Europeans at this hour? Lies is their second language. Such a dishonest people.
I thought that maybe Carnac was a sincere autist. But turns out he's definitely a troll.

>> No.51560320

I for one welcome our new Ultrmarine overlords...

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